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Nin Nin Nin!

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Just repeating, since it was at the end of the last thread. I am working on a Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure jump, for which I should have a WIP to present in the next few days.

Let me know if there is something specific you would want from such a jump.

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A supply of the relevent elemental plants to eat.


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Ah, I never played Skylanders Universe, so I didn't think about this. Spyro's Adventure would be appropriate place to put this stuff as well.

Thank you for this.

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I remember when the trailer for that came out and being so hyped for a new Spyro game, and then it was skylanders.

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Kaos’ ability to banish his enemies to another universe and turn them into toys in the process. Also your own army of minions and boss monsters would be nice, as well as an evil fortress. Maybe something for giving you a ‘sponsor’ like the Darkness or a hologram that makes you look more impressive and evil than you actually are.

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The ability to mix and match parts of my altforms into custom altforms lile how they can in the skylander minis.

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>Kaos' ability
Pretty sure he didn't do it, and it was instead the result of the Core of Light blowing up.

>minions/boss monsters
You will be able to get the 'evil' versions of Skylanders Kaos uses in this game, as well as the Hydra.

>Evil fortress
Already in

>like the Darkness
That's something best left for SuperChargers

Already in.

The only Skylanders that do that are Swap Force, so I'll consider an alt-form blender for that jump if/when I get to it.

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Who do I achieve maximum cuteness as a man without turning into a full fag?

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Cannot be done. Give up. Or become a fag. Whichever works for you.

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Impossible. Embrace the faggotry and go full trap.

It is the only path to Maximal Cute.

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A clear explanation of the premise of the Skylanders world would be nice.

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Okay, I'll try to come up with a write-up for the Notes section.

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Go full androgynous and also never look older than 14.

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Anon who mentioned the pastebin two threads ago here, it'll have to be 17:00 EST. I woke up late and am now at work.

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My eyes have been burned with the entries of dozens of SCP articles

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If you’re interested in SCP I recommend watching The Exploring Series vids on various SCP. Nice to listen to, generally cherry picks the good ones (most of the time), and comes up with theories and the like that aren’t stupid as fuck.

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See you soon

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So how do you think magic would interact with shards? Like can I use biomancy to directly effect them or is that a bit too much?

My condolences

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So far I have discovered Bigfoot is actually a race of hyper advanced biotech fur men that live in the shadows, there was a giant war between hyper advanced machineboner ancient greeks and flesh warping murderhobos, and everything is confusingjesusitsjus

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>"When the Wesker kids move to New Raccoon City, the secrets they uncover might just be the end of everything."
How does your Jumper handle disappointment? Just fucking kill me holy shit.

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Pretty tame as far as things go there desu.

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I was a fan of RWBY, disappointment is in my blood.

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You’d think with more than half a dozen games and the more ‘movie-like’ remakes they’d have plenty of stuff to draw on that didn’t involve trying to be original and fucking it up like always.

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The thing is, it's more likely that this is one of the half dozen rejected Stranger Things knockoff scripts that got dolled up with the Resident Evil license.

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Oh yeah, absolutely sounds like generic zombie/monster movie with a Resi paint job over the top. Especially the “Wesker siblings” has me thinking Stranger Things too.

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So Wesker takes it up the ass and cries during a threesome with the Redfields, yes?

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Is there a Jump where we can kill Netflix executives?

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Who even thought that was a good idea in Castlevania anyway?

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Whoa dude cool fanfic ya got there

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Warren Ellis. It's one of his fetishes.

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No, he's the evil straight white man. Why do you think he's the father of the protagonists other than to be disappointed in them for family drama? You gotta get all that high school drama, LGBTQ+, racism and religious intolerance plotlines in there somehow; you know, all the stuff that the Resident Evil games are known for?

If you only knew how bad things are: https://twitter.com/NXOnNetflix/status/1298949632379121665

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>So how do you think magic would interact with shards?
Depends on the shard.
>Like can I use biomancy to directly effect them or is that a bit too much?
What are the conditions for the biomancy? Do you need to be in physical contact? Visual range?

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Wait a minute, this looks like Riverdale.

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That's the joke; one of the writers works for CW. Some of the later seasons of Supernatural specifically; the other one worked on The Walking Dead.

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It's not Riverdale, it's Evil Riverdale.

That literally explains absolutely everything about this trash fire.

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>religious intolerance
So, one of the characters is a Muslim? Can't really imagine them making anti-Hindu discrimination a thing since it raises uncomfortable questions relating to Islam, and antisemitism seems to only bad if it's people you disagree with politically doing it.

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I'm reminded by this that they are trying to do One piece as well. I have no fucking idea how they are going to do it but they are.

As long as I can see the person's head I can cast. If I'm blinded or unconscious it won't work. I could still cast the spell but it would be blindly and very likely to miss. Think of Although I can do things like give people seizures or other horrible things doing so cause a LOT of energy so I can really only do it once or twice depending on the object in question. I have very low knowledge of biology so it's pretty limited to tearing this or healing cuts.

That's the joke.

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Oh no. It can't be worse than the Mila Jovovitch films, though. Right?

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You probably can't affect the Shard directly because it's in another dimension/universe. If you can target it, then it shouldn't be an issue. Though, you should keep in mind they might have defenses against it depending on the exact mechanics of the magic.

Also, is this Eragon magic?

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>helmed by Andrew Dabb (Supernatural), Bronwen Hughes (The Walking Dead)
It gets worse. How does it get worse.

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No. It's basically mage the awakening magic system with heavy modifications to keep things interesting for me.

How is Eragon magic though? I'm actually planning on starting that series because the only exposure I have of it was the movie.

>Later seasons of Supernatural
Oh...oh my.

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/jc/, how do I get away with making Taylor gay in Worm?

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>Some of the later seasons of Supernatural specifically
Oh no.

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Half the reason Wildbow put her with Brian was so people would stop shipping her with Lisa, so presumably it wouldn’t be difficult.

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be sure to give Taylor the BBC when you get there twink.

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According to every fanfic ever, introduce her to Panacea on good terms.

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>making Taylor gay
>super satan quads
Begone, foul being, this is pure Christian Thread!

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Does your biomancy lets you affect things that function with a completely alien biology (they are not carbon-based) and beings who are also of the size of mountains?
It's kind like Superman. Just because he isn't immune to magic, doesn't mean that a fireball will do much to him.

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I don't know man, chances are they'll just make Wesker a fucking Trump reference so they can pat themselves on the back.

>One Piece
Easy; they never go on any adventures and the whole thing takes place on the boat because anything else would require a far better budget than something they're just going to cancel after 1-3 seasons.

>mega satan making people gay
Checks out. Anyways just make Tattletale gay first and the rest will follow. Now I understand why wildbow was so hesitant to let publishers and editors mess with his work; imagine Worm/Ward through the filter of "Take that, you worm!" and then take THAT and make it a Netflix original.

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Oh boy. I don't watch anything with zombies in it besides High School of the Dead but I'll be looking forward to watching the social media shitshow on this one.

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Does tattletales power prevent her from being attracted to people or something?

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Yea but what about making Claire Redfield to stop the Redfield legacy?

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>Claire Redfield gay*

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This isn’t a tabletop game of any sort. Why is it on this board?

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Yeah...no. It won't work. Back to the drawing board. It only really works on people because I can sort of compartmentalize some things. I know some things are "skin." and I know some things are "blood" A completely alien creature would stop that part of my magic. Ah well. That's why I have other things. Guess I can't do any fancy shard shenanigans.

Considering I'm in my twenties and she's a poor bullied kid, I'm not sure I'd like that. It'd feel too much like I'm grooming her. Besides Tattletale is better anyway.

YJ_anon you make me horrified because that is very likely what they'd do. Honestly adapting One piece will always been a nigh impossible task and Netflix DEFINITELY isn't gonna be the one to do it.

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that won't stop sheva

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This a new take on qst spamming?

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An option to make Spyro not be so hideously deformed

>> No.74596788

Point Nanoha at her when she tries to rob the bank, Super Satan

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Yes. In that sort of situation it gives way too much information, or so she claims, and completely ruins the experience.

Obvious solution: power nullification and handholding.

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According to wildbow in Ward she was apparently asexual even before she got powers, but if mega-Satan is changing everybody's preferences anyways it's not like that's an obstacle.

I hope you're ready for Luffy to get his powers at the end of S1 and then have to use them sparingly for whatever reason for the next two seasons until the show gets cancelled.

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Orc dick worked pretty well

>> No.74596838

>power nullification
Isn't her power cold reading? I don't think I know of anything that could stop it.

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P-orcing’s Lisa scene were great.

>> No.74596843

Honestly I still feel like the conflict drive is unnecessary, considering powers pick who they want to pick. The people they pick seem to be pre-selected to be inclined toward that sort of thing, considering people get triggered by trigger events.

>> No.74596850

P-orcing’s Lisa scenes were great.

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Why would they even do a live-action adaptation of One Piece at this point?

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Exploiting nostalgia, probably. Only One Piece is such a long ongoing series they can do that before the original even ends.

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People will watch it for the brand and people like me complaining about it will spread the word.

I assume each devil fruit will look incredibly shitty or nightmarishly uncanny as well

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They'll probably be CGI and no one will ever actually touch them on screen.

>> No.74596907

Why couldn’t they do what everyone else does and just license an animated movie. Fuck you don’t need to make everything live action.

>> No.74596913

Same reason behind the Chernobyl incident. It's cheaper.

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>Anyways just make Tattletale gay first and the rest will follow.
>that pic
You're an evil man, YJ. But a good kind of evil. Or maybe a bad kind of good.

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General power nulification, since she gets it from the shard. Alternatively a perk that prevents supernatural information-gathering abilities beyond basic cognition from working on you.

>> No.74597165

Maybe a few perks for each element as a whole then more focused on specific characters

Also the various parts of that machine we build, they could be useful.

Are you going to include content from the adventure packs?

>> No.74597170

You get away with it by not getting caught.
Try breaking into her house and rewiring her brain while she's sleeping.

>> No.74597201

What are some good mental defense/anti-telepath perks? I'd rather not jump DC or Marvel without them and I want to stack them up before going there.

>> No.74597244

>Maybe a few perks for each element as a whole then more focused on specific characters
I was planning on a single perk for your element, then various general perks to cover the specific Skylanders.

>Also the various parts of that machine we build, they could be useful.
I'm currently offering an instruction manual to make a Core of Light. It will provide alternate ingredient options so in other jumps the Core can still be constructed. I don't remember any specific parts of the Core being useful, beyond the Eternal Sources which are kind of nebulous as to what you could use them for anyway.

>Are you going to include content from the adventure packs?
I don't have them, so I'll have to watch let's plays to see if there is anything specific I need to include. The Skylanders themselves are already accounted for.

>> No.74597339

A few perks for each element as a whole, then more for individual characters within the element.

The various parts we acquire over the game might be useful, maybe a perk that let's us find element based puzzle areas to get treasure or enchanted items.

Are you going to include content from the adventure pack's?

>> No.74597380

Oops thought the first post didn't go through

Anyway the puzzle area for treasure stuff like that is the only other suggestion I have. I'm looking forward to it

>> No.74597392

Man my brain is not working today

>> No.74597409

>Anyway the puzzle area for treasure stuff like that is the only other suggestion I have.
I already have a perk for helping find hidden areas. I'll consider a perk for guaranteeing the areas in another jump if this one goes well.

Don't worry about it, happens to all of us.

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What servants would be willing to take the Shinmai Maou Master-Servant Contract?

>> No.74597495

Could you use a command seal to order them to enter the contract?

>> No.74597496

Hopefully a Nip anon An heroes the executives

>> No.74597560

>later seasons of Supernatural
Oh wow battler is going to have fun.

>> No.74597564

So either she is truly ill and incapable of experience sexual desire, or she is being a special snowflake.

>> No.74597578

ESL pls go.

>> No.74597581

I can Imagine

>> No.74597601

You'd be surprised by just how many women have truly negligible sex drives. It's why lesbian relationships usually end up completely sexless after a couple years.

>> No.74597608

Not their choice. Contract nullified.

>> No.74597620 [DELETED] 

You will never be a woman, tranny

>> No.74597637

Regular or succ? Can't really think of anyone enjoying a regular contract because of the whole kills people aspect. I assume the more turbothot servants would find the succubus contract extremely kinky though.

>> No.74597659

Not the one that kills no.

>> No.74597664

I don't want to be a woman, that sounds awful.

>> No.74597666

Wait, what? Didn't Basara put the final boss under a Master-Slave contract forcefully? And wasn't the creepy demon guy going to do the same with Mio?

>> No.74597698

>how many women have truly negligible sex drives
I'm pretty sure that myth was proven to be false years ago.

>> No.74597724

Makes sense.

>> No.74597734

By the same people who claim a man can be a woman if he chooses to be.

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Would the Penance Stare have any effect on a Daemon?

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Is that canon Cortana, or someone that looks like her?

>> No.74597765

Depends whether the daemon has any regrets, so probably not.

>> No.74597780

Depends on the writer

>> No.74597803

It used to be able to affect you if you have a soul via some karamic retribution or some such, but who knows nowadays. Probably no if the demon is soulless, might not work anyways after no ragrets Carol.

>> No.74597815

Depends on how similar that daemon is to Carol Danvers.

>> No.74597851

Should I dose Carol on the Joker chemicals?

>> No.74597866

Either we get a Carol Who Laughs or literally nothing happens.

Either way, Marvel Universe can't really get that much worse.

>> No.74597887

>Carol Who Laughs
Oh god the plot armor.

>> No.74597936

Should I douse myself with joker chemicals to get the Jumper Who Laughs? My sanity will restore automatically in some years, what could go wrong.

>> No.74597964

What could go wrong?

>> No.74597978

Bad idea; Jumper Who Laughs's plot armor will find a way to re-dose you after your sanity is restored or otherwise take over your chain through sheer powers of [PLOT].

And then they'll take over Jump-chan's body through sheer [PLOT].

>> No.74597983

Basara put Shiba under contract as an alternative to killing him, yes. Zolgia just wanted to mind-break Mio into submission so he could take the demon king's power for himself.

The contract does have a bit where the slave has to agree to join the contract but it's not super-sensitive to consent issues, quite the opposite in fact. Mio thought she was going to be the master of her contract when she agreed to it but when she realized the roles would be reversed she hesitated to complete the ritual and the succubus curse hit her preemptively to pressure her into it.

>> No.74598014

>what could go wrong
>Batman smarts+Joker crazy is apparently a multiverse+++ threat
>You can be pretty much Batman but also as intelligent as Sivana in Generic DC
>You can get Insane Planning in Arkham Asylum
>"You’re either insane, a genius, or maybe both. You can make plans that even the so called “world’s greatest detective” would have a hard time figuring out before it’s too late. You could arrange for the burning of a prison holding hundreds of your guys so that they would be moved, have a minion infiltrate the operations center of the facility, and hire another super-villain to crack the IT systems open, without being detected."
Well for one thing, you could've been the Jumper Who Laughs all along in the wee early days of /jc/

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Since this thread is apparently dedicated to horrible disappointing things, let me be the first to point out that Fortnite is now officially canon in both Star Wars and Marvel.

Which means the Star Wars galaxy is in the Marvel universe.

Which explains why everything went horribly wrong for it.

>> No.74598053

>And then they'll take over Jump-chan's body through sheer [PLOT]
Sadly this doesn't feel that much out there after reading the comics, I sort of get the feeling they're building TBWL as some ultimate villain for this arc.

Huh, I never actually thought of the fact you can just buy it with perks.

>> No.74598058

Your body will mutate to create more joker serum.

>> No.74598059

Yeah that seems about right.

>> No.74598112

Are there any perks that pierce plot armour or author favoritism?

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How does he even see, let alone match batman and joker in unarmed combat.

Yes, I distinctly remember reading about that, but I don't remember where it's from.

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>Joker venom canonically affects fish too, turning them into homicidal toothy mutants with big grins
>take the perk in Street Sharks that fills your blood with tiny sharks
>Your blood is made of tiny laughing Sharkers

>> No.74598151

>Huh, I never actually thought of the fact you can just buy it with perks.
There are a few batman and joker perks around, on top of a few other “insanity” and meme tier planning perks outside of DC jumps.

>> No.74598157

The official explanation is something to do with the mask helping him to sense the darkness around everything instead of seeing normally.

>> No.74598159
File: 2.24 MB, 435x250, exterminatus.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74598169

>How does he even see, let alone match batman and joker in unarmed combat.
He, quite literally, sees evil.

>> No.74598183

Every time I think the concept can't possibly get any dumber DC finds a new way to disappoint me.

>> No.74598184

I would rather have wacky old comics then this new shit.

>> No.74598189

What really? Well at least there's an explanation.

>> No.74598194

Clearly there is only one way to throw off this unbeatable technique.

>take >>74598014
>The Mighty Boosh
>Personified Cells (600cp)
>Your physiology is rather unique. The cells in your body, well they have a rather special property. While under a microscope they seem to be normal, it turns out they have a mind of their own and can communicate with you, albeit maybe not in the most helpful manner. That is, in order to do so you would normally need to shrink yourself down to their level. A talk with the brain cells could give you an insight into your own personality, flaws and all. Your white blood cells could tell you about any harmful pathogens in your system, and your liver could explain the impact of any substances you may choose to ingest. Considering you can't talk with your organs face to face, hopefully, this perk will also include a messenger system inside your body that can take messages back and forth from you to any other part of the body.
>Become The Collective Organism Dreamed Up By British Surreal Humor That Laughs

>> No.74598203

That's actually kinda cool. Where can I get the power to see evil?

>> No.74598213

By coming from the Dark Multiverse, apparently. It's just a thing that anyone from the Dark Multiverse can do, apparently.

>> No.74598215

Put Aisha in something classy. She eyefucked that girl like nobody’s business, and that was when she thought she was wasting her body by dressing trashy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she only slept with Brian because she knew that was as close as she’d ever get.

>> No.74598223

Evil there is probably like light here, so it's just natural evolution.

>> No.74598247

That doesn't explain how it suddenly becomes cosmic awareness, but it sounds reasonable enough.

