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Anyone got any tips for doing a cityfight campaign? I want to run once we're all able to go to the store again and I want to get everything in place.

I'll wait until 9th drops, of course. I'm a Vogen veteran but I only played in it not led anything with it.

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Quick maffs

>Serberys Raiders
Alpha - 14+2 = 16
Mook - 14 = 14
Mook w/ Enhanced Data Tether - 14+5 = 19
Min Squad Size - 16+(14*2) = 44 (49 w/ Enhanced Data Tether)
Max Squad Size - 16+(14*8) = 128 (133 w/ Enhanced Data Tether)

>Serberys Sulphurhounds
Alpha - 16+4+5 = 25
Mook - 16+(1*2) = 18
Mook w/ Phosphor Blast Carbine - (16+1+15) = 32
Mook w/ Enhanced Data Tether -(16+1+1+5) = 23
Min Squad Size - 25+(18*2) = 61 (66 w/ Enhanced Data Tether)
Min Squad Size w/ 1 Phosphor Blast Carbine - 25+18+32 = 75 (80 w/ Enhanced Data Tether)
Min Squad Size for 2 Phosphor Blast Carbines - 25+(18*3)+(32*2) = 143 (148 w/ Enhanced Data Tether)
Max Squad Size - 25+(18*8) = 169 (174 w/ Enhanced Data Tether)
Max Squad Size w/ 2 Phosphor Blast Carbines - 25+(18*6)+(32*2) = 197 (202 w/ Enhanced Data Tether)
Max Squad Size w/ 3 Phosphor Blast Carbines - 25+(18*5)+(32*3) = 211 (216 w/ Enhanced Data Tether)

>Pteraxii Skystalkers
Alpha - 15+4+ = 19
Mook - 15
Min Squad Size - 19+(15*4) = 79
Max Squad Size - 19+(15*9) = 154

>Pteraxii Sterylizors
Alpha - 17+4+ = 21
Mook - 17
Min Squad Size - 21+(17*4) = 89
Max Squad Size - 21+(17*4) = 174

>Archeaoter Fusilave
Base - 102+(2*4) = 110
With Chaff Launcher - 102+(2*4)+20 = 130

>Archeaoter Stratoraptor
Base - 70+(2*2)+40 = 114
With Chaff Launcher - 102+(2*2)+40+20 = 134

>Archeaoter Transvector
Base - 92+(2*2)+4 = 100
With Chaff Launcher - 92+(2*2)+4+20 = 120

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2nd for mars is underpowered

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What non-40k GW games do you guys like?

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>ignore moving and firing heavy weapons and also give heavy weapons +1 strength
>1 extra ap
>overwatch on 5 and 6
>pull back and shoot with -1 to hit
>shoot/punch back on death on a 5+
>-1 to it inside 9"
one of these things is not like the other

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Nth for best girl

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Eliminator sprue + ETB reivers = 6 eliminators

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i used to like aos until they fucked it up

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None really, I only play TT 40k because I like the lore

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I'd get into titanicus if it weren't so expensive and our local scene so dead

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yeah its mars

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>-1 to it inside 9"
More like, enemy can move and fire heavy weapons without penalty against Metallica. In 9th ed Metallica will give your opp the Mars canticle

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128 for raiders is insane.
>Scout move
>Regular move into LOS of enemy warlord
>Pop protector doctrine
>Pop Wrath of Mars
>Pop enemy warlords head

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Is Kraken generally the best Adaptation? Despite leaning towards melee the extra movement will always come in handy.

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Kill team, if that counts.
Very occasionally, play OG necromunda

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Everyone will be all over Crusade format for narrative stuff instead of playing that boomer city fight or whatever mode. Try d&d instead if youre boring and autistic

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9th will be the year of Kronos. Big shooty bugs will dominate Tyranid meta this year.

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AoS and I want to get into Titanicus.

Still have my BFG fleets and necromunda but I very rarely get a game

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>50 points for a probably 60 bucks kit
Either heavy phosphor builds or accept that admech is bullshit points per dollar

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>Get the agrippina relic for +1 to wound
>deal mortal wounds on a 5+

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I'd like to incorporate that if it makes a difference. Maybe use it as a base and combine it with the old Vogen ideas.

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>Crusade format

What is this?

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Not yet, working on it

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>BFG fleets

Adepticon still has a BFG tournament and a strong group following

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you don't get to wrath of mars then. I guess the effect is the same, but Not going for mars for that extra S my snipers would be a folly.

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There are the Cities of Death rules. Before those came out, I used the Shadow War: Armageddon rules, which are based off the old Necromunda rules.
Time will tell what 9th does for buildings, ruins and terrain. GW is promising an overhaul; time will tell if they make it better or massively fuck it up.

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Only if you play on planet bowling ball, Not being allowed to move is pretty big drawback.

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no wait it only rerolls 1's I'm retarded

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Anyone buy from an aliexpress recaster who sells GW plastic model recasts and has the entire death guard range for sale?

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Unfortunately there's the whole Pacific ocean between me an adepticon.

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fuck off GW

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Round bases look better

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Probably just a lazy port of Path to Glory from AoS.

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the digimon board game

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I didn't say the name, t-that's ok right?
I guess i'll just have to take the gamble.

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Daemons leaks please


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Haha, nope!

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I just want the new knight house rules

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I'm hoping it's something decent. The less homebrew I have to do the better for anyone that plays, I think.

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I fucking hate the Khorne Berzerker kit so god damn much. It's fucking criminal that it's the only good source for GW chainaxes.
I wish the kit was updated.

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I like AoS a bunch. I'm also interested in WHFB, but never have played it.

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>warlord trait: make chaos knight players bitch about you

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Did May WD get uploaded yet? Can't find it.

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Path to Glory for AoS sucks. It's just "roll this and use more units." I thought it would be like the old Chaos Path to Glory where it was a skirmish warband and you could get several varied things to accompany you along with weapons and stuff. Nope.

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That one was already in the chaos knights codex.

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damn that's sexy

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We've been asking for decades and haven't heard back, but who knows what'll happen in 9th.

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So I haven't played a single match of 40K and I still working on my Black Templars, Do I have to wait for the 9th edition to come out or should I glue the Death Guard together ask a friend to play?

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Rolled 2, 3, 5, 2 = 12 (4d6)

Roll miggas roll!

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chaoscucks can fuck off back to their cheesy dual gatling knights that can get a second life

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Can I have your 2+ save warlord trait bro? I want to play ez mode too

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No square bases look dumb, so does block combat on tables with 0 terrain

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friends don't let friends play unpainted armies, even if they're lent to them.

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There's literally nothing wrong with it and I put together like 40 of them. I dread the inevitable update because it will go to that gay body+legs in one piece bullshit like all recent kits.

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is there one of these for admech?

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Last 4 digits of my post skipping values greater than 6

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Fuck it's 21 years old.
No wonder i hate it so much.

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>take 2+ armor trait
>still get murdered by anti tank guns

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Rolled 1, 3, 5, 5 = 14 (4d6)

lets get around to naming this guy

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You still use terrain, just even more sparingly than shitty 40k tournaments.
And blocks > blobs, peasant.

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Post your necrons? I feel like I rarely get to see peoples necrons. But We will see many peoples chaos warbands and what not.

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Agreed, I haven't actually played a match of 8th yet (started last August) because I don't have it all painted

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>want to paint each of my squads as a different chapter
Is this legal?

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There's nothing to leak. It's trash, just look at what GW shown since they only show the best things in the book to make you buy it.

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Engine War leaker is based for leaking
Is a cunt for only leaking admech

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>Borek Khoura
Could be worse

>> No.72889278

I hope GW releases some more naming generators for necrons. Immortals and the nobility shouldn't have similar names.

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>what is 4++ save relic
uhhh impcucks?

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Hey, stupid question, are the current CSM Bikers being sold the same ones from 1998? I saw an old one somewhere and they look kinda similar.

Also, should I get some?

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It's literally what CrUsAdE!!!! Will be.
It will be half assed as fuck, like every GW narrative attempt. You just can't get that in depth in a system as shallow as 40keks. d6s only allow you to go so far

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While I am sure daemons will get shit, for whatever reason GW showed crap stuff for CSM in the leadup to Faith and Fury and they ended up getting much better stuff than advertised

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And the little terrain looks dumb like blocks, blobs are way better. Theres a reason that rank and file combat stopped.

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It takes a week to paint a 2k army to tabletop standard. You're just lazy and most likely fat.

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how do I model a fireaxe and a raincoat on a necron flayed one?

>> No.72889310

Yeah, just have them be from the same legion and its a last wall type situation

>> No.72889312

just a painting exercise, I don't actually play Necrons

>> No.72889320

>actually having damage output
Uhhh chaoscucks?

>> No.72889323

Yeah, when faggots got around to trying to just "win" battles rather than look good.
Poofy sleeves > camo

>> No.72889330

here's the latest dudes i painted

>> No.72889331

>a week for 2k points
>I spent three months (with waiting time for models, so maybe 1 1/2 months of actual painting) just to get 750 points of necrons to a level that satisfies me
what the fuck even is tabletop standard?

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Dumb manchildren freaking out over Nightlord stratagems only to try it in game and never be heard from again should've told you enough about Faith and Fury "being good"

>> No.72889339

I played a fair amount of Mordheim. I still have my undead warband. I think about redoing it in plastic sometimes.

>> No.72889341

you should try adding some freehand to the shoulders, to make the seam lines look as if they were a deliberate marking.

