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The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/!

ilClan tattoo edition

Last thread: >>74191098

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

>Sarna.net - BattleTech Wiki

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>Xotl's latest Random Access Tables for factions (October 2019 update)
http://tinyurl <dot> com/y2b9onte

Unit Designing Softwares
>SSW Mech Designer
>SSW GitHub Updates
>MegaMek Lab

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players

> How do I do this Against the Bot thing? (updated 2019-08-05)
(Current 3.21 rule set is included in the mekhq package)

>Rookie guides

>BattleTech IRC
#battletech on irc.rizon.net

>PDF Folders
rebrand ly @ battletech

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More goodies! (Rare manuals, hex packs, TROs, discord servers, where to get minis, etc.) Last updated 2020-05-17!

>Most Wanted PDFs & Epubs

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>star fagger tattoo

Then again, he dodged a bullet there not opting for the taint vipers

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I think it's oddly appropriate, nobody cares about a nobody with a nobody tattoo. It's like three layers of nobody.

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>all this seething
>not a single haha butte hold

shameful Haha Butte Hold

>> No.74238905

>He thinks making fun of Klusterfuckers is seething

I think the one seething is you, bub.

>> No.74238924

>"n-no u!"

haha amused Haha Butte Hold now

>> No.74238947

Who knew a Homeworld Nobody could be so Butte mad about that fact. You're the Butte Monkey of the franchise and always will be.

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>more seething about a nobody
Haha hold on to your Buttes, I predict even more from Polyphemus here!

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>If I keep saying seethe it makes it so
This is just sad at this point. Seethe some more, contrararino.

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Where can I find info on Gunthar Von Strang and his Death's Head Legion?

>> No.74239122

The original Star League housebook.

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>>not a single haha butte hold

Yes I know, BRB committing sudoku

>> No.74239150

Proven right again. How can Nobody causing so much seething? haha.

Not your fault. Certain factions seem to cause uncontrollable seething that rejects Butte Hold.

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Eh, we should get rid of that anyway. It was a forced meme that didn't exist in old btg and has only been around the last three or four years.

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>Man shitposts new thread with another contrarian faction
>Doesn't update any of the files or lists

This has been the entire last month. What is going on?

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Hey, a newfriend from the OF.

>> No.74239262

What's to be updated?

How can anons update if they're unaware?

>> No.74239265

Hey, mistaken guy from newer than 2016.

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The Wanted Files for one, an updated version of which has been posted no less than three times the last few weeks. Nobody has updated the 2018+ mediafires either.

>> No.74239284

>he doesn't know the archives exist or how to use them
embarrassing. you guys still sucking loren's dick over on the OF?

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I Ctrl-F for Update(s) and Wanted before I make a new thread, and there was nothing last thread. Someone should include a reference for the updates so it can be done next time.

>> No.74239310

You should try checking them yourself. Try 2012-2014 when /btg/ was really big and we had Mechquest and the rest. None of that to be found. Why are you so married to a cringe collection tier forced meme?

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>he doesn't know
Oh no no no no

So how are things on the OF, newfriend?

>> No.74239369

>try 2014
>has 2014

kek that settles that

>> No.74239375

And there is the guy forcing it at the very end of that year. Now do the part where people started actually using it at the beginning of threads for real.

>> No.74239395

So it does go back to 2014

>> No.74239406

If it's not in a sourcebook it ain't canon, novelniggers gtfo

>> No.74239483

>there was nothing last thread
What about the thread before that, and before that. You need to have it done every time when nobody bothers to update inbetween? I know I get tired of posting it when nobody bothers. Here's the current one, though. We've trimmed it down pretty good.


I'm kind of wondering if I should just make a new mediafire myself for the new updates.

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LRMs suck dick, much better off with lasers, PPCs, or ACs

>> No.74239695

>MUL has the solar system generator from Campaign Ops on the website.
Really? Where?

>> No.74239801

The snake clans really are more interesting than the others.

ACs aren’t worth their weight. They’re pretty niche in mechs, better for vehicles.

>> No.74239867

>LRMs suck dick, much better off with... ...ACs
Ok outbacker

>> No.74240099

LBX10's are. LAC5 is.

>> No.74240115

lrm's need to freely be taken out of all mechs that feature them and substituted for lrm5's with more sinks or ammo from the weight savings.

>> No.74240123

Brave words for someone in AC20 range!

>> No.74240208

By "AC" I obviously meant LBXs, gauss, etc. Should have just said ballistics.

>> No.74240657

Vapor Eagle (Goshawk)

>> No.74240678

Conjurer (Hellhound)

>> No.74240705

Horned Owl (Peregrine)

>> No.74240725

Incubus (Vixen)

>> No.74240739

really does show off its pedigree as a replacement omnimech version of the word-that-clams-will-not-say-that-starts-with-W

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Why use an opportunity to finally re-introduce the original Unseen mech designs to just re-make the Project Phoenix design?...

>> No.74240864

Dunno. Ask why he did that for the Viper or the Mad II.

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cool tattoo

>> No.74240904

incubus / vixen is just the clan version of wasp / stinger ?

>> No.74240923

Tools and then random system generator.

>> No.74240938

what other classic mechs got replaced in the clan toumans with omnimech versions?

like, mad dog is a super catapult, summoner is super thunderbolt, etc.

>> No.74240949

I think my brain had intentionally forgotten those two as a way to protect itself.

Thanks for reminding me of them
>Proceeds to weep in a corner.

>> No.74240960

I get why you're bothered, anon, but I wasn't in those threads. When I jump in I assume the thread is up to date and any required updates will be mentioned.

>> No.74240983

Hellbringer is the Warhammer IIRC

>> No.74241012

>mad dog is a super catapult

It's the Archer, anon.

>> No.74241024

>Why use an opportunity to finally re-introduce the original Unseen mech designs to just re-make the Project Phoenix design?...

For some of them (e.g., the Behemoth and the Baboon) they did. The Vixen, Peregrine and Goshawk didn't have great artwork for their Unseen designs, and the Phoenix designs weren't much better.

>> No.74241027

The visor on this one looks kind of weird. Like you stuck a big gemstone in its face. The "stained glass windows" look fine on some mechs like thet Cataphract, but I think the visor is too small to pull it off without looking odd.

>> No.74241049


any others?
ah. yes. that makes more sense

>> No.74241055

Of the mechs available in the 25th Anniversary Introductory Box set, which are the most SLDF-appropriate?

>> No.74241153

>and the Baboon
They got the legs backwards on the Baboon.

>Peregrine didn't have great artwork
It was great. What are you talking about? It's no Zaku boy!

