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Random Image I didnt look at in my AoS Folder Edition

>Previous Thread

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>Thread Question:
What's the future for Stormcast going to looklike?

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>What's the future for Stormcast going to looklike?
another aesthetic mix-up of fatmen as they try and dial into kino

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Funny you mention that as I saw your skull on grindr.

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Just a friendly reminder "custom hero" rules are awesome and should be accepted at all kinds of games.

P.D: Release Soulblight battletome!

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All this just highlights how good the hero customization was in fantasy.

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Custom heroes should be part of the core rules with each battletome adding content like path to glory

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It's time Bros... This is gonna be fucking sweet

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Fyrslayers and partial IDK

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Woah, is that a Soulblight Sanguilord on Vampiric Dragonoth?
Vampires would be cool to have sometime soon.

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I don't think I've ever seen this general so excited about something before. This is the most positive it's been in weeks.

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>Normal gargant battleline unit size 1-3 180/480 points if you have a unit of max size it counts as 3 battleline

>The new 3 are leaders

>Gatebreaker 490

>Krakeneater 490

>Warstomper 480

Don't ask me the source, is going around on facebook

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Basecoated the dudes. Then fix ups. The shades. Then layers. Then highlight.

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Thralls and King down 10.
It’s something.

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So what's your source?

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lookin good anon. Apothecary white contrast might be good for future use on the helmets to give them a little bit of definition

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Wew cheaper than i expected...

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And the best part is the trolls are all sitting in /40kg/ because they have a new edition coming.

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>Source: Some faggot ass.


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>Knight-priced models and you'll need two and six normal giants for a 2k points list
Yeah, I believe it.

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Actual changes courtesy of anon.
>Astreia Solbright
>Aventis Firestrike
>Celestant Prime
>Errant Questor (!)
>Lord-Arcanum (Dracoline)
>Lord-Arcanum (Gryph-Charger)
>Lord-Arcanum (Tauralon)
>Lord-Celestant (Dracoth)
>Neave Blacktalon
>Vandus Hammerhand

-10/(no full-unit discount anymore)




Endless Spells:
>Celestian Vortex

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Source is a guy who has the book, he posted it on tga. Seems legit since he went around posting more stuff

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That's how I did it on my completed one. Doesn't standout very much I admit.

I was inspired by this image for my scheme.

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>9x Giants and a Hero
>6x Giants and two Heroes
>Minimum Giants and all the Heroes
So many ways to build, but we already knew that.

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As a primary 40k player, I'm super jelly of the hero maker system, I want it so bad

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Post your pie-in-the-sky plans for custom Heroes.

Mine are
>Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Wizard, not flying
>Blightking Hero with a Greatbow from the Kurnoth Hunters kit
>Pestigor Shaman
>custom warscroll for my Sorcerer

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somebody please show the sons of behemat values if you have it!

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It's pretty much what I expected. These hero giants need to be fucking unit deleters for this army to not be underside-of-the-bottom-of-the-barrel tier.

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Its time for the actual chad to enter the battlefield.


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Well, there are three different heroes, so it's actually a staggering 19 combinations

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The worst part is that you have one, but since 40k is "no fun allowed: the game" you don't get points for them, not even power levels.

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Oof I sure love having to buy more kits because GW can't into balance and can only drop points.

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maybe go one shade darker with a second coat or a greyer color. Might just be the picture tho

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Seems like >>73541100 is true, also apparently no battalions or allies.

We had a playtester for them post before, IIRC he said they only have one anti-horde and generally they're garbage as an army. Neat, but not competitive.

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Liege Immortis hits the scene. Damn now I want a 3d printer

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I'm sorry, but I won't be granting permission for my opponent to use one because GW need to learn to put their fun rules in the actual matched play rules.

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>Garbage army


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Yeah. It's something genuinely cool. I'm so looking forward to it.

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Not an issue since you don't have an army in the first place.

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hell yeah Im gonna convert a ton of shit man. literally everyone gets new units and that NEVER happens all at once

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Better then 40k knights which just became the only army for a while. How people even keep playing that game is beyond me

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>they did not nerf OBR
>they actually buffed them

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It's also significantly worse.

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Thinking OBR needs nerfs is clear sign of bad player. GW knows what's up.

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Fuck i for once wanted a top tier destruction army. Time to keep waiting

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obr is fine, petrifex is dumb as shit

if they errata petrifex then its fine

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-10 Points on Thralls and King, not huge but it doesn't hurt, especially since points don't look like they've gone up at all.

Lotann drops to 70 points because he's an abject failure of a special character.


Basically just -10 points to all the Magmadroths, not terribly impactful.

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petrifex is fine. Katakros does the same thing and if youre worried about the rend IDK what to tell ya. Nagash should have a 2+ save anyway

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If you actually thought that an army with no shooting worth mentioning, no screening and a maximum of 10 models at 2k points was ever going to be top tier, I truly pity you.

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>Ogre tyrant with a fuckhueg mace riding around on a Rhinox
There's guaranteed to be a big melee weapon option, and even if the ogre mounts are only the ones that their army already has, then I can still do a "Counts-as"

>> No.73541390

>only one antihorde
but with damage rollover, wouldn't even a 'monster slayer' gargant with a small number of high damage attacks also be good for hordes?

>> No.73541391

anything for the daughters?

>> No.73541395

If Sigmar was black, would it be called the Age of Nigmar?

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Git gud

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Katakros forces you to use praetorians and waste a CP. Petrifex should only affect stalkers and immortis guard.

>> No.73541405

I'm okay with giants being an inefficient meme army. Just means I won't take any hate when I field em.

>> No.73541406

for fyreslayers Lords of the Lodge goes up 10 aswell

>> No.73541416

>Katakros does the same thing
yeah and he costs like 500 points, and its not always passively active like petrifex

>> No.73541420

>and waste a CP.
He gives you six of those

>> No.73541424

Any word on Chaos?

Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Nurgle?

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First and foremost rules for these guys, as the 'streamlining' (i.e. removal) of the realm artifacts will probably fuck them a bit.
Beyond that I'm kinda itching to build a Lord-Castellant on Dracoth.

>> No.73541438

its the best use of CP in the book and he gives you FIVE

>> No.73541453


See >>73541224 for Tzeentch

>> No.73541460

those look sick

>> No.73541464

Depends. Maybe the horde option is something like "gets one attack for every enemy model within X inches".

Oh that's a good'un. Not as gigantic as having a Hero on a Stonehorn but also not just a tiny little Mournfang.

>> No.73541469

English is hard. I wanted to say spend.

>> No.73541485

>Petrifex should only affect stalkers and immortis guard.
And Morghasts. Come on man, those guys have been fucked too hard already.

>> No.73541486

God damn. Makes me want to try making dark souls stormcast.

>> No.73541497

if youre taking him you are using it every turn no questions asked. So it really like he gives you 4

>> No.73541501

Marauders are up 10 points, warriors down 10, knights down 20 and karkadrak lords down 20.

