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Night elves and blood elves are a good take on "modern" elves. There I said it.

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>I love World of Warcraft. There I said it.

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>good take on "modern" elves
if anything that would be Bright

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And this relates to traditional games in what way?

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I like their long ears. Long-eared elves are the best.

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>f anything that would be Bright

Dude I'm as left as you can get and even I thought "the Elves are the Rich" was a bit too much.

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Night elves were great before WoW.
Anyway >>73971808 Dumb waifufaggot can never talk about actually playing elves in traditional games.

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They were pretty gud before blizz fucked them up in WoW

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WC3 night elves were pretty cool, and a different but still recognizable take on wood elves (with some dark elf elements). Sadly in WoW they just got turned into standard wood elves but purple.

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Don't remind me about how WoW fucked everything.

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Shit opinion, but someone will appreciate the free feet

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Ah, yes, Bright. The masterpiece of worldbuilding where the Orcs are black people, and there's also regular black people. That well-crafted jewel where we had a huge LOTR-like war against absolute evil a few thousand years ago, and yet today's world is exactly like ours.

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>we had a huge LOTR-like war against absolute evil a few thousand years ago, and yet today's world is exactly like ours.
This triggers me the most. Almost as much as how Night Elves are fighting orcs despite them both revering nature now and teaming up against Satan to protect the most important symbol of Night Elf culture.

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night elves were cool in WC3 but WoW ruined them
blood elves were cool until they got turned into a race of sluts and homos so Koreans and chinks would play WoW

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What happened?
c-can this be a wow lore thread...?

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For a start, WC3 night elves were a militaristic all-female society (until they had to awaken the druids) that were very ruthless and no-nonsense. They had zero tolerance for humans and orcs and just wanted them off their lawn, and merely agreed to collaborate with them (ie use them as meatshields in the Hyjal battle) in order to defeat Archimonde.
WOW night elves are hippies and joined the Alliance for absolutely no reason, an arrangement that caused them to be pretty much at open war with the Horde, which inhabits their same continent, while all their 'allies' are on the other side of the ocean. WOW factions are absolute bullshit, from the Horde accepting undead to the Night Elves joining an Alliance they have no reason to care about and nothing to gain from. Not to mention fucking gnomes.

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I wonder what insanity prompted Blizzard to make WoW faction based
Is there a reason they didn't just take Warcraft, let the player choose a race, and said "have fun, make your own alliances"?

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>Almost as much as how Night Elves are fighting orcs despite them both revering nature now and teaming up against Satan to protect the most important symbol of Night Elf culture.
what the actual fuck?
Kalodrei don't revere nature as a whole, only specific parts related to druidism. You're thinking of tauren. And orcs don't respect nature at all, they on occasion respect elementals to get them to help them, but even green jesus just says 'fuck the elementals' when it suits him.
And preventing Sargeras from coming onto Azeroth is protecting the kaldorei's planet and the planet that orcs are trying to steal.

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Women that walk barefooted don't force their feet in unnatural and fake pseudo-ballerina poses like this.

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Nelves are good for one thing: Green orc cock.

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Before WoW, I'd agree with you.

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they do when they're trying to be sexy

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Great elves, OP will never know because it's not fapbait shit.

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I'm all here for your commentary on the unrealistic feet poses of this otherwise perfectly normal picture of an absolutely natural scene where a normally dressed woman behaves in a completely not artificial way.

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>you will never live in the timeline where WoW didn't have set factions and your character's starting race only affects your starting reputation
>you will never grind Dark Iron dwarves to earn enough rep to get into Ironforge as an orc

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Also, everyone hates orcs despite Jesus Aragorn being an orc.

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It's what it was originally like, as evidenced by some of the early magazine scans. I'd argue it was probably a WCII fanboy higher up that forced the faction bullshit.

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Can someone explain the fuggin eyebrows to me? They leave me insensate, reeling and grasping for the slightest shred of reason.

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Sure if you meant before WoW.
Everything in terms of lore and world building in WoW sucks.

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>I wonder what insanity prompted Blizzard to make WoW faction based
I think the common idea is that they wanted to make the player-base grief each other in teams instead of as a free-for-all, and I can't think of a better theory than that.

