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>he made a new thread instead of finally letting us be free

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i like gards

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Considering how shit this thread is we probably are free

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Shit? Heh, it's barely even started!

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And yet We're all still here!

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There is no escape.

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Why would anyone say that Chandra is ugly? She's beautiful. There are other characters I like more based on personality, but as far as just looks go, Chandra is great.

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the body isn't the only thing that can be ugly, anon. She is ugly deep down to her soul.

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That'll be 50 burgers plus tip goyim :^)

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This is pretty cool but why does young pyromancer not have new art? All the other ones do, and we even have other art of Chandra as a "young pyromancer" in a few of her cards, they could have just used that design that already exists. Seems really strange to have Young Pyromancer be the only card in the box to not have new art, and for them to not just use the concept of young Chandra that they're used on several other cards.
I play a few decks with Torch of Defiance in them so I'll still get one of these but it seems like a very strange oversight to skip young peezy

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Why are some products price gouged and others not?

The spellbooks contain exclusive art Path, RiP, Torch of Defiance, and a few other good staples yet you can find them for like 15-25 bucks. Meanwhile stupid shit that is utterly unplayable sometimes get gouged for magnitudes more than they're worth.

I guess the answer is always supply. I assume they print the Spellbooks out the ass so stores have a surplus.

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The Spellbooks have an extremely high supply. Like, EXTREMELY high. Look at the price of foil Spellbook Path compared to any of the pack foil Paths, and that only has a 1/8 chance of showing up.

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>Seems really strange to have Young Pyromancer be the only card in the box to not have new art
Cathartic Reunion doesn't either

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>Thalia's Lieutenant, Thalia's Geistcaller, and Thalia's Lancers
If I was a magic card, I would be the next card dedicated to Thalia. Thalia's Bodyguard or some such thing.

2/2 First Strike Lifelink
This card gains Flash if you control a Thalia creature.
Sacrifice [Cardname] : Target Thalia creature gains +1/+1 and indestructible until end of turn.

Dying for your loved one is the most noble of deaths.

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Waifus ruin your laifu, Anon

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Good bread
Eat gards
Simple as

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tip is no longer enough now they take the goyims whole benis

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Would some sort of police deck be playable in Pauper?

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I already have one actually, but it's boros watermark themed.

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Will Wotc delete kamigawa with nuclear mana bombs and replace it with Chinagawa?

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Dont you mean Commiegawa

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Kamigawa is pure because we’ll never go back.
The weeb plane will be a new one

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what about tamyio?

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Shouldn't the weeb plane be Cunniegawa

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I'd rather get Samurai

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Tamiyo is now a noir detective and the OC of cosplayniggers

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Bushido 3 or 4?

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Vigilance, First Strike
Bushido 5

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Is Kamigawa block constructed the most soulful way to play magic?

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love me stubs
love me battle rages
love me thoughtseizin
ate burn

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everything sucks
this is gideon's replacement

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is that new or old art?

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>a fucking pajeet
They really are just going straight down a laundry list, aren’t they?

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Looks like he's from Amonkhet, going by his surroundings and attire.

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His name is also Basri Ket

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old its from like the second set they ever did I think?

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... is he going to fuck Hazoret.. isnt it?

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I'm so fucking sick of planeswalkers please just make it stop

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still pushing white weenie. is this gonna go in soul sisters or a new deck type?

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who hasn't?

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That thing is so fucking repulsive to look at. I don't care how good it is at the game, I never want to see it again.

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God no. I miss my izzet blitz deck and my kiln fiend t1 kill deck. It was perfect. Now it's some Rakdos abomination that will never be good.

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Yes, very good attacks opponent, very good attacks indeed. However
*cycles a Yidaro and puts an 8/8 blocker into play*


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The ride never ends

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Did they get the free premium booster box with that order?

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WotC: "We know Chandra you are sad since you lost Gids."
WotC: "So we got you Egyptian Gids instead."

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Is Core 2021 going to be better than Core 2020 and why or why not?

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Yes, are you excited for veil of spring?

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Just inject it straight into my veins so I can play 12-Veil.

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not racist
just don't like em
simple as

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Probably yeah.

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>competitive player
>good at the game
Good at card manipulation, sleight of hand and basal dexterity sure, but actual game-skill is next to irrelevent. Deckbuilding? No need, the decks played at competitive levels are basically already built with the heavy-handed "archetypes" that Wizards shits out every set and netdecks.

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Don't forget his constant threats to players

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16-Veil anon. There are 4 seasons and a made up season in the next plane. the theme of the set is teferi

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What happens if I put all the good cards in one deck???

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Portal: Three Kingdoms had just as much soul as Kamigawa, so Portal: Return to Three Kingdoms isn't going to happen.

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>Cow Cow, Lord Wei

>> No.72977980

>not lord of whey
one job

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Now they are showcase pieces you can display for show.
This is what top Magic must look like.

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Absolutely based, and dangerously red-pilled.

