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are any of these worth reading?

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Last thread I said; is there a website where I can get MK.3 heads?

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No, BL books read like fanfic and should be disregarded as such.

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What >>73714906 said. The best use of the wolf pack kit is to kitbash with assault/tactical/devastator kits to make the different spacewolves units. It has so many head variations, you have at least 5 that are meant for scouts. It helps to dilute the wolfiness

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convert what was scalped

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The "-10VP" gang seems to disagree with that. Not exactly banned, just ostracized.

Haven't read any of those so can't say. The Forges of Mars trilogy was pretty great though.

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PSA: If you are only a tourney player, the grand tournament pack has all of the relevant matched play rules in it. The main rule book is an unnecessary purchase.

Hoping to save some people $60.

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Imperial or Crimson?

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>The "-10VP" gang

>> No.73715242

>Not exactly banned

So they are still allowed to freely interact with this community. Which is miles more inclusive than reddit.

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It's not exactly funny to tell someone to kill themselves because they didn't base their model, anon.

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Should my first pack of carnifex be OOE and a melee tusk boy, or should I prioritise the double dakkafex?
I hope to have both sets eventually but I'm building up slowly. I only have troops so far

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>it's not exactly funny to tell someone to kill themselves because they didn't base their model

that's pretty hilarious, desu.

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making the same joke over and over results in it not being funny

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It looks like the Eradicators are easy to kitbash too, just need the EtB Aggressors + Intercessor Auto Bolt-rifle + Melta barrel + Flamer tank. All are very plentiful and easy to get a hold of, fuck scalpers

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>12 pages of Space Marine point costs
>11 pages of Xenos
I fucking hate Marines so much.

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How to make 9th edition the perfect edition: when points ajustments are revealed on the 25th, Primaris units increase by 10% more than any other faction increase. Primaris getting more expensive is literally the only lever left that GW can pull in order to make the game even somewhat fair.

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Just because youj got told to kys like the faggot you are, doesn't mean that new people reading it for the first time don't find it hilarious.

do a flip faggot

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How much would 2000 points of Custodes cost in money?

>> No.73715287

I gave you a link in the last thread

>> No.73715291

about three fiddy

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You don't *need* to be a dick just because this is /tg/, anon.

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That site was not secure.

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No, the more you say it the funnier it gets. Which reminds me.

Which army Is the RLM of 40k?

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What's wrong with laughing at subhuman filth?

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Bandwagoners fuck right off. Go play iron hands.

>> No.73715308

triggering reddit faggots make my dick hard.

If you don't like it, you can head back.

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I really, really doubt that anyone is cackling like a madman when they see "-10VP". Like, at the very most, they exhale a bit harder. It's not exactly "hilarious" by any stretch.

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I liked Vanguard. Enigma of Flesh (I think that was the one I'm thinking of anyways) was at least interesting to see how the AdMech interacts with the Guard.

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>Comparing people who don't paint to the irish
What's wrong with you

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I guess you're right. That's unfair to the Irish.

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I'm quite enjoying your butthurt over some mild smack talk.

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That's the most homosexual post I've seen in a week.

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Yeah, they're my dudes. I've always like templars from a fluff perspective. But they're lacking on the table, and the fluff nerd in me would hate something like painting a librarian in Templars colors.

That and people look at you funny if you run dudes painted as a chapter with a different chapter's rules.

I've always like Carcharadons anyway as well, I dunno.

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Then your glee is quite unfounded

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>homos are bad

It's like you don't understand chan culture at all.

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>played a game against one of the local competitive players

why is it that competitive players don't even seem to know their own rules.

I ended up correcting him on like a dozen rules/stratagems throughout the game.

stuff like
>i'm gonna concealed positions my invictus warsuit into your deployment zone
you can't do that, concealed positions requires you to be 9" away from my deployment zone.
>it doesn't say that, it can put the suit anywhere, look at my sheet.

He than handed me his printed battlescrib sheet, which said on it that he had to stay out of my deployment zone.

does no one adhere to the #1 rule when it comes to rules reading.

If a something seems top good to be be, it probably is.

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Based! Now I only need to buy Tournament pack + Chapter approved. GW take my money!

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sorry only interested in relevant countries

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the only black library books worth reading are by ian watson

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Which order are modifiers/rerolls applied? For instance, if I reroll 1's to hit, but get +1 to hit, do I get to reroll 1's, or do I never get to reroll because all 1's become 2's?

If it works this way, then does that mean the following would also happen:
>hit on 4+, am within aura of +1 to hit character
>roll 3, forced to reroll due to aura, reroll a 2
>don't hit, because 2+1=3 < 4, as opposed to keeping my original roll of 3+1=4

Seems bad on both ends. Does the player whos turn it is just get to pick the order?

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you're still responding, aren't you?

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>DE Incubi were once able to rip apart a space marine terminator with next to no effort in a single attack
>Can't even kill a primaris marine in a single attack
But like how though?

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Cool but seals dont spin in place

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post games

>> No.73715372

reminder that 3d printing warhammer models is basically piracy and should be met with the utmost scorn

>> No.73715373

Do you mean the Mission Pack or Crusade notebook and worksheets (for $35 lmao)?
We all know the real bs will be requiring an app subscription for playing in ITC and GW.

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Rerolls happen before modifiers.

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Read cawl work, he's like an insane Rick Sanchez. Extremely fun and depressing read, he keeps his only friend voice module, attitude in in services and often mistakes them for him , they always remind him hat his bf is dead.
Cawl is such a good character, highly recommend the audiobook, the voices are perfect.

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You didn't claim to be deriving giddiness from the dopamine hit that results from getting a reply

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I still haven't based my first army.

>> No.73715395

revert back to 3rd edition everything and just use primaris as truescale marines and give them options. there, i fixed 40k.

>> No.73715398

Battlescribe has made players too lazy to even check their own rules, and it's fucking annoying.

Oh man, you sure showed us.

>> No.73715402

Technically melee wouldn't even exist in 40k because that's retarded.

>> No.73715405

They do if they're attached to gyroscopes.

>> No.73715406

its really easy if you just dont consider a model finished until it is based.

/wip/ will beat it into you, just go post an unbased model over there and say "just finished this"

>> No.73715411

>he's like an insane Rick Sanchez
WOAH holy based!

>> No.73715412

>If i try to sound intelligent it means im not butthurt!

lol, sad!

>> No.73715414

You don't want recasters and you don't want legit sources, where the fuck do you expect these heads to appear from?

>> No.73715416

I don't know much about 3d printing but how hard is it to find good STL's to print? The ones ive seen in a few minutes on websites don't seem that detailed, I figured people would just scan actual GW models or bit sheets and just upload them or upload slightly different ones as "Star Elves" or "Conclave Collective" so they get past trademarks

>> No.73715418

>We all know the real bs will be requiring an app subscription for playing in ITC and GW.
Is this confirmed already? I know it's coming but is it like legit

>> No.73715423

you aint wrong. i was attempting to emulate the fact that gravity exists and would pull the script down

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>all those unpainted models
its all so tiresome

>> No.73715434

It's not that I don't want to, I just haven't decided how I want to base them. All the stuff I did afterwards is based.

>> No.73715436

If you think that those words are big then that says more about you than me

>> No.73715437

not yet but it's pretty obviously the play. why else would it have a bs monetization model when the AoS doesn't?

>> No.73715465

It will probably be up to individual organizers in the ITC, but super likely GW is going to require lists built on their app for their events. I'm guessing TOs will likely require the app for the verification aspect, i.e. the points coming directly from GW and not a third-party database.

>> No.73715466

post your dudes

I can’t wait for indominos to arrive so I can expand my neckrons

>> No.73715467

>Intelligent = Big

big oof

>> No.73715480

"fuck, my opponent is coming at me with 5 unpainted dreadnoughts and four gray armigers. FUCK they're not even based. Oh! I know the perfect counter. THREE primed tesseracts. That'll show him."

>> No.73715487

I'll get a new picture soon I swear

>> No.73715495

back to twitter

>> No.73715497

I've started keeping a sponge with a little dish soap like so to help keep my brushes clean and fresh between colors and shit. Havent been able to find any other way to keep GWs metallics out of my brushes besides running them under the sink every 2 minutes. Anybody else do something similar?

>> No.73715503

This match looks like a mess

>> No.73715505

Magnetize magnetize magnetize.

Carnifexes are THE Tyranid unit to magnetize, my dude. Heads and arms.

If you're REALLY against magnetizing, ignore melee and go dakkafex. New GW hates melee and especially hates Nid melee. Carnifexes can't even SCRATCH so much as a Rhino, much less anything you'd really want to send them against. ALSO, Carnifexes and OOE got fucked by the Max +1, since he gives +1 and they get +1 for charging. And they're NEVER going to buff Nid stat lines to fix it.

OOE is fine, but only if you also run Swarmlord to launch him like a missile. He'll never hit anything of value by himself.

>> No.73715506

Competitive players know the rules but they gamble on your understanding of them, he knew his suit couldn't go there but he assumed you didn't

>> No.73715513

I need a setup like that to take cool pictures.

>> No.73715516

looks cool anon

>> No.73715526

>Enjoy sitting through painful movies
>Major character is a hideous ancient murderer
>Something something Lightning Fast VCR

Dark Eldar.

>> No.73715543

You're playing against someone who's deliberately trying to cheat

>> No.73715553

Depends if you access recasters or not. If so, about $400 dollarydoos if you’re buying GW plastic and recast for the forge world stuff.

>> No.73715554

The AoS app has a subscription but no competitive event makes it mandatory, not even the GW hosted events

>> No.73715578

Imagine Tau being the most painted army...

>> No.73715583

Thank you, i havent been able to find small hobby drills that make a wide enough hole to fit the magnets in so i kind of gave up on it. Can only find drills for gunbarrels at the shop

>> No.73715590

A natural 1 always fails and can’t be modified. As the other anon said, re-rolls always take place before modifiers.

>> No.73715593

Are there any hard numbers other than GW's stock price that testify to the game's supposed growth over the last few years?

>> No.73715601

Show me your necrons, friend.

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>> No.73715604

How long does it take you to paint a model? I feel like I am very slow. I spent two hours painting three Scarab Occult Terminators. I only got the silver and black details basecoated and washed. Is this normal?

>> No.73715611

Have a crappy pic of all my finished doods.
When I finish the rest of them I'll pull out the lightbox and take a non-shit picture, I swear

>> No.73715613

what is up with people cheating nowadays? i played the entirety of third and fourth before i took a hiatus coming back to ninth and never once did anyone cheat or try to finagle anything shitty when i did play until i got back. what the fuck happened?

>> No.73715614

Also, if your BS is a 4+ and you roll a 3 and you have a +1 to hit, you wouldn’t need to re-roll that die.

>> No.73715616

I now understand why people hate Lords of War

>> No.73715623

>consolidating into other units isn't a thing in 9e
heard someone say this today. Is that true?

>> No.73715624

My clowns about to have a great assault phase vs. counts-as White Scars.

>> No.73715634

Most hit reroll's that aren't reroll 1's are optional now so you don't have to reroll what would be a successful roll.

>> No.73715645

This is really the only situation I was worried about not covering. Thanks.

>> No.73715652

It's not true.

>> No.73715661

I'm generally slow as fuck. It takes me about 6 hours to do a plague marine.

>> No.73715662

A 1 can be modified which is why with +1 to hit you prevented plasma from killing you, they just also automatically fail to hit.

