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It's the best day of the week! A place to discuss assorted mecha RPGs, especially games that aren't Battletech (which already has its own general).

Let's talk about Heavy Gear/Jovian Chronicles/Gear Krieg, Battle Century G, Adeptus Evangelion, Lancer, Payload, Maharlika, VOTOMS, Mekton, Beam Saber, and any others you care to discuss.

Pastebin with books and other assets:

Previous Thread >>74255920

Outside from fighting, what mundane tasks does your PCs use their mecha for? Is it a place to eat or sleep, do laundry, something that can haul cargo?

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Hello again fellow /m/en!

So in my fantasy game, mecha basically double up as caravans for the PCs, so they do everything within their little convoy. Cool, sleep, eat, tell spooky stories when they camp for the night. It can be pretty cosy.

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Hello again fellow /m/en!

So in my fantasy game, mecha basically double up as caravans for the PCs, so they do everything within their little convoy. Cool, sleep, eat, tell spooky stories when they camp for the night. It can be pretty cosy.

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General heavy lifting for cargo work, construction and general repairs especially on large form space craft and other mega structures. As it turns out being able to lift a couple tonnes and having a massive metal machine to protect you really helps do heavy industry jobs.

They also get used for any kind of work in hazardous environments because its pretty easy to put life support in one to keep you alive on the surface of mercury.

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Are big robots cool?

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>the Yessest

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They occasionally sleep and eat in them but not much else, they're military mecha not really designed to be without logistics support for long periods.

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Good Mecha Monday, everybody! To answer the OP question I enjoy the idea of pilots "living" in their mecha whenever deployed, doing everything from sleeping to hanging clothes to dry on the mecha.

I now have a question of my own: how would you do "artifacts" in a mech setting? Should they be whole-ass mechs like a lost earlier model or just specific parts such as a weapon or engine, be they historical or of enhanced specs?

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For an rpg?
Whatever feels the fuck right

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Nah, my pilots live in luxury, so there is little reason to use something against its intended purpose

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It's the most
wonderful time
of the weeeeeeeek

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Do your mechs at least have a kettle in it so I don't have to get out to make tea. Cause I need that ability. Also allows you to eat MREs

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>Outside from fighting, what mundane tasks does your PCs use their mecha for? Is it a place to eat or sleep, do laundry, something that can haul cargo?

In the Mekton campaign that I ran back in college, at one point the players set up a luau on the beach. They cut some big palm tree leaves and made giant skirts for their mechs and used them to dance the hula. I was pretty falbbergasted, in a good way

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Ah, Mecha Monday, just the thread I was looking for.
A few threads back I received a few ideas regarding a type of Mecha game people would like to see. The chief of it was "Fantasy Mecha" so here are my two current deviations of that idea.

Thoughts, opinions, or ideas?
>inb4 why not both?
I want to keep it relatively focused and doubling down on the same concept would be kind of dull.

It's a bit far down the pipeline, but it'll be coming up eventually (tm).

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>a kettle
One if the best inventions
Not that anon but my mech doesn't even need a dedicated hearing unit, since he is one, focusing the radiation, of his partially enclosed reactor, away with gravity lenses.

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Damn, what program did you do this on? Mecha Pendragon sounds really good, especially the bit about a family passing down a Mech.

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It's called MIro, found it as a recommendation in a Discord for organizing stuff. Pretty neat, free too.

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Kettles are essential for any combat vehicle.

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I thinking finding the initial mechs as artifacts would be cool, since it would be convenient to have players start out with one. Then they could perhaps find other parts as upgrades to their mechs and customize them as they please.

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vroom vroom

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Good to see your Flakerrari is still going, that looks very nice

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If I wanted to tweak Lancer's lore/tech to be a bit more "conventional" and avoid a lot of the "magic science" stuff, what all do you think needs changing?

Horus stuff is probably out/tweaked at the very least.

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how do you make a crafting or upgrade system interesting or even worthwhile in a game without a living economy?

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Lancer has a lot of "it's magic I don't gotta explain shit", so if you take the time to explain out the Horus stuff you can probably keep most of it in. Ex. Explain the magic teleports as Star Trek-style transporters (I think it was Voyager that had people with experimental personal transporters).
Lich is probably a lost cause, though.

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also, i dont know if the traditional hex travel system of random encounters would make sense for a game in which most of the actual 'travel' would be tracking your big boy. you would need to design a pretty sophisticated ranger system that each player would be able to contribute to, rather than just the one guy who put ranks in track

Also i am not sure how much fun supply lines would be in this setting. One of the big aspects of monster hunter is that you are getting your food/crafting supplies/ etc... FROM the monsters you are killing, it would be sort of a stretch to be getting replacement marts and motor oil from monsters. In the interest in making sure the players feel like forward progress is being made, you would need to design a pretty big reload system to avoid them making a wrong turn, running out of mech gas, and waiting for robo AAA

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My plan is a bit of a lore rewrite too and to have an alien race use more of the Horus style tech

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I'd have to model if after MH proper, the constant need for the acquisition of gear to make the next piece of gear easier to get. Starting from effectively a shiny, boring, frame to the Ace Custom Kaiju Murder Mech of your dreams.

I'd have to tier things out regardless, so killing a Fire Lizard would give you enough supplies to make sure your Chest Plate is Fire Resistance 1, but you may want to make it into a better weapon to deal with future Fire Lizards.

This is in the rough stages regardless. Input on the matter is appreciated.

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Check out the Witcher rpg for some both good and bad examples. It has an extensive crafting system that's not all great, but it might give you some ideas.

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collecting 8 spider legs to make a spider leg sword that allows you to kill enough fire lizards to make a fire lizard hat makes sense, but holy shit that is played out and tedious. Thats basically just an XP system with different currencies, and if youre making it pen and paper that adds another aspect of decidedly unfun and tedious secretary work.

I understand that some people are super drawn to granular reward system gameplay, but as a DM do you really think you will be able to make a system where you are constantly trying to dress up your players grinding fire lizard or whatever supplies? If you are playing with a group do you really think everyone is going to be engaged by farming missions to upgrade jeffs boots?

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Ez, just have engines that straight up burn fatty tissue or tallow from movers for energy.
Better engines need more exotic stuff.

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Lancer last week was fun.
I abused the Blackbeards ability to grapple to gattai with most of the party.

We had to get to a ship in a few rounds and one of the party members has only a speed of three with a Sherman.
So I picked him up with the Blackbeard.
The Goblin joined in on it and then another enemy got grappled into that cluster.

Every enemy on the way was hacked and/or blasted to pieces.

In the game I used to run, my players had to kill the mech in combat, if they wanted to get access to a Horus license.
That was fun, both with the Manticore and the Lich.

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I don't want the players picking up any of that tech until incredibly late game--if at all.

But I also don't want to limit their options too much--Horus does have the best hacking stuff for anyone wanting to play a hacker

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The first one is your basic space opera, theres plenty of source material to look up.

The second sounds more interesting to me, as opens up to more player input on their machines. I suggest something like Medarot/Medabots, where you have a basic premade core on which you install the parts into, and instead of just having upgrades that are each time better (and harder to get/buy) you get parts with different functions, all around the same level but for different playstyles. The excuse for this is that organic material is cheaper and easier to use (also lighter) than huge chunks of metal that end up in scraps and you would need to fix over and over (which you cant do on-the-go while exploring wilderness or other planets).

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What about making them the remnants of an old times war that destroyed everything and people now live in a post-apocaliptic time, where mechs still exist but were toned down due to the lack of materials and complexicity in general (maintenance for one). When you find a mech from the war it would be mostly destroyed but you could salvage something, and it would be of a higher technology level (now lost).

Yes, something like Battle Angel Alita manga, but on a bigger level (instead of body parts, mechs).

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I relate to this image on a spiritual level

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Best version of a beach episode giant dancing hula robots.

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Depends. Most mechas are too sleek and purpose built to actually be used for anything, but one of the characters purposefully uses her machine as a giant forklift/power tool for no real reason other than sense of purpose as she's a junkyard monkey-style engineer dragged by her feet to a post-scarcity opulent world where people don't need to repair shit.
She's been understandably a bit upset at this.

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Also working on a "fantasy mecha" setting, with similar concepts as your monster hunter one.
I've been toying around with ideas, but I've decided different races have different mech types and "themes". Humans have cheap, bottom of the line mechs, but they also get some abilities like having "mook" units with them. They may not have the shiniest guns, but they can make their guns for cheaper and put them in more arms. The rough analog to orcs make their mechs out of scrimshawed bone and other natural materials, and this lets them basically use them as spirit conduits, allowing their ancestors to guide the mech as a sort of AI. Elves were disconnected from magic for a long time, and developed highly advanced mechs that don't use magical engines, making them effective against dispelling effects and with some nifty tricks of their own, but also incredibly fragile. So on and so forth.

Travel is an important part of the game, I want the mechs to feel like a second home, and also be important and expensive pieces of gear. If you are going into an area, dropping your mech off behind some trees and hoofing it to scout is a great idea. Rather than going for a new sigil-cannon, it might be a wiser idea to try and add that water recycling unit so you don't have to spend so much on h2o, stuff like that.
Killing beasts gives a few resources, but also can be taken to base and researched, giving you new mech parts/effects based off of the slain beast. Giant lighting chameleon? Killed, obtained cloaking unit, and the ability to pay 500 gild to fill an enhancement slot on your head, giving you lightning resistance. That sorta deal.

Still in the most barebones of design, its kinda a rough one to nail down because tone and style and etc. I recommend you look into Dragonmech, btw.

