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Is there anything you will specifically never allow in your games? What about things from official supplements or even core rule books? There's a homebrew Witcher class somewhere, but Witchers don't exist in my setting, so I told that guy to play a Ranger if he wants to be a monster hunter.

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If we're talking 5e I never allowed mystics, had a player abuse the shit outta them a few years back and now I can't stand them. Which is a shame because I actually really like the idea of playing a psychic.

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>so I told that guy to play a Ranger
You're a bastard

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There are multiple spells in DnD that serve a single purpose of trivializing anything other than combat - such spells include Detect Thoughts and Zone of Truth. I've always banned them, because of giant implications for the setting they create.

>You're a shit DM, you can actually have Zone of Truth in your game, just turn your campaign into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Fuck off.

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i had to kick a bitch in the roast beef and shoot her simp cuz he threw a tantrum when i rightfully told him f_males weren't allowed in my mind palace

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They are not that bad your just trash

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>There are multiple spells in DnD that serve a single purpose of trivializing anything other than combat

Interrogations really aren't that much fun. Having a skip button for those things is a godsend, especially if the alternative is half an hour of the players asking questions just to figure out something they were about to discover in the next room anyway.

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Beast men races are out psioncs aswell

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>Interrogations really aren't that much fun.
If you're a shit DM, maybe.

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Can you make a D&D world with:
>firearms/magic wand firearms
>non-evil necromancy
>snooty elves with super strong magic that they just keep to themselves
>corrupt churches
>gods aren't necessarily real
>shapeshifting dragons
>non-evil orcs and drow
>modern-day attitudes
>adventurers' guilds
>banker dwarves
>political intrigue
>mysteries and investigations
WITHOUT it being consider the unholiest skub of all skub? And without it being literally just Eberron?

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>interrogations aren't fun

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Wow, I hate most of these

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>just turn your campaign into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
>implying Attorneys & Dragons wouldn't make for a dope campaign

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Cute elf, can't wait to see what kind of rotten gremlin she is under the seiso mask

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I'm not talking only about interrogations. I'll use something that actually happened in my game as an example.

>The villain - whom the party knows to be a villain - stages an attack on the city, so he can come just in time to "save" it
>Becomes a local hero and now has a foothold he can plot his evil plans from
>Party paladin appears
>"Hey, this guy isn't the hero you think he is - he's actually an evil monster!"
>"That's wild. Do you have any evidence at all that anything you're saying is true?"
>"No, but I have this spell called Zone of Truth. If he's really a hero, surely he'll have no trouble standing in it."

The villain in this scenario was actually a vampire, and had the entire court charmed by then, so no trial by zone of truth happened, he was thrown out. But it wasn't a singular event - every time any time of duplicity was suspected, the paladin suggested testing it with Zone of Truth. Sometimes, there were excuses for why the party can't just do that, sometimes there weren't.
I then asked the player if he can see how this spell is just draining tension from any scene it appears in, and he countered me with
>"But it's effective, though. Why would I not pursue the effective solution?"

I realized that he's right, and just banned the spell.

But this problem goes beyond a single player. If this spell exists within the setting, and there are more than one spellcaster per continent, all established rules of due process fly out the window. Imagine what the real world would look like, if the lie detectors actually worked, and were 100% reliable outside of memory manipulation.

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Zone of truth doesn't actually compel anyone to speak the truth though, it just prevents them from outright lying, and most people would be rightfully pissed if you tried casting a spell on them mid conversation unless they explicitly agreed to it. Likewise if you actually want to probe someone's mind with Detect thoughts they'll immediately become aware of it and will likely resent you for it, and if you're only using it to read surface thoughts you often won't gain much more valuable information than what a simple perception check might give you. If you can't work around something as simple as those two spells you kinda suck at your job. Spamming them is a surefire way to make sure no one in town will ever want to talk to you, and smart use of them should be rewarded.

