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The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/!

"Time for invading" edition

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Was the Federated Suns attempts to make fast heavies with XL engines worth it (Thanatos, Argus, Rakshasa, Falconer), or was the survivability too low and I should stick to my Quickdraws and Ostsols if I wanna heavy cavalry?

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Not sure about the others but I had a decent pilot in a Falconer a while back and he obliterated stuff regularly. Nearly always got two kills a mission if not more.

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I've always liked the Argus with its RAC5

Shame the official minis for it are so godawful

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German memoirs are only interesting because they tell the story from the other side that we don't know about. But most of it is filled with "we weren't truly Nazi" bullshit which is just ass covering.
Argus, Rakshasa and Falconer are solid bruh. And the subject of one of the gripes about the AFFC; even their less well-known Mechs are well-made and generally defect-free.

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>>73099426 #
Good. These people condoned what the Blakists did to their dissident neighbours in the name of the greater good. Now they can feel the same in the name of the greater good.

I'd say turnabout's fair play, but it's not even truly fair because they got away instead of being thrown into camps like they deserve.

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Glad to see someone is brainwashed

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Now THIS is based.

Don’t give the cuck attention, he’s fishing for (You)s.

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Fair enough, I just always heard that XL engines on heavies and assaults was a sin.

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Isn't Rakhasa generally considered pretty meh? Pretty much all I see anybody say of it is it being a low-quality knockoff of Mad Cat.

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It’s just one of our resident shitposters, same anon as >73100726. Gets easier to pick him out over time.

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I consider the base 1A version to be pretty meh with its heat troubles. The 1B is a bit better heat wise but loses range. I'm a BIG fan of the 1Ar. Its a favorite ride of one of my Dark Age mercs. Haven't tried the 2A yet.

There are better options out there in that weight bracket...but there are also worse. I just wish its mini wasn't so shit.

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What about?

Eat a dick

Era dependent. I myself like SFEs and of course there's the LFE later on, but at some point around 3060 if you don't bite the bullet and go for XL you find yourself putting out a lot less damage

It is. But that's compared to Clantech. Against IS Mechs it's decent. And compared to the shit other factions get...

>> No.73101039

It's a knockoff of the Mad Cat Prime, but it's not really low quality. It's never going to measure up to the Mad Cat because it's not Clantech, but it isn't a bad mech in and of itself at all, though nothing that stands out like a Falconer does. Probably its biggest issue is the ERLLs make it run a bit hot, but there's a variant that swaps those for standard LLs that fixes that.

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Cry moar, toaster wanker

I like /btg/'s contrarianism WOBbishness myself, but that don't detract from the fact they're established bad guys

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What is this, a Stackpole novel?!

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I could tell, anon

He always spews the same retardation

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I can get their line of thinking. the former hegemony worlds are some of the more interesting places, but they got fucked over hard.

Also, how is 32nd century terraforming? I read about worlds like New Dallas and the idea of an interstellar power wanting to plus their population and logistics counters the "erasing" worlds from the map.

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I dont see why they didnt recuit former "unpolitical" Militia members, like West Germany did after WW2. They are already trained and ready to die for their Planets, and political watchdogs should be enough to keep them in line.

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Anyone want a small 50 pack of catgirl portraits or have I gone too far this time?

>> No.73101175

I do, should fit for a Dai Maxbuster campaign

>> No.73101183

It has THIRTY DHS anon. You can run and gun with both LLs and one LRM for no heat. Or rack up the heat and then dump it by dropping one LL every now and then. When you're done sniping at the enemy you rush in and use all the lasers, ride the heat again dropping one LL every now and then.

It's not a perfect Mech by any means, but no way is it unplayable. Compare with our friend the War Dog next page in the same TRO.

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He always argues the “bad guy” thing like it matters in a setting where everyone nuked billions of people lol

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The rakshasha is a MadCatz madcat.

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These people are raised not to question it. They literally can’t separate reality from wartime propaganda.

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Might take me a minute since I have to clean up the backgrounds as they are all fubar.

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>like West Germany did
The text is very reminiscent, nearly (not quite) word for word, of some gripes by former Wehrmacht officers in the 1950s, so in the first place you have to know that this is exactly the vibe CGL is going for

>why they didnt recuit former "unpolitical" Militia members
In the second place, well they might have, but the Republic did one thing FDR couldn't, and that's bring in a huge pile of foreigners and make them citizens overnight, plus actually expand their territory to include big swathes of other nationalities. With that kind of skilled population influx who needs to recruit ex-WOB?

Besides, nobody likes a sellout. You can't claim to "fight for Procyon" when Procyon is being contested by two sides. Side A controls Procyon one day; you fight for them. Side B controls Procyon, one day you fight for them... against Side A! It's a ridiculously disingenuous argument that only idiots unironically believe.

Way to out yourself as a newbie. Even at the height of WOBposting /btg/ never stooped so low as to unironically believe WOB are good guys or the "other states nuked too" story. We LARPed as WOB villains BECAUSE they were villains, not because we thought they were good.

And if you think "turnabout's fair play, they nuked us so we nuked them"; then you're equally condoning throwing ex-Wobs in camps in the spirit of equitable treatment, so my point still stands.

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And you'd be gullible or blind enough to fall for the Nuremberg Defence, just because you side with the obvious bad guys probably out of some kind of inferiority complex.

Were some Wehrmacht merely professional soldiers caught in the system? Maybe. Did many Nazis pretend they were the former to try and get out of dancing the hemp fandango? Almost all of them did, nobody truly stuck to their guns when the chips were down. So who's to say categorically that the former no way Jose could possibly in fact be the latter?


>> No.73101616

I imagine this would vary heavily by era but is it hard to find MASH equipment between 3067 and 3145? Currently in Marian are in 3145 and want to refit a chopper with one for medevac. Figured I would be good considering all the other weird shit they build now.

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>> No.73101675

Literal MASH trucks everywhere. Actually better fleshed out here since in previous eras FASA didn't bother simming these noncombat functions.

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No seriously. The writers and the universe makes a HUGE DEAL over how clanners hate contractions, but then you read novels were clanners are spewing them out left and right really stands out.

Maintaining the internal consistency of a settings rules is kind of a big deal in fiction.

>> No.73101952

I thought my joke took that into consideration.
I try so hard, man. I'm giving up comedy and going to be a MoC social worker for retired cat girls who can't get men anymore. I hear they usually are over the age of 20.

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To be honest, It looked more like the usual "hurr durr, clanner bad" shitpost.

Consistency is one of those things that bothers me. Even if its 3025 shit, clanner shit, or dark age shit. I can understand subverting it for the purpose of selling a story, but forgetting a key trait out of laziness is troubling.

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Man fuck CGL, and fuck the Dragoons. Waco Rangers forever.

>> No.73102079

Yeah I know people can get autistic from time to time.
It's an Urbie on an Xray of someone's pelvis using a contraction from the MSPaint comic that's on the booru. How is the Urbie in the Xray? It's multi leveled silly.
I feel like such a dick having to say this. Just in case you have to deal with me, I'll be labelled "Anonymous," I do stupid jokes. It's what I do. People ignore them. It's what they do. Then I cry. It's what I then do. Then I stomp on Ullers. That's what I do. It's a viscous cycle but I'm willing to stick to it.

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>This one also claims that there were no gas chambers. Why can't any one of them just confess? Well, hang him and ask the next one, eventually one of them has to tell us what we want to hear.

>> No.73102974

On a 4/6, yes, unless maybe it's a mech that can hang back at long range.

I don't think 5/8 is quite good enough to make up for the loss in survivability, but it's on the verge of being okay if you're offering up better targets.

>> No.73103076

I find German memoires more interesting because they show the changes in attitude as the war went on, from young men joining the military under the promise of restoring Germany to its rightful place and avenging the humiliation she endured at the hands of the winners of WW1 (or that's what the propaganda claimed), to the realization that somewhere along the line you've made a terrible mistake and now everything is going to Hell around you.
I firmly believe the mark of a good war novel is that it should make you hate war, and that comes across a lot better in German novels because the author can't justify it all with a righteous cause. Millions died because some asshole thought he should rule the continent and shape it to his vision regardless of the cost, and managed to convince enough people to support him. It was all just a colossal waste of human lives.

>> No.73103284

Yeah, like bat'chall'. Drives me nuts.

>> No.73103347

Spheroid surat, that is not a contraction! That is noble and honorable Clan word-shortening, or worshot for short. It is completely different than your butchering of Kerensky's proper Star League English, and to even compare the two shows how ignorant you Spheroid barbarians truly are.

I challenge you to a Trial of Grievance for you insult to Clan linguistics! With what forces will you defend yourself?