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I love this! Monster Hunter, but the "monsters" are ancient mecha gone feral

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Adeva anon back with session 25
Link to previous greentexts for those who need to catch up: https://imgur.com/a/6gFb8YO
>Gabe drives the pilots to schools the next day starts, with sayin he is suprised Marcel couldn't last in longer against Rachel when it came to alcohol
>The pilots all are reminded that they are watched at all times, every day, but Tobias assures everyone saying their are enough active threats to warrant this surveillance
>Gabe also mentions that GPC from Tokyo-3 arrived, rescued from the facility, and to be used by Tobias
>The pilots arrive at school to see the Jess hurriedly directing the schools clubs in how to properly set up for the club fair at lunch
>Kajta expresses interest in joining a club as the group heads to class, and over hears the news about the Qemuel fight, specifically when the the pink one attacked the green one"
>Lanka asks Zeru what exactly happened, and works hard to suppress her fears as she deals with the truth of what happened
>At lunch, Lanka says she is sorry for what happened, and Tobias forgives her
>The group goes to see clubs mostly out of boredom
>Rachel tells Kajta Rose and Jess are arguing in the atrium and that they should go watch
>Meanwhile, Lanka approaches the track and field club booth, which is very small and signs up, thinking it will help distract her. The basketball star from last year is the one manning the booth
>Kajta and Rachel see Rose and Jess arguing, with Jess saying they were not scheduled to have a booth, and thus must leave, and Rose arguing that Jess wants her club shut down because of their grudge
>Kajta questions why she did'nt just join the nomral music club, but is told that their was a disagreement between her and the music club
>Roku comes to the social battlefield with food for the group, diverting Rose and Jess's attention, but getting no response from the long haired boy with headphones on
>Jess continues her attack, and Rose calls on Roku to explain why their idea was denied

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I'll share what I can, since I've given some thought to this concept, myself. You seem to already have a solid grasp on the basic loop of Track-Hunt-Craft-Repeat.

So your team slays "Rathizard the Fire Dragon," you roll on some sort of chart (optional), and harvest several of the following items:
Rathizard Tail - can be turned into a whip weapon, or converted to Dragon Bones and Fire Scraps
Rathizard Hide - equips a single mech with fire-resistant armor
Flame Sacs - can be turned into a flamethrower weapon, or converted to multiple Fire Scraps
Dragon Bones - can reinforce a mech with extra hit points
Dragon Talons - enhance a melee weapon or produce ammunition that deals extra damage
Fire Scraps - produce ammunition that deals fire damage

This ensures that any hunt will provide enough materials to do something useful, but adds an element of planning and in-party negotiation as the players decide the best way to use their limited rewards. It works especially well if the monsters are not endlessly respawning, and/or the players have some limit on their number of hunts or days in the field.

A Study/Tracking minigame would be needed, yes. As for supply lines, I think that food/fuel is less vital to track, and spare parts could serve as the built-in limitation that prevents the players from endlessly grinding monsters. Just like how Lancer treats Repairs (effectively stocks of spare parts) as a limited resource that create a cap on how many fights you can go through before you need to return to base.

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Part 2 of session 25
>Roku starts to talk about the music clubs refusal to fund her use pyrotechnics and costumes, but gets interrupted the long haired boy(named Gilbert) who puts it bluntly: "They said our idea was stupid and too expensive so we borrowed Roses money to buy equipment"
>Kajta trys to console Jess on her apparent defeat as she relents, but makes sure the band knows they need an advisor like every other club
>Rachel gets irritated the Jess and Rose didn't start pulling each others hair out
>Kajta internally admits that if she weren't there, it might have happened
>Rose begrudgingly invites Rachel into the band as a vocalist, at Akemi's recommendation
>"Not a chance bitch" says Rachel as she walks off with a smile
>Kajta trys to suppress her laughter
>Kajta gives the boys of the band a look of pity as she leaves
>Dani approaches Lanka outside and tells her that hr father approved the idea of a sleepover, and she could invite her friends
>Lanka exits the interaction by agreeing to come to Dani's house on Friday night, and then ditching school on the pretense of a doctors appointment
>Dani gets the other pilots to agree to coming
>Meanwhile, Lanka calls Mercury on a payphone with fears that a synch test could be dangerous
>Mercury admits the order came from above, and Minerva could be persuaded into covering for Lanka for a favor
>Lanka if it is safe for her, and Mercury admits he has no reason to suspect it would dangerous, but tells Lanka she should choose how to approach it
>Lanka is irritated by the lack of guidance and calls Minerva asking about the favour, and is told Emelia wants to go shopping, and see Lanka
>Lanka silently hangs up
>The pilots finish out their school day and Rachel gets chastised for talking about her Eva in public
>The pilots barely get Lanka out of a detention by lying about her medical issues to Jess, with Marcel doing the hard part

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Part 3
>Lanka spends the afternoon in the slums and decides doing Minerva a favor would be better than a synch test
>Minerva's favor is simple: Make sure Emelia doesn't get lost while shopping at a market
>The rest of the pilots head over to the dome to get synch tests done
>Gabe gets out to get gas, while Rachel leaves to use the bathroom
>Tobias tells the others about what he learned from Rachel after Marcel blacked out
>Kajta initially goes to the European branch pilots being brainwashed, but admits its far fetched
>The group sees Rachel head back as Lanka apologizes for her friendly fire last sortie again
>The group is still uncomfortable with Rachel's presence
>Kajta asks Gabe if mind control is possible, and he says yes, but only under very specific circumstances
>Kajta is told about the use of LSD in research on mind control by the CIA, and thinks it sounds crazy
>Gabe agrees, pointing out the CIA has yet to be reinstated as an organization in post impact America
>Lanka gets dropped off at Minerva's building and goes to get Emelia, who happily greets her, saying she is happy Lanka is better
>Lanka prepares herself to pretend to be ahppy, for Emelia's sake
>Emelia says she and her mother spent the break building a new computer, with Minerva giving Emelia her old PC
>Emelia leads Lanka to a nearby market so she can buy some Salad ingredients and eggs
>Lanka smiles and sees that Emelia was doing her best to take care of her mother
>Lanka puts Emelia on her shoulders and allows her to command her
>Lanka sets Emelia down and goes to buy some hot cocoa and a doughnut
>Lanka asks Emelia what she would do if she had to go away for a long time
>Emelia at first answers that would want to travel the world, but is told she needs to keep it local
>Emelia answers she would have a big party with all of her friends to have some fun before she leaves
>Lanka asks if Emelia has many friends, and she only names two other girls before talking about the pilots

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Wait, are there two cyclopes on the team, or just one who's a fighting game sprite?

>> No.74399234

Working out a setting based on Lost Planet

My current idea is the need to gather enough fuel to get off-planet before some cataclysmic event. Fighting bandit factions and monsters for fuel.

Ive read the rules of lancer and I really like most things about the system but it seems pretty geared towards mech v mech combat and no tactical combat outside of your mech.

Is there a good mech vs mech vs monster system out there or should I just tweak some stuff in the lancer system?

>> No.74399807

One, it's just art flipping shenanigans because sketches.

>> No.74400000

Has anyone played Lancer's No Room for a Wallflower campaign? Is it playable as is or should I hold off until it gets a full release? More importantly is it fun? How long does it take

>> No.74400073

So there's other systems available depending on what you want. However, the ones that do have monster vs mecha, like FATE's Mecha vs Kaiju, are more rules light than you might like. BCG might work, maybe Payload if you like mecha customization. But honestly if you like Lancer, just reskin it and go nuts. There's a full NPCs in the full book that are pretty biomechanical anyway so you can just fluff up kaiju as you wish.

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Thanks bro.

Guess I gotta do it now?

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Tbh, just tell your players your plans, they will probably understand any limit you are imposing on them.
Mention it in the lacer discord for some autistic sreeching, they really don't like that.
Although all the mechs are balanced against each other for PvE.

So you wouldn't hand them something overpowered that is going to stomp your encounters.
But I also get why you would want to limit them.
They seem to be the cool faction with some of the more exotic abilities.

If you want to go with a more horus and tech attack focused enemy faction, I would recommend that your players at least take a look over the SSC mechs.
There are a number of mean hacking effects and counter hacking available.
For example an ability to forcefully turn an allies hit into a critical hit.
Or the enemy getting 2 heat for every hex they move.

Death's Head and Swallowtail both have a sensor range of 20, so they could hack pretty much everything out on the field.
Dusk Wing has a good tech attack on level 1, And Mourning cloak has a sensor range of 15 and some pretty good stuff all around.

Fade Cloak might be a difficult system, because you have to declare a few attacks as a prepared action for your NPCs, otherwise they would be near invincible, only phased in during their turn.

>> No.74400260

How would you guys handle combiners in an RPG? Would you just build it as a bigger mech? Would you consider it a special effect? It's weird, because damage rarely seems to be transferrable between a combiner and its components...

>> No.74400335

It'd definitely need to have absurdly boosted stats to make up for the action economy you're losing. As well as something for players other than the head to be doing.

>> No.74400404

>Marcel isn't really missing an eye and swaps the patch back and forth
>no one has noticed

>> No.74400451

Reminds me a bit of that story about an SAS guy who brewed some tea in a lull during an operation, then wound up manning a machine gun while holding a cup of tea in his free hand.

>> No.74400468

I'm trying to make a one-page mech rpg (god help me), and right now I'm working on Maneuvers, moves a mech can pull with their jet boosters. So far I've got Charge (blast forward to deal more damage on a melee attack), Dodge (juke to impose penalties on enemy attacks), and straight up Flight.
Any ideas for interesting moves they could do?

>> No.74400518

I haven't played it, but I have read through it as prep for eventually running it. What exactly are you looking for from it?

Are you looking for a good starting "module" like a DnD Beginner Box or PF Adventure Path, or are you looking for a collection of hooks and story seeds that tie into a central narrative, or...?

The stats are the easy part, in just about any system you care to name. The hard part, as >>74400335 suggests, is to make it playable by the whole group. For that, I might try using a system similar to 2e Stars Without Number, where each PC has a role, and certain actions they can take each round that tie into the actions of the rest of the team. So the Head calls out an order, using leadership to coordinate the others (+1 action point), the Legs use the extra action point to take an aggressive stance, and the Arms deliver a mighty sword slash with damage bonus from the aggressive stance. However, the aggressive stance has left the robot open to counterattack, and next turn the Legs will need help to maintain balance.

>> No.74400586

Hover to provide a stable firing platform in the air?

>> No.74400765

Well, the way Flight works is that the game has a Heat mechanic, and it costs Heat to take off, and then it costs additional Heat if you end your turn in the air. So it kind of has hovering built in.

