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Custodes are COOL edition

>Starter Sets, Painting Sets & Others:

>Avenging Son; Interview with Gay Haley:

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Previous thread: >>74266267

THREAD QUESTION: Do you like Custodes being an army? Or did you prefer them staying in the background as fluff?

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what reasons would there be to have a small group of custodes traveling the galaxy?

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Post what you're working on.

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make me

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I’ll reiterate from the last thread.

Special missions. The Emmissaries Imperatus predicted something and said somebody should check that shit out. Roboute figures a particular issue was of high importance and the Captain General agreed. An Eye of the Emperor (retired Custodian Guard) has found some nasty shit and it’s destruction is imperative. There are ways.

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Read about the Lockwardens

>> No.74269833

I like them being an army but they should play more like an army of all Dreadnoughts compared to an army of terminators that they currently are like.

>> No.74269836

interesting, how much leeway does a shield captain have to go out and do his thing?
thank you

>> No.74269840

Just say is some of the eyes of the emperor working together

>> No.74269844

They need to find an oil planet for terra has none anymore and their ab muscles need to be displayed with the finest of oils only,

>> No.74269854

Nigh threat, spearhead break, aquilon rpotectingn some future sight special

>> No.74269863

Anyone know a good mint green I can use to do the power armor of these dark hands?

>> No.74269866

>group of retirees traveling the world(s)
Yeah I guess.

>> No.74269868

The hip joint parts are on backwards you schlupp.

>> No.74269871

Custodes also function as enforcers of the Lex Imperialis, but their physical ability is superior to any department of Arbites and their ability to issue sentences and punishment faster than any Imperial Judge.

They're Feds: 40k edition.
There's plenty of room to come up with something.

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One of the reasons, in the old lore before they were their own faction, is that Custodes will sometimes venture out into the world to hone their skills to avoid becoming dull (more common for those of older ages who are not as apt as they were in younger days).

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don't they turn in their gear though?

>> No.74269898

Skarsnik Green

>> No.74269904

No. Dick protrusion faces outward, per my instruction manual.

>> No.74269906

Ok but how can I explain Trajann showing up to my crusade

>> No.74269907

30k admech > 40k admech

>> No.74269911

Yeah but that would be good for what ever rpg you are doing bcc you can start from scratch

>> No.74269913

free beer

>> No.74269916

Did they get a buff?

>> No.74269917


We live on Davinci's Wild West Ride here.

>> No.74269921

Here’s some reasoning provided for Custodes Killteams from Killteam: Elites

>> No.74269922

Valdor is going to still be alive and Guilliman is going to find him and he'll be the next big Custodes release isn't he?

>> No.74269925

They're also the secret service and the secret police and their own class of extra legal bullshit. There's a group of the future seers that have been known to go shield people from being executed from heresy if they're thought to be useful.

>> No.74269928

Most people don't know or care who that is.

>> No.74269932

I mean, dont the lockwarderns or whatever the black armored Custodes have to go out an recollect all the weird SCPs that were locked under the imperial palace that got out during gathering storm? Also according to the blood ravens WD, the custodes are also the ones who are delivering the primaris shit to random chapter.

>> No.74269934

I wish.

>> No.74269936

Well, maybe you could just save up some money or take a smaller personal loan. It can't be that expensive to rent a decent sized space in a town that small. Even with mediocre credit you could probably get 10-20k to get you started.

>> No.74269938

fucking kek you can get custodes in kill team?
i'm assuming you get one guy

>> No.74269944

1PL each in Crusade

A unit of 5 cost like a min size Tactical Squad

>> No.74269946

Is it a dumb gimmick to paint Custodes as black men, and then use a glow-in-the-dark gloss to detail their armor ?

>> No.74269953

I thought Arbites were the Imperium's Feds?

>> No.74269954

mission is really important
why would rowboat gorillaman or any other named character be anywhere for that matter

>> No.74269955

high chance
They went down to 1pl a piece. Which is kinda a steal

>> No.74269957

At 100 points? Three guards or a guard and a terminator. Great killers but absolutely fucked when trying to take any objectives.

>> No.74269965

Arbites are generally stuck on one planet or in one system. Remember that they're only human.

>> No.74269966

So with the loss of the Biker warboss, we've confirmed that other factions are *losing* options while Astartes are gaining them? We gonna be 30k soon.

>> No.74269970

Are there any leaks or rumors on whats coming after Primaris and Necrons?

>> No.74269979

Eldar and Guard.

>> No.74269980

I didn't realize you guys played with Power Level.

>> No.74269985

Wouldn't be terribly unlikely. I think Custodes aren't going to get a release for a while though. Marines get so many fucking releases that for the foreseeable future it's all going to be primaris vs xenos or chaos.

>> No.74269987

I've heard some people say Orks but two xenos in a row seems unlikely to me.

>> No.74269988

French forums are saying IG and Eldar later this year.

>> No.74269989

Crusade is fun

>> No.74269991

Rumors? Eldar and Guard. Orks never ever

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>> No.74269997

Guard with a new infantry kit, probably Catachans.

>> No.74270004

I don't, but roughly 20 points per power level. I think they're good for the price.

>> No.74270006

More primaris and necrons. Angron, Fulgrim, and Squats are teased at the end of books.

>> No.74270007

I'll check it out thanks

>> No.74270009

Crusade is actually fun

>> No.74270019


More Primaris.

>> No.74270023

one of the shield captains got loaned his gear for a mission

>> No.74270025

It's some crusade based on a system in the lore. Our store has been doing campaigns in that system for years so it's a continuation from our Kill Team one. Everyone's forces have ACTUALLY showed up to stake their claim over these planets. Dunno that anyone else is bringing anything close to a primarch.

>> No.74270028

no pictures, but painting some tau stealth suits to see if I can't make myself like tau, and then assembling some MANz

>> No.74270034

How can we bring space marines up to the level of all the other factions? Seems a bit dumb for the poster boy faction for the game to be so weak.

>> No.74270039

My first 40k army that's not 40k doods

>> No.74270051

This might not be the best place for this question, but does anyone know if there's anywhere I can purchase prints of old John Blanche 40k artwork?

>> No.74270063

I don’t understand warhammer, guilliman was healed on the 7th, he wields the literal emperor sword and the most Chungus ass armor, on the 8th nothing really happened, on the 9th even less happened, the fluff on chapter approve gives us a brief introduction to the factions and that’s it.

What little progress was made to advance the story with psychic awakening was thrown away and we are stuck again. Shit sucks, I want to see guilliman fight abaddon

>> No.74270068

I meant KT

>> No.74270074


You will not be missed.

>> No.74270082

So when does this pan out for my Bllightlords? Or do I just say they have 3 wounds now and it's all good?

>> No.74270087

I would love this, Eldar especially. Where can I find the info on these French forums? If its even possible to find really.

>> No.74270089

>A drum mag on an axe
How would one reload this quickly?

>> No.74270101

How does Daemonic Ritual and Tyranid Birthing work in crusade? I know your starting force is a maximum of 50PL but can I just summon daemons out the ass (I wouldn't I'd just set aside PL for that) but as far as intended style of play is concerned

>> No.74270112

this question is so retarded I don't think you even play warhammer.

units have the stats their datasheets say they have, the stats on the datasheet of a different unit have no affect on them at all

>> No.74270117

after all this year I realized this guy was a Slaanesh reference

>> No.74270120

This is the very first model I'm working on, trying to make a chaos knight army. I finally got color scheme that looks chaosy enough and I will be picking up some chaos bits to make the model look more gangster.

I'm pretty proud of my first model.

>> No.74270124

You draw your side arm and a serf does it for you.

>> No.74270129

It's a setting. The story isn't supposed to advance. It's a place for stories to be told in, not a story itself.

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>> No.74270137

Sweet, so my Blightlord Terminators have 3 wounds now. That's fuckin' sick, man!

>> No.74270142


You should read the lore. It's the best part.

>> No.74270143

You can summon them but they disappear at the end of every game.

I'm pretty sure that everybody home ruled them out of the game though

>> No.74270146

Sorry pal, blightlords are ancient history, created for the 8th to make marines look cool.
You either play the new and updated xenos faction (necrons) or you don’t play so Stop stealing stats from marines.

>> No.74270150

has anyone bought models from Wargame Exclusive? I'm considering getting some of their totally-not-admech techpriest models, just curious about the quality of them, particularly as theyre resin rather than plastic

>> No.74270151

GW disagrees.

Are youre gonna put the loincloth on the back?

>> No.74270165

Nurgle appears in billy and mandy and has nurglings

>> No.74270167

So I can just use the Space Marine Terminator rules but say they're Death Guard. Awesome! Thanks for the help, friend.

