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Don't tell the Commissar but....I'd totally fuck one of these things.

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go away Draco

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This thing.

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I would say Slaanesh.
If you are in the 40k and you NEED to fuck something, aim to the top and think big.
Because nothing will probably be more hardcore than fucking Slaanesh itself.

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you don't fuck slaanesh, slaanesh fucks you
papa nurgle on the other hand will make you feel good

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That smile...

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But he will only show his smile when he is killing you for some minor offense though...

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Dude you got her pregnant.

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didn't Kaldor Drago pull that off at some point?

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Diazmonnetes, but only on the condition that there will be no pegging. Failing that some time with a TAU gf would be nice.

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Go big or go home

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Pic related

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Careful, she's a squirter

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How tall exactly is celestine

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I haven't read anything in fluff specifying she's bigger than a normal human

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most of the art depicts saints as being gigantic though

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Because he's handsome as fuck and deserves someone to love him.

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Normal human. She just has big...wings.

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Lictor? Hell, it did a lot more than that!!

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Even if he has more issues than a whole psychiatric hospital put together?

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>those hips
damn im feelin real faithful right now

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Does anyone have the excerpt from the deathwatch novel talking about genestealer cults pregnant bitches

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the lore says that loyal servants of the imperium are inspired and motivated by her presence, what it doesn't mention is that it's actually her hips and thighs doing the inspiring

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He only developed those issues because he grew up alone and unwanted. Even Angron learned of brotherhood from his fellow slaves - Konrad had nothing but the knowledge he consumed from the dead murderers he ate for sustenance. He wouldn't have turned out the way he did if someone had been there to care for him.

Literally contradicts every single other description of how the Genestealer Cult life-cycle works. Whoever wrote it was a stupid hack who ripped off Alien for cheap shock value.

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Genestealer, generation one, just enough human for some tiddies.

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Yeah I know but it makes my dick hard and I can’t find the damn thing.

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This canonically happened in WHFB. One of the Maggoth Knights is the son of a Great Unclean One and a witch.

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Isn't it from warhammer adventures?

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>That yellow gunk that GUOs leave behind? It isn't pus, it's semen

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haha oh no dont post any more haha

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I don’t know about that...
Barring Eldar, I don’t think anyone can really handle Konrad’s psychic epilepsy. He might get adopted by a passerby who say his pod, only to get abandoned by them as they are unable to cope the additional stress of his episodes and burning desire for justice.
Also, would he truly be the same Konrad if he was raised differently?

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Remember folks, no other daemon is shown to actualy pull in warhammer, that mean great unclean ones get all the bitches.

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I think some of us have been in the warp for to long

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Nah miss me with that bestiality shit. I'd rather fuck a Deathleeper, those things can think for themselves. Genestealers are fine too.

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something that can turn into something else.

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How do we starve GW for money so badly their only hope of survival is producing coomer teir Space Marine waifus

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which Primarch would be best girl if they all got gender-flipped?

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Wasn’t there some /tg/ project that turned all the primarchs into high school girls?

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probably Guilliman simply due to the fact he would only have more daddy issues as a girl which is just the norm for girls, sure others like Sanginuis might sound like a good waifu until the bi polar shit starts kicking in, which will be both terrifying but hot

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Toss up between Perturabo and Corax. Either the autistic neet with self esteem issues or big tiddy goth girl.


And another where some of the Primarchs got gender-flipped, and the effect it had on the Heresy.

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The Emperor

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Rangdan waifu for coalition citizenship.

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Dorn, clearly.
Magnus in second place for being both a shortstack and an amazon.

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>Slaanesh is so off-the-wall that she/he would do everything you're not into just to see you suffer
>Dark Eldar will torture you to death, full CBT with acupuncture and shit
>Tau chicks don't have breast tissue and come with ideological supremacy
>Genestealer cultist women would mind fuck you and make you into a slave
>Sisters of Battle are too zealous, to the point where even a minor point of contention could mean you are burned to death
>Eldar will mindfuck you as a Mon'Keigh that is not essential to their plan and would probably never express any emotion during sex
>Imperial Guard chicks will be too emotionally disturbed for anything I do to be healthy, probably experiencing so much stress and PTSD that I would prefer to cuddle them and make sure they're mentally okay before being ready for sex
>Tyranids will fuck YOU, and then vore you.
>Tech Priestesses have replaced you with a machine and their sex drive with a machine. You will be a servitor in 10 minutes.
>Callidus Assassin will kill you or blackmail you afterwards
>Necrons are skeletons that would kill you
>Orks don't have reproductive organs that would kill you

I'll have to go for Sisters of Silence, because even if I am in insufferable pain and discomfort, it is still better than anyone else

Besides, Amazonian ladies that are the embodiment of the peak of humanity is perfectly fine with me

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>Orks don't have reproductive organs that would kill you
Isn't that a good thing?