>> No.73715673

OP mispoke
he's like an insane Arkhan Land

>> No.73715684

They're a publicly traded business. They report their profits, revenues etc. every single year.
Be prepared to have that "supposed" go away though.

>> No.73715689

If GW decided to stop massively inflating their prices, what would be a reasonable amount for them to charge for common kits like intercessors? Is indomitus actually approaching the value for money you get from some competitors?

>> No.73715693

This is painful to watch.

>> No.73715697

I have a designated metallics brush

>> No.73715704

3d printer go burrrrr

>> No.73715707

Try ModiFX. They sell the high powered magnets AND appropriately sized bits in one package. You'd be looking for the 4.75 mm magnets/bit for Nid sockets.

I love magnetizing. It's so great. Definitely give it a try!

>> No.73715708

I wish GW would be inspired by more real world combat vehicles cause there are some pretty cool vehicles from like the WWII era

>> No.73715711 [DELETED] 

>Primarisfag thinks he's in physical pain just seeing a Primaris army lose

>> No.73715721


>> No.73715730

It's Jes Goodwin. He's not really interested in that.

>> No.73715741

i spend probably about an hour per model
but i'm also a shit painter who doesn't do much beyond basecoating

>> No.73715750

Thank you! ill look into this

>> No.73715756

$30 to $40.

>> No.73715757

Sixes to wound still do 3 damage though, don't they?

>> No.73715764

It was pretty rough for him. Game started off with a lot more vehicles on his side of the board, but he spent a ton of time turtling in a ruin out of fear of losing characters to my fusion boats and thus wasn't really able to stop me from haywiring an impulsor each turn. He had deep strike units that he used to kill a transport and some bikes, but it wasn't enough. By the point in the previous picture, he had rushed out to meet my main group, and I was able to fully dismount and engage. It was harsh.

You can sorta see more of his list in this pic (also my amusing deployment).

>> No.73715769

What’s even funnier is knowing that you’ll never ever say it to someone’s face in a store. Ever.

>> No.73715780

$30 for 10 man new infantry kits. $15-20 for old 10 man infantry kits.
$10 for something like an Apothecary
$15 for Warlord etc

>> No.73715787

Run crushing claws, faggot

>> No.73715789

Point leaks whereeee

>> No.73715796

A natural one is always a fail. Big rule book, page 181 and picture related.

>> No.73715811

Well of course. I don't interact with paintlet scum.

>> No.73715815

That's what he said.

>> No.73715828

He said you can add to a roll of 1 to make it a 2 though?

>> No.73715836

And it still fails, it just doesn't count as a 1 for plasma.

>> No.73715837

excuse the flash

>> No.73715838

>Playing Dark Angel vs T'au
>Running Land Speeder spam with a big group of terminators
>Only manage to blow a devilfish and some infantry on the attack
>T'au player blows up my 3 land speeder vengeances, a dark shroud, and a dark talon t1
>Back to my turn I shoot down two commanders that were out of position, and some more infantry
>Combined Assault + Canticle of Hate to get my 10 man stack of knights into combat
>Get sammael, talonmaster, and interrogator-chaplain to tie up all but one hammerhead and a squad of breachers on an objective
>Blow up the longstrike and most the breachers in combat
>Opponent spends turn falling back, throws a 5 man stack of Crisis Suits down and shoots my terminator stack down to 3
>Didn't knock me off any of the 3 objectives I was on, about to claim a fourth with my talonmaster + chaplain
>Opponent concedes, salty that I was complaining when they shot ~675 points of the table t1
Did I do anything particularly mean? Or was it just T'au players being T'au players? The Land Speeders are good but are they too good?

>> No.73715843

>Carnifexes can't even SCRATCH so much as a Rhino
*laughs in melee carnifex spam*

>> No.73715846

They aren't being leaked.

>> No.73715857

motherfucker you got deathwing and chaplains into melee range with T'''''''''''''''au. Nothing you did was unfair.

>> No.73715863

Not yet. It's still almost 2 weeks till app launch. Expect it a few days before the 25 if we get it at all.

>> No.73715869

Plasma explodes on modified 1s, that's why -1 to hit meant never overcharge your plasma. Unmodified 1s always fail/miss. So with +1 to hit, on a 1 overcharging a plasma pistol on a bs2 character, you would miss the shot but not explode.

>> No.73715877

Yeah don't complain when your units die.

>> No.73715882

I wish more dark eldar actually looked like this with the big fur collars and but capes

>> No.73715890

We hate you too

>> No.73715894

Never complain during a game. Ever. Nobody likes to play with whiners.

>> No.73715899

Bad habit, T'au can be frustrating with all their firepower. They were just trying to say my list is as annoying which I disagree with.
Kind of glad that it's now unmodified 1's.

>> No.73715902

be the change you want to be in the world.

>> No.73715904

Crushing Claws will do, on average 6 wounds to a tank assuming you take Tusks, get the charge, get the 4+ on the Mortal Wound check, AND have Old One Eye backing him up.

300 pts worth of Nids to do about half the damage needed to kill a single Rhino. The very thing that used to blow up Land Raiders for the last 7 editions can't dent a transport. OH BOY. WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR MORE.

>> No.73715914

Had my 2nd post-covid game.
1.5k points, DG vs AdMech (Stygies).
I did inform him that the game was mostly objective based but he insisted in castling in a corner so I handily beat him on objectives. Also I didn't cash in my 10 VP bonus because he was kinda new, so.

>A blob of 30 Plaguebearers failed their 8+ charge even on a reroll and promptly got mowed down by his 6 Kastelan blob.
>A 4++ PBC only taking 5 wounds from 108 Kastelan shots.
>His 2 Dunecrawlers only did 3 wounds on a single PBC the whole game.
>A 5 model Nurgling group holding down 2 Dragoons for 2 rounds after I brought 2 Nurg models back with a new strat.

Other than that, I didn't really kill much other than spitter his troops off the points and box him up in a corner while most of my units just sat camping. Might tweak this list a bit for a 2k game.

Anyway he killed a bunch of Plaguebearers and I won the game so I guess we both got our rocks off.

>> No.73715917

I want to get that model just to use it as a Archon or a Klaivex, but I've been holding off for the time being, though I will get the Visarch one day

>> No.73715920

>Kind of glad that it's now unmodified 1's
It's probably more fair that way. 8e plasma was too good, but also really bad against a hit penalty armies, which there were too many of.

>> No.73715926

>only 11 dudes and a tank left to paint

took me just over 25 hours to assemble and base coat everything.

>> No.73715929

Bite me

>> No.73715935

Just starting to get into Dark Angels and I don't really have any way to modify hits. The unique plasma guns all seem pretty good but not to do with modifier cheese.

>> No.73715948

he's my drazhar. I built him a couple months after the triumvirate came out.

>> No.73715959

BONUS PIC: Carnage.

>> No.73715962

Tips for improving my neckrons? And should I try to buy indominoes?

>> No.73715965

Anyone got that chapter painting list? I'm gonna be a boring faggot and start marines but I'm too indecisive to pick a chapter.

>> No.73715969

I like everything but the green hair

>> No.73715972

Hey man. If your opponents drive up to hit you with their swords, go for the melee charge and be grateful you don't play against endless shooting BS that out-shoots, out-ranges, out-damages, AND out-maneuvers your stampede.

>> No.73715975

Do deathwatch coward.

>> No.73715980

Disgusting but acceptably so

>> No.73715982

BONUS 2: I charged both my PBCs into his dudes because why not?

>> No.73715985

you get in what you put out. Your first models will probably be fast as fuck and look like dogshit, but it gets better from there. It takes me about 5-6 hours to fully paint a vostroyan, but I like painting them all one at a time.

>> No.73715989

kraken+swarmlord makes it a lot easier to get T1-T2 charges.

>> No.73715990

If you can find one, sure. It's a damn good deal and I think the necrons side is really cool compared to eradicators / bikes / atv.

>> No.73715995

Looks like a decent time, even if he didn't play the mission right.

>> No.73716000

I plan on using my metal drazhar since I've had him since buying him off someone else along with his DE army when I started getting Incubi so I've always had this separate image of Drazhar and the Incubi in my mind since I've only known old drazhar and new incubi

>> No.73716002

>Unpainted Castellans with no hands

>> No.73716033

Free stl an anon will work 50 hours FOR FREE for him.
He's whoring for attention, he doesn't actually want bits.

>> No.73716043

in the grimdark future of the 41st millenium, even the most devoted of the emperors daughters can find time to refresh her hair dye.

>> No.73716049

I use a coffee cup with water inside.

>> No.73716057

If only Carnifexes counted as a squad of 3 for Swarmlord's power (or Adaptive Physiology)

I didn't check out the PA books. Did Guard Tank Squad get the bonus of Tank Ace rules for their squads that act independently? Or Ork vehicles for that matter?

>> No.73716058

just tuning in for the first time in about half a year.

How do semi mechanized IG look for 9th so far?

>> No.73716067

The new generation is a lot less prosocial than the previous one.

>> No.73716068

>excuse the flash

>> No.73716074

nope, just single model

>> No.73716078

Thanks. I keep sitting down thinking I am going to do way more than I expect. Maybe I'll stop batch painting because that seems to be where I get demoralized.

>> No.73716091

>I keep sitting down thinking I am going to do way more than I expect
What the fuck is this sentence. What I meant to say is that I keep expecting to do way more than I accomplish in a session.

>> No.73716104

what are you painting?

>> No.73716125

Tried out layering on his flesh. It didn't work so have some butt instead.

>> No.73716130

>those kastellans
fucking yikes

>> No.73716138

Eisenhorn is overrated and Gaunts ghosts is what should be getting adapted

>> No.73716147

I'm a really bad painter and don't want to pay money to get my army painted, but I'd also rather not put a shittily painted army on the field because that feels disrespectful to the models and my opponent. I do at least always basecoat my models. Should I just quit the hobby because of -10 VP?

>> No.73716160

so just do like two more base coats and dry brush your metallics. fuck, dude. it isn't *that* hard.

>> No.73716168

no that's dumb you can't insult models

>> No.73716172

Nobody wakes up as a good painter.
The only way we get to good painting level is by practice.
Like riding a bike, you fall off and scrape yourself a couple of times. Learn from the pain.
Hang in there anon.
Think of the +10VP.

>> No.73716177

Literally just watch a painting tutorial for whatever models you're trying to field and do your best. If you fuck it up so badly you dont even want to look at it then strip it and try again. There is no shortcut and the -10 vp rule is just a fucking meme to yank your lazy friend(s) chain about.

>> No.73716182

theres a ton of tricks to painting orks. You can paint loads by wash painting, but I guess the whole citadel colour range would work on them. Just find the metal bits later and put some dingy silver + nuln oil on it.

I got good shades on my ork flesh by painting on a dark green wash on top of yellow.

>> No.73716193

Prime them, slap a contrast on 'em, put another color for detail (metal or glowy bits) and call it good at 3 colors. Take your time to refine and practice after that. You'll be surprised how quickly you improve.

>> No.73716195

Can you paint a crease to help define his buttcheeks a little better? just use a slightly darker brown colour, and throw some tan highlights too if ambitious
Please post results right away

>> No.73716196

you get better over time. Just make sure you have decent brushes, decent range of paints and good lighting or else you'll get nowhere.

