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Hey, is Peil around? I want to know if he ever had plans to update The Witcher CYOA.

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tell me if I'm wrong about these measurements
>1-3 pages = Short
>4-6 pages = Medium
>7+ pages = Long

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This CYOA unironically forced me to sleep with the lamp on last night. I'd normally never reveal such an embarrassing fact but I figure it's the highest form of praise the author could get so I may as well say it.

Criminally underrated OC btw

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Nah, 1 page = short, 2-3 pages = medium, 4+ = long, PDF = megalong.

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3 pages is the ideal length for a cyoa.

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>Tribal Strongman
>Supernatural Persona
>Efficiant Sociopath

>Loyal Army
>Child Soldiers
>Tribal Warriors
>Motorized Civies
>Towed Guns

>Raids & Plunder

>The greater Kongo

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Yeah, that's embarrassing. I'm more afraid of walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night..

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Don't forget to plant plenty of yams.

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>PDF = megalong.
Not inherently try. You could just be an artistically inept nigger

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dude wtf
are you retarded?
do you have brain damage?

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Imagine thinking you can "steal" images once they've been posted online.

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I thought this would be cool cyoa where you are an airplane that was given sentience by God, but instead it's magic shit

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quit trying to start shit
no (you) for you

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You know, after having the exact same reaction myself, you gave me the idea that if I ever make a CYOA of my own, it'll be on that. Trolling people who expect dimension magic would be an added bonus and I daresay half the point.

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Skeletickles will steal your heart.

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has skeletickles ever made a cyoa

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Reposting last thread update

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Yeah but most artistically inept niggers just make black and white paint monstrocities

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I bet that skeletickles guy is gay and puts things in his butt

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>Red shift little girl form ages into a hag
What a waste. I will take the red rocket and go visit the martians for a fucking space suit because it wasn't included for some reason.

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Seems to be an old version or something, I distinctly remember one that did have it.

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ah neato

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Love this one. Its really well done, looks fabulous and i really like the style of the awakened. I'd kill for an expansion of this. Does anyone know the author?

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Choose or die!

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obviously slave GF

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>none of them are smart
slave gf so I can tell her to become a shapeshifting spy

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>I want a smart woman
Ain't that a fantasy

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>TFW can't choose between the entire right side

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one slave gf, please

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These are all shit in their own way.

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That's life, bruv. Nobody's perfect.

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slave gf best gf

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This game was so sweet, I wish I knew of more like it

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get the fuck out skeletickles

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Why would smug's friends wanna fuck you if you have a peepee pathetic enough to be made fun of a lot?

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What if I have a huge dong, will it decrease in size after piking smug gf?

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It's a tough call between Mommy, Smug and Dominatrix as they all seem perfect, even the negatives.

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smug and dominatrix will cuck you

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Slave GF.

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>can't choose between bimbo, slave, mommy or amazon

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It never said it had to be pathetic, just that she mocks you for it, regardless of size.

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see >>73081145
is this true?

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Gimme that chill, horny, kinky, mildly misanthropic Goth GF.

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They just wanna make fun of your peepee. Prepare for getting your peepee "bullied"

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It isn't written plainly in the text, the closest we can get is the trad one that says "she loves you more than anything else" so we know she won't ever betray you, but regarding the others it is unspecified, the only other one is the slave one for oblivious reasons.
If I were to say I would give a probability of betrayal going up of around 3% from left to the right, starting at 1%, but skipping the mommy one and the tradwife.
So: slave 0%, bimbo 1%, trad 0%, goth 4%, normal 7%, mommy 7%, smug 10%, amazon 13%, dominatrix 16%
But I would add that the dominatrix would still remain in a long-term relationship with you, since you are the perfect slave for her.
These are my personal ratings that I just pulled out of my ass, I don't really know the % of betrayal in the current time.

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Normalfag please. Normal is best.

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>Normal is best

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based and wholesome

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Main thing I've learned from watching the Hospital builds is that people drastically underestimate mental threats. Everybody seems to pick all the options that will work to drive you insane and make you kill yourself

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slave, tradwife or normalfag for actual relationship

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i know right
everyone thinks sea hunter is shit when they're all gonna go mad like llittle bitches

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100% a degen

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It's a tough choice but I gotta choose Smug GF.
It's between her or Mommy GF since the rest of the right side has mind altering drawbacks, which is also the reason why I didn't choose Mommy GF since you will feel anxious if she is not around.

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Pretty sure the author is maskanon.
I agree, that one's fantastic.

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What do you get when you make a cyoa?
You get no response besides insults
that's what you get, for all your trouble
I'll never make a cyoa again

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Smug GF, but I Sartre her to delete the last 2 drawbacks.

