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your dudes > my dudes

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When's the last time Eldar got an update?

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The banshees last year.

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>Why can't space marines be female bawww

Here are all the factions that have female models:

Sisters: Yes
Custodes: No
AdMech: Yes [From the PC game]
Guard: Yes
Space Marines: No
Knights: No
Inquisition: Yes
Officio Assassinorum: Yes
Sisters of Silence: Yes
Daemons: Yes
Chaos Knights: No
Chaos Space Marines: No
Eldar: Yes
Dark Eldar: Yes
Harlequins: Yes
Necrons: No
Orks: No
Tau: Yes
Tyranids: Yes
Ynnari: Yes

tldr female representation in 40k is fine, play Xenos

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Are infiltrator/incursor marines good? Should I get a bunch

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How do we make Chaos fun?

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The new knight articles broke the camels back.
I can't hide my love for big stompy shit anymore.
Chaos Knights or IK?

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>Sisters of silence when facing any of the thousands of non-psyker enemies on the field.

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my heart flutters every time i see this

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This is unironically one of the best SC! now in terms of in-faction usefulness. Probably tied with the tempestus SC!

You get your absolutely necessary and easily spammed troop type

You get your blatantly overpriced transport that is suddenly a good deal in a SC! and will never be bought separately ever again

You get one of the best plastic HQ/elite models GW has ever made with a *ton* of conversion potential AND its good for bits if you don't want yet another techpriest.

and ON TOP of all this you can buy either of the secutarii upgrade kits and this start collecting STILL works, probably even *better*.

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I'm just sad that we lost the onager and dominus. Both are way cooler looking and the dominus is a great conversion and bits model. Less monopose than the enginseer

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Is there a future for Eldar Corsairs in 9th? Why did they take away our Corsair Prince?

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>Tyranids: Yes
>Orks: No
I'm not sure if Nids or Orks even have a sex.
Admech and Knight not sure if those even count. Inside the knight you can't tell and well Admech for all we know everyone could be a girl

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Yeah they're pretty good.
Infiltrators do GSC dirty.

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Dominii are so ubiquitous on ebay, I don't want yet another one and I'm at 3 at this point.

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Is killteam really that dead? I was just thinking of getting into it.

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More types of daemons and better summoning.

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wtf is this true?

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>I can't hide my love for big stompy shit anymore.

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How does the skorpius disintegrator compare to the onager?

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Any good headswap ideas for this thing, besides an Archon?

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I wish they made 30-50% of all those army models noticeably female. The grogs and incels in the hobby would commit mass suicide.

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Not dead at all where I am. It's currently preferred over 8th in my group. 9th could change that
Your mileage may vary.

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What do you make choas cultist out of?

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yeah basically. besides lorgar and maybe kurze.

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>is kill team really that dead?
not yet

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If you could make 5 changes (no nesting changes within other changes) to 40k; what would they be?

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Onager > Failboat

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How out of place would Terminators look in a primarily Primaris army?

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No but it needs more support from GW. General here with FAQ etc >>72830240

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I think most traitor primarchs had a good set up or reason to betray the Emperor, they were either unstable, hateful or in the case of Pert set up in a way that they had to choose Horus. The only one thats basically your pic is Fulgrim, in the original fluff Horus just invited him to Davin and gave him a speech about his betrayal and he was like "Ok", he went from the most loyal to traitor all because Horus was eloquent. I prefer him being mindraped by Slaanesh.

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Counterpoint: it doesn't come with a cool mecha crab car so it's worthless.

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they have female knight pilots in the codex

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What's wrong with it's head?

(A bit rhetorical I know!)

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Techpriest Enginseers have a model that is way too good for its in-game value.
I'm not saying they need to buff them at a base level, but pt upgrades to make them fight better, survive longer, etc would be nice.

Dunecrawler has an invul and won't get yeeted instantly.

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>Chaos Knights
Honestly this seems like a simple fix.

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I think for Nids he means the GS Magus

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Kind of. It's mostly just not fun.

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>Horus: i implore you to reconsider
>Fulgrim: Ok , wiuwiuwiwuiw
I see

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Chaos Knights definitely have female pilots. There was a whole PA story about one.

>> No.72884153

... knights with tiddies?

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Onagers are cool but everyone owns 3 by this point

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Ferrumite Cannon Grator comes out on top against most targets, with better points efficiency. The main advantage of the Onager is the Invuln save, but with the better movement profile of the Grator, you can often hide it better and still reach your desired target in your turn.

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They seem over nerfed to me, 1400 for 3 crusaders is getting ridiculous.

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So if the disintegrator had an invul then it would be a straight upgrade to the old box? Come on random 9th edition changes!

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Damn I just realized how fucking wasteful these new kits are. Like 2/3rds of the striker/breacher kit is unused just because of the limited amount of legs and torsos which are really simple pieces and could easily come with 20 of each. Fucking GW...

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Get a load of THESE D weapons.

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By that logic Marines have females because Inquisition is a thing?

>> No.72884180

Lets go

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Chaos knights all the way. More converting and no one will play them but you and I! It’ll be like a secret club.

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fix summoning
fix marks
focus on making units interesting instead of good

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Still wish I'd bought an old one.

HOWEVER does that transport include the bits to turn it into the tank version?

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Pretty much how they've always done things. Bits for anything you could ever want, except for legs and torsos (and potentially heads) which will only ever provide enough to make the models on the box.

>> No.72884204

Rolled 89 (1d100)

I was looking for a paint scheme for my manlets so rolling

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Shouldn't there be no differences between male and female techpriests, considering their views on biology and augmentation?

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Turn Chaos dudes into the guys from Yellow Submarine.

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1. Kill TLOS.
2. Models and cover now have size categories which dictate who can take cover behind what.
3. If you attempt to fall out of combat the unit your falling away from get melee over watch.
4. Morale is more punishing for hordes, elite armies get to ignore it
5. Squat all the shitty factions and pointless supplements (Custodes, Deathwatch, Harlequins, Sister of Battle, Ynnari, and the beta Marine crew.)

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This has been the case for decades. Almost every plastic kit had enough extra torsos, head and arms to make an entire extra squad. If only you had access to legs
Reason why you could often see Orks with boxes and barrels for legs.

>> No.72884215

Play Necromunda. It's better.

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He said models

>> No.72884219

Lets see

>> No.72884220

I think he means the actual machine, the titan. Imma guess it's because the whole body horror and mind rape the titan ex-body goes trough ,would be easier on a man than a woman and probably less fatal or something, same thing as why there are no female space marines.

AD mech has tons of females, it's just that sometimes they have so many augmentations that you can't tell them apart, the one from master of mankind didn't changed her vox voice of her ol human form, that's how the custodes knew it was a she.

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>Won't happen. That's just a gateway for literally everything ignoring heavy again like in the earlier editions.
It should just be vehicles, heavy is the only weapon type with literally only penalties associated with it. Its fine.

yep its the full kit

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some still prefer to keep their secondary sex characteristics

>> No.72884230

Yeah it's all the same sprue

Also you can probably still find the old one on shelves at local stores. Check both FLGSs and GWs

>> No.72884235

Someone needs to make a blue stuff waffle iron so copying bits is retard proof.

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HA missed me with that gay shit. I’ll paint a semi-whole corpse on one of my space sharks models. That count?

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knights have female pilots and there have been female necrons since the IA about them, maybe before then

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Well if I can store extra fuel for my plasma torch. I would do it too.

>> No.72884262

>that dude with the shield

I did that too!

>> No.72884266

>Death Eagles
great, I hate to paint black AND white

>> No.72884267

Augmentation isnt standardized, it varies from person to person and its been shown a dozen times that for every Magos that becomes an IBM computer there's also Magi that retain their human aspect even if its just purely aesthetic.

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Why are you using that awful 2nd Edition logo with the blue background? I don't think I ever saw that on a single product back in the day.

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sure, goes with 1.
sounds good
no, supplements are SOUL. Best rules from 2e were supplements.

What they SHOULD do is consolidate. Make Daemonhunters + Witchhunters + Alienhunters + Talons of the Emperor that combine GKs, Tempestus, SoB, Inquisition, Deathwatch, Assassins Custodes and SoS respectively.

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As I recall the xenarite techpriest in mechanicus is female

>> No.72884275

I'm getting three monoliths and plonking them on objectives just so you fucks have to tiptoe around the table and there is nothing you can do about it.

>> No.72884279

>in the original fluff Horus just invited him to Davin and gave him a speech about his betrayal and he was like "Ok"
ehh, there was a bit more than that

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>> No.72884294

based pyramid builder anon

>> No.72884297

Sorry grandpa, I just edited some guys image to vent about kill team.

>> No.72884302

Not gonna lie, that looks just as anti-admech as the new cowboys riding dogs. Like how hard can it be to actually design admech, it's a fukken human robot.

>> No.72884303

I now have this horrible mental image of Horus giving Fulgrim the most epic of handjobs

>> No.72884305

Also just more options that make them feel different from normal marines.
Would like if aspiring champions/chosen could take some unique wargear like demon armour for 2+ save things like that.
But gw has gone away from making wargear options so don't see it happening. In which case more stratagems that let elite units be more specialised like that red butchers one

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>> No.72884313

GSC Neophyte hybrids
Warcry box sets
Necromunda gangs

Ideally a mix of all three, plus the random chaos bits you have lying around.

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Except any other faction does damage before exploding, Orks don't

>> No.72884328

the monolith! Destroy that and this is over.

>> No.72884330

and the hobby would be better for it

>> No.72884331

I’m happy you’re day in the sun is here Mr. Skeletal.

>> No.72884332

Can knights not have female pilots?

>> No.72884333

so it went like this then

>> No.72884339

Anyone speak French?

