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So in our modern era, what sort of careers are the closest to adventurer vocations/classes?

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It depends. Guerillas, private military contractors/mercenary, political aide, or organizer

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>bitch on the right has muzzle pointed right at guy's neck
Nice gun safety

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Do you know of anywhere I can read up on PMCs and modern day mercenaries? Always thought they were cool.

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Modern day mercenaries mostly just do regular army work but commit extra war crimes, you are better off looking up PMC shit from 50 years ago if you want crazy stories. Look up Neall Ellis, a guy who owned his own helicopter gunship and fought in Africa

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How much money is in it for them atm? Can they get fabulously wealthy off of commiting a few war crimes?

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At least none of them actually have their fingers on a trigger as far as I can tell. Guy to the left in the right picture might, but can't quite tell.

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>Modern day mercenaries mostly just do regular army work but DON'T HAVE PROTECTION WHEN THEY commit extra war crimes

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They get less money when they commit war crimes because its a PR disaster and people go on trial and they have to scale back operations for a bit while they rename the company and then go back in.

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Its mostly security work rather than anything glamorous like spec ops shit

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Watch Lord of War

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Deep sea vessels? Especially private ventures, instead of the robot controlled scientific stuff.

Though there are some scientists who do exploration. Like the people crawling through ancient caves to find novel life forms. Perhaps for antibiotics, or just because they want to see how things have evolved in so isolated an area.

Some private detectives actually track people down or tackle bizarre cases.

Paranormal investigators, at least from their perspective.

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That's an arms/lumber dealer.

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>just make sure the door you want us to kick is within 50 yards of a burger king

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ah yes. war stories.

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>Protects businesses
Really gets one's noggin ajoggin

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I see they have tank role covered, nice

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the aforementioned helicopter god.

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another pure chadcenary

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Dogs of War is a fun book. 90% of it is logistics; only the last 10% is the actual operation.

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also, fail is wahmens

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double fail

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anon burns down a forest

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retards go to hunting country, don't like what happens

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robot overlords

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russia cannot into war, circa 1905

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Tfw he's dead or too old to go to the west coast.

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merica cannot into war, circa 1943

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This mad lad from the yankee armed forces

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talking about the same guy>>73973313

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the maddest finn to ever finn that wasn't simho hayya(sp?)

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also, South Africa.

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some more dark humour

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There used to be a wargame about being an African warlord or mercenary called Witchdoctors & Warcrimes in development. The dev team fell apart, and the rulebooks have been scattered across the internet.

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Are you somehow implying that people annoyed with wealth inequality aren't annoyed at the Rothschilds?
WTf is this?

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>private military contractors/mercenary
Basically no longer exist in the current political climate. The age of the soldier of fortune is over. You're either a glorified security guard with a huge chance of taking a pot shot from some local or a drone operator.

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They'll be popping back up in Africa as the rare earth wars loom.

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I'm one of those wealth equality lefties you're indirectly trying to meme on, everyone hates the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergs, et cetera, and that Israel's state is run by a bunch of absolute bastards.

Why are you inventing a fake enemy when we all want these cunts dead.

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The funney screeencap is implying that yes, nobody ever dares to say anything bad about Rothschilds or (((them))) in general, and thus antone who ever says anything about wealth inequality is just a hypocrite dancing to (((their))) fiddle, so you totally must love and worship your bourgeois piggies unless you are a bad enough dude to start denying holocaust.

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To be fair, he's behind her and she's angled forward. Check the elbows. But I'm sure that wasn't in her mind when she lifted it.

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I doubt it. Mercenary forces are no longer trusted to maintain discretion regarding offensive maneuvers, so they would be relegated to defending installations. Typically the worst ones because it costs less to pay off their contractual mortality stipulation than to replace a soldier. So exactly the same situation as right now. Blackwater really screwed the pooch for everyone. Not because of what they did, but because they got caught and started ratting eachother and their military liaisons out.

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Fantasy adventurers are more like contract-driven treasure hunters who delve into undknown reaches of dangerous catacombs than actual historical adventurers.
In order for adventurers like that to exist, dungeons (the fantasy sense) would need to exist first, filled with vicious, cunning beasts guarding said treasures.

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The war crimes are because they have no self control, they get extra money bounty hunting.

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Lord of War is an arms dealer, if you want mercenaries watch The Dogs of War, and to a lesser extent The A-Team (movie) and Hurt Locker.

