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How do you handle racism in your setting?

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i don't, that's boring. We have adventures and shit, nor morality tales or struggle sessions you doublenigger.

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You coward.

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It's always a good thing.

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Even if its against your character?

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Within the context of the setting, it's entirely justified.

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If you go to the wrong place, then they beat you and take your shit, and that was that.

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No my current campaign explores the issues associated with so-called "pedophilia".
Read the whole damn thing. This whole post is a mess but i don't give a fuck. I'm seriously tired of this.

A pedophile is someone who has strong recurring sexual urges or fantasies towards prepubescent children. But like Jesus fuck I don't even have to explain this, this is just straight FACTS, but this issue of actively using incorrect terms because it is "easier to understand" or "attracts a lot of attention" is so widespread I have to at least speak up about it and correct the uneducated or the misguided. Stop throwing around the terms "pedophilia" or "pedophile" like it applies to any adult who has any sexual attraction towards a child or children, or to child molesters. Literally EVERYTHING and MORE about this are outright incorrect. Allow me to make a list about correcting incorrect assumptions, and then I'll follow up with examples and elaborate my line of reasonings around these destructive associations.

Pedophilia doesn't mean you like children.

Finding a child attractive, or sexually attractive, doesn't make you a pedophile

Finding a prepubescent child attractive, or sexually attractive, doesn't make you a pedophile.

Child molesters aren't pedophiles

Pedophiles aren't child molesters

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Is this pasta?

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"Yo, what the fuck? How does finding a 10 year old child sexually attractive not make you a pedophile?" Because it's 1 fucking child you twat. If some random ass stranger spanked my ass and I found it kind of hot for that 1 time, am I a masochist, someone who finds being beaten or humiliated sexually arousing? If I showed my dick and balls to an unsuspecting individual, am I an exhibitionist, someone who enjoys being nude in front of unsuspecting individuals? Pedophilia is a damn paraphilia, essentially meaning odd and problematic sexual desires or something along those lines. It has to be consistent and recurring in order for someone to actually be called a pedophile, or develop a paraphilia.

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It's always justified because I don't want to give my players an easy solution.

Do you allow the elves to live freely into your world because even though they're like regular humans they can cause a magical cataclysm by accidentally using their fae magic.

Don't make racists dumb, given them reason for being racist.

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It's gotta be pasta. There's no way something this ridiculous isn't pasta. This is something you see on a NAMBLA or MAP board.

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Absolutely. My half-orc is a rapechild, his mother was raped by orc raiders as her village burned. I am a constant reminder of orc reality and miscegenation. In a better world, I would not exist.

Daily, I remind those around me: A better world is one without orcs in it.

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Again, masochism, exhibitionism, and pedophilia are all paraphilias, so I feel they are at the very least somewhat justified examples because the premises, arguments and logic are pretty damn similar or the same. In other words, if, say, I'm not masochist because I got spanked and found it kind of hot just for that 1 time, then I'm not a pedophile for liking 1 child.

No, liking children and pedophilia is not "BaSiCaLlY tHe SaMe ThInG". Why is it basically the same thing? Is murder and self-defense killing basically the same thing? If so, why don't people associate someone who rightfully defended themselves as someone who is also a disgusting murderer? I mean, they DID kill someone, and murderers at least kill 1 person, so why the fuck aren't they called murderers? No, tell me, seriously. This is why we develop words describing specific things, so the language is clear and so we can communicate without it getting convoluted at times. This why things such as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree murders exist. This is why there are numerous subcategories of paraphilias such as pedophilia, hebephilia, ephebophilia exist as well. Hebephilia is is essentially finding pubescent children sexually attractive in fashion, and ephebophilia is essentially finding mid-late adolescents sexually arousing like I described pedophilia.Onto the topic of child molesters, why are they all suddenly pedophiles?
NO! This is important gaming notes from my campaign.

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>NO! This is important gaming notes from my campaign.
Dare you enter my magical realm!

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All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. Also, not all children are prepubescent children. Even if 99% of pedophiles are child molesters, which by the way is not even REMOTELY true, at least from what I read a long time ago, what about that 1%? It's absolutely unfair to them, even if what they have done is arguably or not arguably as shitty as pedophilia. As an example, what if you're a furry, someone who is at least mildly interested in the concept of anthropomorphic animals, but like these 10% of furries who have zoophilia are the ones "representing" the furry fandom by "talking loudly" in the internet, and now everyone thinks furries are people who love sticking their dick in dogs? Well, now that one furry will receive unwarranted hate when he tries to speak his mind because these zoophilia-loving furries have ruined this particular fandom. Yeah, it's horrible and fuck you if you generalize a group of people because some individual dickhead decided it would be funny to post furry porn on say r/memes. I'm not a furry by any means, but fuck you nonetheless if you ridicule an individual because of your lazy and mindless generalization. Not all pedophiles sexually touch children, and not all child molesters are pedophiles. Keep them distinct and separate, that's all I'm saying.

