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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/ Edition

>Faction Focus:
Imperial Knights: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/27/faction-focus-imperial-knights/

>War of the Spider PDF:

>Warhammer Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izGwDsrQ1eQ[Open] [Embed] [Open] [Embed] [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):


>TQ: What is your favorite unit from your least favorite army?

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First for Death Guard

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whats for preorder today? what week did 8th go up for preorder?

is it time?

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Reminder that this will be completely useless and needs to be entirely reworked for 9th.

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shadowseer I guess but I haven't seen a color scheme that I like 100% on them yet

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Do models exist in 40k?

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female IG when

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Pariah and the models

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>your favorite unit from your least favorite army?
I dislike the Imperium in general, but Skitarii are so cool.

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I'm enjoying the salt from WAACfags that they have to pay CP to use the daemon primarchs now.

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>10/10 in center left
>surrounded by 3-5/10s

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When you convert them

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>Organize game with someone through FB group
>Get to game store
>Other player starts unpacking Deathwatch/Black Templars/Death Korps
>Pack my stuff up and leave
>Doxx him when I get home and report him to his employer
Hate has no home in MY hobby

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>daemon primarchs
I know /40kg/ doesn’t play, but come on now.

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Fuck trannies
Fuck niggers
Fuck gw pricing
Fuck cheap brushes
Fuck diversity
Fuck moldlines
Fuck AOS
And most importantly fuck shitty paintjobs

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You will not be missed.

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they are already out for preorder. im talking about next week

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I recall someone did a colorized image. Wonder if anyone has it

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>Daemon Primarchs
Fuck off Loyalist nigger

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Oh, I'm not saying that the primarchs are WAAC, I've just seen a lot of WAACfags I know whining that the primarchs won't be usable for them.

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Didn’t the Imperial guard always have women serving?

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Neither will you when you suicide

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TQ: probably this lad

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Prove that you’re not a secondary right now. Post models.

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>What is your favorite unit from your least favorite army?
Grey Knight Baby Carrier.
Hate the GK, all of Ward's special snowflake writing killed any kind of interest I had.
But I unironically love the Baby Carrier. I just wished it was an IG, SoB or AM thing instead.

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Next week is Age of Sigmar's General's Handbook (their chapter approved) and some Blood Bowl stuff

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Given what anons did with AVGNs friend im surprised no ones combed through their footage to find a buldge unless you guys think they had bottom surgery like the nu sisters

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We are going to beat you to death

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I realize this is bait but I'm missing some context. BT being Imperial Jihadis I get the hate part, but why Deathwatch and DKoK? They're spec ops and WWI soldiers, how does that equate to hatred.

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>for everyone
>you can no longer buy 3 vehicles for £25
Yeah fuck your racist company

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I'll vote for that being fixed if you vote for my chapter trait being able to be used more than one devastator doctrine turn and then is useless.

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Death squads and nazis respectively

>> No.73444830

LOL so true

>> No.73444832

I mix cornstarch in with my paint

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Commisars from IG
just finished this tactical box of manlets
>looks like shit
Im mostly displeased myself with the execution, but there are a few aspects I like, so I'll try harder on the next manlets that arrive
also, as a general lorelet, who's the enemy of averland in WHFB so I can get that paintscheme for my nids?

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>Specialize in eliminating other races
>Kill Team = Death Squad

>Death Korps
>Their symbol
>The masks

Ugh....BEYOND problematic....

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BT players are a bunch of Catholic because its trad alt right

Krieg players are nazis

Deathwatch are basically secret police genocidal kill teams

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>reverse image search
>0 results found

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If black templars bother anyone then the entire imperium of man should bother them. They are secondaries and they will not be missed

>> No.73444870

Yeah I know French people are disgusting

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They don’t have the balls to actually disenfranchise their core fanbase. Everyone knows that the lgbtlmnop “community” In 40k aren’t the ones buying stuff.

>> No.73444882

But neither of them are those things. Real life death squads aren't elite assassins, they're usually an irregular unit or a "militia" with little to no training; dudes with AKs running around gunning down civilians, which is the exact opposite of the death watch. And kriegers are WWI not WWII.

Is this a bait and switch (pun intended) where the obvious bait is the SJW tone, but the more insidious bait is making people argue about armies?

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fuck off heretic

>> No.73444893

I really like the axe+shield loadout and the classic closed sarcophagus.

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Anon, I guarantee you that you're wrong there. You know has more disposable income than someone with kids? Gay dudes.

>> No.73444904

I don't know why you're arguing with me I don't support the position, I'm just stating the conclusion the shitposter was drawing from

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you're gonna hate when they execute the terminus decree, and kaldor draigo becomes the new emperor then.

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Based paint thickening anon

>> No.73444914

It's so funny, people shouting the loudest about muh representation and all that are never the people who actually buy anything.

>> No.73444916

Outside of men doing women cosplay I have never seen a fag play this. At best painting.

>> No.73444917

>weapons made of ice
I hate this.

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There are loads of trannies on 40k twitter

>> No.73444921 [DELETED] 

Too bad they spend it all on lady gaga concerts and AIDS medication

>> No.73444922

Speaking as an actual leftist, the only army I can see being offensive to people on my side of the court is Genestealer Cults because of some the fluff, but that doesn't happen, just in echo-chambers like a small twitter chain or in anon's head.

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We have a fag at our shop but he plays, paints, and quotes crime statistics.

>> No.73444929

Theres literally 3 different skin types of orks in a 2 page spread in the June WD. Its really grating.

>> No.73444934

>mfw I touch a spike on a chaos model

>> No.73444942

Been thinking about shenanigans with the new rules here. I like to use da jump to put boyz and such right into the other army's faces to thin down their forces and protect units slogging up the board. I also enjoy using tellyporta to bring in a gorkanaut carrying 6 nobz with power klaws to their flank, helps to divide fire and try to finish off their chaff while the nobz make a charge against their armor to rip it to pieces. Whats nice about the SR rules is that the CP cost is the combined power ratings, so as long as you don't go over 19 PL you can bring in multiple units for the same CP cost. Been breaking it down a bit, I've got:

>29 boyz with slugga/choppa, boss nob with power klaw, 3 tankbusta bombs
>19 boyz with slugga/choppa, boss nob with power klaw, 2 tankbusta bombs
>18 PL, 380 points

>big mek with KFF + Da Fixer Upper (deathskulls)
>3 x deff dread with 4 KMB each (deathskulls)
>12 s8/AP-3/D6 shots, get 5+ ranged save, flat 3 wound repair per turn
>19 PL, 298 points

Just having some fun building lists and thinking about the tactic. Think about a castling army like tau, then you da jump a mob of boyz or something in the same turn you use SR to bring in those troops, and finally tellyporta to bring in another unit like the gorkanaut. The boyz you da jumped can attack and act as screens for the gorkanaut that you tellyporta in, or screep the big mek and dreads. Could easily be a waste of points and CP, but it will be fun to try out.

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One of the three owners of my LGS is a gay fella and he plays Mordian Iron Guard.

>> No.73444953

Post conversions.

>> No.73444954

Fine, but only Infantry.

>> No.73444955

>What is your favorite unit from your least favorite army?
Scions are the only respectable part of a guard army.

>> No.73444957

I don’t know what to tell you, but ork come in all shades of green

>> No.73444959

>Implying GW even cares about the GK anymore.

>> No.73444960

Alright fellas. How have you been doing? Done anything new?

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>> No.73444967

>Axe and shield
>On a dreadnought
I feel like space wolves are the only chapter where this can happen
>I am awoken
>Where... am I?
>You were badly injured so we had to put you in a dreadnought, my lord
>Ah, I see... Is it time for battle? Hand me my axe, and my shield
>But, sir.... you're a dreadnou-
>I SAID hand me my axe and shield!
>Y-yes my lord

>> No.73444969

post you're models tough guy.

>> No.73444970

A man of taste I see

>> No.73444971

>Brother, the gellar fields failed...

