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FEC warcry soon! edition

Old thread:

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database

>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>AoS Battletomes
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks


>Thread Question
What comes after Giants?

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"multi-part StD anon on suicide-watch edition" more like

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Factions to feel like pic related?

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That's a chaos warrior halberd, though.

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Awesome question. I hope for some actual humans

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We are stronger than ever.

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>What comes after Giants?


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Admit it, AOSfags.

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Dreams are cool. Enjoy them at the magical realm.

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Repost from end of last thread:
Posted first draft of my first 2k gloomspite gitz list the other day. Did some modifications. Here is what I have now. I know the shootas are meh. Planning to try some hand of gork teleport shenanigans with them with the fanatics.
Plan is boost my grots while blasting tons of spells. Gonna run the cauldron with spidy. What spells should I pick?

Comments apperciated.

Skragrot the loonking (general)
Madcap shaman with moonface mommet
2xfungoid cave shammy
1x loonboss
1x webspinner shammy on spider

2x 40 stabbas
1x 20 shootas

5 Loonsmasha fanatics
3 rockgut troggoths
2x min unit of sneaky snufflers

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>more fucking warbands
I want the meme to end. Give armies real new units.

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Always assume underworlds or warcry warband until proven otherwise. as so far no ones dropped any new faction names in the leaks, promos, or shipping manifests so all the rumor engines might as well be specialist games kits while the main office is focusing exclusively on 40k

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Only if you admit Fantasy is dead and never will come back so you will move on finally.

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>What comes after Giants?

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90% of fantasy memes and porn are recent only thanks to total war.

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Started off in an escalation for a new LGS that has opened up in town. Starting at 500 points and increasing weekly to 2000 using the Mighty Empires rules.

I'm doing Gloomspite, managed to win a game which I REALLY shouldn't have won against Fyreslayers. Used Hand of Gork to teleport my 40 grots and suicide into his backlines and tie him up, his dwarves (only used hearthguard, vulkites and the priest) were too slow to get to objectives so I took some early points and by the time he got to my side of the board, I had gotten half my grots back with my Loonshrine so they got tarpitted again while the squigs either took objectives or ate dwarf ass.

I know there's 3 Fyreslayers, 3 Seraphon and 3 StD players in the group, with 16 players total. What am I in for?

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Fuck new factions
Fuck side trash
Give initial factions second waves GW you faggots.

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This. Well, Total War and Vermintide. Same with 40k and Dawn of War. All AoS needs to get that "popularity" is to get a good AAA videogame.

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Similar vibe to the 'AoS players are too fat and not keto enough for 9th age' comment

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Lorefags are truly a plague upon games.

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>second waves
I just want a first wave.

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This. We need Ironjawz army finally

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based, wheres my ironjawz and skaven you fucks.

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Fyreslayers are mostly gonna play the same. The Seraphon players could go a couple of different ways, though expect lots of magic. StD could be fucking anything depending on the god and legion, though with the points decease and ease of access through the SC box I'd assume there's gonna be a lot of Warriors and Knights kicking around.

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I see the point with AoS original characters, but that's mostly down to special characters for AoS being little more than models so far. They don't have decades of lore and novels and campaign events around them, they're just 3 paragraph (at best) blurbs in their respective battletomes.

Of course no one is a raving Brokk fanboy, the most characterization he's ever had were two sentences in the new KO book where he broke off all relations with Greywater Fastness.

In time some of the special characters will get development, and some of them will remain nobodies. Teclis and Tyrion had a trilogy written about them, Korhil and Caradryan, not so much.

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based retard

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You basically paying the price for shitton of factions.
People were warning you for years

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So what would AoS 3.0 look like? Would it be Nagash moving and shaking again or could we see someone else step up and take centre stage once?

Have the Bad Moon crash into the realms and give Destruction some time in the spotlight

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>no hentai

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>They don't have decades of lore and novels and campaign events around them, they're just 3 paragraph (at best) blurbs in their respective battletomes.

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they wat?
gotta ask for a link.

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More Stormcast, you say?

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Has there been an age of destruction?

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Seeing as 1st edition was about Chaos and 2nd has been about Death, I think it's pretty safe to assume 3rd edition will be focused on Destruction and Gordrakk's big Waaagh.

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>want to start kharadrons
>still have huge backlog
>just got indomitus and more necron stuff is coming in october

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What I find annoying is the lack of special characters in AoS. Every faction in 8th WHFB had a bare minimum of like 6 characters. Even Beastmen had 8.

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Skagrot replaces Skarsnik and uh whatever the fist of gork guy is called replaced Gorbad. Grimgor will probably come back at some point.

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second wave, haha

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>Most Warhammer 40k grogs hate AoS and shit on it
>Pandemic caused people to get into Warhammer
>They like AoS


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> lack of Savage Orruk special character
> lack of Savage Orruk Underworlds gang yet Ironjawz have 2

not happy.

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I have personally drawn at least two AoS specific lewd images and a handful of cheese cakey images of units that did not exist in WHFB so AoS does indeed have porn

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Corona put a spanner on gw's schedule but I am positive we will be hitting 3.0 next year. If my hunch is right we will get gordrakk stirring up shit at excelsis.

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>3rd edition focus on destruction
>gordrakk's siege of excelsis as its main narrative theme
>excelsis is a mainly human city with several freeguild regiments
Oh god, the anon saying the 3rd edition starter was freeguild vs orcs was right.

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>local waac fag wants to start aos
>challenges me for a game
>wants me to go all out
>own nagash and katakros

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Rules to create heroes should be cannon.

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Anon do you understand the words you can't even write correctly?

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>What I find annoying is the lack of special characters in AoS.
Maybe I drank the your dudes kool-aid a bit too much, but for me the lack of special characters is a feature instead of a bug.

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take of this what you will, but they did just do a whole bunch of new Bloodbowl sculpts in classic Empire/Freeguild style.

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look how fine the taper is on that spike, chaos stuff is more brutish with the exception of slaanesh but there's never pitting on particularly slaanesh-aligned stuff

look at the wing-like backspike, which is very vampire counts-ish

look at the flare as it meets the haft - thats not chaosy

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what he meant is obvious and ur a faggot pedant

he means that the hero creator should be in matched play by default

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depends, I like my NH characters and they didn't give me generic centerpiece models.

>> No.74148029

im simultaneously excited for these but also mentally prepared myself for the shoddy conversions that won't put effort into modifying these for the main game

im look at you CoS FB members

>> No.74148030

But that's not even what canon means. And no, it shouldn't.

>> No.74148032

>Bloodbowl got Empire before AoS

Fuck man, this is sad.

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You outed yourself not only as a faggot pedant but also as a retard. Kys.

>> No.74148052

It would also make sense that they would update the freeguild/empire pastic basic troops now in preparation to TOW so they can focus on making special units and characters in expensive resin, just like the Horus Heresy.

