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Just made this Inquisitor. What's everyone else working on?

(After taking the picture I noticed the sprue remnant on his shoulder, cleaned it off since)

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when are we supposed to start seeing something interesting?
the psychic awakening was boring

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waiting for a greenstuff roller + greenstuff to arrive from spain
I can't get ANYTHING done until then; it's maddening

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>What's everyone else working on?
My motivation

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>No need to repair if I destroy the heretics first

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Why do I always end up going back to my deathwatch? I already have a full army of them and I really dont want to paint more black, yet I always come back thinking I should do some more vets

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bought some paints to try working on my desert themed lizardmen army for aos today. probably not going to do anything 40k related short of work on my dudes' fluff for a while because I'm starting to get burnt out

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Oh hey its Sabaton Song OP hows it going

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Is that 3-lensed device that the one guy is holding a part of the skitarii kit?

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I still trying to learn the rules so what if i want to target a Single unit like a boss nob how do i do that can i do that?

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Yeah, is an Omnispex I'm pretty sure

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Yep omnispex

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It's going pretty good

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Going to be doing up some Iybraesil Eldar next month, probably. Seen a couple takes on the scheme I like.

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>What's everyone else working on?
Nothing until the rain and wind stops.

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>24 minutes of painting marines as the tip of the day

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orcs vs imperial guard box set when

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I still haven't painted my seraphim because I haven't decided what I'm going
to replace those stupid stands with. How does make you feel?

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Never, no one would buy it.

Ork players dont buy models
Guard players dont buy GW models

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Is it worth taking Renegades and Heretics into 9e or should I just bullshit them in as an allied detachment to chaos?

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I would buy GW guard if they made a female only box where they're all as cute as the one from the 9e cinematic.

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They need to start making non-Astartes factions meaningful and people will pay more attention to them.

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Would you settle for 50/50 cute guard lasses and dashing guard lads?

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They were, back in 3rd.
Nobody played them either. Marines are just too appealing.

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I'm doing Celtic marines. What's a good war cry? Doesn't even have to be Irish related. The only thing that comes to mind is Vae Victis but I can't get Legacy of Kain out of my head when I hear it so it gives me vampire vibes even if it shouldnt

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Nah, if you put them in every starter set and have them beat the shit out of everyone in the fluff people are going to play them.

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No compromise. They can make a separate box for that.

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60% women that look like men, that's the best we can do, please understand.
They both share the same bodies btw

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"Make Way" in English or Gaelic/Irish is an easy one.

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I've seen this but it feels a bit like low hanging fruit. Unless I'm overthinking it?

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you do realize this was literally "space marines: the game" at some point?
space marine players finance the existence of your cringy npc armies.

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Any pens that I can use to write on purity seals?

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I've been playing since 2e, so I'm aware of how it is and I don't like it.

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Use a paint brush, it's better.

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What size?

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then leave. there are plenty of dead games that don't have space marines.

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Did you settle on a list yet Iybraesil anon? Hope your project goes well!

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Plenty of live games too.

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space marines are shit

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looks funky anon, you got a backstory for him?

I'm taking a break from painting infantry by working on a void shield generator and some other terrain, finally a chance to use my airbrush again

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AoS uhhh necromunda?
Thats it

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Not yet, literally just built him

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Infinity :-D

This whole thing started with someone complaining that guard and ork players don't buy GW models... I explained part of why.

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As big as you're comfortable with with a good sharp tip. I use a 1.

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not that other anon, but I normally use a size 0 for most of my detail painting or a 3/0 if it has to be really fine

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That games dead anon

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I'm writing shitty homebrew for an Astartes chapter and i'm trying to figure out their logistics. What strikes you guys as lazier writing? Giving them a Mechanicus presence within their home system bonded to the chapter, or hand-waving it away and having their supplies come from a distant forge that's never elaborated upon? Both suck, but i'm not sure how else to write myself out of this hole. Giving the Mechanicus a presence in the system feels like having my cake and eating it, and having everything come from outside the system feels like i'm not giving the issue enough thought.

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I mean, I'm probably just buying a SC so I'm leaning towards a Wraith-focused list. I was thinking Wrath of the Dead (since I'll have a bunch of Wraiths, and I might try and hunt down the Eldar half of Wake the Dead if anyone still has it) and then something like Headstrong, Expert Crafters, or Warding Runes to make my Wraiths better. Leaning towards ghostaxe Wraithblades, since it seems like having sturdy models for board control is gonna be nice in 9th, especially since you need better bodyguards than you used to for characters.

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I want to actually write words on the scrolls that some models have so ill get a sharp brush

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Tournament scene was growing before COVID. N4's about to drop, if they don't bungle that release they'll do fine.

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Make them salamanders so they make all their stuff themselves and get really anal about it to other chapters.

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I mean, one or the other must be true; either there's Mechanicus in their home system, or they get it shipped in from elsewhere. Personally I think the latter's more interesting, as it gives narrative hooks for supply lines to be cut off etc, and gives them reasons to have connections and obligations with other areas of their local sector.

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Use a paint brush tip and use a minimal amount of paint.

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So are the Sautekh Dynasty no longer the poster child necrons? It’s Szarekh’s senpai now?

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I’m still a Sautekh guy, Imotekh is much more based than the cuck king

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seems that way, but i actually like the idea of the sautekh scheme being less prevalent.

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Sakura micron pigma 005.

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only a retarded redditor would think it does. maybe it SHOULD but is clearly separate

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What are some non shitty warhammer youtube pages? I like miniwargaming because their battles reports are all just guys hanging out, explaining the rules, and rolling every dice on camera, no extra bullshit. Tabletop Minions seems like a cool guy who talks about thee hobby side more. What do you guys watch?
Lets just leave Arch out of this, because it will just devolve into shitposting.

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commissar gamza

In all seriousness, Auspex Tactics with his airline captain voice

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Roll off if both players disagree or look to see if there’s an official clarification

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*hides in dense cover behind $1722 of forgeworld terrain*

It is nothing personal.

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i hear arc-
>Lets just leave Arch out of this, because it will just devolve into shitposting.
you ruin my fun anon

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What am I?

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this, he posts fast and is good for rules overview

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Play on tabletop for quick 40 minute battlereports
Table top titans for in depth battlereports on a variety of factions.
Baldemort for lore videos that are great when painting
Auspec tactics for information about new releases.

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How good are Talons of the Emperor for Combat Patrol? Kinda torn between them and Admech. I have some Escher conversion ideas for admech HQ units, but Sisters of Silence are cool too.

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the quartering has been doing nice w40k stuff lately. And all the sargon people been playing w40k related RPGs, althought those are with arch being the GM, so I guess a no go for people here.

Nowi Radykałowie(new radicals) have a nice pod cast and translations of games and tactics done by the titans team in to polish. And they do more then just w40k which is a bonus, because YT is not going to censor people droping black pills in slavic languages.

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Black Templars or Blood Angels in regards to modelling and painting?

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Auspex and Tabletop Titans are my go-tos. Auspex is stupidly fast at pumping out vids, TTT does a good job of decent, watchable batreps.

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Can someone explain why Grey Knights and Thousand Sons suddenly suffer +1 to smite now?
I am retarded

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If you can get your hands on the BT upgrade sprues, then BT. Otherwise I feel prettybois have more opportunities to hobby.

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Would it be weird for a chapter master to be an ex Black Templar? Like a minor Castellan given a group of guys to crusade endlessly in one direction under a new name? I know the BT would probably not bother to change their chapter imagery in the sense but is there even a small chance it'd make sense?

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Because psykers with more than one cast can just unload nothing but smite now.

