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A cute edition
Ignore/report the usual shitposts sub-edition

Previous Realm: >>74485292

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database

>AoS Battletomes
>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks


>TQ: If all but Deepkin are left from WHU; will they add new 'factions' like Kurnothi or will they just do more variants of the existing factions?

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I'm still here, waiting on you to open the listing.

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https://www.ebay.com /itm/283987560401
Its close to the general msrp. I have a very old Harry the Hammer new in box in the listing as well so its above mrsp because there is no value for that. The numbers are just there so you can pitch me an offer using ebay and we can talk through that. Thanks a million man. If you need any more chaos warriors or knights I have a bunch still not pictured.

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The age of the snake is starting soon. Join or become a fucking slave.

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post yfw Broken Realms: King Brodd releases alongside a behemat hero kit.

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Can I join to become a slave used for fucking?

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Edits edits edits.

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Just as planned....

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Tell me, is it true that he has a huge bone?

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What's all the hate for Nagash all of a sudden? Everybody used to ride his dick around here.

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Well, kinda hard to dickride someone with no dick.

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I love what I'm looking at, just a few questions: are all pieces included? I noticed a few marauders are missing heads and the chariots were missing their bases. Also, are the minis primed? Finally this is the first you've mentioned Harry the Hammer, is he actually for sale? If so, what's his status/quality?

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No, but seriously, aelf-pussy. I wish GW would just confirm half-aelves already.

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give me the quick rundown on age of sigmar. last I heard everyone hated it for killing fantasy and said it was shit. I just started playing 40k though and am already sick of space marines so I thought I would give it another look. does anyone play the game on tts or do I have to find people in real life?

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It's still shit, but now you don't have to pretend to have a stache.
Instead you have to buy the free points terrain or be gimped and also your faction's spell templates, and don't forget your lists are still as anemic as always despite condensing several books into 1 for many armies.
Please buy more centerpiece models!

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Yeah I was going to give you all the marauder bits including the heads. If you prefer I can include some spare chaos warrior heads so you can keep it consistant. I have the bases but I forgot to take a picture of the bases but I have them. The manticors second rider is primed a chariot is primed, archaon is primed and has some base layers painted on. The rider on the warshine is primed and I put a book in his hand instead of an empty hand so you can do some cool tzeench thing with it if you want. harry the hammer is a SUPER cool old model that I forgot I had until I pulled all this stuff out. Its New in box and unbuilt or primed. Its pretty good condition. If you also want a battletome and teh warscroll cards I have them around somewhere

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already confirmed not possible in that wanderers book. they're ostracised by both races and can't have kids (at least naturally, it never goes into magical assistance).

he's just replied to himself so it doesn't matter.

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Also are you one of the people following the listing? My listing is blowing up for some reason.

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Ask Grombrindal in White Dwarf by emailing them. Ask if half-breeds are a thing in AoS because so far that's a negative. GW specifically wants to avoid that because it is stepping back into D&D territory.

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definitely some of the best AoS art. Post kino art

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>make the setting more like DnD
>have more human/aelf couples than human/human and aelf/aelf
>"we don't want to be DnD"
Corporate functions by an alien train of thought devoid of the sense given to the common man.

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Post your broken realm predictions:

>BOOK 1: Morathi - DoK, ID, HoS
>BOOK 2: Nagash - LoN, NH, MoN
>BOOK 3: Thanquol - Skaven, Seraphon, GG
>BOOK 4: Grungni - Fyreslayers, Dispossesed, KO
>BOOK 5: Gorkamorka - Orcs, Ogres, CoS
>BOOK 6: Tyrion - LR, BoC, SoB
>BOOK 7: Archeon - StD, Khorne, OB
>BOOK 8: Sigmar - SE, FEC, Sylvaneth

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>BOOK 5: We Apologize - Sylvaneth, BoC, NH

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>have more human/aelf couples
Pretty sure they don't. Regardless the point is half-elves being a thing, not the two being couples. There is a slight but very important difference. You can fuck elf pussy but you won't get her pregnant. Half-Elves introduces a lot of issues and starts to muddy the waters. It becomes more like D&D as I said. As I'm sure you're aware, WHFB was essentially just a D&D campaign for 10 years before they became their own thing (with heavy influence). You add half-elves and people want a half-elf faction and you gotta deal with all that stuff. I think GW just wanna keep it simple as possible. Human, elf, dwarf.

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Brand new kino.

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I've got the battletome on route plus the pdf so I should be fine. Also I bought it at the listed price, figured there was no point being picky with a charity purchase. If you could send the warrior heads as well that would be great!

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>BOOK 3: Thanquol - Skaven, Seraphon, GG
Why Thanquol when you've missed out Teclis?

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Will broken realms lead to breaking up the GAs or introduce another in 3rd ed?

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for vince complaining about eavy metal and them painting women, for the curious

skip to 20:20

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it'll be a book per elf god I bet

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My guess is starting in november one book every 2-3 months for a year or 18 months before a 2022 release of 3rd edition where the only major shakeup i expect is grand alliances just going away as the increased roster makes them more limiting to designing future races/armies and limits existing ones to "but that unit wouldn't fit order" style issues.

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How are half-aelves any worse than fish aelves, cow aelves, monstergirl aelves, tree aelves, and beastman aelves?
A mixed population is far less complicated than any of those muddying the waters already.

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Why does it look like there's some Daughters on the Idoneth side? Just left of the claws of the dude's seahorse. They've got the pointy Daughter crests on their heads.

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Why Order is even a GA? Seriously i never saw something with less cohesion in my fucking life. Is a miracle they have any kind of collaboration...

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>Why Order is even a GA? Seriously i never saw something with less cohesion in my fucking life. Is a miracle they have any kind of collaboration...

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Because those are elves and not half-elves? What are you not getting about this? As I said, already there has been a BL book about how they can't do it. But lets assume your list is muddying the waters.. do you really think it is wise to muddy it further with half-elves? Again, this topic has been covered by novels. Feel free to email White Dwarf and they'll ask the creators.

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Basically they're all the factions that aren't seeking to actively destroy the world. They may not really like each other but working together is better than getting turned into fucking skeletons or sentient piles of shit

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the ones with bows? look where they are aiming and what is falling after being shot with arrows

in the grimdarkness of the far ???, there is only betrayal and backstabbing

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Thanks friend! I will go to the store and get the shipping ready to go and send it out with tracking on monday! I appreciate it a lot and Ill probably spend most of it getting my cousin something super nice. Ill make sure he knows its from you anon.

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Because it's extremely lazy and doesn't do what you claim it does.

>> No.74495417

I assume it's some that have not been engaged yet, there seems to be a dude facing them (under the mount). Alternatively there could be a civil war... but I seriously doubt that. So just a maelstrom of battle thing. They're shooting the eel rider off his mount.

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>finally, a hero for DoK that isn't Morathi or in the Cauldron of blood kit
>Limited edition box set exclusive fucker!
Anyone familiar with AM from I have no mouth and I must scream? I think I can feel a minuscule part of his hatred right now.

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What is extremely lazy? What did I claim it does? It's lazy that GW doesn't want to start putting half-breeds in their game? Like asking why 40k doesn't have them any more - because GW doesn't want to. As I said, go and ask if there are hybrids or not. But based on the info we have the answer is 'no'.

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Could we see more Slaanesh mortals? The dual release of this model and the Underworlds warband has given me hope.

>> No.74495469

Yes. They did it before.

>> No.74495471

It will be released individually at a later date, fear not. All of these HQs have been so far.

>> No.74495478

Welcome to every battle box, the first prison break was spring so expect the solo release around then.

>> No.74495505

ok but tell me about the funny flying dwarves. are they good? can you still make a pike and shot army like empire in fantasy?

>> No.74495513

They described the battle box as just the beginning, so I’m feeling optimistic with that and the underworlds box.

>> No.74495534

>can you still make a pike and shot army like empire in fantasy
No, because formations don't like tercios anymore.

>> No.74495555

Yes, we'd better throw a complete shitfit over it. It's not like it's happened like six times before and the hero unit has always been released individually later. We'd better all go off the rails and shitpost until GW changes what they've done for the entire existence of AoS.

>> No.74495565

>more DoK
Don't hurt my heart anon. I want more monstergirls and this is a cruel tease!

