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>Your space-trucker party is forced to land their ship on a long-abandoned desert planet way out in the back-end of nowhere.

>The planet once hosted a small mining and research station, likewise long derelict, in which they hope to find shelter and aid.

>The heat is stifling and the facility is sand-choked, but the party manages to get the power back on and some systems running.

>While the party scrounges for food and water and tries to make repairs on their ship, they start experiencing anomalies.

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>we take an oath to not talk to each other about what he are experiencing. Everyone keeps it to himself.
>instead of staying close to the ship, we spread out on little groups of 1-2 people each, to search the entire base. Unarmed, ofc.Its abandoned, after all
>we dont feel the need to establish communication between members of our team. Why would we?
>we curiously start to interact with these anomalies. After all, what could go wrong?

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Oh goody, it's a "horror movie retardation episode".

These are supposed to be people who make their living in space and have made a living in space and haven't accidently killed themselves despite making a living in space. They might not be the top 1% but they aren't going to be retards.

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>As the facilities core system is brought back online snatches of an audio recording can be heard
>It's an audio log kept by the, supposedly, last known person to be in the station and they set the computer to repeat the diary infinitely.

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>>we take an oath to not talk to each other about what he are experiencing. Everyone keeps it to himself.


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They're described as "space truckers". That suggests it's pretty mundane work. No reason to suppose they're competent at anything beyond piloting a ship and loading/unloading cargo.

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manly truckers don't talk about their problems, they'll just suppress it, have it explode out as random anger & wash it all down with drink

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Maybe if those problems are personal, but truckers share the everloving shit out of environmental and road conditions, speed traps, etc. Trucking is a lonely endeavor, and the only ones who are "manly" and share nothing are guys with a machete for a copilot and somebody's face for a hat.

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So... Pitch Black 3: No Riddick In The Crew?

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>The audio logs that the party hears seem to be drawn from years' worth of recordings, illustrating their maker's mental breakdown.

>It's unclear whether the logs that play are those that have remained uncorrupted, ir if they were cherry-picked for some reason.

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You never saw a trucker in your life, did you?
The whole joke is that you have bunch of incompetent people that are going to fall for "horror retardation", because they are, surprise surprise, bunch of truckers. It's a job that requires basic driving (piloting in this case) skills, which by definition of being a trucker means it's an extremely common skill and a dead-end job for idiots that literally can't find better employment than trucking.
Let me reitterate: we are talking about people too dumb and crude to work in a burger joint or to handle construction.

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>Years of recordings
>Somehow digested in few seconds
>There are any recordings in the first place

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>It isn't so bad, is it?
>The sound of sand blowing against the metal plates of your shelter
>It reminds you of the sound of rain on the roof
>A place to rest
>A place to sleep and dream
>Sand seeping in through the edges
>Scouring away faces

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other than pitch black, where else has this happened

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>They stay to repair their truck, because they aren't paid for overtime and they don't have any reason to explore whatsoever
>They fly away after all the repairs are done
Your plot hook sucks. So does the "people that have zero need or reason to do anything but their job" plot device that Hollywood keeps overusing for past 40 years.
At least the Nostromo crew had an overriding directive AND were set up by their own company. Doing this shit on your own? What fucking for aside forcing the most retarded plot possible to happen?

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My point is that Pitch Black did this and so did Riddick (the actual Pitch Black 3 movie, but they aren't numerated). So this would be a third time this story happens (sandy planet, space truckers, weird shit), but first time without Riddick himself.

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Also, there was a flash point-and-click adventure game that I can't remember the name now, but it was about crash-landed space truck, where you are on a desert planet with particularly strong graviational pull, where an older vesses also crash-landed (your source of parts) AND some weird alien shit was going, with Moai-like statues being set everywhere
Good shit, but only as a point-and-click game.

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OP says that the group "tries to make" repairs, their success is far from guaranteed. Maybe they landed here because the depo is mandated to carry some template spares only to find them cannibalised. Maybe their attempts to broadcast a distress signal are drowned out by the diarists' autism or some quirk of local stellar wind. Point is that there are plenty of implied hooks if we assume that the GM is intent on making the environment actively hostile.

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Found it!

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>their success is far from guaranteed
Which further puts them on the focus of doing the repairs, rather than wasting time.
Maybe this plot hook is simply retarded and you are drawing at straws to try to pretend otherwise? There is nothing funny, interesting, engaging or explorative in doing an ancient cliche, beat-by-beat, especially when said cliche is designed for a linear, pre-set narrative, rather than, you know, a fucking tabletop RPG scenario, when players are expected to act on their own, rather than the plot being on the rails.