>> No.73103374

Yeah, they are genuinely interesting. I'm usually willing to accept what they say about their motivations on an individual level - war's complicated like that, and an organization that's just plain evil on a macro level doesn't require all that many evil people to make it that way. But when the tide turns, they all know the Soviet reaction is going to be ugly, and they know that they have it coming (again, on a macro level only).

Do we get stories about reluctant Drac warcrimers?

>> No.73103465

>Do we get stories about reluctant Drac warcrimers?
No, because we don't commit any.

>> No.73103608


No because they've never known what the hell to do with the Dracs since the Capellans took over the mantle of "racist yellow peril meme".

I was kinda hoping that now that the Capellans are the new terrifying Asian supervillains we could maybe see something else done with the Dracs. It'd be cool as shit if they leaned more into the cyberpunk yakuza angle.

>> No.73103644

Oh fuck off. You revisionists are disgusting.

Yeah sure they're not entirely uninteresting or unlikable. Some might even be perfectly honest the way they describe their histories as army brats; who just never knew anything else other than to fight as a profession and as patriots for their country, as their forefathers did before them. But they also universally take pains to dissociate themselves from Nazism and claim one and all they were, yknow, really REALLY snickering all the time at the silly little Brown Shirts, they only joined the Party for the extensive perks, they were just going through the motions, etc (quoting direct from a couple I read)... yeah right, sure. Sure.

>belueve the mark of a good war novel is that it should make you hate war
I don't. There are always, ALWAYS causes worth fighting for. That's the crux of eg TH White's Once And Future King, and I stand solidly by that.

>Do we get stories about reluctant Drac warcrimers?
It's doable, but not easy to pull off successfully. From the perspective of someone "trying to change the system from the inside", I guess it's possible. But the DC going the way it is, you either die or desert a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. ie have your hands so stained in the process that your greater ideals become equivalent to the WOB's and Clans' "atrocities for the greater good of humanity" reasoning. (Which is also exactly how DC reason it as well).

So it depends entirely how you viewed the WOB, Surrender Your Dreams Stoners, or that Stephanie Chistu chick in the new novel. If you're sympathetic to them all, then sure, you can go that route.

>> No.73103660

>It'd be cool as shit if they leaned more into the cyberpunk yakuza angle

Can't because the chap who introduced it into BT lore is dead.

RIP Vic.

>> No.73103664 [SPOILER] 

>I challenge you to a Trial of Grievance for you insult to Clan linguistics! With what forces will you defend yourself?

>> No.73103684

They do a little, with Solaris stables ran by oyabun, and Ghost Regiments. Maybe in an edition or two.

>> No.73103696

>There are always, ALWAYS causes worth fighting for
I'm not saying war isn't never necessary, but when it happens it's always a tragedy. Ideally things should never have gotten to the poitn where a war has to be waged.
The poem about a good man going to war sums up my feelings on the matter pretty well.

>> No.73103768

>There are always, ALWAYS causes worth fighting for.
Are a thousand unreleased prisoners sufficient reason to start or resume a war? Bear in mind that millions of innocent people may die - almost certainly *will* die - if war is started or resumed.

>> No.73103814


If they're gonna do space Samurai, I demand that we get a non-pussying out Meiji Restoration plotline in the Draconis Combine.

Two contestants for the position of Coordinatior, the Draconis March backing one, Clan Ghost Bear backing the other, brother against brother, the Draconis March backed candidate promising if he wins he'll delete all the Clanners in the Dominion to get the backing of expatriate Rasalhagues, the Ghost Bear backed candidate declaring the Draconis March will be the new replacement Military District for the lost Rasalhague and Alshain.

>> No.73103942

I think most humans are generally...human, so the majority of Germans, even if they bought into the propaganda weren't chomping at the bits to commit genocide. Though obviously writers would be prone to trying to justify themselves, whether out of conscious desire to whitewash themselves or due to being in denial about it.
Though most of my WW2 collection is about the Kriegsmarine, who were less gung-ho about the whole Nazi thing due to their high command and Hitler butting heads from pretty much right at the beginning of the war. Though one of the most famous U-boat captains, Günther Prien, was a card-carrying member of the Nazi party.

The really funny thign is reading Japanse memoired, because every single one I've seen at some point emphatically degrees that the whole Nanking thing was blown way out of proportions and exaggerated by the Chinese and American media (despite even Japanese newspapers at the time posting pictures of mass executions).

>> No.73104000

"Yes , sir! More than enough reason."

>'More than enough.' Very well, is one prisoner, unreleased by the enemy, enough reason to start or resume a war?

I hesitated. I knew the M.I. answer - but I didn't think that was the one he wanted.

>Come, come, mister! We have an upper limit of one thousand; I invited you to consider a lower limit of one. But you can't pay a promissory note which reads 'somewhere between one and one thousand pounds' - and starting a war is much more serious than paying a trifle of money. Wouldn't it be criminal to endanger a country - two countries, in fact - to save one man? Especially as he may not deserve it? Or may die in the meantime? Thousands of people get killed every day in accidents ... so why hesitate over one man? Answer! Answer yes, or answer no - you're holding up the class.

He got my goat. I gave him the cap trooper's answer. "Yes, sir!"

>'Yes' what?

It doesn't matter whether it's a thousand or just one, sir. You fight.

>> No.73104017


Honestly it’s no wonder most of our long-time regulars have run off at this point.

>> No.73104066

Like I said, he’s brainwashed. He can’t even acknowledge that any of them weren’t political. That’s a level of delusion so grand he’s basically a /pol/ack on the other end of the political spectrum. You can’t get through to people that sick in the head.

>> No.73104325


The Legacy novella.

>word of warning, the scene is legit heartbreaking when you think about it
>what if you died to do something decent, and nobody gave a shit that you'd done it and it didn't matter at all anyway

>> No.73104350


Just a bit too far.

And besides, they're out of uniform.

>> No.73104400

Right, put them into uniform, understood.

>> No.73104461


Don't forget coveralls. We don't all run fancy Marik regiments, some astechs actually work for a living. Ok, to be more accurate, some astechs don't have "auxiliary ballroom dancer for low attendance emergencies" as their primary MOS

>> No.73104487

It's hard to make them human using the website and they all come out naked or in tanktops. Have to keep crossbreeding images and a lot of them ended up as more foxgirls. For now I'm just going to do 25 since I don't necessarily want that many of them popping up in the mix of normal characters.

>> No.73104568 [DELETED] 


The Terran core worlds deserved it. Best part of the Jihad was watching them and the WoBblies burn together.

>> No.73104612

That's a portmanteau.

>> No.73104687

Was Amaris justified in bringing House Cameron down? IIRC most Terran Hegemony citizens were cool with it at first.

>> No.73104691


Are there psychics in the Battletech universe? I've read passing entries in Sarna where psychic powers are mentioned but there's no single entry on psychics in general.

So far, all the references to psychics involve having "visions" and this appears to be as far as the powers go. With all the various religions in BT, is it possible that over the past thousand years humans started manifesting extra-sensory abilities?

The setting isn't super clear on this. Is it meant to be up to interpretation, or is there a kind of in-universe realism aspect to it?

>First published June 3056, in "I Want to Believe" Ms Anderson addressed the supposed psychic visions of ComStar Primus Adrienne Sims that included amazingly specific references to the Clans - eighty years prior to the Clan Invasion.


>The Mystic Caste is a subcaste of Clan Nova Cat's Warrior Caste, begun in 3102 at the end of the Second Dominion-Combine War in order to breed a new psychic-wielding warrior meant to safeguard the Clan with their ability to not just receive visions, but tell the future in a rudimentary way through observance.

Which do you fellows prefer?

No Psychics?
Could be Psychics?
Psychics are BS?
"Psychics" manipulating people?

>> No.73104718

No psychics, supernatural abilities are ascribed to people as they'd be in the real world, but there aren't any mystical powers.

>> No.73104764

>why can't we all just get along
I mean, it's not going to happen, so why set your expectations that high, and for no practical reason? It's like believing every natural disaster is a tragedy to be avoided - well yeah sure, but that's the way it is. You can't use that sense of tragedy to flagellate yourself every time it happens; it has to be inspirational so you're motivated to do what it takes to live. KWIM?

Heinlein had a really good point here, for all that the rest of the book was "rah rah stratocracy" (which may or may not be satire depending how you look at it) and "lulz US Army so dumb me smart"

Yup. Ex-Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe officers pushed these a lot, especially since they would be least associated with events happening on land. But even so, not all of them can be as innocent as they profess. I mean, look at Adolf Galland. Was he in it just for the thrills? Clearly. Was his conduct gentlemanly and professional? Sure. Was he ultimately kicked out of the cabal? Oh yes.

