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Nurglite City Edition

Previously in the mortal realms:

>Hero Creator

>Realm Rules

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>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database

>Painting Videos

>/YourDudes/ Fluff
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>Thread Question:
What's the last mini you repaired?

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First for nurgle

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Second for corn

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something idoneth deepkin

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What's so bad about sylvaneth? I read how revenants are pretty overpriced in the last thread, but the rest of the army?

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top lel

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What do you guys feel about the Petrifex Elite nerf?

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Vince's forte is the Realm of Metal, not the Realm of Balance.

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They used to be Shenanigans: The Army, but years of game progression has seen them unchanged and basically antiquated.

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I really shouldn't be here

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Too heavy-handed.

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Serves the fucks right.

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Go do your homework then.

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Starting my 600,000 word fanfic about a Stormcast Eternal isekai'd into world of Warhammer Fantasy tonight lads. Wish me luck.

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You mean he just time travelled?

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The main problem Sylvaneth has is that they aren't really good at anything.

Their shooting is blah, their casting is very mediocre, their melee is OK but not anything to brag about in AoS 2.0.

Their strength is (seemingly) intended to be their mobility, using Wildwoods to teleport their forces around the board, but it doesn't work as well as it used to for a number of reasons.

1. New terrain rules and Wildwood rules and increased usage of faction terrain makes it harder to set up Wildwoods where you want them, and fewer woods total.

2. The Wildwoods used to be a hellish bunker that would decimate units just for charging into them as well as totally blocking line of sight for enemy armies only. Both of these aren't true anymore.

3. Deepstrike/Teleports are just more common in the game now generally, Sylvaneth aren't that special, and their units have low base move across the board.

On top of that a lot of their units are just kinda bad, mostly because their warscrolls were barely touched between editions. Tree Revs got a slightly buffed teleport and a price increase, Big A is still the most pathetic god model, Ancient Treelords are still really expensive single cast wizards, Branchwyches still have no reason to exist, ect.

Kurnoth Hunters are good, but not good enough to carry the whole army on their back.

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It's a mix of underwhelming warscrolls and being tricky to play. All treelords are weak compared to similarly priced monsters (TLA being a lvl1 caster, Durthu's damage scaling), Kurnoths are reliable damage dealers but even they pale compared to the heaviest hitters of the meta. And in this new age of caster supremacy, the army's casting bonuses don't quite stack up like they used to unless you go Gnarlroot and/or use the Vesperal Gem.
Using woods properly also takes a lot of practice, especially with the extra restrictions compared to their 1.0 tome.
The core issue is that they went through a big shift in playstyle via allegiance abilities but didn't get warscroll updates to compensate for what they lost or to be competitive at their new intended flavor.

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Starting my 450,000 word Kaiji/Age of Sigmar alternate universe crossover fanfic where Archaon is a yakuza running the Chaos Casino with the ultimate rigged pachinko machine, the Slayer of Kings. Wish me luck lads.

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based crem bro

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Does anyone have (relatively) recent tournament data for Mawtribes?

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Reincarnated in space and time, then reincarnated back in space and time as someone different.

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You joke, but I bet Archaon has a awesome yakuza back tattoo.

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They needed a nerf, but the one they got was braindead.

>> No.73879950

how was it braindead?

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Is the funny part that they're calling it a "game guide"? I feel like I'm missing something

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Should have just changed it to "does not affect Mortek Guard" but I like it. The army is strong enough without it and the other sub-factions will finally see some use now.

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Honestly, the grand alliances reframed as rival yakuza clans would be kinda interesting.

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Sounds like Malifaux.

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It's just Dorghar but like a hummingbird, a koi carp and a tiger.

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The woods are a huge problem. First their a big buy in to the army, since you need at least 2, probably 3. And then you have to haul the stupid things anywhere you go to play a game.

Right now it’s basically just kurnoth hunters doing all the work, and all 3 treelords are very meh. Your own woods blocking your shooting is also super dumb and unfun too, and means you’d never ever take kurnoth hunters with bows.

They have a similar problem to beasts of chaos where points can’t really fix them, they need a new book and new Warscrolls.

Also please make alarielle useful at all, she’s such a great model but there’s no reason to take her and her bug bro

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Kinda hard to differentiate between Chaos and Destruction I think.

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the issue wasnt the mortek guard. mortek guard still have access to 3+ saves via katakross.

the issue was specifically 2+ save nagash

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So I'm going to start collecting and painting dok. Gonna start with some witch elves because I'm a coomer at heart. What are the naming conventions for sects like? I have in mind this sect from the realm of beasts that is worshipping morathi.

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The mortek who everybody considered the main problem already have a command ability that lets them reroll all saves in combat.
+1 to saves is obviously too strong, but I don't think they deserved a nearly useless allegiance ability change.
I don't actually think the Petrifex were too strong by themselves, but I think they were too strong in comparison to the other legions.

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nah, destruction just goes around smashing local businesses and drinking

chaos peddles drugs, tempts youths to join, poisons the local water, murders for cash and sells the organs

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often wonder what this looks like in present day

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so you mean the nerf encourages people to take units other than mortek guard in petrifex elite? other units who dont have rerollable saves and can actually benefit from the reroll save rolls of 1?

sounds like its working as intended to encourage more unit diversity

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With the point reduction for STD I have 140 points free in my 1000 point project. Anyone here played with a fomoroid crusher?
Seems like a fun model to run

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he's fun, and situationally very strong. 5+ save means you want to screen him a bit, dont let those 10 wounds fool you, he dies easy. his big gimmick is the insurmountable strength. it works best near a big piece of terrain in the center table, but watch out because it can hurt your guys too, but if theres an objective near it he can make it a hazardous place to stand for long.

still, a sorcerer lord or some more knights would probably be points better spent. he's still firmly in the "casual play" category

>> No.73880370

>sounds like its working as intended to encourage more unit diversity
As stated by the designers themselves the intent was to make people take other legions too.
Also the necropolis stalker can also already re-roll all saves for free, though sacrificing their own offense to do so.

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Death would be exactly the same but everyone is alive

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Petrifex was the best offense and defense. In the lore they are the best defense. So they nerfed their defense in a way that doesn't interact with their established rules, and makes MP the clear defensive choice. So now the most defensive lore is the most offensive host, while also not re-balancing any of the shit ones (every other host but MP).

They had a good idea but the follow through was hilariously stupid. And everyone bitching about losing to OBR will still lose to MP (which keep the same high saves).

Obvious covid stopped all in person events for most of this year, but mawtribes are a coin-flipping 4-1 or 3-2 army competitively. The last event I was able to go to was an 80 person 5 rounder in january where I went 4-1 with full secondaries with boulderhead. Getting secondaries is now possible for bcr which is nice, as is playing objectives. Gutbuster half is trash, but a very small number of them sometimes do okay as long as they run at least one frostlord and play soft opponents. Losing ethereal is massive.

>> No.73880456

The Sphiranx and Fomoroid can have huge upside if things comes together but are mostly not worth bothering with vs. units you know will perform.

I will be buying 2 of each soon though because I just like the models a lot. In a 1000pts game, tbf, it's more likely your Fomoroid will hang around a bit longer.

>> No.73880468

I think Fomoroids would get horrifying if you start playing like four of them.

>> No.73880480

Is the Ghyran artefact a good idea for a living city hero? 2 wounds healed per turn seems okay

>> No.73880512

Katakros isn't free so now at least they have to pay for the best buff in the game and they don't get the best ca to go with that as well. Fuck petrifex, they could've just as well removed it from the game and nothing of value would be lost.

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Nagash owns like 300 cemetries and morticians across the length and breadth of Japan and uses them to dispose of people covertly. Arkhan is a corrupt Shinto priest.

>> No.73880515

With most Heroes, once they start taking damage they're dead anyway. If the opponent relies on the scratch damage from one or two ranged units to deal with support Heroes, the artifact can heal it off, but I wouldn't waste an artifact on that eventuality.

>> No.73880546

Goibg for 2x 10 man blocks of warriors and figured I'd send him behind the group thats furthest from the knights for some extra damage untill the first ravagers group of cultist comes in to help if that makes sense
Yeah the model is sweet, mostly do casual friendly games and think he'll be rad to paint
Terrain is lava

>> No.73880549

>top lel look someone sells tomb kings book lel ded game top lel
That's probably more what they were after.

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>secondaries made a thread complaining about being called out too much

>> No.73880570

>Even the Fomoroid Crusher doesn't have rend on his melee attacks
What the fuck is with this book and not giving things that clearly should have rend rend? It's a fucking cyclops ogre.

>> No.73880628

he's got rend on his ranged attack.

but his melee attack is just fists. why would fists have rend?

>> No.73880629

That would make me even more confused. Like, a goodwill selling a used book means AoS is dead? Or that WHFB is dead?

>> No.73880686

>redditor calls someone else secondary

>> No.73880713

You're that retard who's been whining that Chaos Warriors should have Rend on their Hand Weapons for four fucking years, aren't you?

>> No.73880715

a redditor with (1) model painted is still better than a worthless secondary.

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File: 175 KB, 2296x656, what chaos warriors statline SHOULD be.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. They should have rend on their halberds and greatblades.

>> No.73880735

No, Ben, I am not going into your shaerk thread. And I'm not reporting it either because I don't feel like getting b& by that janny you suck off again.

>> No.73880750

It's just some retard trying to start another WHFB/AoS flame war and failing hard.

>> No.73880760

So if Redditors are so better, why do you came here?

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File: 2.09 MB, 1149x832, heavy breathing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Correct. What this does do is kill the nagash builds, which were definitely not the strongest ones, but I'm told the most fun. That model has a long history in AoS of being the 2nd or 3rd most competitive build in an army and then getting shelved after complaints about something else.

I'm surprised they didn't leave the saves but correct the rend CA. Waiting until your opponent has already rolled his saves and then using it feels gamey, but by the rules. Why isn't it "start" of the combat phase anyway? Or for that matter, why does the most defensive host in the lore have the rend buff and not like ivory host or stalliarch on the charge?

ah well, here's an old game I watched at an event since no new pics due to covid. Nurgle mirrors are suffering.

>> No.73880771

Could you at least pretend you aren't a Slav?

>> No.73880777

Because redditors are vile and not only accept, but encourage people to become secondaries. It's becoming more and more apparent each day that /tg/ is turning into a reddit colony based on how many people are anti-gatekeeping pro-secondaries

>> No.73880803

>call person secondary
>they call you redditor in response every single time
Is it projection?

>> No.73880804

Even with the +1 save trait? 2+ save Griffon or Steam Tank

>> No.73880822

>It's becoming more and more apparent each day that /tg/ is turning into a reddit colony
Well /aosg/ have regular crosslinks with GW-related sub-reddits, so I suppose you are seeking redditors in a wrong direction, tourist

>> No.73880837

What are your thoughts on the KO points drops?

>> No.73880841

>regular crosslinks
What? You mean secondary shitposters posting reddit links?

>> No.73880860

Ben stop arguing with yourself.

>> No.73880871

I mean regular links to AoS sub-reddits for the last 2-3 years.
The only one who is funding reddit-colony here is AoS-fans, it's also explains why they are mad at /v/ as well.

>> No.73880881

>Waiting until your opponent has already rolled his saves and then using it feels gamey, but by the rules
Jesus fucking christ, if an opponent did this to me I'd just walk away. I don't mind him waiting until I've decided which unit to attack first or something, but in the middle of the fucking attack sequence? Holy shit that's waac-faggotry.