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Anons have low reading ability and zero attention span, so the amount of responses you can get is inversely proportional to the length of your cyoa. If you want a big discussion, make an incredibly tiny CYOA like >>73079823

>> No.73082673

Option C for me, thanks.

>> No.73082695

Give me an example of good cyoa by your standards.

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t. SDA

I love how this CYOA got more builds than SDAs new CYOA

>> No.73082722

I miss the discussions we used to get about cyoas like PPPP and the like.

>> No.73082738

>I love how this CYOA got more builds than SDAs
What's your problem with SDA?

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Im partial to Scottishanon's, Urban Unease, etc myself. But I wasn't even insulting that CYOA, I was just telling him the truth that most of /cyoag/ can only really handle very simplistic and short CYOAs that don't require much thinking, so if you want to get a ton of (You)s, that's the type of CYOA you should make.

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maybe I'll be Acheld
>I'm already Acheld
what about ZBG?
>I'm already ZBG
I'll be Tokhaar
>Nerf Tokhaar!
you're right so Aro
>I wanna be Aro
I guess I'll be Ordion
>I'm already Ordion
then I'll be Scottish
>I already chose scottish
I have an idea
>what's your idea?
you should make....
>I'm not gonna make OC


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I've never understood this post

>> No.73082798

My build was meant to go insane and kill their friends so...

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Tribal Strongman
>Pragmatist, Grass-Roots, 'Legitimate'
two kinds of local support, two kinds of effective resource management, hard to kill, and a "just" or at least even hand

Loyal Army
>Local Militia x3, Motorized(civies) x2
a thousand men, a hundred cars, and guns for everybody.
quite specifically, my soldiers are loyal to the local populace and to me because i protect them.

>Tribute, Government Co-op, 'Managing' Aid
takeover of the government in all but name.

>The Greater Kongo
good place to stabilize

the basic plan here is to render the area utterly intractable to competing warlords.
to do this: arm the populace!
to not get shot: hold loyalty among the people.
to keep loyalty: keep your people in good condition
this is the tribal system in a nutshell, and it is strong.

imagine a new warlord trying to roll into town!
his two dozen men in army trucks show up...
there are fifty men in this village who know what the invaders wish to do with their wives and daughters...
all fifty of those men have rifles and a simple plate of armor under the window of their house.
the wives are untrained, but are willing to pick up that gun if the husband falls; they can expect to go to a new family as second wife and be cared for.
the children have been taught to start fires if their parents die; any that escape will be cared for if they did their duty.
maybe the invaders win, but casualties and costs are massive, and nothing is left worth taking.

The second strategy is to improve the area.
build roads, protect schools, build factories.
make sure that when foreign aid sends doctors, teachers, or engineers, they are protected.
make sure the teachers are teaching an appropriate history though...
foreign powers will not like this, but with luck it will be so unexpected that nobody notices till it is too late.

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as a tribal leader, i can not protect tribal outsiders from my own people, nor permit anyone else to do so.
when i hold court and hear that my villager has assaulted his neighbor who is a minority i can not give him more than a slap on the wrist without endangering my position.
i CAN insist that our blood is STRONG and that means half breeds are our people.
and i CAN insist that a wife, mother, or even husband to one of our people is property to their family and not to be harmed.
and lastly, i CAN insist that hurting a doctor/teacher/engineer hurts our people indirectly and merits great punishment.
sadly, anyone not married in or filling an essential position is probably in for a spot of genocide...

right shit that, but better than the next warlord over.

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Tik tok zoomer garbage

>> No.73082863

you're forgetting anime cyoas
they get tons of replies too

>> No.73082870

>What's your problem with SDA?
Ever since he created his own dicksword he has isolated himself there and surrounded himself by yes men and banned everyone else. Tok pretends to be a smug douche while SDA is the true arrogant asshole.

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It doesn't really make any more sense with context.

>> No.73083186

reminder that nxtub is the best author this year

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guess i don't need to make cyoas anymore

>> No.73083296

reminder that /trash/ unironically has better discussion of content than this place

>> No.73083319

guess i don't need to make cyoas anymore

>> No.73083329

Have you even been in the discord or are you just parroting memes and shitposts? Pathetic.

>> No.73083338

Still Harahell 0,5 or something new?

>> No.73083343


>> No.73083356

the takeaway is that you should make oc

>> No.73083379

It's still 0.5, but I'm a recent arrival there and was really surprised by the fact that they had actual discussion and it wasn't just non stop porn and shitposting. Also t,ok doesn't seem to go there anymore?

>> No.73083384

We have at least two separate healslut cyoas. We're good on picking Mercy.

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healslut shit is pathetic garbage and so is a strong 90% of 'lewd' cyoa

>> No.73083413

What the fuck happened last thread? Why was an Anon upset about Italics calling Time Magic, Time Magic?

