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Baneblades need a 5+++

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post dark eldar fanart

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Impulsors need to be 5++

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baneblades and anything else big needs to fuck off to apocalypse and 3000+ point games

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Do you prefer the Catacomb Command Barge or the Annihilation Barge?

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the command barge looks shit

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Gonna have to wait for the codex

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Does anyone here actually like modern 40k? I feel I'm chasing a game that doesn't exist anymore.

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Meanwhile somewhere in Comorragh an capture Imperial Inquisittor is trying survive the torture

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Doom Scythes and Doomsday Arks.

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why do tyranids hold sword instead of just having the arm be a sword?
why do tyranids hold guns instead of just having the arm be a gun?

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Annihilation barges were only good when glacing hits were a thing and S7 could wound marines on a 2+

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Almost took a month but it’s finally ready.

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ah, yeah, shoulda noticed you were just a 40shill trying jerk off over your chosen obsession it is both a social and soft monopoly, you dunce
No, T9 or maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe 10 to add a drop of granularity back into the game and get the ball rolling
Or give it a slight price hike and make all damage it takes cut in half

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No it isn't, you haven't even taken the shrinkwrap off

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this isn't an inquisitor you fucking retard

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>blue stuff
good luck, I couldn't get it to work for me
as someone who will immediately advocate for giving other wargames a try, I still have fun with 40k as my lazy days dicethrowing game

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Full scan of new rulebook

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>"soft" monolopy
You can't have a "soft" absolute, retard.

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Why would anyone play a SM faction with a dead Primarch? lmfao what's the point?

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Completely bizarre to call someone a shill of a game you're in the general dedicated to, anon

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did dark eldars get buffed yet? new line of army units when?

*emperor clones them back to alive*

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Because death is nothing compared to vindication.

Also he can come back via the crown, alledgedly. Same with Sang and Ferrus in some manner, can't remember how.

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there's still a few marinefags that aren't obsessed with capeshit superhero drama
you can enjoy something without jerking it off constantly and refusing to recognize flaws. I enjoy the 'line up, throw dice, laff, simple as' aspect of the game

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what do you mean whats the point?

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BA are the coolest thats why.

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If Stompas get one too.

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Can you point out where someone said the game was flawless?

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because one of them is space jesus, the next is space judas, third is marlin brando from apocalypse now and number four is a good boy who dindu nuffin and brought together the greek hero myths in one person

and also their chapters are pretty cool

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What are you planning to recast?

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someone pulling the 'if its so bad and other games are good, how come literally everyone isn't playing those ones' dogshit for the millionth time, probably

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cheers lad

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Judge me; for I have sinned.

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I think they're planning to scrap build as many planes as they can from one kit.

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Free Jes Goodwin from his hell of designing endless Primaris

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So nobody, got it

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I don't see a single thunder hammer in that squad.

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If this is the case, stop and get some real mold silicone, blue stuff is not ideal for big pieces. But you will perform well with a real mold material.

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I probably should; but I think Lightning Claws are cooler. Maybe I'll do a second set of 5 down the line.

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How come the lore doesn't live up to the hype? The Cain books have a few thousand Guardsman taking back a planet from tyranids or orks. That one necron story about a 'vast army' of only 19 million guardsmen defending a subsector from some necrons. Space Marines dying left and right by everything weaker than them in almost every book. The list goes on. Why?

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what do you even mean??? there are so many plot devices to bring back sanguinius. the time inquisitors will save him at the moment of death and have yvraine make him more beautiful than ever.

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Got any ideas for those?

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Is Matt Hutson a liar?

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I only prefer chaos lightning claws. Big stabby fingers are a lot more bad ass compared to giant brass knuckle knives.

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why do tyranids hold sword instead of just having the arm be a sword?
why do tyranids hold guns instead of just having the arm be a gun?

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Like what products should he get?

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That's exactly the case anon, their weapons are symbiotic and alive. That's why they have eyes etc.

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Green stuff

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why do ESL russian scum post on site of america

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Any 2 part silicone mold rubber will do just fine. Feel free to try with blue stuff first but for me made a world of difference.

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the site is owned by a nip

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>instead of

What do you mean? The weapons have literally grown out of their hands, they're not separate things they can drop and pick new ones.

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I’d be happy with a T9 or even upping their cost a bit to get all damage cut in half.

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Yeah. Doing yet another invul save unit as a solution is just incredible boring and makes them feel like knights

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pls dont leave me hanging

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Really Stompas should come with one. Being so scrap built, they can just ignore the wounds.

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I would play an loyalist Perturabo dreadnought. That sounds cool.

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More like doing it right.

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it just looks weird since it looks like they are holding their weapons as a human woould

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>Trukks get Ramshackle
>Stompas don't

>> No.74655554

>bring back sanguinius
Bringing Sanguinius back to life would completely invalidate his sacrifice with is the main thing going for him

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Why would the icon of their god be ramshackled together?

>> No.74655580

Even that would be neat. Something to make sure my big lad doesn't crumple like paper against a plasma spam or something equivalent.

>> No.74655581

great work anon, im a bit confused about the chainsword/stormshield combinations, however. Why not kit two squads out, one with full LC and one with full THSS?

>> No.74655601

Honestly I think all ork vehicles should get ramshackle

>> No.74655605

nah they will do something wild like bring him back to life as dante passes through the rubicon. Eventually the black death will be explained as sanguinius trying to be reborn through one of his sons or something wild like that.

>> No.74655612

That iron skirt is just welded pieces of metal. Should have to blow off a good chunk of it before you reach anything that can harm the stompa.

>> No.74655621

I agree but they'll do it because he's popular and they can sell another expensive kit.

Honestly I expected it to happen with Devastation of Baal with the Sanguinor entering his casket or something.

>> No.74655641

I was under the assumption that you wanted storm shield guys to take the shots so giving them cheap chainswords (which are buffed with the -1 AP now) is a good idea. (I've never really played 40K much before, I typically play other games and used to play Fantasy).
I may very well make another 5 with some Thunder Hammers. I really l like the look of Jump Pack troops and I have the thunder hammer bits from the VV box anyways so I wouldn't really have to buy more.

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honestly you fags whining for 5++/+++ or whatever are retarded, I hate that everyone just wants invulns and FNP as a solution to their problems because it's good and easy

baneblades are insanely large and heavy, they should just have T9, a 2+, and more wounds, maybe like 40
now you have something that actually makes sense, it's more durable and armored than a normal tank but still only has conventional plating that means it doesn't get magical immunity to heavy-hitting weapons, it just relies on sheer bulk and firepower to overcome it

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It's the number one thing that I dislike about tyranid models. Luckily there are a few models that do ranged weaponry in a non-retarded way, like raveners, the tyrannofex (only when equipped with a fleshborer hive), and anything with a back cannon.
He means that, visibly, they're holding gun-shaped organisms, down to them having stock and magazine analogues. Yeah, they're connected to the flesh of the tyranid; but that's not immediately visually apparent, and it makes you question why some of these creatures even have fingers.

>> No.74655657

But that's not ramshackled if it's welded, the point of ramshackled is bits of trukk falling off that were never even part of the vehicle in the first place. Its literally just slapped together. Stompas take months to build. Their high W is what the huge iron skirt represents.

They need better shooting like grot gunners or targetting Squigs way before they're getting meme crap like ramshackle

>> No.74655685

Or just add more guns to them.

>> No.74655719

Will Flash Gitz ever get fixed, guys? They're probably my favorite models in the game. I had so much fucking fun putting them together and adding weird piratey bits to them (gave one of my Kaptins a double eye patches & a cane to make him like Blind Pew from Treasure Island.) Now I'm trying them on the tabletop and I realize what a fucking mess they are role/points wise; half their cost feels like it accounts for them having 3 melee attacks, which just feels fucking pointless for a heavy shooter to have. Wish they'd get some kind of fancy choppa option or something so they could be either all shootey or all melee, not this weird ass middle of the road shit.

>> No.74655722

THSS is a classic combo. You forsake your shooting for the ability to wreck anything you get into close combat with. People will be gunning for them first, so you'd want to make sure to get the most out of every model in the squad by giving them a 3++. The extra wound to vets is just icing on the cake.

>> No.74655728

Anyone running a narrative campaign recently? I want to get some ideas for my own.

>> No.74655741

Rather hit more than have more to miss with

>> No.74655749

Tyranid weapons are like parasitic organisms. It's easier to grow new weapons that a bioform can use than an entirely new bioform with new weapons

>> No.74655758

>one has a nigger fist on it
>the other IS a nigger

>> No.74655760

Models? Sure
Lore? I only care about "my dudes", so the new direction just opens more possibilities, making it a win in my book.
Still, I agree that cawl and his primaris were badly and suddenly presented in a way that makes it easy to hate

>> No.74655765

As long as their guns are heavy, range is short, and armour save is 4+ they're shit. They also have barely any synergy with Badrukk and being locked to a crap Klan hinders them too.

>> No.74655768

The 3 melee attacks is because they're basically nobz but with bigger guns. You're mostly paying for the 4+ to hit, but at least your kaptin can carry a squig for free. If you want choppy pirates, you make your own out of a nob box.

>> No.74655775

>tranny wych

>> No.74655787

>it makes you question why some of these creatures even have fingers.

Same reason fish, birds, etc. have. Instead of having to rewrite the entire genome to remove the hand, you use the existing framework and craft it as part of the new thing, a wing or a fin.

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Kinda wish that Tyranid guns looked like bugs latched on to a host creature's arm, like the shock roach in Half Life

>> No.74655812

You will not be missed.

>> No.74655816

Why is he such a chad?

>> No.74655818

THSS looks pretty and ensures that your dudes will get to where they need to be, they can easily bracket whatever they need to into uselessness, if not outright killing it in the fight phase. Now that overwatch was nerfed, i guess storm shields aren't as much of a necessity as they used to be.

>> No.74655820

It's written by hacks and read by retards

>> No.74655826

Reposting with more
My headcanon plauge marines are cooler then GWs
>they prefer seiges because they are immune to attrition and it adds to their aggressive recruitment policy
>they do not attack quickly , like the inevitable passage of time they can wait, papa nurgle is very patient
>mental imagine of a wall of rotten meat and rusted metal standing in rank and file outside the walls of a hive or city, very quietly and slowly moving forward or standing still and silent, the only sound is that of flies, they are in no hurry, the people in the city will slowly come to see the light of papa nurgle
>when fighting in superior numbers they will always try to encircle and trap the opponent and leave them encircled to starve untill they die or submit
>they have presence for non lethal weapons that cause extreme pain or leathal weapons that kill very slowly and messily
>fighting them is very difficult because they are so disgusting to look at and they smell so bad that its hard to focus and is very distracting and they are stupidly difficult to kill because they are already roadkill or are sometimes getting resurrected by nurgle
Fighting DG should be a psychological warfare nightmare

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>> No.74655852

But he's crap.
Silent King and Void Dragon leaks when

>> No.74655854

But that's in the Haemonculi Covens codex. I know it looks shitty enough to be fan art, but GW standards have fallen that far.

>> No.74655861

>literally has no idea what he's doing and is being used

>> No.74655869

>they prefer seiges because
got this far and dropped. DG aren't siege attackers, fuck off.

>> No.74655871

This is the correct way to apply fluff.

>> No.74655874

He somehow went from being this hunched over 5 foot spider legged man to this giant staff wielding monster.

>> No.74655876

i agree with everything you said. The baneblade could definitely benefit from more wounds and i think we'll begin to see wounds climb higher this edition on expensive vehicles.

People want invulns and FNPs because GW started handing out AP like candy. unless the game switches to alternating activations then there is no reliable way to get any use out of your big units and primarchs.

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>> No.74655888

How can you hate the most blatantly evil Necron ever?

The power of living metal and bio-transference baby

>> No.74655890

He's actually properly huge, unlike the skorpekh lord. Also I love how he's using both pairs of arms for both holding his staff and fucking with the goo, instead of having them do separate things. It makes him seem really coordinated and deft.

>> No.74655891

I'm not sure if I like the direction necrons are going, I don't care for the intimidating and intricate design as much as the hollow and relatively simple design they had before

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>> No.74655899

Read Fehervari

>> No.74655911

Because they know that gw won't hurt them anymore by bringing him to 40k and destroying his character

>> No.74655914

>24" guns
>pay 2 CP to increase it to 36" for 1 round

Why 2 CP? Why not 1? Why did they go up to 32ppm? It's not like they were good to begin with.

>> No.74655917

Because he's unfun cartoon evil instead of fun cartoon evil like other necron characters.

>> No.74655920

your headcanon is how ive always perceived DG, i wasn't aware the lore was any different. I could have sworn they were mentioned in the lore as being siege specialists pre-heresy, which is why they have that big mortar tank now.

>> No.74655926

When I started I originally said all of that but people threw an even bigger fit about it.

>> No.74655941

Honestly it's the main reason I dont like tyranids, together with the "6 limbs" standard. They are not animals, they are bioengineered, so they should be more specialized and, most important, biomass efficient. They are not.