>> No.74148054

the details are more fine because the original halberd sculpts are 600 years old.

>> No.74148055


means official, accepted, recognised, genuine etc.

matched play is the most official way to play AoS

you're a retard. learn english

>> No.74148074

it should. it makes many weaker armies keep up with the damage output of newer armies

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I don't even play AoS but this is a level of cope never before seen in the mortal realms.

>> No.74148094

empire is getting squatted to old world in 3rd edition anon.

>> No.74148096

Nope. Chaos stuff is chunkier than death stuff. weak excuses by a wishlister

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This is either trolling or you're ESL

kinda true kinda not

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QUICK! How would you "improve" Freeguild aesthetic for an hypothetical release? What units would you add? I vote for pick related

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The nice thing about these helmets is you dont have to mod them much to make them into regular helmets - just fill in the lines and maybe at a central ridge with greenstuff.

>> No.74148144

It'll almost certainly be Order vs Destruction, to complete the cycle.

I have a hard time picturing what a Destruction focus would mean outside of narrative, though. Like Death before 2nd edition was fucking nothing, they had two battletomes and loN only just before.

So a heavy focus on Nagash, rolling out Nighthaunt and OBR and maybe slipping in Vampires either before or after the next edition, totally revitalized what used to be a 2 army faction barely anyone played.

Destruction though...New Ironjawz in the starter, almost definitely. Gloomspite already got their big update, Gargants will be out before then...that really just leaves Ogors and/or new Destruction armies which would be kinda shocking.

I'm gonna say Bug People from Beastgrave and Grotbag Scuttlers as the new armies, maaaaaybe Ogors get like two new models. We'll see.

>> No.74148170

Yeah this annoys me too. I like the Savage Ork theme more than Ironjawz, but I can't commit to them without any hope of new models.

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Anon are you fucking blind?

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>More NPC destruction releases

Kek no. We need Slaanesh freedom or Vampire rebellion as the next big lore focus.

>> No.74148222

yeah right, because graveguard weapons aren't chunky.

>> No.74148231

>spend 1400pt on 2 models
>lose on objectives
>lose to shooting lists
>lose to double fight first lists

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I really hope if/when FEC get a 2nd wave they really go hard on the whole Bretonnia thing

> redo basic ghouls as peasants with scraps of sackcloth, broken sword hilts, broken shields
> make knights out ghouls on crypt horrors
> give them a Ushoran as a Mortarch

>> No.74148252

They get a terrain feature but its mobile - it's a mini cogfort that you can put up to 10 dudes in and they can shoot out. Aesthetically this would be wheeled underneath but have piston driven legs which can dig into the surrounding ground to pull it along/anchor it in place.

They get a unit of steam-powered handgunners (no gay cables, they have pressure canisters under the arquebuses that can be refilled by connecting to a tap like thing on the side of their backpacks. This ties into steam tanks - if they're within range they can use the pressure to boost their range or their to wound characteristic, at the cost of the tank using its More Pressure! rule - it's like the gunners are borrowing pressure from the tank's boiler.

They get regular knights back

They get an outrider captain hero on horse

They get a demigryph-riding hero like theodore bruckner

>> No.74148253

This. Somebody at GW should take his head out of the ass and see that FEC have a great lore but the models look nothing like they should.

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>implying i wont take mortek guard with me
>implying nagash will lose to either shooting or double fight lists

>> No.74148278

i guess you didnt see the petrifex errata

>> No.74148279

They wrote themselves into a hole with destruction. Jawz need to be more inclusive as a faction to represent a civilization capable of organization and strategy like 40k orks if they're going to be taken seriously as actors on the massive campaign level.

>> No.74148280

matches black knight stuff more still

compared to chaos stuff its fine as feathers

>> No.74148292
File: 406 KB, 1042x759, Knights_of_the_Blazing_Sun-_2016-12-19_18-37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literally just redo the existing units.

> swordsmen/halberdiers ( sorry spearfags)
> handgunners ( sorry bowfags)
> basic knight cavalry unit
> dual-kit artillery piece with an engineer and some dwarfs

>> No.74148307

I guess you didn't look at Katakros' warscroll.

>> No.74148316

Black knights don't even have halberds.

>> No.74148319

>implying itake petrifix elite
>not mortis pretorians

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>Describing r34 of western characters as Hentai

>> No.74148322

>implying he will live long enough to use his CA

maybe play the game before shitposting about it

>> No.74148333

This. Ironjawz are meganobs and nobs. They need their gretchings, mekboyz, boyz and so on.

>> No.74148343

remake handgunner/xbow kit to have puffy sleeves on shoulders/arms

remake guard kit to be the same

>> No.74148357

nah their glaives look like telephone poles with paddle heads. Death weapons look retarded, which led to the cartoony nonsense shit in OBR. The idea they're gothic design is pure wishlisting.

>> No.74148360

>he thinks he can guarantee getting first turn
lol, nice try no-game.

>> No.74148361

yeah and?

the style is the same -chaos has no monopoly on halberds

>> No.74148363


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God I wish. The FW blades of mannan bodies were amazing.

>> No.74148398

The style is the same as chaos because it's the same fucking design. I've already shown you the comparison. You are so fucking dumb.

>> No.74148404

lots of lists can kill katakros model on the first turn

nagash + katakros in the same list isnt something you use to beat a waacfag

>> No.74148428

only complaint about manaan's blades stuff is that they have weird heads and feathers

they're a little more like historical minis in style, which is prob coz hand sculpted

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There's also a reason why so many people use greatsword bodies.

>> No.74148445

What does he own?

>> No.74148453

>one halberd from 20 years ago therefore im right

no, what a reach lmao

>> No.74148456


>> No.74148467

i dont know what this unit is trying to be

they've got greatswords but also shields

desu i dont like using greatswords coz they're too uparmoured for mere guard IMO

>> No.74148478

>rumour engine uses the exact same design as the chaos halberd
>lol no, it's for [insert faction]
Cope harder.

>> No.74148480

Greatswords look so awesome. I wish the entire range was like that.

>> No.74148490

>Lurking r/sigmarxism for le epic screencaps
>there is a literal 4chan post on the front
>mentions of Ben in the thread

Jesus christ, we have been invaded

>> No.74148499

your only example is 20 years old

you'd call me out if i started pointing to pre end times nagash

>> No.74148522

Anon you don't have any example. That halberd is the same as the chaos halberds. You have no reason to think it's for any other army when it literally uses the chaos halberd design. I don't care that chaos halberds are 20 years old, chaos warriors are aswell and the new sculpts use the same designs too.

>> No.74148536

What seems to be the problem?

>> No.74148539

>Lurking r/sigmarxism
kill yourself

>> No.74148555

Friendly reminder that sigmarxism is a /pol/ falseflag because nobody is actually that insane.