>> No.74270168

God this game is so fucking stupid. When are some cool armies going to get some interesting shit?

>> No.74270177

Really ? Boooo that sucks booooo I want to see the end of times on 40K and guilliman killing abaddon boooo

>> No.74270193

Instructions can be wrong. Most people put the tank treads on their Plagueburst Crawlers on backwards because of that.

>> No.74270211

Why would they kill off a central character that they sell a miniature for? It's not going to happen. There's no reason it should, either.

>> No.74270218

I'm surprised Shadowkeepers/basically any sect of the Custodes outside the normal rank and file Custodes don't have more fluff/unique units. Fucks sake, Primaris have enough variants that it's getting a bit much.

>> No.74270221


Nope. Should have bought Primaris, loser.

Or you could come play Infinity with a company that actually gives a shit.[/quote]

>> No.74270234

>I'm pretty sure that everybody home ruled them out of the game though
I suppose that makes sense, its be kinda untenable if just swarms and swarms of new units keep appearing.

>> No.74270236

What boards would 40k characters browse?
>Big E
>/diy/, /fa/, /fit/, /his/, /lit/, /k/, /sci/
>in that order

>> No.74270241

At least steal the right one.... the necrons stats.

>> No.74270248

nothing at the moment, waiting for new models before I commit to any combat patrols

>> No.74270250

Custodes can fucking retire!?!?

>> No.74270259

>Trajan blah
Dont know, dont care. To me he is just another high ranking custodes to kill.

>> No.74270265


Yup. Well, they don't stop working for the Imperium, they just stop being active Custodian Guard.

>> No.74270268

Dude if I wanted to play an army of characterless Buzz Lightyears, I would.

>> No.74270270

Are you eating a bowl full of peanuts with a spoon?

>> No.74270282

If a Custodes is no longer able to meet Custodes standard, they usually retire to become imperial spymasters called Eyes of the Emperor.

>> No.74270287

Are you eating oyster crackers like they're cereal?

>> No.74270288


Then understand that you exist to be an easily-defeatable practice dummy for Astartes players.

>> No.74270292

>> No.74270296

Yeah, once you start getting like a one-hundredth or a second slower in all your attacks and reactions, you’re basically seen fit for guard duty anymore.

>> No.74270305

It's just oyster crackers in cold chicken broth. You don't do that?

>> No.74270306

Was the Imperium doomed to fail from the start?

>> No.74270309

>No, Captain, battle formations.
Just finished 40 warriors in 48 hours. Feeling accomplished. Next are the reanimators, then destoryers.

>> No.74270315

Not that anon, but heat it up first, you weirdo.

>> No.74270320

so what are you guys working on? pic related.. i'm pushing the most i can out of my 3d printer.. going to try make a 40k Deamon Primarch fulgrim

>> No.74270323

>Custodes have enough intelligence to realize that at a certain point your experience won't make up for your loss in strength, so they choose another profession that will allow them to benefit the Imperium
>Space Marines are so unga bunga they refuse to ever retire, and will fight until they die
At some point, Brother Billy, age 2700, should retire and train initiates on the homeworld.

>> No.74270325

Your dudes are going to all die in their next battle, but you get to choose the manner of their deaths. How do you want them to go?

>> No.74270327


Yes, but then GW realized fascism sells so they decided otherwise.

>> No.74270329

You don't. You have people to reload it for you.

>> No.74270335

i do this with chips
keeps your hands clean

>> No.74270338

Nah, it was doomed the moment the emperor decided to eliminate the chaos gods instead of accepting that chaos is part of humanity, also magnus, fuck magnus.

>> No.74270342

They're already fated to die at the hand of the Thousand Sons. You just moved that fate to their next battle.

>> No.74270347

this guy puts it best:

>> No.74270351

looking good anon

>> No.74270354


I'm a xenos player through and through, and I dislike Astarteswank, and the face that GW has embraced this wholeheartedly has turned me off of the hobby...

...but I like the idea that Astartes are something special, and they don't actually slow down with age.

>> No.74270364

>I do this with chips

>> No.74270380

>48 hours

I know necrons are piss easy but still...I struggle finishing 10 guardsman in a week.

>> No.74270388

big explosion

>> No.74270391

>POV being charged by a squad of 3W Blightlord Terminators

>> No.74270392

app update,
set up page for adding cards to a crusade force, working on card details tab.
Sword tab is gonna be for battles

>> No.74270395

I've never seen that kind of space marine before, what chapter are they?

>> No.74270404

>yfw 3 wound scarab terminators

>> No.74270405

Friend wants a crusade game this weekend. I'm a lorelet but how does this sound for my orks
>Crusade Force: Da Metals Heads
>Unit 1: Kargath Monstashokka(Big Mek SAG
>Unit 2: Dakka Skwad(Boyz 20 units)
>Unit 3: Dakka Too(Boyz 20 units)
>Unit 4: Kombiblastaz(Nobs 6 units)
>Unit 5: Monsta Killaz(Tankbustas 7 units)
>Unit 6: Metal Boyz( Deff Dreads 2 units)
>Unit 7: Trukk(trukk 1 unit)

>> No.74270407

I think Inceptors look cool.

>> No.74270413

Color scheme reminds me of AoS Sigmarines. Was that a choice on your part or was that a coincidence?

>> No.74270425

how the lamenters went down

i make no apologies, it's great for snacking while doing something else
i'm not fat

>> No.74270426


>> No.74270428

Calm down secondary. Space Marines have been good for just over a year. Before that they were one of the weakest armies in the game for 2 years straight. In a years time they will have have been pushed off the top by an army with a newer Codex.

>> No.74270431

Is that 50PL or less?

>> No.74270440

49 PL

>> No.74270446

Imagine DA Hellblasters in a drop pod.

>> No.74270447

Yes, because the Emperor doesn't understand why people betray him.

>> No.74270451

i do too, my favorite primaris unit
i don't play primaris

>> No.74270458


If they're removing HQ options from some factions (Orks) while adding equivalents for others (Primaris), it's clear where the favoritism is.

>> No.74270460

>thinking about getting some custodes as a change of pace since they only need a few models
>think wardens and jetbikes are neat
>webstore exclusive
well fuck

>> No.74270472

yeah, should be alright. its not fine tuned or anything but unless your opponent is optimising his list I think you'll be okay

>> No.74270476

>Asking GW to fuck you over
There's no good reason Primaris can't use any Space Marine vehicle. Don't be a dope and go along with this shit.

>> No.74270484

no you see a new drop pod means a completely new statline, which means primaris get even better

>> No.74270485

>2 squads of boys (nobz with big choppas)
>dread with 3 saws and klaw
>trukk with wrecking ball
>either small squad of cheeky stormboyz or a painboy
this will be my first 750. its just a mix of models I like the look of so no idea how effective it will be

>> No.74270490

With a higher KDR.

>> No.74270491

>getting some cool new models is getting fucked over

>> No.74270504

oh and I forgot the smasha gun

>> No.74270506

coincidence. Its my 5e necron scheme.

>> No.74270510

It's ok, you kinda lack in any ranged options and saws aint that amazing on a dread outside of being point-saving. I'd go with stormboyz for their utility, though painboy could baby-sit Ghaz if Goff.

>> No.74270518

How would things change if the Emperor actually understood people?

>> No.74270540

I just love my crons

[REDACTED], the got expunged from inperial records when [REDACTED] before the Horus Heresy.

>> No.74270547

That's models, not rules. Also your example is Orks? Dark Eldar lost two thirds of all their HQ choices in 7th edition and Tyranids don't even have a Lord of War choice.

>> No.74270551

Ok so I think I understand now, you put the chips on a bowl, break them Into tiny pieces and eat them as a cereal? You are pretty based.

I thought you were using a spoon to eat big chips without breaking them into tiny pieces, I’m kinda dumb please bear with me.

>> No.74270555

thanks mate. I felt like ranged wasn't really important in my first game of combat patrol because the board was so small, and that I'd just get wrecked by primaris anyway. not sure how much bigger it is at 750

>> No.74270558

normal pods are fine, and would be cheaper in cost then some specialized primaris one. Which would probably be a worse Anvilus or Kharybdis.

>> No.74270563

>finishing 10 guardsman in a week
Wow, look at mr speed painter here.

>> No.74270576

what's a good dread loadout?

>> No.74270582

I mean even if you forgo your own ranged, you gotta be able to close the gap somehow. Maybe consider a weirdboy to close the gap. Ghaz+weirdboy+boyz teleported on other side+stormboyz can be daunting if it's coming from multiple directions, ye?

>> No.74270585

I spend like 5 hours in a single day sometimes though or are you just being cheeky for the sake of being cheeky?