>> No.73444974

are manlet kitbashes conversions? >>73444844
I just wanted a (you)

>> No.73444981

Been playing since 3rd ed and have accrued a lot over the years.

>> No.73444982

I wish they weren't so hit and miss, the new repentia looking godawful turns me off of starting SoB and makes me wonder how the the 30 year old ones are actually closer to the art, but then the zephyrim and sister squad are perfect.

>> No.73444983

Stupid chart, pass

>> No.73444991

>it took a space wolf player to dethrone Iron Warrior truescale autists

>> No.73444993

Introducing the Shield Host of the Adolescent Feline

>> No.73444994

Too cool for you, punk?

If you're not deeply offended by every single 40k army you're not a true leftist.

>> No.73444995

first for TAU

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>> No.73444997

Hey, BA have jump pack dreads, we all get a bit silly at times.


>> No.73444998

>pilot discovers he can freely spin at the "waist" of his new body
>two hand his axe and spin to win across the battlefield

i can 100% see a SW do this in canon

>> No.73444999

Dude, I love that stroke marine you got there. stealing this.

>> No.73445005

You don't need to worry about the Repentia.
They remain as worthless as they have always been.

>> No.73445016

Ork skin tone canonically changes shades as they grow.

>> No.73445021


>> No.73445029

Joke's on you dude, I play Space Wolves. I just started them back in the days when diamond "ice" chain teeth and werewolves were as crazy as it got.

>> No.73445035

I have never seen someone here mention using Lumineth as CWE

>> No.73445037

>crazy green lunatics scattered across millions of planets can never have different skin tones
>people in real life scattered across 1 planet cover every shade

are you retarded? Ive painted my orks with various skin tones just for variety.

>> No.73445048


>> No.73445052

>Yes ancient one?

>> No.73445056

>Imagine being so racist you can't even stand different fictional space fungus races.

>> No.73445060

Lumineth sound terrible as CWE. I've seen some 10/10 DE Mandrakes made from Idoneth though.

>> No.73445061

AoS shill made that meme, probably the same dude telling CSM players to use blood warriors for their berserkers

>> No.73445062

I don't like any Sisters of Battle units, unless if you count Adeptus Ministorum units (which I wouldn't)

>> No.73445069


>> No.73445076

I always thought that Tau should get a tachikoma type unit as an elite. Something maneuverable with decent fire power that worked in small units of 3 to 5 that you'd use to support your squishier units.

>> No.73445078 [DELETED] 

>go to my Christian flgs
>bout to play
>fella pulls out his kriegz/IG army
>we both nod respectfully
>pull out our guns and blow out the brains of a tranny that just walked in
>everyone in the Christian flgs starts clapping and nodding respectfully

>> No.73445092

Wulfen: "Let me try!"
*spine snaps*

>> No.73445095

So stealth suits?

>> No.73445097

Its more to do with the studio being lazy, and only repainting some stuff.

Like when they have large Imperial Fists collections in a photo from GW, and some are Averland Sunset, while some are using that new Phalanx Yellow.

>> No.73445098

Don’t forget putting a crazy half Wolf space marine into a dread

>> No.73445100

>being filtered by a mere chart
>still responds

>> No.73445102


>> No.73445103

You are literally describing stealth suits

>> No.73445112

Do wulfen speak? Not up on my SW lore, abut I thought they were just bestial werewolves too stupid to operate a gun.

>> No.73445113

Yes, but cool! I don't play tau so I have no idea what niche they'd fill, but you can't deny that the design fits for the army.

>> No.73445120

Didn't they just find him like that?

Probably some SW techmarine that went "Awww, can I keep him?"

>> No.73445122


>> No.73445126

they're not comparable. blood warriors as berzerks is common as fuck. literally noone will be using moomoo elves, let alone for 40k. thats why GW had to give them OP rules in AoS.

>> No.73445129

>stealth suits aren't cool
Imbecilic frogposter

>> No.73445133

>you can't deny that small spider tanks fit the army whose entire vehicle roster is skimmers


>> No.73445138

Not him, but old stealthsuits were peak cool compared to the XV25s

>> No.73445150

>has no colour for painted

>> No.73445159

Whenever I paint orks I do them in batches of 3s or 5s depending on the unit, mixing my own skin highlights fresh for each batch. I use the same base skin tone (medium olive) and the same highlight color (vallejo's version of flashgitz yellow) so their skin tones all look similar enough as an army to feel cohesive, but there is enough variation across the army to not make it seem "mass produced" if that makes sense.

>> No.73445176

Grimnar was attacking a daemon world and just found this insane unmarked dreadnought wandering around killing daemons. The best part is that all the SW markings and

>*grimnar and friends breach a daemon stronghold*
>*see an unmarked dreadnought butchering daemons*
>D-did we bring a dreadnought?
>Well it's unmarked and came from the warp, so we should probably destro-

Keep in mind Grimnar did the exact same thing with his axe, the wulfen, and an entire armored company of space marines. The SW really don't fear the warp.

>> No.73445184


>> No.73445186

*all the SW markings were added AFTER they found him

>> No.73445193

elves of all flavous (40k/fantasy) having OP rules is as old as the hills

>> No.73445196

>>has no colour for painted
Are you retarded or blind?

>> No.73445204

>the space wolves just keep anything cool they find after a battle

WTF I love SW now

Also jokes aside is that why their fleet is so retardedly much bigger than any other chapters?

>> No.73445207 [DELETED] 

Part of that is different models being painted at different times, part of it is GW's recent habit of half-ass photoshopping models into promo shots, and part of it is a Jew plot to get you to accept women and minorities into your safe space

>> No.73445209

I'm glad people are still posting this
It's my model after being in an alcohol bath but before brushing

>> No.73445223

>tfw my LGS won't hold games for at least one more month

>> No.73445231

>LGS manager texts me to set me up with a game with a literal blind man because "he thinks it should be someone patient"

I have no idea what I'm in for here but I agreed.

>> No.73445245

Please tell us about your experience in greentext format once you've played the game.

>> No.73445246

thank gosh that's the truth and not someone's legit abortion

>> No.73445248

I can't wait for the green text post complaining about LoS in the game. All in good fun, of course.

>> No.73445249

Still not done but getting there.

>> No.73445252 [DELETED] 

Based ally janny saving the world from redpills.

>> No.73445253

Because SW loot enemy space ships just as much. There's even a short bit in a codex (forgot which edition) about some jarl getting BTFO in a space battle, he gets angry and orders all marines to boarding pods. Their ship gets wrecked, they board the enemy ship, kill everything on board, and now that is their new company ship.

>> No.73445257

Tell me about it, man. I run my D&D campaign at my LGS and play 40k there so I've just been kinda doing nothing at my house for months.

>> No.73445260

>posting on /tg/ mid game
no wonder they forced the blind nigga to play with ur ass.

>> No.73445261

all those chaincannons slaughtered...

>> No.73445263

i should not be laughing this hard at this stupid post

>> No.73445272

I've had too many armies over the years, but now i've trimmed it down to just my blood ravens, custodes, and IG. My blood angels and 1 knight mostly exist to be on display

>> No.73445275


>> No.73445276

That sucks bro
My local LGS still isnt holding games so I have to drive to a further one for my games now.

>> No.73445279

So who loots more, SW or BR?

>> No.73445283

>raw you should roll a d3 for every one of your 30 arc flagellant attacks
what is the point bruh, just make it 2 attacks.

>> No.73445284

The game isn't till wednesday retard, he just texted me about it today.

>> No.73445285

Based heavyarms

>> No.73445294

Wot!? Beakies lootin’? ‘at’s cultural appropriation! WAAAGH!

>> No.73445300

How the fuck does that work for blind people? They cant see shit so surely they cant enjoy the models or painting.

>> No.73445317

>post yfw the blind guy has a painted army but you don't

>> No.73445321

Not only do they loot enemy ships a lot (Ragnar's flagship is a strike cruiser his predecessor stole from a khorne warband) but they never had to divy up their fleet to successors. That's why the SW have more battle barges than they have companies (although at least 4 were destroyed during M.41, so now they "only" have 9.