>> No.74598257

>DC's stupidity
>everything to do with Netflix Adaptations
>HBO's list of shit

At this point I think I might be fucking done with Western Media.
Is there anything good that the French have made?

>> No.74598269

Wakfu is pretty solid, though I haven't kept up with the last season or two of it.

>> No.74598280

Wakfu was the first to start catering to unironic cucks

>> No.74598284

2020 has been a VERY shit year.

>> No.74598285

>how it suddenly becomes cosmic awareness
Haven't read that part yet since I'm catching up, but sounds a bit asspull-y to me.

>> No.74598290

In Bloodstained, is taking Possessed and Ritual of the End an auto-failure?

>> No.74598305

You'll have to ask on QQ.
Beast drove off Kilanon.

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Forerunner Ancilla expy. One slightly less inclined to go Skynet on the world, though rather overprotective of Jumper.

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Ackshyually it's the visor that lets him see man's inhumanity to man because it's made of reality warping cosmic dark metal. It is also apparently the thing that is why unlike all the other Dark Multiverse lifeforms that end up in the regular multiverse, like the random Dark Fates nobody fucking cares about that Diana blew up after a halfassed attempt at trying to reason with them, he DOESN'T violently rot apart: The visor is literally holding him together with it's energy.

>HBO's list of shit
I see we're not even bothering to shit on Lovecraft Country. Good, it's not even worth deigning to register.

At this point I'm genuinely starting to think Auralnauts Star Wars content and Bruva Alfabusa's If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device are the pinnacle of western entertainment at the moment.

>> No.74598311

>Haven't read that part yet since I'm catching up, but sounds a bit asspull-y to me.
Welcome to the Batman Who Laughs, you must be new.

>> No.74598314

Goodmorning Shitposter-kun

>> No.74598321

Totally Spies and Code Lyoko were nice.

>> No.74598323

>Lovecraft Country
I hadn't heard about this actually.
Plz explain

>> No.74598331

Don't forget the fucking Hellblazer run, one of the rare GREAT comics this year, got canceled and cut down to 12 issues instead of the 20 the writer was hoping for.

>Because it’s 2020 and the bastards are in charge and the world’s on fire and goddam it we’ve tried -- haven’t we? -- giving the heroes a chance to stand up and lead the way and show us how it’s done, on the page and on the screen and at the debating lectern, and all it’s got us is an argument over what it means to be a hero, and shouting matches between this lot’s notion of a good person versus that lot’s notion of a good person, and they’re all filthy rich and dead in the heart, and the shadows are oozing with unrealised myth and the workers are hoodwinked by the lords and ladies to misdirect their hatred towards anyone Different, and there’s unfairness in every life, real or imagined, injustice that you can’t fix with laserbeams or super-punching, and fuck! me! these are NOT the stories that get told about capes and science-wizards and rolemodels, they’re the stories that get told about real people, the people who know what it’s like to have nothing but your wits and your words, what it’s like to be selfish and scared but still do the right fucking thing, what it’s like to live with monsters in your mind and in your home, and I thought, I really thought, we were tuning-in to those vibrations with every word and every panel, and you’ll forgive me indulging a moment’s breathless black bitterness to discover that these are the stories that get culled, these are the extremities of the great pop-culture I.P. emanation-factories which are the first to be tossed overboard when the storm rises on the horizon.

>We are the lizard’s tail.

>It didn’t make enough money. It didn’t make enough money.

The writer himself was so passionate about the project and assmad DC killed it he went on a Battler-like rant about it on his own website

>> No.74598338

A Forerunner Ancilla chose to look human?

>> No.74598349

You know what no, this thread has taught me ignorance is bliss.

>> No.74598369

>the more you know
He looks a bit funny without the mast DESU. What's with all these DC metals anyways, there's 8th, 9th and tenth metals and they all seem to be exponentially stronger than the number before them. What happens when I use my jumper powers to make the twentieth metal, is that what you use to make handcuffs to the presence?

>> No.74598394
File: 1022 KB, 1988x3056, okay lex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well I assume that's when Lex Luthor pulls out the Death Metal and makes his bid to conquer the multiverse.

See what I mean? You can't even joke about this crap anymore, the writers are escalating in ways stupider than you can imagine.

>> No.74598399
File: 643 KB, 850x1160, cephalon_suda___warframe_by_darikaart-d8jh45w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Forerunner Ancilla expy.
Pretty much what I took for an Ancilla in Forerunners too.

>One slightly less inclined to go Skynet on the world
With Forerunner tech, she doesn’t really need to go Skynet.

>> No.74598406

So roughly how powerful does a jumper need to be before they can go to DC or Marvel or wherever and just style all over this edgy trash?

>> No.74598407

Educate me, Anonymous.

>> No.74598416

Beyond Hadou Ultimate Sue Yog tier.

>> No.74598421

Yeah I just finished DC metal, the concept is cool, even if it's wanked to hell and back from what I've read, time will tell if I grow sick of it or if I'll embrace it.

>death metal is the retcon metal
Well now I've seen everything. I was honestly joking before, goddamn DC.

>> No.74598433

Yes. Well.... "chose". She was designed that way, and saw no reason to change.

>> No.74598434

>time will tell if I grow sick of it or if I'll embrace it
Probably both. Prepare for both.

>> No.74598440

Maybe it used to be one before being composed

>> No.74598450

You've just gotta be popular enough that the editors force the writers to make you win.

>> No.74598456 [DELETED] 

Holy fuck this thread is full of whiny bitches.

>> No.74598473
File: 25 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-thread-full-of-things-that-i-28308860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74598474

Anons really love complaining and playing up everything they don't like about some bit of media.

>> No.74598487

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this was /tv/.

>> No.74598498

hiya Timmy

>> No.74598519

Eragorn's trilogy, or whatever it's named, has that.
Also try Medaka Box.

>> No.74598527

They’re such easily-triggered snowflakes.

>> No.74598538

The mask actually helps him focus his EVILNESS vision, instead of granting it.

>> No.74598539

Does plot armor even exist in Jumpchain?

>> No.74598586
File: 409 KB, 400x566, jc32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See, that's the thing about DC escalation. Settings like Marvel have-well, I can't call it LOGICAL but it's like.

You want to bitchslap Galactus? You have a more powerful and eldritch cosmic being show up called Logos or the Black Winter and he styles all over him. Or you have Thor pick up the Necrosword and shank him. Even Dr. Doom building "big bang cannons" has something ostensibly to do with cracking the cohones of reality with pure science. And if you're just someone like Carol Danvers your wank is less "I become omnipotent and enslave the universe" and more like stuff doesn't just work on you.

DC's manner of escalation is more...overtly rooted in narrative roles. Batman is the World's Greatest Detective which means he can make a plan for any situation. Joker is his archnemesis so by Dragonball "Krillin is Goku's sparring partner, so he's the strongest human" logic he is SO CRAZY he could come up with a plan to gas the whole Legion of Doom if he really wanted to. This means that combining the innate traits of Batman and the Joker give you the unstoppable mad genius that is Laughs.

And well.
Like I pointed out earlier in thread.
WAY EARLIER in Jumpchain history you could take perks to be like Batman AND perks to be like Joker. I'm absolutely positive there's more people than just me who did it even if the builds are long in our memory. It's just that, and this is fucking shameful, but /Jumpchain is more sensible about Batman and Joker powerlevels than DC itself/ because UNLIKE DC there was no attempt to canonise everything ever with Hypertime.

And that's why it's easier and more cost efficient to be a heroic version of The Laughman Who Bats than to try to figure out which cosmic powers can be used to squash him like a bug.

So...the Creeper, I guess?

You asked for this.

It's about a black man in segregated 50s America looking for his family legacy, and despite being a horror show he fights as many racists as he does shoggoths.

>> No.74598590

Literally in the form of perks and not so literally as in you are the author.

So yes both times.

>> No.74598616

I mean okay.
Sounds like it's a thing.

How does Modern America make it terrible?

>> No.74598631

In some universes is a canon force, yes.

>> No.74598655
File: 407 KB, 768x1024, jc41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's sufficiently hamfisted about race roles, social perceptions and sexuality at that one point there is a hallucinogen enhanced sex scene where the lead's penis turns into a horribly CGI'd snake that goes into his lady friend

>> No.74598669

The fact that there’s a black protagonist and racist antagonists is enough to make 4chan shit itself in rage.

>> No.74598685

>to make 4chan
Nothing's keeping you here, tourist.

>> No.74598714

That sounds like DxD CGI nipples but everything else is normal bad

>> No.74598798
File: 73 KB, 425x600, jc29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Admittedly it's only 2 episodes in but I was highly discouraged by the trailer, but the second episode alone involves a cult that attempts to use Atticus as the catalyst for "The Language of Adam" to open a portal to the Garden of Eden, only to horribly fuck it up and burn down the house while the head priest turns to stone which y'know, is NOT something you expect in a Lovecraft story.

Did I mention someone was controlling the shoggoths with a whistle? I'm doing my level best to forget what I watched so I can't explain my revulsion to it very well.

>> No.74598829

Why do you subject yourself to these things?

>> No.74598848

We are born to suffer, my friend

>> No.74598850

So Battler hates blacks
Fucking based

>> No.74598909
File: 914 KB, 1920x1080, This is a confused Battler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I genuinely don't know. I suspect my mind projects it's frustration on the existential dread of the precarious political and pandemic situation going on right now very strongly, because it tries to use fiction as an escape and becomes very assmad when fiction refuses to be one.

Had several black friends from way back, actually. Got nothing against them, just bad writing and cheap shlock without any endearing silver lining. Honestly I'm way more pissed about the bitch lady in the Pacific Rim sequel being written as an utterly unpleasant person i.e. a typical chinese high roller, and then suddenly turning out to be on the good guys' side for no reason other than to subvert your expectations and make whatshisface the villain out of the blue.

>> No.74598934

Black people can be perfecrly wonderful people. But I will be damned if this year hasnt made me way more fucking racist against them in spite of myself.

>> No.74598937

what do you expect if Jordan Peele was presented with a script that wasn't a hamfisted story about race his head would explode.

>> No.74598951
File: 3.67 MB, 2332x1288, DCWeirdness.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh, what it do DC Jumpers

>> No.74598966

You hate blacks.
Battler hates badfic.

>> No.74598973

Funny how can you easily spot the non-Americans for not buying the US' racial war.

>> No.74598978

only some black peoplr can be alright but a lot of them end up being violent retards

>> No.74598990

Cant you see the pic above his head? I makes tiddies.

>> No.74599018
File: 413 KB, 481x680, 9qCYmFbm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...Why the fuck do I enjoy comics when all they do is burn me? Fuck man.

Yeah I watched the show and while I usually try to keep an open mind with stuff I was HEAVILY disappointed with what I saw in the first episode. My grandmother seems insistent on watching it so I'll do it but still...

I mostly ignore shit and stay in my small corner in DC and hope that cosmic shit doesn't happen. Batman who keks is not there. He's never there. He's never been there.

Ah, I'm now reminded how bad he fucked the new Twilight Zone.

Fuck man and I fucking love Constantine. This year really is shit eh? Gonna miss it.

>> No.74599019
File: 57 KB, 542x616, jc2.5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll be completely honest. I was actually a bit unnerved by Us until I actually started thinking through the premise, and realised that instead of a mind trip it was actually a comedy of errors somehow being blown out of proportion by the narrative.

Anyway, I haven't watched his other horror movie so I wouldn't know. I mainly know Key and Peele from clips on youtube about a show that's already ended which make me burst something laughing on a good day and let out a sensible chuckle on a bad one. Really have no other exposure to them.

Y'know it's occured to me the kind of characters certain forms of media have been pushing act NOTHING LIKE my black friends. I've seen a few black people express they're sick of the trend in pandering, and I'm starting to suspect it's because hack writers' ideas of what people find relatable are utterly divorced from reality.

See, Laughs is FINE as a jokey Lego Batman-style villain. Or a Scribblenauts one I guess. Look at his dorky smile! He belongs here! It's only when DC tries to get all serious about him being a crisis event level villain that I groan inside.

>> No.74599043

At least anime doesn't disappoint right?

>> No.74599063

Avengers Vs Xmen has a rather good item for that. It'll stop anything short of an Omega level telepath, and only costs 100cp

Fallout 1 also has an item that'll stop telepathy. It's enough to stop The Master's Telepathy, and that dude was able to maintain control over a massive army spread out over a really large amount of land

Pokemon's a good option too. Just be a Dark Type and you'll be set. Hell, if you go to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon you'll even get the type resistances in your human form.

>> No.74599077

Huh. Yeah, I can see how the Dark Side winning is why Marvel is such a dumpster fire

>> No.74599095

Any D&D jump. You just need to pick up Detect Evil

>> No.74599098
File: 126 KB, 676x850, jc36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...how bad DID he fuck the new Twilight Zone? I'm not a huge Twilight Zone buff but I didn't see any alarm bells in the trailer, though I did hear some pretty bad reviews of it. What went wrong?

Any day now they'll pit Sheev against Galactus and Sheev will win somehow.

>> No.74599120

Nah, they got Moonman Knight

>> No.74599136

>Any day now they'll pit Sheev against Galactus and Sheev will win somehow.
Galactus is basically a big pile of energy, right? I seem to recall that Sith have a power to drain energy and lifeforce. He shall become the Dark One.

>> No.74599157
File: 2.27 MB, 1656x1998, WWJssa7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I suppose but I really should get back on my list. Still gotta get on Kill la kill or Gurren lagann.

While Twilight zone has always been a progressive it's always been able to back that up with having sensible writing (most of the time) The nu- Twilight zone can't make the same claim. The writing takes a backseat to the message and as a result makes the message seem INCREDIBLY hollow.
While not all episodes are bad (like 2 are good) The ones that are bad are REALLY bad. Like there is a hate plague that is going around that turns out to be caused by toxic masculinity instead of any actual stuff happening in one episode (which is the twist of the episode by the way) . Like I'm usually not one to complain about this sort of stuff but goddamn.

>> No.74599172

>starting to suspect it's because hack writers' ideas of what people find relatable are utterly divorced from reality.

Pretty much

>> No.74599211

So you could mind-control someone into consenting?

>> No.74599219

> Like there is a hate plague that is going around that turns out to be caused by toxic masculinity instead of any actual stuff happening in one episode
You are messing with us right?

>> No.74599233

After what the 13th Doctor's season pulled, I believe him.

>> No.74599242
File: 816 KB, 1280x720, breaking-news.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hearing about all this DC and Marvel shit makes me glad I never got into superhero comics. I watched DCAU and that was about it.

>> No.74599250

How many Spyro jumps are there now? Any waifus in Spyro?

>> No.74599255

That's almost definitely for the best, really.

>> No.74599263

How dare you fight to not be turned into slaves by this alien race you racist!

>> No.74599286
File: 25 KB, 141x134, I really gotta fucking sneeze.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You aren't missing much. There are some gems but honestly the DCAU is pretty damn good.
And also some movies in the MCU but if that isn't your cup of tea I get it.

Nope the episode is called "Not all men." Look it up for yourself.

Uhh what went on there?

>> No.74599290
File: 101 KB, 381x500, H1118-L15027616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is that metal art cover comic of a vampire in Hell

>> No.74599302

> hack writers' ideas of what people find relatable are utterly divorced from reality.
Gee, imagine that.

>> No.74599309

There's Spyro the Dragon, and The Legend of Spyro.

Legend of Spyro is for some reason titled LOS in the Series folder. The only way to find out it's Spyro is to actually open the pdf itself

And there's a few neat waifus in Spyro, although the only one whose name I remember is Cynder from Legend of Spyro

>> No.74599312

You could get someone into the contract, yes, but you'd have problems reaching the higher levels of obedience. The Master-Servant Vow is a lot touchier about informed consent and genuine trust and obedience than the initial contract is.

>> No.74599327

Is that the one that claimed that the Doctor was secretly an old black woman the entire time?

>> No.74599332

It's called Requiem Vampire Knight, at least drop the title.

>> No.74599336

>Uhh what went on there?
I dont want to know. I quit before the woman became the doctor back after he became the crazy angry grey haired old guy. and am so happy I did. I hear they retconned everything so that the doctor was a little black girl and white people stole everything from her to become the time lords. And then somehow there are time lord cybermen too somehow.

>> No.74599348

That comic is weird as fuck. Why do vampires age backwards in hell?

>> No.74599386

Apparently Aura uses in Pokemon have telepathy immunity, but can somehow use telepathy. Pokemon is not very constant. Some sources say it is telepathy and other say they just talk directly to the souls of others, sort of like that monk ability in 5e.

>> No.74599403

I genuinely didn't remember it and just posted a pic that I had saved.

>> No.74599410

Occlumency in Harry Potter is pretty good, especially since it also works against things like potions that affect the mind(Rowling confirmed Truth Potions, I suspect things like cheering or love potions would similarly be shruged of)

Futurama has one, though it only works somewhat against mental manipulation and is pretty expensive.

Gamer's mind should also work, though that would require you to jump The Gamer.

The Black Grail in Fate Stay Night also makes you extremly resistant towards mind reading and altering effects, though it also comes with a lot of extra powers and the baggage of all the worlds evil. Alternatively you could just usethe servant supplement to give you one of the skills that protect your mind.

>> No.74599426
File: 140 KB, 1280x720, doctor-who-promos-tenth-doctor-05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Doctor as a character in general has always struck me as really punchable.

>> No.74599435

That was the best part of the tenth though.

>> No.74599438

Captain SNES
>Beyond Hope(600, Touched)
>This world wasn’t always so broken. It was once something like the original Game Masta’s daydreams, a world of villains and heroes battling it out without the fears and anxieties of the mundane world. The villains were dastardly but not murderers and madmen, nor were the fates ever as grim as they become now. But you know that the Game Masta comes from a world where this isn’t so. The Game Masta comes from our world, where cynicism and death are commonplace, more so than we’re comfortable admitting. That raw painful energy slipped through, and was called Omega Energy. That power is what you wield now, the energy of cold cruel reality. You can augment your own power with it, infusing sorrow and deathly power into your own abilities...as well as simply bring it to bear as a pure and terrible force. Omega Energy has a few unique attributes...those who are attacked by it with lethal intent feel it no matter what ‘plot armor’ or genre protections keep them safe..and those who are slain with it simply remain so, even those who would usually brush off death with ease. This does not mean it’s an “instant kill” or any such effect. Rather, those who are put down with Omega Energy are unable to benefit from anything that’d raise the dead or restore their health. Life is but a dream...It’s time to wake up.