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Cao Cao was pretty based.

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>thought it was 31k
>trump's stock market gains made it 35k
Tentative plan: make an account with 30k in it, skim the rest off the top and turn it into metal.

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They fucked up big with the mechanics of the spirits, and the rest of the mechanics except ninjas tend to be boring.

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Hold the fucking phone, wasn't Tiddeon supposed to be Gideon's replacement? Wasn't that the whole point of THB?

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Fucking words of truth right there.

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Channel is great

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>Each set so far has been ruined by aggressively costed planeswalkers
>So let's keep making aggressively costed planeswalkers

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This one's probably less of an issue though, because creature removal turns him into a dud. He's the shitty 30 cent mythic planeswalker.

>> No.72978087

Is that creature a confirmed cheater at Children's Card Games? I have no background in the scene of competitive MTG so a QRD would b cool

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Dead serious. One of them had grown by 2.1k over the last two years, one of them shot up by 1.1k in the last 2 months, and some rounding errors meant my original estimate was low by a bit. Thanks, orange man!

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He among some several other characters including e-celebs got free invitations to pro tour level competitions that would take normal people dedicated grinding and big event participation. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Shoulshift was retardedly done. Epic was a cool idea poorly executed. I don't hate Kamigawa, quite the opposite, but they fucked up ruleswise many things.

>> No.72978144

Kamigawa draft is basically a thinking man's version of Ikoria.

>> No.72978158

It's not cheating, every competitive player does it and the judges allow it, it isn't just La Creatura de las Inglaterra doing it.

>> No.72978189

>white planeswalker with agressive abilities instead of protecting ones

>> No.72978202

What happened to gids? I'm late to this party aren't I?

>> No.72978203

>white has to be the cuck colour

>> No.72978222

You're gonna wanna take a seat, for this one...

>> No.72978228

He gave away his divine protection to Liliana so she wouldn't die of her own contract for going against Bolas. To complete the transfer he exchanged the contract's effects onto himself.

>> No.72978238


>small tiddy goff gurlfren

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Its cheating if you're not part of their clique.

>> No.72978261

>play design looked at Oko, and then at this guy, and considered to be at the same power level

>> No.72978319

Mythic rarity doesn't intrinsically mean power level, they do print shitty cards at mythic, but at a lower frequency than shitty cards at common and uncommon for instance. In isolation though, Oko and this guy are actually a good match up, as counters stay on elks, and this arab faggot is entirely focused on counters. His -2 actually gets better with elks.

>> No.72978570

He looks pretty good, but he is a win more kind of planeswalkers and thus will never be as good as a planeswalkers that wins the game by himself.

>> No.72978651

each time I hear Hazoret name, I sing her name in the one winged angel song

>> No.72978747

Please god no, just let kamigawa and portal 3 kingdoms rest in peace. I have no faith left in current mtg

>> No.72978807

Nope, Anon is just a seething faggot.

>> No.72978817

Don't worry, it'll be the "Plane of Mountains and Seas", not Three Kingdoms China or Kamigawa.

>> No.72979088

Why are you taking a tranny's side on this

>> No.72979134

Hitler dubs of righteousness strike once more

>> No.72979162

boipussy does strange things to a man.
once you've had it you will do some wild shit to get it again.
you will turn on your friends, befriend your enemies, and then betray them too just to get your cock up inside that tranny ass again.

>> No.72979310

You get jund mess goodstuff battle of wits.dec

>> No.72979334


ub ninjas is a thing

>> No.72979363

Barely, but it's nice. I have a fish ninjas deck.

>> No.72979963

Basri Ket, the lost twin brother of the infamous arch villain Amon Ket?

>> No.72979973

"So that we may all have bobs and vegana, I will keep watch."

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>> No.72980060

Sorry anon, our market data indicates that the Gatewatch is what people love most about Magic.

>> No.72980147

Land destruction and trinispheres are the only thing that brings me joy

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Not that anon but...FUCK THE MENDING. I wish multiverse continued to deteriorate from temporal rifts.
>Non-planeswalkers could at least go on extraplanar travels before the mending.
>Ever since that event, excluding Lorwyn/Shadowmoor block, the natives get run roughshod by practically/literal aliens.
>NU Phyrexia is not a threat. Why? They literally can't leave Mirrodin/Argentum because they lack the technology and Phyrexian Planeswalkers are a no-go. They are literally crappier than Old Phyrexia was which was Mono-Black.
>Venser was working on Weatherlight 2.0 so he could save the civilians except he can't because he died.
>The Extraplanar Bridge, this powerful thing that allows the linking the worlds, was made by some indian dude in his spare time as a science fair project. Meanwhile Fucking lazy Nu-Phyrexians can't make it for some reason.

>> No.72980186

Nooo jackalmom must remain PURE

>> No.72980210

Finally, someone who gets it

>> No.72980402

they're breaking the conditioning

>> No.72980456

Elspeth didn't die and come back from the dead for this

>> No.72980469

what if return to amonkhet was a retelling of exodus, with hazoret leading her people through the desert to the promised land?

