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>The ancient super empire fell long ago, but its artifacts are still around

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but you dont like people who fight over relics and shit?


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Where did YOUR dungeons filled with monsters come from then?

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Nothing. They're just gameplay maps. I don't do story or cliches in my games.
I wish some players would come, though. It's dull doing the dungeon sims alone.

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You are a boring person

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>The ancient super empire is still alive and well but is under a strange crisis as its artifacts suddenly disappear one by one without a trace

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>the ancient super empire fell long ago, but literally nothing remains of them and no one should reasonably know they exist
wait, wtf?

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so your game world just has dungeons that pop out of the ground and fill themselves with magic items and gold.

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Are you complaining because it's cliche or because it's unrealistic?
If you think it's unrealistic, I've got some bad news for you...

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He is complaining because he is stupid.

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What's that you got there, an anti matter sword? Sure, buddy I'll give you two hundred fer it. I get ten of 'em in here every week.

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Boring, go play a video game stinky

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>If you think it's unrealistic, I've got some bad news for you...
Wtf are their artifacts of a super empire on earth that I don’t know about?

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Based fellow anti-storyshitter

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Depends what you mean by super empire, but often the inspiration for such setting elements is Rome. Despite being very old you can still find evidence of its existence across much of Europe. Leaving behind super duper swords and magical relics is not exactly in line with reality, but it's often more useful than giving the party an aqueduct as loot.

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2000 years from now niggers will be running "syphilis & starvation" campaigns where their ooga booga characters explore a new land mass rising from the sea and discovers ancient nuclear missile silos stamped with mysterious stars and stripes for epic loot

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Ever heard of an archaeological museum?

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>The super empire that rules for thousands of years fell within living memory and the remnants are in a perpetual state of conflict with eachother while everyone else descends on the ruins like vultures looking to scavenge what wonders and trinkets they can
Do this instead

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>The air in the cave is thick with history
>There's nothing in it, but the cavern walls weave a rich tapestry of geological evidence which indicates this was once the basement of an ancient pottery workshop

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Rome, Egypt, Assyria, China, the fucking Maya jungle. All empires or at least civilisations with tons of buried treasure that we know about.
OP is a prolapsed AIDS-infested faggot.

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>tfw the party explores an ancient sunken trade ship and the loot is 10,000 clay jars of expired wine

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That's the kind of setting element that just works, though.

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>Finally, something to poison the Dragon with!

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Stop samefagging, that is never going to be a thing.

Fuck this bait thread and fuck everyone who fell for it.

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>no story
>no cliches
sounds like you don’t do anything at all

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This is an obvious joke, this part
>I wish some players would come, though. It's dull doing the dungeon sims alone.
makes it obvious, and anyone who imagines anon was serious is most likely legitimately on the spectrum.

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Nothing, it was just an idle observation.

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You're joking but it could be pretty amusing to have the players fight for a magical artefact from old, win or lose, only to realise the real treasure was the historical knowledge you can get from random broken jars.

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Not samefagging, just having some fun and laffs with another guy clearly having a laff. Lighten up ya DWEEB, sorry I messed up your super duper serious epic gaming forum

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also the Khmer Empire. European explorers thought Angkor Wat and the Barais were built by a lost expedition of Romans because the architecture was so insanely advanced compared to the societies living in Cambodia when they arrived

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Fuck off ladyboy no one cares about SEA. No history there.

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> BBEG triumph over the party and get his hands on a legendary sword to wave around
> Party take gold, lot of gold
> Random archaeologist pnj is left with trash, study it and learn about the ancient empire and its culture. This understanding lead him to be the first to find not!Atlantis

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go back

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Pretty good bait.

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yeah imagine putting effort into anything. cringe

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Eh, the most unrealistic part of sci-fi is all the white people running around. With the collective suicide of whites, space belongs to the chinks. Maybe some excessively rich Arabs on a space Jihad.

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>The ancient super empire fell not so long ago, and its citizens are still around and will talk the ear off of anyone who'll listen about how much better things were back in the day.

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Europe could not make concrete for nearly a thousand years after Rome fell.

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Yes. They are the lure-analogue of an extradimensional anglerfish th size of Australia that feeds on the souls of the greedy.
The treasure and monsters are real, willed into existence by the great un-mind of GreedFish, but if you tarry too long you are devoured and never reincarnate, one less soul in the world and the light of magic dims just a little more

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>the ancient super empire fell long ago
>its' artifacts are plentiful, but obsolete and nigh-worthless

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Unbridled autism.

