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I-is this abominable intelligence or the fastest poster in the west

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second for good canoness models when

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This is exactly how you do IW properly. You get the newest CSM plastics and ORK THAT SHIT UP with metal plates and servo arms.

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Dude fuck 9th haven't seen one specific buff to any xenos race. meanwhile everytime a marine says "brother" the fuckers get shit like op flamers, new models, and still bitch about xenos being op.

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New thread eh? Please consider replying with your thoughts and experiences on the topic here:


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>ultramarines bow down to Alpharius and Omegon
>in contact with Norn Queens
>rumored to possess psyker armies
>control mars with an iron fist
>own planets and imperial knights across the galaxy
>direct descendants of the Emperor
>will bankroll the first hive city outside of the milky way (it will be called Alphagrad)
>in the process of terraforming Belissar as their personal planet
>own basically every DNA editing facility in Segmentum Ultima
>both brothers said to have 600+ IQ
>ancient terran scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon the galaxy and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>these are Alpharius and Omegon
>they own picobot R&D labs around the galaxy
>you likely have Alphabots inside you right now
>every primaris has the mark of the Alpha Legion implanted in them at birth
>Alpharius and Omegon are in regular communication with the Golden Throne's TTS device, forwarding the word of the God-Emperor to the Imperium
>discovered STCs
>they learned fluent ork in under a week
>phaerons allow them full access to transcendent C'tan shards in their vaults
>entire craftworlds entrust their wraithbone reserves with the twins. There's no wraithbone in craftworld Iyanden, only craftworld Alpharius
>the twins are thousands of years old, from the time-space reference point of the base marine
>in reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time an space from the Big Bang to the end of the universe
>they have been able to access the warp since birth, and have spoken about what they saw while they were newborns
>Alpharius and Omegon will guide humanity into a new age of wisdom

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fuck I hate these pajama robes

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>aside from starter box and teaser video necrons already have comfirmed 4 more large kits
certainly marines can't end up with less releases, what 4 large kits are they getting? the cawl speeder and ...

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I've heard good things about contrast paints when it comes to flesh

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Is this a thing?

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The old model was good for what it was.

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I would anon, but my bits have yet to arrive from the mail. I've to replace the derpy head on my abominant with one of the less retarded Abberant heads. I'll be shaving off its mouth for a rebreather and then adding a crown with an Inquisitorial rosette as its center gem.

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The people who say “40k is a setting not a story” need to shut the fuck yo it’s gotten to a point of

>Plot point happens that people hate

Stop getting made at 40k trying to change shit up for once. We were stuck in the same time for almost 20 years.

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I'm loving literally everything released so far about 9th besides the morale phase, which is the pretty much same thing. The new mission and army designs are absolute kino.

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The Necrons are getting a ton of stuff though. So did the orkz recently.

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contrast is not good for everything but it's great for skin

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The Battle Sister and Retributor squad leader is the de-facto canoness model now.

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Actually, I just use reikland over wraith bone. WB is a great under tone for wyteboi

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I get why AoS needs an 'evolving story', because they fucked up so bad in the first edition. They have to add fluff and lore manually, because unlike 40K or Warhammer, nothing has been really made.

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>We were stuck in the same time for almost 20 years.
and there was nothing wrong with that
40k is best as a setting, it falls apart as a story

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>orksz getting a ton of stuff
m8 they got 2 models. thats it.

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>So did the orkz recently.

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Yeah the old one was decent except for the midget proportions but scale creep makes it look out of place

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I just realized that the Silent Kings big fuck off shields are on separate bases, I wonder if they'll act like shield drones

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One of the things I hate about AoS story design is how the story begins with the age of sigmar and not myth or chaos. Initially when I was getting into it, I thought that the age of myth was the old warhammer world. Turns out its yet another thing that is glossed over.

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>So did the orkz recently.
Jamie, bring up that pic.

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Not enough furs

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I got a fresh one once, one that wasn't bouncing around the blister for a decade. The fur made me bleed.

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Looking for that but can't find it, is it real?

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It’s faggots mad their head canon was a not happening the “40k is better as a setting” is nothing but an excuse. If the second tyranic War happened today people would complain about nid wank or something.

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>one thing I hate is that I read the fluff wrong and that I TOTE WANTED the contrarian choice for the setting

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Whenevver anyone gets new models, Orks also get new models, ‘cause we can loot ‘em, see?

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>If the second tyranic War happened today people would complain about nid wank or something.
why? did people complain about nid wank or something during the events of leviathan at baal?

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That's wrong, his argument is that the setting starts off with Age of Sigmar rather then Warhammer Fantasy. This may or may not be dumb, but it is valid.

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Not enough high collars

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yea but that's for everyone to use. harlequins got shafted a named character, unit point values are supposedly going up, last eldar model was a fucken webway gate. orkz got fat chungus. Necrons only got models because they couldn't find a good reason for the space marines to have another civil war. Speaking of Imperium how many new models have they gotten in just the last 6 months. fucken 13 and one of them is a god damn harlequin.

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The new eradicators look broken.

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Ehhh yes and no. The big events GW did in the past were typically focused around a single theatre of war or campaign.
They were very limited in scope in comparison to the ongoing dramatic narrative we're seeing now.

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>post yfw GW gives necrons a FNP again after realizing they can't make an RP rule that's not useless or broken
I can feel it, fellow kangz

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Das' smart thinkin' dat is.

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>gay primaris conversion in the front
way to ruin it homo

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>the new X look broken
Yes, that’s how GW works.

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Okay but then their vehicle special rule goes to 6++ invuln instead.

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Are there people that have /theirdudes/ exist during an earlier point of the 40k timeline like the Nova Terra interregnum or the Macharian campaign? I've been glancing through the wikis and thought that that might offer a possibility for interesting headcanon narratives and stuff since we know basically nothing about these events.

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dumb things are not valid, starting the setting at the old world is dumb because it does nothing to explain or set the tone for the present, while the age of myth was specifically intended to explain any possible scenario and timeframe on top of giving the present a backdrop of mythological tales, stories and interaction useful in shaping the cultures of factions

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>new GW thing broken
Yea we've been seething about this for the last 30 years.

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Nah QS is only a roadblock for complete shitters

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for melee Atalan Jackals, should I go for Shotgun + cultist knives or autopistol + cultist knives?

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cool iron hands, bro, iron within iron without!

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At least it's painted really well. Chaos leaders should have terminator armor anyway.

>> No.73465165


How? They are three to a unit and unable to expand. 3+ no invun. And only get the extra shot if they don’t split fire?

>> No.73465171

But if you actually played you'd know that Bikers or Devastators out damage them while offering more utility

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Yea, that's why necron vehicle spam is the only competitive build.

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what's the last non space wolf model that had furs/pelts?

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Can someone explain to me why the crisis bomb build is cancer to play against? Like go into detail?

>> No.73465196

I usually got with Detonator Charges and Power Hammers. Combine that with Twisted Helix and they've got Str 6 to fuck up SM.

>> No.73465206

Miniature drills on the drill tube? nice.

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More evidence that CSM reboot was done so much better than primaris. These guys look aesthetic as fuck.

>> No.73465229

Sisters of Snu-Snu.

>> No.73465230

I'm gonna buy some this week and paint 'em Alpha Legion. Might do a desert base.

>> No.73465232

abbadon, the visarch, blackstone rogue trader

>> No.73465235

primaris khan

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Chaos bros we can’t stop winning

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too bad even a freaking demo is locked behind a paywall.

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Tau bad

>> No.73465276

You don't know shit about necrons lmao. Necrons take all vehicles because their infantry are entirely garbage outside destroyers. If you weren't a mouthbreathing retard you'd realize everything with QS is T6 4+, meaning they die under plasma or autocannon fire. Stop using lascannons against an anti-lascannon rule.

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I dont give a shit, my dudes float aimlessly in the warp for eternity

>> No.73465301

Emperors Children and World Eaters await their update that dabs on primaris kiddies.

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>> No.73465310

realisticly, you'll get to shoot the unit maybe one time before it's wiped off the table.

9 wounds at t5, 3+ save, no invuln isn't much effort to get rid of

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>loyalist fags will never get belt-fed bolters
It feels so good to be bad.

>> No.73465326

Just stuck em in the old iron hands feirros/apothecary bubble and they'll be unkillable

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>Primaris is frowned upon
>Everything else is nearly universally praised

Imagine actually willingly staying and or playing primaris

>> No.73465344

Imagine having fun and fluffy rules that actually work.

>> No.73465364

I do what I want

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whos the best

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It's the equivalent of someone walking from behind you and punching you in the head at full retard speed. All these reserve alpha strikes are absolute cancer to play against.

>> No.73465378

too bad chaos marines aren't worth taking over cultists

>> No.73465396

When was the last time you saw auto cannons or plasma in competitive? shut the fuck up retard

>> No.73465415

I don't play tournaments, I'm all about looks and fun. We have yet to see what 9th will do to CSM. We do know that cultists will be 6 ppm though.

>> No.73465431

I swear primaris haters are getting more and more annoying

>> No.73465438

Alpharius and Omegon have been dead for thousands of years.

>> No.73465440

>plasma and autocannons are the only high strength low damage weapons
Do you just take nothing but lascannons in your lists? any gun that is used to kill primaris infantry could wreck necron vehicles fast you shitter.