>> No.73880887

God that is so fucking weeb and cringe.
I bet 100 bucks this poster is literally so white he goes in the dark

>> No.73880892

I'm making a board like pic related and I've already bought some woodland scenics trees to give it some terrain. I've also found a cool lumineth obelisk on thingiverse so I can use that. What other terrain would fit a board like this one?

Link to the obelisk if anyone is curious:

>> No.73880903

I don't really get the problem. By the rules it's possible.

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File: 1.59 MB, 1224x668, board.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm dumb and forgot the pic.

>> No.73880929

This pic doesn't fit the setting aesthetic

>> No.73880932

Yeah, and it's also really fucking scummy.
>b-but the rules!!
Yes, it's possible. It's also still dickish.

>> No.73880941 [DELETED] 

It's just a generic grassland, of course it does.

>> No.73880943

How it will actually work is people just use Katakros and MP to have the same army.
It doesnt encourage different units because those units are now even weaker with only a 4+ save and they dont have the wounds to survive combat, and in some instances even get there.
So now it's not Oh no Pertifex its Oh No Katakros and MP.
Meanwhile, nothing is done to nerf Hemdar, who have always hit harder and are now infinitely tankier.

>> No.73880957

It's just a generic grassland, of course it does.

>> No.73880966

What type of highlights look the best on black undivided armor;
Blue grey

>> No.73880970

His twinky little lips are pretty lush, I gotta say

>> No.73880997

Man my table looks like such ass lmao.
Some big line of sight blocking terrain always makes games more interesting. Not sure what or how you could fit some in on that table though.

>> No.73881002

Acktshually, no. Attacks are made one at a time, and you determine successful save and damage BEFORE resolving the next attack. If someone uses the petrifex CA in that way, insist on resolving each attack one at a time, so he gets to fucking decide on each dice roll. That's RAW.

Fast rolling is just a way to save time, not a way to scum the rules.

>> No.73881004

> Nagash is the most fun build
Literally the faggot tier opinion. Sounds like a secondary jumped into AoS and loves to use the brainless choice. This hobby is about /your dudes/ named hero Gods, while fun to bring out every once and a while, are not what it is about.

>> No.73881030

grey. it you highlight black with blue, you are stupid

>> No.73881050

How? Even if you just go for realm stereotypes it could easily be a ghur or aqshy

>> No.73881063
File: 267 KB, 1008x720, tome_of_excess__slaanesh__copyright_ffg_by_yogh_art_d5ub9v1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one's biting in his pathetic bait threads so he has to resort to filling this one with spam again. Talk about the hobby and he'll go cry.

Any specific project you all working on? I'm waiting for the mail guy to bring me some more Slaanesh stuff.

>> No.73881071

Seen a lot of guides and pictures where people do it like rhe black templars armor

>> No.73881090

Got my first box of chaos warriors today, gonna get scraping n glueing after work

>> No.73881126

I'm >>73880907 so building a board and waiting for either Lumineth or the StD multiparts to come out so I can paint something since I already painted the SC, a sorcerer and a warshrine.

>> No.73881132

Working on my LRL. Current WIP includes:
>Painting Dawn Riders
>Planning conversion for second Cathallar using Yvraine
>Building a lighting circuit for Eltharion
>Working on a display board for them as well

Good time for my hobby. Hopefully the rest of the LRL range drops soon enough.

>> No.73881154

So should we expect behemat in September now? I was really looking forward to them but I’m tired of autistically getting my hopes up each week.

>> No.73881209

Undermeme warvands in august so I'd wager that'll be it for us while 40k get more focus

>> No.73881220
File: 598 KB, 1600x1799, 7A531EB5-84A3-47BD-BAAE-C4ABD3912389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drones, still. Fun to paint but kinda slow going

>> No.73881232

My mantra for GW is “Hope for nothing, expect disappointment”. Really helps when they release even MORE marines.

>> No.73881263

Least fun models I've painted for Nurgle, power to you anon

>> No.73881284

No magic

>> No.73881295

Post Yvraine conversion. Could be interesting.
Seriously you need two to three Sinrai (or whatever) in the army, and multiples of that already ehh model will not look good.
Any conversion ideas are welcome

>> No.73881306

So it's just the center of the realm, conveniently where 90% of its inhabitants are.

>> No.73881309 [DELETED] 

So how is your HRT going on?

>> No.73881321

Late September.
Because we have a lot of Necrons to release after all the new Primaris Marine stuff.
And dont you bitch about Primaris. They literally fund AoS so if they have to get a solid month so we can have cool armies, so be it

>> No.73881331

>So it's just the center of the realm,
Nope it looks like a different setting

>> No.73881334

What army do you play anon

>> No.73881355

No way that loser has models.

>> No.73881356 [DELETED] 

Why do you asking, we are discussing your mentally illness.

>> No.73881376

Haven't even started yet. I'm thinking a different head, or at least tilt it down so she looks more sombre, bend the dress train down and stand her on a tall rock or something. Not quite sure yet but yes, 2-3 Cathallars is a must.

What is HRT?

>> No.73881383

I'd say go loot the aquarium decorations at your nearest pet store or supermarket. They have a lot of rock formations and half-buried skulls and stuff that look great on game boards with some additional painting. Your board looks good, but I'm a bit concerned if minis are going to be stay stable on top of that, though.

>> No.73881395

Aaaaand it's the ESL slav shitter. Of course.

>> No.73881401

I'm not LRL anon, just curious if you had a real answer or just shitposting

>> No.73881403 [DELETED] 

>What is HRT?
Reason of your future suicide

>> No.73881406

>why are you asking about age of sigmar in the age of sigmar thread
Found the sub-100 IQlet

>> No.73881414
File: 278 KB, 340x512, Warhammer_Witch_Elves.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73881424

The pic isn't mine, but it's from the tutorial I followed, so they look pretty similar. Mine actually has just a couple of elevated places instead of being everywhere like in the pic. I assumed it'd be more flexible if I made the hills separate so I could place them wherever I wanted each game.
>I'd say go loot the aquarium decorations at your nearest pet store or supermarket. They have a lot of rock formations and half-buried skulls and stuff that look great on game boards with some additional painting.
Good idea. I'll check what I can find.

>> No.73881435

>Age of Sigmar General
More like secondary general. You fags better bye some 40k before the end of the week.

>> No.73881442

so you mean to say its made an entire legion and their big narrative centerpiece hero viable now instead of just nagash/arkhan cheese?

i also disagree that it will be the only build. katakross does still let them have access to the +1 save, but now at a 500 pts tax instead of free. i know thats not all he does, but they now have to work for that save bonus.

meanwhile petrifex does still have access to the -1 rend CA which is big for damage output on mortek guard taking them to rend 2, so i think petrifex will still see play

i think it encourages unit diversity because its a bigger defensive loss for mortek, who dont benefit at all from the rerolls, while all the other units do benefit from the reroll 1s, i dont take your point at all that the other units are in a worse boat in petrifex than mortek now

i think you're missing several key points here.

also clarify what you mean by hemdar?

>> No.73881446

>asking for a second wave when several armies haven't even gotten a first wave yet
Begone, thot.

>> No.73881462

thanks, yeah 3 has been taking awhile, honestly not pumped to do 3 more

>> No.73881486 [DELETED] 

I'm going to commit suicide in the future?! Cool! Tell me more about what's in store for my life?
>Will I ever learn to skate again after the horrific harvest accident?
>Does my lost dog return home?
>Do I learn to love again?

Tell me, oh prescient one!

>> No.73881509

>>why are you asking about age of sigmar
You didn't asked about Age of Sigmar

>> No.73881522

why are you complete clowns even replying at this point? are you ALL ben?

>> No.73881529

How you doing Ivan

>> No.73881588

What Slaanesh do you have right now? Can you post anything hmm painted?

>> No.73881591

My KO dropped 100pts. With this change I was able to slot in the Iron Sky Command battalion and got a shiny voidstone for my navigator and the best Ironclad upgrade: The Dealbreaker Ram. I'm excited about it at least.

List looks like this:
Barak Urbaz

General: Arkanaut Admiral
-Mask Hailer
-War Wound
-Voidorb whatever it's called who cares
Endrinmaster in harness
Endrinmaster in harness

Ironclad w/ Cannon
-Breath of Morgrim (the useless shit)
Ironclad w/ Cannon
-The Chadbreaker ram

10x Arkanauts
10x Arkanauts
Gunhauler w/ Cannon

3x Endrinriggers
3x Endrinriggers

Iron Sky Command

>> No.73881621
File: 1.06 MB, 953x1023, KhaineWarhammer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>caring about irrelevant armies like Beerbellies of Behemat

By Khaine you people are dogs

>> No.73881623

Genuinely curious what HRT is. Nevermind, I'll get back to the hobby stuff.

I have plenty of spare Sisters of the thorn and Sisters of the watch bits (built wild riders and shadow warriors for my CoS) that would be able to make a decent Cathallar.

I'm seeing a few fun list builds for the LRL but I think my go-to lists will either be "casting heavy Zaitrec" or "MSU Iliatha"

I'm tempted to run an Akhelian king with 2-3 units of Dawn Riders. I'd convert him up to look more LRL and give it wings to justify the FLY rule. Make it more like a dragon.

>> No.73881645
File: 2.73 MB, 3264x1836, AAC64971-447D-41DB-9BFB-8DE660FECB0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been working on some simple bases for my gryph-chargers. Quite low effort but it’s my second try using GW’s crackle paint.

>> No.73881669

I dunno, those came out pretty nice. The crackle paint looks perfect

>> No.73881681


if someone refuses to play against wildwood templates and demands the sylvie actually lugs around four fucking plastic bricks or doesnt get to do their faction thing, I will happily tell them to go fuck themselves.

and I dont even play sylvaneth. but terrain is CLUNKY and EXPENSIVE. don't dick someone just because they cant be assed by the least exciting part of the game.

>> No.73881694

>2 ironclads
The madman

>> No.73881698

looks great! although i'd go with a black base rim too give it some more contrast

>> No.73881715

Ugly fat bastards gonna NTR you hard just you wait

>> No.73881717

Every unit that lost that +1 save in Pertifex is worse off than the Mortek because at least the Mortek have pay to reroll their save, and can easily get people back if you have a harvester nearby. They can still be tanky.
Everyone else, deathriders, all the heros, crawler, harvester just lost +1 save and have no defensive bonuses for protection. They are all worse off for it.
What I meant about Hermdar is that Hermdar works on a similar concept (incredibly tanky with Hearthguard/Command Trait/unstoppable prayers) while still being incredibly offensive (just 2" reach (incredibly...) Hearthguard with Always Strike First CA AND a fight twice in the battalion you will literally always bring). Yet THAT broken as fuck combo has remained untouched for months.

>> No.73881723

>but I'm told the most fun
maybe for the obr player.

>> No.73881727


lmao they're just playing blood bowl in the midst of your AOS game, passing terrain and shit

>> No.73881730

more like, made me think of a soon poster finally giving up. couple of big brains aren't you?

>> No.73881736

> double ironclad
True Boat Chad strutting in this bitch

>> No.73881754

Thanks anons. I thought about going for a darker rim but my autism demanded I use the same rim color as all my other bases. I hope you’ll understand.