>> No.72884343

Admech are as diverse, if not more so, than guard. They can look like anything as long as its techy and at least vaguely archaic. That's the strength of their factions design.

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>> No.72884348

So I've got:
5 Tech-Priest Dominus
6 Cybernetica Datasmiths
12 Kastelan Robots
3 Onager Dunecrawlers
20 Skitarii Vanguard
10 Skitarii Rangers
1 Imperial Knight Paladin
1 Imperial Knight Gallant
2 Armiger Helverins

I've never played AdMech before, so what should I buy next?

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They can, but the only pilot with a miniature is canis rex. Anon specified models.

>> No.72884361

• Modify terrain rules that eliminate TLOS. (We might actually be getting this.)
• Improvements to summoning, make it worth using.
• Introduce some more flavorful rules that take inspiration from older editions of the game or AoS.
• Remove Lord of War choices, or relegate them to Apocalypse-sized games
• Remove Fliers, or relegate them to Apocalypse-sized games.

>> No.72884368

>Except any other faction does damage before exploding
That's what makes them Da Best!

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>> No.72884374

I had a pretty fun game of 40k today even though I lost, but god fucking damnit I started reading through the codexes of the armies my opponent used and I'm just fucking pissed off now. It was a meme-ish game of Eldar and GSC against my Ecclesiarchy and some Primaris.

>Wrath of the dead
What he did: Re-roll hits for all wraith units
What it should do: re-roll wounds of 1 on all wraith units
>Expert crafters
What he did: Re-roll a hit, wound or armor
What it should do: you can re-roll a hit and a wound

Also his Spiritseer apparently knew two powers (quicken and protect, I think?), though it appears they should only know one?

And on the Genestealer, he asked if his relic for bladed cog will make his broodlord have a 3+ Invulnerable save, and with a quick glance that's what it looked like. How the fuck was I supposed to realize there's one mention after some fluff-text about how "cult abilities don't affect genestealers" or some shit.

Is it really too fucking much to ask for you to know your own rules? He was hugely apologetic when he realized his wraithguard axes do Dd3 instead of D3 damage so it wasn't like he was doing it to WAAC, just...

I dunno. I was okay with losing the game but now I'm lowkey pissed off due to apparently having lost due to both my opponents not knowing their own rules.

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Yeah I don't mind having equivalent units to loyalists, but they should be done like Obliterators, and not Raptors.

>> No.72884381

Cawl or wait to see if the birdos turn out great.

If they are point costed aggressively, they'll be insane unless they reign in deepstrikes in 9th.

>> No.72884386

>the Abby gunner

>> No.72884389

Knights have female pilots, they even have portraits and quotes in the codex

>knights + admech
supremely based
You've got a lot right there, like 3000+ points right there, you clearly aren't missing anything important. At this point you're just going to be buying stuff for your own pleasure. Nothing wrong with that.

I would recommend secutarii and/or sicarans because they're good melee infantry, they look cool as FUCK and they're fun on the table.

>> No.72884393

How do we know the pilots of the other knights are not girls?
I mean you are putting nids as girls but not orks which neither of those are male or female.

>> No.72884397

Alright dudes, I'm doing it. I'm starting Raven Guard. I need beakies, and a lot of them because I won't be found dead using reiver and infiltrator heads.
What are my options?

>> No.72884401

>This many models
>hasn't played

>> No.72884402

Female pilot.

>> No.72884404

Well, primarchs are hypercompentent in everything they do, so it might have some fluff basis.
If it is of any solace, though, imperials are also incredible decadent, with servitor harems and widespread slavery.

>> No.72884407


1. Advance the story, emps comes back just to eliminate chaos, but fully sacrifices himself to do so.

2. Squat all chaos factions (they're all dead)

3. Re-emergance of Eldar as opposition to Humans now that chaos is gone, but since they warp has been destroyed they have no psychic powers anymore

4. More Xenos vs Xenos stories. Make the game less imperial/human-centric

5. remove titanic units from the tabletop game

>> No.72884408

Yeah well, next time do better. You want a butterscotch candy?

>> No.72884411

Auuu yass. I am dee profeeshonnt in zee Wee Wee.

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>> No.72884416

Knights have female pilots
Chaos space marines have slaneshi fuckery, necrons could be formerly female
Orks are basically asexual

>> No.72884418

Recasters sell them in sets of 10

>> No.72884420

yes thanks for asking monsieur

>> No.72884426

I mean by that logic tank only IG has no females because tank commanders are male.no reason a knight cant have a female pilot on TT

>> No.72884430

What are obliterators equivalent too? Centurions? If so I agree that's how similar they should be

>> No.72884433

Does anybody have the newest Beast of Nurgle model that could get a rough measurement on how tall it is? I'd like my clones to be approximately the same size.

>> No.72884440


I'd rather have a clearer picture, not hard to suss out most of it. A lot of the weapons that could be 0 points could also be 8 points with how blurry that picture is. Sterilyzors might actually be remarkably cheap for Fly + 12" flamers.

>> No.72884442


>> No.72884443

Fuck off darkmech I will literally format you and all your wetware drives

>> No.72884446


what is this.

>> No.72884450

blood bowl orcs have female cheerleaders, but orks, while asexual, are very much coded male

>> No.72884455

With his ceramite gauntlet.

>> No.72884457

I'd wait until all the new rules come out before buying anything else. If you have to buy something now some kataphron breachers/destroyers for some more durable troops (skitarii die quick). I like the tech priest manipulus myself, give your guns some extra range, he'll be available by himself. Otherwise you're definitely not lacking heavy fire power, so maybe look at some more anti infantry, some more vanguard, infiltrators, etc.

>> No.72884473

The primaris upgrade kit for RG comes with two sprues, so 2 beakies total. Just google Greenstuff casting and make like 50 of them. The shoulder pads and RG specific bolters are cool af too, just uhhh...throw out the emo haircut heads.

>> No.72884476

>throw out the emo haircut heads.

>> No.72884477

"Brother I will show you pleasures far beyond your comprehension"

>> No.72884480

there's nothing weird about a friendly brojob, man

>> No.72884482

Good luck Cawl, i'm behind 7 warp proxies and 20 servitors

>> No.72884483

GSC are an army with rules for their units that depend when and how much time they have been on the board. Do slightly different things depending on the unit, some times a unit has the skills but other times don't.
Genestealers in Genestealer cult do not have special rules.
Some units get benefits if other units exist on the board while your opponent does another thing.

GSC are not an army that should be mix with another mostly because their rules are a mess of conditions.

>> No.72884487

They're mostly inherited.

>> No.72884491

A knight crusader, then bin the admech and run a sisters battalion with them instead.

>> No.72884503

I recall "female orks" are just orks putting squigs and other parasites in order to have tits

>> No.72884508

Honestly, if they just shaded the aquila tattoo on her forehead instead of filling it in with paint it would make a huge difference.

>> No.72884509


>> No.72884520

>run a sisters
But I'm not a tranny...

>> No.72884523

To an Asexual race, gender would be a foreign concept. Especially to one so focused on physical aggression.

But i'd be fine with female orks in this vein. Might have to rework the whole spore thing though.


>> No.72884530


>> No.72884537

>> No.72884545

>This kills the Dark Mechanicum
How will they ever recover?

>> No.72884546

they are coded buff. It's female humans that are coded to be lean and weak.

>> No.72884548

But units have special rules...

>> No.72884550

Gender might not necessarily be a foreign concept. Orks are consistently referred to as Boyz, Ladz, etc, and they use he/him pronouns.

They're really a classic example of a one gender race. Pretty common thing in sci fi

>> No.72884552

They're the bigger bigger boys who take up 3 slots in a Land Raider and shit molten fury

>> No.72884553

Timmy with his primaris incesters™ can't work out how many points it costs if they aren't all the same anon.

>> No.72884560


>> No.72884567

we can't all be patricians anon.

>> No.72884571


>> No.72884574

Do you think that Dorn teached his brothers his "Imperial Fisting" technique? Also it is pretty funny how Dorn and the rest of the IF were a bunch of masochists in earlier fluff.

>> No.72884575

I asked this in another thread I thought was the general like a dumbass, but I'm looking to get into the game and am most interested in Necrons and Orks. Should I wait until the Start Collecting pack for the Necrons come out for 9e? Based on another anon's recommendation I'm gonna try and get Orks started now.

>> No.72884576

Under you’re bed whatever it is.

>> No.72884578

Anime as fuck.
Which other Primarchs could do this?
Magnus for sure in the lore but what about the others?

>> No.72884579

it's just dubbed to english anon. It's like how the imperium doesn't actually speak english.

>> No.72884580

Now we are talking.

>> No.72884581

I don't think the orkz have much of a concept of female within their species.
Rather they use male terminology because in english male terminology is the gender neutral terminology.

>> No.72884587

We had two players on each side, so that wasn't the issue. The issue was that the thing he did wrong (Bladed cog relic giving his broodlord a 3+ invulnerable save).

The problem is partially that when he asked basically "hey, do these stack?" (Why the fuck didn't you find out BEFORE we started playing the game? Knowing the rules of the game should be, you know, a requirement to play the game?) and I quickly checked the Codex I just saw "All Infantry and biker models" get the benefit. I didn't read through the examples, mention of your own groups, and then on the final fucking line it's "oh btw Genestealers don't get these"

>> No.72884591

This is some capeshit tier shit

>> No.72884594

>Warhound Titan
>How will they ever recover?
Eye for an eye

>> No.72884597

I recognize this original animation, what’s it from? looks like tartakovsky

>> No.72884598

Timmy need to add 1 point for his broken autofag bolter

>> No.72884602

primaris are garbage

>> No.72884610

>in english male terminology is the gender neutral terminology
careful, they'll hear you...