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There is a non-zero chance I'm about to completely ruin some Grad Students' inseki LARP.

Also, I suppose getting to a 5/5 as a Tyrfing native is the equivalent of being an elite pilot. I wonder why her tribe kicked her out. Well, it's Plot. Now time to wreck some pre-Blackout Stoners.

>> No.74241478

There is a non-zero chance I'm about to completely ruin some Grad Students' inseki LARP.

Also, I suppose getting to a 5/5 as a Tyrfing native is the equivalent of being an elite pilot. I wonder why her tribe kicked her out. Well, it's Plot. Now time to wreck some pre-Blackout Stoners.

>> No.74241676


I checked. "Tools" then "Random system generator". Took 15 seconds.

Circular cockpits are sexy.

Really love this drawing; thinner than the stock Wolverine, makes it seem more advanced and shows it's 6/9 for speed.

Not good enough for me, 2/5. I know they had to step quietly, but the Horned Owl was always a quiet Scopedog/Zaku wink and this goes away from it.

Eh? Maybe 3/5, like the Owl above, I feel like it needs to be a little more streamlined to me more of a Gundam reference.

Yeaaah that's my boy!

>> No.74241678


Native Tyrfind jotun-rytter. Mountain clans are described in "Touring the Stars - Tyrfing" as hyper-paranoid and technologically savvy- primitive yet knowledgeable. If she fails her retirement roll after the campaign I'm guessing she's murdered a tech (or a pilot, or both) and stolen a mech.

Cute, though.

>> No.74241848

Look at me, Morty

I'm Burrock Obama!

Design challenge: create the Obama variant of the Burrock battlemech

>> No.74241878

Add a Drone Control Console, nuff said.

>> No.74242082

I don't get it

>> No.74242165

Horned Owl still looks pretty Zaku-ish to me.

>> No.74242210

lmao nice one

>> No.74242239

Will the Marian Hegemony ever reclaim the Lothian district?

>> No.74242271

You know nothing, John Snowraven.

>> No.74242369

How does Dispossession work in the post-Succession Wars era? It seems like the gradual reclamation of lostech would increase battlemech production to the point where losing one is less of a life ending event and more of a major financial setback.

>> No.74242409


No. A powerful Marian Hegemony would logically start attacking the Canopians, and currently the writers want the Canopians to do absolutely nothing but prop up the Capellans.

CGL has a strict policy of doing the least interesting thing possible, and a Marian-Canopian war might be too interesting. What if the FWL and Capellans got involved? That would be reaching truly dangerous engagement levels.

Its the same reason the Marians haven't taken over the ex-Circinian worlds and given us a Circinian Legio either.

>> No.74242573

>It's pretty obvious he's a fag that copies most of his design cues from MWO at the expense of the original designs.
Oh, fuck it.

Because the vidya is far more important and influential than the tabletop, and therefore it dictates design decisions. People want to play with minis that resemble the Mechs they used online, therefore new designs are required to use MWO's design cues in almost all cases (a particular exception is the Marauder and its stupid dorsal gun). This is a Coleman/Bills level decision and is not subject to debate. They ran internal checks for a couple of years and found that there's a much bigger proportion of people who don't play TT because the mechs look dumb than there are people who want the Mechs to look like they did in 1993. If the Mechs looked like they did on MWO, they'd be more interested in the game, but CGL can't just directly lift Mechs from the PGI design team. So "make them look more like MWO Mechs" is the design guideline from here on out.

It is what it is, and it's not going to change. You'll just have to cry about it some more, but, spoiler alert, it's a done decision and as long as they're alive to run the company, it's not going to change.

>> No.74242615

>CGL has a strict policy of doing the least interesting thing possible, and a Marian-Canopian war might be too interesting. What if the FWL and Capellans got involved? That would be reaching truly dangerous engagement levels.
You know what the most interesting thing the Capellans could do is? Take over the Capellan Confederation. They're already halfway there, and the Cappies would welcome a competent family leadership.

Plus it would well and truly piss off China IRL, and that's always a laudable goal.

>> No.74242618

Dude, stop responding to the troll.

It's one faggot who is on here like clockwork talking to himself and bitching about you.

Ignore him.

>> No.74242631

Yeah, it's not nearly as much of a big deal. During the Clan invasion the state militaries generally replaced lost mechs with state-owned ones so people could still keep mechwarrioring after their family ride got blown up by the Clanners.
In later eras dispossession is no longer fate as bad as death (or worse, as at least if you died in the cockpit you died a mechwarrior and didn't have to live with the shame of losing your 100+ years old family heirloom mech), but more of a temporary setback. You'll probably get a new mech eventually, though in less well equipped units it may take a while and it may not be the mech you'd want, but at least it's something.

>> No.74242657

>You know what the most interesting thing the Capellans could do is? Take over the Capellan Confederation. They're already halfway there

it's only taken them several centuries

>> No.74242698

I'm not convinced it's not Scroggins himself faking it for attention.

>> No.74242807

Eh, having an unified artstyle is reasonable, and plenty of MWO mechs are good reimaginings of the classic designs that still keep the main thematic elements (hell, even the Marauder is actually fine if you think of it as a reimagining of the PP Marauder instead of the original one, as it actually takes some key design elements from that design and fits them into something more like the classic Marauder look).
But a lot fo MWO designs seem to suffer from being made with gameplay limitations in mind, and those elements shouldn't really be carried over to the tabletop because those limitations don't exist there. The most notable one is a ton of mechs having their heads sunken into their torso to reduce the size of their hitbox and because the game doesn't let you turn the mech's head to look around without moving your torso.

>> No.74242921

>stupid dorsal gun

You're a stupid dorsal gun!

>> No.74242964


No, it's Envy Anon. I think that I've figured him out- he shits the thread in the way that he does to get things to the point he comes across as a socially conventional authority, as opposed to an emotionally damaged mediocrity.

>> No.74243131

What if Shim IS envy anon?

>> No.74243232

>This is a Coleman/Bills level decision and is not subject to debate
Unacceptable. That's not an excuse to make vidya tier shit. Make stuff that resembles the OG mechs anyway, and tell them to fuck off.

>> No.74243319

>likes the pp vape nigger
>doesn't like the classic >>74241153 style horned owl
>praises a borderline trace of the MWO piranha design

Opinions discarded right into the trash they belong in.

>> No.74243364

Locust, Shadow Hawk, Catapult and Battlemaster are locally produced Hegemony / Star League designs.

>> No.74243663

None of those are in the 8th Ed box set.