>> No.74270592

For Goffs I'd go 3 klaws and a skorcha, though even 4 klaws would work

>> No.74270593

you've got enough cool new models for fuck sake leave some manpower to the armies of finecast and 20+ year old trash kits

>> No.74270596

10 Guardsmen in a week is good.

>> No.74270600

No, it was just edgy BL writters like ADB who decided that.

>> No.74270605

Well he's playing Space Sharks, I'm just kinda terrified if they get into melee or if he'll use Tyberos

>> No.74270606

Klaws, skorchas, and megablastas are all good options depending on how many pts you got to play with, your army loadout, and your kulture.
Saws and Big Shoota are passable pt savers, but not great. Rokkits are pretty garbo.

>> No.74270607

fuck bros I finally did it I beat a fucking marine player. I think his list was kind of shit though. he had 20 intercessors, a lieutenant, a vindicare, a predator, and 2 whirlwinds. I had pic related but -1 church that I found out doesn't stack and +1 troops squad. I deployed shittily and my dominions died uselessly, but the rest of my bitches camped the objectives and refused to die so I won like 70 to 40. it's fucking bullshit though that the vindicare has better stats than celestine.

>> No.74270608

No, Erda fucked the most important part up.

>> No.74270614

Still worse than inceptors. Fucking 2d3 plasma shots on a flying gravis unit for 50 points.

>> No.74270616

thanks dude(s). I have one last newbie question which is, with all these loadout options a lot of ork stuff has, do they actually come in the box? or is it like others where you can have 4 klaws but the kit comes with 1/2

>> No.74270618

Warboss on bike

>> No.74270631

If The Emperor had understood why Erda betrayed him, he could have prevented Horus betraying him.

>> No.74270637

don't forget ghaz doesn't even get his own buffs anymore for 300 pts lmao

>> No.74270640

Dreads come with three klaws and three saws, two megablastas, a skorcha, a rokkit, and two big shootas if I recall. I def recall three klaws as that's what I use.

>> No.74270649


>> No.74270650

Most Ork kits are alright in that respect off the top of my head

>> No.74270659

I'm waiting for someone to just retcon it that Erda was manipulated by Chaos to do it.

>> No.74270661

ADB did nothing wrong. BL "writters" don't decide anything. 40K was always edgy and was even edgier in the past.

>> No.74270668

sweet, sounds good. I'm really excited to play them its just a bit daunting with the amount to build, let alone paint. I have bought an airbrush though which I plan to use at least for the skin on all of them

>> No.74270669

the deff dread kit comes with 1 melee weapon that that is objectively a klaw and 1 that is objectively a saw and 3 that are basically hybrid klaws and saws
2 big shootas, 1 skorcha, 2 kustom mega blastas and 2 rokkit launchers

>> No.74270673

She don't even got the worky bits in order! Shoddy craftsmanship.

>> No.74270680

Cant run warboss on bike anymore, its points were removed in latest faq and not been put in legends yet. WHich now makes my main HQ useless

>> No.74270682

What was Erda’s reasons again?

>> No.74270686

I didn't know that one, that's fucking gay.

>> No.74270699

And mine had such a colorful history. Killed a daemon prince, killed kharn, killed primaris. He had a good run on his speedy bike.

>> No.74270704

yup. added monster and left out infantry, so he can't even advance and charge with the rest of the army. truly a great ork

>> No.74270711

Didn't this get fixed in 9e faq though?

>> No.74270717

Same for mine, took down Bjorn, ripped apart some knights and tore apart a bunch of world eaters.

>> No.74270727

not that I can see. please correct me if I'm wrong

>> No.74270758

she had the views of a retarded twitter whore
>progress and technology bad nature good
>nooo you can't just unite humanity to protect it from the myriad horrors that want nothing more to enslave/rape/eat/alloftheabove every human they can find because VIOLENCE BAD
>my man's not respecting my opinion :( I should cheat on him with chaos gods

>> No.74270765

>first game ever with brother this weekend
>his indomitus necrons + a monolith vs a bunch of ork shit I threw together
>skate along the side of the board assblasting the monolith with lootas + flash gitz
>let my boyz sit for like two turns by my weirdboy
>'dude why aren't you moving your boys?'
>'its a surprise bro'
>let him set up his firing line
>da Jump 30 boyz & put down 15 stormboyz & some kommandos all behind his screen
>everything gets shredded by gauss
>panic and shoot back
>mfw I find out after I fucked up reading the rules beforehand and could've charged that turn instead

>> No.74270766

Just checked, it's monster and infantry now. MEAT IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS!

>> No.74270768

Took abit of googling.

>> No.74270771

yes he does

"Page 70 – Ghazghkull Thraka, Great Waaagh!
Change the first line of this ability to read:
‘Friendly Ork Infantry and Monster units within 6" of this model
can be chosen to charge with even if they Advanced this turn.’"

>> No.74270777

Do any of you have a particularly odd matchup that tickles you in a certain way? There's something strangely appealing about GSC vs DEldar to me.

>> No.74270783

>Custodes look better as Grey Knights then actual Grey Knights

>> No.74270784


>> No.74270792

you retard lmao
propa orky though

>> No.74270793


Lol. Could xenos players be any more pathetic?

Play a real faction. Don't play an NPC faction and expect the game to be fun or to get wins; you're there to provide a backdrop for the story of other people's Primaris marines (and the Chaos antagonists).

>> No.74270801

bless you fucking gitz I am even more excited for games now

>> No.74270804

Jesus that is sexy looking.

>> No.74270808


Doesn't matter. The story of 40k is Astartes vs. Chaos. It's an NPC squabble that will have no bearing on the story.

>> No.74270812

It's always fun when you see aliens fight each other. Sure humans are scared shitless of everything, but what happens when some Tau has to figure out why all these humans are bald and added arms. Or watching a wrestling match between a Talos Pain Engine and a Deffdread.

>> No.74270815

orks versus tyranids
orks versus daemons

>> No.74270817

Kinda excited to play him myself now. The model looks nice, might replace the head with something either Kromlech or one of the nob kit though.
Need to get old Ghaz too for MA Boss.

>> No.74270823

What warmachine army is this?

>> No.74270824

Are mega armored bosses back in the codex? Thought they were restricted to legends.

>> No.74270829


How can you have a story with nothing but NPC's?

>> No.74270830


>> No.74270831

Its alright I do play a real faction, Nurgle in Age of Sigmar where even the oldest battletome can still hold its own

>> No.74270835

>I am a genius
>Oh no!

>> No.74270837


>The faction that's actually trying to turn it into Age of Shitmar

>> No.74270838

have you ever, for example, read a book?

>> No.74270842

Ask marine players, lol

>> No.74270845


>> No.74270846


>> No.74270849

Nah, Legendz. I don't play tourny, so I don't give a shit as to what's legal.

>> No.74270858


Age of Sigmar doesn't seem to have the PC/NPC dichotomy that 40k does.


Books need a protagonist if they're going to have a narrative. With Dark Eldar and GSC, there's no protagonist, only NPCs that exist to give Astartes target practice until they fight the enemy that matters, Chaos.

>> No.74270870

>Steals your adeptus retardes' spotlight everytime they pop up in your shitty black library books due to their hilarity of their existence

>> No.74270871

Go away ADB, you bald hypocritical cuck. Nobody likes you.

>> No.74270875

Forced memes are cringey kids

>> No.74270876

>I know this is an emotional scene but can I have his corpse now?

>> No.74270884

Age of Sigmar is better than 40k for a lot of reasons and that's just one of them

>> No.74270886

They tried with Stormcast verses everyone else, but it seems to have faded when they didn't get the same hold marines have, resulting in everyone getting more attention while stormcast have not had a real release in over 2 years, not counting adeptcon unique sculpt releases.

>> No.74270899

>I wonder what goes through the mind of a 10,000 year old superhuman as he is buried in a wave of screaming green retards who were literally born yesterday
Going off of Grimaldus, pure contempt.

>> No.74270903


They'll be fixing that soon. If orks are fun, that's a problem - it takes attention away from Primaris.

>> No.74270915

I thought they drop pod was the bunker they poop out from space?

>> No.74270917

I wonder when GW will release Stormcast 2.0, THUNDERCAST, with actually appealing designs.

>> No.74270919


At least they nerfed the list that won the Australia GT by deleting its HQ. Can't have NPC factions winning tournaments, might discourage little Timmy from buying more Primaris.

>> No.74270927

How do you usually get him around, a trukk or a wagon?

>> No.74270931


>> No.74270932


>They tried with Stormcast verses everyone else, but it seems to have faded when they didn't get the same hold marines have

I'm honestly surprised GW didn't delete AoS in a fit of salt when SE didn't become the new poster boys.