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File: 1.16 MB, 846x945, 1580105568086.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Corrupted aelf (using mortal background) ladyknight riding titsnake with shield and spear
>Herald of Slaanesh on a Steed... Or maybe a Fiend
>A fuckhuge brute of a Slaangor beastlord with a great weapon
I feel the touch of the Dark Prince, boys.

>> No.73541520

Genuinely forgot about them, but yes. The big guys.

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I've been wanting to do grimcast for a while.

>> No.73541583

Beastlord on Chariot making a comeback

>> No.73541625


Are there leaked points for Beasts of Chaos yet?

>> No.73541627

>Skeleton Liche
>Lord Executioner with the noose as a one attack high damage weapon

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>Making a HoS army that's half BoC units
>Can make my Doombull more Slaaneshi

>> No.73541864

Anyone have the lumimeth battletome?

>> No.73541888

What do you need?

>> No.73541906

The lore in epub preferably

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Stormcast Bros how are those point costs looking? An extra unit or two will help right?

>> No.73541972

lmao pigtails

>> No.73541980

A non-behemoth khorne daemon hero that can fight in melee worth a shit.

>> No.73541999

Not possible even in Anvil of Apotheosis.
Khorne is born to job

>> No.73542003

There is no epub dude

>> No.73542009

>if only stormcast were knightly/adequately dark
you and everyone one else

all that cloth and that palette and that theme don't mesh imo

>> No.73542040

1 damage melee attacks on heralds which don't even have legitimate support abilities is utterly baffling.

>> No.73542042

Got Legion of Azgorh, friendo?

>> No.73542061

I thought they released the battle tome individually, my bad.

>> No.73542073

I can't tell if this is a joke. Do they actually still have those in the GHB?

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I don't know what I was expecting

>> No.73542089

According to my list all ill really get is gryph hounds, extra aetherwings, and a squad of retributors

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>cream colored armor looks ba-

>> No.73542179


>> No.73542204

what white is that

>> No.73542209

Are the new elfs busted?

>> No.73542217

Nah pretty average busts as far as I can see.

>> No.73542233

They can hit hard but they have to sacrifice mobility to do it

Plus their rules have a lot of bells and whistles like OBR so probably you'll get to mack on dummies who forget every weird little thing they have to do to make them tick.

>> No.73542249

Yes, why wouldn't they?

>> No.73542269

It still looks bad.

>> No.73542307

Genuinely didn't know they were still supported. That's cool.

>> No.73542319

Don't overhype this for yourself and then come here to cry later.

>> No.73542333


>> No.73542342

I think you could get a little more depth out of this mini, in terms of shading and highlighting. Hard to achieve with white though. Not a bad beginning - I like the green!

>> No.73542383

Anyone got daughters of khaine or nighthaunt points?

>> No.73542393

I don't cry about games but thanks for the warning. I appreciate your concern for my wellbeing anon. Thanks

>> No.73542398

I think the worst problem with this army is that even between different armies, they're just gonna all look the same, like how High Elves did. Different accents and colours painted well mean nothing on a boring canvas. I hope to be proven wrong but so far i haven't seen anything that goes against that

>> No.73542402

Do you love thin flimsy wobbly models?

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File: 2.13 MB, 3255x2118, WIN_20200102_17_55_41_Pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Given that Stormcast have gotten so many cuts, I hope they were generous with Beasts of Chaos as well. We're literally the worst army in the game right now by win%.

All the BoC monsters, Dragon Ogres and Shaggoth better get some cuts

>> No.73542426

I'm trying to figure that out. On the one hand, the cows elves are cheap and hit like a truck when buffed but that seems to be the only build. Maybe teclis could be fun, but I'm not seeing a list where he fits, but atleast he's not useless like allarielle

>> No.73542435

Isn't there some aussie bloke that's curb stomping everyone with them atm?

>> No.73542438

I'm trying not to be too over excited myself. I'm expecting the heroes to have bad rules for integration with army keywords, battlefield roles, and for the matched play part to be worded stupidly. I hope I'm wrong about that though.
I also don't actually expect the heroes to be that useful competitively, but who cares it's still cool.

>> No.73542449

Man, drogors look cool but I have three bullgors and feel obligated to expand into warherd more.

>> No.73542455

Joel isn't curb stomping anyone, he's just getting better than average results out of them but he hasn't taken a podium yet with them.

>> No.73542459

I was so happy for BoC players when the tome dropped.
It fucking sucks that they turn into a trash tier army in AoS too. They don't deserve it with those awesome infantry models.

>> No.73542504


Yeah Joel McGrath. He's definitely the best BoC player in the world atm and has gone 4-1 at two events with BoC in the past year.

But he's one of the top players in Australia and qualifies for Masters pretty much every year, so he can still win with an underpowered army.
For the rest of us it's definitely a struggle.

>> No.73542509

We do okay. The nice thing is our boys are cheap as hell. I've learned to throw shieldgors to tarpit my opponent's scary stuff, send everything else to sit on points and then ambush bestigors into the soft bits of their armies. By the time the opponent starts to get a handle on things I have enough points to summon more bestigors.

>> No.73542532

>elite std chaos down
>barbarian std chaos up
Holy shit, we did it, chaosbros.

>> No.73542540
File: 285 KB, 1293x1373, Beastmen_Raider19.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Cheers mate! Yeah I love all the BoC troops.

The book was unfortunately underpowered even back in 2018 when it dropped (except for Enlightened spam). Hope GW throws us a bone soon.

>> No.73542560

Which is funny because when you look at the articles and podcasts around the release, they all gush over what a strong book it is. But I guess that was centered around birdspam like you say.

>> No.73542574

BoC require finesse (which is funny). I am by no means a competitive player but I'm yet to lose with them in my FLGS.

I'm working out a Zaitrec list that has 0 Alarith stuff and focuses heavily on Dawn Riders + Teclis running around. Not sure if it would work competitively but I think it'll be fun.

>> No.73542595

Totally agree. I am expecting a disaster but it opens the door. It's now a possibility that can be refined,not completely non-existent.

This excited me.

>> No.73542612

I've basically only heard about lists with enlightened being considered strong in the army since forever. I'm still mad by proxy that you need the Khorne battalion to make minotaurs work.
Wasn't that back when summoning was all the rage?

>> No.73542625

Breaking models is my favorite

>> No.73542637


Yeah BoC are suprisingly a very high-skill army. You have to be super tactical to do well with them.

>> No.73542669

My problem with drogors is their heads, I think they just look terrible. The shaggoth pulls it off (bonuses for having the mononoke kodama in his hair), but I’d have to put bullgor or boar heads on the normal drogors If I ever bought into them I think

>> No.73542671
File: 3.16 MB, 4032x3024, 20200508_213813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who knows, man. The codex was only a few months old when I bought my first box of gors, and I only played my first AoS match like two months ago.

>> No.73542676
File: 101 KB, 1442x665, 20200703_230852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eltharion by young me and Eltharion now.

