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>Player tries to romance a female NPC

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And do what? Try infiltrate somewhere/gather information or just finding the first girl they see and tossing dice? Are they describing the action or just ERPing? Seducing NPCs is a staple of every Bard for information gathering and shouldn't be shun unless they are doing the latter

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No, genuine romance for the sake of romance.

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>He doesn't exclusively play RPGs to ERP
>He doesn't go to each session buttplug firmly in place and fully erect
>He doesn't climax at the same time his character does
>He doesn't cuddle with his players directly after whispering sweet nothings into each others ears

It's like you fags have never even played a role playing game before

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>Player tries to romance a male NPC

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This is what I'm gaming for

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>genuine romance for the sake of romance.
That's such a stupid and easily debunked myth, only a man could believe in it.

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>I don't like roleplaying
Please stay in DnD.

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Got this one player.
In Pathfinder, his character meets the Lady of a small island, basically a city state. She's a widow, has problems with local monsters. PCs defeat monsters, save Lady. She sees the opportunity to ally with some powerful strangers, offers to marry one of the PCs, any one. This guy steps forward, the wedding is great, he's the new local Lord. Huzzah.
Same player, Modern day setting. Meets vice-president of 'everything but shoes' inc. Her dad owns the place, so she is essentially 21st century Princess. He manages to score a date, then plays the same 'How can I serve you, M'lady' shit that worked in Pathfinder. Shot down with extreme prejudice, blames GM (me).

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fuck off you fucking cunt, i just wanna kill some goblins, not listen to your boring pretentious paragraphs of pure word garbage

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Like he said, stay in DnD

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>full of CR loving morons who think they're the next big hotshot writer with their lovey-dover bullshit
i'd rather have sex with your mom, faggot

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People just wanna kill shit and cast spells. The kind of fucking retards who enforce roleplay are probably the kinds of fuckwits who play inefficient meme classes like Warrior or Barbarian.
Scum of the fucking earth, I tell you.

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Don´t you give your PC´s potential romance options?

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>dating a woman
sounds gay to me

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In my games there are no female NPCs.

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>wants to nail that anon's old nasty mom
>plays DnD
Shit taste confirmed. Do another. Go for the hat trick like the turbofaggot everyone always knew you could be. Dare to dream, smoothbrain. We believe in you, faggot.

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>spends 40 minutes arguing with the other players that your aspect of 'soifag' means you should get a +2 to seduce the tranny in the grog shop, everyone else says it should be a reroll
>calls it "roleplaying"
AD&D grognard
>states 'my 16 CHA fighter smiles at the innkeepers daughter and flirts with her'
>a hundred storygamers keen 'REEEEEEEEEE! in the distance

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Or people whose parents were married

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Yes. They just all have dicks or teeth. Except for Cthulhu Cunt, but nobody wants to relive that one.

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- Having the ability to romance someone

- not going for the top tier chad or the twink

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marriage ends in divorce 90% of the time
prove me wrong, tranny-faggot

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fags get thrown of the roof

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I roll to seduce the closeted homosexual

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Hell you're probably talking about 5e, why not just propose to every well to do woman you meet until you roll a 20. 5% chance to succeed on every roll is not a good game mechanic.

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You don't even need to go that far, you can keep proposing to the first woman you meet until it sticks.

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Daesh dead and stay die.

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The rate of divorce was never over 50%
The divorce rate has been dropping for 50 years.
Now the rate of divorce for first marriages is under 30%. For White it is under 20%
read a book that isn't based on FUDGE

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marg bey hamjens

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Big cringe

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>fuck spiders
desu that sounds hot

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>Player romances the DMPC

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>Hé thinks married people love each other
Either they divorced, they hate each other but stay together because it's "cheaper to keep her" or they end up living like brother and sister.

The idea that love is required for a happy marriage is one of the most toxic ideas of modernity.

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>all these faggots going on about love, marriage, emotions, and garbage
It's all chemicals you fucking retards
meaningless chemical reactions that you can recreate in a fucking laboratory
stop giving them more legitimacy than they deserve

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I've actually seen this be adorable. The PC character in question was adorably naive and trying to impress a scholarly NPC by giving her nerdy gifts.

It became an in-joke that all the women in the setting were into this one character but he would always have to leave before the ark was done and leave them behind.

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>This was the DM's plan all along

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Shut the fuck up woolie

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Sorry for liking pussy?

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Not him, but it's more of a cost-benefit thing. No pussy is worth putting up with women's bullshit for. Twinks are worse because it's the same bullshit with none of the puss.

