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Unlikely Friends Edition

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Which do you prefer and why: Elite, mid-range, or horde model-count armies?

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Elite means I have less shit to paint.

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I love the look and the idea of horde armies, but I mostly paint the mid-to-elite armies because the horde ones intimidate me.

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mid-range all the way, although access to elite or hordes is always good.

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>tfw out of comics to edit
>tfw the void over lack of proper releases is crushing me again

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no minis to paint? sad

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I wish there were more complete elite armies, besides ogres its mostly just a bad way to play a few units in a larger army.

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I'd say mid-range is my preference.

Super-elite armies are low model count, but also usually lacking in variety. I'm not a fan of painting the same 1-2 monster kits several times.

I tend to love horde models aesthetically and it's relaxing to paint simpler models, but fuck painting hundreds of dudes for one army.

Mid-range usually lets me do what I want, which is more paint one of each big thing and about 10-20 each of the smaller units. It won't be an optimal army, but for me it's the sweet spot for hobbying.

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I agree. I originally got into BCR because of the low model count and cool big models.
Now I mainly collect StD but I have a mix of types of units, like a 20-man unit of Marauders but also a unit of Varanguard, so theoretically I could pick how I want to play if I could actually play these days...

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you play obr?

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I have a large force already and it's done. I don't want to start adding to it and I said I'd wait until Malerion Elves were released before I decided what to do. Told myself that anyway. Might go back to 40k... but might not.

Spend time looking up art on what cool designs could be put in AoS and what faction.

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i prefer both elite and horde. if its elite, it has to be as elite as possible. if its horde, i like it hordey as possible 120+ models or bust

current armies are tzeentch, mawtribes, eels, GSG, and now starting skaven

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I think all factions should have access to all of these options. Honestly, aesthetically hordes look fucking sweet; it gives the tabletop the appearance of being an actual battle, not a minor skirmish between 20-40 guys. Seeing 100+ bodies throw themselves against one another looks mad.

Elite armies typically have "cooler" models though. My BCR are probably one of my favourite looking armies.

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Don't OBR come under elite? Even their basic troops are decent.

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Units of 20-30 is mid id say.

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to be truly elite, your baseline needs to be multiwound

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Not to me, its 1w battleline.

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I like Ogres as the Big Guys of the setting. Might Makes Right is great and I hope it stays their thing despite the fact that it would be great on my pigs.
You can run Orcs as elite and GSG as elite, but you're not really spoiled for choice. I think new KO are gonna be "elite" because it's just gonna be fucking boats.

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So, SCE and Ogres?

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Why does AoS continue to release tiny model ranges and then never support them? Is nobody reigning in the artists? Does the design team just collectively have insane ADD?

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Orcs are all multiwound.
Actually, the only chaff in Destruction are goblins. Everything else is 2W or more.

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Blightkings for nurgle, Chaoswarriors, Bloodwarriors. Vulkite Berzerkers, Crypthorrors,
think Saurus Guard have 2 wounds now too.

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For new factions; because that's how they did it for WHFB. You didn't have 30 kits day 1. You didn't even have the same fucking designs (for example, High Elves used 1H axes and maces as well as swords and spears, Bretonnia had cannons). The rest are either the poster boys (SCE) or updated legacy armies (DoK) that have enough to be added to and have a selection. Then you got shit like Nighthaunt which are a part of death and they got a large amount of models.

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Ah yeah forgot about Orcs.

Yeah but is it 'elite' if you can pick an option that has multiwounds even though it isn't the only option and is arguably not worth it? Like, I dunno many people who'd pick Bloodwarriors or Saurus Guard in large numbers. But I suppose it does mean you CAN run an elite army.

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I love hordes but I really miss old timey movement trays. 40 goblins looks impressive in a brick, and less so on the bases, especially as they're on 25mm so the bases look huge.
I know you can get movement trays for rounds but I just don't like them aesthetically.

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Why split hairs, if you can make it a elitearmy, its a elitearmy.

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Nah, never been a Death guy.

I basically started with Deepkin and that was fine. Models were pretty hard to paint for a beginner and I ended up redoing most of them after a couple years but I could get away with doing a little of everything.

From there had the Stormcast Starter and Beastclaw. Got bored painting Stormcast pretty quickly, even though there's a big range, painting most of them is really samey feeling and not much fun.

Beastclaw and later Gutbusters were easy and fun to paint even as a newb, I could never go full beastclaw though, even now with a fully painted Ogre army and some unfortunate Big Dude choices, the desire to go back and paint up one more Thundertusk or Stonehorn so I can do an actual battalion is just not present.

I bought some KO models early and took years to get around to painting them, just figuring out how to paint them was overwhelming to think about without experience. Now I'm pretty fond of the buggers.

Went into Fyreslayers after the first year or so, never went full horde because I was hoping they'd get new models. Mostly had fun painting them just because they look alright even with a simple paint scheme. Definitely taught me how to let go and not worry about highlights and shit for more hordy armies. Thankfully their new book made them more elite so I never had to go full horde, but similar to Beastclaw I get queasy inside thinking about painting one more Vulkite or Hearthguard model.

Also dipped into Seraphon at some point. Honestly did a pretty shitty job painting most of the infantry, it was very different than the other armies I had painted up to that point. If we get new Saurus those old models are going in the trash.

Have painted some Orcs and Sylvaneth on the side but nothing army size.

Really got the itch to do a new mid-range Elf army but Lumineth are looking iffy for that.

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I was thinking he meant something like ogres where everything is multiwound.

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>If we get new Saurus those old models are going in the trash
>tfw have 140 Saurus Warriors
I hate this shit. I should sell it

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I barely consider sce, or maybe I'm salty because they're priced like and on 40mm like they're the 3w baseline they should be.

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I run bases for my BoC and people laugh at me.
Then they see I can complete a 120+ model movement phase quicker than they can their 40 dudes.

I too miss the bricks. Skaven was my second army back in 4th purely because: 1-units of 40+ rats was fucking sick and 2- warpfire

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>gristlegore makes FEC an elite army
>troggs make GG an elite army
it isn't sufficient to have a meme low model count build, it needs to be a part of faction ethos

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Why would you try to cram a whole faction into a specific type of army?

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I thought hard about getting into them if they were gonna be a range update of the HE like people were thinking/hoping. I've got an Isle of Blood kicking around and figured I could run some classic models as the new guys, maybe hunt around and get some spearmans, but the new stuff is just not doing it for me, I'll stick to Destruction for now.

I've got some cool old metal beastmen and I love the models but I don't think I can paint 120+goatboys. I guess the new contrast paints make it easy to crank 'em out but I'd honestly just want to run something goofy like chariots.

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When it works, it works. See: ogres. It's fun having maybe 40 dudes on the table with some heroes.
I love ogres and the only thing stopping me from finishing my army is the awful awful sculpts for buchers/slaughtermasters.

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Also, Custodes in 40k

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Yeah, I actually like a lot of the new models well enough, but I don't think I can make an army with them I actually want to paint or play.

Don't want to do them as a horde, don't want to mass Wardens (Those pikes are just too long, I built the starter box and I'm in constant fear of snapping the things) don't want to go heavy Mountain Clan and lock myself into playing one subfaction...Just gonna paint a few models and wait for wave 2, I think.

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>awful sculpts for buchers/slaughtermasters
What the fuck are you on? Their only issue is that they're finecast.

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If you put an ogor in a cauldron like he's hot tubb'n then you don't need to worry about green stuff aprons.

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I wish Custodes were good. 40k is a garbage fire that I want no part of, I'll check in every once in a while to see if anything other than Marines or one or two meme builds for anything else is good.

>> No.74382418

I am like a small child when it comes to greenstuff. I'm kind of a shit painter too but at least I don't ruin a model if I fuck that up, I can just strip it and try again.

>> No.74382559

no greenstuff needed with the hot tubbing slaughter master, the cauldron and fake water are all covered by DIY terrain making tutorials

Besides don't you have a spare body from a stone horn or scrap launcher kit? are they just gonna sit in your bits box forever? You don't really have anything to lose by trying.

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They're pretty terrible sculpts even compared to the other Finecast models in the range. I've got both, and they're painted and all but bleh. The Slaughtermaster especially.

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Don't tell anyone anon, seriously I'm trusting you to keep this secret...
other than lead Belcher, this army is 100% contrast and done in less than two weeks

Join the herd anon... You'll have a bleating good time

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Not him but yes, the LRL release left me wanting. I'm still gonna collect up and play them. There's a few viable builds but I'm pissed that wardens are the only battleline option and no mounted heroes. I just wanted to run a cav heavy glitter elf list for sake!

I'm seriously hoping when wave two drops in 3+ years they add to the aelementri so we get more than "I'm from the mountain lol"

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To each their own, I suppose.

>> No.74382712

because to be truly elite it needs to be the army vibe

>> No.74382747

darkoath flesh, black templar, flesh-tearer... the orange and the grey?
Don't make me price out beastmen, anon.

>> No.74382772

The vague concept of "vibe".
Are you and the guy that brought lore into the modelrangediscussion wanking eachother off?

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wraithbone base, lead Belcher, contrast orange (can't remember it's name), black contrast on the armour plates (over lead Belcher, gives a cool cast iron look), darkoath flesh, your choice for fur. I used cygors, gor grunts and agaros dunes to give a mix of brown, red and blond furs. Seriously I was doing 30+ models a day man. Easy as fuck.

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Oh, and leather for the straps, bone for the bone.

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They’re honestly a really fun army anon. Lots of great models, not too tough to paint, some build options, so you can go less models or tons of models.

They’re not great competitively right now, but balance is momentary, cool models are forever

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Speakiof TQ is an "elite" low model skaven army with stuff like ogres and stormvermin possible decent?

>> No.74383005

They require a little strategic finesse which is hilariously ironic

If you know what you're doing they can be situationally very powerful and they play to the object better than almost any army. Fast hordes can play the objective game very well.