>> No.72884613

Fuck I’m gonna coom delete this

>> No.72884617


>> No.72884622

Fixed it for you bait anon
>Why can't space marines be female bawww

Here are all the factions that have female models:

Sisters: Yes
Custodes: No
AdMech: Yes [From the PC game]
Guard: Yes
Space Marines: No
Knights: Yes
Inquisition: Yes
Officio Assassinorum: Yes
Sisters of Silence: Yes
Daemons: Yes
Chaos Knights: Yes
Chaos Space Marines: No
Eldar: Yes
Dark Eldar: Yes
Harlequins: Yes
Necrons: Yes
Orks: No
Tau: Yes
Tyranids: No
Ynnari: Yes

tldr female representation in 40k is fine, play Xenos

>> No.72884623

Anon didn't you know those toys are racist?

>> No.72884624

it was a warlord
this isn’t even that impressive, he killed an imperator once after dropping from low orbit

>> No.72884625

Right, but to them boyz and ladz aren't gendered terms, because they're no other genders. So it'd be gender neutral.

Its basically steven universe if it made sense. There is no lesbian gems because they have no sex or gender, they are basically just sentient rocks.

>> No.72884627

In a FW Black Book he ripped the head off an Eldar Titan.

>> No.72884634

>Chaos Marine kit: Updated
>Sister of Battle kit: Updated
>Necron Warrior kit: Updated


>> No.72884638

>Chaos Space Marines: No
actually there was a female chaos space marine, she’s a demon prince now

>> No.72884639

Not in his defense but the Cult creed reads:
All models with this Cult Creed have a 6+ invulnerable save. Models with this Cult Creed that already have an invulnerable save instead improve their invulnerable save by 1 (to a maximum of 3+). In addition, INFANTRY models with this Cult Creed do not suffer the penalty to their hit rolls for moving and shooting Heavy weapons.
Outside of the Patriarch no one else can get a 3++ and the rule for genestealer not getting benefits is on another section of for some reason.

>> No.72884642

Sorry bro.

>> No.72884645


>> No.72884648

Don't have access to any, sadly

>> No.72884650

>actually there was a female chaos space marine

>> No.72884652

Half of EC CSM could be female for all we know right now.

>> No.72884659

I like that one better but I was thinking of this one.

>> No.72884663

girls cant be princes anon.

>> No.72884669

I was talking of the lore. Haven't touch the BB lore in decades. Just remembering that anything strange with orks was explain with "lol squigs"

>> No.72884674

I don't see him killing anything any time soon

>> No.72884686

Marines, an entire day has pass since they have had a new model!

>> No.72884702

If you like necrons grab one of the current SC! boxes now (if you can find it), build the ark as an annihilation barge. Ork SC! box is also pretty good, all units in it are good with the painboy being kind of meh.

>> No.72884704

do you think they have trouble selling DW and GK books?

>> No.72884706

was the community page ever not aimed at adult toddlers? just what on earth is this language

>> No.72884707

i’m not actually making this up, a female slave became a chaos space marine (IW) and then ascended to khornate princehood by killing like a hundred iron warriors and dozen fists and a shitload of guard.

>> No.72884713

Brainlet here, do I HAVE to give a Termy a power fist? I thought I could equip them however

>> No.72884715


>> No.72884716

What sort of ritual is this?

>> No.72884719

>Just remembering that anything strange with orks was explain with "lol squigs"

That was the ork hair in the 2nd edition WH40k and why some orks were bald and some had those mongol hairdoes that Abaddon sports.

>> No.72884726

give them what you plan on taking, pinhead

>> No.72884727

Hellforged Kharybdis Assault Claw can transport 20 <Legion> or Mark of Chaos Infantry models. Does this latter mean the same mark as the claw itself is or any Infantry with any Mark of Chaos?

>> No.72884728

how nu are you? what game do you think you’re playing?

>> No.72884729

I wish they made the Wyches completely female. The dudes in their slit tight latex pants look... weird

>> No.72884733

lol squigs

>> No.72884738


>> No.72884741

How long was the boomer 40k logo used for?

I have a feeling that the doomer 40k logo has been used for the longest time now, surely. 3rd edition over to now?

>> No.72884743

No they can take chain fist or chain axe too. I assume they come in the kit?

>> No.72884745

Yeah, I mean, he asked "is this how this works", I checked the rule, shrugged and went "Well I guess so" even though it felt like BS. I guess I'm more upset about the hijinx the Eldar player managed to pull off because he re-rolled several saves to successes with 'Expert crafters' and I was really surprised that he basically had a trait that was "my entire army gets to re-roll hits" when it should have been "re-rolls ones to wound"

>> No.72884746

You can, but they don't give you enough weapons to outfit them all how you want out of the box.

You'll need multiple kits or convert.

>> No.72884755

She just became a mortal chaos worshipper in demonically powered/possessed power armour (that she did steal/loot from her IW owner) and then ascended.

>> No.72884757

Just admit they make you question your sexuality and move on

>> No.72884760

deathwatch yes, grey knights probably not as much since PA.

>> No.72884762

>that much flesh still on them

Basically furry pornography for admechs.

>> No.72884763

Yeah I know but going through my bits box and seeing the difference in the first batch of fire warriors and the current kit is baffling. Like I have gorillion extra pulse carbines with or without arms from the old kits and some extra heads etc. But with the new kit I have now full set of extra rifles and carbines (because I went with breachers), full set of backpacks, two sets of helmets - both strikers and breachers-, full set of striker shoulderpads and various extra bits and shit like pulse pistols.
Talking about pistols kroot pistolier unit when? It would play nicely into their melee "speciality".

>> No.72884768

Yeah but the instructions only mention the power fist for this guy, and since everything else seems predetermined, I wasn't sure if there's a mandatory power fist one

>> No.72884772


>> No.72884774

wasn't that the possessed armour more or less using her as a meat battery?

>> No.72884776

She also got mutations that mimicked the Space Marine enhancements, including a Black Carapace equivalent that let her control Marine style power armor

>> No.72884777

I just give them the special weapons.

Women can't be trusted with them, but he has to deal with his diversity hire boss as she tries not to fuck things up. but always does in the end.

>> No.72884782

they have not ever allowed 2++ invulve saves ever, it’s always hard limited to 3++. Dark Eldar are the only exception ever

>> No.72884784

>i’m not actually making this up
No, but you're clearly misunderstanding what's going on.
Putting on daemon armour doesn't make you a space marine.
And she didn't ascend to shit, the daemon in the armour just fed on her rage.

>> No.72884785


The necron SC box is pretty good overall. Two* lords, and Overlord, 10 warriors, and the annihilation Barge is solid. Problem is that it's out of stock almost everywhere, so good luck. Try ebay.

*two because you can use the spare lord from the barge sprues.

>> No.72884790

I actually like the pseudo return to the legions. It's the closest thing to 30k I can get because there's no scene in my area and it's too expensive. If only Primaris wasn't shitty 8th rules.

>> No.72884791

do provide examples from the past

>> No.72884801

No, the armour was possessed.

>> No.72884804

No, the suit essentially just used her as a meat core.

>> No.72884805

bro you don't have to follow the instructions, do what you want when you want

>> No.72884810

You don't become something just because you dress up like it.

>> No.72884811

You can still get Crusaders a 2++ by casting Psychic Barrier on them. Been this way since the Guard codex hit, over two years ago

>> No.72884813

Stygiez VIII here.
You're just mad because we get all the xeno ass AND get away with it.
Good luck finding us, even GW can't figure out where we are.

>> No.72884814

thanks for reminding me, now painting my bolter will be a lot more relaxing

>> No.72884816

and Imperial Guard.

>> No.72884817

GW seems to be getting better at balance. Most of the units in new SoB look viable, except for maybe arcos and dca are overpriced and repentia are too all in. A DS strategem in psychic awakening for repentia would certainly help.

>> No.72884818

>sucks to be those guys
Yeah, I'm sure those melee specialists within melee range of a whole bunch of Necron shooty units are really worried about those Warriors.

>> No.72884828 [SPOILER] 


>> No.72884830


>> No.72884832

I think it's more talking about them being only three against a horde of necrons.

>> No.72884838


>> No.72884839

that nu huh? The community page is maybe 5 years old. I think it’s younger than AoS. And yes, since at least 5th this game has definitely been aimed at kids and child like adults, arguably long before that.

>> No.72884840

how many grots do I need for my army?

>> No.72884842

Yeah, but the new Repentia are kinda shit, so it's fine if their rules are sub-par was well.

>> No.72884846

What bitz should I use to convert Eldar Corsairs? I have kabalites, where could i get the helm?

>> No.72884848

This >>72884801
It was literally full of fleshy clingly bits on the inside.

I think you done goofed there anon, I'm saying that she wasn't a space marine for obvious fucking reasons.

>> No.72884854

Penitent Engine says hello, along with Crusaders and Dominions that right now are just expensive battle sisters

>> No.72884855


>> No.72884859

He's nuhammer. It's all they can do. Why do you think things have been simplified so much?

>> No.72884866

Yeah, but it should have been a 4++ on the Broodlord, which is annoying because I specifically remember him using his last CP to re-roll a 2 into a 3, saving his Broodlord's life at the critical moment.

>> No.72884868

I recall a blue background for the yellow one.

>> No.72884870


>> No.72884875

jesus, it really was used for a long time.

And they changed it why? fuck.

>> No.72884882

I wanna sniff and rub my face in her hair bros

>> No.72884883

>Arco-flagellants overpriced
Bitch, with 2 wounds and FnP they're surprisingly durable and they fucking mince everything short of terminators in melee.

>> No.72884884

no, you don't.