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I think you must come from somewhere with lower standards.

Either that or you're a McDrone trying to feel better about yourself.

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>there are no spares in the station
>luckily you can build some from other downed wrecks
>better start exploring the wastes
>also work out what's causing sky-high attrition before everyone dies
Wow, that was hard.

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>Hundreds of skeletons
>Each one lying on its back outside; apparent death of dehydration

>The party searches for clues
>Every single scrap of information - recordings, post-it notes, notebooks, scrawled graffiti - is just the words "Stare at the Sun" repeated over and over again

>The party finds fuel and returns to the ship
>Attempt ship startup
>All computers have been wiped
>Navigation screens only say "Stare at the Sun"
>Crew checks the ship manuals so they can attempt a hard start of the engine
>The words in all the manuals have been replaced also

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Truckers are generally smarter and far more generally competent than people who work in burger joints.

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I simply worked in a factory, as a logistician. Truckers were, by default, dumber than the dumbest short-term working on the production line. And the short-terms were already McDrone and construction rejects. Truckers don't give a fuck, don't have any skills other than driving license for trucks (doesn't make them good drivers, just allowed to drive trucks) and all they really care is finishing the haul and get rest.

>Go through empty desert
>Find parts
>Fly away
WOOOOOOOW. Mind fucking blown how hard this was. And soooo engaging!
>B-but you can have encounters
We've got a crew of truckers, remember?
>A-ancient mysteries
Unarmed, untrained and uncarrying, plus not paid to give a single fuck.
Your scenario only works as a linear story, that follows the rails and follows them strictly. Which is not going to happen, period, in a TTRPG. Unless, of course, you are trying to be GM of pic related

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>t. takes his knowledge from Hollywood flicks
I suggest some interactions with real world, for a change. Or you might start thinking Americans are going to save the world from COVID.

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OP here
>Try to start a thread for spooky desert setting ideation, maybe lovecraftian vibes
>devolves into debate over trucker iq

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OP is good, this post is distilled faggotry.

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>Made shitty premise
>Surprised it gets shitty reactions

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>The space police shows up to fine the truckers for theft after being stranded on the desert planet for months
>They take the cargo and fly off, leaving the truckers still stranded.

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Sorry, man, your thread got covered in shit by >>74126313

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>fpbp that some dumb nigger takes as personal offense
No, that post is fine. The problem is in (You)

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Well, we have to figure out how dumb you are for writing a line where people taken an oath not to talk to eachother. Thats aspie-world tier, and if you dont understand why that's dumb you shouldnt be writing about people.

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>Personal offense.
Literally what are you talking about?

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Imagine being so autistic to not recognise a plot device from horror movies and instead take it as genuine post, rather than a joke on behalf of the premise.

>> No.74127530

I didn't actually write that, you could still run with it. Idk initial symptom of the creeping madness

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So you are from somewhere with lower standards. I have also had to interact with a lot of truck drivers as part of this job and a previous job. About ten regular and many non regular of them only one was stupid. It could be a regional thing or you could just be an office Karen.

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>trapped on the roof of a ship with sandworms circling
>storm's coming in, might let them escape in the confusion
>oh wait I can't make plans because I'm not paid to care

inbf "TRUCKERS DUMMM" because horror protagonists are supposed to be out of their depth.

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It spreads via speech a la Pontypool. Kind of makes the desert aspect superfluous but I can see cool horror in a kind of unknowingly Bodysnatchers city. Say the wrong word and you're literally shouted down.

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Different anon and I'm more willing to take his stance on the subject. I work in a repair shop, so hardly logistics. But we do serve a lot of trucks. And it's only a non-horrible experience when the company sends someone competent to handle it, rather than one of their drivers. As so many people pointed out already, trucking is a job that requires zero skills beyond ability to drive. That including social skills, too. So the dumb yokel is the sad reality, rather than the romantic manly man take on the material. And they are both terrible at mechanics and even worse at giving fuck, since most of the things I repair is the same situation as "car leased on a company, let's drive it down, because it's not mine". Only they are busy hauling some load on the other end of the country/continent while doing so.

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Name one horror movie where people take an 'oath' not to talk to each other.