>> No.74243794

*except the Catapult

>> No.74243869

isn't this the set he mentioned?


>> No.74244033

The random system generator can generate some pretty odd results. Using it I got a planet with toxic atmosphere with atmospheric pressure of vacuum, but still having 20 % water and birds as highest life-forms.

>> No.74244159

>The Quickdraw was originally built in 2779 as a replacement for the Rifleman

i don't get it

>> No.74244210

Literal autist checking in. As it happens I hand-wrote a random planetary system generator a few years back. Give me 20 d% rolls and I'll hand-build you a system.

>> No.74244304

They needed a 60 tons of garbage. It fits perfectly as a replacement for the older 60 tons of garbage.

>> No.74244584

Sometimes you need to find a way to keep the government budget from shrinking. The Quickdraw was one.

>> No.74244615

And think of the jobs created later on, trying to make it an effective combat machine!

>> No.74244691

I think the point was that it doesn't at all fulfill the same role as Rifleman, so it makes no sense as a replacement.
Compare to Jagermech, which is also supposed to have been designed as a replacement for Rifleman, and actually fills the same role (anti-air mech primarily armed with autocannons) and attempts to fix the issues with Rifleman (poor heat management, lack of ammo, and poor armor: they did fix two of the three, but somehow made the last issue even worse).

>> No.74244776


SDR-5V Spider
PNT-9R Panther
ASN-21 Assassin
CDA-2A Cicada
CLNT-2-3T Clint
WTH-1 Whitworth
HBK-4G Hunchback
DV-6M Dervish
CPLT-C1 Catapult
GHR-5H Grasshopper
AWS-8Q Awesome
CP-10-Z Cyclops
BNC-3E Banshee
AS7-D Atlas

>> No.74245163

"We don't need a dedicated AA Mech, let's have a GP trooper"

>> No.74245848

>Cute, though.

Very cute. Artfu guy needs to stick his oar in now that "official" portraits might be a thing.

>There is a non-zero chance I'm about to completely ruin some Grad Students' inseki LARP.



> and attempts to fix the issues with Rifleman (poor heat management, lack of ammo, and poor armor: they did fix two of the three, but somehow made the last issue even worse).

Also it's poor heat management isn't actually a *problem* for the Rifleman. I share a sympathetic wince with every fictional mech designer that had somebody talking his ear off on how combat-ineffective the Rifleman was.

>> No.74246178


Rep the real ilClan, surat

>> No.74246367

>proudly admitting to space autism
We need to start shaming people again

>> No.74246489

real brave for someone in Mad Dog range

>> No.74246925

Personal owenership decreased by 90+% in units that came in contact with the clans or fought in total war campaigns after 3050.

How Dispossession works is that it seems you no longer lost your landhold for being Dispossessed. All that was swept under the run in the 3050's and you either got stuck in a state machine or didn't pilot at all. With the main devastating downside of being Disposessed no longer a factor, people just got kinda comfortable without having their machines. This way the armies largely Federalized (flipping from the 5-10% federal machines in 3025) without massive insurrection. They just had to grandfather in a fuckton of lesser nobles they could screw over later.

>> No.74246951

>>proudly admitting to space autism
That's clanners, period.

>> No.74247010


>> No.74247126

With Com Guards and Word of Blake Militia gone, is there a faction for anti-Clan players to main?

>> No.74247280

Modern Dracs, probably. But they're still more interested in killing Davions.

>> No.74247340

God I hate the clans. I'm just going Merc.

>> No.74247376

God bless you, Jeremiah.

>> No.74247490

A shitty Archer

>> No.74248370

I went with the Capellan Confederation

They've done some fighting against the Clanners and always won

Plus they're like the only Successor State with a real sense of nationalism, citizenship, and civic virtue (Davions wouldn't know civic virtue if it reached up and bit them in the ass)

>> No.74249008

>Braulio and Anthony Perez
Is this just random art or is there a story about these Raven Bros?

>> No.74249041

>and its stupid dorsal gun

I wish you would get raped to death by a dorsal gun

>> No.74249092

I wish they'd done a callback to something like this in the original Liao sourcebook

>> No.74249889

So...I hate to ask again but...BuiltForWar update?

>> No.74250175

Working on it right now, in the middle of dealing with tech issues (migrated to new PC, layout software for some reason refuses to acknowledge newly installed fonts) and my cat spilling coffee everywhere.

>> No.74250188

stop giving your cat coffee

>> No.74250198

She needs caffeine as an appetite suppressant.

>> No.74250302

Oh god, that art is pure cancer.

>> No.74250331


>> No.74250526

...why does your cat need caffeine as an appetite suppressant? Is this for real?

>> No.74250547

has shimmy done the Spider yet?

>> No.74250568

Thought I'd post them before I prime them.

Here are a good chunk of the gachapon figurines I managed to snag a few years back. I was surprised to find so many Dougram units, but I've noticed now that looking at their guns they're not quite what was carried by the griffin. One looks to have dougram's wrist-laser with an energy cable connected to the thruster back-pack, and the other seems to be carrying the same autocannon as a Wolverine. Looking at them, I don't think that I could pass either one off as one of the official configurations of the Griffin.

Plus I had a bunch of gundam parts and missile tubes I cut of of a gacha Goliath (the one with infantry balconies on each side) so I figured I'd try my hand at making a frankenmech, which I imagined as being mainly a Crusader chassis with components from a salvaged griffin head. For all three of the mechs, I'm imagining they'd be suited to being made into a pirate band.

For the two tanks, the blue one is as-is though I tried giving it a thinner bath since it was feeling sticky, and the green one I cut off a bunch of fins since it looked silly. I'm thinking of the tanks being more "on world manufactured" vehicles so I may use support vees rules to build them.

What kind of loadout do you think would be appropriate for each of these? I've already worked on a number of alt configs for the frankenmech but I'm interested in what /btg/ would do with them.

>> No.74250585


Now I have a Pillager, ho ho ho

>god I love this planet
>I put a Lightning CAS fighter into a Cache mission, which may be munchkining but I lost the thing after two runs so I paid my dues
>and three stoner mechs down (we sold one back, but I'll still probably get murdered by a Ghost Knight now), and one stoner that won't leave this world

>> No.74250674

She's French, it's either coffee or cigarettes.

>> No.74251047

It doesn't help I was slightly waiting for the Hanseatic Crusade for fluff for one unit.

>> No.74251172

Smart man. French pussy is fantastic.

>> No.74251350

lol, are you insane? angry doggo is great clam mech

>> No.74251401

That's just not true. Archer is better in every way. Because it's not clanshit.

