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The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/!

Liao! Liao! LIAO! edition

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>MegaMek Lab

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Haha Butte Hold is ancestral Capellan clay

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>Repostan' for visibility

/btg/RO Update, or: What do you mean, 3145 isn’t the deadline?

Guess who’s back? Sorry for disappearing for so long. I've heard it was believed I was killed. There *was* a terrorist incident very close to me but "the report of my death was an exaggeration."

What actually happened was a confluence of factors: a bunch of TRO things fell apart at the same time, I was generally exhausted by non-TRO things, and I moved to France all of a sudden. After that triple-whammy I was frustrated and burnt-out on the project and had little time to spare for it anyways, so I just slowly, unwittingly drifted away from it. For a while the mere thought of the TRO was tiresome; I didn’t even visit /btg/ for over two years. I had some contingencies set up so that the TRO was not totally dependent on me; nothing happened there. I tried to resume working on it a few times – those attempts sputtered out pretty quick.

I must apologize to those of you who donated to the TRO. Unintentional though it may have been, it was wrong of me to leave the project – and you – as I did. I realize that seeming to have vanished must have been particularly painful for a community that still references “porchbux”.

Two months ago, some nudges got me looking at the TRO again. I’ve been working on it since, slowly but steadily. The time away has not been entirely detrimental. When I resumed I took some time to try and assess the problems with fresh eyes. Then spent some time finding solutions for them. I think the TRO will end up the better for it when it’s done.

I’ve waited to re-engage until I had something concrete to show for it. Preview attached. I don’t think I’ll be a /btg/ regular going forward, but I will check in periodically.

tl;dr: /btg/RO lives, dies, lives again! Praise Blake!

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>When the 7ft tall Chancellor of the Capcon challenges you to a game of basketball

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Isn't now a good time for the return of Clan Smoke Jaguar? Possibly rebranded as Clan Black Panther?

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No. They're better off dead. Stonerjags are maximum faggots.

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I can fap to this

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>Dracs fighting for a Canopian World

>> No.73119210

>the black people clan is the most violent, unthinking one, utterly dependent on taking things since they can’t create anything

Damn, BT used to be redpilled as fuck

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Just make sure it's the /btg/RO and not TRO: Muninn and you'll at least be somewhat forgiven for going dark when other people's money is on the line.

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I need pics of Silver Bullet Gauss rifles ASAP

>> No.73119373

HAGs will also work

>> No.73119378

Wouldn't they just be regular Gauss that fire a burst or fragmenting projectile?

>> No.73119408

I like this interpretation of the HAG

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I guess the nigger heard about the DMCAs going around lol

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Eh, fuck the CGL and Topps kikes. They're at fault for failing to deliver product.

Let the 3D printers keep sharing the models they make or rip out of video games.

>> No.73120008

Man fuck Topps and fuck CGL for going along with it. They hit all sorts of related terrain and shit with that and they have no claim on those

>> No.73120098

I don't like it, but legally they have the right to DMCA people using their IP without permission.

Of course, the thing is pretty trivial to get around, like you can see with all the alternative 40k models around. GW can stop you from selling Imperial Space Marines, but you can sell Empire Space Knights, who are similar but legally distinct enough.

See what Stratominis/Steel Warrior Studios is doing. "Oh no, this is not a Mackie, it's a Whopper. A completely unrelated giant robot that looks like it has a diving helmet for a head and a dick-gun".

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Saw this posted.

Pretty good looking Raven. Glad that it actually has a rounded beak instead of whatever the mwo design is.

>> No.73120378

Yeah, I got no complaints on the raven.

>> No.73120801

Prefer the angular one myself, but ive always had a thing for angles. That, and if the armor ends up too rounded, it just ends up looking weird to me.

>> No.73120938

>Prefer the angular one myself, but ive always had a thing for angles.
It's OK, Charlie ... I got an "angle".

>> No.73121049 [DELETED] 

These jew fags are issuing cease and desist orders to people who haven't been sharing shit, only been making fan art models of things neither CGL or IWM have the faintest intention to produce. And they've been forcing people who have been making TERRAIN to shut down.

Do these soulless faggots own all hex based terrain now or something? Last time I checked, neither of these inept faggot ass companies produced physical terrain, only cheap ass sweatshop playmats. Fuck em back into the boomer extermination homes they belong in.

>> No.73121282

food for thought: rounded armor would be more effective than angled plates in battletech, due to the way BT armor works.
It doesnt have to work to resist penetration, since it pretty much always can, so sloping armor isnt necessary to increase effective thickness. What youd want the shape of armor to do is make it harder to concentrate fire on any one restricted part of it for long enough to ablate away enough of it to make a difference. High curvature does that much better than angles, a slight movement of your aim results in a larger deviation from the original point of impact.

I mean, most designs arent really drawn around this idea, but it does imply angled armor ought to be more natural than angles on a mech.

>> No.73121300

any slight movement of your aim, or slight failure to track the movement of the target, for that matter.

>> No.73121330

Yeah but this is purely an aesthetic discussion.
if we're talking whats actually a good idea design wise you could tear apart plenty of mech designs, both old and new, even from just an in universe perspective.

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Jesus Christ he needs an attitude check. Scrotums' head is so far up his own ass. They've done absolutely nothing to hurt the 3d sellers, only the fans of the hobby

>> No.73121782

What a smug fucking bastard, especially considering how i'm 99% sure before he got hired for making official shit, he was profiteering off of designs based on his own fan art.

>> No.73121827


Look at it from a repair perspective. Something to be said for not getting hung up because the curvature of the ablative slab is too off.

>> No.73121831

Someone actually calls him out for it in the comments and his response is basically, "yeah but I work for them now so anything I did is absolved"

>> No.73121857

anon, if we wanted a thread about BT facebook things, we'd be on facebook doing it

>> No.73121864

What a fucking piece of shit.

>> No.73121881

>make sure it's the /btg/RO and not TRO: Muninn
How exactly is that supposed to be proven?

>> No.73121901

So put together a database of as many STLs as we can, and keep it alive, the same way we've done with the trove.

>> No.73121920

This isn't Facebook things. It's CGL fucking up again, an issue which knows no single platform. It just happens to be that most communication between cgl and the fans happens on Facebook now because the OF has driven so many people away.

>> No.73121951 [DELETED] 

Well he is an amerinigger.

Double-standed twofacedness is his shit.

I say the 3d printers and bootlegger keep doing this shit. Even better, copy the fucking shitstarter models, fix the design errors in them and start printing THOSE.

Watch as shittersword has an autistic aneurysm of galactic proportions.

>> No.73121978

Also note that they have said that PGIs allowance for people to print and share STLs of MWO mechs means nothing.

>> No.73121985

He's a kiwi, he just lives in Oregon now

>> No.73122009

No it's even better. You can print them for personal use but you can't download them

>> No.73122050 [DELETED] 

Lmao like that matters.

Niggersword can keep to his echochamber circlejerk on patreon, putting the work of other artists behind fucking paywalls and demanding people pay to see their work.