In general, stop associating one thing to another clearly different thing that are dangerously problematic to particular groups of people. They absolutely do NOT deserve it, and even the most frowned upon groups of people in society do not deserve it.

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Why do you left wing faggots seek to subvert every hobby you touch?

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I embrace it. If someone is racist, I agree with him and provide an explanation. I encourage the other PCs to play along.

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im a fan of classic petty, British, small minded racism. The kind where you hate the blacks and your neighbors from kent equally because they're just as nasty and foriegn and not REALLY British like us, are they? Its more fun to engage with than the american and german styles of tryhard organized racism

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I mostly ignore it unless it's relevant to the story. I don't play D&D, and the games I do play are human only. Any racism would just be real life racism based off skin color, which is boring and uncomfortable.

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>In a better world, I would not exist.

Your mother apparently didn't think that.

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Of course she did. Once she saw her offspring, once she'd brought me forth in blood and pain - she died.

Her only hope was that I was her husband's child, not her rapist's. Once she saw the truth, she had no reason left to live.

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Man i bet you're really fun at parties.

But honestly it's always interesting to play a character different from yourself

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If she died without ever speaking to you, how do you know any of the circumstances of your birth?

Did she telepathically endow you with her life story?

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It doesn't. Each race attempts to extinguish other races. People who say this is wrong are thrown off a cliff.

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I encourage it.

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Fantasy racism has existed for as long as there have been fantasy novels. You're out of touch, /pol/yp

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The village kids made sure to remind me of it, when they were throwing rocks at me.

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Pedophiles deserve the rope you freak

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Let us just enjoy our hobby without your bullshit you kike puppet or hooked nosed parasite.

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And how did they know? Were they present at your birth? How many other people were?

At some point someone decided to spare your life. Even though you were a child of the invaders, they raised you and let you stay in their village. Sounds like they don't agree that in a better world, you would not exist.

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I let it exist where I think it would naturally develop.
My current setting is a space faring one though, so often there's a lot of other shit to consider than if someone is from one system or another.

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I include racism in my games because it doesn't actually hurt anyone. Everything from casual racism to ranked, competitive racism.

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>Don't make racists dumb
That's what racists are. Racism is inherently irrational

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Not that anon, but they probably let him stay out of pity. It's not like he asked to be born.

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Of course. After the orc raids, there were a lot of children born by rape. We grew up in what was basically an orphanage. They couldn't bear to kill us, but we were a constant reminder of the darkest moments of their history.

Unfortunately, as the years went by, the brutal blood of the invaders showed itself. The half-orc boys grew quickly, like myself, and they turned to crime and thuggery. One day, when I could bear it no longer, I fled into the forests. Many years later, I heard that the orphanage burned down with almost everyone inside it.

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It's rewarded

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In the real world, yes. But it can be justified within the context of a fantasy or scifi setting.

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In my groups? Not often. Characters who are racist are portrayed as antagonists of various calibers. The most extreme version of this was when we found that the king of the Elves (in a society where some Elves already look down on the other ones), was trying to genocide all of the non-Elf races by opening huge rifts to other planes in their territories.

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This. If people are necessarily racist, there's usually a good reason why. Remember, magic exists. If someone says "He's the spawn of devils!" they're not being superstitious peasants. The persecuted outcast might IN FACT be the literal spawn of devils, with evil in his blood.

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How inspirational it is that the villagers, having suffered so much, chose to not redistribute that suffering upon the innocent.

What a shit character.

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Focus on the evils and barbarisms of white people against natives.

Racism is inherently irrational, and some people are just never going to be convinced or changed from these horrid beliefs. Unfortunately they're also in power. How do you work around that?

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We've accidentally got an all monster group and the DM keeps talking about this gang of influential nobles in the city who have been hunting lesser races for sport, i'm pretty sure we're going to get fucking white van'd any day now and i fully support the dm for punishing us this way.

Also for gods sakes people, treat tieflings bad, they're designed for you to treat them with racism.

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I don't agree. It establishes elements of the setting: There are orcs, they raid, half-orcs are mostly products of rape, and are feared and hated because they tend to be brutal and evil. It actually expands the setting without making the PC particularly special.

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Very simple. There are racist npcs, there are mostly not, each individual has their own mind.

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>Also for gods sakes people, treat tieflings bad, they're designed for you to treat them with racism.
b-but my original character donut steele! everyone loves her!

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Especially if its against me. I've picked tiefling not just for horns.

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nice reddit spacing faggot

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Nooooooo! *cries as rainbow hair whisps around her glittering horns* You're good people! You're better than this!