If the 2R Archer was good enough for the SLDF, then it's good enough for you. Stop being a powergamer and use the Archer.

>> No.74251442

dude, i'm arc-2r is my fave mech and should freely be allowed to come 'standard' or otherwise easily refit with 8lrm5's more sinks and ammo, and the ct lasers pointed forewards.

but perturbed pupper is still a great looking and improved arc 2r, making it my fave clam mech.

>> No.74251479

These are the official RATs for a periphery state.

>> No.74251504

Ja, Und?

>> No.74251715

LITERALLY better in every possible way than the Dracs or Capellans

God, fuck CGL.

>> No.74251741

Obama is famous in some circles for the number of drone strikes he authorised. More than both his predecessors combined, or something.

>> No.74251799 [DELETED] 

he also made it legal for the sheer retarded expansion of the drone program and for BDA and drone authorisation for attacks to count ANY male 'of military age' (something dumb like >8 and <75) as an Enemy Combatant, so that the drone strike data doesn't LOOK as terrible as it is, that is, that even by the obummer war crimes party's stats, drones 'only' killed about 30-50 innocents for every 1 EC. and that's the most favourable, totally bullshit numbers.

more evidence based data more accurately suggests that for every SUSPECTED ec, someone who MIGHT ahve been an ec, killed by drones, the drones killed about 60-150 innocents.

so there are many people worldwide who rightly consider the obummer establishment administration as totally guilty of despicable war crimes.

>> No.74251805


Their tech base came out of the Jihad in the 3050's, it's 3140, and they knew this war was coming for more than two generations and have been taking that very seriously.

It'd be like if the Marians didn't piss it all away raiding for hispanic slave girls.

>but you knew that
>fuck you, anon

>> No.74251818 [DELETED] 

>totally guilty of despicable war crimes
That goes for pretty much every US president since at least Reagan.

>> No.74251863 [DELETED] 

>Orange man bad stops the pointless wars and only orders fights that morally, should be fought

>establishment goes fucking nuts REEEEE he can't DOOOOO that, how dare he stop us from bombing poor brown peoples with DELICIOUS RESOURCES back to the stone age so we can steal their DELICIOUS RESOURCES! UGH! now he's protecting innocents and american lives, how DARE HE!

its like, what the fuck?

>> No.74251875

Fluff doesn't matter. It's a game. BALANCE matters. The fucking HANSEATIC LEAGUE having a better RAT than a real Great House is completely and utterly unforgivable.

>> No.74251889 [DELETED] 

>That goes for pretty much every US president since at least Reagan.
This. Get those fuckers to the Hague and execute them. The more dead Americans, the better off the world will be.

>> No.74251939 [DELETED] 

pretty much every single 'globalist' and 'corpratist' in the world desserves nothing but death dude. look at the fucking EU, a despotic council of unelected beaureaucrats running roughshod over every EU nations laws and freedoms.

also, as IF trudeau, john howard and tony blair ALSO don't deserve death for their crimes against their own nations, let alone their crimes against foreign nations.

remember, the UN 'security council' members are the nations ARMING ILLEGALLY all the worlds ethnically cleansing genocidal fuckpigs.

>> No.74252059 [DELETED] 


You mean only the immoral wars that Daddy Putin lets him.

>> No.74252130


You're saying Great Houses are worse than Introtech with a few 3049 designs in the edge zones.

>> No.74252227

You did the same thing to the /btg/ thread yesterday at this time.

Just get banned and gone.

>> No.74252283

The DC and CapCon are, yes.

>> No.74252342 [DELETED] 

>after four years of insanely retarded ''investigations'', with zero proof or facts or evidence found, despite 'orange man bad is a dumb dumb' and 'orange man bad is an ebil geenyuss , ugh, he is literally shitlurr, omagerd!' there are still delusional lefturds who think 'muh russiagate' is real and not flat out bullshit cooked up by the demoncraps.

shut up shifty. no one believes your lies anymore, faggot.

>> No.74252344

As it should be. The Dracs and Cappies are LITERALLY NPC factions. If they had good Mechs the protagonists wouldn't have a combat advantage against them.

>> No.74252593

that's why the dc gets xl fast panthers with dhs as their 'standard' panther, and dragons with erppc, and lfe etc as their 'standard' dragon whenever they're the Opfor for me. gotta make optimised versions of each factions iconic mechs so they can be as awesome as possible and credible threats.

>> No.74252632

I'd bet on the CC over the Hansa. Unless you're comparing a 3140 Periphery RAT to a 3025 great house RAT?

>> No.74252835


>7 row
>stealth wasp
>stealth vindicator
>stealth warhammer
yep this checks out

The Hansa 3140 RAT is just a collection of good introtech mechs, it's a good list but it's 100 years behind the inner sphere. FYI the Surtur is a fast sword mech with a supercharger, flamers and SRMs unique to the Hansa. The question is how they got Atlases at all that far out there...

>> No.74252836

>Unless you're comparing a 3140 Periphery RAT to a 3025 great house RAT?
A 3025 great house RAT should still be superior to a 3140 periphery RAT. Periphery states aren't supposed to have nice things, and they should feel lucky they have any Mechs at all.

>> No.74253147

>All those Phoenix Hawks
I mean, I know it's Ubiquitous, but holy hell.

>> No.74253370

It's interesting how fast the setting ditched hardcore space feudalism. I guess they realized derpy interstellar post apocalyptic space knights was a bit too silly.

Of course you could also view it as a parallel with the real world replacement of feudal armies with the much more effective (and controllable) salaried military.

>> No.74253394

>It's interesting how fast the setting ditched hardcore space feudalism
That's the core reason why the only valid Battletech is 3025/3028. Space feudalism is the core conceit of the setting, and the fact that it's abandoned after 3050 forms a clear divide between legitimate and fake Battletech fluff.

>> No.74253449

I view it more as the setting evolving past being a jumbled bundle of tropes and into a unique setting. Also just like in real fedalism top down authoritarianism replaced it.

>> No.74253856

I feel like it was abandoned well before that.
Even as far back as the Warrior trilogy, there were a few characters that were royalty, undoubtedly, but there has seemingly been way more of an emphasis on modern military atmosphere, and between all the merc units and seeming nobodies that managed to get their hands on 'mechs, I have never felt like space feudalism extended beyond planetary management. You get old lore beating you over the head about only the highest eschelons of society can have these, but then you read about warrior data and unless you're going as far back as Foxes' Teeth most characters don't have any backstory that hints at being nobility.

