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Overlords with correct subject edition

Old thread:
>>74084571 (Cross-thread)

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database

>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>AoS Battletomes
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks

>Thread Question:
To buy KO or not, that is the question.

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Damn I want to paint fyreslayers now I thought they were gonna be hard.

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>lumineth based-box still in stock

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>T-this is the year of the high elf!

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well bros, we just might see them tomorrow or we get cucked yet again by nu40k. I barely have hope at this point, I know we will see cowelves or just more 40k before the big guys. I just wanted to build a giant army before the summer ended.

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It's not happening until Lumineth and 40kek are done with their shit.

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Why did you finally lets them into your heart?

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amazing, has there every been a gw release that had a 5 month long model reveal to release timeline? (sisters excluded)

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It's almost like there's been a global pandemic that has slowed a lot of production and distribution or something.

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desu more tutorials need to be like this not 20 plus minutes and extra detailing.

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doesn't explain the total radio silence on behemat

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>GW squatting all the easy build space marine and death guard from 8th edition
Has anything from AoS being squatted yet? i dont mean stuff from WHFB going away but i mean things made for AoS. Like did the Underworlds and Silver Tower stuff ever go away?

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The only thing I can think of is that set of 5 bloodreavers from early on.

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The stuff that plays them up like historical merchant-adventurers with all the dysentry and backstabbing and horrific exploitative capitalism and genocide is much more interesting than lol quirky steampunk dwarves. Like even the fact they have steampunk-y names and "science" and Anglo-inspired royal navy stuff is just so much more compelling when you add in proper East India Company shit to it.

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I can't imagine the Lumineth had a rushed release (the opposite now because of COVID lmao) but like, the sculpts are LAZY senpai. The big stone cow looks alright, the spearmen and cavalry look alright, everything else looks pretty bad. For the actual role the hammer dudes occupy, elite smashy infantry, the models are really dull and boring.

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It absolutely does.

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>tfw no old fashioned witches
Honestly one of the most surprising things from GW. I'd have expected some witches hat type models at some point. I wish GW would do more stuff like the DE Sorc as well. Hell, any nudity would be good too. When a survey pops up, people should ask for more nudity like the good ol' days. Also the introduction of Adult books if kids get their own books.

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Aren't those Garrek's reavers or something?

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Yes, I tried picking them up in 1st edition when I was new to the hobby and the ships were so intimidating I sold my maimed SC! off
Now I am back after some experience and I will make my own skyfleet in due time, got 5 thunderers, 10 arkanauts and soon Thundrik's profiteers ready fer priming

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they had no more than 1 article about sons of behemat prepared? you want me to believe that corporate GW's community page didn't have anything at all for their new army release? Even if they didn't at the time they've had 4 months to write an article. there was nothing on lumineth as well, for some time I admit but they received a good deal of articles about their models, lore, and rules already, and just this week got another one. nothing for behemat. radio silence.

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Their 2nd ed fluff is a nice expansion and now that AoS has had some time to mature as a setting, Sky Dwarves fit into it wonderfully and uniquely.

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Missed the "why", simply like the idea of the ships, skyroaming privateers and the short audio "Guns of the black eagle" definately helped sell me on the idea as a whole

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Why would they make SoB articles when it would steal the limelight away from Realmlords?

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>noooo you can't have TWO new things for the game! it would be anarchy!
we both know that doesn't make sense, hell 40k is releasing new necrons and marines at the same time

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Seeing the boats and thunderers in person made me fall in love with them.
I gave up starting them during the start of 2nd edition because of their rules. I had no interest in playing slow horde Infantry with shooting to have a chance at winning casual games.
I jumped the shark straight away when their new boat rules dropped and got the SC and pre-ordered aether-war at my lgs.
Very happy with the points drops, but I don't like how the online community is hyping us up to be some new boogeyman. I think we have a strong rock to crush some scissors in the meta, but I feel like there are enough paper and bad match-ups to keep our upcoming winrate looking modest.

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>pick up thunderer in person
>the dimensions of a mid 90's space marine, backpack and all
>hit with monstrously fierce feeling of nostalgia

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Nope, these guys are all helmeted

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Soon every basic bitch infantry kit will be about 100 bucks in Australia fuck everything

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Do we have any cool kharadron overlords art that isn't from gw?

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scions of flame.

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I remember that tutorial, one of the absolute best for Fyreslayers.

Painting Fyreslayers is not nearly as hard as it seems at first, with a simple paintjob like that video you can crank them out in no time and they'll look good on the table.

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nope, only fan art I know of is this and is aved it due to luls ironjaw.

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>we will release pointy elves
>doesn't release pointy elves
>wow they didn't sell

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The only problem I see is some other Fyreslayer units have odd helmet design with hair sticking out with the metal of the headpiece. Though both shades hes using are kinda the same so it shouldn't ruin the model.

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Yeah im gonna copy this style. I gotta paint like 30 berserker and 20 of the Auric Hearth guard. Shouldnt be too bad. I plan on playing as lofnir though so im gonna run all 3 magmadroths.

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Few people want to buy a box set, they'd rather just do (rightly so) a box at a time. Or buy the tome and work out what they want to buy. Can't do any of that.

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Is that like a Maulerfiend crossed with an Ork?

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New Razordons and Salamanders W H E N ?

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>human AoS fans
>Beastmen GW

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Dumb lizard poster

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>hating lizardbros

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warcry isn't even a year old and they squatted the starter for that.

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Silvertower is gone; but that was probably just WHFB left over models they did and decided to bung into a game.

>> No.74102762


Underworlds is still in production I think, but Silver Tower and Shadows over Hammerhal are out of production almost certainly, like almost all of their board games.

I think they always intended it that way. I need to sell mine desu, probably have to go to e-bay bah

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You just got a battletome with new terrain, so 5-8 years at best.

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What gay ass word filter does this shithole have

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>I think they always intended it that way.
doesn't make sense to me, killed my enthusiasm to get into it.

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>new terrain
>everybody bar CoS and LRL got new terrain
>didn't even get Endless Spells
>CoS at least got a new Priest in Silvertower

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Live in fear of the dark places of the world humans! Gaze upon our majesty

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Friendly reminder, it's ok to not haemorrhage money with constant new releases. Relax, paint/model what you already have, try different list builds, expand on a fraction you're already interested in.

>> No.74102891

>no StD terrain
Even leaked a varanspire and it never came out

>> No.74102935

You got a BB team too and going by the rumour engine maybe a warcry warband too "soon".

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It's gonna be more 40k or BL.

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>not more muhreens

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I don't understand people who NEED to buy every fucking preorder week. In the 6 years I've been in the hobby the only time I ordered a model the week it came out was the Tau commander in 2015, and I got that via ebay, not GW direct. Otherwise, the only preorder's I've actually bought are shit like codexes.
It probably doesn't help that the armies I play/played rarely get/got support.

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Just got the brilliant idea of making KO LoA-themed so it fits with my main army's own lore and totally justifies buying KO.

>> No.74103020

I see it now...
>"Here's the multi-part Primaris Marine™ units from the Indomitus™ box with more customization options! Cool, huh!?"

