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To quote my player last night: "110 gold is 110 gold". This has me wondering.

Has anyone ever played a prostitute? Has anyone ever prostituted their PC for quick financial gain?

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No, I don't play with people who are using the game as a way to masturbate.

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I once had a character get coerced into getting married for profit and gain, which is basically prostitution.

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Whenever the party stopped in a town my catamite warlock would slip into a brothel and get mad bank for the nights they stayed there. For a lot of early game like 70% of the party's finances came by way of him getting his ass plowed.

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Yes. Kind of. Illusion magic is a hell of a thing

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One of the PCs in a game I'm GMing has a side-gig working as a stripper.

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Jimmy is that you?

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Assassins are just prostitutes with smaller titties and more poison.

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I played an ex-prostitute that was forced to adventure because one of his client's was the wife of a jealous and vindictive noble. Then he died to a band of bandits and the DM described how their leader licked his lips at my unconscious body and I've never made explore that character background since.

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Well she was sort of like The Thing, and needed DNA intake to maintain a form, so really she was doing it for the coom/DNA but the gold was just extra, which she sometimes donated to charity or temple or orphans.

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>"110 gold is 110 gold"
Well they're not wrong.

And while my character wasn't a prostitute, i've done it for information, infiltration related quest, and yes, for the quick financial gain.
Potions are expensive, not every party has a cleric, and sometimes the party diplomancer is shit at reward negotiations.

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Anyone know a good story with a prostitute protagonist?

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>Implying it's a fetish
You are aware that almost every woman sells herself for financial gain in one way or another, right?

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My gf played an ex-hooker/aspiring showgirl in the Malifaux RPG.

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The player is most likely a dude. So it could be a fetish

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The Pro by Garth Ennis is prime /co/omer material

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No and if they try that at my table Im shaming the shit out of them.
Y'all need to go to horny jail.

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That’s retarded. You know all cells have DNA. Cum only has the amount of DNA as a normal cell.

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>Cum only has the amount of DNA as a normal cell.
cum has HALF the DNA of a normal cell

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I am currently in a campaign where our Bard got cursed by a guy who invoked a trio of genies and has turned to male prostitution to try to bump off certain evil people, since one of the aspects of the curse is anyone he has sex with will die shortly thereafter.

The game has gotten a bit weird.

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I had a girl who asked before the game if that was okay. I said "Yeah, so long as we don't have softcore porn at the table, I don't care"

Needless to say, thanks to having a high charisma, she bedded a lot of nobles and made a killing. Not to mention robbing them as well.

Funny enough, best player I've ever had

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So she should have just killed people and absorbed their bodies? She was trying to not be like others of her kind, and get DNA without hurting anyone.

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Whats with the crazy amount of projection?
The only thing you have told this board that you are wierdos who cant keep their dick in their pants when someone mentions "prostitution" and that you expect others to act like you.

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I bet the comedian takes huge shits haha

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Unironically Kushiel's Dart

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I started playing as a goblin prostitute a couple months ago because /tg/ said it was impossible, no GM would ever approve, and that even if it happened the game would fall apart because of it.
So far it’s just been a useful short, green, busty rogue that occasionally spends inn stays with NPCs for favors and information. Blowjobs are totally a form of thieves cant, btw.

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Yeah, I have.
We're playing a street level Shadowrun game. I'm playing an elf who was homeless at the time, and the dude across the table from me is playing a guy who has a negative quality that gives him a fetish. In this case, it's for elves.
So, since my character was homeless, and I spent most of my starting money on equipment, it was a good way to get some extra cash and a roof over my character's head. Plus, this was the first session, so that's how the characters were introduced to eachother.
Oh, and for all those 'sex bad' posters, it was a fade to black moment. Just a few dirty jokes at my expense. Honestly, it was a great moment, and set the gritty tone that the game has been carrying.

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I was playing devil's advocate desu. Personally ive encountered a few players who really dont give a shit and just look at it from a money perspective. Usually it's more common in the early game where 110 gold would actually make a difference. Way i see it, all you have to do is say yes and you got free gold. If you have a cleric then a simple cure disease spell negates any actual consequence. If she gets pregnant then you chug a bottle of whiskey and throw yourself down some stairs.

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When we played shadowrun, my character was a full blown pornstar. Her speciality was anything involving war and guns. She was in such films as Shaving Ryan's Privates, A-Cockalypse Now, Jughead, Das Butt, Gun-ho, The Great Dick-Taker, and Black Cock Down.

Practically bankrolled the entire party.

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Why can’t I be this lucky?

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I had a character Alter Self into a sex worker to entice a doppelganger that was apparently impregnating every sex worker in the city.
That was a weird time.

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Everything you need to know about it as a concept; There's a lot of prostitutes out there making bank, and not a lot of wandering murderhobos for hire.

I've never played a prostitute (except as GM), but I have often had my characters go and talk to them, because like beggars and merchants they're a surprisingly good font of information.

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If they made a habit of it I would give them - 2 constitution every time they failed a saving throw for whoring with random people.

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Are you suggesting all the prostitutes in your setting just drop dead regularly?

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It’s a notorious problem with prostitutes irl, too.

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Except it isn't. In the US, a prostitutes' life expectancy in the real world is about 3 years less than the average.

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I seriously wonder how retarded women are if they can fuck up easy mode. It's like the case of Jenni Lee, the porn star who could've been richer than the average brain surgeon purely by spreading her legs for a few years. She could've retired with more money than I'll see in my entire life, yet she blew it on meth and now lives under a bridge.