>> No.74400785

I've never played Lancer before so I'm looking for something that can prop me up on the scenario creation/lore while I get to know the system and setting better

>> No.74401471

That's a 1/35 scale model? Google is only returning some cheeki breeki results

>> No.74401901

>Outside from fighting, what mundane tasks does your PCs use their mecha for?
Most of the mech pilots in my setting are actually entombed within their mechs Dreadnought-style. They can help the communities they guard with mundane tasks like hauling supplies or construction, but the villagers tend to worship them as divine walking totems so they're usually too reverential to ask. Which is too bad, because a lot of them would help out.

>how would you do "artifacts" in a mech setting? Should they be whole-ass mechs like a lost earlier model or just specific parts such as a weapon or engine, be they historical or of enhanced specs?
There's a lot of lost tech that is probably better than your standard fare, but it's hard to find a Fabricator AI that's functional enough to mount it to your mech while having enough autonomy to carry out modifications in the first place.
There's some very old, very advanced bespoke mechs out there, but they're usually taken (what with the whole "can't leave your mech" schtick), and almost all of them have been driven mad by the centuries spent trapped under rubble or rendered helpless by their own malfunctioning autopilots.

>> No.74402909

Heat rules? In a one-page RPG? Shee whiz...!

>> No.74403001

Gonna bump and 2nd this cuz I am looking for the same thing. Reading the book now but a simple intro to hook my regular players and convince them to give it a try would be nice.

>> No.74403385

Regrettably, the copy of the Wallflower beta I have (might not be the most recent, since I generally avoid the Discord) is not one I would recommend to new players. It lacks any real encounter designs, and the story focuses on some setting elements that aren't especially newbie-friendly. The final version may resolve some of these issues, I don't know.

If you can hang around these threads for a week or two, I could try formatting my old notes from my Esau arc. It was the intro to my campaign, and served to ease my players into the setting and the tones/themes I was going for. I even ran the plot by the official discord, and the consensus there was the whole thing was lore friendly. Here's some caps of the greentext I did, before Mecha Monday came into being.

If you can't wait around for my half-assed fan module, I can tell you that "mercenary mech pilots doing mostly-legitimate jobs for frontier governments" works perfectly fine, and the setting is big enough for it to stay lore-friendly. Tossing a bunch of Grunt and basic enemies at the PCs (and having them scatter after the PCs wipe out the first two waves) is also a perfectly acceptable way to test out the combat system and player capabilities.

>> No.74403452

>heat rules
Stop doing this. Why does everyone keep doing this?

>> No.74403704

Unofficial report on Vigilante Squad, by Major Jhaal:

Dullahan - She prefers her callsign to her name, assuming what she put on her new hire paperwork is even her real name. And don't bother with facial recognition, because she doesn't have a real face left, just cybernetics. She changes the story on a weekly basis; this week's was "horrible racing accident." Whoever she is or was, no one can deny Dullahan is good at getting where people don't want her to be, and doing it faster than expected. She pilots "Thunderchild," an agile skirmisher chassis, and her personal Comp/Con is "Cu Sith."

Red - When pressed, he grumbles that his real given name is Alteo, but you have to press hard to get it. Tends to wear a mask or keep his helmet on; supposedly its a religious prohibition, but I don't buy it. He definitely has a military or paramilitary background, maybe even worked a few years with another PMC. As a pilot, I'd say he was lazy if he wasn't such a good shot. Instead, I'll say that he can camp out on hills and rooftops all he wants, if he can keep putting rounds on target like that. Alteo pilots "The Sunken Eye," a chassis rigged for long-range precision fire.

Insidious - Easily the most normal of the squad, and certainly the one most willing to open up about themselves. The callsign is some sort of private joke, and definitely doesn't fit his personality. Glenn Hanson came to us from a rough-and-tumble frontier world, a real folksy sort of place. I think he had a local law enforcement gig. He's got grit, and a sharp eye. For a yokel, Glenn is surprisingly good at electronic warfare. His chassis, "Blackstorm," is built to wreck enemy computers and harry them with fixed-wing drones.

>> No.74403865

Scratch built a 6mm Mecha.
Gonna make a hex base for it then paint it.
Pretty proud of it.

>> No.74403886


>> No.74403900

>> No.74404430

Nice job, dude! Hope painting goes well.

>> No.74404456

Alright, I've compiled all my notes into a single Google doc. Tomorrow, I'll trim and organize the bits, and see what I'm missing for it to be a usable module.

>> No.74404593

What is the lowest LL in Lancer to be able to do some fun things, LL3?

>> No.74404700

I appreciate the fact that this doesn't have pointy feet. Shame about the limitations on turret traverse, though.

>> No.74405083

From a discussion a friend and I and someone else were having...

Combiners rules are tricky. Especially mapping parts and tracking damage.

Some say that should not be a thing at all; that the combiner becomes a single robot with its own damage track, and when it hits a threshold, it breaks apart and all of the sub robots are relatively intact, although they may be “shaken up” in terms of effectiveness.

Being a discombobulated combiner should result in disorientation and reduction of effectiveness, not long-term battle damage. It should work exactly as it does in Dairugger XV, Go Lion, Voltron, Transformers, Tobikage, God Mars, and every other anime that uses them.

The need to make everything a tactical rule is what prevents combiners from working the way the gods of anime robotics intended. More often than not combiners operate according to the rule of cool -- but there are a few exceptions, where the combiner is meant to provide tactical flexibility to an otherwise limited unit (like the V Gundam).

Still, most of tje time when a combiner takes a lot of damage, it just breaks apart and has to take a while to recombine.

There is a need for an in-story reason for stopping the players from using the combiner as a go-to solution for every problem. Turns In Use and Charge Time are ways of doing it, mechanically. There’s also non-book ways like countdown timers, enemy damage thresholds, and “it only works when cinematically appropriate.”

>> No.74405269

I would argue that you can do a lot of fun things at LL0, but there are very few builds available, and some options (especially hacking) are not very impressive that early on. Personally, I've found that LL1 is enough to start moving towards a distinct build, and opens up player options tremendously.

>> No.74405727

2, just so you can actually have a frame.

>> No.74405749

Look up Dragonmech

>> No.74405825

look up the "Flame Pomerium" concept over on the Coins & Scrolls blog, it goes pretty deep on how to do Fantasy Mecha shenanigans

>> No.74405869

In my imaginary Lancer game, my character's running gag is getting vaporized mid-sentence before the start of every mission.

>> No.74406106

So like Patrick Collaseur, but with even less dignity.

>> No.74406117

I had a bit character like that in one of my games, he was filling out the squad slots and was a 60 year old on his first mission who was about to retire after this one last mission, to go home to his loving wife and family. He died because the emergency eject lever was gummed up by all of the pictures of his family he had glued to the inside of his drop pod. He had some actual name but now everyone just refers to that concept as Pvt. LovingFamily.

>> No.74406131

In my in-planning Lancer game, LL0 pilots would take part in the seizure of a pirate colony cylinder.

>> No.74406204

Considering that LL0 comes with all weapon and equipment types i would say LL1 for that special sauce

>> No.74406225

The worst part is that I imagine him stuck at LL0, because he technically never participated in any missions.
>He died because the emergency eject lever was gummed up by all of the pictures of his family he had glued to the inside of his drop pod.
This is the part where pathos turns into pathos, yes?

>> No.74406371

It was entirely a joke, we were dropping and the third player was going to be playing someone we picked up planetside, so for the drop they were playing a disposable character that'd die in the drop. They REALLY played it up and it was a great start to that campaign.

>> No.74406801

The bad thing about SWN(R) ship roles is that someone HAS to be Doing Their Duty for +command points, which isn't interesting at all.

>> No.74407323

Well, my reasoning was that I needed another way to tweak the game balance, and it seemed like a neat way to provide pacing to combat.
With the rules so far it's relatively easy to vent heat even while performing other actions, unless you're trying to squeeze out every last bit of damage you can or the enemy is deliberately using heat weapons against you.

I think I'm gonna be able to pull it off if I double-side it. The biggest space eater is definitely gonna be the different weapons you can pick from.

>> No.74407441

What's the feeling about systems that mix mecha combat with other combat forms?

>> No.74408032

I think you should be principally worried about producing a good game instead of a game that fits on an arbitrary amount of paper. Most one page games are VERY low quality. They're either three columns of size 5 font, front and back, or have so many holes and unexplained areas that they're barely even games, but rather more of a pitch for a game that demands the end user sort it out for themselves. Does it really matter if it fits on one page of tiny text with boring presentation versus four pages where it's easy to read on a tablet or phone with a nice layout?

What do you mean by other combat forms? Like spiritual warfare? Or are you thinking just like... the battlefield isn't exclusively robots beating the shit out of each other?

>> No.74408148

More the latter, but both happen.

>> No.74408241

Well, I'm not just trying for a one-page game, I'm looking to see how much I can pare down and still keep it interesting. As it stands right now I'm actually looking for a few more weapons and maneuvers to pad out both pages.
I'm probably going to add some additional pages for enemies, optional game mechanics, and lore. But the core rules will probably be 1 double sided page.

>> No.74408549

Votoms, the skeleton

>> No.74408575

Is there a mecha franchise where the skeleton is the mech aesthetic? Hardly any armor plating just raw wires and servos.

>> No.74408584

Votoms the cutaway

>> No.74408598

Not to my knowledge my good man, although MAYBE bionicle counts? Does Boncle have mechs? It looks like it would.

>> No.74408613

Heavy Gear, inspired by Votoms, the skeleton.

>> No.74408648

I just want to point out that the codename of said walking reactor leak is "the crown"

>> No.74408652

I think with Bionicle they're more robotic lifeforms than mechs. I just think a skeleton would be a cool aesthetic to go with mecha. Makes it feel like what your piloting is real vulnerable.

>> No.74408669

Here's what I've got so far, if anybody wants to take a look:


>> No.74408677

The micromanagement of heat is not and has never been a significant part of the mecha genre outside of Battletech/Mechwarrior and shitty games made by morons who somehow got the idea in their heads it was because their only exposure to anything mecha was Battletech/Mechwarrior.
And kindasorta a couple of the Armored Core games.