>> No.74270952

This is how I human Ork.

>> No.74270955


Exactly. That's why fluffy and fun options from NPC codices have to be deleted. Like the bike warboss from orks. Need to make it clear to non-Primaris players that they're playing a lower tier of game and should expect a lower tier of respect, fun, and viability.

>> No.74270959

Hallo everynyan

>> No.74270967

I don't have it yet mate, said need to get it, but wagon is what I like to use for my units. Something about it with a rolla feels so right.

>> No.74270972

Anyone got any more rare custodes color schemes?

>> No.74270973

So there is a local shop selling a baneblade for $100. Should i pick it up?

>> No.74270978

Orks will always be fun; GW could throw them down a flight of stairs and people would still pick them up and play them for the memes

>> No.74270979


How is that relevant to 40k?

>> No.74270980

Give them better helmets. The Gelt masks got old quick.

>> No.74270989

Digga nobz.

>> No.74270998

Imagine if they tried to make Primaris as funny and backwards as Orks.

>their armor is better because they believe it's better
>paint their gravis units in red so they go fasta
>new organs mean that if they go down, they just pop back up laughing
>fight for the joy of it in a way that confuses more stoic Firstborn

>> No.74271000

How long is a game of 40k?
Like, how long does the game last for the models in universe? Just taking a hand from D&D and giving each player round a length of 6 seconds, that gives us a length of 1 minute for an entire game. Does this sound accurate?

>> No.74271001


That's a problem, then. If they're fun, they take attention away from Primaris.

>> No.74271008

>he doesn't know about digganobs

>> No.74271010

The AoS team and the 40k team are different people with pretty much no overlap.

AoS' biggest problem right now is power creep, but overall the game is in a good place.

>> No.74271015


>> No.74271017

Whats your army, how many models are in it, and how long did it take you to assemble/paint everything?

>> No.74271019


In the end, it would violate the core aesthetic/identity of Primaris, so it's more likely they'd excise the fun parts of orks than give them to Primaris.

It's not like Astartes haven't hoovered up everybody else's special rules over the years, anyway.

>> No.74271021

>he doesn't know

>> No.74271030

I like to imagine that a single game of 40k lasts barely longer than 5 minutes

>> No.74271031

bunker doesn't carry anyone that can disembark

>> No.74271032

Make Warp Spiders scary again.

>> No.74271034


>> No.74271041

Then I guess it's a problem that'll never be solved and the game is now untouchable. Pack it up everyone, Primarishammer 40k is cancelled

>> No.74271048



>> No.74271059


No. What part of And They Shall Know No Fear do you not understand? All troops should crumble before Primaris.

>> No.74271073

>tfw my local warhammer store does this too

>> No.74271080


It's not canceled, it's more profitable than it's ever been. All on the backs of Primaris. I'd call Space Marines a cancer within 40k, that sucked up all the resources and grew and grew until it eclipsed the rest of the setting... but the cancer is more viable than the original thing. It turns out that little Timmy's power fantasy, along with GW's unflagging support and nerfing of non-Astartes factions, is peak 40k.

>> No.74271096

Evidence that GW once knew how to write clear and unambiguous rules. Pity that is as forgotten as Dark Age of Technology stuff.

>> No.74271098

Tempted to make a small Thunder Warriors army... maybe homebrew some rules for Kill Team

>> No.74271111

I'm working on this.

>> No.74271113

>Is no longer that special now that everyone and their mother survived since the 31st Millenium
Kinda funny that Bjorn got powercreeped to hell and back in every single aspect of his fluff. Shit, he's in a comparatively mediocre dreadnought variant, not even a Contemptor. What's with that wolf crotch skirt by the way?

>> No.74271119


High quality rules are contraindicated; then you can't sell them rules updates.

>> No.74271123

>What's with that wolf crotch skirt by the way?

You ever seen furries cars? how they use stickers all over the windows? yeah it's kinda like that.

>> No.74271133

Orks vs Eldar

>> No.74271140

Anyone? Like I keep checking prices on this and it should normally be $160+.

>> No.74271142


If they hadn't shitted up the fluff by bringing the Primarchs back, Bjorn would be hot shit and I don't even like Space Wolves.

Bjorn should have been the Imperium equivalent of a demon primarch in terms of how much he makes non-Imperials shit themselves, but now we've got real primarchs back so he doesn't even matter.

>> No.74271150

trying to figure out a color scheme for my new custodes army, is using pic related as a reference too retarded

>> No.74271152

I finished the Warhammer Crime novel. It's pretty good. Not really a whodunit style mystery, but raher pretty good genre detective fiction. It's reminiscent of something like Dresden Files. They also aren't kidding when they say it's low level. There's just enough hints to let you know it's 40k and even have an idea of when it's happening, But by and large this is just straight gritty sci-fi. One interesting lore bit that isn't a spoiler, but I wasn't aware of being made explicitly clear is that rejuv treatments are made at least partially from young people. And it's not at all a gentle process, which explains some of the expense and limitations of the process that have always been implied by the lore.

>> No.74271153

He tried to make them stop bringing him into their gross wolf fetish, but he eventually gave up.

>> No.74271157


Neither of you have minis from Indomitus. Why should GW give your models worthwhile rules if you won't pay?

Fucking NPC players BAKA.

>> No.74271177

Which faction is the most Mad Max? Orks? Dark Eldar? GSC?

>> No.74271178

Even with Primarchs back: he'd still have his unique place in the universe and unique position of being a really old space marine past his prime. Now he's just dime'a'dozen of these, except more inferior.

>> No.74271186

Still not as bad as what happened to Dark Angels fluff.

>> No.74271188

Dude, no one is taking the bait.

>> No.74271194


Orks no question, but they're an NPC faction.

>> No.74271195

I'd say it's same level of bad, and all part of the same problem really.

>> No.74271196

Orks or GSC, Dark Eldar can definitely do the speedy vehicle mounted dudes aspect but not the aesthetics as much

>> No.74271197

Ork Kult of Speed. Especially with all their vehicle melee weapons.

>> No.74271203

iirc, there are instances in the books where older astartes are transferred to duties other than frontline combat if they're heavily injured. Specifically, one of the Ragnar books, their wolf guard pack leader gets shot in the head by a las weapon of some type, gets splattered, but survives to be reassigned as a training instructor, and in one of the Ventris books, there's a Ultramarine that is like 60% augmetics and is assigned to monitor one of the agri-worlds in Ultramar or something like that. It's just that most usually die or get dreadnoughted before they get to that point

>> No.74271204

3 points for a wrecking ball is dumb, but it's so funny when it hits

>> No.74271205

You suck at baiting.

>> No.74271207


>> No.74271211

Is that an optimus prime? The transformers still wage their war under the noses of the other races.

>> No.74271222

Do these.

>> No.74271224

yeah I like the DA aesthetic but I'm not at all interested in the Fallen thing, which is why i didn't go for them.

>> No.74271225

Pull an Astral Knights and snackbar our entire fleet in a ramming action to defeat or delay said chapter ending threat

only for it to turn out to be an Alpha Legion operation, because those fuckers have been plaguing the chapter for close on to three thousand years

>> No.74271233

For me, it's the Reivers

>> No.74271235

+1W for Veterancy
Vanguard Veterans are now 2W.

>> No.74271240

totally forgot I could pull from dark souls too but honestly most of the palettes aren't very striking, most things tend to just be one color

>> No.74271245


>$35 for a Primaris Librarian GW? Seriously?

GW can suck my dick - I'll just print one for $0.21

>> No.74271248

Tau vs any horde faction
Eldar vs Orks or Tau
Tyranids vs Orks or Sororitas
Chaos vs Necrons, Tyranids, or Tau
TSons vs Necrons
Daemons vs Tau or Tyranids
GSC vs Necrons, Admech, or Tau
Dark Eldar vs Necrons

>> No.74271249

>tau drone
>necron guts and scarabs
>aquila tank top

does this heresy know no bounds?

>> No.74271251

Brain Damaged

>> No.74271259

Orks for sure. But pick up some GSC vehicles for converting anyways, they're pretty Orky

>> No.74271261

Also remember you START with 5RP so you can technically have your first game with 75PL

>> No.74271265

Close, its Motormaster. He shows up on my tables a lot

>> No.74271266

I currently collect Eldar, and I'm thinking about starting to collect guard (DKoK, but with lots of 3d printing) so this is wonderful news to me

>> No.74271278

she thought the Emperor would raise the primarchs into nothing but weapons and tools he'd use to conquer the galaxy. Instead, most of them were raised on shithole death worlds, surrounded by death and violence, some of them even suffering horribly at the hands of those that found them, and eventually half of them grew up so messed up that they plunged the galaxy into ten thousand years of horrible, unending war.

