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What went wrong with Age of Sigmar's aesthetics? Why did they veer away from the traditional exagerrated grimness of WHFB/40K and go for a shiny MMO art style?

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they went really cheap when hiring artists, there are some great pieces (pic related imo) but they're drowned in shit

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Because that's what sells now. Bigger armor. Bigger weapons. Bigger thighs.

Compare Warhammer art to fantasy art from the 70s when adventurers were murderhoboing around in just a shirt, belt, and boots.

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That still looks like Diablo art to me.

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Much easier and cheaper to produce generic fantasy stuff

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Left is generic British fantasy, right is generic 2010s fantasy.

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Left is boring cause right is the one with the THIGHS

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I was thinking MTG after timespiral, probably because they commission from the same artist.

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Filters filters filters

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>Millenial virgin first year artschool drawing vs the Digital Chad

Nothing wrong with AoS

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>Nothing wrong with AoS
AoS is soulless and has terrible lore.

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Almost like her character developed huh

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First time I saw pic on the right I thought it was from MTG. The truth was depressing.

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Right has better feet.

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The one on the right just makes me imagine GW jingling keys in front of some zoomers. Or more likely, spinning some fidget spinners.

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Because all fantasy art looks like WoW now.

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They wanted to move AiS away from Tolkien inspired Grimdank and into high fantasy

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Except it is more in line with the colored art of old WHFB in terms of color and stuff in it, so really makes me think it's more to step away from people who were into WHFB near it's death.

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They're targeting the Fortnite demographic.

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>Tolkien inspired
The only thing even slightly Tolkien-esque is the High Elves.

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Hey, this is Cindy from financial, just contacting you because you email - [email protected] - is full? Just letting you know your two cents for two cents (tm) have been deposited!

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I would think they would target the minecraft demographic, what with the giant empty world where you can make your own shit, the lower detail models then the competition and all the place for "here is some shit, make your own lore the way you like"

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Not even. WHF elves are Melniboneans. Even the high elves are race nationalist imperialistic slavers.

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Honestly? AoS just became generic modern fantasy. I'd say part of it is that they decided they wanted to do 'wacky' fantasy races without actually doing anything truly different, so instead of making genuinely interesting of well considered designs, they've been selling their stuff on shallow subversion. "We've got elves, but they're literally trees, isn't that clever!?" "We've got dwarves, but they're in the sky, which is the opposite of the ground, isn't that clever!?"

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>What went wrong with Age of Sigmar's aesthetics?
The complete and utter lack of direction.

WHFB had the direction of being a fantasy setting. It's style and aesthetic were "gatekept" the setting itself, which GW bent and modified to make something truly unique(anyone trying to say that GWs version of orcs isn't the most iconic and influencial portrayal of the race, is out of their minds). And that goes for most aspects.

AoS(so far at least) has no such direction, as it was designed by a studiohead who thought that GW doesn't sell games but "the world's best miniatures". So AoS is deliberately loose, so GW can put anything they want in.
Unfortunately, that resulted in a loss of iconic style, and a lot of products and army designs now look like the kind of ideas that GW competitors used to come up with all the time, just to claim to be "different".

Also, the artwork took a real hit with GW trying to cut costs. Gone are the hugely detailed paintings, like the artwork you'd see in Bretonnia's armybooks or the cover of Calard of Garamont. It's now cheap Chinese digital art, some 19yo drew in 5minutes. You can literally see the broad strokes they use in some paintings and estimate the little time it took to throw that up easily.

The real difference is that back then GW was a couple of neckbeards who did what they personally thought was cool. Nowadays GW is a huge shareholder driven company that does what it does to make cash

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This is depressing to look at. Old Alarielle is so goddamn distinctive, the new one just looks like a random vidya boss. I also find it really discouraging that Alarielle has been written from a fun concept into yet another impassive nature goddess.

Old Alarielle was hilarious. You had hardened Chaos Lords that look like a walking issue of Heavy Metal getting oneshotted by this heart-adorned elf maid who lives in a magical paradise forest and is powered by compassion.

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>anyone trying to say that GWs version of orcs isn't the most iconic and influencial portrayal of the race, is out of their minds
Sadly, I think Warcraft’s portrayal of orcs is more influential.

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AoS is to WHFB what the new Star Wars movies are to the Original Trilogy

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Warcraft's orcs wouldn't exist without Warhammer's. Warcraft was literally intended as a Warhammer game at first.