The only thing that balances out all the crazy advantages women have in life is how fucking stupid they are. How does a woman fuck up in porn of all things? The industry that pays women for being women for fucks sake.

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>about 3 years less
That's probably mostly on account of the substance abuse rather than the whoring

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Hard drugs is a different matter

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Prostitute is not a class with levels
Thus, it is not allowed

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so does every man

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Yeah in 2020. Pretty sure syphilis was uncurable and had a high death rate per 1900s.

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>smaller titties


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This. Keep that shit to yourself, players.

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JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World.

It's fairly realistic about prostitution i.e. it sucks.

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>Be a necromancer
>Solicit a prostitute
>Kill the prostitute, get back your money
>Raise her from the dead
>Have solid income on the side and don't have to worry about STDs.

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How's that relevant? Is your game set in real world 1900s?

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That is entirely incorrect. A man sells his free time, a woman sells herself.

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bruh, don't hurt yourself moving those goalposts that hard

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>Cook is not a class with levels
>Thus, none of your characters can cook.

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Yeah, I'm going to call bullshit on this one. This never happened. I can't imagine any group watching you do this without expressions of equal parts disgust and pity.

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I mean technically it would fall under the Expert NPC class.

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Fade to black has existed since for fuckin’ ever anon

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That doesn't actually change anything.

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…how does it not? There’s a world of difference between thorough bj roleplay and “you spend a night with the npc, some muffled moans are heard during the night”.

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My paladin married the ugly princess to bring peace to the realm. He was rewarded handsomely but ugly princess... So not sure if worth it

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How can someone be handsomely ugly?

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You know, this actually reminds me. In 'The Age of Worms', the Prince of this city has a daughter (who is a fairly tough assassin, but not opposed to the PCs) who is ugly as fuck, because half of her face is inverted.

One of the PCs had the *fastest* hookup with her I'd ever seen. He just whipped out a Wish scroll, wished that her face was fixed, and they were a couple shortly after that. I don't actually blame her, he basically changed her life forever.

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>Has anyone ever played a prostitute?
Yes, I have. She actually was one until she was cursed by the goddess Calistria for failure to try and get dirt on her clientele.
>Has anyone ever prostituted their PC for quick financial gain?
After she got cursed, she became an Oracle (with the Intrigue mystery and the Tongues Curse) and, well, once you're an adventurer the money from whoring oneself out really isn't all the appealing. That said, she did start the best brothel in all of Varisia once she retired.

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>Wish scroll, wished that her face was fixed

You know that Wish is supposed to be dangerous as fuck if you use it freeform, right?

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Sure, but when it comes to fixing someone's face, it's unlikely it's going to rebound upon you. There are other ways to do it, but this is effectively using a fucking laser to slice a steak.

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Application of shit reading comprehension.

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As long as it’s fade to black and the party is getting some extra money/pointed in the direction of things to steal and kill I don’t see how it’s too farfetched.

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Downtime work can be whatever. No one else gives a shit, and the money you make won't change based on whether you tell the gm you chopped wood or sucked it off.

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Not that guy, but it seems pointless to twist what's basically a very minor whim. There's no dramatic potential in that.

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Not me, but I played in a game with a character who was a prostitute before becoming an adventurer and would occasionally use her background to get past minor hurdles.

Wasn't too bad, I was a giant fuckoff crocodile man who hit people with a stone sword he stole off a statue.

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>Has anyone ever played a prostitute? Has anyone ever prostituted their PC for quick financial gain?
Only during larp.

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Nah get a job as a nurse and slurp some blood or even become a dish washer and eat up all the horrific shit people end up putting on their plates.

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I’m selling my time, my body, my labour...the only way I am above a whore is that I don’t usually get beaten by my superiors.

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No, because it always tips the game towards cataclysm. And if other people want to play a prostitute I would need to trust them thoroughly, same as I would for someone who wanted to play a serial killer or serial arsonist. The one time someone else in the group played a prostitute she ended up being a team-killing fuck. I still gave her gold for a blowie though.She asked me to OOC, she was too poor to afford a room IC.

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>Blowjobs are totally a form of thieves cant, btw.
>Thieves cant:a secret mix of dialect, jargon, and code that allows you to hide messages in seemingly normal conversation.
What conversations are you having where a blowjob is normal?

>> No.74289512

>Skilled Artisan is not a class with levels
>Therefore, any amount of skilled labor is impermissible.

Also, fuck you Camp Follower IS a career and has advances, eat your own entrails through your rectal orifice you catamite for sheep.

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There's a female player in my group who does it in literally every game she can.

>> No.74289692

Huh? What are you on about you retarded outragemonkey?

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There's an organized effort to sway board culture away from sexualized material.

>> No.74289785

In some systems it is. CP2020 has it as a Fixer vairant.

>> No.74289799

The ones where I want a blowjob.

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...We are talking about Prostitution in a Roleplaying game, how is that even sexualized material?
Nothing this permaoffended troons sperg out about ever makes sense.

>> No.74290269

Sure, I mean the system has a Lover skill and you get mighty lonely in space.

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The tragedy in this case is the waste of a perfectly good wish scroll.

>> No.74291222

Even if it's fade to black, it doesn't change the fact that he's playing a coomer stereotype, and likely hitting on men at a game table i.e. a social event.