>> No.73716217

Yeah, just an excuse to roll dice and talk shit. It was alright.

>> No.73716219

>On youtube
>Open up a batrep video
>Watch the intro and army intro videos to see the paint jobs and units
>Close the video after the intro
I don't know how people can sit and watch these 1-3 hour videos

>> No.73716221

But what about all the little details? The eyes and all the individual grenades and belts and the aquilas on the weapons and everything.

Pain is about the right of it; one the reasons I'm so bad is I have arthritis in my hands (thanks psiorasis) and I start getting pretty severe pain after just a few minutes trying to paint. It's really fucking frustrating. And most of my friends are really good painters with great eye for color who can just knock out 2k worth of space marines in one day and I've been in the hobby longer than they have. It's disenheartening.

>> No.73716227

what's the minimum amount of paint i need to try to do the glowing plasma effect?

>> No.73716254

I skip to the end to see the after-game chatter.

>> No.73716260

Alright, waiting for ink to arrive so I can finish painting but I've never used them before.
I'm buying the ink for tinting metal, trying to get a blue metallic without an airbrush, will I need to thin and glaze the ink over my metal or can I slap it on depending on how colored I want it?

>> No.73716265

Probably good. Big Guns never tire is huge for all the non-LR stuff in IG.

>> No.73716271

just put it on in the background while you paint

>> No.73716272

Aethermatic Bloo

>> No.73716275

This post disturbed me

>> No.73716283

i usually just listen while im painting for some nerd background chatter and look up from time to time to have a general idea whats happening

>> No.73716284

I'd thin it heavily. You can always do multiple layers, and without a decent medium ink has a tendency to be splotchy.

>> No.73716291


>> No.73716301

Cool, but I don’t feel the same without that funky big chest on the Bladeguards

>> No.73716303


>> No.73716305

Those look fucked.

>> No.73716311

Drop into a hardware store. They should have drill bits in any size you need.

>> No.73716323

Tamiya's are the best as always.

>> No.73716326

Painting your models is what turns them from soulless consumer plastic into a personal army. With the ability to share things on social media and the growth of video tutorials there's kind of too much of an emphasis on getting everything picture perfect but that's not really the point. It's about playing games with something that you have put effort into and thus is an extension of yourself.

>> No.73716335

I think they're not quite as chonkyboi as the bladeguards are, but I wouldn't have any problem ID'ing them as Bladeguard vets.

>> No.73716339

>but I'd also rather not put a shittily painted army on the field because that feels disrespectful to the models and my opponent.
Unpainted models are far more disrespectful.
> do at least always basecoat my models.
Chuck a wash on after and then some texture paint on the bases and you'll be just fine.

>> No.73716344

do you guys think melee necrons will be viable in 9e?

>> No.73716356

cool scheme, they look a little too shiny though but maybe thats just the lighting. Either way i really like that purple with the blue tendon things

>> No.73716362

>tfw dont have a fine spray of blue paint so i can get that real plasma glow to actually glow

>> No.73716373

>not mixing in glowstick fluid with your paints to make them lliterally glow
what are you, a casual?

>> No.73716377

It’s normal at the start. You’ll get faster. I used to paint one model at a time and spend hours on it. Now I paint like 5-10 infantry at a time and do it better because I use faster techniques

>> No.73716382

Scarab Occult Terminators. I am painting them heresy red using contrast over gold. This makes the armour far quicker to paint, since it's done in one coat of contrast and one coat of gloss. I have decided to do all the details like the gun and the sword then put the red on last before doing final highlights and corrections. Perhaps the relative ease of the scheme is why I keep overestimating how much I'll do.

>> No.73716397

It's background noise for painting.

>> No.73716401

>do you think melee [...] will be viable in 9e?

I don't know, did they fire all the people who made the rules for the last three editions?

>> No.73716404

Maybe they'll make a plasma glow cheat paint like they just did with gauss

>> No.73716409

would that even work? also ive never heard of a blue glowstick. do they make those?

>> No.73716414

Okay, will water be fine for thinning down heavily or should I get glaze medium since it's going to be glazed over?

>> No.73716419

>accidentally click on a MWG vid
>has a faction I’m interested in
>it’s awake-apnea man

>> No.73716425

not that anon, but wait, what???

>> No.73716432

There are blue glowsticks.
And yes it would work (initially), it'd just stop glowing.
It might still glow under UV light though, for what that's worth.

>> No.73716438

No idea how it differs from Hexwraith Flame or any given green Contrast

>> No.73716439

>really like harridan
>constantly want to sell off my nids because I associate the army with failure
>9th looking to make the situation even worse for bugs
Fuck, I love the models so much but playing the army on the table is literally painful

>> No.73716440

>the players answer chat questions throughout
>may miss interesting commentary if I don't watch the whole thing through

>> No.73716445

Viking Kaiju Nidzilla

The Jötunnhive is a crashed hivehsio that sends forth only monsters, in a bizarre parrody of a Knight House. Each Jötunn a unique beast with (or will have) distinctive markings none smaller than a carnifex.

Still got carapace patterns to add to most but 1500 points is done so far. Considering putting their names on the base rims.

>> No.73716446

Lott of MWG lists are hilariously bad, but hey at least they're having fun.

>> No.73716448

I guess just learn to paint. It’s not about skill it’s about technique, and you can learn the techniques by watching a few videos. With contrast now it is easier than ever to paint, there’s almost no excuse.

That said if you’re not into modelling and painting I am unsure why you started tabletop wargaming. Maybe check out warhammer underworlds or video games instead.

>> No.73716467

I’m a slow painter and bad at taking photos but finished my kitbashed primaris psycher

>> No.73716469

miniwargaming steve is among us

>> No.73716475

I'm actually really into modelling; I love converting models, and while it's a pain in the ass for me to do I'll even do greenstuff sculpting on occasion. I love the gameplay, the lore, all that stuff, and a chance to bullshit with friends for a few hours while we roll dice and push plastic is nice since I'm kind of introverted and make excuses to not leave my house a lot more than I should. Painting is just the one thing I've never really been able to handle.

>> No.73716479

I thought I was the only one. That's exactly what I do. I have about 100 batreps in my history that I've only watched the first 10 minutes of, so I can't see the models and schemes, and the last five minutes, so I can see who lost and why.

I've only sat through maybe a handful of full batreps.

>> No.73716488

Thanks, it is a bit the lighting. They've got a satin varnish on which is normally less glossy

>> No.73716490

i wonder what a primaris psyker would look like with a scion head

>> No.73716493

too much personality for our npc faction

>> No.73716497

take a pic sometime, they sound cool. But don't stress too much. anything thousand sons can be difficult and batch painting isn't a lot of fun. I can see why you're batch painting though. The only thing that can really fuck up contrast paints are bad undercoats and not giving them the proper time to dry.

>> No.73716504

Just collect for the showmanship. And hey, maybe Crusade will be more narrative-driven and will afford bottom-tier armies some kind of crutch to keep up with the Imperials.

These are cool. Really dark photo, but I bet they look sweet in person, especially if you put a heavy glossy varnish on 'em (which you should always do for Nids)

>> No.73716505

Depending on how thin you go water will work.
I would recommend glaze medium, especially if you want a very thin, translucent colour.

>> No.73716508

MWG is such a horrible channel in so many ways.

>> No.73716511

I mean it's fanfiction that built the setting over the last thirty some odd years, so I'm not sure why we need to start snubbing it now.

>> No.73716525

>> No.73716526

dont have any light blue paint bros, so im just gonna mix white paint and blue paint until i get some decent color

>> No.73716529



>> No.73716534

you gotta start bad at something to get better
thankfully you live in the world of online videos that can teach you to be better
i remember trying to figure out how inks worked fifteen years ago before youtube

>> No.73716535

My Indomitus Marines are

>> No.73716536

I liked his short story meeting with the (at the time future) Captain Felix.

Especially when Felix dunks on Cawl's taste in music.

>> No.73716538

I watch WintersSEO and Tabletop Tactics batreps pretty often but there's something about MWG I can't stand (Canadians?).

>> No.73716541

They’re kind of like the backyard baseball if warhammer. If you just like the action of it they’re entertaining but if you care about strategy and rules then they ain’t great

>> No.73716546

>click batrep video
>their intro music and sound bites are always 3-4x louder than the actual rest of the video

>> No.73716548

Translucency might not be what I'm looking for, I want something pretty strong and blue but shiny. I'll try water for now since I don't have glaze medium, thanks a bunch anon.
Can't wait for it arrive so I can paint.

>> No.73716551

My Indomitus Marines are dyslexic apparently.

>> No.73716556

Rolled 83 (1d100)

I’m not painting, but I’m gonna roll to see if I get one I deem cool

>> No.73716561

They're just bad at the game

>> No.73716565

who am i gonna steal bolters from, guardbros?

>> No.73716566

the audiobooks aren't ever coming back are they

>> No.73716570

They're Mormons.

>> No.73716573

They're too busy playing the game badly to learn how to mix audio properly.

>> No.73716575

Vanguard is by Peter Fehervari so that's by default the best one on that list and better than 90% of everything ever written for Black Library.

>> No.73716580

no recording in studios is basically impossible now for any company that isn't in a tier richer than GW

>> No.73716583

To defeat the Tyranids, simply tell the Dark Angels that the Hive Mind knows about the Fallen

>> No.73716586

Still no points costs I see. I'm waiting to see how stuff costs out so I can build my first 1k out of the Eldar Vanguard Apoc Box and a converted Farseer.

>> No.73716593

Ere we go.

>> No.73716594

Have you watched any of the youtube videos on 9th nids? All of them try to hype up how good nids will be in 9th because of course they need to shill for GW to get free shit. But it's all just garbage like "oh your carnifexes can shoot into melee!" "oh the map is smaller" and then completely ignore that the entire edition is meant to shit on the straight built, no gimmicks horde army.
The tabletop titans video has like 2 or 3 minutes of pros and then almost 10 on all the cons, it's maddening

>> No.73716595

i meant the mega stash that got nuked like six months ago

>> No.73716596

You mean to squat the Dark Angels, do that.

>> No.73716597

Prepare for hate about not being painted. Be strong

>> No.73716602

odds that nids get some kind of buff through point changes?

>> No.73716603

>he has a regular army with a reasonable composition
>he has any lords of war
>he has an army with no troops, but also no lords of war
ascended player

>> No.73716618


>> No.73716621


>> No.73716622


>> No.73716626


>> No.73716628

Nice try, parking lot IG

>> No.73716629

at least in terms of armament and intended battlefield role, the taurox prime is more or less an AML. Tauros venator as well.

>> No.73716631

I'm just starting the army, so it's not like they'll be painted overnight. Especially since I'm idiot who has decided to go Iyanden.

>> No.73716637

Rolled 43 (1d100)

I have one of those resin bases with a dead marine on it

>> No.73716639

Nah I'd say it's... Based

>> No.73716650

actually I just spam daemon engines as CSM

>> No.73716655

>implying I'm going to follow through

>> No.73716661

I have, though I said it as "kill yo self!" in a black voice and they thought it was funny

>> No.73716670

Rolled 57 (1d100)

Just roll until you get one you want lel.

>> No.73716673

has anyone ever seen a projectile modelled?

>> No.73716676

thanks man

heres an apology picture without flash.