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In the end, all good things are ruined by capitalism.

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>It's now cheap Chinese digital art, some 19yo drew in 5minutes

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Anon, we already debunked that, because that artwork is made for a mobile game set in AoS

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dont mind me, just posting art

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It went wrong because it's more derived from 40k than WHFB

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>random shit in the fog
>2-3 contrasting colors washing over everything
Ah yes, peak AoS art

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Because people in marketing think its better to tone done the "unique" aspect and instead make some generic-ish mmo-like (wow-like) stuff. So people are like WOW ITS LIKE I PLAY VIDEO GAME BUT WITH ACTUAL TOYS, i mean, MINIATURES!
Also same people do not realise that a careful and intricate work is better than MAKE IT BIGGER SHINIER AND EXPLODIER!
Suck on my chod, modern gw.

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Could you lost post your art already? Draw same character but better, I kinda wanna see it. I can do comic different coloring work of them if anyone wants of course.

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Not bad.
Not bad.

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Anon, you have no fucking taste do you?

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>reeeeee, you don't like this mediocre art!?
>poor taste poor taste
The closest one to being as good as the old stuff GW used to commission is >>72738009
but it's let down by the colouring being not quite up to snuff.

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Anon, you don't ree at mediocre art of old WHFB do you? Then don't ree at new one

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Sure I do. For example, I'd consider most of the art for the WHFB RPGs middling in comparison to a lot of the other stuff associated with the franchise.

You're just asshurt because people aren't heaping praise on this merely alright art.

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Warcraft's orca are literally just Warhammer ones with cringe fluff.

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He's not reeing. He's just saying this art isn't that great. You are the only one here descending into reee territory.

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Well anon, I ask simple thing, I don't shit on art that is better then what I can draw, so I ask that anon to post one of their most recent works, or redoing some WHFB character in their style.

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>you can't criticise art if you aren't an artist!1!!
Great brainlet argument. I'm not a chef either but I still wouldn't eat a shit-flavored pizza

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No, but art critiscs are notably garbage people with no taste as art history shows, so with art it does help when you know how it's done.

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Projection is the name of the game

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>Well anon, I ask simple thing, I don't shit on art that is better then what I can draw
This is the most brainlet of brainlet arguments. Like telling someone that all their criticisms of, say, the recent Star Worse films are irrelevant because they haven't also made an equivalent film.

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>"unique" aspect
Literally doesn't and never did exist. Fantasy was just generic for the decade it came out like AoS is now.

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You just can't replace Smith and Kopinski with some random Chinese kid with a tablet

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>Fantasy was just generic for the decade it came out like AoS is now
Too bad nobody said GW was forced to shit out a completely new setting
Yes, a new game will never be as deep as a decades old one. Thank god GW already had a decades old IP to use for its game

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God I wish Chaos actually had this aesthetic.

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I used to think different factions had different artists. If you check out nighthaunt battletome for example, there are some great grim works. And there’s one showing olynder talking to nagash that looks like old whf. Order artworks are laughable in general, the seraphon ones look like they hired one of those street artists that paint with old cds and paid him with two apples and a pack of m&ms

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>Thank god GW already had a decades old IP to use for its game
Didnt sell, had to be nuked.

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The game didn't sell, the setting sells just fine even today

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The left one would be too generic for basically any fantasy work that isn't specifically trying to appeal with a nostalgic aesthetic.

The right one is intended to be heavily exaggerated and revel in excess. That is entirely the point of the new AOS aesthetic.

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They can however write how it can be done better in a summary....something that those people who critisie them often do.

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I don't even understand why they moved away from it, kids love this kind of brutal and edgy stuff

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Seems like it worked out then. GW went from 1 IP with no sale to 2 IP with sale.

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If they had the same marketing team they have now, whf would be selling more than 40k I reckon. Total war is the closest thing to 7th and 8th edition and is the most plated total war game by far

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Which wasn't the point of the discussion (it's ok for it to be soulless and shallow because it is new)

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That's for sure, just look at DoW

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>Don't ask questions just consume product and then get excited for next products

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Lately I have the feeling they’re backpedaling hard. They’re bringing back more and more named characters from whf. They realized the setting can still bring them money and so far we got alarielle, nagash, archaon, morathi, teclis, eltharion... I wouldnt be surprised if AoS turned out to be a new reskin of every existing faction from whf, which could have been solved the same way they’re reworking 40k ínstead of nuking 20 years of lore and announcing a new oldhammer system 5 years later

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>which could have been solved the same way they’re reworking 40k ínstead of nuking 20 years of lore and announcing a new oldhammer system 5 years later
The change in management is very evident

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Warhammer fantasy had problems well beyond its marketing.