>> No.73881757

your fists can probably rend aluminum foil, right? scale up

>> No.73881760

More than good enough anon, wont take away from the models while still looking good

>> No.73881767
File: 944 KB, 1000x1097, sylvaneth16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok AOS CHADS. I fuckin love kurnoth and 90% of Sylvaneth Models. I want to make them semi competetive army. I do not want to spam driads. Pleas anons help

>> No.73881769

of course, all my rims are black for the same reason anon

>> No.73881774

As a Sylvaneth player, I would say it's part of playing the fucking army.
I had 9 stands of the old trees, and then bought more of the new ones. It's a cost of playing the army. Why should lazy/poor players get a fucking pass? I also wouldnt let someone 'count as' their fucking models or faction terrain. If cost is a problem why the fuck are you in this hobby? Dont lessen my experience just because you are too poor or lazy.

>> No.73881780

looking good - do you pin the minis onto them?

>> No.73881811
File: 185 KB, 900x435, IMG_20200410_122656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can post my extremely WIP steed that I painted ages ago as a color scheme and scale effect test. I'll probably go for a lighter skin tone for my final scheme. I recently (as in couple years ago) moved to a whole another continent, so my hobbying has been on a backburner for a long time.

As to what I have, I'm sitting on the Slaanesh half of W&R, a box or two of Hellstriders, some extra Diaznettes, and a bunch of random oldhammer minis like the titsnake, Azazel and the Slaanesh beastman commander. Going to go for a mostly mounted army with some Chaos Knights and a mortal lord thrown in.

>> No.73881814

This, if you want to proxy plastic army men for handgunners or whatever just stick to your friend circles

>> No.73881833

Spam Kurnoth Hunter blobs (9/12) in dreadwood.
Get a Branchwraith with throne of vines, the spirit staff, and the endless spell.
Your only play is to hope to cast the endless spell, roll a 2+ for the Hunters, and teleport them in the enemy face.
FYI, Seraphon and LRL can effortlessly kill the strat, but good luck.
Also FYI Sylvaneth are barely even semi competitive good luck

>> No.73881834
File: 1.60 MB, 4032x1960, 20200717_215217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


blue, because the other guy is objectively trash at life

what's it like being a tiny shriveled sponge bent bristles artlet? asking because I will never know.

>> No.73881844

are ironclads even worth it over frigates, seems like they just look cooler to me.

>> No.73881848

Oh, and the 40k bike base is because at the time the Seekers box came with either WHFB or 40k bases. It was early AoS.

>> No.73881850

Play Living City.

>> No.73881854

Considering gryphchargers are posed leaping or running, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to.
My vanguard-hunters I simply glued on bases but they have a wide stance with flat feet giving a large contact area.
That was the goal, thanks anon.
I’m a student of the Steel Legion Drab base myself.

>> No.73881865

tfw 90% of the local club is grey blob armies

>> No.73881868

Yes, yes, and yes.
They can actually carry a unit and a hero, they have more than double the firepower, and their custom boat traits arent hot trash. This, along with a better save, make them a stronger choice.
Frigates are dead last on the usefulness scale for KO boats

>> No.73881871

they're supposed to be worse, it was a nerf.

>> No.73881880


I bought two ironclads in the first edition book because frigates sucked ass and I wanted a painting project. Turns out ironclads also sucked ass but when I dredged this army out when the new came out, it turns out your opponent can't score points when their army is reduced to paste by ironclads flying high around the battlefield.

And if anyone plays KO and doesn't charge an ironclad filled with angry dwarves into people, I have no idea why they're even playing the army.

Frigates to me are legit trash. They don't have the armor, their capacity is poor, and they can't pump out the damage. Ironclads also bait your opponent into believing they can kill it and cripple your army.
Pro-tip: They can't.

>> No.73881887

i usually only do steel legion when i do darker basing. it looks great though

>> No.73881888

Unfortunately this is a 'yes' for my area.
Its fucking embarrassing. There are so many you cant even shame them. If I take a hard line, I dont even get to play. It's literally myself and one other person who play with fully painted and based armies.
I fucking hate it.

>> No.73881906

My headcanon is that daughters have a bunch of futas in their ranks and that morathi makes new melusai and kinerai like that.

>> No.73881911

hormone replacement therapy, they're calling you a tranny because they are worthless and unoriginal, possibly because you play moo elf
by Ptra there is nothing worse than an elf

>> No.73881935

No shit, but it also doesnt 'encourage diverse unit selection!!!!!' Like that retarded anon was talking about.
It just makes people turn to MP with Katakros. Or stay in Pertifex but double down on Mortek blobs, the very thing that was causing all the butt hurt in the first place.

>> No.73881940
File: 438 KB, 651x1500, The Wild Hunt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sadly, >>73881850 is correct. Sylvaneth actually play better as a CoS army in Living Cities. If it is genuinely the aesthetic of Sylvaneth that appeals to you, convert Sylvaneth into other armies. You could make Shadow Warriors, Sisters of the watch and wild riders (who all benefit from the living cities stuff) from Sylvaneth models.

>> No.73881948
File: 256 KB, 1060x753, Warriors_of_chaos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

STD newcomer question;
Even if undivided daemon princes doesn't exist(in this book), can I take a khorne one alongside my undivided troops or can you not mix marks in your army?

>> No.73881953

Sounds shit to play against desu. I try to avoid creating negative experiences for people, even if ko looks cool as a hobby project.

>> No.73881955

genuinely makes me wonder why they even spend money buying actual minis, if they're just grey you might aswell use chesspieces or any other standin

>> No.73881972

You can mix marks

>> No.73881997

Its more diversity by default because it remove "the build".

>> No.73882000

Carrier capacities are dogshit for frigates I agree, they really need to make unit restrictions rather than bodies in general so you can actually take some arkanauts in a frigate and use it as a legit transport

>> No.73882007

Ah ok, thanks. I'm sure it's funny and/or insulting in some circles.

>> No.73882009
File: 2.48 MB, 4032x1960, 20200721_135454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


gw crackle paint is ass. This is "Ranger Ink texture paste (opaque crackle)", it costs a quarter the GW stuff, actually cracks instead of deciding not to, and is durable enough to THROW at a wall and experienced ZERO flaking (Yes, I wanted to know if I was going to have a problem with flaking, I did just that).

it's a better product. best of luck.

>> No.73882040

Most people play to win games senpai.

>> No.73882047

Curious, so if I go with the ravagers subfaction, can I Khorne mark my lord on croc and go undivided for my sorcerer and their respective auras go into play when I choose what hero is my general for that round? If so that's pretty sick

>> No.73882058

Why would you not be able to mix marks?

>> No.73882059

>primaris releases
>necron releases
>underworlds warbands
>the rest of the lumineth
SoB are the last on this list. Do not expect them until everything else is out.

>> No.73882073

>If so that's pretty sick
It is. Which is a shame because people ignore that and just spam summon marauders.

>> No.73882080


great, but you're complaining about having people to play against. I, personally, would rather have fun than gatekeep, because that's how I roll.

you're totally right, were playing with toy soldiers. that's just a fact. paint doesnt make it a real thing. if someone wants to use chess pieces against my well-painted army; I dont give a shit. you paint for yourself, not to please anyone else.

>> No.73882084

yeah, a shame isn't it.

>> No.73882086

You can take advantage of switching auras AND spam summon marauders my friend.

>> No.73882090
File: 525 KB, 464x624, ultra chad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fuck. So I should buy some wood elves for battleline in Living City and than spam Kurnoth Hunters blobs? Is Sylvaneth really that bad?

>> No.73882092

Got a spare 70 points in my Ossiarchs army thanks to the points changes. Not enough to really do much with. My only caster is arkhan any ideas what endless spells I should pick up for him? The Ossiarch ones don't seem worth because of the soul linked rule meaning I can only actually use one which sucks because all 3 of them are exactly 70 points

>> No.73882099
File: 524 KB, 2048x1536, 1576342850772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where are the multiparts? I already painted up my SC box and I want to have more than 500 points.

>> No.73882108

It kinda is for a lot of people sugoi.
This is a tournament list because of it.

Sort of like how my everchosen list was not for "comfy" games either.

>> No.73882109

Not really, no. Games are usually better when both players are engaged and trying to win. Ironclads cost almost 500 points apiece, I'm not worried about some dude spending half his list to actually do stuff.

>> No.73882110

God I wish I could put the new chaos knights on top of the varanguard mounts. The varanguard riders look so bad.

>> No.73882127

this army is so fucking coool

>> No.73882134

It's cool how that giant fucking magic axe has 0 rend. Not even -1.

>> No.73882151

Warscroll stats are completely arbitrary, they don't really care about what the model is actually representing.

>> No.73882188

No, it just made 'the build' worse, but didnt create a viable alternative. So now it's either 'the build but worse' or Katakros in MP for ANOTHER 'the build but worse' (for less offense this time).
A GOOD nerd would have been 'models with 4 or more wounds get +1 save' if you wanted more variety. Suddenly, maybe stalkers might be worth is versus only 4+ save Mortek.
Instead, it's still Mortek spam.

>> No.73882200

That is how the ravanger faction was envisioned
Instead, because LOL AoS Design Team!!!! We got marauder spam.

>> No.73882210

To be fair I haven't really looked into them much since their update because I was mostly unimpressed and other stuff was coming out that appealed to me more. But as most anons have said, they don't really stand out in any part of the game anymore. The wood elves play closer to what Sylvaneth used to be than Sylvaneth do. My living cities list is fairly competitive but I'm pretty casual so it probably won't win comps or anything.

What sort of play style are you looking for my dude? Sylvaneth models are fucking cool and fun to convert with. You may be able to find an army that suits your play style better and convert up "counts as" stuff.

>> No.73882247

Thank you. It's probably the army I am most proud of. I haven't had a game with them since the new Mawtribes book dropped.

>> No.73882263

Thanks for the tip mate, I’ll definitely check it out. It seems to make pretty big cracks, how does it work for finer, thinner cracks?

>> No.73882268

Honestly even the Wanderers in Living City could do with some points shaved off now Dark Elves and Dwarves have gotten it. But like Eternal Guard, Sisters of the Watch, Sisters of the Thorn and Wild Riders are all reasonable. I am annoyed you can't have a guy on a Forest Dragon or giant eagle/hawk but I guess you can get your monsters from Sylvaneth. Their allegiance abilities are pretty good, the command ability is quite strong, the lore is decent and stuff like the Wardroth Horn is fun to play around with. Eternal Guard in particular are really good at holding ground.

>> No.73882286


>> No.73882288

You can literally do both.

>> No.73882295

No shit paint doesnt make it real you fucking autist. And expecting players to have the MINIATURES to play a MINIATURES game isnt fucking 'gatekeeping'- it's the bare fucking minimum to play the MINIATURE wargame.
> p p paint d d doesnt matter!!!
Get the fuck out of here hobbylet if you can't be asked to paint your models why arent you playing vidya or TTS or some shit.
Real players want a game with painted and based miniatures on a nice battlefield. Fuck off with your low effort shit. You literally cry and whine to drag people down to your level of pathetic mediocrity and cry GaTeKeEpInG when people arent having any of your zero effort shit.
Faggots like you drag down this hobby. You are already a drag and disappointment in your own life dont fucking bring that mess into my free time

>> No.73882306

Anon you have to be blind to not see which one is the most influential, both in the game and what people talk about.

>> No.73882322

that's not a nerf at all, it does nothing.

>> No.73882329

You can literally do both! It's not either/or! Flip your general, new aura, new summon.

>> No.73882351

Not him, but of course it does. The main problem with petrifex was 3+ save rerolling mortek guard spam. With that change, mortek guard don't benefit from being petrifex, so there's more incentive to take the bigger constructs.