>> No.74383047

Also their summoning is not to be underestimated. Being able to spawn 10 bodies every turn in your opponents backfield is a huge thing, especially for armies that want all their units fighting, not 2 or so sitting on a back objective defending against gors and ungors

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Don't tell them ALL our tricks anon... last turn summons have won me games. 9" move + D6 run + charge gets you almost anywhere you want to be.

>> No.74383138

You cant move a summoned unit in BoC in the turn it was summoned, can you?

>> No.74383188

No but you can charge. It's still a big threat for your opponent knowing that next turn you have essentially an average 20" threat bubble next turn. You dictate their reactions.

>> No.74383211

Just asking cause Anon said "last turn summon".
Could have been you have some movementshenanigans.

>> No.74383289

Yeah, that's me. Last turn charge to contest an objective; absolutely has swung games. Being flexible is key.

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>Arch-Revenant (General)
>Treelord Ancient
>20x Dryads
>Kunoth Hunters w/ Greatswords

How's this for a 1,000 Sylvaneth list? Not looking to be tactical genbius or tournament play, just casual games.

>> No.74383594

Yeah, I'd play against it.

>> No.74383674

Arch revenant is so cool and a steal for only 100 points

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I still want to do a Custodes army but I've not painted for so long I'd worry bout fucking it up. I've been told it's literally impossible to fuck up but I am not a clever man. Regardless, I check up purely for new minis as I do not give a single shit about Primaris (and people going WE'RE GONNA BE SQUATTED got btfo with GW releasing the new Tact Box... with the shitty logo on, thanks Autism Anon for poiting it out I can't unsee it now). My main issue is I like BA but I've never liked their 'blue for heavy, yellow for assault, white for medic and gold for veterans' helmet thing. I'm not sure if I am OK with it or not.

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Bar the glitter, that is the paint scheme I wanted to do for LRL. I had another one in mind too but another anon in here did it so I'm kms.

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Indiana Jones villain rats guy from last thread here, wanted a quick opinion on units and what to get next.

So far have the start collecting and also lined up the old isle of blood rats that a friend of a friend has that he never got around to getting rid of during 8e Fantasy all together that means I'll have:

Grey Seer On Screaming Bell
Plague Priest
20 Plague Monks
Warp Lightning Cannon
A Clawlord
Warlock Engineer
40 Clanrats
Warpfire Thrower
2 Rat Ogres
A defunct Poison Wind Mortar that I don't think I'll be making into acolytes

Any recommendations on what to get next? Going to need another battleline and from there its pretty open. Leaning maybe something sneaky like gutter runners to sneak around, possibly a warp-grinder for breaking into places, and some neat little rat snipers for popping heroes that might be carrying good stuff we want.

Last question is I'm going to end up with a lot of old square bases, I heard awhile back thats fine outside of tournaments but wanted to make sure. Honestly considering square basing it all including the new stuff then getting adapters as I go with the old world coming back.

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>not wanting your sparkle elves to be covered in glitter
Come on man!

It's actually Turbodork's pearlescent colour shift paint. Photos look shit. I went with sunrise for Dawn Riders and and purple night sky with aurora for the Auralan stuff.

>> No.74383985

Got a close up of that Bray-Shaman?? Im a huge fan of Brayherd hero conversions! Looks wicked, smart use of parts.

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File: 345 KB, 692x835, IMG_20190923_032659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the best I've got on me of muh Shaman and Beastlord. Yeah, they both turned out surprisingly good for a handful of spare bits.

Hey man, not super experienced with Skaven but I'm pretty sure the weapon teams are all bretty gud. The machine gun guys seem swinging but can bring the hurt when buffed.

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Yeah I knew it was that paint (I didn't know it's name, so said glitter kek). I've always been a fan of white, gold and black - though red capes and stuff add to it too. If I got LRL I'd probably do them like that other anon as Blood Elves. Always loved their designs.

I've always also loved Tier 2 Paladin armour. Only way I can come close to that is taking some GK shoulders.

>> No.74384141

you have one combat unit at 1k points.

>> No.74384149

Fuck man, that Cheetos-print Tzaazgor Shaman is awesome! All the Heroes are prime! Nice!!

>> No.74384158

the off brand thinner bases fuckkng trigger me

>> No.74384193

Black + white + [anything] almost always looks good. I remember an art project in high school where our teacher made us do a piece of art, then do the same thing again monochromatic (black/white + 1 colour); the monochromatic piece looked WAY better. It's a classic colour scheme.

Red elves is pretty cool. Reminds me of dragon princes. Are you gonna start the Moometh sparkle lords? They look like they're gonna be fun to play.

>> No.74384224

Alright, so there's not really a wrong option with the weapon teams so that'll be fun. Might try and bring a mix of a few types

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File: 2.82 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190902_041500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cheers. It's funny because I originally had them all army painted up blue but then didn't want to look to Tzeench themed so when I rebased them, I repainted the whole army and chose orange as the main colour. Then I added tzaangors and didn't want to go blue. Turned out alright.

Sorry anon. I didn't mean to upset ye. If it makes you feel any better, I use movement trays that make them sit at roughly the same height as GW®™ baeses©

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File: 287 KB, 1920x1200, 543111-Blood_Elf-Paladin-Warcraft-World_of_Warcraft-army-armour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno yet. While I am happy with the army itself, I'd rather like to see what else they're doing. Based on what I've been told there are flying fox-kin and angelic beings of light... plus unknown but martial water guys. So, I'd love to see what they put out. The issue is it could be 2030 before we see it kek.

If I saw their generic melee hero I could at least work out if I could do this.

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You could do Quel'Dorei instead. Just do teal where you were going to do red.

>> No.74384357

Yeah, I am cautiously optimistic about the plans for them. High Elves were my first army back in 4th so they hold a special place. I like all the LRL models and I hope they expand the aelementri side more to make them more diverse.

As far as heroes go, remember that they can ally with deepkin. Imma be converting up a Akhelian king to look more Lumineth (flamespyre wings, Dawn Rider/warden bits left over, etc...) Convert my man, convert... That's ALWAYS the solution.

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File: 172 KB, 1920x1200, yune-sunghan-elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah you suggested that before I think? I just love T2 Paladin armour. I don't even play WoW any more. Stopped at end of TBC. I always wanted to play a BE with T2 Paladin but in a game where it isn't a transmog but the actual armour and is actually useful for fighting. I just don't see myself ever painting models and doing them justice. So it's all theory.

I'm glad that LRL have elements of HE but aren't a 1:1 copy. I always loved Phoenix Guard so I can but hope GW expands that (unlikely) in CoS. It's very clear that GW will do other stuff for it, but what is the question. I suspect 2H sword warriors will be water. I am hoping, if they're not 2H greatsword type weapons they are not!katanas. Samurai Elves is a good meme and GW could explore that since the faction has the whole Oriental Earth Wind Fire Water thing (but different). Like this image, maybe... but not so generic.

I know it's weeby but I've wanted GW to bring back Oriental models for awhile. Cathay and Nippon were not utilised as well as they should have been. But that's due to 80's Japanese fascination dying.

>> No.74384549

thats coz u get light dark contrast and the black and white are neutral so can go w/ any other colour

>> No.74384628

I'm seriously considering picking up some Gloomspite Gitz stuff because they seem based as fuck. However, I'm told the SC is not very indicative of a reasonable GG army. I'm not worried about being competitive, but I was wondering what would a starting force of 1000pts look like that fits what the army is supposed to be about without being total WAACfaggy?

>> No.74384638

That would be cool. I doubt they'll go conventional elements as they've hinted already that it's Zenith, mountain, wind and river to make up the core of their runic mandala, all of which sound cool to me. Elven... Excuse me, AELVEN !samurai would be fucking mad. Honestly I'm hoping for flying cav. I ran 12 warhawks in my old wood elf list so I'm hoping the "wind aelementri" will be something like that.

Yeah, the closest to Nippon/Cathay we ever got was a mention in the Skaven book to indicate where the rats learner to be sneaky !ninjas. Seems like a massively lost potential that I hope they pursue a bit more. I think the eastern aesthetic could blend well with many things in AoS but LRL seem like they're already leaning that way. I wouldn't mind if they went harder in that direction.

As far as being unable to paint them well, experiment with alternative paints to get unusual effects. I am not a good painter but my models get compliments because I do things most people wouldn't. Contrasts/glazes/inks over metals works wonders anon. Easy as fuck with bretty gud results.

>> No.74384647

To clarify, I really like the way all the kits look as far as squigs and gobbos are concerned.

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File: 578 KB, 1920x1573, maria-panfilova-lieage-dark-elf-maria-panfilova-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, the actual closest we got to Nippon was actual Nippon models. But that was in the ye olde times. The issue with LRL is a lot of the spearmen, archers and cavalry have a Grecian style going on. So, unless I am not aware of some South Asian/South East Asian/East Asian armour style that matches it, I am concerned they won't go too oriental.

My idea, which I have said before, is that the water dudes are all like, cliche 'flow like water' and will have further clique things like 'are able to cut a falling water droplet in half without the blade getting wet'. I think most grogs will want the old 2H big swords back but I'm happy if GW went with some curved blade thing (which isn't beyond elvish design anyway). Maybe like an upsized version of this and I suspect there will be an alternative build with two smaller weapons. So, bit like with the hammer and pick guys. Either 2H picks or x2 Hammers (and grogs who go 'muh no HE ever used hammers' forgets they used maces in WHFB originally along with as I said, swords spears and 1h axes). So something like this but obviously not skimpy. Though I am all for skimpy. I think GW really needs to show people they're not fully kowtowing to a specific group of people. The new Dark Eldar might do it but who knows. I just want some boobs and bums back like old Morathi, Harpies and so on. Just a few.

>> No.74384793

I've always felt there was a hittite/anatolian vibe to the high elves in general, but LRL seems to have gone the greek route.

>> No.74384822

You need gobbohordes to take and hold objectives, a mage or 2 to threaten at range, because your magic is your only real ranged option. The Loonboss has a cool buff for hordes.
Whats missing now is a hammer, which could be fanatics, troggoths or squigs, all of them are random af and I hate them, Id take troggoths, while their damage spikes, atleast they dont have random attacks or movement.