>> No.73122119

Also true, so I guess its not right to say that curves are 'more natural', but they make perfect sense to use. The best compromise is probably chassis that have inherent curvature, but can be covered in flatter, easier to replace armor. Like the uziels body, or the awesomes shoulders.

>> No.73122240

Good to see you back. Let's hope our TRO can advance now

>> No.73122495

So let me get this straight.
If you like a product, and want to make your own thing, you can't. And if you make it well enough that people would buy a copy of it, you can't.
Because "piracy."
I'm sorry, I can't translate cunt into critical thinking. Could an old woman making a sweater with a Marauder on it be sued for copyright infringement? How far does this lunacy extend?

If I make an X-Wing from Star Wars out of clay, someone likes it and uses in a game, would cuddle-cunt here tell Disney to sue over it? If instead of 3D printing I carved an unseen Stinger and a Hellstar from wood, or hell, what about making one out of a bar of soap, and others bought a copy and played it in-game for fun, would cunt-a-saurus rexness here suggest a lawsuit?

Is it the type of material used, the likeness of the image, or the fact you're a bleeding cunt that's the problem. I'm in awe. I'm just completely in awe.

>> No.73122577


Excuse me Eromanga is rightful FWL clay, hard won by throwing Australians at it until they stopped dying.

>> No.73123303 [DELETED] 

Well that cunt stain is pro BLM and the rioters, so logic and brain capacity aren't exactly his strong suit.

>> No.73123324

How heavy would a Capellan company be in 3060 as opposed to 3025?

>> No.73123354

Sensible combined arms in the medium-heavy range vs 1200 tons of XIN SHENG.

>> No.73123357 [DELETED] 

I dunno, how many fellow crappies have they cannibalized recently?

>> No.73123361

I like both. Reminds me of how some Sherman tanks were cast hull and some were riveted or whatever

>> No.73123645

Have to agree. Two-faced fucker who got into position due to drawing fan art and now act high and mighty due to drinking the official CGL Kool-Aid.

>> No.73123759 [DELETED] 

He's just fucking butthurt people like the MWO models over his copy-cat abortions.

The poor fucking baby.

>> No.73123887

Is CGL big enough to have one person working in RP, and not letting morons like Scroggins to just not antagonize part of the Fandom?

>> No.73123920

Canonically, mech designs have changed between angled and curved at different times, with angled designs seeming to be more popular at eras where repairs would be easier.

Mackie, the very first battlemech, had curved armor, but other early mechs opted for angled shapes because they were easier to produce. A lot of the Star League mechs, particularly the ones that were reserved for SLDF, had more curved shapes, but the designs that survived the succession wars tended to be the more angled ones. Then after the technological reneissance following the discovery of the Helm memory core more rounded mechs started to appear again, only for things to go back to angular after the Jihad caused massive damage to manufacturing and repair facilities (WoB Celestials are bit of an outliner due to being very angulaer despite WoB not sparing any expenses for the construction and maintenance).

(Out of universe this is all due to changes in art styles over time, but at least part of it is recognized as actual in-universe change in TRO3075).

>> No.73124026

Celestials are designed to look skeletal, spiky and robotic for fear effect

I quite like their aesthetics, say what you will of their performance

>> No.73124355

Your eight year old makes a Warhammer or something out of clay or whatever. Same thing. If the kid does so well he sells a copy to someone else and they use it in-game, who gets sued? Does this fool think we're going to have mini-police driving around making sure everyone is using the right minis? What if you use those Robotech Tactics minis? What if you had a copy of those old 1980s combat games from the Fang of the Sun Dougram anime and used a Thunderbolt / Hasty or something in-game.
Could you 3D model one of those Dougram or Macross things and play them and they show up and sue you?
He must bleed once every week instead of every four weeks because that one leaky vag right there.

>> No.73124573

Where is this from, the godawful FB page?

>> No.73124594


Keep it on facebook, envy-anon

>> No.73124745

complaining about IP theft when the game was made with stolen art from Japanese animes.

>> No.73124776

>when your CO says the next contract in Lothian space is going to be Riot Duty

>> No.73124851

If I get caught I'll ask them to forgive me because I'm Mormon and I needed some kitchen renovations to satisfy the wife along with a new porch.
That'll do the trick.
Maybe they should pay past employees that got shafted and not paid for work, how about that piracy?
If you want to see a person at his worst listen to him when he thinks he has the moral high ground.

>> No.73125126

What's the mech in front?

I really like the Cicada mini. Can't find a use for the mech, but it's an appealing design. I hope it gets updated.

>> No.73125156

I think an Enforcer.

>> No.73125292

CGL is practically blacklisted in the larger games community for not paying their freelancers, and he has the gall to bitch about tribute designs.

>> No.73125436


Shit. I no longer have the link to the /btg/TRO and i'm not seeing it in the thread starter any more. Link?

>> No.73125516

People remaining skeptical and pointing out if we aren't seeing enough of our own designs. I imagine enough were submitted that even with vetting there would be sufficient entries to comprise 75% of a solid TRO. Which is the acceptable minimum for me. Any less and it might as well be a porch.

>> No.73125578

Fuck off, Harmony Cunt

>> No.73125589

Keep your fucking politics out of this thread or keep yourself out /pol/tard.

>> No.73125706

It is.

>> No.73125842

>KS campaign prints money
>is still getting pledges
>most of the redesigns are MWO derivatives and it shows
>"we Harmony Gold nao!"
Ok Scrogs. You trying to be New Herb is funny but calm your skinny jeans a bit.

>> No.73125907

Without going all 'that way,' I kind of like to know who I am buying stuff from if possible without devolving the threads into screaming matches. I'm okay with it as long as it doesn't go farther than that and a few provable screen caps.
I mean if you want someone's money for your crap, you must think my money is more important than keeping your crap, so in their position, don't be crap in order to sell crap, whatever.

In other news, Hunchback IIC is love.

>> No.73126040

Spend your money how you want, anon, but keep your thoughts on non-Battletech shit to yourself. We have plenty to scream about that's actually thread relevant.

>> No.73126141

Well, NEA just flat called out Ray on the facebook thread over the way they handled the takedowns. This gonna be gud

Is there a reason why we aren't creating an archive of the stl files? That should be included in the trove i think

>> No.73126263 [DELETED] 

Keep yourself necked then you spineless shitter.

You can stick to the faggotry of faggotbook or plebbit to circlejerk about how much of a CONSOOMER you are.

Seriously, kill yourself.

>> No.73126275


So long as the check clears.

Or they hand over the Testudo tanks and Marauder Battle Armor promptly, I guess. Marians make good stuff.

>> No.73126286


>> No.73126352


The Lothians should be starting out using Marian gear, but do they stay hooked up to Marian-style supply chains?

>> No.73126521

Way to sell your side.

I'm amused. Who's Grud?

>> No.73126780

Which group? I want to screencap b4 deletions

>> No.73126824

Someone could go and grab a screenshot of that. Not all of us have FB accounts.

>> No.73126966

This, we need permanent evidence before it gets deleted.

>> No.73127010

WTH, now I wanna be drac.

>> No.73127188


I hope we get more soon. Praise Blake!