>> No.73445323

He can still enjoy modeling. You can see with your fingers.

>> No.73445326

It really depends on what kind of blindness he has. Maybe he just has really shit distance but can see within a few feet which would make 40k ideal.

>> No.73445328

This may be mind boggling but it is possible to actually enjoy the game

>> No.73445339

SW loot ships, BR loot wargear.

>> No.73445340


reposting in this thread. I really like the combined arms look/strategy of guard and I'm pretty dead-set on playing imperial guard, but can't choose between cadians or (recasted) death korps

>> No.73445342

Did he die

>> No.73445344


>> No.73445354

Provided you paint your shit and do a little bit of work, no one will be able to tell the difference between recasts and legit fw.

>> No.73445357

Bitch he got run over by a train what the fuck do you think?

Did he die. Fuck off.

>> No.73445362


>> No.73445364

Flip a coin, heads for Cadians and tails for DKoK. Now flip. While the coin was in the air, which side did you hope it would land on? That is your answer. Best of luck friend and happy painting.

>> No.73445373


>> No.73445382

greenstuff a tiny bowtie for the little dancing fella in the middle

>> No.73445388

Do steel legion you little shit

>> No.73445391

The recast is the non brittle one.

>> No.73445398

Play up the storytelling aspect.
>IMAGINE... It's the 41st millennium...
>Your captain's power sword crackles with energy and pierces the plague marine's armor, guts and pus popping and spilling out onto the ground beneath.

the GW store employee did this at my demo game and I liked it, probably all he could work with since his store didn't have any free shit to give away

>> No.73445402


>> No.73445407

today's just applying gold trim to my new Emperor's Children. What should I put on the TV while I paint?

>> No.73445415

Greetings from the coarse guard. The right one isn't a conversion.

>> No.73445425

can Broadsides take it?

>> No.73445433

Broadsides aren’t Infantry, so they can ignore heavy regardless in 9th.

>> No.73445440 [DELETED] 

> The train driver honks several times before the crash, but the man doesn't seem to realize that. His friend also tries to warn him to call. "Hold on, hold on," Shiva seems to keep saying.

>He is completely unaware of the approaching danger and keeps smiling. Apparently he misjudges the speed of the train. Immediately after the blow, the images stop. The man is said to have been admitted to a private hospital and has since become stable, The Siasat Daily reports.

>Accidents occur regularly on the railways in India, and young people do not always seem aware of the dangers. This is also evident from the video in the tweet below. It is not clear where or when those images were taken.

>> No.73445442

Ru Paul's Drag Race

>> No.73445443

Other than Lamentors, which chapter had some bad luck?

>> No.73445453

I suppose I could do that. I have a fair amount of experience DMing.

>> No.73445455

Same for inexorable advance on dg, its a little better, but very little returns on it now. Really hope they do something, for the rules like this. 9th looks great but losing little but really helpful rules like this is a feelsbad.

>> No.73445458

>>>>73445407 I wasn't meant to tag you.

>> No.73445463

steel legion doesnt look very good. looks like more scientists

>> No.73445467

You can do it, we believe in you!

>> No.73445485

Don’t some Deathguard infantry have heavy weapons? Stabilization Systems is actually going to do literally nothing because it only affects Battlesuits, and no Infantry that are Battlesuits have heavy weapons.

>> No.73445492 [DELETED] 

Stuff is often worse looking then it is in vids like that. Not at all reliable footage. but sperg harder.

>> No.73445499


>> No.73445504

aww i thought you were going to have him looking at his plasma pistol

>> No.73445524

thats actually a cool deredeo conversion

>> No.73445537

>I completely forgot
I got more manlets and more plasma pistols coming anon

>> No.73445538 [DELETED] 

>sperg harder
>he says as he spergs out

>> No.73445539

been gone for a while (since 5th edition), new rules are wild, no more vehicles? morale is weird?

how are tyranids doing? being able to retreat from combat and blast them next phase sounds like it really screws over your fragile fast melee guys

>> No.73445540

>shits with malicious intent

>> No.73445544

>It has a gaping anus

>> No.73445558

So how long until GamesWorkShop tries to straight up sue Tabletop Simulator? Their efforts to DMCA individual model uploads on the workshop and MEGAs has proven absolutely futile with people just re-uploading them under different names (or hiding them on discord) and last count as many as possibly three thousand people play 40k on it. And we know even one person playing their games illegally and FOR FREE sears them with burning pain like Satan getting in a bath of holy water.

>> No.73445562

That's why i said, diminishing returns. Definitely worse for rules like that one.

>> No.73445572 [DELETED] 

Every single news source I’ve found says the poo survived.

>> No.73445584

They wouldn't have a case. Tabletop simulator isn't responsible for how people model stuff once they purchase the game. Also the products are derivative which can be considered fair us in places like the EU. Itcs be like trying to sue XCOM because someone made a 40k mod

>> No.73445587

They should give every DG model Disgustingly Resilient as a trait, except maybe cultists

>> No.73445591

really need to actually sit down and paint, but here's a recent picture of a guy from my backlog

>> No.73445592

I'm working on a successor chapter to the raven guard

>Warriors of The Deep
>the fleet corvus sent out of the galaxy has 5 battle barges return because they were close enough to become aware of the creation of the great rift
>mostly vetrans on their last legs having fought the horrors of deep space for centuries
>run into imperials and are horrified by what they find because they weren't aware of the horus heresy
>set about cleaning up parts of the dark imperium
>They meet with their cousins the Blood Angels who get them up to speed
>Terra and Guilliman officially form the surviving Terran Raven Guard into a new chapter bolstering them with primaris marines
>Guilliman lets them choose their first chapter master upon receiving the primaris
>The veteran continue their crusade in the mean time drawing the ire of the eldar
>a craftworld nearly destroys the old fleet ships barely repaired on Baal before they had set off again
>at the darkest hour a single primaris Master of Sanctity Brother Marnius crashed the battle barge The Dove’s Sorrow into a craftworld single handedly saving the newly formed chapter and posthumously promoting him to the first chapter master.
>he Master sanctity and chapter master are now one position in the chapter called i dunno yet

>> No.73445593

how does a heavy weapons team within a guard squad work exactly. do they have to move with the squad?

>> No.73445609

If I wanted to play Imperial Knights, where would I start? What is the WAACfag build so I know to avoid it?

>> No.73445612

>hiding it on discords
I know of one but they fucking put every model into one giant install package and it's a pain in the ass, I just want the ones for my specific army

>> No.73445613

>they all pick up the gun
>they move
>they set it back down

>> No.73445615


>> No.73445617

Without seeing? You can't do fucking anything, anon is pretty much going to play alone

>> No.73445618

Yeah like that time they tried to DMCA valve because they couldn't stop individual steam workshop creators, and valve just fucking laughed at them.

>> No.73445623


That is a THICC cloak

>> No.73445625

Take them using the Admech codex

>> No.73445627

There isnt one anymore. Knights are in a tough spot

>> No.73445635

Here's my commissar bro

>> No.73445639

why the hell wouldn't you put one in literally every squad then? costs too much in terms of points?

>> No.73445641

Okay cool. Thanks.

>> No.73445649

Purchase the SM half of dark imperium or the coming 9the box and buy a single Knight to run with them. This is the least faggoty way to start a knight army.

>> No.73445650

Excellent taste but you could have glued or painted an aquila somewhere

>> No.73445657

Heavy weapon teams are different units compared to standard guardsmen expected to perform different tasks and follow different tactics.

>> No.73445660

She's probably as cruel as she is beautiful

>> No.73445661

Moving with the infantry squad means they hit on 5s, better to take them as a HS option

>> No.73445664

Hot. Is her loadout supposed to be bolt pistol + chainsword?

>> No.73445667

aren't most tts models hosted elsewhere and the files you're installing just links to those files so tts can just quickly find those models and save them to your cache?