>> No.74255403

based and redpilled

>> No.74255427

When did the TR03055 mechs get their Clan names? Jade Falcon Sourcebook still calls Incubus "Vixen", Conjurer "Hellhound" and Howler "Baboon".

>> No.74255622

In TRO 3055.

>> No.74256146

Ta-da, new mech!

>> No.74256156

Derp. I need some sleep.

>> No.74256219

Sometimes I'm thankful for shimmy, like when I see an elbow canon held on by a toothpick. I like the LRM turret though.

>> No.74256356

It's a RAC2 that pops off. What do you want?

>> No.74256376

Oh fuck off, that artwork is better than anything shimmy has shat out in years.

>> No.74256460

No, they still have the IS names in TRO3055.

>> No.74256636

Read the introduction to the Clan Battlemechs section.

>> No.74256812


Yeah that's a big problem of the setting is it sells itself as space feudalism, but everyone acts like they're out of a WWII movie made in the 60s

>> No.74256960


>> No.74257375

rebrandly archiver here.

I've been away for 3 weeks, i am going through a rough but nicely timed (KS time!) divorce so I missed a lot of released.

I did update what I could from files I found on Maza's vola (that's mine too), but I am certainly missing Golden Century... perhaps more stuff.

Can someone please
a. upload Golden Century on the vola, and
b. take a loot at rebrandly / BattleTech and see what's missing?


>> No.74257395

ah shit
*take a look

>> No.74257532

Just uploaded Golden Century, thank you for your hard work anon!

>> No.74257575

Files from the last 3 weeks is

Recog 2+3+4
Spotlight Thermo Police
TRO Golden Century
OTP Hanseatic Crusade
TTS Kaumberg
Rock of the Republic

>> No.74257846

You funny guy, you get cancelled last

>> No.74257854

This is what's missing or what's been added?

>> No.74257870

The new release files posted in the thread the last few weeks. It's the list to look for in the rebrandly. If it's not in the rebrandly, we do have it and can upload for you.

>> No.74257934

It's time for your morphine, grandpa

>> No.74257975


I'll wait for rebrandly anon, don't trouble yourself for me

P.s. Maza on a Wild Cards binge?

>> No.74258597


Awesome! Thanks Muninn! We appreciate your effort.

>> No.74258942

Can someone please post a link to this rebrandly- and/or vola-folder?

>> No.74259722


60 tons is actually optimized podspace for 5/8 standard engine with no jump jets. Dragons get hamstrung because of weapons loadouts.

>> No.74260015

Aye, just ditch the AC5 for the more Kuritan PPC and voila, you've got a really decent 60 ton mech.

Funnily enough, this is literally what happens in-universe as well, with the Grand Dragon (not the KKK)

>> No.74261459

>> No.74261495

Look at that Mary Sue Stinger pilot.

>> No.74261641

>Just pointing in a direction in the back while all its allies face the brunt of the attack
>despite the fact it killed 5 mechs, making it an ace
What a prick

>> No.74261674

Its more the type of mechs he has supposedly killed. Nothing lighter than 60t by my viewing. I could see 5 kills...but of mostly lights with maybe a medium or a heavy thrown in.

>> No.74261695


Look at the silhouettes of its "kills". This guy is a legend in the world of kill stealing.

>> No.74261945

Maybe this guy is the ultimate master of lucky ammo TACs

>> No.74262163

Like I said: a Mary Sue.

>> No.74262453

>t: guy who didn't bother with CASE
There's a reason why you use protection anon. Namely, the reason is that Stinger pilot.

>> No.74262971

He's the asshole who jumps to your Marauder's left side arc when his buddies have stripped your armor and starts peppering you with machine guns for that only item in the side torso ammo crit.

>> No.74263083


I truthfully like how the Hanseans prepared for The Day. Get the mechs built. If you have spare industrial capacity, build more battlearmor. If you can do hi-tech stuff at machine shop production rates? Build some Purifiers. You want a Helm upgrade for a common mech we have in production? P-Hawk. You want a post-Invasion super mech? Awesome 9Q. Get those fighters, small craft, and assault droppers built (I suppose they benefited from being known as people that have "human waved" a Warship, the Scorpions left their home to prevent counter-invasion- which is a pretty useful thing to do I guess).

>of course the dark side of all of this is that they were the known fences for every pirated jumpship with a murdered crew

>> No.74263236

Well... The Enfield is mostly done, but i feel like i fucked the proportions up or something.

Gonna spend some more time messing with it until it looks proper. Maybe the legs are too long? Torso too skinny? Hmm...

>> No.74263498

Posed looks a bit better, but i'm still not 100% ok with it. I feel the details are fine, but there's just something with the proportions.

If anyone's got ideas, feel free to share.

>> No.74263734

Widen the lower torso and hips but keep the shoulders and legs where they are. Enfield is a bit beefier, you've got him with that Pixie waist.

>> No.74263761


So what is this Maza thing? Are docs no longer going on on the PDF folders?

>> No.74263778


Probably as a result of the terrible angle on the 3058 artwork, you've significantly changed many of the dimensions of the original.

Your torso tapers to the base of the hips (shoulders wide, lower torso narrow, hips narrower still). Second, your shoulders are VERY wide compared to the OG model. This has created a sort of T-shape to the Mech which looks generally odd, and isn't in keeping with the majority of Mech designs (Koschei being an exception) in general, and with SLDF Mech design in particular.

1) Remove the taper on the lower torso assembly: it should go straight down, not taper in.
2) Bulk up your hip assembly so that it is the width of the lower torso's rotation ring.
3) Bring in the width of the upper torso significantly. There's too much "overhang" to either side of the torso, creating a T-shape, while the OG Enfield is actually fairly blocky. The suggested cuts are marked in the attached image. I might also suggest angling the shoulder "swoops" up more steeply; this will draw the eye vertically, while yours are near-horizontal and visually reinforce the "wide shoulders" problem.

>> No.74263878

Its mostly based on the TRO cover re-design alex iglesias did.

>> No.74263922

Nonetheless, NEA and >>74263734's advice is good. The Mech looks too spindly and need to be bulked up.

>> No.74263946

It looks fittingly bulky for a 50 tonner.

>> No.74263978

Your aesthetic preference is wrong.

>> No.74264282

At least i got it closer than Mechcommander did :D
But you guys are definitely right, i've been trying to put my finger on what's wrong with it and couldn't.

I guess i just needed a fresh perspective.
The torso definitely needs more beef on it.


>> No.74264599

Are there any Russian/Soviet influenced factions? Besides the CC, I mean.

I know Tikonov sounds kinda russian, but tends to flip flop between Davion and Liao.