>> No.74103052

You got Endless Spells and Warcry terrain for it though desu.

Yeah, BB team... shame they used the vidya designs. Warcry warband will be fun but it's still quite sad. Cest la vie.

>> No.74103053

Really excited for us to turn on KO again after memeing like a half dozen anons into buying them.

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The more i look at the biggerships the more i want to buy it. Good thing they are expensive so i won't, but the models are really nice.

>> No.74103116

>He thinks nurgle needs an update

Just run the plaguetouched battalion my dude, chaos warriors and chosen outperform anything in the nurgle book, especially with the glottkin giving +1 attack and +1 wound if you're into that. Blades of Putrifaction on chosen is orgasmic.

>> No.74103135

very based, I will still hope

>> No.74103143

I understand the pre-order hype if it's something you've been waiting for (I too pre-ordered the new Tau commander and Ghostkeel) but sometimes these kids need to be reminded there's definitely a time for quiet.

There you go! That's a more accurate understanding/expectation.
>"Also don't forget to sign up to the nu Warhammer 40keks app!"

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They don't look so bad, just derpy.

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Biggest model I've built in about a decade, feels good. Leaving the riders to be painted separately. In hindsight, really should've done the leading steeds as a separate subassembly too, but oh well. What're you working on tonight, /aosg/?

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I would add to the 40keks side
>Sep- muhreen nerfs, eBay flooded with grey hordes of them
>Nu codex and release in Oct for them

Honestly shooting fish in a barrel is harder than baiting the 40cucks crowd. It's actually sad.

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I mean, I got hyped when Voldus came out for my GK, and Drazhar + Incubi for my DE. But damn, I didn't open my wallet and CONSOOM as fast as possible. I didn't get Voldus until my friend commissioned me to paint Guilliman for him in exchange for Voldus and some cash. I still haven't purchased Draz or Incubi because I'm not on a 40k kick right now, plus DE are kinda in the shitter with 9e rules, Incubi already weren't great.
I guess I just don't understand the need constantly be hype about something.
Both replies are me.

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Blightkings seem fine for their price?

>> No.74103246

You just blew my fucking mind

>> No.74103266

they're very fine, but they're about the only unit that is, and a 2000pt blight cyst doesn't really have the tools to take all comers

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Nice idea, anon. If you don't feel like doing Chaos conversions, just paint them appropriately and fluff it as a skyport or whatever the fuck they're called that got corrupted and allied with the chorfs.

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Same here my dude, same here. Honestly, I'm usually spending my hobby time scratch building terrain or displays for my existing models because I genuinely get more enjoyment out of it. I've sold off all but my Harlequins for 40k and only because I like their models. I jumped on the LRL hypetrain because I've played High elves since 3rd and I have a genuine, diagnosed fetish for mountains. I was all in from the start and I will be even after their inevitable nerfing. I guess that's kind of my point; I'd rather invest my time and effort into something that's important to me than try and stay on a permanent high skimming from one release to the next.

Fuck, sorry for sounding like an old cunt waffling on about shit nobody wants to hear.

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Make it happen. Convert heavily my dude. We will wait

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Hopefully getting back to these glittering fairies after work.

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>I have a genuine, diagnosed fetish for mountains
No, I fucking it get it, my guy. Mountains are super high up on my list of favorite geographical features, too. I REALLY wanted to like Lumineth and I love their lore, but the models just don't do it for me. I'd have to see the rest of the army to make a choice. Currently banking on Shadow Aelves since Kurnothi seem less likely.

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My main army is khorne so bits for conversions is something i have loads of. lorewise i am thinking that a forge city decided that it is easier to get materials and travel in chamon with a skyport so they conquered a skyport with the help of my main army or something.
And wait you will, because i don't have the money to start a new project anytime soon.

>> No.74103440

Procrastinated all day and am just now getting to my turtle. Still drybrushing, so no image required.
Still considering how I could fit it in a Kvissle so I could go down to just 1 box for army transport instead of 2.

>> No.74103442

I also don't know what i should start with if i wanted to get into KO. I like the ships except the smallest one and i like the dude with a shield grenade launcher or whatever it is.

>> No.74103447

I'm pretty sure you and I have talked before. Wood elves were and probably always will be the army I love. I have 4000+ pts of "Living City" and am currently converting an Orion and Ariel for counts as Durthu and Treelord Ancient respectively. If they release Kurnothi as a faction I will be in but I also think there are other factions that need to be started/expanded first. "Order™" is already too bloated and there is plenty of cool directions geedubs could go in to make AoS unique.

>> No.74103467

It's likely we have. I'm on this damn site just about every day. Order is too bloated, though.

>> No.74103521

Start small and utilise alternative sources for your minis. There's an eBay seller from Poland that's like 70% GW prices even with postage to my deserted island country.

Don't get me wrong, you can't rush a good project however now that you've said it I expect commitment and dedication. We want to see your work.

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File: 371 KB, 1000x1283, Settra_Rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74103786

I hope you have an airbrush or something.

>> No.74104002

I didn't think the silver tower priest made it into Cities of Sigmar though.

>> No.74104112

>better rules
It's barely different from 40k.
>what else do we need to do
Maybe try having a setting that doesn't feel like cheesy trash that's been desperately cobbled together from the ashes of a classic and beloved franchise.

>> No.74104121


>> No.74104286

seethe harder, grogboy

>> No.74104585

>replace the hammer heads with axe heads and sword blades
>swap the cow part of the helmet for ponytails or make the entire helmet a cow head
>put Teclis on his own base, sphinx griffon unchanged
>remove extra bowstrings from archers
>delete hip-bars from the cup lady
>cover the face of the stone mage
>get rid of the mountains on the battle cattle
I have fixed the Lumineth Realmlords. GW, you can retool the molds before the proper release and thank me later.

>> No.74104660

I know you're joking but they're more than likely all boxed and sitting in a warehouse until September right now, so you're a little late.

>> No.74104739

Good art, a setting people like, and factions with at least 10 units each.

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>10 units each

>> No.74104788

I agree with most of your fixes but the mountain dudes are fucking cool and I think the Teclis-Celennar combo is nice. All the other superficial shit will get converted away by anyone that cares anyway.

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File: 1.76 MB, 1279x719, 459774894651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if I just say grog then I win

>> No.74104830

okay grog

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>> No.74104866

Why does all the Order shit look so bad when everything else is kino?

>> No.74104906


which dark elf sorc? the old Morathi "wardrobe malfunction"?

>> No.74104951

okay grog

>Implying KO aren't kino

>> No.74105058

Their infantry is kino, but all the ships and the balloon boys just turn me off completely.

>> No.74105073

>okay grog
I accept your tacit admission of defeat.

>> No.74105101

That's exactly how I felt painting my army. When finished they're nice but painting was misery. However the balloon bois do look cool.

okay grog

>> No.74105282

I have a spray primer, paints, brushes, and infinite patience, if that's what you're asking.

>> No.74105288

I hate painting my KO. Don't know why. I love painting my tzeentch, my gobbos and squigs. But sat there with a dwarf and I just don't like it. I've had the Dirigible dude half painted for like 8 months or since whenever it came out. I just can't be arsed with him.

