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based GW advertising bare tiddies edition

Previous thread

>Official AoS website
>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:
>Early Art Database
>Painting Videos
>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>AoS Battletomes
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks

>Thread Question:
When will we get news on the metric ton of Underworlds/Warcry kits coming out?

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Yet more AOS Vidya. Grogs still believe no dev wants to touch AoS lolf.

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>the very first post in a new thread is seething
D-damn grogs btfo h-haha!

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First for Ogres

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Sure, if that makes you happy.

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>When will we get news on the metric ton of Underworlds/Warcry kits coming out?
Well, first we'll need to see an actual release of Morgok's/Morgweath's for Underworlds and Scions for Warcry to round out their respective seasons.
*Maybe* some news this Saturday, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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What will GW call the Sun worshipping goblins when they're released?

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Sunlins, obviously.

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Why didn't they just pic related ( which is fine), and make some dragon, phoenix and lion themed elites?

Who the fuck thought blunt weapons, cows, and stone are Elven themes? The copyright department Im guessing?

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Blazenik Lascarits

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Somethingsomething Frazzlegits, most likely.

I like the whole moongoblins, and sungoblins hating eachother. Its also mentioned in the lore for the wolfrider underworlds gang.

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No, the BASED one

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So i currently have the following:
>Oldblood on Carnosaur
>2x Skink Starpriest
>Terrodon Chieftan
>Engine of the Gods
>20 Skinks with Spears
>20 Skinks with Blowpipes
>5 Chameleon Skinks
>5 Terrodon Riders
>Bastillodon with Solar Engine
>Bastillodon with Ark of Sotek
>10 Saurus Warriors
>Saurus Astrolith Bearer
>5 Saurus Knights

Aside from Lord Kroak being OP as fug and getting a boc of Saurus guard where should a skink heavy list expand on this beyond just a regular Stegadon?

Also fyi Saurus kits suck dick. The worst models i've assembled from the none 40k ranges.

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Eltharion's Rubric model is pretty good too

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They wanted do a new take on them, I think they're pretty cool.
Besides the other element units might have those themes.

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I think it's already confirmed Saturday is just 40k stuff

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why didnt they just go with**

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Elves with hammers are good, actually.

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Well, hope it's neat.

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>Who the fuck thought blunt weapons, cows, and stone are Elven themes?
They are Elven themes. It's the Realmlord's style. Plus are you saying that we can't ever possibly have races even be slightly outside the box and unique?

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what about not-Buddhist monks, or flightless dragons, or angel themed. anything but cows.

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Looks like mobile shit though.

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>haha copyright everything! chapterhouse lmao xd
>VERBNOUN© AELFS™ sound so stupid! also, anyone else remembers mortuary factory?
>why won't they remake GOOD OLD THING like in TOTAL WAR? it was KINO! i don't like new thing, it has no SOUL!

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if you cut off the moo moo horns

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New for its own sake is retarded

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>Plus are you saying that we can't ever possibly have races even be slightly outside the box and unique?

Where did I say that? Theres literally better arguments for 10 to 20 animals that make more sense for Elves to be themed on. Yaks or Bulls are a ridiculous theme for elves.

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Yeah those horns are baffling. I'm more talking about the core-concept of elves smashing things, which people take issue with

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hard mode, don't use any variation of the phrase "because that's not what elves are SUPPOSED to be"

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Why? These are builder elves reclaiming a society, a work animal that can still fight communicates the appropriate kind of strength just fine.

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fuck up retard. you literally can't seem to grasp that for every half a dozen new armies, ones going to be trash.

for every 10/10 idea like Gloomspite or Nighthaunt, there is pure shit like Fyreslayers and LRL.

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Anon your opinion isn't fact. There's nothing inherently wrong with the ox theme.

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The leaked photos of the 2nd weapon variant looks alright. the doublehammer is iffy. especialy with that weird eggshell pattern

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got the pics? haven't seen them yet. Do they come with alternate helmets too?

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A 20x Chamo Skink block is pretty good in Sotek. Also, you are missing a skink priest. Often Kroak, starpriest, priest, and astrobearer will be in your list.

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elves are tall, lean, mysterious, athletic, agile, lightning fast. Bulls and Yaks are not these things. Dragons, hawks, phoenixes, forest lions are though.

Elves animals should somewhat match their character. Think about an Orc on a Boar, a Ogor on a Rhino. A Khorne Warrior on a juggernaught, a plaguebearer on a snail.

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Are you still going on about this?

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yes there is and it's because it's confusing from a design cue / symbology perspective in two different ways:

>cows are already symbolically associated with four chaos factions (beasts of chaos, khorne (esp. juggernauts), slaanesh, legions of azgorh), so associating them with an order faction, especially one based around themes of light and purity is retarded

>cows as an animal are totally un-aelf like. aelves are graceful, beautiful, arrogant, enlightened. aelves militarily are precise, orderly/harmonious and strategic. bovine are almost the exact opposite, being cumbersome and lumbering, and too simple minded to be arrogant, intelligent or enlightened. in terms of how they fend off predators they use brute force and stampede in an uncoordinated and unintelligent manner.

in short, aelves and bovine are almost exact opposites thematically.

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wait until they reveal unicorn-rider Orruks and Giraffe-Dwarfs

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I don't have it, but its still a double hammer, but one head is instead a lump of sharpened crystal to form a pick.

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Well they were made by a fuck up, I wouldn't be surprised if those elves turned out to be elves msot likely to fall to chaos.

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What can we expect this saturday? Besides disappointment i mean

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>Dragons, hawks, phoenixes, forest lions are though.

Only one of those is a real animal.

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Can't wait for new Ogors on Butterflies. And Dwarves on ice dragons.

Its a new take on them guys. Don't you know NEW= GOOD?

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yeah and aelves are a supernatural race so it suits just fine

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> we
its 40k only preview

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its the warhammer 40k 9th edition show anon, we aint getting sheeyit.

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If you play a Death faction, YOU ARE FUCKING BASED

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>Have the correct number of chromosomes
>But new = good
>Add an extra copy of chromosome 21
>I am become downie

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Fuck that's really unfair.

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What's the role of Troggoths in an army where stabbas output like 10x their damage, have more wounds, etc?

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i know

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not be pedantic, but there were forest lions throughout europe.

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Hardly, GW has been pumping out tons of AoS stuff while 40k only got space marine shit

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>elves are
Whoops you failed hard mode. Anyways, something like a yak totally tracks for a bunch of mountain spirit elves. They could have gone for snow leopards, I guess, but that's just doing a white lion with another name. Besides, your examples are all mounts, and - shock - these elves are riding horses.

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And still 40k marines pay the bills anon. Show respect to marines.

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well we kind of got 2 armies previewed, while they just got some character models noone asked for

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To be fair its including the first Necron updates in forever and the sooner the shitshow of 8th ends the better.

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>Elves can only be one thing ever
>Please just remake old models
>It doesn't matter that we already have high elf models
>Change frightens me

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Death is the fedora tipper faction. Sorry.