>> No.74599440

>The UK gets into black representation
>When blacks aren't even the 3% of the population and they will probably disappear in time as mixing goes on or become an ever smaller minority

>> No.74599546

DCAU is the best DC and a great place to start a chain. With all the extenders drawbacks you get some 84 years there. Enough time to settle down, fall in love, raise a family and watch your kids grow up and have kids of their own.

>> No.74599588
File: 104 KB, 640x468, the_ninth_doctor_tardis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ninth Doctor did nothing wrong.

The Brits are vassals of the US, and BBC writers dream of being invited to fancy parties in New York, so they cater to that audience.

>> No.74599591

Man, and here's me who grabbed Clayface's power, made up some sob story of being raised as slave labor and kicked out of my home because of my powers, applied to be a maid to every rich person in Gotham, and eventually ended up working for Bruce after he caught me doing petty burglary

>> No.74599657

I combined Batman TAS and Superman TAS to share the timeline. But I took Poison Ivy's powers and used it to grow food for people. Tried to show that that this power could be used for good, Ivy didn't like that much. I also took the healing power in Superman to that I can heal any physical injury or illness. I then adopted Clayface's daughter, Annie.
But I start to wonder yesterday. If Poison Ivy knew of a man with the exact same power as her, would she try to kill him or attempt for kids on the chance that the children would inherit the powers. How could comic book Ivy react?

>> No.74599674

IIRC Poison Ivy is sterile?

At least that gets brought up a fair bit in fanfics involving her.

>> No.74599701

Isn't she highly toxic so normal men would be make it appear that way. I remember the comic saying that she can kill with a touch. So would another of her "kind" be enough to get through those defenses?

>> No.74599798

Now, I ain’t familiar with comic books as a whole, so I can’t comment on the validity of that statement. That being said, be wary of anything that’s popular in fanfic, because that way lies madness

>> No.74599969

Yes, in the DCAU she is confirmed sterile.

She mentionts it in this episode https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6vbhoh

about 4 minutes in

>> No.74599983 [DELETED] 
File: 2.04 MB, 2400x7000, 1598542724115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never internalize the memes, anons. It's too late for this poster >>74596035, but it's not too late for you.

>> No.74600024

>I'm racist because black people are protesting against institutional racism


>> No.74600047

You first, chimpfucker.

>> No.74600055

That applies to literally every human being.

>> No.74600058
File: 5 KB, 261x253, 6065EE71-AA1E-43F2-B688-444BBA824BBF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate the children of today.
I will always hate the children of today.

>> No.74600061

>no u

great response

>> No.74600070

What the. actual fuck.

>> No.74600088

Trannys recruiting trannys talking about grooming kids for pedoshit. Just another day for the LGBT crew, amirite?

>> No.74600096

Faggots are a menace to society, Anon.

>> No.74600106

Ladies and gentlemen, trapfags

>> No.74600111

I didn't used to believe in demons, but lately I've started to

>> No.74600136

Hitlerdubs confirm

>> No.74600163

At about 5 minutes she mentions a hyper immune system. So I take it she could have kids if the male was strong enough or you placed a power suppressor on her during pregnancy. I think Lois had to wear one in a few comics as Superman's baby would kill her otherwise.

>> No.74600272

Based and factpilled.
But you let trannies make your jumps.

>> No.74600357

Wait, which of them is the masochist in that byline? Because Wonder Woman is definitely a switch.

>> No.74600375

The one about to get his face smashed, I imagine.

>> No.74600478
File: 30 KB, 564x564, 18byxz5x3d031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I dropped Kirby into Marvel and proceeded to leave him alone for...let's say, one (1) year, what would happen?

>> No.74600525

He'd try to be a superhero before being stoped by the Avenger sincenot only kills his enemies but eats them.

>> No.74600536

Man, why can't it be like the MCU where they don't give a fuck if they have to kill someone?

>> No.74600549

Hey Red, any chance you can update MCU part 2 with the option to take what we make on the armor table as cybernetics instead?

>> No.74600589

No he wouldn't he would just take a nap in a park and make friends with kids who give Him candy

>> No.74600591

>Still gotta get on Kill la kill or Gurren lagann
Do it, do it, do it

>> No.74600606

Especially Gurren Lagann

>> No.74600638

Why? What would be the point? What's the basis?

>> No.74600689

And the ending suggests that she really does want a family and to be happy. maybe jumper could stop her evil ways if he could help with that.

>> No.74600754

That there are a fair amount of cybernetics involved yet no options for it outside of installing them yourself, and doing it through the armor table will be way easier than entirely new table? Especially since some of the options in it originally were cybernetics (Klau’s canon for example).

>> No.74600793


>> No.74600971

In Fate, do I have to pick one of the main people or can I pick anyone from history? If so, who are some interesting and overlooked people to pick?

>> No.74600991

People tend to make a Baba Yaga servant fairly often, for some reason.

>> No.74601051
File: 1.15 MB, 900x1277, __robin_robin_tharja_and_grima_fire_emblem_and_2_more_drawn_by_ge_b__04082728b54889f9ab796ac0789ffb2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've wasted entirely too much of this thread talking about things we hate. Tell me about your waifus instead.

>> No.74601075

None so far this chain, but from the looks of things the first will probably be an AI or android of some form.

>> No.74601145

trannys covering for trannys. are you surprised?

>> No.74601150

Main chain has Wiz. Bought her from Vanir for a dungeon.
Single timeline chain has no waifu. The guy just outlives everyone. Sure, he gets married now and again, but he can't find any permanent waifu as he can't find a real immortal that isn't a robot.

>> No.74601154
File: 126 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a werewolf wife who is simultaneously badass and very cute

>> No.74601165

The Servant Supplement explains pretty clearly who you are allowed to Pick.

I personally think people overloock servants that are purely fictional instead of just mythological or historial.

Like Tarzan, John Carter or figures from fairy tales(for example the main character in Grimm's fairy tale The Two Brother really sounds like a Servant)

>> No.74601197
File: 197 KB, 708x1000, 44b91149731e44067d9fbaf9b7bd0b1b-sample.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girl that loves me and would never cheat on me

>> No.74601211

Or, ya know, posting nude pics & cutting on a blue board and getting removed for it.

>> No.74601212
File: 124 KB, 1280x720, f53d19_6176894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is strong, motivated, and willing to kill.

>> No.74601227


>> No.74601268

My reaction was to the content.

>> No.74601306

Neat, is she an OC? Where'd you pick her up?

>> No.74601307
File: 325 KB, 540x870, you may battle me or my son whenever you wish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

None as yet, but I plan to pick up a foxfu illusionist in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

>> No.74601317

She's an OC I made up from Hellsing

>> No.74601353
File: 52 KB, 400x580, ih4SDy2_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What can I offer a Godlike evil entity in exchange for it leaving everyone alone?

>> No.74601375

A Krabby Patty wrapper.

>> No.74601448


>> No.74601465

Why do perks take so fucking long to type? I'm getting burned out and I'm only half way through an origin

>> No.74601502
File: 3.21 MB, 3202x3264, Companions v3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's see:
First and foremost is a playful but overprotective fluffy fox girl I picked up in WDQK. Very fluffy, very strong, very over protective.
I also have a cute cultivator who is similarly very over protective, and similarly very powerful. She teams up with the previous waifu to 'remove' any threats.
Finally, I have a very clingy fairy queen, who spends a lot of her time in a garden, surrounded by lots of little pixies. She likes messing around with the magical plants and making them do weird things like produce crystal fruits and stuff.

>> No.74601527
File: 422 KB, 750x790, 1598297451501.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find it helps if you break your writing up into sessions. Trying to force it is just going to make everything more frustrating.

>> No.74601569
File: 222 KB, 1024x487, 826E543F-C586-48BB-B769-EB470A8F6E93.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fluff & simply getting to the point is the enemy, always has been

>> No.74601584

>double scope

>> No.74601664

No offense, but probably because you're retarded.

>> No.74601698

So is Final Fantasy actually powerful or is it one of those cases like Dark Souls and TES where people like to wank it to high heaven despite most evidence indicating slightly above street-level at best?

>> No.74601718

Right-o, will make some dinner and then get back to it

No offence taken, sadly I don't have that excuse

>> No.74601719

Haunted swords are not good when it comes to faraway combat, please excuse my boy

>> No.74601729

Well several end bosses display the ability to completely shit on the world, either with meteors or whatever else

>> No.74601742

Does anyone know if Brutus is still alive?

>> No.74601749
File: 178 KB, 805x686, Washu 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related.

>> No.74601756

Actually alive or still interested in JumpChain?

>> No.74601774

Depends on the game. Some like FF9 have people that can summon city destroying monsters and the main bad guy is capable of life wiping a planet.

>> No.74601788

So why do any of the games have a plot? Why don't they just start by shitting on the world instead of waiting days/weeks for the heroes to stop them?

>> No.74601843

Well, in FF7 Sephiroth needed to get the black Materia first, because that let him cast meteor

>> No.74601847

I was just curious if anyone thinks anything will ever be added to the drive again. Nothing has since December and my autism won't allow me to do non-drive jumps.

>> No.74601867

They're in the drive, just awaiting access. Who cares if they're approved or not?

>> No.74601872

The ones that are capable of it typically need time to build up to that (sephiroth, ultimecia), or don't start out capable of it (kefka) which gives the heroes the opportunity to stop them.

>> No.74601899

Actually shit on the planet, or Disgaea shit on the planet?

>> No.74601900

How’d you swing that? Did you cuck Tenchi or did you figure something else out?

>> No.74601901

>Dark Souls and TES
>most evidence indicating slightly above street-level at best
I actually laughed out loud, good job wiseman.

>> No.74601903

I think you'll have to cure you autism then. Try the medicine general on /sci/ for drugs or find a good philosopher to help you with it

>> No.74601904
File: 470 KB, 2881x3000, pikachu, samus aran, and pichu (pokemon and 2 more) drawn by francisco_mon - e931e113882950712d2bc41414952f94.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who would be some fun characters to bring along when jumping Pokemon?

>> No.74601906

the uploads folder is part of the drive anon

>> No.74601938

Tenchi doesn't actually meet Washu until after the fight aboard Kagato's ship the Souja. Which I was also present at. Basically I seduced her first.

>> No.74601949

I just meant fuck it up, the world wasn't exactly in great shape after Kefka

>> No.74601956

Different anon, but I waifu'd all the Chousin by going to the Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure jump, which takes place in the TM! setting but millions of years earlier in the timeline

>> No.74601970

This isn't Nasu, Anon.

>> No.74601997
File: 180 KB, 500x500, wmTi09E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are Jumper's favorite things to do to criminals?

>> No.74602022

Me. I understand I can just do whatever I want, but for me the game isn't much fun without rules.

Why? Has there been some information suggesting he's never coming back?

Sure, it just needs to get past that point to qualify for the rules I play by. I think rules make the game more fun.

If anyone knows anything I'd just appreciate the information. There are several fantastic jumps that have been sitting in there for so long now. Bronze Age might be one of my all time favorites.

>> No.74602029

Join them and then turn them into part of a semi-legitimate organisation.

>> No.74602030

In the case of a few of them the bbegs do just that but the mcs have time knowledge of the future that allows them to stop them. This happens in both 8 and 11 iirc.

Or in 11 its a massive war with a more or leas stalemate. Or a side dimension coming to eat yours ruled by shibryu and you only have time to stop him because the people from there left their home to both warn you and gather warriors to fight him whilst hw is busy digesting their home.

>> No.74602045

Yeah, and I was asking actually fuck it up, or Disgaea fuck it up. Like, is the fucking up of the planet an attack animation, or some other cutscene. From the sounds of it, it seems to have actually happened.

>> No.74602054

The shitposting is obvious
But /jc/ will do what it does I guess.

>> No.74602064

Guns > Dark Souls

>> No.74602087


>> No.74602091

Hasn't been online for over half a year so what do you think?

>> No.74602103

>But /jc/ will do what it does I guess.
And what does it do?

>> No.74602117

Brutus isn't special.
Stop demanding other figures validate your jumps for you.

>> No.74602121
File: 703 KB, 1088x3097, 0AA978B1-99F6-41D5-988D-518D9985BDD2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Smacking the shit out of them, then offering a chance of redemption by raising them as my own sons and daughters

>> No.74602123

Actually I can mostly agree that a gun would be a very useful weapon in dark souls. Now what do you do when you rest and all the hollows get back up? You will run out of ammo eventually.

Plus those archer fucks have a long ass range on them.

>> No.74602127
File: 937 KB, 800x1141, B11614A8-71D5-40EE-BF66-F1841CE35755.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, we have a Wreck It Ralph jump?

>> No.74602130

Blame Valeria. She encourages this.

>> No.74602132

Question for SMTAnon on Metal Slug. For the Stolen Research item. Do we need to use the disc at jump start or can we steal a faction's tech at any singular point in the jump?

>> No.74602142

It bites the bait.
Bites like it big, dumb, gay fish.

>> No.74602148

Pls make one

>> No.74602158

the last panel makes it look like they're about to fuck her

>> No.74602174

>Hasn't posted with a trip for over half a year
He’s admitted to lurking every now and then.

>> No.74602182

SB does, but as usual, it's powerwanked garbage.

>> No.74602184

All a part of the plan I assume.

So how do you keep them in line without constantly hovering over them?

>> No.74602190

There is one on SB, I dont know about the quality though.

>> No.74602259

So add him to the list of other lurkfags like Quicksilver, Wild Card, Babylon, Dirge, Muyo, and others. Drive still won't be updated.

>> No.74602323
File: 161 KB, 725x1024, D64C95A9-D594-4827-8B4D-E9460ACF8AF3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That’s even better
Going into a slight berserker rage and showing off my true strength anytime my children gets harmed already gotten the message through to them that Jumper was going easy on their fights. Nobody wants to risk pissing me off.

>> No.74602331

How do we know that? Asking sincerely. Do you just mean he hasn't posted here under his name?

Admitted it where? When?

>> No.74602394

Anyone can post as anon pretending to be a namefag. He hasn't shown up anywhere and there hasn't been any drive activity. People get busy and move on with life.

>> No.74602419

>People get busy and move on with life
Which is a fucking dick move if they don't fucking post and move things for other people to take over after they fucking leave.

>> No.74602449

This isn't a paid job and people don't give a shit about Brutus unless he fucks up, so why is it a dick move when he doesn't owe you anything.

>> No.74602506

speaking of all this, the 'How to Jumpchain' link in the OP is broken

>> No.74602551

Is there a way to make uploading someone with Forerunner tech less painful?

>> No.74602561

When you take responsibility for something there is something owed. Moving on is fine, but he should have passed it on if he has.

>> No.74602562

If there is the Forerunner's don't know it. To my knowledge at least.

>> No.74602597

He never took responsibility for anything. He made something for himself and people latched onto it. No one is stopping you from making a drive if you take it so seriously.

>> No.74602608

Transhuman Protocols from Cyberpunk could help with that. Eclipse Phase also has a pain free, commercially available version of mind uploading.

>> No.74602609

Which are the absolute best crafting/alchemy perk out there?

>> No.74602615

Except if nobody cares about him unless he fucks up, why should he say something? /jc/ tends to get in line and shit on anyone who leaves if they aren't Val, so there's no incentive to announce shit.

>> No.74602636

>/jc/ tends to get in line and shit on anyone who leaves
Shitposters are the only ones that feel the need to constantly scream about people who have left, don’t be a dipshit and assume everyone here gets in on it.

>> No.74602651

Announcing anything about leaving in /jc/ is equivalent to telling people to shitpost.

>> No.74602691

Maybe Brutus is genuinely dead?

>> No.74602713

Or he just doesn’t care anymore. He only dropped by once, maybe twice a year at most before.

>> No.74602716


>> No.74602721

Nah, he just has more important things to do.

>> No.74602725

If you're leaving, why would you care what's said afterwards?

I don't come to the thread that often but my impression has always been that there are just a few megaspergs that are incredibly hostile, while the average person posting is fine.

When I used to come more often I was always convinced that many of the most angry and autistic posts were from the same guy.

>> No.74602738

The real question is why do people expect that everyone else has to be as obsessed with a hobby as they are?

>> No.74602739

At this point maybe he should just hand the keys over to Val or Red to manage the uploads.

>> No.74602745

If the upload folder is never going to get updated ever again then eventually we're going to need a new drive.

>> No.74602747

So you are saying that NuBee should start maintaining the drive.

>> No.74602760

Given it’s the Forerunners, it could be that it’s not hard but they never bothered to try.

>> No.74602763

Every namefag and avatarfag has been asked before if they’d manage a drive instead, and they’d all said no. Why the hell would they want to?

>> No.74602764

This suggests that his absence isn't odd at all, and we can still assume he will eventually add the new jumps.

>> No.74602795

Do you have any idea how much shitposting would go on if one of those two was tasked to manage the drive?

>> No.74602798

When a few people scream loud enough and there are better places to talk about jumpchain things, there's no reason to care anymore. If there's no reason to care there's no point to being courteous to some strangers who never gave a fuck anyways.

>> No.74602801

While I like a lot of Val jumps, if they controlled the drive it'd be indistinguishable from SB.

>> No.74602810
File: 680 KB, 2165x2943, __yakumo_ran_touhou_drawn_by_gokuu_acoloredpencil__30f616a4f2b96827bc7b6ba9ba490284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big tiddy genius housewife fox.

>> No.74602831

No one except for the autistic sperg above cares if the jumps are put into folders or not. Even if Brutus never comes back people will still use the drive no matter how many jumps are thrown in the uploads folder.

>> No.74602858

What's the biggest alt-form available in the jumps? I was thiniking the Megastructure in The Culture Minds was the biggest, but I just found One Last God Kubera and that includes a form big enough to SWALLOW GALAXIES.
Is there aanything bigger or should I go for that?