>> No.74148560

But TOW will be in plastic, like all of the other specialist games.

>> No.74148568

What because the whole nighthaunt range + other death stuff doesn't count?

>> No.74148572 [DELETED] 
File: 1.32 MB, 1242x1815, 1575651869802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because nobody is actually that insane.

>> No.74148577

Even if you don't want to use special characters they give the overall faction more character. Literally the only special character who isn't originally from Fantasy I can remember is Skagrott the Looking, and that's because of the great Gloomspite Gits trailer

>> No.74148578

You can literally make your own 'special characters' now. also fuck preset named heroes, I never used any when I played whfb. YOUR DUDES for life.

>> No.74148587

How many times do you need to get this picture deleted by the mods, exactly?

>> No.74148595

Why would it count? Those halberds don't look like anything those factions have. They look like chaos halberds because they have the exact same design. Talking to you is like talking to a fucking wall.

>> No.74148604
File: 126 KB, 920x950, 99120207066_BladegheistRevenants01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at the bladegheist swords

Same fine-ness, same flared style/flanges, same level of putting. It's definitely death

>> No.74148606
File: 251 KB, 614x1000, 1521528187.queblock_keep_off_the_grass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At work, this is the only thing I have on my phone at the moment, but file name should help find most of the others. It's been posted around here and on /trash/

>> No.74148607

stay in 40kg you shitbrain turbofaggot

>> No.74148608

And none of them were ever good. The only people pining after special characters are TW secondaries.

>> No.74148611

Rent free

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File: 229 KB, 657x717, sigmarxism 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No they are serious, and they come here

>> No.74148617

Based take

>> No.74148623

>announcing to all the world that you are shit-stirring with off-topic bullshit

>> No.74148624

No you're a retard who thinks that because chaos has halberds that its chaos.

You're not getting new chaos warriors dude, that's why GW still sells that upgrade pack

STD was far too recent for you to get anything

>> No.74148635

what would be the best way to build a bare chest vampire with a flamberge?

>> No.74148639

I dunno anon, that looks exactly like the kind of post-ironic bullshit a /pol/ falseflagger would come up with...

>> No.74148654

What part of that halberds having the same design as the chaos halberds do you retards don't understand? Why the fuck would you even think death would get a weapon that looks exactly like a chaos halberd?

>> No.74148657

I doubt you can falseflag 300 reddit upboats

>> No.74148658

You do know that 40k is a totalitarian satire right? Like, that's not up for dispute.

>> No.74148661

Only good flamberges are from the Empire General and I think the Greatswords might have one or two. A bare-chested body is hard. A Namarti might be good or a Slaughterpriest if you don't mind him being a bit bigger.

>> No.74148675

>Durrr its le satire!

God I hate sigmarxism retards

>> No.74148680
File: 14 KB, 408x310, ljloj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all the new STD stuff doesn't have pits and holes though. just chips in the blades.

just cope with the fact its most likely FEC

>> No.74148692
File: 122 KB, 255x298, pitted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We already proved you wrong last thread, retard.

>> No.74148693

It was until the 90s. Then the narrative shifted to individual heroism in the name of mankind, despite everything being shit.

>> No.74148696

Watch me.

>> No.74148703

It doesn't look the chaos halberd

the chaos halberd is fully hooked upward underneath, whereas the RE one is just gently recurved and has a vampire counts style spike at the back

all of the hallmarks point to death, it's all the same as nighthaunt style weapons. Same fineness, same pitting, same flanges, not to mention other blatant death rumour engines that we've had recently. All of this adds up to it not being chaos and it being death

>> No.74148708

> satire
theres less satire each edition ( besides orks, and to a much lesser degree Nurgle)

>> No.74148713

I don't even know what sigmarxism is. Are you autistic?

Genestealer cults are a satire of leftists, Imperium is a satire of soviet union / nazi germany (it has commissars ffs). GW designers have modelled Tau on the Indian Caste system and the Chinese Celestial hierarchy.

The exaggerated elements of these are obviously the result of satirical elements.

>> No.74148714

So you keep being blind? >>74147546

>> No.74148732
File: 53 KB, 1000x1000, vaughan-ball-peen-hammers-tc224-e1_1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's not holes, thats round dents. like a dwarf has gone at it with a ball peen hammer.

>> No.74148740


>> No.74148747

So just like the halberd.

>> No.74148748

>The end game for all GSC's is literally to be cheated out of their belief at he last second, realising they were being mindfucked by aliens the whole time and watching their planet and all life turn to mulch
>This defeats the 'fash'
This is like "I skimmed 1d4chan for an hour" level of lore expertise lmao

>> No.74148750

you have 1 shit reason, I have 4 good reasons

>> No.74148765
File: 204 KB, 820x1265, 442-4423721_fictional-character-cartoon-mythical-creature-happy-merchant-goblin.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw StD anon has to deal with the fact all he's getting is an Underworlds gang of 3 warriors, 1 sorceror

>> No.74148772

If that happens, it'll make me cry, that's for sure.

>> No.74148784
File: 145 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw StD anon finally realizes he is delusional and wont be getting multipart plastic kits

>> No.74148790
File: 81 KB, 546x381, 1551558010199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have you noticed the lack of memes
Just because you don't go to places that discuss AoS doesn't mean that there isn't a shitton of memes. I'm happy they clearly haven't been in these threads.
>No one seems to talk about AoS characters
Ignoring characters like Volturnos, Katakross, and the Celestant Prime I see.
Not to mention that all of the carry-over characters fro whfb have been re-invented to fit their own narrative in AoS.
>it has no fan community for it's lore
It's smaller than whfb's 30y old community, but it isn't a small community by any means. About half the people playing wouldn't be playing their army if they didn't like the lore.

TLDR: This guy hasn't been in any AoS communities so clearly they don't exist.

>> No.74148800
File: 298 KB, 1300x910, rusty-rustic-steel-car-panel-with-bullet-holes-background-with-copy-space-R42B60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no those are rust holes

>> No.74148816
File: 7.37 MB, 4000x3000, Nandu_River_Iron_Bridge_corrosion_-_03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74148817

Stop stealing our memes, /aosg/.

t. /twg/ chad

>> No.74148820

Shouldn't it just be 3 warriors? One with shield/ hand weapon, one with great blade and one with halberd to be a dark mirror of Steelheart's Champions?

>> No.74148835
File: 111 KB, 800x633, its death buddy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74148836

They introduced magic in nightvault so every band since then has a wizard in it. So two warriors and one wizard.