>> No.73465442

Has Szeras stats been sighted yet? Any screenshots?

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>he fought?
>load ze Cadia FUD

>> No.73465446

Scales and fur too. If you want to do them quick.

>> No.73465454

I cropped and uploaded this pic originally to lexicanum

>> No.73465457

Who the fuck split fires a squad of 3 guns?

>> No.73465461

Space Marines will get Evas to fight the new Angel C'Tan.

>> No.73465464

They got 6 types of bikes/buggys

>> No.73465468

A true CSM fan plays his army because it looks cool, not because he wants to win.
A person who wants to win would not play CSM.

>> No.73465476

That c'tan is the EVA though

No GW forgot he existed.

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>Alpharius and Omegon have been dead for thousands of years.

>> No.73465484

But anon, who will be Kaworu?

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>these guys look aesthetic, primaris bad
>front model is primaris

>> No.73465495

New unit coherency rules are fucking gay

Between that and blasts its like they want the game to focus on 5 man units

>> No.73465502

They are 5 power, so probably something around 35 points per model, 105 points total. For this you get a 24 in ASSAULT melta gun. With strategic reserves allowing you to deep strike anyone for cp, you can drop these guys in anywhere and get 6 melta gun shots with melta rule on almost any target. And they're fairly tanky and hard, though not impossible, to shoot off the board.

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These seems good for only 20pts ea in new Ed

>> No.73465513

What's a good edge highlight for alpha legion boys if I'm painting with sotek green?

>> No.73465518

Obviously wasn't commenting on the stupid conversion.

>> No.73465520

nah the coherency fucks over conga lines and stretched out hordes. It's pretty great.

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If I were to do actual chaos marines again, as in not my 30k night lords but actual chaos, I think I'd have to do sons of malice. They're so nice in the new models. this isn't mine

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Will they be good and meta around them?

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>> No.73465538

No but the bucket necrons and new Szeras will be.

>> No.73465540

>35pts for t5 3w assault 2 multimelta
>a sob with a multimelta is 32pt

>> No.73465541

Wait so you actually liked conga lines? I think what they want is to create an immersive feeling. Also, this new rule prohibits large units from being able to contest multiple objectives.

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Why do Space Marines get everything?

>> No.73465556

it appears on the table and deletes a unit.
So not unlike every other armies elite deep strikers.

People hate the crisis bomb more because they hate Tau in general. Fuck em. Play tau how you like.

>> No.73465573

>fairly tanky
>hard, though not impossible, to shoot off
are we even playing the same game.

>> No.73465578

it's just a way to balance out the blatant spamming of max sized squads for strategem use and, combined with force org changes, get back to pushing people to take a variety of units from a variety of slots. taking a max sized unit before only had the downside of a possible bad morale check, but there was a million ways to auto-pass if your army didn't have it built in base. now, you have to keep in an actually coherent unit and take the completely obvious downside that blast weapons will affect a mob more heavily.
if you want to take a single mass of dudes and expect them to behave with the same accuracy and effectiveness as small fireteams, they naturally will be more limited in movement and weaker to explosives

>rule literally only punishes conga lines that abused coherency rules with massive blobs to screen gunlines
>not the gay ones

>> No.73465579

did GW showcased his statline?

>> No.73465580

People hate all the other lists that do the same thing, tau just have even bullshit attached.

>> No.73465585

Big units already couldnt contest multiple objectives, you had to choose a single objective for a unit to occupy

>> No.73465588

Poster boys

>> No.73465593

Yes they will be. at 40pts ea out of box with melta, and rumors there are a grav version coming later

>> No.73465599

>Devestators good

Also, the issue isn't the firepower, but the cost.

>> No.73465600

see >>73465476

>> No.73465614

>Waaah I can't spaghetti line across 3 different objectives with one unit while simultaneously being in the range of 8 different auras.
>How will I ever win nao

>> No.73465616

Wait, how many do you get in a squad for 5 power?

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>Why do Space Marines get everything?

>> No.73465621

>gravis captain has abolter, power fist and power sword
>aggressors have two bolters, two power fists, and a grenade launcher
>inceptors have two heavy bolters or two big plasma guns
>eradicators have a fancy multi-melta

Feels uncharacteristically restrained.

>> No.73465625

factions that aren't space marines only exist so space marine players have something to kill

all other factions are afterthoughts

>> No.73465626

More rules that hurt orks and tyranids and dont affect space marines at all kek

>> No.73465639
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yeah its great, too bad ugly shit like pic related is still being encouraged however.

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yes because those ork and tyranid hordes were dominating the meta right

>> No.73465647

Tau are fine, they suffer alot due to new missions and build. Shield drones are their true power and they get nerfed by the ways they run them. Either the big squads of them get shredded by blast, or the tons of small 2 man shield drone units give up secondary mission points by choosing kill more units that turn much like current ITC missions

>> No.73465648 [DELETED] 

>a grav version coming later

How will it be different from this Gravis unit?

>> No.73465653

Also don't forget the moral buff to blobs, as well as the CP/Force org buffs to blobs since MSU is nerfed with how new force organization slots require cp now. So blobs don't suffer from lack of CP anymore.

there's been changes positively and negatively to many types of units across the board.

>> No.73465655


>> No.73465661

my prediction is they'll fall out of use like hellblasters.

>> No.73465662

Orks got 7 new model kits* in 8th edition. Eldar got 3, Dark Eldar got 2, Necrons got 1, Tau got 1, Tyranids got 0 and Harlequins got less than one because the Imperium took their new model. Only Genestealer Cults got more stuff (12 kits in total) and that's because they got the second wave of their launch.

Orks got more models than any of the other fully launched xenos armies.

*Not counting terrain because nobody fucking uses that shit and it messes up my Harlequin joke

>> No.73465670

you get 3 guys, its Gravis armour so think of it like a Agressor squad

>> No.73465688

So, you people invented Reasonable Marines, and Imperial Guard with a non-asshat Commissar are pretty Reasonable by default. I further assume such a thing as a Reasonable Inquisitor might exist and not be immediately executed.
Are there Reasonable Sisters, though?

>> No.73465689

as in it is armed with Grav weapons, also Gravis armor intercessors coming too. No rules on them yet or points

>> No.73465691


>> No.73465706
File: 358 KB, 1600x900, 40k-imperial-guard-baneblade-malcador_1_e8e4eaab12bf1e83fe0a88bc11b068b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

baneblades should be 50% less PPM

>> No.73465710

No but it was annoying and puts orks and nids further into the trash where they belong.

>> No.73465711

they need a spill over rule. Like any unit with a blast weapon does an additional attack against every unit within 2" of the target unit (characters not included.)

I agree that bunched up units like that are pretty disgusting.

>> No.73465713

Bumping this. Can't really find anything on it.

>> No.73465715
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How do you think an all Wraith army would do in 9th edition? I'm thinking that a lot of the changes GW has put out seem to benefit wraith units in general.

Stuff like the heavy weapons change means Wraithlords can move up with heavy weapons that don't suffer -1 to hit AND they get to fire their weapons into combat now so you can fuck up vehicles with them.

Also, now I don't really need to bring a bunch of useless troops just to farm CP. I'm thinking of having maybe 3 units of backline rangers objective camping (for the free battalion) and then basically 100% wraiths for the other units.

Wraiths. Fuck yeah.

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File: 1.71 MB, 270x138, huehuehue.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


my fucking sides

>> No.73465727

>How do you think an all Wraith army would do in 9th edition?
Nobody will know until we get the full release of rules and points.

>> No.73465729 [SPOILER] 
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When you look somewhere that's not GW.

>> No.73465731

That's the least-awful nu-sisters face I've seen. Is it actually GW's sculpt?

>> No.73465733

I mean if that happened then I'd have to buy 300+ extra points of units, which would suck.

>> No.73465736

people hate when they're losing and not winning.

Its that simple. Most people are cry babies who expect to win every time. and will bitch about losing a unit even as they win the game.

>> No.73465741

Except it is now the best melta in the game

>> No.73465747

just buy another baneblade

>> No.73465756

>defending bomb lists
People don't like the game being decided by who wins first turn.

>> No.73465757

>That's the least-awful nu-sisters face I've seen.
>Is it actually GW's sculpt?
Answered your own question friend.

>> No.73465764

plot twist: these guys are AL just havin' a giggle

>> No.73465766

unless they get a complete 180 rework they will remain a mid range glass cannon.

>> No.73465770

Yeah, but then I'll have to buy and assemble another 140$ model. I like Baneblades, but I'm not made out of money.

>> No.73465778
File: 156 KB, 960x864, 3c2261e5320d74f2e9858eddd2194fe1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there an eldar god of storms?

>> No.73465779

Wonder why they couldn't put two meltas on an inceptor for the same benefits but a faster platform.

>> No.73465781
File: 20 KB, 577x526, Iron Hands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

best chapter

>> No.73465784

Knew it. Who makes it, then?

>> No.73465792

What's the opinion on Deep-striking Wraithguards? I feel like I could use them to nail vehicles or other heavies but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

>> No.73465796

playtesters have said consistenty, and math supports, that point costs will be going up around 15-20% across the board. meaning that what cost you around 1650-1750 or 80-85 power level will be roughly the new 2000 points. part of this scaling back is the fact that points dropped a lot while power level stayed the same, so they want to roll back towards what 8th started as and speed the game up. My guess based on this is that point values will go up like they said, but power level is gonna hover around 80 or so since otherwise the point values we've seen make no sense. If it stays at 100PL for 2k points, eradicators will be around 100 points which would be insane.

tldr if 85 power level comes out to be the new 'standard' for 2k, a unit of eradicators will be120 points, which seems pretty reasonable and on-target for what they give you

>> No.73465797

Is that the normal head? Actually looks female.

