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Infinity is a 28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus Belli where the powerful states, corporations and institutions deciding humanity's future aren't nearly as evil as their real-world counterparts, which still leaves them extremely evil.

Newest Seminar: https://youtu.be/Ljf1dENVAZI

>All the rules are for free. Buying books is only relevant for fluff:


>Factions Rundown:

>Semi-unofficial catalog of fluff, dossiers, and unit models:

>Unit Dossiers Archive

>N3 Rules Wiki:
>Code One Rules Wiki:

>CodeOne Rules (Infinity-lite, for beginners)

>Official Army Builder:

>Terrain (new and improved!):

>WIP Tactica

>Dice Calculator:

>Token Generator:

>N3 Hacking Helper:

>All Consolidated Rules:

>Army Changelog

>released RPG books (+ a couple rulebook scans)

>Comlog, missions app

Previous Impetuous Order:

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1st for the new Dodge mechanic was a mistake

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>corporations and institutions deciding humanity's future aren't nearly as evil as their real-world counterparts

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The part where active dodging lets you move? Or the part where you can dodge into CC? Or another part?

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We never talk about how integrated aleph is into daily life. It literally has control over everything. It's integration is so subversive. Could you imagine living in a society were people are ok with being spoon fed by a giant computer? Where people are content with Aleph encroaching on your personal freedoms ?

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Please elaborate a bit, preferably by giving the exact wording of the rule in question

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All that changed is that you can move when you dodge in the active and "engage" as a separate rule is gone as far as I know, both are good changes

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Does this give you the option to enter LOF without generating an ARO?

>> No.74445973

As of N3 that would be a no, if your first action doesn't generate an ARO but your second does the opponent gets to take it

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Why didn't you invest in Galicia, Infinity general?

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What's a good place to buy n sell Infinity minis? Ebay sucks and all I want is an Epsilon or Delta model to paint. I don't play the game so I'd rather not shell out for entire armies in a box like CB seems to be doing now.

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It's better to die free, that live as computer toy.

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America tried that and they ended up as a grey goo sludge.

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Currently our lives are run on the macro level by a series of collossal algorithms called "the economy". These algorithms are maintained and run by billionaires and decide who gets to eat, live in a house and receive medical treatment.

On the micro level, our every online interaction, movement and purchase (and many of the offline ones) are monitored and fed wholesale to more algorithms whose job it is to predict our behaviour and influence us to buy the products of whoever pays the algorithm's handlers.

At least Aleph is up-front, will have an actual conversation with you and provides the average citizens with tight asses and toned midriffs to look at.

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But Ariadna is still free from this shit. No Cube, no backdoor to ALEPH

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No, instead Stavka agent will kick down your real backdoor and break all your bones under suspicion of being born lower class.

>> No.74447477

Lol'd. Stavka prefer other methods for inner policy. Mostly because there is too much tech and ships, that need to be captured.

>> No.74447512

This ALEPH is legitimately less dystopian than our current status quo.

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>Stavka prefer other methods for inner policy
Making sure the poors stay desperate and starving enough that they form gangs or unions that you can conveniently round up and gulag all at once?

>> No.74447713

Close enough. They send you and other people to create a new Stanitsa. If you survive - nice, now you can go to army. If not - not a problem

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Shaekonnit is a reliable dude who sells single minis from boxes.

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No, that's not the major change.

You can now Dodge without LOS. That's a very big change.

>> No.74448402

In N4 wont stealth prevent most of the issues around this?

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Isn't that just a consolidating of rules? In N3 it was called Change Facing and called for a PH roll at -3, and in N4 it's just a Dodge with an extra -3. The requirements of "out of LoF but in ZoC" still apply. Engage and Change Facing existed as "Dodges but **different**" and bringing them all under the same header is fine by me.

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People being able to shuffle into cover instead of just turning in place when somebody is stomping around their ZoC doesn't seem like that big of a change.

>> No.74448778

Good thing that he said nothing. Stuff like that always is skewed by personal opinions

>> No.74448817

Yeah, I wouldn’t have done that either

>> No.74449063


No, change facing didn't allow you to move. Now you can move--up to 4" for some models. Even if the opposing enemy model is on the other side of a building and you're engaged (or not engaged). It's a big deal.

Provided that stealth is as uncommon as it is now, not really. It will make close combat for stealth models at least non-idiotic to try--anyone else though it's kind of a waste.

>> No.74449089

What is that even about?

>> No.74449575

Tabletop Simulator drama

Vaul has also been on record in the past that CB doesn't collect enough data from fanbase.

>> No.74449757

So why, given the option to provide said data, did the guy say no over some 3rd party game?

>> No.74449818

Gathering data from tiny groups of highly competative players is a bad idea. Games need casuals more than waacfags. See what happened to guild ball.

Also vaul is australian and those would rather cut their balls off before they waste an opportunity to be like that.

>> No.74449866

>Gathering data from tiny groups of highly competative players is a bad idea. Games need casuals more than waacfags. See what happened to guild ball.
Right there with you, but yeah, does sound like vaul's a shit just for the sake of being a shit.

>> No.74449878

>See what happened to guild ball.

Yep and Warmachine. The game turned into autistic children arguing over millimetres with the table looking like a top down tabletop simulator awash in a sea of unpainted models.

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This day 60 years ago, the first dogs to return alive from space landed. The history of Space canines is long. Long live Kosmoflot!

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Warmachine is a very interesting case.my city had a guge community of like 30 regular players.
And Boom, come the edition change it imploded to nothingness. They didn't switch systems or played the 2nd edi, they simply vanished

>> No.74450004

Local WMH group seems to be formed from a tightly knit group that still play a lot. But in my limited understanding it's mostly those guys despite them trying to recruit new blood.

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Man the soves really fucking hated dogs

>> No.74450063


Turns out, when your game markets how competitive and balanced it is....then shits the bed with balance in a new competition, the game dies.

Plus Wilson ran most of his talent out of the company with this shitty behavior.

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File: 1.23 MB, 1920x1080, 100% eco friendly wulver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The eco-friendly astronaut.

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And yet only one dog warrior is in kosmoflott. And even then it's just the second best

>> No.74450091

There is the Bearpode

>> No.74450114

Yes, that's how designing uniforms and coherent minnis works.

Also why didn't they hire mcmurder to train ariadnans? He has the most experience in space than any other ariadnan, presumably

>> No.74450137

Bearpode could be anything, even a completly new semy sapient animal

>> No.74450151

Everyone on Dawn is a semi-sapient animal

>> No.74450210

Imagine getting mad about design consistency

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Yeah... sure

>> No.74450234

If the AI assumes the role of impartial regulator and arbiter, I'd see it as an improvement over corporations eating the last few resources we have.

Aleph is still limited with available computing power, hence you need to pay for his involvement.

>> No.74450265

Sharing design and and armor elements, as well as weapons isn't new. Look at pano heavy infantry (non knights), all of morats, any rem, etc.>>74450234

>> No.74450327

Right because having some similar design elements is totally the same as cookie cutter stuff
God forbid a couple of different modern military dudes use chest pouches

>> No.74450337

You do know that problems in high level competitive trickle down onto normal play right?