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>having friends/playing games that require friends

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Two of my male players wrote slightly romantic shipping for two characters they played with non-graphic implication that they had sex. Thing is, it's not even offensive I just feel very odd about it, because one of them write fanfics and other one is just very passionate about character development.
Real kicker is that they both are very straight dudes, have female partners and we live in Russia, for fuck sake.
Confused laughter.mp3

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Pick up your dices, your character sheet and the monster manual and then roll everything by yourself

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Everyone fantasizes about various relationships, not just their most ideal ones. The only people who don't are those who are entwined in true love, or the closest thing to it anyway, and therefore cannot even think to consider their love manifesting another way.

The thing about it in gaming is that for the most part people either keep it to themselves or a bit of their loneliness or fantasy, or both, slips out at the table and they will flirt with the idea of relationships experienced vicariously through their own character.

Being straight, a writer, being passionate about character development -- those have nothing to do with anything. It's just about getting to live some of the fantasy we all have in the privacy of our minds.

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you should be

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Got em

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Again, if you were related to decent humans OR had a proper education you'd understand that love is an act of the will, not a fleeting sensation. Adults with a properly formed conscience decide to love and act upon it.
>t. guy married 28+ years

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Same anon, 3 minutes later on /r9k/

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>He doesn't play landowners in 1815's Britain with the simply goal of getting married
Thank you for confirming my point for me.

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Oh no, not the roleplaying.

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go kiss a girl or start practicing street fighting

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Don't apologize to him, apologize to yourself

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Hypocrite that you are, for you trust the chemicals in your brain to tell you they are chemicals. All knowledge is ultimately based on that which we cannot prove. Will you fight? Or will you perish like a dog?

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if you want to go that route, you may as well stop existing; everything you feel and perceive is chemical reactions and faint flickers of electricity in a chunk of meat in your skull

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Trannies are awful
Dykes are awful
Soibois are awful
Roasties are awful
Bisexuals are awful

Gays true gays, not trap fuckers, aren't nearly that bad. I'd argue they are pretty bases desu.

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What if you want your character to have a family?You're going to have to romance a woman to do that. Or arranged marriage I guess. I guess my point is there is a legit reason to bang in an rpg.

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Does it upset you when the PCs are getting more action than you are?

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Hey, baby, you polish too?

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Damn near required at a domain game level, I'd say.
I have third generation characters in my campaign

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>not using magic to create a homunculus child with your DNA in it
cringe and impregnationpilled

>> No.73864738

>not realizing homonculi are more susceptible to magic and possession
man up at talk to a girl
>after all, it is just an NPC

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Thats about right, but there is a bigger tier gap between G and B. Not as big as B and L but almost.

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That's sweet

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>love is a willed behavior
Surprisingly based and correct. But marriage is still a scam, senpai.

>> No.73864877

If you're saying you can will yourself into loving someone, then you shouldn't have qualms with marrying for reasons unrelated to love. Just enter an arranged marriage and if you don't love your new wife it's because you're not trying hard enough.

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>equating a dislike of spiders to a common sexual proclivity which has a tendency to be suppressed by certain cultures and societies

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Why talk to girls though when you can just slam the ass of a hunky male adventurer and then just conjure up a baby from there so you can enjoy some quality bro poon without all the costs related to being with a femoid?

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1) How would you know, kohai?
2) per science married men
>earn more; have more friends; get more promotions; are healthier; live longer; have more frequent sex; have higher quality sex
than single men
>ib4 'hurrrrr correlation durrrrrr'
these effects begin with marriage and end with divorce or widowing; cohabitation doesn't have the same benefits.

>> No.73865031

>then you shouldn't have qualms with marrying for reasons unrelated to love
I don't.
Why would I?
>Just enter an arranged marriage and if you don't love your new wife it's because you're not trying hard enough.
That's what I said.

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>start game with pre-established lover for the soul purpose of knocking her up and leaving to become an adventurer in order to acquire enough wealth to support her and my bastard child

>> No.73865128

>Player tries to romance a female NPC

>> No.73865174

>Married men earn more and get more promotions because they have more incentive (ie. having more unproductive mouths to feed)
Wew lad

As for the statistics about living longer and being healthier/happier, these statistics are VERY dishonest. They only look at married men. This means that all other men are in the "unmarried" category. That includes divorcees. So you're efffectively selecting for only happy marriages and saying that .... happily married people are happier.

Now if you split men in the "never married" and "has been married" category, don't be surprised if the life expectancy of the latter category suddenly drops.

>> No.73865385

>that's true
Yes, analysis of 'married' versus 'never married' also shows the advantage to married men
>Thanks for proving you are calling it "dishonest" without knowing the actual data. OSFS, annual updates, easy to find

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>common sexual proclivity
>very rare mental disorder

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No no, even woolie would call that anon a dog and a coward.