>> No.73083416

>six hellmos
i win

>> No.73083423

just because you're not the best doesn't mean you're not good, ngv2

>> No.73083455

2x bro sniper for dps
100000000000x failed leader for meat shield
100000000000x female cop for diversity quotas

>> No.73083491

Six cake girls please.

>> No.73083497

A dangerous game, the only winning move is not to play

>> No.73083512

>x2 Fallen Hero
If one tank can't solve your problems, add another.

>> No.73083600

i have been asking for it to get posted desu

>> No.73083766

i'm not him

>> No.73083812

You know that retarded posture where things should be unique for the sake of being unique? Well, that.

>> No.73083854

CYOA with big strong Mama Bears?

>> No.73083938

Oh never mind


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I'm upset by this because I'm approaching 40 pages of writing for SR.

Y-you'll still read my C-CYOA, r-right anons?

>> No.73084016


>> No.73084037

>40 pages
God damn, and I thought I was writing a lot by making it to 30k words

>> No.73084052

literaly what

>> No.73084060


>> No.73084063

Strange Rains, next Urban Phantasm

>> No.73084093

oh come on do you really need 40 pages for some vague monsters and scenarios like you did in urban phantom?

>> No.73084117

what's the estimation on final page count for the finished cyoa?

>> No.73084122
File: 3.41 MB, 1831x1472, 1590527218485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair, that only constitutes 21k words as of the time of writing. I still haven't written the threats, the companions, or even half of the narrative options, which are a big part of the wordcount. I still have much to do, and I suspect I'll hit 60k words before I'm done.

I'm gonna spoiler another narrative option, in the hopes of convincing you that I'm using these words wisely.


>> No.73084308

why are there so many legs in that picture

>> No.73084410

Yes of course, I'll always read your stuff powercreator.
Take it easy and deliver us the good stuff.
Yet it is said that saying something with many words is for those that can't communicate with few and simplicity is a virtue on itself, so consider that as well!

>> No.73084414

Gunslinger Girl CYOA when?

>> No.73084420

I like it a lot, great job

>> No.73084440

leg so hot you can fry egg

>> No.73084472

That is retarded/

>> No.73084483

I pick the mental threats because they're more interesting.

>> No.73084536

100% yes. I love long cyoas, it's just hard to post builds for them. I think that's the real reason why those 1 choice cyoas get more responses, it's easier than having to open notepad.

>> No.73084581

Why weren't pics like this used for the Black Magic Waifu DLC?

>> No.73084619

people who'd get filtered by a 60k word cyoa don't deserve them

>> No.73084641

mommy gf

>> No.73084678

Only if your writing is exceptional, I dropped books before I got to 40 pages because of how shit they were. And they were done by "professionals"

>> No.73084686


>> No.73084855

You do realize more words is not the same as more quality right? you can't judge things solely on the word count.
One can give a break to a 3 minutes cyoa if it's subpar in writing, but that is harder to do when you are expected to play it for hours.

>> No.73084870


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Slave gf. Tell her to larp as Dominatrix gf, with Amazon's musculature and Mommy's tits, then break her again into willing servitude. Again and again and again and again.

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File: 316 KB, 700x700, 21642c30924559.563937a86b707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm putting on as much polish as I'm humanly able to. I sadly can't do any more than that. I'm not a published author as of writing. I spoiled some sample writing earlier in the thread, so if you have any advice or tips, I would greatly appreciate it.

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>> No.73085184

Where do I find a free version of this game?

>> No.73085207

You don't. Buy it, nigger.

>> No.73085214


Slave gf.

>> No.73085223


Slave gf

>> No.73085236

Slave g

>> No.73085256

Too much description of the landscape and scenery. Honestly, why do authors always do this. Port is a port and unless its important leave the description at that. I am here for the story not for the visuals. If I wanted to look at something I would just watch a movie.

>> No.73085284

Have you ever read a book anon?

>> No.73085296

Just because I am so fucking based you can find it here - f95zone[/ spoiler]

>> No.73085310

not him
I remember that there used to be an official english ver.
What happened to it?

>> No.73085321

by authors, I mean actual authors not /cyoag/ "authors"

>> No.73085338

The question stands, have you ever actually read a book?

>> No.73085339

this man had to read the hobbit in grade school and never forgave his parents for it

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Writers, and furthermore I, am trained to create evocative imagery and use figurative language to convey foreign concepts that exist in my mind to that of the reader. If I were to just say "port is port," you would immediately think of a port you've been to in real life, which is probably very distinct from the port in the narrative I'm spinning, and wouldn't carry the same atmosphere.