>> No.72980477

>they were jews all along
honestly I can see this happening

>> No.72980511


New Phyrexia is cool even if they're plane-bound. Actually, they sort of needed to be plane-bound, otherwise the next 3 sets would need to be about New Phyrexia.

Some kid on the magitech plane invented a way to travel to other planes, okay, that doesn't mean that Neal Patrick Harris has to also invent a way to travel to other planes. But, actually, nobody said that they couldn't or won't. It may just take time.

>> No.72980519

Could be kino

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>flavor texts are quotes from KJV Exodus
>the promised land is Rabiah
>second set of the block is Arabian Nights 2

>> No.72980672

so what happened to all of you not caring about magic anymore? now you're all excited for spoilers again?

>> No.72980681

It's Schadenfreude at this point. We're eating popcorn while watching the train crash in slow motion.

>> No.72980684

I am cautiously waiting to see how they'll fuck Pauper again.

>> No.72980805

Stop making these shit threads.

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File: 630 KB, 2126x2905, MANARA-BrigitteBardot-09-Airon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's especially jarring seeing that "progressive" (really REgressive) crap in a fantasy setting.

>> No.72980846

What's up with Rabiah?
Seen that name several times. It's something of Arabian nights I think.

>> No.72980870

That's a fucking arab, not a pajeet or a black, retards.

>> No.72980883

Of course, it has Ugin.

>> No.72980887

same shit, ahmed

>> No.72980902

Wtf reddit is based?!

>> No.72980911

Rabiah is the ultra-dead nosewater-named-the-scale-for plane that Arabian nights took place on. It is never coming back ever ever.

>> No.72980921

When will they rename the Storm Scale to the Companion Scale?

>> No.72980930

Why so?

>> No.72980940

Too late, they've already put Companions in every set to come out for the next couple years. They really thought they had a hit with this one, and everything Rosewater has said on the matter points in that direction.
They want characters and settings that they own. Using real world stuff is a no-no, now.

>> No.72980942

Wizards don't own the Arabian Nights IP. No one owns it, actually.

>> No.72980943

Because it's not an IP they own they can milk with merchandize.
No, it's not, you stupid fuck. Ignorance is never good.

>> No.72980945

you can look it up yourself for the specifics but basically maro dislikes how the plane is based on established mythology rather than being its own thing
but they they made eldraine and theros...

>> No.72980953

Same. Shit. Ahmed.

>> No.72980957

>maro makes all of wizards' decisions
based retard

>> No.72980976

maro is literally in charge of vision design you dumbass, and eldraine specifically was his pet project

>> No.72980983

>all brown is the same
Based retard

>> No.72981005

Based Ahmed

>> No.72981011

Meld should be evergreen

>> No.72981027

>ignorant and proud!

>> No.72981052

>implying it's only maro who doesn't want it and not wizards' legal team who don't want to deal with the headache of using an IP that you don't have complete control over and also comes with touchy religious and cultural issues
based retard

>> No.72981058


>> No.72981089

so then make some shit up and change it
it's almost like they run a company that makes fantasy worlds or something

>> No.72981108

Based. Ahmed.

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File: 429 KB, 1100x651, hazoret_s_relaxation_lounge_by_conqista_ddi8uoq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WotC endorsed /hmofa/

>> No.72981183

>everything Rosewater has said on the matter points in that direction
are you sure you're not blindsided by massive confirmation bias, considering he's said he doesn't think there's that much design space left to design more companions

>> No.72981214

They already did, Arabian Nights got retconned to take place in the plane of Rabiah, not the actual Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and China that the cards depict.
Wizards still aren't touching it with a 10ft stick.

>> No.72981232

If only I still had faith in them.

>> No.72981245

It'd be far too based for current WotC, but I'd love a combined return to Kamigawa/return to Three Kingdoms block of sorts.
It'd be a two-set block, set in the Kamigawa version of the Meiji restoration.
The first set would focus on the conflict between the old ways and an increasingly industrialised Kamigaw, and the second set would be centred around the new emperor's invasion of fantasy Korea and fantasy Manchuria.

>> No.72981262

going back to kamigawa would be a huge mistake. Unless you want Nigga-samurai and Nigga-Ninjas and Nigga-Gheishas

>> No.72981270

>One Punch Man and Naruto references

>> No.72981277


the second being original Mirrodin.

>> No.72981288




>> No.72981295

2003-2008 was the golden age of soul in mtg.

>> No.72981363

this. I miss it so much

>> No.72981497
File: 530 KB, 516x800, 62265823_p0 amonkhet is too hot for chandra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

chandra is hot in concept, but how WotC executed that concept is horrible

>> No.72981547 [SPOILER] 
File: 258 KB, 672x936, 1591272700290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Young Pyromancer looks like Chandra's fanboy, he works fine as-is
Pyromancer girls like younger boys

>> No.72981559

Then you'll have to look for Double Masters, I doubt there's something groundbreaking in a core set. A Psychatog downgrade would be dangerously based tho.