>> No.73716682


>> No.73716684

Personally I think it's a combination of
>bad editing
>everyone in the cast is boring as fuck
>just flat out weird lists, not even fluffy most of the time but hilariously bad
>they constantly forget the rules and just don't know what the fuck they're doing
>most guest players are somehow even worse than they are at one of the above qualities

>> No.73716687

I play all IG with only Veterans, Chimeras and a trio of Russ variants. It's bad, shotguns suck and I have no CP.

>> No.73716705

I modeled torpedoes for battlefleet gothic does that count?

>> No.73716708

Rolled 97 (1d100)


>> No.73716714

Why do orks have the best asses in the galaxy

>> No.73716715

Who is better at melee? Wolves or Angels?
Also Ragnar vs Mephiston?

>> No.73716716

I did that for the plastic blackstone psyker. Fits reasonably well, though I did have to re-add the one half of the collar with GS.

>> No.73716719

damnit, I got a literally who chapter

>> No.73716725

special effects modeling of explosions or projectiles always looks pretty silly IMO. the only exception is torches and other fire sources that are apart of some models.

>> No.73716726


>> No.73716727

Damn that’s nice! Also by far the best scion head

>> No.73716731


>> No.73716732


>> No.73716738

that's pretty neato
the custard is hysterical though

>> No.73716743

I kind of wished I used this chart when I started my marines, my color scheme is so shit

>> No.73716746

Wolves are less of a one trick pony but they both kick ass in melee

>> No.73716748

My favorite part about 9e is how in the Q&A they were straight up asked "Does this edition provide any help for the Tyranids?"

Their answer was "Well, their monsters will be benefiting from the new Tank rules."

That's it. That's the big buff. That the huge buffs they're handing out to the tanks (which are already way better than nid monsters) will also apply to monsters. Except no wait, their good guns are all Blast and can't be shot in melee anyway.

It's atrocious. "How are we helping nids? By making their monsters with shitty shooting weapons able to act if they get charged."

Because heaven forbid we actually get a reason to want to CHARGE somebody ourselves! It's gonna be a rough edition for nids and orcs with people like these in charge.

>> No.73716751

I don't know, the Avatar is pretty T H I C C

>> No.73716754

Rolled 74 (1d100)


>> No.73716758

Just got confirmation from an insider fren, in about a month we'll start to see articles for the proper 9th edition starter set.

>> No.73716762

i would pay a lot of money to see a lasgun bolt modelled as it was leaving the barrel

>> No.73716766

Error, divided by zero.

>> No.73716768

what did you expect from robin "Math is an opinion" Cruddace designing the rules?

>> No.73716779

they don't.
*ASS-ASS-inates in callidus, culexus, and eversor*

>> No.73716781

Play On Tabletop probably has the most enjoyable Batreps, just because they know what they're doing and have player who know what the rules are.

Every couple months I try watching a MWG video and every time I try, the lists/tactics are so bad it's made unwatchable, or they forget so many core unit/game rules that it's not worth the time.
Their latest(?) Admech one had a guy move his Snipers (Arquebuses) and then shoot with them.
They literally have one model rule and that's that you can't move and shoot in the same turn.

>> No.73716782

who is the faction other than marines in the box?

>> No.73716785

w-what about vindycare?

>> No.73716790

yeah I'm really not sure why they'd change the way rerolls work for both charges and psychic tests. It's a one to punch to both melee and psychic armies and an indirect buff to shooting which already involves literally no risks. That's what I think is egregious in general in their game design: the fact that they make armies reliant on melee and psychic but both are very high risk but through sheer weight of dice shooting is always fine.

>> No.73716793


>> No.73716797

can't really get a good look of their ass-ets thanks to their pose.

>> No.73716798


>> No.73716799

What are the Words of Power for 40k?

>> No.73716815

chaos/imperium soup poses a serious problem to the game.

It allows people to take the best parts of different armies and slap them together into a cohesive unit.

How are armies expected to compete when they may have one or two options for anti-armor and some armies have 10?

>> No.73716823

Have you played a test game of 9th yet?
No? then stop complaining.
Terrain and map size changes are huge.
Kraken Tyranids can make a charge turn 1 in most cases, for example.
And, gunlines / long range fire power are significantly hampered by terrain, especially if you're playing with a proper amount on the field.
It's getting tiring seeing all these posts full of complainers who clearly havent tried playing yet.

>> No.73716828

They WILDLY under value how click-and-forget shooting is. Psychic is strong? Limit how many times you can cast spells and increase difficulty of smite! Melee is strong? Add Fall Back to the game, so the melee units can be shot even AFTER they make the slog to cross no-man's land! Shooting is strong? BETTER BUFF SHOOTING MORE.

>> No.73716829

Do Tyranids actually suck? I'm looking to get into this game and I really like the fluff and the look of the models but the memes here and elsewhere (including my FLGS) are that they're rubbish and I'd be better off taking something else. I'm not a WAACfag by any means and I'd be perfectly okay taking a lower-tier army, but I still do want to at least have a decent chance of winning more than 1 game in 5.

>> No.73716832

Smashbabs and grognards alike fear the sh**er.

>> No.73716841

I disagree, simply due to how popular for being different they are. I prefer my Iron Lords reply number result. They have a nice scheme.

>> No.73716843

By switching to Imperium. All Imperium. ONLY IMPERIUM.

40k has just become 30k with the ability to pick the wrong faction.

>> No.73716844

Rolled 88 (1d100)


>> No.73716845

Well I mean at least the quad devourer fex gets to make good use of the Living Ammunition rule.

>> No.73716848

Personally they should really invest in some editing. I'd rather not watch a video that is roughly the same length as an actual game, but rather watch a cut down one with all the big moments put in so I can still get the same thing without all the faff that happens in between.

>> No.73716849

Stealing this idea

>> No.73716850

spoiler]Unironically more Necrons [/spoiler]

>> No.73716851

What if there was a Warhammer competition where every loser get's turned into a cute girl and becomes the victor's fuck toy?

>> No.73716854

She calls ending a "friends with benefit" relationship "Sexit".

Her techrpriest is fond of simular puns.

>> No.73716857

They should make it so you have a base amount of CP and detachments cost CP instead. Also they should give you bonuses for using only one faction.

>> No.73716868

I offer you this advice: most of the hobby is crafting, play what you will enjoy building painting a looking at. Most armies will be able to have some wins against casual opponents. So just go with what you like and don’t always follow the list perfection junkies

>> No.73716870

Isn't that one of the major changes in 9th?

>> No.73716871

I want to die

>> No.73716873

are the imperial assassins actually good anyway? never see anyone use em

>> No.73716874

I assume just a cut down version of Indominatus with some of the characters and a unit or 2 dropped.

>> No.73716876

They are. This general is full of doomers who always assume the worst possible circumstances and treat it as standard.
Newsflash, your meta wont consist of netlist IH and flat tables with two trees as terrain.

>> No.73716878

>"So yeah, looks like you beat rick, the morbidly obese optometrist.I know he's sweaty from standing up for so long But..uh...yaknow, he's just gotten divorced so i think this will be good for you both."

>> No.73716881


>> No.73716906

But with at least 1 new marine character or unit added so they can all the marine paypiggies to buy it after having bought indomitus already.

>> No.73716907

Are you retarded? Those both suffer from heavy CP penalties. You had to do it for chaos because to be viable chaos needed generally to borrow from its other codexes where shit like space marines were fine with just one, and generally best like that, if the chaos factions, especially CSM had good, well rounded codexes soup wouldn't be a problem.

It's really insanity, the fact that they had overwatch as a free extra shooting round that could be buffed was stupid.
>one to two turns to get into melee and if you don't kill them they'll fall back and you'll get shot to shit
>no way to wrap a unit to save yours, MW stratagem is pretty mediocre on non-hordes and hordes are dead now
>psychic is risky as fuck with generally only a 50% success rate on most spells tied to 2 fucking dice, which you can no longer reroll individually, which for psychic heavy factions are vital for success, you can kill yourself with perils, rerolls to psychic are rare and TSons have none
>haha 100 shots rerolling hits and wounds from CM+Lieut.

Shooting meta has to be the most braindead shit.

>> No.73716912

*blam blam blam*

>> No.73716915

Tyranids have six units capable of dealing damage:
Hive Tyrants, Genestealers, Hive Guard, Exocrine/Tyrannofex, and Dakka Carnifexes

They USED to have lots of chaff units that can't kill anything, but hold objectives, but new rules pretty much rule these out.

They lack the Range, Strength, AP, and Damage values on just about all their models and weapons of just about every other faction, making it very difficult to kill things. Add to that that most of their units are extremely easy to kill means you can't really hold anything or expect to stick around for more than a turn.

Can you win games? Sure. If you play your absolute best, get super lucky, and the other guy fucks up. Will you get easy wins by just setting up your army and rolling a few dice? Hell no.

As long as you don't mind losing more than you win, you can still have fun with Nids. Actually, starting them fresh would probably be more fun for you than for those of us who have been playing them forever. You don't have a frame of reference for how far they've fallen.

>> No.73716922

>Buy Indomitus
>Sell Marine half for more than the price of the box
>Buy actual starter
>Sell Marine half for more than half the value of the box
>Buy the Necron half for less than half the value of the box
>Spend the profit on more Necrons
>Spend some of my own money on Necrons

I am a business genius.

>> No.73716925

>trying to organize a friendly "farewell to 8th" 2v2 game
>collectively decided that we'll each bring a 500 point patrol list
>the next day one guy has decided he can't live without the extra CP from a battalion
>demands we let him take one
Why are so many 40k players like this?

>> No.73716927

>what do you want to when you grow up, Chaos Decimator?
>I wanna be a Knight Rampager!

>> No.73716932


>> No.73716938

Shit wrong image

>> No.73716939

That’s rough buddy

>> No.73716943

Rolled 19 (1d100)

>You have to put it in greentext to work.

>> No.73716944

imo nids should just get an extra wound on every unit under 9 wounds

>> No.73716946

I ask, what the actual hell are the playtesters doing?

>> No.73716952

Oh Jesus. The fact that they stripped that out entirely with nothing to compensate. AND they made a Relic version that works the way the old one did, but it's only ONE set instead of two, and it's only for the Deathspitters instead of the Devourerers.

Ugh. It's so easy to forget just how many gut shots they took with this codex.

>> No.73716957

Rolled 72 (1d100)

Might as well try.

>> No.73716958


>>73716147 Nope. Remember, 4chan is a terrible place for advice, the people here are as bitter as they come and twice as ignorant about actually playing the game. The 10 VP rule doesn't apply to every match, not to mention it's your friends and gamestore that determine what standards you need to play by- not GW.

>> No.73716972

They should get a Knight-sized unit called the Carnifex Extremis or something. It should have lots of options.

>> No.73716975


>> No.73716978

I should really stop coming here...

>> No.73716985

The one that jacks up your CP use is brutal vs. GSC. Those fuckers go through CP like it's water and any extra to use their shit shuts them down hard.

Even more brutal now that the "Increased CP" of 9e is going to make 'em lose around 6 off what they were working with in 8th at pretty much every points level.

>> No.73716986

I think playtesters only focus on the big boy factions so any smaller ones get ignored/left in the dust and no one cares. I think they also through how meta loyalist marines and shit are have learned to love them so anything that benefits them is good in their eyes.

Just look at this quote from one of the playtesters to see the blatant disregard for balance
>Tony: Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be discussing some of the changes our favourite Angels of Death can look forward to in the new edition! Space Marines are already one of the most powerful armies right now, with a large tool kit of available units, Stratagems and supplements to take advantage of. In the new edition, these options have only grown!