>> No.74602885

He’s already been asked multiple times. Already said no multiple times.

>> No.74602887

Even if you have a thread darling like Worm or Smuthunter manage the drive it'll just end up the same way. Might as well get an anon to do it except again no one wants to. Everyone is fine if all the responsibility is thrown on Brutus as long as it isn't them.

>> No.74602903

Go for that and grab a load of size increasing powers (capeshit, Waltraute’s Marriage).

>> No.74602921

I bet BLADE or Nerx could be talked into it for the price of just a little clout.

>> No.74602940

How about no, tourist.

>> No.74602943

I hate you.

>> No.74602973

>grab a load of size increasing powers
Already doing that. And also perks that just make you bigger than average like the one in ASoIaF.

>> No.74602976

They can't even manage their own communities properly why do you think they can manage for this one?

>> No.74603009

bestiality is a sin.

>> No.74603024

Despite being active near constantly he still somehow only regularly sorts his own jumps.
One, not /tg, two piss poor management of Reddit’s drive, three would end up with every jump or wip of every level of quality from every community being sorted into the one single folder.

>> No.74603033

If it's a sin why is it called best-iality?

>> No.74603059
File: 11 KB, 201x251, Lady Tokimi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like her sister more.
The gang from Interspecies Reviewers.

>> No.74603078


>> No.74603095

The ones that are actually regularly active, yeah.

>> No.74603118
File: 97 KB, 220x165, bback.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>6 months since last on /jc/
>no jumps posted
>jump drive drama

I'll come back later...

>> No.74603152

>6 months since last on /jc/
>no jumps posted

>> No.74603157

I'll volunteer to manage the drive on three conditions.
>all furry jumps, especially without a human option are banned
>Valeria gets her own folder at the top while Quicksilver is demoted to oblivion
>Jumps made by notorious shitposters (Bancho, Mommy, OAA, D*rge, Beast) are also banned

>> No.74603158

If it’s a sin, then why does dog poon feel so good?
Checkmate normies

>> No.74603167
File: 34 KB, 600x336, 1581760525416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking this is drama when it's one autist who can't use a drive because of his speshul rules

>> No.74603172

>implying you’d ever be capable of do something productive with your life

>> No.74603188

No one is stopping you from making your own drive and pushing the link every thread if you're this obsessed.

>> No.74603193

>jump drive drama
Fucking what kind of weak ass fragile sensibilities do you have?

>> No.74603198

The Hellstar. I think they get bigger the more they eat, so if you spend enough time in a setting you could eat anything.

>> No.74603202

It's only bestiality if she can't say "yes I would love to have sex".

>> No.74603213

What if she’s mute.

>> No.74603216

>having a dick so small if fits in his chihuahua
Take a look at this guy over here,

>> No.74603222

She just has cute wolf girl ears tho

>> No.74603230

Nerx does not manage the Reddit drive

>> No.74603232

I don't see any mention of anyone asking Yorokonde in 4plebs. He's pretty low key lately but he's still been around forever.

>> No.74603233

>fucking a cripple
You disgust me

>> No.74603239

I want the right to control the official /jc/ drive.

>> No.74603240

Don’t bother, Timmy considers animal ears to be furry shit.

>> No.74603245

If we get a new drive I would like jumps sorted by makers.

>> No.74603263

Too bad.

>> No.74603272

At that point you might as well ask Dirge to manage your drive for you.

>> No.74603275

Nah just shove it all into 1 folder. A through z.

>> No.74603284

I want to be able to just ignore certain makers

>> No.74603287

Other two points are still valid.

>> No.74603300

That does sound good, but I'm looking for the biggest starting size. Start as a galaxy eater then use that or the perk from Waltraute (or both) to go bigger.

>> No.74603323

I'll settle for A-Z, but request a list of who made what. I have a chain idea where I roll and have to jump all of that jumpmaker's jumps before rolling for the next set of jumps.

>> No.74603344

No one remembers who made everything and the jumpmakers who don't sign their jumps all use the same template so how is anyone supposed to sort through that mess?

>> No.74603379

Make one and name it The OFFICIAL Drive.
You will become as a god and pilot the destiny of Chump Chain forevermore.

>> No.74603397

Unknowns can be put into an unknown section?

>> No.74603406

>encouraging the shitposter.

>> No.74603427

>discouraging personal growth and the improvement of the community

>> No.74603458

I don't think anyone's asked Beast to manage the drive. Could be funny.

>> No.74603462

Try it for yourself and see how well it works out. People don't want to do it because of how much time it takes to sort through the jumps. That isn't including the jumps people want removed from the drive either.

>> No.74603472

You’re a moron if you genuinely believe that would happen if this came about.

>> No.74603495

I like Beast but really don’t think he’d be on top of that regularly.

>> No.74603510

I remember the guy back near February that went through all of the tg jumps to look for every free companion options. think he said it took weeks and doubt he updated it since then.

>> No.74603528

Yo Red, see the new Doom dlc trailer?

>> No.74603576

It'll be even worse than that. Looking through jumps on one drive to check for something in a jump is tedious but straightforward. Checking for who made what jump means digging through archives. Then there are the jumps on the drive that weren't made by people here.

>> No.74603599

>the only reason people tolerate Beast is contrarianism towards his shitposter
No way in hell they'd tolerate him as a drive operator.

>> No.74603610

I think the easiest way would just be to look at the top and bottom of the jump. That is where most people mark their names. Still tedious. And any that can't be quickly found would be placed in Unknown for a later look into the archives.

>> No.74603614

>B A I T

>> No.74603627

What is he if he does not believe that?

>> No.74603629

Not intended as bait, but you do you.

>> No.74603643

Why not have two folders, one for alphabetical and one for known authors?

>> No.74603649

My past four chains have used at least one of his jumps each.

>> No.74603660
File: 12 KB, 251x286, 1593564049605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I miss something?

>> No.74603675

Beast tried to stir up trouble about Brutus.

>> No.74603691

No. Complaints about lack of uploads sorting turned shitposting.

>> No.74603704

See >>74603675

>> No.74603708
File: 50 KB, 303x205, qOodFHh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes I have, and I am hype for it.

I honestly tried to look around for enough cybernetics to make their own table. But they were all so bloody bland that I just threw a generic "box of cybernetics" as an item and put some cool stuff as an armor bit. If they add more unique cybernetics I'll gladly change it, but for now it ain't worth it.

>> No.74603733

OverwhelmingAnon, the Pathfinder drawback in Tome of Radiance no longer mentions changing the Valkyrie perk. Is that intentional or did you delete something by accident during an update?

>> No.74603746
File: 730 KB, 1101x1748, 18a19b508d1cb6ad4b1191986ee9ebf6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Run Heavens. They're going to ask you to sort thr Drive!

>> No.74603750

Hey Wormfu, I take it Inference Engine wouldn’t benefit from intelligence boosters and other similar perks right?

>> No.74603763

>for a later look into the archives
Then it'll never happen. Once it gets onto the drive people will forget about it just like they do now. The only jumps that people remember jumpmakers for are the popular ones or the ones used for shitposts.

>> No.74603767
File: 84 KB, 680x675, 1512947745235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Business as usual, then.

>> No.74603792

If he doesn't have time to make jumps why would he have time to sit here and recompile an entire drive?

>> No.74603795

Sad, but true.

>> No.74603830

>he doesn’t scroll through the drive intentionally looking for jumps he hasn’t used before

>> No.74603862

>he hasn't already used every single jump including the hidden ones once

>> No.74603897

That wasn't supposed to happen, fixed.

>> No.74603899
File: 683 KB, 768x432, A85323C7-D6F3-4DB3-88B0-9CE4ADA31B62.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74603912

DxD update?

>> No.74603926

I'm currently making a Drive and uploading my collection of Jumps to it. It has a few Songless Jumps, NSFW ones in their own folder and WIPs I'll need to go around and delete, but I think its decently well sorted and up to date as I check the thread every day or two. I'll post a link when its done, if anyone wants to check it out

>> No.74603929


>> No.74603947

Have you at least removed the shitpost jumps?

>> No.74603949
File: 154 KB, 840x1201, 53958000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are your favourite 'unique' perks that you always like to pick up? Bonus points if they're really weird but make sense for the jump they're in.

>> No.74603950

>It has a few Songless Jumps, NSFW ones in their own folder and WIPs I'll need to go around and delete, but I thi
>promoting cross community stuff

>> No.74603951
File: 111 KB, 934x900, 69D2CCFD-9C56-471B-BF92-900D51F1790E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tomboys are delicious.

>> No.74603963

If it has banned jumpmakers such as OAA, Beast, or Dirge, I will deny your fucking drive

>> No.74603965

Ask Blade. Also I spotted him saying he was looking for the document? Did I hallucinate that?

>> No.74603978

Can’t see any non established namefag posting their own drives not being shitposting. And even if this is genuine, it’ll only cause shitposting.

>> No.74603991

Usually I always make sure to pick up a few perks in Valeria jumps because she always adds in perks that don't have much canonicity, like time travel or vague "solar system tier" powerlevels. This means I can usually stun people in the setting with OCPs.

>> No.74604003

>I will deny your fucking drive
It’s fucking hilarious how much you think you matter here sometimes.

>> No.74604014

OAA and Beast are fine since they're /tg/ but adding Redditors like Dirge is asking for trouble.

>> No.74604019

Timmy is really going all out today

>> No.74604023

Man bee digimon are so cool. Im just not sure if cannonbeemon can take off the missile tubes.

>> No.74604044

It has both Dirge and Beast Jumps, I don't know if I ever downloaded OAA's besides World of Warcraft

I'll delete them, just thought I'd get the upload out of the way first

>it’ll only cause shitposting.
Preposterous, that would never happen in /jc/

>> No.74604072

Please don't. It's better for them to be their and Timmy to shit himself in autism than for it to be deleted so he can pretend he won.

>> No.74604074

i really like the dark souls perk to get souls after you leave the jump. It even works good with leveling exp systems because its not really levelling so much as augmenting yourself with flames. Plus its really cool.

>> No.74604079

Just get rid of the Dirge jumps and you'll be fine.

>> No.74604093

Would you consider giving the OCs points to buy perks with too? They cost as much as four regular companions.

>> No.74604100

Absolutely do not delete them. Timmy is aggressively lobbying to fuck up your drive, he's the only one actually complaining

>> No.74604113

That wasn’t Timmy, not wanting jumps from other communities (songless, QQ) on the /jc drive is only common sense dude.

>> No.74604118
File: 156 KB, 660x290, 4CCC6FB7-A748-442F-BF14-E3D1322825DF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just might....well, if I wasn’t making two others....might still do it.

>> No.74604126

Deny the Redditor.
Deny the Spacebattler.

>> No.74604138

See >>74604113 this isn’t about Timmy’s hard on for screaming about Dirge, OAA etc. Songless is literally an SB jumpmaker (even if he’s their best one), and the lewd jumps are QQ.

>> No.74604142

Yeah, I'll give them purchases of things.

>> No.74604160

Fuck off. I was only talking about Songless (SB) and lewd (i.e. QQ) jumps, not your fucking autistic sperg out over Dirge.

>> No.74604162

I'm not sure about having Songless' or QQ ones on it without their permission. Heck, even the Arcanum Jump on my Drive is the updated version he never shared with us

The Dirge one or two are /jc/ ones, like Spirited Away

>> No.74604168

>fuck up your drive
If it was his own drive he can do whatever he wants with it. If it's a drive meant for tg jumps it should not have things made by other communities like SB and Reddit.

>> No.74604170

This, redditors like Dirge/Beast have no place on our drives.

>> No.74604176

Doesn't fucking matter.
Remove them.

>> No.74604180

I plan to use the Generic Marvel jump to hit up the old X-Men cartoon. Who is worth a companion slot there?

>> No.74604182


>> No.74604204

If you remove those jumps, you'll never have any respect. You'll just be another punching bag for Timmy. Do not remove them.

>> No.74604206

>The Dirge one or two are /jc/ ones, like Spirited Away
Spirited Away wasn't a jc jump and never has been. It was made on SB and Brutus let it slide. Dirge's jumps have always been either SB or Reddit.

>> No.74604217

>having any Dirge jumps
So you side with Reddit and Spacebattles against us then.
Fuck off.

>> No.74604226

Beast isn't a Redditor you autistic sperg.

>> No.74604231

Timmy is trying way harder than usual.

>> No.74604238

Dirge is one of Beast's many sockpuppets.

>> No.74604240

Ah fuck it, I’m not dealing with this shit. I’m >>74603950 >>74604113 >>74604138 >>74604160 and >>74604182 if anyone cares. If anyone claims to be them it’s fake, I’m heading out for work.

>> No.74604257
File: 233 KB, 772x800, 116113606_1652100851620972_1361397022871937589_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For now I have Maria and Rias expy from Testament. I think I will expand my small harem for Rory from Gate.

>> No.74604271

>Rias expy from Testament.
Are you sure it isn’t just an expy of Mio?

>> No.74604276

So what you're saying is that Beast has made nearly a hundred jumps more than you?

>> No.74604292

Beast is very dedicated to ruining this community.

>> No.74604293

You should have known better than to advocate for anything vaguely in line with Timmy's own designs, it just makes you look like him phoneposting. You have no sympathy, because you kept doing it even though you were just poisoning the well further by arguing for his goals.

>> No.74604326

>Making jumps is ruining the community.

>> No.74604328

>arguing for his goals.
Wanting /jc jumps only on the /jc drive (not talking about Timmy’s Dirge/Beast/whoever he’s shitting himself over autism but those who are actually /jc jumpmakers) is shitposting now?

>> No.74604333

It is when you push terrible jumps that are attacks on everything this community stands for.

>> No.74604334

You know he'll never fuck you, right?

>> No.74604371
File: 35 KB, 726x420, Lovecraft Country Shoggoth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the show's Shoggoth. They basically made it a buff version of the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, only instead of no eyes they gave it too many eyes. Keep in mind that they could have made it look like literally ANYTHING, but they decided to go with the ripped Demogorgon look for no reason.

Also, Shoggoths are basically vampires, complete with getting hurt by sunlight and having an infectious bite that turns people into more Shoggoths.

>> No.74604372

Funny then that I haven't seen even half of those jumps ever be pushed by him. In fact when people told him they didn't want his jumps here he listened to them and made them for somewhere else. So how is it ruining the community again? You haven't thought this through very well have you?

>> No.74604391

One has gravity magic another have annihilation magic. And Mio have brother complex.

>> No.74604401

Why does DxD bring out ESLs?

>> No.74604406

Stop lumping people pointing out Dirge's jumps are made for SB and Reddit with Timmy's shit. He has never been a jc jumpmaker and will never be one.

>> No.74604412

If you argue for the removal of jumps that Timmy is also arguing for the removal of, then that makes you wrong. No argument can make you correct if Timmy is on your side.

>> No.74604413

Alright, the OC's now have purchases!

>> No.74604417
File: 31 KB, 575x670, 1C367CB6-5E50-436F-A8FA-E69D238AA7A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They basically made it a buff version of the Demogorgon from Stranger
That’s not a Shoggoth.
>Also, Shoggoths are basically vampires, complete with getting hurt by sunlight and having an infectious bite that turns people into more Shoggoths.

>> No.74604432

How many more updates can we expect today? (I', trying to conserve bandwidth.)

>> No.74604438

This is revisionist history, Timmy. Anyone can go look at the archives to see Dirge was out jumpmaker at one point

>> No.74604440

>If you argue for the removal of jumps that Timmy is also arguing for the removal of,
That wasn’t what was happening. Timmy was arguing for Dirge/OAA/Beast etc getting removed. Other side was arguing for Songless & QQ jumps getting removed.

>> No.74604457

Did...did they not bother to look up what a shoggoth was? Did they just snort a line of cocaine and decide what shoggoths were via that method?

I'm not planning on anymore updates.

>> No.74604465

Blind reasoning like that is retarded when he can play both sides. Arguing that non tg jumps should not be on a tg drive is common sense.

>> No.74604476
File: 1.76 MB, 2228x1600, 699EE667-11ED-4FF7-A85D-C55D71D10E9E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They did my Shoggoth dirty by turning it into a glorified leech vampire. I rather have the shift shaping blob of death. Maybe include mercurial poison into them.

>> No.74604480

Nope. Timmy and Timmy-sympathizers are to be removed.

>> No.74604491


So I'll open uploads in the next few days, depending on how the thread receives this. I'll also slowly remove the few SB only Jumps I've got on here, just need to go through folder by folder.

What do Anons think?

Would you want Tome of Radiance on here?

>> No.74604495

What the fuck is this that's not a fucking Shoggoth.

>> No.74604497

>No argument can make you correct if Timmy is on your side.
Timmy plays both sides even if it means arguing with himself, on top of twisting others arguments as supporting him even if they don’t (like this case), you absolute dipshit

>> No.74604509

Do what you want, dude.

>> No.74604520

Don't even bother removing anything. People will bitch, but they'll get over it within two threads at most, and the ones that won't will never stop bitching even if you remove everything.

>> No.74604524

Just checking, this have everything that’s currently in the drive right now? Uploads and all?

>> No.74604529

I'll also put QS' Body Mod and Warehouse up in a minute

I should stress these aren't all our Jumps, but I'll move what I'm missing along too

>> No.74604535

>Never had a trip
>None of his jumps follow the jumpchain format
>All of his jumps are panned as typical Reddit trash
Some anon making posts and forcing his jumps on the drive by abusing how the drive works does not make them a tg jumpmaker. If you want to argue that then every Reddit jump that has been crossposted is also by a tg jumpmaker.

>> No.74604542

And like that you've just fucking invalidated your own drive.
Remove Quicksilver's trash.

>> No.74604543

I repeat; whatever side of the argument Timmy is on is incorrect. Nothing else matters. Everyone can be wrong if he's willing to argue with himself, that doesn't change a thing.

>> No.74604548

Like I said >>74604529 here, not yet but I'll finish it up tomorrow. These are the ones I've had on my PC

>> No.74604552

So you want all SB and QQ jumps on it too? Because that just gets Reddit’s “everything and the kitchen sink” drive, which isn’t a good idea.