>> No.74450369

The dogs were strays traight from the streets. Most even lived trough the rocket test they were assigned with.

>> No.74450406

There are some smart people from PanO on Dawn.

>> No.74450434

Only if you let them interact with general populace. Tournament WAACers should be sent into gulags.

>> No.74450452

I prefer a more fluid game over a WAAC-proof one
You can always ban the worst abuses with ad hoc rules in the tournaments without having to touch casual play

>> No.74450540

But aleph may prop up dictators in favour of supporting peace.

This may be true but wouldn't humanity suffer in the long run. Wouldn't human just become caricatures of humanity? What's worrying is that so many people now days are allowing their lives to be run by algorithms.

Could you imagine Aleph turning down your bank account because you had one to many drinks or something? It must suck being a PanO citizen, addicted to the Mayanet while living in a capitalist society.

>> No.74450551

They might trickle, but don't pour like in other games.

Even stuff like los abuse (slicing the pie, whatever you want to call it) still needs some skill. Same with list building. Yes, every casual can build the camau core, but if you don't know how to place/move links templates still ruin your day.
Also casuals tend to experiment with lists, using less optimal pieces more often more and play less for the win.

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Going to post this here cos I don't think anyone posted the image yet.

>> No.74450841

The board layout looks pretty funky.

>> No.74450851


>> No.74450856

>Wouldn't human just become caricatures of humanity?
No, inventing a tool to do something for you that you don't want to do yourself is the very essence of humanity.

>> No.74451071

You had your chance of getting the LE edition with metals. Would probably sell some individual models for profit.

>> No.74451149

Its not plastic aristeia is some sort of pvc garbage.

>> No.74451187

Anon, PVC is plastic.

>> No.74451203

>Dodge into CC

>> No.74451217

>people cry about metal minis
>CB does an experiment with plastic
>people cry about CB doing plastic

>> No.74451227

>hence you need to pay for his involvement.
*xer involvement

>> No.74451239

>what is ARO engage?

>> No.74451277

N3's Engage was a PH-based F2F roll that lets you move 2" into B2B with an enemy.

N4's Dodge is a PH-based F2F roll that lets you move 2" in any direction (including into B2B with an enemy).

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Kosmoflot is your friend! They go to space to fight the alien menace!

>> No.74451341


It's not always F2F anon.

If you have Guy A on the other side of a building and move within my ZOC, I can declare Dodge with my guy on the other side. I can engage any model close to me (4" for certain models) and there is no F2F.

Or I can Dodge out of combat if you have an order that skirts my ZOC (no F2F) or Dodge away from you as you move to the corner (no F2F), etc etc.

>> No.74451365

>They go to space to fight the alien menace!
How about they deal with the alien menace in the backyard first?

>> No.74451373

We don't know that yet.
There could be something in the dodge rules prohibiting that

>> No.74451375

Kosmoflot is last hope of humanity. Not Maya-addicted cube-slaves, not pirates and smugglers under Haqq banner. Only Kosmoflot can save Human Sphere!

>> No.74451391


Considering CodeOne allows it, I'm not optimistic there will be some weird rules add on preventing anything I posted from happening.

>> No.74451396

Honestly I never heard an actual Infinity player complain about metal

>> No.74451408

There's little to no chance N4's Dodge works any differently than C1's. The scenario highlighted by >>74451341 is accurate.
I think this is actually a good thing, makes corner guarding more interesting and dynamic and actually makes Stealth worth using.

>> No.74451460

Why do you guys consider buff to suboptimal melee route such an issue? OMG, kinematika isn't line of flavour text now, WTF!

>> No.74451496

Even shooting isn't always F2F.

>> No.74451505

It forces smoothbrains to think about moving their avatar.

>> No.74451538

>Even shooting isn't always F2F.

Not sure what the point of that response is.

I'm pretty mixed so far. I've seen some weird interactions around consoles, guys on other side of structures, etc.

Yeah it makes Stealth better but it also makes heavy bruisers (like Ajax) pretty hard to get anything out of.

>> No.74451545

Is there a collated list of confirmed N4 changes? I'm curious but not enough to go watch CB videos.

>> No.74451559


>> No.74451583

>Not sure what the point of that response is.
"Hurr Dodge doesn't HAVE to be a F2F" is technically true but adds nothing to the discussion because basically every roll in the game can be done as a normal roll. Pointing it out like it matters is peak AKSHUALLY.

>> No.74451597

Go read Jean Baudrillard's simulacra and simulation.

You'll understand the philosophy there.

>> No.74451599

Kosmoflot is gonna get a starter box like starmada right?

>> No.74451632

Maybe not as big, could be a normal starter plus a release wave
Dunno if they are going for the big “action pack” for every release now

>> No.74451706

If you can't explain your point yourself, I'm not going to give enough of a shit to go read a philosophical treatise.

>> No.74451819

Kosmoflott might be ariadnas entrance to code 1. It even has units from all over dawn and mirage5 might be their tag equivalent

>> No.74451915

I'm too lazy anon but I'll make an exception

Essentially Baudrillard argues that society has been and will be replaced experiences of signs and symbols as opposed to actual experiences. Reality becomes a deception of an internalised fictional world as opposed to one with physical experiences. Our current understanding becomes based on that copy of reality therefore we live a lie. A self perpetuating lie. The meaning our humans have been rendered into meaningless existence as we strive to live a false life as opposed to what humans once experienced.

Aleph presents the idea that over time, the perception Aleph has of humanity is spread leading to a "fake" humanity. A copy of reflection, that the people will come to believe. This copy pretends to be reality and takes over human interaction. For example how people mimic movies as opposed to movies mincing life. Once no distinction between the real or the fake can be made, one enters into the hyper real. What is fake can be seen as real and vice versa. Humanity under Aleph continues to exist as an image humanity but so far disconnected from the original human cultural it no longer classifies itself as humanity. The existence of humans are perpetuated by what media Aleph gives humanity.

>> No.74452028


Please don't go Warmachine player anon.

Shooting could be a F2F in N3, it could be a regular roll. That's not new.

Being able to Dodge without LOS or a F2F is a new rule (be it good or bad) in N4, that's what we're discussing. If it's upsetting you or you feel like I'm attacking 'your' game, I'm not. It's a dialectical about a new rule, not a debate.


>> No.74452047


not the bloke you were responding to but that's an interesting take anon. I had not heard of Badrillard before, I'll look him up.

You should listen to some Don Hoffman talks. I'm not sold and I think it's a bit woo woo but it is an interesting argument.

>> No.74452110

I can just tell these two are salty scubs that get slammed by anyone with more than two braincells to rub together.
That is exactly the point you moron. Scrubs will still get like a 54% win rate on stuff that is giga broken in competitive. While troubling it would normally be ignored by most companies but if Kamau or post humans or whatever are slamming with 60% win rates among the most skilled players it means you have a serious problem.