>> No.73867745

>Demon Mother's Mask
It could be worse

>> No.73867748

no one, not even gays, like prison gays

>> No.73867764

actually, you're right.
spiders aren't nearly as bad as std factories

>> No.73868602

just to be clear, both of -characters- are also male?

>> No.73870379

We get it, you're a sad and lonely fuck.

>> No.73870401

>std factories
you mean women?

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>turns out player has had a crush on you for years
>start dating player
>two years strong

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That 'hurrrrr rolling dice is duhhhhh roleplaying' is stupid?
or that D&D is perfect for roleplaying which it originated?

>> No.73871919

because less than 1.5% of the population is faggots

>> No.73871955

No, we mean AIDS hives

>> No.73872095

Rhymes with Kafka?

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Congrats anon. I hope you find the happiness I feel I will forever lack.

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>A 2017 Gallup poll concluded that 4.5% of adult Americans identified as LGBT
>4.5% is common

>> No.73872387

Do LGBT count crossdresser that recognize themselves as their born gender?

>> No.73872442

I dunno. Ask a transvestite if they consider themselves LGBT.

>> No.73873140

aww... I hope you find it one day anon.

>> No.73873382

I wish I could forget that thing exists

>> No.73873466

>player goes into heavy detail about their character

>> No.73873510

Probably would if they are a SWEET TRANSVESTITE

>> No.73873570

Yeah, it would really suck if that was in DnD. Which it firmly is not.

>> No.73873658

go play a videogame then anon

>> No.73873874

Eww, that's how you get cooties

>> No.73874338

Romance sexy raven haired sorceress noblewoman villainess npc.

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Obviously that that DnD drones don't actually know what roleplaying is and are content playing a glorified wargame.

>> No.73875639

That's 1 in every 22 adults.

>> No.73876698

Hypocrite that you are

>> No.73879161

The divorce rate is inflated by people who marry and divorce multiple times

>> No.73879176

actual homosexuals = less than 3%
one in 36
not common

>> No.73879199

But that's obviously false, so go be stupid elsewhere

>> No.73879266

one time I used a fake identity to get close to a female NPC who was the captain of a rival sailing team in order to extract information about an upcoming competition. After our team defeated hers I humiliated her in front of her peers by revealing my true identity.

>> No.73879326

>not putting milfs into your campaign
not gonna make it

>> No.73879355

This. Roleplay happens organically anyways if you have even a decent group. You can’t force people to get into it, the game has to be fun first.

>> No.73879434

I despise the games with "roleplaying" or "storytelling" "mechanics".
That translates to
>'Rather than actually roleplay, make them throw dice and then tell them they are superior'

>> No.73879445

this guy
already sad what I said
>read the thread first is a good rule

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>pc does romance an npc
>relationship buds in the background over the course of campaign
>afterwards pc and npc retire to a farm together

>> No.73879595

I mean, that's infinitely better than doing stupid shit like "I roll to seduce". I bet his character also has an actual personality instead of being a brooding loner.

>> No.73879784

Or even better
>PC romances NPC
>it goes well
>they marry
>Add in family drama!
>PC needs a big haul to bail out a brother-in-law who owes money to the thieves' guild
>Mother-in-law gets a disease and the party treks to find a sage that can cure her
>PC's own sister dislikes that the PC is away so often and she subtly tries to thwart the party's plan to leave town
>Wife has a child, the PC is now much less reckless in the dungeon because he has a child to raise
>The apprentice of an evil mage the PC killed when he was 3rd level is now a full mage; the former apprentice kidnaps the PC's son as a toddler and begin raising him to be the nemesis of his own father, the PC
>An obscure propechy about the end of the world seems to relate to the PCs adorabel, sweet 4 year old daughter
Fuck, son, this is off the top of my head.
PCs entangled with NPCs voluntarily = pure gold

>> No.73879816

*prophecy, fuck

>> No.73879855

I love how none of these are simply "yo i killed your family, isn't that DEEP"

>> No.73880059

...you play a lot of Fate, then?

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>The game that literally invented roleplaying doesn't have roleplaying in it
>anyone that says the original roleplaying game has roleplaying in it has the dumb
I bet you play a lot of games where you roll dice, the dice tell you if you were charming, and you call that "roleplaying", right?

>> No.73880576

>I don't have a glass eye
>Why do you think I have a glass eye?