>> No.74384928
File: 350 KB, 1200x857, dbnaaud-4c236a17-85c7-4151-a7b1-a8969fea54c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, so not quite sure what we'll get. The closest the Greeks got to 2H weapons were the falx and rhomphaia from further north. Don't think they ever used 2H swords. I mention these two weapons as they are curved bladed too (though have large grips/handles). So, perhaps something like that will be done instead.

Roughly like so.

>> No.74384998

The Hellenistic influence is apparent on the LRL but there is a light oriental flavouring over the top. The Stonemage sitting cross legged on the floating stone is arguably of a meditative monk style, the sentinal hats are very south east Asian, and the flowing robes of the Wardens and stoneguard are far more eastern than western. I wouldn't be surprised if they skewed further towards the oriental aesthetic.

!sword masters with odachi would be fucking kino. I could see that happening.

>> No.74385036

Yeah it would. But as I said here>>74384928 there is a way for them to sneak in similar style weapons whilst keeping Hellenistic hints here and there. I'm assuming the Hellenistic hints are to link them to Deepkin who also have similar stuff. Furthermore, HE's were kinda like Atlanteans, so Hellenistic too. So it's all a round about nod. A combination of the two. LRL, Deepkin and Seraphon are probably the easiest factions to expand with new stuff if you wanted. So many cool sea creatures for Deepkin, so many cool dinosaurs/prehistoric animals for Seraphon.. with LRL you can pretty much do anything now they're not just 1:1 HE's. Shame, as I said, it's a decade away at this rate.

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>be me
>be salty wfbfag for years
>hate aos with a passion
>smegmar this, smegmar that
>read more of wfb lore
>this is actually really fucking stupid
>look at old rules
>these are actually really fucking bad
>look at aos lore
>not perfect, but a huge improvement
>look at aos rules
>not perfect, but a huge improvement

Just wanted to say I'm sorry and I hope I'm forgiven for my sins. I was blinded by ET butthurt and bitter fanboys.

>> No.74385039

What are the three most braindead armies in the game?

>> No.74385091

You good, fampai. ET is universally regarded as dogshit. It's okay to be mad at it, just don't continue to seethe 5 years after the fact like my secondary(except 1) friends do.

>> No.74385093

Fyreslayers, Stormies and Ironjawz

>> No.74385097

None of this is real

Shut up and die

>> No.74385118

You are wrong.

>> No.74385134

>being a faggot towards a fantasy convert
literally homosexual

>> No.74385144

>ET is universally regarded as dogshit
I...I liked it... especially the books and all the art. Story itself was missing a lot of content but before Josh Reynolds got told off for talking about it, he explained a lot on his blog. They could have dragged it over literally years if they could afford to.

>> No.74385147

What did you find stupid in WFB lore?

>> No.74385163

thank you

>> No.74385171

I'm sure the writing itself is fine. It's the content itself. Incredibly out of character, bordering on nonsensical decisions by lots of the cast. Universally is a bit of a stretch, but it is by no means fondly remembered.

>> No.74385177

Hella hot.

>> No.74385194

Everything is either a two bit ripoff of real-world history or Michael Moorcock but worse, with very little unique things going on. The Orcs, Dwarfs, and Kangz are probably the only truly unique things in the setting. Otherwise it's just the HRE but with British accents, generic good and evil Elves, generic evil Vikings, and an edgelord big bad faction that gets wanked off ad infinitum by drooling fanboy writers.

>> No.74385199

It's a game my dude, it's meant to be about fun. As >>74385097 said, none of its real so just enjoy the bits you like and have fun.

Are you thinking of starting an army? Who did you collect/play in WHFB? I played (on and off over many years): High elves, Skaven, lizardmen, beastmen and wood elves.

>> No.74385212

The fact Chaos actually has weaknesses and can genuinely lose and feel worried about its enemies is one of AOS' biggest steps up from Fantasy. I got tired of playing an army that the books kept smacking me over the head about how weak they were and how uber cool mighty leet chaos was gonna push my shit in while my rules got written by a dude who actively wanted to sabotage my army because he hated it. Bretonnia.

>> No.74385216

By Greek you mean Turkish or Pakistani?

>> No.74385229

The lore good plus no mention of models really tips it over the edge.

>> No.74385245

It was more these long awesome campaigns and each 'fight' in the book had a section of some of the units involved with little blurbs on who they were. Like, you'd get to a fight and there'd be a new unit mentioned that was rezzed from the defeated in the previous battle.

Also it made me wish for GW to give Chaos Blood Knights stats. Blood Knights were always powerful and then they get turned to Khorne and buffed up. Would be awesome. So many cool things. However, GW explained one of the major problems with WHFB was justifying why people were fighting where they were. Why are Lizardmen fighting in the centre of hte Empire? Why are the High Elves in the middle of the Badlands? You can justify it, sure, but it was really stretching it. GW explained all this in a WD long article. They went on to stay shit like 40k was fine because it had an in universe explanation on why you might have a battle between two Ultramarine armies both lead by Calgar; it's a warp displacement/warp clone/daemons etc. In WHFB there was very little reason why anybody would move out of their main area. It was too tight. AoS was designed specifically to allow free movement. As in, the orcs are fighting ogres because they happened to cross paths, okay, fine. But Daughters of Khaine are fighting Orcs in Ulgu because Orcs went through a realmportal and started rampaging? Well you got a reason why orcs are there. Same with any other faction. Realmgates are import to all factions bar Seraphon (and even they defend them to prevent others using them) so it allowed conflict to occur.

It was a good article... sorry i went on a ramble.

>> No.74385246

I prefer scythes but yeah this holds water

>> No.74385256

I don't think anyone would say the lore's great but a lot of people would say it's better than fantasy's, aside from having a more detailed world.

>> No.74385261

Skaven are comfortably one of the most original things GW has ever done. You're right for the most part though.

>> No.74385281

Oh yeah, the Skaven were definitely unique too.

>> No.74385290

I liked that Malekith was right and the TRUE Phoenix king but hated Ariel being replaced by Allarielle, more than likely because her name is unique and hence ©®

Thanks my dude

>> No.74385337

Not him but it was a mushed together mish mash of D&D that got mixed with stuff the writers liked and then decades of writing and rewriting. Hell, WHFB didn't have any solid faction lore until 3rd. But the factions all were either represented by RL counterparts (historically) or were established D&D tropes. For example, High Elves and Dark Elves schism? Representative of American Revolution. Empire was HRE. Beastmen were Goths. Wood Elves were Gauls. Bretonnia was Arthurian Legend (Matters of England and Matters of France). Chaos were Moorcock Scandinavians. Ogres were North Asians/Turks/Ottomans. Nippon was Japan. Cathay was China. Kingdom of Ind was India. Hinterlands of Khuresh was Korea. Tomb Kings were Egyptians. All rather plain and simple. Not saying it was stupid like he is, but it was hardly unique.

Skaven and Orcs being from the 40k dimension were the only truly unique things in the setting and Skaven were arguably just Kolbolds from D&D.

>> No.74385374

Sorry Skaven were just Kolbolds, but the magi-tech WW1 aesthetic they put on them was a genius move.

>> No.74385413

Don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that in person.
Orc story line is beyond garbage, I have no idea how you can manage to mess up warhammer orcs, but aos did.
So is the rest of order. absolutely ruined humans and dwarfs. Hate everything new I see about them. Robbed them of everything for stormcast and balloons.
I don’t care about death so I can’t comment on how they might like the changes.
Everything is utter garbage besides maybe the elves and Slaanesh story line.
I’ve liked a few short story’s though too.
It’s not at all comparable.
Again, it sounds like online community bullshit you’re quoting but I don’t know.
The lore is garbage, upfront and as far back as you’d like to go into it.
Models are nice. That’s it.

Sorry about that.
Have a nice thread.

>> No.74385446

The lore is a puddle of piss yes, but WFB's is a pile of feces.

>> No.74385515

I agree Ironjawz are boring.
Cities of Sigmar are actually one of the coolest things in AoS. Kharadron, Fyreslayers, and SCE all have decent to good lore now, although KO are the only ones who look good.

>Everything is utter garbage besides maybe the elves and Slaanesh story line.
Disagree. AoS lore isn't amazing (it's a rung below 40K imo), but I like the progression. It's much better than Queek, Skarsnik, and Belegar fighting over a mountain for twenty years.

>> No.74385542

The plot can actually advance and Chaos can actually lose. That's two things AoS immediately has over WHFB.

>> No.74385545

>“the cities of sigmar are a jungle, a racial jungle”.
>t. lord relictor biden, formerly governor general biden.

>> No.74385675
File: 90 KB, 530x728, chaos wins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, but WHFB immediately loses a point for me when I've been told for 30 years that Chaos wins and all I am doing is delaying it. So every single faction in WHFB that had a 'This is their goal to win the world' all came to nothing. Lizardmen doing their Great Plan? Oh whoops. It can't be done. Dwarfs uniting their kingdoms and reclaiming Eight Peaks? Nope. High Elves being united under Tyrion and Alarielle and finally defeating the Dark Elves? Nuh-huh. Orcs & Goblins uniting? Nope. You all suck and all lose and have lost since the start.

There is a reason people got pissed off with ADB saying this in one of his novels afterword.
>"The war is over. Humanity has lost. Warhammer 40k - in all its Gothic, towering, Cylopean, decrepit, doomed, rotting Byzantine majesty - has taken its first irrevocable step."
Being told 'btw Chaos won 10k years ago when Magnus fucked up the Webway' makes people mad that their fighting their own dudes shit for no reason. It pissed off Chaosfags who are being told that Tzeentch is the reason Chaos wins. Orkfags are pissed off that Ghaz is just a shitty Margaret Thatcher parody now. Eldar, Tau and Necrons? Lol, nope. You lose buddies.
>b-bb-ut it says only humanity falls!
Yes and it has been said if the Emperor falls then Chaos expands and consumes the galaxy, taking everything with it. There is a reason Necrons build the pylons.