Imagine two fat neckbeards making eyes at each other while one pretends to be a hooker. No one with a sense of shame would want to be in that situation. Imagine the three other members of the group looking on, watching this shit, and feeling both revulsion and crushing ennui: That they're actually having to deal with this shit here and now.

>> No.74291230

I'm frankly amazed he actually used one. My party has never used a Wish scroll, in five campaigns. I don't think we've even seen a Wish scroll.

>> No.74291232

There's probably an existing sub level 9 spell that could do the job, so that's what would be used.

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Maybe people doesn't want to earn money by doing porn?
Being a furry caterer (games, art and literal shit) pays extremly well too

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Back breaking labour IS selling your body. idiot.

>> No.74291354

>dddduuuurrr how is prostitution sexual huuuurrrrr.

Thats what you sound like. its entirely based around sex dumbass

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He was rewarded handsomely, ie with gold but the princess was ugly

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Good on the PC, that seems like a smart play desu

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>Imagine two fat neckbeards making eyes at each other while one pretends to be a hooker.
>Imagine two fat neckbeards making eyes at each other while one pretends to be an elf.
>Imagine two fat neckbeards making eyes at each other while one pretends to be a paladin.
>Imagine two fat neckbeards making eyes at each other while one pretends to be a character.

Yes, imagine someone playing a role. You are a nogames faggot, and probably never played at all.

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>110 gold is 110 gold
He's not wrong.
110 gold is indeed 110 gold.
I re-checked that with calculator and also on paper, he's absolutely right.

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Was his name Griffith by any chance?

>> No.74291490

Basedo, desu

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I'll do you one better. One game I played had a succubus PC (played by a girl, no less), whose first act when we got into a city was "to go to the brother, to teach whore new tricks". She made a bucketload of money from teaching them.
I understood that would that kind of campaign and quit.
(it was on roll20, so its not like i had a chance to score with her)

>> No.74291530

>She made a bucketload of money from teaching them
I'm just imagining the succ acting like a consultant hired by the brothel to hold courses on advanced sex techniques. She's standing in front of a whiteboard with a powerpoint presentation and all the whores are taking notes. There will be an exam and those that pass will get a certificate.

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Anon I think if you told me I needed to steal DNA I'd rather suck dick than lick used plates.

>> No.74291842

Hint: tongue action is an important part of blowjobs

>> No.74291855

>discordfags trying to high ground
What a year

>> No.74291915

not in a sexual way though, it is different

>> No.74292125

My hero right here

>> No.74292162

No, thats what you sound when being autistic.

>> No.74292216

Red blood cells don't have DNA. That's why blood is made in marrow. While white blood cells exist, semen would unironically be a better source. Of cousre, if it was my character, I would do both and more by selling the truth. Who wouldn't hook up with a prostitute that was actually an alien creature who needed your juices to maintain her form? That's some hot freaky shit.

>> No.74292234

As an adventurer, a profession is not really possible. The party is always moving around, so slutting it up is one of the easier ways of getting DNA without killing people or like, acting a vampire and draining victims.

Or, I guess she's kind of like a vampire. A coom vampire.

>> No.74292244

>smug redhead goblin whore
shut up and take my coins

>> No.74292264

Anon please, a whore would take 1g.

>> No.74292279

Truly, abrahamic religions deserve to burn for making that distinction matter.

>> No.74292291

>three kisses along the shaft means there's a big heist soon
>some light scraping with the teeth means the guards are looking for you, get out of town
>nuzzling the balls with the cock on the left side of your face means you're seeking shelter
>nuzzling the balls with the cock on the right side of your face means you need supplies
>a finger up the butt means the kingpins have taken an interest, be on your best behaviour

>> No.74292295

None of those involve sex.

>> No.74292364

What about non-sexual prostitution?

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>> No.74292400

as a sex worker? no
as an indentured servant to some unknown beings due to a poorly written contract? yes
but is being possessed to sneak a non-euclidian being through the living realm and to the afterlife really prostitution? probably.

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I played a Drow virgin whore Bard. It was the most fun character i played.
First game of Pathfinder. It was DM's custom setting where we would play as a urban cell of evil subversive organization with the goal of toppling and taking over evil dictatorship country. During Character creation session, DM told us we were playing basically cover-ops, so I made her spy like, I took all mind-manipulating spells, illusions, persuasion, bluff, disguise(also used for make-up) and all that jazz, and took Courtesan occupation for skill synergy. But since we were evil i made her character to be backstabbing bitch who hates all males and think they are all fools. It was somewhat of a contradiction but DM liked it so much that he made a custom feat for me which allowed me to spend magic slots in order to trick customers with illusions to think they spent a night with her without her having to even touch them. Other player joked that my character might as well be 200 year old virgin and i rolled with it. Other players made all combat focused types, besides versatile Ratling Alchemist.
At 1 lvl i had 20Char and 5Con. I also rolled for height and got 6ft 4inch. I had to in-game bully Half-Orc Barb party member to carry my basic equipment to avoid weight penalty.
When i asked Pathfinder General if it was workable build they told me to stop baiting and fuck off. After 3lvl and onward i would be knocked out with a single hit from a basic mob. I didnt took a single direct damage spell so when confronted with the enemy i would fall on the ground and beg for mercy. And i would still be one of the most most effective combatants. I would do things like make enemy swallow poison pills made by party Alchemist or fall over a cliff with Grease spell. Every combat had to be creative.