>> No.74148846


>r34 is hentai
Oh fuck off weeb. Japan by and large doesn't give a shit about Warhammer. There's like one doujin for 40k out there and it has no nudity, just underwear/ecchi.
>memes are important
I'm gonna make a pasta of
>No one talks about special characters
Nobody talked about special characters in WHFB either outside of 'He is better than a Lord with the same dozen choices of magic gear'. Furthermore, see my pasta of
>it has no fan community
What the fuck does this mean? What is his criteria? Reddit has boards, 4chan has generals, there's dozens of fan sites out there. what fucking more does he want?

Was WHFB setting popular? Not until video games came out, no. This is the dumbest shit. It's like saying '40k isn't popular because there is no hentai of it'. There's plenty of porn, but not 'hentai' so it isn't popular :)

>> No.74148850

Some Pokémon shit for some Pokémon ass setting.

>> No.74148852

not bad

>> No.74148854
File: 186 KB, 1200x911, fox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74148859

Hey that's the drawing I requested years ago and some drawfag did it for me. Neat.

>> No.74148861

You do realize one of those rumours is likely Sigvald's arm and that all the other shave much, much more corrosion than the halberd, right? And that's ignoring the fact that the halberd has the same designs as the chaos halberds.

>> No.74148883


>> No.74148884
File: 100 KB, 920x950, 99120201075_ETBMagoresFiends01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Warriors are not as big as Stormcast, Ironjaw Brutes ( the ones not released yet) or Blightkings though ( which all got 3), which makes me think there will be a 4th model like this.

>> No.74148889

So much this. The openness of AoS's setting is the best part of it. I never play with special characters.
Custom Skyports, lodges etc is the icing on the cake.

>> No.74148901

>Warriors are not as big as Stormcast
That's just stormcasts being out of scale. Warriors and liberators are equivalents.

>> No.74148915

Ah yes, the Tzaangor guy.

>> No.74148930
File: 63 KB, 500x633, 2020-03-17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I reckon this will be the staffhead for a sorceror.

alot of the Underworlds gangs have not-characters in them to bump up sales.
> ogor hunter
> daughter of khaine sorceress ( the ones coming in a few weeks)
> blightking witch to act as nurgle sorceror

>> No.74148936

Would you guys say now is a good time to get into AoS or is it better to wait?

>> No.74148943

yeah, libs 3w when?

>> No.74148954

Never. Chosen should have 3 wounds, though.

>> No.74148977
File: 911 KB, 2048x1914, D5173FF5-809D-46F5-9603-6380EA1B3B6C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74148979

>You do realize one of those rumours is likely Sigvald's arm

nope, hence the blood drop on gauntlet. the other one has the death style sword and clawed hands so clearly vampire/FEC

there's 9 spots of pitting on the rumour engine. the others have 7 or 8 or so, with the exception of the black knight sword, which is older. so that actually goes to my point that its totally in line with new death

>> No.74148997

Hey now don't associate barbs at arch with barbs at us we hate that whiney ass fake accent faggot even more

>> No.74148999
File: 10 KB, 233x228, 531653A3-A041-4762-85CF-F6D5A43A0368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>More Death
Please no more

>> No.74149004

for the last time, it's not the same as that halberd, i already pointed out the differences

long fine spike, way different undercurve, pitting being less common on chaos weaps etc.

even if you're right, again, it's at least 4v1 on reasons why it's death vs why chaos

>> No.74149011

If only those models werent in blobs of 40 same looking dudes, you actualy might see how nice they are. NH= good models, shit feel/rules, horde army and Nagash. FeC= shit models, good feel/rules, horde army.

>> No.74149020



>> No.74149028

Depends if you want Lumineth elves or giants, but if not I'd say yes.
It'll be a while until we get points changes etc as the generals handbook 2020 just dropped. The game is in a good state right now where all our factions have gotten rules.
There will always be some discrepancies in GW games, but AoS is fairly balanced(for a GW game).

>> No.74149035

Everytime GW goes back to 40k these threads have negative value

>> No.74149041

> 2 blood drop symbols
> sigvald

lol no

>> No.74149044

>sig niggers who defended antifa and fucking MTG pretending they aren’t card caring faggots now.

>> No.74149047

That is some shit lighting, I can barely tell what's going on.
It's some nice hobbying though.

>> No.74149064

If you want to buy a cheap Stormcast, or Nighthaunt army nows the time to get one.

>> No.74149066

All comies will die, and thats a good thing.

>> No.74149078
File: 37 KB, 460x140, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>one of those rumours is likely Sigvald's arm

>> No.74149115

> being anal about pronouns
This some new /pol/ shit?

>> No.74149118

Not that guy, but I'm a capitalist and I think that faggot is a giant flaming insufferable faggot.

>> No.74149149

I'm sorry to tell you but everyone dies.

>> No.74149164


nice false dichotomy

ur both gay

>> No.74149177

No one hates arch more than /tg/ if you disagree you're just a fucking youtube tourist

>> No.74149220
File: 146 KB, 920x950, 99810201033_ChaosChosenCommand01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come we never saw Varanguard on foot, to replace the old Chosen models?

It'd be the undivided equivalent of Blightkings, or Skullreapers. Also how come we never got the same thing for Tzeentch?

>> No.74149240
File: 38 KB, 367x587, ko be like.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74149243

Post your stuff.

>> No.74149244

When multiparts fag will stop? They are getting nothing.

Also if the upcoming Death stuff is not Vampires or Zombies i will be very sad.

>> No.74149246

Looking forward to this being a bit on a giant or something.

>> No.74149254

/tg/ as in, actual people, not /pol/ and reddit and /v/ tourists hate Arch because he doesn't give a fuck about the setting. He cares about using it to make money from YT and to 'fight da evul SJW'.

>> No.74149257
File: 17 KB, 400x400, 1593946137762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wasting time in this...

>> No.74149271

Because varanguard are chaos lords, not chosen.

>> No.74149272


>> No.74149290

We've already seen the giants.

>> No.74149300

Helo newfag
U wont be missed.

>> No.74149302

>How come we never saw Varanguard on foot, to replace the old Chosen models?
I think it's a combination of not wanting to invalidate old existing chaos collections, but also the perfect chance at laziness to not pay 3d artists to make another chaos sculpt.
>Also how come we never got the same thing for Tzeentch?
Kairic Adepts might be the final push to make me start a Tzeentch army, though by the look of the Magister model I'd say it's unlikely. It seems like even if there was a middle ground they would just be more mage-like.
I also love Kairics, but hate the Magisters.

>> No.74149305
File: 234 KB, 1080x1080, zy64766ra6t21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any clan skryre players here?
Do you reccomend it? Is it fun?