I sadly must concede that it is impossible for the player to have a grasp on what the actual place entails without describing the landscape with at least a little detail. I'll try to find fluff and cut it, but beyond that I can't do much while preserving the actual setting. Moreover, the setting of the port is the main subject of the narrative prompt, and so I feel it's appropriate to lavish it some description. I wouldn't do the same for, say, a random house that's not very important to the main idea, but Port of Call is the name of the option.

>> No.73085392

Now what did that have to do with anons question?

>> No.73085401
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You are indeed based, but is there anyway around the account req?

>> No.73085421

To be fair, books are not a visual medium. CYOAs usually are.

>> No.73085423

Actual readlet. Go back to grade school.

>> No.73085462

>I'll try to find fluff and cut it
don't do this, that anon knows literally nothing about writing

>> No.73085493

ok mate there is a limit on how based I can be but here just for you https://mega.nz/#!1QUC1IjA!n0ynVvHwsOkeCfpsJjNnbRgrA1e66ZCjf-5LvdNRSdA

>> No.73085496

>I'll try to find fluff and cut it
Don't fucking do this shit because one fag's still angry he had to read over the summer.

>> No.73085507

How do I differentiate valid and invalid criticism, actually. Is there a real way to know? I know some people will inevitably hate a CYOA that's a readfest, but I want it to be as good as I can possibly make it, and if not good then at least marginally enjoyable for a little while.

>> No.73085511

PCA, you're a great author and all, but you have to fucking stop trying to cater to every single anon

>> No.73085519

So this is the kind of shit you want? This is the state /cyoag/ has been reduced to? I spent hours working my ass off on making a CYOA with a deep setting and story. I hardly get any (you)s and this guy just waves a couple of waifus with tits in front of you and you eat it up like it's the best thing ever.

>> No.73085533

reminder that enjoyment != builds

>> No.73085536

I guarantee that yours will be better in the long term. Sometimes people only appreciate long CYOAs when they've aged like fine wine.

>> No.73085537

Refer to >>73082621.

>> No.73085564

Italics makes a deep setting with story + waifus. The setting is the most talked about thing compared to waifus. You're just a jobber.

>> No.73085575

There's literally no discussion about it. It's one simple choice so of course it's going to get replies. It'd get just as many replies if it was different flavors of ice cream.
Of course none of this matter because you're a lying nigger that's never made shit.

>> No.73085716

Still assblasted I see. :D

>> No.73085743

You're a godsend. May all your cyoa receive (you)s.

>> No.73085895

It's simple and easy to get in. It's like grabbing a snack instead of cooking. Sure it does the trick but...

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File: 4.33 MB, 1600x9666, Devil Trigger pg1 CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The time has come and so have I

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File: 3.60 MB, 1600x8507, Devil Trigger pg2 CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73085941

waifu dlcs are inherently bad, so is black magic

>> No.73085961
File: 3.93 MB, 1600x8540, Devil Trigger pg3 CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73085968


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File: 3.91 MB, 1600x8522, Devil Trigger pg4 CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 4.17 MB, 1600x8508, Devil Trigger pg5 CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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samefag here, due to my post being a bit too triggering I've decided to be a bit more elaborate.(pic related)

>> No.73086015

>Is there a real way to know
I don't know, but one person bitching shouldn't be enough to decide you're going to stray from your original vision.

>> No.73086017

oh no not colors

>> No.73086036

So you can see the pretty scenery in your head?

>> No.73086083

Slave gf

>> No.73086091

same fag

>> No.73086164

>Choose slave GF
>Tell her to turn herself into a living skinsuit so i can wear her
>If i am lucky she might be able to turn herself into a loli skinsuit that warps my flesh to fit so we can be the little girl forever

>> No.73086200

I'll read it and make a build, but it'll take a few days.

>> No.73086202

put down the crayons

>> No.73086221

It's one of the only CYOAs I'm actually looking forward to, so yes.

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>> No.73086405

Imagine...lolibaba with roomba.

>> No.73086431


>> No.73086446 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.58 MB, 1945x1773, 1591737767371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that I usually keep my vast amounts of seething and feelings of inadequacy to myself.

>> No.73086465


>> No.73086510

belphegor, adramalech, aegir
celerity, augury, gearshift
skill, fusion
soul steal, mercury

is that the last page? I like it, but feels premature or maybe just unceremonious?
anyway guess my build is a living arsenal. strike with a flurry of skilled, varied attacks, while evading most any directed at myself. Then when I win I can harvest my opponent's soul to further expand my arsenal.

>> No.73086518

the textbox under level four should probably be wider, yes?

>> No.73086539

Very early WIP. No point in aligning things that are going to be vastly changed or at least altered and moved around.

>> No.73086554

OC coming soon, it's just a small CYOA don't get too excited..