>> No.74292584

One time we got optional mission to steal new magic-tech gadgets from navy's new ship in highly guarded military part of the port. Party bails out, says it would be too well guarded. I check missions intel and say ill do it alone. Everyone was like wut.
As mission preparations i go to the best beauty-salon and spend shitload of gold. I tell my party to standby in the base, they would only hinder me. Wait for the night and go to the tavern where navy officers hand out. I roll to find target, nat 20, High Admiral of the Raiding Fleet. Gnome. I try to flirt with him, get told to roll, NAT FUCKING 20. I try to persuade him to take me to the ship, fail, he takes me to the private room. I try to stall, get him drunk more, ha passes out. OK i got this. I contact party via magic badges to come and get me wheelbarrow. The hardest roll of the mission was for my 7 str 5 con drow to pick up a gnome and push him out of the window. We get to the gates of the port, I take over the wheelbarrow and tell party to standby.
I tell the guards to let me in on the authority of the High Admiral. The whole country had Soviet like levels of corruption so they dont dare to oppose me. I even get one of them to push the wheelbarrow for me. We get to the ship and to the captains quarters. I cast Ghostly Sound to make it sound like we are having fun. I can sense ship's guards gathering on the other side of the doors. I cast preparatory illusions and use mage hand to open the doors from the bead. The Guards fall in on the floor cartoon like style. In dim light room i use Admiral's voice to threaten them to get off the ship unless they want to be skinned alive. After that i can walk freely on the ship and get on with the mission objectives. But before that, i plant memories of a wonderful night within gnome's mind. While leaving i tell the guards to let the Admiral rest.
After the mission i am wanted in the city, not because of operation but because High Admiral wants to meet again.

>> No.74292592


Best campaign i played, though i wouldnt play it in a group with not good friends. I'm a guy so i'm afraid they would look a little weird playing whore.

>> No.74292700

I went to college with some fat weirdo who said anyone with a job was a prostitute. He talked about the movie Tron all the time and he got fired from McDonald's because he wouldn't stop talking about killing children

>> No.74292702

And a shoe is a shoe....

The retards point? 110 gold IS worth 110 gold pieces in value. In the county it was minted in.

In other lands...

>> No.74292704

>Has anyone ever played a prostitute? Has anyone ever prostituted their PC for quick financial gain?
What? Of course not! I have an animal companion for that!

>Oh, Anon, why would you pick Llama as your animal companion, its not combat oriented at all?
Who's paying for all your spells now, wizard? And who buys your armor and weapons, paladin? Huh? Thought so.

>> No.74292714


>> No.74292726

So do the men

>> No.74292771

I had a player in my last completed series who played a prostitute/sex worker/whatever you want to call it as a Scion. A big part of the game was people maintaining some semblance of normalcy and where we based the game (New York) she was essentially sugar babying using divine guile. Like any other 'profession' it was just something done off to the side and only really tackled in text based scenes we'd do between sessions, but it worked pretty well. Eventually the character 'grew out' of prostitution by virtue of becoming a God, but she'd still sleep with people if it was advantageous. I thought it was a really cool dynamic to have in the party, especially since it wasn't just played as le kooky sex bard trying to fuck everyone. If we ran into some old hick with warts on him, she wasn't going to flirt with him. If we ran into some sorta awkward balding guy with information to give, maybe she would - it was all played with some level of realism in mind. Then again, I'm not a tradcon baby who cries about the death of the West because someone wants to play a character that has casual sex or is gay, so I don't see why the concept itself would be bad.

>> No.74292870

neither does your life

>> No.74292993

Actually it has the same Deoxyneuclaic acids as any other. It has half the Gene's of the larger organism

>> No.74293003

It’s silly to me that some character flavor like this would rustle some people

>> No.74293065

Most games reward PC's with too much money for prostituting themselves to seem like even a semi-viable alternative to what they make adventuring.

>> No.74293148

Which means PCs should prostitute themselves... to other PCs! Who can actually pay high enough fee for PCs to feel it!

See, Britney, it makes sense! Now PLEASE let's RP sex...

>> No.74293233

The Rhapsody series is pretty decent. The main chick is an ex prostitute, but I think it fits the bill.

>> No.74293289

>why would anyone object to sitting around with the homies talking about imaginary sex acts in explicit detail? what are you, a bunch of fags?

>> No.74293310

>Not wanting retarded coomers in your game is projecting

OK, retard.

>> No.74293316

Nah, see, it follows a progression curve, same as anything. When you're level 1 you service sailors and guards to pay for your extra rations. When you're level 5-10 you're moving up in the world, and can start selling your ass to lesser nobles and court wizards and the like.

Then when you're high level you move to Sigil and start taking glabrezu cock for the big payloads.

>> No.74293514


>> No.74293756

Just curious... how much?

>> No.74293941

Doing the Lord's work. Godspeed anon.

>> No.74294047

>start taking glabrezu cock for the big payloads.


>> No.74294119

My husband prostituted his dragonborn in a quick 3-session we did. For cookies and a sweater.

>> No.74294186

What kind of cookies?

>> No.74294204

I can tell you don't get out much anon, everyone talks about sex, usually jokingly. You know you can have your PC do sonething and have fun with it, right? Same way guys can joke about anal or blowjobs you can joke about how 110 gold is 110 gold.

>> No.74294259

Oatmeal I think, which Id say qualifies as a cheap lay.

>> No.74294416

At least it wasn't oatmeal raisin.

>> No.74294652

Who the fuck pays 110 gold for a night with an adventurer when you could get several high class courtesans for a month at that cost?