My point is that WHFB had all these 'win scenarios' for the factions, just like 40k, but every single edition you were told 'yeah get fucked'. While it is GRIMDARK it makes people unwilling to play because their immersion is ruined by 'what is the point? if GW ever moves the plot on we lose anyway'. This is why Chaos got rekt in the Grand Campaign because people didn't WANT Chaos to win.

You're entitled to your opinion and all; but AoS has shaken off the 'Chaos wins lol :)' shit like pic related and opened up the possibility of some OTHER faction winning; be it death or destruction.

>> No.74385708

I would play elite armies if there were one i actually liked. But none of them I like enough to play, so I will try to make slannesh elite army.

>> No.74385756

This all the way. They took the idea of dark fantasy and decided it meant that the evil side should have zero nuance or logic and be as over-the-top edgy evil as possible while also getting a free autowin in every situation. I really hope AoS and 40k stay as separate as possible because 40k's going the same way and right now AoS has an infinitely better tone of dark-but-hopeful instead of just a constant grim nihilist circlejerk.

If in a year they move the plot and say Chaos was just pretending to lose and the Age of Sigmar is actually one big lie though, I will burn the hard drive my AoS PDFs are on.

>> No.74385787

Gloomspite Gitz (park 60 grots on objectives and past that it's random bullshit, you can do whatever because nothing works reliably anyhow)
StDs (put on buffs and charge, wow so big brain
Seraphon (just play dash n smash with Kurnoth Hunters, there is literally nothing else that works)

>> No.74385812
File: 733 KB, 1094x456, 1 HI8-qHGej0DfQc2HTXMimQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fantasy: there's nothing but evil in the world, you might as well kill yourself lol
>Sigmar: there's some good in the world, and it's worth fighting for

>> No.74385823

Or if you're destruction
> there's..the world, and it's worth fighting

>> No.74385853

I'm pretty sure GW realizes that ADBism is absolute shit for the lore of the setting and it is is 90% of people's least favorite thing about the settings. Nobody likes to be explicitly told that, no, what their faction does literally doesn't matter since the ultimate fate of the setting and who wins is predetermined, and everything you do is just window dressing until that inevitably happens

>> No.74385854

yes hope that most insidious evil that curses man to endure all other pain and suffering. The dark gods wouldn't get much out of them if they folded like wet tissues at the slightest sign of adversity after all.

>> No.74385872
File: 469 KB, 915x1220, IMG_20200816_135500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally got to play a game yesterday. 2 Lords of Change is funny but really quite delicate.
Pic taken after turn 1 stormcast movement phase.

>> No.74385873
File: 444 KB, 1273x1500, 1509743998159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ET was very rushed and features a load of Chaos and Skaven fanfiction, but AoS has luckily skimmed over most of the details while simultaneously presenting a hugely more optimistic outcome than what ET initially leads you to believe. The world doesn't end, a new one just begins, and there were two specific people Chaos didn't or couldn't kill that may very well be the death of them, one of them already almost was.

>> No.74385878

Thanks sam

>> No.74385895

>continuing this dishonest strawman of fantasy battles grimderp
not that big of a deal, but you also put an odd bent on aos so I’m sure you’re just being purposefully dishonest at this point.

>> No.74385901
File: 74 KB, 678x678, Painting-Stormcast-Eternals-Retributor-Front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't make me come to your garden and bitchslap you again, fatty.

>> No.74385908

I just want a reason to fight. I like to narrative. If my Seraphon are fighting Ironjawz, I want to be able to say 'I am fighting you because the Ironjawz will, in two years time, fight a SCE army and defeat it and that SCE army would have gone on and fought a Chaos army and defeated it had the Ironjawz not got involved, so we're fighting you here and now. If we lose, then we did it to weaken your numbers and create bigger Ironjawz that will start infighting to control the clan and this will ultimately result in the clan not being large or unified enough to threaten the SCE when they arrive and thus the defeat of the Chaos army is on track. The ultimate goal of beating Chaos takes one step further forward!'. But if I was told 'Yeah you lose, fuckers, bend the knee now' then I'll be like 'Yeah I'm fighting Ironjawz but what's the point, Chaos wins and... ah fuck it, just roll the dice. I'll treat the game as chess'.

Exactly. Fuck ADB. The fact he has always argued in his books that 'dude don't take it so literal lmao' is defeated because these are his literal own words in the afterword. This is what he said IN setting in the novel
>"The war is over, Diocletian. Win or lose, Horus has damned us all. Mankind will share in his ignorance until the last man or woman draws the species' last breath. The warp will forever be a cancer in the heart of all humans. The Imperium may last a hundred years, or a thousand, or ten thousand. But it will fall, Diocletian. It will fall. The shining path is lost to us. Now we rage against the dying of the light."
- The Emperor (who is now a big crying dumb baby thanks to ADB who did absolutely nothing to make the Primarchs and it was all down to two beautiful brown women).

>> No.74385914

I'm not the one who posted >>74385675
this. Fantasy was way more grimderp than people realized (or admitted).

>> No.74385920

...and it does that in the clumsiest and lazy way possible: with aos lore.

>> No.74385929

The way I look at it it could've been handled better but it could've been MUCH worse

>> No.74385935

You dare sully this place with such blasphemous talk.

>> No.74385941

I feel like GW proper is gonna be dialing back on the chaos wank seeing as it's pretty clear that only a very small part of the fanbase actually cares for it (Sadly that part is absolutely rabid) and their settings work better when the end result of the setting isn't predetermined. Fortunately, given how fucking inconsistent the lore is for 40K by design, they could just retcon literally all of ADB's writing tomorrow and it wouldn't matter too much

>> No.74385955

>TFW stormcast could've looked like giant armoured versions of the sigmarite barbarians in the background but they don't

>> No.74385971

Much as I wish they'd give ADB's hairy ass the boot and realize that being edgy stopped being cool three decades ago, it's GW we're talking about. At this point we're playing russian roulette as to whether they'll continue doing well with AoS and turn 40k around, or they'll express elevator 40k into its own grave then shoot AoS in the back of the head.

>> No.74386003

my bet's on the latter unfortunately.

>> No.74386017

At one point I think they intended Chaos to be the Moorcock version of actually representing entropy and everything eventually decaying, but somewhere along the way that got lost in translation and instead everything became an unending grimedge fuckfest with Chaos being cartoonishly evil and headed by anime villains who for no reason are stronger than everyone else, and for even less explicable reasons they thought people liked it.

>> No.74386021

>Decapitated an ork.
>WIth a warhammer.
Fuck i hate this art.

>> No.74386046

Well, 9e is going through a sort of rebranding for 40k, and it's clear they're trying to make the setting less oppressively grimdark to appeal to more mainstream audiences, and seeing as AoS gets increasing amount of praise for being more bright than WHFB, I could easily see them moving into that direction with 40k. Especially since the chaos gods in both settings are explicitly the same so every failure of the chaos gods in AoS is a failure of the chaos gods in 40K, so either they're gonna have to start fucking up over there or we can canonically say that AoS is the stronger of the two settings

>> No.74386056

No one said you were. You just ran with the same exact straw man.

>> No.74386072

>Especially since the chaos gods in both settings are explicitly the same
Isn't that no longer a thing? I'd hope not, because like I said, it's anybody's guess at this point whether GW will continue getting better or do what old GW did best and fiddle while everything burns. 40k being attached to AoS gives even more opportunity for a fuckup, because if 40k goes down the shitter then it could drag AoS with it.

>> No.74386078

ADB's issue is that he fetishises women and brown people. He makes them devoid of personality other than they're women and brown. I could type out two characters from the novel Master of Mankind and ask you to describe their personality and you couldn't. The Blood Angel who he inexplicably forced into the novel? I can explain him. He's a Blood Angel who is one of the only Marines in the universe who can't get a proper working augment replacement. This makes him incredibly bitter because he is forced to act as a representive of Terra rather than a fighter. He acts sarky and has gallows humour (sadly le jokester marine is a thing ADB does but lets ignore it) but he has a deep desire to fulfil the Emperor's and Sanguinius' dream of a united mankind. Despite his diability he saves the Emperor from death in the battle of the webway and gains a new insight into the depths the Emperor has gone to. The other ones? Er, one is a woman who was locked up and offered a chance to redeem herself in a titan in the webway... she's err... I dunno. She isn't particularly bitter or angry. There is a nondescript brown SoS who doesn't talk, obviously, she isn't in much. There is LOYALIST Fabricator General who is a woman who gets turned into some giant Mech... she has no comment on anything, really. There is another woman but I forgot what she does.

ADB wrote stories with female Custodians and tried to make it canon by forcing it on GW. GW stood their ground and defended it by going 'w-w-well we'd have done it had we not already made male models haha'. He had a good ol' rant about that. ADB is a major problem with the setting, regardless of his writing quality. He's the senior guy, he basically decides.

He needs to go.

Basically. I have my 8th edition CE book here. The foreword about the setting ends with something like 'The fate of the world hangs in the balance, be it damnation or salvation, the result is close at hand'. We all know what happened.

>> No.74386083

Looks more like his face is smashed in. Even so, that's a small detail to hate a nice piece for

>> No.74386093

You do realise it's a magical hammer called Skull-Splitter, right? If you're in a car and stick your head out and going super fast and hit a pole, your head will come off your body. That is all Ghal Maraz is doing.

>> No.74386096

The HH is as big of a trainwreck as ET and I don't know if 9th will be the light at the end of the tunnel like AoS was.

>> No.74386104

>so either they're gonna have to start fucking up over there or we can canonically say that AoS is the stronger of the two settings
just competing with everyone else for most omegalul post itt I see.
impressively done.

>> No.74386106

It doesn't look like a clean cut, it looks like it literally ripped its head off with force.

>> No.74386117
File: 226 KB, 700x1090, Arguing on 4chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You just ran with the same exact straw man
fucking what? nothing either of those people said is a strawman, do you know what that is? It's where you create a specific argument that is unrelated in order to attack it from a position of strength. The guy literally posted an image from one of the books that says 'Chaos wins' and explained why this was annoying by citing other examples and why, FOR HIM, having the options for other victors was better.

there was no straw man. I finally get to use this image.