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finally the warm bloods understand the greatness of sotek

>> No.74495582

Flying dwarves shoot and their boats can leave the table and arrive wherever they want 9” away, taking its passengers and nearby balloon dwarves with them.
You can do a pike and shot empire army in Cities of Sigmar, but mileage may vary.

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3RD EDITION PREDICTION: Its called 'broken realms' because the grand alliances all fall apart and its every race for themselves.

Nagash is dealt a serious blow by chaos and loses control of the nighthaunt, fec and his legions which become the new vampire counts.

Morathi's plans get revealed shattering the trust in the order alliance and people go their seperate ways.

The Silent Ones wake up starting a war of consumption across ghur leading to all out waaagh amongst the forces of destruction.

and Slaanesh being free totally upsets the balance of power amongst the chaos pantheon causing wars for dominance.

3rd edition launches. The grand alliances are dead. Folks have more meaningful alliances like the dwarf soup or sylvaneth and stormcast while others like daughters and seraphon kill each other on sight.

bonus twist: with nagash losing any influence the already loosely influenced flesh eater court become the closest thing to 'good' in an undead faction and even in their delusion become less troglodytic and more knightly/lords and ladies types even though they remain disgusting strigoi.

>> No.74495599

Did we get any useful information about lumineth this time around?

>> No.74495601

Idk if DoK would get much more, they already have a good sized range, we were talking more about mortals of Slaanesh getting a range, since its strange that all the other Chaos Gods have mortals except Slaanesh.

>> No.74495613

I would like this a lot

>> No.74495631

You get an underworlds band with a wizard, a river aspect swordsman, a hammerer, and some other stuff in December.

>> No.74495640

I'm thinking of a ogre conversion for a build your own hero.

>Tyrant on Rhinox chariot
Tyrant on top of the cart from a ironblaster.
>Tyrant or Firebelly on Magmadroth
Hero kit plus any magmadroth kit or start collecting box, maybe replace the Tyrant's spearhead with an axe from the sprue
>Tyrant on Karkadrak
This is the one I'd probably prefer, but I'm not sure if the lizard would be too small for a tyrant. An irongut might work, but their legs are probably too close together to fit.
All of them would be tossed on a 120mm oval so it could alternately be used for a counts as Frostlord on stonehorn

Any thoughts on the options?

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>they already have a good sized range
>10 models, 6 of which are heroes
>good sized range

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File: 546 KB, 1600x1094, Preview 2 Ogre Preview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tyrant on a big ol' crab

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File: 54 KB, 308x500, LordOfSlaanesh3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes please. Khorne cant be the only god.with a complete range.

Also please bring back pick related chad.

>> No.74495721

Poles make good shit, too bad it's all Fantashit proxies.

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File: 935 KB, 1920x1080, 1598104056926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come on anon. Just look at this picture. We need shadow slaves/heroes and more monstergirls.

>> No.74495731

Well maybe they could use some more. Me and the other anon were specifically talking about mortals of Slaanesh getting releases though.

>> No.74495732

wtf does this post even mean?

>> No.74495740

Great model but I only really have GW to play at once 'Rona calms down, so no third party

>> No.74495744

How many of those are women? I can't say it

>> No.74495757

I mean, sure maybe, but Slaanesh still has no mortals, which was what we were more discussing. Idk enough about DoK to make a call on whether they need new units, but at least they have some tabletop representation.

>> No.74495787

God just show me that slaangor and the knight, it looks so similar to the old chaos lord on mount.

>> No.74495789

Every single Polish model maker only makes stand ins for Warhammer Fantasy because they are a backwards people and still play it on a national level.

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I think they're all supposed to be

>mfw one of the preview stream hosts referred to the crossbow one as 'he' during the stream

>> No.74495809

Looks like 5.

>> No.74495816

Let me translate, I'm an expert in grognard-English interpretation:
"Third-party model makers of polish nationality produce high-quality miniatures. It's a pity they are all intended for proxying units found in the now-unsupported Warhammer Fantasy Battles wargame."

>> No.74495827

DoK is the all female faction anon. So all of them. You can only be a mindless slave if you have penis in DoK territory

>> No.74495828

Crossbow dude and the one casting a spell are dudes.The rest are all female.

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File: 68 KB, 1000x345, Reaper+Miniature+Painting+(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bullshit they are all women.

>> No.74495839

actually sure, I'd take this

>> No.74495840

I beat they’re a lot more readable as female without the ‘Eavy Metal faces.

>> No.74495845

No way man, more than that are male. I swear the sisters of slaughter are actually brothers.

>> No.74495857

Would love to see them. Hoping for a full AoS range to tie into Hedonites in the future.

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File: 28 KB, 326x261, B3A52211-101D-4A02-A4C5-72DCBA9D637A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chances this guy can be put on a boob snake >>74495455 I don’t mind using a scalpel

>> No.74495879

What’re your hopes for Ogors in AoS’s psychic awakening?

>> No.74495882

okay but the models work as proxies for ogre mawtribes? it's still applicably to AoS

in fact almost all the titan forge models are applicable to AoS

>> No.74495890

Resin Butcher gets replaced, they finally deal with the "are maneaters just bruisers now?" issue and we get a Gnoblar hero.

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File: 5.62 MB, 767x1363, Sig Wars.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>New fags will never remember Malign Portents on /aosg/

>> No.74495902

Sorry for the lorelet question but... Who the fuck are the "Silent Ones"?

>> No.74495909
File: 143 KB, 800x800, komainu-spearmen-cavalry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only by proxy of them using the same models as Ogre Kingdoms.
A proxy of a proxy of a proxy.

>> No.74495915

A build your own maneater kit like the new slave ogryns would be sick.

>> No.74495923

This is stupid. Why do you fucking people even post shit like this? When you know it's stupid.

This is the same shit as the faggots posting their dream WARHAMMER 50K: THE END OF THE IMPERIUM with new characters that have dark souls boss names like Old Forgotten King and Vrant, the Craven Lord and dumb shit like that.

Seriously though, part of me likes the idea of the politics of the realms falling apart, but going too hard into that theme just turns it into 40k, which is gay and dumb and a bad idea. Part of why I think AoS works is because you can have different factions and races interacting with more nuance than INFINITE NONSTOP WAR UNTIL THE END OF TIME WHEN CHAOS WINS.

Also, the Necroquake buffed the shit out of Nagash. It wouldn't make any sense for him to suddenly grow considerably weaker so suddenly. However, it would be cool to see FEC turn into like a rebel faction that Nagash keeps trying to bring into line, but they fight too hard for him to fully subdue without "killing" them. Turning FEC into good guys is stupid though and you should feel stupid for suggesting it.

>> No.74495927

I remember those votations kek. Epic times specially the Khorne deathstar destruction and the seer genocide.

>> No.74495932

into this

>> No.74495933

Not bcr anon, but I'd personally like to see firebellies fleshed out into a third subfaction of Ogors. iirc, they're the only hero that doesn't have BCR or gutbusters keyword.

Gutbusters=melee/ranged infantry
BCR= cavalry and monsters
Firebellies= more dedicated spellcasters

>> No.74495940

The weird bug shaped skulls and statues in beast grave allude to the silent ones, no idea if that’s just backstory.

>> No.74495951

I can be excited for one and only AoS release: Khazalid Empire. True dwarfs return.

>> No.74495970

sounds like they have great taste desu. probably the reason they're good at modeling

>> No.74495972

what do you expect them to do? they cant make 1 to 1 copies of AoS stuff. the whole point of switching to AoS was so GW could make hyper-copywritable versions of generic fantasy units.

but unless you are copying stormcast eternals exactly, virtually every army is at least in some portion a hold over of WHFB, theres like a handful that arent

kharadron, stormcast, deepkin, lumineth

and even then deepkin and kharadron both have proxies now

>> No.74495974

>book 1: New hero and unit for deepkin, the dok/hos stuff we know about plus a rebalance
>book 2: lon are vampire coast, nighthaunt just get every unit warscrolls redone and maggotkin get external shit rolled in like pestigors to replace needing two other tomes for example.
>book 3: plastic acolytes and new eshin hero, plastic saurus, chameleons and slann and gitz get all their fucking faqs and wd shit finally compiled into a heavy rebalance.
>book 4: new slayers unit, new dispossesed hero and kos faq/rebalancing gets collected vs tzeentch that gets a mutations kit for possesed marauders/warriors
>book 5: new orc unit, ogre resin get replaced, cities get warrior priests and church terrain piece
>book 6: water and fire casts, new beast hero and rebalance and sons of behemat get a heavy faq after releasing broken as fuck a few months earlier, waacfag tears everywhere.
>book 7: new marauder kits, khorne rebalance and bonereapers get a heavy rework.
>book 8: stormcast heros for the none hammer hosts, fec get a mounted "knights" equivalent and sylvaneth do something with orion and the beast elves.