Eyes, ears, mouth are cool, but not needed if you have a hive mind and no digestive system, there are other way to relay information and cause damage. 6 limbs as a limit are also dumb, they can have all the energy they want because "bioengineering"? Make fuck huge centipedes that burrow underground.
Jesus, have some plasma/lava throwing beasts, the sky is the limit.
Instead we get acid vomiting retards that for some reason walk on two legs or have arms waving swords, while looking pretty in their stylish carapace

>> No.74655944

Codex suggests otherwise

>> No.74655946

No, they specialized in chemical warfare and hazardous environment, favoring crazy warcrimes weapons like phosphex and chem bombards. They're trench fighters but specifically the dudes that *break* the trenches in the assault, not the artillery siege dudes.

>> No.74655950

Well the rules don't state specifically Increase the Snazzgun range from 24" to 36". This could mean the big weapon buff everyone has been waiting for may increase their range even further and added benefits.

>> No.74655952

Should i go for a lighter purple on the armour or a darker color for the soft armour? I feel like something about those 2 colors is really off putting

>> No.74655958

Read the IA books about vraks. Once the death guard shows up pretty much everything you said happens.

>> No.74655962

that picture is the artistic equivalent of drizzling shits

>> No.74655968


Doesn't Fulgrim have Fabius clone him so he can try and temp him to chaos before killing him again?

>> No.74655969

Rape is like only way to for Chaos to reproduce.
It's never acknowledged except in few scenarios.
Dark Eldars do it also to for reproduce and fun.

>> No.74655970

I meant they could take away the 3 attacks from the shootey version of the gitz to either lower the cost of the model or give it another ranged attack or two. A melee version isn't really necessary, just an option they could have if their intention was for flash gitz to have a melee oriented style.

>> No.74655974

Darker soft armour

>> No.74655975

They just don't compliment each other at all. Maybe grey would work better than that olive look in the pic.

>> No.74655989

I would very much like to see the other version of this pic, because that's gotta be porn

>> No.74655991

Read it again retard, DG are the slow and unstoppable advance of death that favor mid ranged weapons. IW/Fists are the siege autists.

>> No.74656001

That's true, let's hope they get buffed. Too bad I already used 2 of my Flash Gitz's for kitbashing other stuff

>> No.74656003

>Rape is like only way to for Chaos to reproduce.
There's a whole segment on what its like being a civilian under chaos rule in black crusade.

Its mad max mixed with fucking daemons but there's room for love to bloom even there.

>> No.74656010

so you became a fag? baneblades should be around 500-600 points and get all the buffs I said above and maybe BS3+, the point should be that it's an incredibly durable and rather deadly tank that's more a threat because how massive and unstoppable it is than because it has the deadliest weapons and most skilled crew ever. they're still just normal unaugmented humans, but they've got one hell of a ride

>> No.74656013

I dont think they ever intended it, orks just have those stat boxes. Lootas, the most shooty unit ever, will have 2 attacks. Because they're orks. It's the one thing that's stay consistent with the ork line, they have a lot of attacks so assaulting them in close combat might be tricky.
And melee flash gitz just doesn't seem very fluffy if they're all about showing off their superior snazzguns.

>> No.74656018

Sir, open the Death Guard codex pdf and search for "siege". You will find plenty of results, including a vectorum wholly dedicated to the act.

>> No.74656019

It was porn, i think, but the artist changed it because of the DA rules against nudity and porn

>> No.74656036

wtf is this meme even about

>> No.74656046

I would bring all that up and point out how they are from the DAOT and I did it for months then changed over to 5+++. They’re pretty much 600 points now with their upped point cost with 4 sponsons.

>> No.74656051

Found it

>> No.74656064

Wait, deviant art has rules against nudity and porn?

>> No.74656069

Dark Eldar are mostly grown in vats. The comparative few that are naturally born are called Trueborn for a reason and are higher on the caste than the others. I doubt many female Dark Eldar would let themselves be raped and even if they did I doubt they'd survive long while pregnant.

>> No.74656089

Kind of.
You can show nudity but you cant show "evidence of arousal" or pornography.
Basically, you can have nude men and women, but if the dude has an erection or the woman is wet, that's illegal and forbidden

>> No.74656094

I'm going to give you aids

>> No.74656101

Saw someone post this last thread, this looks really good. Did he say when the rest was being posted?

>> No.74656115

>had to make an account just to see it
Silly, but nice

>> No.74656116

The lack of range wasn't so bad back in the day since Snazzguns were Assault weapons with random AP. But then they made them heavy since they gave Flash Gitz the additional BS. And try to stick to the style they were going for in 7th where Targeting Squigs only worked if you stayed still. But that kinda shit doesn't work unless you got some decent range on the guns.
First few times using gitz in 8th, everyone else was too far away and the only one actually moving their troops was me.

>> No.74656128

He said he was aiming for tomorrow but he's not confident

>> No.74656133

How long has that been a thing?

>> No.74656134

But with no safe words

>> No.74656139

seems like my account was deleted

>> No.74656162

why are Dark Eldars always seen over cute?

>> No.74656168

Since the very beginning of the site, it's why a load of porn artists used tumblr, which also kicked them off so they now infest twitter.

>> No.74656177

Because BL writers are history nerds who don't understand the actual scale of space.

>> No.74656203

Probably my favourite

>> No.74656206

What is the segment from or where can I find it?

>> No.74656207

god, I missed painting so much
there's nothing like making a model look good with a brush and your own two hands

>> No.74656218

I would miss them ;-;

>> No.74656220

I'm back from 3rd/4th edition and I don't understand detachments or Ynnari. The rules on wahapedia say you can't include [haemonculus coven] in your army but the GW site lists Raiders if you select Ynnari. Raiders are a haemonculus coven unit. And now I'm being told by friends that Ynnari is basically banned because you can't "soup aeldari anymore"

Can somebody help with how the fuck Ynnari detachments work? Am I able to take Drukhari Raiders or not? Do I have to do it as multiple detachments now? I just want to hit something with my cat lady's sword.

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>> No.74656233

Are there any Dark Eldars who follow Slaneesh or any other Chaos Gods? What about Tau?

>> No.74656241

I wish I found enjoyment in painting
I wonder if I don't because I'm already so shattered the best I get from things is them being a 'distraction', and painting leaves your mind free to think.

>> No.74656242

Maybe, uhh, you know, read the codexes?

>> No.74656252

So I'm interested in running my chaotic host as Wordbearers, and I need some advice. How many points should I be keeping in reserve for summoning? I know summoning isn't the greatest but I am interested in learning how to make the most of it. Especially if I get to suddenly pop a great unclean in the middle of everything!

>> No.74656253


>> No.74656261

>Are there any Dark Eldars who follow Slaneesh or any other Chaos Gods?
Why would they?
>What about Tau?
Why would the chaos gods even bother?

>> No.74656272

Don't Dark Eldars love raping Eldar prisoners?

>> No.74656278

Huh. Interesting. Could have sworn it was one of those sites that every amateur and their brother used to sell their porn artist services, but I guess I was confusing it with something else. Tumblr maybe, now that you mentioned it

>> No.74656281

You have to convince yourself you love it more than anything and then slowly with time you will.

>> No.74656282

Woah a smart ork

>> No.74656300

Why the fuck is this a thing?

>> No.74656301

paint with soemthing on in the background like a show or music or podcast you like

>> No.74656305

There have been a few minor references to chaos eldar but it's really unsubstantial

>> No.74656319

I nearly spit out my drink when I saw how expensive this shit is. At this point if you buy any models other than used or recast, you are a filthy disgusting paypig who is the part of the problem of why this hobby is so dogshit.

>> No.74656326

because gw likes money and knows people will pay out the ass for any box they include these ugly shits in

>> No.74656346

This would actually make it more fun to play against. It's not satisfying when my meltagun/haywire/shockcannon squads nuke a tank in one shooting phase, but it is when they take out a huge chunk and bracket it.

>> No.74656349

thank you based chinaman

>> No.74656356

I converted a bunch of 30k mechanicum units to 40k 9e rules, can you guys give me some feedback and tell me what you think?
also the lightning cannon, Volkite charger and Karacnos battery are already in 40k so i just copied their stats over and based similar weapons off of them.


>> No.74656394

I don't love any activities anymore, anon. I don't remember when I last truly enjoyed something, and I don't know how to convince myself of your suggestion
I listen to music and podcasts and stuff. If I'm alone in my head too long I break down.

>> No.74656401

Recently a small Tau Chaos god has been forming but nothing major yet. And there have been a few Chaos corrupted Tau as well.

>> No.74656406

>using the same image

china too wild

>> No.74656407

this is why i will never re-start the hobby
i would rather kill myself than start collecting tyranids or dark eldars who will get new faction 2030

>> No.74656409

add some lime green

>> No.74656417

Frogposting is board culture, anime isn't.

>> No.74656418

Lelith Hesperax lives in the eye of terror and worships Slaanesh, according to C.S.Goto.

>> No.74656419

im not falling for that one again

>> No.74656421

It could at least have the decency to not look like shit.

>> No.74656424

>making up rules instead of counts as


>> No.74656429

Because that's what people tend to post.

>> No.74656433


>> No.74656439

I can't wait for the covid bullshit to end so their shipping speeds up again. Right now I have to choose between paying double for GW shit or waiting 4-5 months for my shit to show up.

>> No.74656468

very interested to try this out

>> No.74656471

>lighten up the grey to a khaki, or a dull yellow for better contrast

>dark green trim is dumb, step that up to an orange or a bright green.

>> No.74656472

get fucked

>> No.74656476

I play with a group of friends, how do I get them to start using the bare minimum of tactics? They deploy badly, make silly moves, shoot the wrong stuff, don't screen for deepstrike and leave important units where they can be easily killed, i play vs orks, custodes and thousand sons mostly and they say my world eaters are OP cus i mostly win, and its driving me crazy

>> No.74656486

Do GW just rip off Americans? Its 80$ equivalent here

>> No.74656489

ok redshirt

>> No.74656493

You're talking to a manic depressive who suffers the same mate, and yeah it's a struggle and I wouldn't say I enjoy it but its something that distracts me so I treat it like that. Once the distraction stops having an effect I stop painting.

>> No.74656505

>> No.74656506

yes, as a former colony we can expect a 20$+ upcharge on all 40k stuff for having the temerity of leaving the crown

>> No.74656507

Yes. All the more reason to but recasts.

>> No.74656508

Because GW is British, they gotta ship it over the ocean so they jack the price up.

Or maybe they're still made about the tea and shit.

>> No.74656510

Not as bad here as Australia. They have it some of the worst with price hikes.

>> No.74656511

You're the problem in that group anon.

>> No.74656514

it costs to ship it out of the uk

>> No.74656526

I assume by trim you mean the decorations, desu i wasn't entirely in love with green its just one of the colors i don't paint with often and it said it was a complimentary to the purple.

Do you mean the grey on the weapon?

>> No.74656527

fwiw I'm glad it works for you, anon
I do force myself to paint, because I'm autistic about playing with painted models, but I struggle to do so. It's a bummer I guess.

>> No.74656528

is that tau waifu?

>> No.74656529

>Warp Talons, at bare minimum, are 135 pts

>> No.74656542

They got ridiculously hiked point wise. Makes me wonder if it was post 2W hike and it just got published early.

>> No.74656549

because most of these models are either massive compared to current admech stuff or have extremely different rolls/physical proportions,
example being the triaros which is bigger than a land raider and nearly twice the size of my dunerider, the thanatar is too small to be an armiger and too big to be anything else. the domitar is in the same boat and thallaxii are jetpack troops with T5 and are taller than everything other than castellan robots which they are shorter than, counts as is stupid to suggest when these things have no close equivalents in 40k especially not as admech and im not taking 4 factions to try and cobble together an army.

>> No.74656551

Millfag reporting in.
You would like this one /tg/
I can tell you that a company of Marines can take on khorne berserkers with not many issues. Don't know what the imperiam has such a hard time.
Work in a group who devises and executes combat training exercise to better prepare men for potential combat. Many of our exercise are realistic , but some are not , but are intended to make you think and put you in unusual situations to train your brain. On our docket is labeled the "khorne" exercise
>defensive position or ambush setup
>individual targets are extremely tough
>targets have little firepower and will do whatever it takes to CQB range
>do not let targets reach inside of 60 meters of any manned position (or the vehicles in a ambush setup) or it is considerd lost
>targets are extremely fast

>> No.74656553

RIP night lords

>> No.74656557

Good job getting that site shut down you dumb fuck

>> No.74656559

A cultural exchange representative

>> No.74656563

how do we fix boyz?

>> No.74656577

give 'em sum girlz

>> No.74656584

Nah, they'll probably go up like 20+ pts for minimum with 2W. They are just part of the units pool that GW currently doesn't want people running, same with Orks and their Flash Gitz+Killa Kans.

>> No.74656587

Man it's almost like 40k is a game made up by british scifi nerds and has no actual bearing on military realism.