Was he completely unaware of what was going on in places like Auschwitz, Belsen, etc? Impossible. Was he completely apolitical and just doing his job? We all know, any one of us who's worked in large orgs, that you don't get to be in his position without being a player in the game.

Indeed. More civvies died at Nanking and in more horrific and torturous ways, than at Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, so the "but muh nuked" crowd can go fuck themselves with a double-barrelled dildo.

And that's before adding up the atrocities across the rest of the Asian and Pacific theatre, from the big colonial cities to all the little native towns and islets. There's good reason why literally nobody in those parts gives a flying fuck for "muh nukes"

>I don't know people
Get out of the basement sometime, that'd help.

>> No.73104819

I have some sympathy for the population in relation to the Great Houses: fuck those guys. But, since they backed WoB and fought the Coalition to the death at the tail end of the Jihad, not the beginning, fuck the TH worlds, too.

>> No.73104844

House Cameron wanted to rule the entirety of mankind, whether they wanted House Cameron, or not.

>> No.73104847

>what if you died to do something decent, and nobody gave a shit that you'd done it and it didn't matter at all anyway
That's just how life works every day. Only the people who aren't decent get remembered.

>> No.73104867

>not Wobbie

Man, you never even read the SCOUR stuff. That's like using Rep instead of Stoner.

>> No.73104898

>War of Periphery States' Rights

>> No.73104911

KS shipping when

>> No.73104936

Originally the whole "Phantom Mech" thing from one of the early Kell hounds books was written to be a psychic thing, but that was before the universe was fully fleshed out, and since the story never did outright state it was a supernatural thing it's since then been treated as an unexplained thing that probably had a mundane explanation, but some people believe to be supernatural.

There's some other examples like that, like the Nova Cat visions. They belive them to be real, and sometimes they do seem to get premonitions of the future, but in all likelyhood it's just a case of confirmation bias (i.e. they remember the times when something happened that fit the vision and ignore times it didn't).

>> No.73104964

I AM a long-time regular, and it's zoomer fuckheads like YOU who can't read nuance and sperg insults instead of debating with reason and content, that pulls down this place

>fuck me, I even took part in spreading the WOB memeing early on before it became the entrenched trend on /btg/

>> No.73105024

Battletech basically treats it like people do in real life. Are there people that believe it? You betcha. Is it real? Nobody has objectively proved it.

If you read Heretic's Faith, the Mystic caste are basically trained to have superhuman instinct, having to work their way through obstacles they have no way of doing without blind luck or a vision. It's almost like breeding for luck.

And then NuBountyHunter killed them all. Yay!

>> No.73105096

Ok lets talk about mechs
I like to run the only good capellan related thing: a Tikonov Republican Guard themed lance
- Archer/Catapult/Crusader (I rotate between these 3)
- Thunderbolt
- Wolverine (best medium)
- Vindicator
Point is I'm not familiar with Jihad and further tech, which mech versions (or alternatives) should I field for these timelines?

>> No.73105170

>Jihad and further

>> No.73105226

You need to run Swordsworn in the Dark Age, then.

>> No.73105301

He wants to play Capellans but he wants non-Xinsheng

Basically that means, unironically, Canopians

>> No.73105307

I'm just sad they killed off Battle Magic. I mean in making their full strength up to play with on the table and only have about 15/20 years to play them.

>> No.73105392

He wants Tikos being Tikos. I gave him Tikos.

>> No.73105453

You must be new here

>> No.73105490

Most of the later Catapult variants are artillery mechs with Arrow 4, or deriatives of the PPC-pults. C5A is the only new classic-style missile Catapult to come out during the Jihad.
Vindicator has 3Lr, which is pretty typical Vindi but replaces the PPC with a snub-nosed one for close-rand firepower and the LRM with MML, and 6L which is just weird (it carries TSM+sword, a plasma rifle, and a rocket launcher).

There's a lot of the Unseen variants in Jihad/DA, and I don't really know which one is definitely the best. Though some are just kind of off, like that one Thud that seems to try to carry as many different kinds of PPCs as possible.

>> No.73105586

pls i need them

>> No.73105818

Clear you calendar for 2022, and wait like the rest of us

>> No.73105857

>uziel gets legged and surrounded
>hits the ejected pilot of the mech that legged her with a snubby
>kicked in the back of the head by his buddy
>as she manages to prop herself up again, sees an SRM carrier staring her in the face
>the fraction of a second as they stare each other down goes on for what feels like a minute, and she alpha strikes as it launches every missile
>The uziel is hit with forty-seven SRM missiles
>the carriers front armor and everyone inside are shredded by the snubnosed PPC

>> No.73105859

Go buy a 3D printer, anon.

>> No.73105886

i didn't back the tier that gets me a 3d printer :(

>> No.73105891

Yes, psychics exist. One of the kuritas demonstrated the ability to actually walk through walls and was not only able to talk to ghosts, but to also listen in on other people's conversations with ghosts for the other side of the inner sphere

>> No.73106032

They seem to finally be getting the 1st wave to a shippable state. They've gotten prototypes of the models produced already, so it's a matter of doing the actual production runs. The whole pandemic thing has screwed up the schedueling pretty badly, so no idea how long it's actually going to get for the stuff to be ready.
Wave 2 is going to take a lot longer.

>> No.73106257

That’s incorrect, it’s a civilian government and Heinlein observed there were non-military paths to citizenship. Give the book a read.

>> No.73106309

>no u!

That’s nice, kid.

Most of us are burnt out from your “debating” techniques of rampant shitposting. Can’t fault us for not wanting to fall for your nonsense again. I don’t even wear my name anymore due to all the bitter trolls here.

>> No.73106357

>Of course we had known that he was a veteran since History and Moral Philosophy must be taught by a citizen

YOU give the book a read

>> No.73106764

It's been a while since I read Starship Troopers, but I do recall it being mentioned that you can gain citizenship through community service (i.e. volunteering at hospitals and the like). However, it takes longer than military service since the whole idea of the system was that only people who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the country should be allowed to have a say in how the country is run, and joining the military is a bigger sacrifice because you're putting your life at risk.

>> No.73106767


The requirement that *anyone* that volunteers *must* be given a posting makes it eurozone universal national service gig type of thing, really.

>> No.73106936


Frankly I'd be surprised if you don't start seeing whole ghost regiments of the civilized elect like regency englishmen putting their friends kids on their ships books as midshipmen while partying at Eaton, once the Bug War is safely in the past. And ghost regiments of the not-so-elect. Heinlein was painfully idealistic in some ways.

>> No.73106947

>the writer is wrong about his own book’s universe
You seem to be the same sort of brainlet that thinks the Federation is fascist

>> No.73106994

>you can gain citizenship through community service (i.e. volunteering at hospitals and the like)
Yes and no. No, you can't volunteer to be a nurse or firefighter, you have to enlist as a soldier or pilot or other military MOS; but 1) if you wash out through lack of skills you go do other kinds of work, said to be onerous manual labor so it at least approximates the blood and sweat of military service, 2) even if you do pass basic combat training, before the Skinny/Bug War they had trouble finding enough makework for all the troops to do.

E.g. Carl is a tech boffin and Carmen is a pilot, but you bet they're both under military discipline, cause that's half the message right there besides the life-threatening hardships.

Well, if you can cite me where Heinlein said that, I'll retract. I'm only going off the book, not whatever he said outside of it.

>> No.73107214

>anon gives a direct quote
YOU are the reason why the level of discourse in /btg/ is what it is today

>> No.73107546

Well, it seems CGL has started DMCA'ing 3d modelers.

So print while you can, cause soon the models might disappear

>> No.73107727

>a representative liberal democracy run by a civilian government as members of the military are unable to vote or rule

I’m guessing you’re american....


His quote doesn’t support his argument, unless you think veteran only applies to military rather than federal service. He’s welcome to quote a line that says that, but in the English language “veteran” doesn’t not exclusively refer to military service, and indeed the novel supports the existence of non-military jobs of federal service.

>> No.73108008

>I cannot speak so I must sperg

If you have nothing to say, just shut up and post some batreps

>> No.73108009

Sorry for quoting Wikipedia, but I was curious.
>The definition overlaps with the grammatical term _contraction_, but contractions are formed from words that would otherwise appear together in sequence...

Okay, not totally definitive, but enough for me to say that the clans aren't taking this "sacred language" thing very seriously.