>> No.72981560
File: 286 KB, 711x490, 1591257638786.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 144 KB, 533x800, 1585949741508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well fuck! What am I gonna do with this total lack of hype for a whole entire day?!

>> No.72981595

I saw that. Fucking bullshit. First PS5, now this.

>> No.72981597


What national day of mourning?

>> No.72981627

There's exactly one black samurai that would be okay to include, and that would be a historical reference to Yasuke, having any other black people would ruin the uniqueness of his character. Though if they're going to include one character based on a foreigner in Japan I'd rather see William Addams.

Still if WotC really cared about representation they'd add more Ainu and Okinawans, not shoehorn in American shit.

>> No.72981658

What's up with all these new planeswalkers popping up from everywhere in each set? It's like soon everyone will be a planeswalker, why did Bolas bitch so much about it when it seems to be fairly easy to become one.

>> No.72981665

Does she have a titty edit?

>> No.72981675

So you just picked a lot of good cards and staples and put in Yidaro? Great deckbuilding dude.

>> No.72981693

Welcome to standard deck building.

>> No.72981735

Excellent, gives me more time to ditch some cards

>> No.72981746

Have to moun some criminal nigger who got killed of course. Gotta get those social posturing points from the community that they are one of the "good ones".

>> No.72981749

A moment of silence for our fallen friend.

>> No.72981781

You people set yourselves up for this shit when you keep crawling back to WotC hoping that this time will be better

>> No.72981812

it used to be that manascrew would screw you over, but Asstrolabe fixes that.
it used to be that decksize and inconsistency would screw you over, but Yorion is a thing
nowadays a "put all good cards in one deck" archetype is very playable in snowko 4-color goodstuff piles

>> No.72981874

Well, Yidaro is 100% based, so that makes this deck based too

>> No.72981899

You play Yorion Uroza.

>> No.72981927
File: 100 KB, 510x680, 1591274886392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"island, pass."

>> No.72981962

Mourning for the cities that have burned in ameriland

>> No.72981971

More like
>forest, llanowar elves, pass

>> No.72981974

Mutate should be evergreen

>> No.72981983

in a 60 card deck, only 4 of them are Yidaro. so if all other cards are 0% based, the deck as a whole is (4/60) = ~0.07 = 7% based. Of course, not all other cards in the deck will be 0% based, in fact that dude's deck has 4x Bolt, 3x Path, 2x Lightning Helix, and 1x Celestial Collonnade.
so in total, the deck is (14/60) = ~0.23 = 23% based

>> No.72981985

Why would I mourn that? America must burn to the ground.

>> No.72981989

Mutate should combine p/t of all creatures involved

>> No.72981994

>defiling our precious jackalmom

>> No.72982022

I agree but mutate as it is offers some juicy options to mutate creatures with low p/t by capitalizing on their keywords or mutate triggers and cheapen their mutate cos, which could be very fun

>> No.72982041

What's your opinion on catoven decks? Thinken of building one for standard

>> No.72982053

Build one but don’t do it on arena. All those triggers and activations are fucking tedious. Actually, dont play arena at all

>> No.72982066 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 31 KB, 450x600, 1591276030347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

verdant catacombs, fetch swamp, thoughtseize you

>> No.72982075

Why not? I don't want to associate with the "magic crowd".

>> No.72982105

23 is my favorite number so that is fine too

>> No.72982116 [DELETED] 

>fetch swamp
>not fetching underground sea

>> No.72982131

>fetch swamp
>not fetching watery grave

>> No.72982144 [DELETED] 

>fetch swamp
>not fetching snow swamp

>> No.72982250

I keep mine in the hard baseball collector plastic sleeves

>> No.72982251 [DELETED] 
File: 2.33 MB, 1800x1350, 1584443529059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the kind of person that post crap like this.

>> No.72982289 [DELETED] 

>scalding tarn fetching a ketria triome
>Cool, reveal Cheatyface mutated onto Amulet of Vigor from beneath the triome
>force spike
*extends hand*

>> No.72982383

I don't know why I came back. I must hate myself.

>> No.72982433

I only came back to laugh at people who still cling to mtg

How do I go about selling my collection? I've been putting it off but it must be a few hundred bucks

>> No.72982447

>few hundred bucks
You never belonged here

>> No.72982452 [DELETED] 

I feel bad for the white guy.