>> No.74149345

Great fun, though take some clan rats. Convert if you want acolytes or weapon teams. A nice army if you want to have both strong lists and fun for both sides (if you and your other player are not giga faggots)

>> No.74149348

I'm trying to get into age of sigmar
What is warcry? is that at all like kill team?
Should I just buy a starter set and battle tome?
are there any stupidly broken armies I should avoid?
Ty 40k fag here im used to broken retarded shit

>> No.74149356

>fucker doesn't know where he is

>> No.74149357
File: 1.25 MB, 1024x1041, bonk reddit rats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Reddit rats

>> No.74149370

That's excatly what I'm looking for, a wacky but strong faction and skryre looked like it could be that

>> No.74149375

>What is warcry? is that at all like kill team?
More like Necromunda

>> No.74149384

>subhuman retard apegroid admits to browsing reddit specifically for screencaps to post as bait on 4chan
People like this should get banned for a month. There's so many shitty Twitter/reddit/clickbait article screencap threads and they all stay up for four hours on any boards less moderated than /a/. 4chan is such a pile of shit.

>> No.74149386

U are cretin on a scale of Nagash autism. /tg/ hates anyone more succesfull then them as this and many other boards are full of petty spergs. I dont care if Arch is making monies of YT cuz I have Adblock for 10+ years and if someone want to give him his $$ he is free to do so.
You complain about some Nordic sperg on web.
He complains about multimilion corp fucking you on $$. If you cant see the difrence...you are perfect cons00mer, just crawl to your pod and masturbate to death away from me pls.

>> No.74149393

>What is warcry? is that at all like kill team?
Not quite, since it uses a very different ruleset to AoS compared to KT and 40k, but it serves the same purpose. It's kind of like necromunda, too, if you use the warcry chaos bands.
>Should I just buy a starter set and battle tome?
It's a good start, but if you haven't played wargames before buying a single box and trying out warcry might be better and a lot cheaper.
>are there any stupidly broken armies I should avoid?
Right now, not really. OBR was very dominant but it got nerfed recently. Until there's some tournaments I can't really tell you.

>> No.74149410

>post as anonymous
I dont see your real name buddy, why are you afraid?

>> No.74149418

Yeah you can definitely do that, you're not obligated to go full metamancer you can have fun with lots of doomwheels, overcharging everything.. so you can play on every kind of power levels. Just convert the acolytes if you do want a unit of them

>> No.74149419

No one on tg even knows who arch is, doesn’t mean you annoying discord trannys and your fag apologetics are welcome.

>> No.74149436

This is a big part of why I started AoS

When I read the FEC lore I was really excited for cretins riding dire wolves and ghouls wearing ruined fancy clothes. Was a big disappointment when they all looked like they do. The underworlds warband is cool though.

They're so big.. They've got to have customization options we haven''t seen. Right?

>> No.74149438

How did you manage to make a post even more confusing and retarded then the post you were responding too?

>> No.74149440

Arch is shit he undermines any critism of GW by being such a massive faggot nobody from /tg/ would want anything to do with that drama whore

>> No.74149443
File: 71 KB, 512x384, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> tzeentch elite

if only..

>> No.74149461

Unironically kill your self

>> No.74149464

Complain less. Convert more.

>> No.74149465

>They're so big.. They've got to have customization options we haven''t seen. Right?
Considering it's a single kit that makes all three variants and that they all have different stuff glued on them, I'm pretty sure we've seen everything.

>> No.74149475

uhhhh HELLO?
Based Department?

>> No.74149479
File: 304 KB, 1280x925, 1587925865010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If only we had cool StD multiparts to use as base for conversions...

>> No.74149483

Yes because EVERYBODY has adblock, retard. I do, but not everybody who watches him does
>you are perfect consoomer
You know consoomers; you gobble down Arch's shite when he has, on dozens of occasions, shows he does not read or understand the setting but instead has people explain it to him or reads 1d4chan. Arch is literally a major problem because people look at Arch and start applying to people unrelated. If I wasn't so sure he was just a retard, I'd say he was controlled opposition by GW.

Seethe. Cope. Dilate. Take your meds. Have a shower. Go outside. Hit the gym. Get a clue.

>> No.74149486

I feel you. I'm halfway through my ko and still got nighthaunt and std to go. My bro is giving me the necrons from indomitus so I n9w have 4 armies not counting side projects to finish before giants come out.

>> No.74149498

>here’s your discussion bro

>> No.74149512
File: 96 KB, 920x950, 99800201042_CurslingEyeOfTzeentch01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a unit that looked like a bunch of vilitch the curselings would be cool. i hate tzaangors.

>> No.74149513

>What is warcry? is that at all like kill team?
No. It's got a pretty different rule-set to AoS, but it's just a nice way to buy a box of models and play with them, making it so you can take your time hobbying. It's pretty fun honestly.
>Should I just buy a starter set and battle tome?
And the Generals Handbook. Or you can download everything here in the mega. Preferably do both.
>are there any stupidly broken armies I should avoid?
Due to Covid and the new generals handbook changing things up a lot we don't have enough data to determine what s broken right now. Though faggots will shove their "objectively correct" tier lists down your throat at the first chance, so watch out.
There are some armies that will have gotten bumped down from S tier for sure, but it's likely that they are still very strong.
>Ty 40k fag here im used to broken retarded shit
Traditionally AoS has had 1-2 armies that are broken at any time, but still a very healthy A and B tier where the A-tier can definitely compete and beat the S-tier net-lists.
Also tiers are sometimes determined because the faction has a couple of strong lists, but isn't actually that bad to fight outside those lists. Though more often than not it is the case that the whole army has too many good tools, or is just universally strong.

>> No.74149515

Based I didn’t know he lurked here.

>> No.74149517

Skryre is great fun. It's one of the rare factions that can be tailored to suit just about any level of play.
Want fun?
2 doomwheels
Wanna stomp?
2 Warplightning cannons
Wanna go full wild card?
Run weapon teams.
Easily the most adaptable 'dedicated' Skaven clan, if not the strongest now that plague monks got nerfed.

>> No.74149521

Stormcast infantry in general should be 3W across the board. Give Paladins a 3+ to compensate.

>> No.74149523

Holy shit.
This can't be real

>> No.74149525

FEC has some of the best conversion potential because of the contagious magical illusion/delusion lore. You want dire wolf jockies instead of a mutated brute that concludes he must be on horse because he can see over everyone heads then go for it anon no self respecting player will stop you bringing that to the table.

>> No.74149541

You need to be 18 years or older to post here you fucking tourist.

>> No.74149548

Yeah, but this was when I was brand new. I settled on ogres and am pretty happy with them. Maybe someday.

>> No.74149549

more /YOUR DUDES/ is better. You want to wank off to one step below Capeshit?
Look at nu40gay. Its all special characters all day. Fuck that.

>> No.74149553

Reminder that only 58 people play 9th age.

>> No.74149573
File: 203 KB, 2118x616, 46cd4786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not shitstirring but what if the reason we haven't seen any Freeguild, normal orruk, Skaven, and normal dwarf kits is because they're holding them back for TWO?

I would like to be wrong, but it has me wondering.