I forgive you.
*runs away*

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(((People))) tend to forget the fact that mainstream orcs are inspired by Germanic tribes(including the Vikings who technically count as one although they're more of an origin population to modern Germans then an offshoot).
The Orc is a violent invader from savage lands who's sole purpose is to subjugate and enslave. You may civilize the orc but the end result will only be a violent reflection of civilization itself. The orc will oppress and enslave those he conquered, keeping "order" through brute force for even he understands the benefits of civilization, much like that of the German he's based off of.

Sub-Saharan Africans however are less then orcs due to the fact that they never even tried to conquer their betters but instead where conquered by foreigners in a one-sided conquest of both population and technology. For it was the German who learned from the civilization he enslaved and sired the modern European tribes. Except for the Slavs who never got to participate in the game of empires and instead used their own Slavic-Mongo-Turkic bastards to invade their ancestral homelands in the East and put an end to Khan rule once and for all.

Asians are their own segment of tribes and I don't have anything else to add. Except for the Mongols who are another inspiration to orcs because in the end orcs are just our recreation of that one race of swarthy gingers who fucked Eurasia hence why Sub-Sahara Africa is a fucking meme. Don't know much about South-East Asia though.

In conclusion orcs are anything but black.
Have you considered becoming a military engineer?

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After you read this, I guarantee you will feel sorry for me. Imagine this. You are attracted to women, like you are now (emotionally and sexually), but they do not exist. They existed a long time ago, and no one knows what they looked like (They have a pretty good idea from the fossils, however), but they do not exist anymore. That means, not only do you know there will never be any possibility of you having sex with one, but there's not even a possibility of you ever seeing one in real life. Everyone else, however, except for a very few, are not attracted to women, they are attracted to something else entirely. So in other words, you will never find any porn anywhere on the internet, only non-sexual pictures of women. Everyone you have told about your attraction to women think it's disgusting. To relieve yourself, you get off on the non-sexual pictures of women, knowing it will never get any better. That's what life is like to me.

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But I'm a furry, and because I dont want to be associated with the loud retards, I silently fap to my sharktiddy with my bros and NEVER EVER PROJECT MY FUN STAFF INTO REALITY ON NORMAL PEOPLE.

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It is generally not a good idea to present a character as being consumed in self-pity for their immutable characteristics which is then channeled into racial hatred directed at themselves.

Instant rejection. I'd sooner accept a furry ERP character into the party than a self-hating race obsessed one.

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> Have you considered becoming a military engineer?
I don't get it.

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Your analogy is completely stupid because it doesnt apply to you. Children exist.

Seriously, man. Get help. You're a pedophile. This isnt your MAP discord, very few people are just as delusional as you.

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Its just bigotry against mutants, aliens, and some AI. Who cares about the race or sex of other members of your species, you have more to worry about.

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Your mental gymnastics are incredible, pedo.

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Oh, I'm not consumed by self-pity. I'm a Barbarian. I enjoy killing orcs wherever I find them.

He's just trying to get the thread wiped.

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Here's the thing. You said ephebophilia is pedophilia.

Is it in the same family? Yes. No one's arguing that.

As someone who is a diddler who studies children, I am telling you, specifically, in diddling, no one calls ephebophilia pedophilia. If you want to be "specific" like you said, then you shouldn't either. They're not the same thing.

If you're saying "pedophile family" you're referring to the paraphilia grouping of chronophilia, which includes things from nepiophibilia to hebepohilia to gerontophilia.

So your reasoning for calling ephebophilia pedophilia is because random people "call the ephebopophile ones pedophiles?" Let's get teleiophiles and mesophiles in there, then, too. Also, calling someone a human or an ape? It's not one or the other, that's not how taxonomy works. They're both. An ephebophile is an ephebophile and a member of the chronophilia classification. But that's not what you said. You said ephebophilia is pedophilia, which is not true unless you're okay with calling all members of the chronophilia class ephebophiles, which means you'd call nepiophiles, teliophiles, and other sexual attractions pedophilia, too. Which you said you don't.

It's okay to just admit you're wrong, you know?

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I don't consume D*sneyshit.

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>all those terms without explanation to just smart-ass me with big words
Nobody calls me a farmer if I like to spank my horse's asses, give them women's names and find those big round rumps sexy, even if I never ever gonna hurt a horsie. Everyone gonna call me a zoophile.
Stop with your mental gymnastics.

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> Instant rejection. I'd sooner accept a furry ERP character into the party than a self-hating race obsessed one.

The fuck? Imagine accepting a furry ERP character under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

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>furry bad

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Use the order of civilization to make siege weapons and get payed for it. The bigger the better especially with cannons although it doesn't have to be big you just need a strong material for the barrel and a pressurized, explosive mixture of black powder. Then use the profits to purchase yourself a green harem.