>> No.74386128

It's not a decapitation he just smashed the neck off

>> No.74386130

It's not "A book has said that they are the same" explicit, but in the lore for syll'esske, Esske is a champion of slaanesh from anotehr universe that is explicitly NOT WHFB, AoS, or 40k. I vaguely remember there being a few other things about them basically being constants.
That female custodes stunt probably put him on thin fucking ice with the higher ups. The constant complaints from the fanbase about him too probably don't help

>> No.74386139 [DELETED] 

Ma’am plz.
just kill yourself.
You’re bait is so pathetically cringe.

>> No.74386146
File: 2.99 MB, 282x355, Mase vs J Rich HQ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that pic

>> No.74386148

I mean, Tyrion, Teclis and Malerion beat slaanesh when he was at his peak, something that literally all the eldar gods couldn't do. And those three aren't even the strongest gods in the setting, not to mention that the chaos gods are afraid of archie

>> No.74386158

You get to add a new faction to the game based off something that was left unexplored in WFB

What do you add?

I would add a faction of sigmarite barbarians clans like those united in ancient times to form the empire

>> No.74386167

The Emperor (in pre-shitified lore) was only just barely holding off the Chaos gods and things were more or less stalemated. At Order's peak Sigmar was basically omnipotent and Chaos was hiding in tiny corners of reality from him because they were powerless until Order started infighting and being dicks to each other. Now after HH the Emperor is basically a cuckold puppet of Chaos.

>> No.74386170

>chaos gods afraid of archie
archwarhammer does absolutely cause a stir in chaosfag.

>> No.74386171

The cut seems to be to clear even if Ghal Maraz clobbed his head.

>> No.74386195

Wrong Archie. We're talking archie the everchad, not archie the evervirgin. The difference is that the former is the destroyer of multiple universes in the name of chaos, including the WHFB one, and the latter is the destroyer of his own youtube channel by advertising a copyright infringing porn game.

>> No.74386201

>the latter is the destroyer of his own youtube channel by advertising a copyright infringing porn game
sounds pretty chad ngl

>> No.74386205

Eh, this doesn't exactly fit your criteria but it's something I think AoS has needed for a long time.
>Elemental Destruction:
>Think an army of coalesced magic stuffs from the realms that is essentially entropy/destruction taken form, almost like endless spells released after the necroquake but more sentient and purposeful.

>> No.74386208
File: 19 KB, 565x223, rocket crew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nippon. Cathay.

>> No.74386209

>realize that being edgy stopped being cool three decades ago
Lorekids love grimderp. If you say grimdark is bad in /40kg/ you'll get five angry replies calling you a newfag and a traitor to the hobby

>> No.74386216

Ironically a lot of /wfg/ hates AoS because they think it's grimderp for some reason.

>> No.74386218

First he meant archaon

Second fuck arch

Third fuck you /v/ermin secondary go play total war where you belong

>> No.74386229

I have never minded grimdark. I can even accept some grimderp. I just want a small chink of hope that everything isn't fucking doomed because the writers think this is what people want.

/wfg/ is full of /v/ermin who don't even play the game. It's why I left. It's unironically worse than here.

>> No.74386231

So nighthaunt but elemental instead of spooky

>> No.74386245

I think it's because ET was so shit but they don't realize we think it's shit too and AoS actively goes out of its way to retcon the grimderp and kick chaoswank up the ass.

>> No.74386246

No. I have become emotionally invested in the seething if you fags.
I do not know who archwarhammer
but I will name drop him frequently in this thread from now on.

>> No.74386251

So basically just an entire army based off the rogue idol? When armies clash, occasionally the realms themselves soak up the violence, anger and fear and rise up into their own uncaring hordes, driven only by the desire to destroy, but without the capability to question why?
Sounds pretty cool

>> No.74386263

>Fag can't spell for shit.

>> No.74386276

It's the ESL slav shitposter, just ignore him.

>> No.74386278

>im going to stay here complaining and you cant stop me

>> No.74386279

AoS second edition does have some grimdark for sure. It doesn't dominate the setting like it does in 40K though

>> No.74386292

Ehhhh... Kind of? More "the realms trying to return to primordial magic by destroying structure and order" ™ the faction.

I think destruction needs to be more than just "we like fightin' " and the forces of nature are extremely destructive. Given that "nature" in AoS is the realms themselves, realm-elementals could be a neat destruction force in my opinion.

>> No.74386303

Yeah, more like this

>> No.74386305

>big 4+1 scared of archibald
i thought you guys said aos lore was good wtf

>> No.74386318

Hopefulyl we'll get something like that or >>74386251 as well as the beastgrave bugmen for destruction.

>> No.74386319

Sounds like a good idea, but they have to worship an aspect of Gorkamorka or else they aren't real destruction

>> No.74386335

Nothing about my post was complaining? If anything it was positive.

>> No.74386363

The way it works is most humans in the mortal realms don't really know the chaos gods directly(poor education), but they do know archibald the guy who conquered 90% of the mortal realms. With this he stands a chance of taking the realms for himself and with the realms power he can make good on his promise to also destroy the chaos gods.

>> No.74386371

40k = The grimdark is front and centre. The entire thing is about how insane and GRIM the setting is. This is part and parcel of the galaxy.

AoS = A new dawn has risen and it is the God King and his glorious warriors leading the charge. He has worked a masterful plan to finally overthrow Chaos once and for all! It is the Age of Sigmar........................ But the warriors when they die start to become strange and distored... some able to tell a lie just by hearing the words and start to execute people for even the most minor white lie... or they become automatons or statues or are so wracked by pain and misery they have to have their souls whipped back into a suit of armour and are forced to fight again or have their souls obliterated.... all the souls were stolen from humans across the realms, some thefts resulted in the deaths of millions of people because their bests warriors or leaders left at the start of the battle.... the tree kin that Sigmar is in a formal alliance with live in harmony with humans.... but humans go missing every day and the tree kin don't speak of any knowledge of them... the dwarfs are hunting for the remains of their god... but are mercenary to a fault and will happily switch sides if a better deal is offered.. the sky dwarfs are dedicated to a code that has kept them safe, a dedication that causes them to condemn people to death due to following it... the leader of the Cult of Khaine claims that Khaine can be resurrected if her followers fight in his name.. unknown to them this godly power gained through devotions is siphoned off by the leader in her efforts to become a goddess... the elf of light and logic sees hope in humans but despises the god king as a corrupter and barbarian and has ordered his elves to raise entire empires to the ground in order to carve out anti-Chaos runes...

In short, AoS 'grimdark' is in the back. It is a few paragraphs. It is a few comments.

>> No.74386377

Since I wrote >>74386251 and now I'm starting to get a load of ideas I might as well expand on that. Maybe, given that they're just the realms themselves absorbing the negative emotions associated with warfare, they're more or less mindless constructs, simply seeking to destroy without fully knowing why. The reason they would fit into destruction is that Waaagh! energies have long been known to do this to stones naturally, and perhaps the Waaagh! itself forms some intergral part of the process of getting the realms to rise up and start punching people in the face. So perhaps they're a mix of the realms themselves, Waaagh! energy and the general negative emotions associated with warfare and combat

>> No.74386395

Yeah, it's something I've wanted for almost the entirety of AoS. The concept of the realms seemed cool and I thought "I want to see Mother nature's wrath dialled up to 11!" and it just never came... It's what lead me to make my Treeclaw raiders as I wanted primal, organic destruction: the army.

>> No.74386411

Or in summary, 40K is a setting where hope is pointless and foolish, and it's not even worth bothering, AoS is a setting where hope is well and alive, but also realist in how just because hope is good and worht having, doesn't mean everything is going to be shiny, sparkly and okay.

>> No.74386426

You totally should do this desu. Pick the army you think would "play" this way best/most accurately represent it on the table and convert it. It would be a wholesome faction that would do you proud and win or lose, you'd feel like a winner every time you field them.

Do it.

>> No.74386428

>In short, AoS 'grimdark' is in the back.
Yes, behind all the bad ideas and stupid.

>> No.74386435

It is literally explained why they are worried. Archaon has destroyed other realities for Chaos. In the process, the Gods have given him powers. Each God trying to make him turn specifically and only to them. This, over aeons, has caused Archaon to become super powerful with boons. None of the Gods will buff him with negative buffs because they know he'll never side iwth them. Archaon keeps declining Apotheosis into a Daemon Prince. As one God gives him extra power, the others follow suit. Each one unwilling to give up and Archaon is a sunk cost fallacy in making. However by the start of Age of Sigmar and the fact Slaanesh isn't back, the Chaos Gods realise that Archaon is so buffed with power now that none of them can revoke the powers they've given him without aiding each other and thus weakening their position in the Great Game.

It is essentially like running down a hill. If you run down a hill, you gotta run faster or you'll fall, so you run faster to avoid falling but you're now running so fast that if you fall you'll hurt yourself more than at the start so you keep on running. But eventually you'll fall and suffer for it. This is the view of the Gods. They've buffed Archaon so much they can't pull the buffs without suffering for it, so they keep on buffing him in the hopes he eventually turns. Though Tzeentch believes he thinks Archaon is trying to gain enough God buffs that he himself will become a God that can then fight them. So he has sent Gaunt Summoners to learn his True Name. With this they can control him to a degree. However the one being they could talk to about it Archaon killed by learning about the plot. The only other being is Sigmar.

There you go. That's why they're scared. Archaon has used the system against them.

>> No.74386443

yo, im an oldtime WHFB fan looking to get into AoS, can someone give me a rundown on the lore? I kinda stopped paying attention around ET

>> No.74386448

You can’t help yourself from this bad faith description of the other settings.
It’s really disgusting.

>> No.74386455

Why are you even here?

>> No.74386460

Everyone big gay for hope.
Hope is the main focus of the story.
Not like stupid grimderp settings.
Very good lore.