>> No.74127737

There's a difference between being inept and deciding to wall yourself off though.

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I fail to see the problem given that the premise sounds like a drawn out slasher movie. Colonial marines and other professionals exist to be mown down to establish the seriousness of the threat with only an unlikely survivor left to tell the unbelievable tale.

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I like this alot, could mix in irl abuse psychology to further muddy the waters. Victims often blame themselves and their own actions for what abusers are doing to them. If EVERYBODY is getting noticeably hostile towards them, it can be a catalyst to doubt themselves and amplify a feeling of isolation by throwing social isolation into the mix

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>Missing the point
>On purpose
Here is the (You) you wanted

Your premise still sucks and still leads to railroaded scenario, but you don't care about the premise, railroad or games, do you?

>> No.74127826

>here is your goal
>choose how to reach it in this LITERAL SANDBOX

I care about games a fucksight more than the troll who has yet to contribute anything other than aimless bitching.

Maybe an element of newspeak too where even communicating the need for revolt is hindered by decaying vocabulary. Reminds me of a setting in Silent Legions built around the Mandela effect.

>> No.74127842

That difference is like between two, almost completely overlapping circles. Not completely, just almost entirely.

Considering that premise is for player party, I fail to see how this is in any way going to work out. Either the party will act like reasonable people to solve their problem (which cancels the slasher/horror vibe) or will deliberately act like retards. So their characters die out one after another and they just sit around the table for 2-3 hours, watching the final person in the group trying to finish the scenario alone, just like in a horror movie. Problem being, this is not a movie. So just like it has been pointed out already, too, it's not a tabletop material. It's one of those premises that sound great on paper, but just falls apart in practice. Not even CoC works like this, despite the memes and the reputation it has

>> No.74127847

Newspeak, decaying vocabulary & built around teh mandella effect???
tell me more?

>> No.74127894

Assuming you want equally competent PCs for either type of game you should lean heavily into high lethality OSR for the former (maybe add cryo-stacks for an easy source of fresh characters) or some sort of story game with story tokens for the latter. In that case you might even be able to have players control the environment menacing others as well as their own character. If I know only one PC can escape and control the guy next to me's alcoholism I'm encouraged to strategically fuck with him.

>> No.74127929

Newspeak as in the Party's attempt to make contemplating revolt impossible by castrating language. It was Orwell's take on the Saphir-Whorf hypothesis (language shapes thought) combined with suspicion of Esperanto. The Mandela effect is retards who think that their imperfect recall of events means that history is actually mutable. In the setting enough crackpots convinced of this makes it true and reality's unravelling as a result. It's pretty cool how it forces players to be ruthless MiB imo.

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Well, at least this thread yielded 1 good idea. I consider it a success
Thankyou based anon for the inspo

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... or you could just pick different premise, rather than trying to rework a very linear story into an interactive, game experience
This is something thant I always consider a sign of being terrible GM: watching/reading/playing some linear media, then trying to turn it into a role-playing game scenario. Of course without understanding why the story worked in the original format and why it can't work when interactivity is added to it. So a whole lot of hindicaps, enforced elements and general leash-handling is applied, or otherwise the players won't follow the scenario, so after the game people from the group go on /tg/ and post "That GM"/"Railroad" thread to vent out. Or that's not applied at all, the players don't follow the scenario (since they have a free reign of what they can do and how) and the GM runs to /tg/ and make a "That Guy" thread to complain
And all of this could be avoided by simple understanding that not all stories can be turned into a scenario for a game or that the conversion can be done by simply putting the premise and expecting it to roll just like the source material. How about instead of ripping something off, especially something that heavily relies on cliches and tropes, making a scenario on your own? One that doesn't rip your newest favourite thing and/or that classic movie you like so much?
Dunno, I guess I'm simply biased, because whenever I see blatant plot graft, it's always the same story: GM saw some movie and considers it so cool, it obviously has to be turned into a game. Add to this my insomnia and the fact I mostly spend nights on bing-watching and you end up with a situation I already know what the GM is ripping off and how this is going to fall apart before the scenario even unfolds

tl;dr not all stories make good game material an the effort put to hammer them down is the same as putting a square peg into a round hole (which truckers gleefully do, usually with a sledgehammer, but that's just repair shop stories)

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I'm the same anon this idiot >>74128038
has been reeeing at. If you have an idea that's hard to implement you think about it and see what you come up with, you don't bitch endlessly at anyone else who tries to do so.