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Okay friend, let me explain something to you since you seem to be new here. Hebephilia is NOT the same thing as pedophilIa. I'm sick and tired of you trolls popping up everywhere and spreading BLATANT misinformation. In many countries hebephilia is considered normal and healthy . Human beings have a natural attraction to girls who are going through puberty. Being attracted to girls who are pre-pubescent is fucking sick and disgusting, but only in the US does there seem to be an unwarranted taboo around a healthy and normal condition. My head hurts. I'm just trying to get my real life back.

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demonspawn pigdog, go jump into a vat of holy fire.

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I am such a victim, the world hates me! *sniff* uwu

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>Being attracted to girls who are pre-pubescent is fucking sick and disgusting
4444, but I can guarantee hee there is a retard like you who can warp even that into looking like something good, like you do now. Get medical help, get your life together, go pat a horse.

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>Skaven joins WFRP party
>Shows them why there are so many rats in the world

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>his campaign includes human on anthro action
Fuck yes.

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I'm a half-Orc barbarian. Like those of my race, my intelligence is limited, but my strength and capacity for violence is unmatched. I travel the land fighting, brawling and killing orcs. My hope is that when I die gloriously, I will be reborn as anything other than an orc or half-orc.

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>there is a reincarnation spell with can be performed with wish spell to make parameters of reincarnation specified

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>mainstream orcs are inspired by Germanic tribes
Not even remotely, kike.

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They're violent savages that upon figuring out how to civilization immediately create horrifyingly effective nation states unless there is something to counter them.

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>sub saharan never even tried to conquer their betters
Go back

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Racism is based on observations and pretty much real-life folk lore. You can tell a community that "gypsies are good people" but when a gypsy steals something they will say "fucking gypsy" because gypsies are nomadic, communal clan-centric and have entirely different take on "private property", especially if that property is not one of theirs.
Of course, it is entirely possible to change an ethnic trait, gypsies can settle down and begin farming like the rest of the "honest folk", but it takes time and, should it happen, the stereotypes will change in generations, absolutely naturally.
tl;dr racism is natural and good

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>noticing patterns is irrational
Gnomish Internet Defense Force out it strength today.

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Fucking gypsies haven’t settled down from being thieving, murdering villains in the six or so hundred of years they’ve fucking been here, and they’re not going to change in the next six hundred years either.
Fucking gypsies.

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The classic kawaii genki desu ne nekomimi anime catgirls exist in my setting...

...HOWEVER, they are treated with open undisguised violent revulsion and disgust by full beastmen, who consider them to be balding untouchables. Mothers tell their pups not to go near catgirls, because they'll give you the mange! Part of the reason catgirls are so gregarious and touchy-feely around humans is overcompensation, because their main social interaction is having stones thrown at them at the beastman end of town.

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Orcs could also represent muslims. Same slave raiding shit either way, except that a large percentage of muslims are black.

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Isn't the act of dividing people across lines literally a primate instinct?

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What setting?

For any given part of any given setting the answer should be different.

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We encourage it

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I can see your point. Thanks limey.

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>It's dumb to organize racially

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It's how you get dumb bullshit like people throwing worthless autism fits on dragons vs wyverns.

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Your parents will use you birthname, when they bury you, tranny.
Depends on what you mean by that OP, assuming this is genuine. Racism between Species is something that in most settings absolutely is justified, altough you can debate, if it is good and maybe, a solution could be found to erase the problems that it is the reason for it. Racism between humans is something different. I think it is entirely valid to say, that human vs human rascism atleast on a ethnic basis does not exist, because there are other species, but you can also go against it. I prefer a good portion of cultural racism, bantz and bickering. As with all things, most people when handling these issues, forget that applicability is more important than the allegory. The very reason the homosexual equivalence in X-Men for example, has allways been retarted, is that they are actual differences. No matter what you think about le gays and if they are a harm to the society or not, none of them can throw fireballs or kick cars around.

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I will miss them.

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Depends on the setting. There's more of a general sense of speciesism between races that arises, elves being openly haughty towards humans and dwarves, dwarves being generally xenophobic and insular, everyone trying to genocide the goblinoids. I put regular racism in human only games because I try to make believable worlds.

>> No.74335767

>The very reason the homosexual equivalence in X-Men for example, has allways been retarted
Why? are you implying people who can nuke an entire city just because they feel moody that day is not comparable to just liking dicks?

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I always uninvite That Guy types who have a "brilliant" idea for a bigot character. It's all so predictable, honestly. It's never a character who learns to overcome his own prejudice, it's always just an excuse to antagonize other players. "Corwin's backstory explains why he hates tiefling rogues, I'm just playing muh character".

And honestly piss off with muh historicity. PCs are exemplary individuals. That's why everyone's a paladin or sorceror and never a milkmaid or alcoholic town guard.

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I kill anybody I meet who is not racist. Racism is the only true way. Hate or die, lefty scum.

>> No.74335908

>none of them can throw fireballs or kick cars around.
They can brainwash children and produce designer plagues inside their asses, so they are just as bad.