>> No.73465807

Why is that a problem with specifcally tau? Everything with the ability to come in from off the table can do that.

>> No.73465811

>people don't like losing models in the 2nd turn even though they had deployment and a full turn to properly plan for their opponents drops.

>> No.73465812

No, it's definitely 3d printed or 3rd party

>> No.73465822
File: 2.67 MB, 1980x1820, 4c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. Ahriman
2. Lucius
3. Kharn
4. Typhus

>> No.73465824
File: 85 KB, 1024x573, warhammer 1516654816001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why didn't the emperor created himself a wife to make babies the not retarded way?

>> No.73465838

You can only plan around a unit deepstriking and deleting whatever they want so much. Not everyone can screen like tau.

>> No.73465839

uhh about that, RAW you can still have 2 groups.

>> No.73465847
File: 66 KB, 490x327, ............jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73465850

what the absolute fuck are you on

ahriman (psychic bs) > kharn >> typhus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> guardsman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lucius

>> No.73465853

>2. Lucius
curse included or discluded?

>> No.73465854

They can’t get in Impulsors, so they have to ride expensive Repulsors or Repulsor Executioners unless you put them in reserve.

>> No.73465857

>Make other person
>fuck said person and rely on randomized genetics to maybe get traits you want

Seems a lot more retarded than

>Make other person
>By genetically hand-crafting it and growing it in a tube so it has exactly what traits you're after

>> No.73465860

of these models, lucius is the worst, followed by typhus

in terms of looks.

Ahriman is the best, Kharn is a swell guy.

>> No.73465880

How the fuck is Lucius above Kharn in anything?

>> No.73465889

Because, as with all the Emperor's creations, he would have viewed his "wife" as a tool. She'd probably go all heretic and shit like the primarchs if she discovered her only use was to be the Emperor's cocksleeve. That being said, it would take a helluva lot of willpower and skill to wield the Emperor's Sword and Progeny on the regular.

>> No.73465892
File: 668 KB, 212x200, angryDome.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get way to drunk last night
>rush off to work in
>get home
>pick up the knight i was working on
>bunch of gouges and sloppy knife work
look like i'm going to knead some green stuff

>> No.73465894

number of deaths

>> No.73465896

If you can get the +2 on blades then they just pin whatever down are practically unkillable.

>> No.73465898

>Lucius even making it on the list
His job is to job

>> No.73465903


Talking models wise zoomies.

>> No.73465906
File: 263 KB, 1593x694, MBH_wip01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is pre-green stuff to blend things in more, but I'm not sold on the round icon. Thoughts?

>> No.73465908

>How the fuck is Lucius above Kharn in anything?
Kharn is a power bottom?

>> No.73465921


>> No.73465925

You can't play 40k without losing at least some key units.

>> No.73465929

I think it needs something to break up the outline. Maybe add some sorta slime dripping from it down onto the front of the thing?

Head of Voltron never power bottoms

>> No.73465941

A dude won glasshammer gt with double grav dev drop pods. I'm sure all this opponents just sucked.

>> No.73465944

reminder to paint your models

>> No.73465951

i've used them a few times, but wraithcannons are 1 shot and d flamers are only 8". i think you're better off going on foot and using quicken/advance to get where you need to be. not so say d cannons are bad, but they will be shot to bits as soon as they attack or the enemy knows what that unit can do.

>> No.73465956

Because any chance of the 'Emporers Lolis' existing would make this place crash and burn

>> No.73465958

wew you're even more wrong

kharn > ahriman >>>>>> typhus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> guardsman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lucius

>> No.73465960

that's what you deserve for having knights faggot

>> No.73465962

I dislike how there are so many cool 2nd+ founding chapters in lore, but you only ever really see the first founding chapters + a few 2nd founding chapters get played. I learned the other day that in 2011 GW was selling transfer sheets for the Flesh Tearers, Aurora Chapter, Mentor Legion, Death Spectres, and the Angles of Vengeance, and then ceased to print them. Then of course you have FW, who used to make transfers for many of the badab chapters.
It's stupid, they could make bank by supplying transfers for lesser known chapters, not to mention IG regiments, CSM warbands, Craftworlds, etc.

>> No.73465969

Kharn's model is ass. The chain, the arm, he looks like a dwarf.

>> No.73465977

darkoath flesh is really good for flesh tones, gets you close to box color with minimal effort.

>> No.73465979
File: 352 KB, 458x480, warhammer 40k 1545255911219.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh please, an "empress" made in a tube for the only purpose of being the perfect wife would be MORE then able to do the same thing if not a better work then a tube in selecting the kind of son the emperor needs.

>> No.73465980

>This one guy once won a tournament because he played the game in one of the ways the game can be played.
>Clearly something is wrong. You can't play game the way its meant to be played.
>you have to play like braindead moron, so that I can have easy win.

>> No.73465987
File: 30 KB, 340x566, MasterofExecutions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright. I'm gonna fucking say it.
Master of Executions isn't a bad unit.
Yeah he's inflexible, yeah he's basically melee only, yeah the bolt pistol is in a stupid location.
Still 60ish points for a guy who attacks with a weapon equal to a power fist in stats but without the minus to his to hit AND generates a mortal wound on 6+.
Now if that isn't enough if he gets into hit with a character this big son of a bitch can reroll one hit, wound or damage roll against that character.
He's 60 points for a power fist character that you can send off on his own to remove small squads by himself.

>> No.73465989

Alright anon you go into your lgs and you see two people

A waac with fully painted models


A caac with grey tide

Who do you play

>> No.73465994

look at the guy under the doom scythe

>> No.73465997
File: 450 KB, 500x590, 1511986129539.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literally every game is space marine vs space marine
I'm part of the problem but I didn't even know how bad it was when I got into the hobby. DG

>> No.73466006

my fav is lucius. its old but it has the coolest idea behind it. if it got a new sculpt, itd be number one.

>> No.73466013

WAAC, because id rather have a tight game with someone who understands core tenets of the game rather then some know-nothing faggot who thinks that his Deredeo has 16 shots with the autocannon

>> No.73466016

G-guys, I need help with painting alpha legion

>> No.73466025
File: 121 KB, 576x396, 1424952734528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.73466027

Turn them into battle damage

>> No.73466031


>> No.73466035

Lead belcher base then a teal contrast paint

>> No.73466036

Even if the armies were reversed I'd raher play the WAAC any day over a CAAC.

>> No.73466051

Non-metallic teal.
You're welcome

>> No.73466052

I've also got wraithblades and a farseer in a wave serpent, so I feel like I could get away with using them as a meat shield while the guard just blows up the big stuff on the enemy flank.

>> No.73466056

I'm trying to figure out what to use for an edge highlight if the main color for the armor plates is sotek green.

>> No.73466060

I'll be doing that in marines

>> No.73466061

I don't have any issues with playing tau, but grogs that played for several editions have a sore anus from each time they played a tau gunlines and now again from suit deepstriking.

>> No.73466081

I prefer to play with people that care about playing the game, make coherent armies and paint their models.

>> No.73466090

>painting SoB
>this comes up on shuffle

>> No.73466101

Temple guard blue

>> No.73466107

Just like the other anon said they're like Hellblasters, everyone was flipping shit when they first came out but just a few months later and only Dark Angels bothered to use them. I dont see these lads lasting long term outside Salamanders or some niche successor

>> No.73466112

the CAAC, because I’m a newfag and a WAACfag is going to table me by turn 3 without teaching me the shit I need at my ability level

>> No.73466127

I use them with my chaplain so they always supercharge

>> No.73466128
File: 6.79 MB, 640x480, 1568843164581.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.73466132

Thanks, that was one of my two guesses. Didn't know if Ahriman blue or Temple guard blue would be a better pick.

>> No.73466143

I want to play with a chill person who knows the game and puts a fair amount of effort into having a balanced, clean-looking army.

>> No.73466144

Depends if the WAAC painted his models himself or paid someone to do it.

>> No.73466151

The day approaches. I must commit to a paint scheme for my feudal world guardsmen, their knight masters and the stormtroopers and admech who will be sharing their homeworld.

Current pick is red/green with all vehicles/machines sporting more red.
But should I consider something less festive?

>> No.73466163

Doesnt mean much when melta is garbage across the board

>> No.73466173

Yeah. Do you like the red or green more?

>> No.73466178

ultimately you gotta give it a try because you can still roll nothing but 1s. my eldar list has a lot of deep strike, psychic powers, and guns. so i get more value out of wraithblades running forward into enemy guns as a big distraction.

>> No.73466187
File: 266 KB, 1600x1200, download (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i wish these goofy dudes weren't balanced around standing still and double shooting
i want to walk around, shoot some dudes far away and smash some other guys with big robo fists

>> No.73466188

Mechanicus red is neat in my view.
But I'm open to more wild suggestions

I did briefly consider black/gold but the black wouyld be a bitch

>> No.73466190


Make them Bretonnians. Each Knight/Lord has their own heraldry with the peasants under their command sharing that lords heraldry.