>> No.74105417

Metal aint always fun to paint, could always strip and sell him if you'd rather bulk other armies

>> No.74105599

Warclans got neither terrain nor endless spells, despite the fact that endless spells for orruks would be super fucking easy (Big stompy foot, storm of fists, Some voodoo monster bone construct, Big angry face)

>> No.74105624

I need to finish painting my exalted herald chariot. Though I'll need some green stuff os I can follow through with my plan of making the herald have her arms split at the elbows like Ulamog, but with more whips. I also need to strap a bloodletter skull to it somewhere and put on a banner

>> No.74105742

Sounds cool, post pictures when you're done.

>> No.74105814 [DELETED] 


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File: 23 KB, 268x176, 1E41C7FB-8540-4C9E-AD24-12E5EC2FADFD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s total bullshit, I agree

>> No.74106056


>> No.74106084

Steam technology = based
Cogfops = not based

>> No.74106137

A common misconception. They are based, you stick the flight stand onto the base. Though the stands are pretty shitty, so you might want to make them even more based by using terrain in a creative way to make it seem like they're flying.

>> No.74106204

>Otto von moustache mcmonocle
>not cogfop

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File: 54 KB, 495x512, 34C66EB3-64BE-4A7C-BF2B-4A267EF76622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know I was agreeing with you silly, I hate that steamy weamy poo poo

>> No.74106362

That's just a german anon.

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Delete Seraphon.

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File: 3 KB, 94x114, 1596159281578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74106674

Based evil dorf slave ship empire

>> No.74106786


I don't really like KO, also I'm not a good enough painter to do anything more interesting with them than cover them in balthasar gold and agrax, so pass.

>> No.74106798

You could have dudes on winged lammasu instead of balloon idiots

>> No.74106830

it made it just as an atlernative model for a priest in general, i don't think it had any unique gear or shit.

right, but they got ironjawz models which therefore means new models.

at this point, why not.

>> No.74106862

Unironically become grimdark

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File: 1.13 MB, 3003x1111, IMG_20200802_030922__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coming along

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Is there any lore for dragons in AoS? I have an idea for my dwarfs but I don't want it to be lore breaking.

>> No.74106918


Fuck no, I was attracted to AoS in part because it's not a constant "who's the biggest asshole" contest. (the other part being that tanks and guns are boring)

I eyerolled hard when they added that bit about Stormcast turning more grimdark as they reincarnate, it was so clearly put there to appease 40k fans.

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Unpopular opinion.
Current Beastmen should be transferred to Destruction to add more barbaric-like factions beyond greenskins and ogres.
Base new Chaos beastmen around chaos-worshipping beast-folk and spirits civilizations (like rakshas and ifreets from HoMM, Cushan from Berserk)

>> No.74106953

its just world of warcraft then. AOS is a fantasy setting that doesnt even have knights on horses.

>> No.74106974

I bought KO, I really like how they look but dislike how they play.

>> No.74106993


Some anon in a previous thread said AoS and the mortal realms as a setting was like He-Man, he meant it as an insult to the setting but that's exactly what I like about it.

He-Man was fucking rad.

>> No.74106996

There is universal way to add dragons to dwarves without lore-breaking in nearly all fantasy settings

>> No.74107003

Sucks to be american

>> No.74107004
File: 196 KB, 828x828, chaos knights.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesnt even have knights on horses
oh you're running this shitpost again, i remember this one. was pretty funny man, but htink of new shit to shhitpost about tbhdesu.

>> No.74107016

But where is knights?

>> No.74107020

This anon just fucking gets it

>> No.74107030

What exactly he gets?

>> No.74107037


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>Some anon in a previous thread said AoS and the mortal realms as a setting had silly maps, he meant it as an insult to the setting but that's exactly what I like about it.

>The maps are fucking rad

>> No.74107073

That AoS was a deliberate step away from GW's normal
>"...and then everyone was about to die and everything is shit"
It's obvious that AoS was intentionally made more stylised/over the top (whether you agree with their reasoning or not, it's fact), like He-Man was.

>> No.74107081

>posts creatures made from magic light

>> No.74107095

>more stylised/over the top

>> No.74107097


That map IS rad, you are right.

>> No.74107125

>dat spacing

>> No.74107147
File: 435 KB, 865x900, IMG_20200802_183948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>creatures made of light
You're obviously a baiting troll here for (You)s so here you go pal. Pic related so you can find something else to screech about.

>> No.74107167

>You're obviously a baiting troll here for (You)s
>. Pic related so you can find something else to screech about.
But where is knights?

>> No.74107209 [SPOILER] 
File: 111 KB, 651x500, 1596358111527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 899 KB, 865x629, Screen-Shot-2019-08-01-at-3.16.26-PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you guys like my Idoneth from Chamon?

>> No.74107244
File: 118 KB, 790x443, atlantis-the-lost-empire-DI-01-DI-to-L10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

needs more work

>> No.74107252

>Is there any lore for dragons in AoS?
frustratingly not much

>> No.74107287

Reminder all the jade Kingdom realm gate war stuff is canon and the others are just not the main focal point of realms: existing outside those major maps.

>> No.74107366

You don't continue building hype on something you can't sell.

>> No.74107379

I'm sure you think you got your point across, but you didn't

>> No.74107382

Why would you ever? 40k is a containment game.

>> No.74107404


>> No.74107406
File: 3.92 MB, 4608x3456, 15963593933793199224212024576458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I drew some concept art for this based idea

Also if anyone else has a cool army theme and wants concept drawings lemme know

>> No.74107413
File: 1.50 MB, 3304x2650, IMG_20200802_085452~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Started working on the lord arcanum from the soul wars set. Started with doing the birb first, still heavily WIP but I kinda like the base colours now that I've done some layering. Stormcast itself will be made white and robes are going to be red

>> No.74107443

There is decent amount. But I'm more annoyed that Godbeasts can be killed by regular Khorne lords.

>> No.74107457

You wont get it, dragons are like werewolves and have been utterly ruined by degenerates. Expect them in soilent content like wotc and white wolf products but they've been vanishing elsewhere for a reason.

>> No.74107502
File: 3 KB, 125x100, 1522787242718s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fund it

>> No.74107526
File: 67 KB, 717x428, 8AF6709A-AFCB-4C12-8F81-E8886558EF00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74107547

hello i am flander and i am one colour and one flavour

>> No.74107568

that looks v nice

>> No.74107576

>But I'm more annoyed that Godbeasts can be killed by regular Khorne lords.
you mean the guy riding that puny ass godbeast?

>> No.74107590

cool work

>> No.74107602
File: 23 KB, 109x128, Yes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74107619

I'll confess skyjew dwarves are tempting.
But I used to play undead so if I ever pick up AoS it'll probably be with undead

>> No.74107637
File: 143 KB, 918x918, da8b910a95e610fcde3721297b83cf92.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You cannae resist it lad.

>> No.74107674
File: 156 KB, 326x352, 1574476392699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sacrosanct have too many details and shit
>Vanguard look eh with the not-boltguns
>Extremis models are priced in such a retarded way it's just beyond me
>Warriors look great with their simple aesthetic and theme but hit like a wet noodle unless you spam Paladins
Oh I hate this. They were meant to be the poster boys for fuck's sake. I would love to play nothing but the Warriors chamber but I think they have maybe 1 (one) okayish unit at this point.