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There's some bad words you shouldn't call them, natural strereotypes that vary from location to location, mystical/setting-based fears/myths that lead to people being naturally weary of their type when they see them, and the general notion of most aggressive racists being paranoid. It wouldn't be uncommon for a regular person to call a Bangaa a Lizard in spite or anger. It wouldn't be uncommon for a regular person to think Bangaa are physically imposing and intimidating on the whole (even if they're not doing anything wrong). It wouldn't be uncommon for a Bangaa to join a human party and immediately be presumed to be some kind of melee-centric job (even if he's literally holding a magical tome). It WOULD, however, be weird for some guy to run around town screaming about how Bangaa need to be removed from the world and Bangaa are committing Hume Genocide by appearing in stage plays and fantastical accounts and constantly espousing Bangaa crime statistics in a world where nobody gives a shit because marauding bandits and monsters are a bigger threat to the commonfolk. Real racism is just what is learned (culturally or through personal experience) and is very subtle. /pol/ schizophrenia is cartoony and wacky even in a contemporary context.

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I wonder (((who))) is behind this post.

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Epic retort friend

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There's tons of biases and stereotypes racial or otherwise, usually stemming from historical events and cultural differences, and of course especially towards inherently evil linked races.

Fantasy racism can be a fun and very engaging social story point so long as it's not upsetting anyone at the table.

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Both of them are edgy shit. I prefer the "my dad was a shameless womanizer and spread his seed over the whole continent, I keep meeting troublesome half-siblings wherever I go" style of half-orc.

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It's really weird when people permit fantasy racism in their setting but it never crosses cultures. Like, it's bizarre to me that you can have sapient races, and then the Dark Elves from the northern wastes are completely keen on and absolute best friends with the Dark Elves from the Sunfall Islands and the Dark Elves from the Helsmouth Deserts despite there being radically different cultures and genetic attributes between them. It also tends to be weird when all of humanity is this singular ethnic supergroup and there aren't any differences between, say, the big obvious England expy and the equally big obvious Germany expy.

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Nah, your character isn't that interesting.

The opposite of edgy is dull.

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I ban elves, dwarves, and all other subhuman filth from my table as playable races.

>> No.74336397

Absolutely based.

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Why would a dragon want to live with a wyvern?

>> No.74336465

I want to huff Luz's shitter

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Racism as a concept is as new and artificial and part of the globohomo society just as much as being a suppressive person is in Scientology. It's just a concept created to fuck with people

>> No.74336529

Keep the racism to fantasy races and do not imply that the races are analogues for real races.

>My dark skinned dwarves love small fried baby dragons and the taste of the astral melon.

>> No.74336543 [DELETED] 

This. The hatred of others is as natural as breathing. Accepting niggers into your lands is the most contra natura act the globohomo (((cult))) has forced on our once proud Evropan ethnostates.

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>How do you handle racism in your setting?
The worst racists are the ones who claim to fight against it

>> No.74336661
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>Group A has a different extended phenotype than Group B
>"We should force them to live together!"
I don't hate them. I don't feel any responsibility or debt to another race, is all. We're social creatures and not just consumer-individual-units. We have collective needs and collective interests that come into conflict. Only well defined territories with the capability for autarky turns the reality of this into something that isn't just the choking out of another race.

>> No.74336670

>not being the an alcoholic town guard turned adventurer

>> No.74336688

jesus christ who do you play with that doesnt have a problem with this?

Neato back story tho

>> No.74336822

Then you're not a true path. I'll extinguish you like all the false prophets.

>> No.74336881

Okay sperg. I just don't want my younger family members growing up in a racial jungle. I don't need some esoteric cringe babble to be invested in my race. It's a natural, healthy instinct for birds of a feather to flock together.

>> No.74336923

What race are you?

>> No.74336958

I suddenly hate Kender even more than usual.

>> No.74336981

It exists.

>> No.74336984

Nobody. Plenty of larpers come to /tg/ to espouse an "example" that no actual playgroup will either tolerate or find desirable. The guy's extensive orc rape birth and childhood bullying and torment "backstory" will literally never come up unless the party also has an orc in it (who will more than likely see kinship, as the man is a half-orc), and when he spergs out like the autist he is, he'll now need to explain himself like a melodramatic child about how his mom was raped by orcs and he was bullied for being an orc and he wishes he was never born, but is still for some reason a fantasy adventurer out to allocate fame and fortune and making it clear to display who and what he is to adventuring parties (but nor Orcs, because he hates them).

>> No.74337008

Nice projection sperg

>> No.74337035 [DELETED] 

White, the only true human race.

>> No.74337080


>> No.74337083

>being such an useful idiot that he thinks skin color is the only tribe that exists
You idiots would purge each other over something as mundane as sandwich fillings, stop acting to be an enlightened realist.
Racism is dumb precisely because it's such a narrow-minded view of tribalism.