>> No.73127311

>Way to sell your side.
Not him but didn’t the other side burn down scores of buildings and help spread Covid-19 by violating rules on gatherings during a pandemic? They seem like violent retards.

>> No.73127409

Is, uh, is this a hint that Leviathans 2.0 is dead anyways?

>> No.73127411


>> No.73127424


Why would they?

The Lothians should not exist at all. They're only there to turn back the clock on Marian expansion so that the Magistracy of Canopus doesn't have to actually fight any wars.

>> No.73127468

based and dracpilled

>> No.73127481

How about using a robotech officers pod as a marauder

>> No.73127603

Just my opinion, all factions in 3060 would perhaps have a more even distribution of classes as they can now manufacture more Mechs and would probably concentrate on heavier Mechs. So from the traditional 1/2/5/4 A/H/M/L ratio, perhaps 2/3/4/3 instead

Just my 'pinion

>> No.73127665

Judging groups or sides by their worst members, aside from going both ways, leads to... well, I'm seeing uncomfortable parallels to the lead-up to the Spanish Civil War. I'd rather not end up there.

>> No.73127845

On one hand I agree on the other socialism has been the bane of prosperity for over a century and I’m running out of patience for its supporters

>> No.73127903

Anons, please. Just nip it in the bud now.

>> No.73127924

Yes, I agree, if you want drama, we have our own BT drama to deal with

Any screencaps?

>> No.73127931

By American standards Nordic countries are socialist because they have a tax-funded healthcare and education system, and they have some of the highest standars of living, education, and citizen happiness in the world, along with lowest levels of government corruption.

But American definition of socialism is stupid. It's literally any system where your government isn't being controlled by corporate bribes, sorry, lobbyist groups.

>> No.73128095

Anyway, I think the lesson here is not to tag your 3D models with "Battletech" or the official names of any mechs.

I'm all for buying the real thing, and I spend plenty of money doing so. But I'd rather not use a Dervish than pay money for the official mini. And if you aren't in the US, you're screwed. Shipping anything by CGL or IWM abroad is unacceptably expensive, and Ral Partha Europe doesn't have IWM's more recent (i.e. acceptable) minis. Then there are all the variant parts that lots of us want but have never been offered. Yeah, not-WYSIWYG and whatever, but Battletech's going to limit itself if it doesn't appeal to the more modeling-oriented wargamers.

The new minis aren't even out yet. Sure, go after fan sculpts of the non-variant GoAC/BB mechs, but ease up on the rest until you're back in the market.

>> No.73128143

>Any screencaps?
There are a lot of us here who think we know which posts we're talking about, but we're afraid of getting it wrong. I certainly didn't know NEA's real name before today.

>> No.73128150

>and they have some of the highest standards of living, education, and citizen happiness
Mainly pulled up by Norwegian oil, and rated using measures carefully designed to emphasise the pros of the Nordic model and downplay the cons

I'm partway in the academic line, I too know how the game is played. Ratings and surveys are easily manipulated.

>> No.73128182

Who cares about NEA? We just want to see the caps of ANYBODY having the balls to fight the power

>> No.73128238

I’m this guy (>>73127845) and I’m going to agree with you because this thread is far too new to shit up with real world shit.

>> No.73128285

Did they make enough of them? I know the scale is a little off, but why not? Only a Shimmy would be so stolid.
... He wasn't that way before the baldness.

>> No.73128379

1 of 3

>> No.73128410

2 of 3

>> No.73128429

3 of 3 as of 1:34pm Pacific.

>> No.73128458

When the Star League invades the periphery why didn’t the locals just move to other planets?

>> No.73128466

Holy fucking based

>> No.73128500

>I certainly didn't know NEA's real name before today.
How could you not? It's on all the leviathans stuff, and he wrote the tactics book.

>> No.73128519

Oops, I failed to expand Troy's comment there. Here's the full text.

>> No.73128535

I don't even know what those are.

>> No.73128555

Alright, someone else take it from here. I have real-life work to do.

>> No.73128812

Working on it now, 400 plus files at ~2.75 GB. How do folks prefer the nomenclature on their 'Mechs: name then model number or model number then name?

>> No.73128853

Name then model number is how it's been for 36 years.

>> No.73128875

Nice, thanks anon

Yeah suck it Grud

>> No.73128890

When you have this set up, I'll add it to the monster pastebin on the bottom of the OP.

>> No.73128960


Yeah, I'd recommend keeping it out of the trove proper.

>> No.73128982

Sorry, I confus. So no adding it to that huge pastebin just in case?

>> No.73129049

Because they're dumb hillbillies who live in prefab shacks.

>> No.73129422

They couldn't take everything with them. If I left you in a forest on a deserted planet, how long before you would have toilet paper and could send me an email through Comstar?

>> No.73129492

Holy Christ I'm pretty sure that guy used to be on DJ Forums. I have almost verbatim seen that "I just have this thing about not liking thieves." bit while he bitched about some kid claiming he'd once recorded a song off the radio or some mushbrained gibberish. I'd say he's a bald fat man but it's Battletech and that could be nearly anyone.

>> No.73129508


No, not that.

>> No.73129535


>> No.73129589

Ray's responses have been diplomatic; he seems alright desu. But wow, look at that white knighting on his behalf. There's clearly some personal history between NEA and Grud.

Once all the new stuff is out, I think it'll be a great setup: $5/mech in cheap plastic or $15/mech for metal. But it's not here yet. The metals will probably take IWM years to release; it's taken them forever to start selling just three of the new designs, and they'll be busy with IlClan.

>> No.73129594

The forest itself is part of the infrastructure. Imagine having to toss a couple centuries of terraforming and custom terrabioming out the window on every world.

>> No.73129615


Does sound prudent, though.

>> No.73129617


That may have been possible for the newly settled or barely developed Canopians and Outworlders, but the core worlds of the Rim Worlds Republic and Taurian Concordat had been settled before some successor states had even formed and were very developed and highly populated. It's part of why the latter two campaigns were more complicated than the former.

>> No.73129639

How long before MoC Ewok Village 4000, that's all I want to know. We'll have those Fleas and Raptors crashing from trees in no time.

>> No.73129651

Who is Grud? And unfortunately white knighting isn’t new to this community.

>> No.73129693

Working through all the models and can't ID this version of the Annihilator. Model was ripped from MWO.

>> No.73129723

Hero variant?

>> No.73129759

The things I find on the booru.

>> No.73129917

It's a MWO hero variant, those are RAC 5s and an Ultra 2.

>> No.73130063

For some reason that picture makes me feel sexually threatened over physically threatened. like its going to awkwardly stutter out it plans to rape me before tard running at me to do it.

>> No.73130100

$5/mech singleton for the plastics? That's fucking fantastic. Source?

>> No.73130113

Finland is the happiest country on earth three years running.

>> No.73130135

>Smoke Jaguar solahma issues challenge.hpg

>> No.73130166

Probably because as of 2018, 95% speak Finnish, Swedish, Estonian or Russian, and only 0.5% speak Arabic. I'd be fucking overjoyed too.

