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Each time Laura makes a dirty joke everyone has to drink.

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Rolled 66 (1d100)

Number of times BLM will be mentioned on tonight’s show.

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i fell asleep after they looted all the magic items and figured out what they did
miss anything?

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Yasha hugged Caleb after they had a little chat.

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1/∞ - Sam
2 - Travis
3 - Laura, Matt
5 - Ashley
6 - Liam
7 - Talespin
8 - Marisha

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Why is this a thread on tg?

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Roll for something interesting to happen this episode

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Best and Worst last ep:

Best: Travis (but see below). Took lead and had nice interaction between Fjord and Jester.
Worst: Liam (as usual). Abusing Keen Mind (again). Trying to worm his way into getting the coat. Attention whoring: Over-narrating his actions, and due to Fjord & Jester spotlight time, forcing chat with Yasha.
Dishonorable mentions: The rest not executing Caleb for trying to kill one of them again. They know he's not an idiot. The players need to stop metagaming to avoid upsetting Liam. RP like Fjord's scimitar to Caleb's throat is mild compared to what they should do by now.

Matt. For not disintegrating any of the loot.

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Rolled 32 (1d100)

chance that Sam will have Nott leave voluntarily and introduce a new character this episode

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>meltybrain steals sam's ad spot

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God DAMMIT Marisha...

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Video unavailable anon.

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broken link nigga

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I did not even BOTHER watching last week.
Someone give me the breakdown on what happened

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I know exactly what you're talking about because I had the same reaction.

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no stream last week

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Will anything happen tonight?
Or will we spend 4 hours on planing the con?

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Happy Thursday to me, happy Thursday to me. I'm only here for /crg/, and I want to sleep.

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Nothing happened, there was no game.
So it was no different from every other time.

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You know what I mean, smartass.

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My phone is like 5 seconds ahead of my laptop on twitch, but the laptop layout is nicer to have. What do?

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What is this dungeon game Matt keeps mumbling the name of?

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>consoom product critters!

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Wait 'til Liam starts droning on. That'll put you to sleep.

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An overlong ceremony for the people leaving, planning the con, dinosaur attack

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going to go have sex instead of watching this week

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Was there a dinosaur attack?!?! I do NOT remember that

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So what are the odds on Jester being declared a false prophet and inciting a religious riot?

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i don't understand pls explain

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evening /crg/. apparently its finally quiet in my town after that kid shot those guys. have some ashley as celebration

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Rolled 82 (1d100)

Chance that Traveler Con will be as big as a clusterfuck as Fyre Festival

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Do you think Jester likes being tied up?

We know Vex does, I still cum buckets to how Laura reacted to her being tied up by that chain devil.

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Time for them to take 2 hours to get through one night.

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>what are the odds of something interesting happening

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Jesters a kissless virgin

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Wow, it just hit me how so, SO uninvested in this I am. I'm thinking about this going on for another four hours with actual dread.
I think I'm about to drop it, bros.

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So begins the 2 hour discussion of what to do.

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She has a great figure with the face of a pancake. She's so disconcerting to look at.

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>how Laura reacted to her being tied up by that chain devil
Going to need context

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Rolled 89 (1d100)

>Odds+chances that beauradyke leads the riot

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Sometimes she has a unflattering face, and then at other times I swear she's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
I want to cuddle with her, among other things.

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A sex-obsessed virgin, anon. There are few minds lewder than a virgin who spends all their time wondering.

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>Beau leads riots
> will spout shit like"You're the real god, Jester"

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>Looking forward to this
>Come in on the "Last time on..."
>Realize we're in for two episodes of planning a convention and I don't care how or why
I feel it

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Fucking Sam and Taliesin guilt tripping everyone lmao

>> No.74590914

Believe me, 99% of those fantasies end up staying that way after they try it once.

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more like starts the riot by pointlessly ripping into 200 traveler devotees for not just accepting Jester's word that their god doesn't want them

>> No.74590938

either that or they get in way over their head and are scarred for life. I could see that sort of thing happening in a home game. Trickster Fey god shows you the dark side of sex

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>Talking about renting a ball pit for Travelercon
It's a trainwreck

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>Beau instigates a riot
>The gang end up gunning down "mostly peaceful" "protesters"
>Critical Role gets cancelled

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Don't have the timestamp. It was in campaign 1, when they were in Dis. They'd gotten caught by the devils at the place where the rakshasa was re-forming himself. When Matt described how the jailor's chains were snaking up their bodies and binding them in place, Laura went "Ooooh," and smiled naughtily.

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Laura tried to recreate the DashCon ballpit lul

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Literally can't argue. Personally, I'd put Liam over Ashley, but I'm not against this. I want to like Taliesin, but he reminds me so much of those terrible goth kids in high school who would complain about being ostracized, but when I invited them to do anything they'd laugh at me for not being goth.

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I now hate this show more simply because they'd never dare to actually do that.

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I zoned out for a second. Did Laura actually make a reference to a ball pit? If so, that's a mighty kek from me.

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I think the reason I hate critical role so much is that I hate the american voice acting cabal and their low effort, terrible voices.
I get it, they're technically 'good voice actors' because they've trained their voices, but it doesn't mean the voices sound good or natural when they do them. They're the curse of the video game and anime world and I just want them to fuck off

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I heard fighting pit.

>> No.74591005

>Alter their memories
Ummm, didn't Jester originally say that she never really wanted to use that unless really necessary? Because she saw how much that fucked up Caleb?

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>Jester teaches a cult that human sacrifice is the path to apotheosis
>Nothing bad could ever come from this precedent

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is jester evil?

>> No.74591017

Beau said a fighting pit
Cad said food fighting pit
and i think laura made mention of ball pit, cause balls

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Beau has finally said something I liked.
Slag off Molly more.

>> No.74591034

It would shoot Jester up to number 1 on my list; cause Laura always likes to say that 'there's more to Jester/She's not as clueless as she seems"

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>Beau calls Molly egotistical

>> No.74591044

I have a feeling that if the game were behind closed doors it would be a lot darker. In the post campaign 1 talk Matt talked about this nobleman who became obsessed with Vex and had a clone made of her that he kept as a sex slave.

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>Sam's going to make The Traveller act in the theater lul

>> No.74591071

>It can make you go blind!
Travis with the line of the night and we're only 20 minutes in.

>> No.74591074

Cause just like all SJWs, their true colors come out. Hell, she's a white straight woman playing a black gay woman

>> No.74591084

>american voice acting cabal
Yeah, it's become a hollywood thing now. It used to be that voice actors were in this exclusive club because studios were too lazy to hire new blood, but now they're in this weird cult of politics and the only way to get in is to drink the kool aid and network with them. It's really off putting even if you agree with their weird shit.

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Is it 2:54:16 on episode 93?

>> No.74591088

I will say, i'm liking how the Traveler is such a shifty asshole

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Beau isn't black.

>> No.74591101

this folks really dont discuss this shit out side of the show do they cause if this is acting its superb acting on being clueless and with no direction

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Wow, this erasure. I'm telling Twitter.

>> No.74591128

She's nebulously brown.
That's all they need.
Tanning is racist to these morons.

>> No.74591129

>traveler sings dance magic dance at the con

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Rolled 69 (1d100)

rolling for something to happen tonight

>> No.74591145

Dang you only just caught on to this?

>> No.74591149

She's voting Trump?

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>beau has sex with keyleth's mom in great detail
>a finger on the monkey's paw curls

>> No.74591159

m9 avoiding everything from combat to telling their friend that the she's in some asshole's cult

>> No.74591163

I'm genuinely shocked that he just straight-up called a woman a bitch with such carelessness. It's sad that that's refreshing at this point.

>> No.74591170

I've seen fanart that's made Beau just a legit African facially before. It reminds me of retards on ATLA twt who do the same thing to the Water Tribe.

>> No.74591175

Fuck twitter.
I've always seen Beau as just tanned. At worst, American.

>> No.74591179

Not sure if that's it. Maybe the other anon remembered wrong.

>> No.74591190

Nah. She's the group's token black which is hilarious because Marisha represents her in the most thuggish, stereotypical ways.

>> No.74591197

No, that's what I was thinking of. I misremembered the details, but I mean, c'mon. Look at her face as it's taking off Vex's clothes.