Are there any Marik sub-factions perhaps? Mercenary groups? Minor / periphery nations?

>> No.74264652


Liao's got a very large proportion of Russians, to the point where their intelligence apparatus is called the Maskirovka, after the Russian military concept of complete obfuscation and misdirection.

>> No.74264655

What? There already is an actual Warhammer IIC ...

>> No.74264664

>Are there any Russian
My experience is that battletech is played at a sedate pace.

>> No.74264674


Hellbringer is for all intents and purposes the Wolverine IIC, no?

>> No.74264731

That's the hellhound/conjurer m8.

>> No.74264840

Yes, I did say besides the CC (Capellan Confederation, AKA Liao ... ). They do have some Russian influence, yes - But they're headed by a bunch of insane blend of ChiCom and ancient Chinese royalty. Not quite what I'm looking for, sadly.

Hurr. Okay, that was pretty decent. Still, question stands for serious responses also.

>> No.74264993

I anticipate you're going to be disappointed. There really aren't any direct analogues to existing 'real world' factions as Macro players in the setting. I believe this to be the original creators deliberate intent as it somewhat relieves it from prejudices and stereo types associated with said real world factions.

>>TL:DR: There is no 'russian' faction.

>> No.74265040

Ignoring the recent People's Best Confederation hoohah, Liao is supposed to be the Total-Commie-Sino-Soviet-Split-Never-Happened-No-Not-Never faction, and if you play it that way with a pile of Russkie-Chink-Viet-Norks working together like a 60s Murican nightmare... you would be the most welcome Liao player in any BT circle anywhere

>> No.74265288

Quickish mockup full of holes and overlapping geometry, but i think the proportions look better now.

Giving it a chunkier belly, does make it look instantly better.

>> No.74265500

You say that, but for pretty much every major modern nation you can find a strongly influenced faction.

Scots? Highlanders.
England/'anglosphere'? Davion.
Central Europe (Germany etc) - Steiner.
Japan - Dracs.
Spain - Taurian Concordat
Scandinavian: Rasalhague

Those are just the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. There's a whole bunch more if you look a bit deeper.

Apologies, to what recent hoohah are you referring?

I do realise that's kinda the way it's supposed to be, but I'm not sure what you're getting at - Why would anyone be impressed by playing a blend of soviets and asians? .. Isn't that basically the default/standard for the CC? Or do most people go pure chinese or something?

>> No.74265576

>Isn't that basically the default/standard for the CC?

Not since 3053 in universe and 1996 in real life.

>> No.74265733

>I believe this to be the original creators deliberate intent as it somewhat relieves it from prejudices and stereo types associated with said real world factions.

Unfortunately, I've picked up on that the factions that tend to be the most popular in Battletech are the ones that can be described as "Space (nationality)", while factions that don't have clear origins tend to flounder.

You'll note that one guy calls the FWL "Space america" and another calls it "Space EU", another calls it "Space Prussia" and another "Space Greece". By being so broken up into sub factions without obvious origins it has been mostly sidelined as far as the fiction and fanbase went.

Meanwhile the CC seemed to spike in popularity as soon as they started sidelining the "Russian" aspects and went full Xin Sheng space china.

>> No.74265787


The FWL is Space >Holy >Roman >Empire though.

>> No.74265809

So, neither Free, nor Worlds, nor a League?

>> No.74265894

>(KS time!)

What's that?

>> No.74266097


More subject to witty libels by yet-to-fail dreamers.

>when the HRE went down, the small statelets were fucked and they knew it; napoleon's schtick was ever combinations of the strong against the week

The FWL (and later, the nuFWL) is the best friend an independent world within its borders is ever going to have, I've seen an anon describe why somewhere with memorable enough keywords

>checking archive "FWL", "Fedsuns"

Depends entirely on the planet.
A while ago I was thinking about how FWL and Fedsuns both value freedom, but have pretty different definition of it.
Fedsuns constitution guarantees each citizen certain rights, like freedom of speech, religion, and to bear arms, regardless of what planet they live on. On the other hand, the citizens have no say in their government (planetary governors are appointed directly by House Davion, though on some planets they do let a locally elected body handle internal affairs), and if the local noble is an asshole the only way to get rid of him is to hope some more important noble deigns to remove him from power.
In FWL, on the other hand, each province (which range from mini-states to single planets or nations) are guaranteed the right to practice their own culture and select their own representative for the parliament, without interference from the federal government. So you can have a planet that's a liberal democracy that elects their local ruler and parliamentary representative, and another that's a strict theocracy where any breach of cultural norms is harshly punished.
Fedsuns citizens would probably feel FWL government is irresponsible for not ensuring all their citizens have their basic human rights met, while FWL citizens would think Fedsuns "big government" imposes its ruling house's cultural norms upon its citizens and doesn't let them have a say in the government.

>> No.74267103

Two different takes, anon

>> No.74267131

And it's not an omni.

>> No.74267214

>on the vola

>> No.74267254

Arguably Clan Wolf, as much as you could argue that the Ghost Bears are swedish.

>> No.74267895

>I know Tikonov sounds kinda russian, but tends to flip flop between Davion and Liao.
it's been Liao for most of its history

>settled 2177
>joined Liao in 2366
662 year jump
>Davion captured it in 3029
38 year jump
>Liao reclaims it in 3067
2 year jump
>WoB claims it in 3069
jihad and stuff for 12 years
>RotS claims it in 3081
54ish year jump
>Davion claims it around 3135
10 year jump
>Liao liberates it in 3145
Capellan in perpetuity now

>> No.74268231

Bit of a windfall today /btg/, local comic book shop guy I know sold this to me pretty cheap. Plastics are bad but still neat

>> No.74268387

Beware the hulk, circa '94 by "Greg"

>> No.74268411

I appreciate the effort the dude did in this, I'm glad I was able to rescue this box.

I'll get the figs cleaned up and painted too

>> No.74268414

>watching MTV hits on your giant CRT monitor while stomping on Liao bugmen

looks comfy

>> No.74268427

Anyone want to do some shopping?

>> No.74268479

Good sculpts for the time, terrible casts

>> No.74268483


That Warhammer model in that box is second to none


>3050's merc
>has an atlas and a pallet of clantech spoils
>knows to keep the standard engine
>getting a feeling of confidence in this guy, he's probably not even going to blow his c-bills on kuritan hookers
>...and he puts in a rear-facing cERPPC

There's a lamppost on this planet where the local streetwalkers have learned to make a cashbox sound with their fuckme boots bootheels.

