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Post OC that you're proud of having made RIGHT NOW or be forever judged by the viking.
Art, homebrew, settings, stories, memes, it doesn't matter. Let's post some fucking OC in here.

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Meet Greg, one of the sub boss of my last game

The party defeated him by detonating 40lbs of plastic explosives straight in his face.

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>his highest-ranking skills are Gunner and Conspiracy Theories
fuck me I think this is the first time I genuinely feel compelled to check out GURPS

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i fear the judgement of the viking more than the mods
do your worst, jannies, i have already won

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This actually was the big bad group's entire point. They were all a bunch of conspiratards, not the soft 'Elites control us with their money' kind, but Hard, tinfoil level'
#10, they said they didn't really mind which of the washington was moved, aslong as the two were reunited.

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Made a setting based on nighthaunt art that is a land populated by the dead where nobles have flesh, middelclass have bones and peasants are ghosts.

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You want OC, how about an MC?
I'm no longer empty, found lyrics in me
From as far as I see, on the whole 4C
Little girl from /tg/, can't nobody beat me.

Found myself a skill, how to rhyme it ill
Flows that can kill, but I try an' keep it chill
Rapping without malice, spread good vibes like Alice.
Sippin' from my chalice as I'm dwelling in my palace.

Ha ha! Watch the party Bard roll Nat 20s
How I party hard as I make the moneys!
The flow is easy, it only comes natural.
And you might not believe it but its factual.
I've only been doing this this for a week now.
I don't feel weak, I don't have to feel so meek now.
And when I speak I know that my shit on fleek now.
I'm such a geek but somethings makes me unique now.

It's feels good, to have this power flowing.
Like Raistlin Majere I'll just never stop going.
I'll keep honing my skills, for their own sake
Becoming a badass like I'm Anomander Rake.

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>Post OC that you're proud of having made RIGHT NOW
I'm honestly quite proud. I fucking love how they turned out.

Also, I've done a lot of homebrewing and house ruling:


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I dev games, it's slowly killing me as I dump more and more mental energy into it, but my streams where I ramble about nothing, write, and occasionally talk to a fa/tg/uy or ca/tg/irl makes up for it.

These are all my projects, I post them around here when it's appropriate, I don't make individual threads for them (outside Hearts of Darkness because of the weird history behind it). If you have any questions or want an in-depeth explanation behind any of them, ask away.

I offered this in the other thread, but if you have something you want read over, I'll take a look at it.

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>These are all my projects

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It's 5 a.m. and I should go to bed desu famalam.

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Once me and my buddies played Open Legend and the dm said to create "whatever character we wanted from any genre" so I created Bob Roberts, a redneck trucker from Indiana. I used pic related to show everyone what I looked like. The funny thing is that Bob ended up being the most competent member of the team (comprised of a loli mage, Pyro from TF2 and a cartoon fox). We were stranded in an alien world that existed outside time and space and were stuck in the middle of a war between Space Marines and giant killer stuffed animals. Eventually a living porcelain doll killed everyone but my character, who successfully killed it.

Later Bob (and everyone else playing new characters) got transported back to Earth and Bob battled a redneck serial killer named Jim Jones Jameson (who was actually one of our party embracing his murder hobo tendencies.) Unfortunately our game ended prematurely but it was a blast.

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I actually do have something I want you to read over anon.
I want you to tell me
>1. If you think it's a good summary
>2. What would you do with the spanish Civil War
The players will start as civilians and most likely unarmed.

I hesitated making an alt history thread just to get opinion on that intro.

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Man that's some gooood shiieet.

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today I will remind them


I made a cool sci-fantasy travel game, I finished the alpha recently and had a pretty nice thread about it, gonna be jumping to full beta rewrite and doc layout soon™
I had a really good time making this over the past 2+ years, but I'm particularly proud of the weapon and monster creation rules, making up monsters for the last version was super fucking fun for me

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So this one time I made a less serious gimmick character. What inspired him? More cowbell.