>> No.74107698
File: 88 KB, 876x816, best looking stormcast unit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


only 1 decent looking unit in the range

>> No.74107710

They were a forced meme intended to be the ultramarines of a fantasy line. Doesn't mean the audience accepted them, its why they don't get releases anymore.

>> No.74107733

that is fucking lewd

>> No.74107753
File: 730 KB, 1430x465, Daughters of Khaine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74107758

I must...

>> No.74107782
File: 986 KB, 1846x2342, Leave Archeon tae me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74107794

>Doesn't mean the audience accepted them
This is regularly said in /aosg/ despite the fact SCE are regularly played and still sell and are popular. I don't understand it.

Then don't.

>> No.74107804

Meaning? I'm just pointing it out. I'm glad SoB's origins are more grounded in the setting, explicitly

>> No.74107805

That must be why their last release was in 2018. Striking while the iron is ice cold.

>> No.74107829

he means your shitty troll isn't working. I love aos and the early establishment of its core aesthetic and tone are non-canon and I'm glad. Go spam mortuary factory memes somewhere else Ben

>> No.74107833

I want Knights

>> No.74107855

Yeah because a faction with 44 model kits is really hurting for more. Don't be daft. GW won't release another 20 kits to a faction already stacked. That isn't how this works.

>> No.74107866

The realmgate wars book wasn't throwaway battleplan maps in a tome, only intended to give players ideas. Everything in the realmgate wars is fleshed out and particularly The Great Green Torc which has more grounded background fluff than any battletome.
If you don't like AoS' world, ignore it. Don't shitpost about your headcanon that overrides GW. Every map of the jade kingdoms fits with the realmgate wars and stuff like the orb infernia are in the core book.

>> No.74107872

By that logic, Seraphon aren't popular because their last model release (ignoring terrain) was like 2013.

>> No.74107882
File: 3.40 MB, 1280x1076, Stormcast vs Tzeentch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Generally what iv'e seen is that the people who hate Stormcast, are the people who hate Kharadron, i.e people who already hate Sigmar and are looking for more reasons. While Stormcast saturation was a bad thing early on, I can't see how anyone can complain about them in modern times. Stormcast are cool.

>> No.74107903
File: 83 KB, 1000x1000, Primaris-Space-Marines-Sergeant-Jovan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GW won't release another 20 kits to a faction already stacked. That isn't how this works.

>> No.74107905

I hate them both because I know they could've been done so much better

>> No.74107910

>if SCE get new kits every year it is 'over-saturation'
>if SCE have a two year break it is 'proof they aren't popular'
I mean, there is like 50 kits to buy. What the fuck? They have the largest range in AoS.

>> No.74107913

I don't like these dudes at all. Axes are way too big and the mace looks dumb.

>> No.74107919

I appreciate how each chamber is kinda fucked in their own way.
>Warrior Chamber
utterly outpaced by the game progression, with barely anything actually able to pull its weight.
>Vanguard Chamber
Too narrow a niche, with barely any kits and unintuitive mechanics.
>Extremis Chamber
No way to get a battleline and extremely limited sculpts
>Sacrosanct Chamber
Spell-slinging, casty wizard force with wizards that can't cast and have shit spells.

>> No.74107921

Again, Space Marines are like 70% of the 40k player base and 40k doesn't have new factions to add like AoS does. Furthermore, Primaris are essentially model updates, not new things.

>> No.74107934

its all relative

there isnt a better stormcast kit

>> No.74107936

I find Retributors to be the best SCE sculpt desu - I think their hammers design is neat.
>Then don't.
But I want so. Still, it's not only a hobby but also a game - quite expensive one. It's just awful to buy the plastic crack to get ass-raped in 90% of games.

>> No.74107947


>> No.74107950

I honestly miss the Realmgate Wars books. They were cool, the shittier maps aside, and blow the Wrath of the Everchosen campaign book easily out of the water.

>> No.74107956

SCE might not be super OP but they're not the worst. They are middle of the road with some above average lists. But the main reason you buy them is the massive amount of options. You have such a large list of models you can build fun stuff.

>> No.74107963

I like Sequitors, some of the characters and some of the monsters better. I do think Protectors are the worst kit though.

>> No.74107966

>Again, Space Marines are like 70% of the 40k player base
Data please
>40k doesn't have new factions to add like AoS does
It's a fucking fictional universe - they can add whatever they want and whenever they want. Also they can expand many of the existing factions in dozens of interesting ways.
>Furthermore, Primaris are essentially model updates, not new things.
No, they are not. Every single of Primaris kit is a new unit. If you want to talk about sculpt updates just look at new CSM kits.

>> No.74107973

how are my chaos bros doing?

>> No.74107974

See >>74107921. Space Marines are a huge part of 40k. If you didn't boost them, GW wouldn't sell shit. AoS has added Fyreslayers, Deepkin, Sylvaneth, Overlords, LRL, SoB (soon) and eventually Malerion elves. If 40k added Exodites and another half a dozen new factions like, I dunno, Squats and Rak'Gols then yeah fair enough.

>> No.74107976

Is this the right place to ask about the boxed wargames for AoS? I went into GW a few days ago on a whim and saw Beastgrave. Beastmen vs Wood Elves is one of my favourite things so my interest is piqued. I saw a few other boxes for different forces as well, so I'm guessing it's not a one-and-done affair from GW?

>> No.74107979

sequitors are retarded and double down on the perpetual identity crisis of stormcast aesthetics

>> No.74107981

I personally like that Stormcast are one faction of many, not literally half the factions like the imperium of man.

>> No.74107996

Tzeentch mortals when
I just dislike SCE for their scale. I totally used to hate the fluff but they grow on your like space marines with their various hosts and countless interpretations. Like, I winced at the ONLY THE FAITHFUL before I became fully aware of the Hallowed Knights fluff and what it meant in relation to the whole Alarielle saga.
Hammers are probably boring and I loathe Gotrek's self absorbed ally but then you have crazed barbarian SCE worshipping Sigmar as Grom and edgy remnants of a dead world using Shakespearean prose and lamenting in the realm of the dead. There's something for everyone and eventually the core design clicks with you so you appreciate the whole.
Fuck the scale though and of course there was reason to hate them at the start when other armies went 5+ years unloved and broken while SCE stole their aesthetics and such.
>4 years of playing Ironweld with detached crews that could get sniped
>Had to use the SCE ordinator because Ironweld had no buffs
>Ordinator is basically the size of a volley gun

>> No.74108009

Probably won't get much help from here my dude. From what I know it's a deck building game with set models. Honestly it looks pretty good.

>> No.74108015

Main reason i probably will never get into 40k

>> No.74108017

Oh okay, didn't get that from it at all. Thanks anon.

>> No.74108018

They added them *because* they stopped trying to force the stormcast meme and sold those instead.

Honestly i swear stormies are always new players who dont remember it got so bad even GW employees were joking that reveals at gencon were "dont worry, its not another stormcast release!".