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>alarielle, nagash, archaon, morathi, teclis, eltharion
Anon you know they were there from the start right?

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Yup, they were there from the start.

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That’s my point. Why squat a whole system if you’re going to keep using the same characters and lore? And then bring back whf because “thats what y’all been asking for, see? We hear our customers?”

That’s demagogy, and one of the bad kind at that

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>Why squat a whole system if you’re going to keep using the same characters and lore?
Probably because it's a sequel not an independent new setting.

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Ya, AoS is basically Renesance of warhammer fantasy world, where old technologies and knowledge is rediscovered with new resources helping achieve it.

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I kinda seem like one of those butthurt people that keep complaining about the change from whf to AoS. I’m not really, I didnt play whf back in the day, I dont care what I paint as long as I have stuff to paint. It’s just it saddens me to see a passionate company that put everything into their lore swiftly switch to another generic fantasy setting that only cares about money

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Duardins™ on the shoulders of Gargants™

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>Lately I have the feeling they’re backpedaling hard
Well, I mean, they're literally bringing back The Old World, so of course. GW never understood the strength of their IP or what TW:W would do for it in terms of exposure.

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To be fair, we never had guys like the dudes in the right hand corner of >>72739139
I'd kill for Chaos footsoldiers like that. Not quite Marauders, not quite Chaos Warriors.

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How is Warhammer fantasy less generic than AOS?

Warhammer fantasy was ENTIRELY about money. That was how the competitive scene was constructed. It was so broken players had to actively create their own balance systems. Otherwise GW's famous slow ass release schedule meant the game would stay stagnant for years.

AOS in contrast mostly sells itself as refuge in audacity. Of course they want to make money, and grow the hobby, otherwise they'd have no future. The difference is that they at least vaguely try to make the game less shit.

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>How is Warhammer fantasy less generic than AOS?
Well, it's less generic by being less generic. It does not look like every other thing being shat out by the post-WoW modern fantasy scene. Warhammer was iconic, it started trends and created imitators, whereas AoS follows them.

>Warhammer fantasy was ENTIRELY about money. That was how the competitive scene was constructed.
That's how everything GW makes is constructed. AoS is designed to massively reward playing at the highest possible point value with huge horde armies, and the game is like a mishmash of bad elements from across their systems. That said, none of GW's actively pushed games are very good right now.

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Behold...true soul!

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IMO the right is more aesthetically pleasing but the left is a more charming style. The new one just looks kinda generic but putting it in context, I suppose the old one was generic within its era too while the new one is just modern generic. The more important thing is looking at how they convey the lore
>Queen of the high elves
>Mortal avatar of the elven mother goddess
>Known for her incredible, supernatural beauty
>So powerful that she controls nature itself
And IMO those qualities are better represented by the newer art than by the old, aesthetic considerations aside.

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IMO right doesn't even look like an elf, and doesn't really look like she has any kind of astounding elfin beauty. She looks more like a high priest than a queen, too.

The Everqueen is also less about control over nature and more about having this incredible force of destiny residing in them.

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designers played too much WoW and MTG

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Age of Sigmar is the garbage pit of wargaming ideas.

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>it's another secondary cuck who overrates and gives a fuck about Fantasy after it died

That's not Warmahordes LOL

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I'm glad Fantasy died so it didn't have to turn into what 40k is today.

>> No.72744070

They realized nobody wants to buy shitty modeled faux historical shit so they want for post apocalyptic fantasy and sold thousands

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It's like a trashcan outside a great restaurant. Sometimes an hobo rummages through the half-eaten, rotting garbage, collects a few pieces of what were once delicious gourmet dishes, and then assembles a revolting meal, dreaming of a better life

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Warmahordes actually has great lore. It just has mostly garbage models and mostly garbage players.

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Fug XDDD!!!!!

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damn, nice head of hair mr. bones

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Because Warhammer Fantasy somehow WASN'T made of shallow subversions and one-dimensional cliches in the first place...

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>Warcraft orcs are literally just Warhamer ones with better fluff.
Fixed that for you.

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Literally yes

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Kharadrons are quite well fleshed though. They've done plenty of stuff with them.

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