>> No.74337107

Why are you people acting like this is something special?
This is THE iconic half-orc backstory.

>> No.74337170
File: 64 KB, 640x427, PORTAL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've dropped the n word twice at my table now at appropriate times. It's the 1920s, we have a black character and an asian american character, both from good backgrounds but regardless they've faced people who clearly had things against them for their race.

I've treated it more as something they slip in knowing it's a social faux pas in the north, or accidentally stepping over the line.

I haven't had any vehement racists in my game yet I can think of (There's one coming up when I run In The Shadows who says nigger like 3 times) or anyone who uses their racism against the PC's in a larger sense i.e. anything from denying them stuff as a business or threatening to kill them bc they are black.

I'm not a hack who's going to make racists bad guys because they are allied with Cthulhu etc. They're more obstacles and a fact of life for my characters.

>> No.74337200

You call it iconic, the rest call it tired and boring. You're alone, kid.

>> No.74337217

Are you kidding?
I hate you no game twitterfags.
This ain’t even that edgy.
This is a standard fantasy game character edgy backstory.

>> No.74337220

Ah, so you're American to say something like that. Got it.

>> No.74337227

you have to go back

>> No.74337242

Exists in two places; The very very wealthy end of things, or the very very poor end of things. The commonality being both sides are mono-cultural and either too poor to be educated, too stubborn to get educated, or genuinely shitty people.

oh, also elves. The elves are pretty fucking racists

>> No.74337248

Most half-orc backstories I've experienced are the generic noble savage types, where some woodcutting orc father appealed to some human woman in the woods. That, or the slightly less common mighty human warrior who slept with an orc female. Orc Rape fantasies may be iconic among /tg/, but they aren't the bread and butter.

>> No.74337263

All the other posts are discord denizens dilating because he hasn’t told the part about the gay tiefling couple who ran the “orphanage” he was brought up in yet.

>> No.74337276

There's one NPC who was betrayed by a tiefling the first time someone tried to kill the BBEG. He know runs a city that treats tieflings like garbage and some as straight up slaves. He despises everything about them and his judgement of them is immovable. He's a devout zealot who cannot be reasoned with. The only reason the party hasn't tried to overthrow him is he's to strong himself and he has very well trained gaurd and militia who are almost as radical as he is

Racism is only good if theres a motive for it, even if that motive is "They look diffrent"

>> No.74337304

>my group says it’s problematic so it never happened, you fucking bigot
kill yourself

>> No.74337317

I encourage it

>> No.74337327


>> No.74337330

Looking at this thread, no i dont think i am.

>> No.74337333

Do us all a favor and join the 41 percent.

>> No.74337360

>implying anon's mother doesn't wish she aborted him

>> No.74337376

And yet EVERYONE with those backstories thinks they're subverting expectations.
Turns out, when the subversion becomes more common than what it's supposed to subvert it becomes bland.

>> No.74337386

Racism is based. If it weren't for racism, dwarves would own all the gold mines in the kingdom and all the lower classes would be half orcs.

>> No.74337389
File: 456 KB, 1099x659, khelt nar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.74337405

>racism is the standard just like for realsies.
yeah but this is fantasy, chud.

>> No.74337418

>Fantasizing about being a half orc
Well at least you're aiming low

>> No.74337437 [DELETED] 

Its a two-way street

>> No.74337450
File: 66 KB, 600x469, 1594958254932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So all your half orc PCs are rape babys then? Cause my group are mostly chuds and nobody does orcs as rape babys because it's less fun to play as.
Though to be fair I guess theoretically every half orc I've played whose family I didn't flesh out could be a rape baby. Never thought about it. Doubly so since most half orcs in the settings I'm familiar with have one or both half orc parents.
Huh. Glad I was able to draw thought from such a limp-dick shitpost.
Keep it up sempai.

>> No.74337459

>my intelligence is limited
this is obvious

>> No.74337488

>god i hate gypsies, they're subhuman scum
>wait, why won't they just settle and live in one of the nations that hate them
>clearly this is only their fault

>> No.74337491

they can’t be based if they roll a half orc and hang out with your faggy ass.
they’re libs at best.

>> No.74337528

most HIV+ people are straight

>> No.74337571

It was originated by gayniggers, though, and spread via rape to humans.

>> No.74337584

reddit tourists raus

>> No.74337599

if you're being true to lovecraft, the people allied to cthulhu should be mixed race.