>> No.74386461

I have another idea for a conversion army which is a city of Gorkamorka that's basically a place in ghur that didn't really get the memo that gorkamorka's out of the pantheon and they probably shouldn't worship him as a war god. Probably gonna style that as a more savage-y sparta, but still definitely some organization to it (And lots of big monsters) As for what army would best fit just a bunch of elementals fucking everyone in their vicinity up, it'd NEED to be something with some sort of summoning, since there'd probably be at least a few human/aelf/duradin/whatever druids who decided "Ayy fuck civilization, return to monke" and are helping guide/tagging along with the hordes

>> No.74386470

It's morning time in Europe so, the resident shitposter is awake. I'm off then.

>> No.74386490

What you do actually matters since ADB hasn't decided that chaos is inevitably going to win the setting and nothing can ever Ever EVER stop that.

>> No.74386504

It's true though? Hope in 40k is ultimately pointless since they haven't given ADB and his "Chaos wins everything ever forever and you can't stop it" wank to the curb

>> No.74386542

post some of your best work! rehashes from more creative times can sometimes help sort these types of things out.
plus it would be nice to see them again or some i might have missed.

>> No.74386584
File: 21 KB, 388x850, incest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just don't think there is any more I can really edit.

>> No.74386599
File: 52 KB, 644x2054, morathi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74386604

This may not be the best overview but it was certainly the funnest/trippiest.


>> No.74386616
File: 115 KB, 535x1032, dwarf tomes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those are the most 'effort' ones I did lmao... wait no maybe the Bret one too.

>> No.74386617

found anything neat?

>> No.74386633
File: 671 KB, 1920x1363, jason-kang-saddleback-lagac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A few things.

>> No.74386653

good vid but why can no one pronounce the 'th' sound in aesthetic

>> No.74386654
File: 600 KB, 1920x1081, duwon-lee-caveturtle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74386672
File: 807 KB, 1920x1437, bram-sels-wotc-hallar-the-firefletcher-bram-sels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The mount

>> No.74386675

I love stuff like this that fuses architecture with beasts of burden

>> No.74386691

what are you’re thots on where this might go? the other ones i think I could guess, but not this one.

>> No.74386693

Last Chance to Buy, you get your boxes yet?

>> No.74386710

No but you see anon, they realized with the indomitus box that they understock and then print on command. It is definetly not because the box is shit.

>> No.74386718
File: 1.63 MB, 1920x2332, prayoga-ardip-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A possible mount for orcs or possibly ogres. I also found this guy who does shit like this. dunno if it is an actual rulebook or just his shit but it's great.

>> No.74386724
File: 1.69 MB, 1920x2332, prayoga-ardip-28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74386739
File: 280 KB, 911x1276, antonio-j-manzanedo-snow-warrior-manzanedo-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could post more but I won't of that.

>> No.74386762
File: 404 KB, 1920x2400, justine-florentino-update21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Malerions elves :^)

>> No.74386768
File: 583 KB, 1920x1371, marcin-kulesza-swordman-tattoo3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A cool gimmick hero or unit or something. Draw weapons out of tattoos.

>> No.74386777
File: 162 KB, 849x1200, oleg-bulakh-92-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some crazy mermaid elves.

>> No.74386779

np, thanks for the dump! nothing from anywhere i recognized!

>> No.74386786
File: 670 KB, 1920x1807, c-y-2-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elephant man. Could be for a destruction faction or for BoC.

>> No.74386795
File: 1.37 MB, 3840x2307, fan-wennan-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, might just be his own thing. I'll double check later. Then this for a KO big ship variant they have.

>> No.74386803
File: 262 KB, 1920x1356, ragun-tseng-asset.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Final thing before sleep. Insectasaur.

>> No.74386818

Could be a cavalry unit for Sylvaneth or for a new bug based faction for destruction, I meant to add.

>> No.74386830

Have a good night!

>> No.74386831
File: 474 KB, 1500x835, dongjun-lu-deer-queen-small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and this was meant ot be part of my Kurnothi when posting.

>> No.74386839
File: 447 KB, 1600x1057, beastmne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ta lad, you too or morning

>> No.74386879
File: 135 KB, 600x862, 6AEF4401-2587-4F03-9AF5-963193658F80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have a competitive tier list they’d be willing to share? I feel like since the petrifix nerf FEC and Skaven might have made their way back to high A-tier

>> No.74386884

Literally me

>> No.74387151

I'm want to try out aos with my friend. I have 3k+ pts skaven army on square bases and he has 1,5 boxes of island of blood. All i want to say is fuck gw. He can't play this shit game because there's no rules for his dudes. I can't take poison wind mortars and the only reason i have rules for half of my dudes because i can hypothetically buy 6ed ugly metal sculpts, unlike limited edition 8ed starter. The most insulting part is skryre battleline is one model blister, but thank God gw released ten new primaris sigmarites.

>> No.74387206
File: 606 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20200817-015616_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dunno how up to date this is but I was looking into the isle of blood stuff for my rats. This is from the spire of dawn 1d4chan page, has the same models but was for AoS 1e. Not perfect but hope it helps a little

>> No.74387262
File: 166 KB, 920x950, gw-60010299009-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He can't play this shit game because there's no rules for his dudes.
how about you make him use the rules for lumineth for his elves? (cavalry is cavalry, wizard is wizard, spears are spears, elite two handed guys are elite two handed guys and a guy on a monster is a guy on a monster)
or you both use the rules that were available during the rerelease of the box as spire of dawn?

>> No.74387303

Thanks, i will look into it.
I had no idea they re-released this box for aos, we are playing 8ed exclusively. Lumineth have unit with two handed weapons?

>> No.74387313

check this for which model could be what. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Compendiums/warhammer-aos-high-elves-en.pdf
and play it in cities of sigmar.

>> No.74387316

Hey, I'm just now breaking my slaanesh force into mostly depraved drove models, and I saw your pictures either here or wip, forget where. Any tips for contrast beasties?

>> No.74387325

just use darkoath lmao

>> No.74387335

Yeah, didn't read far enough down the thread before i posted that. Ignore me.

>> No.74387350

>Lumineth have unit with two handed weapons?

>> No.74387407

Horde because 100s of models is a kino aesthetic and the true image of a war game.
Movement trays are best for unit filler. Really, plastic card over a few bases works really well and it's not like you have to break coherency for so few in the back.
Arch is irrelevant depending on the glade and totally irrelevant if you're not spamming kurnoth

>> No.74387461

AoS is not "there's some hope worth fighting for" it's the good guys actively winning. Small scale but there's a definitive tone of victory that, while a struggling beginning, is a clear step.
The Age of Chaos ended, Free Cities built and the order alliance expanded. Nagash was thwarted and Alarielle saved.
Basically AoS is 40k in that golden era pre Horus heresy or whatever while WHFB was always a setting steeped in grim omens and entropy.

>> No.74387471
File: 10 KB, 151x215, 1526121300812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nagash was thwarted

>> No.74387478

What was the black pyramid?

>> No.74387494

A temporary setback.

>> No.74387511

BoC dooder here...>>74387325 is right. It's literally just darkoath. I'm sorry anon.

>> No.74387512

Malign Portents is over. Nagash is an npc

>> No.74387557

He leads a Grand Alliance, unlike Allarielle, who leads nothing of relevance. Also fuck off with your forced meme, 40kuck.

>> No.74387580

Why're you so mad? Alarielle best back Nurgle on the whole and Nagash did nothing. His only arc has been to have his grand plan fail thanks to some Skaven kek

>> No.74387586
File: 189 KB, 736x958, 03db0a4f070c47f1077a13282062eeae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Eshin btfo Nagash
>StD btfo Nagash

>> No.74387629

>Alarielle best back Nurgle on the whole
Can you say that again but in English this time?

>> No.74387671
File: 2.87 MB, 1986x1066, ratto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just use Legends and change keywords as appropriate.

>> No.74387684

>fake story
>useing the pic wrong like a redditor

>> No.74387693


>> No.74387715

>some kind of world is remade
>everything is cool for a while
>chaos shows up agein
>Nagash and Gorkomorka fuck off to do their own things instead of helping
>chaos btfo's most of the world agein
>Sigmar tries to win the world back useing space marines

>> No.74387727

Beat, most English speakers can parse from context so I don't worry about auto-correct too much.

>> No.74387770

What's the bl novel about a Dispossessed Duardin fighting a Mournghul alongside an aelf?

>> No.74387781

Did you guys actually read Wrath of the Everchosen? Death got a massive victory over Chaos in that.

>> No.74387842

There is no context in which your word jumble makes sense, slav.

>> No.74387848

>Morboys are just worse Savage Orruks
>Kop Rukk does nothing if you already have a Wurrgog
>Every battalion is "within 12" of hero == buff"
>Big waaagh punishes BS by stripping them of their aftersave until it's unlocked
Feels bad to be savage.

>> No.74387854

I certainly cannot.

>> No.74387861

Okay, moron. Show everyone that you're so illiterate you've never encountered the phrase "beat back"

>> No.74387869

Floor temperature iq

>> No.74387897

See, you can do it. If you fix your word vomit, things actually start making sense.
And no, Allarielle did not *beat* back Nurgle, she sat on the sidelines cheering for the big burly Stormcasts who did it for her. Meanwhile Nagash is directly responsible for (You) having to buy Endless Spells.

>> No.74387898
File: 54 KB, 389x498, 1597521088844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>floor temperature iq

>> No.74387899
File: 15 KB, 240x239, 23131834_1855289958115627_5123091025781275123_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not him, but guys, it's clear that he meant "Alarielle beat back Nurgle on the whole". Come on lads

>> No.74387903

actually it's skaven

>> No.74387904

>a neologism
Stopped reading, I don't care about your invented words, tranny.

>> No.74387910

but she didn't

stormcasts saved the day

>> No.74387916

>tranny obsessed poltard
Honestly the "sylvneth points where" guy is preferable to you

>> No.74387923

It was a collaborative effort. Stormcast needed her aid, that's why they went on a campaign to revive her

>> No.74387929

I think he meant bareback

>> No.74387934

>Stormcast needed her aid
Did they though? Because in the end all they gained from aiding her was that the Sylvaneth didn't stab them in the back while they were busy dealing with Nurgle's forces. Ever since she revived, she's done fuck all except be pissy at everyone.