>> No.74496011

Whats the cheapest army to collect? Just started a 2nd 40k army but used to play wfb and wanna try aos

>> No.74496026

I think the crossbow one and the pointing spellfinger one are supposed to be dudes, they have "sixpack" type abs, while the rest are either obvious witch elves or have visible tits/columnar abs, with the only edge case being the one throwing (or whatever) their cape in front of them, but based on the inexplicably sculpted mouth I think that's a lady

>> No.74496038
File: 87 KB, 1000x421, GenConreveals-Aug1-WHUWKurnothi11vhgwr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wheeeen? Perfect moment for them!

>> No.74496048

flesh eater courts, 2 start collectings and an arch regent gets you a 2000pts army.

>> No.74496054

Probably ogors, they seem to have the lowest model count across the board. You can probably also get SCE stuff off ebay for pretty cheap.

>> No.74496087


either of these>>74496048
easy to play, both can do very well on the table, and easy to paint as well.

alternatively daemons. maybe not as cheap, but because the army is compatible with 40k, you can build an army that you can use in both games and double your value, and if it turns out you dont care for AoS, you can still use them in 40k

>> No.74496100

you could probably make a really shitty all-liberator/prosecutor/starter set character stormcast list on ebay for very cheap

>> No.74496105

2000 point list with 3 SC beastclaw raiders
12 mournfangs
3 stonehorn/thundertusk models

Build one frostlord, one huskard, and one as riders. if you build the huskard or riders both as stonehorns, you can then choose to take one of 2 battalions of the 4 BCR battalions.

>> No.74496131
File: 105 KB, 1000x801, 1598111825114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When will elves get delicious tummies like necromunda chads get!?

>> No.74496207

you can magnetize the heads and riders on beastclaw behemoths super easily. not that you would ever take a thundertusk, but its nice to have the option.

i actually do think there is 1 thundertusk build that has some play, but it's situational. you take it with alvugar ancient. then, you keep it in base contact with a unit of ironguts and send them moving around as a single unit. go park them both on an objective and wait for your opponent to come to you and force you off the objective.

a lot of armies dont have ways to deal with a fight last aura vs something that hits as hard as ironguts, and the thundertusk can still participate across the board at range via snowball/vulture/pulverising hailstorm.

i mean obviously there are armies that just wont give a fuck like anything that shoots, or armies that fight out of phase like ironjawz

>> No.74496268

Its more expensive than that since you want units to summon. The actual cheapest playable army is probably three beast claw raiders SC made into a 2k Eurlbad.

>> No.74496303

I feel like the thundertusk would best work with a range list that primarily focuses on leadbelchers and ironblasters/scrap launchers, helping to intercept enemy fast movers that target the artillery

>> No.74496400

FL on Thundertusk really isn't that bad statistically. Its very hard to kill if you take rimefrost hide and does decent damage that isn't reliant on charging.

>> No.74496433

tried it. it's crap. leadbelchers are still better at fighting than they are at shooting, and thats even with the underguts bonus helping them out.

ironblasters and scrap launchers simply do not hit hard enough and the ironblaster is too short range to really have any meaningful impact. the stonehorns project threat across the table just as quickly and do far more damage and have far more survivability for the points, and also count as more models for scoring and are rewarded for being up field on objectives. the artillery is just too weak and are dead weight.

the whole point of the alvagar thundertusk build is that it doesnt mind getting up the field and being on an objective, still lends some ranged firepower which is actually fairly usable against infantry or clumped units, its tough to put down and can heal itself, and it grants a very useful support aura to your better ogres

but you would never take the thundertusk without alvagar ancient. without that, it simply isnt useful enough to just be an artillery piece. the point of the fights last aura combo'd with the ironguts is that it counters some of their counters, namely "fights first" assholes, and other forced "fights last" stuff like slaanesh

>> No.74496458

Yeah, keyword shitty. Stormcast aren't a cheap army if you want to be decent due to needing a ton of $35 heroes.

>> No.74496487

Is destruction just dogshit at this point? it feels like they got really left behind this year.

>> No.74496503

its a lot worse. forstlord on thundertusk vs frostlord on stonehorn both have the same spear profile, so you are trading 6 attacks at 4s and 3s -2 flat 3 damage and d6 attacks 3s and 2s -1 d3 damage for just 4 attacks 3s and 2s -1 d3 damage and blasts of frost wreathed ice. yes the thundertusk has -1 to hit, but the stonehorn has stone skeleton which is effectively 30% damage mitigation from all sources, including mortals and ranged. blast of frost wreathed ice gets you at best 6 mortals VS a unit with 20 or more models, and significantly less against anything else.

thats not taking into account the stonehorns extra 4" of speed, +1 damage on the charge, or black clatterhorn/metal cruncher and the impact dice from being much more likely to get the charge off on your opponent with your much higher speed

>> No.74496512

Hey, it's a shitty economy and I'm just doing my part to keep the less lucky afloat. Spend locally, make sure cash is going in your neighbors's pockets!

I don't think there'll be a complete shattering, but rather a realignment of sorts. I can see Maleron heading up a new "Grand Alliance Darkness" or something equally silly.

>> No.74496570


If nothing else, making Snakes playable will at least double their effective options.

>> No.74496596
File: 150 KB, 1000x673, GloomspiteGitzDesignersNotes-Dec27-NightGoblinsArt7bt-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no. mawtribes are in a healthy spot, not top tables but far from the bottom, and i would say about 60% of their units are good, which is more than a lot of armies can say. it just happens that their artillery (and yetis and frostsabers and maneaters and the hunter) arent among them.

ironjawz do regularly (or did) take top tables and are very strong, with bonesplitters still seeing decent mid table play due to the strength of the great waaagh

gloomspite are in a very rough spot because of 2 issues that are specific. one is easily fixable and the other is not. the first, is points. a unit of stabbas clocks in at 360 points which is about the highest premium any army pays for a disposable 6+ save chaff unit, nevermind the highly expensive support units needed to make them work (140 per 5 wounds of fanatics, 70 for a loonboss, another 90 for a shaman, 70 for snufflers, etc etc etc), and other units like troggs, spiders, and squigs are all still quite overcosted. the second problem, and this is the hard one, is that their army is HIGHLY reliant on random mechanics such as the moon, fanatics, virtually all squig units speed. i mean take a look at boingrot bounders and compare them to black knights, both are armored charge based cavalry. black knights are in a slow army but still have flat speed 12. bounders can spike as high as 12 with double 6s, but otherwise average 7 and can get as low as 2. given that GW considers the random aspect of the army to be a key feature and not a bug, this will not be fixed any time soon and makes them undependable as fuck, thus uncompetitive short of very hefty points drops or powerful tack on rules

>> No.74496610


I like the idea too, but you can get a pretty solid wizard list just using Butchers now, correct? Bring the Wizardflesh Apron or run Bloodgullet, get a Vortex, and bammo you’ve got a Butcher that can shoot 3 good spells a turn.

>> No.74496616

witch elf kit
cauldron kit
fugly riders

core of the army, morathi and the two scalies kits added on in aos
sure it isn't the range with the largest potential for variety, but it definitely had room to grow

thankfully, underworlds band with easy hag proxy, and now snake boss is shifting to the up and up

>> No.74496635

I can't believe this is turning into the year of Kharadron Overlords, Daughters of Khaine and Maggotkin of Nurgle.

What a fucking year 2020 has been.

>> No.74496655

>year of the rat
>no rats, just pestilens IRL

>> No.74496660

No it isn't good in comparison to a FL Stonehorn of course, but in a vacuum it isn't a terrible unit in and of itself. It compares favorably to something more tame, like SH Beastriders.