Not to mention systems usually have tables for making downtime cash through plying normal trades and they're pretty much just there to drive home the point that it's peanuts compared to what you get through adventuring.

>> No.74294696

Based autismo

>> No.74294698

Depends on if the PC is an exotic race of some kind in that area, and the tastes of that individual.

>> No.74294778

Op here.

The PC was a grey elf with a hint of drow ancestry. The build the player made also had an unintended but not unwelcome side effect of giving charisma bonuses. So it was the exotic factor and the fact the build was so fine tuned that despite being a 17 cha, they functioned at a 20 charisma when talking to men

>> No.74294870

Checking service prices for PF whore prices go from 5 cp to 10 gp a night. Do you also allow players to sell their loot at ten times its value if they have high charisma?

>> No.74294888

>a grey elf with a hint of drow ancestry
>20 charisma
I'd totally pay 110g for that, not gonna lie.

>> No.74294914

What is g-to-euro conversion ratio again?
I'm trying to figure out the prices here.

>> No.74294953

Didnt know you had such intimate knowledge of anons game economy and going rates for services. Even more impressive that you knew so much about the NPC that hired the PC, like his motivations and his means.
Or were you just talking out of your ass?

>> No.74294964

If you can find someone who REALLY wants something, like an artifact, then yes, you absolutely can get that kind of money out of them if you can negotiate well enough.

>> No.74295016

Im not the DM.

Did i mention the character is an optimized dex fighter? He pretty much made a notTy Lee except with gladiator gloves (cestus) to punch for 1d6

>> No.74295048

>a grey elf with a hint of drow ancestry
>20 charisma
>perfectly fit, presumably with abs, but not overly muscular due to str not being main stat
>extremely flexible
Okay, ABSOLUTELY worth 110g

>> No.74295052

Games where adventurers are a thing generally don't let you make relevant amounts of money by working normally regardless of what your trade is, and prostitution is no exception.

>> No.74295095

So did you have extensive knowledge of anons game world and situations, or were vyiu talking out if your ass?

>> No.74295139

Educated guess. Surely OP will inform me if the world is some magical realm where whoring yourself is more lucrative than risking your life in ancient ruins.

Are you seriously crying about reasonable assumptions?

>> No.74295159

Am I among retard GMs? Non-adventuring careers should always be more lucrative than adventuring. Adventuring is a horrible life and limb risking fuckfest of bad decisions for no guaranteed payout.

>> No.74295175

10 times

>> No.74295191

I was just wanting to know if you were talking out of your ass about a campaign you know next to nothing about outside of one specific transaction between two individuals. The way the player described it, the PC had something rare going for them that they leveraged with someone who could afford it. It would be like if some eccentric collector bought a black lotus from his PC for a high price and you asked if he let every character sell cardboard for exorbitant prices if they had high Cha.

>> No.74295222

in all honesty the game started late because i forgot it was game night and was running errands with my friend. Im pretty sure he just threw that number out to make it worth his time because we didnt have enough time to do a proper combat sequence.

The john was also a very rich noble so its not improbable that he had that kind of money to toss about.

>> No.74295277 [DELETED] 

I don't want your facts. I just want to be mad.

>> No.74295283

It's a balance thing. If you can make more by having a stable job instead of dicking around the wilds - why wouldn't you? Just sell your holes with zero risk, buy a mansion and live happily ever after.
Same thing as suddenly becoming a merchant, making good cash and hiring a personal army. That's very brave and unorthodox from you, but that's not what the game is about, so we have to make some artificial barriers in order to avoid this.
Of course, we can also have a really complicated tax system, competitors, world events getting in the way of your business. But there are people besides you who want to play the game, instead of watching you playing tycoon with the DM.

>> No.74295342

One time occurrence is one thing.
>Has anyone ever played a prostitute?
Made it sound like something that happens all the time, and that wouldn't exactly be fair to players who didn't write "sucks dick for cash" in the sheet and max out CHA.

>> No.74295378

After one of my players in Only War managed to loot some abandoned civilian buildings, he came into the possession of roughly 2000 thrones cold cash. Naturally in the Imperial Guard, money won't actually get you all that far (Good luck casually buying a powersword and convincing your superiors that's your standard equipment) so he did the only reasonable thing. Spent it all on a colossal drinking/drugging/fucking binge. Sure he burnt all but like 100 thrones, but when you're on the warfront you need to enjoy these pleasures while you can.

>> No.74295381

Anon if RPing being a brothel whore in a relatively stable life is what everyone at the table wants then more power to you. The "game is about" people enjoying themselves, typically. If they do that by adventuring or RPing or whoring then it's not wrong.

There is plenty of danger in becoming a travelling merchant and managing a personal army as part of a small trading company. The game's as fun as you and your friends make it.

>> No.74295409

to be fair i didnt make the thread specifically for that instance/player. It was inspiration for a more general discussion. Its why i said it had me wondering.

>> No.74295418

>empowering Slaanesh instead of turning that money in to Munitorum or donating to the Ecclesiarchy.
That's some heresy and no mistake. BLAM!

>> No.74295450

You realize that most women are not prostitutes or pornstars correct? In all honesty there are probably more men in jobs that are essentially selling their body than there are women (any type of physical labor job is basically just selling your body)

>> No.74295465

I once performed sexual favours to a sort of ice fey witch for a spell. I was a 30-something barbarian and this was how I lost my virginity, by being an old hag's boytoy for the night. She was so impressed that she gave me two new spells instead of one.