>> No.74337610

in civilized countries the vast majority of infections are gays

>> No.74337659

free replies go here

>> No.74337673

literally no evidence of that
gay people are more likely to be poor, poor people are more likely to get any sort of disease. it's gone down a lot in recent years as acceptance becomes more common

>> No.74337697

>he thinks it's just skin color that's different
It's the entire extended phenotype, my dude

>> No.74337737

Gays are wildly disproportionate regardless of income

>> No.74337738

No it's because gay men have lots of unprotected sex with many partners

>> No.74337751

>Sub-Saharan Africans however are less then orcs due to the fact that they never even tried to conquer their betters
that being said the rest of your post has some decent points

>> No.74337762

give a source fags

>> No.74337790

>Good thing fantasy racism is justified because of how certain races like goblins are just evil!
heheh... ya guys. Totally just fantasy racism.

>> No.74337857

>Sub-Saharan Africans however are less then orcs due to the fact that they never even tried to conquer their betters

>> No.74338109
File: 154 KB, 640x760, 1597224558414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How old are you? This whole thread reads like 3 sad racists samefagging so hard they convinced themselves they are legion.
Its fucking adorable. I love you kids. You spend so much time thinking about what you hate. Youd be happier if you let go of your hate but it's so funny I'd advise against it. Your weakness is one of mind body and soul. You can build all three bro.
I get it though, its comfier in the cave; and those shadows on the wall are real cool.

>> No.74338243
File: 326 KB, 1000x1500, blazing saddles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For laughs

>> No.74338249

>polish come to new world
>become slaves of slaves
lol. was more France losing control of the new world under pressure from Spain and Bongs though.

>> No.74338266

What if I'm not Jewish?

>> No.74338287

how do you post cringe so consistently.
you need a better way to cope fagboy.

>> No.74338370
File: 326 KB, 1600x900, tropic thunder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How good is your blackface?

>> No.74338429

Elves think they're better because they are. Dwarves think they're better because they are. Dragon-blooded humans think they're better because they are. Humans are clumsy, short-lived, short-sighted peasants. (And the main heroes are all exceptional ass-kicking humans).

Also, all my humans are white, my game is basically set on Planet Europe and all the foreign cultures are different species. There are other worlds in the same 'multiverse', and that's where I'd introduce fantasy version of other races, I'm just not there yet.

>> No.74338475
File: 52 KB, 702x873, 1585134828448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blow it out your ass smoothbrain. ;D
That more your speed sweet summer child?
You call it cringe, but this thread is cringe comedy.

>> No.74338512

lol. look at this dude.

>> No.74338525

My players got upset when i said they were going to fight a 14 year old super hero.
So, while this isnt that edgy, most people i've played with dont want a rape child in their game

>> No.74338537

>playing FATAL
>draws the line at cunny

>> No.74338556

If you use racism, you're unoriginal, not creative, and not smart enough to come up with other plots that cause drama.

Racism is an easy out for the simple minded.

>> No.74338565

I prefer Basketball American racism where you hate anyone with an education/lighter skin tone/work ethic and accuse them of “being white” despite it being educated, hardworking lighter skinned types who ended slavery and forced whitey to let your loud, violent ass in their restaurants and schools.

>> No.74338600

>we're all different and weird, but we can work together
>working together doesn't mean we won't shit talk each other for fun
like the bants between the characters in that one 4e comic that I unfortunately can't find on my pc right now

>> No.74338802
File: 1.60 MB, 780x1728, avenging my wife's son x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74339034

This is pretty normal dude. I played a half-elf with basically the same story. His mother's people were a bunch of humans colonising the fringes of wood elf territory. They got Wild Hunted, with my guy's mother being left pregnant. She raised him and treated him kindly, despite both of them being socially ostracised in their community. I played him as a socially stunted guy with an understandable grudge against elves. He wore a beard and a hood to help him look 'more human'.

>> No.74339067


>> No.74339092

dont forget to dilate before joining the 41% lmao

>> No.74339105
File: 208 KB, 1000x875, Races of Elder Scrools.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Racism is quite fun if most of your group aren't cucks who can't handle it.

The problem with it tho, is that it just doesn't stick.
Unlike what cucks actually think, racism is much less applicable in fantasy, as you have less tangible interest and in society in general, you have to deliberately write up all that bullshit specifically for the purpose of displaying racism to enjoy/feel bad about it.
As opposed to feeling it naturally in real life for legitimate reasons.

It's just boring.

>> No.74339116

Stop replying to obvious bait. There aren't sincere humans that use "sweet summer child"

>> No.74339167

There are actual debiles who do.
We are just accustomed to expecting an intelligent behavior.
As such, what you as trolling/bait is just as easily a genuine opinion of a drooling retard, which fits the modern antifas just right. If not both.

>> No.74339176


>> No.74339197

>Using cuck in the current year
Get a load of this guy

>> No.74339216
File: 30 KB, 640x616, 1573415049577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We are just accustomed to expecting an intelligent behavior.

>> No.74339226

Sorry, chum, I can't keep up with times anymore.
What's the new trendy term now?

>> No.74339295

I believe Jogger is that most dankest of memes newfriend.

>> No.74339370

Mostly there culture, really. They are religious infiltrators and blasphemers. They should be chased from town on sight.