They tried to push stormcast and khorne as ultrmarines and black legion for a different game. That is an objective fact. But a new audience without decades of sunk cost shillvalry had none of it and they pulled back and diverted resources to diversifying their entire line rather than supporting just one like GW does with their "100 space marine releases for every tyranid one" model.

I get it. You like stormcast. Good for you. But that doesn't mean GW wasn't trying very hard to push something that wasn't there.

Case in point a giant golden fucking statue before AoS even hit shelves to even provide data that said they were popular or not.

>> No.74108028
File: 87 KB, 800x605, 40karmies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Data please
Literally just google it, fag.
>fictional universe
They can, but they don't. Because there is already 18 factions in 40k.
>primaris kit is a new unit
Technically but in principle the marinelets will be gone eventually.

I don't collect SCE and never will. I have 10,000 (AoS points) points of Seraphon from WHFB.

>> No.74108032

SCE holding an organ gun like a heavybolter when?

>> No.74108034

Will there ever be a dedicated vampire faction? Would be nice to have newer vamp models.

>> No.74108036
File: 104 KB, 1066x795, 0NJl18X.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seem popular to me senpai

>> No.74108050

Yeah, some guys at my FLGS play it because it's like 3-5 models and all the customisation of "list building" is in the deck, not the models.

I think the main appeal is you can vary your force without having to buy huge model collections and games seem relatively quick compared to larger scale games.

>> No.74108051

>That is an objective fact
Post data. Post confirmation from GW. Because this is just your assumption aka conjecture. Stormcast are popular, sorry senpai. You might not like this, but they are.

>> No.74108053

vanguard actually isn't so bad, the archers are the best archers in it and the palladors are supposed to be fast and they're fast.

>> No.74108056

Almost like different parts of SCE look different from each other you fucking idiot.

>> No.74108057

Warhammer underworlds is a deckbuilding game. You get a 'season' each year with a core box with two game boards, two warbands and then over the year more boards and warbands are sold seperately. Each warband is fixed models with their own faction cards but also universal cards to mix and match.

It was a sleeper hit with its original release Shadespire then in season 2 Nightvault the magic competitive crowd jumped onto it hard. Then Beastgrave rolled around with little big shakeups like how Nightvault added new dice and spells and instead of things like nighthaunt, skaven or dwarves it was beastmen and beast elves which have little appeal to the audience at large (calm down BoC anon, i know you are autistic for them, most just arent) and with no major rule shakeups, an art style changes and races that werent as appealling it really fell off and then corona happened.

They are getting ready next month to ramp up for a soft relaunch and a season 4 box to replace it, the rumour is its seraphon vs bonereapers but all we know now is it was due in June and things happened.

Its a very fun game and got many card game only folks i know into war cry, kill team, 40k, aos and malifaux so its a great gateway game and simple enough for all ages. It just declined a bit in popularity with the art style change.

>> No.74108060
File: 184 KB, 768x1024, CVoI7qKWIAAm-3k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and stay safe, wear gloves outside and maybe a mask

>> No.74108066

Underworlds is basically a board game style thing where you play a set warband with strategy cards to assist you. Each box comes with strategy cards for a warband but you can mix and match with others too (some are specific to warbands, some are general).

This is currently the third season - Beastgrave - and there have been two previous seasons. They're all compatible but GW does eventually stop releasing the seasons and the default rules change slightly depending on which one you're playing, e.g. Beastgrave has more traps and terrain tiles than the previous two. Beastgrave is IMO the best contained version of Underworlds so if you want to buy in and get a couple of Beastgrave warbands I think you'll be fine. A game usually takes 30 mins - 1 hour.

There will definitely be a season 4 because GW has previewed it and it looks like it'll also be set in Beastgrave or at least Ghur, but the warbands will be different and the rules probably slightly different too.

>> No.74108067

How can you deal with elite armies as Nighthaunt? I feel like I just can't break their armor and then they smash me to bits in a matter of seconds.

>> No.74108068

Stormcast aren't as popular as they are cheap

>> No.74108069

take reading comprehension lessons you whiny nigger

>> No.74108074

There's literally no evidence it declined in popularity with Beastgrave no matter how much you keep pushing this.

>> No.74108081

>a ton of options
>almost all of them sub-par

>> No.74108084

Yes anon its all just one boogeyman, everyone is out to get you and your game.

>> No.74108091


I do hope Stormcast keep getting support, the early models are pretty boring but the AoS 2 models are pretty cool, taking the helmets off and showing the people underneath makes all the difference.
AoS1 Stormcast are basically space marines, they like sigmar and battling chaos and that's about it.
AoS 2 Stormcast are people who faced chaos and didn't lose their souls and were thus found worthy of being given great power, but are still people.

I hope AoS3 brings even more depth to them, takes them further away from being fantasy Adeptus Astartes.

>> No.74108092

It literally is just you who keeps saying this.

>> No.74108098

I see. So if I pick up another warband I'll get some cards with them that detail each members stats etc, but also strategem-style cards that may or may not be compatible with different warbands?
I won't lie, I'm not at all interested in AoS but I like my Beastmen and my Wood Elves so this may well be a one-off purchase. Do older warbands suffer from power-creep or anything like that? The way you mention traps for Beastmen makes it sound like a unique feature to them.

>> No.74108105
File: 438 KB, 651x1500, The Wild Hunt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is there a better aspect of this hobby? Not in my opinion

>> No.74108108

people who think the worst bit of SCE is the helmets/masks are the lowest iq ppl in this hobby

>> No.74108115

so overblown of a bunch of whining, stormcast got models for a 3 year stretch. The poster boy faction for the new game gets 3 release cycles boohoo. Its not even that long. whfb grogs who wont shut up about sce deserve the rope.

>> No.74108126

There was some power creep with the deckbuilding (certain cards everyone used) but if you draft all your cards or stick to what comes with the warbands you should be pretty OK.

>> No.74108132

They started pushing this "rotational format" thing with Beastgrave so the season 1 stuff isn't "legal" and when season 4 comes out season 2 stuff won't be. Its one of the reasons Beastgrave started to see the game decline. Nobody likes being turned away from a local tournament told your dudes you bought a month ago are now illegal.

>> No.74108134
File: 205 KB, 736x981, 7c8e456e3f39116dfa333863068d46e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, what's your fluff for this? BCR monsters are basically just avatars of destruction. Like they'd probably eat a forest.

>> No.74108140

Is the slaanesh army good?

>> No.74108143


They are quite evil anon.

>> No.74108153


>> No.74108162

That's bullshit and sounds like GW.
Thanks anons, I think I'll keep away from it for now.

>> No.74108165

Theres nothing inherently wrong with the power level of nighthaunts units compared with anyone else. Harridans are statistically one of the most efficient in the game with their point drop for instance.

>> No.74108171
File: 130 KB, 1680x1050, concept-art_00383504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Without going full fanfic on the board, a sentinel force of hunters found and ambushed the BCR, but spared the beasts as seeing them as corrupted. Allarielle pushed back against the Everwinter and the majestic creatures became infused with the magic of Ghyran. Pic related was a huge inspiration and with my 8000+ points of Sylvaneth I thought it'd be fun to do a new project.