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Blood Angels

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Smite spam was something in the early days of 8th

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Thanks, I'll check them out. Auspex had 3 votes so I'll check them out for sure. Tabletop titans has nice thumbnails, and I like purple. I'll watched their take on 9th ed Nids. Might have to drop them based on their take.
Don't really care too much about lore videos, because reading codices and supplements are one of my main interests in 40k.
Ehhh, he's not bad, and I like what he did with the idea of exclusively games, but a quick google shows its dead. Still I hate the format of his videos where its a closeup of his face, and most of the video is him reading almost verbatim from another source. Like I said, I'm not going to say im for or against Arch, just leave that topic alone for now. too many shitposters on both sides.

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If it's a fists successor chapter then it can happen. Celestial Lions were given BT marines and materiel to help rebuild their chapter.

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Not at all, if they were founded recently.

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Blood Angels were cool, but not primarishit.

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So if I don't play loyalist Astartes or spess kangz where do I get the rules for 9e without buying the indomitus box?

>> No.73802429

I wish Autism Tactics had an equally based boyfriend that he could constantly use to demonstrate tabletop theory and produce videos on.

It's so god damn frustrating that all the hard effort he puts into the videos goes to shit once a fat patch drops like 9th edition.

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By preordering from your local Warhammer™ store, of course.

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The book is being released the same day. Cheaper to see if you can buy it off some dudes who split it or bought a lot of boxes.

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Is there a core rulebook that's dropping? I'm new to all this.

>> No.73802442

The rulebook is available to buy on its own.

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Before, you couldn't spam Smite, and those two factions had special rules to let them sidestep the limitations on Smite that existed in 8e. But now the rule is different, and their exception rule doesn't cover the RAW of 9th edition. So they're subject to the 9th Ed penalties for spamming smite, because their rules only cover the 8th ed version, not the 9th ed version.

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The old GW onw or the FW ones?
Blood Angels make primaris look pretty cool due to how many bits they have. But phobos armor is cringe and unsavable.

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Okay cool. I'm just trying to justify my dudes using BT rules. Lore-wise it was a semi-direct order from Celestine to "go kill things in that general area on the edge of the galaxy" and the Chapter Master being like "Man that's kind of a direct order from Big E so Im gonna be borrowing these few squads forever. I'm sure you can spare them" and leaving with upper management kind of shrugging and giving him a fruit cake on the way out

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Check the For Honour Highlander character, he throws different war cries in Celtic (if I remember correctly) based on the attacks you're doing.

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Old GW plastic one. It had a metric fuckton of templar bits.

>> No.73802462


There are other chapter (White Templars etc) who operate similarly to BTs. If you want another Imperial Fist- descended chapter who is space knights but with a different color scheme and name than BTs, the setting definitely allows for it.

>> No.73802468

That's where I started out, but I dismissed it pretty quickly. The chapter has sovereignty over an underdeveloped feudal world in a further underdeveloped sector so making them self-sufficient in a fortress monastery with production capability struck me as the simplest answer but that didn't make them vulnerable enough. They're supposed to be a chapter raised to defend what the vagaries of the warp have defined as a border, Limitanei out on the fringe of Imperial space, bound by duty to protect the sanctity of the Imperium but ultimately loyal to home and tribe over the government they never see. They have to be cold, hungry, worn out and stretched thin, ready to quietly fade away from Imperial authority with the rest of the system once there's no border left for them to defend, to turn in to petty tyrants that tithe surrounding worlds in exchange for protection as they replicate the Imperium in microcosm in an attempt to survive. You have no choice but to keep making guns and ammo and suits of armor for us because we're the only authority left and if you want us to keep your shipping safe it's damn well going to cost you. I just don't know where the shipping is supposed to come from.

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they do not suffer from it. The PA book comes with the rule nullifing it for both of those armies, and PA is 9th legal.

you do of course have to own a PA book which is out of print now to use it though.

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Celestine wouldn't bemable to pull founding a new chapter on her authority alone.

>> No.73802473

How much of it is usable with the primaris shit? I figured it would be easier to use jewellers chain, greenstuff, plasticard and upgrade bits from FW than cutting up the primaris bodies.

>> No.73802474

Winter SEO, an easy going guy doing good battle reports with his friends. Top comfy

>> No.73802480

I'm making my Indom box half into BT as my first step into marines.

>> No.73802481

I considered this. In that case, he mistook the situation and stole his men for their crusade then, under context he's doing the right thing. Where my dudes end up though (homebrew sector) are so far out in the galaxy no one's had time to tell him "hey you shouldn't have done that"

These help. Thanks anons

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I don't follow what you're saying. How did he kidnap a bunch of space marines?

>> No.73802493

Oh! Rogue Traders! This is a Rogue Traders situation, anon. They have deals set up with Rogue Traders and Exploratory Fleets, but those only hold together as long as the region is ripe for exploitation. Eventually their infrastructure will dry up and blow away when the next big score hits the ears of their 'allies', and they're stuck scrambling to build enough of an industrial base underneath them before then

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>wanted to shelve my marines for now and start a CSM army for a while now
>"9th is dropping soon, wait before deciding anon"
Alright, 9th is happening, point changes are out, so help me decide: Iron Warriors or Black Legion? I like fluffy armies and prefer chaos undivided over dedication to one god.

Black Legion is undivided, versatile, all units are fluffy for them but I like their focus on terminators and that I can three HQs I like in a fluffy council of traitors, plus their legion tactic works with bolters and plasma which I like letting me focus on regular CSM and bikes along terminators. Also black and gold is pimpin. Not really interested in fielding the named characters since I've had enough of that in my SM army.

Iron Warriors are undivided and I like most of their fluffy units, havocs and tanks in particular. I have less love for their fluffy HQ disco lord which is too messy of a design for me, and I'm not crazy about their paint scheme. I like the theme of hordes of slave cultists screening for their masters and their mighty machines.

>> No.73802500

>55ppm skyweavers for haywire + sword
Are these still worth running?

>> No.73802502

Wrote free candy on the side of a battlecruiser

>> No.73802511

They're flying vehicles that can still fall back, shoot, and charge. Their new cost is well deserved for the new rules of the game.

>> No.73802512

Last thread I got some good callouts to how my Custodes list building is shit for this weekend's 1000 point 9E game against Tau. How about one of these lists?
I don't have a huge collection of things to work with yet so my options are limited. I've got plans to expand with a Caladius and some Sagittarum Custodes next for larger games, but list building to 1000 points is providing difficult.

>> No.73802537

Skyweavers are pretty good. You can fall back, shoot with a blast weapon that also works against vehicles, and charge. That's a good all around kit.

>> No.73802539

>proxy Aquilon
They're 50mm what the fuck are you going to proxy them with

>> No.73802541

Someone recommended me to start doing epic wars with photoshop and my dudes, this is my first try, don't worry i know the background is super shitty i will get better with time.

>> No.73802555

Good call, thanks.

>> No.73802556

SoS are useless unless your opponent brings psykers, Custodes struggle to field much of anything at 500 points. They might be better now at 500 though since they actually have CP to work with.

>> No.73802558

>>73802502 gets it
And it was more along the lines of "Whoah holy shit the Living Saint just gave us a mission. Obviously this is extremely important so we're going with you to bring glory to Big E. Anyone who doesn't want eternal glory can stay here like a loser" but the candy was too tempting for alot of them and a fair number bailed, including an Apothecary so they can restock their numbers in the middle of nowhere.

Obviously this is a big no-no but everyone was too excited about their top secret mission to remember that leaving the crusade was probably gonna piss a few folks off

>> No.73802560

My Aquilons built with Twin Adrathic Destructors.
The guy I'm playing against knows the weapons my Terminators are built with, so calling them out as a proxy is a formality.