>> No.72701863

8th ed was a whole mistake.

>> No.72701865

did they not have manes

>> No.72701877

>>It doesn't matter that we already have high elf models
Well, uh about that...

>> No.72701884

Looking cool. You DO buy your models based on looks, right anon?

>> No.72701893

>tons of AoS stuff
Ah, yes. Warbands and 1.5 new armies.

>> No.72701906

And they weren't shock white, nobody braided their manes, and nobody hitched chariots to them.

>> No.72701915

> listing random features on a chart and rolling a D6 to pick them is a valid way to make good models


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What's wrong with 8th ed? I haven't heard many complaints about the meta, in past editions you would hear shit like "riptide spam op", "fish of fury" or "Eldar Dominion". Granted I haven't kept up with the meta

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If I get into Orks, do I have to play 'Ardboyz? I see that Brutes can be Ironjawz battleline, and I like the way they look a lot more.

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I know your politics from this post alone

>> No.72701967

Why is that guy second from the right holding a hilt? bad photoshop?

>> No.72701987

change is good, if the change is good. if you wanted a mountain animal why not go wolf, tahr, eagle, icedragon, random skyserpent OC ( pic related), cougar, snow leopard, fox, reindeer.


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theyre presumable female. you realise how lions hunt right? females hunt, the males chill out.

>> No.72702028

to be honest, I doubt GW is going to show all their cards. I don't expect them to start showing off the 3rd AoS full army they'yre releasing.

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forgot pic

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Retard, though, with no taste. +2 to charge, 6+ aftersave and bodies are the main advantages. Damage output is the same sans champion weapons, so like whatever.

>> No.72702054

keep on brother
keep on

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Not him, but my personal complaints:
Stratagem/CP balance: Many armies that need CP to be used effectively can’t accumulate it while shit like Guard can spam cheap Battalion detachments and drown in it. Stratagems themselves have removed fun and powerful upgrade options from units.
Psychic powers: Psyker phase is boring and spells are either buffs, debuffs, or a marginally better/considerably worse smite. AoS has this problem, too. I personally wish damaging spells had shooting weapon profiles, but the cast roll is the hit roll.
Army power creep: Compare something like Orks or Daemons to Marines, Guard, and Knights.
Soup reliance: Too many armies use soup to pick and choose the most powerful options of their codices of choice with minimal/no penalty.
Poor balancing: If an army doesn’t get any updates in a supplement book, the only balancing that take place is points adjustments, which fails to address why that unit sucks in the first place.

>> No.72702081

You can certainly forgo ardboys, but they give you more bang for your buck than brutes, which can be underwhelming. Ardboys give you lots of bodies, are great objective campers and pretty immovable anvils for your punchier things. But not necessary. Gore grunts lists are great. If you stick with an infantry focus consider at least one large blob of 15-20 brutes

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he literally said none of that. you have zero arguments, so you're strawmanning.

>> No.72702109

Yeah that's more than 40k bud

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you know anon I'm actually on board with that

>> No.72702129

To me, it just isn't fun. Every unit plays the same, every army plays the same, detachment spam CP farm is lame, taking random rules from AoS with no thought to how they might actually be utilized, and replacing USRs that almost never changed to a deck of strategems that changes every 3 months.

7th was a solid(if complex) ruleset that was marred by a bunch of fucked codices. The shit balance in 7th came from the codices, not the actual core rules.

7th wasn't perfect, and needed streamlining badly, but 8th is too much. It's lost too much of the complexity it used to have, and replaced it with gamey mechanics. Those mechanics might appeal to somebody that plays Legue of Legends or something, but not to me so much.

Also, having to buy a new book for your faction every 3 months is getting old fast.

>> No.72702133

New writer took it entirely into a 'balanced for tournaments' fest that got so waac infested it actually had a noticable exodus. Shit sucks man.

>> No.72702145

Oh, and don’t get me started on the detachment system. Every fighting force in the galaxy apparently has the exact same formations.

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>cows are already symbolically associated with four chaos factions (beasts of chaos, khorne (esp. juggernauts), slaanesh, legions of azgorh), so associating them with an order faction, especially one based around themes of light and purity is retarded
Sigmar is literally represented by a bull
You are very narrow minded individual

>> No.72702185

>Sigmar is literally represented by a bull

>> No.72702196

>Sigmar is literally represented by a bull

no, he's represented by the twin tailed comet and ghal maraz

>> No.72702199

"Elves are lithe and haughty" is fine. The argument that "a bunch of stolid zen monk elves living in the mountains would NEVER take on yaks" is dumb, though. The whole point of these dudes is that they're using brute force but are still tall arrogant assholes.

>> No.72702220

brute force is not aelvish in any way

brute force is a dorf thing

>> No.72702229

>Change frightens me
More like
>I don't like seeing the things I like destroyed, replaced and bastardized

>> No.72702248

Last I checked you can still buy phoenix guard, anon

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File: 228 KB, 870x1115, johan-grenier-iron-jaws-vs-blood-bound-color-sketch-13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just think that they should've kept 'Ardboyz with Greenskinz. The armour is too well made.

I was planning on taking 3 units of 10.

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File: 208 KB, 385x400, 1589385165215.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>change is bastardization

Just stop

>> No.72702282

got proof?

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My dudes you should really spend some time reading about other cultures and symbology bovines have a shit ton of associated ideals surrounding them

>> No.72702327

Easy mistake to make, in the Myth of Sigmar "Bull" refers to one of the chaos gods (unspecified which one) which cucks Sigmar during the age of Chaos

>> No.72702331

Post the pointing rat.

>> No.72702332

How is it not Aelvish to commune with the spirits of the mountain and taking on their aspects through decades of training and monastic fervor?

>> No.72702342

get the fuck out that's a single line compared to actual models and pages of lore

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I actually like the Mountain Yak theme. But for Ogors, or wintery Ironjawz, or StD basic humans, or Dwarves ( either normal or chaos).

>> No.72702376

>How is it not Duardinish to commune with the spirits of the Hashut and taking on their aspects through decades of training and monastic fervor?

>> No.72702377

because theres much better mountain animal spirits lol. next shit argument please.

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no, YOU post it

>> No.72702395

Only PG and they are a different army altogether.

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File: 49 KB, 933x552, 81FB19A3-AA4F-46E2-9833-CBAB710C4292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>yaks are dumb

Is not an argument.

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File: 87 KB, 736x1259, Pelt Elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goats are out because of the chaos association, but that leaves us with large cats, birds of prey, and even bears. I think Wolves live in mountains too?

>> No.72702445

What of Hashut’s teachings are the Lumineth taking? Are you honestly incapable of analyzing something beyond its physical appearance? You do know Bovines have a lot of symbolism in them?

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Since i died of corona, nagash has ressurected me from my stormcast ways.