>> No.73880733

I like the prophecy one
>"Your daughter has a birthmark shaped like a crown?"
>"Yes, on her head. It is hidden by her hair now that she is oolder."
>"And she was born when the first moon was full but the third moon was new?"
>"Yes. Adramar noted it, says that happens only once a century."
>"Were there unusual sounds as she was born?"
>"What? no, I don't... Wait. yes. Just as she was born we all heard a cock crow even though it was the middle of the night."
>"This is very important, so be careful. Did she have a wet nurse?"
>"...yes. My wife had terrible trouble the first week so Arwedhel nursed our daughter for the first night."
>"Arwedhel? The sea-elf?"
>"Yes. She was still nursing her son."
>"Your daughter is the maiden of the bright and dark moons, the one who was suckled by the sea. Her birth was heralded as a new dawn. She is destined to be the downfall of the Lich-King Matrimar!"

>> No.73880807

d&d (and 5e in particular) doesn't have a lot of specific mechanics for roleplaying because mechanics actively hinder roleplaying and turn it into a weird clunky slog of "social combat" and it's dumb. roleplaying works better w/ dm fiat, and the deception/insight/persuasion/performance skills are there to ease that along

>> No.73880829

But not in the heart anon


>> No.73880979

>Romancing pussy
>Not just buying pussy from its father and knocking it up
Women are for breeding men are for romance.

>> No.73881057

>the deception/insight/persuasion/performance skills are there to ease that along
Screw that shit.
AD&D 1e, all the way. THAT is roleplaying.

>> No.73881539

Of course DnD doesn't stop or prevent roleplaying. System has very little do with it. The fact remains, though, that people who play DnD are much more likely to be content rolling dice to hit orcs and play a wargame rather than get engaged in roleplaying. If you compare how much roleplaying is in an average party of 5e players vs a group of people playing L5R or Changeling: the Lost, I think the difference is obvious.

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>people who play DnD are much more likely to be content rolling dice to hit orcs and play a wargame
i think that's pretty subjective. most of the people i know who play 5e got into it through the adventure zone, cr, friends at the table, etc etc and play it specifically for the roleplaying. even had some people dip out of groups when the games were too focused on combat and survival and didn't have any real opportunities to engage w/ storylines in a meaningful way
out of the abyss, folks. not even once

>> No.73882011

>The fact remains, though, that people who play DnD are much more likely to be content rolling dice to hit orcs and play a wargame rather than get engaged in roleplaying.
That isn't a fact.
That is your opinion.
>More roleplay in L5R
I think you mean
>Player: "I have my courtier impress the local magistrate [rolls die]"
>GM "[looks at chart] With your Air rating he is impressed"
>Player "Thank God we aren't playing DnD!"
That isn't roleplaying

>> No.73882053

>He doesn't play landowners in 1815's Britain with the simply goal of getting married
Apart from the year that's a pretty apt description of Pendragon

>> No.73882085

>Roleplaying in a roleplaying game
Holy cringe lmao am I right bros

>> No.73882121

R stands for Romance you retard

>> No.73882596

Sure, this is anecdotal, but I'm pretty confident that it's pretty common. This is because DnD is so popular, so it attracts the dregs of society who just want to hit things. If you ever played any other system, I'm sure you'd also notice the difference.

>> No.73883038

what, did you only play adventurer's league?

>> No.73883119

aww good on youdude.

>> No.73883182

>I am pretty confident
Every retard with a retarded opinion is pretty confident that their retarded opinion is correct.
Otherwise? They'd have a different retarded opinion.
>because DnD is so popular, so it attracts the dregs of society who just want to hit things
Oh, look. Another retarded opinion.
>If you ever played any other system, I'm sure you'd also notice the difference.
Kid, I've played and run more systems than you have living blood relatives within 2 degrees of consanguinity. I'm currently running ongoing campaigns in three different game systems and playing ongoing campaigns in three other systems. And I'm doing pickup games in three more.
Here's a hint - ask more questions.

>> No.73883222

How'd it happen?

>> No.73883251

So, you're saying that the most popular RPG doesn't also attract most of the retards? Looks like the one having a retarded opinion here is you.

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>DM can't do romance

>> No.73883454

>hurrrr duuhhhhh only version of DnD is duuuhhhh five version and everybody plays it just like I imagine in my head Duuurrrr
>People who like duuhhhh popular things has the dumb and the bads. I no like popular things, so I has me the smart and the goods

>> No.73883512

What a stupid argument. Popular things always attract most people, and thus a higher number of those people are idiots. This has no bearing on the actual system and if its good or not, and that's not in question here. Stop acting like a fucking retard.

>> No.73883593

>Popular things always attract most people, and thus a higher number of those people are idiots
Let me guess.
Communication major, but the third time you did your thrid year was hard, so you're into your 2nd gap year, right?

>> No.73883623

I know you are educationally challenged, but that wasn't an argument because it wasn't meant to be an argument.
I was mocking you for your objective and obvious stupidity. Pure , unalloyed scorn toward you and your feeble attempts to think.