>> No.74591199

No, but he's always been more lowkey, but going full on human sacrificing and jester being down with it is hilarious

>> No.74591201

>At worst, American.
As much as I hate Beau and love shitting on Marisha, she's not THAT bad.

>> No.74591205

That's just because Marisha sucks at roleplaying.
But all the official art of Beau is not black.

>> No.74591209

Yes she fucking is.

>> No.74591231

Yeah, she's Korra black, not Africa black

>> No.74591239

Dude what.

>> No.74591245

God damn, Laura. Someone get her a glass of water.
I can't help but wonder how many times she's tried to get Matt to skirt the ERP line during the home game.

>> No.74591247

Native American? Aren't they red?

>> No.74591251

lol someone just got all their powers removed because of this conversation.

>> No.74591253

That doesn't look like her official art.
Korra isn't black either. She's water tribe, aka inuit.

>> No.74591267

>token black
You retard, she's either southeast asian or some sort of native north american, she's not remotely african

>> No.74591272

It literally is, you pedant.

>> No.74591281

Black people don't have hair like that.

>> No.74591283

>e-celeb cancer thread

>> No.74591284

That's a nice coat. I like the blue, It's very rich

>> No.74591285

Don't assign them skin colours based off of real world people.

Its fantasy. They can be dark skinned redheads with green eyes if they want.

>> No.74591286

You know damn well they all just fall under POC to these people. They got mad that white people voiced animals in the Lion King.

>> No.74591287

i feel like matt's making the traveler overtly an asshole who is willing to dispose of people, yet all anyone is asking themselves is "hmm, how can we help him commit human sacrifice"

>> No.74591294

Jesus fuck this conversation is still going on.

>> No.74591304

She has like 6 different blue flairs in that outfit, it's distracting. Their level 10 designs are too busy.

>> No.74591308

No one gives a shit what twitter thinks.

>> No.74591309

>liam op
You really set the thread on the wrong path, faggot op.

>> No.74591315

Fuck off and die, being black is not the same as being PoC, even the most retarded twittard understands that not all coloured people are african american

>> No.74591318

good god another general, we already have far too many at more are being made each month

>> No.74591326

Wanna bet, nigga?

>> No.74591327

>actually use the term PoC
You fuck off and die.

>> No.74591328

Yeah, she doesn't need the sash hanging off her belt or on her staff. especially since they're a lighter blue than her coat and gradient to a very light blue. But still. The coat looks very nice.

>> No.74591338

>Thanks for coming on this Yacht excursion with me, Anon. You really are always there to give me...exactly what I need.
>Travis? Oh, don't worry about him. He's a nice husband and all but he just simply can't do for me what you can

>> No.74591340

you have to go back

>> No.74591341

>Black people don't have hair like that
Not all black people have to have afro hair sojusnigger

>> No.74591342

Well thank you for your efforts to save the board.
Ya did it, champ.

>> No.74591344

Beau is literally one of the worst characters in the Mighty Nein.

>> No.74591350

When are they going to talk about the fucking nightmarish living city heading straight toward [them] post avacoda fight

>> No.74591355

I'm glad tailspin has stopped the mucus infused voice

>> No.74591356

the person I was replying to used it first you moron, read the fucking conversation

>> No.74591361

>only 120 posts in
>It's already retarded /pol/ shit
Guess it's time to find something else to do on Thursdays. Shitposting here isn't fun anymore.

>> No.74591364

You don't know anything about black hair do you?

>> No.74591366

That's racist.

>> No.74591368

Now fix Marisha's vocal fry.

>> No.74591372

>Implying they remember

>> No.74591381

I would hate her much less if she didn't take so fucking long to speak. Marisha's a bad improviser and drags out each of her words to buy herself time to think of what to say.

For now.

>> No.74591386

the what? I missed last episode and this sounds much more important

>> No.74591388

Yeah. And?
The city isn't coming at them. Its just a githzerai city floating in the astral plane or something.

>> No.74591394

Each time they say "Dick" you have to drink.

>> No.74591398

I thought it was just a memory of what avocado originally ran away from, not that it was coming for them

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>> No.74591401

Your heroes ladies and Gentlemen!

Seriously, did you expect them to do anything else?

>> No.74591409

I don't feel like dying of alcohol poisoning, thanks.

>> No.74591412

No one wants to die of alcohol poisoning, anon.

>> No.74591416

At least the boat is finally dead and we're safe until they find a new one to give an even less funny name to,

>> No.74591419

I think it was 2 episodes ago at the very end after killing vokoto. They all had visions of what he was fleeing from and it was a living city in the astral plane

Ya'll really think Matt would make such a big spectacle of the vision, as the cliff hanger, and not have it be important in anyway?

>> No.74591428

None of it matters if they just run from the plothook.

>> No.74591434

>Ya'll really think Matt would make such a big spectacle of the vision, as the cliff hanger, and not have it be important in anyway?
Of course its important. But why should they talk about it? Its not like they can learn anything new right now.

>> No.74591435

Can someone pretend to be a triggered rape victim in the chat so they stop saying "Dick" every other fucking sentence, please.

>> No.74591445

>Travis suggesting they hunt the dinosaurs
Fuck yes finally a good suggestion

>> No.74591453

I really want Matt to step in here and just be like "Okay, what do you guy want to do?" and then just have a time skip with a few rolls and shit.

>> No.74591455

Show's prerecorded dude

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>> No.74591466

I'll be so glad when TravelerCon is done so we can move past this boring shit and get into some other boring shit.

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>> No.74591484

>WNBA: Postponed
>NBA: Postponed
>MLB: Postponed
>NHL: Postponed
>NFL: No practices
>Critical Role: Continues

Is anyone else sort of lowkey disappointed they didn't actually put on a pause on this weeks episode and stand in solidarity with sports leagues in protest of the fucked up situation? I mean Travis claims to be a sportsguy so he knows what's going on. I think it would have been a powerful and necessary message if CR postponed tonights episode. Besides it's prerecorded anyway, it's not like they're live.

>> No.74591487

You triggered snowflake?

>> No.74591493

Why WOULDN'T the characters talk about? It's not realistic at all to see something like that, and ignore it just to go DICKS DICKS DICKS DICKS

>> No.74591500

Because they DID talk about it right after it fucking happened.

>> No.74591501

theres no nigs on the critical role cast nor does their fanbase care about sports, postponing their show in solidarity with a gunned down black man would ring incredibly hollow.

>> No.74591502

Who gives a fuck if some literal nobody niggers want to protest?

>> No.74591506

They only pay lip service when needed. If enough hambeasts yelled at them on twitter, it might happen. Until then, they are literally just in this for the money.

>> No.74591510

Who are people virtue signaling for this time?

>> No.74591540

Jacob Blake, He tryed to pull a knife out of his car.

>> No.74591546

No they fucking didn't. He finishes the vision and the episodes ends. The very next episode they just loot and then traveler con shit starts. They talk about wanting to know more about it ooc but they then none of the character give a shit as of the next ep

>> No.74591553

>Come back from watching Wraslin
>They are talking about Tree Stride and Dick when i thought Travelercon was finally happening

ffs why do I expect the bare minimum. How many times have they tried to get Matt to say Keyleth's name?

Will Matt dare run a 3rd campaign in Taldorei without a 5000 year timeskip?

>> No.74591555

Plus he was a werewolf.

>> No.74591558

theres no evidence that it happened besides the audio of the cop yelling drop the knife before unloading shots into the car, which by the way had the dude's kids in it. do you really think he would walk away from the officers, grab a knife from his car, and attack an officer with a gun with his kids watching?

>> No.74591565 [DELETED] 

Marishas tits look really big tonight

>> No.74591578

No they don't, Marisha.

>> No.74591581

Who's this

>> No.74591583

I am late. What's happening? Is Keyleth's mom the new team bus?

Also, I just hit the C1 episode where they bring Percy back from the dead, and I am now happy death is not a possibility.

>> No.74591584

>do you really think he would walk away from the officers, grab a knife from his car, and attack an officer with a gun with his kids watching?

>> No.74591585

milk truk has arrived.....

>> No.74591590

Was the the Ripley fight?

>> No.74591596

Fjord hiring a person to find someone when they've used scrying on a "description" of a person before. At least it's something

>> No.74591597

Yeah. That was sweet, then it was two hours of Marisha fake crying.