Of course, since I started playing FF14 where all races are united against a common world-shaking enemy and the player-base is genuinely pleasant to each other at least in general, I've been thinking that maybe Blizzard just don't know what they're doing and have no idea how to create a good community.

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What makes blood elves so special?

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Probably something about WC3's cartoonish graphics and low-poly models. The elves in the earlier games didn't have these eyebrows, if I remember correctly.

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Easier to manage and balance.
It happened in many different steps.
Undead could speak the same langauge as humans, but since that meant that they had cross-faction dialogue like no other races had, then they removed it and just gave them Gutterspeak instead.

Night Elves are treated very weirdly in WoW.
It's like a brand of sexism that the somewhat left wing blizzard has been blind to, while they're trying to be progressive.
So they have this society with a female warrior class, like your ideal proud independent females in wc3, they're scantidly clad though. Over time they tone town the scantidly clad part, but since they're pretty females they end up in the stories being helpless damsels that need saving from the alliance all the time while they keep losing in Kalimdor, I think the lower tier writers for WoW just couldn't see it in their heads that these pretty females were winners at war so they kept making them lose.

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It's not like male night elves don't exist and haven't been prominent figures in the lore and game since WC3. They aren't dwarves, anon.

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XIV is redpilled enough to outright state that refugees should NOT be accepted and given stuff for free, instead that there should be huge efforts to restore their native countries.

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What a strange altruistic xenophobic outlook. I can't say it's a bad one though.

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Doesn't relate to my post.

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"Elves are just Europeans and all their 'subraces' are just the various elven ethnicities who've never gotten along, but pretend to when humans show up" is a better modern pop-culture take on elves than whatever Bright was doing. Wasn't the evil lord a drow in that, anyway? You don't hear shit about what happened to his elven followers.

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>somewhat left wing blizzard
I really don't see it. Admittedly I'm not up on WoW's latest mis-steps beyond welcoming a tonne of WoWfugees to Eorzea, but everywhere else Blizzard seems to embrace cliche in their writing and character design, and stereotypes have a symbiotic relationship with cliche in media. Most of the WoW female character designs follow that oddly-specific standard for sexy female character. They even put a Protoss in a belly shirt for Heart of the Swarm. Speaking of Starcraft, the male characters get to be stoic characters while the women are powered by emotion (I miss Kerrigan the schemer from Brood War). About the most progressive thing they've done with Overwatch is move away from generically sexy women and on to slightly-less-generically sexy women, and they still put their most generically sexy woman on the box art. I feel like they wouldn't even bother doing that if they weren't making roster based games. If they make a single-player game again with a relatively small cast of characters, you can be certain that one female character (even if she's the only female character) will be a generically attractive woman in a body stocking for the more important male character/s to fight for/over. Cliches are easy, and AAA still spends pennies on story.

>refugees should NOT be accepted and given stuff for free
No it doesn't. It just shows that it's not a sustainable long-term solution, and if you have to play realpolitik with the more selfish stakeholders in your domain then even the head of state can't get away with that sort of compassion for long. To my mind there's a big difference between saying "you shouldn't do that" and saying "you know it's going to fuck you over if you do that, right?"

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>Tyrande, the night elf priest-queen who's been fighting demons across all of Kalimdor since before humanity even existed, constantly jobs and has to be rescued by Varian because muh Lo'gosh
the Warcraft comic and its consequences have been a disaster for sensible lore

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The Nightborne are better and Blood Elves were Nightborne circa BC >>73975092
It’s been bad for a while but BfA was when the poz went into over drive. Every single character in the story was a female/minority and the important characters from legion and the sort were pushed to the background.

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>It's like a brand of sexism that the somewhat left wing blizzard has been blind to, while they're trying to be progressive.
Blizzard isn't really left wing at all; they just pretend to be progressive enough to stay popular, sorta like you said. They have Disney-tier lean-in feminism and shit like that, but lots of their stuff is actually really controversial. Cultural appropriation and really on the nose stand-ins for real life races and cultures are some blatant examples.
For example, WC3 had Tauren as a simple race of minotaurs with a spiritistic religion, but aside from a totem building and some references, they weren't really visually based on Native American. Then came WOW with its creative bankrupcy and here's what tauren look like now.