>> No.74387976
File: 680 KB, 1920x1920, EfZuEcMWoAAZpzM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone reposed untamed beasts? I worry they're the worst kind of monopose

>> No.74387994

>It was a collaborative effort.
lol no, sylvaneth are worthless npcs

>> No.74388011

They are. All of the Warcry warbands are, really. You can do bitz swaps but the poses are there to stay. And some models (though not in the Untamed Beasts) hug their weapons in a way that makes even weapon swaps impossible.
These are pretty good though, he carved their legs off and replaced them with Gor legs, which is of course an overwhelming amount of effort and wasted bitz.

>> No.74388013
File: 69 KB, 735x507, c1865d2d303cc48e3244a7ff8cbdcc34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we never got nubrets worshipping relics from a dead world and having holy wars over the interpretation and preservation of them

>> No.74388019

Fuck off already, 40kuck.

>> No.74388046

This is amazing... How came you by this?

>> No.74388093

That's actually a based idea

>> No.74388097

Dave Gallagher's stuff

More stuff here:

>> No.74388124


>> No.74388159

Total war is superior to your plastic toys you autistic subhuman, slit your wrists tonight you third rate redditor.

>> No.74388187

Based /v/ false flagger.

>> No.74388252
File: 2 KB, 112x112, 56236281_2288761254735487_9024856629799026688_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just got alpha struck by a Maw Krusha

Sweet baby Jesus, the rest of the Orruk getting into charge range first up was bad enough but the giant cabbage moving 20+inches first turn is ridiculous.

>> No.74388259

Left guy is bestigor legs, right guy is gor legs, which makes it, uh, a bigger waste of bits?

>> No.74388287

I wanna get gotrek but are people going to bitch about it when I put him down on the table? Is he that hard to deal with?

I play chadcasts if it matters

>> No.74388321

You are basicaly gimping yourself, dont worry.

>> No.74388325

At 2k he's fine, below that you'll get dirty looks. Then again, you play Stormcasts, so you'll need all the help you can get.

>> No.74388373

I loved my first game post warclans:
>hi DOK anon.
>activate+1 dmg buff.
>move 24"
>activate +3 dmg relic.

Most came through. 59 wounds in a single activation.

>> No.74388377

I don't think I agree. If all armies had the same options, they would lose much of their idenitity.

>> No.74388412

Honestly I kinda would rather go back more to WHF, there's an army for each playstyle and that's it.

>> No.74388414

Oh yeah, it definitely took my by surprise. Mighty Destroyers is a fantastic ability and Smashing and Bashing is just crazy.

>> No.74388438

Brets must come back.

>> No.74388452

That's the difference between having elite armies and having armies that can be run as elite. I don't really want every army to be elite, it makes them not feel elite at all and just the new standard.

>> No.74388461

Thoughts on the new gloomspite tribe rules?

I think I'll use it even with troggs. You still get the extra abilities like reroll battle shock. And can make the hag more useful. The fun trogg + mangler list i was thinking of how might be quit good (the command ability has infinite range)

>> No.74388475

where can i find the rules?

>> No.74388479

why the fuck they didnt make one boc and one chorf team istead 7 generic frat boys is beyond me

>> No.74388482

What are Grail Pilgrims?

>> No.74388483

>things that never happened

>> No.74388518
File: 80 KB, 720x960, IMG-20200817-WA0006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74388520

The official lore for AoS Bretonnia (from a Warhammer World display) was that they clung on to old traditions from ancient kingdoms. Very similar

>> No.74388523
File: 76 KB, 720x960, IMG-20200817-WA0007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74388538

Thank you sir

>> No.74388574

Why the fuck this shit wasn't in the tome is baffling. I just hope we get more

>> No.74388579

New rules are nice, nothing OP, can help Squigs a bit with the new CA and the Loonshrine update.

Now all GW have to do is not be stupid and actually keep the damn rules

>> No.74388593
File: 371 KB, 1000x1283, Settra_Rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74388606

Yeah it's criminal that other tomes get this tribe stuff but gitz tome didn't

>> No.74388611

Consider stormvermin for another battleline

>> No.74388757
File: 2.30 MB, 4168x2910, 20200816_193659~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick post what you have worked on during the weekend!

>> No.74389016
File: 1.76 MB, 821x1095, guilded_image_53af2174fcaca9083f079be654999039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't get any hobbying done but I did lose a game against my buddy's Stormite list. Really fun battle though.

>> No.74389040
File: 3.21 MB, 1080x1920, boss boy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put together some savages, stabbed the shit out of my thumb doing so. My tiny sons are already thirsty for blood.

>> No.74389184

IMO 40k does its subfactions a lot better. Every faction has them and they all follow the same rules. They even let you create your own by choosing the abilities you want from a set list.

>> No.74389436
File: 208 KB, 512x512, 1557403008283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently working on a list featuring Neffy and her boy toys.

Any thoughts?

Allegiance: Legion of Blood
Mortal Realm: Shyish
Neferata Mortarch of Blood (340)
- General
- Lore of the Dead: Overwhelming Dread
Prince Vhordrai (460)
- Lore of the Vampires: Amaranthine Orb
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (440)
- Vampiric Sword & Shield & Chalice
- Artefact: Orb of Enchantment
- Lore of the Vampires: Vile Transference
5 x Dire Wolves (70)
10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)
5 x Dire Wolves (70)
10 x Blood Knights (360)
Mortis Engine (180)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 111

The more I look at it, it looks more and more like early BCR.

>> No.74389450

because the Gloomspite book was written long before they decided give every book the Sylvaneth treatment

>> No.74389461

Enjoy using this until the next GHB Squigfans

>> No.74389468

>Blood knights
They'll never not hurt me. The awful pose, the horrible connection points and the cost.

>> No.74389477

what is the mortis engine really doing anon.
That could be another squad of blood knights or two more units of chaff that you kind of need (for either making sure your blood knights get that charge or holding backfield objectives

>> No.74389491

Tell me about it... I happen to have ten metal ones from the VC days and gush darn it I wanna use them.

>> No.74389541
File: 3.26 MB, 1569x2500, 1597253536993.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well it's there because I converted up a Coven throne to look like a spooky boat from a tunnel of love using Mortarch parts and sadly there's no room for the Coven throne itself so I run it as a mortis engine just to use the model. Not to mention +1 to casting and -1 to casting to everyone else is quite good when you REALLY want your key spells like quickblood to go off, or the etheral spell on the Blood knights. LoB also have some decent leathership fuckery so there's a good chance to spew out mortal wounds.

>> No.74389548
File: 771 KB, 1920x2798, tze-kun-chin-endrinrigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any good conversions for this lad? I may just clip the apparatus off, I don't know it seems dorky and detached from KO who are all about getting stuck in with labouring and being skilled. A robot handling things for you isn't like that at all

>> No.74389657
File: 586 KB, 2048x2048, F97B5EC0-2AC0-4FED-8067-746952EA6FBC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74389760

This. Despite looking cartoony AoS feels much more mature conceptually than 40k.

>> No.74389808

>middle of August
>still no official painting guides for Lumineth

>> No.74389827

There was no lore

That was the generic compendium blurb that the empire compendium also had

It's literally just a permission slip to pretend your old models are in AoS

>> No.74389984
File: 1.25 MB, 1097x728, 1578858411628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Despite looking cartoony AoS
Not really?

>> No.74390005

Why would there be if they haven't been released yet?

>> No.74390030
File: 74 KB, 1000x825, OBR-Faction-Focus-Oct22-Mortek3msr[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AoS doesn't look cartoony

come on now, I love the game, but at it's worst it looks goofy as fuck

>> No.74390135
File: 30 KB, 455x399, C7965141-C6C0-47DE-A6E2-2616F81E097F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have an up to date faction tier list? FEC seems to have taken over my LGS lately and I want to learn the new meta.

>> No.74390301

It's over the top, but that's how Warhammer of all kinds have always been.

>> No.74390302

Got I hate FEC and their easy mode double fight faggotry

>> No.74390374
File: 275 KB, 618x618, 1549473411218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>already got a Sylvaneth army
>started (but stalled) on a Deepkin army
>want to buy the Lumineth box to start their army

I'm a sucker for elves

>> No.74390463

I wanted to get into elves, but they royally fucked wood elves, lumineth are just utterly disappointed and I play StD so I don't want another edgy, spiky army.

>> No.74390493
File: 2 KB, 112x112, 67177563_1256173344553740_1286295683850043392_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried spears (2 inch, 5 to hit, 4 to wound, no rend, 1 damage) instead of stabbas (1 inch, 4 to hit, 4 to wound, no rend, 1 damage) for my Grots tonight and from what I experienced I can't really justify taking them over the stabbas.

I know that in a 30+ blob of Grots the spears mathematically are better because you get an extra inch of fighting, so an extra rank, but having that actually be applicable in game seems more than likely not to happen.

>> No.74390540

I'm not sure 1/3 of extra attacks is mathematically superior than all your attacks hitting better. I never liked the way weapon options work in AoS.

>> No.74390588
File: 32 KB, 300x379, 1F7AFC7C-1C70-4B19-A69C-7258A89A3C59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Devotion to Slaanesh is a cornerstone for the hedonites of the Mortal Realms, but devotion to family is important as well. When Savrian discovers that his long-lost son is alive and in the clutches of his Khornate rival, he vows to infiltrate the blood-soaked ravager's fortress and free his progeny. Weakened by war and treachery, Savrian's time is limited and the mission fraught with peril… but what wouldn't he do to rescue his beloved son?

>> No.74390606

Have fully painted Deepkin
Have about half a Sylvaneth army in case Kurnothi ever get added.
Want to get into Lumineth but dubious.

I feel you bro.

The more I think about it, just the more annoyed I am about how Lumineth list building works. If you want an army that works for 3/4 subfactions and future expansions, gotta spam Wardens.