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It really is whatever you want it to be, but really it is easy as fuck to use a colored spray to base coat, then block in a couple colors, wash them with gw washes and dry brush+some details. No one is going to care about your exquisitely painted belts outside of painting competitions.

>> No.72889368

It's also well established that GW is retarded. And perhaps there is a stratagem that is useful

>> No.72889369

>nothing wrong with it
>six prancing gay lala homo legs
>not enough of chainaxes to go full chain axe and bolt pistol
>not enough chainsword to go full chainsword and bolt pistol
>needs double the chainaxes and chainswords for an optimal build
The plasma pistols are cool as fuck tho.
If we got a new berzerker kit it'd only come with 8 zerkers 4 chainaxes, a power fist, one plasma pistol and a 75 dollar price tag.
Asking for a new zerkers kit is begging to get monkey pawed

>> No.72889375

Hopefully the rest leaks this weekend.

>> No.72889380

Yeah winning battles is the point.

>> No.72889381

what, you liked 1.0?

>> No.72889384

So, while Stygies has been pretty badly shafted in Engine War / 9th, isn't the -1 to hit still the best boost to army-wide durability compared to the custom forgeworld traits?

>> No.72889385

Am I a faggot if I dedicate a squad of word bearers marines/havocs/terminators/etc to a specific god (and therefore get that god's icon)?

>> No.72889386


I never seen the ctan model up close. Looks good.

I have been trying my hand at more kitbashing. Like all the flayed ones I have are from warriors.

>> No.72889393

What's the point in winning if you can't look fabulous doing it?

>> No.72889398

>4++ save warlord trait

>> No.72889400

yeah, rounds are aesthetic

yikes, square-tisms

>> No.72889406

The sleeper in F&F was Alpha Legion and Word Bearers

>> No.72889412

We should bombard them with emails to only include chain weapons no pistols.

>> No.72889424

Do AoS players use terrain rules

>> No.72889425

>Alpha Legion
>no more -3 to hit Lord Arkos
Feels bad man

>> No.72889427

I saw this guy had updated points in the list.

Will we see a regular release for him?

>> No.72889431

Winning, History is written by the victors not those who looked cool.

>> No.72889438

No, that's fine. Word Bearers should have multiple gods.

>> No.72889442

Isn't he more expensive in points now

>> No.72889444

Can't disagree with weapon complaint, but you already guessed that any update will only make it worse. If you are having trouble making multipart legs into a non-gay running pose though, you might be retarded.

>> No.72889446

>Will we see a regular release for him?

>> No.72889455


Literally goes up for preorder tomorrow.

>> No.72889460

AOS has even less rules for terrain that WHFB.
Most AOS boards have 4 or 5 pieces of terrain and they roll to see if it's spooky, makes them brave or just hurts them to stand near it. A couple of other effects, but that's about it for terrain.
Fantasy at least had different rules for forests, rivers, ruins, magic circles, forts and walls, and towers and buildings.
Then again, AOS was written to be as piss-simple as possible.

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Nope, thats fine

>> No.72889472

Por que no los dos?

>> No.72889474

Would this metallic black scheme look out of character for raven guard?

>> No.72889479

>metallica gets fuckall

>> No.72889480

What do you mean? He's always been base 65 points.

>> No.72889481

he 's got some terrible fineshit holes in him, but overall its about as good as i can hope for from a finecast model

>> No.72889488

Could someone who owns one of the latest Beast of Nurgle models give me a rough measurement on how tall the model is? I'd like to get my clones be at least be vaguely similar in size.

>> No.72889492

tabletop? I tried XWing for awhile, but if you think model release/meta turnover is fast in 40k, whooo boy

>> No.72889496

cause the weapons cost points now

>> No.72889498

Long as we're on the subject, Do you guys think it would be too strong if Zerkers could get 2 bonus attacks if they dual wield chain swords.

>> No.72889505

Old Necromunda.

>> No.72889506

This is the very first result I found on google

>> No.72889509

>ignore moving and firing heavy weapons and also give heavy weapons +1 strength
Whi the fuck thought this was a good idea?

>> No.72889511

Since chainsword are free. Yes.

>> No.72889521

They already get a million attacks between their special rule, hateful assault and the new WE stratagems. Why would you want more? That's not their problem at all.

>> No.72889524

But they don't? Even in the links all 3 of his weapons are 0 points.

>> No.72889525

They can't take 2 chainswords and if a model has two chainswords it gets an extra attack for each one.
you CAN give the champion 2 chainswords but i think a powerfist is perfect for him

>> No.72889542

Most admech units that carry heavy weapons get to ignore the penalty for moving anyway. The +1S is a big buff but the movement thing, not so much.

>> No.72889558

Ah i didn't realize most of them already ignored it. Still it's a great trait

>> No.72889559

AoS has rules for 12 generic terrain effects, then army specific terrain, then every terrain kit released has special rules.
Also rukea for garrisoning buildings.
Meanwhile, fantacucks played every game on planet bowling ball, or rolled a single D6 when they got near a wood.
Which they wouldnt stay in, because noone wants to fight in a wood.
Saying fantasy had more terrain interaction than AoS is a fucking lie. Grogs are so fucking pathetic

>> No.72889575

Dakka bots are back on the menu.
Now at S7.

>> No.72889581

>the new flyer

>> No.72889582


>> No.72889595

Half of the units don't have penalties for moving anyway (though it conveniently pairs well with the new plane) .
The big issue is Mars not only can +/-1 canticle roll values, but can reroll one of the dice with the WT.
Thus, Mars is effectively guaranteed +1 Str to heavies and cover bonuses.

>> No.72889606

Im on my 4th group of boys. When can I stop? I love orks..but.......FUCK. After this ill have 40 boys, 40 grots, 3 deffdreads, 5 nobs, and a weird boy. I was thinking of doing either ghazzy or a big mek with kff next, just to have another hq. I think im close to actually being able to play now.

How do you not get burnt out with hordes?

>> No.72889608

What works, works.
Terrain that blocks LoS without True LoS nonsense is big alone

>> No.72889619

True LOS was a fucking mistake.

>> No.72889627

>the graia one is the same as one of the new warlord traits

>> No.72889628

Avoiding burnout is a matter of planning your work around efficiency or resigning to a long and slow process.
Get a spray primer that serves as a base coat for simple characters, do a lot of batch stuff, as much as possible, make sure you have your whole army planned out so you can efficiently build them.

>> No.72889634


>> No.72889639

Units that people actually take in their armies I mean. People who take robots for shooting get them stuck in one spot anyway and that's not going to change.

>> No.72889642

Your first mistake was getting rused by delusional collectors with 3 models into "just getting what looks cool xD" because that just leads to infinite work without end.
Imagine an army, make a list and work towards it.

>> No.72889646

nah that looks plenty RG

>> No.72889661

Depends on the group.
AoS has 2 sets of terrain rules to apply to each peice but in casual games its not uncommon to just not bother with 1 or both sets

>> No.72889670

Man, Mars really is the Iron Hands of AdMech,

>> No.72889693

>ywn be a guard officer leading some men to save her trapped skitarii, earning her respect and a date

>> No.72889707

Mars is extremely good, although I'm also tempted to take the Cognis trait and run 3x Stratoraptor, 3x Transvector, 1x Fusilave and then a load of Pteraxii.

All the choppers get Cawl rerolls at range thanks to the cognis trait + great move + range, plus a 6+ FnP.

>> No.72889725

That's usually because them getting tarpitted is seen as an inevitability. A Datasmith is pretty cheap, and now that they can just blast their way out of melee it makes a lot more sense to bring one along.

>> No.72889737

since crons can make dimensions why don't they move to one and exist happily ever after? I'm referring to nucrons, aka gaycrons that don't destroy stuff for the hell of it

>> No.72889742

I can almost guarantee that the official GW army builder app will be worse than Battle Scribe. There's no way that caveman GW will make anything better than Battle Scribe on their first try.

>> No.72889758

I wish my Ryzans were good....

>> No.72889762

even warscroll builder was made so much worse after GW took it over. I miss the picture book list builder.

>> No.72889763

Assuming you enjoy painting, paint one model at a time and make note of successes and failures.

>> No.72889767

I would not bet against you

>> No.72889771

Break projects.
Even a single mini, just something else.to paint I different colours and to try different techniques on.

In particular I've used doing hotwheels cars for Gaslands for this since they're so cheap.

>> No.72889776

AoS' army builder is way better than battlescribe. Rules are accurate and update within a day of release, it has datasheets right in there, has a little reference tab where you can add units your opponent is using so you don't have to keep looking them up.

>> No.72889778

I don't know how hard it is to make a fun campaign ruleset and just let people have narrative fun. GW really can't seem to do anything right that way past 3e and now that Bligh is dead FW can't either. Sucks.

>> No.72889783

So...... Every Necron that's destroyed and fails to phase out permanently diminishes them right?

A Tomb World has 1000 warriors and loses 90, they permanently are down to 910 warriors unless they they activate a new Tomb World yeah?

>> No.72889790

warscroll builder is better than scribe

>> No.72889793

Resurrection protocols mean they reassemble from parts, depending on the author this can be even like, melted and shit

>> No.72889803

I Dunno, No one uses BS for AoS because Azyr is better. So the potential is there.

>> No.72889805

It will be power level builder again for braindead retards like >>72889790

>> No.72889819

I have limited experience here. Having a good group of friends is the best way. Come up with an overarching plot, give your friends armies goals

>> No.72889823

I miss listbuilder

>> No.72889825

People actually use battle scribe? I couldnt get past the shit ui.