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This guy looks my dad.

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Blackwaters big scandal wasn't bounty hunting, they were guarding a convoy and thought they were under attack so they started hosing down civilians with full auto fire at random
This. Mercenaries work as guards for convoys or embassies and so on now. The work is mundane and not something you'd want to base a tabletop campaign around but the economics and logistics are interesting.

Uganda provides a ton of these mercenary security guards


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>Let'd dismantle the police and hide mercs

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I didn't know they had drones all the way back then.

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Blackwater did a lot of different war crimes over the years, that's why they keep changing their name.

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drones are radio controlled planes, something that has existed since the 1920s.

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Is Witchdoctors & Warcrimes what happens on the ground while Plans & Mercs happens in the sky?

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can confirm private detective work is fun. Even just the little things is an adventure.

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War never changes

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So, did it happen?
Have we had dope lightning strike raids left right and center?

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There are still mercenaries they’re just hired by arabs and usually african/norf african. Because the House of Saud doesn’t give a fuck and you can bet your ass the african shithole they came from doesn’t either

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She is working for a battlefield promotion

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In early 2018, people found out that Uganda was arming an insurgent group called P5 inside of Rwanda, and the whole thing was led by an ex military bigwig who had served in the armies of both countries. It was heavily publicized because of the tensions & past conflicts, so they were at each other's throats instantly

Due to being found out, the insurgents decided to launch attacks early, and bragged on radio stations about their raids. They then proceeded to get their shit kicked in every time they launched an operation throughout 2018 by the RPF, and most of their leaders (of whom many were ex-RPF/RPA or both) were captured

Borders get locked down mid-2018, politicians accuse each other of being into the conspiracy, with both sides blaming the other of creating more milicias (with some random warlords stirring shit up every other day thrown into the mix for good measure). There's been multiple small border conflicts, with each side claiming invasion at the first sight of a boot, and there was an open exchange of insults between Uganda’s army chief general and a rwandan Colonel during a meeting, so public relations aren't all that great

Then you have to take into account that people from both sides have strong ties with the other, the president of both countries were friends since high school, and at the same time you have a shitton of small ethnic tensions underlining the whole thing even if you ignore the major ones like Hutu/Tutsis

So in the end, it's more of a massive clusterfuck of covert operations rather than cool raids, although I'm sure plenty of cool raids went down, particularly during 2018/early 2019, it's mostly that nothing really came out of it. The Presidents had a meeting in february, but as far as I can see neither side respected their end of the bargain yet, and the last border incident happened less than a week ago, so make of that what you will

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I wish this had really happened

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Depends how important violence is to you - you can absolutely have wandering adventure without being piece of shit mercenary scum. Some scientists, e.g. a lot of flavors of geologist, go all over. Astronomers too, in some cases - I've heard crazy stories from physicists who've worked in Antarctica, or gone out into remote mountains in third world countries to set up equipment.

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Thanks for sharing all these stories with me dude

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>waging war on your own nation
you might as well hand it to china on a silver platter

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the entire story (from his point of view) is translated on some sub reddit
my grandfather used to do this shit, acting as a saboteur blowing up or dismantling russian shit and bridges behind enemy lines.

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the ones supporting the rich are the ones supporting israel. the eat the rich crowd say that israel is a fascist state committing war crimes daily.
the issue is you can't separate these 9 obscenely rich jews from all of the other ones.
that's also likely ignoring the fact that (((your president))) is likely beholden to these people, either through a mountain of financial debt, or some other dirt.

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always kill a traitor before an enemy

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If you're a military grunt commiting warcrimes the army will throw you under the bus wayyyy harder anyway. So what's your point?

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>lose the country due to infighting, thinking that your sparsely populated farmlands are the majority
it's almost like you think the US is an agrarian nation and we actually feed the entire population with domestically grown foodstuffs
that aside, in all likelihood, you're from the suburbs
>waging war in urban centers
definitely has never ended poorly

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>t. Soviet

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train-hoppin' hobos, obviously.

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>bum who takes odd jobs
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, sometimes even for free, with poor foresight and next to no overhead is the true adventurer mo.
Stability is the realm of npc’s that never leave the fluff.

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if you guys exist you're politically irrelevant ;p

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>commit extra war crimes

Falling for the "war crime" meme.

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Such is the life of the cutthroat mercenary life.