>> No.73882372

Anon the general thing literally doesn't matter when you are spam summoning marauders that aren't even in range for the aura and can't even get marks.

>> No.73882381

you missed the point again about the saves.

mortek guard already reroll saves, therefore they gain no additional defensive benefit from the reroll ones

everybody else does not have access to reroll saves (outside of stalkers which can choose another option), and get the reroll 1s, meaning that everybody EXCEPT mortek guard benefit from the trait. so the part about everybody, death riders, crawler, harvester, etc losing the +1 save and not getting a defensive bonus is outright false. they just got access to reroll 1s to save, which is a bonus that largely doesnt benefit mortek guard. theres even more reason not to take mortek guard in petrifex.

and while the harvester only really work with mortek, arkhan, nagash, boneshapers, and katakross can all ressurect kavalos deathriders just fine, and can still heal wounded stalkers and morghasts and crawlers as well

and yes, the hermdar combo is broken, but it has received some nerfs (albiet too slight), reducing the unit size of the berserkers so you cant fit as many at once with a smiters tunnel. it does still need additional tuning, but the fyreslayers book is held together by a single unit and combo, the rest of it is mediocre trash. bonereapers on the other hand have several good combos and crawlers will always keep the army consistently good. you could cost mortek crawlers at 300 pts and they'd still be worth it

>> No.73882394

Yes Sylvaneth are that bad.
Honestly, Kurnoth Hunters arent that much better, or even better at all, in CoS. Alarielle and Durthu are better... because they can abuse the 'shoot and move closer' CA in Living Cities, but very little else in Sylvaneth is better in CoS. You lose the ability to make more trees, you have zero options to get more CP, you are restricted to 1 in 4 Sylvaneth units for CoS units, you lose the cheap Sylvaneth Outcast Battalion for 3 cheap battleline, a CP, and an artifact, you lose Sylvaneth artifacts...
Sylvaneth in general are in a bad place, no matter what CoS fags try to sell it (endlessly hyping their book as a Gift from God and not a poorly balanced book of scraps thrown together).

>> No.73882398

I am pretty clueless still, the idea of mixing is sweet
Honestly thought you had to run mono mark for an army, this opens up so much narrative fun
Very cool, wont run marauders at all, just want chads in heavy plate

>> No.73882417
File: 233 KB, 1187x600, 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Very cool, wont run marauders at all, just want chads in heavy plate
What a chad. Welcome to the army, brother.

>> No.73882427

nah people just run the exact same shit.

>> No.73882435

Holy shit I'm done wasting time on a literal retard like yourself.

>> No.73882439

ironically sylvaneth are actually better in living cities. especially drycha and spirit of durthu, who can both use the living cities command ability to outlfank+shoot+move+charge for guaranteed charges off the board edge

>> No.73882442

Vince has strong opinions. Some of them are very very wrong. But he has passion and that's cool.

>> No.73882445

Why would I mix BS and Ironjawz in a big waaagh list?

>> No.73882454

Thanks anon, those yours?

>> No.73882464

So lazy and stupid I can't hate

>> No.73882469

Nah, too much trouble converting when the current chosen look great already, even if they are resin.

>> No.73882471

Don't let this thread meme you out of Marauders, one unit is very useful.

>> No.73882476
File: 2.15 MB, 4032x1960, 20200721_142326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I applied VERY THICKLY over half-dry Elmer's All Purpose White PVA glue for GIANT CRACKS.

Chaos Warrio for scale. at the front, you see a representative sample of a thin coat on a spot where there was no glue. all my bases were for Mournfang so I have no good sample for a regular base without giant cracks.

even so, the very thin layer of almost-flaked paste on the front is deceptive; it's rock hard and not very brittle. it looks like its delicate but I just ran my finger over it three times and none chipped.

>> No.73882486

He doesn't need memes to keep him from buying marauders. The shit models are enough.

>> No.73882498

That looks pretty good, thanks anon

>> No.73882537

Understandable, biggest plus of a multipart kit for warriors would be bashing together chosen and chaos lords
Got plenty of bits from my maggotkin I'd love to use
No worries anon, simply dislike the idea of running them
If anything I want mildly kitbashed cultist bands fitting the army come onto the board from swapping between the generals

>> No.73882541

Different anon chiming in, that's why I'm going to take the unit of Marauders I have and get a box of Splintered Fang and/or Untamed Beasts and/or Kairic Acolytes and run them as mixed squads of Marauders. After all, the idea of marauders is that they shouldn't really be uniform, just a bunch of buff mortals with varying types of weapons and armor, whatever they've picked up along the Path to Glory

>> No.73882549

>tfw opposite
Too bad marauders look like shit and cultists have the etb side game tax.

>> No.73882562 [DELETED] 

How does this look for a Bloodgullet list?
The Butcher and Slaughtermaster would stick behind their respective glutton/irongut blobs while using magic to buff them.
Leadbelchers would just fuck around on the sides, they're there for the battalions.
Gnashing Jaws is for flavor and to fill points since I didn;t have enough for an extra command point. Also, it is fun.

>> No.73882570
File: 114 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200512_002738_303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post models, faggot. let's see your "art". All my minis look like this, can you say the same?

im just not an absolute FAGGOT who demands autistically that my opponent slathers two layers of paint on their chess pieces.

my art is my art, my games are my games. dont get them confused. You're just a screeching retard, cawing maniacally about how they're ruining your game. The fact is, I choose to enjoy my time painting.

If someone wants to play instead of paint, that's their choice. I'm not some fucking virgin who freaks out when people play their chess pieces unpainted.

>> No.73882598

I agree with your side of the argument but you don't exactly come across as temperate and in-it-for-fun with this type of post

>> No.73882600

its very simple, you run cultist as marauders like a sensible person.

>> No.73882604


>> No.73882618

How does this look for a Bloodgullet list?
The general strategy would be to have each battalion take an opposite side of the board and keep the troops within the butcher/slaughtermaster support range

>> No.73882622

big dick post.

vince teaches people to paint for free. no patreon faggotry. just good painting guides from an objectively talented man.

I don't like coomers, and I don't like people playing 40k armies in Fantasy settings, but if you think the wh community is worse without him you're probably not smart.

>> No.73882623

First of all, Hermdat received 0 nerfs, and they got a discount on Hearthguard, so really it's a net gain. Competitively speaking 20 was the way to go, and then they fucking gave 20 hearthguard a fucking discount.
Second, the reroll ones (in MELEE ONLY CANT MAKE IT TOO GOOD NOW!) still isnt enough to make something other than Mortek blobs more attractive then Mortek blobs when the blobs are STILL more defensive. Against anything that actually WANTS to be in combat, aka things where being defensive actually matter, a reroll 1s is going to do jack shit to make that unit of Deathriders, stalkers, Harvester, etc actually survive worth a damn.
Mortek blobs (the problem with Pertifex) will still be the go to. It's just now less good.
Literally nothing else is magically 'more viable' now.

>> No.73882639

>Understandable, biggest plus of a multipart kit for warriors would be bashing together chosen and chaos lords
Yeah. I had all sorts of conversions in mind, from chariots with the charioteers in different poses, alternative shrinekeepers, exalted heroes, lords, sorcerers, chosen... and then we just got an ETB SC box. Pretty disappointing, not gonna lie. Suppose we'll just have to wait.
Problem is cultists are their own units, are monopose and don't really fit with the rest of the army.

>> No.73882641

The chad craftsman who makes his own terrain Vs the virgin who begs his mommy gf to allow him some extra pocket money to spend on GW wyldwaeds tm
But really, the winner is the virgin

>> No.73882658

corporate request we use the term eightfold path as the path to glory sets up unrealistic expectations in a small minority (98.3%) of new converts.

>> No.73882675

it's ok. not amazing, not terrible. whats the context? you going for competitive tuned or friendly games?

its pretty thin on heroes, and the heroes you do have are a bit flimsy, which is gonna be a problem if you run into one of the missions that requires a hero to hold it

also i'd strongly recommend dual weapons on the gluttons, not the ironfists

>> No.73882680

AFAIK in Scourge of Fate they used eightfold path quite a lot. God I loved that book. It was a continuous chaosgasm.

>> No.73882683

Because you want to buff a Rogue Idol with BS magic and warchanter +1 Damage into a rape machine.
That's honestly about it. Another argument could be you want BS bodies to quickly get to 20 WAAGH points to fuel Hardboy rape, but generally Ironjawz with Gordrak will get there pretty quick anyway... so its moot

>> No.73882685

Yeah, my friends don't take issue with that but my lgs does.
Plus they're monopose, shit janky rules lacking flavour, 6+ saves for untamed, etc. I just want good barbarian sculpts why gw why

>> No.73882708

As someone who generally dislikes chaos, mostly because of the fanbase, Scourge of Fate ignited an appreciation for StD/Chaos in me. It was a fun read.

>> No.73882712

Yeah, I thought as much. For Ironjawz bw I'd take the cheaper Greenskinz instead probably. They're worse but 50pts cheaper for 10.
Bonesplitterz are just too similar to Ironjawz in function, I don't think I'd take anything other than a Warchanter or Gordrakk.

>> No.73882721

Memes aside, GW will eventually release multiparts for StD. I expect a new warrior/chosen dual kit (hopefully with all the weapon options, even if the halberds are just bit swaps with the greatblades, meaning chosen get weapon options once more), a new knight kit, a new marauder kit (probably replacing the flails with javelins or hrowing axes) and a new marauder horsemen kit (again, replacing the flails with throwing axes).

>> No.73882723

They fit in fine, and they aren't a unit really. No one is seriously running cultist. I don't see it as a problem. If you don't want to use them than whatever, gw isn't making new marauders anytime soon.

>> No.73882725

This is just for friendly pickup stuff, so I'm not too worried about being competitive, I just don't want something that'll get annihilated in one turn.
I meant to give the gluttons dual weapons, I just keep forgetting that ironfists are the default on the Warscroll Builder.

>> No.73882747

>They fit in fine
Not really. Their aesthetic is pretty different, they look like units from another army. Their weapon and armour style is different and they don't even have common symbols or heraldry.
>and they aren't a unit really. No one is seriously running cultist.
That doesn't change the fact that they are an actual unit, even if they shouldn't.

>> No.73882773


apologies, but look at what I'm working with here. I tried being more temperate but this dude literally turned into a Kairic acolyte and started squawking wildly about why his poorly painted minis make him better than all the people he has to 'debase' himself by playing with. he's literally doing the boomer argument of "in my day it was hard so everyone else should suffer because I did" instead of just having a little empathy and just playing the game. hobby is hobby, game is game.

also, the friendless retard called me an artlet. that's hilarious. I might be many things - lazy with assembly, purchaser of recasts - but to pretend that being not-autistic about paintjobs and having high effort paintjobs preclude one another? Peak, maximum effort autism.

and the dude didn't even post models so tldr he's a dickless faggot and I'm happy to play against your cardboard cut out wildwood, your Black Templar Stormcast, or your Chamonite freecity. I don't care bro, let's have a smoke, have a drink, roll some bones, talk a little shit.