>> No.73466193

So DS bomb brain easy or non viable, gets your story straight.

>> No.73466198
File: 68 KB, 587x551, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sotek green and Temple guard blue are my favorite colors for painting anything. Here's some of my Death Guard for example.

>> No.73466203

Thats sort of the plan. Ohhhh you mean have the various guard squads in different schemes?

>> No.73466226

He made mistakes but learned from them and always tried his best for his brothers. He saved his legion from execution by rallying them against the Space Wolves and he created the Rubric Marines.
The heart and soul of his legion, he stood by his father even when it cost him everything. He held his legion together during the Horus Heresy and he was instrumental in breaking apart both the World Eaters and the Emperor's Children.
He strove to make the world according to his vision, and in the end he bent his Primarch to his will. Typhus basically forced his entire legion to worship Nurgle.
An Emperor's Children Captain that Slaanesh gave a weird power to on a whim. He is irrelevant to his Legions backstory, he made no significant contribution during the Heresy, and despite being billed as a master duelist he has never beat anyone of note. In fact, Kharn is a more important character in the Emperor's Children backstory than Lucius. Worst of all, Lucius didn't even do anything specific to get his gimmick. Slaanesh just decided to keep him around.

>> No.73466236

Lucius is the worst model in the CSM range.

>> No.73466239

Alright ill rephrase my question

Would you rather play a game against

Someone whos causally competitive with an army thats painted to their best but its not anything special

Or someone whos waac with basically eavy metal models that they painted

>> No.73466246

WAAC refers mostly to the way they play the game rather than the way they act towards other people.

CAAC are known for shaming and criticizing people for how they play the game.

I'd rather play the WAAC, make up my own victory conditions during the game like kill his general. If he tables me turn 2 at least I'll have some outrageous story about playing against his who-knows-what.

>> No.73466252

I like fabius way more than lucius

Ahirman is a great character

Khârn is a swell guy

Typhus is based

>> No.73466257

Hard this.

>> No.73466261

Could you get a closer picture of the plates on the closest thing's arms?
The highlight looks a little strong but it might work on the scale of a CSM, also.

>> No.73466265

'Eavy Metal are shit.

>> No.73466267
File: 174 KB, 540x695, 1593452711674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah this is the CAAC mind set

>> No.73466271
File: 445 KB, 999x993, 9FE08CF3-17B4-4BF9-ABA3-CF8D3C31E26C-999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

baneblades should cost as much as a leman russ

leman russ should cost as much as a guardsmen

guardsmen should be free

>> No.73466272

Flamer/fist is pretty fun. At worst they are a pretty tough bullet sponge

>> No.73466287

>Someone whos causally competitive with an army thats painted to their best but its not anything special
This, is there literally anything wrong with this position? Hand-painted hard-effort but middling quality is SOUL

>> No.73466288

Once you realize that Bile, Ahriman, Khârn, and Typhus were the original 4 and Lucius was added afterwards it makes a lot more sense.

>> No.73466294

I'm still gonna disagree with that, Kharn looks better to me imo. The idea is fine but I really don't gel with the face and the whip. Typhus baseline looks goofy with the scythe held up but a quick repose and the subtraction of all the stuff behind him makes him look much better I think. Ahriman is Ahriman though, dude's perfect.

>> No.73466299

First option. Because that's me.

It's funnest playing against people who want the same experience as you.

>> No.73466304

What the shit, when was Lucius added?

>> No.73466314

In Horus book 1, but he doesnt feel representative of his legion

>> No.73466342

So they're like bodyguard units but...not?
I haven't been keeping up with the 9th edition rules updates, is character protection no longer a thing? Or is this just a "cuck snipers" unit?
Still, that's fairly choppy right there, though if its only as a 2-man squad seems kinda weak

>> No.73466344

Yeah the 3rd chaos codex was pretty based

>> No.73466346

Lucius was added in the second Chaos Space Marine Codex of the 3rd edition, to replace Doomrider.

>> No.73466347

So everything should be free?

>> No.73466354

That's because it's lazy / drybrushed because I'm still not a great painter

>> No.73466357

Character protection requires minimum 3 model units now. These guys are an anti sniper thing, and also useful when the enemy blasts the rest of your screen away

>> No.73466369

Ok thinking further on this idea.
I'm gonna run with it. Since it fits well with the lore I wrote for their world anyways.

So now I need multiple colour schemes and to decide on whether or not the stormtroopers should be something unique to the royal household or if each noble family maintains its own cadre of not-stormtroopers

Guess it also means I'll be getting a lot more imperial handgunners to provide enough colours.

>> No.73466370

only for factions that I like

>> No.73466372

Only 2PL, so cheap, maybe 10ppm. You slap them in to let your cryptek move more independently from your main force and still have 4 extra wounds

>> No.73466379
File: 120 KB, 920x950, E904C8DF-4646-4BBA-B799-71E7A46DB442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish these guys found their way to 40k

>> No.73466381

Tell me 1 reason to take gant hordes in 9th edition.

>> No.73466385
File: 101 KB, 960x598, alpha legion paint according to EM according to reddit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>check google to see how EM paints alpha legion, even if they gave CSMs retarded highlights
>see this
Dafuq? No. I'm just gonna stick to Guardsman blue or something.
Might work, then.

Actually, will Guardsman blue still work as an edge highlight if I'm shading all the sotek green with Coelia greenshade?

>> No.73466389

Now, if these guys are hiding out of sight within 3" of cryptek who IS in sight, is he still untargetable?

>> No.73466397

they look nice on the table

>> No.73466399

As an Emperor's Children player I would like to switch out Lucius with Eidolon.

>> No.73466405

There isnt one anymore, not since the rework to coherency. They need a rework, genestealer + rippers to fill battalions is already objectively better by far

>> No.73466407

You like moving around 300 models and you want to waste the time of your opponent, debuffing his morale so that he quits the game while you carefully move all 300 of your models to perfection

>> No.73466408

Everyone will be gearing up for a tank-heavy meta so if you run into a list that's mostly AT you should probably do okay.

>> No.73466409

chaos marines vs loyalist marines is cool though so you're good

>> No.73466413
File: 28 KB, 222x180, FA2D7D35-D4E7-429E-9EA4-33077372C254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has a space marine ever gone AWOL and abandon his duties to be a farmer? A sword to plowshare type of ordeal?
>please forgive SJW game art

>> No.73466414

because you like gaunts

>> No.73466421

Well no, it's not that. let me give you an example of a real guy I met.
>plays tyranids in 7th
>brags about how fluffy his army is, brags about not using a winged tyrant because it's too "beardy"
>I'm collecting IG at the time
>takes one look at my stuff and sighs
>"I don't suppose you have a lore reason why your veteran squad is running all plasma, do you"
>complains about snipers drawing line of sight to his carnifex because I can "only" see it's head claws, legs, gun and tail while a tall thin building blocks it's mid section
>complains about lascannons being too good, instakilling his warriors
>complains complains complains
>becomes unfriendly, acts as if I'm cheating him or something
>at the end of the game he gives me a half hearted "thanks"

>> No.73466424

Take the fists then?
I pack a squad of each

>> No.73466426

New imperial armour index will probably have them in it.
I mean. Why wouldn't they? Adding stuff from HH to 40k is like printing money for them

>> No.73466428

I remember that episode of clone wars too.

>> No.73466432

That's exactly what I did.
Sotek -> wash with Coelia -> Temple Guard
Stole it from some youtube tutorial about painting teal.

>> No.73466460

He's charge insurance. The enemy is a lot less likely to assault if this guy is nearby.

>> No.73466464
File: 43 KB, 496x702, 6A13544A-A501-424A-BB0F-9D5E8B149FD0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don’t watch Clone Wars you tasteless pissant.
>jUsT iGnOrE sEaSoN 1
I’m ashamed to share a hobby with you.

>> No.73466474

Same. I would take a brand new character over Lucius. The Syll'Esske lore is better than Lucius' background.

>> No.73466476

you just run blob deathballs, put your focus to removing the threat of blast weapons initially and they will never clear you ob sec ass off objectives. Moral doesnt hurt mass blobs as bad anymore

>> No.73466485

Sorry your uhhh...TOTALLY original idea has already been done

>> No.73466487

Sweet. I checked WTV's tutorial on how to paint them, and thought Sotek with Coelia looked great, but since it's "speedpainting" he put on zero edge highlighting.
On the note of Clone Wars, how good are the seasons after the first? Is it a good series to binge or should I just stick to watching the occasional episode of Castle with my sister?

>> No.73466492

Didn't he end up banging some twi'lek or what ever they are called and have a bunch of kids?

>> No.73466493

Never build drunk, only basecoat

>> No.73466499

Marines don't retire

>> No.73466505

Only in death does duty end

>> No.73466515

Eidolon also has a waifu.

>> No.73466520

Clone Wars improves dramatically
I'd say its overall worth a watch but its also worth remembering that this is a series that initially was intended for children but wound up drawing an older audience instead.
Rebels was pretty much the same.

>> No.73466524

WAAC because his army is painted and he clearly cares more. If CAAC was the painted army I'd play him because I am him.

>> No.73466539

I think those are called HERETICS anon.

>> No.73466558

I go home and play with my dad and we both use armies that we painted together or by myself, because I don't know if he still likes model painting.