>> No.73445672

The issue with knights isn't so much WAAC (though that can be an issue) it's that mono knights are going to be unfun for one of you. Either your opponent brings a TAC list, in which case 60% of his army can barely hurt you, you focus down the ones that can, then spend 3 turns tabling him, or he list tailors, brings loads of anti-tank, and you get tabled t2.

Mono knights are generally just boring. You want to play knights? Start some Admech and model them in your knight house's colors, then fluff them as house troops. Admech synergize great with knights and you can still take a knight or 2 with a couple squires alongside a health amount of admech infantry.

>> No.73445673

Because you dont like the models or dont think they're cool.

>> No.73445682

With the changes that we've seen so far, will this have an impact on the better options for the Eldar Guardian's weapons platform?

I'm not going to stick anything together yet until 9th is out, but I'm curious all the same

>> No.73445696

BS4, you lose a lasgun for FRFSRF, and you have to be more stationary (not necessarily bad) if you want to hit with it
It's not a bad idea though, especially if you want to protect a more expensive heavy weapon like a lascannon

>> No.73445698 [DELETED] 

Why do weebs so often also turn out to be Nazis?

>> No.73445713

I need to get all my models in one for pictures sometime
About 2500 in sisters
2750 in admech
A Knight Errant, two armiders and a moirax
3 SoS squads and the new bitch with the custard, as well as an RT era custodes
An Avenger Strike Fighter, yarrick and some other random IG bits
Inquisitor Karamazov, Inquisitor Greyfax, two Jokaero, Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau
Eversor and Vindicare Assassins
probably a lot of other stuff I dont remember

>> No.73445720


>> No.73445724

Nevermind, I thought this was a fluff question.

>> No.73445728

Cool but he looks stupid and non-scary..

>> No.73445730


Nice lenses, painted well overall! What are you thinking for basing?

>> No.73445733

>can't deny
>>not a flying skimmer or hooved biped walker
>>obvious necron bits
>>weird spider design
>>cables willy nilly v sleek tau design
>>weird porthole with fucking chains
>>literally holding a godamn autogun with the mag STILL IN but with pulse bit glued to the front
>>internal front-facing mounted cannon on army that exclusively uses handheld or shoulder/turret mounted weapons
you are a very special kind of ignorant

>> No.73445739

How can a model look so great and so empty at the same time?

>> No.73445747

a lascannon as part of the HWT within the squad, or a lascannon turret or mounted on a vehicle or something?

>> No.73445749


>> No.73445751

looks like something off half life 2

>> No.73445755

Good contrast, proper panel lining and sweet highlights

>> No.73445756 [DELETED] 

Happy sunday anons :)

>> No.73445759

Well, I already play AdMech, and part of the reason I want to play Knights is of course to take one or two with my cogboys.

But I kinda wanted to play them as their own house too. I think the idea of big stompy feudal psuedo-European knights is just too fuckong cool to not do. I even have some converted IG that were kitbashed with some Bretonnian Men at Arms/ Warlord games model that I could play as armed serfs.

>> No.73445760

OP here, yes it's not a Tau model and everything is intentional. It just uses some Tau parts

>> No.73445762

>regularly tell the weird MGTOW dudes at my store to quit bitching about women in our store
>my own girlfriend is slowly getting more interested in the game, but I really really don't want her to start playing because I know she'd be annoying as hell to play against

>> No.73445765

>you lose a lasgun for FRFSRF

You don't, actually. Heavy Weapon Teams come with a Lasgun by default and take a Heavy Weapon option in addition. So you get the spotter's pot-shot as well.

>> No.73445768

He needs his left greave to be in red.

>> No.73445773

that beakie looks nice, guess I should give me next few manlets beakies aswell, since im running low on GK helmets anyway

>> No.73445775

>Intel confirms that bug plasma should be random and light

>> No.73445781

One person's opinion.

>> No.73445788

>we posted shittily painted models we never play with, we're so much better than secondaries
it's like seeing gymbrahs spamming DYEL and gloating their one rep max but watching their spine make a perfect arc outward when they do deadlift

>> No.73445808

complaining about arch is autism though.

>> No.73445810

He's right. It's literally a fact

>> No.73445811

What if he doesn't want to play Space Marines?

>> No.73445813

>> No.73445815

Business idea:

A 40k anime
It's cute girls doing cute things
It's not set in the 40k setting rather it follows girls who collect various armies
Girls personalities either perfectly fit or are subversions (protag is obvious space marines, but like quiet nice girl who plays chaos. Etc..)
Battles are animated as if they were real

Fund it.

>> No.73445817

Are you retarded

>> No.73445819

I like all Terminator equivalents except for Terminators

>> No.73445821

Then collect them just to model, paint, and fluff, but when you qctually play always bring some admech, unless you're playing weird games.

My store does big "kaiju battles" once a month or so to give people an excuse to run all their Lords of War. Lots of knights, nidzilla, and even AoS monsters with kludged together 40k rules. You could prpose something similar

>> No.73445826


>> No.73445828

>it's one persons opinion so that makes it not fucking retarded and completely wrong
oh look, now his type of ignorance is a little less special

>> No.73445836


>> No.73445842

>all of them play Tyranids anyway

>> No.73445843

Post models.

>> No.73445855

Also one person's opinion. And that's ok. ;)

>> No.73445857

That sounds awful.

>> No.73445858

I had an idea for a 40k anime that follows a Harlequin troupe as they wander through the galaxy, sometimes getting into fights, sometimes falling in love, all the time being fucking glamorous.

>> No.73445863


>> No.73445867

>he wants a 40k show full of japanesisms and weebshit

That could only possibly work if the writers are western and the primary dub is english.

>> No.73445869

What if my main opponent plays Death Guard and always brings Mortarion?

>> No.73445873

Awfully amazing.

>> No.73445884

We already have manga like afterschool dice club

>> No.73445891

I built the fucking model you goof.
>>73445733 is correct
>>73445113 is wrong

>> No.73445892 [DELETED] 

is this what anime niggers are seriously into? jesus christ, no wonder everyone calls you faggots faggots

>> No.73445894

Chaosniggers get out

>> No.73445916

if they got some kind of jap cartoon maker from the late 80's-early 90's when they were all into gruesome violence and depressing war stories things would probably work out.

>> No.73445918

yes? what is being referred to as being protected? do you mean that the act of the heavy weapon within the squad is protection in and of itself? it isn't very clear

>> No.73445926

Yes, and that is YOUR opinion which you are certainly allowed to have. It belongs to you, and as such is one person's opinion.

>> No.73445934

Then you bring a knight or two, not a full list. Look dude you've read my reasoning. I think mono knights will always lead to bad games in a PUG. What you choose based on this is up to you.

>> No.73445937

im gay, ive played warhammer for 20 years. ive spent more on the hobby than you will ever earn i your life.

>> No.73445940

Nice Primaris Grey Knights, anon!

>> No.73445946

Don't try and death of the author me you fag, he's wrong. His opinion, that he holds, it is wrong. It is like having the opinion that the sun is green. It is wrong

>> No.73445948

>mfw Dio

>> No.73445951

No it wouldn't, because Japs can't write Americans or Brits worth a damn, and I don't want a show full of those stupid japanese tropes and idioms. Western writer and primary dub or bust. The japs are still too dependent on tropes and archetypes. I want characters not templates.

>> No.73445955

That would definitely not be the case in what the first anon proposed though

>> No.73445956

Cute Iron Warriors or whatever

>> No.73445965


>> No.73445971

Can't you just paint them as an admech-aligned house and use the Admech codex's rules for admech knights?

>> No.73445972

well yes, but that anon is a stupid weeb and his disgusting weeb opinions can be safely ignored

>> No.73445974

They are being stripped currently, I hated the way they felt

>> No.73445976


>> No.73445980

Here are your new Tyranid models.