>> No.73542677

Its also a weird army where you have to start out with an understanding that you basically can't kill shit. Its an army that dies its way to victory.

>> No.73542692

I feel like we deserve that it opens some doors if our artifact list has been reduced to 1 per realm(especially with the ones we've seen so far). I still don't understand if that's what they meant by saying they reduced the artifact list though.
AoS has so much potential for custom heroes within the setting, and it ties so well in with the hobby aspect too. I want this to be a good start, but this feels like a slippery slope into disappointment.

>> No.73542693

whats our countdown to man reads book like 10 hours?

>> No.73542704
File: 5.00 MB, 6512x3016, yaint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like their heads. It's the weird backreared poses that mess with me.

The heads kinda resemble chaos gargants now that I look at them.

>> No.73542707

Wait, did everything go down in points? Is this another one of GW's plans to sell more plastic crap?

>> No.73542718

Yeah, you just kinda end up in this weird place of watching your goats get slaughtered and being like 'it's okay, there's more where that came from'.

>> No.73542752

Did they really have to put so much work into the butt flaps and chunks?

>> No.73542768

I just really like the full on beast theme for beasts. Goats, cows, boars, even my spawn are animal/bug themed. The drogors feel too different, like they don’t belong. Which I mean they didn’t, they were in warriors of chaos in fantasy not beasts

>> No.73542772

I feel like it's very strange that your army of murder-rape goats, minotaurs and fucking giant minotaurs struggle to kill stuff.
I can see them hitting on 4's, but your axes should be wounding 3's and 2's.

>> No.73542793

Yeah, it’s very weird. It feels like these apparently strong, tall, violent goat men are worse at fighting than a normal human. Bestigors are in a decent spot imo stat wise, but gors should be 4+\3+ and 2 attacks each. I want to use more gors, not Ungors, gors look way better

>> No.73542799

Oh I don't love the way it plays. I love my goats but its very counter intuitive to the lore and playing it, even when I win, is rarely fun.

>> No.73542823

It feels like model from around that time had dummy thicc asses, at least ungors and ghouls.

>> No.73542825

The problem with Beasts of Chaos cannot be fixed with points changes, everything in the book is already nearing absurdly low costs. They need an entire new tome and warscrolls already

>> No.73542830

I always imagine my Shaggoth, Bray shaman and Beastlord sitting in a war council talking high strategy and the "art of war" style philosophical bullshit before battle.

>> No.73542831

Bestigors are bestibois, and I love my minotaurs but their biggest problem is that they go down fast. I deleted a decent handful of petrifex mortek in my last game with three (and no bloodgreed), but then I lost one in the backswing and it hurt like hell.

Also the heals should work on killed models and not units. Make it a wound per model instead of d3 though.

Yeah, one day I'm gonna get some azghor bulltaurs to be drogor standins.

Gors should either have more attacks, or have centigors' Drunken Stupor where they can buff hit rolls for a turn in exchange for a point of armor save. If ungors are rank and file bitches and bestigors are scary elite infantry, gors should be suicidal but flimsy berserkers.

>> No.73542904

Bestigors being on 32s with a 1" reach is a bitch.

>> No.73542908

Or give gors an extra attack (I think this is just essential, they hit on 4s) and give them bonuses to charging from ambush/summoning. Now they’re like ambushing flankey guys, so they have a job only they can do

>> No.73542910

Which box set is 'Celestant Kenobi' from? Also, is there any female head that isn't man-faced in AoS?

>> No.73542920

I've played against Joel and his BoC once or twice at tournaments, really nice bloke. I learned to never underestimate bestigors

>> No.73542946

the proper sequitor kit

>> No.73542947

Yeah, I find the trap is going for the big 30 man unit. You only ever get like 10 in anyways, and the rest just give tons of room for countercharge.

I like MSU with beasts, and the nurgle battalion is fun too, with chaff suddenly dealing a mortal to basically every unit in their army when they pop

>> No.73542959

Bestigors are bae, it's true.
I think in my next game I'll try running a block of 30 double weapon gors, just to experience the dice bucket.

>> No.73542981

>imagine spending that sum for an empty suit of armour

>> No.73542983

Are there warscroll changes too? Isn't the Leviadon already 310?

>> No.73542990

This is what I meant; the play style doesn't fit the lore at all. They play more like an elf army or something; fragile, highly mobile army that requires you to outmaneuver your opponent. This is literally how I used to play wood elves back in FB.

Agree with all of this except your take on ungors. Raiders are amazing in the beastheard battalion. 4/4/-/1 is laughable until it gets reroll 1-2 + exploding 6s... My opponents regularly ignore them and are punished severely for doing so.

>> No.73542992

Do any of your local non-GW stores play AoS. I know some are near me but I felt the only place I could actually get a game was at a GW place.

>> No.73543029

I don't have a local GW so the only place I play is my FLGS.

>> No.73543036
File: 2.53 MB, 4007x2237, IMG_20200422_192632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I built my ungors as raiders and the only thing that stops me from going full raiderblob is that I don't feel like buying two more boxes.

My army is at that early stage of listbuilding where it consists of everything and the kitchen sink because you just bought all the varied cool models without regard to effectiveness.

>> No.73543054

So that’s it? What’s even gonna be in the Battletome then? Kinda disappointing, but maybe their allegiance special rules will save them

>> No.73543084

Remember, elf players complained that the Lumineth barely got anything.

>> No.73543088

My thing is I don’t enjoy painting Ungors or looking at them, I think their very boring. I have no desire to have to build and paint 30-40 more of them as raiders, or move them on the table either

>> No.73543127
File: 3.69 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190928_133108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hear ya man. I had the privilege of having a beastmen army in fantasy so I had hordes of whatever I wanted already.

Bestigors and raiders are the core of my force with a few disposable distractions like a Ghorgon and/or Chimera. Tzaangor enlightened and shaman are my surgical instrument to remove key threats and a horde of gors to tank objectives and the herdstone.

Also, the furies from warcry make a nice ally choice. The retreat in combat phase schtick fits perfectly with BoC playstyle.

>> No.73543139

Really like that orange

>> No.73543145

>check ungors to remind myself what their attacks look like
>they have 4+ 4+ - 1 just like gors
but why

Honestly it almost makes me want to put gors on 24s

>> No.73543155

I only have non-gw stores.

>> No.73543157

Sorry Katakros mate, but if Mortis aren't going up; they're doing something to Petrifax.

It's a top 3 faction and hard invalidates half the armies in the game (read: melee).

Best just come to terms with it now.

>> No.73543164

Yeah, I've got some furies, and i'm gonna be running raptoryx as razorgors in my next game.

I also put goat heads on the untamed beasts and run them as bestigors.

>> No.73543175

It’s absurd. Idk who made some of the warscrolls in the beasts book but they either must have not cared at all or just been copy pasting. There’s barely any changes from like the compendium pdf thing

>> No.73543187
File: 3.52 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190709_032703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunately, BoC play best as fast hordes. I didn't enjoy painting 30 raiders either, but now I'm done, they look alright and the fact that they're "boring" is why people ignore them. Play it as one of their strengths.