>> No.74295483

warlock patronage is inherently sexual

>> No.74295541

>PCs prostituting themselves to survive
Degenerate but kino.

>> No.74295799

>to survive

>> No.74296508

Nope, the closes I got was playing conjurer and whoring the summons.

>> No.74297347

>coom meme
Back to discord

>> No.74298211

Our "she's not a murder hobo because she rents an apartment" rouge worked as a prostitute by default. Murder, theft, and subturfuge were a mix of hobby, job, and we later found out, coping mechanism for her.

She recent got betrayed by the Zentarim, they thought she had betrayed them, and is currently in the MercyKillers' prison in Sigil.

She may or may not be provoking a war between the Harmonium (and by extension the Lady of Pain) and a dread Lord of ravenloft, her mother, because she resents the Harmonium (and by extension the Lady of Pain) successfully arresting her.

She's basically spiteful, fearless, and freespirited engine of chaos, headonism, suffering, and death with a LOT of issues.

>> No.74299236

Well a scifi setting I made has horrific bug monster parasites that serve as the galaxy's gas station hookers. It isn't that they're some horny bugs, it's just the easiest way to get other species' reproductive material without getting purged.

>> No.74299326

The competition is actually quite harsh. It's not a guaranteed windfall by any means.

>> No.74299729

That’s probably worse anon

>> No.74299940


I had a girl that, in vampire of any gaming situation you can think of, was a porn actress

>> No.74300978 [DELETED] 

Question: if you're playing a slut who would have sex with people anyway when they ask, but you're certainly willing to take payment if they offer, does that make you a prostitute, or just a financially-savvy slut?

Secondary question. If you have sex with anyone who asks for free, but they throw some money at you to make it feel extra-degrading, does that count as prostitution?

>answers also needed for my RPG character

>> No.74300998

You just described a "job," dipshit

>> No.74301086

Whores sure are a popular topic

>> No.74301189

I don't think parasitism on a man as the main life goal can be described as a job.

>> No.74301234

A Dance With Rogues, sorta.

>> No.74301239

With my friends we alway create a religious cult who use prostitution to spread the religion.

>> No.74301255


>> No.74301266

If you have wanton sex regardless without the expectation of payment, you're just a slut. If you didn't ASK for money to do it, you're not a prostitute.
If someone gives you money afterwards without you asking for it beforehand, that's just a gift.

>> No.74301281

>He ignores backstory and careers
>He hasn't played Stars Without Number

>> No.74301342 [SPOILER] 


>> No.74301382

>Am I among retard GMs? Non-adventuring careers should always be more lucrative than adventuring.
Then why would people adventure in the first place? God I hate fucking "I am so smart because I invert the concept of the game" brainlets like you. Die.

>> No.74301599

Trying to pass that off as brainlet just further hammers your own retard stamp, anon. You adventure for the sake of adventure. You risk for the chance at something really great.

>> No.74302162

the only difference between prostitution and a regular job is that the service offered comes with extra connotations

>> No.74302192

>[Born This Way]

>> No.74302473 [SPOILER] 

Okay anon, I am fully willing to admit I may have been wrong, assuming you honestly answer one question for me: Are you saying adventurers are simply gamblers?

>> No.74302577

Depends on how far you personally separate gambler from thrill seeker

>> No.74302593


>> No.74303443

Oh, I remember that NWN mod. Played all versions of it, some of them even several times.
My preferred style of gameplay was the slow corruption of the orincess, who started as a nice and sheltered girl, and slowly grew more and more amoral, debauched and hateful, ending up as a CE assassin.

>> No.74303455

Absolutely story cultured and excellent-narrative pilled.

>> No.74303528

Did you ever play the gladiatrix mod?

>> No.74303655

I played most of the nwn mods from nwnvault. Including lewd ones. I also liked Arandie mod a lot.
My folder with mods still survives on my hd, and it's about 50GB.
I also played lewd mods for BG2. I especially liked Imoen Romance mod, not just because of Imoen, but because of it's huge size, extra dialogues and interactions with almost every character and the quality of the writing.
I used to be quite a coomer in 00s.

>> No.74305180 [DELETED] 

If you have more money after sex than when you started the sex, you're a whore. Simple as.

>> No.74305359

That’s way too general
What if you happened to fuck someone that left you an inheritance?

>> No.74305415

What if they just give you some money for cab home?
What if you accidentally pull off one of their rings and neither of you realizes that until next day?

>> No.74305473 [DELETED] 

>t, whores

>> No.74305649

I had my changeling whore himself as "whatever you want" for a lot of money when the party really needed gold. Don't really see a problem with it so long as it's not softcore porn or ERP tier at the table.

>> No.74305652 [DELETED] 

Show us your tits, whore.

>> No.74306375 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Since you told me to, ok.

But since I'm a whore and not a slut, this is all you get for free. A slut would have uploaded a nsfw Imgur gallery, but a whore doesn't give away the good for free. Too bad.

>> No.74306767

yeah ok but did you play A Dance With Rogues

>> No.74306791

>t American.

>> No.74306879

Ehh. Theyre ok.

>> No.74307222 [DELETED] 

Dem's some nice nips. Good girl.

>neverwinter nights
>implying that anyone here should have played a boomer game

>> No.74307346

The fact that there are no girls on the internet and modern trends in surgery and hormone therapy existing makes me very suspicious of this image

>> No.74307533 [DELETED] 

If that's a fake image, it's a REALLY GOOD fake. The writing is female as fuck, and there's a sewing machine right there, and men don't sew shit. Plus those are some totally reasonable C or D-cups and not something huge and disgusting like trannies get bolted to them.