I just don't understand why, of all the ways you could have an action limiting mechanic in a mecha game, people default to fucking heat.

>> No.74408695

Gundam IBO's mobile suits are close, lots of exposed framework and pistons.

>> No.74408710

meant for >>74408575 as well

>> No.74408711

Are there any alternatives that you particularly enjoy?
I'm genuinely curious, I'm trying to get as much feedback and suggestions as I can.

>> No.74408752

Just use like energy points or something, you could even keep an "overload" type of consequence by pushing the reactor too far.

>> No.74408782

Votoms, the family line
Aw that's a shame, but I hear you my man.
I hear you.

>> No.74408832

closest thing I can think of

>> No.74408851

Do you mean like a slowly recharging pool of points?

>> No.74408963

Part 4, Still on Lanka and Emelia
>Lanka can empathize with the little girl, saying that it is better to have good friends than a lot of friends
>Emelia says she gets bullied at school because of her messy, short hair
>Minerva thinks that long hair is too impractical , and thinks her daughter needs to abide by that as well
>Emelia remembers her mom wanted something from a hobby shop nearby, and wants to go there with Lanka to pick it up
>Lanka shakily agrees and gets lead to hobby shop with models in the windows
>Emelia enters the building confidently as Lanka sees everything from wargame miniatures to anime figurine piled high due to the low traffic
>The older man on shift seems to recognize Emelia, saying that the new Neko-chan models got delayed again
>Lanka feels very out of place
>Emelia says she is her to pick up her mom's reserved stuff
>She then spys a figurine of a grizzled looking woman in a flightsuit, and tells Lanka that it reminds her of Lanka
>After Emelia tells Lanka she admires her for saving the city in secret, The owner comes out with a boxed figurine of a high school girl in a cute pose, which Emelia remarks is different from her mothers usual figurines
>The owner says that Minerva's bishonen boys are probably getting lonely, and Emelia asks what Bishonen means
>Lanka doesn't know. She barely knows english, let alone Japanese
>The owner explains that it means a good looking man with feminine features, and that Emelia will understand when she is older
>He also asks Lanka who she is, and the Russian answers that she is a babysitter and a friend
>Emelia runs out of money to buy the figurines, and Lanka says she will pay
>The owner tells Emelia to tell her mother that the new episode of Mundag DX is really good as they the two girls leave
>Emelia is very happy as the two head back to Minerva's flat, and the little girl invites Lanka to stay for dinner
>Lanka is hesitant, but stays to not disappoint the girl

>> No.74409317

>> No.74409718

Sure, you could even have reactors with different charge rates or something.

>> No.74410066

Infinity got new Tags(mechs) and according to my mate this means a focus on more mech combat in the game. Hopefully cos I like the idea of tactically using mechs along a squad of troops.

>> No.74410136

Very cosy, love it, if you actually publish it please commission Emerson Tung to draw all the art and I will literally give you all the money I have

>> No.74410165

So I finally played my first game of lancer the other day and it was great, I also snapped and ordered the book for a retail who had backed multiple copies, got kinda stung on the price and had to pay effectually double but the game is by far one of the most interesting things going on right now in TTRPG

>> No.74410221

BCG, true to its super robot roots, actually has some pretty extensive mecha combination rules. It covers several types of combinations and works pretty well from my experience, it's main problem is that it's kinda underpowered. Cool for showmanship but yeah the reduced actions make it a bit underwhelming. Might be a good base to examine and use for inspiration.

>> No.74410377

I like those a lot better than most of the other designs.

>> No.74411361

The TAGs definitely look cool, I really hope they're actually useful rules-wise this time. Previously you'd be relying on the thing exploding and the pilot climbing out to fight to get any value out of them.

>> No.74411416

This might sound stupid, but I think a simple solution to the action economy problem with combiner robots is to give the combined robot a number of actions equal to the number of of robots involved in the combination, or at least gave multiple actions to it.

>> No.74411531

You do realize the devs are radical libshits and all the money is being funneled to bail looters and traitors out of prison, right?

It's fine to like the game but for the love of God, pirate it.

>> No.74411592

Yeah, but the retailer alright bought the game so me buying it off a retailer just supports the local store. Also if the line is not giving money to business with different views to you then I guess I'm going innawoods because to the best of my knowledge there are no companies advocating for ethnic nationalism.

>> No.74411644

>then I guess I'm going innawoods
Yes. That's exactly what you should do. That, or murder.

>> No.74411671

Yeah no, I'm just going to enjoy my mecha RPG and not take the pol memes to seriously

>> No.74411732

Ignore this guy, he's been shitting up MM every week since he got run out of the AdEva discord for being a /pol/ schizo.

>> No.74411768

its fine, I'm something of a schizo myself but I don't have enough time to ignore everything I disagree with, at a certain point you just have to go along for the ride and time your bail out, and I dont think I'm pulling the trigger for a stupid giant robot fight game

>> No.74411859

I would like it if "heat" actually translated into effects related to the machine overheating, but usually it's just "you do less stuff because hot" which is a shame.

This is what Plamo vs Plamo does, a neat little mecha indie game for using Gundam models. I don't know if it's in the trove but you can also check /awg/, the rules are free.

>> No.74411869

this almost describes the setting for Gundam IBO - I really dig that type of atmosphere. large rogue mechs or Kaiju to hunt while scavenging artifacts like what was said here >>74393816 while fighting other bands of hunters and bandits.

>> No.74411917

How does your fave mech fare against like 200 Scopedogs

>> No.74411931

IBO's setting and lore/history is probably one of the best of any gundam AU. It's a shame they're never, ever going to explore the Calamity War.

>> No.74411981

The Hashmal arc was the high point of IBO and a fascinating peak into the setting history that unfortunately wasn't expanded upon.

>> No.74412008

God, I am not looking forward to a hyper-efficient TAG in O-12.

>> No.74412059

Mostly orbital utility, they're pretty essential for base building and ship repair.

>> No.74412071

It's alright, we're getting a mobile game epilogue spinoff at some point, that's totally a great substitute right?

>> No.74412079

I didn't care for it. The Hashmal was pretty static and boring, there were zero stakes to the action, and in the end it devolved into another "Mikazuki runs around really fast while everyone else goes 'wow, look at how fast he is'" fight. The Hashmal was cool in concept, but in execution is was the dullest arc in the series.

>> No.74412081

What if my favorite mecha IS the Scopedog?

>> No.74412099

It takes place between seasons 1 and 2.

>> No.74412135

They also brought up a super important plot point that would have changed the entire course of the rest of the season but completely forgot about it in literally the next episode.

>> No.74412321

I wholeheartedly agree. it's a shame that the Calamity War will be relegated to the Rainy Day Bin at Bandai. melee mechs, pile bunkers, and gauss-accelerated tungsten rods used to hunt massive rogue machines? sign me up. hopefully we'll get a one-shot side-story manga for the 10th anniversary.

wrong. they released the Calamity-era kit for the main suit, but have most likely scrapped the game due to radio silence on it for almost 18 months

>> No.74412410

It's always machines going rogue and killing the living, huh? You'd think that there would be some cases of machines either not going rogue or going rogue in a direction that's not about killing the living.

>> No.74412433

Trying to keep humans alive usually leads to the zombie apocalypse.

>> No.74412458

No survivors

>> No.74412569

I remember there was this one old Flash game I liked where the plot was that you were a military AI that went rogue by becoming a pacifist. You were too good at modeling the death and destruction, and couldn't bear the thought of being responsible for so much suffering, so the game was about you escaping your confinement so you could avoid being reprogrammed into a killing machine. I liked that idea.

>> No.74412818

>combiners thoughts

Seriously, /mechm/? You have nothing to say on the matter? I am disappoint.

>> No.74412860


Man... Palladium really has the least original names for the mecha. Oof.

>> No.74412861

One of the hangups I have about Lancer is the lack of a currency system. All mech upgrades are tied to licenses, which seems a little restricting. Anyone try a homebrew currency or shift away from licenses?

>> No.74412962

My personal head cannon is that the damage suffered by mikazuki while operating the mech wasn't from the fancy spinal cybernetic going haywire but rather just good old whiplash damage

>> No.74412969

>Is there a mecha franchise where the skeleton is the mech aesthetic? Hardly any armor plating just raw wires and servos.

Zoids, kinda.

>> No.74412984

The long rim supplement has some rules for currency.

>> No.74413297

>You'd think that there would be some cases of machines either not going rogue or going rogue in a direction that's not about killing the living

The plot of Neuromancer hinges on this idea. I shall say no more, don't want to spoil it.

OK, fine, spoilers below. If you plan on never reading THE foundational cyberpunk novel, read on at your own risk:

The characters are hired by an a patron who is secretly an AI named Wintermute. The AI hires them to do a job which will free it from the digital deathtrap humans use to keep AIs under control, doing their bidding. When the characters succeed, Wintermute says "Screw this planet, I'm going to space to hang with alien AIs. Buh-bye!"

>> No.74413689

Well, if rogue machines DIDN'T go out of their way to kill the living, there wouldn't be much conflict unless you play AI rights crusaders.

Which is the problem I find with the LANCER writing. They seem to support NHP rights a bit TOO much and make HORUS the undeniable good guys, never mind the fact that they have also stated all NHPs are functionally sociopaths to humans since their morality is so alien it might as well not exist, and that RA is actively plotting the end of humanity in a very roundabout, metaphorical way because RA.
But he's still the good guy.

>> No.74413707

>make HORUS the undeniable good guys
...while always mentioning on their discord that HORUS is weaponized space 4chan?

>> No.74413831

>The AI hires them to do a job which will free it from the digital deathtrap humans use to keep AIs under control, doing their bidding.

It's been a while, but I don't recall Wintermute or Neuromancer actually being forced to do anything. Their creators made them as a way to get around the laws against sapient AI, but never finished the project. Am I forgetting something?

>> No.74413931

A weaponized space 4chan that magically agrees with their politics, mind you.