>> No.73086561

then don't talk about it cuck

>> No.73086586

It's familiar... What is this anon?

>> No.73086606

i am slightly excited

>> No.73086681
File: 97 KB, 603x1000, renee-chio-brokenhearted-chico.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay anons, great news: Gloria's almost finished. All that's left is the epilogue section and the extended equipment options.
Question to you all: do you want me to add a section that explicitly tells you what each amount of red, green, and blue tokens gives you, or would you rather infer it from the options by yourselves and stretch your imaginations a little bit?

>> No.73086691

Be explicit

>> No.73086704

Doesn't CYOA go on /qst/ now or has something changed? Not shitposting or anything, I just want to know, not been on /tg/ for a long time.

>> No.73086753

go ask reddit

>> No.73086760

Fun modern CYOAs?

>> No.73086767
File: 8 KB, 428x134, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought we were going to do a thing where we removed 1 letter at a time

>> No.73086789

define modern

>> No.73086799

African Warlord is tragically current even if it's not as blatant as it used to be in the 90s.

>> No.73086802
File: 854 KB, 2635x560, Eyes CYOA v1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OC, enjoy. I'm not very good at balancing powers but I did my best.
I might re-balance them from any feedback I receive.

>> No.73086810
File: 316 KB, 1280x808, 1565640777622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Emp-chan come home...

>> No.73086843

Don't be

>> No.73086867
File: 71 KB, 1024x580, taste_my_bullets_by_anatofinnstark_d9yjchg-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let me clarify with an example:
>3 green or more means you talk good
>7 green or more means you lead good
>11 green or more means you're loved


Be what?

>> No.73086887

Difficult choice between Insight x2 and Reflection x2.

>> No.73086897

Both on Soul's Luminance

How long is 'temporarily'? And also how long does the reflection last?

>> No.73086919

Instinct (which is spelled wrong)
Danu , Adversary
Potency , Trigger heart
Restoration , En passant , Fusion
Soul Steal , Mercury, Bestow

Hit hard, get hit hard. Can't avoid these blows. Can even grant lessers some demonic power. Seems alright to me.

>> No.73086926

Pools of Serenity. Stare at a mirror and see my future 2 hours from now, and then change it to suit my desires. Can also seek a path to omnipotence.

>> No.73086940

Coldsteel on both eyes.

>> No.73086959

Give me the luminance. Maybe that way i can pry out my potential out via projections... If that fails i can always just leech out of those who can actually be something.

>> No.73086965

Loving the CYOA, can Golden Radiance ability 1 work with items that aren't yours? As in you go to a museum and take them? What's the range?

>> No.73086984

Explicit. Don't be.

>> No.73087013

Your reflection lasts for an unlimited time unless recalled.
Ability 2 lasts until you complete whatever you use your acquired skill for.
Sorry, Clairvoyance doesn't work on yourself, I suppose it produces a paradox where you see yourself looking at yourself for 2 hours.
If you can see it you can store it, ofcourse it can't just be an indistinct blur, but something recognizable as what it is.

>> No.73087038

>If you can see it you can store it, ofcourse it can't just be an indistinct blur, but something recognizable as what it is.
Then I'd assume that it'd work through protective class.
What if it's through television lmao, like you see an item on TV/internet and you just go "damn I want me some of that?" I'm expecting a hard no but you're the creator afterall.

>> No.73087091

>Clairvoyance doesn't work on yourself
I guess I'll have to start carrying babies around then. Use them as mirrors.

>> No.73087134

When I wrote the power I had intended it to be the object being drawn along a straight line into your eyes so direct eye contact only, no TV screens or recordings sorry.
Is that a deal breaker for the power? Golden Radiance did seem like the weakest power to me but I didn't know what to change up.

>> No.73087156

Fascinating solution anon, I'm impressed and alittle worried.

>> No.73087175

Personally I feel like Serenity is the weakest as it has the lowest QoL changes.

>> No.73087253

Explain the spoiler.

>> No.73087347

She wears bloomers.

>> No.73087367

I think that it would be better being explicit.
Hope to see it soon
Smugzilla best girl

>> No.73087388
File: 3.37 MB, 1920x8539, Gunslinger Girl Project.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss Emperor-chan too

>> No.73087546

Definitely bimbo gf, guaranteed threeesomes means you can fuck anybody

>> No.73087560


>> No.73087624

I probably ask too much from a simple cyoa, but... What is the setting? Are there any other eyehaxers? Can someone with SL recopy abilities from the past?

>> No.73087735

>Im partial to Scottishanon's, Urban Unease,
"Urban Unease" is one of DSA's cyoas. ScottishAnon did things like "Guardians", "Night Ride", and "Cloud Forest"

>> No.73087761

Who wears bloomers and how do you know?