Im now an Ossiarch

>> No.72702464

It’s feels over reals at this point just let them shitpost

>> No.72702475

wow i bet you felt smug posting that

find a new dopamine source you cavedweller

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> Heres your 2nd wave of Lumineth minis, bro

>> No.72702489

>Stratagem/CP Balance
>Balancing is just points adjustments

Necrons are especially hurt by these. Honestly killed my desire to ever play 40k again this edition Also my local AoS group is way less spergy

>> No.72702491

ok, but you are one of the goofy grinning skeleboys that service the Mortek Crawler

>> No.72702504

> company picked a bad theme for an army
> somehow this isn't an argument

>> No.72702505


no actually i got shafted with mortuary factory duty :(

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File: 51 KB, 489x723, Axe Lion Elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly that'd be great. Lion elves are cool, why not tigers?

>> No.72702515

No I felt quite confused as to why you got mad that the RPG literally says one of Sigmars aspects is a heavenly bull. As if Sigmar isn’t already the pagan fusion dance of Zeus, Odin, Thor, Jesus, and several other pantheonic heads

>> No.72702532

I'm almost impressed at how badly some anons got anally annihilated by the aelf bulls.

>> No.72702568

This is the future grogs unironically want

>> No.72702572

>bad theme

The fact that you don't like yaks doesn't make your argument valid. Facts don't care about your feelings.

Thusly, not an argument.

>> No.72702589

Because you dumb fuck, every god has countless aspects because the realms are endless and contain countless cultures and blah blah blah

Yet in spite of all of that, a single range will never be as wild and varied as the realms are supposed to be, so appealing to crazy realm shit in order to depart from established factional design cues is just a bullshit excuse.

>> No.72702594

i think its more shitposting and having fun. i really don't think there was every that many people that played high elves.

>> No.72702595

Dick around with it and see what works. I always took a few units of 5 and then one mondo unit of 15 with spears, but it's been a while since I've played. Godspeed ya git

>> No.72702596

My 40k group is my AoS group. We’re all friends from elementary/middle/high school. I feel lucky to have them compared to other people who just have to take what they get at the LGS.

>> No.72702603

this but unironically

>> No.72702608

Honestly I prefer the unending malding to the literal lies we had to put up with when people didn’t like thing back in 2015

>> No.72702610

Dunno I'd imagine that Camo Skinks would be better in blocks of 5-10. You'll get the cover bonus a lot easier since depending on your terrain getting 20 models in cover could be difficult. In addition since they'll probably be sneaking around I don't really know if you'd even be in range of any heroes for buffs and the Sotek command ability. Sure 20 of them can easily snipe a useful hero to death, but unless you're in cover they'll likely all die the next turn, and 20 of them are 360 points.
I suppose that using them as backline ranged support like a regular ranged unit would solve this, but at that point I think a block of 40 regular Skinks would do more damage if fully buffed.

>> No.72702616

> subvert your expectations and pic a random animal as the theme

i don't think grogs want that

>> No.72702630

>A single throwaway line is equivalent to actual, sculpted miniature ranges and long established lore

no, just no

>> No.72702676

Who was the King of Broken Constellations?

>> No.72702678

Anyone else think some of the more armoured kharadron models would make great base models for chaos dorfs?

>> No.72702691
File: 217 KB, 1024x768, 35D26973-4A84-43DC-81D8-417C63A52805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anon: Because you dumb fuck, every god has countless aspects because the realms are endless and contain countless cultures and blah blah blah
>Also Anon: >>72702149
>cows are already symbolically associated with four chaos factions (beasts of chaos, khorne (esp. juggernauts), slaanesh, legions of azgorh), so associating them with an order faction, especially one based around themes of light and purity is retarded

Big think

>Yet in spite of all of that, a single range will never be as wild and varied as the realms are supposed to be, so appealing to crazy realm shit in order to depart from established factional design cues is just a bullshit excuse.
What even is this argument at this point? You mean established stereotypes and tropes? Cliches? Why are you so mad that you are narrow minded?

>> No.72702750

>Bulls have never been anything but EVIL
>Sigmar is literally described as a heavenly bull in line with his Zeus theme in the RPG that fleshes out the Age of Sigmar Setting
>Lol not real

This is an impressive level of cope and anti work building to soothe your feels

>> No.72702829

I think "ice" themed anything is turbo gay, but I'd buy ogres on butterflies in a god damn heartbeat

>> No.72702842
File: 132 KB, 1200x1200, C92xdY1VwAI-bT3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i feel like the Fyreslayer characters definitely have a chaos dwarf vibe, but the infantry doesn't.

What kharadron minis are you looking at converting?

>> No.72702855

it takes no effort to write a single bit of a line on paper

it takes a lot more effort to have long established ranges that incorporate a bull theme

you wouldn't even know of the sigmar bull thing but for reading an obscure book outside the purview of the normal game , whereas you can know the visual association between the ranges i mentioned just by looking at them

you conveniently ignored this bit because you're just trolling at this point
>Yet in spite of all of that, a single range will never be as wild and varied as the realms are supposed to be, so appealing to crazy realm shit in order to depart from established factional design cues is just a bullshit excuse.

>> No.72702894

I'd shit a brick over desert/jungle elves

>> No.72702895

>he doesn't want insectoid horror ogors who feast to give life to the hive
>he doesn't want Dwarfs harvesting the power of ice dragons to power their coldfire engines of war
Shit taste my man.

>> No.72702930
File: 353 KB, 2612x1518, cavalry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those are some derpy horses

>> No.72702933
File: 61 KB, 504x573, B7628DD0-2ADF-4A84-8DFD-113E1B5CE134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So got it not real or at all in line with the themes established by Sigmar already cool. Not only are you moving goalposts from an argument of a lorelet but your also completely disregarding canon

Nice to know this meme is still relevant.

Remember when I asked if you were capable of analyzing anything beyond it’s physical appearance? Autism must suck desu

>> No.72702942

go vote for mandatory HIV contraction or some other pozzed shit you massive faggot

>> No.72702953


its a drumstick

>> No.72702964

>wow i found 1 exception among 99 cases that go against me, that meant I win!


>> No.72702972

Nah the horses look fine, most miniatures are pretty bad at showing how horses actually look when going fast.

>> No.72702997

I’m a fucking sucker for ice themed anything. But proper ice theme, something like the Mawtribes/BCR doesn’t really fit the specifics of what I look for in ice themes, but they’re great nonetheless.

>> No.72703034

>99 cases that go against me
When in age of sigmar lore is it argued that Sigmar isn’t represented by a Bull? Have you ever read anything regarding Mesopotamian mythology? Or Greek? It’s a couple of Interesting themes in there. I never seen someone so mad to be stupid this is pretty weird

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File: 56 KB, 334x360, 1587923627564.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72703080

How are you this thickheaded?