>> No.72982468 [DELETED] 

Yeah, being blind, deaf, and having no sense of smell must be awful.
F for that white dude

>> No.72982478 [DELETED] 
File: 693 KB, 805x591, 1562345391576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72982479

It's okay It's not for me :)

>> No.72982543
File: 62 KB, 300x300, thumb_keep-screaming-but-god-doesnt-hear-me-63185018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And yet here we are

>> No.72982570
File: 80 KB, 593x715, 1527313673349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who IS this game for, exactly?
Only entrenched players with decades of cards or arenababs? I don't understand anymore

>> No.72982584 [DELETED] 

He's been brainwashed or deluded into finding that monkey-faced negress worth his time. He's betrayed his race and his ancestral heritage. If he has children with this sheboon, they won't even look like him. He's a lost fool. It's pathetic.

>> No.72982597

1. Entrenched losers who refuse to admit the game is bad

Those are the only two types of players at FNM right now.

>> No.72982622

>Only entrenched players with decades of cards or arenababs? I don't understand anymore
Entrenched player with decades of cards I just sold here, I, too, do not understand who this game is for anymore.

I have a friend that is a serious OMG LOOK GODZILLA EBIN xD fucker and even HE is taking a break from MTG because of this shit.

>> No.72982624

Places are holding FNM?
Add a third type of player: the game is bad, but I might as well go play.

>> No.72982633 [DELETED] 
File: 221 KB, 672x1234, insel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a pretty big yikes from me!

>> No.72982638

Lmao imagine this much of an incel

>> No.72982669

Kooba is Maro.
>k (11) + b (2) = M (13)
>a (1) = A
>o (15) + b (2) + a (1) = R (18)
>o = O
>kooba = MARO

>> No.72982686

If kooba was maro he would be here shilling blue 24/7

>> No.72982698

>he doesn't remember the cuckpanion saga

>> No.72982734

>kb = M
>a = A
>oba = R
>o = O
You have an extra 'a' in there.

>> No.72982753

Sunk-cost fallacy embodiments

>> No.72982761 [DELETED] 
File: 378 KB, 1339x1180, 15152-10698-11788.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72982859 [DELETED] 

Lmao imagine falling for the racial heritage jew

>> No.72982868 [DELETED] 

You don’t have to have an ulterior motive to spot cringeworthy posts. Go away with your shitty strawmen

>> No.72982872 [DELETED] 

ok mutt

>> No.72982893

when magic deserves a better thread it will get it

>> No.72982909
File: 265 KB, 671x936, soymogoyf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use this for the next thread

>> No.72982922 [DELETED] 
File: 93 KB, 1000x1000, 11599-31454-16542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not going anywhere.

>> No.72982934 [DELETED] 

>posts dumb shit
>gets called out
>y-you're an incel too!

>> No.72982947

You are neither roman nor christian. It's time to grow up and stop larping, you're too old for that, anon.

>> No.72982973

>wake up
>drink heavily
>fall asleep
>wake up
>drink moderately for rest of day
>wake up
I wish mtg was an enjoyable distraction like I have faded memories of it being.

>> No.72983043

Mtg was never a truly good game. Play first advantage is too significant and random matchup pairings can play a significant role in determining who wins. And that's before you even sit down at the table and look at your opening hand, which introduces the competitive black hole that is RNG.

But MTG is a good hobby. I've made a lot of the friends I have through mtg. When I moved and didn't have friends in my new area, mtg is how I made a bunch more. Mtg gets me out of the house, otherwise I would play videogames in all of my free time.

I still enjoy mtg for the same reasons I've always enjoyed it, because it was always just a silly game you played with the pretty cards and the people you get to meet.

>> No.72983050 [DELETED] 

>"Y-you m-must be an INCEL, w-why else would you t-think race-mixing is bad???"


>> No.72983204

>caring about race
>zero self awareness
>making cringeworthy posts and sperging every opportunity he has
Yeah, you’re an incel

>> No.72983209

The fuck is going on here?

>> No.72983264


>> No.72983280

Just some guy sperging. Lets move to another topic.
So, magic may be dead but i still like how RBW aka savai works.
Red spell recursion and hand sculpting, black efficient removal and card draw at a cost and white protection, token generation and sometimes recursion.
Its just so sweet.
Also snapdax is a cutie

>> No.72983296

Are we gonna furry rp now?
Fine with me, mrowr

>> No.72983299

Jesus! People actually defending less-than-orcs ("peaceful protestors")

>> No.72983339

Yes, Dega truly is the best tricolor combo

>> No.72983355
File: 239 KB, 1280x962, 1591250217854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no glasses

>> No.72983380
File: 122 KB, 600x863, 1qq1fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72983411
File: 265 KB, 671x936, soymogoyf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go dog

>> No.72983554

Because you will get a mouse-arm from just clicking through all those triggers every single turn.

>> No.72983821

it's for the same userbase that mobile gacha games have: whales

>> No.72983844

>They killed off gideon so that they could teplace him with a poc
I cant wait for superfriends to be renamed to mono brown

>> No.72983850

Consoomers and casuals so basically just memeander players at this point

>> No.72983900

Speaking of which, didn't froganon raise the case to a consoomer association? What happened with it? I think I'll be doing the same shortly, maybe if a few of us do the same in different countries do so, we can hurt their waller. AFAIK, it doesn't even cost anything to do it.