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Wow,, Cawl is an ABSOLUTE UNIT

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Sorry, meant to say "and would kill you"

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Don't you know?
Orks are suprisingly tender lovers

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My man. I'm looking to run a GSC/BB army with a Nid detachment to appease the idea. It'll be a very mixed group, I will have a gaunts as the spotters/loaders on the Brood Brother Heavy Weapon Teams and give officers and vehicles little Rippers

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Nurgle did nab an elf goddess of life what the fuck has Khorne fucked other than his own mountain of skulls? That's right, we all know Khorne is pure incel rage

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Damn man those thighs

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Can't get an std if you have all the stds

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You don’t need genderflips.

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I‘d fuck space marines

and their primarchs

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I just really want to bury myself in Magnus’ bara tiddies.

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All of them?

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Source please

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We know of people who have slanneshi demons as a mother and father, so no you are wrong, slanneshi demons fuck and make kids a lot too.

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>>Genestealer cultist women would mind fuck you and make you into a slave

And this is different from regular women, how?

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I wanna fuck Fulgrim.

In his Demon Prince form

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Corax if you're into big titty goth girls. Guilliman if you want a girl to gently femdom you and always make you try your best. Sanquinus if want an all around beautiful, smart, creative, and loyal girl with ridiculously awful periods.

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I will take my busty tau lover now please and thank you

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To be fair to Genestealer cultists don't they have really weird committed relationships where everyone just kind of gets along? Once you're infected you just kind of love everyone, and have an overwhelming desire to have a large family and protect your brood from outsiders, like.... pure.... unconditional love in a committed relationship with a positive relationship to the community.

And your extended family, your local community, is a free love hippy commune that promotes love, acceptance and faith in the Star-Born Emperor of Everything. And your fun family activities involve hiding your most blessed children from outsiders and stockpiling weapons for the day of ascension.

>tfw you'll never build homemade promethium bombs in the kitchen with your wife and 12 kids after a long days work at the star port.

As far as the horrors of the 41st millennium go, being in an early stage Genestealer cult is probably the most comfy life you could have as a civi. Late stage is probably a bit less fun what with the impending doom of your entire world and sudden feeling that tearing down your world in a holocaust of religious ecstasy..... but you know... that's probably a few generations away.

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Thank you!

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You guys are idiots. Most people can't handle being in the same room as a Blank. Can you imagine how thirsty they are?

Top physical shape? Check
Completely human? Check
Untainted by the warp? Check
Literally maximum cock hunger due to Pariah gene? Check

There's only one right answer.

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Exceedingly based.
Would fug and hug, even if I turned out to be a psyker. Hideous mental agony is second to seeing their face, so used to frowning and cold treatment and scorn, light up in surprise, then happiness like that.

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This guy gets it. Also, because of their vow of silence you probably won't get caught. Can get that back of the rhino quickie in.

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And irritate the shit out of you for no good reason.
You have the unreasonable desire to throw stones at them and drive them away.
They chew to loud. Their breathing is too loud. They stare too much. They never meet your gaze. They're too quiet, always sneaking around. Irritating. irrationally irritating.

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That's how people feel about you but you still want to get laid.

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Yeah but with me it's actually true.
With them it's just your brain trying to find an excuse to hate them, because everything about them just feels wrong.

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I think GW has a better chance of producing Space Marine Husbandos if they were in a tight spot. They'd tap into that female market too.

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I would legitimately pay for a Primarch dating sim

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Goddamn Teraurge Fags are the scum of the earth!. The game is abandoned you loonies deal with it!

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Bugg is for hugg and fugg

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Damn right.

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You and me both, Anon

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the one with a dick gun or the one with a beak vagina?

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Dream Daddy but with Primarchs?

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genestealer hybrids get you a happy family and good friends before you die

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Honestly, being a mid-tier genestealer hybrid would probably be a reasonably comfy life, at least by the standards of the Imperium. Something late enough that the mutations aren't crippling, but early enough that you don't have to live through the mass extinction.