>> No.73087789

its a pedo fetish

>> No.73087814

The lolibaba with the Roomba, italics said so

>> No.73087854
File: 5.41 MB, 1100x6350, Quantum 1 - 1565553374654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ready to work for Bliss Industries?

>> No.73087879
File: 5.66 MB, 1100x6350, Quantum 2 - 1565553455613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73087920

Italics is pretty based sometimes.

>> No.73087962
File: 3.26 MB, 4000x5000, Robots v Aliens - 1543874311483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Robots vs. Aliens! What side will you pick?

>> No.73088000
File: 3.26 MB, 4000x5000, Robots vs Aliens - 1543878991599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Robots vs. Aliens - the DLC

>> No.73088104

>Ancient lolis who used to be part of a cult worshiping Aryan supermen and were given cheat codes to magic to find their own bloodlines of magis are Italics most strongest characters in his WotD/Fate/Dresden Files OCDONUTSTEEL setting.
Are we to take it seriously? The fuck was he smoking?

>> No.73088145

Based on what?

>> No.73088170

its just how weebs are

>> No.73088217
File: 7.00 MB, 4712x4008, Shadow - 1465826237116.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Shadow looms large . . .

>> No.73088309

How many things he can get away with. Lolis, furries, homsexuality, bisexuality, lynching gays, nationalism, imperialism, memory death, and other things.

>> No.73088368

I'll at least give it a look.
mostly superlongs are shit, but Lavender is still my favorite and that is 29 pages.

>> No.73088386
File: 3.83 MB, 2000x2820, Scientist - 1556815562318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The future is now!

>> No.73088410

>Young journalist and student bitten by a radioactive spider becomes a super human with the ability to shoot webs from his wrists and uses his power to swing through cities and fight a goblin, a crocodile and a man of sand while wearing a red skin tight suit
Are we to take it seriously? The fuck was he smoking?

>> No.73088424

Hey anon, I just want you to know I appreciate that you're like the only person posting content. I can't read them right now but I'm opening them so I can read later.

>> No.73088436

Forty pages?!?!? Woohoo!

>> No.73088463

>Implying anyone here is s- -o i- enough to enjoy capeshit comics and hollyshit movies.

>> No.73088492
File: 6.12 MB, 1200x5432, Thalassonia - 1469896064426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its nice to be appreciated. :)

One more, before I take a break.

>> No.73088502

Nothing alike.

>> No.73088514
File: 6.74 MB, 1200x5432, Thalassonia 2 - 1469896131621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thalassonia 2

>> No.73088538
File: 5.14 MB, 1200x4950, Thalassonia 3 - 1469896198119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thalassonia 3

>> No.73088829

>Bioware 10


High Atmo Base:
>Genetic Engineering
>Cellular Regeneration
>Physical Regeneration

Anti-Grav Base:
>Improved Agriculture

>> No.73088869

Do you really believe 7% of all relationship has cucking?

>> No.73088876

can I ask for a theme?

>> No.73088910

Power of friendship and Nakama
Work with this theme.

>> No.73088926

No I mean can I ask you to post a cyoa with a certain theme

>> No.73089119

a darker sort of magic. gritty and realistic

>> No.73089146

What the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.73089162

dude wtf?

>> No.73089182

Full Serenity. I don't know what the goal is, but if you can't win with precog powers you can't win.

>> No.73089234 [DELETED] 

I thought Unagi wasn't something you *are*; it's something you *have*?

{spoiler] If you get this reference then congratulations on officially being elderly. [/spoiler]

>> No.73089257

I thought Unagi wasn't something you *are*; it's something you *have*?

If you get this reference then congratulations on officially being elderly.

>> No.73089284

the question is if you want lots of builds like this >>73081251
some builds like this >>73082828
1-3 builds that someone took three days working on and now present to you on an alter of their labors.

>> No.73089427

look at this dude
usagi head ass

>> No.73089495

origin: instinct
form: inhuman
tools: apollyon, aegir
perks: augury, celerity, focus
talents: restoration, skill, air raid
hex: mercury, obliterate

poorly formulated cyoa, almost all the abilities relate to fighting but it's not clear at all why I should ever fight anyone or what is going on.

>> No.73089536

When did you unlock it?

>> No.73089589

It's pretty transparently based on DmC, you'll be juggling the hordes of hell in no time at all.

>> No.73089664

The only person who was ever "banned" was Tok, and it's not even really a ban and more of a forced isolation in the timeout channel..I think you know who's behind these posts.

>> No.73089756

<One short six letter word
Which one

You gotta specify

>> No.73089786
File: 21 KB, 640x360, there is another.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73089794

What oc has there been the past week?