>> No.74149580

They've been adding named characters left and right. Give it time.

>> No.74149581

Any other ideas for wacky but strong factions?

>> No.74149589

Fair enough ogres were my pick too, based models and a good price

>> No.74149591

its been established its NH, since all death except them looks like cartoony shit.

>> No.74149595

Anon why would they purposefully not sell those things for years when they could release and sell them now, making a ton of money for AoS and then also sell them for TOW, milking them aswell? Why wait?

>> No.74149608

Crematorians OBR.

>> No.74149614

When we get multipart kits? It's pretty self explanatory.

>> No.74149620

Yeah, I think part of my issue with FEC was I imagined an elite Calvary army and not ghoul blobs. With ogres I get to do an elite army like I wanted.

>> No.74149621
File: 710 KB, 1920x3109, landsknect.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New female Freeguild when?

>> No.74149623

unlikely as TOW is still like 1.5-2 editions away. If nothing comes of 3rd edition then we can say they are holding back

>> No.74149624

Oh that is a spicy one, could also do something similar with beasts of chaos going nurgle right

>> No.74149630

The faggots and trannys who infest these threads will reply to you 3 times each seething over it though
>capitalism fund us!
>no not him us!

>> No.74149635

> reverse one handing a fucking greatsword
The faggot tier anime is strong in this one...
Well painted models, good sculpts though. The Blades of Mannan and the Land Battleship were my favorite FW Fantasy sculpts

>> No.74149660

Little baby boy scared of the tranners playing his plastic dolly game too

>> No.74149665

I'm a coomer but this dude takes the left arm olympics to a whole nother level.

>> No.74149668

who knows what happens behind closed doors at GW. They held onto a Chaos Sorceror model in 40k for like 9+ months after the rest of Chaos Space Marines were released.

>> No.74149673

Assuming I did a chaos dwarf themed kharadron army, would there be a way to represent magic at all (via allies etc?) or since they're regular duardin ruleswise no?

>> No.74149687

No you fag supporters are just disgusting so we shit ok you and your pet retards since it’s easy and makes you dilate.

>> No.74149691

the cavalry are the real losers in the wound department. Concussors at 2 per unit with 5w each is painful af.

>> No.74149692

Well, that sorcerer was tied to a campaign book, so that makes sense, but holding back on updating an entire range for years? I don't see much point in that.

>> No.74149701


yes, need some inner circle heavy cultists

>> No.74149703
File: 2.70 MB, 1080x1074, dreaming of updates.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shhhh.... dreaming of new Saurus Warriors...

>> No.74149711

Trans person wants to play AoS who gives a fuck.
The only off putting thing in that pic is the Facebook profile picture and the gross reality.
Like... if a fat ugly dude used a pic of a supermodel for his profile pic, he would get fucking laughed off the face of the earth yet this things gets a pass?

>> No.74149715

>Tzeentch has best theme and big possibilities
for an awesome mortal army
>He gets birds and nude men and Khorne gets the full mortal range

Fucking depressing.

>> No.74149716

Shit idea, pal.

>> No.74149725


im not scared of retards who mutilate and chemically castrate themselves, im disgusted.

>> No.74149730

This is not AoS related

>> No.74149734

Range update when? A pyramid is not enough.

>> No.74149735

>khorne mortal range
>buff guys
>Some have armour, some not


>> No.74149741

still would in a hot second desu.

>> No.74149743
File: 85 KB, 500x633, Tzeentch_sorcerer_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the point anon.

>> No.74149745

Why exactly do you care? It has zero impact on your life.

>> No.74149748

KO's shtick is that they are completely anti-magic though. They get to ally in SCE for magic, but even if chaos KO could sort of happen there is no way chaos SCE would.
You could go the traditional Dawi Zharr route where they have forge-summoned deamons into their endrins, and just power everything with deamon-juice instead of aethergold.

>> No.74149753


>> No.74149775

Are you ok anon?

Call our Stroke Helpline now on 0303 3033 100 or email [email protected]

>> No.74149779
File: 386 KB, 548x602, 1593945698404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74149781

Kairics are awesome, woop woop screw you.

>> No.74149784

Never. We're too popular. Therefore no update

>> No.74149796

Why do they always have disgusting greasy hair?

>> No.74149802

I hope its just the shit lighting that makes the paintwork look horrible.
The Nagash conversion is legit trash though.
Are the books supposed to be more of the focus that fucking Nagash? Or are they just riding shit conversion work?

>> No.74149812


>> No.74149849

I don’t get these people, some of us tranners just wanna play aos without them getting on their soapbox and spamming “dilate” (I’m not even gonna get the surgery anyways, since a dickgirl is way more unique)

Go back to 40k and complain about how it’s too diverse now while wearing your black trenchcoat

>> No.74149856

because trans people promote and normalise the harming of children

>> No.74149857
File: 1.93 MB, 1152x864, 20200804_173136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my wip thus far

the purple isn't that bright in real world lighting

>> No.74149875

Laugh that gross tranny stick off the face of the earth for having an anime chick with huge breasts as their profile pic when they look like an ugly skinny manlet?

>> No.74149894

Well it'd all be converted so it wouldn't literally look like SCE, just using their rules to get some magic in

e.g. instead of astreia solbright, i might have a chorf sorc dude on a big bull

>> No.74149901
File: 50 KB, 500x363, they got sand in the potato salad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we have one thread without you retards whining about people different from you playing with their toys in places you will never see?

The transsexuals aren't ruining AoS, the people who bitch and moan about them existing every thread are.

>> No.74149902

Not bad.
The heavy drybrush can really work on Stormcast

>> No.74149916

You're a fucking retard if you don't think the fags spamming faggy pictures are trying to shit up these threads.

>> No.74149930


Who do you think is posting this? The person in the picture?

>> No.74149943

We have any hope for Chorfs getting something new? At least a revision of the book...

>> No.74149963

You mean transgender. Transsexuals are people attracted to transgenders. Yes, it's fucking dumb but this is the meme.

>> No.74149972

Irrelevant. You can't prove it one way or another. Either way I don't want to see these freakshows spammed.

>> No.74149973

are you actually asking why people post b8?

>> No.74149978

No because they're a Forge World army. What they have is what they'll stay with.

>> No.74149988

I'm asking people to stop responding to bait
Then stop engaging with it

>> No.74150001

probably gonna be for the rumoured warhammer quest box set

>> No.74150003

uhh you just got a warcry unit that has some

>> No.74150016

I think she's kind of cute

>> No.74150020

>I'm asking people to stop responding to bait
so you're new then?

>> No.74150025

What's your recipe for the armor ?

>> No.74150042

I will be able to get my hands on the old 5 everchosen models with banner and stuff still in box for 34$. Should i buy them?