>> No.73108205

That's a brilliant move on their part in the midst of a hopefully once a century societal fuckup in an era where that stuff just shifts underground further when the DMCAs start flying. This will also in no way blow up in their face when people change the designs just enough then spin them back up and the market is flooded with Rabid Puppers, Battlewrenches, and Porch Wolves.
Seeing as how far 3D printers have come and Covid out of fucking nowhere I'm pretty sure the "Durr we'll just make it in China for cheap." age of minis is over.

>> No.73108242

After looking into it, it might actually be Topps that are DMCA'ing everyone.

>> No.73108253

I forget what TOPPs owns in this tangle of lunacy that is BT IP. They have mini rights?

>> No.73108289

>They have mini rights?
No. IWM does. But Topps owns Battletech in general so theoretically they can hit anything Battletech and fanmade.

>> No.73108406

>Porch Wolves

IINM Topps owns the boardgame and sourcebook IP, and license it to CGL to operate

I don't know why Topps is the one sending out DMCAs not CGL. Presumably given CGL's reluctance to lawyer up in the Harmony battle, CGL doesn't have the cash reserves and they had to beg Topps to do it for them

>> No.73108426


I don't think CGL *can* DMCA people, anon. Our happy circumstances were basically due to Topps being the metaphorical giant that couldn't even being to notice.

>> No.73108443

Don't bet on getting anything before September unless you happen to live beside the fulfillment center that the product ships to you from.

>> No.73108525

Probably due to the kickstarter giving extra visibility for BT, they might've finally taken notice as multiple creators got completely shut down on places like thingiverse.

>> No.73108707

Are there any factions that are user friendly to new players? Disappointed to find out the Aurigan Coalition isn’t in most of the fluff.

>> No.73108788

Hopefully Megamek is safe in this shitfest.

>> No.73108838

It's been safe this far

So, uh, where is Piratebay for Thingiverse? Purely academically speaking...

>> No.73108868

I'm not sure there is one, was never needed before.

>> No.73108921

Aurigans are a hamhand retcon stuck right in the middle of Fronc instead of something sensible like between the Taurians and the Tortugans.

What you need to understand about the tabletop game is that there are 5 primary factions, the Great Houses. Secondarily you have the 3 remaining Invading Clans. Everyone else is secondary and the game is geared around telling stories with them, not using them in any balanced or primary faction sense. Think of it as filling in the world map in real life with small countries after the superpowers.

If you're out playing some random periphery nobody, you're playing some little 3rd world place like Somalia and you don't get to complain when all you have is little halfass pirate cutters instead of aircraft carriers.

Of all the houses, Davions have the best variants, Lyrans have the largest weight distribution, Mariks have the best variety of production and some of the best variants in the game. All three of those are beginner friendly. Dracs take a skilled player and Caps generally do as well depending on how fluffy your forces are.

A point I really must emphasize is you don't need to choose any faction. Especially in 3025 when most people are tooling around in Star League relics that everyone has access to in some number or another, just play the game first. Worry about faction stuff later.

>> No.73108974

Good summary, anon

>> No.73109011

There are no good guys or bad guys in BT on a faction scale.

>> No.73109034

>Way to out yourself as a newbie. Even at the height of WOBposting /btg/ never stooped so low as to unironically believe WOB are good guys or the "other states nuked too" story. We LARPed as WOB villains BECAUSE they were villains, not because we thought they were good.

Speak for yourself faggot

>> No.73109074

>It was all just a colossal waste of human lives.

What's so great about human lives that a few less of them is bad?

>> No.73109130

>>I cannot speak so I must sperg
Indeed you are. Practice what you preach.

If you mean for role playing give the Free Worlds League a shot.

The trolls don’t actually play BT.

>> No.73109245

Are there any factions playable for people who think that monarchies are kinda faggy? Like I thought the idea was that the factions would have competing systems of government, but they're all inherited monarchies with superficial differences in how they actually organize things.

I thought the Periphery might be different but its the exact same thing except that the fluff calls it democratic?

>> No.73109258

The only thing I regret about the upcoming fall of the Republic in the new books is that the nuFWL won't be involved.

Although Alaric's got a bunch of ex-Mariks in his new clusters, I doubt they'll be featured.

>> No.73109260

The Clans

>> No.73109278


You could be Diamond Shark/Sea Fox with no problem then, except for the post-humanism thing.

>> No.73109285

I think what you're missing is that especially in the later Jihad books, the treatment the Wobbies got was worse than they gave, so it really undermined the whole "they're baby eating badguys" thing.

Like how the Wobbies had PoW camps with awful conditions right? So a bunch of the Coalition people just said, "Hey, we're not even going to take prisoners. KILL THEM ALL." The second thing is WAAAAAAY worse. How am I supposed to call them goodguys when they do that.

Then you had the apex badguys of the setting, clanners, getting in on the action and warcriming it up. And the penultimate Capellans vowing 5 nukes for every one they suffered.

Then you had fake accusations of warcrimes leveled on the Wobbies that they didn't do which made it hard to tease out just what they had done. Then you had the Protectorate as basically a two roman empire type setup with Gibson and the Master fucking around all super crazy while Cameron St. Jamais was trying to at least be less crazy.

Then you have Stone himself, who went from mysterious King Arthur figure in the early DA days to a full on murderhobo once we got to know him. Him being at the helm of everything just became more and more disgusting the more we found out about him.

You just didn't feel like the Wobbies were actually worse than half the people that were pounding on them. I gotta give credit to the Davions though, that's more how I would have liked things to go if I was supposed to root for the Coalition.

>> No.73109333


Do you think if I buy enough CGL merch I too can canonize my BT headcanon?

>> No.73109364

They explicitly discuss non-military service and Heinlein himself later said that most people did the "civilian" service option and only people retired from their military or civilian service could become citizens and vote.

>> No.73109379

Not really.

The FWL is the least hierarchical major house, but it's a matter of degrees. You can always go mercenary, though.

>> No.73109385


Sorry anon, I think you've missed the Kickstarter.

>> No.73109415

I think noticing all the 3d printing is what convinced them that it was time to modernize the designs and launch a kickstarter campaign. Not sure I can really blame them for going after these, but they could've waited until the KS stuff was actually shipping.

>> No.73109426

If you don't believe in space knights riding giant robots for their space king on his holy 300 year fight to become space emperor, you are in the wrong game.

If you want a real explanation on why, it's the absolute super slow movement of information and people through interstellar travel. You need somebody you can leave alone for long periods and count on as a crony. This is best served with direct pledges of loyalty.

>> No.73109430

lmao you just KNOW they only picked his shitty unit because the name is vaguely feminist. Boudica was a useless bitch who murdered her own people and civilians in surprise attacks and got mulched by a small bunch of tired and hungry Romans who didn't have time for her shit.

>> No.73109438

unless its a Clan having some form of monarchy is just part of the setting. and even then, the whole Khan and caste system has similarities in its own right. you're simply in the wrong setting if you're trying to fully avoid the feeling of 'ancient feudal governments in the far flung future.'

>> No.73109471


Anon, if your fictional universe is going to have a bunch of celtic weeaboos, there's only so much source material.

>> No.73109576

Maybe the War of Star League Aggression?
>except in this case the ones accused of aggression really are the aggressors

>> No.73109628

The North were the aggressors IRL too.

>> No.73109679

Tell me about the MechWarriors in your campaigns, /btg/.

Your favorites, your most hated.

What they pilot, where they're from.

>> No.73109698

Please don't start this, anon. You know he's just going to pull the "Federal XYZ was taken/attacked" even if it was territory and forts within the broken off states themselves that those states would say belonged to them. I really don't want to have things devolve into another civil war fight.

>> No.73109768

Agree to disagree, friend. Not worth having an argument over.

Now I will say Inner Sphere pulse lasers are junk and a waste of tonnage. Argue that.

>> No.73109799

>Heinlein himself later said
And I said, please show me where elsewhere Heinlein said that, because the novel itself doesn't.

>They explicitly discuss non-military service
Depends how you define military service? There are researchers and pilots and infantrymen and admin clerks, and they're all considered military, just like IRL. Not every military personnel is a rifleman, either in the book or in IRL Armed Forces, but they are still performing military service.

For those who can't qualify even as private infantrymen, the service they perform is manual labor. The book refers to "labor battalions". Note, Battalions. Still military service.

>"...facts are that we are getting hard pushed to find things for all the volunteers to do that aren't glorified K.P."
>"A term of service isn't a kiddie camp, it's either real military service, rough and dangerous even in peacetime, or a most unreasonable facsimile thereof."

So there's 1) "real" military service, which is defined as the useful MOSs like pilot, researcher, infantryman; and there's 2)
"facsimile" military service, which is things like admin and K.P. and manual labor.

Still military service.