Basically let's have a good time, and shun the dickless virgin autist who values 'purity' over all else

>> No.73882801

yeah, i mean its good. unless theres a reason you are specifically going for 2 drop, i'd drop one of the batallions to squeeze in another slaughtermaster. in blood gullet you generally want 3 wizards.

getting rid of one of the batallions would also let you combine the ironguts into an 8 man unit which will let them roll impact hits on 4s instead of 6s, which is big, and lets you concentrate spells on more models per cast (always buff the ironguts when possible), and running that many gluttons in such large units without a tyrant or some allied fungoid shamans for more CP means you are likely to lose some to battleshock at some point, so be ready for that

>> No.73882807

First of all faggot, IF this is even YOUR MODELS, you dont even have an army, nor have you ever fucking played.
So why dont you just fuck right off with your no games bullshit?
If this is even your bitch ass they DLNT EVEN HAVE A FULL ARMY AND STARTED 3 MONTHS AGO.
But nice talk about I NEVER REFUSE GAMES!!!!!

>> No.73882870

I've been there. The point is that ya gotta try to view those types of posts as calculated specifically to wind you up. If it actually is some friendless autist who actually thinks whatever inane bullshit they posted in whatever childishly combative way, you are just going to bounce off of their worldview, and they're deeply inured to verbal abuse and social pressure already by dint of their disability.

>> No.73882874

Damn. Dude paints amazing.

>> No.73882904
File: 1.22 MB, 1239x1922, 20200721_195022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After around 11 days, I finished my unit of 6 Ogres. Quite happy with how they've turned out.

>> No.73882925

lookin good ben!

>> No.73882930
File: 333 KB, 1110x418, khorn units.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.73882931

Looking good, anon. I like the tattoos, are those transfers or freehanded?

>> No.73882957

Ah man the line of squished fat down the ogre backs remind me of my old fat neighbor sunbathing in the nude

>> No.73882963
File: 2.65 MB, 4032x1960, 20200721_145228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I played in middle school, and now I play again, faggot. I bought this model when it came out. I won a voucher in GW for yelling WAAAAAAAGH the the longest when the LGS opened up near my middle school. Tell me more about how no one plays with you.

and you STILL havent posted models, because you cant paint, and the only thing that makes you feel superior is the patchy basecoat on your miniatures.

>> No.73882995 [DELETED] 

Those tattoos are crisp as fuark, I love how these guys have turned out. I only wish it were possible for the gluttons to have two sword like they can with the clubs.
I assume this is something along the lines of what you mean? Shame I had to drop Ravenak for it, but having all the troops in the same battalion is pretty convenient.

>> No.73883000


thanks! you'll note that AOS is my new quarantine hobby; but I played Lizardmen in middle school. most of the army is lost, but I have a metal sabertusk, kroq gar, and Icebrow Hunter left over, which is great because autistanon really thought he "got me" by linking my well-painted minis and my new AOS account.

>> No.73883032
File: 8 KB, 219x200, Nurgling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nurgle :3

>> No.73883033

Freehand. Very basic shapes honestly.

Check out the circle method for doing maws, I found it quite helpful:


>> No.73883070

>Khorgorath in A

>> No.73883094

Stinky nerd

>> No.73883102

by what metric

>> No.73883111

I'm honestly amazed you managed to get those results in just 3 months without having attempted NMM before. I've tried many times but I never get any good results.

>> No.73883118

that poor carnosaur! I really find the Trish C lizardmen to be pretty charming

>> No.73883133
File: 43 KB, 600x563, Sad_Nurgle_Deamon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73883163

how good units are in the army.
see what units are in the lower tiers. they aint good, but they are the lesser degrees of bad

>> No.73883167


if you go back, you'll see they're triggered because I don't mind playing vs unpainted armies. It's not like I started by speaking their language. besides, someone like that is inured to that from strangers, but having a board of what they likely consider peers say "bro that opinion is fucking whack" is more likely to work, and seeing as they're clearly a deep rooted 4chan autist, you need to put in slurs or the word based every other word or they just can't understand you.

meanwhile this idiot is trying to dox me. lmao. Pathetic.

>> No.73883240


put some respekk on grymloq name!

I honestly thought it was so cool that the lizardman king rides the raptor dinobot transformer

>> No.73883291

miniac, squidmar, vince. I actually think Latham videos aren't very good for someone with my limited skillset. there's a big assumption that you have good brush control and all. ofc it makes sense, new painter's not gonna be the target audience for a master class.

>> No.73883340

To be honest, my brush control sucks and I've been painted for almost a decade by now, but it's mainly that I just give up because it takes so much time and I want my armies painted, so metallic paints work just as well for a fraction of the effort and time.

>> No.73883342

squidmars orc-skin tutorial is still the single most usefull miniature vid i've seen

>> No.73883345

Hey tg, noob here who’s been browsing armies and making lists for fun. While looking at HoS I found the SyllEsske host from WD. It looks alright, but it does better if you have equal amounts of mortal and demon units. How would you get equal amounts while only 1 of 4 units can be allies and 20% of your points values. Am I missing something on how you can get StD in a chaos army?

>> No.73883386

Yes, through marks, and also, the HoS tome has mortal units (though very few) - if you were going straight slaanesh you'd need to spam hellstriders I think

>> No.73883398

StD units can get marks when you select them for your list, giving them the SLAANESH keyword, so they become part of the roster, you don't have to ally them in.

>> No.73883401


so you tried to dox me and instead you look like an idiot since I played WHFB 7E, people are complimenting my well painted models, and I've had multiple pleasant back and forths on this board.

maybe it's time to reconsider how you see things, because that backfired pretty bad.

>> No.73883428


brief aside? I thought i was a straight guy but I'd bang squidmar. never too late to find yourself I guess.

>> No.73883442

Wow. That's so wrong on so many levels !
S tier is OK, everything else is stupid levels of wrong

>> No.73883457


chaos is honestly so nice as a beginner because you can just try out 5 different armies.

>> No.73883476

make a better list.

>> No.73883484

Yeah, and the model range is pretty damn good, except StD. StD is in a very strange situation in that regard that I think it benefits no one.

>> No.73883571

i'm working on it.
One of the problems is that this tier list only compares internal balance.
Compare blood reavers to chaos marauders or blood warriors to chaos warriors and everything in khorne is shite.

>> No.73883578

Tier works: big axe thirster, skarbrand.
Tier random crap: everything else.

>> No.73883604

Is this by looks or by power? desu it's hard to tell, even factoring in opinions.

Assuming this is just for fun pickup games, but in those types of lists I like to skip battalions unless they have some fun effect, as drops are much less important in casual games and you get more points to play more dudes - and the list is feeling light on heroes.

With the caveat that I'm bcr anon so take my advice with a grain of salt - you should add a frostlord on stonehorn and give him the splattercleaver 100%.

>> No.73883631
File: 337 KB, 1110x418, khorne crap tiers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go. Even the bloodthirsters are only in S if they're in the right subfaction and if they get to trigger their one trick pony

>> No.73883675

>the useless bloodthirsters in S
>skull altar in A
>stroker in a
>slaughter priest not in S
>secrator not in S
>skullreapers not D
>flesh hounds not at least B
this has to be bait

>> No.73883737

Not him, but skullreapers do work, never let me down.

>> No.73883784

then your meta is pretty soft. skullreapers lack a battlefield role and you are usually better of with wrathmongers

>> No.73883892

Bitch you are still fucking wrong on the argument.
I'll freely admit you paint better than me, and I'll freely admit I really dont like painting either.
It doesnt change the fact that grey tide, proxy models faggots, are lazy and a blight on this fucking game.
Effort, any fucking effort, into painting and basing is better than 'nah I just dont feel like it' and 'can I count this cutout/whatever the fuck as [blank]' for either laziness, being poor or whatever your reason is.
If you are too lazy to even TRY to paint, despite more easy short cuts, painting videos, etc available than literally ever before, get the fuck out. If you cant afford to buy models, but also insist on poorfagging to play some list jank, get the fuck out.
If GWs attitude toward 40k is any indication (and it 100 percent is) then I cant wait for all the lazy grey tide fags to literally be penalized in game for their laziness.
It's the top of hypocriticy for some fucking boomer who hasnt played a fucking game, by his own admission, since fucking 7th to get on his high horse about OH BUT I WOULD NEVER.... WOW GATEKEEPING!!! For some people wanting the other player to put forth the minimum effort, if not for themselves, but for the person across the table.
TLDR fuck off faggot you proved literally nothing

>> No.73883923
File: 510 KB, 1512x2016, 20200721_153456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh and here are some WIP ballon bois.
A fucking pain to paint, but hey, you got to at least try to not be a grey tide fag.

>> No.73883964

suck my red dong.
All the bloodthirsters are better than everything else, yes even the worst one.
A tier is good, but not amazing. When your endless spells are tied to a shitty 6 wound hero with a 5+ save, no ward and no healing, then that's A at best. Same goes for the stoker and the secrator.
The altar is free, but doesn't actually do much if there's no magic around. So the army of bloodshed has an altar of skulls that has no effect whatsoever on killing, bloodshed, sacrifice.....You're right it should be lower.

Skullreapers comboed with some extra attacks can actually blend shit by fishing for 6's. It's one of the better units in the book, and that's saying something. Don't compare them to the high elf spearmen who are going to dish out a whole lot more damage fishing for 5+'s

fleshhounds are cool and useful yes, but aren't all that fast and drop liek flies and their "special weapon" dog is a joke.

It isn't b8, m8, it's someone who actually plays the army without 4 or 5 BTs in reapers of vengeance. I know how lacklustre everything is.

>> No.73883996

Looks like the beginnings of a neat color scheme.
Wardens or riggers?

>> No.73884022

With the new points I have about 2600 points of Slaanesh std, what would be a good second army for buddies to play against me?

>> No.73884031

I agree that the other anon seems to have a soft meta, however wrathmongs aren't great either.
Skull reapers were overcosted before lumineth arrived, now they're around 80pts overcosted.
no special rules like ignore wards with their daemon weapons.
no special weapon despite the kit containing special weapons.
kicks back MWs on death on a 5+ !

The whole khorne battletome pisses me off not because it isn't powerful (5BTs can apparently win games - or StD khorne marked marauder spam) but the khorne battletome lacks so much imagination, it's so lacklustre.
It's like they took the old one, changed/simplified a few things and called it a day.

>> No.73884063

Riggers of course.
Got to get the 12 or so riggers done, then I want to make at least 3 all pikes (the pikes look cool, but the book is quite clear Sky Wardens are just worse than Riggers...)
And then all the boats....
By the time i can even play my army (only play fully painted and based) I'm expecting KO to get a new book.

>> No.73884083
File: 28 KB, 328x84, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's like they took the old one, changed/simplified a few things and called it a day.

>> No.73884094

if it wasnt bait, you would know that units are worse than you make them out to be. there is literally no reason to take wrath of khorne or unfettered fury as both lack even the chance to put out damage. skullreapers shred nothing, except for maybe unbuffed skaven hordes. they are lacking rend and 5-8 mortal wounds will never destroy a unit, maybe a small hero that shouldnt be in cqc, but never an entire unit.

>> No.73884104

Nice dude, that’s gonna look good as an army. Be sure to post progress.

>> No.73884123

Based oil paint anon

>> No.73884143

> pisses me off... because it lacks imagination... so lacklustre
This. This times a fucking million.
THIS is the extreme laziness HeyWoah was 100% correct in calling those faggots out on.
Lazy fucking battletomes that push one, maybe two good builds.
Lazy battletomes with shit internal balance.
Lazy battletomes that seem to have their head in the fucking sand about how this game is fucking played.
Lazy point adjustments that heavy hand perceived "broken" units/abilities (from literally 6 to 10 months in the past because lol print lag time) without lifting UP viable alternatives.
Lazy balancing that hides from making warscroll changes after the fact, but it also too lazy/incompetent to avoid creating problem interactions in the first place

>> No.73884160

Something horde and with range to contrast StD being elites and melee focused would be nice.
>Freeguild CoS
>GSG could work
>Lumineth if you don't mind waiting until they are out.