>> No.72884886

Arcos aren't overpriced, they're just priced with the assumption that you'll be running them with a preacher and using their stratagem. If you do that, you get 9 attacks per model. 81 attacks, hitting 75% of the time, with S5 AP-1 D1. In a unit that can fit inside the rhino. It's pretty much the ultimate horde blender.

As for Repentia, 9th edition will have ways to outflank units that don't normally do reserves in exchange for CP. Seems like the Sisters dex was written with 9th in mind.

DCA are mostly limited by their 6 model max unit size, but yeah they're a bit overpriced.

The weakest units in the book are Celestians and Dominions.

>> No.72884889

Updating the ork boy kit would be a fucking cash machine. Just do the primaris treatment of making the boyz actually big and thus mogging the whole old collection. And then all the ork players "has to" buy all their 300 boyz again plus another 100 or so for all the conversions for their other units. I'm talking about mad cash here!

>> No.72884890

Patriarch. Broodlord is from another army.

>> No.72884898


>> No.72884899 [SPOILER] 


>> No.72884901

Depends on what you want to use them for, for grot shield stuff 30~ is a good number to aim for, give you enough for one full unit or you can split it up. I occasionally troll people with 120+ grot armies.

>> No.72884906

You can use Inquisitor Coteaz(or any Malleus Inquisitor) to give them a 5++ invul with Power From Knowledge. Since they normally have no save at all, it hugely boosts their survivability.

Have fun with that.

>> No.72884916

>Necrons: No
That's just your opinion man.

>> No.72884920

Original: 6 years.
Boomer: 5 years.
30 y/o boomer: 22 fucking years.

>> No.72884924

Ork players don't buy models, silly.

>> No.72884942

No it was black from the start.

>> No.72884951

It's called LARPing anon, for the love of god, get your shit together.

>> No.72884954

>that nu huh?
got me mr. not pic related

>> No.72884959

You are in fact correct. I was remembering the sign outside of my third world country store that was turn into blue due to sun damage.

>> No.72884960

h-how many points is that? how do I deal with something like this?

>> No.72884963

>> No.72884970

Celestians and Retributors are sisters of battle it's just a different loadout and they don't occupy a troop slot. Celestians see use on capture the relic games basically never ever

>> No.72884984

Firstly, fuck you.

Secondly, what I meant was, "The new CSM are essentially monopose. Things only go one way, ie "For Terminator A, use arms B or C" since they're modelled in such a a way they can only be built like that" With that in mind, I didn't know if each specific body (A, B, C) absolutely HAD to be modelled with a specific arm, or I could swap them.

Judging by what you said, I guess not. I figured they each had a specific pose and specific arm options and had to be strictly followed. My bad.

>> No.72884989

>Like how Kraken looks on small bugs
>Don't like how it looks on large bugs
Probably should have painted at least 1 large bug before painting 120 small ones.

>> No.72884993


>> No.72885002

Secret club with worse rules

>> No.72885004

Dominions if they kept scout move for transport would still see some use.
Retribution at least get the prevent -1 for heavy weapons, but then again Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta and Heavy Bolter are not exactly the best heavy weapons even without the -1

>> No.72885007

Yeah I was counting each datasheet as a different unit, not each box.

Basic sisters are a good troop unit because they can be really hard to shift with VH and an Imagifier. I havent messed with Retributors yet but I've heard mixed things.

Repentia and Zephyrim are definitely the star units of the codex though

>> No.72885012

Bring all the dakka you can.

>> No.72885019

yeah I meant to reply to the anon you replied to.

>> No.72885022

>how do I deal with something like this?
kill them until they die

>> No.72885026


>Outside of the Patriarch no one else can get a 3++ and the rule for genestealer not getting benefits is on another section of for some reason.

Any Cult Creed valid character using the Bladed Cog Relic (Mark of the Clawed Omnissiah) can. It grants a 4++, which with the Bladed Cog trait is improved to a 3++.

MotCO Abominant with Born Survivor is dreadfully tanky - a T5 3++ model that reduces incoming damage by 2 and has a 5+++, 5 wounds, and regenerates D3 wounds every turn.

>> No.72885027

Even then, Dominions' role is just also covered by Seraphim, who can deliver the same firepower to the enemy for half the cost.

>> No.72885028

> Minotaurs
> Inquisition
Birds of a feather I suppose

>> No.72885031

I don't think I even own enough dakka
I have to buy more dakka

>> No.72885041

>Chaos Knights can have 2 gatlings
>there are no 2 gatlings in the box
Ah, I sure love Games Workshop, such a nice and competent company that never even makes me mad or does anything wrong.

>> No.72885055

If you can't find corsair bits on ebay or in the catalogue of your recaster, then you'd have to go with either Guardian helmets or third party stuff. Though Craftworld bits might look to smooth when mixed with spicky Kabalite stuff. Spellcrow has some heads that look decently similar to Corsair helmets and are generally a bit more jagged so they should fit better with the overall Drukhari theme.

Another idea would be to mix and match Kabalite and Wyches bits to go for a more raggedy looking pirate force.

>> No.72885056

The difference is GW marketing used to be nearly non existent, that's why they have record profits now.

>> No.72885057

Does grots have some morale shenanigans? I think it would be easy to double the casulties in the morale phase.

>> No.72885068

>he gets knight customization Loayalists don't get
>he bitches about it

>> No.72885071

Get sicarian infiltrators, they're great.

Also get the new archeocopter and some horse dudes.

>> No.72885076


>> No.72885085


>> No.72885087


>> No.72885088

>Knights/Chaos Knights: No
>Necrons: No
>Tyranids: Yes
These are all wrong.

>> No.72885089


>> No.72885090

>Necrons: yes (BL has female necron pov characters)
>Orks: n/a (asexual fungus gorillas transcend minger sexual dimorphism)
>Tyranids: n/a (hive minded space bugs from another galaxy don't need "genders" to breed

>> No.72885095

>which with the Bladed Cog trait is improved to a 3++.
>creeds do not affect <GENSTEALERS>
Patriarchs can't get a 3++
But true the Abominant can get to 3++ my mistake. The point still stands, Patriarchs can't get a 3++

>> No.72885098

I unironically like the new logo.

>> No.72885100

>Anyone speak French?
No, and I don't think I could translate it even if I did since it's some potato-cam bullshit. I tried anyway. No guarantees at all and I couldn't find the Phosphor Torch so it's either a blank or I got something wrong.

>> No.72885101

Have you considered ending yourself? Everybody is sad they only get options that are strictly in their kit and here you are with the fucking luxury of getting more stuff and have the fucking gall to moan about it.

>> No.72885106

Said some use. Allowing a 24"+2d6" movement for 1 to 3 transport turn 1, could find some uses for board control and objective

>> No.72885107


>> No.72885108

The big ones need the black markings to make it work.

>> No.72885115

would flamers work, can I burn the grots away?

>> No.72885132

Males being bigger is usually just a mammal thing though.

>> No.72885134

You are right, of course. GW should really remove the dual gatling option.

>> No.72885136

164 for a Stratoraptor, (weapons included)
110 for Fusilave (weapons included)
100 for transvector (weapons included)
15ppm skystalkers
17ppm(!) sterylizors
14ppm Raiders
16ppm Sulphurhounds

>> No.72885138

Chaos players always find something to whine about.

>> No.72885139

Double Lightning Claws or Single with Gun? Double looks sick, but the other makes TWO models look (half) sick

>> No.72885142

Yes but the picture is so shitty there's no need to try

>> No.72885145


That's why I specified Cult Creed character (which Patriarchs don't get as Genestealer). I was correcting your statement that only the Patriarch could get one by cheating on the Cult Creed, but as I said - literally any other character in the army that actually gets the benefit of the Bladed Cog Cult Creed (read: all of them) can get a 3++ because of that relic.

>> No.72885157

Hey since blast templates are coming back, what Deldar weapons use templates (based on previous editions)? I started playing in 8th so I have no idea what to expect.

>> No.72885158


>> No.72885161


>> No.72885163

>since blast templates are coming back
Based retard.

>> No.72885164

On what?

>> No.72885165

the third edition version of kraken is pretty good. On larger bugs it's more like black highlighted with red. Plus what are essentially freckles on the skin, it helps break up the larger spaces in a nice way.

>> No.72885166

>Hey since blast templates are coming back
They aren't. You've been lied to

>> No.72885173

So the one with the Overlord, Annihilation Barage, Warriors and Immortals and finally Scarabs? Is 100 a decent price for it?

>> No.72885174

>And they changed it why?
They probably decided to change it when they started working on 9th edition.
New Marines
New Logo

>> No.72885175


Better quality pic of the points leak.

>> No.72885178

>Rework LoS to remove autistic rules lawyering
>Get rid of CP
>Kill all Tau

>> No.72885179

They pay too much for 1 wound. They don't get dont get acts, orders or rites. The durability isn't that different with a 5++ on repentia and they get to reroll their charge. They both kill anything they hit.

I don't really think penitents are that bad, they get zealot and 5+ fnp which mortifiers don't. I don't get why they made them move slower though.

>> No.72885181

I completely forgot how much better the old painters were.

>> No.72885184

>since blast templates are coming back
Oh child...

>> No.72885185

Black markings?

>> No.72885186

Wyches, warriors, and guardian bits

>> No.72885188

All the campaigns of Battle Fleet Gothic Armada 2 aren’t canon, right?

>> No.72885193


Given that there are just two different phosphor weapons for the sulfurhounds, the phosphor torch is either the 11 pointer above the galvanic carbine, or the 0 (?) point one below it.

Given that it's just an all around super-flamer, I'm guessing it's the 11 pointer. Pteraxii talons look like they're 0 points, so Sterilyzors will be 28. Steep, I anticipated them to be well into the 20s but I was hoping for them to stay in the 24-26 point range.