>they're already the best, and now not only are they getting OP new units, but the game is changing in a way that benefits them!

>> No.73716987

email field, nice try but I took a look to the sticky.
Ewww, got budget dark angels.

>> No.73716992

Most of the armies I have played against wouldn't qualify for the +10 VP. Agree with your opponent beforehand to waive it.

>> No.73716998

When should we expect new points to drop? I'm eager to do some list building.

>> No.73716999

>tfw no imperator titan

>> No.73717001

I was more going for The Red Terror projected personality on a notorious monster than actual personality.
So they've got names like The Prowling Anguish instead of Geoff

>> No.73717002


>>73716978 I know that feel. I stick around but sometimes anons make it very hard.

>> No.73717005

If you ditch the terrain bits, you can admire his well sculpted glutes. Him and the eversor have the largest asses of the execution force.

no I won't share ass pics

>> No.73717011

what's this band's name, /40kg/?

>> No.73717019

Imagine getting fucked by some fat bastard orc player after your grey tide tau army got tabled

>> No.73717022

July 16th.

>> No.73717030

So its actual favoritism? If I was assembling playtesters I'd make sure it was a mixture of people who actively favored almost every army possible.

Marine meta isnt going to be fun, not even for marines because nonstop stomps becomes tedious, not fun.

>> No.73717036

anyone ever played a match outside in the rain?

>> No.73717037

>ugly neckbeards get turned into cute waifus
>this isn't unironically mad

>> No.73717040

Just make a Hierodule with options, that's kind of what it was supposed to be, before the monsters kept getting bigger. Sort of dinky these days, though.

>> No.73717042

well not literally like in the fucking water, but on a patio or otherwise under an awning or roof or something

>> No.73717045

WRYYYYY and the Gang

>> No.73717046


>> No.73717047

Skelly and the three tenors

>> No.73717048

I'm told its viable to convert assassins from the van Saar box with minimal external bits needed.

>> No.73717059

Callie and the Kill Squad

>> No.73717074

This so much, a new bigger plastic heirodule with the two types as weapon options would be great.

>> No.73717077

Reroll to Wound

>> No.73717087

Almost every reasonable dude will waive the painting VP bonus. If someone tries to force it on you, he's either a dick you won't have fun playing with anyway, or you're a lazy fart who hasn't painted a single model in months.

>> No.73717088

Likely the 25th when 9e is released.

>> No.73717089

In older editions, GW had people on staff whose favorite armies were all the various factions available. That way, there would be somebody in their corner, pushing for parity.

Over time, the dudes who wrote the Imperial books just kept putting out banger after banger, driving up sales, encouraging more Imperium focus until we're where we're at now: the whole company are Imperium shills.

Did Chaos or Xenos have something neat in previous editions? Well, they don't have it anymore and now one of the 30 Imperium factions has it and more.

>> No.73717092

>w-wow anon, g-good game. T-to bad a failed that charge haha...p-please be g-gentle with me

>> No.73717099

The whole -10VP thing is mostly a meme. In local games no one's gonna really enforce it and most likely your opponent won't have all their shit painted either. In friendly kitchen table games, you won't even use it. That just leaves tournament settings, where it was already a rule in most anyway. That being said, painting your guys to the battle ready standard GW talks about is so easy in most cases. You're not good now, but that doesn't mean you should give up. There are painting guides everywhere, and no one starts off good at something.

>> No.73717107

The Adolfhitlerinator's

>> No.73717109

Ngl that's pretty hot

>> No.73717131

Its bizarre, a few threads ago an anon mentioned it felt as if the game had been transformed into in universe imperium propaganda

>> No.73717135

>getting super frustrated painting dudes
>take a break
>head to my apartment's vending machine
>come back and start watching the same tutorials for two hours straight
>eating takis
>accidentally touch one of my dudes
>perfect "bloody hand" effect

bros... holy fucking shit........

>> No.73717147

>long range fire power are significantly hampered by terrain

the small maps caught my attention. I had a feeling when they announced the change to tanks that they were going to shift the game balance up in a big way. Plenty of armies have a way to become very threatening across such a short board.

I would not be surprised at all if everything receives massive points reductions, effectively making 1000 pts the equivalent of what 1200-1500 points would have bought in 8th.

Given how much of an issue time has been in the competitive scene, i think 1000pt games will become the matched play norm.

>> No.73717151



>> No.73717153


>> No.73717154

Important lesson for painting it kitbashing, channel your inner Bob Ross, no mistakes, only happy accidents.

>> No.73717157


>> No.73717165

>Eldar Vanguard Apoc Box
Based wraithbro. I just snapped up two of those recently myself.

>> No.73717167

In a way I guess. I don't think it's even intentional really. In general I like the idea of bringing more competitively minded people into making the rules, but the issue is most of those are just used to playing the most meta factions and don't necessarily know or care about the little guy. The problem at the end of the day though is codexes. I generally think 9th is 'mostly' an improvement but independent of codex and points changes armies that rely upon melee and psychic aren't doing so good right now. I think it's worst for melee though. If they put out good well balanced codexes everything will be well but I'm not convinced. I think the sheer amount of variety space marines get is really indicative of the problem. SM have like 3 different good troop options alone who are primaris and a few more solid options too. Chaos has an okay troop that's only taken to fill out detachments because of price (which is getting disproportionately hiked), and the other is just a shittier version of manlet marines with less layered rules.

I think marine paypiggery is a self fulfilling prophecy that causes some of this shit: if an army has much more model and rule support than more people will start collecting and playing that army because of that, and the profits create a vicious cycle where one army is the most profitable simply because it's the most supported. It's really a mess.

>> No.73717169

You're absolutely right. It has. They've been writing the fluff for so long that they've actually started drinking the kool-aid. Humanity first. In all things, forever.

>> No.73717171

Should I buy this list, it's just Heavy Support and HQ. It's 50PL

>Daemon Prince with Wings
>3 x Oblierators
>2 x Chaos Vindicators

>> No.73717180

I would say that the standard of competition would be far higher, due to both the risk and the reward, but if cute girl technology existed then demand for cute girls would be far lower. As a result I think the only attendees would be people with very specific domination and submission fetishes.

>> No.73717188

are any of the 40k spinoff games any fun?

>> No.73717192

>It's 50PL
Learn how points work first.

>> No.73717195

So what shit in this box is going to be exclusively not released again?

I want to know because I was thinking of buying some of the necron characters individually rather than paying for the entire necron half, as most of it doesn't interest me too much.

>> No.73717202

The opposite. Everything will be going UP in points. Some (chaos) more than others (marines).

Also, the distance from deployment zone to the enemy has not changed. Your deployment zone shrunk by 2" and the horizontal shrunk. Just means the new hyper-fast tanks are going to be able to zip around to get LoS on all your stuff even easier than before.

>> No.73717204

You seem to be implying that the Imperium focus is accidental and not by design.

SM have always been the poster-boys and as such received a level of favoritism.

>> No.73717205

>921 points in 8th
>this list is for narrative play anyway

>> No.73717206


The actual rules writers play blatant favorites, lavishly slaving on their pet factions and phoning in everyone else. If you don't have a rules writer who loves your faction you will never be good.

>> No.73717207

The initial flop of the stormcasts really was the best thing to happen to age of sigmar

>> No.73717209

Let's say for the sake of arguement that cute girl technology is highly regulated in only really employed in blood sport esque settings like the Turnoment in question, and various sports leagues.

>> No.73717213

All of them are more fun than the core game.

>> No.73717215

space marine is dumb fun
I've heard inquisitor isn't bad anymore
dawn of war 1 is a fantastic RTS
dawn of war 2 is an...interesting RTS-meets-RPG

>> No.73717218

He have explicitly said they're raising the points costs of everything.

>> No.73717223

Why is this allowed? Imagine how much more profitable it would be if players were buying EVERY faction! This is bad business!

>> No.73717226

Or someone who wants a free cute-girl-ectomy. If I could shed this decaying mortal form to be a cute girl it'd probably be worth getting slammed by some fat dude in a horse cartoon shirt that's 4XL and still too small and sporting a fedora for a night.

>> No.73717227

99% chance that everything in the box will get an individual release, but it's going to be a long time from now if AOS has been any indicator.

>> No.73717228

They've explicitly said prices are going up but 2k will still be the standard. 2k will now be similar to 1750 in 8th.

I don't know anything about AoS, I assume it meant faction popularity was more even and as a result balance is better?

>> No.73717230

anything specific to add?

anon... i meant... /tg/, not vidya.....

>> No.73717234

Great ability to hold objectives in an edition where there are no kill points and its all about controlling objectives. Shorter games at 5 turns also help them with this.

Look its not a killy army, but it can flood the board with bodies quickly so it'll actually be pretty good at winning games. just not doing it in style.

Also not auto losing when wiped means that all those early game points will matter even more.

>> No.73717236

Is kill team good? I have enough genestealers for two kill teams and will test out the game with that, even though that's not a diverse unit choice.

>> No.73717237

Rolled 4 (1d100)


>> No.73717240

I've been looking through the old Jes Goodwin Craftworld sketches and god damn it makes me want a Craftworld update so bad. We all know they certainly need it. Would be nice to see an update for them with the Necrons coming back since they used to be public enemy #1 for them before Slaanesh.

>> No.73717241

Even apocalypse?

>> No.73717243

I've heard almost only good things about all of them

>> No.73717244

Even the characters? I know some of the death gaurd models in the starter box never got individual release?

>> No.73717250

does anyone know a good bit that would work for a sword for one of these, and maybe some good third party wings?
i want to convert one into a daemon prince of nurgle and have the shield represent the the suppurating plate.
or would that look kind of silly and i should just use the thaumaturge and fill in the tzeentch symbols with green stuff

>> No.73717251

If I had to put money on it I'd say the warden

>> No.73717253

Gib point lesks plz i jeed

>> No.73717256

>using actual food on your minis

/tg/ jokes about using liquid ass on nurgle marines but serious no.

>> No.73717262

Except they DIDN'T receive this kind of favoritism in the past. This is entirely a modern development. Ask old Marine players about their older codexes and units. They were a mid-tier army for something like 20 years. It's only now, with the Primaris bullshit that isn't even remotely tested or balanced against anything but itself that they've skyrocketed.

>> No.73717263

This makes my dick hard.

I'd want to pull some bullshit meta list and table my best friends and make him into my personal cock sleeve.

>> No.73717264

I very much enjoy Kill Team, but I prefer Skirmish over traditional Wargames so I might be biased. Its a little limited in the rules department bc of its core basis around the normal 40k rules, but its quick and cheap to pick up and can be used as a jumping off point into 40k later down the line.

>> No.73717272

I mean if you varnish over it i dont see why not

>> No.73717274

We'd also have to assume that there was some way to weed out people who would get off on throwing the game and being turned into qt sex slaves, and that there was a large enough prize to attract people that genuinely want to win. Perhaps the same people who made the cute girls machine also invented a machine that makes you permanently hygienic so that the winner of the tournament never needed to shower again.

If these conditions are met, then we would see some WAACfaggotry like you wouldn't believe.

>> No.73717278

It definitely would be better if more factions were popular. Part of the appeal of 40k is that there's something for everyone, but who wants to get into a hobby where their favorite is routinely shat on and forgotten. The imperium favoritism business model is shortsighted but it brings in the temporary basedbux so they'll double down again and again.