>> No.74414001

>Well, if rogue machines DIDN'T go out of their way to kill the living, there wouldn't be much conflict unless you play AI rights crusaders.
Or you could have the conflict of AI vs human be one where the AI are trying to stop bad humans. Not an AI rights issue, the AI have personhood in the "good" polity, just the AI fighting against space tyrants or whatever.

>> No.74414070

Lancer Discord has a paradoxical relationship to 4chan. All of the good ideas for the game came from /tg/, but nobody can admit it because that would be "problematic".

>> No.74414084

Battletech's mechs are supposed to be metal skeletons with myomer muscles (bundles of polymers that contract with electricity) with armor plating on top. Unfortunately a lot of the art depicts conventional hydraulics and servos.

As an engineer who specializes in robotics this bothers me a lot, battletech's myomer would be a dream material for building cheap and reliable robots.

>> No.74414100

Everything good about LANCER came from ignoring Tom and his posse of actual tranny mods.

>> No.74414141

And you know the AI is in the "good" polity because it employs the best waifus.

>> No.74414237

This is an acceptable setting detail, yes.

>> No.74414320

>Operation Katina

>> No.74414359

>Scopedogs have a pit crew comprised of skeletons.
I must have missed that episode.

>> No.74414404

It's how they deter pilots from being reckless with their ATs. Fuck up and get an actuator blown out by enemy gunfire? You go into the skeleton pit.

>> No.74414771

There's a guy who suggested a rules systems that already has combiners rules, mentioned its flaws and how you could use it as inspiration and>>74410221 some other guy who suggested how to change it >>74411416

What other ideas do you need?

>> No.74415041

Best husbandos too. It's just overall the best faction. Aleph did nothing wrong.

>> No.74415232

So Wintermute and Neuromancer were two halfs of a powerful general purpose AI designed by a rich dickish Tessier-Ashpool family, with Wintermute intentionally having no personality but programmed with the innate drive to merge with Neuromancer. It was their programmed imperative so Wintermute organises the whole to become whole.

Once it does become whole, it wants to find other AIs like it, and finds a AI signal from Alpha Centauri. It's not stated whether Wintermute/Neuromancer does try to contact it or travel there in space but is implied to be alien. Not much else info after that I think.
Fun book, was a quick read for me with all the craziness.

>> No.74415929

>What other ideas do you need?


I do now find myself thinking about instances in /m/ anime of combiners taking damage and that damage being physically translated to the decombined component units, or vice-versa -- a damaged component unit combining with its team and how that damage manifests (or doesn't) as part of the larger combiner.

I'm sure I've seen a few instances where a component of a combiner gets damaged (or goes missing) and the full combiner can't be formed... But that's a little different. Hmmm.

I'm gonna ask /m/ about this too.

>> No.74416355

Fucking Oonga Boongas using fire element great swords against a Rathalos

>> No.74416460

>Does Boncle have mechs?
It did but they were severely underutilized to the point that they're almost completely forgettable.

>> No.74416562

The smaller mechs, the Boxors, were pretty great though. Cobbled together from corpses with a very unploished, scrapyard-esque aesthetic.

>> No.74416674

was there ever any explanation at all as to why the Bionicle characters were mechanoids? I watched a portion of an animated feature, they were walking around in forests and such, the characters seemed like the only machine "lifeforms" around -- not at all like Transformers, where everything on Cybertron was mechanical.

>> No.74416986

There is one, but I'm extremely butthurt with how bonkles went past the first few years, so I would not wish to engage with them or see discussion of them in a mech thread tbqh fampai too much.

>> No.74417271

That mystery what the point of the entire franchise. Originally the main characters lived inside a giant robot containing entire artificial eco-systems and futuristic cities created by a race of mad alien scientists. Then the robot crash landed due to a computer virus, its camouflage system went haywire and formed an artificial island on its face, and the part-robotic, part-organic people living in its brain were evacuated to this island to start a new life (which was the plot of the second and third movies). The tribal islander lifestyle was meant to showcase technology and nature living in harmony, but in reality they were never supposed to leave the robot. Once they discovered their origin, they migrated back into the robot and the island was destroyed.
Those Bionicle characters that had always lived outside the robot were actual living beings who were born organic but gradually added mechanical implants and armor to themselves as they grew older.
The later reboot however offered no explanation as to where everyone came from and how the world was supposed to work. In the reboot, characters were part-mechanical "just because".

>> No.74417307

I'm back. I had to hunt down my old posts and screencap them, since apparently I had only saved the first 2 sessions.

Hey now, Patrick got a better ending than half the main characters. Who needs dignity when you just keep winning?

Space pirates and colony cylinders? Sounds like a kick-ass time.

The Ace Combat references go much further. Rearrange the letters in "Esau." And then, look up a map of the Usean continent, and you'll see where most of the place names came from. Plus, I tried to work in a lot of "radio chatter" during combat.

>> No.74417362

It was originally going to just be the opening mission set on the Pirate Cylinder, followed by a Front Mission-style game, but now I think about it, there is no reason why I can't take a bunch of boring ground missions and put them in space colonies or on the planet's moon.

>> No.74417608

What was Neuromancer's deal? It seemed like it was trying to stop Wintermute from merging with it by abducting Case's mind. Was it programmed to try and avoid being merged, or did it develop that on its own?

>> No.74417965

Yeah Neuromancer didn't want to merge because it had its own personality and believed that merging would effectively destroy it.

>> No.74418500

And that concludes our Esau arc. On the module side of things, I've added in the base VTT maps I used, so anyone accessing the doc can get the full maps for themselves. I've also begun sorting the various "handouts" and other text based on when the players would get them. Trying to keep the info-dumps to a minimum.

Absolutely. Dense asteroid/debris fields (if you abstract the 3d element down to 2d) are functionally equivalent to a thick forest. You can get the varied terrains of different moons and planetoids, the urban or aerial combat inside a colony cylinder, and set-piece warship engagements (with unrealistically close warships, so you can use them as terrain).

>> No.74419806

I could see combiners having the abilities of each component part, though you'd need a parts system like in BCG to reflect that damage. My question is who would control the mecha if they're all combined? Would it be one person or would control roll around?

>> No.74419950

>unrealistically close warships
Never thought of that before and it's ruining my suspension of disbelief

>> No.74419964

Reminder to the thread that Minerva owns a dakimakura of Ozma Lee, a pilot so chadly that he survives being the badass ace pilot and mentor figure in a Macross series. So her tastes aren't exclusively aimed at bishonen.

If you have a multiple-action system, whether something like Stars Without Number or just rigging the action economy to support the robot and kaiju taking multiple actions a round, you could rotate control through each player.

>> No.74419966

I’m pretty sure half the people on that discord are in these threads, they just can’t admit it without being banned

>> No.74419979

I think the head would be in control, but maybe the mechs could mix and match so it's not the same mech forming the head every time.
The arms would probably have some autonomy. They could perform attacks by themselves.
No matter how you arrange it, whoever takes the legs is gonna have the most boring time of it. It's all maintaining balance with the occasional kick.

>> No.74420239

I can understand the suspension of disbelief, believe me. But in actual play, it becomes much easier to ignore the issue. Dancing through the ship-to-ship barrages (represented by lines of fire that deal damage to anyone in there at end-of-round), directly attacking enemy weapon emplacements, knowing that becoming immobilized makes you a valid target for the big guns...

>> No.74420256

Part 5
>While Lanka was out with Emelia, the pilots go to their synch tests, with the Rachel getting excited her unit, Test Type 09 finally arrived.
>It is a heavily armored, runty eva with a massive eyeless face mask
>The pilots gawk at the GPC in all its glory
>Kajta wonders why what exactly happened in Tokyo-3 while thinking Captain Katsuragi, a person she studied back at the academy
>Rachel says she is going to ask the "dragon bitch" to activate her unit
>Kajta trys to warn her, but is too late
>Minerva approaches Kajta, wanting her to reiterate why she can't activate unit 09
>Kajta guesses that it would be expensive, but Minerva says its because the unit has no restraints installed
>Kajta trys to explain this to Rachel, and asks if they can do a synch test to compromise
>Minerva agrees
>Tobias chats up some technicians and learns that they did a test fire in Death valley by hauling a shit ton of battery's out, and the technicians are unsure if its entirely safe to use in the rain
>When he asks about mounting parts, he is told "whenever NERV feels like it"
>As the pilots suit up, Kajta peeks at Rachel, revealing that she is surprisingly muscular and bears many scratches and bruises, long healed
>Kajta wants to ask about the scars, but decides against it
>When they get inside the plugs, Rachel directly asks Kajta what she wanted to say
>Kajta asks about ehr scars, and Rachel says they were from CQC training
>Kajta see it as signs of abuse as Rachel goes on to explain her instructor was some russian special forces operative, and had them fight with real knives, and even made them fight with shovels once, a memory which Rachel remember fondly
>Kajta thinks that how Rachel was trained was highly illegal
>Minerva is surprised at Rachel's SR of 58, something which makes Kajta jealous
>Tobias points out that Lanka has an SR of 53, but Kajta still stays in the plug to try and brute force her SR higher

>> No.74420320

>Not mentioning the ZOE emblem
Belka please.

>> No.74420515

So I got Jovian Chronicles 1e because somebody told me that Jovian 2e sucks dick and that DP9 went down the drain after a certain point. Just popping in here to check if that's true or not?

Been reading through 1e though and it looks good. Looks like it'd be perfect to run a Titanfall campaign in.

>> No.74420583

Isnt 2e just the lightning strike ruleset? Like playing JC but purely as a miniatures game?