>> No.73884170

I remember when it was released, and the skullreapers/wrathmongers went from interesting and cool units with powerful effects, to generic boring crap shit

>> No.73884171

I'm trying very very hard to justify taking wardens so I can make my escort wing fewer drops.. It's just that those riggers are looking at me like "anything they can do we can do better!~~".
The worst part is that I don't think wardens are bad or even costed poorly. But the riggers are just better as you say.
Try thinking of the workload as the hobby it is. Just do a tiny bit every day and the army will be done faster than you think.

>> No.73884189

>no special rules like ignore wards with their daemon weapons
Welcome to AoS having shit spaghetti rules where core concepts of the game aren't defined on the core rules and are instead ruled as exceptions a hundred different times in the warscrolls with no consistency whatsoever.

>> No.73884207

Am I the only one who finds I batch paint slower than doing model by model? Batch painting is in theory quicker but it feel too much like work so I end up taking more breaks and sometimes even get headaches. Whereas model by model I can just forget that I have a load of other models to paint and enjoy the painting for what it is.

>> No.73884214

Grab the new SC StD box. It’s got the things you want and has great models.

>> No.73884220


>> No.73884237
File: 124 KB, 920x950, 29457A61-FBE9-42CA-95E2-4E3F1DAE515E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uhhhh guys what the fuck are these? I’m semi new to aos but I thought I knew all the factions and model lines. Is this old wood elf shit that’s being phased out or sylveneth?

Friend who is getting into the hobby picked up this box to practice before touching his KD:M models and I was caught off guard by these and other elf models in the “related” slider on the GW store site

>> No.73884239

I work with what I have.
It's nice to see the BT with the big axe has d6 damage, and the new elf mountain cow does straight 5 damage and has like 5 or 6 attacks.

Lacking rend doesn't bother me too much, most of the time it seems like everyting is immune to rend and has a ward save or can heal back to full in the next turn anyway.

This is why I'm considering 90 blood reavers in units of 10. Anything they come into contact with will shred them, with attacks to spare, but in the mean time that one unit will have lasted a combat round.

this is khorne now, just run into the enemy and die.

>> No.73884241

>Woods are expensive
Can't you just make your own?
It seems like an easy task to make some semi decent looking trees which are the same size as the plastic ones.

>> No.73884244

Will GW ever just release new named characters for armies out of the blue in AoS like they did with WHFB?

>> No.73884268

It's 8th edition new wood elf stuff they retardedly put in CoS instead of with sylvaneth like any sane person with an ounce of common sense would.

>> No.73884270

you would think they would have learned something after 30 years of rules writing....

>> No.73884277

It depends.
When I 'batch paint' it seems like a pain to do a unit of 10-20, but if I break that up into groups of 5 it's the perfect amount.
t. spent the weekend painting 20 40k ork boys to start an army

>> No.73884284

Yes, but only if they are stormcast.

>> No.73884292

Are they treepeople? No? Then they're not Sylvaneth. This isn't exactly rocket science, anon.

>> No.73884294

Thing is, this stuff was in WHFB and I don't get why they stopped doing it in AoS. Worst is, people actually defend it as if it were not a massive design fuck up.

>> No.73884302

what does "out of the blue" mean in this context, not associated with another release, or simply a new character?

>> No.73884304

another khorne player over here tried that in a turnament and everyhing went as best as it could. he made the 8th place out of 8

>> No.73884314

>Oh, yeah, what if we split wood elves in woods and elves, that totally makes sense!
The split was retarded, keeping them split and locking wanderers in CoS was even more retarded.

>> No.73884319

Nah even like 3-5 I hate. It's purely the fact that it ceases to become a "Oh nice let's bring this model to life" and more "Oh I have to paint these guys to play them in this colour scheme." Just turns from a hobby to work.

>> No.73884337

Back then they kind of did both. Sometimes they'd just release a new character with the update and sometimes they did it randomly between updates.

>> No.73884360


>> No.73884402

Nah in AoS if they think of a new character idea instead of adding them to an army they'll force the designers to make 2 or 3 seperate units and call it a new army.

See: Sons of Behemat.

>> No.73884404

The Slaanesh mark makes any mortal unit part of the HoS army. I have knights, warriors and daemons in my army.

>> No.73884424
File: 1.77 MB, 4000x3000, skaventrade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thinking of trading one of my 40k armies so I can try AoS, is this a good rat army
I know I'd need to fix the bases

>> No.73884435

Yeah dude, you're coming off as an extremely autistic freak.
You should consider re-evaluating your takes on who you play with because you will gain more friends and your life will be all the better for it. Then maybe you'll stop embarassing yourself online.

>> No.73884442

Keep the bases. Looks better this way.

>> No.73884444

Who else is still waiting for warscroll builder update?

>> No.73884448

Understandable. I guess it's just a difference of preference toward painting. I don't like painting as much as I like building/converting or playing, so when I finish a batch of 5 or so I get a nice temporary feeling of satisfaction.
That being said, that works for me for infantry/battleline models.
I painted three varanguard recently and worked on each one individually, so I guess it depends on the model being painted too.

>> No.73884476

You don't have to fix the bases, but it's easier to measure in game of you have the correct base sizes

>> No.73884493

I can so clearly imagine what this guy is like as a boss.

>> No.73884570

>marauder spam)
Why does everyone keep bringing up this meme. yes Marauders are very good for their point value but every list that was anything considered competitive or actually ranked at any tournament was archaon or ruin bringer or demon princes. Like one list had more than forty Marauders

>> No.73884597

I thought aos had mandatory base sizes

>> No.73884630

It depends on your local gaming scene. Ask them what they feel about the bases

>> No.73884631

"mandatory" You just need to keep in mind the right sizes when measuring stuff like range in combat or for abilities that require the whole unit to be in range.

>> No.73884667

In fact, only two lists had marauders and one only had a min sized unit to sacrifice in cabalist rituals.

>> No.73884718

That's cause Sylvaneth are getting soft-squatted and added to the CoS roster. They Living City now.

>> No.73884729


Why don't we start over again, like adults this time?

I truly, truly don't see the merit in your point of view. it's not like an economic policy where I see a gain and a loss and it's a question of %age points here and there. Your attitude that the specifics of the physicality of mini gaming NEED to be respected, and the subsequent hostility and ad-hominem, seems wildly unproductive and ultimately YOU bear the onus of that view.

Look at your own comments on your local scene. 90% of people have unpainted models, and they're not struggling finding fun games, YOU are. Your rationale behind lugging 9 wyldwood so other people have to is the boomer argument about how kids these days have it too easy. I respect your dedication and would admire and appreciate it, but ultimately if we're traveling to play or you'd rather buy more minis, it hardly matters if you just bring cardboard templates of the footprint. I'd rather my friend, who is literally just about to buy into AoS and wants sylvaneth, just buy the SC, proxy a few hundred points and print some wyldwood footprints, and the addiction will take him. He'll buy his own wyldwoods once he's hooked. The goal is to peddle crack, and you're being a shit dealer, no disrespect meant.

Additionally, the paint job on my minis is irrelevant. that's a textbook, literal ad hominem attack. My paintjob taking slightly longer than yours doesn't mean I roll higher than you or that your opinion isn't as important, I just wanted to demonstrate that you don't automatically have shit minis or are lazy just because your chess pieces look nice. People just don't prioritize the same things, and it's just shitty that you made a bunch of (wrong) assumptions and got so upset; it just indicates how holding this grudge is wronging yourself.

Above all, Im trying to be respectful rn - I apologize if some part of this post came off as a slight, but now I mean only to attack the position and not you.

>> No.73884740

More like the opposite. Wanderers have no business being in CoS, much less after Alarielle forgave them.

>> No.73884764

idk if it's good but lord its beautiful to me

>> No.73884793
File: 333 KB, 1000x1283, Settra_Rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73884814

Yeah, but anon said GW had no common sense and I agree so the opposite will happen.

You Living City now, accept it.

>> No.73884820

>not running your Wanderers as Tempest's Eye

>> No.73884833


>> No.73884904

I get to the ravagers probably summoned Marauders or horseman but that is hardly spam this is general is just as much drones as anyone on other social media

>> No.73884931

I think only one of the placing StD lists was Ravagers anyway. It's just the same dude who insists Chaos Warriors by themselves be a viable army who has a huge hateboner for Marauders.

>> No.73884997

It's a pretty solid selection. Can't go wrong with that.

>> No.73885043

Never seen anyone say that.

>> No.73885084


>> No.73885119

How is saying that there's no synergy for warriors means an army of just chaos warriors is viable?

>> No.73885240

i mean i dont think its too much to ask that chaos warriors actually work as a battleline. lets look at a comperable unit that would be a good goal to shoot for. bear with me and try not to cringe at the word stormcast

sequitors have been a staple of the stormcast battleline for a few years now, and recent points changes aside do their job very well. they can run effectively in both a small minimum unit and in a big max unit onto which you can stack a lot of buffs. they share a lot of similarities to chaos warriors. 4+ saves, rerollable saves, 3s and 3s on their standard weapons. so what makes sequitors so much better than chaos warriors, or liberators for that matter?

its the stormsmite greatmaces. you are able to throw a high number of greatmaces, 2 per 5 plus one on the captain, which have an extra rend and damage 2. this gives their small units a lot of punch, since they have 2 bodies with shields to soak hits, and 3 bodies with greatmaces to dish it out, while in bigger units like a unit of 20 you have to clear out 11 shield bearers before removing a single greatmace, making the defensive bonuses of their shields that much more valuable.

a lot of units in AoS have this. an X number of models out of every Y models in the unit can be equipped with a bigger, nastier weapon. allowing you to backload some fairly elite level damage on the infantry. chaos warriors have nothing like this.

my proposal to fix it? make halberds and greatblades limited. 2 per 5 or some similar thing, but crank up the rend and damage so that a unit of chaos warriors can actually fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

the other route a lot of units take is instead giving the whole unit a "6s to hit/wound inflict a mortal wound" effect. i cant really see this thematically working with the basic chaos warriors as they dont really have a gimmicky weapon (its usually poisoned, ghostly, flaming, etc that get this type of rule)

>> No.73885350

You can be sequitors when chaos warriors are on 40s, cost 120 points, and have a shitty battleline req tax. Only good thing in that whole shit army and were literally getting the chaos whining about not getting marine shit in aos, unbelievable.

>> No.73885372

Why kill sylveneth? So much model potential

>> No.73885400

Don't believe him you moron.

>> No.73885411

This. And lets not forget the fact that their weapon options are absolutely retarded.
>Dual hand weapons?
Why would you even do that when StD is re-rolls the army? You can get those rerolls from a million other sources and still get the shield.
Aren't really halberds, they have spear rules. They do work for bigger units but you are making an elite unit a horde, so that's not really something I would encourage. Same with their save rerolls size bonus. Makes the other save reroll abilities redundant and encourages you to take a big ass unit.
The only way for warriors to get rend (when almost every other comparable elite battleline unit gets it without giving up anything) and they lose the shield AND hit worse, making them mathematically worse than hand weapons on anything that isn't a 3+ save.

I'd much rather have halberds being actual halberds (losing the shield, but getting rend and the same to hit and wound as hand weapons), greatblades becoming stormsmite greatmaces and dual wielding giving an extra attack.

So just make warriors cost more points. What's the problem? Even liberators have special weapons.