Enter Kyris Sumarr. Kyris is a young minotaur, and a bard. Personality wise, he's very loyal, friendly, and honorable. Sometimes he's a bit too friendly, and coming from an island of minotaur gladiators, he doesn't really get how social interaction in the rest of the world starts, so he'll do things like loudly play the cowbell happily during a live hanging in an attempt to make friends with the criminals. Or the crowd. Or the grieving family. As a kid, he would cheer his brothers on by playing his cowbell. His songs are all underdeveloped, and that's putting it lightly. Most of them sound like something a kid would sing on the playground as part of a game, right around the same level of "This song makes you friends, friends until the end!" over, and over, and over. He was encouraged to leave his island home by the other residents because they saw him as a failure, a whelp, and a disgrace. He saw leaving as an opportunity to make the rest of the world be more friendly, and cheer on bringers of justice so they could make the world a safe place. If you haven't guessed by now, intelligence is his dump stat.

The only negative for him is while I'm proud of the character I've made, I never have the energy to play him properly, because he's always hyperactive and friendly in a way that I just can't really play well.

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>Bob Roberts, a redneck trucker from Indiana
>a loli mage, Pyro from TF2 and a cartoon fox

I skipped the part where you mentioned Open Legend and I legitimately thought you were playing Pathfinder

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I like it, nice and punchy the way I like it. Poor FDR gets the boot for the Long Dong pretty fast, but I digress. Summary is pretty solid, I would add in the "Hey It's Hitler" somewhere if only to make sure your players make sure it's Hitler's Nazi's and not Strasser's Bizarre Adventure or Speer's Wild Ride.
As for the Spanish Civil War, it's a wild ride that's ready and able to kill-fight-die. Support Communists? We Got Em! Support Fascists? Which one! Support Monarchists? Why the hell not. Anarchists? Firebombs and cheap guns FOR EVERYONE.

It was also the first testing of equipment for many of the major players of the war. Including the Abraham Lincoln Battalion from America, Soviet Volunteer Corps. the German/Italian forces testing equipment and a PLETHORA of others joining in for fun and profit.

Honestly, Spain could serve as a good tipping point for the referendum. Too much violence and death? Mosley. Complete wipe? Chamberlain wins. Pyrrhic Victories/Honorable Defeats? Churchill could find his foot in the door.


You also get to listen to Spanish Civil War music, all of it for extra fanciness.

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I used the "companion" feat to make my truck an ally like a ranger's animal. I would ride in my truck shooting enemies with my revolver out the window on Bob's turn and ramming them on my truck's turn.

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Its unfinished and half built till I get my new computer because I got sick of typing it all up on a phone screen.


The first is a Greek horsefolk race to replace civilized minotaurs because I got bored of them always being the Greek race. The second is a straight conversion of 4e Dragonborn into pf2, which has worked either extremely easy or been fucking hell. Homebrewing for PF2 is fun and sucky in often weird ways.

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Considering the players want to start in occupied Paris (as french civilians formenting a Resistance) I think I'll let the spanish civil war be an 'unresolved' situation, where the fronts have stalled out (due to Partisan resistance on either side).

This will give the players the opportunity to travel to spain and maybe get guns from Commies/Anarchists depending on who supports them.

Two extra ideas I had.
Hitler arrives in Paris on the Hidenburg for his tour of the city, docks at the Eiffel tower. This will serve as a cue to the Party to know that 'The man' is in town, and that they have a week or so to try and 'bossrush' it

President Long sends famous aviator Lindbergh discuss the 'possibility' of a neutrality treaty with a german delegation (Again in Paris, the prized 'Treasure city' of the germans) Party goal is to disrupt the negociations/convince Lindbergh of the german's bad faith

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>not a noble Savage

What system?

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I made a tribe of desert people who revere camelidae depending on how many humps they have, from 1 (dromedary) up to 7 (legendary).

