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"invest in silver" edition

>Current metas, complete with deck lists
>Build and share decks

>Build and share cubes

>Unofficial search engine, doesn't censor cards and has a great search function
>Another search engine, has a pretty interface but censors cards

previous: >>74013715

thread question: Are you happy with reprints and power creep lowering the monetary entry barrier to Magic the Gathering? Why? Why not?

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I would be if they actually reprinted things that need it.
(And didnt you know hike the prices of the product that those reprints are in to do so)

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Just let it die.

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7 forest belcher is a good kind of meme, the primary gameplan is solid, and if you can't get the belcher out and running you still have a backup plan in wurmcoil and Tangle-Chan beatdown. it's unironically my favorite "unorthodox" deck.
but as the other anon says, twiddle storm is cheaper and just as meme-y, just in a different direction.

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if you dont like the threads you are free to stop visiting them.

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>even hoogland quit mtg

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So a self mill win-con like Jace, does it need a combo piece like inverter of truth to work or does it work regularly too by self milling? How does one go about that because whenever i try it out it feels like i'm always having a hard time hitting my land drops etc. Is it just too much work without a combo piece like that?

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>thread question: Are you happy with reprints and power creep lowering the monetary entry barrier to Magic the Gathering? Why? Why not?
What lowering it monetarily? To even be able to keep up you need to put down 100-500 euros because the new staples are that expensive because of all the scalpers and whales raising the price on them.

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Thanks to the powercreep Magic will soon be a dead game and is already dead in spirit.

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let's hypothetically say paper magic completely collapses. or at least paper legacy completely collapses (i'm aware it's already dead in many places, but let's say that it completely dies even in places that are lucky like my lgs which held weekly legacy events pre-memevirus)

in that case, would dual lands decrease in value? or are investorfags content to sit on a pile of cards with "theoretical worth" of 500+ dollars even if there's not a single buyer?

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Damn, for a game you hate, you fags sure keep talking about it still.

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Pretty sure commander players would be eager to pay for those duals.

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sunk cost fallacy. some of us have been playing this game for 20 years. and now it's ending. I'm not so deluded as to keep spending money on it in denial as to the absolute state of it, but I'm going to watch it til the end

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I'm still here even though I bitch because:
1. Memes are great
2. Financeanon
3. Feels vindicating to see the game crash and burn

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edh whaled will keep it high dont you worry anon

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If someone burned down my house I'd be salty about it for a few years.

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silence shill.

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What memes? This thread used to have banter about pissing on Flooded Strands and all that but the humor is gone because the state of this shitshow game is so fucking bad it's beyond mockery, only hate remains.

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Honestly, this.

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>what memes
You're new and visit these threads once in a blue moon.

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Reserve list needs to be expanded.

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maybe you should have used all your time and money on getting a job and buying an actual house

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Well there's >>74026257, the occasional Le Chiffre post, and Burchettposting was hilarious, although we can't meme about that anymore or the thread will be swept away

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The last meme I remember is Soimogoyf

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>although we can't meme about that anymore or the thread will be swept away
Haven't been here in a while. Care to explain?
I hate that goblinoid creature with passion

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I have a house. If I didn't, I couldn't be sad if someone burned it down.

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so then any final solution to the investor problem must begin with purging all edhtrannies from our hobby, got it

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turns out there's a reason he's tarmoGOYf

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reminder that in 10 years no one will know what modern or legacy is. it'll be 10 different variants of edh.

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damn edhtrannies look like THAT?

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Now I understand where pic related came from.
>although we can't meme about that anymore or the thread will be swept away
Jannies being fags again, I presume?

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>b-but it's cheaper now
Except it's not. Now Modern and Legacy are rotating formats which you'd have to sink more money into

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What is one of the most memorable plays you've been a part of? For me it's a toss-up between several instances of shattering anuses with flickerwisp+vial shenanigans.

Please note that this post is officially Trannyjanny Approved™ since it is 100% board and thread appropriate concerning the playing of Magic: The Gathering™ owned by Wizards of the Coast™, a subsidiary of Hasbro™. I felt the need to do my due diligence in enumerating these facts since indeed it appears that the trannyjanny in question is working overtime tonight.

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Play Vintage. Most of the non RL Vintage staples are draft chaff.

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Nobody plays Vintage

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frankly cards that are required to play like fetchlands should be constantly reprinted through the core set flip floping enemy and ally in addition the core set should be used as a set for needed reprints but the biggest thing is how much land bases are for modern really kills it for people

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This. In my experience people are willing to fork over more money for cards that are powerful and actually part of a deck like Tarmogoyf or Liliana, but it's pretty lame to drop a few hundred just to increase the consistency of your deck

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The dumbest thing is they say they won't reprint frtches because it adds too much shuffling but then they made Fabled Passage

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I would be happy if they just printed ghetto fetchlands that only got you one land type at uncommon. You can't even play a two-colored deck in Modern without fetchlands unless you want to pay out the ass for a crippled boutique manabase.

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They don’t care anymore because of Arena.

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I can understand not wanting to have fetches in Standard constantly, but they should at least be printing them in these reprint sets consistently. I can't fathom why they refuse to reprint them besides reinforcing arbitrary artificial scarcity.

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well the issue started in khans because there was a good fetchable dual land in rotation and it made very strong standard decks but that period of time was extremely good because of the deck variety like grixis prowess esper dragons and siege rhino decks

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last week i decided to actually give vintage a try since i have a manatraders sub anyway to fuck around with different legacy decks in mtgo. i'm convinced everyone who ever recommended it to me either never played it themselves and are purely parroting it for e-cred, or they're edhtards or wannabe edhtards.

vintage is absolute dogshit since it is essentially 1v1 commander with 60 card decks. imagine unironically playing a format where every single deck has a list of 100% absolute must-include 1-ofs. the homogenization and lack of diversity is pitiful, and it gets absolutely shat on by legacy's metagame even now (even though legacy's meta is also not great at the moment, it is still orders of magnitude better than vintage)

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There were no fetchable duals until Battle for Zendikar.

>> No.74027219

sorry for 9 months there weren't fetchable duals however the use that stanard block as an example as to why fetchlands are bad for standard because it created alot of shuffling

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Yeah, it's too tough to normally mill yourself. You're just putting yourself at such a disadvantage when you spend all your resources actively doing something bad and the only way self mill ever has a purpose is through dredge or delve.

>> No.74027331


You're not wrong, but I really love paradoxical outcome and the card can't hang in legacy and died with the opal banning in modern.

>> No.74027359

self mill wins are harder to do because the value for self mill is super low with 2 effects winning the game for you but the best way is by dredging or using invertor to flip your deck

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>Too much shuffling.

I still don't get this fucking complaint. The same faggots whining about that are happy to sleeve up edh and do nothing but tutor because when you play one-ofs, tutoring your good shit is the only thing that makes the game bearable.

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Man, think about that. Hoogland, frequently referred to as a cuck in these threads, has abandoned Magic. He's free, yet we're still here, in hell.

>> No.74027613

EDHtrannies killed Magic. "Investors" are just a symptom of a bigger problem

>> No.74027749

What, are you blaming EDH for Modern Horizons and FIRE?

>> No.74027938

True, but look at the good side goy : now the staples you alrdy own are worthless. =)

>> No.74027957


You lying sack of shit. You made me watch one of his videos. It boiled down to 'standard sucks and modern's not much better, so I'm ataking a break till September'.

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Because every set including MH has way too many cards geared towards EDH, since FIRE started.

>> No.74028126

EDH is a HUGE problem with how all of Magic is currently

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>> No.74028220


The only card designed specifically card EDH that comes to mind that caused a problem (recently) was Golos, and that was actually Field of the Dead causing the issue. Was Field of the Dead designed for EDH?