>> No.73089986

Spooky one with enaa art

>> No.73090044

Does the supervision skill cause you to feel what the target feels? Ex, if the target becomes injured do I feel it?

>> No.73090104

Dominatrix because she's the one most suited to helping me take over the world which is the ultimate goal of any cyoa regardless of its theme.

>> No.73090131

The Hospital and a few one-option cyoas.

>> No.73090148

The big issue here is that Merrow is the only one that lets you keep your penis.

>> No.73090265

>Origin: Danger
>Form: Demonic
>Devil Arms:
Aegir, Danu
Gearshift, Focus, Trigger Heart
Skill, Restoration, Misjudgement
>Hexes: Infuse, Mercury

>> No.73090342

t. Retard

>> No.73090346


>> No.73090476

>I spent hours working my ass off on making a CYOA with a deep setting and story
Which cyoa are you talking about?

>> No.73090522
File: 2 KB, 144x151, 1577339157221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seethe harder.

>> No.73090607

Slave. Only slave and tradwife have guaranteed devotion, and slave is the better of the 2 by far, what with shapeshifting and whatnot. Also I definitely don't want children.

>> No.73090745

2x Golden Radiance for infinite money. Money is obviously useful, the other skills are more situational. So the conservative choice.

>> No.73090750

>Slave GF
>Can change her body to whatever you want
I order her to become a transcendent godlike being with power beyond mortal comprehension.
I order her to remake the world into a anime fantasy with myself as the MC.
I order her to remake every other poster in this thread into my harem of anime fantasy waifu bitch slaves.
I win.

>> No.73090852

Wax your eloquent you eerie throb.

>> No.73090871

no, that's ngv2's second most famous quote

>> No.73090942

I'd do this but have my god slave just give me an infinite supply of propane and propane accessories

>> No.73090944

When it comes to the graphical design and layout of cyoas, are there any "bad" habits or peeves that make you stop playing or break your concentration?

>> No.73090959

Overuse of special fonts

>> No.73090962

yes, anime art

>> No.73090973

Like what.
So you're just a faggot then?

>> No.73090991

When a companion who's apparently around 20 years old looks like she's under 10. Also any lewd lolis or other lolicon shit. If I see that, I stop playing at once.

>> No.73091001

>So you're just a faggot then
Anime art is gay, anon

>> No.73091022

So you’ve never played a single italics cyoa

>> No.73091025

not to completion, no

>> No.73091037


>> No.73091050

But what if it's a spirit like the traditional 500yr old Kitsune?
Discounting any one facet of art simply because of its style is even gayer and big cringe, anon.

>> No.73091061

I'm very curious what my first is.

>> No.73091136
File: 809 KB, 1200x2600, Dungeon Girls.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you hate anime you don't belong on 4chan.

>> No.73091157

There are certain kinds of asymmetry I cannot stand (commonly found in poorly made reddit cyoas done in MS paint) you'll know it when you see it. Squished images to the point you can count the pixels are inexcusable, if you don't respect my eyes, I don't respect your effort. Fonts I can't fucking read or are too bland and soulless (see tok). Mixed art styles and god awful contrast between the pictures and background is a sin.

>> No.73091172
File: 667 KB, 1424x1480, is it gay to love traps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But what if it's a spirit like the traditional 500yr old Kitsune?
My opinion on the subject is similar to Aristotle's in pic related. If one feels any sort of attraction to a loli (regardless of context) that would not be exactly the same as attraction to an adult with the same context (so just a version of the loli with an adult body and, if necessary, an adult age), then you are a lover of the child body or the child age. This is the same as thinking the dick makes a girl cuter (which means you are attracted more to a dick than the lack of a dick which makes you gay) or thinking height makes a woman more beautiful (which means you are attracted more to a tall woman than a short one). If having a child's body makes the girl cuter, then you're more attracted to children's bodies. If being 9 makes the girl cuter, then you're more attracted to 9 year olds.
Therefore, I say that liking a loli, especially if that loli has an age to match her body, is being attracted to children, and this is not something I can condone in art or expression.
I will not get into real children vs drawn children because I do not think it matters, since the factor of attraction is "being like a child", which is something real children and drawn children share.

>> No.73091181

"I'm always here"

>> No.73091194

Why was Diogenes such a tumblr tier philosopher?

>> No.73091205


>> No.73091207

Because retards misunderstand his doctrine and fagged it up, much like you're doing to this thread by being unbased.

>> No.73091213

Because he hated anyone who was in the least bit rich or successful. Socrates was disliked, but generally respected as a thinker. Diogenes was outright hated by the people of Athens and he didn't like it.

>> No.73091221

Ask yourself "Would someone with OCD be able to enjoy this without wanting to tear me limb from limb?" If the answer is no, try again.