>> No.72889828

A) why are daemons so cool?
B) why do I have to be attracted to the faction with absolutely awful rules?

>> No.72889835

They've barely mentioned Power Rating in the previews for 9th, vs 8th when they hyped it up constantly, so it's pretty obvious they're soft-abandoning it and it'll just be a relic of 8th

Some people are too dumb to do their listbuilding in a word doc or on a paper pad

>> No.72889839

You get used to it

>> No.72889842

warscroll builder is points though

>> No.72889845

we all do

>> No.72889848

You could try playing AoS, where some of them have amazing rules and you only need half as many models

You get used to the smell of piss too, doesn't mean you shouldn't move

>> No.72889850

I like excel when not using battle scribe personally

>> No.72889853

What's a good way to model the Crown of The Blasphemer? I considered making a "crown of thorns" looking dealie but as a Biblefag I'm getting the creeping suspicion that might not be a good idea

>> No.72889855

Let's not put that fat fuck Bligh on a pedestal.
The black book narrative campaigns were a fucking joke of retarded scenarios, WAACfag combos and retarded rules.
GWs are just as shit but half the word bloat

>> No.72889858

I don't think about anything that stopped being relevant over 5 years ago and neither should you boomer

>> No.72889861

I dont hate.....painting i guess? I like building more that painting, and I like the end result 'its done' part of painting. Maybe its cause I assemly line as much of it as i can. Like doing all the green skin and doing all the axe heads, ect, ect. But I cant think of a more efficent way to do it.

>> No.72889863

it used to be better

>> No.72889867

I like building my lists manually with paper and a calculator...

Yeah I remember trying to adapt the custom character rules from Horus Heresy book 4 to 7th ed 40k. Was a nightmare

>> No.72889871

Yes, everyone I know irl uses it and have been for several years.

>> No.72889872

What the fuck are the Eldar and Orks doing about the Necron resurgence?

>> No.72889879

Half the daemon armies suck in AoS.
Slaanesh is broken.
Tzeentch is broken but you need so many models you probably cant play it to max WAAC.

>> No.72889884


>> No.72889890

Jesus Christ however wrote that is a real moron.

She is a Phaerakh. Which is the female version of a Phaeron. All Phaerons/Phaerakhs are Overlords.

Overlord means a high ranking noble. You can't be a fucking King or Queen without being a high ranking noble. A Phaeron is an Overlord. it goes without saying.

>since crons can make dimensions why don't they move to one and exist happily ever after?

Why don't you leave your home and live in a hole in the ground.

>> No.72889899

Orks dont care
Eldar are NPC tier and dont matter/have their shit together

>> No.72889901

I'm a little annoyed with it all.
I like how the WHFB setting is developed, but I prefer AoS for play and model design(for the most part), as well as the skirmish style

Can't get both in one system

>> No.72889902

d12s when

>> No.72889906

Assembly line painting is certainly the most time efficient way of doing it, but it can burn you out painting the same t-shirt with the same color brown for the 20th time in a row. Try painting an orc boy and see if you actually have fun doing it, or if you are more interested in getting it over with.

>> No.72889907

I mean I just started and the actual act of calculating points and list building dosent seem that hard, so much as optomizing cp and knowing whats good and gets value. But thats more minmaxy shit than just making a list.

I was hoping with the desktop version it wouldnt have a dogshit mobile ui, but I was wrong. It would be convienant if it worked. But paper and/or excel arnt hard.

>> No.72889908

Other Aeldari outside of Alaitoc are rightfully ignoring the Necrons since Chaos is the greatest threat.

Necrons don't care. They are just Waaghing on everyone in their sights.

>> No.72889909

Play monogod Nurgle or Tzeentch.

>> No.72889912

Sabatoging/attacking/focusing on the Imperium, like usual because we can't have nice things.

>> No.72889916

Here's a test scheme for my Harlequins. Feels like it's missing another color but I don't know what to do.
Don't mind the mask, I know I thicced it up.

>> No.72889917

metal girls must be cold and hard which makes snuggling less fun and that makes me sad

>> No.72889920


>> No.72889929

Don't bother learning to optimize CP. In 9th Edition CP is switching to just matching the size of your game

>> No.72889932

Nah it's a great idea.

>> No.72889933

it's missing pink

>> No.72889940

Daemons of Khorne are Trash in AoS and you MUST bring a Bloodsecrator to make them viable

>> No.72889941

hes on preorder in aus and nz, if you want an idea of price to compare it with your home country.

>> No.72889953

So how exactly are they changing traits that give you CP? Have they even mentioned anything about it?

>> No.72889954

Ive seen that floating around so im not to worried about it. Im more focued on getting shit built/painted so I can finally play a fucking game. Thats also why i wasnt to upset when I tried battle scribe and it was dogshit. By the time the new rules and new app roll out, I should have somthing playable.

>> No.72889960

Thats a good idea, thanks anon.

>> No.72889967

>Orks doing about the Necron resurgence?

Why would the orks give a shit about the necrons other than 'more things to go fight'?

>> No.72889973


>> No.72889978

Anyone have any recent experience with ordering from GW? Placed an order like a week ago and haven't heard anything back since, and of course my local shop is closed, so I'm entering full plastic withdrawal.

>> No.72889981

Just paint your backlog.

>> No.72889986

working on my second chaos space marine army. Alpha Legion with warp talons/raptors host raptorial. it a fluffy list mostly. what should I prioritize on getting?

>> No.72889989

Anyone got pointers for sandstone necrons?

I play AoS, Necromunda, have dabbled in Underworlds and first got into it all with Kill Team.

Ironically the only game I have yet to play a physical game of is 40k proper.

>> No.72889998

cannoness done

>> No.72890011

out of curiosity why is the statue purple?

>> No.72890017

I don't think that one is colored yet.

>> No.72890020

color fill. It's for easy selection.

>> No.72890022

That shifting shit is so stupid

>> No.72890027

i used different colors to block in the different sections, they have nothing to do with final color, just a solid block to select so i don't need to worry about going over the lines

>> No.72890028

How to fix Savior Protocols:
Make damage spill over to multiple drones
There, I fixed it. Pay me, GW

>> No.72890033


>> No.72890035

That's like getting a bunch of cavalry for an army and asking what to get next. Like, have you though about getting the actual army together before worrying about distraction and flanking units?

>> No.72890039

There's no way to properly convey AL's duplicity on the TT so people do that, it looks cool but I generally agree

>> No.72890047

Just make it work on a 3+ or 4+ instead of a 2+.

>> No.72890055

>1 Pink splits into 2 Blues
>1 Blue Splits into 1 Brimstone
So if you want to play optimally, you have to paint 50 models for a 10-model Pink army.

>> No.72890063

In AoS they addressed that by letting you just have the dying models deal mortal wounds to the enemy instead of spawning new models

>> No.72890067

I love that whitish blue, especially on the glyps. Good job, spookanon.

>> No.72890073

I'm okay with that

>> No.72890074

Please scrape your moldlines off and fill in the gaps on the shoulders

>> No.72890075

Yeah, but it isn't as fun as having a horde of near-infinitely spawning horrors.

>> No.72890078

Im still pretty new, so Im kind of barebones with what paints I have, thays actually what most of the order is.

>> No.72890079

Why does one las cannon kill one guardsmen but then 6 drones.
I wish something about the drone having to be in between the firing unit and the target would work but i'm sure that would be rules laywered to hell and back.

I play tau but I don't use shield drones. I just use a ton of seeker missiles instead

>> No.72890089

Looking pretty neat anon, thanks for sharing

>> No.72890090

Tryin to figure out how to get that yellow sandstone effect for my egyptian crons. The yellow is fine, but shading it is another thing, particularly when one doesn't use citadel.

>> No.72890098

Just use other miniatures or have them be Chaos completely. There's no way at all to truly play AL like it is in the fluff unless you kill your opponent two years before he starts the army he was going to play with that day in a freak accident involving a log and seven forks.

>> No.72890104

but it's a pain to transport and requires buying a ton of minis for just your troops choices

>> No.72890105

Drone saves the wound, deal 1MW for each point of damage. If the wound procs additional MW, take them as well. Simple.
For BALANCE's sake some things have to be gamey.
Like how you can't shoot a character standing out in the open if there's another enemy dude standing 2" away out of LOS.

>> No.72890106

I don't understand why people would ever use shield drones when you have 4 S5 shots floating right there.

>> No.72890109

I said it was fun, not easy to transport, nor cheap to make.

>> No.72890110

CSM body parts with robbed bodies/hoods is kino and works for AL

>> No.72890117

Because some people love playing 3 Riptides with 40 additional wounds that effectively ignore anti-tank/damage and require weight of fire.

>> No.72890118

All six drones attempt to intercept the las cannon and they all got destroyed in order to absorb the beam. Meanwhile no one tried to absorb the beam to save the poor guardsman

>> No.72890137

because those shots hit on 5+ only and have to shoot only the closest target? And only have 18" range?

>> No.72890139

Not grimdark enough. Everything must be grimdark. Grimmer and darker than the grimmest and darkest grimdark ever, times infinity.

>> No.72890151

>There's no way to properly convey AL's duplicity on the TT
There is, but it goes against common hobbying sense and will piss people off. AL are supposed to do shit like have a random unremarkable CSM be the actual lord, with the guy wearing blinged-out terminator armour being a new recruit.

>> No.72890162

I don't understand why people would take drones, when you can take seeker missiles and delete your opponents units before they even get to fire.