>> No.74656590

prices in aus are often ~50-100% higher even after conversion and tax

>> No.74656593

What the fuck are they going to do? That site is untouchable. The only reason it went down before is because they were switching servers. WTG shows up on the first page of google when you search for certain units liked death korps grenadiers. It's not a super secret club. GW is totally aware and they can't do a fucking thing about it.

>> No.74656596

Didn't the US army or marines pull off a successful bayonet charge in the Iraq-Afghanistan war? And found it, sadly it was the British, https://www.businessinsider.com/the-most-famous-bayonet-charge-of-modern-conflict-2012-10#:~:text=A%20Bayonet%20Charge%20Saved%20A%20Whole%20Lot%20Of%20Lives%20During%20The%20Iraq%20War&text=Brian%20Wood%20was%20just%20a,commander's%20order%20to%20fix%20bayonets.&text=So%20he%20immediately%20ordered%20his%20men%20to%20dismount%20and%20fix%20bayonets.

>> No.74656598


>> No.74656612

both. one of the best things about tau is that you can paint them whatever color you please. Take full advantage of that. If the purple is the non negotiable here, then go with lighter colors to around it to help it stand out. Consider even reversing your color scheme and making the segmented armor the lighter khaki shade, and letting the purple be the fabric that the armor is clad around.

>> No.74656614


>> No.74656616

People kept complaining that Primaris lacks any good Anti-vehicle that isn't plasma spam or a pulsor.
So now they get a superior melta gun

>> No.74656621

What if he became a Dark Eldar Archon. I mean no would guess if he wore a mask.

>> No.74656623

No idea. Nice titties though.

>> No.74656624

just let some orks loot the bitch, you'll have more fun running it as a battlewagon than trying to sell some stranger in open play that your gucci FW models need special rules.

>> No.74656628

To be fair, tank like that in other model lines would prolly cost you about 60-80 USD. Granted this tank looks like shit, so not sure why anyone would want to buy it.

Man Kiwiland and AUS are so fucked, I don't understand. They get charged extra for no reason, even when it's online service that has 0 reason to have a price hike, while their wages aren't THAT amazing for average AUS dweller. And GW are some serious cunts who charge AUS+Kiwis import fees TWICE alongside a price-hike specific to them.

>> No.74656633

>Why does he wear the mask/masque?

>> No.74656638

Need snow bases

>> No.74656643

T5 and cheaper.

>> No.74656654

>why yes, I do live in Australia. how could you tell?

>> No.74656664

is that a human or tyranid human baby?

>> No.74656669

boys should be T3 2W

>> No.74656674

>Want to make a fun and fluffy Guard army with models I like
>Want to still be able to win against Marines
It hurts

>> No.74656680

Clearly have no idea what homoculi do to themselves.

>> No.74656682

Anybody group of men with arms with half a brain and foreknowledge could defeat khorne. Don't fight in close quarters and bait them into pre-sighted firing zones. Anyone caught in close combat is written off as kia
Easy peasy.

>> No.74656691

Resin recasts of plastic sprues are just god awful.

>> No.74656692

Reminder to refuse to play Space Marines

>> No.74656696

what should be less then 2W in the end?

>> No.74656708

stop playing against marines at least until new codexes are out for other factions

>> No.74656711

T'au, Eldar, Humans, DEldar, Genestealers

>> No.74656718

Guard, gsc, horde nids, all elves outside coven units, and tau.

>> No.74656731

Been reading books from these threads. I've read the Belisarius Cawl book, the Eisenhorn series, and am almost finished with the second in the Ravenor series. Really enjoyed all those so far but don't know where to go after I finish this set. What should I read next?

>> No.74656733

reminder to refuse to play primaris space marines but that all-manlet aremies are fun

>> No.74656740

Until they go 2W

>> No.74656748

Gaunts Ghosts, Cain books.

>> No.74656758

theres female homoculis?

>> No.74656795

the shade of purple is negotiable, i just want some kind of purple as the main element

>> No.74656813

Absolutely fucking not. Lorewise genestealers are tougher than an unarmoured Space Marine. Gaunts are nids cheap 1W fodder infantry and they have two types already. 2W Genestealers helps set them apart more from Horms as the elite melee they're supposed to be.

>> No.74656820

Dark Coil series.

>> No.74656827

they're going up in points a bunch to reflect that too though so it's fine, they still won't have access to the BS units and stratagems of primaris

>> No.74656834

I play Patrols at 500-750, my group I play with were against it at first because they couldn't take their WAAC list. But then they started taking fun units or bad units and started to have more fun and being able to play 2-3 small games vs 1 long game is always a positive. They have all gone head first into crazy converted 500 point armies.

Current Rosters are

-10 Genestealers
-10 Genestealers

Chaos Marines:
-Chaos Lord
-10 Berzerkers
-10 Berzerkers
-Chaos Spawn

Astra Militarum Catachans:
Company Commander
10 Guardsmen
10 Guardsmen
10 Guardsmen
3 Heavy Weapons Teams
2 Scout Sentinels

Space Marines:
Sgt Telion
10 Scouts
5 Scouts
Landspeeder Storm

Its really good fun and I would suggest everyone try a handful of games at 500 - 750 points.

>> No.74656848

Not every dark eldar woman is a wytch.

>> No.74656849

that CSM list looks like good dumb fun.

>> No.74656853

>Lorewise genestealers are tougher than an unarmoured Space Marine
Absolute horseshit

>> No.74656855

Pretty sure gender has no meaning past a certain point for a lot of the homoculis.
But in general, DE are equal opportunist assholes.

>> No.74656856

Dark Eldar are pretty egalitarian.

>> No.74656859

It's a realization I had come to as well, 500-1000 point games are most fun to me, especially on lower pt values like 500-700 range.

>> No.74656863

my friends and I play 500-750 games as well and they're good fun, but very broken even by 40k standards. we are working on 1k now and I doubt we will go beyond that

>> No.74656864

>guard player habitually sets up little to no terrain aside from like a single ruin in each corner
>puts down tons of big LoS/obscuring ruins any time he plays my admech

>> No.74656874

How the turntables!

>> No.74656876

I'll read Gaunt's Ghosts next
That ought to keep me busy for a while. Thanks

>> No.74656878

I spent the latter half of 8th building up my Tau and never getting to play because nobody wanted to do sub-2k games, and now I have 1500 points of Sisters as well. I'm waiting on my one friend to get his GSC together.

>> No.74656883

I want to try something with my Primaris only chapter lore/fluffwise & figured I’d ask you guys for advice. So I thought I would be cool/interesting to have my 1st company to not have any full time members. Instead it’s composed of all Gravis Armored units that normally belong to the other Companies that fill in when needed.

Marines will do honor duels & such for the right to have the Gravis Armor & when it’s decided that they need say Aggressors then the guy would switch from whatever role he did previously to don his Gravis. These guys would also sport some kind of symbol similar to an Iron Halo on their m10 armor to show that they have the honor & skill of being a Gravis wearer. The only thing I’m missing is, what should I call the company? I want something like Deathwing/Ravenwing/Sanguinary Guard maybe something that implies they are the champions of the chapter or something about inheritance?

>> No.74656884

>Guard player makes very dense terrain, but then artillery spams.

>> No.74656887

I meant GSC

>> No.74656896

i don't play orks retard

>> No.74656900

small hammer is the only way to stick it to Jewworkshops and the tournament metafags who have ruined this game.

>> No.74656905

Its only a 3 point increase

>> No.74656908

yes, tons of basilisks
but that's pretty normal at this point, most guard players I've fought bring a few

>> No.74656915

8th had plenty of 500-1k games during its tournament life too, it's not like you'll be sticking it up their ass and ramming it.

>> No.74656919

>Instead it’s composed of all Gravis Armored units that normally belong to the other Companies that fill in when needed.
Kinda weird considering gravis aren't veterans, they're just different loadouts for Mk. X armor that they switch to when needed and aren't particularly rare.

>> No.74656920

Tell your friend he's a cuck

>> No.74656932

18 point tacticals are a fucking joke, even with 2W.

>> No.74656938

sounds like a personal problem

>> No.74656944

No not even remotely you fucking total lorelet. You're thinking of Gaunts when you think of weak spammable bug hordes that die like flies. Genestealers are superorganisms more heavily genetically engineered than Marines are augmented. It's not even a fair comparison, if a Marine didnt have his power armour and weapons he would be conpletelynoutclassed in every respect, stealers are stronger, tougher, faster, have better senses, better environmental resistances, etc.

Just compare their original statlines.

Space Marine MV 4 WS 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 A 1 I 4 LD 8
Genestealer MV 6 WS 7 S6 T 4 W 1 A 4 I 7 LD 10

Same toughness and wounds, better in every other respect. What makes a Marine tougher than a human? Stuff like 2 hearts, extra lung, fused ribs, fast clotting blood etc.

Genestealers have 3 hearts, gills all over plus lungs, internal and external skeletons that are harder than flak armour, tyrgel that clots on exposure to air to seal wounds just like Marine blood but is also fire retardant, etc. They are Marines +1 in literally EVERY WAY that isnt "wears a suit of armour and has a gun".

>> No.74656954

yeah they should be 23 and primaris 30

>> No.74656960

I tried painting the wings like marble but after applying astronomican grey I had no idea how to continue, but I did anyway.

>> No.74656961

good lord have you looked at the units of any other army? they make be a joke vs the other 50 excellent picks you have as a marinefag but certainly not in the game as a whole

>> No.74656970

To give primaris a meaningful anti-tank option on infantry. The double shooting metla guns is super good right now, but they've confirmed that regular multi-meltas are going to become heavy 2. Eradicators will still be good after that, but not as monstrous as they are now just by virtue of other good options.

>> No.74656972

yes, so a tactical squad with no upgrades is going to be 180 instead of 150, and still be substantially worse than primaris because they lack the bonuses of primaris bolt rifles (either -1 AP or an extra shot and assault) as well as all the primaris-only stratagems like shooting twice with one unit.

>> No.74656988

that looks great

>> No.74656991

Look at it this way. Veterans would kick the ass of any rookie who tried to challenge them. Like I said, it’s my attempt to make an interesting chapter quirk in the lore without fucking around with shit & being snowflaky

>> No.74656992

90 points for 5 bolters is god awful, it's one of the worst offensive capabilities per point units in the game.

with 1A each they're stupidly easy to get them stuck in melee with no way out except falling back, which wasn't a huge problem when they were cheap but now when they're 180 for 11A they're very vulnerable to it.

>> No.74656999

marines have access to half the HH model line and guard have almost all their shit too, orks have plenty of FW models as do tau and eldar, tyranids have a fair number as well, meanwhile admech has upgrade sprues for one kit of dudes. so there is no reason why i can't run anything from 30k as admech.

>> No.74657002

Being assault almost makes them mobile compared to a multi melta.

>> No.74657006

Sounds good to me

>> No.74657013

>being this new

>> No.74657022

You better add some Art Deco gold to that to really bring out the aquamarine

>> No.74657023

not every unit is an offensive beast. they can make their points back easily by capping an objective and holding out vs enemy troops of similar or greater cost. a 240pt maxed unit of shootas would not remove them

>> No.74657024

CSM with chainswords are going to be pretty fucking good here pretty soon at 17 points for 3 AP-1 S4 attacks in the first round of combat.

Tacticals are stuck with their cuckguns and thus are fucking awful.

>> No.74657037

he's not my friend, just a local player
but yeah I think it's funny, finally can't win in a straight fight so tries to build advantageous LoS and pick battles

I really enjoy when people do stupid stuff like that, my favorite is when they make a blatantly better deployment zone and expect to take it, only to lose the roll-off and get completely shafted

>> No.74657039

Nobz are 17 PPM and you're going to complain about fucking 18PPM Marines? Get fucked

>> No.74657046

>they can make their points back easily by capping an objective
You can't make your points back capping if you can't clear the enemy off your objective, especially when 10 guardsmen will cap an objective out from under 5 tacticals.

>> No.74657059

nobz being overpriced doesn't make tacticals good

>> No.74657068

those guardsmen won't clear 5 tacticals off either so I guess they're worthless?

>> No.74657069

I've had good luck with them in the past

>> No.74657076

>Everyone laughed at me for running 3x10 full bolter tacticals and default loadout terminators
>They get +1w now
Who's laughing now bitches, who's laughing now?!

>> No.74657078

retard they get +1 attack when charging/charged and can take the new 2 damage heavy bolter for 10 points as well as giving their sergeant a chainsword to give a squad of 5 12 attacks of S4 melee hitting on 3s
and if you are playing scars you get 2 damage melee attacks for the last 3 turns of the game and every marine faction can spend 2 turns giving the bolt guns ap-1 as well as the difficulty in killing marines with things like galvanic rifles where it takes over 30 skitarii just to put down a single squad of marines, to top all this off you have easy access to reroll hits and wounds as well as +1 to wound abilities and +1 to hit abilities and auras. so go fuck yourself marinefag.