Are we sure that she wasn't working for the Primordial Annihilator the whole time?

>> No.74271280


I mean I can't lie. Orks, no question, have the most thematic/aesthetic similarities to the vibe from the Mad Max movies.

>> No.74271281

Lets hope its actually true. Craftworlds need a damn update.

>> No.74271296


>> No.74271303

what soup are your crackers because it just looks like broth from your pic

>> No.74271305


I really want to see how a conversation between her and Angron would go down. Her trying to justify herself to him would be rich.

>> No.74271311

to quote Kalkator from the Beast Arises series
>"if anger could be wielded as a weapon, he would have incinerated the planet in an instant

>> No.74271315

What do tau even think about necrons? Do they think they're just robot Gue'la?

>> No.74271322

Doom Sirens should be pistol instead of assault
I don't really get why the special champion weapon for a unit that's focused on medium-to-long-range weaponry is an 8" flamer that can't even be fired in engagement range

>> No.74271342

I know, it's more of a joke. The idea that Primaris wouldn't just steal faction rules but faction identity is amusing to me.

>Primaris are stoic, but also zealous flame-lovers, but also funloving brawlers, but also believe in a greater good, but also despise the weakness of the loyalist scum, but also seek to devour all life and take the best of their biology as their own, but also...

>> No.74271343


They think they're a horrifying fucking problem and they skeeve them the fuck out.


Doom sirens should be used in a hypothetical close-range Emperor's Children unit; they're kind of unnecessary on a team of Noise Marines.

>> No.74271356

Torchbearer expedition

>> No.74271363


That would be hilarious.

Though everyone forgets that Astartes can gain people's memories by eating brain tissue. It's one of their weirder powers.

>> No.74271368

She likely was, considering Tzeentch is playing 20D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel against himself
Though honestly, why could she not stick around to humanize the Primarchs herself, working in the background to subvert the Emperor’s designs?

>> No.74271377

Why do Imperials give their ships edgy names like "Eternal Torment" or "Genocide Array?" You'd think they'd have names more like "Solemn Penance" while Chaos got all the edgy names.

>> No.74271384

>"I did this to save you!"

>> No.74271388


>Though honestly, why could she not stick around to humanize the Primarchs herself, working in the background to subvert the Emperor’s designs?

Because Erda just wanted to fuck everything up, not create anything useful.

>> No.74271390

>fixed wound roll

Okay champ.

>> No.74271397


A fitting end for Erda would be Angron dragging her Perpetual ass back to the warp to torture and kill over and over.

>> No.74271403

and that's if he ended up during them into robotic servitor weapons, which considering how well he treated Horus and the others he found early in to the Crusade, I think would have been unlikely if he had what, like 50 years to raise them properly before leaving Sol?

>> No.74271404

I kinda think that there should be some incentive to kit out noise marines for CC.
They can take chainswords, they have more attacks than CSM, and they can take an Icon of Excess, but there's still not really a reason to make use of any of it. Maybe if they had a transonic version of chainswords or something like that.

>> No.74271408

mmmm angry ron rape

>> No.74271420

Forgot he had an evil twin brother

>> No.74271425

Standard woman then

>> No.74271431

>the custodes are also the ones who are delivering the primaris shit to random chapter.
then how do any manlets resist getting primaris'd? you don't say no to the golden boys

>> No.74271438


In previous editions they had Always Strikes First, + Initiative, Immune to Psychology...

Maybe making it so they could always fight during the charge step, give them something like the transonic weapons that Rustalkers get (Or vibro-lashes because kinky), tower shields, and Doom Sirens and optimize them for receiving charges?

>> No.74271450

>play against primaris
>he's using the deathskulls reroll ability
>he also has a stratagem to use greater good overwatch
what the fuck what xenos rules haven't they stolen?

>> No.74271452

Cause the Imperium are Space Skaven.

>> No.74271457

Post Converse.
Also what color should I put on the gun?

>> No.74271464

where's that STL from?

>> No.74271465

The ability to have attractive females.

>> No.74271469

The shit ones

>> No.74271471


No rape. That's not how Angron works. Just rip and tear, for all eternity.

>> No.74271475

unless they were a chapter that was specifically ordered to get fucked over like the Celestial Lions, one that was on a Penitent Crusade, or was so cut off from help from a warpstorm or the like and were declared lost, the Custodes made sure /everyone/ got primaris, even going so far as to say that if you refuse, it's tantamount to refusing a direct command from the Emperor, and the only people who would do that are traitors, and you're obviously not a traitor, are you, chapter master no name?

>> No.74271480

True - but did not the Emperor sacrifice his compassion to create the Primarchs? He might have been forced to act more compassionate due to their scattering, as he is in a more precarious position than if all went to plan. Not to mention the fact that he may as well cripple Erda in order for her not to reveal the secrets of how they were created

>> No.74271493

Technically that reroll belonged to Salamanders.

>> No.74271505

The named ships from the tabletop game mostly are heroic fare:
>Notable Gothic Class Vessels
>Emperor's Wrath[1]
>Pallas Imperious[2]
>Righteous Fury[1]
>Sword of Orion[1]

>> No.74271530

he was blue though. I guess he looted the other army abilities.

>> No.74271543

How long did it take you to paint your army?

>> No.74271554

Imagine being so shit at the game you have to rely on the 10vp from painting to win

>> No.74271562

>implying im still not painting my first 500 points of guard.

>> No.74271563

>go from unambiguously Fallen bad Dark Angels good to a vague "could be either" back to Dark Angels good Fallen bad but more sloppily written
>Gav's bolterporn series ends with the modern Dark Angels being the reason the Fallen were scattered across time, which barely works as a 'you are your own worst enemy' thing and adds nothing interesting to the hunt for the Fallen at all
>get bullied into helping the Grey Knights on two separate occasions, because they figured out the secret they've killed Imperials for
>Ophidium Gulf and other morally grey aspects are just quietly forgotten about, gotta sell more Primaris
>elevates a MARTIAN Primaris into the Deathwing, with Azrael vouching for him despite their whole thing being autism about their secret not spreading to "outsiders" to the point their techmarines don't even know

Truly the worst possible timeline.

>> No.74271574


I like to thing that the Emperor would have raised them shittily if he had kept them around, though - not that Erda or anyone else would have done much better.

They would have been raised by the Emperor, too inflexible and unthinking to conquer, not ready for the real galaxy out there, all carbon copies of each other...

>> No.74271583

He'd also eat you. Khorne followers are all cannibals, to the point that some will refuse to eat nothing but meat from a human they killed or captured.

>> No.74271584

So retarded question but in the orks start collecting box, the boss Nob is with the one with the horned helmet and then the rest of the Nobz are just generic right?

>> No.74271588

No. That is an incredible idea and only a racist would get the joke.

>> No.74271597

That's an example, but you can use whatever you want. Personally I limit the banner to my Nob squad's Nob Boss for ease of identification, but up to you how you make him distinct.

>> No.74271598

Try to use some colors from what they stole it from, then paint over it with blue marks and skulls.

>> No.74271599

My hobby is buying Games Workshop Citadel Jewel-like Objects of Wonder, not painting or playing games.

>> No.74271606


>Khorne followers are all cannibals

Khorne followers are too multifarious and varied to make that assumption. I bet some are vegetarians; others, as you describe, are humanitarians.

>> No.74271611

Cool thank you anon

>> No.74271613

i'm no where near close to finishing my backlog, so to judge your question as 'how long did it take to finish painting', optimistic estimates would put me somewhere around 2035 as the approximate year I'll finish. That being said, when I first got serious about trying to paint what I had when I first started playing, it took me about a few months to get around a space marine battle company painted. Not very good, because I was new and didn't know what highlighting or anything like that was, but still

>> No.74271614

About half a year for 2k. A 5man or a big vehicle a week.

>> No.74271619

My lgs expected my 1000pts from indomitus to be tabletop ready the week after I got them.
Fuck this gay earth

>> No.74271621

There's no specific boss nob bits. I would use the cybork stuff, though.

>> No.74271625

I like the mask one, because you just add a jaw and he looks like he's wearing a full helmet.

>> No.74271626

Battleready is piss-easy to do in a week.

>> No.74271627

In AoS, they exclusively eat humans/elves/dwarfs. I thought that it was yet another case of 40k lore migrating into other settings, as most grimdark lore can be traced to 40k.