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Is there a problem with Pelagos there? Used to have a woman's body, now a man and much happier. Makes sense to me. Hell, before women's suffrage, "I am a woman but I wish I had been born a man" was a majority opinion.

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Manderville literally argues that the local populus will not be acceptant of refugees and the Sultanesse's plans of repatriating them into Thanalan, seeing that Ul'dah herself is still recovering from the Calamity. In general, while the Highlanders are living in squalid encampments, you can see a lot of NPC dialogue being very real how that can't go on for long. Granted, this is a Japanese game, and both Ala Mhigans and Domans really wanted to return to their respective countries after the liberation. I doubt this applies to most "refugees" entering Europe and the US.

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Maybe the fact they're so hated by the Alliance their own kin (High Elves) want them all dead. And Void Elves want them all to be turned into ones when Sunwell turns into void portal.

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Sure, but neither of those reasonable characters is arguing in the name of "fuck refugees and fuck you for caring". At the time of that conversation, repatriation was not an option. Ala Mhigo was an occupied territory.

>I doubt this applies to most "refugees" entering Europe and the US.
Sure it does. Ten years ago, the Syrian debate was "stay with my apartment and office job in Syria or go west". Now, the debate is "hide in the rubble of my apartment and office building waiting for the shells and gas to kill me or go west". There are significantly more people going west now than there were ten years ago. Seems pretty obvious what tipped the balance there.

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Can you at least pretend that you want to talk about Warcraft related to traditional games?

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>"fuck refugees and fuck you for caring"
Was never the point. Its about them being clear that the current situation is unsustainable and the best course of action is to send them back. You will find no western game arguing this because everyone who comes should stay in the mindset of those in power.
Most """""refugees""""" arriving in my country are from africa, not an actual warzone.

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OK, it sounds like we're arguing the same point but misunderstanding each other. >You will find no western game arguing this because everyone who comes should stay in the mindset of those in power.
I don't follow what you're saying here.

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>not a warzone

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Bright was garbage

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Corporations cant be left wing but i agree with everything else

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the remaining 'high' elves are traitors who didn't give a shit about their fallen kin and should all die
t. Aethas Sunreaver

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The only good part of Warcraft is the THOTs.

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They were fucking great before the lore got brutally fucked by modern WoW.

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More like he shouldn't remember being woman given how the kyrian ascension requires letting go off their past self. It's a soul shit so why not the transformation of soul and id?

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This. Africa is basically in the middle of it's dumb-ass Middle Ages warfare that will be glorified by their descendants in 500 years time as proof of their noble gilded history.

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tauren are really the only eco-friendly race in the horde, rest of them don't give a fuck

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But they are trolls, not elves.

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Just imperialist

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You know the Blood Elves, now get ready for the Bloods Elves.

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they don't have the curly hair, so they're pretty much pajeet elves no?

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They should have made s subspecies of buffalo Minotaurs for the natives.

That would have been more fun.

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elves that suffer cultural unrest and a religious civil war due to their leader's radical abandonment of forests and shamanic traditions in favor of industry and societal development

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To clarify for the Blood Elves, they were a proud kingdom on the edge of extinction who were driven away from the Alliance by a single racist commander who represented at best an interim government representing a handful of kingdoms within the Alliance. They were then allied with the people who took them in: Illidan's forces consisting of Naga, rogue demons, Broken, etc.
Then in TBC, the Blood Elves decide that despite Garithos having very little to do with their membership in the Alliance at this point, they turned their backs on the Alliance in favor of siding with the Forsaken. This, in a vacuum, makes sense: the Forsaken were essentially the members of the human kingdoms which the Blood Elves had been allied with through multiple wars and shared a common enemy in the Scourge remants of the Plaguelands. Of course the problem arises when you remember that all of those wars were fought against the Orcs and Trolls.
And on top of that, the Blood Elves in WC3 were battle-hardened survivors of a once glorious kingdom. In TBC, they were frequently reduced to mincing gay stereotypes for the males and Paris Hilton-wannabes for the females because apparently refined architecture/culture=buttsex and nail salons

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I always did find the concept of being hopelessly addicted to magic to be an enticing idea in dark fantasy.