>> No.73466572

Who's his waifu?

>> No.73466581
File: 490 KB, 1280x899, 1590528932261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I want to invent the new ideal player, the FAAC, fun (or friendly) at all cost
>doesn't really care what you bring
>doesn't really care what he brings either, only takes his models because he likes them in lore, model, or playstyle, not because they're good or not
>knows how to play the game well but prefers making his list interesting to making it optimized
>knows a roflstomp powertrip either way isn't as exciting as a close game and compensates for that
>doesn't autistically obsess over lore to mechanics because the game, end of the day, it's a game and an abstraction of the 'actual' battle at best
>tells you what he's thinking during the game and advises you too
>always keeps upbeat attitude, enjoys things going terribly as much as going perfectly, shakes hand at the end of the match, says good game and means it
>never turns down a challenge, drop all pretense of tactics when it comes down to rule of cool (why yes my commissar is going to heroically intervene into Abadabadoo, what else would you expect him to do)
just be a good sportsman bro

>> No.73466596

Some Fallen just retired and live as hermits

>> No.73466608

>give every character and regiment a name
Is this the most based thing a player can do? I think it is.

>> No.73466611

But I play knights.

>> No.73466614

>bUt ChAoS sPaCe MaRiNeS aReN’t ReAl MaRiNeS!!!
Can you faggots ease your seething?
If entire chapters go rogue and others turn to chaos I’m pretty sure one has said-
>Fuck this, I want to be a fisherman.
Sorry your uhhh...TOTALLY original insult has already been done
>basic af
Thank you for not being a bitch.
Any sources friend?

>> No.73466616
File: 55 KB, 586x651, 1577464054432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's me except I screw up rules

>> No.73466621

it's ok
if you like star wars and can laugh at the silliness of prequels while still genuinely enjoying them, they're pretty solid. if you like the new movies, or really hate them and insist there is no flaws with any star wars until force awakens came along, you probably aren't going to love it

it's a pretty good kid's cartoon about a space war that makes no sense on scale but has a surprisingly grim and bloody reality for children entertainment, but also still has kid-level complexity (and predictability)
treat it as such

>> No.73466635

It even covered political double dealing and backroom antics.
Which was something I always liked about the prequels even if it was always done very basic.

>> No.73466645
File: 613 KB, 806x850, champion of bobo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"I don't suppose you have a lore reason why your veteran squad is running all plasma, do you"
I can imagine the naggy, bitch, whiny voice and want to strangle him already. Did he also utter an "ugh" at one point?

>> No.73466648
File: 1.35 MB, 2016x1512, 20170928_201103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based. You can be my wingman anytime.

>> No.73466651

>"Then you'll die braver then most"
It's more of a kids show, but damn if it doesn't have its moments.

>> No.73466672

40k is a setting and not a story. Eat shit, faggot.

>> No.73466682

>Thank you for not being a bitch.
>Any sources friend?
>To those Fallen that dwell within the 41st Millennium, many have become Chaos Space Marines, others pirate and renegade warlords, while some have since regretted their heresy and live a life of peaceful seclusion.
Citation is Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition), pgs. 29–31

>> No.73466685

Yeah, the prequels had some pretty decent background to the story. The story sorta blew at points, and the acting was be a little scuffy, but the world was great.
>tfw I will never have any kriegers
It hurts me, and it hurts my soul.

>> No.73466695

don't be a faggot playing knights and you're based
>yeah my fifty-ton raging war machine is going to ignore your line of tanks to charge straight towards your man-sized warlord he could stomp on just to duel him
>what else would you expect him to do?
you don't have to play like a WAACfag, ask yourself what your models WOULD do instead of what they SHOULD do

just learn the rules retard, start at small games so you master the core mechanics of your army and can memorize with some detail the general statlines and equipment of your troops
don't just start playing your faction like a knuckle-dragger that took what ITC and 40kg said was best and slapped it together, get a holistic understanding of your faction from lore and game mechanics and use that to inform your playstyle

>> No.73466696

Yeah rebels was heavily more leaning on drawing in children. But it got a huge improvement in quality once season 2 hit.
Covering some fun topics like PTSD and moving on from the past.

>> No.73466703

Truth be told my knights would probably go "haha peasant I'm not going to actually stomp you, I have people for that" then drop the stormtroopers on the character

>> No.73466704
File: 4.84 MB, 4032x3024, Contrast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Anon here are some projects of mine with contrast. I do recommend it for doing skin.
>I primed the bullgryn and white Catachan in Wrath Bone White
>I primed Lazarus head and the White/red Cadia in corax white
>I used game air silver for the thousand sun and the tanks lights and did contrast over it
>The Black Catachan I used mechanicus standard grey primer

GREEN and Silver/Leadbealcher are normal paints, the rest are contrast paints. I have also airbrushed with contrast as well. I went from being skeptical of contrast to it's biggest fan. I hope this helps.

>> No.73466716
File: 27 KB, 640x640, stay positive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just learn the rules retard, start at small games so you master the core mechanics of your army and can memorize with some detail the general statlines and equipment of your troops
Yes, but I'm not a beginner anymore, which makes it all worse.

>> No.73466717

I don't care what anyone says, Knights are fun to play against, even casually. They make for a completely different play experience and aren't even that hard for a take-all-comers list to deal with. Some of the best games I've ever had came about from running my bog-standard Admech and Tyranid lists against a friend's Knights just to see what would happen.

>> No.73466726
File: 152 KB, 1324x1000, Lucius_the_Eternal_vs_Dark_Eldar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lucius' model is the worst one and that's voming from an adamant EC fan. If they gave him a new model that was bigger, more well sculpted, and emphasized/implied his freakish speed, he'd probably be the best.

>> No.73466734

It's ok anon. It took me forever to understand detachments.

>> No.73466735

Last I heard he was endlessly screaming in pain because Bile didn't resurrect him properly. I'm glad to hear he's doing well now.

>> No.73466742

I just want a new model. His aesthetic is one of the better characters, he just needs to look more like the art.

More EC characters and models is always nice.

>> No.73466759

yeah, my big issue is prequels have a lot of ideas that never get built up

>dooku is an idealist that wants to move beyond jedi and sith and is so capable he inspired a whole confederation, but in practice is just a saturday morning sith lord
>heroes on both sides but CIS is all saturday morning villains except like one episode
>a million clones for a galactic war implies they're more like space marines meant to shock-assault turn the tide and reinforce and/or train republic worlds, but they're all we ever see
>the republic and jedi are corrupt except we never see the jedi as anything other than what they are (as opposed to more knight-errant monks with scattered temples of peacekeepers) and the republic is just corrupt because of based sheev fucking with everyone
I know "prequels are a missed opportunity" is not exactly a fresh take but it's just so sad

>> No.73466761

Nah it was always a story, we just had ending tent poles like the golden throne failing. Now we dont really have an ending tent pole since we have lore after the indomitus crusade

>> No.73466766

Thanks bud.

>> No.73466767

Feels like a duelist should have a sabre or rapier rather than a fuckin cutlass

>> No.73466790

I didn't say you were a beginner anon. I said you need to practice in small games so you learn the basics to move you up to large games

you don't tell a 20-year-old that can't multiply that just because he's not a beginner he has to work on differential equations, you have him go back to basics until he learns them, masters them, and is ready to move forward.

>> No.73466791
File: 47 KB, 500x411, 105809950_2758018694484918_8371523452978213422_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Melts your tanks in one double tap volley
Should have bought and actual army like Space Marines.

>> No.73466794

I’m pretty sure that in that scene he has just picked a sword up from someone, but I know what you mean though. But this game has an over the top feel so bigger swords are better.

>> No.73466798

its neither, Its just a way of playing the game.

Don't get mad at your opponent for using their codex the way its meant to be used. That's what a child does.

>> No.73466800
File: 2.28 MB, 1280x708, Anakin vs Ventress.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73466811

It looked shit when it was just a power sword. According to the latest fluff that's the Silver Blade of Laer. That shitty cutlass decapitated a Primarch.

>> No.73466819

I’m sure whenever the EC get a model line he will be getting updated. Probably have rules to have Fabius join too.

>> No.73466822


>> No.73466825

very conflicting reports here
I think that shitty cutlass would look tiny, like a sword chode in the hands of a full primarch sized individual.
Kind of imagined the blade of laer to be more like a wicked knife of some sort

>> No.73466832

because its tau

>> No.73466835


>> No.73466838

Yeah but i want to know why

>> No.73466846

He took it from a marine that had it that got killed. I’m pretty sure that’s how he gets a sword after he’s made into a gladiator. At least his first one.

>> No.73466850

>no invul
>likely cost 110+pts for 3 dudes
>have to walk everywhere unless you spend 300+pts on a transport or use CP to reserve them
>easily tar-pitted due to lack of melee weapons
>only 6 s8 shots with no built in support
Kek if they wreck your shit you deserve it

>> No.73466854

Do you have the one of Grevious fighting four jedi at once?
>It's a-me

>> No.73466858

The grogs told me to be angry at Tau. They said they don't belong.

I am angry at Tau. They don't belong.

>> No.73466860

Clone Wars is pretty shit in the first season, rough around the edges in the second season, but really hits its stride in season 3 and goes on to have some of the best stories Star Wars has to offer.
It still has some stinker arcs, but when it's good, it's fantastic.
Especially great when the focus is on the clones themselves.