>> No.73130302

Thanks. Sadly it looks like it might be someone's custom load out. The closest stock Annihilator is the ANH-1P but its not an exact match.

>> No.73130308


Thats because a purely Capitalist system will have a demand to bring in lower wage labour, regardless of where it comes from or the social cost.

>> No.73130323

Moominland looks cold and comfy. It's been so long since I've had a sauna I even miss the shitty gym sauna down the street with it's white trash spitting on the floor, people blasting terrible rap out of their phone, and ancient drunk burping Korean men. Need to get my life together and get somewhere I can build my own sauna with spurdos on the wall and a place to brew beer.

>> No.73130386

I think he's basing it off the kickstarter prices where those work out to be $5 a mech. Though I don't know why he seems to think they're going to be sold individually rather than in the packs.

>> No.73130496

And here I was thinking of buying some models online since I prefer the MWO look for some of the mechs. Anyone have any experience buying them from ebay?

>> No.73130712

Sarna's pretty good about including information about MWO hero variants.

>> No.73130722

No, that's just Nordics being the insular racists they know they are

It is comfy, provided you're in the leecher class and not the feeder class - aka the net benefit consumer class, not the net benefit contributor - and you can fit in with the locals. It's terribly feminised though, but they tout that as a good thing of course, so that contributes big time to the
>standars of living, education, and citizen happiness

>> No.73130751

I don't think they're going to be sold individually. They just work out to $5/mech.

A month ago I expected their retail prices to be higher than the KS prices, but apparently that's not going to be the case. Remember when retailers on Amazon put up preorders for those mech packs? That was automatic, based on information they'd gotten from CGL back when things were on schedule. The schedule turned out to be wrong, but it looks like KS prices are confirmed.

>> No.73130814

Me again. BattleRech scale is 1:285/6mm correct? Some modelers include the exact scale (or MWDA) while others just say BattleTech scale.

>> No.73130856

I'm not letting you near my mechs, that's for sure

>> No.73130864

I've had good experiences buying from the guys on eBay or Etsy that sell 3d printed mechs. The $10-14 mechs were crisper than the $5-6 mechs.

I've bought a bunch of resin ones from Eastern Europe and the casting quality was highly variable, even from the same seller. From good to embarrassing, but priced a little high for that inconsistency. I'd only go this route if they're selling a lot of extra variant parts. Some do.

Strato Minis are cast resin and they do need some cleanup, but they're pretty good. I prefer some of their designs to MWO. Excellent vehicles, too.

>> No.73130886

You tell me

>> No.73130925

In theory, yes. They're nominally in 6mm scale, which in the US has historically been 1:285. 6mm = 1:300 in Europe.

I don't think any mechs have canon heights in the lore, so you can't really assign a scale - it's more of a guideline. I wouldn't be surprised if BT minis ranged from 1:220 (Z scale, in train speak) to, I dunno, 1:350.

>> No.73131000

Thanks, trying to give the files a consistent naming convention. Currently its Name Model Number - Custom Variant Name - Scale - Source - Modeler.

>> No.73131045

In all seriousness, how would you react if when ilClan is finally released, it involves an invasion with the homeworld clans that culminates in - through clever leadership and battlefield attrition - Clan Stone Lion being named the ilClan?

Would it be a bigger upset than the appearance of the Republic of the Sphere in canon? Would /btg/ approve or REEEE?

>> No.73131094

>I don't think any mechs have canon heights in the lore
They have since the very beginning. MWO is vastly overscaled for example. Mech mini scale is ostinsibly 1:285 but individual minis vary more to poor scaling control and scale creep than anything else.

>> No.73131119

Stone Lions are the biggest nobodies of them all. It would be a fucking stupid "dude we subverted your expectations" moment and go about as well as every other franchise that thought shock factor was the way to go.

>> No.73131251


I'd be wondering who in what other Clan is sock-puppetting them.

Probably the Star Adders. Somebody figured that if the Adders did it somebody would put a coalition together to finally stop them, but one Clanner generation after the ilClan is established, the distinction hardly matters.

>> No.73131280

Easy; I don't buy ilClan stuff and stay in Forever 67/early Jihad when things were more fun and less utter pants-on-head retarded. We did that the last time with MWDA, we can do it again.

Nothing says we need to consoom every episode of every timeline. We can pick and choose what we want to participate in. There's no lack of material for other eras... and hey, even if there is, we can crowdfund our own provided there's enough interest.

>> No.73131288

Which do you guys think would be better: just going with the "BattleTech Scale" label when that is what the modeler uses or translating to 1:285/6mm? I don't want to give the prospective modeler any false information, but BT scale isn't well defined.

>> No.73131314


I'm still angry the rad paint scheme, great second line mech, conventional infantry spamming, sit in a city and come get me fucker Vipers are gone.

Or maybe that's just Star Lord talking.

>> No.73131390

Why would there be any STLs in scales other than 1/285?

>> No.73131466

They vary in scale from 1:285/6mm, 10mm, MW:DA scale (N scale 1:160/9mm) to the undefined BattleTech scale. Some don't have a scale listed at all.

>> No.73131500

Looks like a Bushwacker's baby brother.

>> No.73131542

Isn't resin supposed to be toxic?

>> No.73131581

>Maybe they should pay past employees that got shafted and not paid for work, how about that piracy?
>If you want to see a person at his worst listen to him when he thinks he has the moral high ground.

>> No.73131617

Well, it hasn't killed me yet.

>> No.73131638


It would be a little based. I'd prefer some twist where the Nova or Spirit Cats get it, or maybe the Goliath Scorpion. Anyone but the Care Bears, Fiat Falcons or Wolf Faction #4.

>> No.73131802

>A Seeker gets so high he claims Terra, the ultimate SLDF relic.

>> No.73131892

Please fund it

>> No.73131968

And so is basically everything else in modelling. If you lick your brush when you paint, it's nothing worse. If you mash up greenstuff with your bare hands it's the exact same thing.

>> No.73131971

Battletech needs more goth girls.

>> No.73131990

I think some minor assholes would be the worst. I want Falcons, purely for a genuine evil overlord the way 3050 promised me the clans would be if they won.

>> No.73132063


Meh, maybe if they'd gotten there on their own. They've been carried by so much luck and magic that they've long since become boring.

>> No.73132333

I'd go with "6mm", "10mm", or blank.

That way there's no guarantee that it'll be exactly to scale, but you know if it's in the ballpark.

>> No.73132349

I don't know about Green Stuff, but acrylic paint is a LOT less toxic than resin fumes.

>> No.73132478

3D printer resin fumes are like a quarter as bad as fiberglass resin fumes. UV resin is two part epoxy tier.

>> No.73132505

Oh, 3D printer resin. Yeah, that's not so bad.

>> No.73132671

I recently rewatched the first episode of Firefly and the battle of Serenity Valley makes me think of what the fight between the TDF and SLDF must have been like

>> No.73133170

Not enough suicidal Taurian civvies getting righteously BTFOd by SLDF naval bombardment

>> No.73133216


I always try to include a Firefly in my Concordat units.