>> No.74591605

poltards confirmed incapable of basic human thought processes

>> No.74591610


>> No.74591613

Travis is a good lad, and I wish he was more assertive with these layabouts.

>> No.74591621

>Matt time skipping this next week.

Thank fucking god.

>> No.74591624


>> No.74591625

Anon, forensics literally found a knife on the floor of the car beside the driver's seat.

>> No.74591626

rate my cosplay

>> No.74591633

Even though they do that kind of retarded shit all the time?

>> No.74591644


>> No.74591645

She'd honestly be kind of cute if I wasn't so sure she has an awful personality.
Plus the tattoos.

>> No.74591652

I don't know blake, but I know the cop who shot him and he's a really good guy. Known him since high school. Nobody cares about him. Dude shot a guy, which is fucking shaking enough of an experience, and now half the fucking country wants his blood. I mean not only death threats to his mom and dad, but they found his fucking cousin on facebook who lives out of town and sent him death threats too. I'm honestly just glad that the kid shot those guys. That forced evers' hand and now they are actually arresting people and so far its been a lot more peaceful. Hell, this morning they were turning away volunteers for clean up because there wasn't that much besides graffiti to clean. Fuck anyone who drives 5+ hours to burn down someone else's town.

>> No.74591662

2/10. Race bending is wrong, and she's too thin.

>> No.74591666

You triggered snowflake?

>> No.74591679

But don't fuck the guys who drive 5+ hours to shoot people?

>> No.74591683

>Beau: I'll be on dick hiding duty :)

>> No.74591700


>> No.74591701

Interesting how CR campaigns mirror the wishes of those wanting zero consequences for being sociopaths.

>> No.74591702

I mean, that moron has been arrested.

>> No.74591703

Erasing the identity of a proud womyn of colour. Cancelled out of ten.

>> No.74591709


>> No.74591718

If you mean Kyle, he's gonna walk.

>> No.74591725

I want to breed this nerd

>> No.74591729

yes, because it was there he was planning on stabbing a cop with it, clearly. circumstantial evidence isn't damning no matter how you try to spin it.

>> No.74591732

>> No.74591738

I wonder what Ashley and Brian's child will be like.
Also I hope Matt and Marisha never breed.

>> No.74591739

ask you shall receive anon

>> No.74591743

how does it feel knowing that a druggie goes balls deep in her every night

>> No.74591746

>don't have babies just focus on your career
oy vey

>> No.74591754

This is the worst b8 ever.
No one likes Marisha and everyone likes Laura.

>> No.74591755

>I wonder what Ashley and Brian's child will be like
Incredibly socially awkward but covers for it with theatricality.

>> No.74591759

The kid is literally from about 30 minutes away. That kid's life is also ruined, but his actions ended up stopping the burning and looting in my town. Kid shoots three felons. Next day feds and national guard and police are now allowed to do their job. They do their job arresting antifa from out of state and the following night the protest was peaceful, quiet, and didn't destroy anything. My home is now safe again. That is what I care about.

>> No.74591762 [DELETED] 

Hey, I'm a recovered druggie, thank you very much.

>> No.74591764

>I wonder what Ashley and Brian's child will be like.

>> No.74591767

honest question, whats it like to do heroin

>> No.74591772


>> No.74591773

Ashley doesn't fuck black guys.

>> No.74591783

Leave Marius alone :(

>> No.74591784

Hey, he's a recovered druggie, thank you very much!

>> No.74591788

>That kid's life is also ruined
That's what people said about the Covington kid and he's doing great now.

>> No.74591793

Bullyig is right, because they are the heroes!

>> No.74591795

The kid will be fine when he sues the media outlets that called him a white supremacist. Do what the kid from Covington did.

>> No.74591798

>be me
>haven't had any fiberous food in days
>sitting on the toilet for 45 minutes
>legs are going numb at this point
>feel a large sweaty hand touch my shoulder from behind
>"guidance, you get a d4"
Thank you Caduceus

>> No.74591801

Be honest: You didn't know Ashley left

>> No.74591802

Wow, shooting people gets you arrested. who fucking knew. But at least he has people like you to raise him up as a martyr

>> No.74591820


>> No.74591821

He's also gonna walk away scot-free.

>> No.74591835

God, you look at these pictures and you just wonder.... did Melty EAT Orion?

>> No.74591836

not that it's a high bar but talespin doesn't look as retarded tonight

>> No.74591837

I genuinely thought you meant in the episode right now and actually checked to see if she was still there.

>> No.74591841

Dude. The kid literally killed two men at the age of 17. That fucks with your head. Not mention there is enough people here who would go out of their way to make his life miserable. I don't know. The covington kid literally just stood there while getting harassed. Kyle was attacked by and shot 3 men. I also wouldn't be surprised if the courts try to make an example of him to discourage this shit. Not to even mention, the covington kid went through civil court. Kyle is going into criminal court.

>> No.74591852

Ashley being roughly equal to an empty chair still makes her massively better than Marisha.

>> No.74591857

They intentionally overcharged Kyle so he will be acquitted.

>> No.74591863

can someone recap me on what's happened so far?

>> No.74591864

>But at least he has people like you to raise him up as a martyr
martyr? no. A sacrifice along with the two men he killed to stop out of towners from burning down my home? yes.

>> No.74591876

Charges have to be brought when stuff like this happens. It is a check on the denial of rights (the taking of lives in this case), but he will beat the charges on the claim of self defense based on evidence.

>> No.74591878

>The kid literally killed two men at the age of 17
Now he has a taste for blood. He'll kill again, and again, and again, if he isn't stopped now.

>> No.74591881

Discussion. Talking. Chit chat.

>> No.74591883

Anon...that IS what I meant. She was pooping for like 5 minutes.

>> No.74591885

nothing has happened

>> No.74591890

"Hurhur dicks lol"
Also, Fjord hired the bounty hunter to track down his Boat Traitor, who I assume will end up being a cultist of one of the other two Eyebeasts.

>> No.74591893

I have no idea, man. this shit is namek as FUCK

>> No.74591896

That was my thought as well. They didn't lowball a charge that may have had a chance of sticking, instead they massively overshot. I think the cops are probably happy something happened to knock the wind out of the rioting, arsons and assaults.

>> No.74591900

now sam has the exact same hair as talespin on the right

>> No.74591911

Fuckin' A

>> No.74591927

i miss nott bros

>> No.74591929

I'm glad your an optimist.
I figure they overcharged him so he'll get an acquittal and spark more riots.

>> No.74591942

Sam will be the next Talespin

>> No.74591946

Sam hinted that she was going to try and fuck Caleb. Wish she'd get on with it already. She needs a reason to still be around.

>> No.74591952

>all these ridiculous right wingers in this thread
You do know these threads are full of liberals and the entire cast of CR not only supports blm but believes in transrights. Don't you have a RNC and a trump speech to pretend is coherent?

>> No.74591961

I miss our qt gobo girl too.
When and how did he do that?

>> No.74591964

Travis looks so giddy at the possibility of some actual combat, so refreshing.

>> No.74591969

Wow that is dark
fucking stolen

>> No.74591972

You'll get more riots either way because that's what people are being paid to do but it will take time for the usual suspects to find more mooks willing to risk getting shot for this shit.

>> No.74591975

Wow, I was basically right except the goodbye ceremony wasn't that long

>> No.74591980


>> No.74591984

>You do know these threads are full of liberals
I don't think that's true, actually.
And they only believe in the "trans" shit because they'd lose their jobs if they didn't. Enjoy the support from your hostages, dipshit.

>> No.74591988

He admitted to crushing on Caleb, the mother-child affection she had evolved into wanting his firebolt

>> No.74591989

Let's not deadname. Her name is Veth.
She was never a "gobbo" she is and was always a halfling....who just happened to be in the wrong body.

>> No.74591995


>> No.74591997

He just wants some kick in the door gameplay, but is too nice to fight the group on it.

>> No.74591998

This shit stays up as attractive bait for all the nuD&D fags, yet my storyshitting general /SSG/ gets taken down the moment it's posted. But the irony is critical role is the archetype, the very elemental essence of what it means to storyshit.

>> No.74591999

Veth's updated music playlist.