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I was learning the Revised Werewolf rules and fucking with Gifts I created this monster that's a mix of Lupin III and Ginko.
Is fun as fuck to play, god I miss him... where are the cool kids playing Werewolf this days?

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I've done a lot of story times about the 5e campaign I've been in, does that count?

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Fantastic, context?

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Of course!

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Someone took a story I wrote and made an audiobook out of it.

In fact, they did this to several stories I wrote.

The one thing I don't like is that he uses frogs and wojaks on all the thumbnails.

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I made this.

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I've been super bored, so that's led me to read a lot of Elder Scrolls Lore. I'm working on an idea for a campaign, and I'm kind of excited about it. I've only ever done one actual campaign and it fell through after the first few sessions, so I'm kind of nervous.

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Short Story I made as a character intro for an old cyberpunk game.
Anymore, the corporate rat race would be enough to drive any man insane. All the incessant hustling and unending bustling, all in the name of the mighty dollar. Fortunately for me I love my line of work, but that corporate rush gets in the way of it all sometimes. No time to stop and really enjoy what I’m doing, what I’m creating. You see, I’m an artist. I create art at the behest of my employer, which in turn furthers my company’s interests. I’m not one for business or finance, or anything else my employers have themselves wrapped up in, but the beautiful colors? The crimson splatter on the canvas? Oh, just thinking about it makes me smile.
I used to do contract work, back before I’d made a name for myself, before the company found me. Freelance work always brought out the more eccentric members of society, and I would often receive some truly strange requests, but that didn’t matter to me. I was being paid to do what I loved. On a few distinct occasions I’d created things I wasn’t proud of in order to pay the bills, some more personal and gruesome pieces. In the end it only added to my notoriety, which I suppose was a blessing.

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“Neo-York is a beautiful place if you take a second to stop and look.”

Speaking out loud to myself keeps me sane at times like this. Sitting atop Private Sector Building 125, I had a perfect view of the entire city. From Manhattan to the Bronx, I could see it all. From here I had a view of the Zero - Drive field’s subtle shimmering, high above the bustling lunar metropolis.

“It really is breathtaking.”

I ask myself these same questions every night I come into work. It’s not the work that has me questioning, not really. I love my work. It’s my employer. They don’t recognize me for the genius I am. I’m always working. Always another task, and yet there’s never a thank you. Always a “We need you at this location in approximately 3 hours”, never a “Truly spectacular work, you’re a credit to this organization”. It’s draining. Sure, the compensation is plentiful, but I’m an artist damnit. I’m not in this game to make money. I’m not some dreg to be ordered around, I’m a goddamn savant. Anymore only ever the occasional passersby are witness to my genius. The only eyes that are graced with my work firsthand are those of the police, and perhaps the occasional lucky passerby. What is the point of creating art that so few get to see firsthand?

My watch beeps at me, telling me that my reprieve is over. What a pity. I was just beginning to relax. No matter, it’s time to get to work.

To my left is my briefcase, and inside, the tool of my trade. Piece by piece I remove its contents. Receiver. Bipod. Stock. Optic. Barrel. I assemble my instrument with the giddy enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morn. 4328 Baker Street. 34th floor. 5th window from the right.

“Come on and smile Mrs. Johnston.”
“I’m going to make you beautiful.”

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Stop feeling personally attacked by images. They're pictures, they can't hurt you. Yes, they're overdone and should be dead, but they're here, so live with it.
Holy shit.

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I'd prefer if you developed a personality for yourself, and didn't latch onto an internet cult as a substitute.

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Neat. A lot of people have seemed to enjoy him, so I'll go ahead and toss my hat in the ring.

I had a familiar named Dave. He ended up usurping his Warlock, strangling an orc and then went on to kill a Dragon. He's probably the most fun I've ever had in D&D.