It was never about turning movies into games 1-to-1, it's about taking inspiration and building on them. You've added nothing to this discussion, no originality and yet you seem to think that this is the sign of a good GM. Fuck off.

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>People gives me shit for my shitty premise
>No, it just means they are assholes, my idea can't be bad

>> No.74128249

op here, not been reeing atall, keep trying to bring it back on topic
Got a lot of ideas already, I just find /tg/ & /x/ to usually be good at original takes

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>op here, not been reeing atall

>> No.74128310


Did you get that title when you were finally allowed to use the pallet jack? "Logistician", what a laugh. You picked up things and put them down.

Let me guess. You called yourself a child care specialist when you babysat in middle school, right?

>> No.74128314

no i mean literally i've not been posting replies to the trucker iq & premise spam, i was doing the greentexts

>> No.74128353

Disregarding the idea here. You are being an asshole unnecessarily.

>> No.74128423

I've seen this movie...about 10 or 20 times. Unoriginal, boring,and a borderline insult to any human level intelligence.
Which explains why OP ran right past Full Retard.

>> No.74128548

Your plane is crashing, but instead of pulling up you reeeee at people telling you what to do to Fix The Problem.
The identity of the idiot asshole is blindingly clear.

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>> No.74128669

i like the premise anon
sorry your thread got ruined by trucker iq debates

>> No.74128843

kind of silly to assume that a party of space truckers would fit the mold of average truckers when PCs pretty much by definition can't be the "average" anything
I like this. in this type of game my PC would probably be a bright eyed explorer who took this shitty job to get off my home planet. probably working as a cargo loader and not very helpful with repairs, I'd try to get some of the other lads to help forage for food while secretly trying to survey the landscape. it's okay to play a character who can make bad or impulsive decisions and also, on a meta level, try to move the plot along because it sounds like the dm has something interesting in mind.

>> No.74128947

This post demonstrates your titanic love for cock.

>> No.74128968

People realise these two posts are by two different people, right?

>> No.74128991

no, they dont.

>> No.74129099

>I simply worked in a factory, as a logistician.
The attitude on this droid.

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I'm pretty sure OP is trying to generate ideas for his novel which is coming along very slowly apparently.

>> No.74129275

Hush now, I'm sure he's a very important person.

>> No.74129651

The only thing any of us are here to generate is (you)s.

>> No.74130072

Space truckers are still astronauts, and the dumbest astronaut is still smarter than the smartest motherfucker on this board. Like, slide rule smart.
Even in Alien, the crew weren't complete idiots. They were fuckups to be sure, that's why they were flying a tugboat pulling an oil rig, but the only one with actual brain damage was still a fucking engineer.
Nobody would put literal truck drivers in a space ship, you need actual technical skills to keep a fucking nuclear reactor going and plot orbital dynamics and keep the fucking air from going bad.

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File: 36 KB, 474x646, 5a1a6911cc5499310ad364322adf9a60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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There's an older Flash version.

>> No.74130202

Decent low-budget variation on the premise by SF author Tanith Lee.


>> No.74130227

Honestly it depends on the tech level. If you're at the point where spaceships are basically self-maintaining, self-flying, self-regulating machines and the only reason you even have people on them is for the OH&S requirement that there be at least someone on board who can blow the whole thing up in case of catastrophic emergency, I can see them letting at least average people """pilot""" the things. Especially after a few decades without incident and with company standards getting slack as they pinch pennies.

>> No.74130280

You stole the idea from a thread that was posted a year and a half ago anyway. Faggot.

>> No.74130313

The first people who drove cars and flew planes where incredibly intelligent engineers. Now everyone own/drives a car and all you need is like a year and half of training to fly a plane.

>> No.74130382

Traveling long distances for weeks at a time, is dumb? Being smart enough to seek out isolation from society so you can listen to all the audio books about everything is the perfect environment to make a wise man. I know because my friend with a 135 IQ is a trucker and he was once mistaken for a professor because his idea of small talk is talking about quantum physics to the guy behind the counter at a liquor store.

>> No.74130426

>geez they just navigate a 3d environment with space debre, radiation, and extremely advanced controls. Total dumbasses, just like real astronauts.

>> No.74130435

I am actually impressed at the new levels of mental retardation this thread has reached, simply because >>74126313 made a dumb joke about horror movie cliches. Like holy shit. I've seen worse threads but this one is special in how inane its bullshit is.