>> No.74271637

well, the Custodes were raised/crafted by the Emperor, and they're an army of individuals. Hell, the Legions that were crafted in the image of their genesires were already exhibiting different traits and stills only a few years after leaving Terra into the Crusade, so it isn't inconceivable to think that while a bunch of them would have been more similar in thought and action, they still would have had plenty of differences

>> No.74271642

Wait, SM are able to do the combined overwatch thing from tau??

>> No.74271647

I like to sometimes use my masked-one with cybork upgrade and pretend like he's this dumb-muscle of the group whenever Nob Boss needs to send his champion or something to prove himself. It's stupid, but entertains me all the same.

>> No.74271652

Anyone have a good way to make chaos rapier batteries without completely breaking the bank?

>> No.74271654

Custodes Terminators look good in anything I swear.

>> No.74271657

but that's completely contrary to what we KNOW the emperor intended for them

>> No.74271658

40k doesn't have A story it has stories.


>> No.74271660


>well, the Custodes were raised/crafted by the Emperor, and they're an army of individuals.

I thought the Custodes at the time of the Heresy were the first generation i.e. they were friends of the Emperor who he augmented?

>> No.74271668


I dunno it depends how many days you get to paint and how long you get during them but I can't see it taking more than a few sessions to get them fieldable

>> No.74271670


Well it has a main, prime, most important story that all the others are shadows/echoes of.

>> No.74271675


>they steal their fucking role of 'marines but better'
>they steal their status of 'super elite donutsteel imperial elite hero squad'
>they have universally better rules for 90% of their existence
>they even now steal their aesthetic and make it really fucking cool


>> No.74271692

I'm pretty new to the game so I don't have a full army, I just started by collecting kits I like. I think I've settled down though, and plan on building Dark Angels. It took me about 30 ish minutes per rubric to do a statue like paint job so I figure an hour if I'm doing a more normal paint job on a marine, so probably 15 hours for troops. I plan on running around 20 bikes, and they take forever, probably 5 hours each, 115 total. Then 3 land speeder characters, 10-15 hours each, at most 160. 1 plane, for 20 hours or so, 180. Then around 9 other gravis / phobos dudes, maybe 2-3 hours each, 185.
So being generous it should probably take 200 hours for a fairly elite army to get an exact 2k list if you know exactly what you want in the list.

>> No.74271694

>all carbon copies of each other...

Ah yes, because the 10ft red psyker is so similar to the primarch with dog genes and the technological savvy primarchs. Besides the Emperor spent the most time with Horus and he was the most versatile primarch out of all of them, not only was he able to see the value in different strategies he was able to see the worth of the people that surrounded him and put their skills where they were most useful.

Emperor raised Primarchs would probably be more humane, like Horus, and much more stable and with a stronger conviction in their roles.

>> No.74271696

>Gay Haley

>> No.74271701

Should I finish my large lot of half ass, poorly/partially painted nids which include a solid amount of points to play with or go to my well painted admech, finish my small backlog, and buy and finish the army from there? Only have about 500 admech points so far

>> No.74271710

Finish your army first.

>> No.74271716


Wait, what? If they were all Horuses there'd be, um, a bigger problem...

>> No.74271719

> well, the Custodes were raised/crafted by the Emperor, and they're an army of individuals

Were they not specifically crafted to be that way through, as they were meant to be the Emperor’s companions in addition to his bodyguards? It seems that the Primarchs were meant to only be the lieutenants of the Emperor, and nothing beyond that

>> No.74271729

buy recasts

>> No.74271731

>bricks of warriors are better hordes than gaunts in the new edition
i want off of this wild ride, i never asked for this

>> No.74271732

40k doesn't have stories it has fluff


>> No.74271734

like >>74271729 said, buy recasts
that or convert them from thunderfire cannons

>> No.74271739

Are blastmasters worth taking

>> No.74271753

Is souping Custodes with Grey Knights a good idea?

>> No.74271756

The primarchs were also meant to inspire humanity. Marines already make great commanders.

>> No.74271771

Is that not mainly accomplished through a psychic aura though?

>> No.74271773


Alternatively what are some odd team ups u guys really enjoy fluff wise?
Def enjoy guard + tau and crons + admech

>> No.74271779

What would GK even provide? Their smites are garbage without tides

>> No.74271785

Custodes stay winning
Post WOTS and detachment and mission changes they might be better than GK again, especially with you losing non degrading smites.

>> No.74271795

Work on what you have the most motivation for, sounds like you hate your nids

>> No.74271802

No, GK suck as a souping faction unless you want some terminators to deep strike or some big melee characters like the baby character. Neither of those are things custodes need.

>> No.74271808

Another charger! i might actually finish all 10 of them before october, can't wait to start painting all the other minis from my indomitus™special edition boxset®

>> No.74271817

why don't you just batch paint?

>> No.74271819

Why did you paint it wrong?

>> No.74271828

Should i drop $600 on a used Eldar army valued at $1,400? I don't even care that I will lose most games with them. I'm in love with the lore and the models, god dammit. $600 is a lot though.

>> No.74271829

>Why did you paint it wrong?
Wait. There's a right and wrong way to paint plastic man-dollies?

>> No.74271831

i like to paint every marine individually! this way they acquire a part of your soul, this soul fragment let's you do good die rolls on the table!

>> No.74271832

Batch painting looks shit, why wouldn't you put effort into making your models look nice?

>> No.74271835

it's primaris, it's always going to look like shit

>> No.74271839


>> No.74271848

Here's the thing: there's old fluff, like the Index Astartes articles and vague fluff bits here and there, and then there's the new fluff, HH and just about everything that comes after.

In the old fluff the Emperor was overall painted as good, or at least there was nothing overtly sinister or mysterious about his plans. Unite the galaxy, find his missing sons, and then get betrayed and all but killed so we can have modern 40k. It was a backdrop - some interesting insight into some major chapters/warbands and their legendary past. It was simple and to the point because it was meant to add flavor to your dudes and help you pick which one you find coolest.

But in HH, they're trying to sell books. They need twists. And they need to subvert expectations too. An obvious one is the God-Emperor not being as good as old lore depicted him, because of course that would be too obvious. Generally it tries to delve more into what before had been straightforward background stories, and succeeds pretty well despite a multitude of different writers.

The problem is the nonsense in the old fluff makes less and less sense when paired with the new fluff. Like...why is Vulkan a perpetual? New lore acts like the Emperor had some plan for the Salamanders and their primarch, but what was it? There's no inkling. If Vulkan's a perpetual, why aren't all the Primarchs perpetuals? Wait, are the vaguely lost-but-not-confirmed-dead primarchs immortal or can they die of old age? What was the Emperor's plan? The answer is fuck it - Vulkan being a perpetual was chosen so that he could get killed by Curze without taking away one of the potentially still-living primarchs, and the idea of a Perpetual was also created by HH.

So basically you end up with this vague background becoming untenable when actually fleshed out, especially in as ad-hoc and as twist-heavy as HH did. Decisions make no sense. Events happen because an author thinks it would be cool. Characters change between writers.

>> No.74271854

It’s 140 usd on the website

>> No.74271863

>I'm in love with the lore and the models
but are you $600 in love with them?

I mean, it's a great price, but you're not assembling and painting the models yourself. What else are you gonna spend $600 on though?

>> No.74271867

His right knees isn't done, eyes haven't been painted, the symbol on his chest is the wrong colour, shoulder trim isn't done.
-10 vp

>> No.74271868

>tfw termies get 3W and now marines think manlets are getting 2W
Do they really thing marines need more buffs or are they still holding on to the hope that they won't squat manlets.

>> No.74271876

bretty gud, anon.

>> No.74271878

>I thought Arbites were the Imperium's Feds?


Custodes are more like Secret Service and Federal Judge given carte blanche to take any item from the military armory they want at any time and for any reason, and act as commissar, inquisitor, general, and assassin as it may pertain to their self-described mission.

Alternatively, they're the what happens if you put all of Delta Force into the Swiss Guards and the Pope wanted to use them as an actual army and political agents to spread the Good Word throughout the world, by any means necessary.

Could you fucking imagine that happening though, we could finally eradicate Mormonism from the face of the earth

>> No.74271880

They're just retarded.

>> No.74271883

thats a bear skin..

>> No.74271884

Technically this anon is right. People can and will argue this shit on tournaments now.

>> No.74271885

i like to paint my blood angel chest golden cause it reminds me of our omega based brothers the ultramarines

>> No.74271894

Clearly GW's thoughts on how to fix manlets is to make them even better than primaris

>> No.74271895

>right knees isn't done, eyes haven't been painted, the symbol on his chest is the wrong colour, shoulder trim isn't done.
Doesn't matter senpai you have to give me 10vp now :^)

>> No.74271903

Crusade is fun, and I gotta say I like that power level makes taking certain wargear more fun and viable when it wouldn't always be fielded if you had to pay for points.