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The modern world is less free when it comes to violence and the right to fight so it's the next logical step.

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"Former Soldier Seeks Employment" by John Miller is a good read. He kidnapped Ronnie Biggs from Rio at one point, but had to give him back.

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>Why get your hands dirty when you can exploit indigenous people trough paperwork?

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Johannesburg here. This is clearly parody and over exaggeration. But it's entertaining so yea

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US military. You get to shoot guns and go to interesting overseas bases, collect loot from deployments and gear and perhaps marry an Exotic East Asian or Euro wife provided you don't pick a faggy office Job

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Private investigator, skip tracer, tracker, bounty hunter, investigative journalist, missionary, anthropologist, Real Life Super Hero, mercenary, Private Military Contractor, hacker, political activist, ecological activist, Youtube content creator, urbex, Parkour traceur.

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Mate, not to be an asshole but do you know anything about drones ?

They used them extensively in Vietnam and they even existed before ww2.

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Pretty much the only place with actual interesting PMC work is ukraine rn

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War photographer, archaeologist, Red Cross volunteer, courier, bodyguard, prospector, big game hunter, repo man, pit fighter, Guardian Angel, street racer, graffiti artist, human fly, outlaw biker, dirtbag climber, food underground, Radical Fairies, survivalist, guerrilla filmmaker, LARPer, extreme sports, hobo, standover man.

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This is a war crime

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civilian warriors by eric prince

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>but do you know anything about drones ?

Clearly I do not. Educate me Anon-sempai.

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>needing a career to be an adventurer
Just go out and do it, anon. Follow your dreams.

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What is it actually like? I'm curious to hear it from someone who lives there.

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That's some Sun Tzu shit right there.

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First drones where developed during WW1 and the 20s, mostly by british and murican. See Kettering bug and Sperry Radioplane.

During the 30s mostly targeting drones where used, but also first cruise missile attempts where made (RAE Larynx by the british and the soviet GIRD-06 ). Some hungarian also made first television guidance possible for the british.

During ww2 the americans made first attempts with recon drones (Radioplane OQ-2) but mostly stayed with targeting drones. Also there where more drone cruise missiles (Aphrodite and V1)

During the 50s and 60s real recon drones, mostly with jet engines where developed (Firebee and some other model i dont know)
They where first used in korea and heavily used in vietnam, which was the first drone war.
There was also the CL-89 Artillery drone which was used since the 70s by canada and west germany.

In the 70s the us and soviets mostly used fast jet drones like the Tu-141 (which is also used in ukraine) but in the 80s the israelis made the first modern uavs which where used in the libanon against syria (IAI Searcher) which brought an uav craze in the nato, which started the GNAT 750 (CIA) and the Pchela in russia.
the gnat spawned the predator and the 2000s drone craze.

>> No.74001591


There where also first battlefield uavs in the 50s and 70s like the BAE Phoenix and SD-1 Observer which where used by Britain.

All in all drones are nothing new, just a bit more widespread nowadays and with combat abilities now.

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Bush pilot?

>> No.74003394

>Mercenaries work as guards for convoys or embassies and so on now
Lots of training work as well. Some third world dictator wants to shape up his military, he'll hire some merc goons to show them which end of the gun the pew pew comes out of.

>> No.74003797

Russian mercenaries are a thing, but they tend to be state-back deniable assets and their reputation has taken a real beating over the last year.

Going to Syria and attacking US support groups, US bomb them and they stick to fighting rebels.
Mozambique, they pull out after a few get killed by the local Islamic Insurgency.
Libya, they pull out when their base gets shelled by a different bunch of militia.

>> No.74004138

isn't this exactly why US forces don't allow soldiers to have phones on them?

>> No.74005059

Yes. A US FOB got bombed to shit a few years back because of it anyway.

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This. Real adventurers don't really get into armed combat, and soldiers don't really do a lot of adventuring.
Modern combat is pretty boring.

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Your country goes to shit and you become a mercenary across Africa with your private Hind.

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was already posted several times this thread

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Have you tried leaving your home first before picking a job?

>> No.74008218

You should read about the stuff that Blackwater did in Iraq and got away with. Their founder Erik Prince had a lot of influence in the Bush administration, so any time his mercenaries did something nasty, they would just get forced to go home, no charges or anything.

>> No.74008325

I really hope this isn't true. Why the hell can't we just have the same god damn standards for everyone with no super special treatment for political points?