>> No.74496683

yeah, bloodgullet gives you effectively 70pt per cast wizards instead of 140 pt per cast wizards. it doubles their output, allowing you to still put out 6 casters worth of magic with 3 dudes. the issue is, butchers and slaughtermasters magic is almost purely support with 1 or 2 exceptions. this isnt a bad thing, but it means that your units do all the heavy lifting, and your casters are buffing them, as opposed to what i think the firebellies advocates would desire which is closer to a tzeentch or stormcast style of spellcasting flinging mortal wounds everywhere and having the casters deal direct damage

>> No.74496743


>Tfw your the only faction that's not totally splintered and at war with one another all the time

Nagash is cool because not only is he evil, but he's a self-made evil without the grimderp wanking of the Chaos gods. Everything he does is because he's a self-serving bastard, with a sprinkle of rewarding his own for loyalty.

He also has the most interesting and thematic armies in the game: Whether it's the Nighthaunt, Flesh Eater Courts, Ossiarchs or the Legions, you get a lot of cool undead units that can do cool shit. And the neatest thing is, the fact that all these factions fight one another, but ultimately serve under Nagash makes the faction feel scary, but still diverse.

>> No.74496748


Good point! I actually played a game with my Ogors for the first time just two days ago (had the army for months though, damn you COVID!), 1k pts, and ran it as a Bloodgullet force. Unfortunately the only spell I was able to get off was Ribcracker the entire game, I was super optimistic about the potential of the Voracious Maw.

>> No.74496767

but it's not in a vacuum. bot hare competing for the same 350-400 pt gap in your list, and in that sense the SH beastriders are also competing against the frostlord on stone horn and they lose that game too, which is why you always see 1 or 2 frostlords on stonehorn and rarely any stonehorn beastriders. you occasionally see a huskard on stonehorn for the way his CA stacks with mournfangs for some silly charge damage, but thats a case of additional utility.

thats why the alvgar ancient HUSKARD thundertusk actually has a leg to stand on here. it piles on so much additional utility that it begins to have a compelling argument against the MASSIVE damage and speed you are giving up from the frostlord on stonehorn. its not enough to just have the blast of ice, the huskard also brings the prayers and the blood vulture which let you do targetted mortal wounds on top of the blast, pulverising hailstorm smacking units in a 6" circle for d3 mortal wounds. all of this synergizes with alvugar ancient by contributing dispite not charging, where a frostlord on thundertusk would essentially just be sitting around wishing he could swing his spear but not having much else to do since nothing is coming his way.

>> No.74496795

a little advice, save your best casts for last. if you have 6 casts lets say, and the opponent has 4 unbinds, cast your least important spells first. this forces your opponent to either use up his unbinds in the hope that you fail the later casts, or let a bunch of lesser spells through in hopes of stopping the big ones later. this doesnt apply as much if he has you matched in unbinds equal to your casts, but is still a good practice

>> No.74496837

BCR: Re-do overhaul on Tusk warscrolls, even if it means moving in a different direction than frost lasers. Make a priest hunter and overhaul prayers. Write prayers befitting a 300pt monster priest instead of shit like 'bring back one yeti' or 'D3mws if you roll a 4+ and then a 3+'. One named character would be nice/hero on mournfang.

Guts: New butcher/slaughtermaster model with +1 to cast on warscroll. Mr potato head style maneater kit with lots of options and then a warscroll that gives them a purpose.

Both: battalions that aren't so restrictive, sub-faction rebalance. More mechanical callbacks to their rule set-ups that went nowhere like gulping bites, hungry/eating, and mawpot.

Silly stuff like Meatfist faction: eating gluttons that didn't charge have rend-1 and your tyrant gets 4 big names.

Firebelly model is so great, I wouldn't mind an expansion on the theme. Trouble is so many gutbuster models are old and horrible that I'd like an update to those models too, and I'm not kidding myself about some big ogor update.

>> No.74496848

Don't forget to add some fun interactions with the Gulping Bite attacks.

>> No.74496853

Scratch that, I can't read apparently.

>> No.74496894
File: 68 KB, 600x583, 7F7D6733-9A57-4CE7-A0C3-7DB503057F8F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the Lumineth book still not scanned? I don’t see it in the Mega.

>> No.74496953

what i would like to see is that tusks double down on the frost laser and prayers. go full ranged battletank/utility buffmobiles. dont try to have them compete with stonehorns for the same roll, but make them better and more distinct at their current role. if you cant give the frost lasers more damage because reasons, give them a debuff like fyreslayers auric hearthguards firepikes. some thing like "covered in in ice: a unit that takes mortal wounds from this attack halfs its run and charge rolls until your next hero phase" or maybe a hit penalty or something. maybe bake alvagar ancient into the basic kit of the thundertusks.

i agree with hunter should be a priest, and give him more play with yetis and gorgers. a yeti and gorger dual kit would be ideal too, FEC style.

i think for the maneaters, do something similar to the kharadrons thunderers. each lad has a different loadout and does a different thing. the maneaters were always renowned for each ogre customizing his own kit and fighting style, lets see it in the gameplay, they should not work well together all doing the same thing, they should each be trying to do their own different thing. stormfiends are another example of mechanics in a unit like this.

>> No.74496965

Nobody cares about mormon elves dude. They were the biggest flop since original wood elves in whfb.

>> No.74496986

Sort of off topic, but what would some fun ogre endless spells be?

Sarlac out style maw that can swallow whole models, some sort of seasoning bomb that gives a bubble of buffs for ogres to hit? Anything else?

>> No.74496997

There's a space with points where it can be playable without changing the scroll i think, maybe 320 or even 300. So it isn't a hopeless design. It might get there eventually. Being able to drive him into something and then just know he won't die between rune tokens, ignore rend, and -1 hit while doing some damage back has value.

>> No.74497013

More ice beams and speed boosts for BCR.

>> No.74497034

I could see an icy tornado that lets you sling shot guys, but damages you if you stay near it.

>> No.74497070

how does the hero builder thing work?

>> No.74497083

a giant, floating shank of ham. low casting value but must be near the pot to cast, global positioning so you can put the model anywhere on the board.

ogre units that move closer to the ham with during their movement can move an extra d3" or gain run and charge. any ogre unit that ends its turn next to the ham can heal d3 wounds

>> No.74497084

Some kind of cauldron with screaming souls trying to escape, A giant cleaver dripping with gore, then something icy for Beastclaw.

>> No.74497157

spend points on making worthless shit or overpowered trash.

>> No.74497161

I think they look cool. Did they just not release a digital version of the book?

>> No.74497213

Digital comes out with the full release sometime next month, the rona really messed up release schedules and 40k had to come first.

>> No.74497278
File: 890 KB, 1678x1281, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's everyone working on this comfy Saturday night?
I'm beginning to see faintest spec of the light at the end of the tunnel.
Kinda wondering what I can do to make the little shark teeth hanging from the howdah a little more pronounced. Since it feels like they get a bit lost in the bone.

>> No.74497300

just put together Mogwreaths Coven. Nice sculpts.

>> No.74497337
File: 395 KB, 1511x1704, b0wzs2acqbi21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any FEC players here? I am assembling the ghouls and crypt horrors from the SC! atm and I would like a quick rundown on army building for them
What to avoid if I wanna get games and whatnot, very big fan of horrors/flayers, courtiers and zombie dragons

>> No.74497349

Umbral Meatportal: summons on a 5, place within 12".

Choose an ogor unit to meatbond with it. If they move, it moves and stays within 3".
They can re-roll hit rolls of 1 while it's on the table.
It can count as the origin point for mawpot's healing and/or re-filling mechanic.

>> No.74497353

is it a narrative play rule?

>> No.74497380

flayers are better than horrors across the board. ranged attack and fly alone but the crypt haunter courtier is disgusting.

>> No.74497390

How do you get that metal color? Is it just glazing and layering?

>> No.74497410

Is that really Morathi or just a statute of Morathi?
It looks like non snek Morathi is at the foot of the altar holding something (Heart of Khaine?)
The narrative for this should be interesting if nothing else

>> No.74497417

most of these aren't that good anon.

>> No.74497419
File: 333 KB, 1000x1283, Settra_Rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74497441

Does this really need asking in every single thread?