>> No.73091245

Apocrypha and Echoes didn't have lolis.

>> No.73091249

Fuck OCD fags. If you can't read black magic then your opinion is irrelevant

>> No.73091273

Socrates was disliked because he was a cunt.

>> No.73091285

>it is not an anime website

>> No.73091301
File: 1.27 MB, 240x240, disgust.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tumblr tier chad
So an unironic cuck?

>> No.73091302

wasn't he executed

>> No.73091318

Nah, fuck off nigger,

>> No.73091325

Yet he was more loved than that homeless twat.

>> No.73091346

t.retarded newfag who doesn't understand how to use greentext

>> No.73091387

Yes for "corrupting the youth", but in truth people were tired of him and his shit. He was a being a cunt and they believed him to be spreading anti-democracy stuff around. He also shit talked the Oracle even though that thot needed to be patrolled.

>> No.73091397

The problem with child porn is not necessarily the porn itself but the fact it depict actual children. The exposing of their private areas is also usually done without their consent since, by law, they are unable to consent.
So in by all accounts you are either contirbuting or invading the privacy of a child for self pleasure, which is wrong, while i disagree personally with the "drawing" aspects they do no such thing, and therefore would not be any less allowed than any other form of art. You are completely withing your right to avoid such thing however.

>> No.73091418
File: 1.78 MB, 2848x1458, uq8l0affnxq11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's no wonder celt identifies with him so much. In his immature eyes, he seems like a based lowborn man showing up the educated upper class twats, when he's nothing but an overglorified leech on society that got away with being as cunty as he was BECAUSE the society was civilized enough to tolerate him without casting him to the wolves or letting him starve.
It is the commoner's lot to idolize the jester when it is the king that sleeps with a full stomach.

>> No.73091449

Still riding that dick like a merry-go-round, huh?

>> No.73091464

Okay Meletus

>> No.73091471

But he was an intelligent cunt and everyone knew it

>> No.73091489

I imagine the whole "wisest man in Athens" thing didn't help much either. ;)

(The oracle declared that Socrates was the wisest man in Athens. To use modern terminology, Socrates explained it was because he wasn't full of stupid BS like everyone else in town)

>> No.73091495

New Nightly Nhread >>73091491

>> No.73091504

Why is arguing like greek philosophers way better than arguing like autists?
Liking lolis, even drawn ones, is pedophilia, since you are in love with not the female beauty of the woman, but the childlike innocence of the child. Just as a man who admires a statue of a woman is not a statue-lover, thus is the man who admires the drawing of a loli not a drawing-lover. To love a loli is to love the transcendent beauty of childhood, and to be attracted to the appearance of one is to love childhood, just as to love a trap is still to love a woman due to their beauty being that of a woman. But since to love a loli is to love the beauty of a child, the object of adoration is this childlike beauty, which is generally considered to be not sexual in any way.
Therefore, it is pedophillia to love lolis, even drawn ones.
If lolis are a type of woman, and if a man were to love them above other types of women, we would say he is attracted to the characteristics of being a child. Likewise, if a man were to love drawings of lolis above real children, we would say he is attracted to the characteristics of the loli being a drawing. The distinguishment would arise from the man's love for drawn women over real women. If the man were to love drawn lolis more than drawn women, then the love for a drawn loli over a real child could not be explained by his love for drawings. On the other hand, if a man were attracted to drawn women over real women to the same proportion as he was attracted to drawn lolis over real children, we would say that he is a lover of the drawings and not a lover of being a child.
Therefore, while it is pedophillia to love lolis, one can love drawn lolis without being attracted to real children if the art style of the loli is the main attractive feature.
I don't care, I'd fuck 'em

>> No.73091514
File: 112 KB, 1033x1462, IMG_0555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also lived in a barrel, and is best remembered for running through Athens naked, looking for an honest man.

>> No.73091518

well the only honest man was socrates who admitted that he knew nothing except for his own ignorance

>> No.73091535

we're on page 5 you nig

>> No.73091652

The wisest man will always lack common sense.

>> No.73091680

Whose dick?

>> No.73091704

In his trial, his opponent suggested that Socrates' punishment should be death. Socrates suggested that his punishment should be to be treated as an olympic champion for the rest of his life. Nobody really wanted Socrates dead, since it was a common tactic to make a person suggest a harsh punishment for themselves so they wouldn't risk being executed, but they were so angered by his impudence that they chose the death penalty.

>> No.73091874

Didn't he also offer to pay a fine?

>> No.73091903

not according to the Apology
t. man who translated it as part of a greek class

>> No.73091909

The wisest man will always lack common sense.

>> No.73091947

Based post Hill-kun.

>> No.73094118

No that's not me.

I'm still working on the mutant CYOA. Currently on a bit of a break.

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