>> No.73885421

missed the point entirely but ok

>> No.73885451

I didn't miss shit csm are fine and sequitors aren't their equivalent. Liberators are but you aren't touching on that comparison are you.

>> No.73885475

libs have grand hammers because they're on 40s and would be even more offensively worthless otherwise.

>> No.73885478

Anon liberators (and blood warriors) have special weapons, you know? Sequitors just can carry more per 5.

>> No.73885486

can you blame him though?

>> No.73885493

Okay, do that, and in turn you'll have to pay 120pts, be restricted to having a shitty wizard as your general, lose the range provided by halberds and forfeit the size bonus.

>> No.73885517

Too many armies

>> No.73885532

Liberators are also substantially worse than Warriors, grand weapon or not.

>> No.73885535

It's funny that the guy who is so assblasted over Slaves players actually having legit concerns, is a unironic Stormfag.

>> No.73885563

What about bloodwarriors, tzaangors and mortek guard? What's your excuse there? And grave guard? They get rend on their hand weapons and when they switch to great weapons they don't get a worse profile. Vulkite berzerkers don't lose their shields when switching to the picks. Ardboyz have literally a better profile compared to chaos warriors even if their shields are worse.
Liberators will get 3+/3+ weapons, they are just outdated.

>> No.73885580

Add saurus guard to the list.

>> No.73885595

Chaos Warriors already work as a battleline.

>Makes the other save reroll abilities redundant and encourages you to take a big ass unit.
Yes. A big unit of chaos warriors with halberds is good.

>So just make warriors cost more points.
90pts is solid as fuck for the Chaos Warrior profile anon.

Take 15 or 20 with halberds, sit them on an objective. Mark them Nurgle or Undivided. You don't need a sorcerer to babysit them so use a Chaos Lord. Buff them with a Warshrine if you need to grind out a fight. That's:
>3+ rerollable/5+ shrug on mortals, -1 to hit from ranged, 3+/4+ rerolling wounds, 2 damage on 6s, fighting in two ranks and fighting twice
>4+ rerollable/5+ shrug on mortals, 6+ shrug on anything else, 3+/4+ rerolling hits AND wounds, immunity to battleshock, fighting in two ranks and fighting twice

StD are a buff-centric army. Even basic Chaos Warriors become extremely strong with the right combination of buffs. They are a completely fine anvil unit.

>> No.73885621
File: 116 KB, 667x1000, angry tree men.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So consensus is that Sylvaneth are shit. I'm gonna start them anyway. One mad lad in my gaming group is running Beast of Chaos so we will have fun and epic battles in our manlet pit

>> No.73885638

>Liberators will get 3+/3+ weapons, they are just outdated.
Hmm, not sure about that. Can't see them doing that while keeping swords and hammers distinct. Unless they straight-up copy the Sequitors' profiles, which would be kinda boring.

>> No.73885647

The Chaos book does have a lack of significant rend and I'm not really sure why, but I think your other complaints are just hugely exaggerated. People win games with lists including Chaos Warriors. They are not unplayable. You can't just compare to other units in entirely different armies that don't work in the same way.

>> No.73885659

Black orcs are more expensive, bigger bases, don't reroll saves, worse shields. You're fundamentally just whining that you want more damage period. Go buff your warriors then like everyone else does to get damage.

>> No.73885716

Good for you, play the army you like. Sounds like you're in for some fun games.

>> No.73885739

You are missing my point. StD have too many redundant abilities and the options in the chaos warrior warscroll don't make any sense. You said it right there, there's only one, maybe two ways of running warriors, either hand weapon and shield as a small unit you wont' touch or as a big ass halberd buff dumpster. Only thing you get with that is that half their options are unused and many other abilities in the book see no play because you can get those same effects from the warscrolls.
I think it'd work fine. Sequitors would still get better shields and more special weapons for a bigger price and forcing you to take an Arcanum as a general. There would be an actual reason to have both.
I'm comparing them with other similar units because:
1: those units get special weapons (something that anon said it was a big no no for chaos warriors for some reason and I don't get why)
2: those units have better balanced warscrolls with options that make sense or profiles that make them competent from the get-go.
Your reading comprehension is very bad and ardboys have the same bases as chaos warriors.

>> No.73885745

The big comparison list to Chaos Warriors in terms of theme, cost, size and function would be Liberators, Sequitors, Blood Warriors and 'ard Boyz. And of the lot Blood Warriors and Liberators are total garbage and Sequitors come with a lot of restrictions, so 'ard Biyz are the only ones operating in the same tier.

>> No.73885800
File: 797 KB, 3303x2325, chaos-warriors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's my take on updating it. pardon any formatting or spelling errors

>> No.73885852

what a turbokurva

>> No.73885886

Oh, sure. That's not overblown at all.

>> No.73885911

The number of Khorne. Nice.

Well my plan for the next games with my local meta: just play what I have, probably stand no chance of winning, try anyway, lose, give zero fucks.
I'm not buying anything else for the army, certainly not another 4 bloodthirsters

One thing I would have really liked for the khorne book would have been the nighthaunt charge jackpot thing, Khorne units would have it on an exact 8 on the charge roll, that's something like 15% chance, not great, but at least it would seem like a khorne thing.

Better than a fucking wizzo tower and endless spells that's for sure.

>> No.73885914

>attacks 3
>2 special weapons + champion
And you were doing so well otherwise, too.

>> No.73885934

If we want to talk seriously about this:

1) Chaos Warriors probably don't get special weapons because they are a WHFB historical unit and retain the weapons options they have had for the majority of WHFB (hand weapon and shield, 2 hand weapon, halberd and shield, great weapon). The most flavoursome option for CW equipment would be complete freedom to give whatever model whatever you want, because they are all essentially individual warriors aspiring to become chaos champions, but that's never going to happen. So, unit-wide weapon options are what we've got and likely what we'll continue to have given the new Chaos Warrior models are designed to fit in with people's old ones.

2) Chaos Warriors are FAR from the only unit in AoS with some 'never take this' weapon options. They have basically three builds you'll take: small units with hand weapon + shield, big units with halberd + shield, and greatblade. That's OK. It's not perfect, but it's better than some units and worse than others. I don't think it's worth a gigantic bitchfit when the unit is still pretty fucking playable.

I think there's a mental misstep with long-time Chaos players where like, Warriors were *the* fucking elite infantry unit in Warhammer Fantasy. And now they're like, a middling-to-elite infantry unit in the higher fantasy setting of AoS. People want them to wreck more than any other unit, because they used to have stats outperforming 99% of units - not necessarily for an efficient cost, though - and they don't have that in AoS.

>> No.73885945

Sylvaneth are just stuck in rerolls, no mw protection and treelords being shit due to dankhold-tier damage output aka random as fuck and probably bad.
You can win but a debuffing match up is crippling. Sit on objectives and cap some empty ones is mostly all you can do

>> No.73885959

It's funny that you say this because every podcast, with different people every time all seem to concur that marauders are way too good for their cost.

Only here on tg do i ever hear that marauders aren't so good.
I agree that the daemon prince is also good.

>> No.73885960

LMAO okay well done, good trolling. You fuckin got me.

>> No.73885969

rend 2 and 3 attacks arent on the same weapon.

2 specials+ a champion is literally the same thing sequitors have.

for 90 pts, yeah, but this shouldnt be a race to the bottom of points costs. make em 120-140/5 to compensate

>> No.73885971

Maybe that'd be too powerful. Giving them that amount of special weapons and the rerolling saves without any restrictions is too much IMO. My take would be:
>Hand weapons: 2 3+/3+/-/1 can get shield
>Two hand weapons: exploding 6s
>Halberd: 2 3+/3+/-1/1
>Great weapon: 2 3+/3+/-1/2 2x5 (one of them can be the champion but still only 2)
>Runeshield: 5+ ingore wounds and mortal wounds
>Mark of Chaos

So basically, give them weapons that make sense and have purpose, remove the rerolling saves so they have better balance with the rest of the book, which in turn allows the shields to be buffed a bit.

Then, if I'd rework Chosen, it'd be this exact same warscroll but with +1 wound, +1 attack and a roll on the eye of the gods table as an ability, paying the price of all this, of course.

>> No.73885995

gotcha, then the answer is they already did/do

>> No.73886012

Halberds and shields have been a combo on Warriors since forever anon. Chosen also serve as a really nice buff multiplier as they are right now and really just need to come down in cost a little bit.

>> No.73886030

yes but is that what's on the sprues in the box?
haha, checkmate atheist !
unit equipment depends on actual box contents....except skull reapers because erm yeah, reasons.

>> No.73886041

>1) Chaos Warriors probably don't get special weapons because they are a WHFB historical unit and retain the weapons options they have had for the majority of WHFB
Oh, I know, but that's true for many other units whose weapon options make sense.
>The most flavoursome option for CW equipment would be complete freedom to give whatever model whatever you want
It was actually like this when the tome came out until they FAQ'd it two weeks later. All StD players rejoiced for those two weeks but we can't have nice things.
>Chaos Warriors are FAR from the only unit in AoS with some 'never take this' weapon options.
I know, but that doesn't mean they are fine. The biggest problem is that StD is rerolls, rerolls and more rerolls and that just makes synergies a pain in the ass because makes so many combinations just useless.

>> No.73886050

but the rerolling saves is just copy and paste from their existing warscroll unless i mistyped something

given the profile you suggest, first off whats the incentive to take the halberd ever?

also the dichotomy between taking MSU to max out on special weapons vs taking 15 to get the rerollable saves could make for some interesting choice dynamic. good argument for both

>> No.73886063

Play the army you like brah. Just makes the wins you get all the sweeter
> t. Sylvaneth player who has beaten Gristlegore (pre nerf) LRL, and other 'meta chasing' armies (but also lost a lot too)

>> No.73886070

halberds and greatblades dont even come in the box, you have to buy them separately as an expansion pack, like the space marine shoulder packs

>> No.73886130

>also the dichotomy between taking MSU to max out on special weapons vs taking 15 to get the rerollable saves could make for some interesting choice dynamic. good argument for both
This is the first point on CW suggestions I actually like.

Desu be honest I'm a little fearful we never get multipart CWs because they so clearly want people to just use what they've already got + the shiny new SC ones.

>> No.73886145

>Halberds and shields have been a combo on Warriors since forever anon.
And it never made sense because halberds aren't spears and you can't really use them with one hand.
>Chosen also serve as a really nice buff multiplier as they are right now and really just need to come down in cost a little bit.
They are too fragile for their cost (and honestly, comparing them with the stormcast big guys like evocators or paladins, and things like skullreapers and blightkings, they should really have 3 wounds). Their force multiplayer is yet again more rerolls you can get from several other sources. Chosen are supposed to be the ultimate melee infantry, not an MSU buff vector.
>given the profile you suggest, first off whats the incentive to take the halberd ever?
Sword + shield for anvil unit, halberd for hammer unit against armoured targets, two swords for hammer unit against light armour, great weapons as a nice added damage for every loadout.
>also the dichotomy between taking MSU to max out on special weapons vs taking 15 to get the rerollable saves could make for some interesting choice dynamic. good argument for both
With the warscroll I wrote, you can still make a big unit with halberds a buff dump, you just have more buff options because they don't get the rerolling saves for free.

>> No.73886168

>Desu be honest I'm a little fearful we never get multipart CWs because they so clearly want people to just use what they've already got + the shiny new SC ones.
They'd be shooting themselves in the foot because most new players that buy the SC box because they saw the amazing new sculpts will see that they are ETB trash and that to make a full army they need to buy loads of 20 year old models that have finecast weapon upgrades, meaning a big number of them will just not play this army.