>> No.73109820

I once started a campaign with 4 dudes in Urbanmechs. The only Urbanmech I had at the end was a frankenstein monster with Javelin arms and a PPC mounted on the shoulder like a Hunchback and the only character I had left from the start was the accountant who had become the grizzled and battle-scarred veteran commanding his mixed battalion of Capellan defectors and Periphery pirates from the comfy and out of LoS seat of an Archer.

>> No.73109829

That pic always bothered me. 11 pilots and 1 tech. Who is #12?

Couple years ago had a girl who would want to have a pilot in BT. Made up a character. Gave the bitch a modified Snake mech that carried a mace. Real piece of work.
Well bitch went full tilt bitch on her team. I played alongside her and my pilot wasn't having any of her crap anymore. LPL head shot finished her off. Cunt didn't want to play anymore and went back to final fantasy fan fiction or whatever nonsense she's into.

Stripped the mech except for what passed for wreckage for the head.
Don't screw over your own team.

>> No.73109854

>Couple years ago had a girl who would want to have a pilot in BT. Made up a character. Gave the bitch a modified Snake mech that carried a mace. Real piece of work.
>Well bitch went full tilt bitch on her team. I played alongside her and my pilot wasn't having any of her crap anymore. LPL head shot finished her off. Cunt didn't want to play anymore and went back to final fantasy fan fiction or whatever nonsense she's into.

You seem like a well-adjusted individual

>> No.73109863


>Not hierarchical
>Name me one FWL state not ruled by an inherited monarchy

>> No.73109877

>Anon plays Battletech with Marthe Pryde

>> No.73109895

Daily reminder that Jerome Blake did literally nothing wrong

>> No.73109916

>Well bitch went full tilt bitch on her team.
If someone is reacting to something, interesting thought is to consider what they are reacting to, and the severity thereof. Please to be drinking and orange Fanta.

>> No.73109922

He didn't grow a mustache so his beard looked stupid.

>> No.73109944

Daily reminder that Jerome Blake did only one thing wrong.

>> No.73110027

It works for some people and it worked for him. Plus it can be useful.

>> No.73110086

I didn't realize Blake went full space monk

>> No.73110119

In his heart the Blessed Blake knew what was necessary to redeem humanity

>> No.73110126

>kids in my /btg/ don't know about one of the seminal works of science fiction

A Canticle for Leibowitz

>> No.73110267

Run by a civilian govt who are all ex-military, elected by a constituency of only ex-military and nothing but. It's still a de facto stratocracy since none of them are from non-military backgrounds, and the military basically controls the Govt by . Basically the same setup as Sparta, which is also described as a stratocracy.

>veteran only applies to military rather than federal service
Well, depends on if you think Heinleinian Federal Service =/= military

With all the Federal Servicemen passing through basic training and serving their terms of enlistment under their (quite strict) version of the UCMJ, it looks quite strongly like the military to me.

>> No.73110315

According to Heinlein:

> “Veteran” does not mean in English dictionaries or in this novel solely a person who has served in military forces. I concede that in commonest usage today it means a war vet- eran...but no one hesitates to speak of a veteran fireman or a veteran school teacher. In STAR- SHIP TROOPERS it is stated flatly and more than once that nineteen out of twenty veterans are not military veterans. Instead, 95% of voters are what we call today “former members of federal civil service.”

You’d think this point would be obvious when nothing in the book limits federal service to military service.

>> No.73110348

>Run by a civilian govt who are all ex-military
[citation needed]

The author apparently disagrees >>73110315 but I’m sure you can provide a passage from the book that proves him wrong.

>> No.73110397

>Basically the same setup as Sparta, which is also described as a stratocracy.

Apparently he modeled it on Switzerland. Someone asked him about this at a con way back before you whippersnappers were in diapers.

>> No.73110406

fuckin’ rekt

>> No.73110431

>Well, depends on if you think Heinleinian Federal Service =/= military
Apparently the author himself thought that...

You got played, son.

>> No.73110445

Are you also the "REEEEE WOB BAD" shitposter?

>> No.73110581

>Inner Sphere pulse lasers are junk and a waste of tonnage
Unless at near point blank range, yeah.

>bitch went full tilt bitch on her team
Why tho?

>> No.73110622

>Why tho?
The chick playing the character was IRL kinda nasty and evil. I mean the real thing-evil. Not autistic, just evil. She pushed hard so somebody pushed back. Terrible person she was. Last time I tried to get anyone into the game.

>> No.73110778

Much like in reality, there's not a single psychic in the BT universe who has won the lottery.

>> No.73110810

>In STAR- SHIP TROOPERS it is stated flatly and more than once that nineteen out of twenty veterans are not military veterans. Instead, 95% of voters are what we call today “former members of federal civil service.”
Yeah, he said that, but his own book doesn't say so. I do know, it's one of my favorites and I've re-read it a lot. So yeah, he may have had that idea, but he sure didn't get the idea across well.

I did say all the way up there that I was working off the book solely, and that he could have said otherwise elsewhere.

Yes, and WOB ARE bad, so suck it

WOB are bad, DC are bad, CC are bad, CS are bad, the only generally good guys are FWL, FS and LC, the latter two more than most.

>> No.73110871

>More good guy than FWL
>Laughing Loki operatives.hpg

>> No.73111009


If only because the FWL is such a non-player in general

>> No.73111026

>LC and FS good

wew lad

>> No.73111124


Anon, I legit thought about that book last thread when an anon posted the reversed Battle Armor pic with the backwards writing

>> No.73111221

Constructive comment

>> No.73111429


>FS and LC, the latter two more than most.

The Elsies took the Stoner Coalition campaign against Terra as a good moment to go grab some FWL planets while their forces were off fighting Wobbies. If the NuFWL doesn't raise a finger to stop the ilClan- much less give them a quiet front so the Lyrans might have an actual decision to make when they don't do anything about it themselves- it'll be in part because THEY REMEMBER HOW THIS SHIT GOES.

The Lyran Commonwealth's good reputation is based on Lyran Commonwealth's vouching for it. They never started a war, they say.

>> No.73111439

What else am I supposed to say to someone who's so delusional that he thinks that, from an objective standpoint, the LC and FS are any better than the WoB, to the extent that he spends thread after thread sperging out any time someone posts anything other than "WoB are mustache-twirling villains, love it"? I don't see him arguing that the CapCon is a good guy faction just because they're a protagonist faction now, and that's the only basis you could argue the FS being the good guys on - the authors saying so. If you look at the actual lore, then all of the factions are guilty of horrific crimes against humanity - if you believe in such nonsense in the first place.

>> No.73111464

The only good part of the DA is Tamarind Abbey slowly, quietly reclaiming old FWL worlds from the Lyrans.

>> No.73111476


The Wobbies drove the radicalization of means in the Jihad, anon.

>> No.73111524 [DELETED] 

>> No.73111624

Yeah, fuck kids, should have nuked them all like that cyborg guy said!

>> No.73111671

Is this artwork for a canticle for leibowitz?

>> No.73111702

I think we should be getting ready to say goodbye to Jihad Supplements and Crusader clans.

>> No.73111724

There haven't been Crusader Clans for years.

>> No.73111745

Catalyst isn’t WotC, numbnuts.

>> No.73111788

Thank god everyone in Battletech are placeists, not racists.

>> No.73111969 [SPOILER] 

Yeah, Randall is a mega-cuck. His most recent post on FB started off with:

>Bryn and I took a break last week to discuss important world matters and to let other voices be heard.

>> No.73111977

Is there a way to play Word of Blake or Comstar currently?

What sourcebooks would you need for them?

Fuck the Clans and Great Houses.

>> No.73111992


Lyrans are revealed to be pretty damn villainous. That's kind of the point, the FS in their hubris made a deal with the devil.

As for FS and FWL being good.... ehhh.... technically its correct that they at least allow for the conditions of being good. Both are stated to have regions that are filled with generally democratic, freedom loving, upstanding people. But they're also filled with areas of giant cunts they are happy to deploy against their enemies.

e.g. the smaller or periphery FWL states are generally harmless and democratic, but with the more powerful ones you get nuclear Regulans or "time to trigger another war" Anduriens. The Marches of the FWL are basically military dictatorships, but areas of the Crucis March seem to have pretty good guys - the UHC were about as good guy as you can get, and the Islamabad Region is said to still hold to that tradition.

Oh and the OA are pretty unironically just good guys, if a total non-entity on the galactic stage.

>> No.73112035


They're dead factions. CGL will not allow cool things to exist.

>> No.73112138

Run Marshalls of Tikonov. They are back in the Dark Age.

>> No.73112162

Isn’t the problem that they’re stuck with the shitty dark age writing that someone else did?