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>Play RPG with friend
>Do a massive epic dungeon
>Slay Garbagatha destroyer of galaxies
>kill 12 dragons
>find the secret amazing treasure horde of the gods
>see giant chest made of gold encrusted with diamonds
>open it up
>Concrete formula is inside

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Heck, even go lopsided with it depending on if you want the loot to favor swords or sorcery.

>The ancient super empire fell long ago. Its weapons and armor, made of a rare metal the super-empire established itself by monopolizing, are still around and highly prized. Its magical devices are...also still around, but magical theory was not very advanced back then, and they are mostly of interest to eccentric collectors.

>The ancient super-empire of magic fell long ago, but its stupid powerful magic devices still dot the landscape, causing problems whenever they activate. Their weapons and armor, always an afterthought in the wake of their magical might, are made of inferior metal with primitive forging techniques, but sell nicely as museum pieces.

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ugh I hate when GM's don't put any effort into realismus

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So he just stole from Dungeon Meshi.

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holy enigma batman! what does it mean?

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Well done

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Hah, a nice try there "mr" Nigma. It was a left-handed trick to expose your plans on /tg/ rather than your susal shitposting designation of /co/. But little did you know that justice stalks on this board too, mostly to survey up and forthcoming superhero- and vigilante themed "Er-pee-gee's". But enough of that, let's decypher your upcoming atrocity;

>The ancient evil empire
The oldest known empire to man was of course Egypt; most civilzations that sprung up near mediterranean on ancient times can't recall time when it didn't exist. But evil ? Not excactly, despite some unscrupulous acts and popular image of slaves building pyramids, Egypt wasn't the picture of world-conquering slavering empire. On the other hand, it's often debated on what excactly ended the glory of egypt ? Was it conquest by Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians or romans, who can each be argued to be more in line with popular image of an "evil empire". But that gives us a context on your plans !

> But it's artifacts are still around
Inside information from Gothams museum tells that they are planning to replace their Greek presentation with one displaying bona-fide Egyptian artifacts! And that information has reached the ears of none other than infamously Olympus-obsessed Maxie Zeus who must be planning on doing something on it - maybe he's planning on crashing the dispaly much like Romans (who worshipped Zeus) crashed Cleopatra's egypt.

> *yawn*
But this simple onoamtopoeia shows your role in this plot. Yawning is often used to show taht someone is tired or bored, and that's excactly what you are planning on orchestrating! By stealing the Egyptian artifacts, the big presentation on Egypt and it's long history would become rather yawn-including indeed. And it will be child's play to do so while Maxie Zeus distracts everyone with his mythological neurosises.

Quick, to the batmobile Robin, we need to save Gothams reputation as egyptology center of America!

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stop this gay reddit shit, it stopped being funny years ago

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t. riddler

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Who comes up with this shit?

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You're a contrarian faggot, but I'll bite. Invent a God of Labyrinths, some insane autist type that comes up with convoluted dungeons, carves them spontaneously out of the ground, and wrangles random monsters to wander around and guard the loot he put there. He gets his rocks off watching adventurers solve them, whether they die or clear it. This gives your PCs the chance to dungeon crawl in between political intrigue story arcs or whatever bullshit you make them do instead of having fun.

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>anchinent finn-korean hyperwar setting
holy fuck how do I join your table?

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4chan has been doing those kinds of replies years before Reddit had any semblance of a culture, you summerposter

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I hate the ancient superadvanced civilization cliche but you are worse

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>Leaving behind super duper swords is not exactly in line with reality
Damascus steel would like a word with you.

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>The ancient super empire fell long ago, but its artifacts are still around
>But they're all filled with draconian DRM enchantments that fuck you up super hard if you dare try to use them outside of very specific circumstances
>You have no way of knowing what the circumstances and rules are around the artifacts because nobody can translate the ancient super empire language
>The legendary sword of nuclear flame that you used to defeat the dark lord fimmolates you from the inside out because you tried to use it to kill a bandit on the sixth sunday of the year while it was raining

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The current empire is built upon the ruins of a grander civilization that was built on top of the ruins of an even grander civilization which was itself built upon another dead empire.

Just keep stacking on each other, every couple of millennia magic goes to far and gods smash the world into pulp and let the surviving races colonize the ruins.