>> No.74592006

They need a better story why Nott/Veth has been so mindlessly devoted to Caleb from the beginning.

>> No.74592008

Maybe if the cops stopped shooting people during times where they are in the news for shooting and killing people people wouldn't be rioting over police killing people

>> No.74592025



>> No.74592028

No she was literally transmuted into a Goblin. She wasn't just Frankensteined into something she's not by a greedy doctor looking to make a buck off of her mental disorder.

>> No.74592040

How come every black man killed by police has been in the middle of a crime or had a criminal history?

>> No.74592045

Who else unironically thinks this will be the best animated show since ATLA

>> No.74592047

Veth was her deadname first.
Like literally. It was her name she lost when she fuckig died.

>> No.74592051


>> No.74592059

>Cops should just let violent criminals do what they want
Fuck off, retard.

>> No.74592064

same kenowhere anon here. Who said I was right winger? or liberal? All that shit goes out the window when you have to evacuate elderly family members, avoid downtown, stay up to make sure no one molotovs your building, and still work 10 hour days. Hundreds of people came from their town to my town to burn it. Then, it stopped. That is all that matters. Fuckin hell, the Danish Brotherhood will probably not get rebuilt.

>> No.74592066

>> No.74592067

dammit marisha

>> No.74592070

How come you always manage to find some bullshit to assume criminality after the fact as if that justifies murdering motherfuckers.

>> No.74592074


>> No.74592079

"Killing people" who are endangering cops AND citizens by resisting arrest, going after weapons... when they never should has been released from prisons in the first place?

>> No.74592080

See, this is the shit that I mean. Absolutely rocking bod, down syndrome face.

>> No.74592088

glad i wasn't the only one who picked up on it, she's such a fake nerd but it's whatever

>> No.74592093

I'll be honest, if this is well received (and it will be), then I think there's a real possibility of an actual series. Not one of C1 or C2 but a standalone story set in the world, likely on one of the unseen continents.

>> No.74592099

What the fuck kind of wonderland are you living in that even the potatoes look that cute?

>> No.74592101

Because I only deal in the truth.

>> No.74592103

There are ways and means of dealing with the police that makes it less likely that you will be killed by them. It's a life skill that anybody can learn.

>> No.74592113

I don't know what you're talking about. I clearly remember Frobo staying in Rivendale before going to Mount Doob to defeat the forces of Sorearm.

>> No.74592120

Nice larp.

>> No.74592121


>> No.74592122

>Campaign 3 is just a scripted season of a TV show
That would force them to cut out all of the padding and pointless shit and I would be so, so down for that.

>> No.74592134


>> No.74592142

>Thanks for hangin out with me brah. Let's lay back, relax and sip some monsters and pound some brew.
>Laura? Don't worry about her. She knows I need some alone time with my best bro. Besides since having the baby we haven't exactly...been close.

>> No.74592143

>> No.74592149

So wait, they're adapting the early pre-stream comic stuff, then skipping ahead to Whtitestone? No Vassalheim or Kraghammer?

Do they not say it in the movie, so you don't even need to see it spelled to know it's wrong?
Or does she just watch too much Riverdale?

>> No.74592152

Fucking kek.
I'm totally making Sorearm a villain in my game.

>> No.74592156

Honestly if they just have Matt help with story and worldbuilding stuff and didn't have the cast actually in it, then it may be possible to have both the stream and the show run simultaneously without messing with each others schedules.

>> No.74592171

Don't they have an animated series in the works?

>> No.74592172

They're only adapting stuff that doesn't involve Orion.

>> No.74592176

It certainly will be longer lived than most of the action cartoons since.

Where's it getting released, anyways? Amazon Prime?

>> No.74592177

holy shit

>> No.74592180

> Wendy's is evil
> Vox Machina on Amazon... perfectly fine.

>Save the rain forests
>Buying dice towers and vaults made from rare wood... perfectly fine.

>> No.74592184

they would still have to fake it so that would make for like 2hr. long episodes, which would be like 30 episode seasons at best

>> No.74592186

cops arent judge jury and executioner, their job is to apprehend people to the best of their ability. Not draw their gun and unload their whole clips every time they get a lil scared. You're a cop your job is dangerous if your so scared you shoot someone every time you "think" they are going to do something you need to do something else.

>> No.74592187

I think due to the fact that Tiberius is there, they can't do that without literally writing out his character from existence.

>> No.74592194

it's an animated remake of the original you fucking newfag

>> No.74592201

their moral standards are more based on what keeps their fans happy, rather than any actual beliefs they hold

>> No.74592203

To be fair there was a lot of seething on twitter about the Amazon Prime shit but they realized they legit didnt have a leg to stand on

>> No.74592214

>cops should just let criminals murder them

>> No.74592221

Read the post I replied to, you fat stain.

>> No.74592226

none of them are trained in survival

>> No.74592229

>Travis: I would like to do something mundane and boring but safe. I let people walk all over me because I have no personality!
>Guest: I literally have no idea what I'm doing
>The Woll: I was too good for this shit. Why won't anyone watch MY D&D show?
>Redit/Twitch/Twitter: OMG I LOVE EVERYTHING *donates absurd amount of money and buys ridiculously over-priced merch*

>> No.74592231

how does owning wooden dice make a significant impact on rainforests?
have you ever seen a tree before?

>> No.74592234

yeah cause thats what is happening lmao

>> No.74592240

Uh huh nice to be an armchair critic isn't it?

>> No.74592241

How far in are they? is there a point in me watching?

>> No.74592243

hey retards we're talking about the potential of a new show set in the world, not Legend of Vox Machina. Fucking read.

>> No.74592245

In the first few episodes of campaign 1 someone brings up how a party member used alter self to try to bugs bunny an orc chieftain and almost got raped.

>> No.74592247

What's an Orion?

>> No.74592251

>dude what does driving my car to work every day have to do with global warming? Greenhouse effect? What's that? Dude it's just a car. Have you seen the earth before? It's huge!

>> No.74592255

>I should have used Guidance on myself
>A cantrip good for one use with a one minute duration for a multi-hour long skill check

>> No.74592258

I think they toned down the edginess when Sam made the nazi joke

>> No.74592263

Well, with live being dead, they no longer Wormwood giveaway.

>> No.74592269

3 cops 1 guy = i needed to shoot a guy in the back 7 times lmao

>> No.74592280


>> No.74592283

Laura is so fucking kawaii you guys. Why are all the Laura posters in hiding?

>> No.74592286

Break just ended, about 2 hours in.

>> No.74592290


>> No.74592295

Take the whorepill and embrace the superior critterthot

>> No.74592308

>stream the same time every time
>"HoW fAr In ArE tHeY????"

>> No.74592313

Just replace him with Aurelius Blizzardwave, their Dragonborn friend who sadly died in the first fight with the Briarwoods in Emon.

>> No.74592320


>> No.74592323

i hope you dont own a firearm

>> No.74592339

I think the animated series might push them towards making things more scripted

>> No.74592353

It's not hard to criticize them when you know they're chugging the whole "warrior cop" kool aid about how everyone wants to kill them and they're the only thing protecting the delicate little innocent sheep from all the scary wolves lurking behind every corner. And they love that kool aid. if the city doesn't shell out money for it, the unions will.

>> No.74592356

Would things being more scripted make things worse? Or would it cut down on dilly-dallying?

>> No.74592362

>already 2 hours in
>thread is only just past 300 posts

fuck it's just been all talking tonight hasn't it?

>> No.74592378

I hope you step on your lego set

>> No.74592379

It's already changed their RP, you can see them deliberately fishing for cute vignettes for TV.

>> No.74592390

Hey anons, my session just ended, what'd I miss so far?

>> No.74592391

The creepy liamfag wore himself out early and has nothing to spam.

>> No.74592400

You mean doing a job they've been instructed to do in difficult and dangerous circumstances?

>> No.74592406

you just KNOW

>> No.74592413

>lolita Laura
God why is she so perfect

>> No.74592414

and I hope no one "thinks" youre a criminal and "thinks" youve got a weapon and shoots you

>> No.74592416

They are about to murder an innocent apex predator to feed idiot cultists.

>> No.74592432

Trinket absolutely lived for Vex pussy.
And there's like no porn of it.