>> No.73112231

>So a bunch of the Coalition people just said, "Hey, we're not even going to take prisoners. KILL THEM ALL

To be fair, given the number of brainwashed plants/quintuple agents and wherever else shenanigans the Blakists are known for, that's probably the safest thing to do in many people's eyes.

>> No.73112287

Wasn't one of them headed by a Prime Minister Elise Marik married?

>> No.73112305

They're only stuck with a particular set of outcomes for a single moment in the timeline. The way they've chosen to arrive at those outcomes is entirely on them.

>> No.73112352 [SPOILER] 

when will we get a new "recent" era?
dark age is ass.

>> No.73112429

Nope. The original Dark Age stuff set up NuComstar as a reborn player in the big scheme, just like the Comguard prepped to be revealed in the 4th Succession War. Weisman's pattern was always a soft reboot with the same beats as always.

It was CGL who came out of 6 years of writing Blakists and decided they didn't want to do that anymore so torpedoed the whole plotline, along with most DA hanging plotlines, really.

>> No.73112450


Yes Tamarind was a democracy, and since this is Battletech, it was an evil bad state that was saved by the Mariks turning it into an autocracy, and then it became a Lyran murdering machine.

>> No.73112537

>You are too dangerous to be left alive
That's not a very good guy thing to say at all, especially when the "bad guys" are taking prisoners from even their most hated enemies.

>> No.73112567

>or "time to trigger another war" Anduriens.
Well they do border the Capellans, the MoC, and the Republic. Can you really blame them?

>> No.73112592

>and then it became a Lyran murdering machine.

Wow, they really did become the goodies

>> No.73112608

>This machine kills Elsies

>> No.73112658


The Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey. Which as names go, is just the right kind of ridiculous to be taken seriously.

>> No.73112665

Oriente is the one next to Stonerville. The Stoners started the first DA Andurien war between the two to keep Oriente off their ass. Devlin Stone himself ordered the death of an entire Andurien planet just to fuck with the local politics.

>> No.73112719

I thought Andurien did used to touch the Republic before the collapse

>> No.73112750


The Victoria War didn't go *that* badly.

>although it did go very badly indeed

>> No.73112809

Rim Commonality.

>> No.73112812

>That's not a very good guy thing to say at all

Oh, I know. But since when is anyone in Battletech a good guy?

If anything, you'd think the Blakists would be flattered that everyone just threw their hands up and said: "That's it, everyone dies!" And started nuking everything Blakist related just to be sure. They managed to cross the nuke threshold in record time compared to most other nations that required centuries of built up hate.

>> No.73112827

Andurien and Oriente are both on the Spinward border of the FWL. Andurien is out by the Periphery and Oriente is near the core worlds.

>> No.73112884

>Oh, I know. But since when is anyone in Battletech a good guy?

They try really hard to convince us Canopus is a good guy.

>> No.73112940


It's kind of important to bear in mind that the people that write Battletech canon are more like /btg/ than not (makes sense, given the overlap)... anyways what I mean is the thread had be going back into the Jihad sourcebooks and right there was a jumpship called "Centralla's Toy".

>so what class would it be, anons

Who am I kidding it's a Merchant.

>> No.73112954

>spends thread after thread sperging out any time someone posts anything other than "WoB are mustache-twirling villains, love it"?
Bitch please, we started that shit here on /btg/, along with the DC warcrimeposting and Clan furfagging. You and your ilk are the ones sperging out any time someone suggests the WOB are anything less than the true heroes of the story. Fucks sake we wrote that shit with tongue firmly in cheek, only literal morons would have been so bereft of sense as to take it utterly unironically

>> No.73112994

It's more that the Protectorate Milita especially were just some dudes sitting on their homeworlds going

"Hey, isn't it nice that the Blakists actually fixed out terraforming stuff that's been dead since Kerensky blew through?"
"Yeah, and imagine that we have a whole regiment of mechs to defend our world with. That would have been major world status in our grandfather's time."
"Clean water, clean air. Some good money and the status of being a mechwarrior. Things are looking up for us for the first time since the Star League fell."

And then an entire galaxy of furry space nazis drops on top of you screaming NO PRISONERS!

>> No.73113038

>invoke prejudice
Imagine not getting the point this bad.

Holy shit they're even going to edit the color palette now. "Black" is the new n-word!

>> No.73113085


Shit happens.

I'm sure they didn't know that the Wobbies were busy kicking multiple hornets nests. Doesn't change the fact that the Blakists probably saw them as meat shields at best. I feel for the hegemony worlds, but that's what happens when your between a rape train and its target.

>> No.73113114

>shit cards are banned
>autistic anons are triggered

Win win situation

>> No.73113132

The trouble with that kind of reasoning, is that anybody can be Good and their worst atrocities forgiven so long as they do good stuff for you... and then you can be forgiven for defending those atrocity-committing chaps, simply because they raised the quality of life for you and you alone, and then expecting that this puts you down in the Good column as well. That's nowhere near Good. That's just pure self-interest.

>> No.73113180

>but that's what happens when your between a rape train and its target.

Wow, what a good-guy thing to say!

>> No.73113228

CGL mainly failed in making the WoB seem worse than the Clans. They're badguys, at least the MD and Toyamas, but a tacnuke doesn't seem nearly as bad as forcing entire planets into the clan caste system, stripping everyone of family names, assigning jobs for you forever, forcing you to breed with people you don't love, everything is might makes right and warriors face no censor for basically anything unless another warrior takes offense.

>Doesn't change the fact that the Blakists probably saw them as meat shields at best.
The Master, probably. St. Jamais was wicked but he loved the Protectorate and did everything he could to protect it. That's the other thing, we saw the Wobbies as a collection of smaller independent groups since the beginning a decade before the Jihad. It's hard to get all monolithic about it. Like if the Caps were doing some bad shit in the 2nd SL, and they did. Did people blame the Star League or the Caps. The entire Comstar splinter group just wasn't cohesive enough for everyone to get behind.

>what happens when your between a rape train and its target.
Except they left Gibson and the other original Wobbie worlds completely alone, the actual nest of vipers. This is more evidence that Stone is related to all that somehow IMO.

>> No.73113296

Well, that's how good nations have worked since the dawn of time, self-interest for their people. When's the last time you saw Davions put resources into the Outback or Dracs on Pesht.

The WoB Protectorate was good to its people, in a way that almost no other state was in Battletech at the time.

>> No.73113327


Nope, it says its feudal.

>> No.73113334

This game is the Succession Wars in Spaaaaace.

As in, the ones to succeed Alexander the Great. There were five dudes in the running at some point.

>> No.73113358


I think you need the conditions of the former Terran Hegemony zone to get the paradigm, though. In the battletech future, once the Star League falls those guys are histories designated patsies, like Jacobites or the Vendee.

>> No.73113363


When have they tried to convince us Canopus was good?

First it was a crazy slaving shithole nation, and then when it gets its shit together it just is a puppet for Capellan interests which are definitely sinister

>> No.73113381


>god damn the things even look like a dildo

>> No.73113387

>those guys are histories designated patsies, like Jacobites or the Vendee.
They don't actively punch themselves in the dick like the Jacobites did, and they aren't rural backwaters like the Vendee

>> No.73113425

>when it gets its shit together it just is a puppet for Capellan interests

The Dark Age novels are about them not serving the Capellan interest and trying to upend them and take them over. They're presented as good guys so far as they're just not Capellans.

>> No.73113480


That's not really comparable. In Battletech the states were already there BEFORE the Star League.

Which I think is a big missed thematic thing. Like if the Star League was a shining democracy with rapid fast communications that decayed into decadence, then collapsed with the feudal successor states emerging from the wreckage as people empire-built.

>> No.73113496


Hell I'll happily fight for the Canopians if they're fucking over the Cappies.

>> No.73113521

> but a tacnuke doesn't seem nearly as bad

Tacnukes really aren't that bad. I don't know why they aren't used more personally. Its a sound plan if done "properly" via some treaty.

To be, the part that sells the Word of Blake as a "bad guy" is the bioweapons, sterilization of worlds, ignoring military assets to directly target population centers, and forcably experimenting on people or turning them into Manei Domini-lite. We don't see that really outside of a few splatbooks until right before they realized they are fucked and try to take everyone with them.

If they wanted to really hammer home that the Wobbies are bad, they should have alluded to the horrific shit at the start, but confirm it in the middle of the conflict.

>The Master, probably. St. Jamais was wicked but he loved the Protectorate and did everything he could to protect it. That's the other thing, we saw the Wobbies as a collection of smaller independent groups since the beginning a decade before the Jihad. It's hard to get all monolithic about it.