>> No.73883657

Bitch, my magical realm is happy monogamous relationships and elopement

>> No.73883846

Goddamn you are stupid. Ignoring obvious facts to reinforce your own meek ego and wanking over your favoured system, God forbid anyone says anything negative about muh DnD.

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>That's what I said.
It's like finding out one of your friends eats shit. And then you find out he's been eating shit off and on for 28 years and saying, actually, he's gotten quite used to it.

It is an act of will, comes the cry from his shit-stained lips.

>> No.73883886

That's explicitly NOT how you're supposed to play L5R though?
You can't just say "I do thing, using my best attribute"
You're supposed to describe what you're doing (or failing that, how you're doing it) then the DM adjudicates which ring that act would apply to.
Then you roll, and depending on successes and strife it's rarely ever a straightforward "you succeed at no consequence".
That's how it's ideally played, if I'm understanding the system.

And now you've reminded me that I want to run L5R but I don't want to use the l5r setting (me and my players are a bunch of D&D drones who like the system but not the fluff)

>> No.73883893

Original statement
>players of DnD are the dregs of society
After mockery
>I just mean more people play it

>> No.73883990

>Dregs of society
>if YOU had played other systems
your actual statements are written down.
In this thread.
Anyone can see them, any time.
I mean, the unsupported statement
>DnD drones don't actually know what roleplaying is
>The fact remains, though, that people who play DnD are much more likely to be content rolling dice to hit orcs and play a wargame rather than get engaged in roleplaying
>because DnD is so popular, so it attracts the dregs of society
>the most popular RPG doesn't also attract most of the retards?
You keep floating around
>All; drones; dregs
then when people start laughing
>I-I-I I j-j-ju-ju-just m-m-mean th-that there are a few muh-muh-muh-MORE re-re-reeeeeeeee-retards
Look, pal. you tried the old
>DnD players can't into roleplay
and are getting laughed at for it.
Take the L and, as was said here
>go be stupid elsewhere

>> No.73884005

>"I never even WENT to university, let alone failed it!"

>> No.73884024

It's useless to explain that to these people. Their brains have been liquefied by years of exposure to nothing but DnD. They're literally incapable of imagining a game where players actually roleplay, because their understanding of roleplaying is "I hit orc, does he die?"

>> No.73884026

Not at all.
it is like finding out that there are adults who think and act like adults rather than 9th graders that read romance novels.

>> No.73884043

>"Waaaahhh, mom, mean boy said that my favourite system isn't perfeeeeeect!!!"

>> No.73884084

>"Yeah, I said obviously retarded shit, so I will pretend the people laughing at me are really mad."
My preferred system is Rolemaster, then HERO, then D6, then AD&D 1e.
Now what, retard?

>> No.73884141

Your taste is just as shit as your attempts at deflecting your own insecurity.

>> No.73884223

In other words, you got nuthin'.

>> No.73884251
File: 16 KB, 394x297, 1482274340670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No pain, no gain amirite bois

>> No.73884262


>> No.73884263

Honestly, it's entirely likely.
>Wes Goodman caught sexting men and fucking them in his office
>Larry Craig literally getting arrested for indecent exposure after trying to sexually solicit guys in the mens' bathroom
>David Matheson who was a huge anti-gay rights proponent and even called fags mentally ill back in 2006 came out as a fag himself years later
>Randy Boehning got caught sending dick pics on Grindr
>Steve Wiles was an actual drag queen who moonlighted in a fucking gay bar
>George Rekers, author of "Growing Up Straight: What Families Should Know About Homosexuality" was caught hiring fucking rentboys for massages with happy endings

>> No.73884298

>About 65% of the world's population lives in cultures where arranged marriages are accepted or even the norm

>> No.73884318

The Storygamers Law
>In any thread focused on roleplaying the odds of a poster implying that everyone is actually a faggot approaches 1

>> No.73884370

6 samples does not a dataset make. Their high profiles introduce a selection bias as well.

>> No.73884409

like it or not, plural of anecdote is data

>> No.73884498

This is acceptable in my groups, but no one in them would be a creep about it. You know, because we're reasonable human beings who find different aspects of life to be acceptable subject matter for a game we're playing.

>> No.73884506


>> No.73884520
File: 22 KB, 615x347, ISIS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73884525

I deliberately make male npcs flirt with new male players' characters. If they sperg out about it, I always have prison rape by burly men happen to them during the railroaded prison escape arc.

Stay mad /pol/ trash.

>> No.73884527

How could you be a creep about it?