>> No.74028430

>Was a land that wants you to play with lands of different names designed with a singleton format in mind

>> No.74028491

Revised duals would tank but Alpha and Beta would hold, because black border and the first FIRST editions.

Not sure about Unlimited.

>> No.74028516

Sayin they don't reprint fetches because of shuffling is like saying they print some shitty cards as mythics because of limited.

Only retards actually believe that.

>> No.74028550

Seems like the opposite, where they thought Field was no big deal because they designed it for formats where people normally only have a couple different named lands on the field at a time and they thought making your manabase less consistent in order to trigger it would be a sufficient deckbuilding cost. Because they're morons.

>> No.74028692

is draft even popular enough to design every set around it? i have 4 lgses near my house and for all 4 of them drafts only fired during the first week of a set release.

>> No.74028720

You don't need to build the set around drafting, just take some things into consideration.

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Dude, if that's the only card that comes to mind, you haven't been paying attention.

>> No.74029013

More like EDH Horizons

>> No.74029183


is this sliver edh fodder

>> No.74029249

no, but it goes great in my Moonfolk tribal deck

>> No.74029318


Has Morophon caused issues in non-EDH formats?

>> No.74029368

Fuck no dude are you kidding
This is the fairest card possible

>> No.74029397

post the meme please

>> No.74029408

buying a lotus unlimited psa 8 for 4k.

>good deal or cucked?

>> No.74029599

>buying m*gic cards

>> No.74029625

The cards a laughing stock in EDH too.

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"Reprint me you cowards!" With possibly no nigger or obese tranny in the artwork edition.
Damn a terese nielsen art on this would have beed nice.
>friendly, daily and threadly reminder that wotc is de facto printing an illegal cryptocurrency where prices are kept artificially inflated due to artificial scarcity and insider trading that gets distributed through lottery tickets and lootboxes and that they spend, all costs included, 2 cents per card to print them

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Now that I'm not spending on Magic, I have more money for alcohol.

>> No.74029889 [DELETED] 

Nice. Do you drink piss or the good alcohol?

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Getting back to the format at hand, I've been trying to brew some tier 2 decks for the local meta (lots of stuff from the old metas pre china-scandal and most guys were focusing on stuff like brewing EDH or spending on mtgo).

this one I know is probably not that great, but is there a chance for this deck? Extra color, other cards for consistency? Is dredge just better or could this be current dredge's 2-3 color cousin?

This one has lots in common from some older aristocrat decks. Too many meme cards or would this actually work? https://www.archidekt.com/decks/679117#Archfiend's_Aristocrats
sideboards not-withstanding, they'd need weekly tweaking anyway to fit whatever my local meta becomes once this sham of a shutdown is over (not to go overly political, but most countries saw spikes in cases for the first few weeks after opening up and their deaths are at 0 now and the US is a 300Mil population, plus the death report scandals)

>> No.74029940

I'm fairly certain the only way to break him is Jodha, and even then I don't think those abilities actually overlap (though could be wrong).
He's just a meme for slivers.

>> No.74029959 [DELETED] 

Right now I'm just trying different beers from the liquor store by work. I want to try whisky too. I remember downing a cheap bottle once and enjoying it. Do you have any recommendations?

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It doesn't matter if he's good. It is obvious what it was printed for, along with several other cards printed in both standard and supplemental sets. This distracts from printing sets for a good standard, modern, draft, etcetera.

>> No.74030065

There has been decent performing aristocrats decks, but you need to handle all these challenges:
Faster decks (be faster yourself or slow the game down somehow)
Accidental hate pieces (rip and leylines of the void are cards people still have in sideboards, especially at fnm)
Lack of interaction game one (I don't see your deck to be fast enough to win game one as you can't attack through a bear and can't combo out for the win unless you have 7 turns of no interruptions.

>> No.74030142

hmm, about what I thought, sb i have prepped irl does have critical mass of hate removal (thank god for white having good sb tech) but I do see what you mean about needing too many turns to get a win out. Any suggestions come to mind or should the deck be on the back burner. Do note one of the key interactions makes a 5/5 flyer pretty early in both versions but it's modern so I can see how that doesn't amount to much since the 5/5 itself isn't recurrable. Are the feeders just simply not enough either and are there certain other cards I should focus on instead?

>> No.74030161

I do understand the hate over printing obvious commander shit in non-commander sets. I like when legendary cards are made with commander in mind, but when they stray outside of that and print obvious broken shit in the other groups it gets way too obvious. I think Urza and Yawgmoth should have been held for the commander masters set since Urza should have obviously been shit for the modern format from the word "Go", though the short-lived Yawgmoth deck looked cool.

>> No.74030175

*would have been shit for Modern
god damn it how'd I get that wrong?!

>> No.74030193

The 5/5 flyer for 1 was intended to be in the same standard as Lurrus pre rule change, keep in mind.

>> No.74030198

oh, I'm WELL aware of that bullshit wizards was trying to pull, so I thought "if their current philosophy is to just print modern into standard so standard can go straight to modern, why wouldn't this work?!"

>> No.74030216


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>Field of the Dead
>Growth Spiral
>"we test for standard and draft"

>> No.74030328

They test for milking whales exclusively.

>> No.74030494

Why the hell tom kyffin has only 16 cards he illustrated?
The guy was good.

>> No.74030506

Also mutate and oko
Also the cycling deck in ikoria limited
One really, really has to question if they playtest anything for any format. Or just edh, because apparently cards that would fundamentally be broken there (like lutri) get preemptively banned there, compared to every other format

>> No.74030518

>Modern Horizons
100% yes. Modern Horizons and most Masters sets are mostly for EDHfags. They'll throw in a few pity cards for the actual format but it won't be enough. FIRE is basically "we wanna design magic cards like our epic EDH fun cards for Timmy" literally. EDH is entirely responsible for both of these terrible things

>> No.74030535

And thinking that edh was created with giving a home to cards that don't see any play in any other format a home in mind...

>> No.74030556

>a standard deck that includes Goose, Oko, Uro, OuaT, Veil, Field, Golos, Agent, Krasis, Nissa, Ugin and maybe splashing white for T3feri
How fucking horrifying

>> No.74030604

>FIREs of invention

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File: 137 KB, 1024x773, mtg__stoneforge_mystic_by_algenpfleger_d9j9cm3-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I pre buy singles from double master?

>> No.74030610

Never prebuy anything

>> No.74030617

>pre-buying anything

>> No.74030623
File: 54 KB, 265x370, karrthustyrantofjund.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Buying singles
>Not buying a display for great mythics like "We just printed this mythic in foil in mystery boosters" and "The same buy also Maelstrom Nexus and Sen Triplets"

You need to be a better consoomer

>> No.74030641

Its gonna be great when Timmy pulls a blade splicer and a Inkwell Leviathan

>> No.74030650

no you should pre order vip boosters instead

>> No.74030659

>nah anon is full of shit there is no way they printed Maelstrom Nexus again and at Mythic in 15 dollar boosters
>they did
Half of these mythics and rares feels like they were literally selected via Maro throwing darts at random magic cards

>> No.74030693

Half of this set feels like they looked at how well Mystery Boosters sold and said "Lets just do that, but at twice the price lmao"

>> No.74030711

With all the blackwashing rampant that goes on nowadays how will they fuck up kors that are whiter than white?
Ugly faces because the goblina tumblrina look at them and have a breakdown whenever they look in the mirror?

>> No.74030712

How do I let my opponent know that any love I had for this game has completely faded and been replaced with contempt?

>> No.74030713

Remember, double everything

Except four times the junk rares and mythics at 4-5 times the price

>> No.74030716

Put your concession on the stack and walk away until time

Alternatively, play standard reclamation

>> No.74030718
File: 143 KB, 944x943, 20200725_213853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes buy the booster! Be a good consoomer.

>> No.74030719

Play hard control with no wincon except maybe te5eri.