I don't need to disprove your one exception, I just need to present the overwhelming support for the rule

>> No.72703088

are ogors fun to play? any glaring internal balance issues (great/shit units)? I like the idea of an army that's a small count of big monster lads crackin' skulls but how functional are they in practice

>> No.72703093

No you don’t have to do either of those considering the foundation of your argument is literal autism

>> No.72703108

and now he acknowledges hes lost

>> No.72703154

I was trying to win? Im not gonna argue your feelings bro I’m not your therapist or your mother

>> No.72703164


anon you're literally nitpicking one bit of one line and nothing else over years of models and lore to say that bulls aren't associated with chaos

if that's not autism i dont know what is

>> No.72703220

His literal argument began with its retarded and impossible for a bovine to be associated with anything not chaos and wondering why GW did it. As if there isn’t countless cultures irl that associate Bovines with sacred deity and protector guardians. GW is literally taking that aspect of bovines and applying it here. His argument is one dimensional autistically devoted to literally only physical appearances and devoid of any form of ration analysis to support his feels. I don’t even care that he doesn’t like it that’s one hundred percent fine but his arguments is as irrational and explosive as his feelings

>> No.72703230
File: 2.65 MB, 1340x958, fucktaxes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're crazy fun, surprisingly fast, lots of little combos, internal balance is actually really good, almost no objectively bad units. They're in a very good spot as of right now.

>> No.72703251

>impossible for a bovine to be associated with anything not chaos

no you dumb fuck i said the predominant association was with chaos so it didnt make sense

you're so far up your ass you've never heard of inductive logic

>> No.72703276

>are ogors fun to play?
Absolutely yes. They are a big train of fat and muscle. And they play like that.
>any glaring internal balance issues (great/shit units)?
Gluttons have the most focus in the Gutbuster (walking Ogre) half of the tome. I don't think there are units that are particularly shit except maybe things like Gorgers and Yeti. Man-eaters don't really have a role but they are serviceable.
>I like the idea of an army that's a small count of big monster lads crackin' skulls but how functional are they in practice
Very. They are easy to play and easy to have good results with. They also have a few lists that can place well at tournaments.

>> No.72703299

Sick. I like the gimmick of the hungry/eating buffs, and how different command traits interact with that, and they seem like they have some cool unit gimmicks and decently fun monsters, so I was hoping they weren't crap. Way too many fun ideas for a 40k army got stopped up by 'oh that army's shit' or 'that army's good, but the units you want to use are shit'

>> No.72703317

>the predominant association was with chaos so it didnt make sense
I haven't responded to any of this before, but if a symbol is used by another thing, does that it can't be used again in another way? So for example, Tzeentch is associated with birds, does that mean that no one else can have birds? Or Khorne is the blood god, does that mean that other factions can't have anything to do with blood?

>> No.72703327

As long as I’m not far enough up my ass to purposely be narrow minded and disregard lore I’m having a great time enjoying the setting with our malding over a cow

>> No.72703331


>approving new medications for cancer
>99% of studies say its safe
>1% of studies say there are mild sideeffect
>this makes the drug unsafe

this is what you are arguing

>> No.72703349

dude seriously. in the last few months aos has gotten two new armies and multiple units for warcry and underworlds which will obviously find their way into the core game. 40k has had pretty much fuck all lately, this is to be expected

>> No.72703357

the exact problem is that you're narrowminded

you only want to look at your one bit of one line from one book and nothing else

>> No.72703364

Not entirely true, anon. Males are often brought in by the females to take down the larger prey animals and hold them, or to drive hyenas and other predators away so the they can steal kills.

>> No.72703366

Thank god you didn’t pick a retarded food analogy and instead a picked a retarded medical one that’s rare

>> No.72703376
File: 87 KB, 920x950, Khandish Horsemen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those are genuinely bad miniatures, don't defend them

>> No.72703384

Oh shit you got me it’s cute how you keep missing the point

>> No.72703386

Ogres are really good in the fact that while there are some clear winners in the tome even the less powerful units can still be perfectly useful. Like, for example, leadbelchers and ironblasters are clearly inferior to big blocks of Gluttons, but you are not handicapping yourself if you want to play a few of them, and even a list focused on those with the gunpowder tribe can still be pretty fun to play and have good results even if you won't reach first place in a tournament.

>> No.72703387
File: 1.75 MB, 984x1211, 1558909366708.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blessed by double dubs, come home ogorbro.

>> No.72703395

why is there no troll army? shit setting

>> No.72703398

>buying hand sanitiser
>says it kills 99% of germs
>oh shit i guess it doesn't work

>> No.72703409
File: 158 KB, 490x436, 1559739440295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There literally is...

>> No.72703436

There are no trolls. We get trogs instead

>> No.72703442

you didnt have one to begin with, because you deliberately chose to replace what i wrote with your headcanon about what i wrote

>> No.72703444

since when are those exclusive?

>> No.72703451

See the last thread

>> No.72703465

Meant for>>72703299

>> No.72703475

do you think generalisations and trends can't be argued from anon?

>> No.72703529


>> No.72703535

Wow, another mobile game. Surely this will appeal to general audiences. It'll probably be bigger than Total War!

>> No.72703568

Mobile games usually are. You can say what you want about them but they don't lack player base.

>> No.72703609

>BOLS trigger warning
GHB 2020 coming soon.

>> No.72703616

Totally agree with you.
I'll add in stuff like gunline armies and alphastrike making melee centric armies a chore to play as.
Also how high Str is considerably cheaper than high Tgh or good Saves, so armies can plasma-spam and to counter it your own model-count needs to drop considerably.
I play Custodes in 40k and I don't enjoy the game as much as I do playing my Skaven for AoS.

>> No.72703712

the admiral and grunstock thunderers

Have to get rid of backpacks and helmets for a start

>> No.72703753

>going to BOLS so we don't have to
Based pariah anon.

>> No.72703755

Don’t forget that falling back usually has its penalty negated so if you charge someone, they’ll lose a couple of models and then blast you away once they run.

>> No.72703762

"Soon" is relative, we had the shipping manifesto of Sons of Behemat many months ago, I think even in 2019. All that is showing is that it's coming out, which everyone could already tell

>> No.72703901

True, I forgot Fly keyword essentially lets that happen, yeah.
I think why I like AoS more is that it isn't a shooty gun using game (for the most part) and whilst there are archers in most armies, melee is the main method to fight and the Fight phase is for me the most fun aspect of this game.

>> No.72704175

>pier to pier
that MUST be a joke

>> No.72704185


yeh it might not come out till 2021

>> No.72704193

damn did LoN fall down

>> No.72704322
File: 154 KB, 512x768, 1589941129685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much longer is the GW website going to be down?

>> No.72704344

So why even come here? Play Fantasy and stay in /wfg/, you're just trying to make yourself angry.

>> No.72704377

Better than the bone picking dickboy.

>> No.72704393

just look at the global site

or did you need to order something?

>> No.72704396

The hammers make sense in regards to Vaul the elven god of the forge or someshit but yeah cows and stone worship is not elven.