>> No.73802578

Old marines and primaris are compatible besides the torsos, legs, and arguably backpacks. I'm doing the same thing. Chain works well but make sure you pay attention to where you're putting the chain because it's easy to go overboard and put it in a place where the gun presses up against the body making it hard to put the arms on. Greenstuff is a son of a bitch to work with, also, I'm struggling with trying to make tabards.

>> No.73802581

SoS are entirely in the 'Meph' category.
They are just a little to expensive if you aren't fighting psykers.
Until GW actually gives them a full range and codex HAH!, it's not really worth considering outside of personal tastes.

>> No.73802585

Pauldrons, heads, backpacks, banners and all the cosmetic bits like purity seals can be used straight. Arms with bolters, chainswords and pistols are a bit short and have chains sculpted on them, so would need some cutting and greenstuff. Torsos would need work as well.

>> No.73802589

fuck. i thought the same. is there another black chapter other than deathwatch or raven guards?

>> No.73802593

Iron Hands, Death Spectres, Black Dragons, or you could make your own.

>> No.73802597

Black Consuls, who were wiped out and eventually replaced with an entirely Primaris chapter.

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>> No.73802602

How do you go about sculpting the tabards? Mind sharing a wip?

>> No.73802615

You ever just want to see new rumours, even if they're total bullshit?

>> No.73802618

>new guard regiments
Bigger chance of squats coming back. And yes, I know GW is teasing of bringing them back...

>> No.73802621

Tau and Eldar are going to revive Puretide using Yvana or whatever dumbfuck name and then ally to backstab Girlyman after he thought he was in 3rd base with the bad bitch, Indomitus Crusade 2 launches with Girlyman getting his feefees hurt and also necrons are in this story because we need to sell their new models

>> No.73802622

>Black Dragons
why did i get a flash of marines scouring the galaxy for zlotys to upgrade weapons?

>> No.73802629

Progress on this. Finally did the shoulder pad array thing in a jade style. I feel like I flunked it, but maybe I'm being to hard kn myself.

>> No.73802636

I'm not really the person to ask about that since I'm still trying to figure that out myself. My first attempt (attached) went pretty poorly. The current ones I'm trying I just put on the basic shape, waited for it to cure then attempted to add greenstuff on top but I'm having a hard time getting it to stay in place while shaping the folds. I gave up in frustration and will attempt it again tomorrow.

>> No.73802644

>Terminator SoS with giant battleaxes

Please GW...

>> No.73802657

Maybe they're too thin, remember that metal minis sculpted by hand tend to have really thick cloaks and tabards.

>> No.73802658


There's only highlighting left to do, but I can't make much time for them recently.

>> No.73802672

I do see potential

>> No.73802673

I used to enjoy reading rumour threads back in the day, but GW's current MO makes them pretty pointless.

>> No.73802682

The base layer is fairly thick, not quite as thick as a plastic one would be but that's because I'm adding additional layers on top. They snapped off the models fairly clean so tomorrow I'm going to try to add onto them when they're not attached to the mini and then superglue it back on when I'm happy with how it looks. I didn't expect this to be easy, and I'm not in a rush so learning pains are to be expected.

>> No.73802684

When rumours were actually believable rather than inflammatory and narrative-driven I liked to see what people would come up with and treat them as homebrews

people have nice ideas when they stop trying to have nice ideas

>> No.73802686


Long time Chaos player here:

First of all, you should go mostly on fluff and how much you like painting the type of armor. I started off Black Legion, felt like painting black edge trim ruined any motivation to paint and then went over to Word Bearers - I really like wetblending the red armor panels now.

Rule wise, you will most likely do fine with both...CSM are probably in a weaker spot until the codex hit, but Termies got cheaper (and both can field termies fine), Daemonengines got cheaper, etc. Both have got some good new rules with Faith&Fury, so it mostly should could down to how shooting heavy you want to play, and how much you like painting black vs metal armor :p

>> No.73802695

Ahriman, dude, you forgot your backpack

>> No.73802698


Word Bearers Smash Lord with Jumppack

>> No.73802710

Not the anon you're talking to but I've sculpted a couple of tabards for some primaris that turned out okay. Try having the top come down below the primaris gorget like pic related. Also instead of adding greenstuff over the robes to make folds see if you can get a hold of rubber shaping brushes, they made the job a lot easier when I tried. Another thing that would probably help is to have the fabric ripples all collecting at a single unifying point near the shoulders.

Here's the vid I used when I did a couple of tabards https://youtu.be/NNsydycT5vw. It's a lot easier than you'd imagine, it just takes time and practice.

>> No.73802716

I'm not sure superglue will work, maybe use a brass rod as a skeleton frame?

>> No.73802728

Whoops I linked the wrong vid, here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL7drjFaoVE

>> No.73802732

Do people paint bettle honours on their dudes? I do if one of my units punches above their weight. Squad of Kabalites take down a character? One of them gets a skull on their base. Lone hellion passes a morale check and stays on the objective? Little gold dot on their chest. That sort of stuff.

>> No.73802737

Just finished everything.
Waiting for my thunderfire cannon

>> No.73802743

I usually hand out names

>> No.73802744

And forgetting my pic

>> No.73802748

Post some unit ideas for factions that lack unit divercity right now, like TS and Custodes

Here is something i was thinking about for a long time - Custodian Grav Chariot. just an ordinary flying chariot with some sort of ornamental stilzed horse-like engine. Open-topped assault transport that can transport up to 3 guys in it. Kinda like Venoms for Custodes.

>> No.73802752

From what we know of 9th so far, does it seem like Combat Patrol will be a popular format?

Is it likely to be supported enough to be the primary way to play 40k?

>> No.73802758

Lower point games were always fun in 8th, though 1000 might be the best for a while.

>> No.73802759

>it’s Sabatanon OP again
I don’t mean to be a pain but as I said with your Celestine thread, as much as i love SABATON the song absolutely doesn’t fit the artwork..........

>> No.73802767

It having some missions specifically for it is nice but low points still suffer from the fact that people won't be able to bring lists full of shit they like so I don't see it being the primary way to play 40k.

>> No.73802768

Thanks for the vid, haven't seen that one in my google searches, I'll check it out tomorrow.

>> No.73802778

>Is it likely to be supported enough to be the primary way to play 40k?
Probably not since this edition is trying its fucking hardest to be a tournament rules packet.
>does it seem like Combat Patrol will be a popular format?
maybe if you're playing with a bunch of new guys who only have a start collecting to their name but imo you might as well play kill team if you want a small scale 40k game you can play in an hour.

>> No.73802783

Congratulations for +10vp

>> No.73802792

>What's everyone else working on?

>> No.73802813

If you're going with a standard thunder hammer and he's not using any other relics you should slap a chain axe on him.
The WB Ashen Axe relic is pretty great as a gotcha rule and is sleeper enough that you're opponent will brush it off after you tell him what it will do to them.

>> No.73802840

reminder if you want to order indomitus still you should get it from these guys because of the 25% discount:


>> No.73802862

Just bought around (i cant remember exactly)
>5 SM custom characters (i.e captains)
>30 tacticals
>10 sternguard
>3 las centurions
>5 Cataphractii+Cataphractii Captain
>Plastic Contemptor
>Land Raider
All painted in Crimson Fists, including the IF supplement too (didnt need it but still)
For 120 Bongbucks, and FREE POSTAGE

Anyone else get a good deal recently?

>> No.73802866

Your current rules are still valid. There were updated army FAQs for removed or tweaked rules on the warhammer community site the other day.
Chapter Approved will contain the new points.