>> No.72983908

there was a guy on mt. gag like half a year ago who made an esper control deck called wakanda control where all the art had to have either a black person/white woman, or a white person in pain, and it was basically just regular esper control with azcanta replaced by deadeye trackers

>> No.72984024
File: 145 KB, 284x272, 4479C3A6-B7A2-4CD4-AC78-453393910372.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wakanda control
>only changing 2 cards

>> No.72984054
File: 379 KB, 529x370, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why was he better when he was inexperienced?

>> No.72984059

There is literally nothing wrong with playing EDH.

>> No.72984067

not better but more in control

>> No.72984085

if your trans

>> No.72984090

>he cared about mtg and was animated by passion despite having less skill and experience
>wotc has ruined mtg by then so he decided to hit the gym instead

>> No.72984346
File: 39 KB, 800x450, 6e6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72984372
File: 93 KB, 616x452, arb-26-mind-funeral (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mill was already shit
>now I have to an extra 20 cards
I'm not feeling too great bros

>> No.72984385


>> No.72984393

consoomer association?

>> No.72984462
File: 74 KB, 616x452, zen-47-hedron-crab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's wrong with playing mill?

>> No.72984468
File: 233 KB, 1200x1200, DAhsfhOXkAEfuOY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how Wizards and all these gaming companies are backing up the American population just like they backed up the Hong Kong population. Wait...

>> No.72984499
File: 178 KB, 265x370, EZrBQwaWkAE_g7K.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.72984502

Good meme. Please share with more people.

>> No.72984507

Unfun deck played exclusively by asshole bl*e players

>> No.72984567


>> No.72984935

so the leak was correct
I'm so tired

>> No.72984959

so instead of giving accessible card draw to white (which is a shitty solution in the first place), they had to staple the second effect on it to justify it being a mythic ? bravo wizard

>> No.72984970

Like nigga just play graveyard decks XD

>> No.72984997

>4 mana do nothing on etb
>"card draw"

>> No.72985428

Do you not have them in burgerstan? They're lawyers that protect consoomers from predatory practices like the ones wizards does. You just raise your complaint to them and if they think there's a case they will escalate accordingly.

>> No.72985465

he was already a kang in time spiral faggot, that's like complaining about teferi being a nigger

>> No.72985643

the problem isn't that he's black, it's that the art is uninspired

>> No.72985715

its not that he's black, its that every character and card has been getting BLACKED since I don't know, original Theros.

>> No.72985742

he was always black and this is a set about teferi, a literal african

>> No.72985836

this, it's so boring, it evokes nothing
just look at that garbage pose, it's just so bland

>> No.72986185
File: 262 KB, 2082x1156, MAXIMUM OVERCUCK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.72986274

What the fuck I don't care about this shit JUST DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS.

>> No.72986306

It's not that he's black, its that, just like teferi, he was vaguely african and now he's just an american black guy.

>> No.72986532
File: 317 KB, 512x512, It seems this damnable conflict has claimed everyone's passions of late.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm sympathetic to the protestors who are understandably upset about police brutality
>but absolutely livid at the uncivilized riots that destroy American communities, including, ironically, African American ones
>news organizations, politicians, and even businesses support BLM, and may be unintentionally endorsing the riots because of lack of willpower to separate the peaceful protestors from the selfish looters and rabid revolutionaries
>African American communities will continue to be poor, dependent, and ignorant because rioters are praised for unwittingly destroying businesses, jobs, and even homes, as well as further cementing the stereotype of black people being savages

I don't care if this is off-topic. If game companies can go off-topic by kissing up to "activists", then why does it matter? The only thing we have to look forward to is seeing how much Wizards will fuck up M21 and make us hate Teferi even more.

>> No.72986588

Police brutality is grossly overstated to the advantage of blacks. When adjusted for capita, more whites are killed by the police than blacks.

>> No.72986602

If WotC actually cared about black people they would be printing big booty hot bitches and action on the cards rather than a bunch of literally who negroes posing in stupid clothing, and they would be sharting reprints so no card was over 25 dollars.
Blacks don't play Magic because it looks childish and is overpriced. They play YGO because it doesn't rotate, is cheaper since they reprint fucking everything, and it has all kinds of ridiculous shit which can sometimes be cool, unlike Magic art which as of Ikoria looks like absolute faggot shit

>> No.72986715

Technically the ancient Egyptian ethnicity no longer exists as the Arabs that came after the romans, who came after the greeks, finished them off. "He black" is the closest to being correct as he is supposed to be African, but many of the Egyptians had native American colored skin, so, theres that.
Though I think the most correct overall (other than just saying Egyptian) would be to say "Levantine"

>> No.72986731

I get the feeling Democrat politicians are actually trying to keep black Americans dependent on them with welfare, crap cities, and pandering to the worst parts of their subculture.
Not that Republicans are any better by kissing up to prison lobbyists.