>> No.72704408

can't argue with the signs. It's ogor time, boys! Honestly it looks like you can do a lot of meta shit and also just a ton of goofy shit, like the six-shot pistols on a Tyrant with the Giantbreaker big name for shockingly big shootin' against monsters

>> No.72704546

i play ogors most of the time, they're a blast. one of my favorite things to do is spend like 400 points on leadblechers and field em in 2 man units and just send them off to every corner of the earth. each unit is 8 wounds so it takes a little muscle to put down, and they go in so many different directions that they are impossible to nail down . its the goofiest shit ever, constantly keeps people guessing, and if i run them in underguts, they get to help out their buddies even if they're half a table away with that 18" range

>> No.72704571
File: 79 KB, 515x281, Soulbound-Logo-Web-515x281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Premade characters for soulbound

>> No.72704804
File: 8 KB, 251x249, 1566524435579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys is it bad that I'm falling in love with the aesthetic and lore of the fyreslayers?

>> No.72704822

sure, come out of the closet

>> No.72704827


Price increases soon

>> No.72704857
File: 726 KB, 1536x2048, E36C947F-7448-4436-B687-6A9DAADAB898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post your dudes, bonus points for warlord pics

Here’s my, almost finished, Ygnimorti Xaranos, Chief Liege-Kavalos of the Crematorians.

>> No.72704881

>We’re pleased to say our factory in Nottingham has resumed operation, and after a two-month hiatus* new releases are set to return, available to pre-order from May 30th, with new models landing on shelves/at your door from June 6th.

fucking finally

>> No.72704890
File: 94 KB, 843x528, c3c90076fb783f42bec34c46b74f403c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah, they have a neat warrior priest vibe going. their models could use a bit more pose variety but they arent the shit show the shit posters make them out to be. a lot of it will come down to the paint scheme, painting them in the bare flesh studio scheme is about the worst thing you could do.

pic is not mine, but it does show a different scheme you could do that doesnt make them look like toddlers

>> No.72704926
File: 834 KB, 1920x1255, 1589119745144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody else think AoS has a good playerbase specifically because the autistic grogs who can't adapt to change got filtered out when Fantasy died? WHFB players tend to be absurdly bitter and hateful, 40Kids tend to be way more spergy, but AoS Chads are usually pretty cool people.

>> No.72704935

Fuck me so many things being increased

Well as if I didnt have enough enough reason to order from poland

>> No.72704949

What are some good warhammer youtube channels, not just battle report channels though?

>> No.72704992

You're just inviting animosity and hostility with this post.

>> No.72704996
File: 44 KB, 640x640, 1590007644223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every time this happens I'm always angered but I still buy this shit.

>> No.72705000

Guess I’ll be buying my Leviadon and Eidolon sooner than I thought.

>> No.72705017

i've noticed that yeah, and the more simplified rule system and list building goes a long way to not filtering out and gate keeping fun casual players who would otherwise not bother with something that requires hours of minutia with individual points for models and wargear, hard enforced wysiwyg on a model to model basis, complex wheeling manuevers and movement trays that make terrain difficult to use, overly involved hero building and magic phases and leadership rules, comparative SvsT charts, and of course the shorter length of games overall, with full 2k games taking on average and hour and a half to 2 hours

this is what brought a lot of people in. that and the updated sculpts. cool new kits are a great lure for newer players

>> No.72705025

I like majorkill, tho he is an Australian shitposter and not to everyone’s taste.

>> No.72705050

So, is everything in that list going up soon? Is that the idea?

>> No.72705059

Factory's back online. Looks like we'll be able to get our cow elves soon.

>> No.72705095

already posted dummy

>> No.72705133
File: 27 KB, 700x420, BasedFantasyGrog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72705137

They’re warrior monk Warhammer dwarfs what’s not to love

>> No.72705145

>endless spell price hikes
>hiking the price of china plastic not even a year old

they just get bolder lmao

>> No.72705172

They're actually what got me into the game so I get it, but unfortunately after some time I really started to dislike the troops. The heroes are all amazing though, especially the magmadroth. Hell go get one just to paint, such a good model.

>> No.72705190

i mostly just watch the bat rep channels. GMG and rerolling 1s are the best. rerolling 1s puts a lot of work into their funny skits and their videos and genuinely the best bat reps i've watched. not overly long, a fun sense of the narrative and wild dice results, great model painting standards and fun personalities.

GMG is mostly just the same 2 guys, he hasnt had other guests on that i've seen, but he does super detailed breakdowns of battletome releases and they generally try to talk about some of the stronger lists in addition to just running fun games. also high model quality standard and not overly long game lengths

>> No.72705196

GW showing its true face yet again.

>> No.72705221

I like how they call it "adjustments" as if a single one of those will actually go DOWN in price.

>> No.72705225

Really makes you think

>> No.72705233

He used to be pretty fun to listen too, but he became very ”tryhard cringe” at some point as he grew, his persona feeling forced.
Still watch now and then though

>> No.72705239

Cheers for sharing, anon.
Any new archetypes in that zip?
The chargen in Soulbound isn't the hardest, you don't get piles of xp for skills (it's usually best to just get a few Lv.1s and maybe bump your Core skill to Lv.2 depending on the xp you got) and then it's just pick a few Talents and you're done essentially.
For me I made a cheatsheet listing the skills and what attribute they belong to along with most of the Talents and where they synergise with on notepad.
Also going to link this video from some youtuber who decided to make a Saurus for the rpg.

>> No.72705241

The fucking audacity, lmao.
And there’s already people simping on social media, don’t worry.

>> No.72705249

>can't filter by system/faction
well fuck, I'm not going through 40 pages
I hope some sufficiently enraged autist makes a list

>> No.72705274
File: 301 KB, 1262x1294, darklingcovenssweat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my webstore exclusive dark elves aren't on the list

>> No.72705275

Could have something to do with pound dropping in value and country they base their operation in being a bit on a shit end of crisis.

>> No.72705277

Since picking up the rpg I really like the Doomseeker archetype and got into their lore more from there.
You're not alone, anon.

>> No.72705298

GW is absolutely swimming in money, they bragged about it with the bonuses and everything. They could easily still run a profit with the same prices but no, the guys in charge need a new yacht.

>> No.72705306

They are like group of purpose seeking dwarfs aren't they? So basically opposite of slayers but about as desperate.

>> No.72705320

Oh ya that is true, but also it doesn't help their value dropped quite a bit recently due to whole GB being full of daft politics thing.

>> No.72705328

I quite like 2+ Tough, though they do mostly their takes on the lore for AoS.

>> No.72705329

Nah, I like their weird blend of warrior monk conviction and utterly mercenary behavior, the fact that gathering gold is literally a religious act for them to the point it's a huge breach of societal expectations to do anything for free is kind of fun

>> No.72705338

It's never gone down.

>> No.72705368

bold move considering no ones got any money to spend and one of their biggest cash cows (US) is currently sporting depression levels of unemployment as the govt has completely dropped the ball on stimulus/aid

>> No.72705375

Seconding GMG.
Decent battreps, reviews supplements as they come up and at whilst I'm averse to the quick-paced talk over rolls (making it hard to catch exactly what's getting rolled and what the difficulty is), Ash at least knows the rules unlike the hacks at MWG.