>> No.73466862

Doesn’t Fulgrim have the blade of laer?

>> No.73466863


>> No.73466868

>melta rifles are just multi-meltas, but assault
The space marine codex is so bloated that it's not even funny
What the actual fuck is the point of this

>> No.73466873

fit more infantry in one force org chart.

>> No.73466883

I didn't realize how absolutely based the redemptor was until I just today purchased and assembled one. I assume the only reason they get so much hate is because they lack the customization of boxnauts (which dont get me wrong is a large and valid mark against them) but desu I usually play kitchenhammer with friends and mostly saw assault cannon+fist loadout anyway.

>> No.73466886

He gave it to Lucius, who probably lost it or had it taken off of him by a better duelist.

>> No.73466902

>What the actual fuck is the point of this

Convincing Marine players to buy their armies all over again. That is the one, the only reason why the Primaris range was envisioned. Everything else stems from that one fact - they are a cynical cash grab and nothing else.

>> No.73466905

Alan the lead designer of the heresy said the three primarch theory was his favorite.

>> No.73466907

>ultramarines eradicates surrounded by the aggressor moving fortress

Sounds like a good strat to me

>> No.73466909

Probably had it taken from him by a Tau fire warrior that he lost in a fight to.

>> No.73466917

They can easily double dip too when they update the heresy range aswell as normal marines for another inevitable historical game

>> No.73466918

they're lacking in customization compared to the ven. dreadnought kit, but compared to the actual dreadnought kit from like 2001 I'd argue the Redemptor is just as good. I hope that with this new CC themed wave of Primaris we get a new Dread that's more of an Ironclad/Venerable equivalent, with more bling.

>> No.73466935

iron hands like these. Being 6 melta shots for close to 100 points is going to be beneficial for most armies. This is likely going to be a decent off-pick for AT at worst and a reliable main pick for AT at best.

>> No.73466937

6 multi melta shots for 120 points is pretty neat honestly. That's like IG heavy weapon squad points per shot tier without being T3 5+ save.

>> No.73466943

Nope, we're gonna get another cowboy scout dread variant but the new one is going to be wearing a dress.

>> No.73466945

Id like a melee invictor too but most people hate the invictor

>> No.73466946

I haven't done it yet, but fur looks like one of the easiest things to make with greenstuff.

>> No.73466949
File: 1.22 MB, 2896x1559, 20200630_011840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Someone posted my dudes as an OP
Well this is a new experience. I'm almost embarrassed, i think the conversion went well but i've always sucked at painting

>> No.73466954
File: 641 KB, 1261x586, brrrt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why shouldn't I run assault Vostroyan punnisher leman russes in 9th edition?
>40 shots
>Able to shoot into combat in 9th
>+1 to BS skill from Vostroyan stratagem to negate the -1 BS from shooting into combat

>> No.73466981

Alpha Legion theories power rankings
>D Tier
Alpharius and Omegon were twins and were killed by Dorn and Guilliman respectively.
>C Tier
Alpharius or Omegon or both faked their deaths
>B Tier
Alpharius became a Daemon and inhabits his Legionnaires
>A Tier
A third triplet has assumed the role of both Alpharius and Omegon
>S Tier
The Alpha Legion doesn't have a Primarch. Alpharius and Omegon are composite personas hypnotically implanted in every Legionnaire during their induction and activated as needed

>> No.73466990

>"I came here to chew ass and kick balance, and I'm all outta ass."

>> No.73466992

Lucius is such a bitch. The part in that Bile book where he mentally talks himself into believing he could beat Fulgrim is hilarious.

>> No.73467001

Jesus christ, these memes are the unfunniest fucking shit ever invented. I thought virgin vs chad was horrible, but at least that was an initially hilarious meme that got degenerated by dumb normalfags. This shit doesn't have a single ounce of humor

>> No.73467008
File: 101 KB, 1080x1080, 1591147011680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Proper, STC Accurate Robot > Perty's Autism-bot Replacement Friends

>> No.73467010

Yknow, I've always thought it was more of a DVVVVVVVVVVVVT than a BRRRRRRRRRRRT
Based XXth bro.

>> No.73467014

haha meme go brrrrrr

>> No.73467042

The game.

>> No.73467043

i'm hoping the invictor was a one-off, because I despise it for being an unholy, ugly waste of a Dreadnought chassis.

People talked endlessly about how bad the go-kart was, but to be honest the go-kart didn't bother me, 'cause the Invictor is just so much worse in my eyes.

>> No.73467050

Be too, Anon. I'm tired of every frog, wojak and -oomer variation out there.

>> No.73467063

I like em both, my planned kitbash is to have the phobos lieutenant leaping out of an invictor

>> No.73467066

speaking of dreads, should I get the ETB Redemptor or shoot for the multi part? I ask because I'm going to give it the loadout the ETB has, but I want to pose it myself.

>> No.73467086

is the flamer arm of the Invictor compatible with the Redemptor? If so I might just slap it on a Redemptor and proxy it as one.

>> No.73467087

If you actually want to pose it then yes. The secondary onslaught cannon is also really good too.

Now that it can move and shoot with zero penalty its one of most efficient sources of S5 AP-1 that marines have.

>> No.73467100

No but being robots the conversion necessary to get that flamer arm on it wouldn't be that hard nor look bad at all.

t. own both.

>> No.73467109

I want to put the plasma cannon on an invictor for the OSL

>> No.73467115
File: 63 KB, 1833x482, ss+(2020-06-29+at+06.29.18).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meltas specifically refer to the new eradicators. Centurions have an advantage in that they can have a max squad size of 6, though, eradicators seem restricted to 3.

>> No.73467128

alright, thanks! So should I go for the secondary onslaught over the flamer?

Good to know, thanks.

>> No.73467138

Forgot to specify:
>Target is generic Russ equivalent
>All units are squad size 3

>> No.73467143

the size restriction will probably be lifted when the multipart kit releases.

>> No.73467161

Being gravis they'll *probably* get a 6 man option when they get their kit.

Suppressors and eliminators are the only 3 man units that are completely stuck as 3 man units in marines, I think.

>> No.73467191

Eliminators have multipart and are 3 man only

>> No.73467213

>Suppressors and eliminators are the only 3 man units that are completely stuck as 3 man units in marines, I think.

>> No.73467218

Just confirming what he was saying,

>> No.73467245

in one of the heresy novels, Guilliman (while stranded on an peacefufl agri-world) briefly fantasizes about just forgetting about the galactic wide conflict and living the peaceful life of a farmer.

>> No.73467256
File: 685 KB, 3264x2448, ll4k1wz2cb801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

primaris gabe when?

>> No.73467261

Can guilliman actually relax, like wouldn't he want to run a micromanaged 100% efficent farm

>> No.73467270

Never they made him hate primaris

>> No.73467275

Given his natural desire for efficiency and control, he'd dominate the subsector's farming industry within a few years

>> No.73467278
File: 35 KB, 400x400, 3987981095_cb19b7b8b0_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God I hate Space Wolves.

>> No.73467280

yeah but most of his chapter is primaris anyways so...

>> No.73467288
File: 190 KB, 317x522, 1591428248625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are too many fucking chuds at my game store, what do I do?

>> No.73467293

How do I paint water puddles in?

>> No.73467298

Start offering bro jobs

>> No.73467319

AK puddles

>> No.73467332

Water effects

>> No.73467334


>The sun came up fast. It was bright and warming. He watched it glinting off the waters of the bay. He tried to relax. The farm workers had started their toil early, wandering up the mountain slopes from the settlement below before sunrise, their scythes across their shoulders. He could hear them, as he had heard them for the last two hours, taking their blades to the grasses that threatened to choke Sotha’s black halls, laughing, chatting. He could smell the rich scent of cut stalks filling the early morning air. Guilliman sat down on the grassy promontory, the upper slope of Mount Pharos. He wiped a hand across his brow. Sotha was a good world, a peaceful place. All of the forces and influences that insisted he return to Macragge were somehow softened here in this summer light. Guilliman, to his shame, realised how much he craved this peace. Sotha was like a mythical Eden. For an irrational moment, Roboute Guilliman willed Dantioch to fail in his efforts to re-tune the Pharos, and wished never to return. A part of him knew that he could live out his days on Sotha in utter contentment, barebacked and tanned in the sunlight, careless, mowing the grasses with his scythe, season in and season out.

>> No.73467335

Stay home filthy chape.

>> No.73467352

God, rip Sotha. It got even more fucked in M42 than it had in M41.

>> No.73467369

at least cawl is trying to fix it

>> No.73467372

>be me
>just built my first two forces (50PL each under 8e rules)
>primed all the models and now its time to paint
>not an artistic person at all, even if I have solid fine motor skills

I feel like everyone posts super art projects in here and I get embarassed at myself for not being able to reach that level which I expect isnt very uncommon in this hobby. Am I okay if I want to simply paint my dudes to an acceptable level?

>> No.73467383

Cool, didn't know these existed.

>> No.73467397

Having dudes painted at all already puts you into the upper percentile of players.

>> No.73467438

Everyone would rather play against a painted army over an unpainted one. Doesn't have to be golden daemon standard. WHTV standard not contrast is already fine by my book, everything above is bonus points and shows that you actually care, too.