>> No.73886185

>And it never made sense because halberds aren't spears and you can't really use them with one hand.
Chaos Warriors are mutant supermen.
>Chosen are supposed to be the ultimate melee infantry, not an MSU buff vector.
Says who?

>> No.73886202


sorry king, dont see any manlets here. what did you mean by this

>> No.73886204

maybe we're getting confused here, in your unit you are allowing halberds on every member?

in the warscroll i posted >>73885800
halberds are one of the 2/5 specials weapons alongside greatblades. the greatblade has better accuracy and rend, while the halberd has an additional attack but worse rend and a worse to wound roll and has 2" reach.

my warscroll redesigned the great weapons and halberds as limited items. the items available to any model are the handweapon/shield or pair of handweapons

>> No.73886248
File: 130 KB, 750x969, 31CB9D79-1070-4192-986C-E1B1FF48321A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/aosg/ in 2017

>> No.73886269

I will give a crown to the man who edits this to be about the chaos warrior warscroll.

>> No.73886274

>Chaos Warriors are mutant supermen.
And they are also well trained warriors that know that you can't really make full use of a halberd with one hand. Spears work because they are meant for stabbing, but without two points to apply opposite forces on the staff, you can't really make accurate swings to use the axe and hammer heads of the halberd. It's not a question of strength.
>Says who?
The lore of both chaos chosen and chosen in general.
I wrote >>73885971 so halberds are just range 2" 2 3+/3+/-/1 weapons with no shield allowed. Offensive oriented and perfect as a buff dump because you can get bigger units due to the range.

>> No.73886305
File: 845 KB, 1910x1352, Chaos Warriors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slightly more reasonable counterproposal.

>> No.73886315
File: 46 KB, 450x651, warrior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And they are also well trained warriors that know that you can't really make full use of a halberd with one hand.
Yes this seems like a pragmatically minded fellow.

>> No.73886336

You know what Sequitors don't have? A rend-2 greatmaul. Or one with 3 attacks at range 2".

>> No.73886351

Flails are such memes, pls no more. This wouldn't be broken at current cost though and it is pretty much a straight improvement.

>> No.73886356

Anon chaos warriors have literally been fighting for decades if not centuries and survived every battle. It's not about pragmatism. Pick up a broom or something and try to make a swoop with just one hand, it just doesn't work.

>> No.73886380

Flails look cool, you bloody heathen.

>> No.73886407

They also have a foul history of having shit rules that make them absolutely worthless to take.

>> No.73886425
File: 300 KB, 890x1200, chaos warrior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I say Sven, before you rip out and eat the hearts of those mewling Sigmarites, have you considered that without two points to apply opposite forces on the staff, you can't really make accurate swings to use the axe and hammer heads of the halberd?

>> No.73886443
File: 6.09 MB, 1125x2436, C23EA2C4-2D2C-4423-BDFA-35F493BF1A19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I ended up with a bunch of Stormcast, and I’m not entirely sure what to do with them. Been thinking of painting them as knights excelsior and runnings them. I already play thousand sons in 40k so I don’t want to do another army of just blue and gold.

>> No.73886450

I ran MoK Marauders with flails for a while because GWs struck last and if they were still in combat for a second round they weren't going to live anyway.

>> No.73886460

If you want to continue being a retard that pretends chaos warriors don't know how to hold their weapons, be my guest.

>> No.73886465

Throw them in the bin.

>> No.73886466


you guys are being too conservative, which is how you end up with tomes like blades of khorne, sylvaneth, and stormcast eternals stuck in a meta against armies flesh eaters, slaanesh, fyreslayers, bonereapers, ironjawz, DoT.

i mean ok, lets look at ironjawz. i was basing my warscroll slightly off of sequitors but we'll go with ironjawz

130 pts
3 wounds a model, 5 models.
4 attacks 3s and 3s -1 rend or 3 attacks with 2" reach
1 in 5 gets gets a gorechoppa
2" 3 attacks 4s and 4s -1 d2
leader gets his choice of 1 of 2 weapon options with d2

unit gets +1 to hit vs large targets

the unit has ready access to +1 damage to all attacks via a non-spell ability, movement outside of the movement phase, additional pile in and fight, etc.

bit slower, and a bit less brave but i'd take the brutes any day

>> No.73886476

Just so you know, that warrior is holding his great axe with two hands. Maybe you should try to think why.

>> No.73886486

I mean, yeah, that's fair (though the Morningstar of Fracasse was the tits), but I feel like on a relatively average unit like chaos warriors the cursed flail of the chaos knight champion would work a lot better than on elite cavalry. It's basically a halberd with twice the swings on average.

>> No.73886500

all you've done here is recreate the blood warrior warscroll. look how well its working for them

>> No.73886516

Ironjawz battletome =/= StD battletome. You can't just make equivalences like this.

>> No.73886523

Tepid is the way to success. Overblown super-powerful shit is going to be costed like woah and/or will get nerfed in short order.

>> No.73886540

Why are you comparing Brutes to Warriors when the baseline mediocre battleline equivalent would be Hard Boys?

>> No.73886558

I'd kill for Blood Warriors with halberds, to be honest.

>> No.73886562

you're right, the ironjawz tome is better.

they are actually very similar tomes in what they do. durable melee infantry blocks and tanky cavalry slog forward with support from buffing heroes and flying heavy hitter heroes to break the lines. arguably StD's screaming naked idiots are better than the warclans, but the rest of warclans is better than StD by a mile

>> No.73886595

Brutes ≠ Chaos Warriors.
If anything, *Chosen* should have a rough analogue to Brute stats, but not basic-bitch Chaos Warriors.

>> No.73886601
File: 403 KB, 3303x1555, chaos-warriors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73886610


>> No.73886626

because the warrior warscroll i wrote>>73885800
was more based off the elite infantry category, intended to be costed between 120-140, like sequitors who they borrow some format structure from

at that point range, brutes are a fair comparison.

and if you really want to compare ardboys to chaos warriors, the same ardboys that can get damage 2 on all their rend -1 default attacks that they can fight twice with and get +3 to charge rolls, and the unit leader gets 2 additional attacks, i mean ok, lets make that comparison

>> No.73886683

Yes let's start over. And I love how while you say 'let's start over' you immediately bring up the MEANIE OL' ad hominem attacks (which, fyi, you also did... once again, a seeming lack of self awareness).
Also, the image search on the image you posted was because people here DO 100% lie about their models for an argument, and I actually remember these being posted before. I honestly thought you just grabbed an image from the web.
But besides all this, let's start over.
Your unfounded assumption of 'well you are lacking fun games' is, what do you know, completely untrue. I get plenty of games in. They are even fun, but yes they are mostly against unpainted armies. Hell this was even admitted to in the thread. I'm not really sure why you start bringing this up. Second, the wierd paragraph on paint jobs has zero to do with the argument. It's not a question of paint jobs, or who paints better- as I freely admitted your stuff is better. My argument is that painting models SHOULD be important, and that it should be expected as part of this hobby. Now there is a world of difference between what is acceptable in someone just starting out (which you never mentioned until literally your last post) and someone, in a 2k 'standard' game, still using cutouts and proxy for models they dont want to/cant afford to buy, but still want to use in game. This is a miniatures hobby. If you cant even be assed to get miniatures, why the fuck are you in it? Same goes for painting. I totally get certain folks dont like painting (I certainly dont). But at a certain point you have to ask- if you wont paint why the fuck are you here. There are infinitely better, more balanced games, tabletop or otherwise, that come pre painted or dont require paint at all. There is an expectation that you make an attempt. This, my main point, still hasnt been addressed by any of your posts.

>> No.73886696

Disconnecting halberds and shields may be the best way to go about things.

>> No.73886729

> try to Respectful
Dude its 4channel. Nobody cares, nothing said here matters, the only good thing about this site is you can be a direct and honest as you want.
Showing respect doesnt fucking matter, the strength of your argument matters, nothing else. You can refute someone's point or you fucking can't.

>> No.73886743

Why would you change what chaos warriors are? They are bog-standard heavy infantry, not paladin or brute-tier elite brawlers.

>> No.73886777

Slavs to Darkness

>> No.73886782

Why would you ever bring two hand weapons when the 2" reach more than makes up for it.
Why do they randomly get a better weapon than chosen do, and at 2 per 5 for only 90 points

>> No.73886789

Chosen should be that, and they aren't either. But really, the whole book needs a complete overhaul, or at least most of the warscrolls. They don't have any consideration with eachother or the rest of the book. The only warscrolls that work are the heroes, knights, marauder horsemen, chariots and the monsters.

>> No.73886819

>Why would you ever bring two hand weapons when the 2" reach more than makes up for it.
You'd use smaller units that would recieve better buffs like blades of putrefaction or other similar effects.
>Why do they randomly get a better weapon than chosen do, and at 2 per 5 for only 90 points
Because chosen also need a new warscroll and they would need to be costed again.

>> No.73886886
File: 456 KB, 3303x1555, chaos-chosen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Btw, this is my suggested chosen rework. There should be enough of a price difference between them and warriors so that buying 5 basic warriors for battleline and spamming chosen isn't the obvious choice. This has also the benefit that chosen can be a dual kit with warriros at a minimal cost since they'd just need some alternative, more fancy helmets to differentiate them.

>> No.73886903

The only acceptable sec scheme is silver armor with red.

>> No.73886919

New thread

>> No.73886945

On that I agree. Chosen should be heavy-duty Warriors with the appropriate level of beef. Not necessarily W3, but maybe a 5+ shrug against wounds and mortal wounds instead, just to keep things interesting.
Ideally, there'd be a new dual box for Warriors and Chosen.

>> No.73887288


Can someone not be interested in the game, whether because they like the minis, they want to play a warhammer fantasy game, or because their friends are playing it?

It seems like your fundamental objection is "why play this game if you don't want to paint", and I think it's not unimaginable that someone would want one and not the other. It doesn't make them degenerates, and multiple people have pointed out that the intensity of your response is just disproportionate. I get not liking it, but you completely lost your shit. As for the paragraph about paint jobs - my bad dude, I accidentally the whole point.

I was talking about you going off about how I have unpainted minis and therefore I was a blight on the hobby. You made an assumption about me, which was incorrect, and used it to attempt to discredit my argument. That is the literal definition of an ad hominem attack. My minis being painted does not magically lend weight to my argument that people don't have to invest hours in things they dont like, and even if I WAS a grey tide player, it has no bearing on the legitimacy of what I'm saying. You're talking about the strength arguments, but that right there is objectively a logical fallacy; it's not an insult or disrespectful to point out that you are employing a logical fallacy. It's about the strength of the argument, right?

As for being respectful - people in AOSG are, by and large, very much so. It's, for example, completely off-limits to insult new players for their paintjobs or interest. This isn't a bad thing. I get that this is 4chan and you CAN go on rants and call people faggots or go on a rant about your strong convictions about toy soldiers, but it's not like that adds value to anyone's life.

>> No.73887336

3-5 seems to be my sweet spot, too many models at once feels like a chore and 1 model is for heroes or big things.

>> No.73887370

New heroes only seem to come with the Battleboxes or you wait about 6 months to a year for the individual release batches.

>> No.73888219

>there's no way to take dragon ogres in an ogre army

>> No.73888597
File: 554 KB, 696x615, AD859246-8047-4191-AE74-76C819117974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder that all giants would be mutated chaos slaves if it weren’t for the Stormcast

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