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Is that even a real gun she's got?

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Because then we’d be faced with the realities of sexual dimorphism in humans.

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Texas at least still offers public bounties for wanted fugitives. The pay is absolute shit compared to risk, but it does exist.

You don't actually haul in the people you find though, you more or less confirm their whereabouts and give a tip to the local police. It's exceptionally risky because to collect the money, you leave a paper trail that can be traced back to you, so if you were to find some mafia guy and there was a leak in the department, you can be sure you and your family have a target on their back. I can't even see it being something that would make you more than minimum wage, all the top tier bounties I saw pay at best $3000 if your information leads to the capture of the target, and you'd likely spend at least a month or better researching them and staking out a whole lot of places where you'd likely get killed if someone saw you doing surveillance. To put it in perspective, an uncle of mine worked as a marshal doing similar work, he said even with all the protections in place as an actual federal agent, it's still a huge risk to apprehend or catch some of those people.

There is the sort of bail bondsman bounty hunter though that goes after bail hoppers however, those guys typically deal with less violent or at least less connected individuals but they have to actually apprehend the fugitive and bring them in without any harm (Read: permanent damage). They don't have all the protections or connections actual police officers do though, so I believe they're under a lot of scrutiny when catching people and how they do it, partially because the police don't like them since they're seen as sort of imitators and competitors and partially because they have a perchant for doing things freeform and giving ammo to defense lawyers for trials. I always wanted to be a bounty hunter when I was a kid, but when I realized all the headache for awful pay, I had to accept it would never be worth it unless you had terrible prospects otherwise.

>> No.74010354

If it's just a sense of wanderlust, I know a few people who worked in the oilfield that get regularly sent all over creation. One guy spent three years in China, followed by several in Kuwait, one in Rio de Jenaro, before finally spending some time back in Louisiana at home traveling between there and an offshore rig. The pay is great, but all that traveling means you don't really get to settle down. In theory though, if you started when you were in your mid twenties and worked for 20 years, you'd probably be able to retire and live off the money you made for the rest of your life, the guy was getting paid almost $140k as a technician of some sort.

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>Grown-ass marines whining because they needed to dig a latrine

It's always funny when these supposedly chad soldiers brag about being hardcore soldiers yet have meltdowns and REEEE the second they're expected to be around women.

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I assume they were scaring game away with drones and that's illegal?

>> No.74011531

There's also wildlife people like Forrest Gallante, looking for extinct animals.

>> No.74011828

Same anon
An actual dirty shit heap like they described, centre of town that is (inner city) but besides that it's a third world city that Has a middle class that likes to pretend it's first world unless there is a Strike(read riot) which happens every other week.(lower class)
Russian said most didn't live here before 1994 but he's wrong since alot were In districts like the scifi movie and or poorer shittier neighborhoods.
Modern Johannesburg is Suburb based with races mixing all around, Pretoria isn't in Joburg, it is now majority black and it's called Twshane, it's actually a city of its own but close enough for a half an hour drive between the two.
In Joburg we even have a suburb with highrise buildings infamous for having Jews running it called Sandton and it's the most wealthy and modern suburb(in the province)it has a high crime rate because of this. Besides that if you ever want to visit South Africa avoid the Inland like a plague unless you want to go to game reserve and stick to Durban(warm waters and lots of Indians) lower crime rate than Joburg but still there and Cape Town(most modern city of the country, white and coloureds(halfies) mostly, water is cold but it has a proper public transport system. Crime is bad here but we can kinda pretend we are and up and coming nation sometimes mostly our politicians are corrupt and lazy which can be a good thing don't come to South Africa and think it's safe, but don't come and thinks it's dangerous either. Also if you're black don't think you'll be safe walking the streets , because if u can't speak the language they will think you are from the north and will attack you. Xenophobia is a problem aswell as race based violence(inland)

>> No.74012026

They should come to New Zealand, there's Huia in the forests in the south. Kiwi aren't as endangered as people think, either

>> No.74012813

Don't forget the interview with Mann later on.

>> No.74013005

that's pointed quite well forward, calm down.

>> No.74014535

now his sister is the secretary of education under trump, and she's married in to one of the most influential families in the great lakes region

>> No.74014820

Bitches can dig their own holes to shit into.

>> No.74014834

Why can’t the women dig their own latrine?

>> No.74017737

I wouldn’t call the DeVos family influential or n the region, Michigan yes, but not the region.