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I used to draw Warhammer pics and short comics over at /twg/ before the rampant shitposting and whining made me qui

That particular one was drawn when the Vampire Coast DLC hit. I really enjoyed how whacky the Vampirates were compared to their Old World equivalent.

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Fuck it, might as well repost this and see if it ends the thread again.
I made a handful of cyoas a few years back, simply as "little" exercises in game design. Pic related got maybe ten replies or so and was never reposted or even archived, but people enjoyed it. That's enough for me.

Nowadays I write fanfiction for writing practice, so hardly something I can post. I'm on an uninterrupted series of daily writing since over a year now, despite spending nights at the hospital without warning or pushing 30+ hour shifts in the office to save the company from getting sued out of business.

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A half-elven wizard that tries to be a bard.
The only metamagic they know is merciful spell and thats if the party wants to detain someone for information.
Most of their feats are actually dedicated to playing their sitar better.
If its not related to music, they have taken a couple feats to become a better sword fighter with a scimitar.
The party thinks my wizard is eccentric, well more eccentric than the typical wizard.

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I'll post some sketches from my Esoteric Enterprises game

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That is fucking excellent my dude

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Any place someone can pick up that fate/ game?

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Supers character for a Worm game. Gregory Bishop.
Is married to the head of the national parahuman response team (who act as dedicated SWAT/armed defenders/special forces for big jobs).
Triggered with her after their two year old son got killed. She was hurt most that she wasn't fast enough to shield her son, he was hurt most that he had no control over his guilt that now his life was so much easier.
She got mover powers, he got total control over his personal biology.
Consumed a ton of biomass. Developed the demonic/alien/tyranid inspired identity of Samus, a creature that rivals Endbringers, and is only not classed as one because it responds on occasion.
Used new position as basically the highest tier of villain and monster to cap off the maximum amount of true villainy in the country, and provide a foe to unify people when they start getting fractuous.
He uses several extensive biological tricks to stage massacres of civilians, and wholesale slaughter, body horror and mutilation. Is actually only doing it to himself. Only ever kills a real person very rarely.
He and his wife have been working together to manipulate and stage battles to keep the country together and are really the only things stopping it becoming a full apocalypse there.
Struggles with Dr Manhattan syndrome a bit, considering he has several brains the size of blue whales and is functionally immortal on several levels, but regularly renders most of himself brain dead or brain locked because he's wiser then that.
Still loves his wife. Still visits&helps her at work as she's effectively the only proper known full time parahuman left, aside from PC's, and is incredibly overworked.

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And yes, he was entirely insipred by 30k Samus and his catch line, which he broadcasts across every radio in the vicinity, on all channels. Tinkertech is bullshit.

Samus. That's the only name you'll hear. Samus. It means the end and the death. Samus. I am Samus. Samus is all around you. Samus is the man beside you. Samus will gnaw on your bones. Look out! Samus is here

Which is all in fact, quite literal.
When fighting him, Samus is the only name they hear.
It does translate or mean death or end to some, in multiple ways.
He (the main body shape of the day) is Samus, but so is the ever choking black fog around him, that's a mix of virus and cells for communication between bodies.
Samus is Greg Bishop, literally the man beside them all.
Parts of his body are advanced bacteriophages and virus', that saturate the bodies of anyone in the fog, so he knows where they are and what shape they're in, so people don't die stupid deaths, including gnawing into their bones. Sure the cells die after they leave the fog and are cut off, but in that period of time.
And, for the party most of the time, but also for the relevant city, Samus, in all his "fell glory", is here.

Out of character, when he's not trying to be the god emperor of horror, he's an exceptionally kind guy with a lot of energy and good at being happy.
Everyone thinks he's the comic relief, just also a particularly good martial artist and prone to bursts of convenient intellect. But no powers.

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Excellent diplomat.

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Fate/Lonely Dance was somewhat of a thought experiment, as actually making a game like this is such a clusterfuck I'm astounded the Amber guys didn't blow their heads off.