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File: 90 KB, 1181x474, Double Masters So far.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Threadly reminder that at least Terese is free of all this now

>> No.74030789

>WotC slowly drip feeds the few good rares and mythics at the start
>MTG finance fags and normies all scratch their monkey brains and think "dammnnn I'm gonna get like thousands of dollars from cracking these boxes bro...the value"
>then WotC brings in the dump truck and just dumps all the previews of the 99% worthless chaff
>all the losers get hosed on the boxes
>repeat for every set WotC releases every 2 fucking weeks

>> No.74030792

I had the most strange dream that scryfall removed terese and i seethed about it.
I don’t even know how the fuck did i get to have that dream when i don’t feel that strongly about this matter. I mean it sucks but...

>> No.74030804

Do you actively play Vintage?

>> No.74030854

It's fake bro.
Assuming you're not being retarded on purpose.

>> No.74030866

Pretty accurate, but I think it is worth mentioning that they do this EVERY SINGLE TIME

>""""""epic"""""" start
>oh man, look at those sweet rares and mythics
>idiots preorder
>weeks of mostly draft chaff and cent rares
>end spoiler season with a bang
>all those idiots feel justified for throwing their money away

I also just realized that Inverter of truth is a fucking €2,50 mythic? How, I thought, like 30% of pioqueer decks played a playset?

>> No.74030911

Almost every legendary creature they make is EDH bait. Kenrith (buy-a-box) and Korvold (brawl deck) saw standard play.
Then Modern Horizons had the likes of Hogaak and Urza.

>> No.74030925
File: 39 KB, 312x445, 015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not gonna lie, i didn't see this one coming.

>> No.74030965

Nobody plays pioqueer
30% of zero is zero

>> No.74030993
File: 203 KB, 597x618, 1595855362011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fellas mind if I include just one more reminder?

>> No.74031000
File: 666 KB, 1080x2280, nosewater shows his true character.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just one more is not enough, doc

>> No.74031032

>nosewater realizes he is corned on a question
>"uh fuck off goy"
I'm surprised WotC lets him do this public relations stuff since he seems really bad at it for anyone paying attention

>> No.74031101

They need to ban FIRE design for everything but Mono White and do the exact opposite for anything simic that isn't in a legacy-only set.

>> No.74031185

oh boy, jannies swept the burchett posting again. use smugloli's /tg/ instead of cuckchan

>> No.74031188

They should ban all UG 19-20 designs.
UG is synergistic value. Not just shitpile that goes on every deck and “staple explore to every fucking card”

>> No.74031212

The recent good UG cards are all so boring. It's just stapling "draw a card" to boring designs. Wow, who would have guessed that stapling a cantrip to already good cards would make them good??? They must have a genius working at wotc

>> No.74031488

it being good?

>> No.74031521

This is a bulk rare that everyfuckingbody and their grandma opened in packs everywhere.
Watch the buyout start and the price skyrocket.

>> No.74031534

wha happen?

>> No.74031577

Good generic colorless card that goes in every deck with 4 slots left that shits cheap value everywhere.
Watch it go from 30 cents to $5 in a couple of months.

>> No.74031716
File: 7 KB, 250x239, 1593456653376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If finance anon is here, I have a question for you: Do you believe in AMPL?

>> No.74032171

Jesus fuck this game is dead.
>inb4 inverter spoiled

>> No.74032187
File: 114 KB, 672x936, 2xm-173-kozilek-s-predator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're building up to it, like when you edge during fapping.

>> No.74032235

Dimir inverter and lotus breach need to gtfo from pioneer.
Only then we will start to breathe again.

>> No.74032252

DTT is fine if theres no fetches to pad out your graveyard :^)

>> No.74032280

I really don't see how they'd reprint inverter in artifact masters and it's already only worth peanuts.

Only thing that makes it seem possible is the lack of inverter/oracle ban in pioqueer. Not that I give a shit about that """"format""""

>> No.74032454

How can the manabase be improved?
Imagine if they reallocated pw decks cardboard into modern/pauper challenger decks, fully upgraded... A man can dream

>> No.74032465


This is who you keep getting warned about, you retards

>> No.74032469

I can agree with that, i play esper control and i really like having it in my deck.

>> No.74032490

>I really don't see how they'd reprint inverter in artifact masters and it's already only worth peanuts.
To further spit in the playerbase's face due to pioneer being a hell where every deck must answer to inverter or get stomped.
Sometimes i think they enjoy trolling us more than earning money, they are all already filthy rich anyway.

>> No.74032599

>How can the manabase be improved?
cut a land, add a Gut Shot
honestly if it works then you dont need to improve on it. maybe add Okina or Oran-Rief for that very incidental +1/+1 on one of your creatures.
Also consider Force of Vigor instead of Rec Sage to deal with degenerate artifact and enchantment based strategies more efficiently

>> No.74032648

This tbqh

>> No.74032751

Is there anyone in Cincinnati that'd be up for a game or few? Haven't played in at least six months. Just been building decks and yearning.

>> No.74032832


God damn I hate pioneer. Used to get around 10-20 people for weekly modern on Wednesdays and 20-40 people for modern FNM. All the dipshits who were 'deck brewers' got excited for the newly announce format while claiming it was superior to modern. Wednesdays went from that 10-20 people to 4-10 people and FNM went down to 10-15 people for modern.

By February, the pioneer scene at the shop had all but died and because people were dumb enough to trade in a bunch of their modern staples for pioneer cards, they lost massive value when 2 decks came out on top and their brewers paradise died. A few returned to modern, but a majority were disenfranchised leaving the landscape of any events ruined. The only positive is that the once a month legacy FNM still gets 20+ people.

>> No.74032945

>take extra measures to ban cards during the first three months
>synchronise Pioneer bannings with regular B&R announcements in January
>never ban anything in the format again

>> No.74032983

They had what they wanted.
Hasbro wanted playable cards but not strong enough for modern to spike so big retailers could actually start making good money on them besides cube players.
Now that they got what they wanted pioneer can burn for all they care.

>> No.74033064
File: 49 KB, 576x596, 1577470429069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh brewer's paradise
>it's a format with only numagic cards

>> No.74033076

Pioneer was dying like 2 weeks after the format premiered, and it premiered when every other format was at an all time low because of shit FIRE cards. Pioneer is such a fucking disaster even fanmade meme formats are better executed

>> No.74033478

Plenty of people only play Limited, Contructed formats are less popular here.

>> No.74033596

I swear if I pull a 3rd one..

>> No.74033632

Honestly, I think if they start to chill with FIRE after this year, it'll be just like Innastrad was back in 2011. A good general shakeup of core non-rotating formats. Obviously there is a single card that really does break the way magic is played (Teferi 3 mana), but overall I think if they let stuff shake out and calm down, new meta's will develop and we can look into banning then.

>> No.74033672

Take the limited pill. Besides the shitshow that is Ikoria, limited is one of the better ways to play at the moment. Me and my roommate just play sealed and variants of it and it’s been the most fun I’ve had playing the game over the last year.

>> No.74033704

I’m skeptical of whether or not it will happen after this rotation, but there are some good designs. M21 is a definite powering down besides Ugin. Most of the other planes walkers actually don’t provide insane card advantage and really have to be built around to get maximum value.

>> No.74033706

They don't want to pay someone to actually run their PR department.

>> No.74033709

You obviously mean cube right?

>> No.74033732

Too hard for me to play cubed since I can’t find 8 people to draft with, but yes, cube is the pinnacle of MTG.

>> No.74033746

You are all omega cucks if you are willing to return to MtG if they tone down the powerlevel. You should demand firings and an apology. I want accountability

>> No.74033752

can't you make a cube that is draftable with 4 players?

>> No.74033789

Just make a cube with chinaman proxies and make 25 cards packs and have your players pick one and discard one, this way they will see more cards and have more consistency in the deckbuilding, this way you can play with 2 players or 2v2, use a 360 cards or smaller cube, the innistrad, mirrodin/new phyrexia and lorwyn ones are super fun.

