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Post your favorite /tg/ writefaggotry.

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Thought of combining these 2 into a setting. As in the xenophobic human empire is informed by the Scientific multi-species aliens of the rediscovery of Holy Terra leading to a peace-deal between the aliens and humanity and reconquest of earth.

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I'll post some of the cooler ones, I think they are worth the read even though they are all fake

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>red board
That's not /tg/, that's /pol/.
Fuck off, /pol/nigger.

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It's also complete shit.
Every screencap so far in this thread is embarrassingly bad.

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That's just /pol/ shitposting that has nothing to do with this board.
Kill yourself.

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I think that's because the 2nd one is /tg/ and they are to be read as tied together.

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It could be cool if you had transhuman drone-swarms (von Neuman exploration probes?) come back to idiocracy instead of whitewank. As is it's by the numbers /pol/shit all the way through.

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I thought of making the people remaining on earth possessed by something akin to Chaos gods instead.

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Keep it sci-fi. Idiocracy is not innate to the human condition, it's a result of content curator algorithms and spambot ecologies crashing semantics on a species-wide scale. The outward bound are either Dunbar-number habitats or those ahuman but incisive probes. Both are at a loss as to how they should recolonise the homeworld without being dragged into its cognitive black hole. The great filter might be technological Alzheimers.

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No, OP is an election tourist faggot who got his previous thread deleted because he asked for more greentexts about niggers.

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Ah, no I deleted it myself because I got them and wanted to start this thread instead.

Keep seething newfag.

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gotcha, so OP is an election tourist faggot who deleted his previous thread because he got the greentexts about niggers that had asked for

pic unrelated.

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The best thread I've seen in weeks.

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That's /int/, not /tg/

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Tl dr

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anyone got an emperor cupbearer story?
About a guy who got isekaied in to wh40k universe

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here you go

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this makes my smile become the big grin

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