>> No.74657088

Do you think this placement on the base is fine? I wanted to compensate for the sword sticking out a lot

>> No.74657091

They don't have to, if you have more obsec models on the objective you cap it. Tacticals have to kill whatever's there so they outnumber them.

>> No.74657107

for one turn until the guardsmen are all or mostly dead and the marines are untouched

>> No.74657109

5 tacticals will kill 10 guardsmen easily with 10 shots wounding on 3s and getting ap-1 two turns out of 5 total in the game, that and the amount of melee attacks means you should have zero difficulty having each marine kill 3 guardsmen a turn.

>> No.74657110

And you know who capitalize on all those rules better? Intercessors.

Also lmao at spending more points on tacticals so you can pay 110 points for one heavy bolter and a plasma gun. Two thirds of the point cost of a leman russ. Good job.

>> No.74657111

I run the same shit, feels good

>> No.74657119

Honestly with how tyranid biology is even gaunts should be tougher than humans. I mark it up as one of those granularity things where a hormagaunt isnt quite at the point it should be toughness 4 but it would be a 3.5 if there were half-grades to stats. I mean how do you even compare shooting a squishy human in the guts to shooting a hard-shelled cracked out monster that has almost no vitals which can instantly drop it, no liver, no kidneys, back up hearts, back up lungs , back up limbs etc. The only way to kill one in one shoot would have to be a direct shot to the brain and they've got the thickest armour on their skull and tiny hard to hit brains.

>> No.74657121

No, because they are more of them, thus capping the objective while being cheaper to boot.
Remember that with all marines going to 2 wounds, all those units are going to go up 3 or more points, meaning trading less output for more staying power vs 1D weapons. Meaning less lethal shooting and melee, which is pretty much what you lot have been whining about the past 8 months.

>> No.74657133

The brothers chosen for the 1st company don't have to always wear gravis. They can be in standard mk10, just like how sternguard and vanguard squads in a firstborn chapter are still in the veteran 1st but just wear normal battleplate. Unless you're intentionally intending your first company to be nothing but gravis for the sake of having some sort of line breaker heavy infantry company to be a callback to terminator armor, they don't wear gravis as standard.

Aside from that though, having everyone duel to earn the right to deploy in that company is a fun idea. Maybe call them the Victors or something like that? The Hundred Blades? I dunno, but keep fiddling with the idea, it sounds good to me

>> No.74657135


>> No.74657137

>5 marines can't kill 10 guardsmen
you faggots make it so obvious that you don't actually play the game

>> No.74657143

why is he afraid to step into the middle of the base

>> No.74657144

yeah and 10 fucking wounds that have to be killed with either damage 1 or damage 2, if i hit a russ with a neutron laser and get 12 damage off i kill the russ, if i do the same to tacticals i kill 3 marines and waste 6 damage.

>> No.74657151

Don't lump me in with that cunt

>> No.74657155

It's almost like shooting infantry with antitank weapons is bad target priority. Who coulda thunk.

>> No.74657156

next he is going to say inceptors need a buff because 18 wounds on a T5 deepstriking squads shooting 24 heavy bolter shots is too expensive at 240 points.

>> No.74657157

Yes you brainlet. Just because GW doesn't make a model for it doesn't mean it doesn't or can't exist in the setting still.

>> No.74657164

To be fair, they might not play against marines nor marinelets, so they could have no idea about all the bullshit abilities marines stack on top of all of their... well anything they do. Like where I play: people only play Chaos.
>But they should still be able to do math
Nice assumption if doing so.

>> No.74657167

>which is pretty much what you lot have been whining about the past 8 months
no its not. the problem is that marines get BOTH killing power and staying power.

>> No.74657168

Commoragh is a wonderous place where everyone can become everything if he kills anyone who disagrees, always has a Backup Plan and makes friends with the right people.

Of course some things might be harder for some, like a male wytch problably has a harder time attracting fans and Xenos Mercenarys like Slyth or whatever have to work extra hard to show that they are a good alternative to Incubi, but yeah its possible.
Wasnt there some older Bits of lore where Commoragh had entire areas of Alien (non eldari in this case) Mercenaries engaged in perpetual warfare with eachother when they are not currently hired.

>> No.74657170

Because I don't want the sword to stick out too much, could cause some trouble in the game.
And that's what I wanted to ask about. Should I move him closer to the middle anyways?

>> No.74657171


>They are not animals, they are bioengineered, so they should be more specialized and, most important, biomass efficient. They are not.

It is most definitely more biomass efficient for them to be designed like robots with exchangeable hardpoints that can have specific weapons grafted on when necessary, rather than growing an entire new bioform on demand. This is how I imagine a given hive ship will behave as it nears a populated system:

>as the fleet enters the fringes of the system, it begins growing en masse the core of an invasion force - Tyrants, Warriors, Carnifexes, Gargoyles, various Spores, Hormagaunts, and Termagants - without any specific biomorphs excepting the spores and Gargoyles
>upon enemy contact, using the more rudimentary bioforms like spore barrages and Gargoyle swarms, the ship gathers intelligence and assesses defenses
>meanwhile it starts growing biomorphs it anticipates will be optimal for the initial assault, tweaking them based on feedback from probing forces
>biomorphs for first assault waves are grafted onto the prepared bioforms and the first wave is deployed, and the ship begins growing replacements for the first dozen or more waves, holding some biomass it would otherwise dedicate to "stock" forces in reserve for more specialized forms like Trygons, Zoanthropes, Lictors, Genestealers, etc.
>this process repeats, the ship changing the organization and biomorph grafting for each wave to suit the developing invasion, until the invasion is complete or has failed

>> No.74657186

>my standard list is pretty much either an old fashioned codex astartes standard battle company or demi company core and with a dread or two, terminators and scouts to flavor

Feels kind of nice

>> No.74657187

>my infantry aren't as good as the best infantry in the game
You might have had a point if they weren't the same faction and still better than every other army.

>> No.74657189

oh yeah so then i have to dump over 60 shots of my best anti infantry weapons into the squad to kill it when you have 6 or more squads just like them for me to fucking deal with while you wipe 60 T3 infantry off the board with said marines all the while crying that you need buffs. take your fucking super doctrines and free AP and damage bonuses and stuff it.

>> No.74657192

Honestly it looks like he's trying to compensate for his other sword.

>> No.74657207

Haha Space Marine players be like
>I shot that fucking Knight with a bolt pistol and it didn't die! Space Marines suck!

>> No.74657212

It is a granularity issue. Same reason why a Rambo in a sleeveless jacket punches as hard as a post human super soldier in power armor and has the same armor save as a dude in full battle kit

>> No.74657217

multi damage weapons are either all anti tank or plasma because marines are the only army with easy access to grav weapons and high ap so trying to chip away at marines with damage 1 weapons with low ap will take all game to kill just a few of them and winning objectives is impossible when all marines get free melee bonuses and extra attacks as well.

>> No.74657218

Don't read, listen

>> No.74657226

That grot in a cave was a fooking cunt, m8.

>> No.74657233


>orks have plenty of FW models

Not really anymore, not that it's a real problem. FW is an atrophied, vestigial limb that either needs to be rebuilt from the ground up or completely folded into GW's normal production.

>> No.74657235

>3 attacks+1 for choppa
>save only 1 worse
>2 wounds already
>will only be 1 point less than a marine

>> No.74657248

perfect example is orks having to take fucking tankbustas for effective shooting against marines

>> No.74657252

except for a large portion of 8th they could kill knights with bolt pistols using siege breaker cohorts.

>> No.74657260

Looking at It makes me rage internally but it's not something I would refuse to play against

>> No.74657263

can't wait for lasguns to fully transition to being useless against all marines and have those stupid faggots still chimp out about not being able to kill a squad of guardsmen just by having a single marine look their way.

>> No.74657267

>Only 1 worse
You have no idea how statistics work do you?

>> No.74657272

Guess I'll move him then. Wanted to avoid having to turn him around in combat, but I guess looking silly once in a while is better than looking silly all the time

>> No.74657274

You are right, but unfortunately GW keeps them around like a shambling corpse. And with yearly price hikes on GW, feels like we'll soon be paying FW prices for everything making FW's "luxury" even more pointless, not that it has much point now with them printing in china.

>> No.74657277

Reactionary bougie prick!

>> No.74657280

marines with bolters took out my deff dread in the last game I played simply by having +1 to wound

>> No.74657283

tankbustas are horse shit, reroll all failed hits and extra shots on 6s while doing flat 3 damage will rip every tank off the table in one turn if you go first. between them and smasha guns with fucking suicide burna bombas you guys outshoot every army but marines.

>> No.74657287

Most marine players have no idea how the game works and just want to play out a phil kelly novel every game.

>> No.74657290

3+ save and 4+ save
4 is one worse than 3

>> No.74657291

I find it kinda funny, but it's your model. Whichever choice makes you happy in the end: is the right one.

>> No.74657295

I haven't whined over buffs, but intercessors/tacticals aren't the problem with marines.
The problem is certain chapters that can combine shit with some units that turns bonkers. Mind you, salamander CT are getting nerfed in the coming codex so that's nice.
But 9-12 ppw for T4 3+ infantry is probably a pretty fair standard, especially if you consider that nid's monster units are between 12-16/18 ppw for T6-8 monsters and a lot of those are considered too expensive and bad.
And I sincerely hope that when they roll out 2D heavy bolters they'll do similar weapon changes for non-bolter using factions. But that's probably hoping for too much.

>> No.74657297


... which is why Genestealers were THE scariest non-character melee unit in the game from 2nd edition all the way through 4th. 18 YEARS they were the best. Then came 5th edition and the arrival of Robin Cruddace, where everything good about Tyranids got stripped away bit by bit for the next 12 years until now we have Genestealers at 15 pts. posing less threat in melee than a Tactical marine.

I appreciate that ya'll get sick of all the Tyranid whining, but man, can you fathom having something iconic to the core game itself for a decade and a half, and suddenly getting that shit taken from you by one sperg with a personal grudge who just happened to suck enough dick to weasel his way into a position of power?

Feels bad, man.

>> No.74657301

Thanks for proving my point

>> No.74657317

This sounds about right, only the feedback process isnt quite that slow and particular if we extrapolate from Xenology. The Hive Mind instead just mixes a wide variety of grafts and biomorphs into its forces and deploys them all together, then it collects the data in real time of how each of them is operating and adjusts the ratios for the next wave accordingly, but never goes full out into one path no matter how optimal it seems at the time because if circumstances change some other strain that was underperforming might suddenly prove more efficient in the new environment.

For example it would mix
40% brood type A
20% type B
20% type C
10% type D
10% type E
in the first wave. After realizing B is performing the best and D the worst it adjusts the second wave to
15% A
55% B
15% C
5% D
10% E
And so on. Each type would be some specific combination of weapons and biomorphs and adaptations. This is an extremely simplified version and the actual charts would be almost incomprehensible to human eyes from the millions of variations and their branching genetic tweaks happening at a rapid pace all over a planet or even a whole system, but you get the idea.

>> No.74657321

Kek, people really are upset when Orks can do anything remotely competently. How dare an Ork land a hit in shooting its unfair!

>> No.74657322

please tell me oh enlighened one, which is better in melee
4 strength 5 attacks or one strength 4 attack

>> No.74657332

Wasnt he the retard who invented the Pyrovore?
And even in its own fluff in the fucking Codex wrote how bad it is?

>> No.74657334

>reroll all failed hits
only vs vehicles and then you're still missing 2/3 of shots. with so few shots you rarely get an additional hit from dakka dakka either. they are decent, not amazing. they just seem great because everything else is so shit

>> No.74657343

That was a spawnling, not a grot.

>> No.74657352

so just shoot them before they get in range lol they have 1w and 6+ save

>> No.74657357

I like the idea that it’s a pool of dudes from different companies. Like, a biker earns the right of Gravis & so when needed he suits up in Inceptor, & meets up with the other rare Gravis wearers. It’s a prestige thing. If you say had one dude in one company & two guys in one company then they would be hard pressed to coordinate together meaningfully when the time came. If all Gravis dudes are treated as the 1st company on top of their previous role it fits better

>> No.74657360

Orks are there to job, know your place

>> No.74657365

1 attack each at 18 points, until you consider the +1 attack from chainswords, the +1 attack from "Marines Gotta Get Buffed" Angels rule. Factor in the -1 AP your chainswords are getting, and suddenly you've got 16 attacks at 3+ to hit, S4, -1 AP on a 3+ frame for 90 pts. Not to mention 9e rules were specifically written to empower marine lists.

That's outrageously better than 90% of non-imperial troop choices out there. I swear, marine players bitch even when they get the full Steak and Blowjob treatment.

>> No.74657369

here's my purp if you want a look see

>> No.74657370

>guy haley
Hard pass.

>> No.74657372

You're ignoring every other stat the ork has over the marine

>> No.74657378

Yeah and in that codex it hurt every single unit on the board when it died due to a typo

>> No.74657385

>missing 2/3 of shots
BS5+ with full reroll is better than BS4+ or 0.55 hits per shots.
Not saying orks don't need help, but at least try to be factual about it.