>> No.74033793

I remember when we were still laughing at /pmg/ dying, mere weeks after it was announced.

It seems /wotc/ is doing the same with us now

>> No.74033821

I am pretty sure like 75% of /mmg/ is here for old times sake, shitposting and the memes, and that is already discounting the anons that left /mmg/ for good

>> No.74033849

This, I barely even play Magic anymore

>> No.74033865

Heck, i can't even afford magic.

>> No.74033875

Same. This company hates me and they don't try to hide it

>> No.74033881
File: 25 KB, 582x348, Alpha_Investments_Vice_City.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't afford Magic? Poorfag! This game just isn't for you, it is what it is, you'll just have to accept it.

>> No.74033979

Pioneer was just Frontier 2.0

>> No.74034176


A seedy dealer who gives you shit boring missions that reward you with little to no real value. Sounds like Rudy alright.

>> No.74034470

This tbqh, stopped being interested when t3feri hit and dropped mtg alltogether when companions took over the meta

>> No.74034485
File: 98 KB, 557x328, Fatties2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question: What would it take to wake up the hardcore defenders of WotC to make them see the shit they're pulling? I'm hoping an eventual Inverter spoiler will shock them a bit, but if an upshifted Ravenous Trap didn't do it, what the fuck is left?

>> No.74034520

Nothing because Magic players have proven themselves to be cattle.

>> No.74034529

Market crash to an extreme degree will scare some investornigs.

>> No.74034571

dont bother, sit back and enjoy their reaction when they realize for themselves

>> No.74034582
File: 48 KB, 265x370, ancientstirrings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who wanted to play hyper consistent tron in draft again?

>> No.74034585

>expecting goyim to think critically

>> No.74034602

wow very cool.

>> No.74034624

goes great into my 7 forest belcher deck!

>> No.74034675

At least is not a rare lmao

>> No.74034690

I can't wait for the shitstorm when Inverter gets spoiled

>> No.74034696

$100 booster packs with upshifted brainstorm and ravenous trap didn't phase them. At this point MaRo could Rob them at gunpoint and they wouldn't care

>> No.74034786

They banned Looting and Opal but let Stirrings stay, then printed a better Stirrings that is free and Instant, then reprinted Stirrings

>> No.74034876

Why would there actually be a shitstorm
I mean, sure, they didn't ban him because he was gonna get reprinted, but people getting annoyed would imply people who play pioneer still exist

>> No.74034900

I literally said this card was good the day it was spoiled and people bullied me saying it was unplayable trash, fuck you /tg/

>> No.74034927

PONDER IS TOO STRONG FOR MODERN. HERE, LOOK AT 5 CARDS INSTEAD! But don't worry, it has a very tight window for card choice and you have to build your deck slightly around it to make it work. OPAL MUST BE BANNED, IT'S TOO EASY TO BUILD AROUND.

>> No.74035037
File: 46 KB, 265x370, toxicdeluge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74035093

Any bad decks you love, /mmg/ bros?

>> No.74035109

cockatrice it friendo

>> No.74035189

Pretty much every deck I love is shit or a meme.
>Mardu Pyromancer
>Selesnya Infect
Only exception is Humans which varies between badly positioned and good depending on the meta. Like seriously I could not justify buying in on any of these, it's only because I've played for 14 years and had many/most of the pieces naturally that I've gotten by with a love for bad decks.

>> No.74035191

>Reprints all Tron in Double Masters
What's their endgame

>> No.74035195

8 whack, just pure, unfiltered red, with a dash of old school suicide (Devastating Summons)
Sure, burn is better, but the swinginess is much more fun

>> No.74035259

Pumping and dumping this shit game

>> No.74035341

this is their once every five years pitty reprint spree where they briefly make the game more affordable for a little while before jacking up prices again by cutting supply

end of the year we'll get a decent enemy fetchland reprint that makes most of them briefly drop to sub-150 bucks for a playset before they let them jack back up again

>> No.74035456

Will Teferi eat the ban?

>> No.74035477

Maximize short-term revenue, spike stock value, sell out at the last possible moment. Then repeat the same with the next company while Magic rots in a ditch.

If WotC continues like this I'll end up a full-blown communist.

>> No.74035543

Damn, that actually looks sick. Too bad I'm dumping this shit game.

Lantern Control

>> No.74035549


>> No.74035575

manimorph. Morph is just such a shit mechanic thats unplayable no matter how good the card is

>> No.74035580

That would be extremely racist. You don't want to be a bigot, do you?

>> No.74035592

band eldrazi

>> No.74035600

If it's FIRE and not absolutely dominating, then no. Old enablers get the axe. We can't allow them to enable so many decks while our FIRE cards are still selling and getting broken by them

>> No.74035755

But I do

>> No.74035902

I literally only come here for the screen caps and rosewater hate memes to post on my premodern facebook group for free upcummies

>> No.74035946
File: 35 KB, 265x370, swordofbodyandmindp2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SoBaM Joins the party

>> No.74035982

I literally have not left, I've just stopped spending money.

>> No.74036067

Is there anywhere I can draft vintage cube with a potato computer? Alternatively, I'd like to draft high power decks with you fucks, what ways can we do that?

>> No.74036079

I have always liked this sword

>> No.74036104

After what they did to some innocent cards and terese? Lol, no way im returning until they fire all who were responsible. I still play the game but im never supporting these kikes again

>> No.74036393

dumb cunt brought it on herself for being a sandy hook truther

>> No.74036435

Threadly reminder not to reply to it.

>> No.74036583

fire who?
they already got rid of tyrese

>> No.74036600
File: 59 KB, 716x474, 1591157011061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>RKF Toxic Deluge

g-guys I m-
i might have to consoom just one last time...

haha jk black-bottom on a borderless card is fucking hideous

>> No.74036616


>> No.74036635

>What would it take to wake up the hardcore defenders of WotC to make them see the shit they're pulling?
If they're still shilling, they're either hopeless or literal paid shills. Secret Lair: Fetchlands into 100 dollars for a single pack should be enough to wake everybody up.
These people, however... they are special, special kinds of people.

>> No.74036788

maybe tabletop sim if you have two potatos instead of one

>> No.74036813


whatever happened to drafts.in or whatever it was called

>> No.74036822

I really wish they had either gotten rid of the border frame entirely or made a unique one like inventions or storybook. It looks like a half assed attempt at a full art card.

>> No.74036831

>mills 10
I get it, but it still feels wrong

>> No.74036871

I never liked the mill effect paired with the wolf token. It gives 2 forms of attack that don't synergize with each other.

>> No.74036956

Yeah it would make more sense if the opponent milled and you gained life or put a counter on the equipped creature, not spontaneously shitting out a dog

>> No.74037033

I think since it's equipment that shitting out a dog is fine since it gives you more things to out the sword on but change the blue aspect to either scry or a fateseal effect.

>> No.74037185
File: 117 KB, 432x288, MG_570612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WotC claims that the Rona has devastated their business and if everyone doesn't donate as much money as they can then WotC will have to close its doors. MaRo will host a pledge drive for eight hours and it will be a "smashing success" that will "allow them to stay in business for another few weeks" (so another pledge drive can be run). To really hook the whales though, a special promo card will be sent to everyone who donates a hundred dollars or more: A land that draws a card when it ETBs and taps for any color of mana.

>> No.74037190

We can't have bad feels for our beloved whales...

>> No.74037205
File: 39 KB, 265x370, discipleofbolas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hoo boy who's ready to open Dobby here?

>> No.74037209

The blue part Sensei Topping your opponent would be fun.