>> No.74497455

> attack walrus
The world isn't ready for something that BASED

>> No.74497471

Sort of reminds me of Long John Silver like he was in Treasure Planet. kino/10

>> No.74497475

All the spamming of the worst option literally every time...
Good job fake voting bois

>> No.74497614
File: 504 KB, 1000x684, 8f883bc3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can any anon help me? I'm new to AoS and starting with Tzeentch demons (I really like the big birb) but thanks to the summoning and splitting horrors I have no idea how many units I should buy. Any 2000k lists and buying guides would be appreciated.

>> No.74497640

a lot more than you would hope.

>> No.74497670

Keep buying them. When you think you have enough, buy some more. Then after all your friend stopped playing with you, buy a little more.

>> No.74497682

From my recipe notepad:
Metal: Vallejo Metal Color White Aluminium (or Stormhost Silver) over primer. 1 drop Akhelian Green:3 Coelia Greenshade:8 Contrast medium allover shade. Stormhost Silver drybrush.

>> No.74497688

Somebody is a salty loser.

>> No.74497751

No thats literally the purchase history of a tzeentch player.

>> No.74497805
File: 264 KB, 512x640, 1597223090395.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74497818

I also opted out of adding the tassel on his back because it looked like some kinda furry-bait tail attachment.

>> No.74497825


>> No.74497830


>> No.74497851
File: 159 KB, 1000x624, 2019_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it that bad? My friend is actually convincing me to get Tzeentch demons. No one plays them here and he met them on a tournament saying it was a lot of fun to play against. But people here dont really optimize their armies that much.

The other options I'm considering are Ossiarchs and Slaanesh. How are they?

>> No.74497858
File: 238 KB, 512x640, 1597223235508.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74497867


>> No.74497878

10 pinks are 220 points now.
In general tzeentch units are so high in points cost, having to buy too much of them isnt really a issue.

>> No.74497991

today's preview, yay or nay? or gay?

>> No.74498003

I asked some time ago, but I don't think I ever got the delivery. I'm the guy who made this gif sequence, but I've lost the original files. Would any nice anon be able to upload all of them?

>> No.74498020

On the border of nay with a gay. Underworlds looks nice and Broken Realms looks promising since Psychic Awakening was the guinea pig for this style of release. One can assume they've refined how they want to handle it now. Otherwise the rest of what we saw is shit we already knew about and barely any new info.

>> No.74498029

Except for the new hero sculpts*.

>> No.74498179

I'm not a 40k person, what exactly is psychic awakening?

>> No.74498198

It was supposed to be this big long narrative event, with 9 books worth of supplements for various factions. Factions got their rules, mostly lukewarm, and mostly single character models for some, not all factions. I'm not caught up on it completely, but I can't think of any remarkable event that didn't end in a stalemate or pyrrhic victory for both sides involved.

>> No.74498248

Why does slaaneshman remind me of the darkoath guy so much

>> No.74498256

Will do anon. God speed

>> No.74498259

Hnnnng escher with mommybod.

>> No.74498295

I see.
Seems pretty cool at least

>> No.74498326

It's been explicitly deconfirmed, and that's a good thing.

>> No.74498467
File: 134 KB, 1200x886, 1588689443620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sigmar's propaganda team at work

>> No.74498487
File: 470 KB, 1920x1080, 1593204078159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74498492

Welp i ordered a daughters start collecting and battletome and plan to get the box in november. I put together the warband today and love the models.

I can't believe i was sold on KO and DoK in the same year.

>> No.74498506

It's the "people from Age of Myth that haven't fully fucked off to do their own things yet" allience

>> No.74498524
File: 133 KB, 1200x800, 1595051493636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74498525

Does anyone have advice on like, a good place to read up on what specific units and stuff to watch out for in enemy armies? I'm new and I've lost quite a few games due to bad target prioritization on my part.

>> No.74498527

I'm curious where Hedonites might end up in 3rd edition if Slaanesh gets out. I mean will godseekers and pretenders get rebranded as something different, will that whole concept of allegiances be scrapped, or will they stick around to look for Slaanesh or try to usurp him even though Slaanesh is out and about in the open?

>> No.74498555

I was hoping for more bugs alongside Sylvaneth, but this might be nice as well.

>> No.74498562

I get the feeling its going to be a big chaoswar again. With khorne still controlling a lot of areas in the realms since the age of chaos and tzeentch in chamon chasing aethergold thats created a lot of mortals revelling in excess which in turn makes slaanesh more powerful. I think we are going to see characters like Syyl'eske or whatever they are called become more power players while others take more of a backseat.

>> No.74498566

He employs Mannfred. That on its own is unforgivable.

>> No.74498567

More half naked elf girls can't be gay. More Slaanesh on the other hand...

>> No.74498591
File: 123 KB, 600x800, 20200823_173216-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

without knowing anything about what a lord of pain does i am going to assume that i will want one and wont want to buy the new box to get one

>> No.74498738

lol nagash is a whiny cunt

>> No.74498744
File: 90 KB, 604x612, Slaanesh_simbolo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Dark Prince transcends human perception of sexuality. He is both straight and gay, yet neither, but also so much more.

>> No.74498748

Who is Brodd? Behemat is coming not your shitty ancient character who isn't canon anymore

>> No.74498761

It would be Gordrakk

>> No.74498768

Do not build crypt horrors. Build flayers.

>> No.74498769
File: 1.06 MB, 800x800, 1571173508573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>more stockings

>> No.74498776

What does Order mean here, because I don't think it's a reference to list sorting?

>> No.74498791

Blood Sisters are taken all the fucking time, what are you smoking?

>> No.74498798

By people who don't want to win.

>> No.74498805

>meanwhile, at the Bloodsecrator and Bloodstoker..

>> No.74498806

One of the best design choices GW has made. It's distinctive and so perfectly Slaanesh.

>> No.74498813

But they do.

>> No.74498828

That doesn't disprove my statement. It just goes to show witch aelf spam is even stronger.

>> No.74498921


This went 4th at LVO 2020

Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine
- Temple: Hagg Nar
- Army Mission: Conserve

Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (330)
- General
- Trait: Devoted Disciples
- Artefact: Iron Circlet
- Prayer: Blessing of Khaine
Hag Queen (90)
- Prayer: Catechism of Murder
Hag Queen (90)
- Prayer: Crimson Rejuvenation
Bloodwrack Medusa (140)
- Lore of Shadows: Mindrazor

30 x Sisters of Slaughter (300)
- Barbed Whips and Sacrificial Knives
10 x Witch Aelves (120)
- Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers
10 x Witch Aelves (120)
- Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers

20 x Blood Sisters (480)
3 x Scourgerunner Chariots (150)
- Allies
3 x Scourgerunner Chariots (150)
- Allies

Total: 1970 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 300 / 400
Wounds: 155

Any Ausfalians and Eurocucks trying to still make Morathi a thing never make it to top ten much less top five. The time of snek is NOW.

>> No.74498930

On that note, it's nice that the new guy is just named something simple like "Lord of Pain" and not "Painsecrator" or "Agonine Lashprince." It's a very minor thing but I appreciate it.

>> No.74498936

after hearing that interview on honestwargamer yesterday KO seems like a really fun and interesting army to play

>> No.74498941
File: 156 KB, 1000x804, aosp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With the new battle box i'm finally about to give in to my coomer tendencies and split the box with a friend and paint some snake ladies, but the only thing holding me back is the inherent sense of shame i'll feel at having half naked ladies on the table (i usually do Ogres in AoS and Orkz in 40k)
How do i unhironically get past the shame?Do i just need to stop caring?

>> No.74498970

embrace the coomer, let it suffuse you.

>> No.74498981

>being a shamed of some plastic models
you have the mindset of an insecure sixteen year old

>> No.74499035

So much talk of Aelves, I want to convert some Daurdin Freeguild Guard, would you work on Arkanaut Company as a base with Ironbreaker bits? And if so keep the swords And give them shields and headswap them?

>> No.74499070

Yes. The only thing you should worry about is painting skin well. If you could have the double bubble Ork ass and thicc ogre lads on the table, you can handle a little skin on your snake ladies.

>> No.74499136

Is that Paul Dainton art?