>> No.72890163

Yeah, true sarge of every squad should be unremarkable and all that. Won't get upvotes tho

>> No.72890164

Y'know, I honestly can't even blame tau for their bullshit at this point. 8th has become so stupidly killy, you basically have to cheese just to survive turn 1.

>> No.72890168

Makes sense. It's a focused pinpoint shot, so it effectively deals a ton of damage in a small area. 6 damage means 6 Drones have to group up to dissipate the effect of the shot.
And since it has a small area of effect only one poor guardsman gets vaporised instead of multiple.

>> No.72890174

LOS blocking terrain solves most of these, but GW makes terrain with so many holes that none of them block LOS unless you houserule the ITC thing.
It's gotten so bad that even GW is revamping it in 9th ed.

>> No.72890186

What is that supposed to BE, though?

>> No.72890189

I agree, but I'll take them being the TF2 Spy over the absolutely retarded shit where people paint them with badly-done, flaking "disguises" that make them look like poor idiots using dollar store paint.

>> No.72890193

Dunno but it looks fucking rad

>> No.72890195

I also never understood why people would take the ugly ass riptide when the ghostkeel was right there, for that matter.
I'm gonna get my ass handed to me when I finally get to play, I show up with massed breachers and combined arms and people expect to spam down a riptide.

Yeah, I should probably paint my piranha and build my other two. I have a need for speed.

>> No.72890207

Fort kickass with wings.

>> No.72890208


>> No.72890209

Run cheap screens turn after turn with the reserves Strat. Just enough filler to make you come to me.

>> No.72890216

T. hasn't played against dronespame tau

>> No.72890225

Thats over correcting.

Just make it so that the drone needs line of sight to the firing unit in order to intercept. since the most obnoxious part of drones is them hiding out of line of sight.

there problem solved, the shield drones now need to be visible to stop shots and if they're visible they can be shot with small arms.

>> No.72890230

>I'm gonna get my ass handed to me when I finally get to play, I show up with massed breachers and combined arms and people expect to spam down a riptide.
take them by surprise with anti meta

>> No.72890233

It's that dark brown I'm having trouble with. Every brown I have dilutes down to a reddish orange.

>> No.72890234

Tau isn't a terribly strong codex. Most of the hate you get is from past sins. The fact that triptide drone spam is basically you're only tourney viable list actually pisses off more tau players than anyone else.

>> No.72890237

So I don’t have the autism to make judgements on the new admech leaks. What’s worth adding to a list?

Side note, what is the best admech HQ? No cawl

>> No.72890252

I have, and it's shitty, but not anymore shitty than most of the other one trick meta lists from other factions. It's basically their only viable list at this point.

>> No.72890257

The flyer seems to have pretty good rules.
6" Aura denial and -1 dmg passive. Not sure if you can take both though.

>> No.72890259

I might, too. the hardened missiles+assault range up traits sound like fun for a lot of piranhas and stealthsuits.

>> No.72890266

Meanwhile Orks strongest tournament list is nothing. And Chaos' list doesn't even have CSM in it.

>> No.72890269

Don't worry man, I play combined arms Tau too. A little bit of everything (though 4 5-man strike squads+ 2 5-man breachers for a brigade) It's fun for the most part.

>> No.72890274

it's all broken. You can bring almost anything and still probably dominate your local rtt, unless someone else brings admech.

>> No.72890284

Shit, forgot about the name. Lmao I'm probably gonna get banned now.

>> No.72890294

Yes, the game is fundamentally broken, congrats on figuring it out. Your codex is shit, and tau is a single rule away from also being shit. So rather than bitch about the armies that are crushing tourneys, you cry because tau is hanging on by its fingernails.

>> No.72890297

Isnt the best CSM lists using Possessed bombs and hellforged packs?

>> No.72890299

>flyer is dubiously good because of it's cost/performance
>flyboys seem to be pretty good
>flamer dogs seem to be good while the sniper ones are a bit dubious
>Dominus is best as a main HQ because of consistent reroll ones
>enginseer is best as filler due to how cheap it is

>> No.72890318

not him but I would rather have tau be a stronger codex if I never had to put up with a dronespam list again
also isn't FSE crisis shenanigans really good right now too

>> No.72890319

I do a mechanized armored company tau list. there's more ways to play tau than just riptide wing.

Most times you're not playing top tier players anyways so most list are more viable than the internet would have you believe.

>> No.72890323

Orks been enjoying 8th, after codex dropped, with whole buncha strategies. What are you complaining about?

>> No.72890328

I like hardened missiles too. Missile-sides with that trait and advanced targeting sound MEAN

>> No.72890329

>Heavy Phosphor Blaster listed as 0 points in Engine War
Where were you when 110 point Kastellan robots were dropped by 45 fucking points and are now, RAW, 65 points each?

>> No.72890331

fse is only good against people who haven't seen it. And yeah, I'd also rather all codexes have multiple viable options in them instead of just shitty gimmicks.

>> No.72890340

I'm playing daemons fuck all of you

>> No.72890342

There we go. Ample ochre, one drop of black, one drop of brown. And I'll use a sponge brush to play up the speckling.

Yeah, I've got a good mix of stuff just because I like all the models. I'm not really interested in tourney play so I figure as long as I show up with fun lists, I'll have fun. Even if it's having fun with half my list while the other half gets its shit kicked in.

>> No.72890344

Is there any good Custodes list other than "18+ shield custodes that don't do anything but sit on objectives"? I'd honestly rather build a stupid admech-custodes-knight soup list then just place shields on objectives and hope I'm lucky.

>> No.72890351

I'm tempted to get a GUO for bell resurrection memes.
Also to build 3 more Plague Drones even though they fucking blow.

>> No.72890352

That's a really small bolter

>> No.72890353

>phosphor carbine and heavy phosphor blaster swapped locations
does GW even do basic proffreading

>> No.72890372

Mordheim, Kill Team, Gorkamorka, Blood Bowl, Battlecars, Warhammer Historical. Also Apocalypse, which is 40k but bigger and more streamlined.

>> No.72890373

Don't update the kit now, it's almost old enough to drink!

>> No.72890375

The point costs were fucked in the French version too. I think it's more that GW forgot how their own rules work and that other models in the army have access to the new/updated weapons.

>> No.72890390

GW better FAQ this ASAP or admech is going to have 390 point kalestan rapesquads dominating the meta

>> No.72890391

Has anything seen a points change? I was hoping they'd increase points increase on Skorpius Disintegrators but it didn't for whatever reason.

>> No.72890393


There's absolutely no way the phosphor blast carbine is 15 points. It's not a coincidence that a heavy phosphor blaster is the same amount normally but is 0 here.

>> No.72890405

Hey any tips on starting cad? I don't have a 3d printer but I have a friend with one so I'd like to try making minis for him to cast.

>> No.72890420

>phosphor blast carbine is 15 points
I can believe it. It's essentially an upgraded, special weapon version of the Phosphor Blast Pistol and that's already 5 points. This one is limited to 1 per 3 and it's Assault 4 instead of Pistol 1.

Yeah it's more than crazy. Gotta be a day 1 FAQ.
What's wrong, fleshbag? BIG ROBO-COCK got you down?

>> No.72890423

3d printed minis never look as good as mould injected ones do.

>> No.72890439

>GW doesn't fix it for months on end because it gets WAACfags to buy robots in droves
>the entire meta revolves around 18 robots shooting everything
>Gw fixes it after a year and WAACfags shit their pants in rage then move onto the next big meta cancer

>> No.72890446

Sometimes you can't find everything you'd like injection molded though.

>> No.72890460

Reminds me of riptides going for $30 at the start of 8th lmao

>> No.72890482

Shit, I'd get one for necromunda if they got cheap like that. There's a few good stompy robot scenarios to play.

>> No.72890485

hellforged pack is just 3 lords discordant. Possessed bombs are the top tier list for chaos overall though. The anon means that chaos marine armies don't field normal chaos marines. Possessed are the super elite daemon hybrids

>> No.72890486

If there wasn't a quarantine I guarantee that the local WAACfag would mysteriously have a 18 robot army a week after the book drops and claim that he always liked admech

>> No.72890489

>CP is switching to just matching the size of your game

So everyone just gets the same amount?

>> No.72890494

This is my favourite way of doing disguised AL.

>> No.72890496

Yep, allied detachments cost CP now though

>> No.72890505

I'm honestly surprised Red Corsair battalions don't see more play for CP farming

>> No.72890508

Oh that's a given, no different from posters here who suddenly appear to "always loved X army" as soon as new update for it comes that makes it meta, and then disappear into aether the very second any form of a nerf appears.

>> No.72890509

i love blanche how would even translate that to the tabletop though just a bunch of inks over white?

>> No.72890510

Kastelans were the only thing that didn't have access to negating the penalty for moving with heavy weapons already, and warping them out of tarpit range with Lucius is still better. This isn't as good as it looks on paper.

>> No.72890512

>buy into necrons just before reveal
>9e would have enabled my saim-hann jetbike dreams
damn. Guess I'll end up with a war in heaven within the next decade.

>> No.72890520

Yeah but souping will cost CP so people trying to game the system like with custodes bikes or command batteries will get punished

>> No.72890524

I play fuck all except 100% cardstock proxy 40k with my brother and Agricola with my other friends. Can you feel the poorhammer seeping from my bones across the internet? No way I'm paying $2000 for the Admech army I really want.