>> No.74037242
File: 174 KB, 1000x1128, 1593392636391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a theory that many trends and popular opinions on social media fail to reflect on the actual thoughts of people in real life. Social media can be gamed via bots, influencers shilling products and ideas in order to get ahead and/or be "on the right side of history", and by turning just enough of the consumers/believers into being loud fanatics.
Optimistically, media influence may not be as powerful as it seems. Media requires a lot of trust and time in order to be effective, and the slightest squander can unravel their bond between them and the viewer. One may not be immune to propaganda, but they can make themselves resistant to it if they pay attention to the contradictions.
To get political, I'll use BLM as an example. Despite all the vandalism, looting, arson, batter, and even murder that has occurred, as well as attempts to remove law enforcement from a few cities, criticizing BLM and all groups such as Antifa that are associated with it is a literal thoughtcrime. and even silently staying out of the way makes one a bad guy in their eyes. Some individuals even feel they deserve to be victimized by these hooligans.
However, the reality is the vast majority of the population is mad about all the atrocities done in the name of a druggie thug. They may not be able to speak about it easily, but they can perform actions that shout much louder than any shrill LARPer. They can leave the city a la white flight, they can give up on reopening their business, and they can vote against the clowns who were complacent with the mayhem.

Remember that (You) the consumer have the power. If WotC makes bank, they make bank, but you don't have to be a part of it. You can save your money and boycott them. You may be just one person, but it adds up, and most importantly it adds up in your savings. Wizards can't force you to consume.

>> No.74037326

>You may be just one person, but it adds up
It doesn't. If your spending mattered to WotC then you'd know it because they'd make more products catered to you and people like you. If you assume that the people pulling the levers at Hasbro and upper level WotC are rational actors, and there's no reason to believe that they aren't, they are simply maximizing their gains by pursuing the most profitable demographics.

iTs NoT mEaNt FoR yOu

>> No.74037328

>was literally just in Commander 2020

Forget the past year, half of this set has been reprinted in the last 6 months

>> No.74037356

>drop this
>sac bolas the ravager/og nicol bolas
Now what faggot?

>> No.74037382

>It's not meant for me
Exactly. If that's how they want to make their bed, then they can sleep in it afterward, but I won't join them.

>> No.74037438

This is exactly what i do, i chinaproxy all my cards, refuse to partecipate in public events, play only cube and kitchen table with my friends and only buy singles that are worth less than a dollar if i like the art or flavor text.
Fuck those retarded, greedy jews.

>> No.74037443
File: 10 KB, 212x238, Pepe_Cowboys_Fan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clearly you don't understand supply and demand if you are actually complaining. If every rare was good, the box would be $500 and not $300. So what if there are several junk rares, you still have the chance to pull a Jace. Cry some more baby.

>> No.74037466

>cosplaying online

>> No.74037499

Then they should print more supply, """"michael""""

>> No.74037533

The faggots that mention supply/demand or inflation are the most jidf shills around there are.
You can easily destroy their arguments but they'll just ignore everything you say and start making excuses filled with brazen logical fallacies.
They're literally the definition of "playing chess with a pidgeon", this is what pilpul is made of my friends.

>> No.74037553

But theeeeeenk of de vaaalueeeeh...
>ignoring the cryptocurrency pasta

>> No.74037556
File: 35 KB, 265x370, swordoflightandshadowp1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The circle is now complete

>> No.74037573

>Only one of them has good art
kek, good job Baxa. At least you tried.

>> No.74037574
File: 14 KB, 849x111, Screenshot_2020-07-29 Double Masters Visual Spoiler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why should they? Is it because you feel entitled? Why should my investment suffer because you like to complain about cards online? There are tons of good reprints like Jace and Mana Reflection...but yet you complain about the one .50c rare, okay buddy.

>> No.74037592

I can’t help but wonder if he’s an actual paid shill or just really loves that corporate cock

>> No.74037606

Nice that you feel that way, but the fundamental issue with your position is you're ideologue is coopted by the side you're trying to resist, and it's less of a binary, and more of a spectrum where you need to resist particular concepts, while also compartmentalizing them in their instance. All a post like this and the general "woke" bitching about WotC (art, card costs, reprint policy, ect) does is galvanize both sides. One side spams dumb shit about the cost of cardboard, economics, WotC being greedy, while the other spams dumb shit about how great certain concepts are, but the points where the ideas overlap and intersect are the key decision making factors, such as calling someone a shill for dumb reasons, or championing someone saying something with similar subtext. You fundamentally like magic, or you'd just be apathetic, and the best way to shape the discourse is through positive reinforcement about the concepts you want to see going forward.

>tl;dr if you want to fight the man, fight the man by critically agreeing with them in large numbers with reasonable arguments to shape the conversation, and shut the fuck up about obvious directed points of criticism that are designed to be dismissed.

>> No.74037612
File: 68 KB, 685x800, fee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If every card in the box was actually playable, and the print run was unlimited, and the price wasn't vastly overinflated, the boxes would be flying off the shelves because it wouldn't feel like Wizards is taking the piss.

Here's your (You), you got me.

>> No.74037625


Why put the laser light show on top? Just give it a fuzzy glow and it would have been 10x better.

>> No.74037634

Someone post this faggot the crypto copypasta already (it will 100% get deleted) but at least it will show that shill that there is still a dwarf breathing in Moira.
Post results.

>> No.74037654
File: 3.30 MB, 1126x1900, 1595996765159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I responded seriously to bait
Lesson learned.

>> No.74037655

He's cosplaying a faggot that shills on mtggoldfish, he doesn't actually think what he's saying.

>> No.74037677

Not bad looking st all

>> No.74037685
File: 67 KB, 961x444, Screenshot_2020-07-29 Michael Park · Profile · Disqus(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He has to be a paid shill, he joined and started commenting when the set spoilers started

>> No.74037704

Wilderness Reclamation is such a broken card no matter what combo you use it with, what the hell were they thinking?

>> No.74037717

Even without the timestamp you can see a mile away that he's a shill, only a full blown goy would need proof to actually convince himself that he's a shill.

>> No.74037721

Arr acording to pran

>> No.74037761

Honestly you would be amazed at how some people are just such corporate dicksuckers they are shills for free

>> No.74037775
File: 47 KB, 265x370, swordofthemeek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74037784

Those are called in jargon "useful idiots".
The world is filled to the brim with that.

>> No.74037833 [DELETED] 

every time i read through these threads i get a headache you faggots are missing the core issues with whats wrong with 2020 magic.
1. FIRE and play design have created an issue, the issue itself isnt powerful cards, cards like nicol bolas dragon god, teferi master of time etc. etc. all do powerful things, the problem is the cards that invalidate every reason to play anything else/create the mindset of "if im in this color theres no reason to not play the other color". if you are playing blue in current standard there is absolutely 0 reason to not play white or green or both. white for t3feri because he forces your opponent to play hearthstone and green because uro invalidates removal spells to a large extent. theros was supposed to be the set where you got incentives to play 1 color devotion decks but we got cards that did little to nothing, thassa saw play only to flicker agent of treachery, none of the other gods are seeing any play and with agent gone that means actual none are seeing play because cards like uro and t3feri are better reasons to play multi color than any reason to play a mono color devotion deck.
2. the clear focus on pushing edh cards in every single set. having EDH cards in sets isnt inherently a bad thing, the issue is when things are slapped on purely to push them for EDH. look at chulane, if he just said you can draw and put a land into play hed already be a solid bant commander. the fact they just threw vigilance and his tap ability are there clearly to push him to edh players. same with golos, golos is just a roided up solemn he didnt need the activated ability to make him playable.
i dont feel that having powerful cards is inherently a bad thing the problem is when its "hey lets just throw this on it for good measure" is a problem, cards that lead to uninteresting/homogenized games are the problem.

>> No.74037842



Uro tiem

>> No.74037850

next stop: thopter foundry

>> No.74037857

no fucking weheeeey, oh my god

>> No.74037869
File: 55 KB, 265x370, thopterfoundry1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Foundry's in but kept its rarity

>> No.74037934

Implying he's wrong.