>> No.74020374

Special operations is probably the closest and even then it's not so much an adventure as it is a lot of hard work.

There's a bad risk-reward matrix in PMC work, so the people that end up in it are, ironically, the ones least suited to making good decisions in tough situations.

The ones who would be good at it tend to end up running small offices for the government.

>> No.74020404

Neall Ellis still owns his own gunship and flew air support in the Middle East as well as North Africa (and every other part of Africa).

He's actually as good as his reputation.

>> No.74020727

The two women I met on my time in SOF who were up to the physical standards were apex females.

One was a former Olympic (as in represented our country in the Olympics) distance runner who constantly trained outside of scheduled training to maintain her upper body strength. Very nice, very professional, and nobody could figure out why she was in the Army. She'd originally enlisted as part of the athlete program.

The other was on steroids. She spent more time in the gym than most of the guys (SEALs on juice basically live in the gym, so...) and was super serious about lifting and cardio. Absolute fucking savage. As per usual with a juicehead girl, great in the sack. Total headcase. Thankfully she wasn't menstruating.

>> No.74020892

There was some chick in WW2 who's boyfriend got killed by Nazis, so she got in a tank and went around killing Nazis, I think they have her, her own unique special tank as well.

Whatshisface Finnish sniper was also given a unique custom gun.

>> No.74021063

My friend is in army intelligence and he says that Facebook and Tinder are basically the easiest way to gather military information. He said soldiers are literal retards and pretty much in every wargame take photos of themselves in front of art and shit and post it on their Facebook during deployment, and within minutes the "enemy" would know where they are.
If you post anything in uniform as well, it's almost certain the enemy will pick up all the information on your friends and family as well.
As this image says as well, they 100% use tinder to triangulate positions for shelling. It's how the Turks hit Kurdish positions in Rojava.

>> No.74021189

Everyone saying mercenaries are done after blackwater are out of their minds, the whole soldier of fortune thing ala croatia maybe, but you got plenty of randoms flying out to syria and iraq so maybe not
PMCs are still very active, just good luck joining any and they're not flying round over Baghdad in little birds much more though
Plenty of nations make use of random shitty mercenaries
Honestly fuck the UN for EO

>> No.74021200

SEALs got it right.
The beginning is so fucking horrible I think one woman has ever passed. But they opened it up to woman like 15 years ago and said 'you are welcome to try.'
None have gotten out of BUDs that I heard of

>> No.74021246

Mercenaries that would make for an exciting /tg/ campaign are "done"

PMCs are still around but they're sitting around guarding stuff and embezzling money

>> No.74021366

My folks got back from SA right before the 'vid, spent a month chipping around. My dad's an absolute madlad afraid of nothing so he drove them around and basically broke every safety rule I've heard of for SA and they were fine.

SA was the the tail end of my African walkabout in 2001 and at the time I was told it was incredibly dangerous for a white boy to be in central Joburg, and that I should skirt it and visit Pretoria if I wanted to see a city. I'd spent a year teaching Tanzanian kids how to speak movie-perfect American-style English and had just finished a roadtrip that had taken me from Arusha to Dar-es-Salaam to Cairo, to Dakkar, to Lagos, and back down the west coast through Windhoek and into SA. With me were a black American girl, a white British girl, and an Argentinian girl who looked white. Throughout most of the continent everyone was polite at least and very friendly in most cases; this has been my experience every time I've been in any part of Africa, even the Muslim parts.

Joburg was the only place we ever got static. At first the hotel wasn't going to honor our reservation because Sarah was black. Then they realized she wasn't African and relented. But we got basically the same treatment everywhere else. It's not that they were racist, per se, but that everyone was focused on protecting their business. There seemed to be a genuine concern she was a hooker, ignoring the fact that the rest of our party was also female.

In short: SA is fine. Just...be aware that drivers, hotel staff, and even random white folks on the street are trying to keep you alive. They may not be 100% accurate, but it's erring on the side of caution.

>> No.74023181
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Nice try fed, but I ain't clicking that link.

>> No.74025534

Ah yes, that girl.
Mariya Oktyabrskaya
She literally just went up to the State defense committee and told them to give her a tank, until they did

>> No.74025573

I have an American Spy base about half an hours drive from my house.
Should I just park up on the fence and click the link?

>> No.74025587

> Everything that can be invented has been invented.

>> No.74025675

Go for it.

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