>> No.74499141

Why Living City over Sylvaneth? +1 save and a free +1 attack seems nice but why use some FG equivalent over Sylvaneth that could be buffed under their own tome?
I do want to run FG+Trees, I'm just not sure because Sylvaneth has so much more flexibility with their entire tome of rules

>> No.74499159

The move after shooting is better than the whole sylvanethtome.

>> No.74499204

Take Durthu and Drycha and then the rest can be an actual good army. Hell make it a full Dispossessed list with Irondrakes because they really shine in that list. Make the tree like Steam Knights or something (yeah use 40k models cause)

>> No.74499228

>Dispossessed are competitive
>Chamon conversions
Why are Dispossessed the worst fags here?

>> No.74499270

>Why are Dispossessed the worst fags here?
Hey don't lump me in with that faggot. I'm a good Tempest's Eye boy

>> No.74499295

Why are you ashamed? Even if you jack off to snake girls at home the models themselves aren't especially sexualised

>> No.74499306
File: 303 KB, 1000x1000, New Slaves To Darkness Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Desperate need for a full page version of this.

>> No.74499368

And yet, only a fraction of his forces were more successful in fighting for eightpoint then Sigmar ever was

>> No.74499370

How Tzeentch models should be, instead of naked buff guys whose only tzeentchian flavour is background fluff not indicated by the models.

>> No.74499421

What is this retarded art, they are supposed to wear scale armor.

>> No.74499468

And also yet, he’s so bad at what he does the skaven have literally beaten him by accident

>> No.74499473

No they don't.

>> No.74499507

How would you defend against lolsorandom interdimensional teleporttunnels?
Lolsorandom interdimensional teleporttunnel-wardspells?
Also is the spell that would have killed every mortal instead raising endless legions of undead "losing"?

>> No.74499537

>Tfw your the only faction that's not totally splintered and at war with one another all the time
>Forgetting about the Mortarchs constantly infighting and the very existence of FEC

>> No.74499565

Mortarchs may be fighting, but it's not like any of them would say no to Nagash

>> No.74499586

For reasons unknown to science I can't get a connection to WHC today, could anyone fill me in on what was shown yesterday? I see snake pics around and I'm getting very curious!

>> No.74499676

Do I look like the man who invented necromancy only to get murdered by a prisoner with a warpstone shank to you? It’s his job to figure that out.

>> No.74499692

the battalion thing seems kind of lame. I want to just use whatever but it feels like I'm losing out by not taking one.

>> No.74499811

Then do that, it's balanced. They spend 120 on a battalion and you get 120 on units

>> No.74499829

Slaanesh Vs DoK dual box with a new hero each.
New campaign with rules supplements, starting with a DoK focus
Underworlds LRL and Slaanesh warband
Seraphon will get a warband, with a chameleon in it
That's it

>> No.74499838

There's really not that many that are too great. Some are practically required to make an army work (e.g. ironfist). Usually there'll be one or two that are stuff you're taking anyway, but sometimes there's a hero tax.

>> No.74499850

No way, at most *maybe* the Elves break off into their own GA but even that I highly doubt.

>> No.74499893

Unless you're playing BCR you really don't need to take battalions.

>> No.74499900 [DELETED] 
File: 51 KB, 500x633, QBB5oixTGBAZRwWx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it flesh eaters or nighthaunt anons?

>> No.74499910

Don't worry, I'll be ebaying the Slaanesh half of the box or two I buy.

>> No.74499911

Battalions are only good for waac dropfaggotry.

>> No.74499965

>Any kind of tactics makes you a WaaCfag.

>> No.74500112

Covid mask and an airbrush?

>> No.74500205

I wonder if Broken Realms will be pushed with novels as well, like Realmgate Wars was, or End Times before it. Or to a lesser extent, like Soul Wars. But if it's more like a Psychic Awakening-style plan, they might just skip out on any novels but upload short stories to the community site.

In any case it kinda sucks that Reynolds won't have a hand in it in any case.

>> No.74500211

>don't use the tools given to you to make things good, that's WAAC

>> No.74500215

I don't know, dude. I remember when Wood Elves got rereleased in the 6th edition with plastic dryads and stuff everyone started playing them.

>> No.74500217


Probably malign portents/psychic awakening style short stories every week.

That said I'm sure there will be at least a few novels later on, like Soul Wars once the new edition launched.

>> No.74500255
File: 549 KB, 1150x1450, Chainguard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's literally the first time someone said this was WAAC.

>> No.74500387
File: 3.14 MB, 1198x1542, execution horde.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>makes a model everyone has 2-3 of actually maybe almost worth taking

>> No.74500544
File: 1.75 MB, 2907x4226, 20200822_230406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Progress on Kairos, finishing Screamer bases, and building some FS.

>> No.74500561

No, they are removing the GA system.

>> No.74500592

Remember when StD got a hero and an underworlds warband? They got nothing. Don't get your hopes up.

>> No.74500598
File: 390 KB, 272x392, 1597188313158.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't like the new Slaanesh mortal champion.

>> No.74500602

I really wish they compiled the short stories into a book so I can read them all instead of having to search for them in the WarCom site.

>> No.74500620

Is the only way to play Black Ark Corsairs the Cities of Sigmar faction? I wanna be a pirate.

>> No.74500644

What value does an expressionless anime girl eating a tomato add to your post?

>> No.74500673

Yeah, the ghb said that if an army has an allegiance then you have to use it. Scourge Privateers isn't an allegiance anymore so there's no battle if conditions applicable that would let you play them outside of CoS.

>> No.74500683

It brings a smile to my face, making my day a little bit better.

>> No.74500684

He's avatarfagging, report and move on

>> No.74500707

Look into Kharadron Overlords or something, they have airships, muskets and cutlassses.
Thats probably as pirate as you can get.
Nurgle has a hero that has a ship in the lore, but thats it.
Idoneth are more deep sea and creatures than nautical.

>> No.74500741

They're way too heavy on the STEAMPUNK for my taste.
Oh well.
Shame. I really dug Corsairs in Fantasy.

>> No.74500750

CoS lets you play them, though?

>> No.74500766


Yes. They arent that great tho

>> No.74500768

>way too heavy steampunk
someone fell for the brokk meme again.

>> No.74500787

And only that much.

>> No.74500811
File: 917 KB, 700x1000, AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CARE ABOUT THE LAW OF NAGASH AROUND HERE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel it's fitting somehow that Death is the only true constant in the realms, only one realm is as well connected to all and yet it's also one of only two realms truely "indepentent" under their patreon deity.

True they fight and backstab like mad. But when push comes to shoves there's no doubt about whoes Master in the realm of death.

I actully fucking love the characters of death play off eachother in the books.

>> No.74500954

That's good work, Swan. Keep it up.

>> No.74501103

>6 scourge runner chariots
>5 boxes of witches/sisters
>4 boxes of sneks.

god how much did that cost?

>> No.74501141

>Scourgerunner Chariots
Wut, are these actually good. How is this better than a battalion and the flyers that can drop in and take objectives?

>> No.74501207

18 wound for 150 points with 12 movements and 6 shots at 3+,3+, 01 rend and d3 damage with a 5+ compared to a unit of khinerai which is 180 points for 10 wounds at less damage and defense with only 2" more movement. Is more useful
Well thats my guess anyways

>> No.74501247 [DELETED] 

DoK has chariots?

>> No.74501271

That's a important part of fantasy that feels absent from 40k. Chaos needs the liveing to exist, warping thoughts and emotions. Death of everything is the only permanent solution to the chaos problem, the only thing Chaos truely fears. Necrons look like undead in space, but it's just a look. Tyranids are the closest thing, but they aren't inevitable like death.

>> No.74501287

3x scourgerunners are 210 points in my builder.

>> No.74501306

>The kit comes with special bases
Use the cool bases or match with army?

>> No.74501315

huh, wonder why they are put as 150p in >>74498921 list

>> No.74501330
File: 69 KB, 358x213, Snu Snu CoS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Special elite units for CoS when?

>> No.74501339


>> No.74501360
File: 180 KB, 1308x1644, 1578237855375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bring back white lions GW reeeee

>> No.74501474

Wind temple has a fox as its motif, so maybe you'll get white foxes instead?