>> No.74657390

the extreme proliferation of strategems was a mistake
>10 shots
>3-4 hit
>1 of those explode and probably misses
>2 shots end up wounding

space marine players truly are the lowest common denominator.

>> No.74657402

again I was talking about killing marines and how we have to use tankbustas.

>> No.74657403

Which is 1 strength seeing as SM get shock assault.

>> No.74657407

Yeah, it's scary and frankly bullshit. If a non-space marine can wound a Land Raider with even some reliability then you know there's something wrong with the game as a whole. I want to play 40k, not some broken edition where space marines are useless.

>> No.74657409

You can only have a chainsword on the srg in a tactical squad, so the max amount of attacks would be 12, with 8 of those at AP0 outside of assault doctrine.

>> No.74657429

Here is how the average game against marines goes for a non marine player.
>marine shoots turn 1 with artillery at ap-2 minimum and either cripples or kills something important
>parks troops onto objectives and kills anything that isn't T4 in sight
>spends the next two turns denying anyone not wearing power armor an armor save and ignores cover because why not
>whenever something gets shot that is more valuable than an intercessor he spends CP to force battlecannon tier weapons to wound on 4s rather than 2s
>shoots anything that deepstrikes
>gets a +1 to hit and +1 to wound so at worst he wounds things on a 4 but usually a 3+ if not 2+
>rerolls all hit rolls
>rerolls wound rolls on 1
>charges and gets 15 or more attacks no matter what just charged and gets ap-1 even on unarmed troops
>wins the game by turn 4 and then complains that one of his units got killed by a lucky 6 roll and proceeds to screech that he needs more fucking buffs

also depending on the marine faction
>IF gets exploding hits army wide and bonus damage against vehicles (chapter tactic + super doctrine) as well as another +1 to wound option (tank hunters) against vehicles so he can use quad heavy bolters or anything really to insta kill tanks
>RG deepstrikes his units around 6" away turn 1 and snipes your characters off the board fucking your leadership
>UM just falls back and shoots after punching most of your shit to death last phase while rapid firing half the game regardless of movement
>WS charges you with his whole army turn 1 and gets bonus damage to kill the rest off turn 3
>Salamaners murder everything with eradicators T1

>> No.74657439

even with shock assault the orks have more attacks

>> No.74657440

oh hey you nailed the general problem 40k has with the way s/t interacts
what's that have to do with just space marines though?

>> No.74657447

2/3 chance or 67% chance to save vs 50% chance. Or if you're in cover and SM 83% chance vs 67%.

And that's before modifiers that drastically reduce that percentage and in most cases just outright ignores it.
Its a massive statistical change in reliability.

>> No.74657457

strategems being so excessive in their number and use was indeed a mistake

>> No.74657466

r8 my GSC battalion 500 pts

>rusted claw

>jackal alphus warlord
>trait: alien majesty
>relic: the gift from beyond

>5 acolytes, bone sword/lash whip, saw, drill
>10 neophytes
>10 neophytes

>ridgerunner w/heavy mining laser and flares
>ridgerunner w/heavy mining laser and flares
>ridgerunner w/heavy mining laser and flares

>> No.74657472

Paint your shit and I will rate it.

>> No.74657473

Yeah I remember now, didnt cruddance also have the genius hivemind invent a flying creature that cant take off when it lands?

Yes I remember, he is an utter nonce trying to write the hivemind, an abstract smart entity and instead fails horribly.
Oh fuck im mad now.
I will drink gin and pet my dakkafexes.

>> No.74657477

He's the guy who spear-headed most Tyranid shooting models, because he's an idiot who believes that only guns should be viable in 40k (and in the 12 years of his tenure, he's done everything possible to make that exactly the case).

Never mind that Tyranid guns are defined by short range, low strength, low AP, and non-existent damage. Let's make them a shooting army. Let's double the cost of a carnifex while stripping away all its wargear. Or, if you want a more modern example: let's double the cost of an Aberrant unit with also nerfing the character specifically designed to buff it.

Just because the Pyrovore is the most spectacular instance of his grotesque incompetence, don't for a moment thing he doesn't have a long and storied history of cockslapping 40k into the shitty, shitty mess that it is now.

Mark my words: Robin Cruddace is the single worst thing to happen to 40k, ever.

>> No.74657478

im not a marine player retard,
and it actually pans out
>10 shots
>4 hits 1 extra shot
>reroll and get 2 more hits
>wound 4 out of those 3 because everything in my army (admech) is T7 or less
>ap-2 placing me onto a 5 or 6+
>killing a dunecrawler in one turn with a single tank busta squad, or wiping my robots off the table with 2.
you can kill all my heavy support in 1 turn without anything i can do about it.

>> No.74657484

Is 7th better than 9th?

>> No.74657488

marines don't even need strats they get free ap free damage and free super bonuses just for being a marine and wearing a specific color.

>> No.74657492

You have 3-4+ saves on your dudes? Damn, nice.

>> No.74657505

GSC players should be cherished, if only tyranids got any attention at all maybe you could be as cool as you should be.

>> No.74657511

Looks nice but a bit blue for my tastes maybe the lighting or my eyes are fucked

>> No.74657524

we were talking about space marines being a necessitated target but sure
I'm so sorry the glass cannon unit that costs more than a dunecrawler last I checked in late 8th was able to get off a turn of shooting unchecked and get most of its points back.
You remembered to kill it on your turn after you finished cursing you go I go, right?

>> No.74657534

>tac squad
what a surprise, a xenos player has no idea what the fuck they're talking about

>> No.74657535

Does it really take that long? I just found that site and ordered something around the 20th, when can i expect it?

>> No.74657536

it would matter if marines didn't spend all game with fucking ap-2 or better, and every person in my local area only fucking plays marines except for on ork player (18 smasha guns and 30 tank bustas) and a necron player (ap-2 or better all game too)

>> No.74657538

Hard to say, they both suck. If you ban anything that gives you free points in 7th, like the Space Marine detachment with free transports or summoning powers, 7th is probably better. Maybe.

>> No.74657553

Is Lucius grey just mechanicus standard grey?

>> No.74657561

no what fucking happens is i lose all my tanks because i can only field 3 total since there is nothing armored in my elite or fast attack slots in one turn and spend the rest of the game trying to use skitarii to kill orks and vehicles where my highest strength gun is a plasma gun and my highest T is T3 unless i spam chicken walkers which also die to tank bustas in a god damn turn.

>> No.74657566

are flash gitz any good? they look like the only marine killing unit we have but 160pts for 5 doesn't feel good

>> No.74657574

5 nobz vs 5 marines, assuming both charged and got to go first, zero upgrades except the free chainsword on the sgt

nobz get 20 attacks total
>13.33 hits
>8.89 wound
>5.93 saves
>2.96 wounds

Marines will get 12 attacks on the charge
>8 hit
>4 wound
>2 saves
>2 wounds

nobz kill about 1 and a half 2 wound tacticals, tacticals kill 1 nob

>> No.74657583

>Nooo! Ork units specifically designed to kill tanks can't kill my tanks!

>> No.74657592

>My group only plays Chapter Approved match play scenarios

>> No.74657597

Heavy weapons, shit range, shit armour, no real synergy, shit klan, shit character support.

Unfortunately they're in a bad place.

>> No.74657598


I have, just no painted pics on my laptop

>> No.74657599

Sounds balanced

>> No.74657602

Marine player should be gassed to save the hobby and the game should be made as difficult to learn as 2nd edition so that tourney fags will go back to magic the gathering again.

>> No.74657605

absolutely disgusting. you should be using the indomi cards to have fun games

>> No.74657607

Are you seriously whining about Orks of all things? While playing AdMech? Get a fucking grip dude.

>> No.74657612

2e isnt hard, its just jank.

>> No.74657623

you mean primaris marines
regular marinelets doin't get AP on their bolters outside of tactical doctrine, where it's at -1

>> No.74657625

Why the fuck is GW website out of so many paints

>> No.74657628

So your standard troop kills .5 less of a model than my elite melee unit and this is proof that 18PPM Tacticals are not a reasonable price change. MK.

>> No.74657629

what should I use instead though? they seem to be the only unit in that niche
just shoot them with stubbers before they get in range lmao they're 1w 6+

>> No.74657632

>2nd edition
>difficult to learn
I guess for a retard like you it might be

>> No.74657642

>an elite infantry army has troops that kill ALMOST as much as my elite option in a horde army, this is an outrage

>> No.74657645

im the guy who doesn't like tank bustas but it doesn't mean i hate orks. flash gits should get more shots than they currently have and have no business costing so close to terminators considering their stats. Nobz should be better and boyz need something to help them not just all get wiped off the table by blast artillery in one turn, fucking 24 shots out of one thunderfire cannon is gay and getting 2+ to hit and rerolling failed wounds makes killing 20 boys in one volley a guarantee, pair that with suppressing fire and the fucking thing will kill 40 a turn.

>> No.74657650

Mek Guns. I'd love to say take Flash Gitz, and they are proficient SM killers, but they're too expensive and very fragile against todays meta. But feel free to field them.

>> No.74657657

>nooooo I can only take 3 of one specific type of tank!
>noooo but the other AT units I have are also vehicles that die to tankbustas noooo!
>how do I do iiiiiit!
are you retarded? At most he can take 3 units, they're expensive, they need to be w/in 24", and they're so fucking fragile you can poof them away with rangers and vanguard if they're not in vehicles.

What the everloving fuck is your standard army composition

>> No.74657664

okay would you rather we did HH and need 6 books and an army list to play? or how about rogue trader and its insane book keeping? either that or we should play 6e the edition i have no clue what happened because GW canned it in two years.

>> No.74657667

for fuck sake mek guns are $60au a piece

>> No.74657682

why are you comparing only the melee aspect, the thing nobz are best for and tacmarines only have as a backup

>> No.74657685

Admech main here. How trash do you have to be to lose as Admech against Orks?

>> No.74657692

They're fucked because GW refuse to give them Assault weapons and BS4+. An increase to 3wpm might alleviate the bad save and heavy weapons, but unfortunately that isn't the case so yeah.

>> No.74657695

Show me where on the doll the intercessor touched you.
Because this wall of text is... badly wrong, or your opponent is cheating a lot.

>Marines always gets the first round, this is in the rules
>TFC isn't very killy, tremor shell strat is too good when combined with shoot twice.
>I guess T4 is immune to bolters. Use cover and obscuring terrain
>IF and Centurions ignore cover. AP1/2 gets more millage vs 2/3+ than vs 4/5/6+
>What is baiting out defensive strategems? I fear for you if you ever play a custodes player because god damn they make agressors and termis look squishy.
>+1 to hit/wound, Litanies limited to one unit, and the wound one is vs the closest target. Not that hard to counter during deployment
>Ap-1 in 3rd battleround at best
>Depends on the units. But wasn't this yet another edition where shooting was king and melee didn't matter?

>What is obscuring and LoS breaking terrain
>9" and what is fucking bubblewrap and LoS breaking terrain. They still need snipers or relics to shoot your characters.
>Yes, bubblewrap and don't deploy as far as you can. Reserves are nice, use them.
>Salamander and eradicators are problematic yes.

I like how you forgot the biggest issue next to salamander eradicator and that's gravdevs in a droppod.

>> No.74657697

I feel you man, 3-4th edition Nids were the tits, and I never even played them myself.

>> No.74657699

>just shoot them with stubbers
they sit in either chinork coptas, trukks or battle wagons along with 18 smasha guns behind them, there is not enough anti vehicle i can possibly field to stop my army from getting wiped in a single turn even before a super suicide bomber rips 33% of my infantry off the table and cripples all of my other units because the ork got first turn.

>> No.74657700

I never said making them 18 points wasn't reasonable you idiot, just that they're not the best shit ever made like you seem to think they are

>> No.74657711

>some broken edition where space marines are useless
The game is best when space marines are mediocre.

>> No.74657714

Because the guy said you're ignoring the stats Nobs have for 1 extra point and his claim is doing half a wound less is balanced because he fields elite units. Completely ignoring his guns kill my Nobs before they even get to kill 1 model.

>> No.74657732

>chinorks and trukks
fragile af
>battle wagons
tuff but expensive
>and 18 smas-
alright I see what's going on here.
Post models.

>> No.74657736

maybe if you play with zero terrain
is this how your typical table looks?
play cityfight instead

>> No.74657742

i can only take 3 tanks total faggot, all my vehicles are in heavy support and will get killed in one turn so go take your over powered units and fuck yourself. 24" is more than enough range when the deployment zones are only 24" appart and you have a nearly limitless supply of open topped transports. you are the most disingenuous lying piece of shit, 17ppm for a unit that can fucking kill anything short of a knight with one squad is stupid good when it rerolls all failed hits and gets extra shots so it ends up with more than a 3+ accuracy math wise.

>> No.74657745

if he's pouring all his points into that then just change your list up and field more skitatii next time

>> No.74657749

What's the limits for a conversion or proxy model in your eyes?