>> No.72885200

yeah but you can deploy dominions with bolters and there's basically no difference between them and the sisters of battle.
Versatile troops

>> No.72885201

How the fuck is the new one SO BAD.

ANY of those other ones would be better by a mile.

>> No.72885203


"Blast" will be a type of weapon (or a weapon quality) that lets it roll max shots v. hordes (however that is defined in 9e). The old school templates aren't coming back sadly. Can safely assume that any flamers will be blast weapons.


$100 is basically retail so yea. It's not a great price but it's gotten so scarce it's going to be hard to find cheap ones.

>> No.72885204

Arco-Flagellants are two wounds each, friend.

>> No.72885206

oh... ok

>> No.72885207

'Canon' is a funny term in 40k.

>> No.72885208

Because I am dumb and used a link instead of uploading it.

>> No.72885210

The pic of Saturnine Armor is what Vulkan made. It was in a short story.

>> No.72885214


Skystalkers are definitely 13 points. Sulphurhounds *might* be 15 and not 16.

>> No.72885216

See >>72885165

>> No.72885219

Slaaneshi Iron Warriors Havocs with Reaper Chaincannons
Nurgle Night Lords Raptors with Icons of Despair and Contemptor Dreadnoughts with Butcher Cannons would help too

>> No.72885224

Yes, I speak surrender monkey.

>> No.72885226

>d10 instead of the more patrician and objectively superior d12

>> No.72885233

they are muscular top-heavy humanoids with narrow hips, with units called "boyz." I am pretty sure they are coded male.

>> No.72885236

Wow the dog cavalry are cheap as shit in points, like 60-70pts tops for a unit of 3. They are going to be so easy to kill.

>> No.72885239

Nope. The new chaos kits, while awesome to look at, are absolute bullshit with weapons. The termies have exactly 1 chainaxe, 3 power fists, 2 chainfists. The new csm piss me off even more though, fucking 8 bolters. I have just learned to say, fuck it, and build what I think looks cool, and have been telling any WYSIWYG cultist to either fuck off or sell me their chainaxes. Pic related are my kitbashed chaos lords.

>> No.72885240

I mean, the ending of the Imperium is killing off Abby, Necrons is closing the Eye, Nids is on the cusp of devouring Terra and Chaos is getting into a boxing match with Abby, so it seems none of them occupy the realm of canon that the games usually sit in

>> No.72885241

>"Saturnine: Little is known about the origins of these Terminator suits other than that they were conceived at a similar time as the Indomitus and Tartaros patterns. Functionally, there is little difference between Saturnine and Indomitus armour, so it is believed that any divergence in design was largely aesthetic. However, few examples of this pattern are known to still exist."

>> No.72885249


>> No.72885254

True. Just saying that without the scout move for vehicles, they are just more expensive battle sisters and worst seraphims

>> No.72885255

>come home
>see this
Wat do?

>> No.72885258

The new one reminds me of the kind of logo that would be on the box of a toy mech made in Japan in the '80s.

>> No.72885261

knights do have female characters and you will never know because its a mech

>> No.72885263

I know, I was saying I think they lose too much for the extra wound by having much worse buffs.

>> No.72885264

>Admech cavalry is 1-1 dollar to point ratio
>likely dies to a stiff breeze

>> No.72885268

You've gotta get in the right mindset to make that kinda choice anon:

>> No.72885272


Decent-looking weapons though, so hopefully you can use big units of them and just burn everything.

>> No.72885274

>however that is defined in 9e
It's either 10+ models (rumour from someone claiming to be a playtester), or a number of models equal to or greater than the maximum possible result the blast weapon can roll for its shots (extrapolating from pic related)

>> No.72885275

I have my old codexes/rulebooks/IA books/white dwarves lined up on one of the shelves of my painting area. It's a nice way to get quick inspiration.

>> No.72885279

Just because you call someone a boy does not turn them into males. Same way just because you call a man a woman, that man stops being male.

>> No.72885291

This. Why the fuck would anyone want d10 when d12 exists and is better in every way?

>> No.72885292

>Wat do?

>> No.72885297

In my experience that's not true, because by clearing chaff they let your Repentia go after the real targets. That said, I usually run two units of Flagellants and three of Repentia plus two of Zephyrim, so my experience probably isn't universal

>> No.72885300

Remember that the Tau are your friends!

>> No.72885301

holy based

>> No.72885305

>hey ladies how's it hanging

>> No.72885311

It reminds me of a cheap WW2 fighter plane mobile app game

>> No.72885312

>wanting d12 when d100 exist
I mean d12 are just fat d6 while d10 are just pure chad.

>> No.72885320

ask for the source

>> No.72885333

>Here are all the factions that have female models:

Sisters: Yes
Custodes: No
AdMech: Yes [From the PC game]
Guard: Yes
Space Marines: No
Knights: yes
Inquisition: Yes
Officio Assassinorum: Yes
Sisters of Silence: Yes
Daemons: Yes
Chaos Knights: yes
Chaos Space Marines: No
Eldar: Yes
Dark Eldar: Yes
Harlequins: Yes
Necrons: yes [technically]
Orks: N/A
Tau: Yes
Tyranids: N/A
Ynnari: Yes

here FTFY

>> No.72885355

Unnecessary stuff you do when painting
>Paint the vent on the power pack black
>Paint the end of las guns red
>Base coat scopes in leadbelcher so theyre shiny implying theyre reflective

>> No.72885362



>> No.72885369

>option is not in the box
peak imperial brainlet

>> No.72885372

>But space marines have like 9 codexs

>> No.72885379

>beginning of 8th edition

A unit of Ork boyz with flamers that work as -2 AP in CC? Too strong, make those flamers D3 and have them cost 14 points each!

>end of 8th edition

A unit of Sicarians with 12" Fly movement and 12" ap-1 flamers that ignore cover, and s5 ap-1 talons in CC? Great! D6 shots, and let's have them cost 17 points!

I'm not actually all that salty, especially since I play both armies, just laughing at GW's predictable power curve

>> No.72885380

>>Base coat scopes in leadbelcher so theyre shiny implying theyre reflective

my unironic nigga same. leadbelcher base coat with a very thinned down glaze or red/blue/green to let the shininess through is the easiest way to get consistent good results.

>> No.72885382

Found 1 IQ Imperial cumguzzlers

>> No.72885383

Oh gods I am such an idiot.
Am gluing cadians
Grab pot of tamiya glue
Shake pot
Stare at mess and wonder why I did that
Whole room smells of glue now

>> No.72885384


>> No.72885385


>d12 roll better and are also more stable after coming to a stop so you dont knock dice over from their results when picking some of them up after a roll
>have even higher granularity, but not a retarded unnecessary amount like d20s
>divide into 3, 4, and 6 so you can substitute them for any of those dice rolls
>are already used in the rules of Apocalypse

>> No.72885388

Necrons yes

Just not skeletons with tits

>> No.72885390

what army fits this vibe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnZQvgWhM5s

>> No.72885391

I got chrome paint just for things like this I never used it tho

>> No.72885392

Don't sicarians also have a 4+ save?

>> No.72885398

The new logo appears to be taking cues from the original Rogue Trader logo. The strike through on the lettering. The verical break in the zeros. Even the red lines on the new one are where "Rogue Trader" appeared on the original logo.

>> No.72885404

>he doesn't flex on people with his snowflake d7

>> No.72885405

1)eliminate Strategems.
2)tether command abilities to specific models.
3)only way to start a game with more than one CP is to spend points to buy more.
4)kill TLoS.
5)change Falling Back so that the other unit get a free round of attacks first.

>> No.72885412

Is that a Steven Universe fusion?

>> No.72885419


Yes, and I didn't bother pointing out their 2Ws.

>> No.72885420

And yet it fails miserably at any semblance of capturing the style of the RT logo. Like, unbelievably.

>> No.72885423

>Chaos Space Marines: No
There are female chaos cultists and cultists are a CSM unit.

>> No.72885425

sure if you want to be pedantic about it, I doubt the orks think about gender identity at all, but it is hard to argue that GW didn't design them to be masculine.

Blood Bowl Orcs are a different matter entirely, from a time when the lore was not taken seriously at all. I don't think the Orcs reproduce through spores like the Orkz do. Female orc cheerleaders? sure why not!

>> No.72885427

It blows my mind how many Ork and Guard players have been begging for new troops and the such. Look at what happened to CSM, and tell me that you are willing to abandon your still decent, plastic sculpts to pay extra for less troops, less weapon options and possibly monopose builds.

>> No.72885428

>unit size of 9

Called it. These things are going to work a charm against a lot of shit.

>> No.72885430


>> No.72885444

I like to date my minis. When I am finished with a model I'll put the finish date on the bottom of the base before I ceremonially finish the mini by painting the base rim then varnishing.

>> No.72885448


Which ones? I'm also really curious what the hell the heavy phosphor carbine is like for it to cost 15 points.

>> No.72885452

Or it could be like the tau plastic kits with literally every option and the kitchen sink in them.

>> No.72885456

>Ork and Guard
>still decent, plastic sculpts

>> No.72885457

I forgot about that.

>> No.72885458

How's your chaos defiler doing?

>> No.72885463

tick tock manlets

>> No.72885467

id pay more for less troops as longas theyre not cadians. weapon options doesnt concern me anyways, i only want conscripts

>> No.72885469

So are IG getting an update or am I safe?

>> No.72885470

My man, the new CSM models are great and widely superior to the old ones. Plus CSM have all the same weapon options that they did before.

>> No.72885472

It takes those design elements and applies a modern style to it. Whether it's good or bad is subjective. I'm not a huge fan of it, but I see what they were going for, even if it's not appealing to me.