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this. Remember that Blizzard did one thing right, and that was stealing shit from everyone else

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True. I'm just in it for the dark fantasy and cooms at this point.

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Eww, rotting corpse.

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You're a gay man

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>WCII fanboy higher up
Those were the guys that ruined lore since Cataclysm. Night Elves were somewhat bearable before that, but became punching bag after.
Also, Old Horde fags were replaced by waifufags of Sylvanas.

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No I'm a clean man.

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Dark skin tones ain't the problem lore-wise, even if Elves became paler while they were becoming High Elves.
The problem is with humans with facial features of real-life Negroes and East Asians, as that one makes no sense lore-wise, and any attempt at explaining why they look that way brings unfortunate implications.

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They ain't refugees after leaving closest country to their own that is not participating in a war at the moment.

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There are far better women in Warcraft universe without having to go for a Windrunner.
Windrunners are the worst Elves.

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being into horsecocks isn't clean where I come from

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Bright was garbage

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There are Taunka (buffalo Tauren,) but they were never brought back as an allied race and didn't receive much culture or depth during the first appearance. The only interesting thing about their lore is that their shamans basically bully (buffalo?) the elements into doing their bidding unlike every other shamanic organization which have more of a quid-pro-quo or worship dynamic.

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I used to love Warcraft. That was during Warcraft 3. After that they basically violated all that was interesting about the lore, the races and the world. It stopped being an interesting revitalization of fantasy race tropes couched in an Arthurian-myth allegory, and they started padding out the conflict between Alliance and Horde - Which I'd also point out the Night Elves were never a part of for any well-considered reason, and neither were the Forsaken, who also became hilariously villainous.

I also think that Warcraft orcs are legitimately great noble savages before WoW, when they started to undermine their fundamental goodness to artificially extend the conflict between the Alliance and Horde indefinitely.

At least I still have my TES elves, who are still based in all their forms.

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It's not furry if they don't have snouts and have no fur covering. Right guys?

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Wouldn't they be, though? Same reason ancient vampires are portrayed as rich. Frigging long lifespans allow them to accumulate wealth, know where all the good shit is long, and whenever they get power/riches they keep it by virtue of not dying off. This would happen individually, but if they work together to pool their efforts to get to the top and stay on the top, naturally you'd have very upper class, elitist elves more often than not.

You tend to see the same thing with many of the "old families" passing their riches from one generation to the next, but elven dynasties last for centuries on the personal level. They benefit the same as humans do but it's magnified by their ability to enact extremely long term planning.

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Look at the end of the day, I'm a windrunner kind of guy, but this post is simply based.

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Gnomes are the only thing in WoW along with Goblins that haven't turn into absolute garbage. Instead, they're a cute story about a monarchy transitioning into democracy and generally trying their best to pick up the pieces after a disaster.
They're one of the few races that have more than one major city, now.

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Necrophiliacs aren't good enough for the wall.

>> No.73985329

"Dark-skinned humans" come from a tribe in Stranglethorn Vale; one so insignificant, that Blizzard never even bothered to name it, but there is a lore reason for them to exist.
No clue on the Asians, though.

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File: 1.11 MB, 1754x2480, __sylvanas_windrunner_warcraft_and_1_more_drawn_by_jakuroi__4f5c7be516485a033f5d2fa7bbc41961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a waste of space

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>Tyrande becomes the LEGENDARY NIGHT WARRIOR OF ELUNE who in ancient times could destroy entire armies but the ritual is super dangerous and potentially kills the vessel/anyone watching
>immediately, not FIVE MINUTES later, proceeds to job to Nathanos, who is literally undead man good with bow
WoW is garbage so I don't actually care, but the writing is so fucking bad it's hilarious. You can't even blame it on being an MMO after Shadowbringers.

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no thanks mate

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damn she thicc

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twi'lek elves
>freezes to death

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first off they're over 15 years old at this point so they're hardly modern. Second they haven't been good for about 15 years either due to the absolute state of wow.
That said the original concept for both of them was decent and they are hot

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You shouldn't talk about things you don't know, Anon.