>> No.74037989

>implying you're not a baiting retard

>> No.74037992

what if edh focused cards weren't big splashy game ending spells but instead effects that target multiple/all opponents instead of one. it would make no power difference in 1v1 formats and would make them edh viable

>> No.74038006

$500 per booster box of 36 packs means each pack would cost ~$14. If each rare was $20, you would be making at least $40 for every $14 you spent. So, he is wrong, because I would rather pay $14 per pack to get $40, then pay $14 for the chance to cash out big, but most likely get bulk garbage rares.

>> No.74038030

that doesnt sound very FIRE anon

>> No.74038048
File: 29 KB, 820x301, Screenshot_2020-07-29 Double Masters Visual Spoiler(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74038050



no seriously my Chinaman proxies are incredible nearly indistinguishable from real cards without a loupe

>> No.74038072

Based af.

>> No.74038075

>you can get the thoptersword package in draft
hoo boy, i really can't wait to finally crack them packs on Tabletop Simulator

>> No.74038190
File: 856 KB, 1200x525, Edz2_ErXgAEM8qE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek, spam this shit everywhere.

>> No.74038192

The point was they'd be much more expensive than the current price as you well know.

>> No.74038244

>The point was they'd be much more expensive than the current price as you well know.
True, WOTC (who doesn't watch the secondary market goys ;) ) would raise the price, so I did derail a bit.

>> No.74038246

Doesn't fucking matter, they should have been $4 booster packs and don't even get me started on how 4 bucks is already too much.
They just want to milk retards with fat pockets, that's all.

>> No.74038263

I can't believe someone pissed in Omnath.

>> No.74038271

Goym, the plural is goym.

>> No.74038279

an example of i think a good edh card would be something like jhoira weather light captain or niv mizzet parun, both are powerful cards, both do powerful things, but they dont completely invalidate everything else. my biggest issue right now is homogeny. name any 5 color commander, why would i play them over golos?
>i wanna play slivers
cool golos ramps you and grabs you a sliver land and lets you cast slivers with his effect.
cool golos lets me ramp and cast 15 manas worth of dragons.
>5 color goodstuff
golos literally is the king
its the same issue with something like kinnan
if i wanna play a graveyard deck why would i play anything but meren? mazerik, jerard? none provide the value she does.
jhoira and niv are great because they do something specificly good instead of just doing everything. mizzix or melek are great alternatives to niv and let you build your deck differently. same with jhoira jhoira lets you do artifact stuff but tawnos is a strionic resonator, mishra lets you do cool stuff with the stack and gives you access to black, breya gives you 4 colors and another road to go down. etc. etc.
i think the issue with current day commander cards is that theyre printing commanders that make you go "why would i play anything but this" golos is the worst offender. i wish he would be banned not because hes overpowered but because he makes you go "why play anything else"

tldr they need to make more cards like jhoira or niv mizzle the parizzle for commander where theyre strong but dont invalidate other commanders in those colors/deck types.

>> No.74038303

Can you elaborate on why it would?

>> No.74038325

If you feel like you have a low opinion on people, just remember that consoomers don't count as people.

>> No.74038326

man, how long do people take opening a booster when you have to divide parts of a pack and give them different names like you stop and go
>ah the welcome part where my art card is
>but wait next up I have the head turner part, that might have a cool alt art card in it too
>oh wow look here it is
>there we go now for the big finish
>ah AH

>> No.74038367

>why would i play them over golos?
Najeela is the fastest, most consistent combo commander available, with a redundant aggro strategy if disrupted.
Kenrith is the best value-grind commander out there.
First Sliver is the choice for a ton of other decks.

Golos is at best 4th place among WUBRG legends. He's actually even behind TnT, and tons of 3-color legends too.
The problem isn't Golos' power, it is how boring and easy he is to build and pilot. Shitters flock to him.

>> No.74038373

I like how they banned golos and then literally reprinted it as kinnan

but I dunno maybe niv-mizzet reborn?

>> No.74038383

"I cannot"

>> No.74038390
File: 48 KB, 598x568, Secondary Market.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So sorry, I can't.

>> No.74038486
File: 130 KB, 800x568, Magicheader.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nissa went from earth-shattering gorgeous cutie to fatass that had waaay too much cake.

>> No.74038503

You know, since they can't reasonably blackwash her...

>> No.74038536
File: 252 KB, 2062x1160, 1588891093070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>jenna marbles cosplays as Nissa
wow, it's bad. At least Nahiri is still a cute

>> No.74038543
File: 320 KB, 1281x1457, 46143265_p0 nissa is fat! FAT!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least she still has her cleavage

>> No.74038550


Superior elf race is not so superior anymore. Looks like she might have downs.

>> No.74038572

fat? it looks more like they streched her face like a horse to me

>> No.74038577

A good site to simulate pack opening?

>> No.74038598

Porn hub

>> No.74038623
File: 53 KB, 277x401, replenish-8916-medium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


how long until it becomes problematic that the kor are all white?
can't wait to see Niggers en-Kor

>> No.74038661

I never understood how anyone could like walkers post Urza

>> No.74038686

I like Gideon

>> No.74038687

Dear god I can see them doing it. Happened to elves beginning with Ravnica

>> No.74038704

>kenrith is the best value grind commander
sorry i cant hear you i paid 7 mana and casted 15 mana worth of spells for free.
>najeela is the fastest most consistent combo commander
hi yes, in what context? if we're talking CEDH then thats a different world from regular EDH so i dont find that to be a fair argument.
>first sliver is the choice for a ton of other decks
but it also signposts that youre playing slivers and to kill you immediately because slivers. golos doesnt show that right away.
again like i said it isnt his power, its how he invalidates a bunch of other 5 color commanders because golos just does pretty much everything.
i dont feel thats the case, golos is 5 colors kinnan is 2, golos lets you cheat on mana while kinnan adds more. both are busted but i feel golos is way more egrigious in the "why play anything else" categoty.

>> No.74038733

kinnan lets you cheat creatures too

>> No.74038746

yes but he still says you must have X to cast this creature.
golos says "have 7 mana cast 20 manas worth of spells"

>> No.74038797

mahjong soul
xmage is not a website but it's a good tool, would recommend

>> No.74038845

>sorry i cant hear you i paid 7 mana and casted 15 mana worth of spells for free.
that's nice. Kenrith just reanimated his entire library, gave them all haste, trample and infinite power and toughness. But, you do have some cute spells I guess.

>hi yes, in what context?
In the context of her comboing infinitely with herself and, like, five different budget cards? Have you ever seen a Najeela deck?

>but it also signposts that youre playing slivers and to kill you immediately because slivers.
First sliver doesn't run slivers lol.

You clearly are just salty over someone in your playgroup shitting on you with Golos. There are several WUBRG commanders that are faster, more powerful and more consistent than Golos.

>> No.74038881

bro mahjong soul isn't magic-related
or is it

>> No.74038977

This is who will replace you

>> No.74039024

we heard you loud and clear the first time, Golos is pure unadulterated valuetown; but he's too unfocused to be in the top 3
kenrith is slightly less value, but waaaaay more toolbox and way more "hai guize im a politics player here have yourself a Forbidden Orchard spirit, have a billion o them, oopsie they're all Path of Sorrows now, would be a shame if i drop my gulf squid now eh?" shit
najeela is slightly less value, but in return you get reliable engine that pops off every turn, goes up exponentially, and doesnt really need Cascading Cataracts to go off, which makes her way more appealing
first sliver is actually a changeling tribal commander for memesters that want to play half of their deck for free and win through pure beatdown

>> No.74039066

>people think Kenrith is good
Lolno. Mana inefficient both in colour and amount for effect, requires very large finite mana to go off, has the same outs as the usual suspects with no added benefit, and his lines are on average longer. Golos is also meh, but much more interesting in terms of land builds with more versatile options, but I wouldn't say it's more powerful. Zur? Now that's a commander.