I'd rather be mad about the shitty rules that a damn logo, though.

>> No.72885473

think you got the wrong guy buddy

>> No.72885485

First time not using GW paints.
Wish me luck bros.

>> No.72885489

you must confuse me, i got no defiler

>> No.72885490


I think i's the Heavy Phosphor Blaster that goes on the front of the gunship, same as the ones the dakka kastelans get.

>> No.72885496

>CSM kit comes with only 7 bolters
>Chaos terminator kit has only 1 chainaxe, their default melee weapon
>And the havoc kit doesn't even have enough shoulder pads for the whole squad!

>> No.72885502

Shitty rules come and go. Logos stay in everything for a lot longer.

>> No.72885504

Why the fuck would anything good ever happen?

>> No.72885512

>less weapon options
cadians only have a flamer and grenade launcher
catachans only have a flamer

I mean you're not wrong that the new ones will be monopose as fuck, but regular guardsmen desperately need a recut sprue in the same lines as the old ork boy update (the one that gave the previously only basic bitch shoota/slugga boy kit a nob with klaw/choppa, rokkit, and big shoota)

>> No.72885515

tell me about the wash after, im sick of spilling GW pots

>> No.72885519

If you play Space Marines you are a faggot. If you play an already established chapter (or warband for CSM) instead of creating your own you are a GIGA FAGGOT.

>> No.72885520

what place do homebrews have?

>> No.72885524

Guys recommend me any Tau-focused novels. I'm not even asking abouy actually good books since I know BL is shit in general but I need more lore than you can get in their codex.

>> No.72885525

They were always going to be 2 Wounds with a 4+/6++. That matches literally every other unit in the army and gives them an extra wound to account for the dog. The Sulphorhounds probably get a -1 T in melee though and come 3 attacks each, with a 4 for the Alpha. Not to mention the Flamer being able to be used in melee.

>> No.72885533

And to clarify: I meant mostly striker and pathfinder kits. Crisis suits are still a mess with one of each gun per suit except CIB and AFP when you usually need 2 or 3 per suit.

>> No.72885537

Those arent female anymore than a factory is female just because it can churn out cars. It's not even actually reproduction because Termagants are not Tervigons.

>> No.72885538

Ah shit my stalker skills are defective. Do you have centurions?

>> No.72885542

show us your warband/chapter then, faggot

>> No.72885543

How many times has the logo impacted your building, painting, or playing?

>> No.72885548

New kit has 8 lasguns, a flamer with laspistol and chainsword for the sarg.
$60 for 10 cadians, 5 male and 5 female with the sargent arms only fitting on a woman and the flamer only fitting on a man.

>> No.72885549

Chaos Space Marines have female cultists.
Also, Noise Marines.

>> No.72885550

not yet

>> No.72885554

Fire Caste

>> No.72885555

>Orks didn't get a self-destruct stratagem
I'm still fucking mad.

>> No.72885562

Based, almost said the same

>> No.72885566

Korgoth the Barbarian, didn't get out of pilot phase because Adult Swim thought it was too expensive, and he later reworked it into Primal.

>> No.72885567

>GW spending money to update guard
>just to compete against teh dozen 3rd party sites

you're safe

>> No.72885568

You'll just have to kamikaze all your planes to make up for it.

>> No.72885571


>> No.72885577

Not 100% on the fifth point yet, but fully agreed on the rest.

>> No.72885581

Still can't figure out which is the Phosphor Torch or what the "Disruptor Lance" is.

>> No.72885582

Hounds Boys

>> No.72885585

They only did that to Chaoscucks because Chaos is for faggots.

GSC got every fucking possible bit of everything in their sprues.

>> No.72885586

Oh you are murder sword anon.

>> No.72885590

HH series was a fucking mistake, holy shit. I want Imperial Armour back.

>> No.72885596

Oh yeah, how could anyone forget how the Acolyte Hybrids kit comes with 5 rock saws?

>> No.72885597

Haven't bought anything since the new logo. So a lot?

>> No.72885598

These are some AoS tier names

>> No.72885604


>> No.72885606

Impressive stalking skills
don't hurt me

>> No.72885608

I love Sang but this is awful writing.

>> No.72885610

>plays GSC
>the peak cuck faction that dies when they win

>> No.72885612

Everything has to be trademarkable

>> No.72885613

Any of Fehervari's books that touch on Tau.

>> No.72885615

>armies with decades of lore behind them, central to the setting
>I can do better than that!
>writes 2 lines of lore

>> No.72885616

That is, quite simply, a lie.

>> No.72885617

lmao I called that these fucks would be cavalry and not infantry.

>> No.72885623

eldar look like that?

>> No.72885625

3 wounds?
GSC get two but a -1 to hit
Seems fair

>> No.72885626

It's the Disruptor Missiles that come standard on the Skorpius Disintegrator.
Also chalumeau means 'blowtorch', so there you go.

>> No.72885627

I haven't tried the game color line, but the model color line is my go to paint 90% of the time. Let us know how the wash works out, haven't tried vallejo wash yet (usually use army painter or citadel).

>> No.72885628

>mandatory power maul

>> No.72885631


No T4 or -1 To Hit like the GSC bikers, but I am liking the three wounds each. These guys will soak bullets.

>> No.72885633

I don't now what name is more embarrassing, cowboy admech or Serberys™™™ Sulphurhounds™™™™™™™

>> No.72885634

Why include the late Mr. Bligh in your post?

>> No.72885636


>> No.72885637

This is like a shitty mirror to that part in Storm of Iron where Forrix destroys a Warhound titan and immediately gets smoked by the one standing behind it
What's the point in having titans in packs if they run away like bitches when one dies?

>> No.72885639

no? their views are extremely varied

>> No.72885640

>he fell for the shitllejo meme
i'm so sorry, rip money

>> No.72885641

Pre-orders are up on NZ so you can compare with those? They should mention all the possible weapons.

>> No.72885643

Have you ever read Sakuranbo Syndrome?

>> No.72885644

>oh no my expendable alien offspring whose entire purpose was to do exactly what they did are recycled into my biomass stores after destroying the Imperium defenses from the inside, using entirely the Imperiums own resources to do it
>what a fucking loss for me
Meanwhile chaoscucks are damned to an eternity of suffering and daemon cock gargling after they die lmao

>> No.72885651

Telling a Tau fan to read Fehervari book is like telling a Star Wars fan to watch The last Jedi

>> No.72885657

no, should I?

>> No.72885658

>GSC comes with everything
>Sure love all the 5 rocksaws
>sure love the 2 mining lasers

>> No.72885663

>Buy some bezerkers for world eaters
>Nu-packaging shows the world eater symbol on the shoulder on the back of the box
>Think, "Cool, it comes with some WE transfers or something so that'll save me a lot of time"
>Open box
>Has 2x standard Chaos transfers symbols
>This notoriously includes all the first founding chaos chapters excluding EC & WE.
>Not even molded on symbols on the fucking shoulder pads
Fuck you, GW.

>> No.72885664


Pretty dull. Bad gimmick for bad weapons, if they could take a higher count of the carbines they'd be pretty good, but paying for 9 to be able to have 3, no thanks.

>> No.72885665

>He buys shitadel paints

>> No.72885666

Thanks y'all, I think I got everything now. Might as well start work on the other lists.

>> No.72885667

He's the OC champ. Or was...

>> No.72885670

They need to have the blinders taken off somehow

>> No.72885672

it's amazing how a book that I saw as mediocre at the time can be elevated by the fucking trash released now

>> No.72885673

Good. Korgoth was just more dishonest post-ironic storytelling that is so common in cartoons these days, like Rick & Morty for example. Primal is full undiluted kino.

>> No.72885674

>5 S with a -1 AP AND can shoot four times AND you will take three of them since taking less than 9 is retarded


>> No.72885679

FFS, forgot my image.

>> No.72885683

Damocles, collection of a few stories about the tau told mostly from the point of view of an imperial guard defector.

>> No.72885688

>lmao I called that these fucks would be cavalry
No shit.

>> No.72885693

>5 rocksaws
You can only take 2 per 5 guys dumbass

>> No.72885695

Why the fuck wouldn't they be? They are literally Fast Attack. They still have the Skitarii keyword though.

>> No.72885698

That kit is around 20 years old. What the fuck did you expect?

>> No.72885700

>Manipulus available separately


>> No.72885702

>GSC peak cuck
>promise to be turn into nids
>they deliver
>nids makes the imperium kill themself
>actually manage it
>self replicating anti enemy defence force
While chaos
>good end is if you manage to enjoy being a cum dumpster for a demon

>> No.72885704

What is the point of these guys? Run up to give your opponents -1 T before they die in melee or get mopped up by shorter ranged weapons?

>> No.72885705

Most of them are variations of "THEY TOOK MAH BALLS!"

>> No.72885708

>Meanwhile chaoscucks are damned to an eternity of suffering and daemon cock gargling after they die lmao
Maybe if they worship shit gods, Chad Khorne will just res me so I can kill GSC cucks like yourself

>> No.72885713

....if this is supposed to be some kind of joke I don't get it.

>> No.72885714

n-nevermind, my psychic skills seem to be off today.
May your hobbying be blessed.

>> No.72885717

>Primal is full undiluted kino.

>> No.72885721

I bet you liked Death Watch Shadowbreaker.

>> No.72885723

Somebody earlier was claiming they'd be infantry or bikes, and that GW wouldn't bring back a troop type they've all but squatted.

>> No.72885724

Except vallejo is good?

>> No.72885726

Still only get 1. I'm not see the every option that the chaos cuck was saying

>> No.72885732

They're still human underneath the cybernetics, some things don't change.

>> No.72885733

does the kit come with 2 per 5?