>> No.74150048

hi welcome to 4channel you seem to not really "get" how this site works.
Maybe run over to tga? Just make sure you jerk off the mods and GW with every post its NOT i repeat NOT a negative space!

>> No.74150059

I am retarded, i meant the guys in the pic, not another box.

>> No.74150062

Which SC box is the best deal?

>> No.74150070

then you are 100 percent a faggot, that thing is gross as an attempt as a women and hopelessly ugly Lanklet as a man

>> No.74150091

Are you the fag spammer? Just stop posting it you fucking goober.

>> No.74150093

FEC is up there.
The old StD one had a lot, the new one is OK.
The Ironjawz one is pretty solid. That box is 3 of the 4 units you want in that whole army

>> No.74150097

prime with leadbelcher, contrast with Nazdreg Yellow, targeted wash with Agrax Earthshade, then drybrush with Necron Compound. I just did it like that because I'm shit at painting, but I think the end result looks good, and will probably look really good with some practice

>> No.74150116

I really didn't enjoy the general when lumineth was being pushed hard. Like we get it, they're cows, haw haw.

>> No.74150123
File: 2.24 MB, 360x636, explosion kino.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw when you use a Dreadquake Mortar on a blob of 40 6+ lads

>> No.74150127

Don’t be mean to her, there’s no reason for it. Do you think she’s happy poltards spam her picture all over these dumb threads?

>> No.74150151

OI don't steal my idea.

>> No.74150159

beastclaw raiders or ironjawz

>> No.74150181

too late

i already bought the shadespire warband and gonna do experiments

its too good of an idea. i hate the regular KO look but love the CD look and daemon tech is rad

>> No.74150185

.... The fuck is this?

>> No.74150217

Nice falseflag.

>> No.74150223

Post your experiments when you are done with them, might steal some ideas.

>> No.74150232


>> No.74150304

Thank you kindly

>> No.74150312
File: 19 KB, 328x867, Untitled-5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine falseflagging about trannies. Just transition you retards. Stop being in the closet. You keep talking about them. Obsessed.

>> No.74150328

I mean, warhammer quest introduced the kairic acolytes multiparts, so I'm all for it.

>> No.74150354
File: 43 KB, 1024x1024, 1591368743955m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have hundreds of painted gloomspite stuff but not bothered with squigs
> new squig allegiance announced

>> No.74150359

In terms of sheer spamability nothing tops FEC parts for almost the whole range are in that box you can make a whole army with that thing bought in bulk and not choke

The runner up is BeastClaw technically you can also spam it but there's less variety, instead the way that army works with easy kitbashing and excellent pts/$ you can easily squeeze SC rates out of any of the other plastic kits too.

>> No.74150377

It's a sign from the High Wills, anon. Paint your squigs.

>> No.74150393

>Banner hero
It's just jarring using the current general on foot, such an important buff on a melee hero. I'd rather something that can be bubble wrapped without a loss of function.
>Demigryph captain
Ideally with a tonne of bits to fit him within whatever realm. Order of The Furrows and such. A traveled veteran knight.
>Mobile engineer?

>> No.74150401
File: 171 KB, 800x800, Sip Emmy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This months WD (or next month I forget) has special squig battalions iirc.

>> No.74150437


>> No.74150463

>Banner hero

>> No.74150524

This would actually be pretty dope. It would be fun if the rules played more with totem keywords.

>> No.74150533

Are you fucking kidding me? Bonesplitterz need rules not fucking SQUIGS

>> No.74150547

fec wins again

>> No.74150563

Who straps a shield to their shoulder. Stupid, lazy, pointless

>> No.74150576

I told you fucks about this months ago when I got my WD early.

>> No.74150583

Or something at all. The only interaction that keyword has is with bloodreavers. But yes, it'd be great. Specially if they reworked morale to actually matter.

>> No.74150602

But squigs have rules.

>> No.74150605

Trannies arent ruining AOS

Commies are trying to ruin AOS like they ruin everything else

Just because a lot of trannies are commies (and vise-versa) is irrelevant

>> No.74150665

and yet it isn't commies or trannies posting in /aosg/ about dumb off topic shit every thread. Really makes you think

>> No.74150672

> Enemies are everywhere! everywheeeeere!

Anon sit down and drink some water

>> No.74150681

real commies dont really exist anymore

bioleninism is a big thing tho

>> No.74150682

Who are you quoting?

>> No.74150686

I think Bestigors had a rule that interacted with them?

I think the usual standard bearers in typical infantry units would have to count if we would get battleplans involving them. Just because even if you gave all the factions a bsb it's not great if army A's bsb sucks, but you've got to take him in case you get a totem battleplan.
>Specially if they reworked morale to actually matter.
This would be nice too.

>> No.74150691

>imperium satire of soviet union/nazis
>somehow ignore the fucking crazy christian vibe
At least I know your agenda now.

>> No.74150773

True, if there's battleplans that use standstds, the unit standard bearers should count, but I don't think they'll ever do that since there's so many units without them nowadays and some armies don't have any.

>> No.74150775

Don't worry anon I believe you those bolshevik infiltrators and unionizers won't get past me...

>> No.74150777
File: 793 KB, 1536x2048, EcLu833WoAYzmT8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74150805

Battle shock is so weird, it only really hurts armies who already aren’t great, while all the good armies just ignore it, have a million command points or are bravery 10

>> No.74150824

I fee like there's still a ton of AoS infantry with them. But there are some weird cases where for example the basic Arkanauts don't have them, but Thunderers do.
Mortek, Kavalos AND harvesters have banners, but stalkers immortis and morghast don't.

>> No.74150855

I feel like bravery and combat phase activation are the only major points I hope are reworked for 3rd ed, whenever that happens. I have other rules changes I want, but those are the worst offenders.

>> No.74150871

I think battleshock should, isntead of killing extra models if you fail the test, force the unit to retreat. Armies with good bravery still have better chances of succeeding, but everyone's equally affected by it. It also makes morale a lot more important since it would allow units to flee the battlefield without the need of grinding through them and push units out of objectives without having to kill every single model. This, in turn, allows units to have their lethality lowered, so we stop having deathstar units that spit out mortal wounds or tons of attacks that can kill off a whole unit in a single turn, or at least makes them a lot more rare and impactful.

>> No.74150886

Same. The core rules are really solid, just those two things could use some adjusting. My main problems with AoS are how warscrolls and point costs work, which are things bolted on top of the core rules and can be changed independently of them anyways.

>> No.74150928

FW is squatting everything, so no

>> No.74150950

I really wish warscrolls and points costs just became 100% digital so they could be adjusted according to all the weird fumbles the AoS rules team has.
Some units are stuck with warscrolls that rob them of their own place in the army, while other units are stuck with completely nonsensical points costs that leave beautiful models off the table.