Totally agree. St. Jamais in some spots sounds like the one sane religious guy in a room full of fanatics looking for an excuse to martyr themselves.

>> No.73113533

I'd rather fuck the head Canopian, chillax with my bro Lord Lopez, and go on safari with my space dragon. Andurien for Anduriens!

>> No.73113631

>and forcably experimenting on people or turning them into Manei Domini-lite

When did they get up to all that? AFAIK MD were an elite group that you had to badly injured in the Word's service without expecting reward to even join, not just out grabbing randos.

>> No.73113696

See, I don't actually remember this. Galedon was a Drac project and accident. The clan bloodhouse stuff was Society. What where the Blakist ones? I feel like there was one or two but I really can't remember where other than the Hidden World killing itself off.

>sterilization of worlds
Don't really remember this either. They fucked some worlds hard with asteroids, but the actual sterilization was only done by Dracs and Regulans IIRC (and the Drac one for Galedon was stupid, it should have been the Ravens).

>ignoring military assets to directly target population centers
Other than the asteroid stuff, I really don't remember this either. I remember a lot of the really ugly stuff was them being spoilsports when they were driven off a world and just nuking whole invading forces in the middle of cities without regard for the civvies and stuff, only on worlds that didn't join the Protectorate willingly though.

>forcibly experimenting on people or turning them into Manei Domini-lite.
I don't really remember this either. I do remember the straight up brainwashing people and turning them into double agents with prosthetic and crap though. What about that one Steiner that had all his bone marrow replaced with plastic explosive? I mean, holy shit.

Kind of working my way back around though. The asteroid stuff was never actually confirmed until after Terra fell, so while that stuff was all super ugly and bad, the Coalition weren't basing any of their policy on that.

>> No.73113733

>What about that one Steiner that had all his bone marrow replaced with plastic explosive? I mean, holy shit.

Blaked and boompilled

>> No.73113958

I think it was final reckoning.

The blakists were kidnapping people from camps and other places to design new bio weapons, implants, and whatever else they didn't want to waste on actual blake troops. Some of the biomod were used on large swathes of people as a desperate last attempt. They weren't MD in the proper sense, but lobotomized cyborg drones to slow down the invaders.

>> No.73113964

Are the models in the alpha strike lance packs good quality?

>> No.73114233

Checked. That guy has THE highest kill count for major and minor characters in the setting, offing something like 30 or 40 of them all at once.

>> No.73114247

>forcing you to breed with people you don't love,
There's another way to do it?

>> No.73114270

>slaving shithole nation
It was cismen getting enslaved, so honestly I don't see the problem. Shoes on the other foot.

>> No.73114283

>go on safari with my space dragon.
They're extinct. Tough shit.

>> No.73114302

why do you make these posts

>> No.73114316

>He hasn't read Pandora's Gambit

>> No.73114377

So Battletech isn’t big enough for people to demand they change the name of the Jihad right?

>> No.73114415

Battletech is probably the longest running unrebooted scifi franchise left. We have books from 1985 that are still good. Nobody is gonna change shit, just like a historical 1100's game wouldn't change the word Crusade.

>> No.73114424

I mean, I guess technically you could force them to breed with people they love, regardless of if you're ready to have a kid or not?
that, or the incest route too.

>> No.73114441

Haha, time for Randall the Mormon SJW to strike again!

Legit, they're tried to roll back the religious nature of the WoB as much as they can

>> No.73114485

>just like a historical 1100's game wouldn't change the word Crusade
Just wait. It'll happen.

>> No.73114547


I need to reread the docs myself. Some of that stuff was also on hidden worlds.

>so while that stuff was all super ugly and bad, the Coalition weren't basing any of their policy on that.

Agreed. I also think that's why the Republic is so quick to exterminate any Blakist outposts or ComStar's attempt to bring some of their stuff back. They sat down and read about what WoB was up to. Its already confirmed that the Grey Monday event was the Stoners using some Blakist tech.

The problem is that outside of some splatbooks, there isn't much of a reason to mash the exterminatus button on Blakists as hard as Wizkids/Catalyst did.

>> No.73114620

I'm sure it's against house style but there's plenty of room for a book set in the Outback around 3029-ish where a desperately underfunded militia lance tries to hold a whole planet against Taurian invaders, inbetween monologues about how nice it is that their fucking K-12 funding went to the Fox's latest big vanity wedding project.

If they decide to flesh out the 4th War to Clans era stuff with more fiction it'd be nice to see them knock Davion down a peg from Automatically The Protagonist stance.

>> No.73114707

>it'd be nice to see them knock Davion down a peg from Automatically The Protagonist stance.
That's what I like about playing Davions in the 3025 era, though.

>> No.73114790

>I also think that's why the Republic is so quick to exterminate any Blakist outposts or ComStar's attempt to bring some of their stuff back.

See, what was fucked about that was that it's not how Levin treated it AT ALL back in the RotS civil war. He was damn happy he had extra forces to call on to fight the Senators. It was Paladion Mckinnon's own personal vendetta (remember the man who took joy in shooting people out of their family mechs) and his operative triple agent Holt that went to fuck the Blakists and mostly just to get their claws on Tucker Harwell. The post-Liberty Station extermination really made no sense except with the Stoners trying to have absolute control under the Wall, same way they killed or suborned all the mercs left in their space.

We DO know that Stone tossed Mckinnon out on his ass as soon as he woke up, so the death of Buhl and the rest may have never been authorized at the top levels at all.

Also, the Stoners aren't 100% confirmed to have caused the Blackout. Instead, we're told in Bonfire it was an old Blakist fallback thing that the Stoners built themselves later for the same purpose. We don't know who actually triggered it. I would laugh my ass off if the Blakists triggered it themselves using backdoors the Stoners never found when they were making it. It's a real shame that they led it all up to being Stone himself that did it, then CGL torched that entire storyline.

>> No.73114795


They owed Tamarind one from when Jeremy Brett kicked them in the nuts and rescued the Krushers from getting warcrimed. That's how it works, right?

>> No.73114814

And then the 8th Syrtis Fussilers show up at the 11th hour and kick some ass. Because Haseks actually give a shit about defending the Outback against Taurians.

>> No.73114818

"Destroy all black creatures" is a card ability.

>> No.73115076

It's not a perfect parallel and I wouldn't want it to be, but...
>Terran Hegemony/Alexander's title of Hegemon
>four named Wars of Succession
>then the Celtic/Clan invasions

It's not exactly coincidence.

>> No.73115214

>that's how good nations have worked since the dawn of time, self-interest for their people
No. That's how nations have worked, not GOOD nations.

He thinks it's funny. I at least just have opposing views.

>> No.73115231

>outside of some splatbooks, there isn't much of a reason
What do you mean? Splatbooks?

>> No.73115253

Well yeah, because "black" is the equivalent of a faction name in MtG

It's like... if Dark Pokemon suddenly had to be retconned because some card says "Knock Out All Dark Pokemon" and "Dark" is suddenly un-PC

>> No.73115265

>No. That's how nations have worked, not GOOD nations.
There's nations that don't work for the self interest of their people. And those are bad for as long as they last until they're destroyed.

>> No.73115275

He probably means one-off sillyness like Necromo Nightmare.

>> No.73115327

>Okay, not totally definitive, but enough for me to say that the clans aren't taking this "sacred language" thing very seriously.
Clanners are hypocrites. Even their language reflects that.

>> No.73115511

So, as a mercenary company, how fucked you really are if you manage to piss off comstar during the 3020s era?

>> No.73115597

Since they run the MRB, you don't even need any ROM shenanigans. You're just classed as a pirate now.

>b-but I'm a merc
You're a pirate.
>p-people can pay me to fight for them
Just like Hendrick Grimm III and Redjack Ryan. Time to set up your personal kingdom on some dump in the Periphery if you don't want House agencies hunting you for sport and your mechs.

But it's not all bad.

>> No.73115626

It was something Apollyon was suspected to be working on on Gibson, though it never really came into fruition before the place got Regulanned.

>> No.73115687

WoB dropped bioweapons on Alarion, Galax, and some Rasalhague planet, killing the entire population of said planets and rendering them unable to support human life.

>> No.73115708

Clanners aren't people

>> No.73115748

>Galax is fucking gone
Holy shit. Never realized it. That place was the best surviving naval shipyard outside Terra from the SL days.

>some Rasalhague planet
That was Rasalhague itself IRC and it was a Society attack. They blew the shit out of Tukayyid though.