>> No.73802884


>> No.73802897

>Anyone else get a good deal recently?
No, all I'm looking for is paint but no one has any in stock

>> No.73802908

The entirety of the custodes army is a pretty good deal.

>> No.73802909

One can dream:

>-MT Cover Ops Team: multi part kit where you can build an infiltrator sniper squad or a saboteur team with some kind of blast weapon that gets better by firing a unit on a building/ piece of terrain or having the ability to debuff certain pieces of terrain(aka: this piece of terrain loses defendable, or is consideres medium cover instead of heavy cover, or no cover at all).

>-MT bikers/scouts/ATV/Mini Taurox, to compliment the mechanized playstyle

>-Some kind of new character

>-Heavy weapons drop team(kinda like the elyssian troops had) MT really need some anti tank apart from the meltas

>> No.73802933

What do you guys prefer for Word Bearers?

Brighter red armour? Darker Red? Purply red?

Dark trim? Brighter trim?

Cloth colour? Eye lens colour?

>> No.73802935

>Eyes of the Emperor
>Heavy Weapons Squad
>A unit of Rubricae with the ability to shoot at long ranges, as their sorcerer specializes in guiding bullets and forseeing where shots need to be placed

>> No.73802939

Dark red and an ashen grey.

>> No.73802943

Darker red, dull silver trim, yellowy orange eyes, skin/parchment coloured tabards

>> No.73802949

these are the only good looking models of the orkish speedwaaagh release
everything else was a meme afterthought

what kind of warboss doesn't drive his own bike?

>> No.73802964

Dark red for sure, though I like a brighter silver for contrast
Yellow/orange eyes, I used purple for the cloth bits because I liked how it looked

>> No.73802965

maybe use a raptor head instead if hes going to be flying around

>> No.73802966

Dark red, bright silver trim, green lenses. Bonus points for skin colored tabards.

>> No.73802982

>these are the only good looking models of the orkish speedwaaagh release
the dragsta and scrapjet look dope
I did convert my wartrike for the reasons you mentioned though, didn't like the idea of it being a 2 man show

>> No.73802991

>what's everyone working on
Learning the basics using goblins as scratch paper. Clearly it's time to learn how to drill out gun barrels. Yes, the skin highlights suck, it's my first attempt.

>> No.73802994

I prefer them grey with green lenses

>> No.73803002

ill try my best

>> No.73803023

I think Word Bearers work well with both light and dark shades of red. I paint mine with green eyes but blue also look great.

>> No.73803024

I've been having a problem recently. Some time ago I bought 10 Skitarii already built and primed from some guy who lost his motivation to make a kill team. Everything is all good, except that the Transuranic Arquebus was given to a Vanguard instead of a Ranger. How can I remove it's head so I can have the mini I want or am I stuck with a sniper on the front lines? Also have people made that work in the past?

>> No.73803028

So where do you all personally find STL Files? I personally just watch the new section of 40k on thingiverse and snipe up anything good. Been looking for any good Stealth Suits or Fire Warriors and Pathfinders for Tau

>> No.73803038

If he used super glue chuck it in the freezer and you'll be able to snap the head out of the neck hole, if plastic glue you're fucked and will need to cut it out.

TArqs cannot work on the front likes because you cannot move and shoot at all

>> No.73803048

Death Guard does the endgame have all life and civilization in the galaxy dissolve into increasingly smaller microscopic lifeforms? Apparently generations of beastmen and humans tribals live on the plague planet which is not only full Nurgle’s but in the Warp, so is the plan the make the galactic ecosystems more viral/bacterial/parasitical but not devoid of megafauna? Or will everything be writhing sludge save Nurgle’s immortal servants?

>> No.73803052

I think the biggest design element that should be kept in mind with scions is them not acting like a regular standing army, they're the specialist that perform high importance attacks and drop into hell to severe an attacker's "artery" to save a collapsing defending line, a squad of them is tactically worth a platoon of standard guardsmen.
The idea of demolition men is great, but sniping and subtle sabotage is wastes valuable time they could be used performing more immediate action, I also prefer the idea of a fast moving mini taurox(tauros) being their source of fire support rather than cumbersome heavy weapons, non-melta AT would be great though.
Honestly the best place to start when adding to their range would be a flyer, something akin to an A10 warthog's worth of ground fire support would be be good, and yes i know the avenger exists, pretty much the driving idea behind it being a flyer that comes and destroys the main threat then goes back to being on stand-by, akin to the scions themselves.

>> No.73803079

Patrician choice anon

>> No.73803089

CSM bros, do you give special weapons to your havoc champions or keep them cheap? What about melee weapons?

>> No.73803094

Has anyone had a chance to play 1000 points on the new recommended minimum map size (44 x 30)? Its a lot smaller than I realized for that level.

>> No.73803095

looking for a decent 40k podcast to listen to while I paint, any recommendations?

>> No.73803096

combi-bolter and no meelee

>> No.73803099


>> No.73803101

Cool, literally in this case. I'm going to do that now. How long should I leave it in?

>> No.73803104

Just brewed the most delicious DG Nurgle Daemonkin list for 9th edition yet!

>nurgle daemon patrol
1x poxbringer
2x nurgling squads

>dg patrol
1x terminator lord with balesword/bolter + warlord: archcontaminator + ironclot furnace + DR
1x daemon price with wings & sword + epidimicyst blade + plague chosen: sanguous flux

10 x blightlords with axes/bolter + 2 flails
1 x foul blightspawn

7x plague marines with bolter + flail + 2 blight launchers

1x fleshmower drone
3x MBH squad

2x PBC with spitters

1x Rhino with 2 bolters and havoc launcher + DR

This is 2k with new points, 7 command points after all pregame strats and looks fucking fun.
Building the terminator lord tomorrow and pics when list is finished.

>> No.73803105

>Leave the primaris vanguard playing zoomers to me, Barb

>> No.73803106

>special weapons
I'm going to test out plasma guns and flamers on ML and Chaincannon squads respectively, partly just because I miss taking fun stuff on champions, but I'm not convinced it won't be a better idea to just stick with combibolters. Melee weapons seem like a real waste though, I've just given chainswords to mine

>> No.73803107

Fuck off Arch

>> No.73803110

Combi-bolter (fuck GW for not including one btw)

>> No.73803111

Baldemort is very good lore guy. I highly recommend his "Longest Second" series about Rogal Dorn which has a unique take on his character and why I'm going to ally my homebrew with the Imperial Fists.

>> No.73803112

Audible, you won’t regret it.

>> No.73803114

Bolt pistol and chainsword to keep him cheap because he's always the first to die.

>> No.73803116

Shut up Drag Queen Alexis.

>> No.73803120

Fuck off Arch, you're a giant fag.

>> No.73803122

I have many questions as a potential new player.

I was thinking about making a custodes army, but the new point values means they are op so now the models are hard to find. Should I about them since they will be expensive and get nerfed?

If models are sold out on the GW online store does that mean they aren't making anymore?

How much do people really care about third party shit? I was thinking about using raging heros models for sisters (if I go that route,) because I like the look of them better, but I don't want to get shit for it. On the same note, how strict are people generally about buying the books when you can just get rules, stratagems, etc., online? I can afford this shit (it's expensive, but way cheaper than my current hobby, firearms,) but I don't like paying $40 for what is essentially a rule patch.

Also, my flgs can't run their tables/events because of bullshit chink flu larp. I no longer have "nerdy" friends so with the store closed how hard is it to find people to play with? What am I in for here?