>> No.72885734

>falling for reddit memes

>> No.72885735

Shooting in #New40k #9thEdition

>> No.72885744

Only if you are an ork
Otherwise join the skull throne cuck boi

>> No.72885745

Light troubleshooting for cheap.

>> No.72885746

I don't remember this, did they release the second batch of episodes?

>> No.72885749

I'll take a freehand symbol over a transfer every day of the week.

Transfers looks so out of place on mini.
They are too defined, too artificial.

Just paint it. Even if you suck at painting, it will look better.

>> No.72885754

If you ever compare Fehervari, the best writer to ever work for Black Library, to that Disney shit garbage again, I will find you and hurt you.

>> No.72885756

>welcome your nid overlords
>they murderfuck you into cum goo
Great faction

>> No.72885757

That would be retarded since they could use not only Skitarii shit but also Infantry Stratagems.

>> No.72885758

>t3 4+ 6++

>> No.72885761

Never read it.

>> No.72885764


>> No.72885768

>WS 4
>T 3
>S 3
>Phosophor Pistols are somehow worse than a Phosphor BLAST Pistol
>Mandatory Power Maul
>Not even an Arc Maul, the Skitarii's signature, which it looks like, but a regular fucking Power Maul
>The Carbine is 11 fucking points
>57 points minimum

Am I going crazy?

>> No.72885773

Oh okay if there was some retard making that claim then your post looks less retarded.

Obviously they were fucking cavalry.

>> No.72885774

>What did you expect
For them to not bait me by having photo's of the Bezerkers with WE symbols at the back of the box & then not include said symbols.

>> No.72885784

>I'm still anonymous
good to know

>> No.72885794

They can shoot pistols (everything they have) after advancing with no penalty.
I imagine there'll be a strat that allows them to charge after advancing too, desu.

>> No.72885799

You mean
>arrive at planet where my GSC children won
>eat them because it's like eating dead skin cells
>there is no individual pain or suffering in the Hive Mind, every combat organism is an expendable suicidal killing machine

>> No.72885806

The entire promise is to be taken by the star gods and they fucking deliver
No if or butts.

>> No.72885810

Anon... I think they don't have the invul.

>> No.72885818

Are you blind or retarded

>> No.72885826

Well, less S on the pistols, sure, but you get two of them instead of the one blast pistol. The maul bit is stupid though, got nothing there.

>> No.72885834


>> No.72885845

I think it was Duncan that gave the best advice for freehanding symbols.

>get your paint ready nice and thin
>get a piece of paper or parchment paper
>paint the symbol or writing you want about an inch tall
>repeat until you get consistently good results
>paint it a bit smaller, practice until you get consistently good results
>repeat until the practice symbol is the size you need and neat
>paint it on the mini

>> No.72885848

I will fucking strangle a child in front of the gold stormie statue for 20 for $60 resculpted orks

>> No.72885852

I think you might be retarded.

>> No.72885856

>get to fuck shit up all you want
>kill demons and shit
>every time you die your friends nurse you back to health, literally no reason to fear because you are immortal
If peon necrons were allowed to have personality being one would be dope as hell

>> No.72885858


>> No.72885860

I'm blind, sorry

>> No.72885876

Would a particularly lecherous tech priest make waifu servitors?

>> No.72885887

How do you come up with Marine/Eldar/Guard/Tyranid/Etc names?

>> No.72885888

boy do I feel bad about the lads from down under

>> No.72885892

I miss this fat nigga like you wouldn't believe...

>> No.72885903

>SC the same as a single flying thing
>200 dollaridoos nontheless
what the fuck?

>> No.72885906

Marines/guard have either slightly changed ethnic names based on their home culture or marines have biblical names.

Eldar have celtic names

Tyranids are classified like legendary predators

Orks you just think of something stupidly manly/violent and then Chav it up.

>> No.72885909

>archaeopter stratoraptor

>> No.72885918

>a genestealer patriarch harem of breeders
>and a big mob of working class losers willing to fight and die for a lie
>and if they somehow survive, they are food for the real tyranid fleets
>but also GSCB's orbiters...
GSCB was brilliant and kind to everyone, and I kind of wish I had been desperate enough to buy into the tyranid/GSC army I briefly planned in early 8th ed. I know she, or anyone like her, will never exist in my social circles, but a desperate loser can dream right? the army idea was using hive tyrants to cast psychic buffs on rock grinders, allowing them to advance and charge for a really stupid vehicle based turn 1 assault army

>> No.72885920

Its expensive to ship that shit to australia from the UK

>> No.72885929

>becomes the battery of a shock attack gun

>> No.72885939

A hilarious amount of mortal wounds as Mars on the cheap, can bog down enemies, and already benefit from the Protector, Conqueror, and WoTM strats - forget about whatever specific ones they are going to see in Engine War. They're a lot more killy than you might think.

>> No.72885948

>used to convert almost every model as a kid and was not afraid to carve plastic and metal up to make whatever I wanted
>can hardly bring myself to do that as an adult years later

Am I creatively dead? A coward? Both?

>> No.72885951

Reminder that these guys are 16 points a model before wargear for 3 wounds
intercessors are 17

>> No.72885954

But then why do i still have to pay for shipping?

>> No.72885960


It's because GW just adds a "we own you" tax to anything sold outside of brexitlandia.

>> No.72885967

Tau aren't beyond waifus, would imagine admech to be the same. Just... less sleek, more riveted together warmachines.

>> No.72885973

worse. you are a frogposter

>> No.72885980

And you can buff the shit out of them with Strats. A few squads of them could probably delete much more expensive shit right off the board the instant they get within range. If they do get a Strat that lets them charge after advancing then all bets are literally off.

>> No.72885993

holy fuck the chaff launchers cost 20 points. Into the trash they go!

>> No.72885995

Because of insane import laws your country has.

>> No.72885999

>Kastelans literally just became unkillable

The age of Beep Boops is here, fleshoids.

>> No.72886003

As if you could tell gender of a grot when it puts on a wig, since they don't have a gender.
Dumb humie.

>> No.72886010

Aight, I think that's just about everything. Kinda surprising that the sword isn't just a power sword but specficially a "sabre de cavalerie".

>> No.72886013


Rate my brands:

Primer: Badger Stynlyrez, Vallejo Surface Primer, Tamiya Fine Surface Primer
Base/Layer: AK Interactive 3rd Gen, Citadel, Citadel Air, Vallejo Game Air, Vallejo Model Air, Kimera Kolors
Metallics: Vallejo Metal Color, Citadel, Darkstar Molten Metals
Inks and Shades: Citadel
Technical: Vallejo, Citadel
Varnish: Testor's, AK Interactive

Brands I want to try: Reaper, Vallejo Mecha Color, Scale75, Warcolours

>> No.72886031

no, it is more to do with currency conversion rates. GW really really doesn't want to lose money because GBP is weakening, so they do their regional rates at the 30 year high water mark of the good boy point relative to the regional currency.

>> No.72886033

The Archeopters data sheets have leaked in English and they are fucking abominable. I am fairly certain that they knew they would be shit so they came up with Electro-Filament strat to trick people into buying them.

>> No.72886041

>Charge that annoying fucking tank SM have that has like 10+ guns on it and shoots over 100 dice, taking forever to make all the hit rolls
>Can't even lock it down from that annoying slow-play cancer anymore because not only will it overwatch for 10+ minutes, but now it'll now shoot as if it was never locked down.
Why is this a new rule, GW?

>> No.72886044

can FLYing units fall back by flying over the unit they are in contact with? same question for harlequins. this seems pretty strong for units that cam charge after falling back and want to reach screened HQs. especially for said harlequins.

>> No.72886046

they identify as boyz

>> No.72886050


>> No.72886054

VMA metallics are really really good

>> No.72886055

Do you have them?

>> No.72886059

Yeah, all the new units seem situational at best. I'm still anxious to see the rules for the Serbian Raiders but I don't have too high of hopes.

>> No.72886068

9th edition is gonna do to orks what 8th did to necrons. Also nids, but they get that every edition..

>> No.72886070


>> No.72886071



>> No.72886073

They had to hard fuck nids some way. Its a tradition.

>> No.72886078

>Uses tank with Fly as an example.

>> No.72886080

One of the main characters from the Techpriests of Mars Omnibus appeared mostly human because she was hot, and used her looks to her advantage.

>> No.72886081

AK, Mr Color, and Alclad metallics are phenomenal too. Try them out sometimes. Alclad primers and clear sprays are something to write home about as well. Scale75 gold range is kino as well.

>> No.72886085

>Transport capacity 6 and no Kataphrons
>Stratoraptor doesn't ignore heavy or gain any bonus like Strafing Run
>Fusilave Bombs are horribly boring
>4 fewer wounds than a Valkyrie
>No Emanatus or Bionics or any kind of even small invuln
>Minimum movement 20 despite having legs
>Chaff Launchers are 20 points

What a waste of time.
We waited 181 fucking days for this.

>> No.72886087

Fly boys

>> No.72886094

Nah, the one I referenced didn't have fly. But not surprised there's a fly version too.

>> No.72886098


>> No.72886099

There are no hot people in the grim darkness of the 41st millenia.

>> No.72886100


>> No.72886106

Yes. That is harlequins "thing" though. Hard to get them all the way across the board, but wreck when they do. Melee glass cannons.

>> No.72886113

pretty good

>> No.72886121

Did you think the flyers would get everything for free or something?

>> No.72886125

All grammar nazi priests were purged during the Scouring.

>> No.72886128

Admech probably don't even believe in or care about genders, esp the higher ups

>> No.72886129

They could introduce a mechanic to sprinkle on some units for armies that need it that disables enemy vehicles from shooting in combat.