>> No.74039074

mahjong is basically draft. you pick tiles from the wall(draft cards from the set), you discard(pass) tiles(cards) you don't want, your opponents take those tiles(cards) and make an open all-simples hand(aggro rushdown deck) and win the round

>> No.74039242

What was the leak for the BG Nissa again?

>> No.74039297

>"Strengthening this bond is the ability to import decks from real-life into Arena"
>is limited to shitty prebuilt wotc schlock
that dude better get paid for this blatant shilling

>> No.74039313
File: 130 KB, 552x331, TF2-Sniper-Update-Day-7-The-Jarate-and-Achievements-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74039362

Landfall or some shit that gives her a loyalty point and a slightly more balanced of the war one.

>> No.74039413

Kenrith is at least as good, and almost certainly better than than Zur. If you do not understand this, you don't understand MTG.

>> No.74039418

>decided that I would never get into modern because of ridiculous deck pricing and the very real risk of ending up with a bunch of counterfeits
>just picked up Tron for 1/4 of its former price

Also got a couple ballistas whose price dropped by over 50%, playsets of thought distortion (which went down from 30$ to 12$), path to exile, fatal push and some other neat cards I always wanted

>crashing the secondary market
>with no survivors

How's everyone enjoying Double Masters so far? xD

>> No.74039428
File: 10 KB, 254x198, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hold still while i glass you

>> No.74039453

He thinks Jumpstart is amazing because you don't have to think about making your deck.
Just kill me, I can't take this anymore

>> No.74039474

>oh no black fantasy creatures
imagine getting triggered by something that doesn't exist

>> No.74039542

>using magic as an investment

>> No.74039543

>sliver tribal card
>doesnt run slivers
are you on drugs?
>n-n-n-n-no i reanimate everything and do something that requires an infinite mana outlet for 5 colors in winmore town s-s-s-see youre wrong
>have you seen a najeela deck
yes, most of the time people know when shes going to pop off.
>ur just mad u lose to golos
no, im mad that he homogenizes commander. quit projecting faggot.
last (you) ill give

>> No.74039555

>you're dumb if you don't believe me
It's an Esper toolbox tainted pact deck you dip. Cast Zur t2 every game, have an almost unanswerable answer in combat t3 or necropotence that plays through stax, combo out like a mad cunt with backup removal and answers, or just turbo out an ad naus and play your entire deck with an average CMC that would make Sidisi blush. Kenrith isn't as fast as food chain because 1cmc bullshit tutors, and your logic assumes you have infinite mana to win, but Kenrith isn't part of generating it without oodles of mana, which is a major limiting factor. Honestly? He's not even as fast as some of the slower combo decks like Ydris and Breya, or some of the new Urza brews.

Your charlatan is showing.

>> No.74039571

I'm not triggered.
They're just fucking ugly sorry anon, you brought this upon yourself

>> No.74039598

>I'm ready to settle down now

>> No.74039776

Yes, I know everything Zur tries to cheese. He gets shit on by Kenrith, very hard.

>Shadows of Doubt
>Kenrith blocks
>Zur is dead
It is easy as fuck, mate.

>> No.74039865

Mhmmm. That's some nice theory crafting there bud in a 1v1 setting assuming no mitigation. Perhaps you should discuss some more riveting tales from the derp's imagination to justify playing a bad elaborate expensive deck you don't understand.

How many cards are required in the average line and what is the CMC you can start threatening the board from? How many back up wincons do you have? What does your curve look like? Which colours do you prioritize fixing for? Exactly.

>> No.74039866
File: 241 KB, 672x936, tsp-83-teferi-mage-of-zhalfir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Teferi mage of zhalfir is still based tho, especially because he looks like an actual african man (and a proud one) instead of kayne west.
Again, blacks are 100% fine if they aren't nonsensical, like they did correctly in the mirage block.

>> No.74039888

>no, im mad that he homogenizes commander.
He doesn't. There are many viable WUBRG commanders, most of which are strictly better than Golos.
Golos is not a problem. He's barely even worth considering in the realm of powerful decks.

>> No.74039932

>anon continues to post about his opinions without actually explaining anything
Good job champ, you're almost there, the next step is to post evidence.

>> No.74039939

My biggest problem is that the blacks they put in cards rarely look cool now. They just look ugly. Like the SHEEEEIT angel in Integrity/Intervention. Who is that for?
I unironically fear that they will put George Floyd on a card

>> No.74039986

Uh huh. Yep. You're a typical MUH COOMBO DECK SO GOOD pubstomp moron. No better than fucking niv-curiosity coomers.

>How many back up wincons do you have?
Unlimited. Kenrith is a 5/5 and enables endgame value grinds. If a game ever grinds down, Kenrith wins every time. No deck competes with Kenrith's ability to close out long games.

>How many cards are required in the average line and what is the CMC you can start threatening the board from?
CMC is irrelevant. Kenrith can hit the board on turn 2, and nearly the entire deck is under 3cmc otherwise.

>What does your curve look like?
See above.

>Which colours do you prioritize fixing for?
kek, all five of them you mong. It is a five color deck. Typically, WUB is the core though.

Now fuck off. Your deck is shit.

>> No.74040006

They want to brainwash the youth to find uggos attractive to shit further in the gene pool, which will result in more ugly/stupid people which will result in more problems which will result in having to find solutions which means more movement of currency which is exactly what they want.

>> No.74040021

How about you post evidence that Golos is somehow even remotely better than Kenrith, Najeela or First Sliver.

>> No.74040071

Damn i scryfalled najeela and she's also an uggo, geez.

>> No.74040101

She sure is, and her deck is just as gnarly as she looks.

>> No.74040115
File: 25 KB, 500x500, artworks-000573644333-pjplpp-t500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you might not like it, but this is what peak beauty looks like, you incel racist bigot nazi

>> No.74040116
File: 8 KB, 228x221, images_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yup, sounds about right and definitely makes you seem informed and not at all upset.

Sure seems semantics derp-kun. I dont care about golos, I just think you're a fag and it seems about right. Now post some smug nonsense, greentext a nice cope, and go back to your containment thread. If you'd like to talk about magic and not your feelings, I'd be happy to help you out. If you want to continue fapping about about your super secret elite deck no one understands, post your list or shove off back to gay baby jail.

>> No.74040135
File: 490 KB, 449x401, laugh at you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I dont care about golos

>> No.74040139

where did he implied this?

>> No.74040190
File: 40 KB, 509x572, you_seem_upset.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sniped. You're assuming everyone is the same person and are going to flail wildly into samefag accusations and other schizo posting. Where's the list anon? You do play the deck you're so passionate about, right?

>> No.74040195

>They just look ugly.
that's almost as if niggers had grotesque simian face features and anal pubes on top of their head

>> No.74040210

>Kor were originally presented to the players as an oppressed race and culture on Rath.
>The en-Kor are white with a couple greys.
>The Kor on Dominaria were primarily thieves or spies.
>The Kor on Dominaria mostly range from blue to white.
>In an alternate timeline the en-Kor were a slave race to Mirri.
>Kor got reintroduced in Zendikar.
>Kor on Zendikar are depicted as nomadic natives with line-based tattoos with a spiritual background.
>Zendikar-Kor are white or grey.

>> No.74040225

>You do play the deck you're so passionate about, right?
No, I actually play Najeela. I just know Kenrith is better than Zur, just like how TnT is also better than Zur. Najeela is also better than Zur.

>> No.74040333
File: 81 KB, 600x905, 1553379084765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I know all of these things
>but haven't provided any evidence other than my personal opinions stated dismissively
I just know you're a fag, just like how I know you don't actually play magic because you couldn't be assed to google a list then describe anything about ir, and you've mentioned nothing about the granularity of metas relative to deck composition. Try it in your containment thread, you'll get more attention.