>> No.74592436


>> No.74592437

No one's gonna use your word

>> No.74592445

Look, man, I'm not doing anything wrong. I just want to assault people, burn down their homes and livelihoods and maybe rape or murder a few people. I'm a good boy, what's with these bastard cops trying to stop me. They're the ones in the wrong.

>> No.74592453

When Cops aren't legally required to intervene when someone is being murdered, I have doubts that they *really* need warrior training.

>> No.74592456

>Matt proving once again that he's prepped for anything
Based Matt

>> No.74592459

I would kill any single one of you just to have Matt as my DM.

>> No.74592463

I won't be wrestling with police and then walking away from them trying to get in a car while ignoring their commands.

>> No.74592482

>wanting a doormatt DM

>> No.74592485

>she always reminded people that trinket was a boy for some reason
oh god oh fuck

>> No.74592496

Choose >>74592353
He's fine with you doing it and doesn't want the cops to intervene.

>> No.74592503

With Dwarven Forge™ Dungeon Tiles and Accessories, setting up an impromptu battle site is just THAT easy.

>> No.74592504

Why play on easy mode?

>> No.74592506

"he'll be awake soon"

>> No.74592507

and yet there's a bunch of beardog porn with korra

>> No.74592510

And I'd kill you just to watch you die, so watch your fucking step.

>> No.74592511

3 cops couldnt subdue one man with a taser? mace? their own strength? Yep sure sounds like well trained cops and prolly in the same fitness shape as you

>> No.74592542

When's the last time I legitimately cringed at something on this site? Good Lord...

>> No.74592543

Stop making me gay brah

>> No.74592547

i honestly didnt think there would be combat this session

>> No.74592557

And yet a 17 year can cross state lines with a gun, carry said gun, use said gun, shoot people, wear gloves to hide his finger prints, walk right up to police officers, get let by by police officers, go home and sleep in his bed afterwards.

Eat shit

>> No.74592571

self defense is a wild thing isnt it?

>> No.74592574

Unless its heavily homebrewed its not exciting

>> No.74592577

Get given water and given thanks for coming over buy the cops even

>> No.74592581

This isn't combat, anon. This is a murder.

>> No.74592585

While we wait for set up, do you anons have anything you're looking forward to for the weekend?

>> No.74592604

Based Matt
>They all still get a surprise round except for Veth
Kinda dumb

>> No.74592605

maybe it's an ice t-rex with a breath weapon or something

>> No.74592609

He had all the time until he reached into the vehicle to not be retarded. Dude deserved to get shot rather than let him potentially flee the scene causing a chase.
Yep. If you look at the law everything dude did was legal. Don't want to get domed like a dumb faggot cunt then don't run up on a dude with a rifle. Or do because I will laugh as you bleed to death in the street and shit your pants like that fag with the skateboard.

>> No.74592618

It's not self defense. He went there to shoot someone.

Eat Shit.

>> No.74592620

>When Cops aren't legally required to intervene when someone is being murdered
When did this happen?

>> No.74592621

Matt should just break out King of Feathers on them since he already run Tomb of Annihilation once and I doubt they will ever do it again

>> No.74592627

Those two tropical storms are gonna be hitting my state sometime around tomorrow. I'm hoping for some nice, wet, gray weather to set the mood for watching horror movies with my fiance all weekend.

>> No.74592635


Anon, do you think The Mighty Nine are Good people?

>> No.74592645

>A couple of faggots too weak to argue on /pol/ come to /tg/ to shit up threads with their off topic vaginal discharge
I hate these episodes

>> No.74592651

They were setting up an ambush on a sleeping target, the natural reaction to "someone fucks up" is lighting the target up with everything they have.

>> No.74592652


>> No.74592660

Molly was a shit character and I'm still glad he's dead.

>> No.74592665

wow just wow I hope you dont register to vote this year

>> No.74592668


>> No.74592671

He turned himself in.
Cops said they weren't allowed to arrest him because of the cuck mayor.

>> No.74592674

Oh I get it the good stuff is her boobers

>> No.74592678

Beau: Coming Soon to Funko Pop Pop vinyls.

>> No.74592685

>going there to protect property = going there to shoot someone
Gee you are retarded. If people didn't attack him do you honestly think anyone would have been shot? Do keep in mind that he is on video earlier in the night seeking help for someone who had been injured.

>> No.74592687

>it's a surprise when you're no longer surprised

>> No.74592689


>> No.74592697

Anon, he literally told a reporter beforehand that he was just there to protect businesses from looting.

>> No.74592698

Sounds really comfy, anon!

>> No.74592704

Where do I go to actually discuss the game

>> No.74592706

Why is she always making this face?

>> No.74592708

lol be afraid bitch

>> No.74592715

not to mention there was 3 babies in the car, so cop was so unaware of the scene or just didnt give a shit about harming them while firing a gun 2 ft from then 7 times

>> No.74592717

I heard that he was protecting property, I'm sure this is legal. I also heard there was buildings set on fire on previous occasions due to the rioters, I also heard the property he was protecting was a gas station y'know with big gas tanks and stuff?

>> No.74592723

You ever been woken up by someone? If six dudes were waiting to attack you, you probably end up taking a hit before you can do anything.

>> No.74592736

>Yasha forgets to add her Zealot Barb necrotic damage again
Ashley needs to read the fucking book and remember

>> No.74592738

Yeah, just let someone who was getting violent with police before and had a criminal history reach into his car while the people who called the police on him are nearby, I'm sure he'd never pull out a weapon to get retribution on the people who called the police on him or on the police themselves :)

>> No.74592739

I don't think I've ever tried to avoid eye contact wkth a gif before

>> No.74592741

>ray of enfeeblement
hand goes straight for the dice

>> No.74592747


He has no legal right to protect someone elses property. Lol.Just keep grasping at those straws.

>> No.74592748

Calling bets that Melty will not remind that the T-Rex can do a con-save to turn off Ray of Enfeebelment.

>> No.74592750

>You ever been woken up by someone?
no :(

>> No.74592759

Not just a criminal history, an active warrant out for his arrest.

>> No.74592765


>> No.74592770

>He has no legal right to protect someone elses property
Oh yeah where does it say this then?

>> No.74592773

he had no ties to the business so why would him driving across state lines with a firearm not be illegal and he just came across a random scene he wasnt protecting shit, just being a fat no gf homo that thinks having a gun makes them tough like all the other pathetic shooters we have seen in the counrty

>> No.74592779

oh, I see you've never played the game before and you're just talking out of your ass. He's alerted and can no longer be surprised.

Just another example of milquetoast matt letting the players do whatever the hell they want.

>> No.74592781

Odds on DoorMat remembering on his own?

>> No.74592784

That sounds like projection.

>> No.74592785

or attack the babies, which is often the case.

>> No.74592786

i dont care what he had cops dont get decide if someone lives or dies on a thought. Thats why we have a court system.

>> No.74592794

I'm super invested in them fighting a random dinosaur for no real reason, you guys.

>> No.74592796

this is a really cool critical role thread guys

>> No.74592798

So yes, cops should just let criminals murder them.

>> No.74592813

Yeah I mean it's something, better than discussing for hours about what to do.

>> No.74592814

Ah yes, that part in Jurassic Park when Jeff Goldblum trapped the TRex in a flying fence made out of saw blades.

>> No.74592818

Yeah what you've got there is an instance of two or more judges disagreeing on matter of law, if you read the article properly?

>> No.74592819

Don't kill the T-rex! The poor guy can't even masturbate with those short little arms.

>> No.74592820

Notice how it was a non-violent deterrence until he was in imminent danger? Absolutely self defense for each shoot.

>> No.74592821

We should stop having these threads. Nothing of value would be lost and we'd all be better off for it.

>> No.74592823

Can you blame us? Not like there's anything in the show to talk about.

>> No.74592831

Trying to have any sort of serious conversation on 4chan is impossible. Even on obscure boards like /out/ people just go from thread to thread /pol/ dumping

>> No.74592837

That's what Jester is for

>> No.74592839

a guy with a knife that they didnt know at the time he had could murder 3 cops with guns drawn?? What a bunch of pussies this generation has spawned

>> No.74592846

Yeah, instead the violent criminal should get to decide if the police or the surrounding civilians die, great idea.

>> No.74592849

That isn't an excuse to act like dipshits

>> No.74592851

>he had no ties to the business
And? Is he not legally allowed to protect property?