That's because Wizards are actually marketing to numales who pretend to like "body positive" crap because said numales are also marketing themselves to female dangerhairs.

>> No.72986744

he did one thing and was pretty fucking good at it
jack of all trades is a master of none.

>> No.72986770

that is some nice art, where did you get it?

>> No.72986790

why is it that everyone is like "oh we'll stop doing our fucking jobs in rememberance of some americlap bullshit" all of a sudden? why do they think this anti-marketing works?

>> No.72986795

>When adjusted for capita, more whites are killed by the police than blacks.
Not true. In pure numbers more whites are killed over all but if you look at just population in cities its probably within reason.

What happened to that guy was murder and is sad but police killing people have been going down since the 70s. What happened to him is an outlier and is not the norm but people have been convinced it happens everyday.

>> No.72986826

>What happened to that guy was murder
That is for the courts to decide, not social media or random fucks on a Vietnamese rice farming forum. Fuck is wrong with your ego?

>> No.72986829

Not that the racial component even matters that much, police brutality is still police brutality. The pigs are unnecessary and authoritarian; the second amendment exists for a reason.

>> No.72986842

>What happened to that guy was murder
No, it was not murder. Please, do not be fucking stupid. First off that's not for you to decide. There hasn't been a trial yet. And if you think those cops deserve to be charged with murder, you are clueless and should not be throwing around legal terms. That was manslaughter. Try murder, and you end up with either a miscarriage of justice, or the cop walks.
Second, have you seen the conclusive autopsy findings?

>> No.72986876

They're hoping looking like goodie two-shoes will make people want to buy more of their shit.
If companies keep endorsing the protests without condemning the rioters, I don't think the economies in those cities will be receptive to buying overpriced cardboard.

>> No.72986889

For me, it's Hun Dun, the absolute egg.

>> No.72986892

Stop trying to justify riots and the killings of people and small businesses destroyed due to these riots.

>> No.72986894

>I don't think the economies in those cities
Cities? What cities? There's none left, people were already moving out of them when the 'rona shit started, and this chimping out has further solidified it.

>> No.72986911

i just don't understand how "okay we're gonna take a few days off now because fuck you, cya!" is acting like a goodie-two-shoes.

>> No.72986921


>> No.72986924

Jason Chan, I believe. I have a larger one but I can't post it now.

>> No.72986971

okay but what if
Magic the Gathering with a Dungeon Dice Monsters like battlefield

>> No.72986992
File: 203 KB, 672x936, avr-6-avacyn-angel-of-hope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based Jason Chan. He makes the best waifus, shame he hasn't been commissioned by wotc since, like, bfz.

>> No.72987012

Did you miss the reasoning given for that?

>> No.72987013

And they will no longer move back because everything is burned down thanks to antifa, opportunists, and irate BLM fanatics.

They spin their laziness with moral grandstanding.

>> No.72987034

Why are you acting like me calling it murder has any bearing? It has nothing to do with ego. If you pull a gun on me and tell me to give you my wallet, thats armed robbery. I dont need a court to tell me lmao.

You are right but its doubly compounded here. Its a black guy killed by a cop and a white guy killed a black guy. Any time a white person kills a black person everyone assumes it was racism. It could be for sure, but it isnt automatic.

>you dont get to decide that it was murder
>I decide that its manslaughter!

>have you seen the conclusive autopsy findings?
Yes. He died of neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain. You gonna tell me that he died of a heart attack right?

I didnt justify any of that lmao

>> No.72987049

>Angelanon is still waifushilling
based. Ordered some angels for my FoW Death and Taxes list and thought of you

>> No.72987057

Look up the legal definitions of murder and manslaughter and realize what an uninformed retard you are. Unfortunately retards like you shouted hard enough so they're charging all four cops with murder, so they're all going to walk.

>> No.72987069

>Why are you acting like me calling it murder has any bearing?
because the autopsy report has been updated
chances are he didn't die to choking from the cop's knee, but to drugs and alcohol overdose

>> No.72987071

>You gonna tell me that he died of a heart attack right?
I think he technically didn't die from asphyxiation, but he had other conditions that were aggravated by that neck press and thus caused him to die.

>> No.72987096

>day of mourning
what happened?

>> No.72987104

If I just wanted to build a binder of waifu cards should I wait in the hopes prices drop as the game slowly kills itself and people realize their stockpiling cheap cardboard or buy now in the fear prices will continue to go up?
You could say this is a "how do I into mtgfinance" post

>> No.72987123

one dude died, but because he's a black dindu his death went viral

>> No.72987124

It was adrenaline spiking from having the cop's knee on his neck combined with all the dope flowing in his system and it all interacted poorly with his heart which was both clogged and grossly enlarged from a lifetime of bad choices. You could say the cop still contributed to his death but this is at best manslaughter and there was no way for him to know it would have killed the guy unless he had a crystal ball.
Some career criminal drug addict porn star died during an arrest and there have been massive riots and looting across America ever since which has led to like 15 people dying including a retired 77 year old police captain who was trying to prevent some teens from stealing TVs. They're going to mourn the death of the porn star.