>> No.73884668

>>A 2017 Gallup poll concluded that 4.5% of adult Americans identified as LGBT
>>4.5% is common

>4.5% of 300kk+ Americans are gay
>13.5 million Americans are gay
>Somehow not common

Get a load of this product of American education

>> No.73884680

>Says the guy who used his last bit of omnipotent power to turn the guy into a girl

>> No.73884752

Here is a hint, faggot.
Less than 1 in 25 != "common"

>> No.73884769

You are literal retard.

>> No.73884776

Pentecostals dance with snakes, drink strychnine, speak in tongues, and believe woman shouldn't cut their hair
>about 6% of the population
Know any?

>> No.73884812

Your retirement is based on winning the lottery, isn't it?

>> No.73884818

It's pretty common. So common I'm doubting the numbers.
Because that means anon expects me to believe back in tribal hunter gatherer prehistoric times in a tribe of 300 there was still a couple of gays in every single tribe. Yet somehow every civilization turned anti-gay.

>> No.73884944

Fuck, son, per the CDC and census the Gallup poll is incredibly over arching.
Actual homosexuals = about 1.5% each of men and women
And, again, there are more people that go to the Catholic Latin Mass every week than there are gay men.
>anon expects me to believe back in tribal hunter gatherer prehistoric times in a tribe of 300 there was still a couple of gays in every single tribe. Yet somehow every civilization turned anti-gay.
There are three things going on here
>Faggotry has increased for environmental and cultural reasons
>>Faggots used to have a lot of life choices that avoided faggotry
>Every stable civilization is anti-gay *because* everyone knows a faggot or three

>> No.73885002

Yes, but you need a sufficiently large dataset for something to be credible.

>> No.73885070

>Literally gets the quote backwards

>> No.73885108
File: 1.74 MB, 300x290, 1491953326241.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Seducing NPCs is a staple of every Bard

>> No.73885144

>A gnoll player randomly tries to romance a tomboy gillman assassin who clearly admires another character
This guy was a jew who was bad at money, his flat was filled with space marines and he was overweight. Why would you be such a fucking caricature?

>> No.73885273

You've had nothing since you started replying, besides asinine attempts at protecting your precious little franchise.

>> No.73885403

>You make aggressively stupid comments about DnD
>you assume anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant
>You think the only reason to say DnD has roleplayers is to "protect it"

>> No.73885531

Christ you are dumb.

>> No.73885658
File: 90 KB, 1000x747, Fulgrim-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DM understands what my PC is a reference to
>DM plays along
>DM gives me all the cool shit that I need
>DM has the party go to my PC's country
>My PC is so rich that portraits are made out of gold and gems
>DM gives my PC his own waifu
>DM lets my character have a three some with bride-to-be and his mother in law
>DM tells me and another player that upcoming arc means that we can betray the unironic SJW in the group
I should really get him a good gift

>> No.73886023

>i want my dicky suck

>> No.73886033


Go on..

>> No.73886303 [DELETED] 
File: 128 KB, 600x819, 2019-05-13-14-19-2812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stay mad /pol/ trash.

>> No.73886322

how big is that bird?

>> No.73886631
File: 59 KB, 500x667, scared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's with all the over-opinionated retards in this thread angry about other people having fun hitting things or roleplaying?

Just enjoy your game.
y...you DO have a game... right anon?

>> No.73886787
File: 89 KB, 1023x683, depositphotos_23884373-stock-photo-dog-looking-concerned-close-up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well... see...

>> No.73886866
File: 102 KB, 672x799, elf omega smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Player tries to romance a female ( 0->) NPC

>> No.73886911

NEver heard of it but given the rest of what you have listed it's probably shit.
Bloated trash with options for the sake of having a lot of options rather than all of those options having reason to be individual options. You could collapse most of the skills into each other and lose nothing and chargen is a nightmare.
That's pretty vague, a lot of systems use D6. Is it like D20 but with D6 then, a generic framework?
Something even worse than 5e, why am I not surprised?

>> No.73887179
File: 98 KB, 500x526, 1541187402857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DM lets my character have a three some with bride-to-be and his mother in law
>DM tells me and another player that upcoming arc means that we can betray the unironic SJW in the group
Treasure that DM for all of eternity.

>> No.73887293

Interesting. How come a bottle cannot trigger the same chemical reaction in me?

>> No.73887590

>never heard of Rolemaster
You must be at least 18 to post here

>> No.73887625

I'm pushing 30 moron, I just don't care about games that I don't intend to play.

>> No.73887634

>EVERY system sucks but MY fave!
The ultimate evolution of every
>have you tried not playing DND?