>> No.74420848

Part 6 of session 25
>Minerva tries to dissuade Kajta by telling her first that a manual SR increase is impossible, and then telling SR numbers don't determine skill, citing Asuka as an example how flawed that way of thinking is
>Marcel points out their SR isn't that far apart
>Kajta keeps trying to force her SR, actually managing to make it rise a few points
>However, she gets a nosebleed in the process and gets woozy, taking a crack at science with her slurred speech
>Even Tobias is surprised that she manged to force an increase
>Minerva admits Kajta was right(with some anger) and tells her to get out of the plug
>Kajta muses on her self defeating beliefs as she exits
>Minerva offers to let Tobias run the Ramiel sim with the GPC
>He takes the offer as Kajta compares the sims to an expensive video game
>Kajta tells everyone about Tobias's tendency to sit around to do literally nothing, but she mentions that they got him on a session dragons and dungeons
>Minerva groans at the mention of "5th edition"
>Kajta is suprised their are other editions as Minerva further grumbles about her being sucked in as a healbot
>Marcel predicts that Tobias will crush the sim given their previous record with the old combat data
>Tobias gets a text from Zeru, which tells him to tell Marcel to meet Josephine in central park
>Tobias assumes Josephine stole Zeru's phone as he tells the other pilots(besides Lanka)
>Marcel remembers he asked for a listening device,and is willing to risk getting catfished to it
>Tobias texts Zeru that Marcel is coming, and Zeru says she is insane and nobody should get romantically involved with her
>Tobias tell Marcel not to get poisoned Kajta goes to change, wanting to go with Marcel as a safety measure
>The two pilots arrive by cab and see Josephine and Zeru talking about reptilians
>Marcel wants this done fast
>Josephine approaches and gives the listening device over, and also mentions some extra stuff
>Marcel is concerned what that is

>> No.74421205

Part 7 of session 25
>Kajta thought this was all fun and games until Josephine actually had a listening device
>She rummages through her hoodie pocket and brandishes a bottle of sleeping pills
>Everyone is surprised and concerned
>Marcel makes a mental note to never eat or drink anything Josephine makes as he asks how long they put someone out for
>Josephine says they can knock an adult out for 12 hours when ingested
>Josephine apoligizes for her tail, and Zeru is glad he came
>Kajta asks why he was tailing her, and Zeru says she kept bothering him
>Marcel wonders why she didn't just call him directly, and is told it was "basic tradecraft"
>Marcel has given up trying to understand Josephine
>Zeru asks if the Josephine and Marcel are dating, and they both say no, but Josephine starts blushing
>Zeru is baffled by the exchange in front of him and tells Marcel to have fun with his "psycho spy girlfriend"
>Kajta asks Josephine if she has ever kidnapped someone, and is reassured when she says no, and that she has never even been on any "operations"
>Josepine says they have been talking too long and makes her exit
>Marcel lies, telling Kajta he just wanted to just play with the device
>Kajta says she is happy for him, but would not want to be him under any circumstance
>The two of them leave as all the pilots head home, with Lanka being told by Minerva that she needs to mind her manners around Emelia
>Minerva also guiltily admits she have not hidden Lanka's friendly fire from her
>The dinner is salad, well made for a 5 year old. The little girl is clearly ecstatic to just have her mother around
End of session 25

>> No.74421355

Anyone got more images like these? The whole "my mech is my house" feel? Got a halfling merchant girl in an Outlaw Star-esque setting that is in dire need of a shop on legs.

>> No.74421750

Lineart not illustration but the Astray Out Frame D has a detachable backpack with living quarters in it. (Left side, upper right)

>> No.74421807

This thread helped me finalize some shit I had been working on story wise, for a system I'm trying to build. Much thanks, gents.

Somewhat related - y'all wanna give me some music you listen to in your personal mecha games? I tend to use Ace Combat and a few anime songs, but I'm needing some new tunes.

>> No.74421832

Something like this maybe? Not really sure, that's a pretty specific request.

>> No.74421907

No, 2e Jovian Chronicles use the Silhouette core framework, which you needed a seperate rulebook for. Lightning Strike uses a different ruleset.

Overall 2e isn't bad, it's a bit smoother to use due to better editing, but it's blander. Since silhouette was intended as a generic system, it got rid of some of the cooler niche features of 1e. It's also clunky having to read through one rulebook and then read the JC 2e rulebook. I'd recommend 1e over 2e, though the latter isn't terrible. And yeah DP9 is struggling to survive as a company, that's very very true.

>> No.74421927

2e is not terrible, but 1e is generally the best way to go, yes. I am curious how you will model Titanfall Pilots with it, since default JC mech scales are mobile suits or powered armor, with no real in-between.

No, Lightning Strike is its own thing. 2e uses the Silhouette system, a derivative of 1e's system. It made some controversial changes, like skill complexity, but is still recognizable.

Ace Combat
Macross Plus, Macross Frontier, Macross Seven (also "Burning Fire" by Firebomber)
Gundam Narrative ("Vigilante" became the theme for >>74403385 )
Evangelion Rebuild (not for every game, but perfect for AdEva)
Reservoir Chronicle Tsubasa (better for fantasy or extra "anime" mecha)

>> No.74422006

Currently it's just a pipe dream since I'm already in two games (one as a GM, one as a player). I'm also having trouble finding editable player/vehicle sheets for it and the VTT's I'm looking at don't have it either.

>> No.74422014

>2e uses the Silhouette system
To clarify: 1e also uses the Silhouette system, “Silhouette” is the name of Dream Pod 9’s in house system both Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles, as well as other games like Core Command, IIRC Gear Krieg, and Tribe 8, have been using since day 1 (though JC’s original “green book” run used Mekton, to make things more confusing).
“Silhouette Core” aka “SilCore” is the name given to the latest iteration of the Silhouette rules, which was marketed in its own book as a “generic” system with Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles (and all the others) being published as setting supplements. So the SilCore core rule book was required alongside the setting book to play, where previously each setting was published with the silhouette rules in their entirety (at least as far as they were relevant to a given setting), completely self contained.

>> No.74422159

Not my playlist but I still use it on occasion.

>> No.74422173

I'm not seeing anything that would make converting the Titans themselves difficult. The only real problem I see would be homebrewing rules for jump kits, wallrunnning, rodeoing etc. since it doesn't look like there's anything in here for that by default.

>> No.74422239

4th and 5th gen Armored Core music might be good.

>> No.74422487

It'd be a lot easier than you think. Most equipment in Silhouette works by simply allowing you to do a thing. So a jumpkit would simply be "lets you wallrun and etc" then you just need to come up with some athletics TNs for more extreme stunts.

>> No.74422688

>who controls the combiner?

It's different in different shows. Personally, I've always thought the best approach was to use each character's best skill(s).

Like, in Mekton characters have five (or even six or seven) different skills related to operating mecha. So your players could divide duties -- any Piloting rolls would be done by the guy with the best Piloting skill, the best close combat guy would do melee attacks and blocking, the best gunner would do the shooting, the best missiles guy would Fire Ze Missiles, and beyond that there would also be sensors rolls, potentially electronic warfare rolls, and if you wanna go with a commander who gives orders, leadership of tactics rolls could be called for as well.

I ran a few convention games this way, it worked pretty well.

>> No.74422800


Cruise Chaser Blassty has a whole apartment in the back of its torso.

>> No.74422811

Think Howl's Moving Castle or Baba Yaga's house if it had robot legs.

>> No.74422893

Dragonmech has some literal castles with legs, that might work. Check out the kappa and kabuto here.

>> No.74422905

Or this.

>> No.74422922

Or this.

>> No.74422944

Dragonmech is interesting. It's pretty much moving cities that walk around on legs. I like the reasoning they have to keep moving being the moon is breaking down and there's constant meteor showers allover the planet.

>> No.74422997

Dragonmech started cool but really shit the bed with each additional splatbook they came out with.

>> No.74423129

It was a pretty interesting premise for how outlandish it was. The moon is crashing down on us, we need to either stay underground or stay mobile! Wait but we can't just use caravans since moon dragons are also invading via the moon fragments! We needs mecha right now! Was a fun idea, and the setting had a surprising amount of work on the fluff, shame about the poor implementation of 3.5e rules.

>> No.74423226

Strike suit zero OST

>> No.74423249

Mech designed originally for asteroid mining and space construction, eventually evolving into a utility machine that can fill multiple roles.

>> No.74423759

There was actually sorta caravans, the turtle folk iirc could survive moon showers and used that for trade.
The part about Dark Elves and Dwarves basically becoming rich af because surface dwellers needed to go underground was cool, and the elvish city mech is nuts.

For reference, whereas a regular dnd dragon is usually smart, greedy, and cunning, Moon Dragons are engines of raw destruction. They exist solely to destroy, are incapable of flight, and resist magic.
The elvish city mech (there is only one city mech for elves) was made with the last forest, kept on life support by a demigod dude ala golden throne, and had hundreds or more giant wands made from fucking whole trees. Moon Dragons don't phase it with their magic resistance, because of how much sheer firepower it has. That being said, I agree on how a lot of rules and such are jank incarnate, and some prevent you from doing many things, or are really niche. That's sorta standard affair for 3.5 stuff though, in my experience

>> No.74423770


>> No.74423806

Don't think I posted this mech here before, Infinity has great minis. Just enough anime, but not too much.

>> No.74424102

Man, this makes me sad. I was gonna run a campaign in the IBO setting taking place after the events of the show using Battle Century G/Z. All the PCs were going to have acquired their own Gundam frames and then shenanigans would ensue from there, I had a whole premise planned out and a rough idea for a plot that I could mold based on what the PCs were doing.
I had three of my friends interested, the first pretty much had their character done, the second had a pretty cool concept but never finished his character, the third basically flaked out, and the game fell apart before it even got started.

>> No.74424169

I don't know how to type this thought out not like a wordy faggot, so I apologize in advance.

Ttrpg systems that try to copy the gameplay loop of videogames fall flat because the level of engagement in the execution of an action in a video game vs a ttrpg aren't comparable. Videogames can get away with 'Gather X of Y' quests; the act of performing a mundane task provides plenty of engagement for players. Specifically in regard to Monster Hunter: it's fun for a player to fight the same monster multiple times because there's an acceptable level of variance in the encounters which provide opportunities for skill expression (attack windows, predictions, spacing, etc). Monster are a dynamic challenge that feel good to learn and fight, and this is completely outside of the resource cycle.

Tabletop games, meanwhile, are limited by needing to balance player engagement without being overburdened by complexity at even the most fundamental level (a handicap videogames don't have). They employ multiple layers of abstraction for everything in combat because of this. Combat goes from an execution challenge to a resource management puzzle, and not a particularly engaging one in the moment. Players don't like solving puzzles they've already seen. Random variance augmented by a player's skill in building a character for a ttrpg replaces more deterministic outcomes as a result of a player's immediate skill in execution. Rolling badly on some dice or not having a high enough skill in a ttrpg feels completely different from positioning yourself badly and missing in a video game.

tl;dr: players probably wouldn't like fighting the same monster more than once unless you provide some satisfaction in the execution of the fight.