>> No.73543202

thats good, GW stores are garbage

>> No.73543215

best BOC is just 18 Enlightened on Disc

>> No.73543218

+1 save invalidates half the armies in the game? Think you need to learn how to play my dude. The army has huge counterplay potential if you half a braincell

>> No.73543223

I wish I could say thanks but it's literally just contrast orange. My whole beastmen army was originally blue themed but I was rebasing them when the book came out and contrast hit so I thought I'd do something quick.

>> No.73543230

Yeah. I run around 110 models in my army currently, and I still think it’s a decent number, and leaves me able to throw in some fun stuff I like, like the Ghorgon, some chariots, some centigors

>> No.73543245


That was the best BoC list back in 2018 and early 2019, but Enlightened have gone up 40 points now and the power creep in the game right now is real. I don't think Enlightened spam cuts it anymore.

>> No.73543250

The problem is more the Reroll saves, and the -1 tend command abilities, especially since unless the whole army is attacked at once, bonereapers will have more than enough discipline points to do what they have to

>> No.73543251

Well the bright side is, we're the oldest book besides nurgle, so maybe when 3.0 comes out we'll be one of the first in line for a revamp


Is there precedent for warscroll updates in GHBs?

Well sure but that's a tzeentch army. We want to play a bunch of big hairy retards.

>> No.73543262

BoC is just a fuck ton of bestigors now

>> No.73543272

rerolling saves is indeed strong. It does cost RDP and that is an opportunity cost. We are slow and have zero tricks besides what we spend RDP on and it goes very quickly.

Do you have issues with fyreslayers?

>> No.73543279

>Well sure but that's a tzeentch army. We want to play a bunch of big hairy retards.

Why I chose orange over blue.

>> No.73543294
File: 3.81 MB, 2048x1500, 1563658942602.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing wild but no complaints. IJ really just need more options if there's gonna be any shakeups

>> No.73543317

Super hearth guard blob fyreslayers? Of course, I think everyone does. They have a similar anti fun problem that petrifex has.

The only saving grace with fyreslayers is their more expensive to build that hearth guard blob army, and their model range is very very bleh

>> No.73543318
File: 572 KB, 758x619, 1592695153433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, being a redshirt may not be what you think it is which is why I'm trying to get out of the retail part. I don't want to be a manager or one of the middle managers. They're nice guys and I like them but their job isn't for me.

Being a GW employee is great and not so great. I'm not the greatest people person but I can fake it well enough, apparently. Everyone can tell the difference between when I'm on the clock and when I just go to the store. I can tell the difference just by the way I feel.

I don't really like giving beginners painting lessons, if I'm telling the truth. It's laborious and grating. Each time I do I go over brush handling, thinning paints, proper brush care, etc. No one gives a damn. No one. They will leave brushes in the water. They will leave brushes in the paint. They will leave brushes with paint in the bristles on the table. For someone that goes over that meticulously and washes and maintains his own brushes every single time he's done painting it's aggravating. 99% of the people do this.

Teaching people the simplified paint-by-trademark we have is grating too. I don't paint like that. I dislike Duncan tutorials because they teach bad, lazy habits.

The only real enjoyment I get out of the job is when I can actually show someone something more than the basics. They'll ask me how I did something and because they're already interested they will actually pay attention instead of treating it like a potential thing or a time-waster. That, and inventory. I can go as slow as I want (I'm also a slow, meticulous painter and just generally a slow action person) without feeling (imagined, as no one cares but me) rushed or pressured to go faster.

Retail isn't for me, but I enjoy hanging out with most of the people that go to the store. Talking fluff and other stuff.

t. Redshirt, and rant over. Pic related is me after work.

>> No.73543346

>A leak from an FAQ/Errata that comes out after the book
Yeah right. Don't give me hope.

>> No.73543357

Theyre teleporting petrifex that nobody complains about. all the OBR hate is just because people actually want to play it because the model range is cool. Katakros provides a better buff than petrifex himself and while yes he does cost points the issue with petrifex is the rend and that isnt that big of a deal. Fyreslayers is a worse offender IMO but ultimately I think its good for defensive armies to exist

>> No.73543387

>> I dislike Duncan tutorials because they teach bad, lazy habits.

Like what? Nearly all of my painting knowledge is from Duncan. I'm honestly curious here, anon.

>> No.73543402
File: 1.04 MB, 255x247, 1532092404758.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want points increases for SCE and OBR
>only get points reductions
>have to buy more models now

>> No.73543407

the demon prince is pretty good, he comes with alot of customization and will give you alot of leftover bits to use for other conversions.

>> No.73543410

I said I hated them too. They’re too fast thanks to runes and teleport, crazy durable, and still do crazy damage especially with double pile in.

I was just saying the main reason they don’t get as much hate is their less common for people to face. I’d rather face petrifex than a meta fyreslayers list desu, but luckily people don’t like the army much and with good reason

>> No.73543429

> anon thought this looks good

>> No.73543452

> Dawnriders
Oh boy are you in for a surprise.
They can't hit and they can't take a hit.

>> No.73543465
File: 225 KB, 1071x1301, 1576460392267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make gor custom hero
>give him heavy crossbow clearly intended for stormcast
>put him in relic armor
>just field my necromunda ganger as a beastlord
why yes my beastmen are from Chamon, how could you tell?

>> No.73543519

Shades are lazy and not good. They're quick but they're not good. Two thin coats is also often not good for good, even coverage without much texture. I also vouch for sub-assembly whenever I can instead of the added difficulty of painting hard-to-reach areas.

I'd also say that GW brushes aren't great. They're okay, but if you're going to spend $20+ on a brush go for a Windsor & Newton Series 7. All the brushes is just a way to make money. You need, at maximum, two brushes. A number 2 and a number 1.

>> No.73543552

Both are bullshit.

But the Fyreslayer's bullshit, doesn't detract from your bullshit.

>> No.73543564

>Implying I'm using +2 cast for melee

You're adorable

>> No.73543595

>You need, at maximum, two brushes. A number 2 and a number 1.
Objectively wrong. Unless you want to rip through brushes, metallics will tear them apart. You should always keep cheapo synthetic brushes you can go through for metallics and technicals. Not to mention different brush types giving brush strokes. You should never limit what tools are in your toolboxes.
Also Windsor brushes have gone down the toilet. Rosemary and Co.'s are cheap as shit and just as durable if not better.

>> No.73543599

I dont even play petrifex so I dont care if it gets nerfed but whats gonna happen since everyone complains so much about it is that OBR as a whole is going to suffer nerfs and then the army is dogshit

>> No.73543632

Do you not clean your brushes? I will admit I keep two reserve brushes that have lost their edge and consistent tips for metallic colours and drybrushing/overbrushing/etc. So, four maximum for me.

I've never had a problem with Windsor & Newton.