>> No.74592852

/pol/ has unironically destroyed this site

>> No.74592858

My night was instantly worsened when I came in 5 minutes ago

>> No.74592867

yeah he shot a person in the head before that, they were trying to disarm him on the video youre talking about

>> No.74592871

Why does Caleb have fighter subclass features?

Jester is not Vex.

>> No.74592875

Just go to your actual group like me. Every Friday night I subject my friends to bitching and moaning about CR. And sometimes they join

>> No.74592876

Rate this episode out of 10.

>> No.74592882

because he's a chad

>> No.74592894

>Anyone who disagrees with leftist shits points of view is /pol/

>> No.74592895

>whiny faggot

>> No.74592899

>I should just let myself get stabbed because there are 2 other cops right beside me!

>> No.74592900

ok /pol/

>> No.74592903

No, I'm talking about both videos. He was running away from the dude who got shot in the head and no shooting took place before the dude chased him into the parking lot. Then he shot the dude in self defense and was chased by the rest of the mob which then lead into the video where he tripped leading to two more self defense shoots.

>> No.74592912

And the supreme court says no, Cops have no duty to protect you

>> No.74592914

I said I like my milk shaken, not stirred

>> No.74592916

>leftists say dumb shit
>get pushback
>"wtf why did /pol/ do this"

>> No.74592917

stay forever mad

>> No.74592919

Are you bored? Have you not got a black person to grovel to at this precise moment in time?

>> No.74592921

Report off-topic posts.

>> No.74592922

Abandoning Texblade was such a bad character choice for Fjord.

This weedy nondescript upper class brit accent just doesn't feel appropriate.

>> No.74592930


>> No.74592937

take a look at this thread, it's literally just /pol/ talking about breaking news.
also you should hang yourself you subhuman braindead spastic. spend half a second reading what i replied to rather than getting instantaneously offended like a fucking faggot.

>> No.74592940

>anyone who disagrees with leftists is /pol/
>leftytard proves point
wasted dubs

>> No.74592944

Is that what you're doing?

>> No.74592952

Everyone knew it was coming eventually. Its not like he decided to change accents.
We always knew Fjord had a different accent then he used with the group.

>> No.74592960

best cast member coming through

>> No.74592965

literally nothing is happening

>> No.74592968

Man, this hunting trip would've been more engaging if only part of the group went, between action economy and all the spellcasters when the enemy is non-magical beast, makes it so dumb.

>> No.74592971

I hope he didn't die of the Rona

>> No.74592981

Based Sam, joking about the T-Rex's kids.
>They come back from the slumberparty."Dad?"
Then Marisha comes and says:
>"But then we'll get 3 mounts!"

>> No.74592983

Henry or Brian? Because I also hope Henry is okay.

>> No.74592986

The thread's topic is Critical Role, not political garbage. That shit belongs somewhere else.

>> No.74592987

>lol cancel
Literally the most cancer of all D&D players

>> No.74592992

I did read it, you couldn't resist /pol/ dropping in response.

>> No.74592998

Liam is the poster boy for what NOT to do as a player. He's beyond the definition of That Guy. He's beyond the definition of Munchkin. The shit is pathological.

>> No.74593003

God I fucking hate Monks and I have Grave Clerics. Sentinel at Death's Door is such a cockblock ability and I will never EVER play a Monk because I despise whenever a big fight gets wrecked because the creatures roll shitty against Stunning Strike and the DM can't in good conscious give it Legendary Resists

>> No.74593004

Its a legit ability.

>> No.74593008

That literally isn't self defense though

>> No.74593009

And yet they still do.

>> No.74593012

And it's cancer.

>> No.74593014

Why the fuck is Liam reading monster stats mod fight? what a piece of shit.

>> No.74593015

Brian can't die, he's done too many drugs

>> No.74593020

what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.74593021

Matt keeps trying to have monsters eat Beau. Is Matt secretly a vore fetishist?

>> No.74593026

I'd wager Marisha in fact does have Dope Scars.

>If not for Cad shenanigans, Beau would have been instagibbed
Dangit, Strawberry Cow.
Yeah, I know. I just wish it was a bit more of a down and dirty accent. Something fitting an abandoned orphan HOrc.

>> No.74593028

>Liam just admitting to cheat to get to look at monster stats by turning into the exact monster and casting polymorph.
>"But I was looking at T-Rex stats".
>Matt: "Its not a normal T-rex."
>Liam:*Proceeds to tell about his free grab attack*

>> No.74593032

>what the fuck are you talking about?
Your raging /pol/ hate boner.

>> No.74593034

We've talked about everything in here. From 40k to metal music to politics to that one anon's foot fungus problem to cooking to sports. Like everything.

>> No.74593037

Imagine giving a surprise round on top of that, yawn

>> No.74593043

He turned into a T-rex so they his own stats

>> No.74593045

At the moment, he is the monster. He's reading his own stats.

>> No.74593047

He isn't Ozzy or any of the Rolling Stones.
He hasn't basically embalmed himself and will, therefore, live forever.
He's bought himself a few years, at best.

>> No.74593049

Kudos to you and Matt, he did remember.

>> No.74593053

lol imagine being this blinded by jealousy

>> No.74593056

I hope that anon's foot fungus problem cleared up.

>> No.74593057

>He's playing the game wrong!
Wow you're so mad right now aren't you? Like I said before stay mad forever. He's allowed to have fun his way.

>> No.74593060

>"/POL/ /POL/ /POL/ /POL/ /POL/ /POL/ /POL/"
fuck you tards are worse than /pol/'s tranny posters

>> No.74593062

i'm saying that /pol/ ruined the website, that's why i mentioned /pol/, because it's about /pol/, the topic of conversation is /pol/.
why are you so offended by mentioning /pol/?

>> No.74593066

No, he just really likes eating Marisha's WAP.Its not actually like, vaginal secretions, she just sweats like a can you pulled put of a freezer.

>> No.74593074

You see nazis in your soup and /pol/ hiding under your bed.
You're mentally ill.

>> No.74593076

When people attack you screaming "KILL HIM" and you shoot them that's self defense.

>> No.74593077

look man as long as it isn't cancerous /pol/ vs /leftypol/ bullshit then it's fine. I feel like im losing my mind.

>> No.74593080

I dunno about Matt but I'd love to cockvore Jester and Beau, one into each ball, then cum them into Yasha (a much more powerful woman) without Yasha knowing my cum was just Beau and Jester digested and churned up into nutbutter in my balls

>> No.74593082

>there are actual Liam stans in this thread
are you fags or fat girls

>> No.74593085

Why should she when she doesn't have the mental stats to roleplay through two ladies and Sam yelling at the top of their lungs and doesn't have the physical stats to contribute to combat when Melty deletes every combat and Beau gets all the power boosts?

>> No.74593088

I wanted Matt to walk the t-rex through the blade barrier and drag Beau through with it.

>> No.74593089


>> No.74593092

>no you can't just mention this site's biggest board

>> No.74593094

I remember "/tg/: you don't even need the other boards any more."

>> No.74593095

Tfw I have gross yellow fucked up fungus big toe nails and whenever I remember I should take care of them I forget immediately

Not as bad as my scalp eczema/seborric dermatitis that I cant get treated because LOL 2 expensive

>> No.74593103

>Doormatt literally admits on stream just now that 7 vs 1 monster is dumb
>He keeps doing it

>> No.74593108

Baka Chika, just because the combat was over before it began doesn't mean the episode is.

>> No.74593110


>> No.74593112

He wanted to remind Matt of the grab attack to fuck over Beau, so I'll give him a pass for that one

>> No.74593122

who mentioned nazis? i'm talking about /pol/.
yeah, when people regurgitate the exact same onions-fueled conversations as those of /pol/, the largest and most well-known redditor attracting board on the website, it's probably /pol/ people, or people adjascent to it.
again, why are you so unbelievably triggered by mentioning it? you seem to have a severe victim complex.
if 50% of /pol/ was d&d talk, i would probably mention /tg/.

>> No.74593125

no one wants a dead player more than Liam and Sam

>> No.74593132

If you don't want to hear about /p*l/ you can always fuck off to reddit

>> No.74593140

>all normies are reddit
>if you call people who are AI generated clones of pol posts pol you must be a libtard commulist calling everyone a nazi
unironically kill yourself

>> No.74593144

Sperging about /pol/ is more cancerous than the actual political discussion going on.