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no need to be a hybrid either, just be an infected initiate

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mortarion always sounded boring to me

did he actually have a personality at some point?

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I first thought you talked about fluffyponies up until the "too quiet" part.

>> No.74226508

He does

He is a bitter, self- and psyker-hating fuck with a scanned-over core of compassion for others that bleeds out at the wrong moments. Also is as mentally scarred as Curze, but holds it in better

He is suffering

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Most Cultist probably don't mind. It's just GW pushing dumb shit because someone being happy isn't grimderp enough for them.
After all you are shredding your crude human form to ascend and become one with your gods.

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Yeah but extra arms tho

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If nothing else, it would be very silly if a few of the late-generation hybrids didn't at least try to hitch a ride to a different star system. Not to escape the hive fleets, but to spread the cult to new worlds.

Might be a bit tricky given the Imperium's lack of social mobility, of course, but GS cults are often surprisingly well-connected.

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Did a fucking genestealer post this

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For some reason this makes me crave a beauty and the beast-type story with Mortarion

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With whom? Isha, maybe?

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i would fuck so many hive mutant qts that they would burn me alive. no risk of tyranid infection and they will love you unconditionally just for being born normal.
you get all the perks of >>74223880 with none of the drawbacks. just find the angriest, most bitter mutie supremacist and show her five minutes of affection. boom you have a slave gf

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I'm pretty sure one of the lore blerbs, mentions that pure strains and cultists alike will generally attempt to slip past the screening processes during exacuation. Hell the cult probably puts extra pressure on the starports just to stress the Imperials into losing track of who's getting on the shuttles. I'm not sure about spreading the cult off-world though. Inter-system most definitely, but not out of system. Instinctively the cult is just there to build up numbers, protect itself, and signal a food source for the fleet. Their instincts would be to focus their numbers in one place, firstly to form a power base for protection, secondly to focus the beacon.

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This thing, I wish to hold her hands give her lots of head pats and scritches rub her belly and her face I wish to lead her astray from the ruinus powers [//spoiler] and marry her and put lots of babies in her

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The Cult of the Four armed Emperor, one of the most famous, is known to have spread their members trough the Imperium to infect as much as possible, basicly posing as serf valued for their endurance and zealotry

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I would a culexus assassin

>> No.74228728

Always played with the idea that different Genestealers from different hive fleets created different flavours of cult.

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I’d have pity sex with Perturabo

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No, but someone fucking a genestealer did.
>tfw no dashing three-armed revolutionary hero bf

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a cult that thrives on mindless reproduction would launch you off the nearest spire bumsahib

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I kind of assumed the Genestealer kiss rewired your brain into.... oh God.... D-do Genestealers.... Do Genestealers cure the gay?.

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>> No.74228989

Yes, anon. They prioritize reproduction. They have no place for the gay.

>> No.74229014

And they say conversion therapy doesn't work.

>> No.74229864

Plus they're the only human females in the 40k range that have sculpts that look actually feminine

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Perks of being deaf I guess

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A fellow of culture

>> No.74233827

her gf would shoot you

>> No.74233951

>implying that she is not up for a threesome

>> No.74234008

>no Jean Stealer
one fuckin' job

>> No.74234032

>loli d. but no lolicron
>guardswoman isn't jubblowski

>> No.74234045

Warhammer High.
I still have a couple more saved.

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>> No.74234071

>> No.74234077

>> No.74234078

>ywn be a navigator forced into a breeding program with your weirdo sisters

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>> No.74234098

See if I can find some shit that jannies won't arbitrarily ban me for for no fuckin' reason

>> No.74234118

Upload it to to something like imgur and link it. They don't care about off site stuff, just stuff directly posted.

>> No.74234129

Tried that with some censored thumbnails and got banned anyway.

>> No.74234723

I have always wanted to tug her wings

>> No.74234782

Deathleepers look ehh. Tyranid Warriors, and winged Hive Tyrants are the good looking bipedal ones.

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>> No.74236852

Hmmm, now I'm imagining this but with cute girls

>> No.74239809

>Imperial Guard chicks will be too emotionally disturbed for anything I do to be healthy, probably experiencing so much stress and PTSD that I would prefer to cuddle them and make sure they're mentally okay before being ready for sex
I'd be okay with that, there is no better feeling in the world than seeing a person you love get out of PTSD with your help

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>> No.74242338

I don’t want to fuck him

>> No.74242424

I want a Drukhari Wych with a 12 inch dick grafted onto by the finest haemonculi in Commorragh to ravage by bussy

>> No.74242488

You will

>> No.74242923

Nice digits bro

>> No.74243170

This. It will end badly but holy shit it's gonna be hot.