>> No.72705404

Surprised no one has mentioned Rerolling Ones. Fun batreps.

>> No.72705414

Nevermind. Just saw he wanted channels with more than batreps.

>> No.72705422
File: 11 KB, 683x94, iSM22Jj[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am vomit

>> No.72705425


>> No.72705441

Those sort of people only happen in U.S. I assume? Never seen anyone who plays warhammer say something like that.

>> No.72705447

To a degree certainly. Look at the absolute wankers who tried to make The 9th Age their spitegame of choice. Thats a lot of no fun allowed waacfags who think games exist only to be tournament games just excised like a bad growth.

>> No.72705476

This is still true
>inb4 Kickstarter

>> No.72705480

US and UK, as far as I'm aware. Plenty of 40k-related normiebook groups are full of them.

>> No.72705481

US player here, no one in the US who plays talks like that. those guys are either payed shills or social media seagulls who just say things to garner clicks, likes and shares.

they're like the social media eras version of the 2 second talk show plug. they go to as many places they can post as possible, throw out a quick opinion or puff take, and then farm the reactions

>> No.72705492

I want someone to just comment “Simp.” On there and watch the fireworks.

>> No.72705550

>started LoN army
>bought a bunch of old shit from someone, some things off Ebay and now have a very substantial base of like 1400 points for like 150 (Canadian dollars)
feels good, I'll buy a few things new like SCs and a mortarch but buying the entirety of a new army new is just dumb

>> No.72705619

>Your comment was removed for not complying the rules of Bay Area 40k Fans Facebook group

>> No.72705641

Ah true, they are the frogposters of facebook.

>> No.72705655

He is pretty bad at the game though. They play pretty bad lists most of the time and just make weird moves. Like Ash tends to only walk up and smash, not playing the objectives at all.

Also, his opinions/predictions on what things are sometimes really off. He does catch the obvious things, but he hypes up a bit of really bad shit as well.

That said, his batreps are chill. Just don't think about them too much. Good if you want to watch some dice rolled.

>> No.72705669

is it just me or are AoS miniatures painted worse than most of the 40k ones.
Is there like Eavy Metal b-team that does them?

>> No.72705789

It's not letting me see the list. Where can I find it?

>> No.72705805

The pound dropping in value makes GW profits higher, not lower. A value being lower is a good thing for export, bad thing for import.

>> No.72705815

Mr Mephisto

>> No.72705821

It's literally the shop's list, not a distinct list.

>> No.72705837

No like it's not even showing me anything. Has it not been updated in the US yet?

>> No.72705839

>back boris's meme corona plan and engineer brexit to crash pound
>raise prices a bit
>make a killing off americans and their trump bucks

sasuga gw

>> No.72705872

Sure makes Warcry/WHU more appealing.

>> No.72705896

I dislike simps like that but for fuck sake, GW raises price almost every year. Why everytime there has to be an huge fake outrage? We already know that those price drops don't make anyone actually drop the game, so why feign outrage only to go back to GW like battered wives?

>GW is greedy
Holy fucking shit great revelation there

>> No.72705913

Its 449 out of 813 products. I can access it just fine putting my stuff to murica.


>> No.72705932

The only thing I don't like about them is the sculpts, they're too samey. Aesthetic and lore-wise they're great.

>> No.72705950

I was able to get it. Thanks.

>> No.72705952

I clicked your link and it’s still 38 pages.

>> No.72705984

>Its 449 out of 813 products
Yes cunt, because like I said its over half their shop getting a priceincrease, fucking burgers.

>> No.72706044
File: 70 KB, 1024x768, 1574077608037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Does anybody else think AoS has a good playerbase specifically because the autistic grogs who can't adapt to change got filtered out when Fantasy died?
I want to say no, but the great filter is real, though it's not the players in a general sense as much as the obsessed fags that get attached to an often superficial and erroneous understanding of the setting with what can only be described as religious devotion
these are predominantly secondaries, because hobbyists in general are used to change, but not always, there are also those that autistically use the lore as a form of identity or escapism, of all the fucking things they could choose from, and end up taking change as a personal attack.

aos is simply too young for this kind of shit, its freshness and still unsteady ground disorients the autistic fags, but it will get there.

>> No.72706094

by how much are they increasing them?

>> No.72706142

>obsessed fags that get attached to an often superficial and erroneous understanding of the setting with what can only be described as religious devotion
>these are predominantly secondaries,
Literally described my friends that HATE AoS but LOVE WHFB. Most are secondaries with only 1 being truly invested in the lore for a long time, no hobby though.

>> No.72706191

So basically anything that didn't get increased las time. Gotcha. What a shit move.

>> No.72706208

Looks really cool, anon, though I'd put a bit more work on the flame ghost. The rest of the model looks great.

>> No.72706219

Very good post. Lorekids are cancer.

>> No.72706270

Because it's not fake. I doubt anyone is happy about having to pay more for the same things. Wether this price increase makes you leave the hobby or not is another matter, but it sure as hell makes me have to buy less because my earnings don't increase like their prices.

>> No.72706294

>retards don't understand what inflation is
Prices need to go up for GW to stay afloat

>> No.72706316

Then why don't my wages increase too?

>> No.72706385

Tick tock

>> No.72706413

If your outrage doesn't change your behaviour then it's fake.

>> No.72706556

Imagine being this retarded.

>> No.72706593

If you look close there's Sisters of Battle shit on there.


Also: $40 beast of nurgle on there...1 fucking model, most of it's hollow...jack the price up.

>> No.72706614

That kit was already overpriced as hell, what the fuck.

>> No.72706626

Any of you guys tried to make rules for anything like WHFRP's sin mechanic into Soulbound?

>> No.72706736

Maybe they're bringing the price down rather than up on that one. Otherwise what the fuck

>> No.72706790
File: 1.33 MB, 498x351, ffae39edd1928c5657339bbb005f47d9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Maybe they're bringing the price down

>> No.72706799

>Maybe they're bringing the price down
oh you

>> No.72706801

I really hope so, but don't count on it.

>> No.72706802


>> No.72706815

GW can't legally reduce price on products because of the investors. It's the reason they do a lot of shit that result in prices being brought down in practice whitout actually reducing it. Like with start collecting or with the Stormcast boxes going from 5 for 40€ to 10 for 50€.

>> No.72706822
File: 331 KB, 1196x1079, 6D1759C3-3C94-4C0B-9839-B32FB7DEEFD8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Maybe they're bringing the price down rather than up on that one

>> No.72706843

Capitalism is a disease.

>> No.72706858
File: 12 KB, 478x348, -.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's this then?

>> No.72706906

What is a lorekid?

>> No.72706920

I think so. I have no source for this, but I remember hearing that one of their older CEOs or some higher up told shareholders/investors that they'd never lower prices or something, and that's one of the reasons why they don't have flat holiday discounts or anything either.

>> No.72706930

Someone who religiously watch the explained by an australian lore videos

>> No.72706953

Did Start Collecting boxes go up?