>> No.72890531

admech is stupidly bad value

>> No.72890541

>played deathwatch before the nerf to bolter discipline
>then played daemons princes sat behind a horde of plaguebearers the least fun list I have ever played against
>swapped to iron hands the second the supplement dropped

>> No.72890543

WAACfags don't have the forethought to realize they'll get faq'd before quarantine ends. They'll buy a bunch and end up selling it without ever using it.

>> No.72890553

and the actual admech playerbase gets cheap robots

>> No.72890554

We've yet to see but everybody starts with cp. Allies will cost cp, and I'm hoping detachments cost cp as well.
>gaming the system
>with custodes
Stop living in the past.

>> No.72890558

Don't move from paper to plastic, it's a trap.

>> No.72890563

There’s a new warlord trait that lets vehicles fall back and shoot. Just anticipate a charge with your datasmith.

>> No.72890569

Im not saying currently custodes are a problem im giving an example

>> No.72890589

It's hard to burn one of your three detachments on just CP when one detachment has to be the special daemonkin detachment for even more bonuses for your possessed bomb, a deamons detachment for the possessed bomb and possibly nurglings if you are going for nurgle over slaanesh, and then a host raptorial detachment for the warp talon denial. The CP bonus from RC is nice, but after Faith and Fury hit, they just don't give as much good stuff as the traitor legions do. You've got two battalions plus whatever you take for a third detachment, so you do have a decent amount of CP to play with.

>> No.72890621

Invincible warlord-protected gunlines, good shit.

>> No.72890635

My other reason is as far as I can tell there isn't much of a community in my area. My brother and I started at the beginning of 8th and between the two of us we've played most factions a couple times. We'd have no variety if we each decided to build and play one faction. A couple games a month of Admech vs Guard would get FUCKING OLD.

>> No.72890652

fuck off space marines shoot snipers through walls for less.

>> No.72890656

Can someone who plays the army explain how GSC plays? Have aesthetic interest but not sure if I would like the playstyle.

>> No.72890665

It technically is, but if that’s all they have going for them at that point compare to the insane amount of shit Mars can do, it may not even compete anymore.

>> No.72890671

read the codex it's in the mega

>> No.72890673

sandcrons are starting to take shape. Gonna work out a faience blue for the rod and some other detailing, and just a touch of gold. The higher ranks will have more blue and gold.

Then I'm gonna freehand heiroglyphs on the whole army. Probably just a wadjet on the foreheads of the warriors.

>> No.72890679

I think he used to be 90 but got reduced in a CA

>> No.72890681

You're the ewoks in ROTJ.

>> No.72890682

>+1 strength to heavy weapons
>no penalty to move and shoot heavy weapons
Who the fuck thought Mars castle needed buffs?

>> No.72890694

I mean I own several codexs and they don't really explain how to play the armies.

>> No.72890706

then watch a youtube video of them fighting another army

>> No.72890712

Hit and run tactics and movement tricks.

>> No.72890715

You can. The aura shutdown is a strat, the -1dmg is a wargear (20pts).

>> No.72890720

It costs 130 points to use

>> No.72890722

Stuff like goonhammers start competing articles are a much better introduction than staring at a codex

>> No.72890730

>he doesn't just get the units he thinks look cool and then forge a playstyle from that

>> No.72890732

What other god should I run to expand my Tzeentch Daemons? I was leaning towards Nurgle because I had a dumb theme gimmick in mind for the respective Daemon Princes

>> No.72890733


Nah, you have to take the alternate wargear option in order to use the chat, the command relay thing. Which kinda sucks because you need the durability to avoid getting shot down and your strat deactivated.

>> No.72890740

who are you arguing with?

>> No.72890751

Yeah that's what I thought. Sucks.

>> No.72890752

Nurgle is probably best, screening is what you're looking for.

>> No.72890757

>expand tzeentch army
>what other god

>> No.72890758

Hmm, that doesn't sound too bad. Wish I could like rent a small army and play a test game.

>> No.72890759

Guard artillery is fucking stupid in the game it shouldn't even be on the board

>> No.72890770

>Tzeentch Daemons
I tell you what's worse than Imperium soup, this fucking heresy right here.

>> No.72890773

>He doesn't build armies for the purpose of their playstyle
>He limits what he buys for to models he can use for his army
Embrace the best of both worlds. Run the army you want to play and buy models you like on the side.

>> No.72890780

Huh. So, uh... This AdMech Vanguard Detachment box that I just got last week for shits and giggles... That's gonna be fun, huh?

>> No.72890783

>haha minimum range 36"!
Haven't looked at IG lately, is this still a thing?

>> No.72890785

>You should restrict yourself to part of your faction

>> No.72890786

>Admech leaks
>No daemon, IK or CK leaks

>> No.72890794

The annoying ones are Basilisks and they're 240"

>> No.72890800

Artillery used to have a thing called 'minimal range', meaning arty with ridiculous range like the Basilisk couldn't shoot within 36" of itself. For some godsforsaken reason, the only arty unit that still has this rule is the Death Guard's Plague Crawler, with a 24" min range. Honestly, Guard deserves more shit than even the Tau at this point.

>> No.72890802

Your faction is Tzeentch you unrepentant fucker

>> No.72890804

No. I think basically everything other than deathstrike has no minimum.

>> No.72890806

Get ready to be completely shit on for being a WAACfag but have fun abusing it while it's legal.

>> No.72890807

well then you aren't expanding your tzeentch army then are you

>> No.72890808

Oh yeah, they'll serve you great. Especially being able to blow holes in enemies in melee whenever 9th comes out.

>> No.72890814

>Best girl
That's not GSCB

>> No.72890816

I was going to bitch you out but you're kinda right. Although if you want to go that route, basically no MBT units should be anywhere near the board and flyers shouldn't be targetable with anything less than 48" weapons.

>> No.72890817

Nah. My faction is Daemons. It completely fits within lore for Tzeentch to manipulate other god's Daemons into doing his bidding. Especially Khorne.

>> No.72890819

>likes Crisis Suits and Commanders
Woah, Farsight Enclaves is perfect. Thanks!

>> No.72890820

Use scale barbed wire and paint it dark gunmetal, it will still be sufficiently edgy but much less on the nose

>> No.72890827

Basilisks are very swingy

>> No.72890828

Huh? Pretty sure that was 27 before. They've obviously removed the old start collecting but what's the other one?

>> No.72890832

>use wrath of mars on a 6 kalestan squad
>kill any unit in the game up to titans

>> No.72890834

There is literally nothing wrong with liking crisis suits, anon. We spent most of this edition bitching that they weren't worth the points.

>> No.72890837

Such is the nature of random shot count bs4

>> No.72890845

Huh that's not too bad the new kits are the same price as Kataphrons

>> No.72890848

Not with 2 Full Payload Basilisks (3 Damage flat per shot)
They can also roll 2 dice and pick the highest for shots. Just because.

>> No.72890856

>Not with 2 Full Payload Basilisks
didn't realize you could have duplicate tank aces

>> No.72890858

>opponent brings 6 basilisks with straken back when that was the meta thing
>all of the basilisks whiff their shots and get melee'd to death by my knight warden

>> No.72890862

Probably the old Enginseer.

>> No.72890863

Anything's possible when you cheat

>> No.72890864

Nothing says you can't.

>> No.72890868

Sad if true

>> No.72890874

Huh? Isn't that the same model as the old one?

>> No.72890877

Not a big loss, the new one’s just about exactly the same but just in plastic.
Yep, just in metal.

>> No.72890885

>all of the basilisks whiff their shots and get melee'd to death by my knight warden

>> No.72890892

Hurr hurr hurr, Avenger goes brrrrrrrrrrrr.

>> No.72890893

Not really, no. It's not the same.

>> No.72890899

Oh, you’re right, I’d forgotten. To be fair though, the new one is a faithful update and isn’t too different.

>> No.72890906

Its happened before in canon and it'll happen again anon

>> No.72890907

It's never quite the same...

>> No.72890910

Still for sale in UK. Is it gone in AUS? I'd like to get it for nostalgias sake.

>> No.72890911

I like this better and I fully admit that it's Dawn of War bias.

>> No.72890925

Where does apps like Battlescribe or various other websites get rules for Rough Riders? Is it all from the last index that they ever released still, or is there some other kind of resource that GW has put out detailing points/stats since then? Everything that I find online is from a non-GW website but I never see any mention of where exactly they got that info from. I'd like to have some in my guard army since I think they're cool, but I'd like some kind of official reference for anyone I'd be playing against

>> No.72890939

I can't find the leak, anybody know the stats for the phosphor guns the Sulphurhounds riders carry? I'm wondering what could make the phosphor blast carbine worth the potential 15pts vs whatever the 1pt pistols do.

>> No.72890941

I think it's more just the subtle art style of the sculpt. Like how 8e death guard from Heroes look so different from regular 8e death guard despite having same designs but still have different styles inspite.
I rather like it too.

>> No.72890945


>> No.72890949

I'll expand my daemon army then

>> No.72890951

I bet that hurts

>> No.72890952

Not really? It's like the Eldar being allies with Dark Eldar thing.
Like having a weird and smelly cousin that you are certain is being a little too intimate with his barn animals, which you would still team up with when the cockroach apocalypse hits, rather than your cat who has been looking at you with murder in its eyes every time you were late providing dinner.

>> No.72890954

I also like how it doesn't have those "PUT THE HIGHLIGHTS HERE!!!" folds on the hood.

>> No.72890962

So is it GW leaking this stuff?

>> No.72890968

The shitty pixelated thumbnails, absolutely. Wouldn't be surprised if the page images were too.

>> No.72890973

Didn't Rough Riders get a Legends entry? Did you check there first?