>> No.74593146

Ashley tried!

>> No.74593153

That was before this site became ground zero of the right wing moron brigade.

>> No.74593156

Sometimes I feel bad for Sam/Travis. Both them clearly love the "exciting fucking oh shit we are doing something retarded and deadly" parts of DnD but they are stuck at the worst table for it.

The look of excitement Travis has whenever they get destroyed and Sam's giddyness to put himself in harms way have both died via C2

>> No.74593159

God, we haven't even hit hour 3 yet. The show probably won't even be over for another hour.

>> No.74593163

Your sperging out at a mere mention of the biggest board on this site is cancerous

>> No.74593166

No, I just don't want to hear obnoxious screeching about apparently how awful the big bad bogeyman is on /tg/ in a thread that has nothing to do with /pol/

>> No.74593170

Liam can't handle them doing the same to his though. He couldn't even handle Beau taking the bowl from Caleb.

>> No.74593172

>We missed Jester accidentally blenderizing Beau

She said something! It was wrong, but she participated! Someone get her a trophy!

>> No.74593179

>I said give me the HDYWTDTs every time!
>but marisha if I do it every time they will notice
>I don't care! I'm the main character!
>Y-yes marisha I'm sorry, I'll do better. N-next time. *sobs in corner*

>> No.74593182

you are more delusional and sensitive than a tranny

>> No.74593185

I said last thread, that the game would be a lot better if you cut out the right half of the players.

Like, Sam, Travis, Ashley and Laura would be so much more entertaining.

>> No.74593189

So what challenge level or enemy would be a challenge for a party for seven 12th level adventurers?

>> No.74593191

who couldn't handle which part?

>> No.74593197

groups of weaker enemies that have a better action economy than our heroes

>> No.74593198

Yes, I'm sure anon brought up /pol/ out of nowhere since this thread had absolutely nothing going on besides a discussion about a shitty D&D campaign

>> No.74593201

It's not cheating if the spell literally has you use the creature's statblock and Matt was dumb enough to have the damn things exist in the first place even though Polymorph makes no mention of having to see the creature like Shapechange does

>> No.74593203

>Liam thinks this is funny
>entire cast is forced to give a pity chuckle so he shuts up
big yikes

>> No.74593204

This. Even at the very beginning of C1, remember when they almost all died flying over that small army of...driw was it(?) Where like 3 of them almist died?

>> No.74593205

Bring in Brian and you'd have a great party.

>> No.74593210

This shitty make believe world is closer to reality than whatever the hell /pol/tards live in

>> No.74593211

Cutting down from 7 to 3.5 would definitely speed things up make the encounters more interesting

>> No.74593214

Three albino TRexes? With guns! That can fly!

>> No.74593219

I would recommend you visit them they're only a couple of boards down, but I know if you did that you're liable to start smashing shit up after only a few minutes of being exposed to anons on there.

>> No.74593221

challenge level isn't the problem. Matt is. He could throw an elder god at them and still find a way to let them win

>> No.74593223

Anybody here play? This is the one thread I feel my players wont visit.

I need ideas for an arctic ecosystem, flora and fauna. Don't need it to be realistic, fantastic would be much better, like wooly mammoths at the minimum.

>> No.74593225

I just love her so much

>> No.74593230

retards make me almost as angry as people playing a TTRPG wrong

>> No.74593233

I remember when Grog did something stupid and survived a disintegration or some shit with 1 HP
C1 was wild

>> No.74593237

And don't start the combat fuckin' asleep.

>> No.74593240

you MUST allow us to consume your hobby

>> No.74593244

I play in two different campaigns at the moment.

>> No.74593259

Well then enjoy your Critical Role lol.

>> No.74593274

Why is Marisha constantly such an asshole.

>> No.74593280

He died on 0 Int like 3 episodes in because he ran into an Intellect Devourer!

>> No.74593293

>Huehue no u drumph /pol/lacks ar the consoomers here.wojak

>> No.74593294

C1 was so much better bro

>> No.74593298

She's making Critical Role Great Again.

>> No.74593299

I didn't watch the early episodes due to the sounds issue

>> No.74593301

Maybe some tiny plants living on a shitty soil near geothermal vents? And of course some small creatures which feed on them
Also some huge ass mammals which can stay underwater motionlessly for long periods of time and they attack by breaking the ice above them when they detect something walking on it?

>> No.74593302

Should have been the last straw for Beau and Fjord. Liam couldn't even handle them kicking Caleb out, much less killing him. Marisha and Travis caved. Mustn't upset poor little Liam!

>> No.74593309

Matt pouts every time his players action economy his unbalanced encounters to death, I don't know why he doesn't do something unexpected or actually challenging
>Oh, one of your party startled the T-rex awake
>But it's okay, you can have an extra round! :)

>> No.74593312

such good improv

>> No.74593317

i don't know when this is from but it feels so genuinely sad

>> No.74593321

Haha nice image. I wish I knew how to make things like this. I want to do one with ashley doing that that confused ashley face she's always making haha.

>> No.74593333

Yes, he also got himself killed by trying to unattune Craven Edge

Vex came within like 5hp of permadying during the Briarwoods fight and only survived because she decided to drink a potion the turn before

Keyleth almost died twice during this arc as well by touching the orb inside the ziggurat where she barely survived and damage and rolled the minimum to not get shit out by herself in the Shadowfell

It's really fucking sad to look back at C1 now. Sure it still kinda sucked at times but the quality drop between Molly's death to now is precipitous.

>> No.74593335

I still consider The Kill Box to be one of the craziest and best fights in the entire series.
Actually, a lot of the C1 fights are...you know what C1 was pretty much just better in general.
The characters have more of a fleshed out backstory in c2, but Ibfeel that's caused a lot of them to be scared of any chance of them dying.

>> No.74593337

She's a White Feminist.

>> No.74593338

>Intellect Devourer tries to feed on Grog
>Starves to death
So sad.

>> No.74593345

haha ok

>> No.74593352

ok Marisha

>> No.74593360

Honestly much of the early campaign is more in fovr of Nott/Caleb than the rest. Specially with Molly/Beau acting like inquisitors while trying to act mysterious/

>> No.74593361

>She's a White
Should've stopped right there

>> No.74593365

wait did Sam do that to his hair just for the bit at the beginning? What a legend.

>> No.74593369

based 50 cent

>> No.74593371

Why are Marisha characters always alcoholics?

>> No.74593374

>Marisha says anything at all
>/crg/ shits on her

>> No.74593378

There goes Beau being lovable again

>> No.74593385

did the dinosaur do anything?

>> No.74593395

I feel like he did it for his kids during lockdown.

>> No.74593399

Marisha is probably an alcoholic.

>> No.74593400

She died

>> No.74593405

>time to lie to a total stranger, just because lol
god won't let me rest

>> No.74593407

Jesus Christ, Marisha is legitimately a retard.

>> No.74593408

was the victim of a surprise round despite waking up, god cut up by some flying barbed wire, and then died to action economy with beau in its mouth

>> No.74593427

Why can't she ever do anything right?

>> No.74593430

>Sam immediately recognising a member of his old troupe

>> No.74593431

>time to also insult said stranger and proclaim that she thinks this whole thing is a scam
please god let it end

>> No.74593436

>guy on twitch sends me a whisper
>"Nice message. So you're from /crg/ too?"

>> No.74593447

She's such a needless cunt to literally every stranger that she can't fuck, it's incredible.

>> No.74593454

>Marisha doesn't even recognize her own mother
>Sam immediately recognizes an unimportant NPC that showed up once

>> No.74593455

Remorhaz. Giant elks. White dragons. Yetis. Primroses. Pine trees. Wendigos. Polar bears. Mistletoe and holly plants. White rabbits. Arctic foxes. Seals and walruses. Winter wolves.

>> No.74593456

>Random stranger extends to Beau an act of kindness and generosity
>Beau mocks his beliefs, denigrates him and acts unappreciative and generally like an asshole
She's just the worst.