>> No.73717279

You what if Chad decides to dust of his fluffy Ultramrines list and takes you as his concubine?

>> No.73717281

Personally I find it more fun than 8th but that's mostly because marines aren't autowin in it. It's a pretty good game, if you're already familiar with 8th it's an easy transition.

>> No.73717293

Yes, stormcasts (aka sigmarines) were pushed hard as the new poster boys of the setting, they flopped hard, both by a mix of being blatant ripoff of space marines and from people being salty over the loss of WHFB, this proved to be a blessing In disguise, as it forced the team to actually adapt and give more spotlight to the other more distinct or nostalgic factions, and even resulted in the stormcasts getting a well liked soft reboot.

>> No.73717295

How do you determine if a list is competitive, casual, or other? Pretty new to the game and looking to try some lists on TTS.

>> No.73717297

As long as it's fully painted I'm in.

>> No.73717309

50% of players are marines, and something like two third are Imperium. If they buff Chaos or Xenos, that means that Imperium players lose more often. That means that they don't get easy wins and have less reason to keep buying.

From their point of view, it comes down to: do we want to balance the weakest third of our product, or keep our top two thirds happy by being statistically superior in every way?

It's bullshit, but that's what GW is now.

>> No.73717310

started basing the army.

Just 23 infantry bases and a half finished coldstar base to do before my final 8th edition army list is finished.

Just in time for 9th edition.

>> No.73717311

Surely the advent of big cute girl would also eliminate fat dudes. Cute girl tech must surely be able to make beefcake men. You'd be getting your backwalls smashed in by an exact physical recreation of the Chad meme.

>> No.73717321

What the fuck tranny shit have I stumbled into?

>> No.73717327

Sigh, what pisses me off is that even looking at it from the perspective of cold money seeking business, this is a terrible model that will result in long term missed opportunities if not course corrected.

>> No.73717329

Yeah if loyalist marines flopped hard it would be good for 40k but with soys like valrak and many other redditors lapping up muhreens I don't see it happening any time soon. What really annoys me about their players is how spoiled they are. If they just got all their toys and were happy with it it'd be fine, but they're always crying for another unit/gear option/whatever over and over again and are never satisfied. Of course geedubs are all to happy to oblige.

>> No.73717337

It's always been like that, really.

>> No.73717345

Kill Team is a good core, but it has some shitty rules carried over from 8e 40k that basically mean shooting is the way to go.

I've found Nids REALLY struggle there too. Maybe the Elites book helped them, I don't know. I gave up after ten straight losses to Tau, Guard, AdMech, Orks, and Death Guard.

>> No.73717349

>Yeah if loyalist marines flopped hard it would be good for 40k
If Loyalist marines flopped hard it would cripple the company. Loyalist Marines massively outsell everything else combined.

>> No.73717353

This bullshit wont stop until the entire vanilla range has been substituted with primaris/made primaris compatible.

>> No.73717366

You're pretty much right on every point. Early 8th was terrible for marines and showed that the primaris stuff needed work, but nobody really takes into account just how big their tool kit is. They have 2-3 different answers to everything.

pretty much. There was a poll or something years ago over what army nottingham should bring to adepticon, orks won, and they admitted that they didn't even have 2000 points of orks sitting around the studio to bring.

>> No.73717367

The prize would have to be a large sum of money for people to risk this in the first place. Perhaps there could be some preliminary thing for the event.

The other question is if people would watch this live?

I'd imagine there are a lot of people who would get off to this event and the hyper competitive nature of it. And only with a large enough revenue from the Audience and sponsorships would you be able to have a large enough prize pool to justify the risk.

>This warhammer gender bender sex slave tournament is proudly brought to you by Coco-cola

>> No.73717376

>Have a dick ton of old Black Templar shoulder pads
>All the new marines in Indomitus come with shoulder pads affixed to their arms already

>> No.73717382

If you're new to the game and made an army without looking up meta picks than you're always going to make a casual list, intentionally or not.

As I said earlier they'd need a rude awakening for them to realize that but I don't see it on the horizon.

>> No.73717384

With gene modding dicks would be far bigger. As a result, vaginas would also be modified to take bigger dicks, resulting in a genital arms race. The Emperor foresaw this, and that's why he limited all genetic modifications and also why he gave all Space Marines tiny dicks and balls and no attraction to women.

>> No.73717389

Good. That would serve them right for building the game up on a bubble of pandering to a single faction instead of growing the consumer base for all the other ones.

Just because X sells the best doesn't mean you can't get customers to by Y or Z. And the longer you lean on X, the more dependent you become on it.

>> No.73717394

This feels like some /d/ based yu-gi-oh knockoff setting but with table top strategy games instead of card games as the focal point of shadow games.

Sh-should I write up a history for this setting?

>> No.73717395

I don't think a large prize pool would stop people from trying to throw. Maybe you have to make it to day 2 first.

>> No.73717397

You don't understand, this technology is only allowed for tournoments and sports events.

Whenever a football team loses the superbowl they get turned into cheerleaders for the other team.

>> No.73717400

I'll be the contrasting voice to the other anons replying here and say that KT is merely a serviceable skirmish experience. It's completely fine, it does all the basics okay, it's got some good points and some bad points, but ultimately it's not really exceptional in any way beyond the fact that it is a skirmish game were you can use your 40k models. In that regard, KT is to skirmish gaming what 40k proper is to wargaming - a completely average game propped up by its associated IP.

>> No.73717403


>> No.73717405

If you're new then all your armies are casual.

You'll know a competitive OP army is any army that wins against your opponent and they start complaining about it
A casual army is one that loses against your opponent and they tell you how great your army is despite pasting you.

The best type of army is a Narrative army that fits a theme, but then uses as many tools as that theme gives them (right army/faction/subfaction and units/relics) while keeping to a theme. They are usually the coolest looking armies too. Many of them can be competitive, but if you're playing for fun then even if they are competitive people will usually appreciate them.

Also generally to be competitive you need a good list, but you also need to know how to play that list. which is harder to do than you'd think. Usually you pick a few units to build a list around and then add support usually focusing on key special rules or abilities that really add synergy.

For a casual list you usually take odd units that you don't really use or ones that look cool, a random assortment. Sometimes to try new tricks other times just because its what you have on hand.

For a narrative list you read some fluff, find a theme and tech into it, usually going for cool factor over anything else, but a lot of themed list are actually pretty competitive too.

>> No.73717407

Organic matter isn't stable.

>> No.73717415

It's more because nobody uses Power Levels. They are balanced on potential unit strength. I've had lists that were the same PL and units, but with almost 200 points difference, stemming from different wargear. That's the main reason my friend and I stopped using PL. It was nice at first, since you didn't really have to worry about wargear and vehicle upgrades, but it got to the point that we realized 2 100PL armies could be vastly different in actual list ability.

Points are just a better gauge of a models worth on the table top.

>> No.73717417

I'd unironically watch an anime about specifically this

>Sh-should I write up a history for this setting?

>> No.73717419

Very very dishonest way to argue

>> No.73717421

Doomers gonna doom but I personally think the necron line revamp is a wonderful sign for GW and something not nearly enough anons talk about. I forsee a future where every npc faction gets a revamp like this in the next few years, I mean obviously marines were always going to get theirs first. Why do so many people just assume that ONLY marines are gonna get new shit?

>> No.73717425

I get that, I just see their causality is off for why marines sell. I don't doubt that they'd still be the largest share if the game was perfect and releases were spread around equally but I don't think it would be by the massive margin they are now. People will always flock to what has the most options and looks future proofed.

What I hate most about this is that now chaos players like me essentially want their stuff to be primarisified rules wise just so they can keep up despite hatting everything about primaris from the lore to the rules, and even the models. It's the final cope to accept primaris cancer will never be gone and hope you get to take part too.

>> No.73717428

9th is heavily objective based, you'll lose board control really easily. Get some troops.

>> No.73717434

God I hope orks are next

>> No.73717442



>> No.73717450

People usually use the plague drone box for the bug wings and head. For the sword... a regular DP sword will do? They give you 2.

>> No.73717453

I'm just happy Cronfags got some new shit. I love the new CSM sculpts I got last year, and if more people were as happy as I was to get new units, then all the better.

>> No.73717455

Okay. I've been building my lists around how I want to play the game mostly, and trying armies that I like the look of. Just hoping to not step on toes bringing a list that's too good / too bad.

>> No.73717456

back-and-forth insults are not an argument

>> No.73717458

Why can’t GW model a handle to the side? I love that model but the handle being the way it is just makes it look stupid as hell so I just ignore that bit.

>> No.73717463

>Why do so many people just assume that ONLY marines are gonna get new shit?

because GW is not very transparent about their pipeline or development process. Voxcast was a good step in the right direction, but they could take it further. They are probably worried that if you know what's coming next, then you'll save your money for it.

>> No.73717464

I don't see a way to ensure that all participants want to win. You're going to get fetishists ruining the spirit of the game.

>> No.73717474

They're meant to be mass-produced contemptors

>> No.73717475

That has strong Screamer-Killer energy. Squat and angry at everything around it.

I approve.

>> No.73717477

I’m a minority so I can say whatever I want to mayo devils in the gw store with 0 consequences

>> No.73717494

as opposed to the incredibly honest argument of "lol, sad!" with a picture of some trannies

>> No.73717497

I've read a bit from stuff Goonhammer on most the factions and looked through recent lists. I think I have some meta units in some lists I've built (Calladius, Dark Talon, Demon Prince of Tzeentch). If I run like 2-3 of them in an otherwise non meta 2k list would they be too much?

>> No.73717505

>never got individual release
And worse, have none planned for at least 2 years.

>> No.73717507

Okay then!

So, secret history time, the warhammer settings have all happened in realities connected by the warp each edition being its own iteration of reality, and GW is secretly run by the equivalent of Maximillion Pegasus, this person uses a slaaneshi artifact that made it to this otherwise sheltered reality to gain inspiration by gleaning these other worlds, and pass it to others connected by the comprehension of the "IP" this enables the bearer to share the load that would otherwise kill/corrupt them.

Other similar artifacts are scattered about, all slaaneshi as we have a much more active porn scene then any other reality along with far greater creativity. These enable secret warp games with all manner of /d/related consiquences and often these matches connect to an actual battle happening in the respective world the game is presenting.

>> No.73717513

What mini is this!

>> No.73717516

If only I would've been a qt girl to begin with I wouldn't be here. Instead I'm stuck with autism for army men.

>> No.73717518

Who is the Carl of 40k?

>> No.73717519

Have a preliminary system put in place so only actual competitors get into the main tournament. That might not 100% screen everyone but it should greatly reduce the number.

>> No.73717525

Bait or Belorussian

>> No.73717527

It's the Visarch, with his open hand replaced with a crone sword.

>> No.73717532

I'm tempted to say Orks, but they are too chad

>> No.73717533

>baneblades are getting triple murdered in 9th ed by super-heavy nerfs, blast taxes, and heavy bolter nerfs
I'm going to rape Cruddace. This one's for you, nid anon.

>> No.73717537

best thing is to ask your opponents/group what they do.

If they're tourney fags then they'll want you to bring something challenging, if they're narrative players who start to get upset when one of their units dies then they're super casuals, If they put a lot of effort into customization and painting then they're probably narrative players.