>> No.73445998

Inquisition Scions are finally the first army I have that I will likely play in a current edition game larger than 500pts...
Played nids when I was a little babby, new to the hobby in 2007, when i was a retarded 10 yr old.
Collected Black legion chaos from like 2013-2014
Then I started collecting red scorpions and vraks renegades (and a lot of random shit like a couple GK and cypher) circa 2017 but eventually just focused on red scorpions. I played a ~500pt game of early 8E against myself with them once.
Now I just collect ADHD imperial forces (inquisition, Ministorum, Deathwatch painted as Red Hunters, Xenarite mechanicus, DKoK) while actually trying to finish painting my complete Scions-in-valkyries army.

ally my nids are lost/gone from moving since then and a lot of my chaos are broken and in boxes packed away.

>> No.73446000

The sun is green; it's Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

>> No.73446004

>Assume anon earns only 40k/year his entire life
>Assume anon only worked for 20 yrs, dying when he was 40.
>Gayanon has spent at least 800k on warhammer
Damn son

>> No.73446008

This will be your new Kaiser.

>> No.73446032

I like.

>> No.73446033

ad mech is the definition of secondary

>> No.73446034

Opinions aren't necessarily based in fact, sometimes they aren't based in any kind of logic. As such opinions can't be "wrong".

And that isn't one man's opinion, its definition.

>> No.73446062

>Was going to buy some Hostile Enviorments upgrade kits from FW today
>They, along with other Imperial Guard stuff is no longer available

>> No.73446064

As much as I am a weeb, this idea just sucks.
Everyone knows that the only material in the 40k universe suited for anime media is Farsight.

>> No.73446079

which of you niggers is ready for telemon to delete your heavy armor?

>> No.73446081

Opinions can be wrong so long as they run up against established fact. Being right and wrong are entirely seperate from the ability to hold or generate the opinion itself. Something can also be both an opinion and a fact. In this case Anons opinion that spider tanks fit Tau aesthetic is wrong and his opinion that the model posted fits Tau aesthetic is also wrong. You are a cuck for trying tk conflate his ability to state an opinion with whether or not an opinion can be wrong, and such an argument is pointless in the first place because it does not actually address his stated opinion and the arguments presented against it.

>> No.73446088

beakies are cool. Outside of a single 10 man assault squad nicknamed the Hawks, I try to reserve them only for veterans and officers

>> No.73446094

I don't even go to FW's site anymore, there is so unbelievably much shit they no longer sell. Sucks that FW forces you to go to recasters if you want anything that isn't released last few months

>> No.73446106

But my army has no heavy armor....

>> No.73446112

I don't care I don't watch digimon

>> No.73446124

I'm working on options for my primaris bikers now. what you working on?

>> No.73446126

How so?

>> No.73446142

Spent half an hour releveling my printer this morning in hopes of getting more consistent prints. Right now I'm painting sisters

>> No.73446146

I doubt it.

>> No.73446157

Fix the knee. You know it doesn't work, stop putting it off. If you're lost look at models like Ragnar that already have the bent primaris knee.

>> No.73446160


>> No.73446162

Hair metal.

>> No.73446173

Im mad because they were available yesterday and I waited till today to see if any friends wanted anything from FW while I was going to order from there.

>> No.73446174

Converting up a primaris wulfen rune priest.

>> No.73446176

You mean the vent?

>> No.73446185


>> No.73446195

The all girl necromunda gang (esher) would make decent catachan female troopers. Might want to get different heads... because GW.

>> No.73446203

>Armies on parade
I can't wait for this years. I'm going to wreck.

>> No.73446206

I just dont like the regular evil gril manlet helmet, but it might grow on me with time
for now im playing around with GK helmets and beakies for /mydudes/

>> No.73446212


finished the mortar today. Just gotta do the blade and sponsor guns

>> No.73446213

>watching TT battlereport
>they're literally standing on opposite sides of room shouting at each other and wearing gloves to play.
why is the UK government so retarded.

>> No.73446218

Still one man's opinion.

>> No.73446219

Genuinely made me laugh, would lose my shit if this thing appeared across the table from me

>> No.73446222


>> No.73446223

Wonder if it will go online this year due to covid

>> No.73446224

>tfw cousin was killed by corona

>> No.73446225

postin more

>> No.73446238

and more

>> No.73446246


no it's more like seeing someone go to the gym and lit dyel weight while you sit at home watching perfect form videos on youtube but never work out.

>> No.73446252

So you still lose a lasgun shot (the gunner's).

>> No.73446254

Heretic Sororitas when

>> No.73446264

Here are some of my Inquisitors

>> No.73446276

>do you mean that the act of the heavy weapon within the squad is protection in and of itself?
Yes. Which is obviously the meaning, given context.

>> No.73446292

What you working on guys?

>> No.73446296

I'm a secondary but have a model anyway

>> No.73446297

My apartment is too small to safely have a printer, and I don't know anyone around me who would let me send them the STLs I've gathered and ask them to print them for me in exchange for money or beer or whatever.

Hope you enjoy your printer, anon.

>> No.73446307

That is impossible though. Women are too strong to fall to chaos. Any claims otherwise are just jealous sexist men trying to drag them down.
>This is why female marines and primachs would have meant humanity winning over chaos long ago

>> No.73446309

Should have worn gloves.

>> No.73446313

Taking gpa to the bank and breakfast.

>> No.73446328

BSF has female cultists

>> No.73446329

How do you guys deal with cleaning models for painting? I am bored to tears and it eats up way to much of my freetime.

>> No.73446331

My poor nana died from it too.
Some fucking moron brought it into her nursing home. It's killed 12 of the 15 old ladies there so far.

>> No.73446332

Are you suggesting Miriel Sabbathiel is a tranny?

>> No.73446351

I'm getting a steady source of SM and DG minis from the WH:C. I wasn't really interested with the DG in the beginning, but they are slowly growing on me. I want to use the SM as Blood Ravens so, eventually, I will buy Gabriel Angelos.
The TS I already have are from the starter box, from /ss/ thank you btw. Already bought a TermSorce and have enough bits to build a custom sorcerer. Thinking of buying Sehkmet Terminators, from chinacast, and use then as a Scarrab squad.

>> No.73446352


ya i turned it off

>> No.73446355

Assembly is my favorite par and I can a model of mold lines in like 2 or 3 minutes

>> No.73446357

Still thinking about what to get after these. I'll get a catachan command squad squad I think for parts.

>> No.73446358

it will man, i was thinking on telliporting a meka dread with the jumping boys and flanking with reserve bikes, i think theyll bee good this ed. with how much stuff vehicles get

>> No.73446360

I saw a youtube video that called daemonettes problematic because they used to have their tits out.

>> No.73446390


Are you customising your dudes? All the models i seem to build are ETB and all the gap/line filling makes me want to gouge out my eyes. I feel like the models are too expensive for me to try cutting up to convert and risk it looking like utter dogshit.

>> No.73446391

What's the most elite Chaos/Xeno army not counting Knights?

>> No.73446402

I convert pretty much everything I have

>> No.73446409

print the knee.. you got a problem with that?

>> No.73446411

Death Guard

>> No.73446413

Holy fuck I fucking HATE THE ETB shit.
I know it's Age of Sigmar, but the new Slaves to Darkness box was alright until I got to the Lord and his mount. I was seething with frustration trying to get that thing together.
"Easy to build" my fucking ass.

>> No.73446428

deathguard or monster mash tyranids.

>> No.73446439

Technically necrons but they're shit and who knows what their new book will be like

>> No.73446447

How do I make bases like this? I can't identify what texture and paints they're using.

>> No.73446449

Harlies and DE can both get absurdly low model counts.

>> No.73446457

It's worth converting and kitbashing your minis, especially the HQs. There's a nice feeling when you roll up with some dudes that are uniquely yours and it's always kind of weird to have a mirror match and most of your minis look the same

>> No.73446472

Warhammer TV has several basing tutorials, one of which will show you exactly how to do that.

>> No.73446474

I can't unsee that icon as the east india trading company flag.

>> No.73446491

Are you the guy that modified his custards torsos so they look less squat?

>> No.73446502

In the time since primaris marines got introduced, are manlets still being made in lore?

>> No.73446513

>so they look less squat?
Why would they want that?

