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How would your party handle the encounter with a pagan wolf goddess?

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>pagan wolf goddess
Why is she pagan? Is there a solitary One True God whose religion triumphed against hers? If so, is she truly even divine?

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Wait a second, are you implying I could marry the fluffy goddess in a church approved ceremony?

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Probably very cautiously, my players nearly got eaten by a hag masquerading as a little girl a few sessions ago

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Reminder that this wolf "goddess" got trapped in the form of a human by some teenage boy who happened to be a wizard. Not even fucking joking, that's why Horo has a human form. She got fucking bound to the form by some Harry Potter wana-be.

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Proceed to make demigods

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The initial encounter is her hiding naked in the back of our cart, right?
We explain to her that if she wants to travel with us she's going to have to earn her keep. Also we tend to hang out with humans a lot so she might want to at least get a loincloth.

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Well, neither i or my companions have a proficiency in economics, so i guess we're fucked.

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I fuck her. What else is there to do.

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Holo isn't really much of a goddess, she is just comparatively old and wise, and with a perspective that comes from having lived hundreds of years.

She is an incredible asset to a village because of what she knows, but its not like she has much in the way of powers beyond "is actually a giant wolf".

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Roll initiative

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Season 3 never :(

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Probably for the best, sadly. Its been so long, what are the odds that S3 would live up to our expectations? What made Spice and Wolf great wasn't the plot, it was the character interactions and the banter. There is a lot of room for that to get fucked up if you hand it off to a new creative team.

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An unexpected surprise, but a welcome one

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Marrying demons is a sin, i'm sure.

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She is a harvest deity who can influence the growth of plants around her, but that's pretty much it.

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Which book was that in? I thought she just had a human form so she could go party and drink.
Go on a capitalistic adventure of making enough money to protect her smile of course.
This anon gets it.
Read the manga or light novels. Anime are often just really big and expensive ad campaigns to sell those. Manga just wrapped up the main plot and I think we have 3 volumes of epilogue in the light novels now.

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Offer tribute, speak respectfully, don't brag of flaunt, answer truthfully but don't say more than necessary, keep ready for sudden enmity with no obvious provocation.
You know she might be goddess but it's really not all that different from just vising relatives.

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You idiot that's a Primarch!
You want to get nuked again?!

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>Be Oath of Ancients Paladin/Battle master fighter Gestalt effectively sworn to preserving nature and old traditions like worship of this goddess.
>*teleport onto one knee, bowing my head with reverence*
>*Unsheathe offering to the goddess*
>"What is thy bidding, master?"

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>>"What is thy bidding, master?"

Apples. As many as you can carry.

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And? She was just a minor nature spirit/deity. "God" is not a decriptor of powerlevel. There are no laser beams and magic missiles in her setting, so who cares? Not like it took her out or made her unable to kick ass when she wants to either.

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Finally a use for pocket-barley!

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