>> No.73887666

>writes & thinks like a 16 year old
>curiosity of a dim 14 year old
>pushing 30

>> No.73887691

faggots are cancer

>> No.73887692

>what is Rolemaster?
>is D6 a generic framework?
You dont know a fucking thing about RPGs yet have the gall to pretend your opinion is fact?
My 12 year old niece knows more about RPGs.
Might be why she is humble

>> No.73887706

Another millennial, anon

>> No.73887765

But 5e does suck, though my complaints with it aren't all the same as what /tg/ regurgitates. My main one is combat and how it very quickly devolves into happy slaps because of stupid AC numbers. AC is dumb and probably the thing I hate the most about 5e combat.

You're the one acting like a child, you can't accept the flaws in the systems you enjoy. Of them, AD&D and HERO are the worst offenders, AD&D has all the failings of old editions of D&D and D&D in general such as being terrible if you want a story beyond "kill shit get money repeat". You can do it but it takes so much houseruling or ignoring of the core rulebook you might as well play something better suited to roleplaying and player-guided narrative. HERO is as I said a bloated mess with options for the sake of options (which is a problem older editions of D&D - particularly 3.5 - had). The skill list is full of shit that could be rolled together and it has stats that could easily be derived instead.

I don't hardly play anything that's been officially published, and I hate traditional fantasy as a genre. Generic, catch-all systems (i.e. GURPS) have never once played well in my experience. I've found the best systems are the ones that are made by one or two people who have a passion and love for the subject matter of the system, not a faceless corporate entity. I doubt your 12 year old niece knows more, just what you've spoonfed her. if she stopped playing your OSR-tier trash and actually read a system that wasn't made to encourage antagonistic gameplay between players and the GM she'd probably tell you off.

>> No.73887812

>I don't hardly play anything
ouch grammar

>> No.73887838


>> No.73887861

This is how I know you know I'm right. You can't refute my points because they're spot-on. Fuck grogs, fuck shitical Role wannabes, fuck the systems they both play, the best systems are the ones that are focused and niche that have had love and care poured into them. I've seen stuff made by /tg/ that has more balance, effort, and quality than any officially published system out there.

>> No.73887882

different anon, sorry

>> No.73887917

>all DND players are the dregs if humanity. You only disagree because it is my favorite system
>it is not my favorite system
>you refuse to accept that all the systems you like are flawed
The pretend dialogue in your head is not real, anon

>> No.73887942

I've got 4 games.

Or I would, if any of them could keep a shedule.

>> No.73888026

>all DND players are the dregs if humanity
Except that wasn't me. DND players who play DND for what it is are people I can't understand but as long as they know its limitations and don't care if they're playing a broken mess that barely works fine. I'm still going to deride them for it.
>you refuse to accept that all the systems you like are flawed
HERO and AD&D are extremely flawed for the reasons I've given.I've read the books and tried running them. Same applies to generic systems, I've never seen one that isn't so vague it's unplayable garbage.

I run two, play in four.

>> No.73888032

>I know nothing about those game systems
Also you
>you are shit for playing them
I am not sure if you can get funnier

>> No.73888070

>my favorite band? I am sure you have never heard of them. No, I will not name them. I have never heard of those bands, but they are trash and you suck for listening to them

>> No.73888088
File: 16 KB, 238x267, 1595119517356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello I am that player.

>> No.73888095

>99 posters in the thread
>you think only one guy is laughing at you
Bad news, anon

>> No.73888113

>The reasons I have given
You wrote
>even worse

>> No.73888191

No, idiot
You never asked my opinion of them and I never gave it.
You think your pretend conversation in your head is real.
It is not.

>> No.73888220

>I play Rolemaster
>never heard of it. It is bad. Why do you refuse to admit it is not perfect?
Next level crazy

>> No.73888479
File: 53 KB, 595x398, 1582075667960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DM just wants to have the characters fuck with no romance

>> No.73888496

>I personally, subjectively dislike many options
>thus games with many options are bad
>if you disagree, you are bad

>> No.73888897
File: 846 KB, 750x1334, 1587248844125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gm tries to set player up with an npc

>> No.73889138

For years I basically played asexual characters who were pretty no nonsense about reaching their goals. Past couple of years started actually romancing npcs en shit. Honestly makes for a better experience. Don't be pussies my dm is my bro and I don't let that stop me

>> No.73889222

That was an awkward experience. Especially since the GM was clearly inexperienced with romance outside of television and media. Shame I can't tell the story since I know he uses /tg/

>> No.73889276

give one anecdote or scenario please. I haven't had this kind of player

>> No.73889289

I get you man. I don't have much experience in romance either but it felt a little rushed on my end and a bit like fan fiction which considering he admits to taking inspiration for Critical Roll I can see. But god bless his little heart though and I guess it could be argued that the NPC was a little mentally unwell seeing the events that happened to her in the game and me being the only other PC that actively went out of their way to make them feel better.