>> No.73446522

Thanks, I will never look at this model the same way again.

>> No.73446526


>> No.73446533

Yes. Gene seed is precious as it is. It's a resource they're not throwing out even with new models.

>> No.73446545

resin printer isn't bad in a small room. use elegoo mars printer and the clear resin. zero smell to me.

>> No.73446565

How do we save them?

>> No.73446575

I don't know anon, why would you want the 9' demigods look well proportioned

>> No.73446578

>the chapter unlike most of their contemperaries are not especially found of the progenitor having sent them the veteran to their death
>although they still use his tactics and suffer his shortcomings
>the chapter consist of Terran veterans and primaris and multitudes of humans from beyond the light of the emperor
>The chapter venerates Holy Terra and believe that to be their home planet and a fleet based chapter 10 battle barges strong
>They focus on interceptors and use power lances and power swords over power claws

>> No.73446588


I am 100% with you dude, i've been collecting and building hammer on and off since my teens. I had less trouble building Battle Fleet Gothic ships that had warped hulls than i did those ETB chaos knights. 2 of them are totally irredeemable i fucked so badly.

I totally get you, i mostly just have the individual game sets gw releases, so i've got blackstone fortress and alot of kill team sets (+alot of aos etc too). So i don't really have an army specifically so i tend not to have alot of bits for the one faction, i'm not confident with snipping and changing arms/legs positions to greenstuff them back together. I'm just making excuses at the end of the day, i would like to have more time to practice greenstuffing, just from filling gaps in models though i am not particularly good at it.

>> No.73446595

Death Guard Termis are the best in the game and don't need to be saved.

>> No.73446597

The low end of mid-tier or the high end of low tier. Melee in 8th was the worst it has ever been and while 9th promises some improvements, nearly every other melee-capable army is now better at melee than nids.

It's pretty much "all shooty all day" which sucks.

>> No.73446599

Which one? the one that looks anywhere close to it is the tutorial for sand bases.

>> No.73446600

Every time I see the eye symbol my brain keeps thinking he's throwing a weird looking pokeball

>> No.73446601

If they fail armor they take invuln.

>> No.73446608

I haven't even touched the Knights yet because of how mad the Lord and his mount made me.
The basic warriors were fine.
I'm so annoyed that those kits are absolutely beautiful, but they're still ETB. Where the hell is the StD multipart release?

>> No.73446618

They shouldn't be much taller than primaris considering primaris are supposedly around 8'6"

>> No.73446619

>a fleet based chapter 10 battle barges strong
Did you intentionally give /yourdudes/ more battle barges than any other chapter (beating the SW by 1 and the BT by 2) or was that an oversight?

>> No.73446628

I mean, they already have aggressive spores. A gooey parasite isn't even outside the realm of possibility.

When nids invade, they terraform the planet right under the feet of its defenders. You'd think there would be more extremely aggressive flora or shit like the X

>> No.73446640

>Crux Terminatus
>A model with this special rule may reroll armor saves
Congrats they're great now.

>> No.73446641

How do you clean up so quick?
I usually spent what feels like an eternity cleaning up parts before assembling and felt burnt out after putting it together.

For example, last 40k kit I do was a 10-tau Fire Warrior squad, and it took me 6-7 club sessions, about two and a half hours each, then some additional time, to clipped all the needed parts off the sprue and cleaned them up completely, then assemble.
Am I just too obsess with cleaning up parts?

>> No.73446650

>Allarus Terminators
>Need saving
You're the one who needs saving once you're in 3d6 remove lowest charge range without overwatch.

>> No.73446653

>saying nigger should be a bannable offense on TG

like if you agree.
comment if you disagree.

>> No.73446660

>Where the hell is the StD multipart release?
GW push it back by six months everytime someone ask it in the AoS general. It's set to be released in 2856 by now.

>> No.73446665

This lore is retarded in so many ways that I don't know where to start, but you write like you're a bit retarded yourself, so I guess it suits you.

>> No.73446671

i wanted them to have a lot of ships but not more than why the setting says makes sense which i fucked up.
thanks pussy

>> No.73446678

If it means we could start by banning you, then it might be worthwhile.

>> No.73446688

Is this supposed to be a different take on the pale nomads then? Do the Carcaradons exist in your canon, and if so how/why did /yourdudes/ and the sharks split?

>> No.73446689

I didn't say taller I said better proportioned

>> No.73446699

>allarus terminators
>70 points and 4 attacks on the charge
That's a yikes from me

>> No.73446700

You're best off cleaning up after gluing the model together imo
If it's not noticeable from 30cm then it's not worth cleaning up.

>> No.73446715

Does anything even have reroll armor in 8th?

>> No.73446716

It looks like some kind of alien hand

>> No.73446720

Well the SW have a retardedly large fleet, and by the modern setting even they only have 9 or 10. The BT need enough ships to transport 6000 marines, and even they only have 8. The Ultramarines only have 6. Most 2nd founding chapters only have 1, and newer chaptersare extremely lucky to have even 1. Battle barges are a big deal.

>> No.73446727

>well proportioned

>> No.73446809

>plus ultra

>> No.73446867

Get some cheap marines off of ebay or somewhere to use as test dummies. Great way to learn and not be concerned with the results.

>> No.73446897

A good trick I've learned is to always use wire for reposing a mini then go in with GS, just GS doesn't work as well in my experience and the wire will hold the pose while the GS cures.

>> No.73446913

nah thats me
primelets on cope watch

>> No.73446922

Clip the piece off the sprue, figure out where the moldlines are on the piece, run the back of my hobby knife across at an angle. Super easy

>> No.73446935

>american accent fan dub in 40k
>any american accent in anything warhammer related

can't think of anything worse

>> No.73446946

Hey I remember that comment from the Skallagrim video

>> No.73446950

the virgin primey

>> No.73446958

Just thinking, remember when GW would take an existing plastic box, and add a new accessories sprue with more special weapon options, or recut it to add stuff or replace metal components?

Will we ever see that kind of thing again, let's say when Intercessors get a bit "tired" in 5 years?

>> No.73446962

>rip in peace knights
Still gonna find a way to min/Max so I can run Celestine with my knights

>> No.73446963

>Catachans talking in anything but American accent

>> No.73446971

That size is really starting to push what's practical for an infantryman. Having a soldier who can't operate in spaces designed for ordinary humans seems incredibly silly. Custodians entire job is securing the most dense hive world in the galaxy, and the fuckers can't fit through a standard sized ship hatch or a man-sized rock crevice.

>> No.73446975

They already do it now with Deathwatch

>> No.73446978

Which American accent? That's almost like saying "European accent".

>> No.73446984

right now i just wish GW would stop making certain units exclusive to box sets

>> No.73446996

A surfer-bro space marine would be funny as fuck.

>> No.73447004


>> No.73447008

The generic one you hear in every single movie.

>> No.73447012

they do exist. they just followed their last order from their progenitor until they became aware of the great rift at which point they came back and found the current state of the empire.

the sharks could have left because they felt the order was dumb and they didn't care anymore and went back to doing their real duty of hunting and killing enemy of the Throne (which isn't crazy for Raven Guard) versus the warriors of the deep who went out farther not returning till m42.

shit i really screwed the pooch on that then.
I still want them to have alot. 2 battle barges and a bunch of smaller ships would still be cool and they can be one made in ancient Terra and a """"new"""" battle barge with their primaris brothers and make sense because their chapter's purpose is to roam the areas beyond the light of the emperor bringing planets to heel forever going around the outer regions of the milky way crushing any and all encroaching darkness.

colors would be silver with purple trim

>> No.73447019


Also I just gave myself PTSD thinking about when Devastators used these plastic bodies but had metal weapons, arms and backpacks which were stupidly annoying to assemble.

>> No.73447051

i would accept hispanic for Crimson Fists

>> No.73447052

What's the best base? should I just do WTV's wasteland base with a bunch of extra tyrant skull and/or ogryn camo drybrushed and them some shrub and rocks?