Mal is basically an honorary Taurian. Named my TDF formation "Serenity Rangers" in the show's honour.

>> No.73133344

Only thing it's missing is the SLDF nerve-gassing and nuking cities on the horizon

>> No.73133370

Name then model number, since people always know the names whereas sometimes the model number doesn't even match up (e.g. BZK-F3 Hollander). Thanks anon.

>> No.73133432

>Mal is basically an honorary Taurian.
Mal IS the Taurian Concordat;
He's indestructiblely stubborn, belligerently contrary and independence-minded, unreasonably tough, has a tsundere weakness for fancy whores, and intermittently turns into a total fucking retard as the script demands

>> No.73133507

You're not wrong

>> No.73133523

legit made me lol

>> No.73133697


If you want scaled paint schemes and urban combat that's literally the 1st Ghost. They are as close to a Steel Viper legacy as you can get.

>> No.73133787

is she though? seems like she's just reacting off Mal's orneryness most of the time

>> No.73133790

Did anyone ever really escape Star League conquest? I'm under the impression the Deep Periphery was settled after the Reunification War.

>> No.73133884

Mal is the tsundere one, anon

>> No.73133937

That is a disconcertingly good point

>> No.73133939

They both have their moments

>> No.73134067


He's a great man! ...Ok, he's a good man. Well, he's all right.

>the three stages of faction-fagging

>> No.73134073

No. That's why it was literally One Species. One Realm.

>> No.73134173

Jayne is the Circinans then.

>> No.73134231

Oh I get it now. Heh yeah

>> No.73134240

Nah, Jayne is a canopian from a planet other than canopus

>> No.73134268

Nah, he's got the whole mix of merc/pirate/goofball/ultraviolent/oneliner down pat.

>> No.73134298


Inara is Canopian, Kaylee is OA...

>> No.73134381


Which era?

Reunification War has a respectable fight and a lengthy denouement to live in. New Vandeberg Uprising is exciting and has an entire era of disillusionment to live in. I suppose there is the Jihad with the state falling apart afterwards.

>in all eras Inara is a Canopan exile that backed the wrong faction, which is to say she drew the short straw when the Canopan leadership were deciding before the conflict who has to face the music as the one who was really supporting the losing side when the conflict is over

>> No.73134424

Zoe is obviously also a taurian, that's undoubted. Wash could be an outworlder as well, but I could maybe see him being from the FWL maybe.
The tams are obviously coreworlders mixed up in some comstar shit, maybe even from actual earth,and book is maybe also formerly C* or maybe something else

>> No.73134432


>General Kerensky slept here
>and gave a good and thoughtful review, but didn't understand that anything less than 5 stars contradicts that
>that tragically beautiful old man that just couldn't understand the nature of the universe he was living in

>> No.73134452


>Zoe is obviously also a taurian, that's undoubted. Wash could be an outworlder as well, but I could maybe see him being from the FWL maybe.

Yeah, I have Wash as a good natured Inner Sphere guy

>> No.73134469

Yeah, the FWL is the kind of place where there's a planet where they juggle geese

>> No.73134673


Known jackass. Formats his OF posts by facerolling the , , and CAPSLOCK buttons.

>> No.73135697

>> No.73135998


The FWL/Magistracy front during the Reunification War has got to be the only major conflict where the leaders of the two sides were actively sharing a bed.

>> No.73136018

This right here is why facebook is better than the OF. God help us. That's a well reasoned and respectful disagreement with the way Catalyst did something, and it's 100% a certainty that if he'd posted that on the OF it would get insta-deleted and he'd be banned.

Good on him.

>> No.73137031

There's some random Deep Periphery worlds that left the Inner Sphere before Star League was a thing.
The most notable one is Axumite Providence, an nation of 12 systems with one JumpShip between them that left the Inner Sphere way back when the Outer Reaches Rebellion was happening, and proceeded to chill in the ass-end of nowhere for the next 800 years with zero contact with the Inner Sphere (IE established contact with their leadership shortly after the Jihad to warn them of the potential of WoB stragglers or the Regulan rape-train chasing them showing up, but the knowledge has been kept hidden from the rest of the population).

>> No.73137506

Trust me, I was unemployed for a year (I graduated from university right in the middle of a recession) and it was not fun. Sure, I still had enough money to pay my rent and bills, but that was it. My quality of living has gone up a lot since I got a job and don't have to ration my money (and can actually buy Battletech stuff), even if I the amount of tax I pay is higher than the average cost up public services I use per year.
And even that might not actually be the case. Last year I slipped on ice and chipped my tooth, and it only cost me 50 € to get it fixed. In USA it'd probably have been closer to 5 000$. Plus in USA I'd have to pay a lot more per year to pay off a student debt than I pay in taxes per year.

>> No.73137712

April Blenderposter here; I'll add my Thunder Foxes and Rabid Coyote to the mix if someone tells me where to put them.

>> No.73137724

>coworker's husband is a MWO/BTech2018 addict interested in trying the tabletop
>official page's store link is dead
>Catalyst only seems to sell a starter box and a slightly bigger starter box
>no other leads in the OP
How the FUCK do you get into Battletech?

>> No.73137812

If someone's already at all interested, the $60 "Game of Armored Combat" starter set is the way to go.

>> No.73137835

Catalyst will have some more minis sometime this fall, and a lot more next year. There was just a big Kickstarter to do them.

IronWind Metals sells all the official minis outside of Catalyst's plastic starter boxes. However, new players usually start in 3025 (lowest tech level) and the minis for that era are usually very old and very ugly. Hence Catalyst redoing them. IronWind's recent minis are great (albeit pricey because metal minis have high material costs) but most of their newer minis are for the latest eras, which are a little messy and not a great place to start. They will do metal versions of all the new designs, eventually.

>> No.73137945

IronWind Metals miniaturas are by no means good for today's standards, but they are more expensive than better cuality metal miniatures of other games.
An also unavailable outside of USA.

If they don't offer a proper product, players are going to find a way to play.

>> No.73137977

ray arista and Gideon both said he was out of line to say shit the way he did

>> No.73138053

The sooner I can buy a dozen Griffins, the better.

>> No.73138148

As a very recent buy-in to the tabletop who got entirely Jihad or later models from IWM, I'm quite happy with their quality. The earlier ones look like ass but these newer ones are great. I'm pretty sure I was the first person to buy a Shadow Cat III from them.

>> No.73138190

>new players usually start in 3025
Do they really?
I thought new players mostly come from the Mechwarrior vidya->MegaMek->tabletop pipeline. I don't think grogtech is especially appealing to that particular part of the fanbase.

>> No.73138242

The slightly bigger starterbox is a good start. It has the basic rules and 8 minis, which for BT is a reasonable amount since most games are 4 vs 4 mechs.

>> No.73138299

Ray is Gideon.

>> No.73138308


This is fucking retarded by the way. If you can make fusion engines making armor curved is about as challenging as breathing.

>> No.73138378

They're the same dude, but yeah, he has social skills.

I'm perfectly happy with the minis they've released in the last two years. There is better out there, but I find their new stuff acceptable. It's the other 90% of their product line that's a problem.