>> No.73543639

> thinking LRL can but out the offensive magic like Tzeentch
Turn two half your army is dead

>> No.73543641

Yes. I use master's brush preserver/cleaner. I've even gone so far as to use alcohol to get the deep shit out, but somehow some of my bristles manage to stay stained with paint.

>> No.73543655

How often? I wash my reserve brushes when I use them immediately after finishing the painting session and I've never had a problem with that.

>> No.73543688

Just about after each session. But definitely not after each session. I was looking to get some of the W&N brush cleaner, but my hobby store only had the big ass $40 bottle. That or some white spirits.

>> No.73543695

Any ideas of how to make myrmourn banshees look more unique?
I'm ok with having a unit of 12 with only 4 poses but it's not the best feeling.

>> No.73543712

Put the one that's flying upwards on a tilt/on her stomach.

>> No.73543768

Depending on how much greenstuff and wire you have you could do that for all of them at different tilts/angles since they are basically flying.

>> No.73543771


>> No.73543774

Anyone have a size comparison between the spire tyrants bestigor and the new ogre tyrant? I want to see if the bestigor's mace head fits on the tyrant's big stick

>> No.73543776
File: 333 KB, 1000x1283, Settra_Rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73543828

Bro they were removed from GHB... I'm sorry.

>> No.73543886

Oh no, you've figured out how GW works!

>> No.73543929
File: 697 KB, 912x808, 1487989055339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The only freeguild player in my area uses actual freeguild models instead of lolchamon Admech

>> No.73543957

All the freeguild players round these parts use the GW models. It's nice.

>> No.73543958

Honestly, I really don't think it's a thing beyond shitposting. Even V*nce's army is for 40k and not AoS.

>> No.73544029

I use napoleonics and play all hand gunners

>> No.73544045

I'd agree if it weren't for all the facebook normies doing it and the waves of support they get.

>> No.73544067

All the "Lol my army is from chamon" CoS stuff is making me want to make a Cities army from ghur and some point (using Anvilmar rules cause no shit) and have it be Gorkamorka worshipper themed. I'm not sure what it'd consist of though or what stuff would be made up of

>> No.73544080

I'm bashing romans and pike&shot perrys for this turnip thing and considering making it a CoS army in the future.

Where the fuck is CoS warcry rules, anyways?

>> No.73544161

I'm not a strong AoS player, who is Chamon?

>> No.73544187

Search Vince Ventrelli (or something it*lian) on YouTube

>> No.73544191

Chamon is the realm of metal.

>> No.73544204

For OBR it is points reductions on units most people were not taking anyway, and it's not even enough to get the cheapest unit (Soulreaper 120).....

>> No.73544280

The Realm of Metal, so the average midwit looks at that and thinks Realm of Scifi, therefor 40k models should fit right in.

>> No.73544326

Which is funny, because it's literally 'the realm where a bunch of shit is made of metal for no reason'

There's a tidbit in the BoC tome where some Kharadron make an expedition into the Chamon clouds, which are solid metal, and find a bunch of beastmen living in the sky worshipping a herdstone made of aethergold.

>> No.73544432

Is nighthaunt fun?
I'm reading the nighthaunt rules which seems to just be deep striking which I've never found all that much fun and then comparing it to LoG which seems to be way more fun with the graveyards and moving heroes around to resurrect units or something, not even mentioning the extra units I can take.
Do I build these two lists differently? Because I'm scared GW will scrap LoG and then I'll be stuck with a very suboptimal NH list.

>> No.73544440


>> No.73544445

it be here if we had it, wait 8 hours itll all be out

>> No.73544456

listen here you little shit!

>> No.73544471

Remember that rules are temporary, but models are forever.

t. goatman

>> No.73544476

I'd assume less sci-fi and more steam/diesalpunk, not much in the way of cyborgs, lots of forged armor and shit though

>> No.73544487
File: 46 KB, 410x476, _82826048_51244110[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has GW ever mentioned what the faction's societies do with mentally disabled people (like people with glass delusion)?

Or do they just not get them in Warhammer?

>> No.73544509

Much like how Marvel never mentions the reason for Reed Richards not simply solving world hunger or disease or whatever, the answer is 'That's a can of fucking worms we'd rather not open, thank you very much'

>> No.73544693

Are Lumineth good? Or rather, competitive? Looking to start AOS but a lot of the local guys play lists that seem hard to deal with.

>> No.73544697

My cult of slaanesh elf lord is cannon again.

>> No.73544722

Atm, no. Lumineth are an army that takes a lot of finesse to use and it's estimated that they won't be top tier because of their mobility issues.

This may change later.

>> No.73544749

I feel like play style is just as important as the models though, ignoring how good or bad the faction is at any given time.

>> No.73544766

I wouldn't say they're a good entry level faction. Relatively low model count means you will pay for mistakes as their individual dudes aren't as resilient as other factions.

Having said that, go with what you like. As >>73544471 implies, you will spend more time modelling and painting your dudes than you will playing. Pick what you like.

>> No.73544796

Thing is, even playstyle changes. A new battletome can turn a faction completely on its head. If you like the army, you find a way to make them work.

>> No.73544816

They become Stormcast Eternal.

>> No.73544817


Unless you are putting together lists that have no idea behind them you will eventually beat people you play against regularly, so just make sure you pick an army because you like them and their look not because of win %

>> No.73544936


>> No.73545022

>What's the future for Stormcast going to looklike?
modelwise, dunno. wish the would re-group their design ideas to avoid SCE to have twice as many kits as other armies, but whatevs
ruleswise, gee probably make them have a bit more ooomph, also 6 bravery is shit

>> No.73545074

Still mad that Sylvaneth went from a "tricks and movement" focused army to a close-combat one without the tools that make the other CC centric armies strong.

>> No.73545157

What happened?
I remember seeing sylvaneth ranked like A tier as an army and suddenly they're terrible.

>> No.73545195

power curve and then when they did get updated it was the worst tome out there

>> No.73545214
File: 20 KB, 319x461, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have 8000pts of Sylvaneth
>absolutely love the models
>haven't played then since new book
I feel your pain anon, I feel your pain

>> No.73545231

Anny Sylvaneth points hanges?

>> No.73545237
File: 37 KB, 400x392, thou_jest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73545269

How many tree/spite revenants in that 8k points?

>> No.73545290
File: 487 KB, 3072x1920, 2nrkAot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

M8 they're pretty much made up of thin plastic sheets, just bend the ghosty bits to give yourself different positioning, then chop and swap the arms and you're done

>> No.73545340

Post armies on parade boards.

>> No.73545354

>I'm not sure what it'd consist of though or what stuff would be made up of

This is a sign that your concept is trash. If it was a good idea it'd be inspiring you in some form.

>> No.73545392

Sylvaneth got probably the least inspired update out of all the 2E books. No real effort went into updating their allegiance abilities or warscrolls, they mostly just play the same as their old book but worse, which is crippling in a meta where everyone else got massively better.

>> No.73545420

30 of each

>> No.73545439

In new GH anny cost hanges for Sylvaneth??