I'm doing a bug themed Death Guard army so I want to use a Dreaded Ambull with some large wings stuck on it as as Demon Prince or a Nurgle Demon Prince. It will be on a Demon Prince base so it still has the same footprint.

>> No.74657756

>post models
here faggot

>> No.74657757

10 bolters, barring no rerolls, in tactical doctrine, does 3~ unsaved wounds vs nobs.

>> No.74657764

Ah a GT player I see

>> No.74657765

>the fucker moves like something out of Stargate SG1
Holy shit I need one of these now

>> No.74657767

Almost no limits wrt daemon princes. They're the absolute pinnacle of kitbash pleasure

>> No.74657770

>take a second detachment
>take kataphons
>take a unit of superbot damage soakers
>why the fuck are you complaining about chickens when they're so good
you obviously don't play anon

>> No.74657782

t. Eldarfag
Why don't you go and ruin a different game for once you knife eared fuck. For one moment SM are good and suddenly all of you fags are crying.

>> No.74657787

>barring no rerolls
>reason 1 mathhamer is worth shit

>> No.74657791

*10 bolter shots, aka 5 bolters.

>> No.74657794

alright, maybe you do play >>74657770

In that case, anon, it sounds like your opponent is leaning laughably hard into pure AT. Is that about accurate? What's his list aside from apparently 18 smashas, a bwagon, a trukk, a copter, and 30 tankbustas

>> No.74657801

and here is a second one
i took 60 skitarii, that is as many as i can take before i stop being able to afford any armor at all and his boys and smasha guns along with the fucking megatrakk scrapjets just kill anything before it could stay on the objective before my next command phase.

>> No.74657824

Elves should be removed but marines should never be above mid tier. Shit balance and 'getting a turn' is toddler level thought process

>> No.74657828

>mold lines

>> No.74657831

Actually, forgot to remove the full reroll when I wrote that.
In tactical doctrine for AP-1
5 Bolters RF, full reroll hits and reroll 1 to wound results in 3.5~wounds vs Nobs.
5 Bolters RF, vanilla, resuts in 2.2~ wounds

>> No.74657842

>majority of metals are the same color
>paint bleed everywhere
>mold/seam lines left as is
>not even based with anything
you deserve to lose.

>> No.74657847

I won't lie and say they look amazing but I'm glad you're painting, angrymech anon
what is his list, and what is yours. This is a regular occurrence, yeah?

>> No.74657848

i field kataphrons in other lists, paying 55 points for the destroyers 4+ armor and T5 is laughable when they also are perfect targets for tank bustas who kill one with each shot that make it through. the breachers do have a function but arc weapons haven't done their jobs since 7e when they had haywire, which GW took away from me but let eldar keep.

>> No.74657858


In an announcement by Games Workshop (soon after the initial unrest at the Minneapolis protests/riots), GW basically said that people who were not white were also human beings that could exist in the warhammer universes and community, and that if you didn't like this, that "you would not be missed". It turned into a meme fairly quickly, often aimed at people who make obviously racist comments but sometimes just used randomly to disagree with someone/

>> No.74657862

I'd play against that instead of more gray tide faggotry any day, anon.

>> No.74657865

i tried to sand them off on the other models that one was a test to work out my paint scheme

>> No.74657875

What do Iron Warrior lists look like when focusing on artillery, and what's the cheapest pt list based around them with focus on the thematics/aethetics assuming using at least one CSM as troops.
One of you autists gotta have some impressive IW collection and tips.

>> No.74657884

Neither of you will be missed.

>> No.74657887

first models i ever painted because i waited until admech was a faction, im sorry that i don't have your magical unproven modeling and painting capabilities, please show me how your first army you ever painted looks.

>> No.74657888

Post models

>> No.74657890

>the Marine Player is complaining about the Eldar from previous editions

>> No.74657892

>What's the limits for a conversion or proxy model in your eyes?
Size, base size (I am okay with someone using a base that's 10mm wider if the model demands it though), and reasonably analogous weaponry (which to me just boils down to giving them the right number of guns and melees, doesn't matter what they are)

>> No.74657900

if your opponent is spamming the fuck out of AT you have 2 options. Either dive harder into multiwound models than he can keep up with, or go with as few multiwounds as possible.

If you want to break the meta, you could soup in a patrol of IG with heavy weapon teams and guardsmen so you have bodies and guns.
>2 x company commander for orders
>3 x 10 guard to sit on objectives, weapons optional
>2 x vet squads with weapons for shooting
>2 x HWT squads

>> No.74657902

What has better models, 40K or AoS?

>> No.74657904

Remember that SM are underpowered and overcosted.

>> No.74657907


mold lines are for chads

>> No.74657909

40k if you're a dude, AoS if you're a chick.

>> No.74657919

AoS without a doubt

>> No.74657925

First time painter. Posted this guy yesterday and have gone back and added some details. I also tried to use a black wash to thin out the green on the bug but its still pretty bad. I do feel a lot more confident about this model now. Took the time to do 3 layers on the staff and everything

>> No.74657933


>> No.74657938

thin your paints

>> No.74657939

All I see is a grey blob

>> No.74657940

>standard troop in an elite army still performs worse than a cheaper unit from a horde army
>even on the round of combat when they're at their strongest
>this is some how a problem

>> No.74657942

I think you primed your camera gray m8

>> No.74657949

I think in general, Sigmar has much better models. It's probably because they're allowed to take themselevs a lot less seriously and take some chances. I don't think there's a better looking army in terms of character and expression than Gloomspite.

>> No.74657955

his list is changed up every once in a while but reliably i can expect 30 tank bustas and 12 smasha guns at least, considering vehicle squads my robots do nothing to them and NL crawlers at best will kill one a turn each, he then fields msu boyz squads that he either puts into transports or teleports onto points, if i get first turn the chance of winning is 50/50 but if he goes first i lose all my armor in one turn and spend the rest of the game trying to kill boys with skittarii which is awful when i at best wound on 4s and the orks can outshoot me and outpunch anything i field other than electro priest.

>> No.74657958

>Pubic hair in straight smack middle of the top chasis
Chad AF

>> No.74657959

those are seam lines, not mold lines
there is no actual ruling from GW other than 'just don't do something completely stupid like putting a grot on a knight base'
my general stance is you can freely go up or down one standard base size.
As an example, my special weapons and champions in my death guard plague marines are based on 40mm's so that they stand out for my opponent and me to immediately tell what's where and left at a glance. Plus, they look much better on 40s

>> No.74657961

I’ll be honest, my Iron Warriors are geared towards grinding the enemy into paste through troops and havocs. If it’s artillery you’re after, deff have a look at forge world units and see what rules you feel is the most ‘artillery like’

>> No.74657974

I see, may I see your iron?

>> No.74657975


>> No.74657977

That is embarrassing

>> No.74657981

Posting again my WIP army so far.

>> No.74657986

>there is no actual ruling from GW
Cool but he didn't ask about that, nitwit

>> No.74657995

Base size is probably the one thing you shouldn't change...

>> No.74657999

You have both seamlines and mold lines showing, nerd-o.

>> No.74658001

Fantastic job mate, great first model you should be proud.

>> No.74658004

im not the asshole who tried to shit on my models with mold lines, but i feel he will say something like.

>sprue chunks on the model

>> No.74658011

AoS is miles better in terms of details. 40K has a lot of big vehicles and smooth surfaces that hold up pretty well, but for detailed stuff AoS quality is leagues higher (which makes sense because AoS has a much higher percentage of plastic kits, but also I think the AoS team takes much bigger creative risks).

>> No.74658013

I've had success with Lootas, although they're not optimal either. Also, the box comes with bits for 4 Lootas and a Spanner, making them expensive as fuck.

>> No.74658021

nice job anon, if you want to get some nice rust effects you can layer reds and browns on top of one another and then dab it with a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol to make the paint run and look like water rust trails.

>> No.74658023

I don't have a moldline remover yet :(
Thank you I really appreciate it

>> No.74658031

Only crique I have is that you have some green bleed ovet next to the eye and on his left tigh.

>> No.74658033

Ah I don't do rust on my models, I'm quite an anomaly for an Ork player and I like clean paint jobs. But thanks for the tip

>> No.74658038

Clean up your models better and make sure your basecoats are nice and even on your next model. The dark green looks messy and patchy. Also apply a wash to the metal and pick up dryrbushing. Necrons are very forgiving with drybrushing and they'll look excellent with minimal effort.

>> No.74658039

100% agree. I want them to be cold and devoid of personality. Simple and clean. Not eccentric space colonialists.

>> No.74658043

Clean orks are more common than you think, you're in a good place.

>> No.74658048

very good, keep at it and you'll be great
could throw some more golden details on the front on the cryptek to break up all the silver, maybe the headdress

>> No.74658058

At least you don't see the bleed over on his actual eye

>> No.74658060

>what are you go I go issues
For real though it's been ages since I've played with my admech but it really sounds like you're missing something important. Maybe you need more skittle troops, maybe you need infiltrators or deep strikers to take out his guns, maybe you need to soup in IG for bodies and heavy weapons.
You're getting this much shit because there is no reason to be having this much trouble if your formatting a list well.
literally why, gw themselves change it and being bigger or smaller has both pros and cons

>> No.74658066

you can use a hobby knife to remove mold lines don't need to buy anything either use the back of the blade to scrape them or use the edge and be careful

>> No.74658092

~ 4 months judging my a lot of the comments

Before the pandemic it took no more than two weeks max to get stuff sent to chicago.

>> No.74658095

Mostly in storage but I pulled these guys out for fun. I forgot to mention oblits are cool.

>> No.74658113

>meanwhile while kool kids klub recaster gets it to me in a week

>> No.74658114

my problem is primarily dealing with marines when not fighting the ork player, deepstriking a unit only to have 40+ shots from an intercessor squad using auspex tactics bolter drill and getting exploding shots makes my deepstrikes die before they are on the table and T3 models is torture when every gun is a bolter with ap-1 or ap-2.

>> No.74658117


>Can't wait for the covid bullshit to end

>Covid bullshit

A combination of people not giving a shit, as well as confusing, contradictory and often false advice, will ensure that Covid remains with us for all long time.

Can't wait for the next prediction for a vaccine, which by the way, was at first early summer, then late summer, and now early December/early January (Lets completely ignore that the fastest vaccine, which was for mumps, took nearly 5 years, but don't tell the general public that, we don't want civil unrest.)

>> No.74658121

For all the bitching I see people do, surprised you painted their (oblits) flesh as... well flesh and not metal. What got you inspired to get the dudes that you got and how'd you make that Aspiring Champion with the laser skulls?
Either way, neat army.

>> No.74658125

>What's the limits for a conversion or proxy model in your eyes?
I have two hard limits and like a sliding scale
hard rules:
>has to have generally same footprint
>can't be a coomer/fapbait model, I'll still play if it is but mock relentlessly for it
As for the sliding scale, the person bringing the model should balance creativity with making your opponent able to recognize what the model is. a DP is a fantastic choice for conversions because it's easy to remember and stands out no matter what, hence why people convert it so much. BUT if your whole army is proxy or converted, you need to do your damnedest to make every unit and gun recognizable to an opponent, otherwise it's just plain lame going "what's that again?" and fighting an enemy that seems to be shifting loadouts each turn. At the very least, make easily recognizable squad numbers and distinct which guys carry special wargear and write your list down so the opponent can have a copy, that way they can at least reference the list to figure out what's what

basically, balance your desire to make something unique with the social courtesy to let your opponent know what he's fighting against at all times. and don't build fotm lists, make a clear theme/lore and stick to it like gospel because otherwise you're the greatest faggot of all

you're a retard bro, I beat orks virtually every time with >>74643496 and that has 0 tanks, admech are in an amazing state and have a variety of great anti-tank across every FOS type, and a particularly easy time killing orks with ease of screening and reliable horde killing.

use LoS to your advantage, only pop out of obscuring when it's safe, and then use the fact orks get tshirt saves to punish the fuck out of them. at your point it either comes down to a hanibal-tier ork player (funny thought) or you being a complete fucking retard, play around with your list, use LoS and superior range to your advantage, then buff.

>> No.74658140


>not deliberately filling in every barrel despite them coming pre-drilled

Not a chad yet, anon.

>> No.74658145

honestly i have had so many people try and tell me certain units are good and that admech is great but almost none of them play admech or if they do they haven't played admech in nearly a year and even then they just ran rusty 17 with fucking knights. so i really have to say, take out your admech lists and try playing a tournament because my local area is 100% waacfags and there are no casual players.

>> No.74658155

since when did the CIA start recasting GW models for money instead of selling actual crack?

>> No.74658160

Because base size effects the gameplay much more than having a slightly different model. And it's not like having a different base size is any sort of conversion.
Larger bases are just better as soon as they have auras or deploying from reserves in your own deployement zone within 1 of the edge and enemy units within 9.