>> No.74339394

Erm, isn't this the the term for the offenders themselves, not enablers?
You can't seriously think joggers play roleplay games.

>> No.74339852

Spiteful Mutant.
No really. That's the name for when a population lacks certain selection pressures to filter out mutations in genes that make disruptive fellows. Like a mouse that disrupts two others who would mate, or who does something to the local area that disrupts it, or acts in a way that makes other mice less likely to socialize, or they wander a bit farther from the group and attract predators to the group or bring disease in, etc.

>> No.74340234


>> No.74340269

I guess i just play with gaylords then

>> No.74340352

Racism is and should be common in fantasy, since it's in a world where sentient races and species are extremely different.
I don't imagine color racism happening all that often personally, outside of more savage species. In my group's DnD world, we have a bunch of WoW-like trolls along with DnD-trolls and the like, and they all fucking hate each other. Just as well, the WoW trolls had a civil war in an effort to genocide all the blue ones since they were convinced the blue trolls were causing all of their hardships behind the scenes.

>> No.74340559

You probably do.
It's a game, and a story you're writing. Both things don't have to be the idyllic story of four perfect adventurers, and at the same time nothing is serious. It's not like someone was really raped by an orc.

>> No.74342268

Currently plotting a Deadlands game and I'm not really gonna put too much emphasis on it aside from some occasional flavor dialog. The conflict with the injuns is obviously important but with all the shit happening in the world of Deadlands it feels like it'd just bog the game down to focus on something as mundane as casual racism when there's monsters and cults and wars being waged. The Confederacy in this setting literally freed the slaves because "fuck it we need more men", if it shows up it's either gonna relate to something more interesting (Sioux/Deadwood conflict, Chinese opium trade, etc.) or just go full Herbert Moon.

>> No.74342288


>> No.74342348

This 100%. I always include racism in my games, but only if it makes sense. Racism and the conflict that ensues from it is core fantasy. It also leads to actual character growth/arcs as the dwarf realizes elves are not as bad as they thought they were.

>> No.74342859

Racial conflict occurs when two different racial groups are in dispute over a resource. That might be political power, oil, jobs, cultural power, physical space, control of one or more or all institutions, or most likely a combination of any amount of those things.
Does your setting have well defined territories? Even if it's a multiracial society, you can have those territories that are just societal like a caste roll or implicit role in the system or society or in any other context.

>> No.74346139
File: 300 KB, 504x651, 1541598254188.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You play with your friends
With strangers, you just toe the line, but with friends you can be your true self

>> No.74346183
File: 17 KB, 359x359, Cool Lizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With Prejudice.

>> No.74346258

I basically played Bill the Butcher in Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

>3 Generations of Patriarchs killed by Orcs, Drow, and Giants.
>Ran a tavern called "Dagger Ears" where you get a free drink if you bring in a non-human ear.
>Started a gang of hoodlums to go to war against local elf and halfling business owners.
>Was okay with Dwarves cause they're honorable or something.

>> No.74346593

We're not going anywhere. Dilate.

>> No.74347116

>I'm not a hack who's going to make racists bad guys because they are allied with Cthulhu etc.
This is a good way to go

>> No.74348727

The more racist things you say the more magical power you get

>> No.74348736
File: 147 KB, 960x435, laughingdemon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74348812

I run exclusively Dark Heresy and Only War so racism is not just tolerated but encouraged. 40k is meant for people to be racist playing it.

>> No.74348891

I enforce it.

>> No.74349228

Holy fuck this thread is terrible.

>> No.74349302

This is metal as hell, actually.

>> No.74349318

I haven't met a single gaming group who has had a problem with this. Simply put, it never comes up other than a generalized hatred for orcs. You just need to say "I'm a half-orc" and it's like "Say no more".

Or if they ask about your family, go "My mother died in childbirth. I never met my father." and the implication's clear.

>> No.74349331

This. Why the fuck are you playing a half-orc if you're not going for the 'I was conceived by rape' backstory? That's literally the entire reason for their existence!

>> No.74349341

Rape is a shitty storytelling crutch for a tragic backstory.

>> No.74349342

>That, or the slightly less common mighty human warrior who slept with an orc female.
This has literally never happened. Not a single PC at an actual table would go "My father fucked an orc". It would basically be a vector for nonstop mockery.

>> No.74349357

And then there's this faggot here.

>> No.74349373

The most iconic half-elf is Tanis Half-Elven, whose Elven mother (a priestess) was raped by a human bandit. The thing is, she went all Stockholm Syndrome for him. Fortunately, the moment her boyfriend ran into the man, he killed the shit out of him and called her a whore.

I think the story 'The Inheritance' is basically non-canon now. It's never been referenced in any other Dragonlance material, probably because the idea of a woman falling in love with her rapist is super-distasteful.

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