>> No.74604553

You can't cure stupid and stupid is as stupid does.

>> No.74604559

>What do Anons think?
I think there should be one drive that contains everything. /jc/, SB, QQ, Reddit, whatever. Mainly because it’ll cause buttmad, and that’s great.

>> No.74604567

Fuck yourself, Dirge.
Your trash deserves to be removed.

>> No.74604570

You really are a retard.

>> No.74604571

You do realise I've updated Mugen Souls, yeah?

>> No.74604583

>I think there should be one drive that contains everything
That already exists. People don't use it because it's awkward as fuck.

>> No.74604589

Can i petition to have jumps removed.

>> No.74604590

So if Timmy agreed with this you’d be wrong too?

>> No.74604593

If people don't like a fucking jump they can just fucking ignore it. No one here is fucking lobbing to get rid of Vampire Diaries, so obviously this isn't about quality control.

>> No.74604600

I am Timmy, and I approve this message!

>> No.74604601

I completely agree with this.

>> No.74604630

Can you do that with the current drive? No? Then no.
This drive doesn’t have to be different, just do the same as our current one but actually sorted regularly, that’s what the non shitposters want (if Brutus coming back anytime soon isn’t viable).

>> No.74604632

Yes, I think I was waiting for what I thought would be the final version. I've got a free day tomorrow to update it

Of course, ff they are your own Jumps and you have the trip to prove it.

>> No.74604637

>If people don't like a fucking jump they can just fucking ignore it.
It creates bigger problems than that and the problems aren't about quality or some autist blowing his load.

>> No.74604643

>What do Anons think?
Haven't been checking the thread, but you are making a new drive? If so keeping the structure of the current one would be great but do what you want. Thanks for the job

>> No.74604646

Vampire Diaries is functional and in-line with canon.
WHFB Skaven, FFXIV, and Van Helsing are not.

>> No.74604654

I'm sorry, but Brutus was fucking terrible at drive organization. It SHOULD be different

>> No.74604655

It gives reddit and sbtards validation and a sense of importance. Don’t encourage them.

>> No.74604662

>This drive doesn’t have to be different, just do the same as our current one but actually sorted regularly, that’s what the non shitposters want (if Brutus coming back anytime soon isn’t viable).
So have Imaged and Text Only as separate folders too?

>> No.74604667

How does someone get a hold of you if they're not of this community then? Are you going to be on IRC or something like Brutus was?

>> No.74604692

Sure I guess, but actually sorted correctly. But I meant keep it the same more as in don’t start removing anything that’s already on the current drive.

>> No.74604695

>You do not have permission to use this drive. Care to let us start dropping jumps?

>> No.74604701

What possible problems could possibly come about from having a jump in one of our folders instead of some other folder on a different forum? How the fuck could you ascribe such importance to fucking GoogleDocs? Half the people here don't even play jumpchain. It won't matter because it never fucking mattered.

>> No.74604702

You know, that's a good point, not much reason to separate them, right? Also, please remove the "The"s at the start of jump names when sorting it out

>> No.74604711

>How does someone get a hold of you if they're not of this community then?
Why would they need to? Not on this community, your jump doesn’t get on the drive. Is it not supposed to be a new /jc drive?

>> No.74604727

>Half the people here don't even play jumpchain.
So you go from an idiot to a shitposter. Thanks for letting me know to completely ignore your opinion.

>> No.74604739

The more jumps you stuff onto a drive the worse the lag and loading problems get. After enough files Google Drive stops loading certain files at random which is only sometimes fixed by refreshing.

>> No.74604749

>How does someone get a hold of you if they're not of this community then?
How does this matter? Because that’s just encouraging that thing reddit does where they dump their jumps in our uploads.

>> No.74604754

You already ignored my opinion, Timmy.

>> No.74604767

>Why would they need to?
Because they're on a different community and their jumps happen to be on the drive even when they didn't want it to be?

>> No.74604774

You’re the one going against thread convention while claiming the majority here don’t actually play, and I’m Timmy?

>> No.74604776

Just divide them into alphabetical folders then.

>> No.74604778

Yeah, I'll head onto the IRC somewhat regularly if people are interested. Here's a trip for identification purposes, but I won't be namefagging very often

Won't remove anything, don't worry. I'm currently downloading what's missing from Brutus' Drive

Yeah, just let me finish updating it and I'll open the uploads

Can do.

>> No.74604794

You grabbing the stuff in uploads right now too?

>> No.74604804

Yes, because your thread convention is made up bullshit. You aren't the fucking arbiter of anything, Timmy, so don't speak for anyone else. We all can tell it's (you).

>> No.74604819

Do you want this quick? I can just drop the entire current tg drive from my computer into here in one go. I just updated it today.

>> No.74604823

Google Drive doesn't distinguish folder structure because of how the data is organized. It was never made for large data counts so it isn't optimized for it. Even if you split it up into hundreds of folders with one file each you still run into issues.

>> No.74604834

>called Timmy because I don’t want cliff ursine and blackshadow crap getting on the /jc drive
This is new.

>> No.74604841

Yes, assuming it is all up to date.

Cool, thanks Anon. Just give me a few minutes

>> No.74604874

>Cool, thanks Anon. Just give me a few minutes
No problem. Did you want me to dump all the QQ stuff in there or just keep it to the current TG drive for now?

>> No.74604875

>you know what the /tg/ drive needs? All the SB, Reddit and QQ jumps. And if you disagree /you’re/ the shitposter

>> No.74604877

>Yeah, I'll head onto the IRC somewhat regularly if people are interested.
Cool. I'll let them know to contact you then.

>> No.74604890

>Did you want me to dump all the QQ stuff in there
QQ has its own drive that actually gets updated, kinda unnecessary, and really shouldn’t be shaking things up between how the drives are managed aside from update frequency.

>> No.74604918

Just keep it /tg/ for now. I know we're more permissive of lewd Jumps nowadays, but I'd rather let the actual Jump makers post to it if we are to have a lewd folder.

>> No.74604927

>conserve bandwidth
You americucks need yo have free government provided internet like a civilized country.

>> No.74604931

Make a duplicate folder to put stuff like newer Ben10 and Fullmetal Alchemist jumps

>> No.74604933

>this = soggoth

Glad I heard this here, so I don't waste time with that show. Unless there are some redeeming qualities I'm missing?

>> No.74604934

Does anyone have that other RWBY jump? Want to check it out.

>> No.74604937

>but I'd rather let the actual Jump makers post to it if we are to have a lewd folder.
That and they actually do have a semi-regularly updated drive themselves.

>> No.74604943
File: 275 KB, 512x287, unnamed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Can do

>> No.74604945

Just accept QQ jumps.
Fuck the prudes. JumpChain has always been horny.

>> No.74604946

I wonder how it work, since only Undeads are supposed to do that

>> No.74604949

is it at least like just ONE version of a shoggoth? Like it just liked that form but could otherwise be a blob?

>> No.74604950

Please don't add a lewd folder. I won't be able to browse the drive when I'm at work if you do.

>> No.74604955

You're a fucking retard. The reason we keep the vast majority of SB jumps off of our drive isn't because of quality control but rather because the majority of SB is a shithole filled with assholes who were driven out of here for being intolerable egomaniacs who constantly insulted and talked down at the community for criticizing them and thought that they had the right to redefine all of Jumpchain because they created a mediocre jump or two. The reason SB is separated from us is because their community is filled with shitters, even worse than ours at the peak of our autism back then, and we knew enough to keep all their bullshit and by extension them out of here. You'll notice that the instant we stopped doing so the quality of this community plummeted. It's not because of the jumps, it's because of many of the people behind them. Just because there's a few diamonds buried in the shit over there doesn't mean you should open the valve and let it all flow in here.

>> No.74604959

This one?

>> No.74604964

Nigga just upload it to the new drive along with all the other replacements.
And yes, we should accept the replacements now.
New age of Jumps is go.

>> No.74604972

Nope, that's what they all look like pretty much.

>> No.74604980
File: 488 KB, 591x662, 1egpfck2p_omxtskksrfw41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, that's it. Thank you.

>> No.74604991

>Fuck the prudes. JumpChain has always been horny.
This isn’t about that, why put QQ jumps on our drive if QQ has its own thread and drive and the jumps were posted to said thread with the intention of putting it on their drive? It only serves to encourage the thread retards spam of VG and the like and nothing else.

>> No.74604993

Okay. I'll drop the entire drive once it is able. Just thought of something. Am I going to have to go through each jump and enable permission?

>> No.74604996


>> No.74605000

Based, just keep the old ones if people want to argue about it.

>> No.74605003

No clue! I assume it works like how the gods did it before things went to shit.

>> No.74605030
File: 17 KB, 480x360, metabee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watermelons are the greatest fruit there is

That's all, have a good afternoon

>> No.74605038

This, QQ has their own thread and it's working properly.

>> No.74605041

>cucking yourself because a retard spams bad memes
Fuck off.

>> No.74605046
File: 178 KB, 1200x1950, 6E4B2D03-95C5-42D5-839E-883BB57CC3A5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re welcome

>> No.74605051

Watermelons were the inspiration for my Legion’s color scheme. That is all.

>> No.74605056

How's TF2 nowadays, still played? I never got around trying it

>> No.74605058

Hmm, I do have duplicates like Ben 10 and Fairy Tale in there. How do you guys want me to sort them? Have a separate duplicate folder or maybe put the different creator names in brackets in the file name like "Ben 10 (By HeavensAnon) JumpChain"? Not have them at all?

I don't know, I'm not too familiar with Google Drive. If it proves to be a pain, don't worry about it. I'll just do what I was doing before you offered

>> No.74605063

Not cucking myself of anything, I have the QQ drive opened right now.

>> No.74605065

This. The whole reason we kept them out in the first place is because we knew that nobody here had any self-control and that if we allowed lewd jumps here it'd be all anyone talked about. Then we started tolerating it and look at the result now.

There's a reason we made an entire fucking separate thread and drive for lewd jumps. We didn't just do it arbitrarily for no reason.

>> No.74605069

>That's all, have a good afternoon
You too, anon. May you have lots of watermelons to enjoy.

>> No.74605082

That's the thing, they can't evolve or shit, they just got a soul and power & that's it
Unlike Undeads who can better their soul

>> No.74605088

Just look at the jumps
And if one is clearly better quality, have it in the drive instead of the other one.

>> No.74605095

Either seperate folder or put both the new and old jumps together in their own folder in series. FMA already has its own folder afterall and that’s how Code Geass and Medaka Box were handled.

>> No.74605098

I just dropped everything on TG up until the letter L, but it looks like it will take some time for them all to download to the drive. There are a total of 1623 files in on the current drive and I have to drop about a hundred at a time. It will be a while, but it is all going in your upload folder.

>> No.74605099

Hopefully RT will not ruins her

>> No.74605107

Get cucked, faggot.
Lewd is here to stay now.

>> No.74605114

Don't make two big A-M and N-Z folders, that's a pain in the ass when looking for a jump in the middle, make smaller folders, A-E, F-K, L-M, etc.

>> No.74605118

Keep it up, anon. We'll be in the /trash/ in no time at this rate.

>> No.74605127

I would say keep the new one in a separated folder to discourage any replacement complains. I think normal name is fine unless there's multiple duplicates.

>> No.74605128

As Long as its not A-Z, since that made things disappear.
cuz google

>> No.74605129

>implying that isn’t his goal

>> No.74605145
File: 41 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ola9zcY6jd1r47d6to1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I loved that show. Don't like melons though, but I wish you a good afternoon too.

>> No.74605157

>replacement complaints
Only shitposters argue against replacements. Prove me wrong

>> No.74605165

Honestly this whole new drive thing is going way smoother than I thought it would considering it’s an anon doing it and not an established and liked namefag.

>> No.74605169

This entire thread is comprised of shitposters and therefore the entire community is against replacements.


>> No.74605175

Now we just need those fucking namefags to post in support of the new regime.
And if they don't, we can kick them out

>> No.74605176

I doesn't know

>> No.74605178

Not sure if I should be the arbiter of the Drive if I want to make it for you Anons.

Cheers, Anon. I'll sort through it soon

Got it, smaller letter ranges.

Would you be okay with >>74605095's idea? Maybe have the duplicate in a subfolder from there?

>> No.74605188

Details what jumps got removed or it will never be accepted

>> No.74605209
File: 117 KB, 1024x768, orange-1hoca2l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno, I've always been fond of oranges myself. But watermelons are still good.

>> No.74605214

>We made a separate thread
We didn't. And the lewd folder was in the old drive.

>> No.74605215

If there’s more than one jump for a series, replacement stuff or no, just give those jumps a folder in Series. It’s a simple way of doing it.

>> No.74605216

None have been removed, they just haven't been added yet. >>74605098 is helping me to resolve that

>> No.74605226

This >>74605188 is a shitposter. Please don’t remove anything.

>> No.74605238

Oranges are the best

>> No.74605246

>not apples
Dead to me.

>> No.74605250

>Cheers, Anon. I'll sort through it soon
Okay, that is everything in the current Quicksilver, Imaged, A-M, N-Z, Gauntlet and Series folders. I don't know if we should wait for the Jokes, WIP, and Supplement folders to be added until after this current lot is sorted.
As of right now it is about 20 minutes before it all finished downloading into the drive.

>> No.74605266

Pretty sure the WIP folder has been dead for years now.

>> No.74605267

Yeah but orange you glad I didn't say banana?

I'm not sorry.

>> No.74605272

Can't you at least wait until he has things sorted out before you start hassling him? If jumpmakers want their jumps to be removed then let them be.

>> No.74605274

I concur, if it's on the drive it stays there, even if it's also on sb, even if it's Masters of Red. Better not open the gates of "can we remove this too".

>> No.74605279

You should be.

>> No.74605287
File: 119 KB, 720x540, 1374204718745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How has your jumper's relative immortality impacted their life?

>> No.74605295

>tfw have no more oranges to freeze

>> No.74605298

>If jumpmakers want their jumps to be removed then
Then we shouldn't listen to those cucks.

>> No.74605299

He's already said you can only petition if you were the jumpmaker and you can prove that you made the jump.

>> No.74605304
File: 113 KB, 1080x1009, fqplqtxevi431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hmm, I do have duplicates like Ben 10 and Fairy Tale in there. How do you guys want me to sort them? Have a separate duplicate folder or maybe put the different creator names in brackets in the file name like "Ben 10 (By HeavensAnon) JumpChain"? Not have them at all?
If the problem is simply that Brutus wasn't updating the Google Drive often enough I see no reason why the standards for duplicates, lewd Jumps, etc. have to change. We have so few duplicates that it's not really an issue to use 4plebs or even just ask for someone to post them. Same with lewd Jumps; that's what the QQ Drive is for.

Furthermore adding Jumps to the Drive without the permission of their author is what has made the reddit Drive so shit, so if any Jumps get added it should be because the author asked for that to happen. Or if they were already in the uploads folder, since that's the main issue here.

I do agree that we need a new Drive if somebody can't contact Brutus to get permissions for the current one though; there's over a hundred files in the uploads folder and as far as I can tell from looking at 4plebs he hasn't posted on 4chan since September of last year. I don't have any problems with him, but if he's that busy that he can't stop in once a month or so to clean up the uploads folder he should at least give somebody else permission to manage it.

>> No.74605307

How different do they taste like that?

>> No.74605319

Wont stop retards screaming “remove X” with the justification of “Y was removed”. Not saying it’ll achieve anything, but if you can preempt the majority of it why shouldn’t you?

>> No.74605322

>Bloating the drive by keeping jumps no one wants to begin with, for no reason other than the cuck meme.

>> No.74605326

>I see no reason why the standards for duplicates, lewd Jumps, etc. have to change
New Drive.
New Standards.

>> No.74605331

Never. Ever. Sorry.

>> No.74605340

They taste like oranges, but frozen.
No, they don't have a water-y taste, surprisingly enough. Have to put some the night before to fully freeze to enjoy the next day tho.

>> No.74605342

Retards like that don't need any justification. You aren't going to preempt anything. When have people ever needed justification to start screeching like harpies here?

>> No.74605349

In with YJ on this. Preferably nothing changes. Though if you have to then no jumps from QQ and follow >>74605095 for duplicates.

>> No.74605351

Why do you dislike duplicates? If you don't have any legitimate reasons for not changing and forgetting an obsolete rule, you should just shut your trap.

>> No.74605355

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she better fucking stay dead.

>> No.74605363

>I'll also slowly remove the few SB only Jumps
I wasn't aware there was already someone from SB asking to get their jumps out of our drive.

>> No.74605372

I strive to always be the cutest me I can be. Because, well...you gotta have something, right? You need something to get you through the endless years of time continuing to continue and continue.

>> No.74605374

Yeah I like >>74605095 idea, just taking the series approach. In this case putting who made it in the pdf title is valid.

>> No.74605375

Oh, it updated. Now ate 35 minutes to download everything in the current list.

>> No.74605385

I think that just putting both jumps together in the same folder would work just fine.

>> No.74605386

Can you even call yourself a man if you willingly pollute your seed by putting it in a w*man?

>> No.74605389

It'll lead to the rise of shitpost jumps. People will be uploading slightly edited existing jumps.

>> No.74605391

>I wasn't aware there was already someone from SB asking to get their jumps out of our drive.
Dirge has been vocal about getting his jumps off since all they do is cause shitposting

>> No.74605394

without some sort of tag-based sorting system navigating any drive is suffering. google doesn't like it when you try to open a folder with 1000 giant uncompressed pdfs in it. clearly this necessitates a wiki format :U

>> No.74605398

Didn't you say something about removing SB jumps? What jumps are you removing that are from SB?

>> No.74605399

They're such a pain to prepare tho

Atta boy, that's the right way to think

>> No.74605403

I’m not entirely sure what exactly I should begin pointing and laughing at with this one, * poster.

>> No.74605414

please don't encourage incelanon

>> No.74605416

Just because duplicates are allowed doesn’t mean vetting goes out the window friend. Timmy’s crappy Skaven & Beastmen edits aren’t going anywhere just because duplicates are allowed.