>> No.74268518

Oh....oh no, a meme almost three decades in the making

>> No.74268545

>He didn't know Redjack Ryan is one of the original Bandit Kings from 1984

They're from BEFORE there was even random countries in the Periphery like Taurians or Canopians.

>> No.74268567

Nah, I'm fairly new.

Look at these savings

>> No.74268584

Another custom?

>> No.74268636


Roundabout and expensive way to get a Marik Heavy, merc. But it's Cort Steelblade's money.

>I remain stonefaced because I remember highschool me, who had horrible taste but enough passable french for that to not be immediately obvious
>also that would have been a very obscure Dark Tower reference in 1995, where-ever this guy is he can prove he's no hipster. If he wants to claim this, that is. Sort of a catch-22.

>> No.74268640

>cort steelblade

>> No.74268707


Roland of Gilead's mentor, anon. Gunslinger from that one niche-popular Steven King trilogy which he's never going to advance the plot in because it doesn't make hollywood-money. They're never going to get off that AI-controlled monorail train.

>...sigh, if only

>> No.74268807

>Clan Nova Cat
>the Nova isn't one of their creations and signature mechs

dayum shame

>> No.74268839

i made the nova

>> No.74269435

Why were the Ice Hellions the designated joke clan?

If they sucked so much, wouldn't they have been absorbed or annihilated long before Revival?

>> No.74269585


They eventually figure themselves out. Technically the clan doesn't exist by then, but the Goliath Scoprions make a point of finding every one of them they can in the Deep Periphery, turn them into a Galaxy-strength subclan, and then tell them to Go Fast.

>> No.74270785

>what recent hoohah are you referring?
>Why would anyone be impressed by playing a blend of soviets and asians? .. Isn't that basically the default/standard for the CC? Or do most people go pure chinese or something?

Sometime in about 1998 the faction officially decided to focus on the ChiCom aspect. From then on all the Mechs and lately even the vehicles were given (badly) romanized pseudo-chink names and lorewise a wave of utter chinkabooism swept the nation. I kid you not, it's completely canon.

The change was... controversial to say the absolute least. It turned Liao from the popular underdog Successor State of choice to one of the most shunned factions. Which is why, if you play Liao as I said above, you're going to be a damn sight more welcome than any other Liao player.

>> No.74271726

They do like using the Supernova, which is essentially Nova but Big, enough that they stick it into their frontline clusters despite it not being an omnimech.

>> No.74272100

>There's a lamppost on this planet where the local streetwalkers have learned to make a cashbox sound with their fuckme boots bootheels.


>> No.74272361

Kickstarter is near!

>> No.74272368

archiver here. OC Post is what's 'new'. I was only missing. Thanks to all, archive is complete.

>> No.74272414

>gauze rifle
>cort shortblade
>clantech munchmech
>still illegal design, only 8 DHS

>> No.74272473

correction, now rebrandly archive is only missing recog guide 4. Can someone upload it in our vola?

>> No.74272510

10 heatsinks minimum, you dumbass munchkin.

>> No.74272518

How the fuck do you have 8 heatsinks when you have to have 10 in the engine and then you have 2 heatsinks in the legs?

>> No.74272591

Isn't anon posting record sheets straight from some 90s grog's secondhand collection?

>> No.74272744

Not an excuse. Wrong is wrong.

>> No.74272773

Okay ... Well, seeing as how no one can identify any non-CC factions or units with Russian influence, then perhaps you're right.

Are there any regiments or units or whatever in particular that still have a Russian flavour in-lore?

>> No.74272821

Implying that 3145 is the end of the franchise.

>> No.74272970

Well, those sheets suck, grog or no grog.

>> No.74273197

Just saying, don't shoot the messenger. It's fun seeing terrible custom builds almost as old as I am.

>> No.74273379

hmm has anyone had a problem with mekhq when you click start game in the contract menu and nothing happens not even sure where to trouble shoot

>> No.74273501

nevermind figured it out java was being gay

>> No.74273731

java is always gay

>> No.74273859

truly, the only reason i it wasn't working was because some 3mb ram usage java program was running and mekhq wouldn't open because of it

>> No.74273903

Usually the issue boils down to java being gay

>> No.74273924

Holy fuck are you guys bitter cock goblins

>> No.74273962

I don't know what anon is doing, but anon ought to know better

>> No.74273987

We are what CGL has made us. If they were a better company, they'd have better fans. We would never have become bitter and resentful if the Battletech property was better handled.

>> No.74274153

Take responsibility for your faggotry and quit blaming everyone else. CGL don't owe you shit.

Scree at mommy someone on the internet said some mean things to you then go back to jacking off to lolicons.

>> No.74274806

How did the Fire Mandrills survive as long as they did?

>> No.74274896

not enough writers

>> No.74274936

do i have to shoot this downed flyer id rather not destroy it if i can help it and i imagine the pilot wouldn't want to be fried either

>> No.74274997

Let none survive

>> No.74275007

i want his stuff though

>> No.74275056

I'm not sure if MM ever has pilots bail out from a vehicle that isn't destroyed. You can use a console command to end the battle before all enemies are destroyed (I've done that sometimes when the last survivors are enemy pilots that ejected into deep water so I can't pick them up and don't want to shoot them), but since the ASF isn't actually destroyed I don't think you'd get it as salvage then.

>> No.74275063

She reminds me of someone, I don't recall who

Alexis Bledel?

>> No.74275084

They feuded with themselves mostly, every Kindraa that stuck its dick in another Clan's business got killed for their trouble.

>> No.74275172

that worked thanks

>> No.74275204

Honestly it's kind of nothing short of amazing they lasted as long as they did. Pretty sure the only reason they never got absorbed is because of how batshit crazy they are to the point they make bad bondsmen.

>> No.74275223

They also didn't really have anything worth the trouble of wiping them out for. The same reason Blood Spirits kept existing despite being Clan Broke-Ass Innawoods Weirdos.
Both got wiped out during WoR when the Homeworlds escalated from random raids and trials to total war.

>> No.74275250

Doesnt help the mandrills were fucking themselves. But kerensky bless them at least they stayed true to themselves till the end. At least the spirits never trailed themselves after winning isorla.
Blood spirits are the guy who just want to chill in the woods and do their own thing. The mandrill are the clan waiting in the woods to recreate deliverance.

>> No.74276161

I know AS isn't played much here, but can anybody help me with a rules question? Namely how searchlights and darkness interact, because the rules seem rather contradictory.