>> No.72706980

Last time. This is unironically gonna make several of them better deals, like they were before the last hike, but hell.

>> No.72706992

As an Australian I distinctly dislike those vids

My nationality isn't some quirk to parade out for view

>> No.72706998

Yeah, didn't think I could see them in the list.

Makes army building a bit easier, just stack up on the SC boxes...

>> No.72707025

ebay+SCs to start a faction, fuck buying everything new

>> No.72707067

the prices are going up by what? like £5 in most cases?

not great but atleast GW are open and honest about price increases while most other companies say nothing and just cry about interest rate when confronted about it.

>> No.72707086

99% of GW video games are complete shit.

>> No.72707100

Remember when you could pick up bits on ebays and get a whole box set for $10-$20? I got the entire screaming bell box over a couple weeks for $12. Man those were the days.

>> No.72707114


yeh but the screaming bell retailed for $15 back then and houses cost $10k

>> No.72707120

>GW are open and honest about price increases

>> No.72707127

most of ebay warhammer has gotta be a money laundering front
aa-wargames is where I go

>> No.72707133


or recasts

>> No.72707178

My guy does Nurgle Beasts for $10 and Witch Aelves with double bodies(so you can build both options) for $21.

>> No.72707194

So (((Investors))) are a cancer to our society and should be exiled like the last 110 times?

>> No.72707196
File: 750 KB, 1080x1080, 20200521_201806.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72707207


You know which was the most influential game of the decade?

Clash of clans.

Mobile games make a gigantic portion of the pie. Just that the rest of the smaller slice are faaaar more loud.

>> No.72707208

>recast resin witch elves
Jesus christ the horror

>> No.72707220

>My guy
gib info

>> No.72707228

They actually did it for the Ironjawz megaboss. He's down an euro... the rest are increases. Hefty ones.

>> No.72707277
File: 75 KB, 301x341, olokadat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought about investing my entire life saving at the time when GW went public trading, and if I had and cashed out today I would be a multimillionaire.

>> No.72707299

Guess what you didn't, so you get to be like all these other's, "Awww man, I could have invested in this back then." fags.

At least you don't get exiled now though :)

>> No.72707303

>Clash of clans.
Dead and forgotten. Hardly influential unless you count the million other reskins no one cares about.

>> No.72707342

Yup, still I should have gone with my gut.

>> No.72707343

how long is this anime at this point

>> No.72707354

>A game with an active playerbase of 32.6 million players.

>> No.72707386

Mobile games being the most popular form of playing video games doesn't work with his narrative so we all need to ignore it. Sheesh anon, it's like you don't even know how this works!

>> No.72707438

>GW increased prices again
>Old ugly zombies are on the list, with a mold that is 1000 years old and has paid for itself 9000 times over
There is no fucking excuse.
Anyone defending any of this is a GW shill

>> No.72707448

And yet it faded away in the western popular culture. And still, bean popular doesn't mean being influential.

>> No.72707460

>the prices are going up by what? like £5 in most cases?
This is what they said the last 3 times they raised prices by £5.
Fuck off

>> No.72707489


freddo used to cost 5p now its almost a pound 10 years later

>> No.72707493


>> No.72707513
File: 5.88 MB, 4608x3456, 6thbox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me
>play legacy armies like CoS and Elves in WHF
>my whole collection and wanted future models are all available second hand
>Not affected by price increases
Last thing I had to buy that was AoS specific was a herdstone.

>> No.72707533
File: 722 KB, 2000x1000, zombies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone actually buy GW zombies? every player i know uses the mantic kit, which is cheaper and better

>> No.72707538

>5p now its almost a pound 10 years later
I don't speak unitedkukdom.
What is that is real money?

>> No.72707564

I don't understand mantic.
They make the best zombies and ghouls ive ever seen, and 100% of the rest of their range is complete dog shit. Did their zombie designer die?

>> No.72707582

Went back to do some math, the dire wolves alone would've been almost 100 bucks bought new

>> No.72707583

You could've just made your own, if you're determined to not give GW any money. It's one of the easiest things to scratchbuild too.

>> No.72707585

I would like to say those squares look better than the rounds

>> No.72707599

I hope they update the freeguild models to look like that art. Poofy sleevs and baggy pants are much better than the stupid skin tight pajamas.

>> No.72707625

I don't mind giving GW money, I support the game if it's good.
I'll spend full retail on IoB or a boxed set because the value is there and they are usually good sets. For example I don't want to spend $90CAD on a celestant prime that is just a bigger stormie with a bit of shit under his feet
not that I'd ever buy SCE anyway

>> No.72707633

I mean the mantic bases actually have some minimal effort put into them. The GW bases seem to be just a technical paint.

>> No.72707634

I have 60, I even play them.

>> No.72707645

>>Not affected by price increases
the price of second hand will adjust to the hike too

>> No.72707666

Fucking Brutes are getting a price hike? Really?

>> No.72707669
File: 88 KB, 983x983, ep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some of them did look like that

>> No.72707677

Fair enough. I was just throwing that out there since you seemed to like the oldschool elements. The hardstone is a really nice sculpt and kit though. I'll need to either kitbash or convert one to use as a Fane of Slaanesh since I can't use the actual stone with my slaangors.

>> No.72707685

I think i bought a box like 20 years ago when i was 12 to kitbash with catachans to make plague zombies

>> No.72707688

i think they have several sculptors on hand who's quality is highly variable. some kits are great, some are aweful, some are inbetween. their newer stuff is getting better though, like that whole northmen arctic warrior release. i mean look at their newer chaos dwarf infantry box vs their older ones and its night and day

like any company, they are getting better at what they do over time as they are both able to recruit better artists and as the artists they already had improve over time.

also, with the advent of zbrush becoming much more user friendly (tools like zremesher, dynamesh, sculptris pro mode, etc) and ultra cheap 3d printers (i got mine for 300 usd, prints at such a resolution that you cant see layers when painted with no post processing), sculptors can now bang out a mini in record time and print a prototype right then and there to look at, and the program getting easier to use means more people are using it so theres a larger talent pool to draw from

another thing thats coming about is miniature collections and armies that dont have a distributor. you buy the files for a squad or model and print them your self. a lot of them are super high quality too

>> No.72707690

not the target audience

>> No.72707692

Sylvaneth SC is going to be great value again, everything in that box is on the list.

>> No.72707706

I find not. Second hand fluctuates with power level of the actual models unless it's a rare model.
For example there was a time that skyfires were worth a lot more 2nd hand than they are now.

>> No.72707714

I know. The last update to state troops and handgunners was a direct downgrade in every way, at least in terms of sculpts and designs.

>> No.72707721
File: 231 KB, 1050x1600, 1585262063883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ended up with a baggie full of GW zombie bits because my Dad bought them in early 2000 for a conversion he never got around to (was going to combine them with some Free Company Militia to make zombie pirates).
The zombies obviously look like shit so I'm not quite sure what to do with them. I'm thinking maybe I'll turn them into some heaps of gore, pile some onto a long table for a royal feast as terrain for my Flesh-Eater Courts.