But yeah, for both CGL's physical books and IWM's minis, distribution outside of the US is unbelievably bad. Unless your prices are unreasonably high (*cough* Horus Heresy *cough*), people pirate your stuff because it's easier to get that way. Make it easy or stop complaining.

>> No.73138462

>An also unavailable outside of USA
Between Ral Partha Europe and Fantasyweld you can get most of their models, though not all. RPE mostly has older stuff and Fantasyweld doesn't have everything and often has only a small stock of each model at hand.

>> No.73138521

>Mainly pulled up by Norwegian oil
>I'm partway in the academic line
Uhh I guess you're not in there all the way because you think countries other than Norway benefit from Norwegian oil

>> No.73138563

I mean, Sweden kind of does, as many of the people living near the border work in Norway because the wages are really high. And a lot of Norwegians near the border shop in Sweden because the prices are lower, bringing more customers to Swedish stores.

>> No.73138712

Don't forget about tanks and hovercrafts please, so much thank you.

>> No.73138750

>I thought new players mostly come from the Mechwarrior vidya->MegaMek->tabletop pipeline. I don't think grogtech is especially appealing to that particular part of the fanbase.
The guy who talked about the new player in >>73137724 mentioned MWO/HBS Battletech so that would put him squarely on the 3025/3050s crowd. You have to remember it's usually the latest videogame that sparks the interest. For instance for me the Clan Invasion Era feels most familiar because I started with the original Mechwarrior in 1995.

>> No.73138756

15$ for a bad cuality metal miniature only sold at USA, when infinity offers high cuality metal miniatures worldwide for 12€ or 4 for 25€ / 22€
No thank you.

>> No.73138839

And as someone who just can barely recall vague images of Mechwarrior 3, only remembers Word of Blake being assholes in MechAssault 2, and recently got interested again through the 2018 strategy game, I can honestly say that the Clans seem kinda lame to me at the moment.
But then, the trope of gritty exiles from interplanetary civilization suddenly returning with the biggest, baddest military on the block has always seemed like a cop-out in science fiction.

>> No.73138973

But the clans were literally the biggest baddest military when they left the inner sphere as the sldf, not a surprise that they still were when they returned.

>> No.73138993

In this case, I guess context is key. Are the sourcebooks good reading for lore?

>> No.73139079

Be more specific. BT has like a million sourcebooks, some good while others less so.

>> No.73139086

Will HBS ever come back for a second game? Should they?

>> No.73139100

>I still had enough money to pay my rent and bills, but that was it

You were unemployed and you could still rent a room and eat. Do you realise how privileged you are out of all the people on the planet?

>> No.73139176

I do, and that's precisely why I like living in Finland. But I much rather be employed.
The other anon was implying that being poor or unemployed in Finland is more comfy than being wealthy, which it isn't. It still sucks, just much less than it does in many other places.

>> No.73139318

If they ever do a sequel, they could make easy money by having it focused on the Clan invasion.
But they need to step up their programming skills or at least not using something stupid resource intensive as Unity engine

>> No.73139341

Didn't Weissman sell off the company? Without him they probably don't have an interest in more BT stuff.

>> No.73139438

I'd rather they made another Shadowrun game, they were much better than Battletech.

>> No.73139541

The Federation Deloyer Occupation Company

>> No.73139726

if Mal's a Taurian, Zoe's definitely from New Vandenburg. Or the Pleiades.

The most groggiest of grogs, boomeriest of boomers ever; I'm not surprised he's on Facebook telling the kids to get off his digital lawn

Oh yeah I enjoyed those although they were really thin on lore

>> No.73140164

So are you arguing for or against it

>> No.73140403

Wait, don't people hand make versions of those Transformers toys and SELL THEM? Do they get sued? I seem to remember /toy/ back in the day would have stuff about that big Devastator robot that was hand made and no one complained. I can't wrap my head around how stupid this all is.

>> No.73140518

I'm the other anon

>is more comfy than being wealthy, which it isn't
Actually the position you were just after, that was the best. You were making enough money to satisfy your immediate needs, but not enough to be a net contributor.

A rough guide is to check your tax contributions against consumption. if you paid more than about EUR 18,000 last year, income, VAT and property taxes inclusive, then congrats, you are shouldering your rightful share of the country's expenses.

Against. It's not at all sustainable worldwide, only in those special cases which invariably have other things plumping for them, such as North Sea oil - which most Nordic model enthusiasts who put it down to enlightened social justice tend to overlook, because all that dirty dirty oil funding their do-goodery doesn't jive with the image at all, eh?

>> No.73140857

STL anon here. Just put them in your choice of archive and throw them up on sendspace or zippyshare. Provide the URL and people can grab them. I'll add them to collection I am curating.

>> No.73140896

House Kurita mech design challenge time?

Pick a blade that hasn't had a mech named after it.

Design a Drac mech that you think fits it.

Era is up to you.

>> No.73140976

An image like this one should exist for Spanish swords.

>> No.73140987

I grabbed as vehicle (and Aero) models as I could find, but as you might imagine there aren't that many as compared to 'Mechs.

>> No.73141022

For me, it's a falcata.

>> No.73141064

>original Mechwarrior
The original mechwarrior was grogtech. MW2 was refusal war.

>> No.73141099

Why we still don't have a BT movie?!

>> No.73141100 [SPOILER] 

I'm loving the new apc the hanseatic league uses.

>> No.73141132

>How the FUCK do you get into Battletech?
Buy the "A Game of Armored Combat" boxed set. I was at a Barnes & Noble yesterday that had six of them in stock.

>> No.73141220

> To me, Repros are 100% Wrong, and there's NO room for me to give ground on this subject. I'm not just an Immovable Object on this, I'm THE Immovable Object.

lmao imagine being such an insufferable faggot that this is the big point in your forum sig

>> No.73141389

>I'm (b)(u)(i)THE(/i)(/u)(/b) insufferable cunt

>> No.73141425

Hey at least he flags himself as the retard he is right off the bat, you might have accidentally tried to engage with him otherwise.

>> No.73141586

Because it'd inevitably be based on a Stackpole novel and follow Wolf Subfactions ten through fifteen.

>> No.73141617

Is there a way Amaris could have won Kerensky over to his side, or was ole AK always going to be an obstinate fool?

>> No.73141626

>North Sea oil
You keep talking about the oil but we Finns dislike the Norwegians as much as you do. You tell me where there's oil in Eastern Finland and I'll go and lay a claim.

>> No.73141727

Could be worse, could be nea trying to lamely explain why profiting from ip piracy is good and telling them to stop is bad. " you let people rip off the ip for decades and suck for letting topps realise there's still money in battletech!!"

>> No.73141904

He...did not say that in the slightest.

One might think you're trying to intentionally misrepresent his argument, which boiled down, essentially, to "CGL is in the right but should have waited until the legal alternatives were actually available".