I mean, I get your argument, but I'm torn. Everything about the image screams actual grill, except the fact that it's posted on /tg/ at all.

>> No.74307649

Congratulations, you've won at /tg/.

>> No.74307683

nice doll

>> No.74307689

And that's why they shouldn't get rights

>> No.74307802 [DELETED] 

>But since I'm a whore and not a slut, this is all you get for free

>> No.74308109

lol that's a fucking doll

>> No.74308154

A whore fucks because they're paid to, being paid afterwards, when you did not expect to be, does not make you a whore.

Nice boobies. Is it cold there, or did doing this arouse you?

>> No.74308181

Once made a halfling in pathfinder. He was a rogue, had the child like trait. (Feat?) basically super high disguise/bluff to pretend to be a human kid.

The reason he had it is he grew up in a brothel and ended up turning tricks to make up his mother’s debt to the owner.

It was, without a doubt, the worst character concept I’ve ever come up with. My DM tried to talk me out of it but I thought it was appropriately roughed up around the edges.

Anyway, the game had the Goliath barbarian carry my character around on her shoulders for almost the entirety of the sole session, only getting away for some sneaky hijinks and planting of evidence.

The game died because the DM didn’t really have an adventure planned out so much as a rough idea as to where the party might eventually someday go, and I’m glad for that. The halfling was neutral evil, and had the whole “bonus sneak attack damage if you strike from surprise” so he’d pretend to be a lost child before shanking people in the face.

The game consisted mostly of me shanking guards to gain access to restricted areas, then bringing evidence to the party about going ins. It was dark, depressing and brutal and I’m so glad it died early.

The Goliath was awesome, even if the player was telling me ooc if their barbarian ever found out the halfling wasn’t a real boy they were going to start breaking bones starting at his toes, and not stop til they got to his ears.

>> No.74308198

Oh yeah, background never came up in game. It was mine and the DM’s horrible horrible secret. Mostly mine.

>> No.74308334

Game would have been fine if your character had been female.

>> No.74308376

fuck you faggot oatmeal raisin is my favorite

>> No.74308469

>tits with timestamp
based whore anon actually delivers

>> No.74308816

Fuck that got me good

>> No.74308869

Consider upgrading.

>> No.74308994

Not really?

While this PC never got off the ground due to the game being stillborn, I did make a Dwarf that slept with their hated enemy so they didn't die, if that counts.

Pathfinder, Dwarf was a decedent of the first great Dwarven king whose clan was no longer politically powerful but commanded a lot of respect based on their ancestry. Dwarf was technically the heir, but had no head for politics and had a bad case of wanderlust. At one point in his backstory, he was captured by the retinue of a Duergar noblewoman, who upon examining him recognized his clan's emblem as belonging to the hated Dwarf who led the non-Duergar to the surface. She slept with him to conceive a child which would have a legitimate claim as the first Dwarven king's heir, which could be used for nefarious purposes.

No money changed hands though, so I dunno if that counts.

>> No.74309051

>be a noblewoman
>can become a whore
>get fucked by hellhounds
>get impregnated by an orc
Truly, a mod for women. I think maker was a women which explains things.

>> No.74309111

Don't forget my husbando Hyath. Literally a dream mate.

>> No.74309967

>men don't sew shit

Are you even aware that there's a /cgl/ board on 4chan?

>Also not knowing how to do a basic useful skill because your masculinity is so fragile

>> No.74310001

Fun fact. 5th edition of Dark Eye had "prostitute" as a character class. Too bad it was removed in the US version because it's politically incorrect. Together with some tastefully nude pics in PHB. I guess the German and American mentality differ quite a bit.

>> No.74310097

The ability to say "you know that chick who helped saved the town from the dragon? Totally banged that for x gp."

>> No.74310149

Please tell me there's a non-burger English edition.

>> No.74310260

Best post on /tg/ right now.

>> No.74310282

You do realize that physical labour is not synonymous with prostitution not matter how much you want to call general physical labour "selling their body".

>> No.74310284

>and men don't sew shit

>tfw am a man
>tfw am actually at PC at this moment because I'm looking for tailoring courses

>> No.74310294

>I guess the German and American mentality differ quite a bit
Well, for one, prostitution is legal in Germany (and most of Europe, for that matter, aside from a few retarded backwards shitholes like Lithuania)

>> No.74310295 [SPOILER] 

Nope, I don't think so. Every European version (Russian, German, Italian) is left intact, but English version is censored to all fuck, no matter what.

>> No.74310297


Physical labour is worse.

>> No.74310348

>sewing machine right there
Sewing machine belongs to dude making outfits for his real doll. Photographs it there to make people think he's a woman while pretending doll/"she" is making them for herself.

>> No.74310398


I can't be the only degenerate here so far gone that I notice some peculiarities here right?

The texture of the skin, spacing of the breasts (which themselves display abnormally normal curvature) and uniform natute of the nipples appears to strongly resemble one of those Real Doll busts.

You know, a lot like one of those 20 LBS OF PUSSY AND ASS fucking mounts?

The angle of the alleged breasts and the reflections on the sewing machine cause me some confusion over the anatomy of the poster.

I'm happy to concede this is merely some enterprising young whore with fine tits - but the Internet has taught me to be skeptical to a fine degree and some distant bell in the hilly kingdoms of my sex toy autism is ringing.