>> No.74108173

that's most factions though. Not everyone is skaven.

>> No.74108177

Fair enough. I really would recommend Underworlds if you're looking for a boxed games, but if you're looking for skirmish campaign-centric stuff or a more customisable skirmish thing then yeah it's not what you want.

>> No.74108182

If you want a simple game i would recommend Warcry but i don't even know if they make the starter box anymore.

>> No.74108184

Haven't given those a spin yet, so might as well.

>> No.74108190

>8000 points
Why in the fuck would you ever need that much?

>> No.74108209

Super battalions bruh.

>> No.74108215

Sadly they don't. It's a shame, it was almost as good deal as Indomitus is. Two warbands, two more packs of beasts, great terrain, cards, book, even nice multi-coloured dice.

>> No.74108219

How human are Sylvaneth? I've read some lit and they can be quite independent: unique names, relationships, emotions and varying opinions. Can they love one another, romantically, and stuff?
Maybe it's just dryads that are hivemind faeranids and the others are basically human but aware of the song and such.

>> No.74108225

I'm surprised no one has done a red paint job for them yet. I mean the reference is just so obvious:


>> No.74108229

Nice, it's a shame mercs are gone rather than hah expanded because BCR mercs are obvious and they probably would've been a thing

>> No.74108245
File: 30 KB, 352x338, 1538437729066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74108249

Technically they are all unwilling slaves to Allariels mind control song so its kind of a moot point when their personalities are subsumed by a hive mind control to behave more like gardeners than the garden.

>> No.74108306

I have a hard time picking up a faction. I really want models that are under 10 yo or so, crunchy synergistic tactical options (I like engine-building euro games if that makes any sense to you), and at least a little shooting or magic. Lizardmen seem to be everything except the old models. OBR have great models, but almost no shooting at all and kinda seem simplistic to play? They and KO (as seen above >>74108225) are great for the kino aesthetics.

>> No.74108322

sounds like skaven desu

>> No.74108328

It does, but the models are even older than toady bois, aren't they?

>> No.74108331

Source? All the bl stuff has them more as worshippers than slaves. Alarielle's song is a suggestion, like in one story two tree Revenants interpret her war song differently.

>> No.74108342


Have you considered Gloomspite Gitz?,they are not the shootiest army but they can shoot.
Also might want to consider stormcast, Lumineth look like they might be what you are looking for as well.

>> No.74108387

The croosbows are their one good unit and being fast is kinda pointless if you can't do anything once you get there.

>> No.74108390

Honestly Lizardmen, Skaven or Cities of Sigmar are what you want but they all have old models.

>> No.74108394

It's an addiction. I love Treelords. They are still my favourite GW product. Ever.

>> No.74108426

Only some, clanrats are 10 years old or so I think. The vast majority of their stuff looks good, its just the weapon teams and rat ogres.

>> No.74108464

In all fairness I've heard that the air-dwarfs are pretty mediocre on the tabletop.

models are great-looking.

But in the game they are pretty underwhelming.

is this true?

>> No.74108469

Still requires different weapon.
Pike guys and flying archer were only good miniatures

>> No.74108476

Like I said they aren't so bad, the crossbows are one good unit out of 3. The palladors aren't damage dealers but they're reasonable for unit that can essentially teleport at will in an otherwise slow army.

>> No.74108486

They were utter dogshit, but their recent book has gone a long way to fixing their issues and making them play like they should.

>> No.74108519

wot pike guys

>> No.74108532

\(;_;)/ SoB pre-order announcement pls
pls gw

>> No.74108573

>Have you considered Gloomspite Gitz?
Honestly I haven't, I'll look into their tome and models this evening. But they look kinda out there, which I appreciate.
Eeeeeeh in a pinch
Now you got me intreseted. My FLGSes still have the boxen available
Shame that the great new armies aren't like that.

>> No.74108605

It'll be marines or something. Maybe Underworlds if we're *really* lucky.

>> No.74108729

Remember when we got releases at least once a month?

>> No.74108734

Remember when we didn't have a global pandemic?

>> No.74108762

I miss those days.

can 2020 be over yet?

>> No.74108767

What does that have to do with 40k being more popular

>> No.74108772

they should at least release a champion of nurgle during downtime

>> No.74108795

Well until America stops being a nation of idiots the Coof is never going away.

>> No.74108807

Lead times are too high

>> No.74108832

Wow. I was going to just slap chains and stuff onto it, but now i have to get plasticard or something and create this. I can't wait until i can splurg some money.

>> No.74108861

The dude is not really regular, as he have had his flesh exploded from his bones thousands of times because he failed khorne but got stronger in the remaking process.

>> No.74108877

God Khorne lore is so fucking lame. Its like axe cop where it was written by a 7 year old but treated as ironically good.

>> No.74108928

>Because of fucking dirty fuckin' coofers refusing to wear a mask because "ah stand muh growned, simple as" UK is going into an even more intense lockdown than before
>GW is going to have to shut down again
>Don't get my next pay to order aether war till wednesday


>> No.74108943

>UK is going into an even more intense lockdown than before
Only in England m8.

>> No.74108957

Where do you think the production facility for GW is?

>> No.74108962

Oh i missremembered, he is strong because he comes from the old world where he got blessed alot of times, he is called the scarred because of the explosion part. I can agree that some parts of the lore is kinda bad, but alot of it is bretty gud.

>> No.74108972

It should be legal in england to egg maskless coofers. Just carry around a cool half dozen in your bag and if you see a dirty coofer you egg em like a pedophiles front door on halloween.

>> No.74108984

>ease lockdown
>single digi increase in cases
But right, it must be because people aren't using shitty homemade masks.

>> No.74108988

>implying you can describe anything in warhammer without sounding like coldsteel.

>> No.74109000

This anon definitely doesn't wear a mask. Probably blames the Pakis for spreading COVID too.

>> No.74109003

could this post be more soi, might as well complain about wonder woman being delayed while you're at it.

>> No.74109011

Because treating it like the sniffles is working for burgerville right? you dirty fucking coofclown.

>> No.74109019

Masks don't work faggot. Not living in a massive house with a million of your inbred cousins does.

>> No.74109027

That's a bingo.

>> No.74109041

>masks literally drastically decrease the chance of passing on coronavirus
>Masks don't work faggot

>> No.74109054

Right, it isn't.
Prehaps they shouldn't be rioting for 60 days in row, crawling over each other like ants trying to loot and burn shit.

>> No.74109060
File: 11 KB, 290x174, images (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

coofer confirmed.

>> No.74109070

>*cough cough kaff*
I hope you die before you spread it to innocent people, preferably gasping alone in your own filth. Natural Selection is a bitch.

>> No.74109074

They literally don't. There is exactly 0 evidence to suggest they do. A WHO metastudy from last year suggested the "might" work to inhibit the spread of an influenza but there wasn't actually any data to support that. Just "yeah we could see why it could help so it might".
Your shitty mask from Etsy ain't saving you from shit.

>> No.74109091

How can i tell this is a bnp crossposting space marine fag from 40kg.