>> No.74243209

>> No.74243369

>> No.74243878

Cute. The Tyrant Guard one is my favorite. Generally seems like a loyal and protective waifu. Also a big fan of the gorilla pose.

>> No.74244092

Too masculine for me, unless he looks like pic related

>> No.74246901


Definitely Sanguinius.

>> No.74247705

Vulkan cause who wouldn't love an extremely sweet and kind pyromaniac who does metal working
Or Corax cause that'd be funny

>> No.74251383

I want to fuck him

>> No.74251734

Nah, Death Watch codex. Also has a mutant that can do use polymorphine without being an assassin, and the mutations is stable enough to be identifiable at birth, yet are not snatched up often.

Oh, and death watch marines are controlled by devices in their neck which can over load their nerves and cancle their psychic powers.

The dw omnibus and other books are a wild ride.

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Pert is the type of man to chart out and model the perfect sexual experience, then put it away because no one is good enough for it.

>> No.74251828

>I have made you cum a hundred and nineteen times in the last eighty seconds, and you tell me to stop?

>> No.74251956

>the device I attached to your pelvis will allow you the achieve an orgasm only Slannesh can achieve
>I will not turn it on though, I have better things to do

>> No.74252071

Female Vulkan would be my waifu

>> No.74252092

I want Hana to dom me, and Venus to cuddle me

>> No.74252285

How does that even work? How different is the child from a baseline human? I'd assume they're going to either be magically inclined or a straight abomination.

>> No.74252320

Could be like Fabius Bile's "daughter". Started mostly human but immediatly delved into the warp and became a semi-stable daemon.

>> No.74252336

Imagine being a blank as well. All the pros and none of the cons. Plus you can freely pop out them blank babies, I'd dig it.

>> No.74252388

I think she only started going daemon after she got yoinked into the Warp by Fulgrim to fuck with Fabius.

>> No.74253496

Here he is next to Robby

>> No.74253530

Didn't Be'lakor father Archaon?

>> No.74254086

No, they just make you bisexual.

>> No.74254669

No, since they can mind brake space marines and control em. If they live they continue to be normal space marines.

>> No.74254701

>It's just GW pushing dumb shit because someone being happy isn't grimderp enough for them.
Genestealer Cultists are inherently grimderp. The entire basis of them is The Shadow Over Innsmouth minus the happy ending. And for those who have never read it, MC learns he's actually a son of Innsmouth, starts changing, ends up find peace and accepting that he's going to become an immortal fish person, and then plans to break a family member out of the clink before they fuck off together to live Under The Sea(tm).

>> No.74254702

"""human"""philes are worse than furries. Find shit that appeals to your fetish, stop forcing yourself into other shit.

>> No.74255003

Must be sad literally being the reason for your lover's headaches

>> No.74256037

It's really fucking dumb, though. Genestealer cultists are basically part of the Hive Mind already, and they're an asset in combat, so there's no reason why the 'nids wouldn't at least keep them around until the invasion is over. Considering how pragmatic the Hive Mind is portrayed as at all other times, it just feels like a fuck you for the sake of a fuck you.

>> No.74259136

I want to fuck no one

>> No.74259406

I'd let her steal my genes, if you know what I mean

>> No.74259492

So you want to be fucked instead? That can probably be arranged.

>> No.74259980

I don’t want to be fucked by an ugly bugs though

>> No.74260048

what about an eldar corsair gf?

>> No.74260070

Does he have a metal mustache ?

>> No.74260129

>Genestealer cultists are basically part of the Hive Mind already

They are not. They are connected by the Broodmind, which is a low-level telepathic link which inspires increasing levels of love and devotion among the cultists towards their superiors, and is reinforced with mundane religious indoctrination. The Hive Mind allows synapse creatures to control lesser Tyranids as though they were extensions of their own body - the Broodmind transmits orders and emotional impulses which the hybrids and brood brothers are conditioned to obey but, in extremis, may not. In-game this is represented by the Unquestioning Loyalty rule and their unusually high Leadership stat, but the only time they become genuinely mindless and unable to flee or disobey their orders is in the presence of the Patriarch, which is the very organism from which the Broodmind originates.