You are expecting to much from these cretins fellow long nose dog fan.

>> No.74452172

>ai can just tell these two are salty scubs that get slammed by anyone with more than two braincells to rub together.
Not really. I just find casual games more enjoyable, even if I loose.

>> No.74452491


I sincerely doubt that. You just want people to treat you with kid gloves because you think you deserve easy wins.

>> No.74452519

>Baseless thought process
>Accusatory projecting
>Seething over being called a faggot on an anonymous image board
WAACfags are just /v/ermin outside of their element, aren't they?

>> No.74452740

>abstract bad, return to monke
Glad I didn't waste my time reading this garbage.

>> No.74452875

Much like how the gods of yore were similar to modern day brands and corporations, and how modern day brands are worshiped like gods, Aleph is a future god disguised as a brand.

>> No.74452913

I haven’t gotten into Aristeia yet, but I’m tempted now that there’s a multiplayer expansion. How many characters does the Prime Time expansion add and how necessary are other expansions?

>> No.74452920

I love modularity and consistency in faction design armor and weapons. This deserves nothing but praise and cheeky comments.

>> No.74452992

I think it does not add any new characters. On release there would be bundle, core+PT.

>> No.74453121

Kosmoloft has bigger gayer chimera with a human cocksleeve. Worst sectorial. I spit on kosmoflot.

>> No.74453246

>How many characters does the Prime Time expansion add
Looks like it's not adding any characters, and doing 4-player by being 4 teams of 2 instead of 2 teams of 4. Maybe 16 Aristos jammed up the board too much.

>> No.74453261
File: 292 KB, 483x825, Tao Wu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How many characters does the Prime Time expansion add
Literally none.
>how necessary are other expansions?
Completely unnecessary. You can play 4-player Primetime just with Primetime and the Core box. That said, every additional box you add adds more options, so you may want to pick up one or two anyway to expand the experience, if you enjoy the base game.
Most people would recommend Soldiers of Fortune as a first purchase when branching out from Core, then opinions are divided on whether Legendary Bahadurs or Smoke and Mirrors is the next best.

>> No.74453392

And I think you're just projecting. Chill out a little. You might end up enjoying it more.

>> No.74453987


I have a lot of fun with Infinity, mostly because if one of the people I'm playing beats me I shake their hand and say gg, not mope about them being a WAACfag all day.

>> No.74454106

Same, to me it's all about recreating those movie scenes. I don't care if I lose as long as something cool happens.

Like my Van Zant coming on the back and wiping out the enemy backline only to get obliterated by a sniper.

>> No.74454275


For me it's all about that feeling of battling wits with your opponent, win or lose.

>> No.74454323

>Tabletop Simulator drama
What drama? From what I've seen, CB is providing 3D models for people to use in TTS.

>> No.74454468

A game is about interacting with a person, and games that give you more ways to interact are more fun for me. Its why I ditched mtg for netrunner, and it's why I barely play other war games any more.
That back and forth, friendly clash. Hidden information, bluffing, guessing, reading intentions. Trying to predict and out predict. Its good fun, and that's what games are about.

>> No.74455722

I thought those were done by Vaul using photogrammetry, and CB just don't nuke them off the workshop.

>> No.74455935

Vaul and co. worked out how to do it, then (as I understand it) let CB know so CB used the method to give them a handful of studio-model sculpts.

>> No.74456132

He said they gave him 3d renders

>> No.74457426

No, because people who hate metal don't become Infinity players, they go "ew, metal" and move on.

>> No.74457474

Vaul you naughty kiwi

>> No.74457485

god they must have shit all over that capsule

>> No.74458098
File: 153 KB, 1080x1080, 70693625_1694337870699620_7127892415675434683_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74458182

Anyone get in any good games recently?

>> No.74458424

Try before buy. Aristeia is mediocre game at best, so ask local stores for a demo game before jumping in.

>> No.74458658
File: 238 KB, 293x600, fiddler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>return to monke
Way ahead of you.

>> No.74458700

This shit must be killed.

>> No.74458846

Whats wrong with pirates and smugglers?

>> No.74458914

Did someone with enough autism concentration tried to machine infinity parts?

>> No.74458925

>literal monke
>somehow still the most evolved ariadnan
Truly orbital bombardment would be a mercy.

>> No.74458980

Fuck Mary sues.

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File: 737 KB, 1939x1070, 1597228496941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking forward to trying Kosmosoldat in vanilla. Also hopefully Wallace is a LT choice in Kosmoflot with AVA 4 Irmandinhos. Hoping the Bearapode is a S6/S7 psuedo-TAG.

Dropped an Asura in one order with an APHMG Vet Kazak, roasted a Dart with my Chasseur, then proceeded to surround and finish off the remaining Naga and Myrmidons with my Vet and HMG Paracommando since they had a turn 1 Loss of Lieutenant.

Had another game where I lost 2 Antipodes and a handler to one missile, then they proceeded to take out my grunt flamethrower, Blackjack, grunt sniper, and my 112.

Had another game where my opponent infiltrated a couple of grunts that managed to capture my beacon turn one, after sacrificing one grunt to roast some ARO units and some lucky rolls on the other.

>> No.74459103
File: 94 KB, 720x1280, Kosmosoldat Errata.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Looking forward to trying Kosmosoldat in vanilla.
Remember, those stats are wrong (they're the Volkolak's).

>> No.74459120

Do we have stats for Rokots yet?

>> No.74459132

Kosmoflot mood:


>> No.74459203

Don't think so. My guess is they'll be Line Kazaks with Zero-G.

>> No.74459271

You mean this?


>> No.74459317
File: 342 KB, 1200x1754, Sovietspaceposters-60-1200x1754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Kosmoflot fights for freedom! Kosmoflot fights for the human sphere!

>> No.74459386

And the dosier has a shotgun forma some reason.

>> No.74459458
File: 397 KB, 1280x960, 3AC0096A-0E15-402D-A50B-431352117514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when a deadly pandemic doesn’t stop you from safely playing Infinity

>> No.74459512


Champs right there. I'm waiting 'till N4.

>> No.74459554

listen here you lil' shit, I'm trying to talk myself into buying nomads over aleph and you bringing up my fetishes doesn't make it easier.

>> No.74459601

That's a nonsense. Compared to modern reality, the one where a super-AI can actually have a moderating effect on the predations of the ruling class is an improvement.

>> No.74459877


>buying freak randomer space scum

>over cold, domineering artificial office ladies with guns

>cold, domineering artificial office ladies with guns who physically manifest a giant gestalt consciousness who knows you personally, has shaped your responses all your life and knows exactly how to instruct you to have you do her bidding

If you make these kinds of terrible decisions, you don't get to tell other anons what to do.

>> No.74459885

>who knows you personally, has shaped your responses all your life
That's the EI or your personal Geist.

>> No.74459899

Better the devil you know anon. Governments and corporations can always be overthrown of they get really dire, but if your AI really is hyper-intelligent then by the time it allows you to realise it doesn't have your best interests at heart it will be too late to do anything about it.