To wit I find it more believable that a neckbeard dressed up his fuck doll. If I weren't at work I'd put in more research on this subject and try to derive a definitive answer.

>> No.74310413

>its not a gurl, its a realdoll
eh, tits are tits
good enough for me

>> No.74310425

Who the hell gets a real doll with tits this size? It's either way bigger or pedoflat.

>> No.74310440


Apparently quite a lot of people.

Recent drama involving the real doll community had me snooping around a major real doll forum on a lark and a lot of these sad folks yknow, want their fake waifu to be somehow believable.

>> No.74310441

maybe it was a faulty one he found in the litter outside the factory?

>> No.74310479

>virgins believe this is a woman

>> No.74310533

>fucked by hellhounds
Four at once. But the character is high level at this point, so she could take them.
And not forget being fucked by an ordinary large dog early in game.

>> No.74310606

Was it made by some dogfucker?

>> No.74310614

No, it was made some girl, French if I remember correctly.
And there was only two cases of dogfucking in both parts of the module.

>> No.74310650

Ah, makes sense.

>> No.74310659

Zoophilia is more common among women than men. It’s about power and control for them. Man can leave you, dog can’t.

>> No.74310739

>boomer game
So what?
It's still a good game, much better than modern ones.
Though I long gave up on computer gaming completely in favour of ttrpgs.

>> No.74310824

>It's still a good game,
Ehhh... both NWN and sequel had average campaigns and were vastly outdone by the epic level expansions.

>> No.74310850

HotU is good, yes.
But it's the fan modules which are the best.

>> No.74310954

Goddamn, this thread got gutted.

>> No.74311188

Yes, in Pathfinder, where courtesan is a core rulebook profession and earns (1d20+WIS+Profession)/2 per week, like every other profession.

>> No.74311195

>not CHA
what was the logic there?

>> No.74311204

jannies gonna janny

>> No.74311276

gotta know the tricks of the trade to give a client a good fucking, guys aren't looking for a lively conversation

>> No.74311299

Milk the clock, not the cock.

>> No.74311483

enjoy Hell

>> No.74311510


>> No.74311521


>> No.74311532

If you can roll improvise a weapon you can roll improvise a sex, or just limit it as any other another story element.

>> No.74311690

no ur just retarded

>> No.74311748

My Noble from an impoverished house deliberately married the daughter of a house with less glamourous heritage but lots more money, so I suppose that might count as selling yourself/your house for profit.

>> No.74311962

Nut in the choco elf while the catgirl grinds her box into my face

>> No.74312017

The logic is that it's about how good at making a business out of your job you are. You can be the best lay in the land but it won't net you a good sum if you undersell yourself.

>> No.74312170

>implying you want if you already worship God of the Other Side

>> No.74312237

>You can be the best lay in the land but it won't net you a good sum if you undersell yourself.
Ah, this reminds me of a time I met an ex-pornstar-turned-escort in Budapest, who was way cheaper than other non-trash escorts offering same services, despite having really mad skills and great looks.
So, makes sense.

>> No.74313184

you get more roastbeef in this thread than you do at subway and for cheaper too.

>> No.74313401

Hell, I'd play a cheap whore, the village bicycle, why is anyone concerned? it's just a backstory / game, bros.

>> No.74313496

The irony is that raising prices transfers you to a qualitatively higher category of service in the customer's mind, just like Veblen goods.

>> No.74313749


>> No.74315312

One dude I played with early on had an assassin character who used as one of their go-to disguises a slave-prostitute.

>> No.74315492

Oh oh and my best college drinking-buddy and partner-in-crime played an Houri (AD&D) when he was in the Air Force. Apparently they drank and played D&D *a lot*.

>> No.74315721

>this will never be me

>> No.74317635

>playing as a goblin

>> No.74317678

Yes, I have prostituted my PC to gain useful information, the GM ruled that all I had to do was charm him initially and left out the sex by cutting to black and nobody sperged out.

>> No.74319652

Consider suicide, faggot.

>> No.74320161

I agree, 110 gold is 110 gold, a very tidy sum of money.

My only thought is however, isn't 100 gold like a huge amount of money to the layperson, a skilled artisan would be making around 25-50gp in a month, so 110 is the equivilent of a seasons wage to somone who is already near the top of the economic foodchain, even an incredibly affluent noble would struggle to justify spending that kind of money to get his dick wet unless it was a special occasion.

What kind of virginal halfling boypussy is your character slinging to either attract a mechant prince or duke to flash some cash, or at least convince a moderately-wealthy-merchant to ruin his business for a chance to plow you down.

I mean I'm not saying it's impossible, there are people today who go full paypig for some E-thot camgirl to say "Owh thank yew OtakuFan442 for that 600 dollarz, looks like you're tonight's biggest D! Oops, oh wait, looks like PikleRic69 just donated 650! Thanks Daddi!" but seems like 110 gold for a fuck seems a bit much when it's getting closer to the "You peasant, sell me your daughter for 110 gold she looks like she will make a good cocksleeve for a year or two, I'll also throw in an extra 20 for your dirty wife, don't worry I won't fuck her, I just want to make her watch." kind of fuck you money.

>> No.74320615

>virginal halfling boypussy

You have my attention.

>> No.74320664

>ebonics in a fantasy world

>> No.74320718

>Someone on /co/ translated the sign and it reads something like "Brothel. Parties welcome"

>> No.74321144

See >>74294778 and >>74295016

>> No.74321176

Go be an hero yourself, I just want to be a smug stack if sex puns.

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