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Long time DM and player, and sure, the occasional back-and-forth is fine, but the general ratio of fun vs. time spent is not really favorable when it comes to interrogations, especially if the person being interrogated is strong willed.

It's probably going to take you some time to understand this, probably because you're still such a novice that you still find novelty in players doing things other than combat, but you're going to eventually realize there's more to the game than spending twenty minutes or more with every NPC the players capture who might have even the slightest bit of information the PCs might be curious about.

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>Zone of truth doesn't actually compel anyone to speak the truth though
That's where the torture comes into play. Torture is often called an unreliable source of information, because they'll just tell you what you want to hear. Well, guess what - Zone of Truth makes everything they say perfectly reliable. You only need to ask correct questions. And players are not idiots - they'll ask the correct questions.

>But torture is evil
To a 21st century brain, yes. In any medieval setting or fantasy story, it's going to be used. It's going to be 100% used as an incentive to an uncooperative suspects to start talking.

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>strong willed
that's where torture comes in

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>his plot gets unraveled by a single low-level spell

Then it's not a good plot to begin with. If the villain doesn't have a way around a Zone of Truth, he wouldn't have gotten very far in pretending to be a hero to begin with.

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I'm glad that you were there, at my table, that you can securely judge my game, and if it was good or not. I'm not sure which player you are, however.

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Torture is lame (and not actually effective for interrogations), and there's nothing lamer than people trying to out-edge each other.

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Did you read a word from the posts you are replying to?

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You're the one telling me that your game was breaking down.

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No tranny players and no tranny characters

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Zone of Truth can be easily countered by the person simply telling the paladin to fuck off - if the vampire was really that charismatic, he could as easily just convince the townsfolk he's merely a person that appreciates the privacy of his own mind.
And indeed, a normal folk may as well just be offended that the hoity toity outsider is so damn fucking sure they're lying they're pulling out brainwashing magic and outright refuse to say a thing.

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It's a pretty big leap to assume that just because torture may be a common form of interrogation everyone universally agrees it's good. If your PCs go around torturing everyone who isn't immediately forthcoming with information there should he reprecussions for it sooner or later. Eventually you'll torture someone with the means to get back at you or get found out torturing someone innocent and shit is going to hit the fan.

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In fact, there's a requisite amount of trannybashing that has to happen every session to weed out tranny enablers.
If you're nlt against them, you're one of them. Fencesitters all die.

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No one can get back at me and no one is innocent. Get tortured tranny.

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First of all, Zone of Truth relies on being able to trust the spellcaster. That's an easy security hole right there. Also, a "deniable assets" approach with hired guns kept mostly in the dark also thwarts it pretty easily; if the goons don't know anything other than that they were hired to abduct the princess or stab the baron, that's not all that helpful to an investigation.

I come at this as a Shadowrun player. Shadowrun has a Mind Probe spell, but people manage to make schemes work by making sure no one has the whole puzzle, through corruption, through intimidation, the works.

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>not actually effective for interrogations
Did you not read the part where he uses literal magic to make it reliable?

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My game was fine. It was made less interesting and less exciting, but it was fine. As for all those "solutions" to Zone of Truth that people keep bringing up, they can be classified into several categories.

>He doesn't have to say anything!
This is actually so retarded, I'm not even going to reply.
>If the guy is smart enough, he can twists his words into meaning anything!
Yes, if the audience and the players are absolute retards. It's always incredibly obvious when the person being asked a question dodges it into a non-answer, especially to a player who fully expects this sort of shit.
>If he uses some kind of memory spell, or a body double...
Magic being defeated by magic is interesting the first time it happens, and only the first time.
>Zone of Truth's effects are only perceived by the spellcaster, onlookers have no idea if the spellcaster is saying the truth or not.
Fair point, that only works if the spellcaster is an absolute stranger to the onlookers, or if there's no second spellcaster that can verify the truth with a first level spell.
>The due process...
Twenty first century american law has no bearing on the fantasy world of Elfland.

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Romancing my npcs.
You're here to kill monsters not ERP you assholes.