>> No.74658174

Thanks man. The laser skulls are a iron hands 30k bit. If you like cybernetics, iron hands is a great place to look. As for why, I just liked their values and after reading storm of iron (the best 40k book) I liked how unapologetically evil they are.

Also non-flesh oblits are for SM wannabes, embrace the flesh.

>> No.74658176

horse shit, if you know how to use TTS to play 40k ill beat the shit out of you with one of his lists to prove it.

>> No.74658195

either don't use the deepstrike ability when you're fighting marines then, or use them in order to bait that reaction and waste CP
>game uses TLoS
no, the model itself affects a fucking load of stuff.
And the slight arguments for it being better is why I keep sizes to a minimum 1 up/down

>> No.74658196

They look nice and grungy. Makes me want to do some Iron Warriors myself.

>> No.74658197

Nothing about 2e was jank except a couple wargear and strategy cards.

>> No.74658208

Oh yeah, I never did ask. What pts do you usually play?

>> No.74658211

Rate my 1k Orks List

Evil Sunz Patrol 998pts
Big Mek w/KFF

Warboss w/Da Killa Klaw and Kustom Shoota
Da Biggest Boss, Brutal but Kunnin

Boss nob w/ Big Choppa, Choppa
29 Boyz w/ Shoota

Boss nob w/ Big Choppa, Choppa
29 Boyz w/ Shoota

Boss nob w/Power Klaw, 9 Kommandos


Heavy Support:
Spanner, 8 Lootas
Klever Spanner

>> No.74658229

Looks decent. You might have trouble against certain lists, but not horrible.

>> No.74658230

Gue'vesa rules when?

>> No.74658231

Oh it's this fag again lol

>> No.74658234

You're a faggot but seems decent enough
personally I'd replace the commandos with a buggy of some sort to at least pretend I was playing evil sunz, but w/e

>> No.74658236

If you need an easy to paint army, Iron Warriors with lots of dirt are very forgiving.

>> No.74658248

oh also drop the painboy
why even bother lol

>> No.74658251

2000 points. I got exactly enough IW for 2000 and stopped there.

>> No.74658256

Why Evil Sunz instead of Bad Moon or Death Skulls

>> No.74658263

Just play tau using guardsmen models
Boom, Gue'Vesa.

>> No.74658269

Because he's focusing on his boyz, anon. Evil Sunz work really well for boyz.

>> No.74658270

Why does it say liar over Matt Hutson's face?

>> No.74658272

>Doesn't like to coom
How does one reach this level of wizardry

>> No.74658275

he's right! It's exactly as it shouldn't be!

>> No.74658276

Is this hexmark destroyer the first necron Elite unit to be a character.

>> No.74658287

first non C'tan

>> No.74658289

other than c'tan yes

>> No.74658294

But his running shoota boys

>> No.74658299


30 Tankbustas is 1/4th of a 2000 point army, 12 Smashagunz is also 1/4th of a 2000 point army. MSU boyz are easy enough to kill, don't even bother to waste any firepower on transports that aren't carrying tankbustas. You say he also fields multiple Skrapjets, this dude is already down to ~800 points or less without any core units like troops or HQs.

I play your army and I play his army. It sounds like you need less stuff like Neutron Lasers and more high-volume fire, mid-to high strength weapons, preferably with D2+. Sadly Dunecrawlers are not where you will find that in your army, but you will find it in Autocannon ballistarii (in your tremendously underutilized Fast Attack section no less) and Skorpius Disintegrators. You can also consider bringing Heavy Arc Rifle Kataphron Breachers - normally S6 anti-tank is a bad bet, but Trukks are T6, Mek Gunz are T5, Skrapjets are T6, you'll be wounding most of their armor on 4+ or better and dealing D6 damage. They're also durable and cheap, the only downside is they're 3W so they're a very good target for the Tankbustas when they don't have any vehicle targets, but at least they won't get any rerolls to hit against them.

>> No.74658304

Neat. GW really hasn't explored much of what they can do with Necrons yet.

>> No.74658309

>You're a faggot

>> No.74658311

really hoping the other floaty destroyers get new models and not just the heavy ones

>> No.74658316

What is matching the model size to what you convert to? And its not that hard to estimate LoS for the original model if you need to.
32 mm vs 40 mm bases.
115 mm2 vs 144 mm2 in footprint. Thats a lot. Consider how important base sizes are in the matter of CC, coherancy, and unit footprint no, dont fucking change it.

>> No.74658325


Just buy 2 boxes of Lootas/Burnas and 1 box of Boyz, you will have 10 Lootas and 10 Burnas (you don't actually want 10 Burnas but you might as well).

>> No.74658333


>> No.74658338

Wait, what?
You're right... I mean it's one less attack per boy, so it's not like he's completely gutting himself, but wow...

>> No.74658341

no, I play in person because I'm not a faggot, and also my models don't look like dogshit literally assembled backwards and haphazardly slapped in tooth paste. :^)

All the admech heavy guns outrange orks so you can just sit at the back and kill him that way, or use obscuring/LoS to wait for him to stumble a unit of heavy weapons out and then blast them to hell. It's worth noting that a full unit of 15 tankbustas only kills a single kastelan in cover (you do have shroudpsalm, right?) and for that pricetag, they fucking better. but LITERALLY a single completely unbuffed squad of vanguard will make more than their points back shooting those bustas in a single round of shooting. the unit is a complete glass cannon and if you have enough brain cells to string a sentence together you should realize the very simple solution to "that unit can kill me" is to position so it can't shoot you or to kill it first, both of which you can do.
As for anti-tank, give me a fucking break. kataphrons can mince ork tanks and breachers get a fucking 1+ with shroud and 2CP, so don't act like they're incredibly fragile and die instantly.

Admech has a ton of units that synergize incredibly well, with shooting that can decimate hordes just as easily as tanks. tournament data confirms this, if you're losing to orks it's your own damn fault, change your list or just stop playing like a retard- and if your playing is anything like your painting, I wager it's the latter

by being a normal person that keeps their sexual appetites to themselves and doesn't aggressively insert it into every place they go. I got no problem if you jack off 100 times a day (I'm not shaking your hand, though) but don't bring that shit to the tabletop, I'm here to play a game with plastic dudesmen not fap to some dinky resin miniature

>> No.74658343

because I'm a sucker for correctly theming things, and sunz with no vehicle emphasis hurts my soul
oh, you're one of those waacfags

>> No.74658345

I feel that +1 to move, advance and charge, and shoot with assault weapons without penalty after advancing is better than reroll 1's or 6++ and Deathskull rerolls.

He's fun

>> No.74658355

I don't need to be patronized anon

>> No.74658356

You don't really get enough parts for the 5th loota/burna in the box.

>> No.74658358

I converted my burnas from the kit into rokkit launchas.

>> No.74658360

Looms alright. The streaky highlight on the black makes it look like its going fast

>> No.74658380

Is there such thing as a Tyranid WAACfag?

>> No.74658382

But why are you charging with shoota boys?

>> No.74658401

It's not my fault that Sunz are the new infantry klan and Deathskulls are the new vehicle klan.

Hurts me more than you, believe me

>> No.74658408

Not anymore. Flying circus back in 6th or 7th was a thing but eh that died out

>> No.74658424

Why wouldn't I?

>> No.74658446

>charging with shota boys

>> No.74658455

Because at that point you're literally throwing away 9ppm units for little to no benefit. You dropped your extra attacks and you've ignored survivability from transports etc. You're S4 with 0AP, you need weight of attacks and you've got rid of that shooting, then you ignore the shooting. I'm just confused what you're doing.

>> No.74658463

because you an ork

>> No.74658464

>waac fag
>excusively plays crusade and considers it hilarious when my sole antitank unit flubs completly 3 rounds in a row.
Yes, this makes sense

I dont think you appricate how fucky it be if you changed all your 28 to 32 or the reverse. And mixing base size in squads, christ on a pogostick that looks hella dumb.

>> No.74658473

this anon is smart.

Also, take full advantage of deepstriking and outflanking different board edges. He really needs to keep his smasha guns safe to make his list work as intended.

>> No.74658492

marines have, at various stages in their life cycle, been 25mm, 32mm, and 40mm base sizes. It really doesn't look dumb.
I think.
God dammit.

>> No.74658505

shoota boyz are shit at shooting. I just played a game where a guy spent the entire game trying to kill 5 incursors sitting in a forest with a 20 boyz mob. I still had 1 left when the game ended and 3 of them died when he finally decided to charge me.

>> No.74658512

Orks are 8ppm, anon. Where are all this people saying 9 coming from? They were 7 last edition.

>> No.74658513

Not that anon, but marines on 25mm look ridiculous, come on.

>> No.74658540

Is there a full pdf of the new rulebook? Mega only has the rules section.

>> No.74658545

>~ara ara, ya git

>> No.74658553

i had ironstriders, and i could not field skorps with crawlers with the list i was running because admech eats CP like candy and running another batt is like cutting off a leg, the other problem is that i either choose not to put my units on the board T1 so they don't get nuked by his fucking suicide bomba or i sit on the board T1 and watch as 75% of my army takes flat 3 MW and i can't do shit about it if he gets turn 1

>> No.74658564

an unexpected countercharge from something like shoota boyz can really put in some work.

>> No.74658570

read the thread

>> No.74658572

They still have 3 attacks per model as long as there's 20 or more of them. They also put out 58 shoota shots before they charge. Boyz are 8ppm btw.

>not charging

>> No.74658575

Oh, I know how they were, being a previous Blood Raven fag I rebased 100+ PA models with base extenders when they changed to 32 because it looked better and the tactical box came with them.

I like the whole normal humans on 25, PA on 32, termis/agggresors/PA characters on 40 sthick because it looks good and it differentiates between the units. Having a random 40 or two in a 32 squad looks dumb though.
Also, fuck scouts, their models suck and I hate them.

>> No.74658586

>5+ bs unit trying to dislodge a 10 wound 2+ unit that he's wounding on 4s with no ap
>doing poorly

Next you'll be telling me water is wet and russ is a furry

>> No.74658592

Someone plz, draw this.

>> No.74658603

Right, I agree. At least if he runs Bad Moons he improves his shooting a little. Just a waste otherwise.

I forgot they reduced the shootas back to costing 0 from 1 point, but even then you're still reducing your effectiveness for zero logical reason.

>> No.74658616

But let's be honest no Ork boy unit that's foot slogging with short range guns and no save is going to be at 20+ models after one round of shooting.

>> No.74658631

yeah I know?
>characters on 40
that was sorta my reasoning for putting special models in the squad on 40s. I don't think it looks dumb but now you're making me second guess my own tastes and it's frustrating.

>> No.74658643

shoota boyz are just shit, even as bad moons. they're not good at sitting on objectives. they're not good at killing enemies off objectives. they only do half decent damage when you charge with them, but at that point why didn't you just take slugga boyz?

>> No.74658677

Yeah it's called "Tyranids trying to keep their heads above water and play at a normal average level with everyone else", they're forced to be as cutthroat as possible just to do this because their codex is so fucking garbage.

>> No.74658681


Alright well you just sound like you want to complain without doing anything about it, you've been offered plenty of useful advice and your only responses have been just more pity partying for yourself. Hopefully some of what has been posted has registered somewhere in your consciousness and will resurface in your next game, but in the meantime I'm done giving you (>you)s and I'd suggest others do the same.

>> No.74658691

>No save
That's what the KFF and Painboy are for. They can also breach through obscuring terrain.

>> No.74658700

I know this feel xenos brother

>> No.74658702

This was my list
>rad-sat forge world with luminary suffusion giving 3" rad saturation and -1 S to shots against infantry from more than 12"
>Dominus WL-Magos macro stubber and volkite
>12 squads of vanguard
>2 squads of 10 rust stalkers with blades using circuitus assassins to deepstrike
>3 ironstriders w/autocannons
>4 robots with shooting setup
>2 dunecrawlers NL and extra stubber

he killed 30 skitarii with the bomba T1 and knocked my dunecrawlers down to 7W and took half the health off two ironstriders.

>> No.74658714

>with the list i was running because admech eats CP like candy and running another batt is like cutting off a leg
not really, check the math for unit outputs because a lot of the time you won't need the strats, particularly when cawl+magos divination warlord trait means a unit with BS4+ statistically has a 100% hit ratio and units with better than that get more hits than they have shots.

the strats I regularly use are elimination volley, protector doctrina, WoM (against big units with strong invulns, only really with kastelans tho), and pattern iteration. there's a couple more I generally use, but the buff framework a strong admech army *should* have should mean your strats are icing on the cake, not your bread and butter. use them to reinforce a good weapon and go overkill, not to compensate for lacking damage

the buffs you should staple into admech:
>mars, obviously, since GW killed every other forgeworld
>cawl, for rerolls and +/-1 to canticles
>some character with divinations of the magos (manipulus is good for stacking with +6" range)
>mars special canticle (lots of sites say to replace electromancer and I've found that to be the best)
>reinforce above by taking chorister technis
>daedalosus, because why not
now you have 3+BS models statistically getting 1.11 hits for every shot they take, pick a unit for +1 to hit in 24", and almost always have +1S to heavy weapons (think of your autocannons!) and most likely shroudpsalm or army-wide rr 1's to hit

>> No.74658729

Well, if your opponents have no issues with it keep em as they are. Your and their opinion is more important than some random stranger on a ugandian ceiling peeling board.
I would still play you, no matter your base sizes(maybe not dreadbases on tactical though), but I would personally not mix them. That's mainly because I want my units to be uniform looking, and thats also the reason every one of my marines has their damn helmet on.