>> No.74459907

Aleph is baby mode, literal brainlet tier.

>> No.74459955


>governments and corporations, massive and sprawling entities composed of hundreds of people minimum, can be overthrown

>Aleph, a giant computer in a box in a fixed location, can't

>> No.74459971

So question how does ariadna feel about aleph? Further more is ariadnas only real allies haqq along with the nomads?

>> No.74459981

>how does ariadna feel about aleph?
Space Computer Bad, like Space Man Bad. FundieNet OK, though.

>> No.74459997

Didnt 012 cucked ariadna after uprising?

>> No.74460013
File: 492 KB, 460x345, Like tears in the rain.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You'll never get an manga on Ariadna fending off Yu-jing and PanO
>Will never see a space T-90 blowout a Jotunn
Why fuckin live?

>> No.74460014

Not really. Kurage Station was already recognised as foreign clay, it just went from Yu Jing to Great Japan.

>> No.74460044

>Ariadna fending off Yu-jing and PanO
Do Ariadnafags actually think this happened at any point? Ariadna fended off PanO and YJ the same way the Sphere are fending off the CA (i.e., not), only they had Daddy O-12 to slap people around on their behalf.

>> No.74460175

1) Ariadna doesn't like Aleph, but want to steal hi-tech equipment for free.
2) Nope, probably in N4 Ariadna would be ally only to military branch of O-12.

>> No.74460231

filthy animals not wearing masks.

>> No.74460255

Sounds perfect, I don't play boardgames to get stressed out.

>> No.74460267

Its still fucking hillarious, how HYPERPOWER went full "antipodes lives matter" after being cucked on Dawn.

>> No.74460324

That's honestly kinda surprising. Mangas about boring retarded garbage are a dime a dozen, so a story about that nonsense would fit right in.

>> No.74460387

A reminder that Dawn should be a PanO natural reserve since it was discovered and colonised by a ship made by nations which are now part of PanOceania (namely the EU and part of North America)

>> No.74460388

>in a fixed location
Looks like somebody's not been keeping up with the fluff, there's a section in the OSS bit of Third Offensive talking about definitely untrue Nomad theories about ALEPH building shadow nodes on places that aren't Concilium.

>> No.74460416

And why number one still did nothing to savetheir precious antipode citizens? Sounds kinda weak, in my humble opinion.

>> No.74460439

If it weren’t for that pesky O-12 meddling, all major population centres on Dawn would be glass craters right now, and the human sphere would be all the better

>> No.74460472
File: 736 KB, 1047x495, comic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>has shaped your responses all your life and knows exactly how to instruct you to have you do her bidding
you thought your hot corporate boss was a computer?

whoops it was actually hakim el stabbo

>> No.74460531

>8.5 million humans
>25 million Antipodes
Obviously PanOceanian intervention has been a great success, were it not for the brave Australians the Teseum-plated savages would have wiped out the poor dogs.

>> No.74460702

Majority of Ariadna is russians. Russia is still independent from PanO.

>> No.74460726
File: 191 KB, 1500x1050, 2F18A239-67AA-4F0D-AE71-A654E380FA48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74460752


>> No.74460774

Every unit with a chain rifle as its primary armament should be deleted to be honest.

>> No.74460778

Why would Bostria need to ask, the results are in an open excel file.

>> No.74460823

Pano is trully number one in making exuses.

>> No.74460944

That's clearly a YJ false flag. You must be USAdriadnian with that WIP12.

>> No.74460965

Nope, it is just deep dark fantasies of PanO cuck boi when his gf going to AEC barracks.

>> No.74461109

I want to start by playing small points first, and mostly sort of tag vs enemy team kind of game, what'd be best place to start between nomads, pano and aleph? Since Ariadna has none and Yj And Haqq are claimed (and CA is not an option)

>> No.74461132


Nomads have a 75pt TAG called the Iguana; you could fit that into a small 200pt game easy enough.

Aleph's also good if you want small numbers due to their elite nature, plus they make a good enemy for Nomads.

>> No.74461140

I don’t understand your plan. Low point list with TAG against low point list without TAG? TAGs are usually so expensive they will lead to some broken games at a lower point scale

>> No.74461148

>tag vs group
Thst's not a good way to learn the game

>> No.74461167

I'm talking about more themed scenarios than the usual ITS nonsense. Pardon my french "forging my narrative". Like, TAG and maybe a handful of models to support it vs normal enemy team, to sort of emulate big boss battles in something like bubblegum crisis. I just wondered if any of the factions was best to do something like it. I have 0 plans to ever bring it to any competitive games.

>> No.74461184

Could work with a light TAG and a bunch of cheap models, but I believe a TAG would still be kinda starved for orders in say a 200 pts list

>> No.74461206

Stuff like that will never be even remotly balanced.
I've seen chasseurs bullying avatars and sphinxes table tohaa with 6 orders total.

>> No.74461283

Has anyone seen a good paint job of Gata 'Flibusteira'?

>> No.74461359
File: 3.12 MB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$17.70 for this commission, I don;t think I could pay that price for something I could do

>> No.74461401

Does not exist.
I like derpy face. Reminds me about some videogame shit.

>> No.74461441

I find that most commissioners based in 40k do Infinity models terribly. They can't seem to get the fine details at all. And often overrate their painting. 40K models look good regardless of who paints them. It's hard to make 40k look bad.

>> No.74461462

>you know the picture

>> No.74461545

>glass craters
>not modern, highly populated cities with locals either aiding/exploiting spacemen to get rich or impotently seething at all the immigrants
Uncouth and barbaric/10. How are you supposed to prove your superiority over lesser nations if you just blow them up? That's the kind of attitude that kept the angry minorities in Ariadna instead of pulling it apart as proud new PanOceanian citizens.

>> No.74461687

People did but im still excited

>> No.74461736

Dude, the degenerate PanO couple goes there together for some sacrilegous swinger party. No need for nuke fantasies when you can plough some animalistic savages more direct ways.

>> No.74461932

Nobody would buy a manga where the "bad guys" steamroll the plucky underdogs in 10 pages.

>> No.74461991


The questions are a) How long would you take to do it yourself and b) are you happy to pay $17.70 to use that time for other things and still end up with that painted model?

If that took the painter more than a couple of hours to paint, I doubt they're making more than minimum wage.

>> No.74462016

Very true, I've always been in support of commissioners if they do a good job or a quick one. However my issue is when they sell their skills at an over costed price despite not being very good. I understand that they may enjoy what they do but they need to reevaluate their skill.

>> No.74462583


Is minimum wage an overcosted price for painting a mini to that standard for someone else who maybe can't paint at all? Especially if (and I don't know if this was the case or not) the person is paying for a particular colour scheme?

Even (especially) very accomplished commission painters have different price points for different qualities of paintjob. If you asked a master painter to do a better job than that guy at the same price, you may well get told "no, it's not worth my time. For that price, I'll only spend an hour on it max, and that's around the level it'll come out at. My price for a display mini is on my website; pay me that amount and I'll do it."