>> No.73545469

check this thread, if it's not here, wait and check later. It will get posted soon enough in that case.

>> No.73545494

>200 points for ten 'ardboyz
Oof, that's rough

>> No.73545512

I'm at work and no pics but I started one for LRL that's progressing well.

Slate mountain made of layered cork with one face "carved smooth" behind a waterfall. This smooth wall will have glowing runes (actually backlit with colour changing LEDs and a simple timer circuit I designed) that will light up the waterfall. The waterfall then flows around the front where a small bridge crosses the stream.

Still a lot of work needed but it's starting to take shape. Armies on Parade is actually one of my favourite parts of the hobby.

>> No.73545605

Ther is now info of Sylvaneth in this thread

>> No.73545628

>That's rough

'Ard boyz got enough of a boost in their book to make them more than worth that desu. I'm surprised they're possibly lowering points on chaos warriors.

Did you have a stroke?

>> No.73545639

My brother....

>> No.73545645

Well. I'm unsure what to use mainly cause I have no fucking clue about how the cities of sigmar book works. I'm liking the looks of the old dark elf stuff, and there's definitely room for some handgunners as game hunters/frontiersmen, and maybe some counts as artillery... I just want to be able to make something that's not a complete fucking mess

>> No.73545654
File: 11 KB, 265x300, my_wifes_son_spoonfeed_me_plz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73545693

> 100 points for....
> +2 to charge
> +2 to Bravery (Bravery 8 we better than Stormcast now)
> 10 wounds
> 12 3/3/-1/1 attacks
> 4" move
> 4+ save with 6++ on 2 guis (4 wounds)
I say they are about right. They got a buff because of how strong the Warchanter is.
I like how brutes have joined the 'race to the bottom' with points now. Such a shit unit...

>> No.73545757

Don't care this year. Ask me next year

>> No.73545762


>> No.73545776

What stroke? There is no cost info

>> No.73545799


>> No.73545818

Stop thinking of them as old world factions. Functionally, there are no Dark Elves; the buffs are all dependent on the micro factions they were split into. I hero from Order Serpentis won't do jack or shit for any Darkling Coven elves, but it does cover a niche that the DC ones don't. Take units based on your city, pick heroes based on the factional composition of your army.

>> No.73545837

I dont see anny Sylvaneth points info on this thread

>> No.73545844

It's a soup tome anon, it's already a mess. Just convert some models and worry about the rules after

>> No.73545871

>Apparently someone leaked some points on TGA or something
>Hey guys i post these that i found now, the original poster will probably post more
>time passes
>He posted some more so here they are, looks like he won't post more for a while/is out of leaks.
>ey guyz gimme slyvaneth ponts moosewhel, reading compression and brian not work gimme gimme.

>> No.73545877

So, what books do I need to get started with Flesh eater courts? I checked the 1d4chan pages as suggested and they seem the most fun to me.

>> No.73545885

ghb pdf and flesh eater courts battletome with FAQ's and errata

>> No.73545898
File: 333 KB, 468x795, BehematMan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait a second, what is this? Mancrusher? Mancruncher? The much hoped for 4th mega-gargant?

>> No.73545927

Mancru, son Mengru, greatest duardin smith this side of the Aqshy gate of Hammerhaal

>> No.73545937

More likely to be a rebranding of the Aleguzzler. That wider block means there's a lot of text involved, which would make sense, considering the alleged "counts as 3 battleline units if one unit is at full strength" rule.

>> No.73545943

Almost everything is down 10 points, so you might be able to fit in another cheap hero if you had at least 9 units in your army

In reality it gives you some more room for endless spells or a cheap battalion

>> No.73545960

it sounds like the name for the smaller giants. What is more terrifying, warstomper, gatebreaker(?), fucking krakensomething or mancrusher? can none of the previous ones crush men? It sounds weak compared to the rest. If that is the named character, SoB players get exactly what they want, because it doesn't get more stupid than that.
like >>73545937 says

>> No.73545962

>picture of the corner
why jackass why

>> No.73545966

I'm not, I'm just saying I like the asthetic of the Darkling coven, serpentis and scourge privateers. It just happens that what stands out as being Ghurish is the hydra, kharibdyss, and dragons (and the griffon with two heads)

>> No.73546000

I dunno, the guy on tga just posted this for some reason

>> No.73546276


>> No.73546375

yey, griff-hounds for 20? i can put a bunch of good boys into my CoS army as allies now :3

>> No.73546385
File: 123 KB, 630x460, 697BE5C2-5192-4EB3-9D0C-C09F15908273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Underestimated just how many eels, shaerks and heroes I would need to go with my leviadon at 2000 points
Is either Eidolon worth taking these days?

>> No.73546401

Griff hounds should be in CoS

Change my fucking mind

>> No.73546417
File: 705 KB, 460x599, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow almost got scared, thought this was the whole realm for a second. Apparently this is only a super tiny part of chamon. Now the question is, wtf does the rest look like? i cant find pictures.

>> No.73546441

They basically are, you can take a huge unit of 18 and they gain the CoS keyword as well as any city trait

>> No.73546465

Chamon isn’t actually a disc, it’s a big spherical group of innumerable floating and changing land masses that are almost ordinary near the center and get more and more fantastical towards the edge of the realm. Those land masses can range from continent size to small floating islands

>> No.73546466

i've wanted to field a big unit of them with my wolf-riding elves for a while, but even at 40 for 3 models it was a bit of a tough sell, especially if you want to bring the SCE guy who buffs them along for the ride. a bit more appealing now!

>> No.73546498

Ah right, wasn't there a tzeentch ritual that managed to blow up a big part of Chamon that created all the floating islands?

>> No.73546513

Yeah super easy now with their unit size and with CoS having 1 in 4 rules for SCE. You can easily fit a big unit of gryph hounds and a castellant in any CoS list if you want

>> No.73546526

There was yes, tzeentch has a huge presence in Chamon although Chamon was always floating, changing islands due to the ever-changing and transmutating nature of the wind of Gold

>> No.73546535

I think that knocked like 250 points off my stormcast collection

>> No.73546754
File: 993 KB, 996x664, Screenshot_2020-07-04 FaunBox_1800x1800 jpg (WEBP Image, 1800 × 1200 pixels) - Scaled (55%).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have any beastbros messed with wargamesatlantic's fauns? Seem like they could be a good way to bolster an ungor mob.

>> No.73546793
File: 183 KB, 920x950, 60040299092_GeneralsHandbookWarlordSPREAD3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GHB pre-order up in new zealand. GW showed some preview stuffs and one if the new mission which is Ebb and Flow with changes I guess? It's a neat mission.

>> No.73546813

Why is this shit always first for NZ?

>> No.73546818

Timezones how the fuck do they work

>> No.73546828
File: 8 KB, 588x141, timezonesidiot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a mystery

>> No.73546936

if it's any consolation NZ pays way more than you do for anything warhammer related and they get very little stock allocated

>> No.73546946

maori cabal flexes power

>> No.73546958

Yeah, but they probably get better wages too.
Plus they're all closer to Li Wei.