>> No.74130451

>guys with a machete for a copilot and somebody's face for a hat.

Thanks for my next horror game villain

>> No.74130966

Keep going OP. I'm hooked and love a good story.

>> No.74131003

Anarchocapitalism in space?

>> No.74131007

You forgot the part when everyone clapped their hands and Sarah kissed you

>> No.74131023

>Flash will be gone in like 5 months
Feels... really fucking weird

>> No.74131119

If we're in a setting where "space trucking" is a mundane profession then I can bet starship operation has been reduced to something as standard and boring as learning how to drive a car.

>> No.74131670

"Lol guess you guys die!"

Horror scenerios like this are fucking garbage.

>> No.74131695

This would be a much better game. The horror of space bureaucracy.

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File: 12 KB, 576x240, spacetruckers3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74131966

I stay as close to Vin Diesel as I can & try not to get in the way

>> No.74131973

Ghosts of Mars?

>> No.74132201

If you aren't an underage or minority, you will die regardless. Probably in some badass way, but die anyway

>> No.74132280

My trucker is trying to get the vending machines to accept his radiation-damaged credits cuz they've got a discontinued flavor of Space Monster that he's been jonesing for bad since his hot blue alien wife left him.

>> No.74132401

Karl Urban did okay

>> No.74132431

In my country hauling licenses and truck licenses are harder to get than construction or catering qualifications.

>> No.74132641

Karl Urban was also in the one that didn't have a desert planet with monsters trying to eat you once [Cyclical Event] happens. And as far as the last (and final) movie is concerned, he's dead anyway
Vin is now unironically too fat to play Riddick and he knows it.

>> No.74132719

>Computer: Set up a course to Planet of Hats, we've got fedora shipment to deliver
This is what space trucking is. And you spend most of the journey sleeping in a pod anyway, because the only reason you are on board is to initiate the sequence and react toward emergencies that automation can't exactly nail down or is too expensive, so it's literally cheaper to hire a guy and set up a pod for him than get a better computer.

>> No.74132967

Resume padding is an important part of modern career advancement, anon.

>> No.74132968

You're a warehouse worker, not a logistician or whatever made up corporate word by some idiot is.

>> No.74133165

>t. Americans not knowing what logisticians even are and thinking it's a fancy word for a warehouseman
Daily reminder Yanks think pharmacists are just random schmucks that happen to work in a pharmacy and are no different from shop attendants.
Which neatly explains why you keep dying by the hundreds.

>> No.74133333

Fat King Riddick ruling his empire sounds fun though. I know there we the whole “not fucking Furia, lost my edge” thing & it was a good movie, but it would be nice to see him doing Riddick stuff as a more mature & overlord role

>> No.74133388
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>it's a yuro
>he's obsessed with America
Every time.

>> No.74133425

truckers make a whole lot more money than fast food workers or construction grunts

>> No.74133583

I'm not American.

>> No.74133800

Your dumb is international in scale. You work because automatic self-stacking shelves are more costly than you are.

>> No.74133897

>Joe-Bob, and Billy-Jean attempt to fix the truck by opening the hood and poking the steaming parts with a stick while drinking beer.
>Cletus take the laser-shotgun into facility with James and Jane(which ain't no girl's name and he'll put your head through a wall if'n ya say it is)
>They force open a door, and they all gasp
>In the chamber is filled with desicatted bodies.
>'HOLY CRAP' Jane exclaims running past the corpses 'FREE STUFF' he shouts holding up an opened crate of high yield explosives and unused ammunition batteries.
>A loud bang echoes down the hall
>Joe-Jack is staring down at the smoking corpse of an unnatural abomination, 'Lot 22' tattooed on the charred remains of its head.
>'It was comin' right for me. I'm in my rights!'

>> No.74133962

See, this guy gets it.

>> No.74134934

I mean the vision is alluring and those pents are convincing, but we all know it wouldn't be anything like what you've described
Which is a damn shame

>> No.74135405

I'm not even the original anon, but you still don't know what logisticians do, confusing them with warehouse workers and feeling all smug about your own idiocy.
Next thing, you gonna pretend there is no difference between a nurse and a doctor. After all both work in hospitals, right?
But I guess I'm just obsessed and you are most definitely not a complete cretine.

>> No.74135622

Come on bro, keep following that train of thought, you'll get there eventually.

>> No.74135638
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>Bumping this worthless thread with some shitlifting competition

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