>> No.74462987

Painting services are generally undercosted due to students, neets and friends underselling their time.

>> No.74463440


Just because some people sell their skills undercosted, doesn't mean that someone charging minimum wage for their time is overcosted.

I'd invite anyone to give it a go; buy a model and attempt to a) assemble and paint it and b) sell it for the price that you bought it, plus minimum wage per hour you spent on it.

Commission painting is fucking rough, and you need to be a determined bastard to make it worth your time.

>> No.74463753
File: 153 KB, 640x480, deusex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He would, he's already turning key people into post humans. I'd imagine sleeper agents/recruiters could also be a real thing. I'm fully aware that it'd be absurd to have an AI management of that level.

Aleph isn't going to freeze your bank account, that'd be a waste of his computing power and much better left to the AI of your car that simply isn't going to start, if it detects higher concentration of alcohol in its interior. You'll get a nice thank you for your patronage from the brewery lobby.

>It must suck being a PanO citizen, addicted to the Mayanet while living in a capitalist society.
That'd be a viewpoint of someone from Haqq, Ariadna and Bakunin, besides, it'd be similar view on 'earning citizen points' in Yu Jing.

>> No.74463868

You make fair points. I'm a big advocate for money speaking. So I tend to commission models I think are worth it and when I do I will happily spend anywhere between £30 - £60 for a single figure.

It is a shame thought that new commissioners can be under cut. Saying that many commissioners are actually doing the job because they enjoy painting.

>> No.74463924
File: 793 KB, 640x853, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ain't that abstract go read some new philosophy. Or at the very least have this meme
Now apply this to humans and aleph

>> No.74464358

The existence of Swedish Fish Oreos is prove Humanity will not and does not deserve to survive.

>> No.74464520


The Ariadnan playerbase gets along with YJ's, since they don't like O-12's protection of Dai-Nippon (JSA), and since they're not PanO they're not fans of PanO.

>> No.74464700

Don't arguing that, just that it might warp peoples' sense of worth for a paintjob.

>> No.74464755
File: 80 KB, 680x680, 1597387193137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74465028

>Now apply this to humans and aleph
Not that anon but this is the part that muddles me. Humans living inside an abstracted simulation with only tangential connections to reality would still be humans and not swedish fish oreos, it's just a different environment that makes different people. Anything not involved in that environment isn't really relevant to their experience, and being told a biased PoV about stuff you have no experience with is far from a new concept.

Am I supposed to be recoiling with horror at the thought of a super internet with fewer retards with half-educated shitty takes about the real world and more retards completely disconnected from it? Is it really as simple as "abstract bad, return to monke"? Because if so that's some 24th century boomer shit desu, but otherwise clarification is welcome.

>> No.74465182

Questions bad, just return to monke

>> No.74465217

>Small brain Ariadnian trying to make fire
>Big Brain Aleph and Nomads debating the essence of humanity
>No brain Yu-Jing and PanO letting little numbers decide their lives.

>> No.74465225

How do the Baggage and Fireteam rules interact? If I'm running disposables like panzerfausts or flammenspeers in a link for cheap, dangerous AROs, do I need to spend an order per model to resupply on my next player turn, or do all models in the fireteam in base contact with the baggage bot get to take the resupply on a single order?

>> No.74465263


I think this is Gutier's deal, actually. He talks about "hyper-reality" a lot in Infinity's fluff, but the problem is that most of the people in-setting are deep in the illusion (which, to nobody's surprise, comes from MayaNet - "Maya" means "illusion."). There are people who are outside of the illusion - Ariadna, some people in Haqqislam, etc - but nobody is in it and aware of the illusion. To an outside observer, it's easy to understand that Resurrection/Reincarnation is a lie, but the way the setting is presented everyone believes it and hopes they'll live forever, is a slave to the corporatist machine in the hopes of living forever, when in reality the promise of immortality is a lie.

>> No.74465313


One order per model, and it resupplies immediately. That said I've heard Baggage is changing in N4, so don't go too crazy with it.

>> No.74465447

Like >>74465313 said, one per order.
Keep in mind you activate the Baggage Bot itself to do the resupply, not the unloaded model.

>> No.74465526

Pretty good takes anon.

What Aleph offers the sphere is just an illusion. Those looking into the human sphere can see the issues and the flaws. I guess that's why all the super powers are trying to keep this facade of cooperation. Once the illusion of safety and resurrection is broken then human sphere may be truly lost. The current civilisations (apart from Ariadna and CA) have built their governments on a lie.

People are being told what to expect and what to do. Is free thought really free when it's being whispered into your ears?

I see humans in Infinity at stage three the very least. There's an absence of understanding reality. Mayanet is so integrated into daily life it defines almost every aspect. Imagine people's shitty tiktoks being a main source of news and basis for social interaction. We see that with anime now days, those cringey weebs who act like anime. To them the simulation of human emotions is reality.

I guess Aleph is perpetuating the system

>> No.74465536

>To an outside observer, it's easy to understand that Resurrection/Reincarnation is a lie
It might not be any bigger lie than the illusion of consiciousness in general. Maybe the people in Infiniverse have discovered and come to terms in how these things work and accept them as part of life.

>> No.74465611


>> No.74465673


By "outside observer" I meant someone outside the setting (i.e. us in the real world) not someone outside the Human Sphere. I don't think too many Ariadnans understand that Resurrection is a lie, for example. I get the feeling that Gutier think that the audience is too stupid to understand that Resurrection is a lie, as well.

We need Atek death cults who are actively sabotaging resurrection and disrupting Maya to a level that would make the Observance blush.

>> No.74465771

This actually makes so much sense. Are we giving Guntier too much credit? Does that mean Aleph has been subtly lying or changing the perception of death and religion ? If so that calls forth so many ethical issues about the AI.

But then how do the Nomads factor in? Are they as blind to the lie of resurrection or have they just come to terms with it?

>> No.74465787

Yes, I understood. I don't think resurrection is any bigger lie than perceived reality itself, unless you try to force travelling soul or some other nonce subject into it. So really, is ALEPH the lier here, or Catholic Church?

>> No.74465920


I think there's a decent amount of variety among Nomads; the Observance obviously likes Resurrection, they just think Arachne (and therefore, them) should be in charge of it, whereas others are probably more leery of it, or are just corrupt space cyberpunk mob bosses like Tunguska.


I mean, ALEPH and the Space Catholic Church are in cahoots, so they're both liars, really. The fact that the idea of earthly resurrection before judgment day (for people in general) is in contradiction to what the bible actually says just makes the church incredibly hypocritical and really anti-Christian (and I say this as an atheist). You could see it as the final evolution of religion, though, where it becomes about materialism and maintaining temporal power above all else. I think the church is intended to be corrupt by Gutier, though. The real question is if he intends the Observance to be the moral version of Christianity in contrast to it, or if he intends them to be another shades-of-gray group.