>> No.74040350
File: 61 KB, 1024x576, 1571886680805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course I don't play Magic, the game fucking sucks now lol.

>> No.74040405

There we go. It's okay to like things anon, and if you don't like things, don't pretend to like things or people are going to call you retarded. Just chill, people might even like talking to you.

>> No.74040433

I mean just remember from Mark Rosewater that if Jamuura were done today, without Dominaria's influence, that would be on its own seperate plane.

Dominaria in its conception is secretly more woke than they are today. And how they did it was simple. Stop segregating your different cultures to far off worlds.

>> No.74040485

Great, i'm financially ruined...

>> No.74040595
File: 160 KB, 375x523, Last Breath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I woudn't mind

>> No.74040677

I stopped reading at the same place too. Why are people so scared to put a modicum of thought into the things they enjoy?

>> No.74040684

Thank goodness then that maro was just a novice back then, fuck his pushing his retarded olam tikkum.
If i try to imagine how magic would have been if he had full powers, i shudder.

>> No.74040713


Man, I love my edgy shit, but this one caught me off guard. Time to spread it like wildfire

>> No.74040750

Why do memestone fags get so offended when you tell them that magic is objectively better mechanically?

>> No.74040800

Nowadays HS players seem to be open about it. They prefer easy quick game to be played in toilets with flashy graphics.

And some prefer the manasystem and lack of instatspeed interaction.

>> No.74040836
File: 33 KB, 375x523, Last Gasp2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait, this one will work better because of flavor
That's the card I thought of first, just forgot the name.

>> No.74040917
File: 381 KB, 281x200, 200.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I stopped reading after he started talking about how the numbers and keeping track of boardstate was hard.

>Durhur, I like 'em smash creature together.

>> No.74041034

It's pretty complicated game for newcomers.

Jumpstart is fun

>> No.74041257

>Jumpstart is fun
Yeah maybe the first couple of games, if you manage to get those boosters for below msrp, after the third couple of boosters it gets really stale very quickly and feels no different than playing draft chaff or free sample decks.
You'll always get the common themes and play with shit.
Also why the fuck is the phyrexian swamp rarer than the black lotus to find? The artwork isn't even that good and the only novelty is that it's written in phyrexian...

>> No.74041301

The phyrexian swamp is just another cashgrab, they should make all basic lands in the return to new phyrexia in phyrexian and also reprint all the praetors in phyrexian as well, but keep them in regular boosters ffs.

>> No.74041432
File: 702 KB, 245x213, bigdick.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when he casts craterhoof behemoth turn 3

>> No.74041472

>cucked beyond belief
Here’s hoping for a white genocide

>> No.74041476

As someone who's played for more than a decade, I really really despise jumpstart; it's like these battle boosters or what they were called from some time ago; shit.

They are intrinsically synergistic, but nowhere near balanced except if you get lucky. Even for new players, there is way more fun in playing the PW duel decks. Jumpstart is IMO a very shitty way to play mtg, even if you own no cards and want to "jump right in".

>> No.74041539

>Even for new players, there is way more fun in playing the PW duel decks.
Fuck no, pw decks are cancer.
If you can't really wait for chinaman proxies as a new player buy two prerelease kits or challenger decks online at below msrp and play them against eachother.

>> No.74041549

why cant they just play a different game? why did they have to casualize magic like this?

>> No.74041569

Ok that’s an epic alter

>> No.74041606

Oh, not saying that any of these gay products is good value. I just think the only argument for jumpstart is that it is "fun for new players", which I'd argue it isn't; pw decks, even decks etc are a much, much better experience.

Ultimately, everything that would lead to wotc getting money, directly or indirectly, is a bad decision

>> No.74041639
File: 245 KB, 672x936, D48AE436-26E3-4EA1-9890-1E31C8BCA3AF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wouldn’t it work better as smother?

>> No.74041757

jumpstart packs having 2 rares for only $6 seems worth it
at least compared to draft boosters

>> No.74041813

is that dwarf sneezing tiny little phage panties out of his nose?

>> No.74041869

Its a bunch of spores from phage’s moldy pussy

>> No.74041947

having that much growth down there you might as well wear it as pantsu then

>> No.74041958

Can you make a dino deck (or at least use some dinos) with some effectivity on pauper?

>> No.74041989


>> No.74041990

Am I losing my fucking mind or are the same images consistently posted near the end of the threads?

>> No.74042077

Sorry anon but you are losing your mind.

>> No.74042123
File: 130 KB, 672x936, 2xm-136-mana-echoes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao they reprinted Mana Echoes but upshifted it to mythic. How is this card any threat in limiturd?

>> No.74042172

anon, it is above 10 dollars. It is a threat in limited because you have to money draft it and don't get to pick all the juicy first pickable commons!
For shame!

>> No.74042183

it isnt but limiturds dont know that. they just think ITS THE RARITY CUZ MUH LIMITED.
limited is a shit format.

>> No.74042194

The effect is spicy enough for mythic.

>> No.74042202
File: 42 KB, 265x370, thescarabgod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74042221

Yeah first of all the msrp is $4 and any higher is just lgss speculating on alleged low supply due to corona, second, the "rares" you're gonna open are literally the rares that you get for free in the free sample decks.
This is what you're spending your money on.

>> No.74042409

>msrp is $4
they have them at walmart for 5.99, which never sells anything mtg related for more than it should be
they also had a lot of battlebond and kaladesh strangely enough

>> No.74042438

Target by me has them for $5.19

>> No.74042480

I like how ((((they)))) actually managed to blame limited players for their own incompetence. "But limited players are complaining" yes, they are, but because wotc is as incompetent here as they are in every other regard

Nevermind Ugin and mythic bombs. Fucking Teferi's tutelage for example at UC is a better first pick than 98% of C21. Ikoria limited as a whole was absurd because of the cycling deck.

>> No.74042487

all the targets by me charge .20 more for packs and $2 more for bundles and and precons
i think i'm getting scammed

>> No.74042640
File: 240 KB, 265x372, Screenshot_2020-07-29 Awakening Zone from Double Masters Spoiler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Another bulk rare
>And its Eldrazi themed
Still waiting for them to spoil Inverter of Truth. When is the last day for official spoilers?

>> No.74042692

We still need aether vial at mythic, lightning greaves at rare and tinker at mythic/rare
Inverter will probably be spoiled shortly before the commons-dump so it'll be less exposed on the spoiler sites, wotc knows there'll be backlash

>> No.74043030

Anyone remember the modern event deck? Now that was a good product.

>> No.74043078

>pain lands
>2 Cities of Brass
>3 copies of Path
>fucking Feast and Famine
>bunch of other good cards
Sure the MSRP was $75, but it was actually a playable deck out of the box

>> No.74043137

lightning greaves alrdy spoiled yesterday

>> No.74043147

>Inverter of Truth
Why is everyone waiting for this card? Is it related to Pioneer? How much of a shitstorm will it cause?

>> No.74043180

It was a very obvious card to ban for pioneer and the fact it remains unbanned makes people think it's being reprinted

>> No.74043187

Exactly! I remember bringing that deck to magic at school and it was great. I spent so much fully upgrading it and everything too. Such a fun product.

>> No.74043262

Msrp waa still retarded.
If they can sell challenger decks for 25 (now 30) and pw decks for 10 and give you a booster why the fuck they can't sell a modern deck for 25?
You know, since the secondary market doesn't exist and they are totally not printing bitcoins 2.0...

>> No.74043275

Reminder that Inverter could still be coming in Commander Legends if it's not in Double Masters

>> No.74043306

Vial got crunched out

>> No.74043328

bake new bread pls

>> No.74043351

t. Hasbro's employee that will receive a fetchland with his monthly wage

>> No.74043545

Oh nice.

Who'd have thought

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