And a lot of plays will do multiple ones and you just got to know your opponent.

>> No.73717539

>in the grimdark future of the 41st millenium daddy issues still exist

>> No.73717540


>> No.73717541

The fact that those people at your store are massive pussies who dont stand up for themselves has nothing to do with them being white. Nerds are just like that.

>> No.73717544

Shouldn't have picked a parking lot army faggot

>> No.73717548

Perhaps a judging system to award points based on the quality of play and spot intentional misplays by pervs?

>> No.73717554

Give 'em one for me, slugger.

>> No.73717557

Based anon, you've shown me the last thing I needed in my iron warriors list
>elite slot so fits nicely into my battalion
>benefits from the exploding hit warlord trait
>base 3+ BS that doesn't suffer from move and shoot anymore
>can be boosted to 2+ by lord discordant
Bless you anon, it's even thematic
remember goonhammer articles are mostly for 8th so some stuff has changed significantly,
forgive me for shilling but tabletop titans on yt has a great vid on rules changes in 9th and good faction highlight vids that give good advice

I think you'll be fine even if you bring a few, generally meta picks aren't so good that they're broken on their own, but only when combined with specific synergies to make them insane.

>> No.73717560

He looks so fucking upset with somebody

>> No.73717561

I'm just talking tts so it's not as much a group as it is just strangers. Locally the few games I've played so far have been against people who seem to be playing good lists poorly.

>> No.73717566

>33 dubs of nurgle
Maybe Cruddace will die of corona before he fucks my tank.
Anon, could you stand still for a moment so I can aim my throw?

>> No.73717572

Stop being a dumb lazy nigger and literally just color in the lines Then give it an agrax wash you dumb crybaby fuck.

>> No.73717580

-10vp is the only thing that can partially stem the tide of metafags.

anybody have the photo of the unpainted primaris executioners next to an unpainted feirros on top of an unpainted landing pad?

>> No.73717583

This. I used to try to be pretty open minded and progressively thinking about shit like dyed hair but now that I've actually met a fair bit of these wooks and college girls with weirdly dyed hair I can legitimately say with a great degree of certainty they all have massive daddy issues.

>> No.73717589

Nah to busy jinking

>> No.73717591

I don't remember if it was Tabletop Titans or one of the other channels, but I remember watching a whole bunch with X vs. Nids and the Nids lost every time. Got to the point where they were nervously laughing at the end about it.

>> No.73717605

Oh shit just read the arthritis part whoops I apologize. you actually are the 1 man on earth with a legit reason. I’ve seen so many people cry about being bad at painting when all it takes it the care and patience to color in the lines.
In your case you have a legitimate reason and I’d recommend you just prime them, and base coat them. No one is really going to care or notice if you have a few grenades colored blue or if some of the gold form your Aquila drips onto your dudes chest.

>> No.73717608

I have something to admit

I think Orks are one of the coolest races there is but I refuse to play them in any way

>> No.73717609

The entire Horus Heresy was daddy issues. What did you expect?

>> No.73717611

honestly bros, i think having unique faction traits just kinda breaks the game. m-maybe we should just have universal stats for units and rules... haha

>> No.73717623

>maybe we should just have universal stats for units and rules
They did that in 5th edition.

>> No.73717624


>> No.73717625

I have something to admit NO ONE CARES.

>> No.73717626

>Strangers on TTS
god help you. A terrible way to play.

>> No.73717628

I'll bite, why?

>> No.73717630

>Excuse me anon, but you charged your entire fire warrior squad into that blob of assult terminators, and you appear to have quite the erection. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

>> No.73717631

How much is enough? 10 cultists?

>> No.73717633

how'd it go?

>> No.73717643

I think their models look dumb quite honestly which is crying shame since the idea of playing them seems fun
You've been proven wrong

>> No.73717644


>> No.73717646

This frightens me. What if Warhammer itself is a prophecy put into GW's heads by the actual chaos gods?

>> No.73717648

Give me 5 and I will start a faggot gay marine army for once

>> No.73717650

Nids weren't that bad in 8th desu, but if you like horde nids in 9th I've got bad for you. Those guys have really good battle reports that check all the boxes for me
>generally strong synergies and armies but not necessarily waacfag
>try to make them thematic
>guys are knowledgeable about the game and answer questions on stream
>great, well balanced terrain/map set ups that lend themselves to good games.
>friendly games

>> No.73717652

Nah man, making "Reroll 1's to wound" have a universal keyword would mean people have to memorise stuff from their codex AND the core rulebook. And we all know players can't handle 2 seperate books of information.

*Makes a Chaos army with codex, psychic awakening and vigilus books*

>> No.73717667

Does anyone know where I can find an stl for baneblade parts? I want to make more baneblades.

>> No.73717677

>-10vp is the only thing that can partially stem the tide of metafags.
GW should have just gone all the way and said models are not considered ready for play until you've painted them to at least a battle-ready standard.

>> No.73717680

I think each army should have 1 special rule and a subfaction/similar. The issue is with space marines having combat doctrines and shock assault and they shall know no fear and bolter discipline and chapter tactics and a doctrine buff. Give them bolter discipline and chapter tactics and call it good. Same with AdMech and SoB. Then pull stratagems out of the game and give the rules back to the units.

>> No.73717683

just buy real plastic poorfag

>> No.73717689

5th edition existed for 4 years. Codex Space Marines was pretty powerful for the first two years, then Blood Angels utterly wrecked everyone for the third year, then Grey Knights came out and were basically mathematically superior to Blood Angels. Also Space Marines kept there chapter tactics while factions like Chaos Space Marines and Eldar were just told to choose units their factions would use. Overall 5th edition was badly balanced.

>> No.73717697

Only way to play right now. I a few games a week with my GF but she only plays T'au so I can't try other matchups or experiment much with lists.

>> No.73717698


>> No.73717699


>> No.73717709

Tabletop titans is really good. how games should be played, and I like the table talk about any questions, though too often the questions are from paypig simps who are are asking stupid obvious shit. Either way really good

Play on tabletop is also pretty good. for the short and cinematic batreps. when you really want to see the best highlights from a game.

>> No.73717712

And the entire thing is hosted live by Joe Rogan

>> No.73717714

>Nids weren't that bad in 8th desu


>> No.73717717

>Multicharges got nerfed
>Actually having to do what you declared you were doing is a nerf
Well ok then

>> No.73717725

> not mentioning the rise of the Necron Flyer spam
The fuck is wrong with you?
And Grey Knights werent mathematically superior you fag. But the Paladin blobs were annoying as fuck.
Generally, all the Ward Dexs matched up alright against each other, and crushed anything that wasnt a Ward Dex.

>> No.73717734

how does tabletop simulator work? you buy the base game and then there's a warhammer mod or something? does it have real grafix or is it like megamek for battletech? I want to start playing right now but I can't because of china virus and shitty life circumstances.

>> No.73717736


>> No.73717741

so your models wont have scan lines or explode if they get dropped

>> No.73717742

hey SNA, what if nids become the meta in 9th

>> No.73717747

Damn bro what do you do for a living? I feel like I see you shitting up the general with your caps spam at completely arbitrary times all throughout the day.

>> No.73717750

Please don’t leave me cozycron poster,
You always make me feel comfy

>> No.73717760

please stop posting. You aren't an 'anon' if you have a tripcode

>> No.73717766

Callidus assassins are so hot. I want to put my face between her latex ass cheeks.

>> No.73717767

The idea itself is fine, GW just broke it with marines and their codex update.
>okay what if we fixed their chapter tactics to be good
>and we gave them 2 of them
>and they work on everything in the army now
>and they also get a unique bonus to a different weapon type every turn
>AND they get a special even stronger one for first founding chapters, like firing heavy weapons on the move with no penalty
Compared to other armies that get... +1 attack, but only if they charged, or re-rolling morale.

What really needs to come back is Wargear.

>> No.73717770

Probably some fat old person on disability

>> No.73717778

retarded newfag

>> No.73717780

tts imports different 3d model data from video games or anywhere, really, and allows you to manipulate them with decent physics. i believe much of the "tabletop" units are actually rips of the dawn of war games.
>base game
>download individual models from steam workshop
>manually load them one-by-one into an instance
it's been like 5-6 years, but that's that gist of it. it's likely been vastly improved since then.

>> No.73717783


>> No.73717787


>> No.73717791

yeah I guess everything is warped when you compare it to spess muhreens
Genestealers flying across the board and double fighting was pretty spooky though
It is a huge nerf because it means you can't fish for the long charge and will generally just be able to do the short one, it's also a huge nerf to fight twice abilities since those units usually blended what they fought first and would then consolidate 3" and then fight again to pile in another 3" and usually kill a second whole unit
It also is combined with the cp reroll changes making charges more difficult in general.

>> No.73717792

>9th edition is basically just dawn of war because it's about sitting on objectives, or just killing your opponent outright

>> No.73717798

unfortunately SNA has an extremely distinct linguistic style so nobody can really impersonate him very well

>> No.73717807

You don't buy if for looks. I'd put most of it at morrowing tier. You buy the game and then there's a github with all the models on it. You download them (plenty of YouTube videos on installing them). Then you go into the in game workshop and find a table you like. Then you can create your army using BattleScribe2tts. Once you've done that you just copy and paste your army onto the table. Then from there you have infinite dice, a tape measure, you can use chess pieces for objectives, and the the rest is just a physics engine.

>> No.73717816

>Joe: Man, do you see the tits on that guy? Jamie, pull up the before and after
>Joe: That's crazy man.
>Joe: Would you tap that?
>Elon Musk: Yeah I'd hit that
>Joe: I wonder if this would work on a chimp

>> No.73717818

I'm guessing SNA is Latinx

>> No.73717821

>tg/ jokes about using liquid ass on nurgle marines but serious no.
Holy shit this made me laugh so hard. That is a fucking hilarious and amazing idea. Liquid ass smells absolutely horrendous and it lasts for fucking ever

>> No.73717823

You'll probably need 3 troops minimum.
Otherwise people will just shoot your singular troop off your 1 point and laugh as you get diddly squat for your 45 primary objectives. points.

>> No.73717825

was requisition ever an actual thing in 4th edition, when Dawn of War came out?

>> No.73717833

not a fan of this bit desu senpai

>> No.73717834

Is Cheeto dust “organic matter”?

>> No.73717842

Ehh. The game right now is just 'how many overlapping buffs can I put on a unit.' The game is much better when the focus is on the units not 27 different other rules.

>> No.73717852

Necron Flyer spam was 6th edition. The 5th edition Necron codex was written for 6th and didn't really work properly until 6th edition came out. The big thing in 5th edition was loading a Ghost Ark up with Crypteks and Lords and shooting Staves of Light out of it. The Necron Codex was barely out for 7 months before 6th edition dropped though.
>all the Ward Dexs matched up alright against each other
Nope. A bare bones 5 marine tactical squad was only 10 points cheaper than 5 Grey Knights with Nemesis Force Weapons, Storm Bolters and psychic powers. Grey Knights were just flat out better than Blood Angels. Blood Angels were just flat out better than Space Marines. Necrons, once 6th edition came out, absolutely rinsed Grey Knights. The entire problem with Ward was that he massively accelerated Codex creep and favoured Deathstar builds.

>> No.73717856

As non american, I have the privilege to never have been exposed to this nurgling's residue, thus, I do not know.