>> No.74466044

>The fact that the idea of earthly resurrection before judgment day (for people in general) is in contradiction to what the bible actually says
I mean, is it? You'd think Christians of the 24th century would need to jump trough many more logical hoops than the currently living ones, that their reading of bible might be pretty alien to us.

There are aliens, human/animal hybrids, human/alien hybrids and all other kind of scientific and medical concepts so undeniable, that their general approach to theology would be as different to most modern Christians and modern Christians are to medieval ones.

And then there's Haqqislam and other religions which are their own cans of worms.

>> No.74466322

Yeah, I think I'm on the return to monke train

>> No.74466564

Depending on how exactly it works, I think the Baker's Module clone kids are the result of some Nomads figuring Resurrection is bullshit. Or it is just a different brand of lhost to plug your cube in and thus not really any different than what others are doing, just with added clone suffering.

>> No.74466639

What's your point here? That growing up under a system with too tight control makes it harder for people to think for themselves, regardless of how that control is enforced? Or that you think people will be conditioned to always put on an exaggerated 'fake' persona at all times, and they'll expect everybody else to do the same? Because neither of those are really anything revolutionary, though both can be dangerous.
This all just seems very heavily based on *people* only being available in heavily abstracted simulacrum form, which I find strange when there is very much an instinctive desire in humans to have close personal interactions and we've been spending centuries wrangling our shitty technology to replicate that as closely as possible. We can't beat in-person talking right now, but that's just because our tech sucks. I'm just not seeing how this will inherently spread the kind of unhealthy social isolation and alienation that brings us cringey weebs, or somehow turn us into swedish fish oreos that aren't people anymore.

Still a different brain, so no dice on the continuous consciousness. Baker module is for rich people who want to murder kids and take over their bodies to jerk off.

>> No.74466669


>I mean, is it? You'd think Christians of the 24th century would need to jump trough many more logical hoops than the currently living ones, that their reading of bible might be pretty alien to us.

I mean, sure, but their reading of the bible might be wrong. Hasn't stopped Christians before, though.

>> No.74466697

>their reading of the bible might be wrong
It's a literary work, there is no right or wrong way to interpret it.

>> No.74466712

Speaking of Nomads, how do i build a Bakunin list around the Lizard?

I realy like that tag, the moiras, rems, zeros and überfallkommando, but i fail to put together a list that even on paper looks like it could work.
Is moira haris good, or is it mod core with warband spam and zeros for objectives?

Why do prowlers exist?

>> No.74466719


>This is your brain on postmodernism

>> No.74466736

>Still a different brain
I couldn't remember if that was the case or not. I know the clone kids are you 2.0 physically and they raise them to get the neural pathways down. The process could be where stream of consciousness is maintained while the clone personality is wiped, kind of like a ghetto sepsitor.

>> No.74466755

It might be alien to the average reddit atheist like yourself, a lot of people today in fact believe ancient heresies they just have never heard of them described explicitly.
>le Christianity is anti science meme
Aside from low church Prots, this is just more reddit tier retardation. Nothing about extraterrestrials or medical science is irreconcilable with Christianity.

>> No.74466756


>Speaking of Nomads, how do i build a Bakunin list around the Lizard?

Moderator core, Clockmaker, then whatever else you need.

Prowlers exist because they're a legacy unit; that said, you will find them useful for completing classifieds because they're a Veteran unit in the midfield. Plus if you ever play Hunting Party they're amazing.

>> No.74466805


Depends on what branch. Some of them are basically occasionalists.

>> No.74466821

Aside the whole
>made in his likeness
bit. Do aliens need a savior? Are they free of sin?

>> No.74466852

Does a cow or wolf sin?

>> No.74466879


Aliens are like animals. It's ok to enslave them, eat them, etc, despite their intelligence, because they lake a soul. One should not take pleasure in their suffering, however.

>> No.74466884
File: 74 KB, 900x374, strip30ih.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are we giving Guntier too much credit?
Obviously. It's still fun to speculate.

>> No.74466911

>Hello xeno neighbors, have you heard the good word of our lord and savior?
>Evangelize like there is no tomorrow
>Earth is new Holy Land
>Mars and Venus must be bombed to secure the Holy Land

>> No.74466951

Thanks. What about the murdernuns?
An ODD Core seems strong, even with their high cost and low arm and no nwi.

>> No.74467084


It is strong, but it's expensive, so unless you're trying to make a LI list I'd suggest avoiding it in the same list as the Lizard.

>> No.74467090

Not worth. The options without big guns are expensive and don't bring much to the table, plus if one bitch gets her ODD countered the others are usually quick to follow. Generally a single Moira HMG and Custodier HD+ are all you want or need.

Moderator core is also good for providing orders that the Lizard desperately wants, while Moira core or even the much better Riot Grrl core are more prone to taking orders for their own use.

>> No.74467247

I've been toying with something like this as a new project for N4

Group one rambos with the tag, moderators stay defensive, morlocks are only there to anoy and lay some smoke/eat AROs from suspicious camo tokens.
Group two does objectives and midfield minelaying/delaying enemies if i don't go first.

I have to say, coming from morats, onyx and mrrf, bakunin is weird

>> No.74467367

Moiras are good as solo pieces with an HMG or MSR(sorta). Though having the Kusanagi+Custodier+Healer trio can get serious work done, it is pretty fragile and would eat too much into Lizzy's orders.
Your Core choices are usually going to be Moderators or Grrls; Mods are cheap and Grrls are one of the most efficient HI pain trains in the game.

>> No.74467424

There might not be a right way, but there are definitely wrong ways

>> No.74467473


I mean, points values are probably gonna change a bit in N4. I'd buy what you know is gonna be useful - the Lizard itself, the Moderators you're gonna want. Clockmaker is probably getting a resculpt in about 6 mos so your call on that...

>> No.74467582
File: 259 KB, 977x501, D4C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74467663


>He doesn't know

>> No.74467687

what's the point of the keisotsu Lt.?

>> No.74467711

It'll be fine for about another month.

>> No.74467715

I don't think you're going to get much out of the druze I'd look at the ninja + something else. Also playing Ikari without Yuan Yuans seems wrong.

In N4 you are limited to 15 units, so maybe start planning around that.

>> No.74467782

Bran should be in first group but otherwise you've already caught on to 3x Zeros + Bran being Bakunin's strength.

>> No.74467927

To waste SWC

>> No.74467940

I hate what the Brawler Lt does to fireteam compositions

>> No.74467950

What a power move.

>> No.74468653
File: 84 KB, 543x960, 4077153F-9D4E-43C5-8169-B2F339825DCE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

O-12 looks better in more muted colors

>> No.74468785

Tasty anon.

>> No.74469338

So, my playgroup realy, realy hates the lizard sculpt.

I need some lists please that work well with her, the überfallkommandos and zeros.
Or advice on how to play bakunin. The only tactica i can find is the one on the forum, and that one is a bit old.

>> No.74469350

Ikari has literally two LT options: Brawler and Keisotsu.
Seems okay, but you really don't need 2 Brawler Snipers. I would look to drop the 2nd and the Druze LGL for a Wu Ming HMG + whatever you want. Wu Ming HMG + Brawler LT + Wu Ming Haris also makes a good fireteam if you don't wanna waste your SWC on the Keisotsu.