>> No.73447060

also they wouldn't know if the sharks are the same ravens that went back all those centuries ago.

>> No.73447089

That's pretty much what I did, and it some how took forever.
As much as the perfectionist in me objects, I will give it a try. At current rate I will never go through my backlog.

>> No.73447093

>European accent
this would include german, french, russian, scandinavian, italian etc. 40k got english "accent"

>> No.73447096

probably midwestern then

>> No.73447098

the best base matches what you're playing on. So I lean towards simple since I play at stores.

>> No.73447124


>> No.73447132

I think that person fucked up their basing and got sand all over the mini

>> No.73447148

>Building a 1k guard list to use in combat patrol/crusade for 9th
>Take as many flamers as possible
>Really stuff that fucker full of flamers
>Emperors Blade detachment
>1 cp to put a chimera full of flamers into reserves
>1 cp to have a unit disembark after coming in
>Have a squad full of flamers/heavy flamers jump out and roast shit
It's not optimal, it's not efficient, but I can't wait

>> No.73447155

I thought they were supposed to have the same height

was some manlet really that insecure he had to make his custodes taller? jesus christ how pathetic

>> No.73447163

man I miss when they had little dioramas with the models on the box art.

>> No.73447173

>that red sand base
I'm not fan of the mecanicus but thats some damn good base

>> No.73447174

Me? Oh I mostly play Orks but I do have a small force of fully painted space marines because I got a bunch of models free.
>Oh yeah? What chapter.
Every Chapter.
>Wait what?
Pic related

>> No.73447176


>> No.73447184

some space marine chapters have special relationships with other organizations in the Imperium, and the space wolves provide a bodyguard to an especially ancient navigator household in exchange for their service. Do you think it is not lore-friendly for a chapter to be strongly influenced by a powerful navigator house? The new boxset is going to land me with enough marines that it's about time I start thinking about my dudes.

>> No.73447188

>1k to use for combat patrol
combat patrol is 500

>> No.73447198

Yed and?

>> No.73447199

I sincerely hope that post is sarcasm

>> No.73447213

good lad

>> No.73447222

Give them a bunch of strike cruisers. Still a very large powerful ship, just as good in ship to ship, but not as rare as a crusade pattern battle barge. Strike cruisers are just as well armed (in most contexts), faster, and a fuck of a lot more maneuverable. Some marine leaders will even opt out of using a barge as a flagship (Ragnar Blackmane most famously) because they want the greater strategic flexibility of a strike cruiser.

Also keep in mind that battle barges are specifically designed to assault planets, support troops, slug it out with planetary batteries, etc, so having them be a major part of a force dedicated to fighting beyond the galactic edge where there are basically no planets is... Weird. You dudes having one still makes sense since barges are also designed to be very self sufficient, and often have manufactories, armories, etc onboard. So if makes sense that a very self sufficient force would want one, but not 8.

If you want to walk up to a planet and punch it in the teeth you bring a barge. If you want to fight other voidships or move faster than a snail you use a strike cruiser.

>> No.73447232

To keep in theme with TTS I'm thinking Mars Iron Shade

>> No.73447239

you're going to use 1000 point lists in a 500 point game?

>> No.73447241

Riddle me this humans!
What date will Fires of Cyraxus be uploaded to the mega!

>> No.73447246


>> No.73447247

I've considered doing something like this. If you're familiar with old L5R you might know of Yoritomo's Alliance which was several minor clans banded together helping each other out. Wanted to do that with a bunch of small or almost destroyed chapters.
But I don't really care for Primaris so I'll probably never pull the triger.

>> No.73447248

>Some marine leaders will even opt out of using a barge as a flagship (Ragnar Blackmane most famously) because they want the greater strategic flexibility of a strike cruiser.
This never made sense to me. Ragnar's whole specialty is planetary assaults and he doesn't operate from a barge?

>> No.73447255

Oh dear, that hurts...

>> No.73447256

>nurgling hanging off the chain is one of the flail balls
This is one of the most soulful models I've ever seen

>> No.73447262

Never since FW isn't doing Imperial Armour books anymore and the only writer who had a chance of reversing that died three years ago.

>> No.73447263

Which is less WAACy? A knight Paladin or a Knight Warden? I feel like the Warden is probably not as bad, but I'm not sure. I know I want him to have both firepower and a melee weapon, but I'm not sure which is more balanced.

>> No.73447266

Have any wip shots? I wanted to get a few custodes for a kill team

>> No.73447271

Yes by taking out 500 points. Is this a difficult concept to grasp?

>> No.73447285

I think their main purpose is killing demon and space marine shits

>> No.73447293

That one's sculpted as-is, Space Marine Heroes 3 has pretty cool sculpts. I did something similar on this Deathshroud.

>> No.73447295

Calgar sounds like Hannibal from the A-Team and there's absolutely nothing you can say to convince me otherwise.

>> No.73447297

Anyone got the mega link for Warhammer novels and shorts for reading?

>> No.73447337

You think wrong. They're bodyguards not champions soldiers. Their purpose is to secure the emperor and terra, and if they're all 9 feet tall it's dumb. It woukd make the most sense to have some of them be normal human sized. What's the point in having individually crafted artisanal soldiers if you aren't going to tailor them?

>We were never soldiers.

>> No.73447359

They're both fine, gun+chainsword knights were the under-powered variants before engine war. If you must make it shitty on purpose then the Paladin with a missile launcher, thunder of voltoris, and a custom household is actually good so avoid that.

>> No.73447368

That is pretty based anon, I love happy nurglings to contrast and make the horrifying parts of the death guard stand out more, especially after reading Lords of Silence

>> No.73447369

>The Custodes
>The 10,000
>The forces known to be solely designed as the guardians of the Emperor

"I think their main purpose is killing daemons and space marines."

>> No.73447395

I mean didn't the Emperor develop the custodes so that he could get rid of the last thunder warriors easily too?

>> No.73447400

thanks for the help man. You can name the current chapter master if you want.

>> No.73447402

Got it. Thanks.

>> No.73447429

You avoid being a WAACfag by following the rule of cool. Go for the looks and think about rules later. Though, with that in mind I still suggest building a cohesive army instead of just taking subpar loadouts.

>> No.73447483

>PINK Horrors
>paint them blue

>> No.73447506

To scale your fleet properly:

>SW have 36 strike cruisers
Note that this is a retardedly large number, and only like half of them are active at any given time. The SW like to loot ships as trophies, and have no successors to give ships to.

>GK have 16
This number represents a space marine chapter being given basically infinite resources and building the fleet they want.

>UM and IF have around 10
This number represents a very well equipped first founding chapter. As far as most people in-universe would be concerned, this is as big as SM fleets get.

Yout average successor is going to have maybe 4.

Oh and your chapter master is named Julius Naranja.

>> No.73447513

pretty sure the whole of the terran palace was designed with 7,8 and 9 foot tall people in mind.

>> No.73447516


>> No.73447526


>> No.73447540

I painted mine with flesh tones
what are you gonna do about it

>> No.73447563

The "palace" is literally the majority of western asian including the entirety of the Himalayas. Terra as a whole is the biggest densest hive city in the galaxy, and the custodes secure ALL of it. Yes they have tens of millions of mortal helpers, but they still need to be able to secure the close crowded underhives. How exactly did the custodes wipe out the GSC cult on terra if they can't fit through most doorways in an underhive.

>> No.73447579

How'd you base these?

>> No.73447586

I'm going to compliment your horrors since they look cool and you did the greenstuff over the eyes thing just like me

>> No.73447592

tell me more about what makes you think terran doorways are only 8 foot.

>> No.73447598

tell you that you did a good job on them

>> No.73447601

Are there audiobooks of any of the Gaunt’s Ghosts series?

>> No.73447627

Not that unusualy. I've seen blue pink horrors at least a dozen times. Less times than red or blue Orks but that's besides the point.

>> No.73447635

>Julius Naranja
based orange poster

also 6 strike cruisers and a battle barge or 2 sounds cool because they'll be on a eternal crusade.