The Middle-Ages also had the odd game of Alliances, there is no such thing in Africa.

>> No.73989839

Also, believe it or not but most of Africa is war-free, it's just when war do happen it's bad, Africans have to worry more about poverty, starvation, and electricity than fucking war.

>> No.73989890

footfags should be gassed

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Shouldn't elves be more of a dark purple at best? Unless they retcon it to Dark Trolls and Night Elves having darker skin. Humans I don't really see a problem with physically if they just say there were Vyrkul that looked like that. More troubling would be explaining why only the non-European looking humans have names that specifically sound like they're from Africa or Asia.

I find it both weird that Blizzard hasn't retconned the Vyrkul already and disappointing that when brought up, the people in favor of more skin tones and such seem to find the idea of there being an explanation offensive, as if it's not already explained where white humans come from.

This is apparently false according to the books, with the black character originally being from Stromgarde.

>> No.73990867

>believe it or not but most of Africa is war-free

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High elves are and always will be, superior to both.

>> No.73991167

What a low-quality post.

>> No.73991279

There is nothing modern about either of them

>> No.73991327

fuck off vereesa, nobody likes you and your boyfriend is dead

>> No.73991470

Night elves don't have streets to shit in.

>> No.73991498

But they do shit in their equivalent of streets.

>> No.73991570

they forgot that fact in universe. if you wanna shitpost at least know the movie

>> No.73991602

They forgot Jesus? This is worse worldbuilding than WoW.

>> No.73991750

The demons in crystals and torturing a Na’ru in the Basement is what I loves about Silvermoon’s aesthetic.

>> No.73991763

what the fuck does that even mean? Fuck OP and his shit thread

>> No.73991785

I assume its Jesus ethnicity. Orc cop claims Jesus Aragorn was an orc like how blacks claim Jesus is black

>> No.73991831

I find it fascinating you put in more work than the people payed thousands of dollars did.

>> No.73993113

I've watched some WOW cinematics and cutscenes out of morbid curiosity some months ago, and every time that fucking Meccatorque or what's his name comes in a scene, any sense of climatic tension and plot investment is shattered because there's an ugly gnome cackling like an idiot in a Micky Mouse voice atop a dumb robot, using cartoon-like contraptions and pushing huge red buttons. These sequences are played damn straight so you think they're supposed to be taken seriously, but I just can't. And not because they're funny. They're cringey and cartooney while trying to be serious and ha ha, aren't the little gnomes funny with their funky inventions

>> No.73993160

So how does this work, only the Orcs remember it? Sounds like bullshit to me.
Which, it being Bright, is quite appropriate.

>> No.73993184

It's fantasy, he can be any colour you want.

>> No.73993503

The imperialism of helping other nations.
You do realize that, sometimes, interests between different countries align? Actually, often enough that autarky is almost always the worse option. Grow up and accept realpolitik.

>> No.73994948

If I ever encountered this woman, I'd take of my pants and hand them to her. She clearly needs them more than me.

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The lines were always blurred between fantasy race and furries. The only difference is the amount of lore.

>> No.73995193

Encountering Whitemane in Classic for the first time was underwhelming.

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Which means they're terrible. Dumbed-down modern elves are universally very poor concepts.
Correction, they were good before WCIII. Almost all the interesting stuff about them were removed before the game released.

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>His setting has elves.

>> No.73996143


>> No.73996155

The Windrunner sisters are indeed the worst elves and worst females because every fucking writer that warcraft had, turned them into their OC's/self-insert's waifu. Meanwhile I'm still salty as fuck about Blizzard turning the Priest's most iconic character into a DK

>> No.73996204

I like how everyone and their mother drew Whitemane as being thicc as fuck

>> No.73996239

>Bitch Queen of Death
>Void Lords' Pawn
>Revenge Obsessed Maniac
Tell me about it...

>> No.73996257

oh, it was garbage alright, but the depiction of elves as "humans but better at everything" was spot on

>> No.73996280

The Blood Elves had already left the Aliiance by the point of TBC's start. The moment that Garithos imprisoned Kael'thas and his followers is the moment that the Sin'dorei left the crumbling Alliance

>> No.73996340

The concept work and some of the visual motifs are good. The implementation, however has been garbage.