>> No.73141945

Fuck off ShilleringSword

>> No.73142137

Ok here's mine

In 3067 the DCMS finally got round to addressing the needs of its long-ignored medium Mech forces. One of the most pressing was a capable C3M-equipped medium Mech to lead C3-networked medium battle lances or companies

Thus the Nagamaki was born, designed to be fast, well-protected with a counter-ECM suite, armed with a pair of PPCs for stand-off firepower, a suite of lasers for defensive close combat, and a TSM-powered Sword both for chopping down headhunters and signalling to troops. The prototype team used leftover Sword production from the No-Dachi, cut down slightly to the smaller Mech's size, but it still appeared to the casual eye to be relatively huge for its Medium Mech frame, thus leading to the Mech's given name.

Only a dozen or so Nagamaki were produced and issued before the destruction of the small production facility at Luthien during the Jihad. None are known to have survived the Jihad, making this extinct Mech practically stillborn at inception.

Combat reviews were generally positive, such as the case of Serial No. 9 serving with the 2nd Benjamin Regulars, which led no less than five reconstituted C3 lances back into the fray during the defence of Benjamin and escaped two direct headhunter attacks. However, the Combine officer in question was not (posthumously) awarded for the battle, since kills and glorious last stands tend to be more impressive than the work of providing C3 coordination to other shooters.

>> No.73142178

Kerensky was an unthinking soldier

>> No.73142209

>trying to lamely explain why profiting from ip piracy is good and telling them to stop is bad
Is that really what he said?

Ok? Why are you so buttmad at Shimmy?

>> No.73142215

I, uh, sketched a quick doodle of what I think it'd look like

Unfortunately I forgot to mount the torso PPC and MLs so they're just clip-on turrets. Chalk that up to design team cramming it in, heh.

>> No.73142387

See >>73121750

>> No.73142560

CGL thanks you for your white knighting, here have a cookie

No wait, they didn't even give a shit and BTFOd the last grog to do it

>> No.73142583

I wish there was never an MWO to keep their shitty franchise alive through the last decade and now bail them out with not-MWO-we-swear models.

>> No.73142761

CGL is better than any of you people, so why shouldn't I defend them against your unwarranted attacks?

>> No.73142775

Not killing whole Cameron family would've been a good start

>> No.73142892

Finland has no claims to the North Sea (its only coatline is in the Baltic; prior to WW2 it also had a small Arctic Sea coastline but lost it to Russia), and no deposits of oil or gas. It has enough mineral resources to sustain a moderate minign industry, but nothing particularly notable, at least to the point of supporting the entire country's economy like Norwegian oil (plus all mining companies operating in Finland at the moment are privately owned, where as Equinor, nee StatOil is owned by Norwegian government). Finland is theoretically the only country in EU with rare earth element deposits, but they are so small and poor quality that they have never been exploited, and likely never will unless the EU decides it absolutely needs to have a supply independent from China or US. Finland does have a veyr large forestry industry, but that's hardly on par with oil in terms of generating wealth.
Were it not for a universally available system of high quality education system, Finland probably would still be the poor and largely agricultural society it was prior to the wars.

Though at the same time, I don't think the same syste would work in USA, or many other places. With a population of just around 5 million, mostly concentrated in a few cities, it's relatively easy to provide quality education and healthcare for majority of people. With over 200 million people occupying a far larger area, it'd be logistically far harder.
Plus Americans don't have the same kind of attitude. In Finland, people historially had to work together or starve during the winter, so doing your part for the common good has become part of the cultural DNA. In USA, people will just want to hoard money and never pay taxes or help anybody but themselves.

>> No.73143074

Oh fuck off Coleman and come back when you've repaid the porchbucks and all the workers and compensated them for putting to with your thieving bitch ass

>> No.73143277

No and that guy is our resident faggot. You get used to him after a while.

>> No.73143385

Not as bad as my left-field bet of a Blood Spirit/WoB force showing up and proclaiming themselves the Star League reborn before taking over Terra with an army of Protomechs piloted by genetically enhanced cyborgs.

>> No.73143422

Wow it just doesn't end. I am so done with him. This is the most insincere non-apology I've ever seen

>> No.73143706

Worked on my Dazzle Flashman last night and tried out an oblique anamorphic spiral pattern. Still WIP but I'm really happy with how it's turning out and lining up

>> No.73143742


>> No.73143836

I'm going to 3D print a life size version of his dumb ass head and 3D print a dildo in the shape of an Atlas and shove it in its mouth. No one will be able to tell the difference.

Class act, man. Utterly class act.

Random pic from the booru:

>> No.73143887

Coleman is all that has kept this game alive, and you should be thankful to the point of being on your knees that he decided to risk his own money to buy the license. Without Loren Coleman, there'd be no Battletech anymore at all.

>> No.73143908

Who's the artist for that one pinup? Because I gotta say, the girl's fucking hot in that one.

>> No.73143914

Been dropping in on the thread every half-hour or so for a day (it's an addiction, and sleep soon) but comparing this with another thread I've done that with (it's an addiction, and sleep soon) I've noticed that on a day where every anon is angry to some degree or another there is likewise one ("1", a single) anon that revs up early morning american time and it just doing what he needs to to shit this place up. Doesn't matter what the subject is.

>> No.73144058

Fuck off, the porch killed the game

>> No.73144071


>> No.73144079

But >>73141727 and >>73142761 are very clearly different people, anon. Which means that there's at least 2 people who have made it their mission in life to shitpost the thread.

>> No.73144134

Maybe if you all went back to the Official Forums where discussion could be properly moderated, then these sorts of problems wouldn't happen.

>> No.73144150

t. The Catalyst Observer

>> No.73144237

But really though, is this just TCO-anon schizoposting an extended bit, or does CGL really do damage control in these threads?

>> No.73144286


>> No.73144382

>"you should pirate because the old minis are crap"
>but we're getting new minis from the KS
>"...those don't count!"

>> No.73144412

No, seriously, CGL really does ask their volunteers to go to other communities and post on CGLs behalf. We've had it confirmed 3-4 times over the years by people who took screenshots from inside the "CGL employee only" section of the Battletech forum.

>> No.73144418

They're not available yet.

>> No.73144430

so the reason for piracy is impatience, gotcha.

>> No.73144446

Digital piracy is always the morally correct thing to do in all circumstances.

>> No.73144464

Kickstarter backers won't get them for months, and people won't be able to buy them retail until a while after that. Maybe they ought to have considered bringing some of the pirate sculptors into the fold instead of letting IWM continue to produce mediocre crap.

>> No.73144467

>"...those don't count!"
Until I can go to a store and buy them, then no they DON'T count. I finally just put an order in with an Etsy seller with 3d prints, solely so it hurts Catalyst's bottom line. Never pirated minis before, but I'm fine with it now. They handled this as competently as they handle everything else, and I'm sorry for and tired of their idiocy. Fuck em.

>> No.73144471

>and people won't be able to buy them retail until a while after that
should've backed the KS then :)

>> No.73144515

Teams of diligent neckbeards working around the clock, one mini at a time! Don't worry boys! We'll have this done by the time the shadowrun kickstarter is finally fullfilled!!