>> No.74605420

But I actually use Blame! and Cyber Sleuth. And Regulus said that the Cyber Sleuth jump that we have works well so he won't make another one.
I'm pretty sure that there quite a difference between duplicates and mere edits of existing jumps without the permission of the original author.

>> No.74605426

Fixes. The edits are called fixes.

>> No.74605427

Didnt they use the flames to become more powerful? Also the undead can evolve? I must have missed or forgot that.

>> No.74605430

I tend to go more slowly and think in long term projects. I have also taken up the odd hobby of befriending every version of people I make friends with.Such as all the Hestias and all of the Powergirls. I do copy their memories of out times together to help keep the friendship alive and not so creepy. It helps with the inside jokes. So for them those old memories become something like a well read book where they knew me.

>> No.74605434

They’re ones from his own downloads, not ones from the /tg drive. Songless’ stuff I believe he said.

>> No.74605437

Huh, I didn't actually know that, must have skimmed past it.

>> No.74605442

That's just because the same guy who shitposts Beast all the time loves to shitpost dirge as well. The volume can get frustrating, and it doesn't help that most of the thread seems to hate reading.

>> No.74605447

Doesn't matter.
Dirge thinks other people using his jumps is a bad thing.
Only ASA / Battler matters in this community, according to him.

>> No.74605450

What's your point? People always claim they'll use a jump. A new jump can be made to replace it.

>> No.74605452

Haven’t seen that myself either, 50/50 chance it’s just Timmy’s newest attempt at getting Dirges stuff removed unless links are posted.

>> No.74605454

I don't dislike duplicates, but neither do I think that they should necessarily be allowed on the new Drive just because. If it seems like the majority of people are for duplicates- and the authors give permission for their work to be added to the Drive- then I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be added. I'm just worried that the opinions of a few might be heard over the rest of the people who use the thread given how quickly this is all happening.

>> No.74605455

Drive update: 41 minutes and 1150 files left to download.

>> No.74605462

The *poster makes me really want to read a chain about an insane woman hating incel who accidentally bought a harem perk and exists in a state of suffering.

>> No.74605464
File: 856 KB, 1000x562, 190329-alaina-butt-wellness-tease_ar5mjs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks but I prefer peaches.

>> No.74605465

We are already allowing duplicates so there is no problem on keeping them. Sorry Timmy, you aren't going to remove Dirge's jumps.

>> No.74605476

So you're feeling cucked.

>> No.74605478

Except this isn't true either or he wouldn't have left his drive public.

>> No.74605480

Is there any way to get a thread consensus that isn’t going to get abused by Timmy?

>> No.74605486

Some made by blackshadow. Bartimaeus Sequence for example, SB has a updated one.

>> No.74605489

Get what you’re saying, but point you to >>74605416
We’re not suddenly going to be okay with people coming along and going “hey here’s X jump but with more CP and cheaper everything, put it on the drive” or similar such things.

>> No.74605492

Only if he also has to party with a man hating karen feminazi.

>> No.74605493

This some of our jumpmakers like Valeria and IGAnon managed to get away with putting unlicenced duplicates on the drive.

>> No.74605497

> but neither do I think that they should necessarily be allowed on the new Drive just because
So you don't have any objections but still disagree just because we did it before? That's not a very strong argument.
>and the authors give permission for their work to be added to the Drive
Most authors aren't around any more to allow duplicates for their settings.

>> No.74605503

Only listen to the tripfags?

>> No.74605505

>If the problem is simply that Brutus wasn't updating the Google Drive often enough I see no reason why the standards for duplicates, lewd Jumps, etc. have to change.
Fair point, but thread Anons don't seem vehemently opposed to it right now. I'll sort all the other issues out first and then ask the thread about it

>Same with lewd Jumps; that's what the QQ Drive is for.
Agreed, I don't have them in there. There was a folder called "4.NSFW" but I deleted it before sharing the Drive

>Furthermore adding Jumps to the Drive without the permission of their author is what has made the reddit Drive so shit, so if any Jumps get added it should be because the author asked for that to happen. Or if they were already in the uploads folder, since that's the main issue here.
That's why Songless' SB stuff will be taken out tonight/tomorrow. I'm fairly sure I don't have other Spacebattles/Reddit content

I don't know if anyone on the IRC has personal contact with Brutus, I just thought I'd make this an option until we get word from him

Anything by Songless, I think he only shared two Jumps with us. Arcanum and maybe Baldur's Gate, I'll double check, but I personally really like most of what he puts out.

That's what I'll do for the time being then.

Back to sorting

>> No.74605510

Yeah, that is also possible, well dirge can sort it out himself if he wants to.

>> No.74605512

Marvel's Carol it is.

>> No.74605524

Of course not. He'll deliberately twist things to make it seem worse than it is if that's what it takes to get reactions. Just look at >>74605465. Dirge had nothing to do with duplicates and he decides to lump him in with them anyways while poisoning the well with >>74605447

>> No.74605535

The stuff he shared with us, the stuff already on the current drive, is fine, it’s just that we dmshouldnt go dumping jumps from other communities into this drive from now on.

>> No.74605546

That's what I meant, obviously I won't delete the /tg/ ones

>> No.74605550

Oh and fyi, this is going way better than I was expecting. Thanks for doing this man.

>> No.74605553

>Fair point, but thread Anons don't seem vehemently opposed to it right now
That's because you're getting a couple of anons spamming and shitposting the fuck out of you in the hopes of getting you to fall right into their hands. This happens every single time this discussion comes up, you're just the only one who wasn't lazy about it.

>> No.74605554
File: 248 KB, 1029x1280, CF7D1D70-844A-421C-9622-B4F4343630C2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stupid sexy Ruby.

>> No.74605560


>> No.74605561
File: 180 KB, 850x459, __hunter_sekiro_slayer_of_demons_chosen_undead_bearer_of_the_curse_and_1_more_souls_and_6_more_drawn_by_kan_aaaaari35__sample-2ce3bc6026a5481cbadaf8617e7c555a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope. Gods, and most things, got a soul and that's it. Best case scenario is someone (like Seath) getting a Lord Soul shard

>Also the undead can evolve?
Evolve as in become stronger I meant
That's why they're special

>> No.74605574
File: 150 KB, 500x489, 1442496690956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Decide to migrate my personal jumpdrive from my main google account since it's almost full know from jumps and personal stuff
>This happens at the same time as I'm updating all the links in my builds

>> No.74605580
File: 2.57 MB, 500x500, MMI_Life.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does the anon who suggested the Plant stuff to me know if the effects of them are temporary or permanent? The wiki isn't really clear on that front.

>> No.74605584

There’s obvious shitposting but ones like >>74605349 are pretty genuine. Honestly driveanon is doing a pretty good job of ignoring the actual shitposters. Not everyone that advocates duplicates is shitposting, just mostly the ones that also advocate removing old ones too.

>> No.74605613

Uh....since the wiki says it grants elemental power, I'd presume they're basically like mana potions or something?

>> No.74605647

You're welcome, Anon. I will have to catch some shut eye soon, but I'll finish it up in the morning

Call it my own personal bias in favour of them, but I'll err on the side of having duplicates but put the originals in the higher folder of their series folders. So Heavens' "Ben 10" will be in a folder next to the first "Ben 10" Jump we got

>> No.74605649

So Elemental Powers is actually a stat in the Skylanders games. It primarily effects how much of a boost you get when you are in a zone boosting your element.

Since that only works within Skylands, I was just planning to make it give you a boost when you use your chosen element. It is not really a 'mana' thing.

>> No.74605653
File: 1.12 MB, 1262x1406, 1592721251844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know; I guess the best way to do that would be to either sift through all the opinions for ones that aren't explicitly shitposts or use something like IRC.

Oh, I'm not worried about the quality of the duplicates being lower than the original. I was just saying that we might be hearing the vocal minority right now.

>So you don't have any objections but still disagree just because we did it before? That's not a very strong argument.
I'm not saying that the current system is perfect, but I'm also not saying that the new system will necessarily be perfect either. But my main concern was that a vocal minority would affect any decisions that were made. I think that the will of the thread should be followed when it comes to matters like this, but the problem is that it's very easy for people to make multiple posts so that their view seems to have more support than it really does.

>Most authors aren't around any more to allow duplicates for their settings.
I meant the authors of the duplicates, like Heavens with Ben 10 for example. Since their work isn't on the current Drive or in the uploads folder as far as I know.

>Fair point, but thread Anons don't seem vehemently opposed to it right now. I'll sort all the other issues out first and then ask the thread about it
I agree with >>74605553 to a point; in any matter like this you'll find Timmy working his fingers off to sway things in whichever direction he likes.

>> No.74605691

>So Heavens' "Ben 10" will be in a folder next to the first "Ben 10" Jump we got
I feel this would be good, if there's going to be duplicates.

>> No.74605705

Yo, you still planning to add a Phazon origin to Metroid?

>> No.74605706

Ah. Then I would have it work as basically a slightly supernatural drug, lasting until it would have left your system.

>> No.74605709

>Call it my own personal bias in favour of them
And like that you've sabotaged yourself.

>> No.74605724

Making a folder for a single jump just makes it more tedious to access. Just have them beside each other but add "original" to the end of the originals jumps filename.

>> No.74605730

Okay, thank you anon.

>> No.74605737 [SPOILER] 
File: 131 KB, 760x596, 1598651792365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel as if this is you?

>> No.74605738

How did Drake and Josh end up in Iraq?

>> No.74605741

That’s less disorganised, for what would be literal seconds of extra work. Like two-three clicks extra at most.

>> No.74605759

With how unresponsive the drive is half the time, the less pointless folders we have the better.

>> No.74605766

Drive update: 881 files pending and 51 minute left.

>> No.74605767

Might have to try it someday then. Thanks for indulging me.

>> No.74605780

If you're letting personal bias influence you here, you're not the right person for this. Speaking as someone who's just said they're fine with any duplicates of their jumps, that aren't shitposts, I don't think you should be adding stuff that wasn't in the last drive. Put stuff that would be allowed on the existing one. Better sorted, sure.

If this is a genuine attempt at a new drive, you should aim to do what the last drive did. Not attempt to change the rules. You're just going to cause a split in the userbase because of it and over what amounts to less than half a dozen jumps. Stick to the stuff that's on the TG drive already, please.

>> No.74605781

It’s actually the opposite. The more files you have in one folder the worse it gets. It’s why the unimaged folders and sometimes uploads bug out.

>> No.74605794

>inb4 Timmy flips sides to rabidly supporting Val to stir shit up again
Agree with you though.

>> No.74605798

Based Valeria BTFO nobody who was getting too uppity!

>> No.74605811

Like pottery.

>> No.74605813

Who cares? The anti-duplicate half of the community never produced anything worthwhile. If they want to leave it'll be good riddance.

>> No.74605816

Based Valeria here to smack the shit out of faggots who were ruining a good thing.

>> No.74605826

I never was on the duplicate "side", retard.

>> No.74605829

Get fucking styled on.
Remember your fucking place in the /jc/ food chain.

>> No.74605836

You're right but you could have phrased that nicer.

>> No.74605838

Is Mash from FGO Asian or White?

>> No.74605840

Y’all are pathetic.

>> No.74605853
File: 189 KB, 850x1201, 083471F0-D6E6-4841-9504-97970E7B3F45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How goes Fate Nippon?

>> No.74605857

And you need to get the fuck off

>> No.74605865

It’s the same person

>> No.74605867

She's an eggplant.

>> No.74605868

She’s a clone of Galahad, so British (welsh or english, not sure), technically.

>> No.74605874

You get a chain, but can only use the jumps on your computer/tablet. How will it go?

>> No.74605881

Each time it's asked about, it's delayed by a day

>> No.74605889

I have nearly all of them, so no problem.

>> No.74605893

Stop asking.

>> No.74605895

Fine. I'll maintain our current rule on it, and if Anons want to find a way to democratically change that in future, please use something more reliable than strawpoll. I'm just going to focus on sorting it out for now.

>> No.74605897

Can't understand why you thought chiming in like this would do anything but rile up more shitposting. Especially if you're not actually against duplicates.

>> No.74605900

Neither, just a bland generic shitty gacha waifu

>> No.74605901

Actual recommendations for any sort of drive organization:
Use an actual consistent naming format. I recommend 'Series Name' or 'Series Name - Subtitle' as appropriate.
Don't segregate based on series/imaged/unimaged/etc. - if you're going to curate, do it in a non-repository format, preferably using links to the main repository for update consistency, or just with a full copy. One possibility would be using a folder of Doc or txt files with links to the main file locations. This would additionally allow for the creation of curated lists e.g."Science Fiction Jumps" "Anon5's Jumps" "Shitposter8's Favorite Jumps". It's nice to have jumps in categories for browsing, but it makes searching a giant pain - and Google Drive sucks for browsing anyway. It may still be good to break up such a repository into chunks (e.g. "A-D", "E-J", etc.) just to prevent long load times.
In cases of duplicates, distinguish them by a suffix e.g. "Setting Name - Anon1" "Setting Name - Anon2".

>> No.74605906

>one computer just had a hard drive failure
>the laptop had a full-on motherboard failure, and the model for this laptop's construction is no longer in production
>only have a phone

Guess I don't get a chain

>> No.74605913

Yeah but you can just do the QQ/SB approach just with Tg Drive/Duplicates in folder.

>> No.74605918


>> No.74605919

You still working on that elf incest jump or nah?

>> No.74605929

>letting Valeria dominate the new drive

>> No.74605932

Did you really have to force your weight into it and sic your personal defense squad on him?

>> No.74605939

>that a vocal minority would affect any decisions that were made.
This is the peak time of the day for the thread. You are not going to get a higher traffic than this. So stop calling it a 'vocal minority' and searching for more work-around excuses just because you don't agree and don't have any arguments to stop the changes.

>> No.74605941

>green text
I am so sorry. I know what it feels like to have your computer brick. I lost my 7 year old Minecraft world in a single day and earlier that day I remembered that I needed to make a backup. I never got the backup and to this day playing Minecraft is hard for me.

>> No.74605947

Narrow down when he sleeps

>> No.74605949

And you say you don't throw your weight around or have any special authority.

>> No.74605953

Nah you were doing a good thing there, keeping the no duplicates rule is just guaranteed to stir up more shit.

>> No.74605954

Agree on not differentiating by imaged/non-imaged. It’s a pointless distinction which just makes it harder to search for jumps.

The folder idea sounds cool.

>> No.74605958

>sic your personal defense squad on him?
Oh my god you’re a retard.

>> No.74605960

So your idea is that we shit around a dead drive forever?

>> No.74605962


>> No.74605972

We all know it's a lie. Any claims that she changed has been lip service.

>> No.74605980

Way to prove OAA right about you.

>> No.74605981

Serious question; why couldn't you post this anonymously? You know good and well you weighing in on these issues with an unnecessary name on will just cause more shit and add nothing that an anonymous post couldn't add but you did it anyway.

>> No.74605985

Thanks man, I really do think this is for the better. If you're serious about doing a new main drive, you just gotta have people's (Non-shitposters) trust that you're being objective about it. Brutus might not be around nearly as often as he should but he almost always stayed out of any argument and let people in thread sort it out.

The few times he didn't, usually accidental I believe, often resulted in huge fights and people leaving. Managing the drive pretty much requires neutrality and not really having your own say in things. I think a lot of people, and myself, would really appreciate having a drive that was more regularly maintained but it is a big ask.

I'm not against duplicates that are okay by the rules. If someone wants to make a duplicate of one of my jumps, and it's their own thing and not just an altered version of mine, that's cool with me. And sure, the one or two jumps I've made that were accepted in the past that were duplicates are I think okay too.

But I'd say putting my Fairy Tail on there would be inappropriate, for instance. It wasn't with permission by the original author and it wasn't posted here either, on purpose. Duplicates are fine with permission, that's how the rules work and while that's not always perfect, it has generally worked pretty well when someone does make a duplicate. My jumps shouldn't be treated any different.

>> No.74605986
File: 115 KB, 850x1055, sample_152e2445d11eb415a5ea4ee927033329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74605990

Trying to please Valeria isn't going to get you anywhere. She doesn't really care about the drive at all, she just wants to shitpost. Heck, she even said that you weren't the right person to handle the drive, I guess you should also agree her on that too? Don't just take half of her advice.

>> No.74605999

Samefagging. Everyone with an actual name is speaking against this duplicate change.

>> No.74606004

Because Valeria recognizes that she has special privileges in this community, even if she claims otherwise.

>> No.74606009

You could just make an excel master list with links and keep adding more categories for easier finding.

>> No.74606016

You sure are keen on demanding special privileges for someone who claims she doesn't want her jumps treated differently.

>> No.74606017
File: 1.22 MB, 1336x1967, E778DD60-7441-4FB9-8BF7-3EF2CC81B74B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On haitus.

Here's what I had before I put it on haitus, feel free to do whatever with it.


>> No.74606018

Why can't you post this with a trip? At least YJ and Val are being honest with their opinions. You just fill the air with multiple posts pretending to be different people.

>> No.74606020

>If someone wants to make a duplicate of one of my jumps, and it's their own thing and not just an altered version of mine, that's cool with me
>It wasn't with permission by the original author and it wasn't posted here either, on purpose
>My jumps shouldn't be treated any different
This feels like a lie.

>> No.74606025

Trash character

>> No.74606029

You mean YJ and Valeria? Both who also claim to be fine with duplicates (one who actively does them regardless of any """rules"""), but for some reason prefer a defunct drive instead of changing a rule that doesn't affect them at all?
Yeah, YJ, you and Valeria are alone on this.

>> No.74606033

desu, people who make jumps do matter more when we're talking about how we store and accept jumps. You anonymous guys are just using these jumps, you don't make them or update them or add anything. Why should your opinions matter as much as the people that make the stuff for us when talking about jumps?

>> No.74606034

Swear to god I’m not a shitposter, but this was also my reaction. I’ve got nothing against what was said in your post, but attaching your trip to it just gives the impression that you were trying to use your clout to give your opinion more weight. And it clearly worked, since anon changed his mind in response to you, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

>> No.74606035

Wait that's a real thing?