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almost all modernfag shit, no furries, no dragonborns no tieflings no anime shit not catgirl shit no....
look its arthurian/conan aesthetic, if it doesnt fit that you are fucked.

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Female players. Unironically.
Yes I'm aware its sexist, I usually try not to be 'that guy', but the last time I introduced a woman to a friends game, the other players turned into super simps, she ended up dating the GM and the ending wasnt very pretty.
Do I know the problem was the other players? Yes. Its not a fair policy, but I'm not here to be fair I'm here to throw dice in peace, and theres thousands of other tables they can join other than mine.

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Good idea list, I'm going to incorporate all of these into my campaign. I've already got:

>firearms/magic wand firearms
>shapeshifting dragons
>non-evil orcs and drow
>modern-day attitudes
>adventurers' guilds
>banker dwarves
>political intrigue
>mysteries and investigations

Still need
>non-evil necromancy
>snooty elves with super strong magic that they just keep to themselves
>corrupt churches
>gods aren't necessarily real

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Even as bait you are stupid as fuck and clearly don't play anything.

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"IT'S MA'AM!" is made as a joke at least once per session in my group, so I can definitely get behind this one.

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I can actually second that. I don't play with people I trust around women.

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Played two savage worlds games, gming one, played a homebrew, and playing 5e. Try again, retard.

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Aren't Banker Dwarves a common thing?

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Sure you did, faglord the stupid and I am moot.

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>Durr durr 2: durr harder

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If you dont believe me, thats on you. Fill up your table with women if you want, I literally cannot care about your problems.

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guess that's why you're here, nogames

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You seem to care enough to make another retarded post.

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>This is actually so retarded, I'm not even going to reply.
So you concede defeat, then. Disappointing, but wholly expected.

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I don't like arguing with retards, who can't even comprehend how guilty someone staying silent in the zone of truth looks. It's a waste of my time.

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I want discord trannies to go and stay go.

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You already lost. Stop embarrassing yourself, boy.

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Then get going, kid

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Not an argument. Also, desperate.

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>no u
You have achieved comedy.
Might wanna grab your medical dildo before your gash seals up.

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Don't need it and it's in your butt

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It's afraid

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t. angry simp

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Of your B.O cloud.
t. Nogames retard

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god damn anon youre like easy mode.
go on, give me a (you)!

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Gimme another one!

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Never allow a player to pick a class. I tried it a few times and they'd all come to me with either memey garbage (I'm a wizard with 19 strength!) or min maxed garbage (waraldin halfing) it's better to just tell your players what they want to play. My group had a blast and I recommend you all do the same.

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No you had enough.

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Not him but here, I'll give you one.
It seems like you really need it.

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Unless you tell me "goblin alchemist" I don't want to play it. Now let me sell my little potions.

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My last gm tried that and I got stuck as rogue.
I didnt enjoy being forced into a class I despised desu. That said, the rest of the party didnt mind so its my own problem really.

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I can chip in for the (you) starved tranny?Have another one kiddo.

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What I do is ask for a coherent class concept. Basically, they need to describe to me what their ideal character looks like and how we can grow their character to that stage from a level one character or w/e. Cuts down on the nonsensical minmax builds and still allows for people to play what they want.

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I would never allow faggots, i would never allow niggers, i would never allow 4meters big halfling, disabled PC, transgenders, fireball to make frost damage, 1lvl fighter to one hit ancient dragon

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Literally WoW.

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Wild Sorcerers
Lamest memey shit in the game

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I gm Shadowrun, so AI, they are nonsensical and FUBAR to the max. Ironically, AIs simultaneously make monumentally terrible hackers due to a flaw in how the AI interacts with their host device, yet also make brutally overpowered street sams due to armor stacking and a particular upgrade you can get that makes you pretty much immune to being hacked. I would rather a player throw me a SURGEling, a Changeling, or hell, even a Drake character than even theorycraft an AI.

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It sounds like this could just as easily be solved by you not playing with men.

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