>> No.72890974

Oh god you're not just a squarecuck, you're also a bretcuck. How do you even live?

>> No.72890977

>0 point Heavy Phosphor Blasters
Doesn't anyone proofread this shit?

>> No.72890979

They're in legends retard.

>> No.72890986

Ok /40kg/ i need you to settle an arguement.
Someone walks in with a CSM army painted in the colours of this models arm minus the chainsword and you had to guess which named faction they were playing what would you say?

>> No.72890988

World Eaters.

>> No.72890991

You use the stratagem for one, then give up a WT for another one.

>> No.72890995

World Eaters, or maybe Crimson Slaughter, if anyone had ever fucking played Crimson Slaughter

>> No.72890997

What ever subfaction they've chosen in their list.

>> No.72891001

World Eaters. Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.72891003

Either world eaters or someone using the 30k scheme for their thousand sons

>> No.72891018

>World Eaters
Now I'm gonna go act like a ten year old child that was just proven right.

>> No.72891029


>> No.72891030

Can you say what they were going to use them as?

>> No.72891032

why are you being autistic about paint schemes?

>> No.72891036

Thank you phone camera for showing me the hairs I need to remove.

Axe blade will be gold, rod and sternum plate will be blue. Not sure what to do with the cable.

>> No.72891037

What do you guys think about a SOB paint scheme that's ivory/bone colored armor, and forest green capes/habits? Habits would be black or dark gray on the inside.

>> No.72891039

Go forth and be smug anon, you have our permission.

>> No.72891047


>> No.72891049

>Bright red shoulderpads, crimson body
Brazen Beasts.

>> No.72891051

Long story short. Buddy is trying to paint Crimson Slaughter but keeps painting World Eaters
because i am autistic

>> No.72891055

>paint Crimson Slaughter
I refuse to believe this is occurring. Who the fuck even plays them?

>> No.72891058

You're both wrong.

>> No.72891059

So now that we are painting armies to have diverse skin tones, how long until someone pants their sisters to be all white except for the repentia who, being criminals, would all be black?

>> No.72891061

>Crimson Slaughter
Nothing wrong with that and they have a near identical scheme anyways.

>> No.72891062

>there are people in this world who wouldn't play their World Eaters as World Eaters

>> No.72891066

People have been making that joke since the repentia reveal, anon. Get new material.

>> No.72891067

>Crimson Slaughter
>World Eaters
They're the same scheme. Are chaos schemes usually this retarded?

>> No.72891068

Those are word bearers retard.

>> No.72891078

He had only painted the arm in that photo to show off the colours the rest was him fucking around. I think the other arm is screamer pink or something

>> No.72891082

>Iron Warrior
>Night Lord
Bitch those are all Word Bearers.

>> No.72891087

>Get new material.
New memes on 4chan? Never.

>> No.72891091

Red and gold are as Khornate as it gets honestly. Not that I'd take them over the WE 30k color scheme, ofc

>> No.72891095

Sadly that leak doesn't have their page. Thanks anyway Anon.

>> No.72891099

Crimson Slaughter is red and gold
World Eaters is Red and Brass
Bonus points
Company of Misery is red and black
Red Corsairs is red and black with a little gold here and there

>> No.72891101

Stop painting things with your eyes closed.

>> No.72891104

They're actually the Maroons of Quenslandier, my custom warband that use a similar maroon scheme to the Word Bearers.

Here's their lore
>They originate from the hive world Queenslandier
>They painted their armour in the colours of a group of gladiators from ancient Straya
>The original gladiators colouring their armour with the deep red sands to honour their homeland of Queensland
>They came to blows with Ultramarines
>Mainly because they were Blue
>This escalated to full blown war which would later been known As the State of Origin
>This war was fought on both their home planets of Macragge and Queensslandier
>As well as a third planet of Melburn the nightmare death world
>By the end of war the Ultramarines sacked Queenslandier and plundered many relics of the Maroons chapter
>The Maroons were labeled traitors and driven from their world into the Maelstrom
>Turning to the dark gods in hopes to one day take revenge upon the Ultramarines
>Now every hundred years they seek to claim in conquest the 3 worlds they spilled their blood on
>They are currently led by the rasping voice of Dark Apostle Darren Lockyer

I use the legion tactics of the Word Bears, Night Lords, and Iron Warriors as its to represent the Three worlds they wish to conquer.
>Word Bearers for Queenslandier ass that's who conquered and settled it during the Great Crusade
>Night Lords for Melburn as they wish to personify the nightmares that that world produces
>Iron Warriors for Macragge as they wish to lay siege to the mountainous world and utterly decimate it

>> No.72891109

Could be worse. Could be a Loyalist.

>> No.72891114

What's with people in this general constantly misusing the word "same"? They're similar, but you can tell the difference if you look at them.

>> No.72891119

I hate you because this is stupid and a dumb meme but I’ll allow it anyways because of that. I hope you’re proud.

>> No.72891121

>Red and gold are as Khornate as it gets honestly
bro khorne's metal is BRASS, not gold.

>> No.72891135

But what if I get paint in my eyes?

>> No.72891136

I think some bronze armor accents would go nicely with that anon.

>> No.72891137

Eh, besides the fact that they look similar at a glance, I've seen both used in the past.

>> No.72891138

>similar maroon scheme to the Word Bearers.
Word Bearers use maroon?
I thought they shared the dark red with world eaters

>> No.72891139

Question, what's the deal with the Minotaurs Chapter and are they secretly just Alpha Legion?

>> No.72891145

Brass is often in color of gold, or maybe it's the other way around I wonder? I wonder?

>> No.72891150

Eh, probably not.

>> No.72891152

Word Bearers use a blood red looking red. There’s all sorts of shades and there’s even a reference in a BL book about how there’s like 40 approved shades of red you can have your armor painted in.

>> No.72891155

Word of God says that they're Iron Warriors

>> No.72891156

You haven't read their fluff, have you?

>> No.72891159

It stop autistic spergs felling smug when they say my night lords and iron warriors aren't the right colour, it's always nice seeing the gears grinding in their head when they don't know how to respond.

They both use a khorne red as a base, but word bearers is generally a darker colour, while world eaters are much more bright for the fresh blood colour.

>> No.72891162

Bronze bolter casings maybe? I was thinking they'd be the same green as the cape.

>> No.72891164

Does anyone know where I can get the old "Ork & Squat Warlords" book for 2nd ed Epic?

>> No.72891166

I don't get why this general hates the idea of playing the faction that you paint so much

>> No.72891171


maroon is dark red
brass and gold are both yellow metallic
how can mirrors be real when our eyes aren't even real

>> No.72891172

All according to keikaku

>> No.72891179

What are you on about?

>> No.72891181

Why not just either paint them all up in their usual schemes or have the guys with different legion tactics in distinct schemes as splinters? It bothers me that you have them all in the same colors because it just screams lazy WAAC to me even if it probably isn’t.

>> No.72891182

Red Corsairs are red, black, and gold in random distribution
Company of Misery has a black flame freehand (I do not recognize the retcon)

>> No.72891187

People keep calling it "autistic" to assume that something painted in a certain scheme means that they're being counted as that subfaction

>> No.72891191

>taser weapons explode only on unmodified 6s
Well, at least I didn't build my dragoons yet. Good job making one of the coolest units in the codex completely irrelevant

>> No.72891210

I just like the word bearers colour scheme, but I also want a usable army, that's why i made the MAROONS warband.

I think you're just getting worked up over people that actually play the game.

>> No.72891211

That is fair.
The freehand black flames make them look cooler

>> No.72891216

They're supposed to have distinct schemes, but if you look at the codex, the painters don't follow them. For example, CS are supposed to have gold trim, and World Eaters brass trim, but they swap it in the painted models section.

>> No.72891217

These Serberys Raiders look like great character killers, correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.72891227

>but I also want a usable army
Word Bearers are great outside of their legion trait. Their relics, stratagems, and warlord traits are all good though.

>> No.72891234

>I think you're just getting worked up over people that actually play the game.
I'm getting worked up over people calling me autistic for playing my army as the fucking way it's painted, with its ups and downs

>> No.72891241

The old min range only applied for shots out of LoS. They could just fire like ordinary weapons within min range, cover just mattered then.

>> No.72891247

>I'm getting worked up over people calling me autistic
Boy howdy, you're on the wrong Ukrainian Tank making forum for that.

>> No.72891264

I thought this was a Latvian vodka distillation forum. Blyat

>> No.72891269

There's only so many times a man can read "why aren't you running them as Red Corsairs" before he explodes

>> No.72891271

Probably mor efficient better at that job than half a dozen Transuranic arquebuses and you get tons of wounds for relatively few points. As I see it the true winners are the pteraxii though, I expected them to be at least 4 or 5 points more expensive with all their utility.
And of course the fact that all those engineseers finally have a use beside repairing as additional warlord traits.

>> No.72891285

What would I need to buy to make this a proper 2000pts army?

I have
3xprimaris heroes with swords and pistols, 40 intercesors with bolt rifles, 6 eliminators, 3 aggressors, 1 primaris apothecary, 1 primaris chaplain, 1 primaris ancient. 15 rapid fire plasma hellblasters and 1 primaris librarian.

>> No.72891286

Maroon is maroon
Dark red is dark red
There is a difference you just don't understand. Now say it with me "i am not human and I don't speak English"

>> No.72891292


>> No.72891297

They're good at possessed, legion deamons, and reliable buffing characters, out side of that their tools don't have any use.
With chaos most subfactions can only make use out of a select few units, so to have a useable army you have to mix subfactions to have an army that is well rounded.