>> No.73803125

Couple hours should do it, if it looks like the arms are wanting to come off before the head does (with how spindly they are) as long as they're coming off at the glue seams then I'd also say to carefully pry them off first. I use a #2 flat head screwdriver to carefully get a bit of leverage. Doing that'd just help not to break anything when you go to pop the head

>> No.73803127

Pot, meet kettle.

>> No.73803132

I take it you've seen the nudes too then

>> No.73803135

>the new point values means they are op so now
They really don't

>If models are sold out on the GW online store does that mean they aren't making anymore?
No. If it says no longer available online then it's probably oop but just being sold out more than likely means they're just temporarily out of stock.

>> No.73803138

Not him, but I'd just put it in with a ice cube tray of warm water. When it freezes the model should be as cold as it's going to get. Just guessing.

>> No.73803150

That's not a bad idea too. If leaving it in the freezer over night doesn't work then I'll give that a try.

>> No.73803160

>Never, no one would buy it
I would buy it if the Orks were trannies and the Guard were all homo-secks-shoealls.

>> No.73803162

No, and I don't want to.

>> No.73803168

>Vae Victis but I can't get Legacy of Kain out of my head
Unbelievably based.

>> No.73803177

If you are going to go out of your way to put a song in every thread could you at least take the time to update the links?

>> No.73803179

There’s no need for marines to be this abrasive on gw site, most of them only have 2-3 different units, I don’t understand why we need an individual section for each of the chapters.

>> No.73803187

Did SCREAMINGNIDSANON write about Lictors already?

>> No.73803188

Good luck fellow DGbro

>> No.73803190

why do people think that if someone mentions arch it has to be him? there is no way, even if he has an editior, for him to be in every thread 24/7.

clearly either some people really have to like him or they don't, but there is a bunch of people who get apoplexy when his name is mentioned, so people mention him for the (you)s and trolling.

>> No.73803191

Harlequins vs Custodes box sets when.

>> No.73803195

Ok coomer

>> No.73803198

Fuck off Arch

>> No.73803199

because they hate you specifically.

>> No.73803205

Yes, check the archives.

>> No.73803206

Makes people buy more, as they think "i could have that in my army"

>> No.73803221

Rubric Dred, Psycher Dred, Rubric Havocs.

All we ever ask for.

>> No.73803239

just shitposting. like the people here who would respond to critics of 8th with 'you're a secondary who doesn't even play'!

>> No.73803240 [DELETED] 

wiesz arch to kurwa musi być poliglota, i po niemiecku, i po rusku, i po norwesku i angliskiem tez działa. normalnie jakis językowy geniusz.

>> No.73803244

Objective markers for 9th and to test my admech paintjob. Got some martians painted but wanted my own scheme.

>> No.73803247

More generic Dark Eldar support would be nice; a Mandrake HQ for example, so we're not quite as constrained when listbuilding for pure Kabal/Coven/Cult

>> No.73803258

well then they can all go to /b/ , /pol/ and other boards. 5+ years ago there was no tranny posting, and if something wrote stuff about politics it was actualy informational and either about w40k lore or something historical that could be used as home brew lore.

>> No.73803262


>> No.73803275

>90 points for a double cast psyker
>100 points for a double cast psyker with a captain aura
Is there any point to taking a normal sorcerer now?

>> No.73803279

I agree, I don’t really understand the hate towards arch anyways , I personally don’t like his content but I’m sympathetic towards the whole situation, the few videos that I’ve seen were okeish, amateur af for sure.

>> No.73803293

Do I bite the bullet and start collecting Space Marines, Black Templars specifically.

>> No.73803295

this is the only correct way to assemble the ork flyer

I dare you to prove me otherwise

>> No.73803300

Are the rules for 9th regarding psychic powers in open topped vehicles the same as 8th? It always seemed dumb to me that you can shoot out of it, but casting is a no go.

>> No.73803306

>Doesn't even have to be Irish related.
You could mix Gallic words the way GW does with faux-Latin. IMO it would sound better than straight modern Celtic languages since Gallic and Latin are much closer, so your Chapter's native language could pass as some archaic branch of Low Gothic.

>> No.73803355

>Black Templars
no better time to do it than Indomitus really

>> No.73803360

Speaking of Havocs, does anyone have the STL for the Heratics_Paradise Havoc Proxies?

>> No.73803363

>that image
imagine thinking pic related isn't the peak of wargaming

>> No.73803371

Sorry arch, Milkie posting isnt going to make me like you

>> No.73803402

Slaanesh should hand the final cronesword to Lucius. It would be funny for the Ynnari to try and take the sword from a guy who can't be killed.

>> No.73803426

>proceeds to disarm him

>> No.73803432

Lucius will job and lose it

>> No.73803434

Except he dies all the time. He just grows back inside of the killer like some tumour.

>kill lucius
>take sword from corpse
>throw his killer into the nearest star, slowly

>> No.73803445

Why don't Orks have tanks?

>> No.73803450

>cut off his hand
>trick someone into killing him and take the sword from the corpse
>wait till he jobs and loses it
>push him down some stairs and laugh

>> No.73803460

They're both in real serious need of refreshes. If the box had new Boys and new Cadians it would sell like gangbusters

>> No.73803468

You just created an opening for Lucius to respawn in one of the Ynnari who orchestrated his death. A critical misstep.

>> No.73803469

I want to run 4 squads of guard vets, all sarges get a boltgun and chainsword; 3 of the squads have autogun/lasguns (they are modeled with autoguns from the gsc kits) and one squad with shotguns.
I wanna run the shotgun squad in a chimera and have them jump out to do close quarters shotgun shit. I plan on running them with 4 squads of regular guardsmen too. So at least 80 lads charging in, guns ablazing.

Is this a terrible idea? Especially concerning whatever changes are happening in 9th?

>> No.73803470

>push him down some stairs and laugh
But anon, stairs are deadly.

>> No.73803473

bumping for interest, I'm wondering how the game plays out at that close quarters

>> No.73803487

You kill the dude who orchestrated it too then.
Put his soul in an infinity circuit and create a craft world sized Lucius

>> No.73803494

then he will just possess the dude who
killed the guy who orchestrated his death

>> No.73803498

People keep saying this but I dont think that how lulu works

>> No.73803520

The codexes more or less spell out exactly how to kill him, but people keep trying to find loopholes as if that's gonna work. If you don't do it proper he's not gonna die proper.

>> No.73803526

Would it make sense to specially geared Devilfishes or variants of the Devilfish specialized in carrying suits like Broadsides and Crisis to the battlefield, even if they only exist as battle taxis and stay out of combat?

>> No.73803529


They have all the tanks. Between BW, Gunwagon, and Big Trakk they can make an analog for just about any imperial and several xenos tanks.

>> No.73803535

>Slaanesh deploys Lucius against a fellow Chaos god
>Lucius dies and the chaos god becomes Lucius

>> No.73803536

He possesses people if they take ANY pride in killing him. This is the same guy who has possessed A NECRON (you know, the beings with 0 connection to the warp). He even took over the body of an engineer who made the landmine that killed Lucius.

>> No.73803544


I can only imagine the suits sitting behind one of the forward thrusters is going to have a bad time.

>> No.73803545

There is not a precise way in which it works. It's not a curse with hard-coded rules. It's just Slaanesh that does whatever he/she find funny to resurrect him. Even if you find a loophole (like the mine, or the Necron One) Slaanesh Will just laught at the loophole and still resurrect him.

>> No.73803560

Get a psyker to destroy his soul and slutgod cant bring him back

>> No.73803563


Yeah, the Orca Dropship wouldn't work that well due the same configuration of thrusters in real life. The only rationale would be if they use some kind of shield.

>> No.73803567

What did I miss?