>> No.74150988

Sure you did, bitch

>> No.74150991

They already are, unlike 40k's. They are all free and availible on the app and on the webstore. There's zero reason why GW wouldn't take the opportunity of the new edition to overhaul and rewrite every single warscroll without the need of the index/codex situation that happened in 8th edition 40k.

>> No.74151035

Points costs are stuck in the books because GW is afraid that no one will buy the GHB without points for example(people will because of the battleplans and matched play rules updates anyway).
I think they are also pushing the battletomes as an index for everything related to a faction, so that includes the warscrolls that they don't want to change to invalidate that section in the book.

>> No.74151064

I.... I did.... as I have a WD subscription I got the WD early before they had to stop making them, which was then available for sale last month (where I got nothing). So this is the new one this month. I mentioned how it was gonna have special rules for squigs or grots or something

No booli.

>> No.74151069

Point costs have been free on warscroll builder for years by now. That's not an issue either.

>> No.74151071

>Trips of Behemat.
Hopefully s000n.

>> No.74151089

Bonesplitterz were a mistake.

>> No.74151105

What? Points are free and are updated regularly. Rules are also free. A book is for fluff, painting guides and knowing what specific factions and things do.

>> No.74151114

there is also less in-lore fascism to be satirical about, hell the entire imperium is getting damn near hopeful these days...

>> No.74151124

Actually that is true. I'm not sure if the decision makers are completely aware of that, or if they think the tool is obscure enough that it doesn't matter.
I still think my post is somewhat similar to their rationale though.

>> No.74151171

Hue, I bought it for the flying battle rules

>> No.74151224

Probably. Who knows, seeing how good 9th edition 40k seems to be, I'm pretty excited about the new edition of AoS. I hope they make them similar but with the obvious changes the focus on melee combat and magic AoS has needs.

>> No.74151253

One of the things I'm most excited about is that they finally started translating everything with the new edition, so I hope they do the same in AoS.

>> No.74151262

You dismissed me because I said 2 of your wanted 3?

Ok I missed one, they were all three. The Spanish inquisition stuff makes that pretty obvious

>> No.74151309

The 40k translations seem shitty and sound very off. Like written by someone who doesn't play the game at all.
t. Pole

>> No.74151396

Well, warhammer translates in general used to be great until at the tail end of WHFB they stopped translating every faction/unit name for some damned reason. I bought the spanish version of Wrath of the Everchosen since it was the first campaign book in years whose spanish version wasn't missing all the fucking lore (Fuck you, vigilus) and it read like shit because half the words were still in english. I read through a sentence in spanish that had chaos lords, chaos warriors and marauders all not translated and man, it's annoying as fuck.

>> No.74151475

they don't change profiles because they sell unit cards that would be invalidated.

>> No.74151488

Those cards are extremely limited runs 90% of people don't have. I doubt that's even considererd.

>> No.74151571

You got a better reason they dont do it, they hardly make changes with new books and never outside of one. Ghoul kings are gonna keep running around biting people for 6 mortal wounds for years.

>> No.74151637

That was the point anon, that they should make warscroll changes more frequently and that they don't have any excuse not to do it.

>> No.74151738

they likely have a reason internally, my theory is that they think it hurts new player accessibility and they don't want to have a disconnect between their printed physical media and digital rules for that purpose.

>> No.74151797

I can understand that, but it already happens. We have errata that changes warscrolls right now. That's not any different from changing the actual warscroll. In fact, changing the warscroll is better, because you can just head over the app, see the updated warscroll and not have to think about checking any erratas to see if something has changed.

>> No.74151936

There's two sides to this game, one of them is having 10000 points of golden demon tier self painted converted models and playing in global tournaments. The same people that made that game also want it to be one where a know nothing can buy a $60 kiddy set and play with snap fits out of the box. They're always going to be following along the MTG model, and mtg doesn't change cards. So they decided they're resistant to changing unit cards.

>> No.74151970

How does updating a warscroll on the app exactly prevent any of that?

>> No.74152069
File: 918 KB, 1228x875, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How should I equip my grundstok thunderers?

>> No.74152104

They started translating unit names again in 9th edition 40k.

>> No.74152175

Yeah, I saw it. It's got me pretty excited and I hope they do the same in AoS next edition.

>> No.74152326
File: 705 KB, 1139x1073, 1594618951460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is aos worth getting into? I hear it's fun and balanced, and then that it's completely broken and (((SOULLESS)))

Was reading "Daemon World" and while I'm not usually into this kind of fantasy, it got me a little interested.

>> No.74152388

Gonna use them as ranged dps or mostly firing from ships? Full rifles.

Objective cappers who expect melee? Full special weapons.

>> No.74152402

Why are anons so defensive over knife ears being lewd?

>> No.74152408

It's definitely worth it. Specially now since we just started a stable phase were we aren't getting new releases and balance changes for some time, so no worries on your stuff getting nerfed or updated or whatnot.

>> No.74152413

Go ask your lgs, retard, how would we know? You're not going to be playing, hobbying, sharing fluff, etc with us

>> No.74152422

How easy are they to magnetize?

>> No.74152431

broken and soulless refers to first edition

fun and balanced (relative to 40k) refers to second edition so you're safe getting into it.

>> No.74152456
File: 248 KB, 900x676, EcLvL3jWsAAZDdj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ben has his entire army ready
I hate this

>> No.74152469
File: 517 KB, 1229x1600, 1589896537338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would say AoS has at least some soul in it.

>> No.74152507

WHFB only has the smut and recognition from the vidya like total war. If aos were to get something similar they would easily match up.

>> No.74152577
File: 81 KB, 1000x667, siggod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

daemon world is a 40k novel though...

Suggestion regarding double turn. I think i've found the best middle ground solution for keeping it for improvised tactics, possibilities for swingy games and rewards for planning for several scenarios.


removing it for increased randomness, making it easier to create a long game strategy and avoid unfair stomps.

The answer is to roll for the turn at the start of the previous turn. You follow?

After setting up, the player who finishes first decides who gets to take turn 1. After deciding this, you roll off for round 2, with the one rolling the highest deciding who takes first turn in round 2.

Then you play turn 1 and 2 in round one. Before starting round 2, you roll off for round 3. and on it goes.

This way, the double turn still exists and can change the game as well as forcing you to plan ahead for multiple scenarios, BUT since you know about the turn order one turn ahead, you at least can plan accordingly to mitigate a double turn or create a plan spanning several rounds ahead.

>> No.74152624

If you like chaos you should read Scourge of Fate. One of the best chaos novels ever written in my opinion.

>> No.74152627

>no results on GIS, TinEye, SauceNao, or iqdb search
OK, sauce please.

>> No.74152752


>> No.74152824

To be honest GW has done very little with Vandus or Brokk. Most of the attention right now seems to be on Kurdoss, Katakros and Olynder.

>> No.74152887

They should focus more on Khul and give us the next Khul book.

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