>> No.72891300

anyone got pdf for Farsight: Empire of Lies?

>> No.72891302

they are competing with the super sniper which doesn't need to fish for mortal wounds to do damage

>> No.72891311


>> No.72891313

Latvians and Estonians speaking russian... the horror, the horror...

truth be told, for people playing from the other side of the table, the fact if your red silver dudes have a free hand skull or free hand burning hand painted on is a cosmetic thing, most people will miss anyway.

not that I don't undertand you I played EC in 5th ed. and the questions asked every game was"why aren't you using PMs as troops they are better"

>> No.72891327

But I'm playing Flawless Host, and they do not look anything at all like Red Corsairs.

>> No.72891330

Which one, I went over the GW site and they seem to have a few different versions.

Also is it true that it is crucial to have every options besides troops, doubles or trippled. Am not sure I want to run multiple Lt or Cpts ? Or is the lore for marine unit composition different and they have multiple of those per platoon.

>> No.72891331


Yeah, every Enginseer now gets a Wtrait and I believe the Manipulus is cheap enough now you can run one as well as your main HQ for all the buff auras.

I think mass cavalry, pteraxii and archaeopters may be pretty good, and Kataphron spam is now buffed up enough to be worth doing a Myrmidon Cult army with those FW models.

>> No.72891332

>can't use both the blast carbine and flamethrowers

>> No.72891338

And? You make me like you less and less with each post, you’re coming off as a WAACfag even if it’s unintentional.

>> No.72891349


Fuck those guys are actually pretty good, how much points do they cost?

>> No.72891352

ah, then meh. I never got why anyone would want to play a renegade chapter instead of a legion, excluding corsairs.

I guess you get what you deserve for following the path of GW punishing legion players since 5th ed.

>> No.72891368

The Dorito Drednaught
failing that the classic Boxnaught
Lorewise different companys do run multiple types of Squad I think.

>> No.72891375

>I never got why anyone would want to play a renegade chapter instead of a legion, excluding corsairs.
Because I painted them that way.

>> No.72891383

I'm sorry the faction i play requires me to use soup just so i can compete against my friends monofaction eldar and space marines.
How is trying to have similar strength army to my friends WAACfag? I'm just wanting to have fun games that are on an equal playing field.

>> No.72891386

yeah. of course. remove rad nedds from GK "because it is too unfun to rule to play against", then bring it back on fast moving ad mecha units.

Fuck GW and their hypocrisy

>> No.72891387

>can't switch out the power maul
these models are going to be monopose a fuck

>> No.72891389

He's literally putting rules over fluff and hobby, no shit he's a WAACfag

>> No.72891395

That is why where I live the only people that paint models are those that do comissions for dudes living in western EU.

No paint, no trouble.

>> No.72891396

Actually it's my /yoududes/

>> No.72891401

>WAACfag circlejerk

>> No.72891408

thanks anon

>> No.72891424

then ask them to tone down their lists to compensate for the difference in strengths between armies it's not exactly rocket science

>> No.72891428

Anyone have the PDF for Squat and Ork Warords for 2nd ed Epic?

I can't seem to find it on Scribd

>> No.72891435

It doesn’t require anything, it’s both you being lazy with paint schemes and your friends for having overly strong lists. What even is your army comp?

>> No.72891444

>can get the rad world doctrine to give enemies in 3" -1 toughness
>get a warlord with -1 ap within half range near them
>wound marines on 3s and guard on 2s at AP-2

>> No.72891450

>look at these cool things you can give to greater daemons!
>nothing to prevent them from being shot off the board turn 1
and so people continued to not buy greater daemon kits

>> No.72891460

They're only 250 points so bring 3 :^)

>> No.72891467

I always wonder at what place in time did following the rules or competition suddenly become the epitome of unacceptable homosexuality .

I think it was when people stoped doing sports in their free time, and participation became more important at schule then having results. Suddenly winning started to equal not fun. which is strange, because the only other option is for losing to be fun.

20 years of that, and suddenly we get cucking, women in sports, and men pretending to be women to win at sports, and the WAACfag being a thing, while 30 years ago, someone who could build and play top tier list was a respected member of community that helped new player save money.

>> No.72891482

I do have fun with them, but i'm not a retard that thinks i should always going 110% when building a list, making a list depending on opponent is important with the intention to have a close game. If i'm playing against a more casual person i will build my list accordingly.

>being lazy with paint schemes
I like the maroons, what's bad about that?
Here's a list i made for a more competitive player, i didn't take iron warriors though.

>> No.72891484

yeah. I get a feeling that GW wants people to build armies the same way AoS is build.

Start with 3 most expensive single model kits your codex has (bloothirsters, zombi dragons, KoS, KO ships etc), take the obligatory 0pts terrain that has rules crucial to how your army works. Follow up with 50-60 random infantry models and 4-5 35-40$ heroes, half of which are going to be in big boxs only.

>> No.72891491

Now replace greater daemon with penitent engines.

>> No.72891502

Those are pretty meh in my opinion. Good for destroying huge gaunt swarms I guess. But really what is it with giving only the alpha a different weapon? Noone wants to throw just one additional die for that one shot from the alphe that has strength 5 instead of 4.

>> No.72891503

Winning in 40k is fun but it's not the endgame.
Sure you can bring a hyperoptimised tourneyfag netlist to your local and win every time, but eventually people will just refuse to play against you. So who's the real winner here?
There's also the social aspect to consider.

>> No.72891504

People would rather pull others down rather than improving themselves.

>> No.72891517

I have a suspicion we're about to start seeing faction terrain.

>> No.72891532

/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1017424 on rutracker.

>> No.72891537

> making a list depending on opponent is important with the intention to have a close game. If i'm playing against a more casual person i will build my list accordingly.

This is like hearing a marketing guy say "Guys what if we made it so that an Xpts army is never suited to play more then one or two specific armies. Lets balance the game around a 9000pts collection. when they get half in to buying it the investment is going to be so big, that they will never leave. And when they get half to the 9000pts, we reset the rules or print a CA, and the fuckers are going to need something else. They are going to be chasing the plastic dragon till the end of time, unless the splurge a 40k$ initial investment day one in to 3-4 of our games".

>> No.72891540

I still haven't finished painting my AoS terrain. Just couldn't be fucked.

>> No.72891551

>Why am I being mocked on 4chan?
>Does someone have a dumb opinion? Or do I have a dumb opinion? Or maybe people are taking the piss? On the internet?
>Oh no, of course not, it's the zoomer libtard cucks destroying civilization behind the scenes! There's no other way people could disagree over the internet!
Keep fighting the good fight, crossboarder.

>> No.72891552

That's typical Timmy baiting behavior. 11 year old Timmy goes into the store, has no idea what Warhammer is, gets his mom to buy the big box with the cool picture of the dragon. He gets frustrated when he fucks up building and painting it and never touches GW again in his life

>> No.72891560

What does all your pointless drivel have to do with anything he said?
A steamroll is not fun for the losing party, adjusting the power of your list accordingly and having a close match is, since both sides get to have fun.

>> No.72891562

Daemon princes are cheaper in points, more versatile, come with wings for all gods, come in HERETIC ASTARTES flavor and are more survivable. Plus you can get 3 for less money than 1 greater daemon.

The value proposition on greater daemons is terrible. It doesn't matter how much shit they make them able to do, because they will never get to do anything because every 2000 point army ever has enough anti-tank shooting to kill several of them per turn.

>> No.72891566

Yeah, my herdstone remains primed and grey. Should probably get on that actually since I've painted every other goat I own in the last two months.

>> No.72891575

>start seeing faction terrain.
>CSM Noctolith Crown
>Khorne alter
>SoB sanctuary
It's already started

>> No.72891576

AdMech best mech

>> No.72891579

That's why the blackshirt at my geedubs offers free painting lessons when the kids buy their models. Kids are satisfied, they buy more models, blackshirt gets more sales, win/win.

>> No.72891584

Yeah I was thinking of getting a GUO but jeez that price.
Might get one from an Ivan anyway.

>> No.72891585

It's faggotry because at that point you're going "I want to win this game" instead of "I want to build and paint an awesome army"

>> No.72891587

Tried a MK7 helmet with my Primaris marines and now I kind of want to outfit them with older helmets.

Should I just do this to characters and sergeants, or all of them? Would MK2/3 look good too?

>> No.72891595

Hot Take.
steamrolling someone isn't very fun either

>> No.72891598

What the fuck are you on about, my point was that I change my playstyle and list depending on the type of person i'm against.
If I know someone that's more competitively inclined i'll make my list so that they have something worthwile competing against, if i'm against someone else that prefer a more chilled and narrative game i'll play a list that's more thematic and try and make it so crazy HQ clashes happen.
In both of those situations i want it so a game is still close on points.

>> No.72891600

this makes me wonder if you have played against a WAACfag with a regular army

>> No.72891607

Winning at all costs in a game that is so hilariously unbalanced as 40k by abusing whatever cheesy shit is the flavor of the month net list doesn't make you look cool, just like a tool.
It's like in school, if one team picked all the sporty kids while the other only got the fat kids. Of course the fit team wins the match, but did any team have fun?

>> No.72891610

Are Myphitic blight haulers useful/playable/fun?

>> No.72891612

yeah. but in reality if winning is not the thing you care about, you get noobs asking you" mr WAACfag, What do I do to make my army X good, I spent 700$, but it doesn't work. "

And your anwser, if you don't want to lie about play what you want has to either be "timmy at this point there is nothing that can make your army good vs the armies of your friends" or give them the corpo argument" timmy tell your friends to spend 300-400$ on this models, their armies will get weaker, and you spend 500$ on this models, and then you will have fun. Trust me I have been selling armies for 30 years".