>> No.73115758

>Its already confirmed that the Grey Monday event was the Stoners using some Blakist tech.
From what I can recall Stone confirmed that CLARION was a WoB project that the Stoners finished, but also that he had made no plans to use it as anything other than as a weapon of last resort. It going off in 3132 certainly wasn't part of his plan, and considering it screwed up the Stoners worst of all it'd make no sense for it to be.
So if it was Stoners, it was either somebody other than Stone himself who decided that randomly crashing the HPG network was a great idea, or somebody accidentally spilling coffee on the big red button.
There's also indications that the blackout was caused by neo-Blakists (including some of the HPGs that didn't have their cores melted being destroyed by unknown soldiers wearing what looked suspiciously like a variant of the WoB symbol). Considering WoB were the ones who designed CLARION, it should have been easy for them to co-opt it after the Stoners finished it.

>> No.73115831

I recall there being some other Rasalhague/Ghost Bear planet that got attacked by WoB fleet and while the attacking ASFs got shot down they dropped virus bombs on the world's only bodies of water, rendering them unusable. I don't think it's Rasalhague itself, because Rasalhague is still habitable.

It's in one of the JHS books, but I don't remember which. Probably either 3076 of Final Reckoning.

>> No.73115908

IIRC you had dudes going "kill me I can't stop myself" shambling around at one point

And then there's thuggee domini, do those count as MD lite? Or are they legit Zombie-class MD?

>> No.73115937

It will happen soon

>> No.73116006

The Thuggees Domini (or Pharingars or however you spell their proper name) had the same upgrades as the MD. In some cases more outlandish ones, since they used things like extra pairs of cybernetic limbs and wings grafted on their backs. Technically they weren't MD since they were made with the help of Cameron st.Jamais, and the Master and Apollyon had apparently no part in it.

>> No.73116070

>are they legit Zombie-class MD?
This. 6th of June was tied with that at the hip until the death of Trent Arian. Part of the whole St. Jamais sticking his dick in the crazy that was Kali Liao. You even have some goobers stumble across their training camp on Epsilon Eridani back in 3067 in one of the Catalyst reprint TRO's.

>> No.73116077

In terms of "Who do we nuke for these war crimes" it would be the Capellans.

>> No.73116142

Don't forget the slanty drac rats!

>> No.73116151

They didn't have knockoff MD though

>> No.73116353

We never stooped that low

Besides, Confucius said, you cannot properly enjoy Davion POW volunteer comfort women when you are half robot

>> No.73116370

Noodle dick kuritans can't get it up either way so it's a moot point

>> No.73116463

>When Stone was doing a victory lap in Tokyo a whole year after SCOUR, some random dude from the old WoBM showed up in battle armor and tried to blow him up.

The balls on that guy. God, I love Wobbies.

>> No.73116488

If only he had succeeded, and we could've nipped the whole Dark Age retardation at the bud.

After the Jihad the House Lords should've taken Stone behind a shed and given him an assisted cerebral aneurysm as soon as he started rambling about melting down mechs and having every State cede territory to build Stonerville.

>> No.73116496

You have, but I would like to see them anyway!

>> No.73116575

And instead they were making tours of their ceded worlds saying how they were giving them to Stone "And that's a good thing!"

>> No.73116696


>> No.73116751

Final Reckoning. It's full of gems like that. Here's a great one about a Lyran soldier stranded on Skye in the middle of all this shit.

>> No.73116818

>Marshalls of Tikonov
Tell me more

>> No.73116838

Well, you see anon. When the Capellans invaded and equipped local MASK agents and terrorists with mechs to help kill the beloved and actual elected leader of Tikonov, they rewarded those same people with a unit afterward.

>> No.73116968

I always wondered about suicidal WoBbies and thought it was a stupid move by CGL to make them extra derka. It's a particular brand of suicidal stupidity that just doesn't mesh with most of the WoB ethos. Suiciding to take out enemy command staff interrogating you? OK. Randomly blowing up a market after the war? Doesn't really click.

>> No.73116990

Yeah, WoB were always about directed violence, not random violence. But CGL fell into the derka trap especially late Jihad.

>> No.73117078

>CGL making stupid, non-thematic lore decisions

Ya don't say.

>> No.73117092

CGL: We're going to downplay the religious aspect of the Jihad because we want to be PC
Also CGL: derka derka kaboom lol

>> No.73117106

>desperately underfunded
>FedSuns militia
Anon, you read some different books to me. The March Militias on shitheap worlds are legit better-supplied than some elite palace guard units for other factions.

Entirely, they literally run everything. MRB will screw you, they won't carry your message that you're available, and if you've really given them the shits, expect to get Blake's Wrathed.

>> No.73117130

It's kind of weird since they made WoB less religious in order to distance them from the real life implications of the word "jihad" (when they picked the name it was before 9/11 and the whole war on terror, so at the point jihad was simply a more exotic way of saying holy war).
Them going the exact opposite way and make WoBbies go full "Blake akbar!" with suicide bombers seems counterproductive.

>> No.73117191

What happened is probably something like this:

Randall, taking a break from fluffing the bull who's about to fuck his third child-wife, notices his porch needs some repairs. So he rummages around in old boxes, finds some stuff labelled "Word of Blake Jihad Draft Folder - 1995", hits ctrl+P, grabs a coffee, feels more ashamed for drinking caffeine than anything else in his sad-sack life, and goes to his cuck shed.

>> No.73117208

>Hold on. I speak Wobbie
>Derka derka, Blake Jihad

>> No.73118059

Would an all-Vindicator lance for Capellans be fluffy or did they group them around heavier mechs?

>> No.73118068


>> No.73118084

I’m no WoB lover but I thought it was weird too how they became more random

>> No.73118096

>tfw no “Blakist State of Terra and the Core”

>> No.73118108

It's the Capellan Panther and makes up a solid half or more of their forces. Vindy bricks are fluffy as hell.

>> No.73118117

Bring a Catapult or Highlander

>> No.73118287


It’s worth remembering that all the Successor States (and the RotS) save for the FWL use state terrorism.

Might be some attacks, particularly in the former Hegemony worlds, were done to terrorize locals into turning away from WoB permanently.

>> No.73118317

Clans shouldn't have held back

>> No.73118329

Has anybody done "Blake TV" edits of those Khemri TV pictures? With a WoB Precentor declaring that the only cure for Clanners is nuking and such.

>> No.73118334


Seemed more like an FWL thing

>> No.73118338

Look, I would love for the setting to be that nuanced, but it just isn't.

>> No.73118339

I think so but they were deleted

>> No.73118354

Their dissident neighbors did it to them first.

Turnabout is fair play. *shrugs*

>> No.73118358

House Steiner would never do such a thing.

>> No.73118367

State terror is only used against other states

>> No.73118370


I wonder how long until that movie is pulled too.

>> No.73118374

A Vindicator seems more support within a lance rather than a whole lance unto itself.

>> No.73118380

Loki, ISF/O5P, and Maskirovska all regularly use it against their own citizens. In case of Maskirovska I'd say they're more focused on terrorizing their own citizens than doing any intelligence work.

>> No.73118388

The FWL opened usage of nukes in the Succession Wars.

They're the bad guys.

>> No.73118392


Except House Davion.

>> No.73118415

Only after an unprovoked Lyran surprise attack against Bolan, and even then only when the commander of Bolan Defenders realized the Lyrans would bomb them from the orbit if they didn't surrender, so he chose to make the world strategically useless for the Lyrans by destroying all the major industrial centers while evacuating.

Lyrans were the first who started shelling enemy planets form the orbit with nukes.

>> No.73118432

Thread theme:


>> No.73118492

We know Stone totally does that shit though. It's one of the fun parts of reading Stoners, when they're not looking at him from a distance and actually following his horrible cruel direct orders that tramples on all their innocence and ideals. It's a beautiful thing.

>> No.73118516

>He is worse than a heretic. He is, may Blake forgive me for uttering this word, a Stoner.

>> No.73118527

New thread!



Xin Sheng!

>> No.73118710

>run a black deck
>cannot be countered because cards with 'do X to black' are removed from the game


>> No.73119313

>Announcer 1: Look at George Hasek slithering like a Snow Cobra... what's he doing here?
>Announcer 2: [excitedly] Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!
>Announcer 1: RKO!
>Announcer 2: Outta nowhere, RKO. Hasek has done it again.
fund it.
The Suns need to do there part to keep Taurian paranoia at fever pitch. Grudges older than your jumpship need to be fed lest they waste away. Do your part to combat elder abuse.

>> No.73119332

Campaign-wise XLFEs on heavies are good because the mech gracefully dies when it's its time to die, instead of zombieing on until someone turns your elite pilot into salsa. And replacing even a blown side torso is still just a repair roll.
Mechs are cheap, lives are not.

>> No.73119484

>Mechs are cheap, lives are not.
...wait a sec.

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