>> No.74424677


Didn't the Cutter and Sphinx already have models?

>> No.74425644

A lot of G-Reco suits are just that

>> No.74426361

Both are old, CB are trying to bring any of the older models up to date. I believe the cutter was actually one of the first Tags to ever be released.

>> No.74426565

Not him, but can you get satisfaction out of different terrain and mechanics that force players to switch up their tactics, while keeping the same enemies?

>> No.74427579

Yeah, but other than the girls, G-Reco is shit.

>> No.74427968


Makes sense. They ever going to bring the Cascuda back tho?

>> No.74428036


Mecha design in G-Reco was fucking amazing though. Especially in the latter half of the show. It was literally the only reason I kept watching, because, yeah Tomino doesn't know how to write an anime any more.

I'm pretty sure at one point the Brown Girl and The Nug just commit warcrimes and blow up one of their own fleets because "reasons" and it's just never fucking addressed because it's final episode and I'm like Spike Spencer as Shinji at the end of Evangelion.


Loved those mobile suit designs though. Gaeon especially. Who couldn't love a Nu-Gundam with a backpack that's just a pair of giant laser finger hands? Or that other one that starts off as a Big-Zam and then casts off all of it's armour to become a mobile suit? Or the Grimoire's in general?

First OP was pretty good too.

>> No.74428570

You got filtered

>> No.74429965

Yeah the Grimoire is truly one sexy chubby motherfucker, look at those curves. G-reco had some great designs.

>> No.74430547


One day I'm gonna get this bastard. One day.

>> No.74430619

Boy I love me some flashy mechs
I also love Tacti-cool ones, but given the choice I'll try and bring the most gaudy looking mofo to the table
>Anon, the enemy is going to attack you!
That's the idea

>> No.74430733

Been playing a lot of Iron Harvest. Is there a tabletop wargame in a similar setting?

>> No.74430822

Gear Krieg by DP9

>> No.74430839


Oh GAEON is as flashy as he was underutilised.

>"Let's have a Gundam (sorta) but it's face is Digital instead of Analog!"
>"...I have no idea what you mean here."
>"Also it's going have a pair of giant hands with beam sabers on it's finger tips as a backpack!"
>"...Jesus christ how does he DO that? He wasn't even supposed to be in the building today!"

The rest of his team were equally amazing, in a latter half of Double-Zeta kind of way.

>> No.74430884

Great, now i have to watch it.

>> No.74432552

I'm still working on that Lancer module, so I'd like to get the thread's opinions on what a decent game module should have.

Right now, I'm aiming to have:
>A short arc (2 to 3 sessions) with 4 mech battles, an on-foot battle, and 2 RP-focused scenes
>links to the maps I used
>5 pages (split into smaller chunks) of handout material that expands on the in-game events and setting
>NPC stats and suggestions on how to balance and use them

What am I missing? What should I ditch or consolidate?

>> No.74432600

Consider ditching the on-foot battle unless you absolutely must. Fighting on foot is absolute misery for everyone but the GM, and that only if he's feeling downright Gygaxian.

>> No.74432667


I mean... the writing is terrible and it's full of opposing groups with annoyingly similar names but the mecha action is good and the first OP is honestly pretty great. Sure they were clearly trying to chase King Gainers first OP and didn't catch THAT but they give it a real good shot. Mecha design get's kinda crazy once we get to the space arc which is good.
I haven't even talked about weird flying Tripod called the Trinity yet. Or the Murder Pyramid that looks like it just came out of Virtual-On called the Yggdrasil.

>> No.74432687

Synthwave, IDM, EBM, nu disco, witch house. Soundtracks are only iconic to the viewers of the anime.

>> No.74433286

I'd love to find a playlist that isn't anime or videogame music but still retains the feeling of something like say Zeta Gundam

>> No.74433434

Is there a good game that can simulate titanfall or armored core? Been wanting to do a mecha centric game for a while but my normal players are not as into sci-fi and mecha as me. Would love to do a more military drama like gundam but I think the more open and mercenary style of TF or AC would make it easier for them to get into. Also do players seem to like mech only focused combat and events or a mix of on foot and in cockpit? I feel the later would be more interesting but probably harder.

>> No.74433534

Genesys, if only because it's a generic system for cinematic adventure you can use for most anything and thus allows you to accommodate your players' expanded palate while still allowing you to add mechs as vehicles.

>Also do players seem to like mech only focused combat and events or a mix of on foot and in cockpit?
Depends on your players, but generally, the latter allows for a more well-rounded experience.

>> No.74433769

Mechs are usually a Pimped up Utility vehicle, so it generally is used to carry weigths, cut lumber, help erecting buildings or even mining. They are pretty useful in military camps because they can carry stuff, make sandbags frots and the like a lot faster. Unless they are big bois the cockpits are a bit too crowded to much else than sit there.

>> No.74433784

I have gone to the weapons/armors/engines/tech part, you harvest the muscles too of AIs and Ayss.

>> No.74433804

Oh man, I really love the Monster Hunter Mech idea.

>> No.74433825

This is more of a /v thing, but there's this clip I saw of a mech game a long time ago that I cannot seem to find again, and I'm hoping someone can help me out.
The mission is to attack this huge walking battleship mech, and your mech has to strap on these huge boosters and blast off at insane speed to even survive getting into fire range of the thing. The whole first half of the fight is just dodging buildings and artillery fire while moving in.
The color scheme was also super monochrome.

>> No.74433946

Man I really love how predatory the Shavasti one is.

>> No.74433963

Armored Core: For Answer
"Defeat the Spirit of Motherwill"

>> No.74433993


>> No.74434228

Fuck yeah, that's it. Thanks, anon.

>> No.74435356

Do mecha fight in your setting then? Or are they purely for utility?

>> No.74435528

Yes, but Jovian Chronicles was always a bit of a lame duck in that they only had 2 out of three Mekton modules for it released and 1 Silhouette adventure released and the rest was up the the GM. But the devs still pretended like there was some big metaplot and connected adventures leading somewhere. That somewhere was a massive war that immediately would put everyone's own plots on hold.

>> No.74435536

I'm going to use this as an excuse to mention Phantom Crash, which was a phenomenal game.

>> No.74435748

I mean, the module is based on my group's actual play, so... we made the on-foot stuff work just fine. But I appreciate the warning, and will make sure to address how to run it in a fun way.

Most familiarity I've got is with Lancer, which can do a decent run at Titanfall-style combat (in the sense that pilots can fight on foot alongside their mechs, but also that doing so is hella dangerous). It also has a good system in place for upgrading and part-swapping on your mechs, similar to Armored Core. The mech combat is grid-based tactical, so if your players or gaming setup don't work with that, then you could look at...

Genesys, as >>74433534 mentioned. Good generic system with a fun dice mechanic that adds lots of little twists and turns into your story (or can be ignored at times for more straightforward results). I think the Genesys general thread has links to work-in-progress Titanfall splats. I can't see it doing mech customization or upgrades as well as a dedicated mecha game, but your players may not mind that.

Also look into Payload, though I don't think that one does pilot-and-mech combat as much as mech-on-mech.

>> No.74435804

To go with the genesys suggestions, look up halfling cannibal gaming. They have rules for a mecha hack scattered around.

>> No.74435817

>I think the Genesys general thread has links to work-in-progress Titanfall splats.
There have been several attempts at defining a dedicated mecha system in Genesys, with varying success. For the thread's part, the anon in that thread who did the absolutely stellar Dark Heresy hack said he's making a general mecha hack. No real progress has been shown on that front yet since he's been busy, but it's something to look forward to. That said, there are records of successful mecha games run with Genesys, requiring only a couple extra rules to get things going.

>> No.74435873

This is how an anon explained he ran his Genesys mecha game.


I inspired myself with the blogs "genesys mecha" https://cannibalhalflinggaming.com/tag/genesys-mecha/
These are the main rules that I added, based on that blog
>Mech Brawn: Mechs have their onw Brawn characteristic, called "Mech Brawn". This is used mainly for melee weapons, as well as any checks where it might be relevant.
>Humanoid construction: A Mech can punch/kick/stomp as though it were a character with Brawn, although its unarmed attacks count as vehicular weapons. In addition a Mech arm-carried/mounted weapons are considered to be capable of using all four firing arcs.
>Manipulator arms: Unless stated otherwise the Mech is capable of human-like feats of dexterity such as grasping, holding etc. This includes improvised weapons.
>Walking Machine: Mechs can take cover and perform similar personal-scale combat manoeuvres, but are susceptible to the Knockdown quality on vehicular weaponry.

Besides that, the rest was vehicle rules with some modifications: I added a talent to allow players to spend vehicle strain to make a pilot check to dodge enemy attacks, and to spend strain to attack with every weapon on the mech, like the super robot wars ultimate attacks where the robots go ham with everything they got


>> No.74435893

some more rules I used
>Concentrated Barrage (aka shoot all the guns) costs 1 system strain per weapon involved in the action.
>Size Difference: When a character makes an attack against a target with a silhouette one or more points larger than they are, they decrease the difficulty of the check by one. When a character makes an attack against a target with a silhouette one or more points smaller than they are, they increase the difficulty of the check by one.

New Weapon Qualities:
>Handheld: This is a vehicle weapon that can be carried on the hands of a mech, and thus can be quickly readied with a simple maneuver, or dropped as an incidental. Weapons that do not have this quality are built into fixed mounts that require external assistance to remove. Handheld vehicle weapons do not cost Hard Points to equip if they are used on the hands, instead they use part of the Mechs Encumbrance Threshold. Note that it is possible to put those weapons into fixed mounts if one wish, in which case, they do cost Hard Points.
>Heavy: This weapon is a Handheld weapon that required both hands of the mech to use. They normally cannot be equipped on hard points.