We kind of a already did. SoB got one. And SoB are probably the first codex that was tested with 9th rules in mind, alongside space marines(they even mentioned the units marines get in 9th, in the 8th ed codex without the models exisiting as an option in it).

We had that in the past too, when every tau had their and everyone else was running a quad gun with some cover or a +4inv landing pad. People hated it back then, on how obligatory those things were. But now GW is going to be smarter. Want to have nice games where melee can reach combat" here is this 150$ building called "official ruined GW building of melee unit protection" buy 2-3 of those bad boys and you can enjoy good rules for melee armies.

>> No.72891620

ay dat warpstorm do look kinda big tho

>> No.72891621

Idk some people just love leafblowing with ease and act like they're King Dick because they played Cadian on a board with no terrain.

>> No.72891631

> new Necron Monolith model
> It's terrain.

>> No.72891634


>> No.72891637

> Buy the Cawl Pattern Mobile Teleportarium so you can deepstrike your new Primaris Assault Intercessors

>> No.72891643

Yes, after the repeated point drops, they were way overcosted before.

But play them in a unit of 3 at the very least though.

>> No.72891646

IG and Tau players are generally sub humans so i can see them getting some joy out of other peoples misery

>> No.72891649

Glad I had two from before the last price bumps. Bought two extra bodies from China and made an extra two with the extra bits

>> No.72891650

Yes to all 3

>> No.72891655

>Want to have nice games where melee can reach combat" here is this 150$ building called "official ruined GW building of melee unit protection"
Well, Noone hinders you from just declaring whatever shrubbery is on the table to be exactly that type of terrain though, so all is right with the world. And if you play at a GW they better have tables fully furnished with any type of terrain you would want to use, because why play there otherwise?

>> No.72891656

>>CSM Noctolith Crown
I hate that thing
>army consists mostly of DP, MoP, Daemon Engines, and Obliterators
>Noctolith Crown would do LITERALLY nothing for them

>> No.72891657

This is pretty accurate. I've seen a lot of people quite the hobby because they get told to just build what you like, and once they realise they wasted a bunch of money on an unsuable they just decided to try and recoup some of their losses and sell what they have and quit.

>> No.72891663

What kind of role do they fill and what other DG/chaos models would fill the same role?
Thinking of getting 1 tomorrow.

>> No.72891664

See you are making a big assumption, which maybe is even true for a lot of countries, that people want to buy more then 2000pts of models. And not just buy an army and play with it.

When the initial buy in goes up and up in points, people quit the game instead of investing another 2 months of salary in to the game.

This is specialy hard for noobs. Imagine you have 2-3 new dudes, that saved up for a year or more, they play no tournaments, just vs each other. But one gets dunked hard by the other two. No foult of his friends, he and they bought what they wanted. Now imagine telling them that the only way to fix it(besides praying to GW for buffs) is so the noob spends more money, and his friends buy models they don't want to buy, so their armies get WEAKER.

If w40k was a skirmish system with 30 models tops, it wouldn't be a big problem(although people would still not like it), but you would have to be super best friends to be okey with spending and painting 200-300$ of stuff, just so your friend has fun.

>> No.72891677

God damn those are almost as cute as gscb

>> No.72891679

>CSM has to move towards the enemy to do almost anything
>Crown wants toy to stand around it immobile
It's fucking useless

>> No.72891680

Mobile cover and light anti-tank.

>> No.72891687

Even if the model has shitty rules they still have a cool model. Maybe they weren't in it for the modelling aspect and just wanted to play some games.

>> No.72891698

It does get boring real fast. I had a new GK player that lasted 6 months, and more then a few marine players that never made it to codex sm 2.0, because of that. Losing because of skill, because of luck that can be acceptable. But playing an army that is not going to reach melee or survive 3 turns of fire from even your best friends army, becames boring the third or fourth time you play against each other.

And then to stay in the game. You have to like painting and coverting a lot.

>> No.72891700

Why wouldn't they want to play games? People get into this hobby for a lot of different reasons, and I don't understand why people can't comprehend that people enjoy have fun games with their mates.

>> No.72891701

Fucking hell, GW website is STILL fucked for me. I just want to check prices on DE, thinking about getting some at some point.

>> No.72891710

>Cool models

>> No.72891712

Well unlucky for you DE units are getting price increases in the next few days.

>> No.72891714

Some dudes just don't give a shit about the competitiveness, they just want a cool looking army that they can bring and fuck around with. I have 2k of painted Death Guard, what makes you think I care about how competitive they are?

>> No.72891716

Just buy the 2019 battlebox bro

>> No.72891718

Well I hadn't decided yet. Still have Necrons and Alpha Legion to paint after all. Just annoying I can't even fucking check

>> No.72891719

Got me there

>> No.72891729

like bronze on the pauldron edge but that would be neat to. I'm just thinking of other natural, soft colors.

>> No.72891731

NRL is for fucking losers tho

>> No.72891737

Okey, then you are playing in a different place then me.Anything that doesn't have the same silueth for true LoS would not be accepted here.

We have one GW shop in the entire country, no idea if they play games there at all. FLGS do have terrain, but if they are the wrong type , don't have official GW bases, no one is going to be okey with you using the rules. Specialy the dude on the other side who is playing the shoting army.

And vice versa too. No melee player is going to okey with unofficial "watchtowers", "bunkers" etc. I know that, because I remember how buffed in cost aegis gunlines and landing pads were back in the past.

>> No.72891744

I bet you're from the education state.

>> No.72891753

yes, the dudes that like painting a lot and converting. But we are talking about playing the game here. When people want to race, you are not going to tell them that there is some minority of gay people in cities that just jog. And that doing that is the fix to their racing problems.

>> No.72891761

Happened to me. I almost quit when i started playing. Only person i could play against was a friend i met in the army who ran only primaris and WAACd because thats how he was taught to play. Running two primaris redemptors side by side with a tech marine following them around and other shit like that.
I learned real quick that most of my CSM units were trash and primaris are fucking annoying to deal with.

>> No.72891767

He's probably from America where football matches are 3 hours long and get played in 90 second intervals because it's just wrestling with a ball involved and the massively overweight players can't cart their own asses around the field for more than a few steps without needing to take a seat.

>> No.72891773

That's why I think everyone should make use of stuff like tabletop simulator extensively while planning what to play and whether or not to play at all

>> No.72891783

So how come there are plausible options to make assault lists for sisters but they'd never actually work in a real game because all their assault units can't make it into combat because they're literally wearing tshirts and nike trainers?

>> No.72891811

They work pretty consistently in a real game. Can confirm, I play a melee Sisters list.

>> No.72891817

thank you kind sir

if only I could speak russian

>> No.72891818

Redpill me on either custodes or grey knights, I can’t decide on which to make my first army out of as I like both their armoured knight aesthetics.

>> No.72891820

Read you're codex, melee is one of their main builds, but it's more reliant on character buffing regular battle sister and celestians rather than melee units like repentia and arco-flags.

>> No.72891828

When cities have races, the vast majority of people are just there to run the distance and have a good time. Your analogy betrays you.

>> No.72891830

Custodes aren’t getting squatted.

>> No.72891845

Custodes are good for starters in the sense that you only need like two dozen models for a full "army". They are however not easy to play for that very same reason and everyone will be sad seeing them look like shit because you just started out with painting.
Grey knights are pretty cool but very flavor of the month right now

>> No.72891862

zoomer doesn't know about fused marine ribs

>> No.72891887

It's better than that. It's -1 T and -1 S 3" aura.

>> No.72891892

GW has been known to forget as well

>> No.72891902

Any tips against Dark Eldar as Nids? The poison fucks me over hard.

>> No.72891906

The fused ribs are retarded, always have been. Completely misses the point as to why we have ribs.

>> No.72891915


Right? I would not mind if they retconned that away by modifying the description of that particular thing.

>> No.72891944

It’d probably be a at least a few months before I could play a game so whatever makes grey knights so popular right now should blow over by then

>> No.72891947

why does a (big) bunch of tech priests never fully embrace the weakness of flesh thing and keep some of their face and etc?

>> No.72891950

Ew that's boring. Repentia are cool, regular sisters are bland.

Actually I just think sisters desperately need a second troop option.

>> No.72891951

Then they would have to redesign Tyrant Guard

>> No.72891960

I err...
I can't find the link

>> No.72891968

NVM I'm dumb

>> No.72891992

Do you even torrent?
Just use the magnet link and uncheck all the files except the ones you need. I mean, it's neccesary with a collection as big as this

>> No.72891997

Yeah I just noticed it after I posted

>> No.72892004

Artistic license. Easier to convey loathing or misery that way.

>> No.72892025

>going full robot is a big no no
>it looks cool

>> No.72892032

Stealth suits or Hazard suits for some burst cannon mayhem?

>> No.72892046

You're not allowed to go 100% inorganic in 40K otherwise you count as an AI which are forbidden due to the AI revolution that plunged 40K into its current dark age. At the bare minimum, you need to keep your organic brain. There are techpriests that are just brains in jars. Techpriests that keep facial flesh are often needed for diplomatic roles.

>> No.72892054

New thread for new discussion
Finish up and migrate




>> No.72892091

desu i prefer when they get fully into it like the ones on the left or in the middle here but tastes differ
makes sense about not going full AI though

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