>> No.72707847

>the most influential game of the decade is clash of clans

elaborate bait right here. You got me good

>> No.72707868

GW isn't being open for altruistic reasons. They're telling us so their stock doesn't dip 10% while everybodies outraged that GW tried to sneak in a price increase.

I think getting really mad about it is kind of dumb, but don't try to paint them as the good guy.

>> No.72707887

Problem is ebay will go up too. And 3rd Party sellers like Wayland have stopped selling at 20% discount now.

>> No.72707992

Wait they did another price hike? FFS.

>> No.72708033

Ghouls would be a better basis for zombies

>> No.72708040
File: 2.02 MB, 1500x1146, maps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Left is from the 8th edition Daemons book.
Which do you prefer? Doesn't this make it seem like chaos stuff isn't so crazy in AoS?

>> No.72708127

Sometime in June, but they've announced ahead of time what they're making more expensive.

>> No.72708134

I really like AoS's maps, ngl.

>> No.72708162

Almost nobody here buys miniatures. They will complain about the price of something they wouldn’t have ever got in the first place however.

>> No.72708188

Good post

>> No.72708195

I prefer better bait.

>> No.72708197


If 3rd party didn't exist i would straight up just not buy any warhammer, same applies if they all stop doing 20% off. I can handle the cost at 3rd party prices since it seems still somewhat reasonable ... kinda, but at actual gw prices they can get fukt.

>> No.72708229

>Mfw i bought 2300pts in Seraphon expecting this
>Friend said he would wait and see
>Now in chat with me he's freaking out that half the Seraphon stock is perma sold out like ogors last year


>> No.72708249

pupa grotesse is kinda cool

>> No.72708294
File: 117 KB, 1137x929, 2E3E034E-058F-4768-8F1F-3E7BD2630558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gluttons are going up in price again

>> No.72708351
File: 1.92 MB, 1145x929, map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post better maps

>> No.72708358

>He didn't buy 3000pts of Mawtribes when the new book came out
You look at Chef and tell him what you done!

>> No.72708415

I have far too many fat lads as it is, but it annoys me to see a 15 year old kit go up in price for the second time in a year, at least the beastclaw SC is staying the same

>> No.72708450

Pity the fool that doesn't own 18 gluttons, 6 leadbelchers and 2 ironblasters.

>> No.72708498

>GW sells bonds at a discount
>immediately counters it with a price hike
thank god I have all the miniatures I need already

>> No.72708508

Lads my left eye hurts what do i do

>> No.72708527

the artwork they used for it was sky dwarfs, it should've been obvious from the start

>> No.72708582

Poke yourself in the right eye, that will make it better by comparsion.

>> No.72708652

What? You don't like official age of sigmar artwork? Paid for and copyrighted Games Workshop LLC?

>> No.72708708
File: 1.67 MB, 2160x2160, iftt1s6j3xs31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Have a full army of Gutbuster, BCR and Oldhammer Ogres (and Gargant allies)

Once my bros catch up with their armies, it's gonna look fantastic

>> No.72708730

What army is the opposite or least like Slaves to Darkness?
I'm looking to start a new army, and want something different from my based brawny boys and kinowarriors.
I like Sylvaneth, I like the idea of a magic heavy army, less fond of hordes but if necessary I can paint lots of models, and don't have a preference for a GA.
Or, if my preferences are too weird, just sell me on /your/ army

>> No.72708789

Anything with range

>> No.72708858

>Tfw going to convert the Behemat jailer to be "Big Darren" the Chefs favourite hungry lad.

>> No.72709042

if you want magic heavy i'd say your best bets are hallowheart, tzeentch, gloomspite gitz, bonereapers or legions of nagash

hallowheart runs a council of wizards, giving all the little 90 pt wizards a second cast and a command trait for a wizard with a lot of wounds to bleed himself to give all your other wizards a massive casting buff. you can run it fairly elite if you then take things like pheonix guard or demigryph knights, or you can run it more numerous with lots of freeguild guard and handgunners.

tzeentch packs a load of mortal wound slinging demons and mortal wizards along with some of the nastiest shooting in the game in the form of flamers and exalted flamers. they can be run as horde with pink horrors, or elite with lots of birdmen on disks and such

gloomspite can run tons of cheap casters, they have a very strong character caster with skragrott, some of the games best endless spells, and a host of fun behemoths and cavalry, but usually work best as horde

bonereapers/legions of nagash have nagash and arkhan, and are some of the premier casters in the game. legion of sacrement is still probably the 2nd or 3rd best at casting, and nagash can just outright solo enemies with his spells. bone reapers are a more elite combined arms warmachine, while legions functions more like a horde army with endless waves of dudes.

as for sylvaneth, they can be ok at casting, definitely arent a horde army, but their main strength is deployment. they can teleport mid game with the trees and can outlfank with half their units, and waypipers can all teleport, which allows you to reposition your army in ways most other armies cant even dream of. combine that with some powerful behemoth heroes and the nasty kurnoth hunters and they can do work

>> No.72709115

Wait for Lumineth? They look like they can work pretty elite with 5 guys for 100 points and a bunch of pricy heroes. Teclis is a magic boy and the army seems to focus on that.
Tzeentch? Lots of shooting and offensive magic, battleline units as wizards.But splitting pink horrors are probably too hordy for you.
Nagash or Arkhan in LoN or OBR are some of the best casters out there, but the armies tend to be hordy and the magic is more of the support and buffs variety.
Sylvaneth suck dick imho.

>> No.72709154

>They look like they can work pretty elite with 5 guys for 100 points and a bunch of pricy heroes.
If he's trying to go with something substantialy different to StD, I don't think that's a way to sell the light elves to him.

>> No.72709195

>Slann or Lord Kroak
>Oracle on Trogglodon
>Engine of the gods
>4 Stegadons
>Saurus Icon Astrolith bearer
>magic and big dinolads

>> No.72709207

He wants magic and low modelcount, cut me some slack, thats a hard order.
They have archers, mages and behemoths, quite different from StD..
We just dont know shit about those yet.

>> No.72709224

unless your local game scene is some ultra competitive meta meatgrinder, you should pick an army based on the models you like most. gameplay will follow

>> No.72709296

Slaanesh? They have quite a few casters, the army works quite good heroheavy, so low modelcount.
They are meleeglasscannons and fast af.

>> No.72709308

I just found happy how he said he wanted something different and you listed things StD do great, no hard feelings. But yeah, light elves seem like a good army for him ifhe's willing to get some blocks of infantry to complement the magic and elite units.

>> No.72709315

Solite Grizzlegits

>> No.72709326

I meant funny, my brain isn't working right today.

>> No.72709348

Either gitmob or grotbag scuttlers, since they already exist.

>> No.72709361

A Realmgate has opened to a new thread:
Get in there!

>> No.72710953


The bait was a potato, you ate it, you are potato now.

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