>> No.73546974

Ever since some Aussies showed 3-4 copies of LRL box, I've lost all sympathy for their problem.

>> No.73546983

So I think after the points drops I’ll have almost another hundred? points to work with, but does this list seem okay as a concept? It’s not too spammy of anything in particular and I enjoy all the models. The soul render is probably superfluous unless I ball the namarti into a 20 man unit and then bring him along with the scryer

>> No.73546997
File: 199 KB, 750x1334, B3ED2DEC-F801-434B-A97E-5189A85DABE4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course I forget the fucking picture

>> No.73547029

to be fair NA still has lumineth for sale but australia/nz sold out in 30 minutes

>> No.73547047

Anyone know why there is an * next to Hearthguard and Vulkites when their points haven't changed?

>> No.73547060

Who is ready for our new vanguard chamber masters

>> No.73547123

some people are saying scroll changes, some people are saying its cuz ghb printed before winter faq

>> No.73547129

technically it is different than the previous ghb

>> No.73547139

Ok so I just found an amazing source for chainrasp horde, how many should I buy?
I have 20 atm.

>> No.73547156

60 more, I think.

IF you like them and IF it’s actually a good deal.

>> No.73547250

You should only ever need 60x max. 40x + 20x. That would be for the offensive battalion. You will most often run BL as 3x10 Rasps or other units if they slot into battalions (like Hexes and Deathriders).

>> No.73547320

It's the mortal realms versions, do they have any problems?
I was planning to run 3x10 rasps for battleline but was also thinking about running a 40 man blob.
Is it the points cost of running MSU rasps the problem or more the warscroll?

>> No.73547333

Nope should be just fine

>> No.73547511

How is AoS tournament scene handling proxies anyway?

I've been using a lot of proxies from other companies and converting heavilty (mixing mantic succubis and sisters of slaughter bits to double that expensive box.), but almost all tournaments in my local area state "no proxies whatsoever", so I don't think they are very open to different model ranges. I tried to contact them since they did allow few years back but never replied.

>> No.73547611

Hell if I know. My LGS is pretty chill so I doubt they give a shit, but beyond that I can't say.

>> No.73547622

>but never replied.
I think you've got your answer there

>> No.73547746

It's hilarious and totally unnecessary that Marauder Horsemen in their current form went up by 20. Maybe there's a warscroll update on the horizon...

>> No.73547756

Nurgle spoilers fucking when?

>> No.73547846

Damn, I was expecting more point reductions for Ogors. Butchers and Tyrants should really cost less.

>> No.73547899

most small tournaments dont care, bigger tournmanets will only care if they look nothing like what they are. Even then theres some creative leeway if its something that works and looks good

>> No.73547904

That's unfortunate. Here in Oz, all the major tournaments are independent of GW so there's heaps of third party stuff which is great. I would hate to have to field GW Marauders for example.

>> No.73548047
File: 234 KB, 1200x1600, IMG-20200704-WA0011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have the realms. I'll translate because they are all in French

>> No.73548050

Anny Sylvaneth points cost changes?

>> No.73548076

Target unit within 12" reroll saves of 1
Everything is Mystic (6+ fnp)
Hero reroll 1 to hit in melee
Target unit within 12" ignore cover

>> No.73548097

If you don’t expect anything for ogres you won’t be let down

>> No.73548112

Target unit wholly within 12" +2 to run and charge
Everything is deadly
Hero can refill charges
1 MONSTER within 12" of the hero is considered at full health for degrading stats until next hero phase

>> No.73548113

Fucking Khorne leaks please!!

>> No.73548137

Target unit within 12". If the unit gets charged the charging unit takes 1d3MW
Everythin is healing
The hero heal 1 wound each hero phase
One hero can cast the realm spell as if he was a wizard

>> No.73548138

Isn’t that LITERALLY arcane shield?

That spell is actually pretty decent especially for anything that can run and charge

>> No.73548164
File: 210 KB, 1200x1600, IMG-20200704-WA0010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The wizard who cast this get +1 for trying to cast endless spells until the end of the phase
Everything has that rule that allows you to counter magic
Hero can reroll saves of 1
Fnp 6+ for a unit within 12"

>> No.73548176
File: 216 KB, 1200x1600, IMG-20200704-WA0008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73548188
File: 189 KB, 1200x1600, IMG-20200704-WA0007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Isn’t that LITERALLY arcane shield?
I think yes

>> No.73548193

Do the points based leaker anon

>> No.73548200

Please please can we get the Order alliance table? We know it’s different from the coalitions, but not how.

>> No.73548205

I am just reporting things I found online.

>> No.73548245

damn they really took the realm artefacts and went int the complete opposite extreme huh

>> No.73548255

Shysh seems cool.

Ulgu when

>> No.73548281

They get changes in the FAQ's sections

>> No.73548295
File: 188 KB, 1000x739, peakaboo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73548304

Got Aqshy?

>> No.73548309
File: 9 KB, 249x202, 1543834437811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that order is just happy merchants in gold armour, and their fodder

>> No.73548370
File: 189 KB, 588x427, 1545866191431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normies pls leave. This is a grot board

>> No.73548382

>shitposter so buttblasted that people ignore him that he starts to spam

>> No.73548414
File: 724 KB, 1000x1445, 1545791487294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73548431

I actually laughed

>> No.73548444

I genuinely like Shaerk and I think allopex are a fun chariot equivalent

>> No.73548482

Same. At 100 points I think they are worth too.

>> No.73548495
File: 52 KB, 960x542, warhammer-world-after.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73548522

Anyone else planning on allying in some ogres?

>> No.73548531

I think if you take an eidolon they’re actually worth taking in bigger units too due to the +3 bravery. Throwing down a Kings +1 attack buff on a 4 shaerk unit is super significant since I think that counts for the shaerks attacks too, not just the riders

>> No.73548544

Other way around, I’m definitely taking a new giant with my ogres and Ironjawz

>> No.73548549

I've run eels, volturnous and sharks in a list. If you can get plua 2 or 3 attacks kn the sharks for high tide they become amazing.

>> No.73548571

fuck off

>> No.73548572

Mortal Realms should be the same ass regular models.
Rasps are just underwhelming considering what your other units can do. NH needs multiple heroes for buffs and then you want to invest into your actual useful units. They are good as far as chaff goes with ethereal 5+ and bravery 10, but they don't really do much.

>> No.73548598

It seems fun, Im hesitant to run Volturnos just due to disliking named characters in general but running all the akhelians (with maybe a scryer+namarti bomb) sounds awesome honestly

>> No.73548639
File: 86 KB, 500x307, 1559380231248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You will not be missed, bigot

>> No.73548657

He's much better than the normal king, all the competitive lists are running him. That said if you don't mind too much you can use the normal king for the same thing.