The Patriarch and its Purestrains are full-blooded Tyranids and thus fall under the control of the Hive Mind, while the cultists are not and do not. It has nothing to do with GW not wanting to be happy; and if you think the surviving Cultists mindlessly walking into digestion pools along with the rest of the Hive Fleet at the end of the invasion is something admirable then that says far more about you than it does about GW.

>> No.74260634

oh no, please anything but THAT

>> No.74260969

A lot of art in general makes heroes bigger to give the impression of power.

>> No.74261184

"Admirable" has nothing to do with it, it's perfectly in theme and character for a bunch of cultists to drink the metaphorical Kool-Aid. Plus, it's been established in canon material that they see the 'nids as friends and family, so there's no reason why the Hive Mind wouldn't just make use of them as-is.

>> No.74261387


>and if you think the surviving Cultists mindlessly walking into digestion pools along with the rest of the Hive Fleet at the end of the invasion is something admirable then that says far more about you than it does about GW.

Not who you're responding to, but I think it makes for a creepier image. I mean, lines of people, walking out of the hive cities, singing hosanna as they drown their kids in digestion pools before offering their necks to rippers and tumbling in themselves is so much creepier than a bloody massacre. The people on the planet have been totally subverted. They're just another Tyranid life-form to be used as the hive mind directs.

Also, the possibility that maybe they're right, and their souls are actually being absorbed back into the Hive mind. Because grimdark, the ones who get good endings are the alien rape-babies working to subvert the worlds they live on and the green out of control bio-weapons.

>> No.74261498


>> No.74261575

Magnus is best boy even when he is best boy (girl).

>> No.74261930

man of culture

>> No.74263210

Millions of slightly different humans, and you feel the need to reduce beutiful feral beasts down to trash.

>> No.74263564

>> No.74264257

This is how I Slaaneshi heretek. Much xenotech fetishism.

>> No.74264390

>it's been established in canon material that they see the 'nids as friends and family
Which is how THEY see the Tyranids. The Hive Fleet does not return their affection. It regards them as ambulatory biomass to be harvested.

>so there's no reason why the Hive Mind wouldn't just make use of them as-is
The Hive Mind cannot supply them with weapons and ammunition, nor fuel for the ships necessary to move them from world to world. They reproduce slowly compared to the rate at which true Tyranids can be birthed aboard a Hive Ship. Their primary skills lie in infiltration and subversion, which by necessity take time to accomplish. It's more efficient to slaughter the surviving cultists, harvest their biomass and process it into new Tyranids, while sending on a handful of Genestealers to start the process all over again while the Hive Fleet slowly moves to its new feeding ground.

>> No.74264432

Isha is perfect. Neither of them really want to be with Nurgle and Isha could probably heal him. (Obviously his soul belongs to Nurgle but hey, it's something)

>> No.74265057

There is no fucking way there aren't transport flyers left on the planet, simply take the transport flyer up to the hive ship.

>> No.74267312

It is implied she was already of warp stuff at the beginning and that her out of time stuff was already part of her being a daemon.

>> No.74267545

>It's more efficient to slaughter the surviving cultists, harvest their biomass and process it into new Tyranids
I agree with that, though. I'm not saying the 'nids should (or would) keep the cultists alive after the planet is taken.

What I AM complaining about is that they attack them indiscriminately during the invasion itself, to the point where the purestrain genestealers will turn against their "families" once the hive fleet is in communication range. That's where grimdark turns to grimderp, because the Hive Mind is throwing away an asset that could have helped secure the planet.

>> No.74267882

>What I AM complaining about is that they attack them indiscriminately during the invasion itself

They don't. They turn on them once the planet's defenders have been all but wiped out and the cult is no longer of any use. The GSC codex is very clear about this - it describes that for a time the Cult fights side-by-side with their gods, and the Patriarch and its Purestrain kin are only fully reclaimed by the Hive Mind at the very end. At that point the cult serves no further purpose and is devoured.

>> No.74269920

Cannot Mortarion somehow steal his soul from Nurgle though, or receive a new soul from Isha?

>> No.74270144

>No Torchstar
Fluffo or uggo, she sounds like she'd be a lot of fun to hang out with, sex aside.

>> No.74270153


>> No.74270175


>> No.74270187


>> No.74270195

It is an honor for xeno scum to be upgraded into the image of a fertile human female with some xeno bits to show they are ready to be used by humanity as sexual relief

>> No.74270212


>> No.74270358

Cringe beasts are best sexualized as beasts.