>> No.72886136

the repulsor is the only marine vehicle with a billion guns, and it can fly

>> No.72886137

reeeee grog, secondary, incel, nazi

>> No.72886138

Repulsors have fly and lots and lots of guns. Not sure what other SM tank you're refering to.

>> No.72886142

A form of flash or smoke grenades could be neat, especially since can be integrated into terrain. Though I doubt it'll be present for armies who actually need it, while poster boys (SMs) will definitely have it without even needing it.

>> No.72886143

ZZZAP! Your pronouns are now xe/xem/xir.

>> No.72886147

The Stratoraptor(god I hate that name) lacking the Heavy immunity that the rest of the army has is clearly so people just run it with the new Mars rules, which universally get to ignore Heavy anyway.

>> No.72886156

I'm so tired of this programmed leaks with more artefacts than a mtg deck

>> No.72886162


It actually isn't lol.
Container freight is insanely cheap. GW is just smart and grab what they can from les aussies.

>> No.72886169

>deep strike 10 dudes
>9D6 ap-1 flamers and 5 fleschette shots

>> No.72886175

Know what, you might be right. Are there any FW tanks with a large sheet of guns that it can shoot?
I guess the IH player himself didn't notice it has fly when he was using it.

>> No.72886176

It's not the shipping it's the warehouse and store space they're charging for.

>> No.72886178

What do the magi in this thread think of the rules for their new units?

>> No.72886181

lmao I thought tg did this, I didn't know this was games workshop

>> No.72886182

>Forgot to buy 1 paint
>Need to do whole new order and pay shipping again for it.
Every time

>> No.72886188

>Casts Wrath of Mars, deletes your unit and then fucking disappears the next turn only to do it all over again the following turn

>> No.72886193

All are shit apart from the flyboys

>> No.72886196

To be fair, with AUS, everyone just charges them more because they can. There was a court case vs apple that ended up ruling in favor of apple; said case was about Australians being charged extra for online services when it doesn't cost more to run the service in AUS compared to US, Kiwi, or China. Case was ruled that Apple can charge whatever they want because they are a private business.

>> No.72886198

Please, /tg/ is better than this.

>> No.72886201

I'd just mix it unless it's literally the main color for my army.

>> No.72886205

Anybody complaining about them having some weaknesses should go play space marines.

>> No.72886206

>Alpha Legion DPs can now take a warp bolter that automatically hits, ignores cover, wounds infantry on a 2+, can be fired after advancing with no penalty, and can be used in close combat

>> No.72886208

Not really outside of the superheavies, but they shoot in combat as it is now anyway.

>> No.72886214

Friend said the whole thing is on normie book, does anyone have a link?

>> No.72886222

And if you take Headhunter they can fire it at characters freely

>> No.72886224


Still strongly tempted to do an air cav army I just think it's going to be terrible unless there's some tasty custom doctrines or strats.

A few gunships, a lot of pteraxii burny boys, three transports with plasma Vanguard, Enginseers and an Inquisitor in to land after they do and then some cheap expendable cavalry squadrons to Scout everywhere.

>> No.72886225

Well the rogue trader that wanted to bang her thought so, the books were really good, a little Black Templar action in the books also.

A crusade with 6 guys, conplete with an Emperors Champion

>> No.72886233

was it the astraeus?

>> No.72886235

Just impulse bought 4x Metal Warp Spiders (one of which is an exarch) from eBay for £10 ($12.34 for burgers).

Was this a good deal?

>> No.72886244

Sulphorhounds are great, Raiders are meh. Sterylizors are great, the other guys probably just less so because these can do more damage. The Archeopters was always going to be bad. It's just funny to see that GW's entire strategy here is to get everyone to just play Mars by nerfing all the other FW's and give it a Stratagem so it's an almost must buy despite being shit.

>> No.72886247

the astraeus has a shockingly small amount of guns
basically just the main battery, 2 sponsons and a couple of heavy bolters/lascannons

>> No.72886250


>> No.72886251

Dark candy red for word bearers armor
Would that be too shiny?

>> No.72886253

No, but damn that's a sweet tank.

>> No.72886265

Flesh tearer red or Blood Angels red for Hive Fleet Kraken?

>> No.72886284

Why have Eldar not recieved any updates to such an old model line? I guess they got the Banshees and Jain Zhar, but I'm surpised GW haven't updated 25 year old sculpts.

>> No.72886296

Because they are not marines. If you're not marines: GW just throws darts at a dart-board to decide which faction gets an update inbetween marines.

>> No.72886298

We got you!
Here is another Primaris model

>> No.72886299

technically 50% of the necron models are chicks, you just can't tell

>> No.72886300

New thread please have more pages to post.

>> No.72886301

Why hasn't Y had X, except the time that they got X

>> No.72886302

This or the Bomber are either the new worst unit in the AdMech army.

>What if a sniping unit but it only has 18" range when shooting? And it also has worse stats than a Bolt Rifle.

>> No.72886305

>Sulphorhounds are great
>2 str 4 shots each
>54pts min for 3
nah m8, they are really really shit

>> No.72886309

I bet they are in development. Expect to see them in 11th Edition.

>> No.72886313

My regular opponent already does the whole Wrath of Mars + shoot twice +whatever other strat it is with his damn Kastelans. Time to get some infiltrators I guess...

>> No.72886317

the people who play eldar simp for them hardcore so GW doesn't feel the need to.

>> No.72886319

It's annoying - I want to start an Eldar army, but I'm concerned I'm gonna buy a bunch of models and as soon as they're done GW releases a bunch of new sculpts.

>> No.72886328

It seems like they much prefer to make new models rather than update old ones.

>> No.72886329

Youll end up like harlies players- every model has a foot on a rock and spindley bits that hang off past the base and snap easy.

>> No.72886330



ok, sure

>> No.72886332

Kind of underwhelming at first glance, but I think they are supposed to be played with all the new rules, and we haven't seen all of those.

But they are cool models, and I'm glad for the move away from Skitarii.

Overall, they are fine. They aren't really game changers, but I don't want my cool new models to be some broke ass shit that people bitch about everytime I bring them.

I mean, if I wanted broken shit, I'd play Space Marines.

>> No.72886344

Don't worry, Eldar line is lore accurate to the point that they are on a verge of extinction JUST LIKE THEIR RACE. It's fluffy and won't be getting updates to stay in character.

>> No.72886358

they're probably already made

>> No.72886360


>> No.72886369

How has gw not taken advantage of people's nostalgia for the 80s as an 80s product? Why have we not gone whole hog on chrome plated letters, neon, and leopard print?

>> No.72886379

Ynarri was supposed to be the starting point for a pan elf revamp. However it came out dead in the water and the plans fell through. It means we're getting chadcrons so best timeline.

>> No.72886390


Sterilyzors are broken shit, I cannot believe they are 17 points and getting away with it. Skystalkers look decent too, Mars will like them a lot.

The dogs and the plane are a fucking bad joke.

>> No.72886417

Well with SoB I had that experience.
Made a shitty kitbash from a third party.
Later I found that at some point in my life I bought over 100 metal SoB.
Started repainting them and NuSoB are announced.

>> No.72886418

You are being extremely dishonest and clearly don't play AdMech if you can't see how well their weapons synergize with their rules and already existing Stratagems, let alone any specific ones they might get with EW.

>> No.72886436

is it really that bad? 18 shots that can target characters, -> 12 hits (16 with reroll canticle) -> 2 mortal wounds + 6(8) wounds -> 2(3) unsaved wounds = 4(5) wounds total on average vs power armour.

>> No.72886446

Do you ever feel a little bad about going for something that looks cool on a model, but might not be the most efficient? (eg. Loadout)

>> No.72886472

>start Admech by buying two of the old SCs
>new SC comes out with more shit that I need
This pleases me greatly. Have 20 rangers, now I can start on Vanguards and even make get an extra detachment using the techpriest having a ton of healing capability thrown all over the place so each vehicle has its own personal repairman.

>> No.72886543


Which eldar don't you like? Most of their designs are pretty timeless desu

>> No.72886599

I kind of like the raider dogs just because of the big fat pregame move. The vanguard version seem like utter trash though. Will be picking up a full sqaud of the flame boys day 1 tho. Planes are also a joke especially with the 20pt chaff launcher.

>> No.72886735

So what is with her mouth. It looks like the artist left both an open mouth and closed smile on. Is that supposed to be a chin?

>> No.72886829

The new sisters sculpts have really come a long way in their representation of the progressive values of today.

>> No.72886971

>all those people not noticing the "models"
we're truly in the worst reality

>> No.72887162

>SU Fusion
I despise SU, so no. She was designed with Xeno's necrodermis in mind, along with some influence from multi-limbed Indian deities and well you know, Necron stuff in general.

>> No.72887229

Are Sisters of Battle Fun?

>> No.72888453

>the new Mars rules, which universally get to ignore Heavy anyway.
For one turn, once per game.

>> No.72888476

So are Sicarian Infiltrators just completely outclassed now?

>> No.72888598

Infiltrators are decent, I wouldn't use incursors personally. Infiltrators are great for screening and standing on objectives, and their ability to get auto-wounds on 6's lets them punch a bit above their weight.
Consider the comms array as well if you're using a Captain or Lieutenant in phobos armor. It'll let them reroll 1's to hit or wound respectively, which is pretty handy for a unit that probably won't be anywhere near your HQ's.
However, Infiltrators are expensive so putting them on middle objectives is probably a bad idea. Screening your flanks is a much more responsible use of them.

>> No.72888963

>For one turn, once per game.
Or, you know, you just roll like a normal person. With Cawl it's only a 25% chance not to get it, and with 3 good canticles, it's impossible to get bad ones. You can also reroll the rolls in case you miss.

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