>> No.74606051

Cuz I am on an anonymous image board because I like anonymity. Unnecessary namefagging just causes more drama and I have no interest in encouraging it.

>> No.74606054

"Fine with duplicates that are done with permission". They've given permission for their own jumps. They don't want people like you to use that as an excuse to shit on anyone who doesn't give that permission. Not everyone is okay with duplicates.

>> No.74606061

So you would let your Fairy Tail jump be uploaded to the new drive?
Anyways, I don't really get how this affects the core discussion about allowing duplicates. You and YJ are fine with it as long as the author of the jumps wants it in the drive, but also don't want the new drive to allow duplicates?
What kind of twisted logic is that?

>> No.74606071

>>If someone wants to make a duplicate of one of my jumps, and it's their own thing and not just an altered version of mine, that's cool with me
No one has tried, so can’t really call it a lie.
>>It wasn't with permission by the original author and it wasn't posted here either, on purpose
She never posted Fairy Tail or Battle Tendency here, and posted them to QQ. Even said they were for QQ while working on them.

>> No.74606075

It's why any claims of her having changed or trying not to be as bad as she was in the past rings hollow. Any time it suits her she just goes right back into it and pretends it's different when it's not.

>> No.74606085

No one believes you're not a shit poster.

And this is the downside of anonymity. No one trusts you.

>> No.74606086

>people complaining that as anons you don't know how much people are samefagging
>people post with trip on
>people complaining that using your name is throwing your weight around

>> No.74606092

>you were educated or somehow received an education equal to which one would recurved if one were to have gone through the Chinese Education System.
>Chinese Education System.

>> No.74606093

Valeria is OK with making duplicates for jumps she didn't got permission, like Jojo or Fairy Tail.
Also, her >>74605985 claim is here retarded since most people who made jumps for the drive were anons or already left.

>> No.74606102

>defunct drive
That’s because of Brutus not updating it, doesn’t have fuck all to do with duplicates.

>> No.74606113

Read the second half of her post again. She said she thinks it'd be wrong to post her Fairy Tail. How is it twisted to only allow duplicates the original author gave permission for?

>> No.74606116


>> No.74606126

If you made a Mugen Souls jump, and I told you to fuck off, your jump shouldn't be allowed on the drive.

If I approved of your jump, it should be allowed on the drive.

That's what she's saying. She didn't ask the creator of the Fairy Tale jump if she could make a replacement, so her jump is invalid by her rules.

>> No.74606127

Honestly, if the new drive isn't going to change anything and it's just going to be the same shit that will be abandoned in a few months, I don't see any need to change anything. Better keep using Brutus drive if you are so afraid of changing anything.

>> No.74606134

Not the same as posting to our drive. Stop pretending they're the same thing. She posts them on a different website.

>> No.74606135

>So you would let your Fairy Tail jump be uploaded to the new drive?
Literally just said it shouldn’t be, you absolute retard.

>> No.74606137


It's really good up until the timeskip where they focus away from the MC and focus more on his children.

>> No.74606138

>Duplicates are fine with permission, that's how the rules work
there aren't any real rules, and if there were, that would be a bad one. there's no justification for granting exclusive fanfiction rights based on first-come-first-served. not allowing any form of plagiarism, I agree with - you can't just go and update someone else's work without their permission - but entirely original jumps based on the same work as another shouldn't be disallowed.

general aside not directed at you: if you're concerned about plagiarism, don't steal art without sourcing it. a ton of jumps use fanart without crediting, which is super shitty.

>> No.74606140

I'm happy to not be given any special consideration for being e-famous so yeah I do enjoy this "downside".

>> No.74606143
File: 1.95 MB, 600x337, 1553216218692.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometime before I expire from this mortal coil. I have discovered the joys of owning a slow cooker. Do not search for me, Anons. I am drowning in BBQ spare ribs.

>> No.74606144

While we are overhauling jump policies can we say that jump makers that have either left publicly or not been active in over a year no longer have claims and can have their jumps remade?

>> No.74606146

>Valeria is OK with making duplicates for jumps she didn't got permission, like Jojo or Fairy Tail.
Key difference here is that she made them for a different community, and since when do claims mean anything across communities?

>> No.74606151

That's something that should be decided by the thread, not by one person who thinks it'd be better. And the problem with it being decided by the thread is that it's filled with timmy

>> No.74606159

This, I see no reason to bother uploading my stuff to the new drive if it's just going to be a copy of the old one. I can drop my stuff in Uploads and be done with it.

>> No.74606161
File: 112 KB, 793x1280, ruby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But great fanart

>> No.74606165

Even if it didn’t change anything it would at least still be updated, unlike Brutus’. That’s a direct upgrade.

>> No.74606182

Pedo at times but yes.

>> No.74606190

Yeah but the difference is she knows she could count on her rabid fanbase to spam the jumps on /tg/. It's happened before, it keeps happening. She knows what she's doing.

>> No.74606199

There's plenty of justification, you just don't agree with it. It stops claims being stolen from first time makers, it stops people turning things into a power race where jumps that offer less power are forgotteen over the cheaper ones. It encourages people to improve their jumps instead of just leaving them once someone makes a better version. One of the biggest things is that it makes people make new content, not just make Naruto fives times because it's popular. We wouldn't have thousands of jumps if we allowed duplicates from the start.

>> No.74606200

I think /CYOAG/ were right to move to mega and then allsync. The Google Drive is horrendously slow.

>> No.74606201

And they get discussed here without outrage, I don't see how it would divide everyone if they just get added to be easier to find. I do agree if you posted on QQ it shouldn't be in it.

>> No.74606203


>> No.74606205

Stew, pulled pork, ribs, curry, casserole, slow cooked joints of meat in sandwiches, dumplings (british), minimal oversight. Slow cookers are great. Just remember to stir occasionally and spoon some of the sauce/juice over the top when doing so.

>> No.74606216

>While we are overhauling jump policies
We’re not tho.

>> No.74606218

Only if their jumps suck and offer no companion options.

>> No.74606227

Is there even a way to get individual jumps on those sites?

>> No.74606231

So, what, she just shouldn’t post anything because shitposters? That’s your logic? Jesus fucking christ.

>> No.74606239

That has always been the case, people just don't realize it because they're normally moving fewer files around.

>> No.74606255

>It stops claims being stolen from first time makers,
That's just silly.
>it stops people turning things into a power race where jumps that offer less power are forgotteen over the cheaper ones
No evidence that it has or will happen.
>It encourages people to improve their jumps instead of just leaving them once someone makes a better version.
It encourages a drive full of shit because early and bad jumps are too sacrosant to do anything with and the old makers fucked off.
>One of the biggest things is that it makes people make new content
Oh look at all this new content we've been getting lately!

>> No.74606264

Fuck it, I'll make my own Drive where Duplicates are allowed. I already have every jump downloaded, I might as well do it just to spite Valeria.

>> No.74606265

I'm saying her claim of "Oh it was never meant to be posted here" is a fucking lie.

>> No.74606268

Good news, That is all 1641 files in the new drive. It just finished up. Have fun sorting. Call me if you need anything else.

>> No.74606277

>Oh look at all this new content we've been getting lately!
NTA but you know we go from highs and lows afa content is concerned right? We’re nowhere near consistent with it.

>> No.74606281

>being too retarded to understand context

>> No.74606282

Dismissing stuff doesn't change that it has happened and would continue to happen even more. You won't convince anyone with that sort of disingenuous argument.

>> No.74606284

you can make structural arguments, but those aren't really valid when you're talking about a creative medium. it's like saying you can't write a story about robots cause somebody else wrote a story about robots, or some other guy was planning to write a story about robots, or if you write stories about robots you'll never write stories about unicorns, or there are too many stories about robots, or, or, or. they're all arguments you can make, but none of them justify you not being allowed to write stories about robots.

>> No.74606290
File: 44 KB, 647x594, C8fd3BoXUAMA5oU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be honest, I don't see why someone should have the eternal rights to make jumps over a specific setting just because the made the jump first. They don't own the original properties anyways.

Specially when people here are constantly leaving the thread to never return or some jumps are made by anons. And we have quite a large amount of series that had their jumps done halfway through the series just for the author to leave, or got sequels/side material/extra seasons that added more content afterwards.

It's been quite a few years since the thread started to use workarounds like using fanfics or spin-offs to make updated jumps. There is no reason to not just take the next step instead of waiting for the approval of someone who isn't here and will probably never come back.

Yes. I use several mega folders for Light Novel repositories and you can even keep reading from where you left last time. Albeit it can get fairly slow when it comes to opening large files for the first time.

>> No.74606291

Allsync is Google Drive except with better loading times and easier file transfer.

>> No.74606293

I mean, we occasionally have a fun time laughing at SB or Reddit when we see something like "oh they made another Worm/Buffy/Etc setting". In fact I'm pretty sure SB/Reddit has been used as an example several times in the past of why we didn't allow random duplicates.

>> No.74606296

Well, no, because her only option by your logic is to not post it. She went to a whole different community, it’s not on her.

>> No.74606306

Thread's gonna die, before that, what would you think of a Romancing Saga 3 jump? I'm pumped about it

...if it's not already taken.

>> No.74606308
File: 392 KB, 451x619, 1579655853091.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wholeheartedly concur. I'm just amazed and how amazing some pork ribs with minimal ingredients came out after a few hours of slow cooking. Imagine when I start seasoning things or experimenting. I'm also considering getting an air fryer as a personal indulgence with how the start of this year was for me. Are they worth the hype? I mostly wanted it for easier cleanup.

>> No.74606314

Fuck OAA, Wild_Card, Brows, Wakfu, JoJo, and Quicksilver.

>> No.74606318

Well no? She went to a different sight, posted it there, and refused to speak about it here. She can do that without ever intending for it to get here because her only other option is not posting at all. Also, your argument is asking me to prove a negative, so.

>> No.74606322

None of what you're talking about is valid in this context. This isn't just a place where people write stories about robots. It's a community game that people contribute different parts to. Everything is part of one whole, not just completely separate stories. This isn't fanfic.net.

>> No.74606325

Yes, you can download individual files of both and preview them like you do in GD

Guess it's been a long time since I had to use it like this. Much of A-D is done (not series), but I'll finish it off tomorrow because we're coming up to tomorrow where I live

Cheers, Anon! I'm going to lock it while I sort all this out, but it'll be open again as soon as I'm done

Make sure to include blackjack and hookers

>> No.74606340

>...if it's not already taken.
if it is, take it anyway >:U. join the revolution, jumps for all!

>> No.74606341

I don't give a fuck if anyone wants to dupe anything I've done. That is all I'm going to say.

>> No.74606343
File: 285 KB, 540x820, __katrina_saga_and_1_more_drawn_by_iwaya__201298e3a2ee063144d853dd349994db.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgoooot to post a nice imaaaaage

>> No.74606348

Beast, you know supporting them won't make the shit posters love you, right?

>> No.74606352

So what happens if and when DriveAnon disappears like Brutus did?

>> No.74606353

No one has claimed anything from the series I believe. I never played it, but maybe the jump will interest me in doing so. Best of luck.

>> No.74606368

Never had one, but I’ve been a big fan of steaming things lately. Never heard anything bad about them though, compared to how much you hear about fryers and how much of a hassle they can be.

>> No.74606373

Do what some of us already do and tend your own offline drive meticulously.

>> No.74606375

In that case, we'll need a new DriveAnon

>> No.74606377

Don't tempt me, the only thing that slows me is the magic system
...by who?

>> No.74606378

Can't say much, only just played a tiny bit of Saga2 to see if it run properly before going back to finishing Odin Sphere but more jumps are always welcome

>> No.74606390

We have similar argument to this one i guess.

>> No.74606392

For all the anons talk about namefags abusing their power, it always seems to be the anons who get super hostile and accusatory first and usually it's just them that get that way too.

We might actually have a decent conversation if not for that.

>> No.74606395

I'll give you my Google account before I go (unless I die suddenly)

The third response of >>74606325 was supposed to go to (you)

>> No.74606396

Not sure if you are shitposting, but it would be great to see a war of drives for the next 100 thread OPs.

>> No.74606397

Hear that Heavens? >>74606341 This means you can make Forbidden Scrollery too!

>> No.74606402

Just popping in to say ditto. And that if you ever can’t get ahold of me for more than a few weeks you can consider all my claims open.

>> No.74606407

if you want a planned creative project, an anonymous message board with no central leadership is a shit way to go about it. all it leads to is cabals and shitheels running the place. minimization of restrictions is the only solution in such an environment.

>> No.74606411

Then they can make them and not fuck with the drive. Heavens did so.

>> No.74606412

how the fuck has this cluusterfuck of a thread not died yet

>> No.74606414


>> No.74606423

You definitely don't give a fuck about duping other people's stuff either with how many times you've gone to the touhou well. Everything you made is already a dupe without permission.

>> No.74606426

it's almost like there is difference between anonymity and pseudonymity

>> No.74606432

That's always been the case. It was the same way last time duplicates were discussed. Namefags came in, reasonably stated their opinions, and almost came to a conclusion that suited everyone. Then rabid anons came in and every gave up because nobody wanted to deal with that stupidity.

>> No.74606433

Since duplicates are not allowed I could make a txt linking to them to put in the drive, everyone wins.

>> No.74606434

>minimization of restrictions is the only solution in such an environment.
Complete opposite, since a lack of clear lines is the problem to begin with.

>> No.74606441

The power of salt and RAGE.

>> No.74606447

Not getting rid of all the rules has worked pretty well for the last half decade. You know what no rules gets you? The messy shit hole that is Reddit. They don't have any rules on this stuff and look at their drive. Numerous low quality duplicates of the most popular series. A mess of things from different communities. Constant repeated files because of no organisation or rules.

Your solution has been tried and it's evidently terrible.

>> No.74606449

Holler when you're done. Will look through the drive then for the jumps to petition. We can set up some way to confirm identity on IRC, that's probably the easiest way to go about it.

>> No.74606461

Touhou consists of a fuckton of content, dipshit. Could honestly make half a dozen more jumps for it without touching any shared material

>> No.74606468
File: 141 KB, 850x531, __suzaku_saga_and_1_more_drawn_by_michairu__sample-eed7a5f79f9ecddeea7e4e75c5b971fb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The entire serie is really good and ahead of it's time, but very niche, I hope you'll like them.

As in SaGa 2 or Romancing SaGa 2?
...both are great!
The kingdom and generation system is why I won't do RS2

>> No.74606470

He's kept exactly within the letter of the rules anon. Fanworks and spinoffs are not duplicates :^)

>> No.74606471

This. Even people like BloodAnon that have the opposing view to YJ and Val can at least say that stuff politely. There's no point to any discussion or attempt to reach a consensus on changes.

>> No.74606477

Like a garden of 1s and 0s and hope and dreams.
>The third response of >>74606325 was supposed to go to (you)
No problem, I miss click all the time. It should keep you busy for a while.
And if you can see who dropped the files I should be easy enough to find if you need more help with other drives or such.

>> No.74606478
File: 345 KB, 492x1460, Kurisu checks danbooru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the will of the Steins Gate

>> No.74606479

if you want to create an authoritative system, you need central authority, or at least a verifiable democratic process. mob rule won't give you any sort of consistent result; as you can see in this thread, it's just a waste of everybody's time.

>> No.74606490
File: 606 KB, 1920x1848, nicholas-sayavong-soul-of-cinder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of charms could I make as a deviltiger running a dark souls theme? Im thinking like flames and undead and shadows and all that sweet stuff. Im clueless about exalted but would love any kind of suggestions, mainly being an infernal wasnt super high on my list of things to be and it judt kinda happened due to random jump picking.

>> No.74606493

Yeah, definitely. That's why all the Touhou jumps definitely don't offer the same powerful abilities over and over. We can't get three or four different chances at boundary powers by now, almost all for just CP instead of scenarios. The Touhou jumps definitely don't just cover mostly the same perks and all the same powers each time, with slightly different stories.

>> No.74606494

>Will look through the drive then for the jumps to petition.
Wait are you planning to come the drive for jumps to remove?

>> No.74606501

>As in SaGa 2 or Romancing SaGa 2?
There's a difference? Romancing SaGa 2 then, that's the own I started

>> No.74606502
File: 467 KB, 974x794, 1588803142745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

THE JUMP IS FINE, ANON. SINCERELY. I would actually be super happy if we allowed dupes without removing the old stuff for archival reasons. Might motivate me to get on stuff faster. Might? I dunno. Still have that RL thing to do. More likely I'll just heckle and have bursts of activity like normal.
Duly noted, cookingfriend.

>> No.74606510

Then there's no reason to make changes, is there? Mob rule is all that comes up when people want to make changes, so we should just stick to the rules that have worked for five years rather than wasting time.

>> No.74606515

You can get almost every power in Fate by consecutive uses of the servant supplement or the legends jumps. What's your point?

>> No.74606525

I know which jumps are mine. File matching isn't hard in Google.

>> No.74606538

Yeah, I feel you, personally I never understood the hate for them.

>> No.74606540

Frankly the sooner people make duplicates of my jumps the sooner I can fucking leave.

>> No.74606543

have they worked tho or are we just pretending they are

>> No.74606545

>Apples don't taste good
>Well trees fall down when you chop them so there!
That's the sense your response makes. What does one series of jumps covering different parts have to do with you claiming you could make a lot of Touhou jumps that don't cover the same content at all but all the Touhou jumps cover the same content constantly?

>> No.74606553
File: 1.01 MB, 645x900, 1043D41D-A46B-4E77-A43C-4588F5B935D8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We can't get three or four different chances at boundary powers by now, almost all for just CP instead of scenarios.
NTA but two, I believe. And scenarios are even worse than offering them for high CP prices. Semi-related, would love a touhouvania jump.

>> No.74606555

Pretending for five years?

>> No.74606557
File: 309 KB, 2229x1600, 1598380521196.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74606566

A new Steven Universe jump would be cool. But we all know why we all want a new Totally Spies jump. And whoever makes it better put them as a group companion.

>> No.74606567

that's the same argument people make against literally any sort of progress. just because we're not dead doesn't mean things couldn't be improved.