>> No.74270394

If anybody has the full-image of that pic by the way, don't be shy.

>> No.74270409

You don't see monstergirl-fags going out and fucking dogs, dude.

>> No.74270553

[Citation Needed] ...and zoophiles tend to admit their want to commit crimes makes them easy to catch, furries are the ones who rape animals behind closed doors.

>> No.74270634

Sister's of nurgle
>Imagine the smell

>> No.74270877


>> No.74271232

If the dog didn't want to get raped, she shouldn't have looked so cute.

>> No.74271400

Same anon, bugs are fucking hot.

>> No.74271703

Damn, looks like everyone who ever played as the inquisition in Warhammer is a nazi

>> No.74271741

I made no general statement like the one you made. Zoophiles that would to rape their dog tend to say they would to rape their dog, not always, but I never said always. Not only that but nowhere did I say or imply all zoophiles would rape their dog, the anon I replied to did... and I was telling them they were wrong.

>> No.74271746

you sound like a christian mother clutching her pearls at the thought of her son being corrupted by demonic influences such as "pokemon"

>> No.74271810

Pokemon does influence you... into being a based Zoophile, or a retarded consumer.

>> No.74271865


>> No.74271870


>> No.74271917

if it's wrong then i don't want to be right

>> No.74271957

>They aren't massive bara wifes.
Why pretend you want to fuck something when you strip it of everything core to it.

>> No.74272265

I'm jealous that you get dark skinned hammer waifu

>> No.74272281

I'm upset in general, and vaguely hate you for existing.

>> No.74272318

can you let me fuck her if you're not gonna?

>> No.74272336

Anon there are more dog fucker americans who are white christians then there are furries in the fucking world. The amount of dogs furries rape knowing that furries hate people who do it is so small anyone who is an american is not allowed to call em out.

>> No.74272394

The 98.4% (at least) do more bad than the 1.6% (the most generous I can reasonably be). Wow I had no idea, but once again I'm not saying all furries or most furries are dog fuckers, that is what the poster above me said.

>> No.74272422

I want to fuck the warcry cat.

>> No.74272424

Well to be honest the reverse is true with furries, while with americans it's around 10-20% of all ameicans who fuck animals, while around 1% of furries do that.

>> No.74272435


>> No.74272445

>Furries fuck animals less than the average american
Yea, ok.

>> No.74272453


By these numbers yes, since there are ten times more americans who fuck animals then there are furries in the entire world.

>> No.74272464

Furries are largely white men and trannies

The average population is like 30% white women.

Do the math.

>> No.74272798

>Zero citations
Oh no no no.

>> No.74273140

Warhammer Fantasy has such sexy creatures?

>> No.74273822

Anon open up the link perhaps?

>> No.74273839

I don't have to. There's no citations I can see, so it's not true.

>> No.74273862

Sorry I meant references, though zero (0) citations even on a primary source is still suspicious.

>> No.74273985

fuck it, rolling

>> No.74275652


Aside from beeing barely coherent in its structure and writing, your statement is supremely retarded and wrong.

>> No.74275760

>beeing this bad at statistics.

If anything, the furries are included in that number, and probably driving it up quite a bit. assuming that the number is remotely based on anything credible, if 10-20% of all Americans fuck animals, that means 10-20% of all American furries fuck animals.

But let's be real here, the quota for furries is probably much higher than that, and they probably make up a significant portion of the "10-20%". Removing furries would reduce that number significantly.

>> No.74275825

Fight me retard

>> No.74275895

>abstract with no real data from a talk in 2013
>even the numbers in the abstract don't fit the numbers thrown around

So please explain to me how you came from an empty abstract that says "studies find 3-8%of the general population has zoophile tendencies" to "10-20% of Americans fuck animals"

>> No.74276070

49-54 ples

>> No.74276123

>According to these numbers
>links a sitetthat links to a site that links to a PowerPoint presentation with minimal information from a 1 hr workshop in 2013

You wanna know why I know you haven't read that and you are talking shit ? Because I read it, and nowhere in that is any of the numbers or figures you bring up there, or any sort of data to back any of that up. You just googled some shit, took the first result that had a title that makes it sound like it supports your point and bet that no one would actually look at it. Die in a fire animal abusing furfag.

>> No.74276194

Take a seat anon.

>> No.74276893


>> No.74276907

oh no

>> No.74280209

Please be good

>> No.74280223

Well... shit.