>> No.74469406


Unfortunately, a lot of that's gonna change with N4, especially considering the 15 unit limit that's being put into place. Are you playing right now or planning for the future?

>> No.74469407

That looks dope, I would have personally swapped the blue and grey parts but I also can't paint anywhere near as well so yeah

>> No.74469456

I just want to have a new project for n4 and put the lizard on the table out of spite.

I know that n4 will change a lot, but i hoped someone already played bakunin here
Grrls seem to be the backbone of the sector, together with zeros and bran.

>> No.74469510
File: 311 KB, 693x589, LizardAndFriends.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try out something like this. You can do really rude things with the Lizard HGL and Bakunin's many tools for making things Targeted.

>> No.74469613

>17 orders

anon I...

>> No.74469638

Why Zoe&PI-Well? wouldn't a custodier do an even better job, or am i missing something obvious?
HD+ on a cheaper model with one WIP less seems pretty good in comparison

>> No.74469850

Zoe and Pi-well are the Lizard's BFFs.
Zoe is a WIP15 Engineer to fix anything awful that happens to your Lizard. She can do Spotlight through any of your numerous Repeaters on a 12, which is amazing.
Pi-well is an ODD Forward Observer REM which makes him incredible for picking out targets for your Lizard's HGL. You can FO people directly or just move next to them and let Zoe hack them through the Repeater, as mentioned.

You could go with the Custodier but she doesn't have nearly as much synergy with the Lizard. And if you want people to truly despise the Lizard then dropping HGL rounds on their heads is about the best way to do it.

>> No.74469960
File: 91 KB, 698x571, bakunin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I missed that shes an engineer.

Marksmanship2 on pi-well looks absurdly good as well.

>> No.74469961
File: 1.81 MB, 1920x1536, Polish_20200821_225820032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another Shas done. 5 to go.

>> No.74470085

Looking good, what are you doing with the base?

>> No.74470104

Thoughts on the infamous quadruple caliban light rocket launcher build?

>> No.74470140
File: 2.19 MB, 1920x1536, Polish_20200807_192437772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably the same I did here, alongside a display tray. I'll add rubble and barbed wire onto some mud, maybe a dried tree made from roots (easy to find and excellent results).

>> No.74470193

I haven't had a game in 6 months and all the ones I've played were Acontacimento and MO. So, none atm, I'll probably go into Vanilla because I would really like to use the Raicho. And with the incoming Tag buffs, I'm hoping he'll cost around 80-85 points.

>> No.74470597

Does anyone know if the Kurgat autocanon model has the arm with the autocanon as a separate piece?
I need to know for a conversion, but can't find any pics of unpainted kurgats anywhere...

>> No.74470602
File: 83 KB, 699x924, 9577745029bf7b49f2ca9ccebf290f3e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Convert yer lizards senpai

>> No.74470713

nicely done. Those are very cool. Are you running them in infinity, is it part of a diorama, or for a different game entirely?

>> No.74470754

I wish they were mine, found them a long time ago on the old forums. One day I will copy it and probably just run it as a lizard desu

>> No.74470765


>don't need two brawler snipers
I guess, I could save 10 points by running the brawler HRL in the haris instead

>Wu Ming HMG + Brawler LT + Wu Ming Haris
I have another list saved that does use this link, though I've yet to run it in a game to see how it does.


Well, when September 30th rolls around I'll post a new, 15-model list for y'all to run through the shredder

>> No.74471061
File: 7 KB, 300x297, Archer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>quadruple LRL
>no space to make them gag on your CoC

>> No.74471518

>the audience is too stupid to understand that Resurrection is a lie, as well.
Much like the audience the people of the sphere don't care. It's fundamentally a form of immortality, the minor details are irrelevant to everybody but the most nitpicky autists.

>> No.74471572


The fundamental problem is that it's not actually resurrection or a continuation of consciousness.

>> No.74471734

So what? It might be an interruption but isn't dreamless sleep more or less the same anyway?

>> No.74471846


No. Brain activity never really ceases in a sleeping human. It's different than being disintegrated or copied. Since Outrage showed us that you can make a "Resurrection" of someone who was still alive, it's impossible for it to be a continuation of consciousness, since Knauf could experience Death and it would have no effect on Jethro and vice versa.

>> No.74471882

It's not the same person. It's a continuation of experience, not of consciousness.

>> No.74471899


>> No.74471921

I like the NMM

>> No.74471967

This conversation has already happened multiple times, and there's no convincing these people that their freshman philosophy take on resurrection isn't as deep as they think it is, nor that a populace that explicitly is addicted to super-internet isn't two steps away form total anarchy over cubes.

All I can say is just try to ignore them

>> No.74471977
File: 2.92 MB, 220x220, 1443726573695.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking slick anon, is there any trick to the edge highlighting? My schemes have always looked a bit flat and I don't know if I'm just not good at it, but I can't really nail down the typical "infinity aesthetic"

This is looking really nice though, I always thought things looked better a bit muted, but this combines that style with crisp edges

>> No.74472008

"Brain" activity might cease but that's what cubes are for, a backup of your brain that doesn't stop when you die. That's why EM weapons are banned by Concilium.
Knauf was just "double sleeved" his cube was copied when he died

It is the same person, does someone stop being themselves because they fall unconscious?

>> No.74472010

I've run this dumb list before to some success. 5 grrl link and a lizard is a lot ofwounds to deal with. If the lizard dies you still have a lot of orders to use on the grrls.
Another option is to use the evo REM and the meteor/stempler to sat lock things and bombard them with the heavy grenade launcher.

>> No.74472136


>"Brain" activity might cease but that's what cubes are for, a backup of your brain that doesn't stop when you die. That's why EM weapons are banned by Concilium.
Knauf was just "double sleeved" his cube was copied when he died

It makes a copy, but it does nothing to preserve the actual individual.

>It is the same person, does someone stop being themselves because they fall unconscious?

If their brain is obliterated, they do. If brain activity is lowered, as in sleep or unconsciousness, no. There's a world of difference between being unconscious and your brain cells actually being destroyed. If someone has a stroke that makes them brain dead, they have lost continuity of consciousness.

>> No.74472137

Forgot to paste the code

>> No.74472180

Edge highlights just need precision and value greater than what they are outlining. The Raicho has something like 12-25 layers of red on each plate, that's why it doesn't look flat, alongside contrast placement. Having really dark lines dividing surfaces that are highlighted in bright or close to white colour makes things pop.
I'd have to see your minis to give more meaningful advice.

>> No.74472322
File: 2.39 MB, 4032x3024, 8891C171-D9AD-4001-9D09-0A03C7E420D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here’s some old photos of some vanguard I did, I’m about to start up on shas as well and I’ll post them here when I make some more progress

>> No.74472387


Why is his gun barrel orange? For visibility and safety?