Easiest way to dip into the faction and stay low model count/no transport nightmares is to go Ymetrica with Stoneheart King ect, but it not only disallows most options in the current book, it's probably useless for expanding with the second wave, since it'll be something like "The Proud Nation of Splishy-Splashy loves the water cult and allows Sashimi Chefs as battleline, again."

>> No.74390669

Yeah, and that's with perfect setup wrapping around the enemy or meeting their battleline. In real games it seems very difficult to get enough in line so it really doesn't seem worth it.

>> No.74391012

Because gw doesn’t care about some armies at all.

Even in stupid wrath of the Everchosen, some armies got 3 or 4 new subfactions, while they didnt bother adding even 1 for beasts of chaos

>> No.74391020

Compare this to the art in the end times books and you'll see it's quite cartoonyby comparison

Cartoony = unfinished, as in they've yet to flesh out the details in full

>> No.74391044
File: 414 KB, 515x354, Escudos_sangrientos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Preety much the same style, it's just not Gallagher doing it anymore.

>> No.74391056

Because warcry is about StD tribes?

>> No.74391072

Some of the art definitely does hit the cartoony/WoW aesthetic, which betrays the fact that AoS lorewise is more nuanced and "adult" than Fantasy or 40k, where everything is just a Linkin Park song sung by Shadow the Hedgehog as he's slitting his wrists.

>> No.74391080

I already love the idea of this. Reminds me of that kino Order of the Fly short story about the Knight saving the Nurgle Princess. I love shit like that.

>> No.74391143

Anything where they do chaos guys with more nuance than just “edgy evil baddies” is super cool, especially when you humanize them in your own way.

Also noble nurgle knights on their own holy quests and crusades with a twist is just too cool

>> No.74391177

>Some of the art definitely does hit the cartoony/WoW aesthetic
Not since 2017.

>> No.74391189

Is this a new? Sounds really cool.

>> No.74391228

That's not a cute steampunk bird

>> No.74391257

I'm gonna buy it right now if anyone wants it.

>> No.74391298

Oh hell yeah

>> No.74391310

Count as aetherwings?
Kind of cool.
Is a better attempt than Vinces fucking bikes

>> No.74391324

Kindly put "chamon" in the post field in future so my post filter catches this, kthxbye.

>> No.74391339

How should I upload it here?

>> No.74391341


"Warhammer Preview Online: Shadow, Iron & Broken Realms"

>> No.74391368

Toss it up on MEGA.

>> No.74391416

ahhh that's fine then because i thought is all about artistic vision bankruptcy

>> No.74391417

I think that's why I like how AoS handles Chaos better. In Sigmar you can be a knight on a quest who just happens to worship Nurgle like it's not some big thing. In 40k it's this massive deal that is constantly the focus point of the stories.

>> No.74391431

So this is, what, the semi-unannounced shadow elves for warcry, the next underworlds season, and a bunch of 40k bullshit?

>> No.74391432

Dunno if this works.

>> No.74391466

The warcry band of elves were DoK, so no shadow elves and this is an AoS preview. 40k already had their own preview.
>"Warhammer Preview Online: Shadow, Iron & Broken Realms"
If I had to guessm shadows obviously hints at Malerion's stuff, iron could be new dwarfs since Grungni is doing something in his new Karak in Chamon and Broken Realms could be a campaign book or some sort of expansion that moves the story forward.

>> No.74391491

New warcry update
+ Underworlds update
+ Something 40k because fuck you bottom feeder you'll get SoB next year and you'll like it

>> No.74391510


Well, they listed the games covered.

So Next Underworlds Season, at minimum full reveal of the Shadow Aelves for Warcry, and at least one other thing for AoS proper.

Also something for 40K, some other tedious forgeworld thing for HH, and something for necromunda. Kill Team and Blackstone Fortress both not mentioned.

Also probably nothing else for Bloodbowl, though they've had a tony of previews recently anyway.

>> No.74391559

My main army is beasts of chaos, and I like them in aos so much more compared to fantasy

In fantasy they were mega loser chumps who were just cannon fodder for chaos basically. In aos they may not be powerful, but at least they have a way cooler view of chaos, and them wanting to tear down any civilization and order, no matter what faction, is super cool.

>> No.74391568
File: 2.17 MB, 1280x1076, storm3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a sucker for heroes plowing through large swathes of enemy forces

>> No.74391586

I really like that AoS goes full Sword and Sorcery for its Chaos stories.

>> No.74391590

Worked for me on iPhone. Thanks, anon!

>> No.74391601

It will be
>Announcement of some new Underworlds band
>Full reveal of the Warcry Shadowblades
>Campaign announcement for AoS
>More Primaris for 40k (the new speeder for one)
>House van Saar book for Necromunda
>And some shit no one cares about for Horus Heresy

>> No.74391635

No problem, man. Hope someone can add it to the mega.

>> No.74391681

What's so bad about BoC and how would you fix them for an updated tome?
I would give everything +2" movement or a battle trait that buffs them when in certain unit sizes. I feel like the quintessential image of BoC is as much running from the darkness of a forest in hordes as it is lurking within threatening the realms with just the idea that they're there.
I'd give them back something like that mixed unit thing they had in WHFB. I'm oblivious to how that one works (only having seen it in an old WD article about movement or something). Like, mix 2-3 units and grant buffs based on the combination. Maybe 3 is too much but you get the idea. Bestigors + Gors == takes the bravery characteristic of Bestigors for the whole unit, +1 attack for Gors, etc.
I'd give the god worshipping factions actual non-battalion rules (subfactions/herds/tribes/whatever the term is), while keeping god-battalions. I

>> No.74391703

I just did, maybe I should make it public but I'd worry about someone being a cunt. It does get posted on other sites.
Thanks a lot, Anon. You're a real champ.

>> No.74391745

Just a bit of repayment for all the stuff I've got from here over the years.

>> No.74391793

2 wound bestigor, +1A gors, tia

Probably other stuff for bullbros and dragonbros. More movement won't help, we've got loads already. We also lack in proper shenanigans, so some of them would be nice.

>> No.74391800

Is focus on warscroll changes above all else, mainly gors and bullgors really need fixing.

Also push the ambushing thing more, give them bonuses to charging from ambush. They are like the ambush faction, but things like deepkin and teleported ard boyz are better at it

In general, if their gonna stay as paper thing defense wise as they are, make them actually hit hard, instead of hitting average while having terrible defenses. Something needs to happen leadership wise, maybe give a bonus for having other units around and nearby, like seeing friendlies charging in with them makes them braver

>> No.74391809

Anyone played with the Stormcast dragon, is it any good? Looks like he does nowhere near 500 points worth of damage.

>> No.74391818
File: 113 KB, 600x536, 1565624082800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gib back :C

>> No.74391867

It doesnt do any damage but you can make it very tanky

The only stormcast units that do any meaningful damage are evocators, longstrikes, and dracoths

>> No.74391884

*Gives 400pts of allies
You're welcome

>> No.74391918

>iron could be new dwarfs since Grungni is doing something in his new Karak in Chamon

lol no. its the Book of Iron expansion for Necromunda Orlocks.

>> No.74391945
File: 496 KB, 1920x1080, 0Fh5rYr4SWh50Ehf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Orlocks come first.

>> No.74392001

I still think the preview will be only for AoS.

>> No.74392009

>something actually new
>Something half shown
>something actually new
>confirmation of a “leak”
>something we knew was already coming, but delayed
>literally no one cares
>”Woah, check out these loads of awesome reveals! Cool, huh?”

>> No.74392036
File: 102 KB, 1000x590, rHzK0pCOom5CtOYX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> book of iron orlock shit
> season 4 box teasers: OBR vs StD
warhammer 40k
> better looks at the dark eldar, ork, death guard, mechanicus models and MORE FUCKING PRIMARIS..
Horus Heresy
> who gives a fuck
> Khainite gang, and FEC gang to kick off Warcry season 2
> just boring shit about the SoB armybook, more pics of art, more pictures of the models and sprues etc.

>> No.74392059

you should probably read the article then.

>> No.74392084

>season 4 box teasers: OBR vs StD
I really hope those rumour engines aren't that. We really need StD multipart kits.

>> No.74392091
File: 114 KB, 825x886, sefsfs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74392107

They haven't even released the firelords yet.

>> No.74392115

just convert them, its what im doing

>> No.74392122

Well, fuck. Yesterday's article didn't have that pic.

>> No.74392191

yeah but thats the last chaos gang and they've already shown off all 9 minis. I reckon they're going to go with another boxset with other "evil" gangs, like dark elf spies/assassins, or packs of retarded cannibal FEC ( "we've been sent on a crusade by our lord "")

>> No.74392285

If FEC had anything on their models to point to and give some presence to their delusion of being these holy knights, they’d be much better models.

But they don’t, instead their just naked savage idiots, you’d never see anything if some fallen knightliness about them if it wasn’t for the lore

>> No.74392330

>no caster orientated megaboss trait/artefact
Great. Would it have been so hard?
>Unbind a spell and +1 to it
>Can cast from the lore of da weird
>Can green puke
I just want to put a weirdnob atop a mk and have some fluffy rules to back it up. Realm artefacts would've allowed this

>> No.74392393

Leaving FEC open to conversions is better than pidgeon holing them into the knightly Bretonnia stuff. For example, in lore there's a group of FEC who think they're Saurus Warriors.

>> No.74392422
File: 93 KB, 903x600, x600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there's a group of FEC who think they're Saurus Warriors

>> No.74392438

This, lorelets just grasp at straws

>> No.74392461
File: 91 KB, 320x252, 1581663713053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in lore there's a group of FEC who think they're Saurus Warriors.

>> No.74392709

It's all in how the aparatus is used i feel. Those aren't fine manipulators that's for sure.

Most conversions amount to sticking a foot endrinmaster's head and shoulders on a brokk or a bulked out endrinrigger and building the same automata arms out of his exo skeleton arms pauldron sockets

If you wanted something more original there's always putting the foot endrin master on top of a ball like he's dr. eggman in the eggmobile.

>> No.74392711

well good luck with that, because the last 2 FEC releases had weapons on them.

>> No.74392784


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