>> No.73803574

How common are mercenary forces in the Imperium? Is there any mention of SM working with them? And what if I say they're soldiers from a Rogue Trader with ties to the Chapter?

>> No.73803577

Just make the average Imperium world Citizen kill Lucius, their lives are so miserable they probably would wish he would possess them to end their suffering so his pride revival wouldn't work.

>> No.73803581

I'm thinking about getting into 40k. I have limited knowledge but I was always interested in Black Templars and indomitus seems like good start with all those melee units inside.

Do I need another book to get Templars specific rules and stats? Also what books you recommend to get BT lore?

>> No.73803587

List C, without a doubt. Don't forget the trait to break pile in and consolidate with the captain. With that list though, you will have a lot of troubles protecting your vexilla, so be careful. Telemon is the best Vexilla bodyguard in the Custodes. It's a good future purchase (get him with the ranged/cc build). Guards with shield are the best option for objective holding, but suck at character protection, since the moment one dies, you lose that protection. Maybe if you get a unit of 5, but then you are already in Telemon territory, points wise, which is a much better option (remember you have the halve damage strat and fnp++, making him a lot tougher).
He means the ranged weapon, since he just have glued it instead of magnetizing it.

>> No.73803588

Not like there's a manual for it in any case. Lucius was never filled in on how it works, he's had to figure that as best he can on his own. Most people will likely have a poorer understanding of it than he does, if they even know about it at all. As far as most observers know his death might just be misreported a lot, or there are several people using the same alias, or he's just a daemon in disguise. It's not like any of this is easy for an outsider to verify.

>> No.73803593

>Lucius dies by Snu Snu
>he turns into the girl who fucked him
>he's officially in a woman's body

>> No.73803599

>Do I need another book to get Templars specific rules and stats?
Faith and Fury has specific Black Templar support, it should be in the mega in the OP

>> No.73803604

>You will never be a woma-

>> No.73803609

on the outskirts of imperial space rogue traders are functionally members of the imperium like any wing of the administratum. A mercenary warlord rogue performing missions with astartes makes perfect sense.

>> No.73803610

The new rulebook is coming out next week, Faith and Fury has black templar rules. Faith and fury is in the OPmegas and the rulebook will be once its out.
The games switching to a new edition in a week so just read up on lore for now, though the basic rules are free on the GW site.
See if the Armageddon Omnibus is in the OP, those are all BT stories i think?

>> No.73803616


What if he got killed by a wild animal?

>> No.73803619

My only explanation is that guy had a bit more of common sense (as much as a dumb euro can have) during the gringos elections and that triggered to no end the Democrats
Guy commenting dumb things during a Mordheim let's play ass blasted an entire way of thinking for years.

>> No.73803622

Do you guys play on Tabletop simulator at all?

>> No.73803632

>inseminate the woman during snu snu
>become pregnant by your own seed

>> No.73803636

He would probably possess it and mutate into a animal-human hybrid.

>> No.73803639

Has anyone ever thought of using sister repentia as the basis of a genestealer cult conversion? I was thinking of giving them power picks and they could be abberants.

>> No.73803641

Vet's don't really do a whole lot with just lasguns and shotguns. If you're gonna take vets you're gonna want some special weapons in the squads too.

>> No.73803644

Is the wild animal a person who takes no pride or satisfaction in the act?

>> No.73803646

No, why?

>> No.73803658


What if he gets killed by a Nurgle pathogen or falls of a cliff?

>> No.73803659

>Lucius dies in childbirth
>he's a baby now

>> No.73803663

What if you kill Lucius by dropping a nuke on top of both of you?

>> No.73803664

Do we know if index options will be legal in 9th or not?

>> No.73803667

Malal is squatted, but Malice (his much weaker alter-ego) is still canon.

>> No.73803668

It's established that even the worker that assembled the weapon isn't safe.

>> No.73803674

In either case he's either not gonna die at all or he's gonna pop back since he may only truly die at the hands of someone who takes no pride in killing him.

>> No.73803681

Index options are all in legends now.

>> No.73803682

you are dumb. PA is exactly what expansions should look like.

>> No.73803685

He would probably possess the being that spread the Nurgle pathogen to that area and if he fell off a cliff I have no fucking clue but the Plot Device machine would find someone connected to that cliff and possess that

The engineer who designed the weapon.
If you kill him as well then his parents who took pride in raising that engineer who engineered the weapon that killed Lucius.

>> No.73803688

Good thinking. That ties in well with what I want.

Hmm... Perhaps my dudes might lead a crusade against the Q'Orl by collecting their Rogue Trader (and other) allies, then I might make up some diverse forces which represent said allies.

>> No.73803694

Thank you anon, I really appreciate the advice. I haven't thought about relics and other pregame stratagems, but since I'm running Solar Watch I'm thinking 3++ Bike on the captain, 3++ relic on the Vexilla, and the consolidate commander trait.
Other than that, honestly a Telemon is actually pretty down on the list of things to get. I'm not too keen on the whole "It's a super-duper dreadnought" concept that Telemons and Leviathans fill. Terminators, Bikers and Tanks is where my main collecting interest lies.

>> No.73803699

He fought off a Great Unclean One in one of the audio dramas. Can't remember if he had some resistance to space coof or if he only had to cope with bugs and tentacles.

>> No.73803701

I want to learn drybrushing since I think the results look better than normal painting, what are some good brushes for this that aren't overly expensive?

>> No.73803705

Does anyone have the terrain setup rules from the 9th ed book (pages 266-269 specifically)?
The leaked ones I've seen jump straight from the terrain keyword rules to missions and skip over those pages.

>> No.73803708

Just show Lucius things he’ll never have and he’ll kill himself in depression.

>> No.73803719


>Gets killed by a Mechanicus Priest, pressing buttons on a computer with 8-bit graphics on a ship in orbit, who doesn't who the fuck he is nor that he is there at all and its bored as fuck.

>> No.73803727

>Malal is squatted
But that's what Malal wants you to believe, which means he still exists

>> No.73803731

He doesn't internalize bad feels, he acts them out on other people.

>> No.73803737

Chop off his arms and legs, cauterise the wounds so he doesn't bleed to death, then leave him somewhere for his warband to collect so there's no "nuh-uh, I starved to death as a result of your actions, so it still counts as you killing me" clause.

Or hook him up to an IV drip and mount him on the front of a Raider as a hood ornament for all eternity.

>> No.73803738

I assume that's just a matter of people moving the thrusters wrong
I would assume the forward one would mainly if not exclusively point down and leave the thrust to the back pair

>> No.73803741

Aren't there more rules that flat out just ignore cover and not cover to saving throws?

>> No.73803742

Thus he’ll do something crazy like jump off a cliff or something suicidal in a way that can only be pinned on himself.

>> No.73803750

what does a haruspex with its mouth closed look like?

>> No.73803751

Fuck, that kit was so cool....

>> No.73803755

Gaping Dragon

>> No.73803760

Hello /40kg/, newfag here. I love 40K, but I've only played video games so far. I have a question; Why aren't GW producing copies of their board game "Space Hulk"? Don't they think people would buy that? Apparently it sold out in 24 hours. It looks fun as fuck and easy to get into.

>> No.73803776

cause gw is shit and they keep making new board games at the same rate they drop the old ones.

>> No.73803778

I thought Japan hated tomboys who win. How’d they get a protag that canon fucks two of them and nobody else? And in a manga published in a Shōnen magazine. How did they do that?

>> No.73803779

That is it's mouth closed

>> No.73803783

What would be the best way to play the Sons of Malice? I think the best way would be to make a Renegade Successor chapter using Codex Astartes and then just using CSM bits to convert the space marine units.