>> No.74658755

shroudpsalm is great, until you fight imperial fists and they just ignore it AND get ap-2 army wide with exploding bolters so even intercessors can kill tanks.

>> No.74658758

>bruh Orks aren't as good as Primaris

No shit

>> No.74658760

>I'm doing so poorly, admech suck and orks are OP!!!!!!11!!!one!!!
>playing not mars with 20 ruststalkers, neutron lasers, and a bajillion skitarii
holy shit dude you're such a fucking retard, your painting is actually BETTER than your list hahahahahaha

>> No.74658767

Hows this for a 1000 point Tyranid list? sorry if the format is wrong

Detachment CP [-3CP]

+ HQ +

Hive Tyrant [9 PL, 190pts]: Heavy Venom Cannon, Lash Whip and Monstrous Bonesword, Power: Catalyst, The Reaper of Obilterax
. Adaptive Physiology: Accelerated Digestion

Malanthropes [7 PL, 135pts]
. Malanthrope

+ Troops +

Ripper Swarms [2 PL, 45pts]: Spinemaws
. 3x Ripper Swarm: 3x Claws and Teeth

Ripper Swarms [2 PL, 45pts]: Spinemaws
. 3x Ripper Swarm: 3x Claws and Teeth

Ripper Swarms [2 PL, 45pts]: Spinemaws
. 3x Ripper Swarm: 3x Claws and Teeth

Termagants [3 PL, 100pts]: Toxin Sacs
. 10x Termagant (Devourer): 10x Devourer

Termagants [3 PL, 50pts]
. 10x Termagant (Fleshborer): 10x Fleshborer

Termagants [3 PL, 50pts]
. 10x Termagant (Fleshborer): 10x Fleshborer

+ Heavy Support +

Exocrine [9 PL, 170pts]

Exocrine [9 PL, 170pts]

++ Total: [49 PL, -3CP, 1,000pts] ++

>> No.74658792

heavy bolters or plasma for backfield msu marines?

>> No.74658797

Oh, I'm not that guy, just someone else commenting on the fact that ork shootas are garbage. I don't play orks

>> No.74658804

I can attest to that WoM, double shooting, and elim volley from 4-6 robots with triple phospor is pretty painful to be on the recieving end of. My poor achilles did not make it.

>> No.74658819

orks are not op, tank bustas are not weak and that is all i ever said faggot

>> No.74658835

I play at an flgs, or at least will once covid cools down next year. If I'm still around.
You now have me worried people will think I'm waacfagging even though I just wanted people to know what models were special.
Come to think of it, is the plague marine flail supposed to be on a 32mm or 40mm? It straight up doesn't fit on a 32mm because the flail heads are supposed to rest on the model's base. Even on the 40mm, the marine has to be offset from the base's center so the flail heads lay on the ground

>> No.74658836

>goes to local hobby store to have fun
>gets nothing but waac fags and then is told to be a waac fag or im retarded
honestly you should just neck yourself to make a better world.

>> No.74658858

too bad that a single whirlwind scorpius can knock 4 robots out of the game in one turn if you are playing fists which more than doubles the points it cost to take the damn thing.

>> No.74658861

if you're an american he's right. Straight up don't play outside of a friendgroup unless you're willing to accept that culturally you're almost guaranteed to be playing people doing their best to win.

>> No.74658868

>why didn't you just take slugga boyz?

They can't advance and shoot, and you're never going to get everyone into punching range when the units are that big. Having 1 Attack less is not that big of a deal.

>> No.74658870

Plasma cannon or plasma gun? Either way, I'd go for hb because that's a bit cheaper if you're trying to shave points

>> No.74658881

didn't think robots were 102pts each, but even if they are what the fuck are you doing to get that much output.

>> No.74658892

>doing their best
copying lists from the internet is not their best
and neither is buying pre-painted models to chase the meta.

>> No.74658910

How much of the 9e rulebook's lore is just copy/pasted from 8e?

>> No.74658915

Waacfaggorty tends to be pretty obvious, and conversion arent really a sign of that.
Give it a shot, see what happens, and just be open about it. People are usually reasonable in a causal and friendly setting. It might not fly in a tournament with prizes and shit but you can always magnetise the feet to the base, which I've done for Alpharius and my Dynat based CM so I can actually transport them properly.

>> No.74658919

robots are 125 points each. so 4 of them is 500 points and taking a full 6 (which is what WoM tactic relies on) is 750 points and taking 5 Destroyers is 275 cawl is another 200 and Deadalosus is 55. and all this hinges on you not losing the robots to artillery while they try and get line of sight.

>> No.74658926

plasma gun, they are both 10 points and kind of do the same thing when/if HB gets 2 damage
probably just going to go heavy bolters for flavor

>> No.74658939

you have a significantly higher standard of expectation for the average person than you should
Concerning, I used to play local events in early eigth. And I've already made and based them all. And they're not converted since there was no reason to.

>> No.74658940

Your lootas will be pretty vulnerable. Ideally you'll want to post them up in some dense cover and hope for the best. Even with the price hike, you may want to consider some grots for grot shields down the line.

>> No.74658941

A Whirlwind scorpius has no right to cost 75eur when it's just a rhino with one more one different weapon on top

>> No.74658943

why do we only get fucking gay bioshock shit instead of actually cool looking robots?

>> No.74658951

no I mean how the fuck is 6d3 S6 d2 doing that much output

>> No.74658973

not really, it's just good listbuilding that synergizes the buffs admech should be piecing together. There's plenty of more powerful loadouts than what I take, kataphrons and snipers never see tournament tables, my list is just well-rounded and plays how the faction is meant to. I tell my opponent what I have and what the strong elements are, give advice on what's best to target with what, and so on.

of course the object of the game is to win, but my list has a clear theme and units I like to take over just spamming the flavor of the month, your list fails because it has 0 synergy or strategy put into it. I win games, I lose games, I offer to tone down power if I'm playing against someone I think I have an overwhelming advantage (GSC, for example) and conversely never change my list just because the enemy has better odds. I've repeatedly posted my list >>74643496 and while no question it's well-oiled and refined, it's far from WAAC.
you just need to get your act together and think about all the moving pieces in your army and how they fit together- we aren't machine worshippers for nothing

>> No.74658988

shhh they're saving the cool stuff for dark mech, don't tell anyone

>> No.74659000

any tips on where i can get a sword and slaanesh marks for the battle sister mini? i'd try greenstuff but theres only the soft liquid stuff near me, plus i'm sure i'd fuck it up

>> No.74659009

as for the scorpius whirlwind, Imperial fists super doctrine make it deal 3 damage per shot, then it shoots 6d3 shots ap-3 for not moving (48") range is practically the whole board, then he uses the tech marine WL trait for +1 to hit on every vehicle in 6", add tank hunters to get +1 to wound against vehicles (4+ to wound) and eye of hypnoth to reroll failed wounds. now use a thunderfire cannon and tremor shells with suppressing fire to stop the robots from moving further than 4" and chip a few more wounds off with 4d6 Damage 2 shots wounding on 6s at ap-2

>> No.74659018


step one, tie a rope to the ceiling then tie a circle at the other end, step two put your neck in it, tighten, then make sure your feet can't touch the ground
do that, then I'll tell you the next step

>> No.74659022

chaos wins again

>> No.74659024

I tried to squeeze in one unit of 10 Grots but the points are running thin. Maybe I'll cut the Painboy and/or Kommandos for Grots and something else.

>> No.74659029

Ap3, 3d as IF, guessing wounding on 4s with tank hunter strat.
But that should on average still only be 3,1 ~ successful unsaved wounds with a 5++. This is with CM rerolls, tank hunter strat and LT. So 1.5 dead robot unless I,m misremembering their wounds.

>> No.74659034

>I use the chaos version
>learn about this
why do I even bother

>> No.74659037

who hurt you anon? How did you end up as such a bitter husk of a person?

>> No.74659039

see my reply here
also robots are only 6W so every two shots that make it through the 4++ kills a 125 point model

>> No.74659057

math doesn't apply to actual dice. also rerolls and hitting on 2+ giving a 97% accuracy

>> No.74659074

that wasn't in the instructions!
now do you want that sword or not?

>> No.74659090

I pity you

>> No.74659103

100% faggot

>> No.74659105

Still only 3,2~ unsaved wounds though. Painful yes, wiping the unit, not really. Gonna need some great d3 rolls on the amount of shots.
Not saying that the scorpius isnt overtuned, because it fucking is.

>> No.74659106

Why are you so edgy?

>> No.74659113

and this was my reply >>74659034

>> No.74659126

I don't see how this list can deal with infantry that isn't made out of wet noodles effectively. You've way too much heavy fire power and no way to deal with regular troops. Your troops will be chewed up and spat out instantly. Also, why do you have 6 minimum size troops?

>> No.74659164

Why would you take 3 sets of 3 rippers instead of just taking a squad of 9

>> No.74659169

dont forget the thunderfire cannon and tremor shells making me unable to move to get LOS with all the obscuring terrain on the table, also getting a couple 3s and no ones happens alot on a d3 and tossing one CP reroll in their makes it worse. so losing 4 models happens easily and even then being stuck in place so he can do it again next turn while im trying to run something up there that can kill his artillery is not possible as mono admech.

>> No.74659170

I want to get into Warhammer 40k but I don’t want to give money to GW. Hypothetically speaking, could one build a small army (over time) by purchasing a few second hand figures and making recasts and then just customize the clones with various bits and different poses? Also, for a plague army, could one just make a bunch of random custom figures with little to no “official” parts?

>> No.74659190

as a chaos player it does feel really shitty when every you play against marines and you literally see all of your units on the opposite side, each basically having +1 to everything.
On the brighter side, you are actually balanced against everyone else, so it's kinda fun to play.

>> No.74659191

>3d printer
>ebay lots
>chinaman recasters

>> No.74659206

My entire Ork army is from ebay.

>> No.74659225

my current deathguard army is 90% half price or better recasts from chinaman.

>> No.74659226

you can get a whole necron army on ebay for supper cheap as people are flogging that half of the indomitus box

>> No.74659233

You can ebay entire armies for cheap every time shit gets nerfed. Recasting for yourself is a pain and hardly cost effective in terms of time/money invested versus actually buying the product. Look into recasters.

>> No.74659262

Do the monolith and night scythe function as regular transports?

>> No.74659264


>> No.74659279

Monolith doesn't have transport keyword

>> No.74659284

What do you mean?

>> No.74659297

This is why strategic reserves are so important. Dont forget that dense terrain gives -1 to hit even for arty, and IF only ignores the +1 to save cover effect.
But yes, IF scorpius is a disgusting piece of work.

>> No.74659320

Do they pull from one big pool of units to deepstrike? Or are they separate so when one dies all the units "inside" are dead

>> No.74659330

It's a pool of units, the units only die once all night scythes and monoliths are dead.

>> No.74659335

You can get literally every 40k model from ebay.

>> No.74659355

pro painted!1111!!!11!1!

>> No.74659369

who cares, Anyone would strip the model anyways. Just don't fall to the idiots who expect people to pay more for painted models.

>> No.74659385

For some reason, GW''s Canadian web store is only selling these in packs of 3 for $360 CAD ($276 USD). Who the hell is going to buy three of them?

>> No.74659391

most of my army is second hand.

The pro is that it was cheaper
the cons are that it was poorly built and in some cases poorly painted and required a bit more work to fix. I get really annoyed at some of my models that have bits hat have been glued that should be on a turret mount or what not.

>> No.74659449

problem is that just taking the robots off the table costs 4CP and does nothing to protect the other units. having a thunderfire cannon wipe several squads just to see an HQ killed by a whirlwind is tiring.

>> No.74659481


>> No.74659651

Hm. In that case, I'd go with hb then, especially if you're going for flavor. I personally think plasma guns look cool on one off squads, but do what you think is cooler is always my advice

>> No.74659976

I've been having fun with my Deffskull mek waagh

>> No.74660447

In the last Macharius book they are seiging a nurgle world and it shows civilians thinking the Imperial liberation force as the heretics causing all the plagues. They weren't full on Chaos worshiping drink my puss loving nurgle fangirls and more just ordinary people.

>> No.74661179

you don't have enough models in a vanguard squad to have certain models take the hits for others
you want to squeeze as much potential out of them as humanly possible, so you give each one a thunder hammer and each one a storm shield

>> No.74661193

No just lower the points a little or give it BS3+ since baneblade crews are seasoned veterans anyway

>> No.74661229

no it's fucking retarded just put him in the middle of the god damn base

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