>> No.73717872




>> No.73717873

yeah is it really that hard? Plus you don't have to use retarded swords and crappy shields.

>> No.73717881

Well wouldn't that be a perfect plot point for a Yu-gi-oh style take on the game?

Naturally some manner of exotic interface would exist to make the battles visually exciting to the reader/viewers

>> No.73717887

I swear this next payday I'll finally buy some primer and begin painting these guys for real

>> No.73717897

if youre in the UK you can get taki's imported pretty readily. If you like curry, you'll probably love them. I sent a huge case to a buddy in the army that was doing some sort of foreign exchange training with royal marines and they bought it off of him for 100 pounds

>> No.73717899


>> No.73717904

Depending on what army you play there are some really good models, SM get it easy and there's the whole roster with custom reskins, if you like chaos though I hope you like BL/WE/EC 3d scanned models because unless you proxy some HH or older looking models that's what you get, there's a discord for it too that has people organizing games and distributes the necessary resources to make it easy to play.

>> No.73717911

Eventually I'll expand my Indomitus marines. What's the best chapter that isn't Ultramarines for running a variety of different units depending on how I want to play that day. I know Ultramarines are pretty good at this. Iron Hands seem pretty cool but my other army is Tau and even though I dont do triptide drone spam I feel Im goign to be called out for fulfilling the waac stereotypes

>> No.73717912

If I didn't cook it or I am not invited at dinner and thus must act politely, I won't eat it.

>> No.73717921

You're doing god's work, keep it up. I put paint on a Tyranid model for the first time in six years today.

>> No.73717925

Play Necromunda

>> No.73717931

isn't the idea that if you're taking a baneblade you have a lot of things supporting it directly? If guardsmen don't get too terribly high of a points hike you should be able to field some decent meat shields. hopefully special weapons get their costs reduced pretty heavily in 9th

>> No.73717947

People were still 100% running crescent spam in 5th fag.
Yeah no shit, absolutely zero BA were running tacticals, it was min scouts or assault marines with max Death Company and/or Sanguinary Guard, who with attached Priest for FNP raped Strike Squads. You sent the Death Company Dreads against the Paladins or drowned them in Frag Cannons from Furisios.

>> No.73717950

can you tell me about necromunda, anon? assume i only understand the very basics of 40k's fluff and the game system and i am waiting for my very own dudes to come in because i am haha

>> No.73717952

Old Ones when?

>> No.73717954

Get brush on primer from army painter. It's way easier to get into nooks and crannies, and only costs $5 in Australia (which is like 3 USD)

I'm waiting on my Citadel(TM) paints but they're taking ages. Wanted Jormungandr Nids, but I'll go with a red-black scheme now.

>> No.73717960

We went over this earlier with a different Guardfag. You can press caps-lock and write SCREAMING WHATEVER ANON in the name field but unless you're going to put the effort in to do an in-depth codex breakdown you're just shitposting.

>> No.73717967

so the $20 base game is the only thing you actually have to buy?

damn I hate pisscord is that the only way to get games?

>> No.73717969


>> No.73717970

I could go for a Cegorach/Avatar of Cegorach model for the clowns.

>> No.73717977

Fuck off, Cruddace.

>> No.73717981

>heavy bolters cost more
>I had 8 heavy bolters and 4 hurricane bolters, no centurions
Such is the price for not buying the new primaris assblastinators. At least assault cannons are cheaper.

>> No.73717982

>hating discord
anon, are you fucking kidding me? I will never understand why people are so goddamn afraid of it.

>> No.73717988




>> No.73717989

This is how I Cegorach/Oblivion player.

>> No.73717994

Just about finished my Chapter Master. Every time I don’t notice all these issues until after I take pictures, but I’m happy with the design of the conversion at least

I might have to look into custom transfers, no matter how hard I try I can’t get freehanding down

>> No.73717999

Cruddace loved Guard. He kept Guard at the top of the meta for the better part of a decade.

>> No.73718005

Social pressure operated by marxist mods in any popular medium.
No one sane would enjoy discord for more than a few minutes a week.

>> No.73718020

Can you make them primaris instead? I can't see anyone wanting to play against manlets

>> No.73718023

Discord is fine if you just dont join big public servers or public servers in general. At that point its like a fast moving forum so ofc the most toxic things are going to bubble to the top.

>> No.73718027

>can you tell me about necromunda, anon?
it's hilarious. You can't have a guy run around the corner to unleash his flamer at two enemies only for it to spurt out of ammo like a premature ejaculate and then have your buddy run around the same corner to throw a molotov cocktail which bounces off the wall and flies into another corrider and then have a third guy run around the same corridor and lob a frag grenade that lands at the feet of someone and knocks them into an elevator shaft which only somehow knocks them unconscious. All this while a guy runs around swinging a stop sign at people but failing to do anything but knock them unconcious.
There's a mission where you get to kill civilans for points.
It's all very silly. You can light people on fire continuously so all they do all game is run around screaming trying to put the fire out until either you kill them or they succumb to wounds

>> No.73718029

Yeah all you need to do is get the base game, it goes on sale pretty frequently too. The rest you'll get from github/workshop. Discord isn't the only way but it's your best, the main TTS 40k discord has got around 10 games going at any one time with a lot of members, also they'll link you to all the resources you need.

>> No.73718036


>> No.73718042

>You can't have
*you can

>> No.73718058

What's chaos like in that game?

>> No.73718072

The fuck are you talking about? You want to see him with primaris marines? I am running him as a gravis captain for now considering he's a conversion of Prime Calgar

>> No.73718087

Damn I wish the valiant was better. Also super heavy aux wasn't trash.

>> No.73718110

I like your stuff anon, it all seriously looks good except for that rough handpainted banner on the dreadnought.

>> No.73718112


>> No.73718123

Any tips to improve?

>> No.73718136

Thanks, like I said I'm ass at freehanding, I keep trying though but it might be time to explore printing banners and what not

>> No.73718142

not that anon, but try practicing getting cleaner, more concise lines. that way it wont look blurry and painted on.

pretty much just general practice. Freehand is hard m8, dont worry about it

>> No.73718144

I'm not the guy to ask, was just admiring the paint scheme and conversion work. The WIP thread should be able to help you out.

>> No.73718152

With your comment on 8th edition nids earlier, I have to agree. I felt really good after we got our codex, but I think it was mostly just relief that some things actually functioned, like Genestealers. Most of the book got codex creeped within a couple of months.

>> No.73718157

I wasnt event the one posting, just another eager to learn any secret to improvement

>> No.73718194

Yeah, I know man. Been playing since 3rd.
I kinda wish charge range was just Movement+D6 so there's some part that's guaranteed and the other part is lolrandum.

I feel you nidbro, I do.
The mate that got me into the game played Hivefleet Kraken from start to finish so it's been interesting to see how their power level went up and down over the editions.
One gripe I had was that tanks had a chance to randomly lolsplode when penned, whereas MC's just went "ouch" and lost a wound, so they were arguably more durable. But now with "everything has more wounds edition" tyranid MC's kinda feel left behind.
"Fishing" for the long charge was stupid and needed to go. You should make a choice and stick with it and face the consequences that ensue.
Not "oh man I hope I get a surge of energy and get enough power to run into those guys way over there, but if I don't have enough energy I'll just run into these closer guys instead!"

>> No.73718195

all space marines are pretty good at that, pick a color you want to paint and go from there. you can even homebrew your own chapter.

If you want to stay all or mostly primaris then dark angels/blood angels/space wolves and deathwatch might not be what you're after (but they still can fulfill what you're looking for)

The big recent releases in 2019 were raven guard, iron hands, white scar, iron fists,and salamanders and ultras. They all got a primaris HQ and an upgrade sprue for their dudes. Pick one of those. Crimson fists are an awesome successor chapter to the iron fists and are great for anybody who doesn't like to paint the color yellow.

>> No.73718210

you can have lots of cheap hobos or some well equipped guardsmen there's quite a bit of variety. The leader also has BS/WS 3+ which is more than other people get, and the disciples are good. There isn't much specialist equipment but you don't need it. Pyschic familiars are good but psykers are a bit iffy. Overall it plays pretty straight, you can do melee and shooty equally

>> No.73718213

MCs could maybe get a second wind mechanic universally to hilight how hard it is to put the beast down, and maybe they get bonuses to attacks at lower wounds?

>> No.73718224

Yes, played through a window at my buddy's house, during quarantine, in a storm.

>> No.73718225

So I have
A chaplain
Captain in gravis

10 intercessors
5 hellblasters
3 eliminators

Would it be fair to do a small skirmish with HQ 1 troop and heavy support?

>> No.73718242

there were a lot of melee nerfs, more than shooting ones. Actually starting to buy the rules are written to favor IG shit after looking at the overall changes.

>> No.73718255

If that were in anyway a metric of measuring whats "fair" which it isn't.

>> No.73718278

the whole IG range is a money printer. those early 2000s plastics must have paid for their R&D 100 times over by now.

>> No.73718284

>"Fishing" for the long charge was stupid and needed to go. You should make a choice and stick with it and face the consequences that ensue.
Retard opinion. Melee already faced a billion disadvantages compared to shooting. Being able to project threat farther by properly using the pile in/consolidate movements added depth to positioning play.
Your argument is also worthless. We are talking about the tabletop game, not about the lore.

>> No.73718298

I have a confession. I've never even played a game of 40k. I just like shitposting in here and painting models.

>> No.73718301


>> No.73718306

Will Khorne Daemonkin be a thing in 9th edition?

>> No.73718318

>painting models.
Significantly better than greytide waacfags.

>> No.73718351

it's like a gay zoomer version of irc

>> No.73718456

>Look up Sororitas models
>most of the figures are now men
What the fuck is this shit? Sausage Party of Battle?

>> No.73718479

Well they go on a rampage when they die, like Explode, but not.
They also usually have a FNP, or at least some access to it.
As weird as it'd be, having them go *up* in attacks as they take damage would be kinda cool.

>> No.73718490

>liking swords
>in a universe filled with guns
Shit taste

>> No.73718568

>people forget that just because Troops have Obsec doesn't mean you can't hold a position with other FOC units

I mean a smart opponent will move to contest with Obsec units but this game IS about killing your opponent's units...

>> No.73718672

>Be me, painting in LGS waiting for some friends
>Hear some guys playing 40k in the back tables
>He has a unit of intercessors on the objective
>Guard player moves a unit of guardsmen to the objective
>Neither player knew what happened when 2 obsec units were on the same objective together
It's like people don't know how to play the game apart from killkillkill

>> No.73718946

Rolled 92 (1d100)

Let's see...

>> No.73718957

new to 40k, mainly do admech. Got the indomitus box and want to do a classic color scheme on the necrons. Would leadbelcher spray, new necron green on glowy bits, and a bit of nuln oil be too lazy?

>> No.73718987

Are Drukhari alright? Their models are amazing but I don't see anyone talking about them much.

>> No.73718991


>> No.73719098

Uh, actually sweatie, warhead is still a thing, I can give my Primaris Assault Intercessor Sergeant a Plasma Pistol instead of a Heavy Bolt Pistol.

Read the rules before posting.

>> No.73719128

Literally never heard of that marine chapter so probs not.

>> No.73719133

That's what the battle ready guide says to do, but with corax white and ban tiel green not the new green

>> No.73719216

In 9th, can Tervigons now replenish existing units of Termagents without using reinforcement points? Effectively for free?

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