I never thought I'd feel that way, but I gotta say it's kind of nice to be able to kit Chaos Marine squads the fuck up with all sorts of wargear they would otherwise not have for the same price, and it encourages taking full unit sizes when possible (because 6 Chosen cost the same power level as 10 Chosen, so why the fuck not).

>> No.74271920

bretty gud but drill your barrels, its easy and makes such a difference.

>> No.74271922

strip the nids and sell them

>> No.74271930

lol what, thats not entirely true. You just need have it battle ready which is basically like 3 base colors, and maybe a highlight here and there. You cant argue shit like eyes, trim and shit.

>> No.74271949

>paint ultramarine
>but highlight with a wrong colour and trim the shoulders with black
>get disqualified

>> No.74271967

It would be kind of a clever business move. Why pick between marinelet customers or primarine customers, when you have them both as your little pay piggies?
There will even be people who buy both. Triple dipping!

>> No.74271976

black trim would be 5th company UM

I like 3rd company UM's scheme more than the 2nd company.

I think IF look best in 5th company colors,

>> No.74271977

5th company bro +10 vp

>> No.74271979

are the royal courts any good?

>> No.74271985

Am I doing this right?

Word Bearers Patrol, 470pt
Dark Apostle, Dark Disciples (90pt)

10 Chaos Cultists (60pt)
>Autopistol/Brutal CCW
5 Chaos Space Marines (93pt)
>Combi-Bolter, Power Axe, Missile Launcher
3 Bikers (104pt)
>C.Bolter/Powerfist, x2 C.Bolter/Flamer
Chaos Spawn (23pt)

Daemons (Undivided) Reinforcements, 130pt
5 Screamers (130pt)

With that setup am I allowed to summon the screamers? I was already a little confused on how summoning worked, and now the new rules mention that multiple detachments cost CP?

>> No.74272000

Anon, this list is wrong. There are actual CSM in it. Can't have that in a CSM armylist.

>> No.74272003

More money to Ivan I guess

>> No.74272004

>paint everything absolutely terribly
>seal between each layer with varnish to a total of 5/6 coats
>sell on second hand market to people who bargain hunt to strip minis

>> No.74272007

That's still so much more effort than basically grey-tiding waacfags ever put in usually

Even if they are tourney netdecking shitheads who deserve a durian in their heater ducts

>> No.74272009


>> No.74272019

You know you just have to scuff through the varnish at points and the simple green does the work, right? It's like mercury when you remove the oxide protection.

Brake cleaner on metal, too.

>> No.74272022


Hey, I painted my Ultramarine 5th company as well!

>> No.74272023

What are some cool ideas for Chaos mutation kitbashes? I don't want to just slap on a possessed arm and call it a day, I'm thinking spines poking out of armor or tusks distending jaws, stuff I really have to work at.

>> No.74272026

Saved, thanks bro.

>> No.74272027

is that guy's face half a tasty snow crab

>> No.74272032

Most of the lot is metal, so there wouldn't have been tons of assembling to begin with. Which I see as a bonus because less brittle shitcast to deal with. Definitely going to have to soak some of the models and strip the paint. Just haven't seen an Eldar army for ~43% retail in a while and it's mighty tempting. Plus I can trade/sell off chaos/nurgle stuff I got in other lot purchases to pick up any specific Eldar stuff I want to compliment the lot. Still a pretty big chunk of change at once.

>> No.74272034

Yes, that would work. For the record you're normally better of summoning Flamers in a lot of situations.

>> No.74272043

Sounds like a terrible lot of time, money and effort just to troll some shmuck without ever hearing or seeing the results of your troll effort.

>> No.74272044

>puts in sonic cleaner with simple green for 30 minutes while I masturbate to big titted futanari

>> No.74272050

The only advantage about summoning: he can make the deciscion to summon screamers or flamers each game

>> No.74272053

On the topic of stripping, I saw some LAs totally awesome at the dollar tree, how do I use it? I have both plastic and resin to strip.

>> No.74272054

>simple green
¬using both the most expensive and worst option to strip

>> No.74272064

OK good, I didn't know if I had to have the daemons in an official detachment (patrol, battalion) or not.

Yes, while Flamers probably are better, I don't like painting them and I have a hard time with it. Screamers on the other hand look pretty neat, even with the kinda basic bitch paintjob I gave them.

>> No.74272070

Yeah you just have the dark apostle sit still and he can try to summon them. You don't have to pay cp for the reserve points. Also, unless something changed, you can take whatever you want to summon. So say you leave 150 points for summoning. You can have 3 exalted flamers, 5 screamers, and 15 bloodletters in reserve. Then you can summon them, with the only restriction being you can't summon over 150 points throughout the game.

>> No.74272076

Works pretty well for me.

>> No.74272079

LAs Totally Awesome chad coming through.

Dunk the plastic in the LAs. Keep it there for like two weeks. Toothbrush. If it needs more, dunk it another week. Toothbrush.

>> No.74272081

Also drill your wolf holes anon.

>> No.74272096

I left some of my old 2nd Edition models in it overnight and that was long enough. Pic-related is the result.

>> No.74272097

bros i've known about 40k at a basic level but a coworker gave me a CD with some audiobooks on it, after i mentioned in passing one day that i really like a good sci fi story, and she was thoroughly convinced that i would enjoy it

i need to tell her thanks because i havent been able to take these fucking earbuds out all day. i absolutely love this shit. the book's called "first and only" by dan abnett

>> No.74272099

no comprende it’s all a riddle

>> No.74272103

>build baneblade
>bend the treads with hot water
>bend the canon so it points downwards
>sell it on ebay

>> No.74272106

gr8 b8 m8 3/8

>> No.74272113

I can’t stop smelling my crotch, does anyone else have this problem?

>> No.74272117


Gabriel Seth will be laughing

>> No.74272120


>> No.74272124

Scratch and sniff is a time-honored male tradition. Unless of course you can smell your taint without needing to scratch, then yeah take a shower.

>> No.74272125

Good lord that artwork is terrible.

>> No.74272126

if i see another fucking retard depicted not wearing a helmet in combat in this fucking franchise im going to actually lose my goddamn fucking mind holy shit

>> No.74272129

My gf likes smelling mine but I can't say I've ever understood the appeal.

>> No.74272131

So I was over thinking it, I see, I'm always paranoid of stripping agents hurting the plastic

>> No.74272136

GW don't know what to do with us and it shows.

>> No.74272149

No idea how it works on resin though. I only have two resin models in my whole collection.

>> No.74272151

Anon.... there is something I need to warn you about....
40k is chock full of helmetless people in combat. The entire Space Wolves chapter, for one.

>> No.74272154

Armies for this feel?

>> No.74272162

>new marines codex
>manlets get flat +1w across the board
>primaris troops get a price hike
>new round of primaris characters
>Seth gets primaris'd while gravely wounded
>writers shrug it off as "it was the only way to save him"

>> No.74272164

I tried getting back into BL books, so I tried reading Spear of the Emperor because I thought ADB would not fail me. He did, it was a bunch of whiny teens!

Then INDOMITUS and holy shit, it made that first book at least seem vaguely deep. I know Ultramarines are vanilla-vanilla now, but holy shit.

>> No.74272176

i told you about manflayer bro, i told you bro why didn't you listen

>> No.74272185

DG and decorate your models with extra nurglings.

>> No.74272187

Play Sigmar and get Skaven.

I don't usually suggest Sigmar at all but Skaven are some of the last remaining SOUL in the game left over from Fantasy.

>> No.74272189

Also started reading Indomitus recently. So far I'm impressed how the writer managed to make a space battle boring as fuck.

>> No.74272197

>it happening doesnt mean it isnt stupid

>> No.74272204

It seems to be the only way to save anyone. Like they forgot they have giant murder tombs ready to be customized.

>> No.74272207

Rate from best to worst
>all units in space marine helmets
>only characters without helmets
>all of army is without helmets
> all units in 3rd party helmets
>all units in animal-themed helmets
>copying headgear based on the box artwork

>> No.74272218

Well the SW are generally regarded as the most stupid chapter when it comes to the lore.

>> No.74272220

You are a retard. BL books are trash. Even Abnett is not immune to criticism anymore.

>> No.74272221


>> No.74272232

Do what you want, the tabletop game is an artistic abstraction not representative of actual things in-universe.

>> No.74272244

>>all units in space marine helmets
This is correct
>only characters without helmets
This is only okay when the helmet is already modeled somewhere else and it is too much effort to cut it off

>> No.74272248

The only thing of substance in the book

>> No.74272250


but I play wolves and like to paint helmetless dudes.