>> No.74501628
File: 920 KB, 1920x1440, R89TC1lEmO0[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post games

>> No.74501652
File: 1.76 MB, 821x1095, guilded_image_53af2174fcaca9083f079be654999039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last week. Played Knife to the Heart. New favourite battleplan.

>> No.74501795

I love fantasy novels but know nothing about AoS, are any of the AoS books any good?

>> No.74501910

Soul Wars is good. Dark Harvest is good.

>> No.74501947

Scourge of Fate is a must.

>> No.74501955

How many boxes should I get for Warcry to have a decently rounded out force for the Spire Tyrants?

>> No.74501965

do they expect you to have prior knowledge of the AoS universe because i literally know nothing aside from Sigmar's back and WHFB world got oofed into nonexistence

>> No.74502038

I think atleast with Soul Wars, iirc you can infer anything else you might need to know, if not, its not important to the story being told

>> No.74502046

Just read the lore from the Core Rulebook, it'll tell you everything to need to know up to the Soul Wars. Then read Soul Wars to catch up on the narrative, if you care about it.

>> No.74502076

i dont care about the metaplot, just looking for some fun fantasy stories to read. I enjoyed Gotrek + Felix and I've read a fuckload of entertaining 40K novels, so thought id try AoS

>> No.74502098

In that case you should be able to pick up any novel and just dive into it.

>> No.74502099
File: 157 KB, 1000x1000, 118320355_1473524542844334_1694452346857798960_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these are all women

>> No.74502163

sweet thanks anon, just didnt want to be confused

>> No.74502166


>> No.74502177


>> No.74502246
File: 21 KB, 410x309, sjkatamgioasmg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dont even know anymore.

>> No.74502249

We waz khangs n sheit in Aqshy

>> No.74502276

>AoS scenery
>SCE out of scale with it and can't fit through doors

>> No.74502317

Those 40mm bases make me laugh every time I see them

>> No.74502358

Hey /tg/
Big WH fan in the past. Haven't had time for it since med school.

Got bought a switch for my birthday recently. I see there's a couple of games available, namely some kinda warhammer quest port
Anyone know if they're any good?
They look a bit like mobile games

>> No.74502380
File: 534 KB, 1000x1000, 20200823_165144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

zenith and river aspect warriors sighted

>> No.74502387

Is this a new battletome?

>> No.74502416

No its from the soulbound rpg book

>> No.74502447

If you like Gotrek and Felix, then you should check out the Audio Drama "Realmslayer". It's the next part of that series and has Gotrek being a confused boomer at the AoS setting. Which should be something you can relate to.

>> No.74502496

They are, but they're okay. Solid enough but low production values and such.

>> No.74502616

Bra gives it away on this one. The double crossbow is the only one I have trouble seeing as a female model

>> No.74502636

No you shouldn't, it's a bastardisation of everything about Gotrek and Felix. It's the last thing you should read.
Gotrek's is this loud obnoxious idiot now when he was stoic, thoughtful and grim. Snorri's death was meaningless because his soul was taken by Nagash, Gotrek's doom once accepted with a smile is a fate he curses. Gotrek is just a baffoon lacking any charm saves a rushed arc of initially being antagonistic towards the realms.
His tragedy was one of a life left behind, stripped from him, but now it's just a rip van winkle comedy.

>> No.74502638

So we expect chicken and pig elves in this one?

>> No.74502659

Why? They also have the crop top. It's clear they're all women

>> No.74502693

>40k gets a well supported Warhammer Quest
>We get Warcry
It hurts.

>> No.74502761

No they aren't. The double crossbow, the big guy in the bottom middle, the caster in the top middle. the cloak guy on the left and the guy with the spear and dagger are clearly all men. Twinks clearly, but still men.

>> No.74502772

I'm leaning more towards it being Boyd, but I don't know

>> No.74502796

I what a story about a former Maneaters who becomes Free Peoples champion.

>> No.74502860

either boyd or moss

>> No.74502865

>womb tattoo
Gee anon I don’t know, might be male

>> No.74502906

We know wind is foxes and this hints at zenith being owls, but we don't know what river is yet.

>> No.74502914

I want to fuck the faceless masked one

>> No.74502925

Truly a noble champion of Sigmar, fighting to defend his cities!

>> No.74502953

Wrong comparison

>> No.74502960
File: 193 KB, 640x379, 20200823_172621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so what's going to happen? why are there both morathi versions here?

>> No.74502964

Sigmar isn't in a possition to be picky about his allies

>> No.74502977

Isn't the big one a statue?

>> No.74502981

They work for Malerion, anon. They are spies.

>> No.74503002

>40k gets a well supported Warhammer Quest
>we get silver tower and shadow over hammerhal discontinued within a year of their release, the latter without even getting its own models
It hurts.

>> No.74503028
File: 20 KB, 320x360, ERDHzOrX0AEEN7Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Morathi gains the ability to split herself into two

>> No.74503029

this model looks fucking boring, it's just a melusai with a fancy conversion on the weapon

>> No.74503033

Still grossly wrong, but at least you tried!

>> No.74503046

Heroes with sturdy poses and designs that don't make them look out of place are the best.

>> No.74503069

How am I wrong?

>> No.74503088

Honestly, that's perfect. Melusai don't have a dedicated Leader option, so it's great that it looks plain, yet stands out.

>> No.74503132

He looks great, I love the bit in his mouth.

>> No.74503139

>yet stands out.
but she doesn't

>> No.74503162
File: 85 KB, 1000x645, slaanesh-unleashed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whatever happens, the final book better be about the invasion of azyr by the orcs

>> No.74503166

She has fancier armour, a more ornate mask and an unique staff, what else do you want? It's just a melusai leader.

>> No.74503167

This first release is most likely just slaanesh and more shadow elves next year when everyone finds out it’s Morathi’s fault slaanesh broke free.

>> No.74503183


>> No.74503218
File: 34 KB, 425x656, sjkatamgioasmg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Consider pic related.

>> No.74503222

A year of PA is super lame, basically ensures no big releases if we get drip fed overpriced books with half ass rules every month. Adding a few battalions doesn't have the impact in this game that strategems do in 40.

>> No.74503248
File: 136 KB, 1000x1000, HbJpCjaV3HlE2PhF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So if we take Psychic Awakening as a reference for how Broken Realms will work, we can assume that each book will feature 2-4 different factions, giving them all new rules, battleplans and, at the very least, some heroes, but just like AdMech, Eldar and Dark Eldar, some might get new units instead of heroes or even both heroes and units. What are your hopes and predictions?

>> No.74503307

But we don't know what kind of rules they are gonna include yet. PA also came with some decently sized releases and ended up with a new edition with even bigger releases to kickstart it.
I think Lumineth getting at least a generic lord type hero with their book is a given, might even get those ballistas mentioned in WotE. StD might get their multiparts, too. The fact that Slaanes don't seem to be getting their mortals with it, just one hero, makes me think they'll be one of the starter factions for 3rd edition, but who knows. It also seems like IDK aren't getting anything since they are included in the first book and are not part of the battlebox.

>> No.74503312

would be cooler if they made their way into uhl-ghysh by accident just as slaanesh is about to free himself and commence a tremendous ass kicking while he's still partially restrained. There's really not enough destruction v chaos action, they're always fighting "the good guys" in the big narrative beats and it's tiresome

>> No.74503317
File: 2.06 MB, 500x300, 1569745281316.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fall of excelsis is just a ladder to open the gates of azyr


>> No.74503332
File: 390 KB, 340x521, 2FFC298D-8A9D-4AA0-8604-064F1E66E64F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, are Plague Ogors no longer usable in AoS? If so will start playing 6e.

>> No.74503345
File: 68 KB, 300x499, 20200823_174247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74503353

They squatted so many things from WoC it's not even funny.

>> No.74503396

My God. Welp. Time to play 6e.

>> No.74503408

they still have points in the ghb but I think you should leave anyways

>> No.74503411

GW can do no wrong

>> No.74503429

Inevitably any rules it adds for a faction will fall well short of what you can do in battletomes, and inevitably a portion of the factions included in its releases will benefit next to nothing from it due to its lack of specific focus just like PA. Its not conducive to doing the changes we require to overhaul the really struggling factions. Everyone wants warscroll overhauls and they roll out this bullshit that's going to be battalions and artifacts, maybe if you're lucky a custom sub faction creator with copy pasta options.