>> No.74109101

I won't die because I am 23 and my chance of dying from this disease (if I even catch it, which I won't) is almost 0. Go be afraid of something actually dangerous pussy.

>> No.74109104

How many MAGA hats did you buy?

>> No.74109116

Fewer than the number of masks I bought

>> No.74109122

The problem is no one has the right masks. If governments are serious about beating the virus they NEED to provide and pay for personal protective for EVERYONE.

It's not good enough to expect common people to high quality masks, the need for public healthcare is more obvious than ever.

>> No.74109126

>ah stand muh ground
>aaaahm standing muh ground
>lookit me here ahm standin muh ground

>> No.74109141

I own several masks because I need them for work and to go to the shop. Doesn't mean they work. Doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.

>> No.74109156


>> No.74109172

china prints some of the boxes,books and the terrain dumdum. everything else is made in nottingham.

>> No.74109194

>coof coof
I can feel it bros, I got the wiggly tiggly in the back of my tater hole. Everything is getting dim, it calls to me, the darkness. No more thin coats, I'm free now.

>> No.74109219

Do you think they are playing Fantasy and Rogue Trader in heaven?

>> No.74109235

G_d Bless friend, you go to sit by Joseph Smiths side to play with Lumineth, the lords chosen army, in eternal peace.

>> No.74109253


>> No.74109302

If you want more concepts or concepts for specific units let me know

I like drawing and will gladly take requests

>> No.74109350

A big titty carnosaur.

>> No.74109355

I want to be able to play with them as well so i don't know what more units i should go for, but that concept was really nice, it was for the ironclad right? I am thinking of getting a neat 1k army so if an anon can tell me what is nice at 1k you can perhaps draw concept art for those? your drawings are really nice and i would appreciate more.

>> No.74109449

Requests for other armies or just KO?

>> No.74109492

GW has asked you for concepts for their new maneater kit. It will make 5 different costumes.

1 Stormcast, 1 Order Faction, 1 Chaos Faction, 1 Other Destruction Faction and 1 Death Faction.

What do you pick?

>> No.74109510

I'd tell them to hire better designers then kill themselves because Maneaters represent cultural appropriation not factions.

>> No.74109522

>Night Goblins
FUCK stormies.

>> No.74109533

this the only people who want to see
>stormcast maneater
>skeleton warrior maneater
>ironjawz maneater
>chaos warrior maneater
miss the entire point of the unit

>> No.74109539

reminder: cultural appropriation wasn an anti diversity act of meme warfare funded by soro.

>> No.74109555

any army/unit with a unique theme

>> No.74109601

Can you shut the fuck up about pol shit for one minute you boring cunt?
I didn't mean cultural appropriation as some nebulous negative sentiment: they literally just adopted aspects of the cultures they spent time in

>> No.74109641

where do you think you are? pol is 4chan leave tranny

>> No.74109761
File: 499 KB, 720x404, 1540630333457.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>whole thread is arguing about the 'rona
>when I just got back from a country that, when I left it, had S E V E N cases ongoing
>next week I will go to my local Warhammer (tm) store and buy the last remaining puzzle piece to finish my Anvil of Apotheosis Nurgle Hero
And a good coof to you, too.

>> No.74109780


>> No.74109796


>> No.74109821

You wish, /pol/troon.

>> No.74109831

can vs should

>> No.74109835

*cough cough*

>> No.74109948

Lumineth will be an army with a lot of moving parts, once they fucking come out proper.

>> No.74110004
File: 203 KB, 1114x733, Lumineth players.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you pray hard enough along with your 3 homely child bride wives?

>> No.74110050
File: 3.24 MB, 3456x4608, 1596374508912172747821513109530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've drawn an chaos arkanaut dude as a start

>> No.74110072

How bad are Sylvaneth nowdays? Thinking of picking them or Seraphon as my first proper army. How fucked would I be in a somewhat casual group?

>> No.74110160

No army is truly unplayable, but you'll be the guy who has to run a relatively powerful list to keep up with a casual meta. The much larger issue is that some fuckwad decided to give good rules and great points costs to a unit that costs forty bucks for five models so that you'll want five of six of those kits.

>> No.74110300

I really like Sylvaneth and Ironjawz, but god they need more units, also Sylvaneth tree revenants are 60pts, but the box costs 71 fucking dollarydoos. What the fuck.

>> No.74110343

Do you think lumineth pass down their holy fertility underwear to their sons too just like mormons?

>> No.74110346

It's almost as though balancing by points adjustments and price hikes don't mix.

>> No.74110402
File: 710 KB, 1920x3109, landsknect.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, The Old World coming out suggests Empire will get a load of units, right? So, there is no reason NOT to give them to CoS as well. Also, I want big cannons. Big cannons are my fetish. Only faction with a BIG CANNON are Chaos Dwarf and it's more of a howitzer/mortar.

>> No.74110424

>So, there is no reason NOT to give them to CoS as well
But there is. Namely, they can't force you to buy two armies to play both systems.

>> No.74110463

They are sterile

>> No.74110465
File: 1.40 MB, 1079x1920, landsknecht.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What? No, I mean like Chaos Daemons. You can buy Chaos Daemons for AoS but then use it in a 40k game. So you can do it for Empire and CoS. You can buy your ToW Empire kits which are sold with square bases. Meanwhile the same sculpts are sold in a CoS box with circular bases.

>> No.74110487

They're not. They just had a limited amount of people after the civil war... I mean chaos invasion, so they made use of cloning to make twins. Whether it means females have a twin sister or a twin brother or its random, who knows. Regardless, it's perfect for my twincest fantasies. I missed the Twilight Sisters.

>> No.74110505

Daemons are a special case. And as you may notice, GW goes out of their way to make sure Daemons are always shit in one game. They're decent in AoS right now (so long as you don't fall for that Chaos Ascendant meme) and so they're gutter trash in 40k right now. Once they're broken in 40k again GW will make sure they're shit in AoS again. But with Freeguild they can't do that because, as far as we know, TOW will basically be Empire, Empire and more Empire and you can't make a game's only faction shit.

>> No.74110523
File: 1.93 MB, 252x448, 1543816130580.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>twincest nation

>> No.74110530

Yeah but I assume the rules will be different. So, it'd be a bit less of a problem. Regardless, this isn't a case of using two armies in different settings, but literally just you do a new set of Empire kits for ToW and you repackage the new sculpts with circular bases for AoS. So, when you go to buy CoS Freeguild, they'll be the same models as the ToW but on circular. Because otherwise, what's the point? You make the new sculpts for ToW and boom. You can release a new cannon and give it rules in AoS. That way expanding their range.

I don't see why this won't be a thing.

>> No.74110550
File: 393 KB, 1920x1498, Kroxigor_Total_War_Warhammer_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So like Seraphon/Lizardmen are my favorite race, and as much as I would love new models because that would be neat. But it's a shame their lore will suck from this point onward now that we don't have the sick ass named characters like Kroq-gar, Nakai and all the other sick ass warriors

>> No.74110557

Dear oh dear, better fuck off then.

>> No.74110567

The rules between old world and aos won't be that different. Because no one in their right mind liked the shit rules of 8th edition fantasy and rank & flank can fuck off.