>> No.74272262

you guys are so fucking petulant lol. i read indomitus and it was perfectly fine. it's not the fucking holy grail of all narrative but it's not as bad this fucking retard >>74272248 is making it out to be lmao

>> No.74272279

If there is a Dawn of Fire book focusing on the Sisters of Battle, I am outlining some conditions that BL will have to follow...

Authors who are allowed to write it: Danie Ware, Alec Worley, Rachel Harrison, James Swallow

Authors who are not allowed to write it: ADB, Chris Wraight

Authors who are allowed to write it if they promise to try their best: Andy Clark

Plotlines that are not allowed: Sisters being upstaged by Space Marines, Sisters losing their faith, Sisters being corrupted (though a Miriael cameo is okay).

Lastly, if the book is about Martyred Lady (this is all but certain), then the author must characterise them beyond them being the best Order and their love for St. Katherine.

I trust that these conditions are acceptable?

>> No.74272289

huh? how is this bait? is it a controversial book or something?

>> No.74272290

>using "lol" unironically

>> No.74272301

Who cares, letting special characters into every game sucked the soul out of the game. Use him as mixh as you want for any reason

>> No.74272303

It was pretty bad though.

>> No.74272308

fuck tyranids!

>> No.74272315

This, and frankly we should be demanding better from a book about the fucking debute box

>> No.74272328

Yeah, fuck trannies!
oh shi- Tyranids! yeah I totally said tyranids!

>> No.74272330

is she some kind of ordo xenos sanctioned sloot

>> No.74272339

>tfw blessed with low iq
it's honestly great having low standards being able to enjoy shit on a plate. i am and forever will be no less than an order of magnitude happier than you

>> No.74272341

Look, at this point I'm aglad when a BL book doesn't make me want to gouge my own eyes out.

>> No.74272343

I just read it and it was awful, not the worst but bad and bland.

>> No.74272351

Why dont you guys just strip in Isopropyl Alcohol. Literally takes maybe seconds to strip a single layer and about 5 minutes for multiple layers. It does better then any of this shit people normally recommend. Doesn't even damage the plastic at all.

>> No.74272364

what percent?
also does denatured work?

>> No.74272369

>dude just use the shit that is impossible to get right now

>> No.74272373

I use 99% but i heard anything above 90 does the job just as well.

>> No.74272377


>> No.74272379

Readily available in all the shops in leaf land.

>> No.74272395

I'm about to finish the unit

>> No.74272413

I wonder if Assault intercessors will be able to take jump packs when the codex comes out.

I wish I could buy some Gravis heads for the one that doesn't come with one but i can't find any for sale that's not a ridiculous price

>> No.74272417

Pretty much any kind of highly concentrated alcohol works well for stripping.

>> No.74272423

can I use vodka?

>> No.74272441

>Jump pack troops
Unlikely. I think maybe they'll at most turn it into a dual build and have them be some elite or fast attack choice with a few more wargear options if they're the jump pack sort

>> No.74272450

>highly concentrated
If you distill it up to 90+ %, it should work just fine. Personally I usually use denatured etanol (T-röd) because it's cheap as chips.

>> No.74272463

why did you painted a frown?

>> No.74272471

Since we're on the topic is there anything different you need to do or worry about for stripping metal minis?

>> No.74272496

When I first saw Gravis in pictures I really liked them but now actually having them and seeing them in person I don't care for them so much now that I can see that their helmets are regular MK.X shit with the additions to the side. The photos made it seem like their snout protruded out more than the normal helmets which I think would have looked a lot better

>> No.74272522

Anteater helmets are shit. It's why GW's attempts at plastic mk4 helmets in the BA kits were shit despite mk4 being the best mk.

>> No.74272532

I actually like it because it's like a mashup of Mark IV and Mark V

>> No.74272540

Nobody here fell for the Taunar meme I hope, only lasted two weeks.

>> No.74272541

>GW only has one factory
Is this true? Seems fucking stupid if so. Even before Covid started making the rounds nearly everything was out of stock for GK for months. Seems like even in normal times they can't keep up with demands.

>> No.74272555

I was about ready to buy some land speeders because it seemed like the wording on the original Impeccable Mobility errata was intentional and probably would stick around.

>> No.74272571

You can strip metal minis with pretty much anything that removes paint, since metal isn't not affected by chemicals nearly as much as resin/plastic.
You can even use brake fluid if you want to be a bit of a lunatic.

>> No.74272612


>> No.74272620

>people who makes/colors knights after space marine chapters
Whoever does this is a faggot. People don't make space marine chapters based off knight households, vice versa shouldn't happen either

>> No.74272628

I don't know why, but this custard looks a little too femenine, like a drag...
I prefer them being agents of the imperium that can be added to other imperial forces than his own army.

>> No.74272630


>> No.74272636

i agree, but if a knight had a little sm chapter emblem on his personal heraldry to show that he fought alongside said chapter, i think that would be okay. it would be a nice touch if you were allying knights with a sm force.

>> No.74272654

Yes, but in 30k they are just mechanicus, if i recall well...

>> No.74272658

Got like a 200 points decrease thanks to botched points for wargear
>Impeccable Mobility
Got changed from move and shoot heavy with no penalty and advance and shoot assault with no penalty for friendly Ravenwing units with 6", to when a Ravenwing unit within 6" advances, treat its heavy weapons as assault until end of turn, and it ignores assault weapon penalties. Would've let Land Speeders advance, get a 4++ for doing so, and then still shoot. Also would've allowed a Talonmaster to ignore look out sir by using huntsman.

>> No.74272695


>> No.74272698

They're the Mechanicum in 30k.

>> No.74272708

It's the hips and shoulders. It's hips are at an angle like it's got one leg locked and put all of it's wait on it, and then the shoulders are cocked, like it's bending it's torso towards the load bearing leg. This is the best picture I can find.

>> No.74272716

>tfw playing 1st company with lots of terminators
>tfw terminators are now 3w a piece

>> No.74272723

They have built another, but you have to realise that building a new factory is a huge expense and is far from a quick thing. Before the giant increase in stock value and popularity around the release of 8th edition it wasn't justifiable, and when it was they took a few years to actually do that.

>> No.74272736

>playing first company with a lot of terminators
>mfw t4 w3 2+/4++/5+++ -1 to hit vanilla terminators that get +1 to hit if they stood still that turn (or the litany that makes them count as having stood still goes off that turn)

>> No.74272749

Is it operational? Because they still seem absolutely swamped.

>> No.74272760

>James Swallow
Yeah he could write it

>Sisters losing their faith
It's going to happen friend, it's every single Sisters book ever so you know it is absolutely going to core to at least one important character if not the whole story.

>Our Martyred Lady but with characterisation beyond being more important than the others
Shit you really are dreaming. At least the Ultrasmurfs got a sprinkling of character in the HH novels from time to time.

>> No.74272766

Why don't modern marines use Chainaxes?

>> No.74272772

Who knows who cares. Thunder hammers are cooler anyways, and they probably have some obscure power weapon that does the same thing anyways.

>> No.74272776

I should right out my ideas for a SoB series. It would never get made because it would involve a few original xenos races.

>> No.74272786


Astartes chainswords do the same thing now for Primaris. Maybe boomer marines will get them in the new codex.

>> No.74272791


>> No.74272797

Washed em in agrax. Are they off to a good start?

>> No.74272808

They mentioned it in the last investor reports

>Our second factory has now been operational for a year, providing us with the space and opportunity to trial new ways of working. In the autumn we will begin a programme to modernise our original factory, optimising output and efficiency. Phase 2 of the second factory has been delayed but is scheduled to come on line at the end of summer with both an expanded tool room and dedicated R&D function.
>Product innovation remains a key area of focus.

>> No.74272817

>Playing terminators that have ranged weapons

>> No.74272882

This. Knights are such a perfect fucking canvas for sperging out with original heraldry, they have huge surfaces to paint on and come with tons of lore examples. But nooo, braindead marine babbys go and paint it like a fucking ultramarine.
Or even worse, a CSM legion.

>> No.74272933

could use chaos or IG rules with these guys.

>> No.74273095

7,90£ in warhammer conquest.

>> No.74273245

Rumor has it that IG and Eldar are next in the codex queue. You can maybe wait a couple of months and see if they finally get an overhaul. It’s only been 20 years since the last one.

>> No.74273454

cultists, chosen(?), mutilators

>> No.74274180

very rude

>> No.74274260

You just know

>> No.74274581

Is here a german mate who buys the supply drops and it arrive yet?
Whats inside?

>> No.74274681

It's only gonna be stuff that sits in the warehouse cause nobody else wanted it.

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