>> No.74606574

The argument has validity, you just don't want to acknowledge it. It's exactly the fucking same

>> No.74606580


>> No.74606581

What are they? I mean, I have six unfinished wips but you never know.

>> No.74606583

Might as well give up on that because it just isn't going to happen.

>> No.74606591

Honestly, I'd rather we not. As things are, eventually the community will die, and I'd rather that happen sooner than later. Trying to make 'progress' is a mistake that will only prolong the suffering.

>> No.74606593

Is that just a bunch of fanart or is there more to it?

>> No.74606595

But you just said we can only rely on mob rule and that it's a waste of everyone's time. How do we decide what changes to make? You obviously want there to be no rules but that doesn't make it the right choice. Why not no changes or limited changes or changes with conditions? How do we decide that?

We can't, by your own words, because all we have is inconsistent mob rule. It's your argument.

>> No.74606598

I've been saying for years we really need to revisit a lot of jumps that haven't been updated in years. The lack of companion options for some has been my personal white whale in terms of my chains, not to mention ongoing canons where things got shaken up since the original was made. I don't even want to take off the old versions - I want them to be there, even if it's just for the archives.
If I can find a way to view episodes of the latter and am sufficiently drunk, I might take you up on that.

>> No.74606601

Duplicates should have their other folder or something, it's annoying to comb the net for them when they're not archived anywhere, like with Heavens' Ben 10. Or their own drive.

>> No.74606604

Fan made game, two of them in fact.

>> No.74606617
File: 36 KB, 638x480, 1427844445801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The jumps still got shared in the thread and/or talked around the thread. Even with the authors engaging with some answers when questioned. The drive helps to locate the jumps that the thread discusses more easily, so I don't see any negatives in allowing them in, since not allowing them isn't going to remove the discussion.

People like Wakfu or Paradox aren't around anymore. They left a long time ago and aren't going to be bothered if you just put a new jump in the drive. Mostly because the don't really care about this place anymore. Nobody is really getting hurt in the process, while the community benefits from having a centralized place to locate the jumps used in the thread again.

Also, most people that are still around seem to be fine with getting their stuff duplicated from I could see in this thread.

>> No.74606621

Got to agree with this >>74605780 The issue isn't the current rules regarding what goes on the drive or what is on the drive, the issue is that Brutus almost never comes around to update the drive and apparently can't be contacted to give permissions to someone that can be reasonably trusted to do it. If the 'new' drive is going to be using different criteria for what goes on it, and additionally is going to be removing jumps that are already in the /tg/ drive, then it may as well not even exist.

>> No.74606624

You know what's a shame? The last time this came up and people discussed it like adults (i.e the namefags talked among themselves in thread), we actually were reaching a pretty good compromise.

Duplicates could be allowed but only by permission OR if the person who made the original had left the community/disappeared with no contact for 12 months. Both sides were happy. You could make new jumps for the really old and shitty stuff but it meant experienced jumpmakers wouldn't just steal stuff from the people starting out. Even anons at the time seemed happy.

Then KOTORanon of all people shitposted it. He didn't read any of the conversation and just yelled that this all sounded bad and so the shitposting started.

>> No.74606628

Yeah, even if all duplicates are separated from every other jump, if they’re going to be made anyway we might as well have them on the drive. If you’re not a fan you can just ignore that folder entirely

>> No.74606629

>If I can find a way to view episodes of the latter and am sufficiently drunk, I might take you up on that.
SU or Totally Spies? Because TS is good and interesting to watch. SU on the other hand is terrible past the little green one's arc.

>> No.74606632

Dunno why you're spoilering it. Your opinions aren't hidden. Even Val at least posts hers on other sites.

>> No.74606639

Yeah, I feel the same. There's been a lot of settings that have changed drastically, and now we're locked out of new material. Or some similar issues with retcons etc. It's also a bit annoying to google or archive dive for those that actually are made, when the time comes I want to use them.

>> No.74606640
File: 60 KB, 600x700, __teacher_and_creator_saga_and_2_more_drawn_by_maronee_san__819209264e13fb090a9297b9b1c711c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well yeah, SaGa 1/2/3 were originally on gameboy, (3 is kind of an oddball), while RS1/2/3 were on snes originally

If you guys recognize the dude on the left you get brownies point, bonus point if Chainsaw

>> No.74606644


>> No.74606646

Most doesn't mean everyone and especially not what few new jumpmakers we get. There's a difference between fixing old jumps and fucking over new ones because you got what you wanted.

>> No.74606648

You can tell anon hit a nerve because IGcuck never actually argues this point.

>> No.74606657

It’s not trying to hide it, it’s a way of more cleanly dividing topics in a post.

>> No.74606661

we all meet up irl and beat the shit out of eachother.

between giving a mob more or less authority, the obvious preferable option is less.

>> No.74606669

Even the jumpmakers agaisnt duplicates are ok with the ones from them just not from others. No one said they didn't want duplicate from their jumps.

>> No.74606675
File: 2.48 MB, 2229x1600, ric be like.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74606682

If somebody duplicates mine, they might actually get something resembling civil discussion about them.
Altho at that point there isn't any point to keeping mine around.
beastmen, skaven, and halflings of the moot

>> No.74606685

>not amagi

>> No.74606691

Because the moment someone does, they get shitposted into oblivion.

>> No.74606692

imagine making jumps that people will want to make duplicates of

>> No.74606701

Nice try Timmy.

>> No.74606706
File: 15 KB, 350x350, 1574467564695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Totally Spies. Alex a cute.
Yanno what, that's fair. I shall now all caps my opinions. Ahem. FRENCH TOAST IS A GOOD BREAKFAST!
We are in agreement, honestly. Don't have much more to add to that. I would also honestly be super happy if someone took some jumps I don't work on actively and updated them, like Elfen Lied or others I haven't touched. I made way, waaaay too many claims I could reasonably keep up with.

>> No.74606707


>> No.74606712

That's the one I used, no?

>> No.74606713

Maybe we wouldn't chase you out of the community if you listened to community feedback Beast.

>> No.74606714

There are already plenty of jumps that fall under that category so it isn't like it's anything new.

>> No.74606719

>talking to yourself
>all caps
>acting like a five year old
Wow you just can’t stop shitting ourself huh Timmy?

>> No.74606720

Assuming this isn't just some shitpost trying to sow more bullshit, those jumps have gotten plenty of civil discussion. Just ignore the resident autist who can't help shitting his pants and interjecting himself every time.

>> No.74606728

Wait, Imperial Guard is a dupe?

>> No.74606732

>Assuming this isn't just some shitpost trying to sow more bullshit
but why would do that at this page number?

>> No.74606737

You used Akagi.
It’s absolutely Timmy shitposting, my man. Beast would actually put a trip on, like he did last time he opened up claims.

>> No.74606746

If Val forced you to be a Skaven or a Beastman, you'd be masturbating to furry porn within the hour. I don't see you complaining how you can't be a human in Tyranids or Ogre Kingdoms.

A fair point.

>> No.74606748

Do you really expect him to know what jumps were made by whom when all he does is rail off the same names every time?

>> No.74606752

You say you've been wanting duplicates but I notice that whenever you say you're fine with them, it's only for a few jumps that you haven't touched in years. The last time you gave a list of what was okay to duplicate from your jumps, so not everything from the start, most of the list was not okay because you were working on them. You should probably support this more fully if you want to be convincing.

>> No.74606753

Heightlets of the moot was finished?

>> No.74606762
File: 758 KB, 500x292, TS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Totally Spies. Alex a cute
Alex is best girl

>> No.74606765

Same. I'm pretty sure a duplicate folder/drive might emerge one day if enough get made and people get tired of asking the thread to post them. Until the majority shifts enough we'll probably have to wait though.

>> No.74606766

his name is literally short for imperial guard anon

>> No.74606771

You realize that nothing is stopping a namefag from samefagging Anonymous posts just because they posted once with their trip on?

>> No.74606774

Timmy doesn't like Vals jumps either though. He only pretends to do so in order to inspire more shitposting.

>> No.74606778

here I thought he was an assassin droid

>> No.74606784

What's the point other than a worthless moral high ground? It has never mattered whether anyone said that they're fine with duplicates or not because the majority of people aren't going to bother.

>> No.74606787

>duplicates for old jumps are okay
>you show this by allowing duplicates for your old jumps
>you should back it up more by allowing duplicates for all your jumps

>> No.74606788

Here it is, and it's amazing.

>> No.74606793
File: 128 KB, 197x376, 1577543546667.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not using Amagi

>> No.74606797

You really underestimate the amount of effort that takes to just make a shitty jump. If someone wants to dedicate an entire afternoon in an elaborate form of shitpost that nobody is really going to use, they can go ahead.

So I don't think it's going to apply for new jumps, unless they were really, really bad. Sort of something like that Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Reddit jump popping out in the thread. Otherwise it is mostly going to be seen on jumps that aged really badly (mostly 2014-2015 stuff) or stuff that got new content after their maker left.

And mostly for series that are popular enough to guarantee some attention and revision. I could see some new One Piece or Toaru jumps being made, but I really doubt stuff like Deadman Wonderland would have gotten any updates or duplicates if not for the maker wanting remake his own jump.

>> No.74606802

Real talk, there are some jumps in dire need of replacement on the drive, like Danny Phantom or Berserk or Xiaolin Showdown. I know I'm going to get people calling me a shitposter or something, but look at those jumps and tell me they can't be far better. That you couldn't add so much more to them.

>> No.74606807

That compromise would have been lovely but the secret is- almost everyone taking part is either not actually interested in any sort of realistic resolution or they're just tired of the stupid argument and don't have the energy to make more than a handful of posts if anything, because they know a tidal wave of lying shitheads will stop anything actually getting done.

That solution would be great, I thought it sounded amazing when Bee and YJ and the others started talking about it. It definitely solves my issues with duplicates being used against less skilled and experienced jump makers. There was a bit of discussion over how long the grace period should be but a year would satisfy everyone that had problems with the really old shit just fine.

But we're never going to actually reach a solution. A lot of the people arguing without names on don't give a shit. They just want an argument and to cause misery and anger. The aim is probably to just draw things out until everyone gets tired again. This is all just pointless bullshit that will end in no change as usual because the seemingly few people that are open to reasonable change, instead of two extremes, get drowned out by retards.

>> No.74606819

*Nanny droid

>> No.74606825

Stop replying to him, you bunch of tards.

>> No.74606827

French Toast, Waffles or Pancakes... you can pick one.

>> No.74606831
File: 2.00 MB, 2229x1600, can a man love a boat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74606832

Heavens isn't limited it to just old jumps that he wants duplicates for.

>> No.74606833

Mmm. Probably go Cook with some general perks. Thanks anon.

>> No.74606834

No it's short for I, Ganon.

>> No.74606848

You're most welcome, anon.

>> No.74606850

Spoken like a true powerwanker, always blaming other people for your weakness.

>> No.74606851

Except she keeps answering questions about her jumps """""""""made for other communities"""""""""" and does nothing to discourage it. She doesn't even call them idiots to balance it out. She behaves unambiguously nice and encouraging to people doing something she allegedly doesn't want them to do.

>> No.74606853

>like Danny Phantom
It has a replacement.

>> No.74606855

So it was finished, thanks

>> No.74606858

Still annoyed that while they finally got around to giving her a skin we still don’t have her oath skin.

>> No.74606861
File: 764 KB, 1139x1412, Rance_-_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, replace the tsundere with my avatar, pls

>> No.74606864

>Ganon was behind everything yet again
Fucking pig demon.

>> No.74606865

>the secret is- almost everyone taking part is either not actually interested in any sort of realistic resolution
>A lot of the people arguing without names on don't give a shit. They just want an argument and to cause misery and anger
>This is all just pointless bullshit that will end in no change as usual because the seemingly few people that are open to reasonable change, instead of two extremes, get drowned out by retards
Wow, just calling everyone shitposters right off the bat.

>> No.74606873

I think you're blind as a bat. I think you've missed all the terrible jumps made in a few hours on Reddit. I think you've missed where someone has made an entire jump just to shit post Val. I think you've missed the lengths someone went to to go after Dirge's jumps. I think you haven't put any thought into how things actually are instead of what sounds reasonable in your head. People can and do put days of work just to screw with other people here. If someone can shitpost Red or Val every day for years, they can spend an afternoon on a jump.

>> No.74606875

I think I'll save this, thanks anon.

>> No.74606877
File: 3.75 MB, 2024x2048, 8F985506-C686-488A-A8D9-4ABED2A5431F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not using Tosa

>> No.74606882

To be honest, I would be fine with just allowing duplicates stuff with permission or whose marker has been inactive for a long time (12 months or whatever).

As I said, making jumps takes time, and even when you are motivated it can be a bit of a chore. I don't really think that any of the stuff posting nowadays is going to get any serious attempt at duplicates besides shitposting.

Obviously I would favor the more liberal approach, but that's mostly me and my /cyoag/ roots.

>> No.74606883
File: 46 KB, 256x256, 1526424757665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Anon of similar parentage!
I think if the Anon setting up a drive here sticks to their guns, it'll happen sooner rather than later, but I figured this sort of thing was kind of inevitable given the circumstances. It's not like anyone could stop someone from opening a word processor, finishing a jump, and then posting it on here. Once it's on the Internet, it doesn't go away. Whether or not it's good or if anyone uses it has been another story.

>> No.74606886

At the very fucking least, she shouldn't constantly field questions about her jumps meant for other communities like they're jumps on our drive.

>> No.74606891

Not wrong tho.

>> No.74606893

Even if people put on names it won't make a difference. Even if everyone agreed to one or the other at the end of the day someone has to put in the effort to make the jump, and that's where the buck stops.

Putting on a name shows you have experience, but just because you have experience doesn't mean anything is actually going to happen. Most people are all talk and no action.

>> No.74606894

Support Kilanon's claim to Bloodstained.

>> No.74606903
File: 80 KB, 960x926, 1598475504654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Better than Amagi

It must be difficult to live with such a shit taste.

A lot of good ships deserve oath skin. At least Nimi got hers recently...

>> No.74606906

Half the time she says she’ll answer on QQ instead. Hell, it’s only recently that’s she started answering questions for them with any frequency.

>> No.74606908

No problem. It is far better than the old jump, but still got a lot of duplicate shit posting when it was first posted.

>> No.74606913

>those jumps have gotten plenty of civil discussion
Historical revisionism.

>> No.74606925

Just to spite you faggots for daring to try and replace the drive, I'm going to make the next thread and then delete it before 30 minutes, and keep doing it until the mods fucking ban this general forever. I was saving this card for a while, but now I've finally decided it's time for this 'hobby' to die. You're fucked, so give up now

>> No.74606930

Tosa gets relegated to the second fleet and stays there. She’ll give fleet one her passive and like it.

>> No.74606931
File: 34 KB, 713x401, celebrimbor shame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna post this any time someone posts that pic. Because you should be.

>> No.74606934

So Ricrod
Could we see your Victim Girls build?

>> No.74606936

>someone has to put in the effort
It's an empty excuse for this. Jumps don't take the same amount of effort for everyone and some people really do put in the effort. You need to stop pretending people haven't made jumps solely to shitpost others.

>> No.74606939

>I think you've missed the lengths someone went to to go after Dirge's jumps.
It doesn't affect whether I'm going to make jumps or not, but hearing about it from IRC does convince me that people are better off having those jumps removed. If people like the setting enough, they'll make a jump for it that they enjoy, instead of having a stagnant meme float around which only makes it awkward for everyone involved.

>> No.74606941

You'd claim that, wouldn't you.

>> No.74606945

Just flood malfeas with the abyss like manus did. Let all the other yozi either die or bow to you as you flood creation with your corrupting influence.
Then set it on fire.

>> No.74606948
File: 152 KB, 800x800, Pain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74606950

Only a cuck does this.

>> No.74606953

Everyone sooner or later gets their villain plot hijacked by the big porker.

>> No.74606956

I’m so scared anon. Shakin in my boots here.

>> No.74606958

And you decided to openly announce your plan...why?

>> No.74606966

Honestly, you'd be shocked by how many people in general have negligible sex drives.

>> No.74606968

Fuck off Dirge, your simpering self hate helps no one here. The point isn't whether you want your jumps removed, it's the lengths people go to stir up shit. Stick your masochistic nose elsewhere.

>> No.74606975

To prove that nothing you can do can stop me.

>> No.74606981
File: 2.14 MB, 2229x1600, hyperweapon deployment.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Muy bien, allévoy

>> No.74606987

>hearing about it from the IRC
Whose opinions mean nothing, and you're a retard for letting them

>> No.74606995

Wow, your so amazing anon. Mhm. Sure takes guts to threaten people in an anonymous image board. Boy you sure sound awfully frightening and impressive.

>> No.74607004

People have been shitpoting Val, Red and whoever stands out too much whenever they get the chance. As I said, if someone wants to waste 5 hours of their lives to make a doc, that's fine with me.

You mention Dirge, but after all the shitposting pestering him to leave, he left open all of his claims and continued visiting the thread for a while, and the best that someone did with his open claims was to just remove all the fluff from his Blame! jump. The same goes for Val's jumps who she allowed to get duplicates. Nobody has really gone and revised them to spite her.

So yeah, I doubt the shitposters have the dedication needed even for that.

And if they new duplicate jumps are too low quality, nobody is going use them like people don't use the low-quality Reddit or SB duplicates. On the other hand, people do use the good quality ones, like FMA or RWBY.

I have been here since the beginning and I don't think I have seen any shitpost jump besides that 'generic valeria' jump, which was just like two pages long I think. And a lot of claims have been left open to let shitposters prove their worth at trashing a jump. As you say, people are already dedicating a large amount of time to shitposting. If anythingm, it benefits the thread if they are busy making shitpost jump instead of getting into shitstorms.

>> No.74607009

>Be villain
>Hatch evil plan to sacrifice the universe to my eldritch benefactor in order to obtain ultimate power and immortality
>Day finally comes for my ritual to take place, but those goody two-shoes heroes are getting in my way
>Decide to summon my benefactor to the material world in order to gain their aid in crushing my enemies and fulfilling my plan
>Wait, why does my benefactor look like a giant pig demon-