>> No.74593459

She's a cunt to her own party too

>> No.74593460

A retard is only as retarded as those who enable it

>> No.74593462

sam was the only one who even recognized keyleth's mom by name (marisha was lol).
he seems like he's the only one who genuinely appreciates the game, and obviously misses the old one. I wonder if it's because he's watched c1 recently in lockdown.

>> No.74593467

Gotta remind people of a much, much better campaign.

Did you know Exandria has a very popular hat style called a fedora?

>> No.74593480

haha no really I wish I could make it but I can't because I don't know how but I think you should make it. Like Ashley making a regular face and thing faded out her making this confused face...anon come on i believe in you!

haha jk jk jk....unless?

>> No.74593489

You could have weird semi-undead roaming there as their flesh is preserved by the cold. I did this once with wights.
There are really good homebrew wendigo stats you can find online too.

>> No.74593492

that's not so bad
>Matt just makes the fucker accept it and act like it's no big deal
This is the problem.

>> No.74593495

>Nine Eyes
How long until they remember the three giant monsters (Ukotoa and his two buddies) and their three magic eyeball gems?

>> No.74593496

Go dig that motherfucker up

>> No.74593501

>(marisha was lol).
marisha was last*

>> No.74593506

That's why they call her caboose

>> No.74593518

Oh. I thought you called her that because she has a surprisingly nice ass.

>> No.74593520

I mean if he played it normally every NPC would want to fuck Beau's shit up. Can't have that.

>> No.74593533

i think you could, it might actually convince them that their actions have consequences

>> No.74593534


>> No.74593540

Yeah. What a horrible person. I wouldn't be surprised if she burned her parents alive and then hid from justice for years with Lich-like ambition to control time itself. Oh wait...

>> No.74593552

i would hate fuck marisha

>> No.74593559

It wasn't his fault he was just following orders like a good soldier :^)

>> No.74593567

>Shows remorse and wants to make amends for his actions
Streets ahead of Beau

>> No.74593573

i thought he was literally brainwashed into doing it

>> No.74593574

>having a tragic backstory is the same as being a dick to literally everyone
lol ok fag

>> No.74593589

jester is a horny slut

>> No.74593596

I would hate to fuck her too

>> No.74593598

>Tries to "accidentally" kill companions who have saved his life.
Real remorseful guy there.

>> No.74593604

and beau

>> No.74593622

Anon, anon.

They both suck.

>> No.74593645

Based anon

>> No.74593646

>highly intelligent
>keen mind
>"forgets" fireball might also kill buddy right next to enemy

>> No.74593658

If The Traveler and Jester fucked right now I would lose my mind

>> No.74593661

So, he IS planning on killing them all and ascending to true to shoot or something, right?

>> No.74593677

>ywn rp a 1on1 conversation with laura

>> No.74593687

In the middle of the town square while everyone has to watch Berserk ascension sacrifice style.

>> No.74593694

omg omg omg *giggle squee* is it happening???

>> No.74593699

Seconds until Liam gets jealous and needs to monologue or have a chat with another PC....

>> No.74593710

Jesus christ Orion give it a rest

>> No.74593713

Caleb pulls Frumpkin aside. "What the fakk are we doing HERE? I love you. We'll get through this." Caleb walks away.

>> No.74593721

kek I can see it now
>before we move on I want to....
>*everyone looks away except travis*
>...pull fjord aside...

>> No.74593727

Is it a sin to have sex with your own god?

>> No.74593739

Probably more of a sacrament desu

>> No.74593741

I had considered the microbes living in ice, like iceworms in real life. I really like that idea though, like a fucking Dune worm but ice, that's a good one.

>> No.74593742

Quick repeat one thing Ashley has said this episode.

>> No.74593749

pls stop bullying my waifu

>> No.74593755


>> No.74593756

Nah, he wants everyone to march up the volcano to the rim for purely benevolent purposes

>> No.74593776


>> No.74593799


>> No.74593807

Hey, look at this dialogue that advances the "Veth retires" storyarc!

"Don't forget you have advantage."

She was wrong, but she said it.
Also, some thug about arts and crafts.

>> No.74593812

Fjord is always sad

>> No.74593824

Why is chat spamming 'trans rights'

>> No.74593833

Wishing Nott was here to eat the flowers the moment the scene ended

>> No.74593836

duhhh colors :DDDD

>> No.74593851

Because the colours of the flowers are apparently the colours of the tranny flag. Fucking liberal scum

>> No.74593853

Because trans rights are human rights.

>> No.74593860

>having chat open

>> No.74593870

i miss C1 man

>> No.74593874

what even happened

>> No.74593877

What the fuck just happened in the last 2 minutes? I was knocked out and everyone is crying apparently.

>> No.74593882

We all do, anon. We all do.

>> No.74593886

Say it loud and proud: This is Namek as FUCK.

>> No.74593887

c1 character's mom went home after disappearing for decades

>> No.74593888

>"Lovely little scene"
He's going to be fuming!

>> No.74593892

Keyleth reunites with her momma

>> No.74593900

Every single complaint about C2 is present in C1.

>> No.74593930

Dinosaur battle for no reason, said dicks a lot. That's all I could remember. At least it was entertaining. I could watch it again. 7/10.

>> No.74593933

With the exception of Travis and Sam, every C1 character is worse than their c2 counterpart.

>> No.74593935

I don't know, man. I didn't complain about Beau once in C1.

>> No.74593939

>mvp again this week
>/crg/ is still mad at Marisha

>> No.74593953

But you complained about marisha.

>> No.74593959

sure bud, if you say so

>> No.74593973

I hate Beau as much as the next guy but Keyleth was 1000x worse. Y'all motherfuckers forgetful.

>> No.74593997

Haha, yeah. I never stopped.

>> No.74594024

Rate this episode out of 10.

>> No.74594025

I legitimately just skip forward if Keyleth speaks for an extended period. I don't know if I hate Keyleth more because I can't even stand to listen to her or if I hate Beau more because I actually hear more of what she says.

>> No.74594042

5 maybe? It had a fight, some jokes, not much happened but it wasn't 3 hours of whining, planning and dodging plot hooks.

>> No.74594050

ngl comfy episode but I also spaced out during the combat so w/e

>> No.74594090

I feel like it's been TravlerCon next week for the last 7 months

>> No.74594092

>cringe image
>cringier post

>> No.74594112

What was that vokodo vision they saw again
It’s the only thing that could save this show

>> No.74594140


>> No.74594176

Anon your pet is guilty. Black people can do bad things. Sorry you had to find out from me.

>> No.74594205

>not a single hurricane Laura joke
What's wrong with this thread? I thought I was on 4chan...the edgelord capital of the world..

>> No.74594245

No one cares about fly over land

>> No.74594265

Meh. A hurricane is small potatoes this year. Maybe when it does something significant.

>> No.74594266

>best and most popular player is named laura
>known for having temper tantrums when things don't go her way in game
>hurricane with the same name destroying a part of the only important country in the world

The jokes and reference write themselves. No, I'm right for being upset with you 4channers. I thought you guys were the asshole of the internet? More like the belly button.

>> No.74594277

>you 4channers
Fuck off back to your hole, Reddit.

>> No.74594297

>cringe reply

>> No.74594407

Being forced to be a serf is the same as willingly buying an overpriced iphone. I am very intelligent.

>> No.74594531

Anyone still here

>> No.74594558

Same stale pics since 2016.

>> No.74594572

kek loser.

>> No.74594574

Liam is the worst player at the table

>> No.74594605

Ok Auts, I have watched a bit of season 2 (like 10 episodes or so) and have thought of picking it up again, should I just watch from the beginning of season 1? The Production value of Season 2 makes me want to just start from there

>> No.74594664

Posts like this are a concession. Accepted.

>> No.74594677

Season 1's production gets better. You can just skip to about episode 27 or so and not miss too much of value. You'll also avoid most of Orion's cringy bullshit which is nice. Personally though, I'd recommend just nutting up and grinding through it.

That being said, the campaigns are stand alones. While there are some references to C1, you don't need to have watched it for C2. So you just do whatever you're most comfortable with.

>> No.74595326

To be fair, the M9 are just reaching the levels where the streams started for Vox Machina,and if it weren't for the grace cleric, Beau's would have been chomped in half.

>> No.74595611

Jesus christ look at their faces when they have to deal with Marisha.
>if you only knew how bad things really are

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