>> No.73447647


>> No.73447653

Thanks anons, some of them wound up looking better than the others

>> No.73447664

It's the underhive on a world with the highest real estate prices in the galaxy. Yes the places were important people are will all be grand sweeping causeways and halls, but if you think manufactorum worker quarters or lexmechanic workspaces aren't going to be cramped in the extreme you're retarded. Same theory as space in modern cities: space is expensive, so work spaces and low class living quarters are tiny.

If you want to read more about what terra is actually like, I recommend the WotT books or Ragnar Blackmane's 4th book.

>> No.73447725

You're forgetting construction is predominantly standardized. Most entryways are intentionallu made large enough for transhumans. The short story Dreams of Unity has a custode entering the underhive fine, as well as the book the Outcaste dead

>> No.73447742

>Most entryways are intentionallu made large enough for transhumans
Citation needed.

>> No.73447762

I gave two

>> No.73447772

No. The Emperor created the Custodes to be his personal guard. He created the Thunder Warriors to conquer Terra, and he created the Space Marines to conquer the galaxy. Each was tailored to their specific purpose. The Thunder Warriors were designed for maximum effectiveness at the cost of long-term viability. The Space Marines sacrificed some of the Thunder Warriors strength for sustainability and numbers. Custodes were designed to be superior warriors of unwavering loyalty.

The Emperor actually built a lot of redundancy into his gene projects. Thunder Warriors were limited in numbers so their mass-produced replacements could wipe them out. He made sure the Custodes would be able to protect him from the Space Marines. He kept the Space Wolves to hand and at a distance from the rest so that they could be used as a blunt hammer against the rest. I think he believed he knew the order that the Legions would turn against him. His mistake was not anticipating that creatures bred for loyalty would learn to be loyal to each other. The thing that tipped Horus over the edge was the fear that he and the Space Marines would be wiped out like the Thunder Warriors.

>> No.73447813

So how about that superheavy detachment change? Having a lord of war is now super expensive points AND CP wise.

>> No.73447815

>he still has hopes for fires of cyraxus being released

someone else break this man's heart

>> No.73447838

I've been doing it ever since /tg/ was created, why should I be expected to stop now?

>> No.73447845

Shut the fuck up you stupid nigger

>> No.73447870

Showing two examples of a thing happening does not establish it as a standard.

>> No.73447900

Actually! With GW now doing all the data sheets for FW models in 9th and them reworking everything, there might be hope if it happening soon!

>> No.73447906


>> No.73447914

Find me an example of a story that has transhumans unable to fit into a space. Because dorn basically rebuilt the hives of Terra during the siege to be defensible and allow his men to fight. On the other side the EC got into it and inflicted such carnage that there war generational fear among the populace. Doesn't sound to me they had any trouble getting around. Because Imperial construction is all done knowing there is a possibility that transhumans need to be able to move through it.

>> No.73447931

The only thing custodes do in the palace is kill demon and space marine shits.
The pleb marines and guards can take care of cultists

>> No.73447944

>I don't have to prove my claim, you have to disprove it!

Ah, I see we've entered the autism phase of this argument. Do you want to just skip ahead to the part where we both leave the conversation smug and self satisfied about each other's obvious retardation?

>> No.73447947

This guy right here.. I know he was in pewter but was this guy ever available in resin from GW?

>> No.73447976

Have you ever read ANYTHING about the custodes? Even their codex?

>> No.73447979

Not him but he gave two proof and evidenced the absence of proof of the contrary. The latter alone wouldn't be enought, but if you have some proof that support a theory and no proof of the opposite it's usually correct to take the first one for credible.

>> No.73447981

I've provided numerous examples of the spaces being intentionally designed to fit transhumans. You just don't want to accept the evidence despite having zero (0) (nothing) material that suggests the contrary

>> No.73448031

>No I don't want to skip, let's continue with the autism!

Sorry bud, "something happening twice means it always happens" is already going a little too deep into the autism pool for me, I'm gonna have to insist we skip to the smug exist part of this dance.

>> No.73448042

Outside Craftworlds, are any other factions good for an Aircraft heavy list?

>> No.73448064

I listed 4 different examples of it happening at this point. Herecs a fifth: the Imperial Fists took action against Orks on Necromunda which included extensive hive combat. Neither the orks (which can easily outsize a space marine) nor the marines were hindered by the hive layout

>> No.73448066

Deldar, guard, marines
Orkz maybe but only if you like to kamikaze them

>> No.73448084

>be wrong
>start calling everything autism
Ok so you're afraid to actually approach the debate at this point?

>> No.73448092

>No I don't want to skip, let's continue with the autism!

Sorry bud, "something happening four times means it always happens" is already going a little too deep into the autism pool for me, I'm gonna have to insist we skip to the smug exist part of this dance.

>> No.73448102


>> No.73448112

Are you really calling someone autist for providing examples of a thing happening while refusing to post proof of the opposite?

Holy shit seems to be in a goodamn cinema here.

>> No.73448127

Are the Dark Eldar white or Asian in phenotype?

>> No.73448149

eldar as a whole are more on the asian side

>> No.73448151

Oh looks like I triggered the schizo! It's okay, you don't need to post so much. Like I said, we can just part ways with a smug smirk at this point. You don't need to get THIS autistic.

>> No.73448153

I like the touch of Noblebright the Ultramarines bring to 40k.

>> No.73448165

Eldar are Swedes and Deldar are Finns. T'au already took the Asian spot

>> No.73448173

You can just stop posting if you have nothing else to add

>> No.73448175

I do not, though you are welcome to your opinion.

>> No.73448176

No I just collect custodes models and fight my demon and marine players

>> No.73448187

You're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything

>> No.73448199

Pure 100% Bavarian phenotype.

>> No.73448203

The Dark Eldar look like whitoids to me and are even huge degenerates like whitoids

>> No.73448205

I'll screenshot all this shit if someone doesn't soon

Your stupidity is far beyond usual 4chan level of being a moron, it would be a shame losing to lose your autistic tantrum

>> No.73448209

Contamination detected. Evacuate thread.




>> No.73448239

So now that vehicles don't get a -1 to hit from moving is the helbrute going to see play?

>> No.73448264

>let's just part ways while agreeing that we are both right
>but you first
>I said you first
>Come one part ways!

This is incredibly funny

>> No.73448301

I don't mind the Ultramarines being the posterboys but what annoys me is that it always has to be the second company.

>> No.73448345

it makes sense, now the can work as either pink horrors or blue horrors.

>> No.73448348

>can shoot in melee

>> No.73448780

I want to make her a cummysar with my FAT glue gun

>> No.73448823

>based space mummies


>> No.73448990

Play any Imperial Faction. Everybody cma User knights and most of them own Knight planets or the work for them. Or they got freelancers. Imperial Army Scions are cool with Knights or AdMech and in ITC its allowed to take one knight in an ADmech army.

>> No.73450008

where could I get a 1990's era chaos space marine plasma pistol bit? did they make them?

>> No.73450019

You'd have a better chance getting a time machine

>> No.73450036

how the fuck am i supposed to sub-assemble trajann valoris for painting when he has gaps in his fucking cloak what the fuck

>> No.73450046

remember /tg/, before you buy models head over to >>>/h/ or >>>/d/ and bust a nut first

>> No.73450131

i bet this guy uses "flesh tones" for his painting

>> No.73450165

the frowny face is a bit of an acquired taste imo, so it's whatever to me if people aren't a fan of them. I will say though, that using grey knights and beakies sounds like fun

what are /yourdudes/, if you feel like sharing?

>> No.73450184

twiddling my thumbs until my shift at work ends, then I'm going to try working on some of my marines by cleaning my room and doing literally everything in my power to procrastinate

>> No.73450201

nidzilla monster mash maybe, unless you count the bigger nid monsters as knight equivalents

>> No.73450226

yes. only exceptions are chapters made from the Unnumbered Sons (or whatever Guilliman called the primaris legions that Cawl pulled out of his freezer)

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