>> No.73803785

>transform into Lucius
>kill the real one
What happens next?

>> No.73803800

Grav Rhino for the Sisters of Silence.

>> No.73803802

I'm looking at some board games right now such as Deathwatch: Overkill and Assassinorum: Execution Force. But honestly, I'm leaning more towards Space Hulk, in terms of a simple and fun pre-boxed 40K game for 2 people. I'm gonna have to try and snipe a used copy on ebay.

>> No.73803803

What if Lucius dies to a Natural Landslide?

>> No.73803805

he reappears on some slaaneshi planet in the eye. Slaanesh isn't just gonna give up her biggest boy toy

>> No.73803809

But muh fulgrim

>> No.73803811

Jokaero didnt go up too much in points, i can still field some woo
God i wish we had 40k rules for the FW transport for them

>> No.73803813

>What am I?
My very best friend. You and your five homies.

>> No.73803833

>Units attacked by this weapon do not gain any bonus to their saving throws for being in cover.

>> No.73803840


>> No.73803848


>> No.73803852

What would happen if Lucius died to a natural disaster on Oliensis?

>> No.73803853

help i'm retarded i meant to quote >>73802359

>> No.73803864

Dense cover is -1 to hit, not a saving throw bonus.

>> No.73803890

Do we have any source for points besides that one Striking Scorpion video(s) yet?

I know his off on some entries, given his reading them all it's understandble, but I'm dying for some confirmation of xeno points!

>> No.73803901

>looking at armies
>they all seem to rely on buff stacking to break units
>the armies that don't do this are shit because their units don't have a better baseline
Has warhammer always been like this or is it just recently?

>> No.73803910

slaanesh would revive him

>> No.73803918

EVERY yt who has a copy of the book early has vids my dude

>> No.73803927

>tfw you're tempted to start a primaris army with indomitus

>> No.73803944

They too only ignore bonuses to armor.

>> No.73803953

What is the likelihood of emperors children or world eaters getting their own codex or codex supplement this edition?

>> No.73803959

they are a fun army, if a tad broken. tons of options, and you know you will get more stuff over time

>> No.73803960

Thats what they want.

Stay strong.

>> No.73803967

GW comes up to you and tells you the next army has to be a Space Marine Chapter to get fleshed out (Its own codex, new unique units, unique warlords, ect.) and they are letting YOU (yes you reading this in your head right now) choose which Space Marine chapter gets to be turned into its own unique army. Which Space Marine chapter do you choose and why? What kind of things would you want to see them get?

>> No.73803971

This is how I Emperor.

>> No.73803980

World eaters

>> No.73803988

Blood Ravens

>> No.73804001

I choose nids and give them the primaris warriors they deserve

>> No.73804002

One with good flamers

>> No.73804004

Genestealer Primaris hybrids would be pretty cool

>> No.73804012

>If models are sold out on the GW online store does that mean they aren't making anymore?

If it says “temporarily out of stock online” it means they are still making them but you’ll have to wait until they’re back in stock, you can set email reminders.

If it says “no longer available online” it means they’re not making anymore. You can try your luck with a local game store but you won’t be able to get it online again.

>> No.73804018

Emperor's Children

>> No.73804024

minotuars or lamenters.. give me something this isnt basic fucking marines

>> No.73804026

Lost Primarchs

>> No.73804029

sisters kit has been 'temporarily' out of stock for months now

>> No.73804033

Is PL really that broken? I know points are more accurate but I just made two seperate lists for my armies (Blood Angels/AdMec) using PL instead of points and their points just about added up too. Is this by chance, or because some armies benefit from PL better?

>> No.73804035

this from what I can gather

>> No.73804036

Would love 2 wound genestealers just so my unlucky charge rolls don't get absolutely fucked

>> No.73804040


>> No.73804047

Update on the Warboss

>> No.73804061

it wasn't like that in older editions, auras and buffs were rarer and less powerful or came with risks or drawbacks

>> No.73804062

Brazen Beasts because it would mean a return of the Khorne Daemonkin rules

>> No.73804070

Overwatch was a mistake and is ruining the game.

>> No.73804091

I run lamenters and don't want gw touching them in the age of primaris, please

>> No.73804095


>> No.73804099

BA or SM codex?

>> No.73804101


>> No.73804113

i just want them to add a stupid rule like 1 and 2 always fail...but they get other things to offset that

>> No.73804123

lucky for you it's a stratagem now for everyone but tau
honestly wish it was like early editions, SNA was ranting in here about how great 2nd Ed OW was a few days ago, where its more like delaying your shooting from your turn into your opponents as a tactical move.

>> No.73804125


>> No.73804130

>Sir! We're being charged!
>Just let it happen, Son.

>> No.73804138


>> No.73804152

SM, custom chapter
indomitable and born heroes chapter tactics so I never run til the last man, manlets only, final destination

>> No.73804171

I've been working on my rusty dg some more after painting fuck all this week. Still more than a bit wip but good enough for battle ready

>> No.73804174

Damn, back when FW was BASED. Now its speciality games garbage and HH hat kits.

>> No.73804176


Units can act in their own turn too anon. It doesn't make sense to give units that are getting charged a 'free' turn of shooting if they're already shooting at the charging unit/another unit.

>> No.73804189


>> No.73804191

They don't look very rusty, chief. That's just orange globbed on.

>> No.73804192

Not him but this can be mostly abstracted via shooting phases. I don't think most units should get an out-of-turn shot just because they're being charged, and I play a shooty army.

>> No.73804195

Pretty high.
I’d bet world eaters/Angron because I always assume gw is about to cut sex goat. But if they keep progressing the Eldar god of the dead story they could probably have Fulgrim and ec try to stop them.

>> No.73804200

>lucky for you it's a stratagem now for everyone but tau
Lucky how? Tau are the main reason overwatch is a mistake and they make it double cancer.

>> No.73804211


Teach those rules lawyers about how running alt SM successors works
Plus you're extremely limited in your resources to use as you cant use a supplement or Blood of Baal, so fluffy for the Lamenters

have you actually ever had someone complain about that? About them being BA successors but using the SM codex

>> No.73804220

What faction should i play if i want my army to have both shooting and melee? It seems like you either go one or the other.

>> No.73804225

Yeah it needs to dry a bit more still, it crusts up and goes a bit powdery and does a nice uneven flake

>> No.73804228

Charging is already an extra action after shooting. Why would it not trigger an extra action for the defenders?
A better option to re-invent overwatch would have been to disqualify units who have shot in the shooting phase from having overwatch. But that's not what Mr. James Workshop and his seven playtesters have come up with, is it?

>> No.73804238


>> No.73804239

Orks, Tyranids(sometimes), Death Guard, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Custards to name a few

>> No.73804240

>After the battle, the Mortifactors engage in a range of practices, often involving the drinking of the blood and the eating of the flesh of the enemy, and culminating in the severing of his head and the flensing of his skull.

Is there any other Chapter does this kind of thing? Not sure Flesh Eater is canonically cannibals or not as their namesake

>> No.73804249


>> No.73804260

aaah a masterpiece is in, finally

>> No.73804275

The point is the delay between two of your shooting phases abstracts things like rate of fire, reloading, and acquiring new targets. Allowing units that didn't shoot to overwatch seems like a lot of bookkeeping and a needless complication versus just having that unit shoot during the shooting phase.

>> No.73804284

pic related isn't even my final form

>> No.73804285

looking good! which orange paint is that?

>> No.73804302

Cool, I'll check those out. Thanks!

>> No.73804309


>> No.73804339

>sir, the enemy is running through an open field towards us!
>leave them be
>now they're shooting at us!
>also one of them pulled out a knife
>oh shit fire everything!