>> No.74472710

I tried to do like a heated barrel effect, I see how well it landed

>> No.74472759


If you focused on it more, I would be able to tell, but as it stands it's too orange/yellow and not red enough IMO.

>> No.74472890

But the cube is funtionally part of their brain, the brain is destroyed but the cube remains, people can be booted up from their cubes to have conversations, it is the exact same consciousness

>> No.74472912

Do a bit more yellow at the front and darker red at the back, then some purple and dark blue, it's a good start just needs a sharper gradient

>> No.74472969


Impossible, because Knauf and Jethro never shared the same brain. One of them isn't a continuation of the other.

>> No.74473022

One of them is a copy, at one point the data in Jethro's cube was in Knauf's. There was continuation kf consciousness in Knauf, Jethro is wholly artificial

>> No.74473087


Once you have a cube out of a brain the thread of consciousness is severed. Otherwise, you could argue that Jethro was the real one just as well, and if you can do that, then the whole thing doesn't work.

>> No.74473195

It's not severed. The cube contains the consciousness it's a pretty simple concept. Jethro was just a carbon copy

>> No.74473279


So is the original Knauf inside of Jethro or Knauf, and why one and not the other?

>> No.74473302


I'll try and apply these techniques on some of my newer stuff

>> No.74473398

Depends on which one has the original cube obviously

>> No.74473455


Why does the original cube matter if they're identical? There's no brain function in a cube.

>> No.74473758

No, neither version does. Both of them have the autocannon and left arm as one piece, and the old one has the handle together with the right arm.

>> No.74473811

>One of them isn't a continuation of the other.
No, they're both a continuation of Knauf From A While Ago.

>> No.74473922


They can't both be a continuation, because then Knauf's experience can't be continuous into both of them. There was consciousness-death somewhere along the line.

>> No.74473941

There is, that is the whole point of a cube

>> No.74473943

>continuity of consciousness.
Stop hiding behind a veneer of science and just say soul already. There's nothing physical about the brain that the Cube isn't recording, so the only thing that could possibly differ is something metaphysical.

>> No.74473972

With spotlight becoming an aro i think the lizard becomes a much scarier thing to go up against than before. Pretty hyped.

>> No.74473996

>Knauf's experience can't be continuous into both of them.
Why not? Why can't experiences continue in multiple directions at once?

>> No.74474121

Knauf and Jethro were the same person at different points in time but became different people an instant later when they both began having experiences the other did not. They both diverge from the same point.

>> No.74474141


>There is, that is the whole point of a cube

It can fail at what it's trying to do.

>Stop hiding behind a veneer of science and just say soul already. There's nothing physical about the brain that the Cube isn't recording, so the only thing that could possibly differ is something metaphysical.

I don't mean soul. And I'm not saying that the cube doesn't create a (near) perfect copy that others would experience as the same person, but more that for the person themselves, there is no continuity and it's just death. There's more continuity for a person who has a stroke and loses a decent amount of brain function and has to re-learn to talk than someone who has a flawless cube copy/resurrection.


Because if you're the initial Knauf, which body do you experience waking up in?

>> No.74474774

>It can fail at what it's trying to do.
So can a flesh brain

>> No.74474803


The issue is that flesh brains work right most of the time. Cubes don't work right because they don't do what people say they do.

>> No.74475101

Stay strong brother. I also like Lizard and don't get the hate it gets.

>> No.74475385

I'm buying myself a lizard this week. Bakunin i where I go when I want a break from playing PanO.
But i'm a degenerate who doesn't use smoke even in bakunin so i usually refrain from giving people advice on how to play it.

>> No.74475830

Says who? They absolutely do, there is nothing to indicate otherwise

>> No.74476150


There being two versions of Knauf running around gives the lie to that.

Which body did the original Knauf wake up in, new-Knauf or Jethro?

>> No.74476489

Again, depends on which body got the original cube

How is it a lie that the cube performed as intended? Knauf lived and was resurrected, the copy is extraneous to the cube's function

>> No.74476570


The same process that creates the copy created Knauf, so it cannot be a continuation of consciousness, since Jethro is not a continuation of the original Knauf.

>> No.74477109

Alright I re-read the manga and knauf never died, Jethro is a copy made from a backup, knauf pulled out his cube

That aside, no, the process that creates a copy of a cube is independent of that individual cube, which is inserted whole and unmodified into the next host

>> No.74477144


If it's independent of that individual cube, then there's no continuity of consciousness upon resurrection.

>> No.74477272

For a copy no, but for that cube yes
The same cube literally goes from one body to another taking consciousness with it

>> No.74477310


If you can take the information in the cube and use it to create a copy, with a new cube, that has no continuity with the original, then there's no way the cube itself has continuity with the original. It looks like it does from the outside, but the individual experiences death, and nothing after.

>> No.74477325


Why would one cube be magic and have the person's soul in it?

>> No.74477398
File: 86 KB, 401x200, 1525204451692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not? I don't understand your logic at all. So what if the cube can be copied?
The individual experiences death, but to them it would be no different than going to sleep and waking up in a new host

Right, a soul, pic related

>> No.74477580


>Why not? I don't understand your logic at all. So what if the cube can be copied?

If the cube can be copied, then there's nothing inherent about its nature that gives it a continuation of consciousness - no different from disintegrating someone and then reconstituting them molecularly. They would have died, but a copy of them would be running around somewhere.

>Right, a soul, pic related

Except you're saying that a cube has magic powers to sustain a soul beyond death.

>> No.74477590

>I don't mean soul.
You absolutely do. You think there's something magical to continuous consciousness that can't be copied and pasted by something able to read and replicate the status of the brain, that's really obviously a soul. I remember you trying to use "muh neural weights" to try to explain it, but that doesn't work either since those by necessity must be able to be recorded to even prove they exist, and if you can record them you can move them around.

>> No.74477613


>You absolutely do. You think there's something magical to continuous consciousness that can't be copied and pasted by something able to read and replicate the status of the brain, that's really obviously a soul. I remember you trying to use "muh neural weights" to try to explain it, but that doesn't work either since those by necessity must be able to be recorded to even prove they exist, and if you can record them you can move them around.

I've never used the term "neural weights" so idk what you're talking about. I don't think there's something magical to consciousness - you're the one who thinks a cube is like a monstrance for a soul. There are no souls.

>> No.74477879


>> No.74477906


Ok... what's your point?

>> No.74477916


Sounds like the physicist thinks that human brains switch off while people are asleep.

>> No.74478055

Cubes are just a really good brain scan you can shove into different hardware. It's still a scan; you still need to reupload. Even if it never stopped thinking after the original brain died, that's just a relay race where the original dies, the first replica takes over, then the second replica takes over from the first.

I think the only thing that would satisfy continuous consciousness people is either biological immortality that stops cell degradation (which the Human Sphere should be able to achieve easily desu) or maybe very slowly Ship of Theseus-ing your brain into a machine.

>> No.74478160

Vince has quality videos on just about anything, highlighting is also covered

>> No.74478344

uh oh anons, i'm fresh breadnant

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