>> No.74110580
File: 5.20 MB, 1280x720, twincest bestcest.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that feel, bro.

Kill yourself, secondary.

>> No.74110600

We already know it'll be rank and flank or they wouldn't showed off the square base. I assume it'll be AoS but with flanking rules though. The game won't be as intricate as WHFB because it's 2022 GW doing it.

>> No.74110665

I like KO but its under the elf tax like all non-human/non-lizard order factions. and I don't like'em enough to pay those rates

>> No.74110714

They use cloning to procreate, they are sterile

>> No.74110749

love that movie, like a kids first pulp adventure

>> No.74110767

No, it specifically says that when one child is born they are cloned and can only be cloned once.

>> No.74110831

Khorne has always seemed the most just boring chaos god to me

>> No.74110860

>Go to check my local facebook buy & sell group
>Facebook is now part of a cyberpunk dystopia and wants to give your personal id (passport, birth certification, facial information) to the Chinese government
where do I find those comfy thrifts now?

>> No.74110911

sign up using a friend or relative then.

>> No.74110930

There are multiple ways to do cheap in AoS the fact someone still picks Stormcast over mawtribes, flesheaters, or nighthaunt shows that someone likes them for how they look simple as that.

>> No.74110957
File: 85 KB, 626x833, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$40 AUD for an aether khemist
>also $40 for a shadespire warband that includes an aether khemist

lol wtf gw

>> No.74111005

so sick of these dudes knocking on my door trying to give away starter boxes.

>> No.74111008

Nah senpai. He is essentially a nobody. Not like it was Valkia or Skarr. Regardless, it looks like FW has changed the fluff again. There is no mention of the dragon being a Godbeast any more.

>> No.74111016

pretty sure underworlds stuff is under FW/specalist games meaning they're fucking with the main office undercutting them with better looking models

>> No.74111018

Nice, because that dragon does not feel like a godbeast.

>> No.74111019

And a carnosaur costs £50 or you can get the Start Collecting box which has a carnosaur, some knights and warriors for £50. GW encourages people to buy those.

>> No.74111032

> Legends tell of the trail of slaughter left behind by Vorgaroth the Scarred and Skalok, the Skull Host of Khorne, their path of destruction having run for millennia, their victims beyond count. Although one would not hesitate to kill the other if given the chance, together they have razed civilisations to the ground. Whenever the mortal armies of Khorne falter, it is Vorgaroth and Skalok that the Blood God sends to turn the tide of battle in his favour.
>Legends speak of the slaughter unleashed by Vorgaroth and Skalok, and together they have carved a bloody path of destruction and carnage across the Mortal Realms. The number of their victims is now beyond measure, a colossal tower of skulls claimed for the Blood god Khorne.

>> No.74111049

>wanting a Chinese spy to immigrant to the UK using your relative's stolen information

>> No.74111056

skaven SC with 20 rats, 3 stormfiends, and an engineer when.

>> No.74111073

Technically it's illegal to proxy: you have to ask for opponent or tournament organizers permission, so you're paying extra for legality + a worse pose.

>> No.74111081

>proxy a khemist as a khemist

Stop this shit bait.

>> No.74111084

kek gonna chuckle when UK gets all those Hong Kongers over here. World should give it back to UK desu.

>> No.74111098

It's not a Aether Khemist. It's Thundrik's Profiteers.

>> No.74111102

Carnosaur is kirby priced and old saurus sculpts don't sell, bundle them together and you've hit two ur-pheonixes with one stone

>> No.74111125

yeah and on its own its just a khemist

even then, how hard is a headswap you anal retentive fuck?

>> No.74111133

Aether Khemist != Thundrik's Profiteers
If it has rules, it's a unique entity. Technically it is missing the tools weapon.
No need to be buttblasted because you're wrong. No one would care if you proxied but they might and GWs official stance is that if they do, you can't. It's always been like this.

>> No.74111138

What i mean is that it didn't feel like a godbeast when he 1v1 it in its lair, even surviving getting thrown into the wall by it.

>> No.74111142

>old saurus sculpts don't sell
They're literally sold out right now. They still sell. The SC doesn't give you any useful amounts so it encourages you to buy two boxes.

>> No.74111153

That was my main issue. It didn't make sense for her to be a Godbeast if she can get her shit kicked in by a regular khorne lord. Dumb. Regardless, no longer a godbeast. Good.

>> No.74111156

I bet people who'd refuse such a game would be a blast to play against anyway. Nothing of value is lost.

>> No.74111162

can you viably play seraphon with just the cool stuff like big dinos, or is it only viable with lame shit like skinks and frogs?

>> No.74111163

Good catch allow me to correct myself. they didn't sell at the time the SC was introduced.

>> No.74111167

I still wouldn't call him a regular khorne lord, but the godbeast thing was still stupid.

>> No.74111200

everyone who isn't ogors, or the broken "kill'em all" netlist of the month needs some bodies on the table. The difference is if you have to bring a minimal battlelines worth or just spam the whole list with them. saraphon don't need to spam thier skinks.

>> No.74111208

I want to make a little diorama with a bunch of nasty mutated models, was thinking a warband fighting of Tzeentchians.
>tfw Tzeentch got the short end of the stick after Khorne and Nurgle got so much stuff

>> No.74111219

it actually has its own warscroll as a solo model

guess what retard? that warscroll, in every way except name, is utterly identical to the generic warscroll

if that's not permission to use him as a solo aether khemist, what the fuck is?

>> No.74111237

pretty much, but the trick was you only gave 12 saurus but you needed at least 20... but you buy x5 and you get 60 in total and 5 carnosaurs and a fair few knights.

>> No.74111248

I don’t think you can divorce beastmen from chaos at this point. At most I’d expect the Ind beastmen from the old lore to get made into a faction. Tiger and elephant men would make a neat army and would break up the monotony of ugly retards that destruction has.

>> No.74111261

Why're you so angry? Almost everyone will give you permission, but no you can't do it officially without. Try playing at Warhammer World with me and see what the staff say when I point out that the rr wounds ability is different from the rr hits ability.
Unique warscroll and model == unique entity. It's proxying.

>> No.74111274

You can't actually take him solo

>> No.74111295

sadly the underworld warbands are bought as a set in AoS proper. you can't just take one on its own. 99% of people won't give a shit if you use it as a regular Aetherkemist, but people could be WAACfags if they wanted and reeeee.

>> No.74111300


>> No.74111330

jesus christ, why are you so hung up on it? I bet you are throwing a hissy fit if people use Lord Celestant on Dracoth model (later released as Vandus Hammertits) as Lord Celestant and not Vandus cause now he's called Vandus on the GW webstore.

>> No.74111426

not so much a trick as the saurus sprues are weird there are only like 4 saurus to a sprue because they're old as fuck and the minimum unit size is 10. its a trick if the include less than the minimum unit size like SCE boxes do

>> No.74111484

No idea what you're talking about or what shithole you live in, senpai. My FB account uses a fake name, a defunct email address and a profile picture ten years out of date and I only use it to communicate with the cavemen that still use it over WhatsApp.

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