>> No.73804348

He has a murdergrumpy succubus loli, he doesn't need a tomboy.

>> No.73804349

Sorry, maybe I wasn't very clear in my first point. What I meant was: If the attackers have the time to shoot (all their ammo, reloading, acquiring targets, etc) AND charge, why can't the defenders who spend the same time shooting also have the time to defend themselves?

>> No.73804361

You don't need to reload if you're charging.

>> No.73804366

>No loicense, no knoife
Shooty Armies confirmed Brit-bong.

>> No.73804379

The turns are an abstraction of a real battle and in real time both armies would be doing the shooting at more or less time. Now, why does an army Get to bend time and fire again just because someone wants to run at them but can't fire otherwise?

>> No.73804385

no, not yet
and if they do bitch about it I just won't play with them

>> No.73804396


so emperors children because they're a legion : ^)

>> No.73804402

>Counting which units have shot this round to disqualify from OW is too much book-keeping
>But these dudes haven't reloaded after their shooting phase so they have time to charge
Not sure if you're the same anon who's arguing both points, but what the fuck.

>> No.73804422

Because you're being suppressed and limited in your opportunities to shoot when someone is shooting back, but it's a turkey shoot when the enemy is charging you.

>> No.73804427

That's what he thinks. Soon he will realize what he's missing out on.

>> No.73804464

I would use some acrylic ink to darken some part of the jade slightly and would lighten the clearer part.
If you aim for it to grab the viewer's attention, it needs to have more contrast.
However, this miniature is by nature very busy, so you could opt for toning it down and leaving mostly as is too.
Jade is irregular, It's hard to capture its beauty.

>> No.73804467

>hold on bros, we need to stop moving now
>what, why?
>they're casting magic
>we'll shoot them after we're done

>> No.73804468

And it's not a turkey shot when they run up to you and stand in the open before shooting in the movement phase? No cheap shots there when they're on the platter and not firing? Only when they consider running at you, even if they don't move an inch?

>> No.73804474

He's on relatively good footing with at least one wych cult and Lelith Hesperax is on the lookout for him to drag him to Commorragh. If he ever got a craving for sporty girls he could be up to his earholes in them before long.

>> No.73804476

Might be so but I can't find any on Eldar apart from the SS which is has been known to be faulty.

Found a necron one atleast but I'm fucking getting desperate.

>> No.73804482

But nids and orks are best played almost entirely with shooting and blood angels space wolves are best played almost entirely melee.

>> No.73804483

>MFW all this talk of Jade makes me only think of the Mortal Kombat character

Thanks, now I gotta coom

>> No.73804496

>be xcom fag
>wanna play tau cos it' sold as this tacticool hypermobile shit
Should I even bother with something that's not Killteam?

>> No.73804506

Obviously the rainbow warrior.
Perfect magnet.

>> No.73804507

IIRC his apothecary can pretty much simulate feel-good dreams directly in the human brain. He got a sedated slave to dream about outdoor sex with a hot redhead.

>> No.73804509

good taste

>> No.73804513

Tau are the opposite of tacticool hypermobile in the game right now.

>> No.73804518

What sort of units would you give it?

>> No.73804525

>You were moving when they were moving
>You were shooting when they were shooting
Now they've stopped shooting, and are running straight at you. What do you do?
To me, the real sad thing with charging units is the fact that the charge fails and units don't move AT ALL if they don't clear the whole distance in one charge. That's the real bullshit.

>> No.73804529

To be honest I only really like Jade and Frost in MK11

All the other girls dont appeal to me, no Idea why

>> No.73804536

New thread:

>> No.73804550

Can't recommend nids anymore, a full unit of hive guard is almost a quarter of your army and carnifexes got a big price nerf despite still being shit enough to die to melee spam, so the only staying power they have is in a couple units being Tyrannofexes and Zoanthropes (unless you want to have no fun and spam gaunts to hold caps until turn 5. Wait until an update before you try them.

>> No.73804574

I'm considering converting two of the Penitent Engines into count-as Slaaneshi Helbrutes crewed by daemons imprison within human hosts. Is it a good idea?

>> No.73804578

But why are you not shooting when they're not running at you if you can shoot anyway? You didn't need them running at you to shoot in the shooting phase and your Guns are loaded and ready to go. Why not shoot again?

>> No.73804581

>But nids and orks are best played almost entirely with shooting
Nah, just run dreds, scrapjets and meganobz and do both

>> No.73804594

Why are sisters of battle so fucking expensive?
It's not fair that you get 10 intercessors for 45€ yet only 5 seraphim for basically the same price.
And don't get me started on vehicles, with sororitas rhinos being substantially more expensive than normal rhinos for no fucking reason and immolators and exorcists being land-raider tier.

>> No.73804622

Because everything is expensive

>> No.73804650

But I *was* shooting at them in my shooting phase. As much as I could. And now the shooting on their side has stopped and they're trying to rush me? You bet your ass I'm taking clumsy potshots (hitting on 6s).
Sounds narratively coherent to me, and balanced game-wise. If psykers can try to Deny the Witch as an out-of-turn reaction, why can't shooters also get an out-of-turn reaction?

>> No.73804684

Intercessors are troops and Seraphim are specialized troops, you need better comparisons, just saying
the new admech flying guys are just as expensive
DE Scourges are "only" $34 though compared to $60

>> No.73804740 [SPOILER] 


>> No.73804759

>Not Sigmar

>> No.73804764

Unironically Neat.

>> No.73804774


>> No.73804785

Just buy the regular rhino then :^)

>> No.73804821

If you can shoot them when they're running at you why are you not shooting at them even if they're not running at you? The enemy is standing right next to you, so why aren't you shooting? The squad next to you is shooting at the people running at them, but you're not shooting at the enemy standing right next to you because they decided not run at you and you're having a truce despite him standing an inch from you barrel? No, it doesn't make sense.

>> No.73804898

Mini-maleceptor psyker carnifex.

>> No.73804907

As previously stated, my unit was shooting as much as they could. However, having someone run straight at them is an extra opportunity to shoot *during the same time period.* Keeping it as a stratagem in 9e instead of a free thing doesn't gimp it, IMO. But getting rid of it would have been clumsy.

>> No.73805108


>> No.73805182

We know Malcador offered the 2 lost legions legionnaires a "Second Chance" which most likely means they were reintegrated into other legions after their Primarchs were killed. Because of this, having your successor chapters being successors of one of the lost primarchs is pretty possible isn't it?

>> No.73805221

>he doesn't know

>> No.73805288

holy fucking shit i want that bolter arm

>> No.73805548


Anon, his killer needs to feel even the smallest satisfaction to turn into him.

>> No.73805644

I don't know what creeps me out more, the fact that you took the time to make this or the possibility of you having an army of these monsters.

>> No.73805929

Context of that pic?

>> No.73805961

this. 9th edition will be the reset era for 40k. white male privlige is over!

>> No.73806186

because they put double the number of backpacks on the sprue and made them 2 piece. They price by the sprue, not the model count.

They definitely had space to add Eviserators, a second flag, and more stuff to the Seraphim box, but GW decided to half ass it.

>> No.73806709

I too played supreme commander

>> No.73807066


Black Templars.

>> No.73807261


Nurgle is a corrupted fertility god. He isn't trying to end all life, just irrevocably infect it.

>> No.73807349


Nah, collect a non-cringe faction instead

>> No.73807657


Flesh Eaters are not cannibals no, that's meant to be figurative. Astartes sometimes eat enemy neural tissue for tactical advantage or if it's an extreme survival situation, but afaik only Mortifactors do it for fun.

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