>> No.73889565

Fuck, dude.
I thought
>stop liking what I dont like
was a meme

>> No.73889592

>HERO has far too many options and far too many skills
Also you
>generic systems are so vague they are unplayable garbage
Meaning you never knew HERO is a universal system.
A universal system you dislike because it is too precise.
While complaining generic systems are too vague.
You are a poseur, and bad at it

>> No.73889703

>Except that wasn't me
You responded directly with the same attitude, word choices, game opinions, odd grammar, and bad punctuation.
It is you

>> No.73889720

>I do stupid shit as a GM
>Everyone leaves
>Why do they always leave me?

>> No.73890180

>on Fridays anon binge watched 6 hours of actual play videos before eating 3 pints of ice cream and posting on /r9k/ until 3am
>on Saturday he makes another character he will never play
>on Sunday he writes slash fiction
>every day he wonders what it is like to have a friend

>> No.73892855
File: 389 KB, 543x451, morning.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.73894090

How, exactly, is that idea even remotely toxic?

>> No.73894590

Correction, I enjoy games with many options that matter. Actual choice, not illusion of choice. HERO is illusion of choice.

>> No.73894599

HIERO is a universal system, and I'm well aware of that, which is just another nail in the coffin for it. I'm in 6 games right now, two of which I run, none of which are your shit systems or any edition of D&D.

>> No.73895391
File: 299 KB, 756x1157, 1545983500859.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My DM wants me to hook up with one of the NPCs and I dodge it every time.

>> No.73895457

the anon you are replying to is single.

>> No.73895462

>"Only the things I like are real"

>> No.73895473

>none of which are your shit systems
Who do you think you are replying to?
And, O Oracle, exactly what six systems do you play and run?

>> No.73895480

My DM has a lot of interesting NPCs and the party has a ton of henchmen so we even have 2 henchmen that married each other

>> No.73895513
File: 204 KB, 900x900, Champions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HERO only requires a little bit of addition and subtraction, anon. No reason to be intimidated.

>> No.73895641

Related to OP:
As a mature player, how do you deal with an immature GM?

>> No.73895746

I'm a greybeard and my kids all play.
If you are playing where the GM is younger or flat-out immature, you need to stay in their zone as you can while still having fun.
They are uncomfortable with romance? Be very subtle about it, or give it a miss until they grow up a bit.
They are really obsessive about RAW/their own houserules/edition wars = focus on having fun for now and, again, wait for a bit of maturity.
My threshold for people under 20 is much greater than people over it, of course.

>> No.73895810

>the PCs
I hope so. I don't want my PC and all other PCs to stop getting action. That would kill steam and bring an age of the consoletards.

>> No.73895825

I have no idea why, but I did laugh

>> No.73896187

OP, why is this an issue?

>> No.73896534

Archive this!
And please put me in the screenshot

>> No.73896631

>not using media as a substitute for real life affection
fucking normalfags

>> No.73897271

TTRPGs exist so we can control *someone's* life, amirite?

>> No.73897635

That's one of the most glaring
>I'm underage
posts I've seen this week

>> No.73899684

So does that mean that all the gays that say they hate women actually secretly like them and wish they could date them?

>> No.73899913

gays don't hate women, they're just not simping for them

>> No.73900239

But there are some that claim to hate women, and those are the ones I'm talking about.

>> No.73900473

Forgiven, but don't let me catch you doing it again

>> No.73900822


>> No.73901118


>> No.73902894

those are "prison gays" and nobody likes them

>> No.73904098
File: 227 KB, 547x516, hatsoonaymeekoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bringing RPG mechanics and dice rolls into ERP
this is actually my fetish

>> No.73904497

I thought prison gays were just men that fuck men because they can't get a woman.

Granted I can see how misogyny would get you there, but there are surely other routes.

>> No.73908161

assuming that's 200 million adults overall, that'd be about 9 million adults identifying as LGBT, or roughly one NYC of gays
that's nowhere near the 191 million of straights, but I'd be hesitant to say it's uncommon
we also have to remember that many people are straight up in denial of their LGBT proclivities, like the guy who's obviously checking out everybody's dick in the gym showers, but then immediately claims he loves pussy

>> No.73909420

>San Fran is all prison gays

>> No.73909791


>> No.73912088
File: 37 KB, 567x376, EdGD6qJU8AA2Fu1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>NPC hints they're into player
>They run into each other multiple times
>PC dies
>On their deathbed they agreed to date when the PC was healed back up
Why did I add this /tg/?

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