>> No.72987139

Thanks man, I'm happy I inspired you to add some angels to your deck, it's always fun to play more angels.

>> No.72987152

Smart move: Buy FoW waifus while they're still cheap and then buy mtg waifus after WotC invalidates their existence by printing broken FIRE cards and their prices crash.

>> No.72987179

Usually prices rise heading into and during the summer. I would hold off on buying anything for a few months and see how the volatile situation we're in pans out. Right now prices are slowly rising based on hope alone but the numbers don't back that hope up so they could crash again. Aside from the riots some states are still in lockdown and unemployment is unprecedented.

>> No.72987186

oh I thought that was already over and something new happened

>> No.72987195
File: 51 KB, 477x348, Now I can show you how the spirits flashed in.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When will muh deck be viable again? I want to dab on coomboers and control freaks with tempo spooks.

>> No.72987197

>Cops have to use precaution for obesity and general unhealthiness or else they get charged for murder, now

>> No.72987209

maybe we don't train our cops to kneel on people's necks, then?
It's not that hard. The US has a police brutality issue, other countries don't. There's drug use and crime everywhere, but only in America will the cops tase you, strangle you, and then shoot you just to be sure.

>> No.72987243

Why are you still defending rioters, antifa, and the murder of people and destruction of small businesses in the African American community?

>> No.72987272

I would wait, a lot of edh players are buying up waifus, avacyn alone is around 40 bucks nonfoil and nearly 200 for the judge promo last I checked. I'm sure others are quite expensive too.

>> No.72987279

>Projecting AND concern trolling
Fuck off retard
Police brutality is a problem in america
violence against your neighbors is wrong
these two things aren't exclusive
Fucking smallbrains lol

>> No.72987289

You never cared, asshole. Now you're trying to move the goalposts because you tried to call it murder and it's all coming apart.
You fake ass faggots are so disgusting. You and WotC are the same type of selectively outraged virtue signaling bullshitter. We have problems with excessive force in policing in America, but you never gave a shit until some fat druggie's heart exploded during routine detainment and it became the epic meme of the summer. 10x worse happens every day around the world and you didn't give a shit then.

>> No.72987313

Thank you I will both buy FoW waifus and hold out until after the summer. I will also hate myself for not buying Avacyn when she was ten dollars and now she is fifty what the fuck.

>> No.72987353

>I will also hate myself for not buying Avacyn when she was ten dollars and now she is fifty what the fuck.
You need to learn to let go of that shit. If you just think about what you should have done 10 years ago you'll just drive yourself crazy over things you can't change. I should have bought buttcoin when I was in high school but I didn't, too bad.

>> No.72987361

You're shifting the goalposts and are the one projecting.
Answer the question.
Why are you defending rioters, antifa, and the murder of people and destruction of small businesses in the African American community.

>> No.72987368




>> No.72987393
File: 57 KB, 720x703, 1562429252568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanna know of another problem in America?

>> No.72987395

>not even at the bump limit
stop that

>> No.72987399

>you need to let go of that shit
me and my life choices

>> No.72987471

Is he defending rioters and marauders? He was talking about police brutality, the origins of the protests and why they happened.
Then again I think most of us don't have the morale to condemn police brutality when "peaceful protestors" are destroying the very communities that are apparently affected by it.
In the end nobody wins except the looters, and even then their short-term gains will have long-term consequences, which is compounded by the pandemic we are in.

>> No.72987982

the scumbag you replied to knows what it's doing
i don't know why did you engage

>> No.72989038

jesus, where would we even end up with one? I assume at least Scavenger levels.

>> No.72989288

Original autopsy in bed with DA and cops said it wasn't asphyxiation. Two new autopsies say it is.

>> No.72989346

People bringing up looters in June 4, 2020 are retarded since there's literally hundreds, if not thousands of videos posted online in the last few days of cops going to town on peaceful protesters and non-rioters/looters, even worse than they did on Floyd, hilarious enough. I'd list all the shit they've been doing but it'd just make me sound like a libtard. Protestors have already been killed and cops are attacking official city-sanctioned medics and medical personnel. One instance they shot some dude in the head causing critical brain trauma, so they waved the medics over to give him medical aid, and after six dudes coffin-danced his ass over to the ER, the cops shot all 6 medics and the unconscious dude again.

>> No.72989416

pics or it didn't happen

>> No.72990771
File: 35 KB, 750x450, riot gear vs ppe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72991405

That means each pig needs to kill 55 medics to break even.

>> No.72992687

He's not and this is an incredibly dishonest "argument". Recognizing that police in america are more brutal than in other countries is not supporting the riots. Trying to equate all concern over police brutality with the people stealing shoes from footlocker is incredibly dishonest anon.

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