>> No.73996404

Blizzard's games have always been Team 1 vs Team 2, with an occasional segue into oh wait no here comes Team 3 guess you guys have to band together! Every single one of their products hinges on an initial setup of two or more factions being in conflict, even if that isn't where the story ends up going.
I don't think they're actually capable of conceptualizing and producing something that doesn't follow that model.

>> No.73996488

They aren't. Even in the lore of Overwatch they follow the concept of "Red Team is against Blue Team, but there's actually a Green Team out there!"

>> No.73996773

Who are Green Team in Overwatch and who bands together against them?

>> No.73996835

The genocidal robot guys are the green team. Some sort of world wide mafia is Red Team and BlueTeam are former Overwatch members, but I'm not sure if anyone is banding together just yet

>> No.73997076

The problem is that Red plans to unleash Green on the world once again like they could profit out of it. The Talon, apart from eliminating former Overwatch agents, seems to be interested in starting another Omnic Crisis.

>> No.73997087

It seems like your Red Team are funding and equipping your Team Green. Like, they're basically the same team.

>> No.73997133

Actually what Red (Talon) wants to gain by starting another Rise of the Machines?

>> No.73997164

Cute feet, more of her?

>> No.73997240

Overwatch currently has no Green Team.

It has Overwatch and Talon, and a bunch of smaller or less significant groups, many of which are either run quietly by Talon or work for it when it pays them. For example, the robutts right now are being bankrolled by Talon, seemingly because they want to grease the global war economy with blood.

I think this setup breaks down for Starcraft too. IIRC you start with human rebels vs human authority, with the zerg being an overall threat and the protoss sort of doing their own thing. Then the human rebels win and turn out just as bad as, if not worse than, the old human authority, and few remaining ideologically sound rebels have to do something about the zerg.

Really, your model only really works with Warcraft stuff from III onward. It's no secret that this shit is a repetitive mess, but that's to be expected from MMO writing. MMOs are by necessity unable to fulfill some of the basic needs required to make a good narrative.

>> No.73997279

No joke, I'm pretty sure at this point that Talon are actually the Patriots from MGS with a thin coating of Cobra.

>> No.73997315

night elves are just wood elves
blood elves are just high elves mashed up with dark elves, while retaining the former's skin tone, and instead of spookyspider magic, it's spookyblood magic

>> No.73997919
File: 3.94 MB, 857x1200, elf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Night elves are kino, some of the best wood elves out there despite Blizzard's best efforts to ruin them since WoW, arguably WC3 too. They definitely peaked here >>73995255
And no I'm not just saying that because I like to coom to their feet

>> No.73998004

Back when I cared about Overwatch, the direction i assume the story was going to take was that Talon intended to instigate a new human-omnic war and profiteer out of it.
In this sense, attacks like the assassination of robot Buddha and the magnetic bomb in the omnic slums in that London map would make sense to stir the omnic against humans, while things like trying to awaken the rogue AIs in the temple of Anubis would serve to make humans afraid of omnic again. Other maps and cinematics are about Talon trying to acquire military hardware and secrets.
Also Doomfist / black Garrosh is always going on about survival of the strongest. The theme seems clearly to be that they want to create chaos and spark a new conflict, and use it either for their profit or for some nebulous 'new world order' business.
Then again, I haven't checked Overwatch stuff in at least two years, so I might be way off.

>> No.73998385

I was thinking about them as some sort of NWO that plans to cull a significant amount of human population by "rogue" omnics (in fact, under their total control by some shenanigans) just to make it more controllable and ensure some sort of New Order.
But I guess it sounds way too much Wolfenstein-ish.

>> No.73999040

>Back when I cared about Overwatch
God I hope they can turn it around, the game was so fucking fun when it started. It feels like literally all Blizzard would have to do is admit they were wrong about stuff and stop balancing the game solely with the top 0.1% of players in mind, but Activision won't let them.

>> No.73999221

You're not another one of those people who think WoW invented the gnomes are you?

>> No.73999354

No, I just think WC3 did well to ignore their existence and use dwarves and goblins to fill that niche.

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