>> No.73548707

better have an annoying gap in the shoulder

>> No.73548749

I totally believe it, 3x the effect for 1 command point is hard to beat. I kind of like the idea of a King with the +2 attacks on high tide trait and maybe the super spurs Relic just for fun. I’m all about /mydudes/ so I’ll try and think of something cool for his story

>> No.73548750

Wanna know how I know you never bought the multiparts?

>> No.73548795

Fuck the spur relic, give him Potion of Hateful Frenzy to make the most of his High Tide bonus.

>> No.73548822

Well, I'm not a homosexual for one thing

>> No.73548858
File: 260 KB, 340x490, Goblin (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's too bad it's not a unit creator, surely the formula would accommodate that? Still, hyped for 4 or more wolf riding heroes

>> No.73548876

Sylvaneth points cost photos?

>> No.73548877

Clearly you are since you bitched about the gap so you either worked with the ETB kit which makes you a fag or you complain about hear-say which makes you a turbo-fag.

>> No.73548884


>Salamanders up 30


>Oldblood on Carno down 20


>Trog down 40

Still not enough

>Stegadon with Skink down 20


Overall it's fine by me.

>> No.73548892
File: 537 KB, 3024x4032, starterbox no thanks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair to Anon, I keep posting this every time somebody talks about buying soulwars.

>> No.73548915

That issue is actually nowhere near the top of the list of reasons to not buy Soul Wars. The retarded unit sizes that mean that the only things you can use straight out of the box with no waste are the Heroes and the Chainrasps is a much bigger issue.

>> No.73548918

Not the same anon but you know you can cut the pegs off right?

>> No.73548931

Yes, thats not my pic, I just saved it when that shite came out.
Ive told people to cut them before.

>> No.73548955

Cutting the pegs isn't some magic fix. In many cases they are needed to hold the mini together at various spots. The models just go together very badly.

>> No.73548958


Hey, this probably already got brought up when it came out but what's with Idoneth being LRL only possible allies yet the only order faction they form a desperate coalition with? I've read the LRL lore and I can understand the tensions but really? Why make them the only ally then?

I legit don't get this.

>> No.73548963

So this is the power of redshirt autism

>> No.73548988

How is this game for 1k points?
I've literally got that model in front of me, didn't do anything with the pegs and it fits far better than that pic shows, yeah there's a seam but you just need to fill it in like every other model.
The only truth that poster had was that the gryph charger was a bit shit because of the flat belly and also the chainrasps have horrible peg placement.

>> No.73548995

Back to /v/ you go.

>> No.73549013

They probably got angsty with the lightning reflexes picking 2 units at once in the combatphase.
So they cut it short to not get into balancingtroubles.
No idea why I got that (you) though.

>> No.73549042
File: 240 KB, 1200x800, collision-of-power_court-of-the-dead_gallery_5c4e14e30c4cc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Female Ossiarch Bonereapers with perky bone nipples when?

>> No.73549046

I hate how instead of fun artefacts we got the boring maths ones. So sick of this shit.
Woah rr 1s, mw on 6s, wow I do not give a fuck. The game was better with all the top pick artefacts, honestly, because at least they were interesting. In what world would an faq for ethereal not have been better?
>It only works on -1 rend attacks or is once per game or gives flying and a bravery debuff for units it flew over
This game is slowly getting ruined by competitive faggots who are better off playing 40k. Only narrative is great right now and your local pick up game or friendly event isn't running that.

>> No.73549050

I’d fulfil her bone-tithe

>> No.73549071

>Hey I want to use this fun malign sorcery artefact because it really fits with my lore.
>Yeah no problem, that ones not good anyway.
Easy as.

>> No.73549075


>> No.73549077

>I am so sick of boring math artefacts
>They shouldn't have removed the top pick artefacts
>They should have just faqed them to become boring math tier ones

Are you well? Do you have brain damage?

>> No.73549094
File: 87 KB, 720x1520, 106942426_272990723965425_4381843727392664952_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FNPs now capped to a max of 1, if you have more than one you must choose and only roll that one

>> No.73549101

Absolutely fucking based

>> No.73549104

Different anon but that's not what was said nor implied. Interesting effects were better than dice manipulation.
+1, -1, RR, etc are boring and done to fucking death.

>> No.73549112

Great, slowly making the Harbinger of Decay worthless, now I know how they're planning to phase out resin.

>> No.73549120

Yeah, because malign portents just had those top pick artefacts.

>> No.73549122

But "interesting effects" like, for example, the Shyish bow that deals Mortal Wounds, are no longer necessary now that we have custom hero rules.

>> No.73549123

Wow, that is a huge change. That unkillable verminlord my buddy at the club fields is no longer unkillable.

>> No.73549131
File: 48 KB, 500x500, a2685b6740588091f7a9498ea0995816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't wait to recreate this as a megaboss with a companion. Ideally I'd give it some casting and fluff it as coming from the "mount"

>> No.73549133

looks like off brand krell

>> No.73549152

I hope you're right, honestly I do but I have serious doubts it will be done right first time.

I am trying to not set my expectations too high for the custom hero rules. If it does in fact have enough variety to compensate for the list artefacts, fucking cool as fuck.

>> No.73549165

So basically you are whining about the fact that the game is being ruined by competitive faggots despite only playing in the game mode created as a containment for competitive faggots.

>> No.73549169

>the Mortarch of Sacrament leads the Legion of Sacrament
>the Mortarch of Blood leads the Legion of Blood
>the Mortarch of Night leads the Legion of Night
>the Mortarch of Grief leads the Legion of Grief
>the Mortarch of the Necropolis leads the Mortis Praetorians
It's annoying when they break naming conventions like that.

>> No.73549190

Making them into a Legion would raise awkward questions like "why don't they have gravesites" and "why can't they use any of the other sub-factions" but giving OBR access to any of them would break them entirely. If OBR could bring back their units for one of the points they generate shitloads of, it would be insane.

>> No.73549191

Yeah, that game mode that had realm artefacts over two years. Matched play I'd the default format and the majority of players use it.

>> No.73549203

That's disappointing.

>> No.73549207

They dont have the summonable keyword, so even if they could ally, they wouldnt synergize.

>> No.73549248

Wish I could agree, but some people are really all about those points. Friend (we're all casual fags) was lamenting how DIY doesn't come with points, although matched points + hero created with destiny points simply means we're both playing with the same resources/structure, and we're encouraged to burn all the destiny points available to us (this was before destiny points*10 = matched point cost).

He's happy now, Malerion/Morathi fans always were a special lot.

>> No.73549260

A proper Underguts tyrant with a fuck huge cannon or possibly a volley gun.

>> No.73549262

>Malerion/Morathi fans always were a special lot
I laughed

>> No.73549306

looking good

>> No.73549345

Chadakros doesn't need to follow convention like those other pleb mortarchs.

>> No.73549379
File: 883 KB, 775x561, Empire_Steam_Tanks_-_Arts_(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope there are steamtank options

>> No.73549392

The difference is that the "legions" are just armies of summoned undead. OBR are their own empire that worships Nagash first and foremost.

>> No.73549405


>> No.73549739

Haha, fucking sick.

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