>> No.73144526

Part of the chapterhouse lawsuit was that CH was making minis that GW had started, but weren't producing. Chapterhouse won that suit. It's perfectly fine to sell minis that the IP owner isn't making available. CGL isn't making the minis available. It's their own fault.

>> No.73144559

Are Stingers and Wasps good for recce or more for raiding?

>> No.73144594

Your contrarianism isnt funny.

>> No.73144624

Who said it was a joke?

>> No.73144632

should've pirated a sense of humor then :)

>> No.73144640

I still think it's HGs lawy
er shitting up the threads in retaliation for all those shekels that slipped through his fingers.

Yukari is not for shitpost.

>> No.73144644

The reason for piracy is lack of quality goods and poor customer service.

I did.

If it's such a non-issue, stop complaining about piracy then you fucking baby.

>> No.73144700

>Yukari is not for shitpost.
oh yes she is.

>> No.73144723

I'm going to buy an Elegoo Mars out of spite.
I was prevaricating on this for months but now I'm resolved.
Thanks Shimster.

>> No.73144728

>piracy is lack of quality goods and poor customer service.
There is no valid reason for breaking the law. Ever. If you're a pirate, then you're always in the wrong, every time.

>> No.73144783

Thing about the Chapterhouse lawsuit was also that it concluded that even if GW owns the trademark for Space Marines and the specific design they use, They don't own the trademark for "heroic scale gothic space-knights", or basic symbols like "inverted omega" or "blood drop over wings".

Selling a unlicensed model for a Battletech Atlas BattleMech is breaking copyright, but selling a model for 285 mm scale Titanus RoboMek isn't (though if said model is a 3d printed version of the MWO model like the Warhansa one, that does break copyright because you're selling a model made by another company without their permission).

>> No.73144808

*1:285 scale

>> No.73144826

>There is no valid reason for breaking the law. Ever.
Even if we weren't talking about plastic/resin/pewter models of fictional giant robots, that still wouldn't be true, bootlicker.

>> No.73144841

I'm actually starting to come around to this way of thought more and more. I never pirated things before since I don't really get that much stuff online anyway and would rather support people who create things. Now most of those people are faggy corporations who I hate for a variety of reasons anyway.

>The reason for piracy is lack of quality goods and poor customer service.
Maximum this. I hope a lot of the companies who poured shit on their fanbases over the years are ready to become customer dick service experts in an age when they can just be replaced by a small piece of hardware or pirate software.

>pic related

>> No.73144863

Can someone explain the argument?

From what I can gather, CGL was slow on producing new minis so players turned to outside sources and now CGL are mad?

>> No.73144866


>> No.73144898

Yeah, they could've waited.

Granted, I'm not sure how much better we would've taken it. A little bit, I'd like to think. I think CGL already understands that the old sculpts aren't an option - a lot of us only started because MWO-derived minis looked acceptable and we'd rather not play Battletech at all than use the old official models. Give us an alternative first.

>> No.73144903

I don't think anyone is a hundred percent sure. From what I've seen TOPPs might have leaned on CGL to DMCA shit. Caught up a bunch of stuff not explicitly infringing so even more of the modeling community than would normal be are like FUCK CGL. It being 2020 I'm sure the cause is a million times more ridiculous and absurd than that somewhat rational explanation.

>> No.73145032

Not "slow". It's been literally 12 years since we've had new plastics, and the quality of Battletech minis hasn't been acceptable since 1994.

They have flatly refused to give the fanbase what it wanted (inexpensive plastic minis that look acceptable), and so the fanbase found another supplier. Now they're being assmad over the fans taking matters into their own hands.

So fuck them. They think they have some sort of moral high ground? I'm going to do everything I can to propagate "illegal" minis for the next 5 years, just to hurt them. I hope it gets them out of business. They don't deserve our support.

>> No.73145052

Heres your (you)
Now why do you post this shit?

>> No.73145115

>inexpensive plastic minis that look acceptable
How expensive individually are the minis from the intro box set? I like those.

>> No.73145134

Dude get over him

>> No.73145149

Nice drawing, man.

Can't speak much to the effectiveness of the stats, so will leave to that better minds. "TSM + energy weapons + sword = fun" is my immediate takeway

>> No.73145210

3D-printed minis (or recasts of them) have been a big part of Battletech for the last few years. The old minis are woefully outdated, which made playing in 3025-3067 (roughly) unappealing. After that, IWM does have some nicer-looking recent sculpts... to a degree.

In the last year, though, there've been more people selling 3D printed minis from within the US (as opposed to Eastern Europe where recasters are pretty safe). We've been sharing STLs more openly. No one's bothered hiding trademarked names. Honestly, we got a little cocky.

Meanwhile, CGL is inching closer to releasing a bunch of new minis which will compete with the above. That's deliberate - they noticed that, a) more people were starting to play and buy BT books once they had modern minis available to them, and b) a lot of people who used to buy official minis were buying the other ones. So they launched that Kickstarter campaign, got production going... but aside from the two starter boxes, they haven't hit the shelves yet. So they shouldn't be surprised that we're still going for those sweet, sweet, 3d prints.

Anyway, we don't know if this was CGL's idea or Topps'. Could very well have been Topps'.

>> No.73145213

They aren't available individually. You can drop $60 or you can not have any at all.

And remember that before the new box, the only plastics available were the 2008 casts from the old introbox and alpha strike boxes, and they were universally trash.

>> No.73145224


Now THIS is based

>> No.73145280

>on your knees
>he decided to risk his own money
Well I'm sure his personal expenses were so low having the company pay for porches that transform from battlemechs to a porch and back. We call them BMPs. Battlemech/Masscrime/Porches. They are not tournament legal.
>Without Loren Coleman, there'd be no Battletech anymore at all.
Like people wouldn't play games on their own and 3D print mechs, play megamek and make standees. Riiiight.

Good post. Made me reply. I give you 8/10 elementals.

>> No.73145493

Ares usually has them broken up individually but has a low stock so you have to order them at the right time

>> No.73145549

new thread. let’s be nice to each other in this one, frens


>> No.73145667

Haha nice try beemer, suck a dick

>> No.73145714

The real TCO or the TCO we all LARP?

I don't think the real TCO is stupid enough to actually post damage control here. (He might, I dunno...) We're most likely getting some cunt beemer if not a non-beemer OF troll, both of which we know do come by every now and then.

>> No.73145832

Then we change the law.

>> No.73145967

anyone else find it amusing when the same people who say 'piracy doesn't hurt anyone' also say 'we have to pirate to hurt [company's] bottom line'?

>> No.73146026

You're not wrong, although I'm on the side of the "pirates." You can't hurt someone by not purchasing something. It isn't a 'lost sale,' it's a sale that was never meant to be.

Isn't this situation though a little similar to how that douche at Paladium lost his nut because Battletech players bought their Robotech Tactics minis and used them for BT? Who the hell is anyone to say anything about anything? Sheesh.

>> No.73146185

I will never not find that rib-tickling hilarious

Especially since it couldn't happen to a "nicer" guy

>> No.73146214

Thats the Stratos Flashman?

>> No.73146315

Doesn't look like it to me.

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