>> No.73467439

The other Aggressors weren't limited to 3 man units from the start, this might be a balancing decision to avoid deepstriking/buffing a huge unit. Kek, primaris playing second fiddle again

>> No.73467445

>The other Aggressors weren't limited to 3 man units from the start
Inceptors were until they got their box.

>> No.73467453

Are the omnibus books worth it for just a lot of lore and story about a specific faction?

>> No.73467461

What else would you want from them?

>> No.73467466

All the Dark Imperium stuff was limited to 5 or 3 man units unit the codex came out.

>> No.73467476

This. Having a bases and layers, shade, and edge highlight already gives you pretty good-looking character. You can make a blood raven with khorne red. evil sunz, zandri dust, ushabti bone, warpstone glow for the eyes, Abaddon black, leadbelcher, and Agrax earthshade

>> No.73467509

contrast is a good tool. but it shouldn't be the only tool.

>> No.73467528
File: 1.12 MB, 1170x933, this abomination.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I mean the standard for contrast that GW has set.

>> No.73467533
File: 637 KB, 1920x1080, 1591899279509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.73467541

that looks so bad

>> No.73467548
File: 185 KB, 1458x1080, 1591900735801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.73467552

What would be the best Chaos Knight to run alongside a Death Guard army

Knight Tyrant with Harpoon and Flamer seems to be the best at first glance

>> No.73467572

looks pretty decent to me, especially considering it's guard

>> No.73467579

He kills a Fulgrim in his book.

>> No.73467584

good enough if it was my opponent. but it definitely isn't something i'd be proud of.

>> No.73467589

You are fully aware that LoWs are getting utterly squashed in 9e, yes? But yeah, that's a neat loadout.

>> No.73467604

The only good knight right now is dual thermal despoiler. Ask again in a couple months when we get updated points.

>> No.73467622

Not a chaos player but I always hear about how DG lack great AT/guns with great punch so I'd assume anything with the most Dakka would be best

>> No.73467628
File: 42 KB, 625x399, 37q345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hm, I just realized grenades are almost certainly going to be Blast weapons.

>> No.73467630

Any idea what base size a blood slaughterer of khorne would sit on?
I'm aware it doesn't come with a base but i think it would benefit from having one.

>> No.73467633
File: 265 KB, 2000x1000, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-wVzQrb1WLltmz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What, another toy Intercessor already?

>> No.73467660

The new one is 6" tall or something like that.
Supposed to be an entire toy line.

>> No.73467670

>30 conscripts with the grenadiers stratagem throw out 150 s3 shots

>> No.73467687

bandai one is so much more on-model its not even funny

>> No.73467688

I'm pretty sure they're already confirmed to be blast weapons but I can't remember where I read that

>> No.73467722
File: 425 KB, 1080x1071, tbnaf5cwbw331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


*soifaces so hard part of my jawbone just flies off*

>> No.73467770

Death Guard Havoc equivalent when

>> No.73467771

I honestly regret not getting the Bandai Intercessor. I was kinda expecting bandai to be bandai and do a terminator/ chaos soace marine one for 1.5 the price

>> No.73467779

Didn't want an ultramarine and didn't feel like painting over one, don't feel too much regret.

>> No.73467785
File: 57 KB, 439x438, 1500576384537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DG is never getting anything new again except more plague marine models

>> No.73467788

As soon as regular chaos gets an equivalent for everything deathguard has

>> No.73467790

Theres some hope, a few of the recent rumormill pics are clearly nurgle related

>> No.73467804

Codex says DG now canonically use MBH instead of Havocs and Obliterators in MBH lore section.
So, never.

>> No.73467810

Kinda glad i didn't get one to paint over.
Apparently it takes some actual air brush skill to make it look good.

>> No.73467826


>> No.73467853

>>tfw I will never have any kriegers
It hurts me, and it hurts my soul.
Those arent Kriegers newfag. They are Armageddon steel legion and you can buy them for Normal GW price, the only downside is they are metal.

>> No.73467870

>he painted a mini black

>> No.73467879

You can get regular steel legion squads but everything else (officers, other heavy weapons, command squad, etc) are all squatted.

>> No.73467911

I’m just wondering what to buy if i want more tyranid, 1ksons, mechanicum, and orc content since all i’ve read is horus heresy and baneblade.

>> No.73467929

Those guys have the best aesthetic in warhammer, are the recasts good? What’s better peacechair games or expensive and slow minis?

>> No.73467943

Does anyone have any of those "what your army says about you" memes?

>> No.73468067


anre't chuds those human/fish hybrids from hp lovecraft stories?

>> No.73468110
File: 10 KB, 378x180, GelatinousSeasnail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so are base sizes "Have to be correct", like if I run a 40 mm instead of 60 mm, etc

>> No.73468128

Conga lines were fucking cancer.

>> No.73468136

Whichever base size the mini came with is allowed. But yes, your bases need to be what comes in the kit. Using a different base size is generally treated as cheating since it would let you cram more minis into melee or terrain if it's a smaller base and can let you extend the range of an aura by putting it on a bigger one

>> No.73468144


I'm just planning on converting something to something else that has a different base size...

>> No.73468163

be more specific then anon. If it's the right base size for the unit you are fielding it as, then it's fine.

>> No.73468177

Given what we learned the other about Patrol Detachments, is it safe to assume the new Assault Intercessors are Troops and the Outriders Fast Attack? Are the other guys are Heavy and Elites?

If they are Troops, is the Blood Angels Assault Marines in Razorbacks (Impulsors) going to be a thing again? Are we going to be able to DC them?

>> No.73468180

i got some bigger bases for my exalted seeker chariots but that's because they were hugely lying over the side, but it fits and no one knows. most of the time you gotta go with what base the model came with.

>> No.73468193

Damn. I realized that the instigator bolt carbine for eliminators is kinda shit since overwatch costs CP now and you can only use it once a turn.

Was trying to decide how to build my eliminator sarge.

>> No.73468212


The new one is almost a tall as the bandai one supposedly.

>> No.73468214

Sniper rifle always since it's the cheapest and he won't be shooting anyway.

>> No.73468222

why aren't they having bandai make more of them instead?

>> No.73468238

The Bandai figure also cost 5x as much and comes painted as a smurf.

>> No.73468239


They might be. There was an article early this year that said there were plans. But there's a chance it was confused with the mcFarlane ones.

I'm hoping bandai does more.

>> No.73468254


Jumping back from chargers wasn't good enough for the points?

>> No.73468276

because bandai was a limited edition collector's item

macfarlane is a cheaper shittier toy that will be mass produced

GW wants money from both

>> No.73468280


I want to convert the tzeentch shaman (40 mm base) to a demon prince of tzeentch (60 mm base)

>> No.73468298

fuck you

>> No.73468309
File: 247 KB, 915x1136, 20190728_171445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neat. You should be fine, but it's worth also making it have a similar size to a regular DP so no one can complain about it being harder to see. Pic related is my khorne DP and he's significantly bigger than a regular DP, but that's really more of a disadvantage since he has no guns

>> No.73468318

>>check google to see how EM paints alpha legion, even if they gave CSMs retarded highlights
>>see this
They're lying their asses off mate, they just didn't want to admit they used a vallejo paint.

>> No.73468323

all my DPs are represented by gretchin, if you refuse to play against me I'll tell everyone you're a WAAC fag

>> No.73468335

The mixes look fucked but it's actually just adding more paint to the first mix

EM isn't allowed to use non gw paints anymore, they're only gw paints since like 2004

>> No.73468396

>EM isn't allowed to use non gw paints anymore, they're only gw paints since like 2004
correction, EM isn't allowed to publicly admit they do it. They still do it, they just have to desperately scramble to make a similar blend when people ask, like they did with the AL.

>> No.73468409

I'm curious about that with a bigger base sized daemon prince too, I'm working on one right now that I'm gonna try my best to fit on the 60 mm, but may have to go a bit larger given how the legs spread.

>> No.73468482
File: 306 KB, 1212x793, bigRedAndmyBoyBlue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based on my personal experience, it really depends on who you are playing. If you are playing casually, people tend not to care especially because you've clearly put in a lot of time and effort into making a custom daemon prince. But if it's a more competitive match or a local tournament, then it's going to cause issues since so much of the game is based on measuring from the bases. It sucks because it greatly restricts some of the crazier stuff you could do with chaos conversions, but it makes sense from a game perspective. Maybe have a space smaller base to sub in for when it matters or mark on the bigger base where the regular one would end so that even in a more casual game, you've got a way to still field it and settle anyone who would have an issue with it

>> No.73468492
File: 199 KB, 1504x2016, 105721508_766013287477049_2848370270815639857_n (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, I'm just starting out in 40k.

Currently putting together a guard army. (Reposting pic from prev thread).

I have a few questions:

- What are the regiment mixing rules? Can I incorporate Kreig and Scions in here? How do I learn more about (i.e. how to buy and play) other more exotic guard regiments like Tanith First and Only etc?

Also wondering about the strategic direction to go. I like the idea of incorporating heavy artillery, are Basilisks generally considered good?

Also, what are the prospects for guard in 9th edition? I feel like I'm starting at a bit of a weird time.

>> No.73468518
File: 2.22 MB, 1576x2000, 1515128537918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off back to historicals nazi fetishist.