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>it's often more useful than giving the party an aqueduct as loot

Now I want to see what a decent party would do with their brand new aqueduct

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Honestly that might be useful for my characther. She'd love to rebuild her hometown that was destroyed by a natural disaster, and getting some irrigation going would be useful to begin the resettlement process.

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>DM includes ancient empire trope
>describes dungeons and ruins as being strange and out of place in sword and shield fantasy world
>Characters find an ancient artefact buried within a monster-ridden ruin
>Described as a 'book of light'
>It's an ipad
>The present-day world was the ancient super empire all along

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Not knowing anything about the geography or the socioeconomic status around it, my first instinct is to lease it. Lots of villages would be willing to pay for a good water supply, and it could also allow expansion into unfavorable terrain.

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That’s a story, so you do do stories

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>use the gold and formula to start a concrete business and become a business tycoon deciding the dates of kingdoms on a whim. Able to fund entire wars to suit my needs.

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Cool, lets melt it down and make rifle barrels and cheap tables with it!

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No one party of adventurers should have that much power.

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>it's another "DM jerks off to making you read his mind" episode
That might be novel to you, but personally I'd rather never go back to the bad old days.

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Wouldn't suggest actually using it in a game except as a plot device.

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I was toying with the idea of having cycles of magic. Some periods are high magic, some lower.
As magic is rising, both monsters and magical people become more and more frequent. When it reach a high magic plateau, great magitech civilisations can be built only to collapse when magic start to disappear. Mages get weaker and weaker and their magical knowledge start to be seen as mere superstitions as it stop working, artefacts shut off, big monsters disappear. Ultimately it reach a low magic equilibrium with more real like civilisations can grow. But when magic come back, old artefacts glow anew, magical knowledge is rediscovered, ancient monster reawaken and so on while no magical work get outclassed by magic.

It's some sort of magic tidal system, though slow enough for people to not notice it. Maybe some mysterious organisations may know and try to deal with it (not!illuminati or whatever trying to take advantage of the shifts or to break the cycle either way, scholars trying to preserve knowledge from either era, and a dwarf organisation that disdain magic for being "ephemeral" and focus on practical real science because it always work).

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Well then pull your players from nothing too, anon. Duh.

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>the super empire is alive and well, but is set in the universe written by a young adult novel author

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The most fun campaign I've ever played was centered around a cool twist on this trope.

The network of dungeons in the setting was basically a remnant of bunkers and bases from a higher tier magic-using civilization. It was kept mostly hidden and exploited by a mage secret society which we ended up working for, since exploring those dungeons was fucking dangerous so they always needed some competent help.

The twist in the campaign was that one expedition by the secret society actually uncovered a group of undead led by a lich who was part of that ancient civilization. The lich killed them before infiltrating the secret society by pretending to be one of the expedition survivors. So we had a smug group of mages who thought they were awesome by secretly exploiting the remnants of a lost civilization to control the kingdom, while they were being infiltrated and slowly destroyed from the inside by infiltrators from the ancient civilization.

We were an evil party and ended up siding with the ancient lich. He was arguably the most reasonable of the utter fucking cunts we worked for during the campaign.

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Also the lich was a fucking autist government official from that old civilization Very set in his ways. We had to reconquer an imperial mint for him so that he could start issuing his country's coinage again so that he could pay us properly. We got back pay plus interest though.

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Were there any relics left behind from those empires?
Besides Jackie Chan, I mean.

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Even those have a reason to pop out, you know.

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Always knew those fucking birds would take over if given an inch.

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The fact that people are reacting to this like it's anything but an obvious joke is disappointing in the extreme.

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Bots and NPCs can't quite get into jokes and sarcasm yet.

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>The ancient super empire fell into the earth long ago, and its bitchin' artifacts are still around down there
>but the earth is alive and fucking hates anyone that delves too deep
>anything from a root cellar to the back of a bear's cave leads down into these depths
>once you get down there, landscapes and layouts begin to subtly change
>when you're not looking, a corridor will have become a dead end and vice versa
>that chamber you thought you secured as a home base grew a tunnel leading to a host of monsters
>doors will be stuck with what feels like thousands of pounds of something behind them keeping them shut, only to swing open and reveal another horde of creatures
>it's probably a good idea to leave, but you can't
>the earth is hungry

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No, it's such a damn shame too.
Just image where we'd be today if they hadn't collapsed society together.
Well, it was the Finns fault, as usualy, but yeah.

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