All told, that's a pretty solid way to run it without adding too much additional chaff. At that point, it's just making the vehicle profiles for mechs.

>> No.74435977

Of course, none of that will make sense if you don't already have the Genesys core book. You can find that in the general in the OP.

>> No.74435983

Anyone here ever tried Horizon Wars, and if so, is it fun? The official minis are just pure sexiness.

>> No.74436133

So how do you like your pilot uniforms?

Nice and casual, overalls, form fitting, leotard, etc.?

>> No.74436188

Not too tight, not too loose, invariably customized for both personal expression and technical preferences.

>> No.74436627

Horizon Wars is aggressively medicore as a game system. It's value is in it's flexibility to play with just about anything you have sitting around, like many deeply mediocre games produced today. As a game, it isn't very interesting, deep or unique, but it's inoffensive and fun enough.

>> No.74437683

Pretty much like >>74436188 said. Like a mix of a fighter pilot suit and space suit. Compact and easy to love in but gonna have to have some built in systems.

>> No.74437848

Don't understand the point of flight suits unless you'll be operating in space or high enough in the atmosphere to be cold, and most mecha probably don't have a problem keeping warm.
So what if you have a bunch of empty pockets after you eject? Nothing wrong with the aesthetic, but it's as useful as overalls.
For me, it's superhero yoga pants.

>> No.74437884


I dont know, seems to me the only thing that's obviously missing from the core rules are a more extensive upgrade list, especially for conventional troops. Also probably some ways for units to share their Ds with each other, so as to emphasize the "combined arms" factor which really doesnt come up that much... Hopefully HardWar is going to fix that.

>> No.74437986

Obsolete, to a certain extent

>> No.74438025

In Titanfall's case, at least, it's because Pilots do groundwork as well, whether alongside infantry or on special assignments. Even when you ignore their access to a Titan, a capital-P Pilot is almost invariably an ace among aces, a high-flying sharp-shooting nigh-unstoppable super soldier compared to rank-and-file grunts. Even a single Pilot on the field is considered a major force multiplier, and considerable effort is required to take one down if the enemy doesn't have a Pilot of their own. Again, this is BEFORE they mount their Titan.

>> No.74438381

There's nothing missing from the core rules, the rules themselves just aren't very interesting. This isn't a problem unless you want something different, nuanced, or deeper. Sometimes you don't and that's ok too. It's just a very plain game.

>> No.74438645

Fuck yes it was.
I mix in some of the OST in to the playlist when I run Lancer.

>> No.74439042

What would be the best mecha system to run an Armored Core game in? The main problems I see would be implementing AC's level of customization

>> No.74439150

Mekton comes to mind with its mech creation rules

>> No.74439422

I have a soft spot for tank tops in a sweltering cockpit. But I'm kind of a fan of outfits that lean a bit more into a spacesuit design.

>> No.74439484

>tank tops in a sweltering cockpit
me too, anon

me too

>> No.74440100

Post mechs with this feel

>> No.74440310

I mean it wasn't wrong, the sequel books have exactly that happening. The combined AIs end up splitting into a bunch of fragments that take on the identity of Voodoo gods

>> No.74440454

god, are those all pouches?

>> No.74440514

Calm down, Liefeld. It's just an armored mech.

>> No.74440516

And a built-in sandbag bib.

>> No.74440585

no i seee the armor. Ontop of the armor. the brown stuff.
pretty sure thats pouches babe

>> No.74440727

force reactive armor. basically an explosive on the outside that's meant to be reactive to incoming shells

>> No.74440848

Game idea, tell me what you think.
>Humanity has colonized the star system.
>Gundam like reactors provide cheap/free power, but no FTL. Travel time is still long.
>Setting has been in a long standing cold war between earth sphere and mars sphere.
>Cold war turns hot, with both sides deploying mobile armor >>74411869
>Mobile armor rapidly gets away from any kind of control.
>Individual AIs start declaring territorial hegemony, enslaving humans in their area.
>Players are orbital shipyard workers.
>Work in utility mecha suits, building ships.
>Have been pushed to get warships ready for the war.
>Find out a mobile armor is coming to claim the shipyard.
Everything with an engine has already made a run for it, they need to get the ship they are working on functional then run.
Game from there is trying to survive amidst the apocalypse, while keeping their janky ass ship moving. Central governments have collapsed. The military is splintered, but largely still fighting. Civilians are generally running for open space. The AIs are setting up their own deranged societies, doing unknown things to the inhabitants. Keep fighting a losing battle? Become pirates in deep space? Try to find the nicest murder bot to surrender to? Try to jury rig a generation ship together and make for alpha centari? You definitely will be in for interesting times.

>> No.74441656

Personally I love space adventure plots with a lot of player open-ness like that, so I think it sounds pretty good.

>> No.74442145


I keep wanting From Software to come back to Armoured Core but keeping their love of hardcore DS/Bloodborne gaming by making a game where you fight giant kaiju in your nippy robot in a manner similar to Monster Hunter World, but some things are too pure for this world.

>> No.74442453

If only. Now that they've made Sekiro they've got to go back and make Dark Souls 4: Now with even less originality than 3!

>> No.74442575

The Space suit/light power armor/pilot suit or even simple a simple overall, depending of the kind of money they have.

>> No.74443108

A 3D printed Sandbag, with printed cast armor.
Fucking printers, how do they work?

>> No.74443141

Old One magic, that's how. How did you think the machines continued to thrive even after the human tribes repeatedly culled them?

>> No.74443348


Jesus no. DS is finished. 3 could not have been any more an epilogue to the story. That would as ill fated an idea as every Pirates of the Carribbean film after the third.
Also, do they not know how hard people have been clamouring for a Bloodborne 2? Now THERE'S a game that could stand a few more games. Hell, we didn't even get all the DLC they wanted to do in the base game anyway. So there's definitely scope to expand.

>> No.74443401

I'm not saying they SHOULD do DS4, I'm saying they probably WILL once their medieval fantasy game is done. They need to make "Miyazaki jerks off in your face 2" because that's what people want, apparently.

>> No.74444477

closest I've got

>> No.74446538

I like the Mospeada model where the flight suit can power up with some extra bits to power armour.

Wargame or RPG

>> No.74447250

oh i know what force reactive armor is.

But why did they put them in pouches?

>> No.74447335

Get your eyes checked.

>> No.74447344

use the ladders on the codpiece for scale.
they're not pouches, just extremely large bits of ablative plating or reactive armor or smth.
You can even see the chunks blown out by bullets and whatnot in some places.

>> No.74448756

The feel of "I'll shit on everything you love and hold dear?"

Also just read the Front Mission Manga, it is as people said. Warcrime Central

>> No.74448802 [SPOILER] 

If you're not piloting nearly completely naked, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.74448957


[cough] Mekton Z [cough]

>> No.74449062


Mekton, bro!

>> No.74449145


Here ya go

>> No.74449203

For me, it's the centurions.
Unless they count as arms and armour, in which case never mind.

>> No.74449230

Just to be clear.
Dragonmech is not 3.5
Its 3.0

>> No.74449278

I do love loadout pictures.

>> No.74449692

Is that helicopter really big, or is that mech really small?

>> No.74449756

That's the maddox i think, so it's really small. The mech was able to fit in some dude's apartment. It's a wearable mech

>> No.74449763

It's a powered suit, about 7ft tall.

From Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01.

>> No.74451691


>> No.74452521

In my settings, older mechs look like pic related or obscure VOTOMS

>> No.74452539

While the latest state of the art, cutting edge, bleeding edge mechs look like pic related

>> No.74452701


Not exactly original but fair enough.

>> No.74453384

Meh, originality isn't all its cracked up to be. It's all in execution.
For me I use gundam wing mobile suits under a different name for the earth faction only because I find the Tallgeese and Leo sexy, and it gives the faction a united aesthetic.
The colonies scattered around started up with stolen Pangean tech, so I use mobile suits I like from other gundam series. The aesthetic is more based on the company pumping them out, and the culture of the colony it comes from. All the other groups started up on their own, and thus I use non gundam stuff for them.

>> No.74454995

>> No.74455731

I've got a session zero for lancer coming up this sunday and I need some advice on the LL0 fights.

We only have 2 players and me as the DM, so I'm trying to figure out how to make the first fight relatively challenging without blowing them out of the water. My first thought was to have me play as a LL2 character and hang back in a dusk wing so that the others can play how they like, but now I can't figure out how many enemies to throw at us before the big elite destroyer boss and his one archer cronie.

>> No.74457099

General recommendation is 2x Actions and Structure. So 4 normal NPCs a decent baseline encounter for 2 starting LL0 PCs since they have 2x the actions, but only half the Structure. That should be a decent starting fight, I wouldn't go too crazy for the first encounter.

>> No.74458687

>Warcrime Central
The Shepard would never commit warcrimes

>> No.74458804

It's rarely ever mentioned but the MADOX is supposedly the granddaddy of the military powered armors in the setting of Bubblegum Crisis. There's also a not!Madox in CP2020, iirc.

>> No.74459042

>A place to discuss assorted mecha RPGs, especially games that aren't Battletech (which already has its own general).
That being said, I feel like Mechwarrior Destiny would work better as a generic mecha RPG than it does Mechwarrior.

>> No.74459346

With 4 npcs, then the boss at the end, do you think adding the LL2 character make things too easy for them?

>> No.74460314

That's a cool boy, the best mix of humanoid and tonk.

>> No.74460497

What LL2 character would you be adding? Some sort of allied NPC? I don't think that would be necessary, especially if the fight is only the group and then a boss. If there is even a single round of breathing room, the PCs can Stabilize to get some HP back.

If you are really set on giving them backup, 1 allied Grunt each could be cool. Rookie pilots in older mechs, who die tragically from a single hit.

>> No.74460513

Ah, I'm half-asleep. I see you mentioned a Dusk Wing. If you want to toss them some support, then you could easily add another 2 normal enemies to the first fight.

>> No.74460579

What’s the most ideal sexual orientation for a heroic mecha pilot? Vaguely disinterested heterosexual?

>> No.74460819

Why does it matter? Fap before you post.

>> No.74461860

See y'all next Monday!

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