>> No.73468522



>> No.73468526

It's pick a regiment for the detachment, all dudes in that detachment are of that regiment in order to gain the bonuses. So to field multiple regiments, you would need multiple detachments. Strategically, we're about to shift editions so it's kind of a toss up for what's going to be best in the next one. But the best advice I can give is get minis you like the look of and think you would enjoy building and painting.

>> No.73468538

They're not supposed to be in charging distance of anyone in the first place.

>> No.73468544

B-but I'm half jewish...

Cool, thanks

>> No.73468547

Nice, welcome.

>- What are the regiment mixing rules? Can I incorporate Kreig and Scions in here? How do I learn more about (i.e. how to buy and play) other more exotic guard regiments like Tanith First and Only etc?
Each detachment you take needs to be only one regiment to get a regiment bonus.*

*this doesn't count scions, commissars, psykers, navy flyers, inquisitors, techpriests, etc. Just guardsmen.

If you want Krieg and Cadians in the same army and for them to still have their special rules they need to be in separate detachments.

>Also wondering about the strategic direction to go. I like the idea of incorporating heavy artillery, are Basilisks generally considered good?
Thats kind of up to how you want to theme the army but yes artillery and basilisks are good. Basilisks are getting better in the new edition too.

>Also, what are the prospects for guard in 9th edition? I feel like I'm starting at a bit of a weird time.
Looking pretty good so far since guard
A) rarely ever actually horde up despite being a horde army in some ways
B) Have a fuckton of blast weapons and vehicles that now no longer have a penalty to hit if they move.

>> No.73468551

Saying a banished Harlequin model is like losing a model for Harlequins is like saying Loyalist lose models every time a new CSM model comes out.

>> No.73468561
File: 1.02 MB, 1000x1285, B3A9D0C3-998A-4292-A1E7-4E9B2BEFDF14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73468579

You have a pretty good small force there. With the edition change imminent I'd focus on building and painting those models and play some games with them, then you'll figure out what you're lacking and what you want to get.

>> No.73468616

There is no such thing as "half-jewish". You either have a Jewish mother, in which case you are a Jew, or have a Jewish father, in which case you are not a Jew.

>> No.73468623

Looks great. Comic-booky but in a good way

>> No.73468633

That's a relief to me, I mostly intend on playing with friends but I still am gonna try my best with what I got but I may have to make it fit if I can. I like that idea on marking where the regular one would end a lot though, I was thinking about using the normal base but extending some of it depending on how far they needed to go with stuff like corkboard and marking the edges where they should be with some kind of damage, dead thing or something else if the basing eats up too much of the base size.

>> No.73468638

You seem to be implying paying literally one (1) command point is a major downside to a T5 W9 unit that can crap out 6 S8 AP-4 Dd6 re-rollable at 12" a turn.

110pts would be steal for these fuckers.

>> No.73468641

That's a lot of infantry to paint for a starter, make sure not to get any more (especially hard-to-work with resin like Krieg) until you've got them painted up. This isn't autistic gatekeeping - the more unpainted models you have starting at you, the harder it gets to work on them. Don't buy too many, or you'll burn out hard.

>> No.73468652

Bought some Sororitas stuff. Total opposite of what I have rn aesthetically and playstyle wise. I wanted to make my own "following" called the Iron Valkyries just because it sounds cool. Wanted to give them Black hair that ends in red (blend) and make them all goth looking with "makeup". Does this sound too edgy/dumb? I think it is a bit silly but i kind of just wanted a cool Celestine with Black armor and bleeding eyes and red wings and the rest kind of came with that. Ik its super edgy but I kind of like that.

>> No.73468666

I meant order

>> No.73468715

You'd have to try it out on a model to test. usually they give the black armoured sororitas white hair because the contrast looks good, black hair black armour might be too edge.

>> No.73468745

If you presuppose Jewish doctrine and don't consider Semites in racial terms, then sort of

>> No.73468749

is there any reason to buy gw paints over vallejo? could i get the same results with maybe more work or whatever?

>> No.73468775

Roger that, thanks for the tip.

>> No.73468782

There is no reason to buy GW over Vallejo. It also depends paint to paint. I like GW's metallics and washes but everything else I go with Vallejo.

>> No.73468832

>I like GW's metallics
weird, I fucking hate gw mettalics, they always come out chunky and I get a much better job done with scale 75 and the vallejo metal color line.

>> No.73468870

Yeah that's my main concern. I might do eshin grey armor and then for celestine I could see what I can do to contrast that a bit.

>> No.73468881

Not same person but its very hit or miss with the GW Whites/Greys and Metallics. I always get smooth greys, smooth metallics, and chunky greys. My friend gets the oppsite. Its coincidence really but their paints can be really inconsistent sometimes.

>> No.73468885

You also have to factor in screens though and depending on your chapter the CP might have better uses, not to mention that other AT options dont have these issues

>> No.73468905

Gw paints work a lot better with gw primers. It's also a lot more convenient to get gw paints instead of autistically hunting for offbrand replacements.

>> No.73468922

My main gripe is with leadbelcher. Every fucking time the mica flakes just won't lay flat so I've just been using scale 75 for my dark metals.

>> No.73468934

>instead of autistically hunting for offbrand replacements.
Literally just find a paint color you like and make the scheme around that, it's that simple and a lot of game/model places carry vallejo by default. Learn the art instead of painting by numbers.

>> No.73468959

Yeah for me I get super chunky metallics from vallejo and the GW's are smooth as hell. Except for a light gold where both companies are super chunky.

>It's also a lot more convenient to get gw paints instead of autistically hunting for offbrand replacements.
My FLGS stocks just as much vallejo as GW.

>> No.73468961

Thanks bro but I'm just gonna spray my models with gw primer, wash them with gw washes and quickly drybrush to add color then use all my spare time to play games with my friends.

>> No.73468963

Can't you just ask the WAACfag to play at a handicap (like 500 points down)?

>> No.73469025

Go for it, I'm not spending $20 a can on automotive primer.

>> No.73469045

Anon, don't try to weasel out of this. We both know how it works.

>> No.73469057

I hear GW metallics and washes are better. Never tried Vallejo ones though, but leadbelcher and brass scorpion are my favorite paints.

>> No.73469077

>gw primer
I can get a can from Home Depot for $2 that does better than GW's.

>> No.73469080

The real answer is: you must experiment. There are good GW paints and good Vallejo ones. Averland sunset is the best yellow I've used even compared with Vallejo, for example.

>> No.73469128

I have no dog in this fight, I'm just saying I'm not a nazi like some Anon - possibly you - accused me of being.

>> No.73469159

>Averland sunset is the best yellow I've used

>> No.73469160

>too edgy for 40k
>faction that has flying almost dead babies
>regularly put people into bots to torment them
>army is fanatical and regularly puts people to the torch

i don't think anyone is gonna think twice about it. bleeding eyes is also in character for them, the blood rose is known for their folks getting so riled up they glow red.

>> No.73469185

And I'm just trying to prevent you from lying.

>> No.73469191

can black templar successors take librarians? sorry if I'm retarded and missed an obvious rule stating this

>> No.73469206


Also Black Templars don't have successors.

>> No.73469208

There are no BT successors, only Fist successors. Read the rules again.

>> No.73469209

>can black templar successors

Dont exist in rules or fluff.

>> No.73469242

cool, thanks. I know they don't have successors in lore but wasn't sure how that dealt with picking custom chapter tactics and such

>> No.73469244

Successor chapter exist from either one of two ways.
1) Creation from the primogenitor gene seed.
2) Breaking up of a Chapter that got too large.

Templars are not a first founding chapter so the first doesn't apply. They also don't break their chapter up and are WELL over the chapter limit.

>> No.73469264

>but wasn't sure how that dealt with picking custom chapter tactics and such

You can use the Black Templar rules and character to count as your chapter, its just a paint scheme, in that case you follow all their rules and limitations just with a new coat of paint so no Librarians for you unless its in another detachment with other chapter tactic.

>> No.73469303
File: 20 KB, 300x246, sad-ork-300x246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Played my second game ever topday and got fucked. Whats the counter to space wolves as orks? I get fucked on shooting, and they dont seem worse enough in melee to matter if do get in. Also whos dick do I have to suck to not fail 3 charges off da jump/tellyporta? Although I did fuck up quite a few things in the mid game like forgetting th pain boys ability. Had the charges worked, I would have had a sick pincer maneuver and split him between two fronts, instead of sitting there with my thumb up my ass the whole game. How do i git gud tg?

>> No.73469308

How about you try to prevent your Mother from sucking my dick so hard

>> No.73469323

I think mek gunz are top tier shooting still.

>> No.73469389

Chaos Primaris when?

>> No.73469401
File: 641 KB, 2500x997, IMG_1583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got 6 tac marine bodies left.

I'm going to paint them as marines from the
>Brazen Claws
>Black Dragons
>Iron Snakes

Convince me why I should represent some other chapters that are your favorites instead.

>> No.73469402


>> No.73469420

you can reroll failed charges. for orks you need to maximize, get some nobs with banners and run 30 deep in boys for hitting on 2s. lootas are always good. ghaz is good, if expensive and major target. jump pack boys are good for working as chaff.

i've been regularly losing to orks because there is too much to kill before i'm swarmed.

>> No.73469532
File: 1.90 MB, 3020x2516, My Orks - Evil Sunz 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also whos dick do I have to suck to not fail 3 charges off da jump/tellyporta?
Evil Sunz, Son!

And don't worry too much about it, you'll get better with time.

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