>> No.74503444
File: 589 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200823-165259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74503461

Please get the fuck out.

>> No.74503462

>Its not conducive to doing the changes we require to overhaul the really struggling factions
Because that's not their purpose. These books are narrative campaign chapters that add new rules to the factions, they aren't a balance update. Just like PA, once the balance update hits, these books will still be compatible, so the extra rules will still be availiable.

>> No.74503478

It's the equivalent of Kill Team, i.e. a cool game fucked by things like Elite / Arena, while also not having dedicated models and scenery (not counting Rogue Trader it was nice).
On the other hand Warcry got new warbands models, monster models, dedicated scenery range, AND rules for normal AOS models.
Yes, the releases plan for WHQ:BSF was great and the sculpts really good. At least on par or superior to Silver Tower, with more variety.
>The Future(tm)
BUT GW said on their podcast they would be "soon" returning to AOS with Warhammer Quest.
So AOS wins again (because then we'll have dedicated new models from three side games, usable in AOS, while Necromunda is specialist shit and not very usable in 40k at least in terms of datasheet and direct / effortless conversions).

>> No.74503491 [SPOILER] 
File: 490 KB, 449x401, 1598198199409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>salty over not owning forgeworld

>> No.74503499

What has that to do with the fact that Silver Tower and Hammerhal were barely supported and discontinued within a year of their release while Blackstone Fortress has gotten expansion after expansion for 2 years now?

>> No.74503541 [SPOILER] 
File: 212 KB, 470x568, 1598198399112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...Then we'll get fucked with KT 2nd Ed aka Inquisitor
Going by the Preview description, we don't know if EVERY factions will get something, and if the other BR books will be about other non-Aelf deities / characters. To me it look like it's clearly pointy-hears oriented...
True. But >>74503317 also true. The siege of excelsis is either one of the BR book OR the starter set for AOS 3rd ed....

>> No.74503562

It has to do the other Anon compared BSF with Warcry and not with ST/SoH, so apples to oranges

>> No.74503625

>Going by the Preview description, we don't know if EVERY factions will get something
They said in the stream it will be for everyone.
>and if the other BR books will be about other non-Aelf deities / characters. To me it look like it's clearly pointy-hears oriented...
Why, though? PA wasn't just about Eldar, even if the first book only had Eldar in it. I don't really like that they are titling them after characters, I'd prefer something like PA, but whatever, they did the same with the End Times books.

>> No.74503637

>Because that's not their purpose.
I never said it was, I acknowledged that, that isn't what they are and thus I think its an annoying waste of time. I'll have to sit through this for a year and wait for it to complete and hope Nighthaunt get something usable out of it when I should be getting a real book.

>> No.74503738

There aren't that many elf factions and the first book is already covering two of them, why would it be only about elves?

>> No.74503742

They said in the stream it will affect the LORE of every factions. The WarCom article also said that. But the article adds that "some factions" will get rules, i.e. NOT all...

>> No.74503759

What would be the point in that?

>> No.74503796

From the fucking article you didn't read :
>Now it’s time for the next chapter, a narrative event that will define the future of the Age of Sigmar. Broken Realms is here. The aelven gods are rising up to challenge the might of Chaos and the growing power of Death – but like Sigmar’s pantheon before them, they are riven by mistrust and each pursues their own goals and schemes.
then they list Teclis, Alarielle and Morathi. That's the only Alefs gods currently available, so that could be three book, with Malerion / Tyrion as another one(s)

>> No.74503823

Man, don't ask me, ask, GW, but it''s right in the article.
"Rules for loads of factions" means rules for NOT ALL factions ... It's not marketed as PA were they specifically stated there would be rules for ALL armies.

>> No.74503830

When does GW need a "point"? What was the point of starting this out of the blue instead of using an existing storyline like Soul Wars or Wrath of the Everchosen to continue the narrative? They're hyper-adhd when it comes to seeing something through, and I guarantee factions will "get missed" during whatever this turns out to be

>> No.74503832

Again, what would be the point in making a huge narrative driving campaign and only focus on 4 factions?

>> No.74503843

That’s not a bad proxy, looks just like a female version of him.

>> No.74503861

You mean like Wrath of the Everchosen? Or Forbidden Power?

>> No.74503865

I’m a big fan of the body horror slaanesh designs are getting. I’m sure the foot troops are gonna look great.

>> No.74503910

The little one is an illusion. It’s kinda their thing.

>> No.74503919

>This new conflict will touch every corner of the Mortal Realms, and affect every faction.
>a series of epic narrative books on a scale not seen since the Realmgate Wars. As well as truly massive stories, these books will be packed with new rules for loads of factions
>Whatever army you play, and whomever your allegiance lies with, prepare for war
certainly sounds like just aeeaveles to me.

>> No.74503925

Those were one off books, not an entire series that serves as a prologue for the next edition and the next narrative arc. Hell, the first book is already tackling Slaanesh, DoK and IDK.

>> No.74503947

Post your dudes.

>> No.74503987 [SPOILER] 
File: 899 KB, 1597x904, 1598199929718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's your Slaanesh mortals bro

>> No.74504061

Fuck Voldo

>> No.74504096

Two desires they all have in common. Survival, and Authority.

Death and Chaos have no need for survival they are inevitable constants.

Destruction and Chaos has no desire for authority all of its forces are essentially decentralized and reject structured civilization to the same level that Order and Death practice.

>> No.74504103

From what we knows from the warcom article and the preview stream, it only tackles DoK.
HoS and IDK are in the lore but no further info yet.

>> No.74504126 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 231 KB, 1000x1000, 1598200410857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See >>74503823

>> No.74504127

Don't worry it'll go stand alone next January like all of last year's box set heroes did.

>> No.74504132
File: 2.09 MB, 1093x661, dust collectors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Slaanesh vs DoK set
Oof, well nice to know not every decision GW makes is aimed at maximum profit at least.

>> No.74504161

They didn't say all factions because "faction" isn't a hard quantifier in AoS like it is in 40k. Literally every keyword is a faction. Armies are constructed off of allegiances and they are also too many subdivided examples of those to promise support for all of them.

>> No.74504176

I also doubt CoS is getting anything because it'll likely disappear next edition.

>> No.74504182

Slaanesh only sold because It was strong, stronger than any other herohammerarmy.
Excpect that number to halve after the quadnerf.

>> No.74504194

Hope they follow this thinking onwards to a fyreslayers v azgorh box

>> No.74504207

>all thos StD
>still no multipaets

>> No.74504252

If that were driving their decisions we'd have more orks and ogres by now.

>> No.74504293
File: 138 KB, 1000x645, Snake Elves vs Fish Elves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Posting such an itty bitty pic
You should be ashamed of your self.

>> No.74504302

>and even then deepkin and kharadron both have proxies now
You had me excited there for a moment, but sadly even titan forge is bereft of pistol&saber dorfs...

>> No.74504371

Play them as CoS, there's battalion that pretty much allows you to one-drop your entire army if you go Corsairs.

>> No.74504386

>Ogors are popular now

There was a time where doom and I were the only ones, and we were the worst 2 armies in the game. Looks like meat's back on the menu boys

>> No.74504402

>Volturnos about to bitchslap Morathi

>> No.74504431

I mean, as much as people like to shitpost about factions not selling, like greenskinz and whatnot there's no way any of the factions that had been unsupported for years would sell.

>> No.74504437

he's a bellwether if you can't love korfs at thier "brokk" then you don't deserve them at thier "arkanaut admiral"

>> No.74504515

Sure yours are women its 2020, and wokeness is how we garlic this place up to keep the /pol/tards from buying into our game.

>> No.74504533

Play what you love, and eventually a new book comes out and you'll have a 6 stonehorn army that bulldozes people.

>> No.74504554

I played WoC and only got half my units moved to other armies.

>> No.74504624

Still better than us beasts players! We get nothing but ignored

>> No.74504636

morathi's book will either turn out like blood of the pheonix nerfing factions, aborting thier story arcs, and releasing a very poor value box set.

Or once in a blue moon GW learns from its missteps and we get to laugh at eldar players

>> No.74504644


>> No.74504710


>> No.74504826

>aborting thier story arcs
First I heard of this, what happened?

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