Under the environmental modifier rules for darkness it's mentioned that battlemechs and units with the searchlight rule ignore the TN modifier from darkness, and that they can turn their lights on to illuminate themselves and anything with 2'' (1 hex radius) around them, which seems kind of pointless if all mechs and virtually all combat vehicles (most vehicles' AS stats on MUL have the searchlight rules) can already ignore darkness.The rules for searchlights likewise say it lets a unit ignore the TN modifier for darkness.
But the rules for the environmental specialization: night fighter SPA say it lets the unit ignore the TN modifier from darkness without having to turn on its searchlight.

So the SPA would suggest to me that mechs and units with searchlights can ignore darkness but they must active their lights to do so, which also illuminates them and anything near them to the enemy. But the other parts seem to just indicate they can just ignore the TN modifier outright.

>> No.74276301


chill dudes, I'm just sharing artifacts I found from the 90s

>> No.74276845

Hellions are another one

>> No.74277122

I'm honestly surprised they never renamed Maskirovska into something Chinese. They seem to have purposely scrubbed every other non-Chinese element from the Capellans.

>> No.74278024


The question is more how did Sainze last that long.

>> No.74279134


Kind of hard to get all of them at once.

>> No.74281019

>> No.74282367

>> No.74282496

I liked that you shared anon thanks for the nostalgia feels.

>> No.74283085

Do your battlemechs wield your banners high?

>> No.74283135

No. They don't.

I leave that to the Infantry.

>> No.74283177

Well they should

>> No.74283631

Wait, what Atlas is that? None of the IWM Atlases have a RAC.

>> No.74283769


>> No.74283923

That's NEA's take on the AS8-D Atlas.

>> No.74284054

IlClan 4 uploaded!

>> No.74284156

Paging for Xotl.

Can 'Mechs with weapons with critslots split between arm and side torso locations able to fire in only the torso firing arc or both front and arms? (AC-20 King Crab, Arrow IV Catapult, Naga)

The current BMM and TW firing arcs section don't mention this at all but it's clear in the old constructions rule section and the current TM (5th, pg 57) that the more restrictive torso arc applies.

A player without access to the TM may not know about this.

>> No.74284224

>Paging for Xotl.
While we're summoning Xotl:

Similar scenario, but they torso bits have been loaded into a shoulder turret. Would an AC20 split between the left arm and a left shoulder turret have the full left arm sweep.

Can you even split between arm and shoulder turret?

>> No.74284377

Questions for btg around SPAs, where can i find a detailed list of them?

And regarding the sharpshooter skill on a pilot card in the AGOAC box. Does the crit roll happen only if that shot hit the precise loc you aimed for, or anywhere as long as you hit?

>> No.74284449

Which is better for a first time practice game, two mediums on both sides or a lance of lights? Level I technology of course.

>> No.74284480

The mediums, certainly.

>> No.74284584

Mediums, or even 1 med 1 heavy.
Id also consider having an objective other than just destroy the other team, seize and hold a position, Defend a building etc

>> No.74284658

Are heavier mechs better for practice games than lights?

>> No.74284827

Lights punish stupidity. Assaults are slow and dull.

>> No.74284937

For BT they're in Campaign Ops.

>> No.74284964


I'd say two mediums, but Commandos are also probably a good pick.

When I lose a new player, it's usually due to nothing happening all game due to low firepower combined with high Too-Hit modifiers and good armor.

>> No.74285357

What if you had two mediums and a light? Or a medium, a heavy and a light? Is that too many mechs?

>> No.74285466

B-Tech front loads a lot of info. Ideally I'd find four players and hand them one mech each on two teams of two.

>> No.74285621

I might be blind, but I don't see OTP Hanseatic Crusade in the Rebrand. It should be in Turning Points, right?

>> No.74286040

Are there any IntroTech variants for the Quickdraw, Whitworth, Assassin or Clint you fellas would recommend aside from the stock variants?

>those Quickdrawn variants that just swap the lasers or srm back and forth
seems like such a waste when you can just flip the arms backwards if you need rear firepower

>> No.74286058

Fuck you Stoner!

>> No.74286470


>> No.74286861


>> No.74287099

What are Ghost Bears preferred Light Mechs over the years? I'm curious because I always just see them in Heavies and Assaults.

>> No.74287136

Fire Moth and Viper

>> No.74287491


No chance at all this is a Ghost Knight. None at all.

>I have no temp astechs or medics on Tyrfing, so I really need this woman
>hell, the greatest windfall I've had in months is a Republic POW with medtech skills defecting

>> No.74287726

>> No.74287889

>Fire Moth
Ah yes the "requires BA for armor/gotta go fast" Mech.
The medium that is equipped like and might as well be a light.

>> No.74287979

What supposed to the animal on the Lothian League's flag?

>Lothian citizens from TC who fled and found ice planets, is Lothian BT's Alaskans or Canadians?

>> No.74288004

Hey now, Canada's not all snow and ice. We also have overly dramatic orphaned red headed chicks too!

>> No.74288089

Looks bearlike

>> No.74288093

Can whoever makes the next OP update my RAT date and link? The old one is now dead.

August 2020 update
https://tinyurl <dot> com/y3m2gwcp

>> No.74288122

Hey Xotl, got time for a few questions from up thread?

>> No.74288144

Missed those earlier, thanks for the ping.

Busy for about an hour, so I'll tackle them if I can in (presumably) the next thread.

>> No.74288199


>rpg campaign I was playing in broke up because of literal autism

It fucking sucks bros... we were going for a year.

>> No.74288346

New thread:

>> No.74288355

it looks like a wolverine.

>> No.74289623

>P.s. Maza on a Wild Cards binge?
I am constantly trying to start reading that series but always something else comes up.

>> No.74289722

rebrandly address is in OP, vola is /r/MazaNostra

>> No.74289761

I am the 'maza' guy.
There are a couple of old troves in the OP that are not updated any more. There is also a mediafire folder that has recent stuff 2018-2020 but it is not updated any more either.

I have set up the rebrandly trove which has almost everything (due to folder size limitation I skip some non-canon stuff, drawing activity books etc).
I have also set up a vola room. Everyfile uploaded there has a 48 hours lifespan. I like weird fiction and rpgs so expect to see non-BT stuff as well. address is volafilie org slash MazaNostra

(I am doing this because I love the game, but I cant dedicate lots of free time. Sometimes rl gets in the way and I am missing released so the rebrandly trove has stuff missing from time to time which i try to acquire at a later time)

>> No.74289769

volafile org slash MazaNostra

>> No.74289820

my bad, I synced the wrong cloud service. Now rebrandly should be up to date. (You were indeed looking in the correct folder)

>> No.74289977

Org slash r slash MazaNostra

The r is important

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