>> No.74280463


>> No.74280480

Anything is fine

>> No.74280497


>> No.74280837

what did he mean by this

>> No.74280875

I'm down with the clown

>> No.74280897

>mind fuck you and make you into a slave
I don't see the problem here

>> No.74281014

This is some of the best art of cultist-chan I've ever seen

>> No.74281036

That's a throwback

>> No.74281237

No, seriously. Sauce please.

The full image isn't on paheal (Warhammer 40K, Sister of Battle, Inquisitor tags) or Rule 34 xxx (same tags checked) anywhere.

>> No.74281250

think the artist name is nazui or something like that

>> No.74281266


>> No.74281416


>> No.74281949

The sauce is Nyuunzi, and I need to go drink bleach and ammonia for knowing that

>> No.74284003

>Change design to fit the tastes of your sexual minority
>hear you change shit to fit your fetish
>be confused
At least furries understood what words meant.

>> No.74285149

The entire premise of monstergirls is "monster, but if it had the general shape of a human woman"

>> No.74285213

>Pokefag is a dogfucker
The cancer that ruined the fandom. Unsurprising it arrived with DPPt, the worst generation.

>> No.74285562

>Says his fetish can only exist by being a parasite.
Using a vauge concept that has had multiple diffrent interpretations is diffrent from using a specific clearly defined one.

>> No.74285726

The fandom of braindead consumers and disengnous poketubers. Name one good thing about pokemon, outside of the concept. You're clearly just raging out because you had to grow up.

>> No.74286467

Let's do this.

>> No.74287494

Wait a fucking minute, that isn't a real Imperium seal.

>> No.74287541

>Equestrian Office of Truth

>> No.74287630

eugh dear god i just mindlessly googled it and didnt look, I'm so sorry

>> No.74287704

We don't talk about the 46th Battalion Imperial Calvary. Not since...The Incident

>> No.74288522

>thread up for four fucking days
>no decent coom content

>> No.74288729

Trust me, when I made shitpost this thread I was expecting it to die in an hour.

>> No.74288767

Here's a severely under rated girl

>> No.74288794

*over rated

>> No.74288801

She's cute

>> No.74288872


>> No.74288925

Need salamander gf

>> No.74288963


>> No.74288976

Well, he's dead.

>> No.74288989


>> No.74289000

I hate Guilliman but I bet gender swapped him would have huge mega milkers.

>> No.74289210

I like the idea of Isha stealing his soul back personally. And I know Isha is a goddess, but idk if giving people new souls is something she could do.

>> No.74289327

Im unclear how this game works, but it appears Corax is missing.

>> No.74289495

Lucky you, anon.

>> No.74290695

rolling for my waifu

>> No.74290813

amazing. now i can shoot guns at enemies while running across the battlefield naked and fuck my waifu in the pussy over the corpses of our enemies.

>> No.74291246

Here we go

>> No.74291305

difficult to say. model wise, she is as tall as the average battle sister. but the average battle sister is as tall/ taller than a space marine on table. I just imagine her as being as tall as the average man.

>> No.74292964


>> No.74293126

Nyuunzi on Hentai Foundry

>> No.74293228

You got yourself a roll, pardnah

>> No.74293275


>> No.74294147

31 roll

>> No.74294743

Alpharius/Omegon, I like me some mystery who I am boning or even if they are actually an AI network suspended through a nanite network

>> No.74295119


>> No.74295138


>> No.74298105

Iron Warriors btfo
Also rolling

>> No.74298985

post genestealer cunny

>> No.74299496

Give it to me.

>> No.74303196

off-topic, but you know that the Ecclesiarch must be clapping mad Adepta Sororitas cheeks.

also Id tap some good underhive thugs, I like that dangerous life

>> No.74303303

Where da Slaanehi girls at?

>> No.74303373


>> No.74303469


>> No.74303514

>protec is more attack

>> No.74303551


>> No.74303599

Fucking homebrew, disgusting.

>> No.74303650

>not liking the new GW Rainbow Warrior Primaris model

>> No.74303669


Surely it will be fine.

>> No.74303675

I wish I could, comrade, I wish I could.

>> No.74303704

tfw when Imperial Fists is my army but want to smash blonde braided Ultramariness instead

>> No.74305230

Please, educate me.

>> No.74305369

What happens if i let it ring?

>> No.74306577


>> No.74306614

Gotta go with Thousand Sons.

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