It's mostly about the Grail War, if you want more Nasuverse stuff proper, look elsewhere, as this is very much around having your waifu beat the shit out of other waifus.

Here's the "GM Guide" I wrote first, due to the influx of Fate threads a few months back.

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What counts as OC?

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The single greatest non-human predator on earth has eyes on the sides of it's head, tho.

>> No.72628688

Have you seen one?

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The most convoluted Magic: The Gathering format ever conceived.

>> No.72628724

I tried blending Art Nouveau with Gothic architecture.

>> No.72628733

I convert my tabletop settings into dwarf fortress because I'm bad at GMing and live vicariously through the adventures of people playing in my settings in DF form.

It's actually easier than it sounds, and I recommend that you try it out.

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>thinking a meme should be dead because it's sickening, but advising not to take it personally because it can't hurt you is being a part of a cult
Nice mental gymnastics, 10/10.

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I was going to talk about bears and then I remembered this thing,

>> No.72629161

Hey guys

My setting is almost complete now. I’ve been working mostly on some minor stuff

>> No.72629219

This sounds amazing.

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You don't know what moving goalposts are. As expected from a retarded frogposter.

>> No.72629902

>retardera tourist does not understsnd the difference between mentsl gymnastics and goalposts
Unsurprising. Transexuals aren't just mentally dersnged, they're almost invariably retarded.

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More? That looks like good shit.

How the fuck did you make those?

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>> No.72630095

I would also like to see more if you have any.

>> No.72630113

Moar vampire shotas pl0x

>> No.72630169

Never respond to a frogposter.

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I really need to finish this now that I have the time.

>> No.72630286


Your setting has been nearly done for about the whole existence of /tg/

>> No.72630336


Okay, okay.

I whipped out my setting last time /tg/ was being cool and talking about Princess of Mars but here it is again.

Drawing based off my garbage sketch version.

>> No.72630423

>Hater you, don't even snort spice, bitch, you's a mark fool
>Motherfuck Hark o nens, pass a G the deathstill

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>> No.72630500

Cyberpunk 2020 gang I made and use frequently - The Undead are a gang of Cybergoth Fetishists focused on bringing the supernatural to Night City. Known for using a combination of Cyber and Bioware to give off their looks of anything from Vampires to Werewolves, with deadly results. Their prime hang out spot is the Underdark, a Nightclub in downtown that caters almost exclusively to these Cybergoths, bringing forth Darksynth ambiance and foggy graveyard looks. Care for a drink?

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oh hey nice looking m- are those blazbaros titty monsters decorating your map?
fucking based

>> No.72631207


Yeah, I haven't done RPGs with him in awhile since he's busy with his mecha game he's making, Payload, but we're still buddies.

>> No.72631493

I made it last year & work on it roughly once a month. I’m a busy dude. only thing I need now are some city & people names (which isn’t hard, I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike,)& some culture building for my new Huldra/Troll race which I’ve added wholecloth

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Thanks a heap my guy, my players have been looking for a system to do a Holy Grail War with and so I'm on the lookout for fangames and the like in the hopes I won't have to be writing/hacking this bitch from the ground up. Diceless systems are not exactly what I think they're wanting for but the attention to detail in writing game mechanics for all the parts of the grail war that aren't just beating the fuck out of waifus has me super interested, I'll be giving this a read for sure.

>> No.72632513

Musket with a lock mechanism based on magic crystals. Mages can charge them with electrical energy by touch. When the hammer strikes the crystal, it discharges a small amount of electricity to ignite the powder like modern electric ignition muzzleloaders.
One charge can last for months and when soldiers are done campaigning they often take the crystals and have them made into jewelry for their loved ones.

>> No.72632541

But all I have is mediocre DnD 5e homebrew

>> No.72632606

I don't have any more. Yet. Give me a while...

>> No.72632620

Doesn't matter, it goes into the OC bag.

>> No.72633000

I do have some suggestions in the "GM Guide" for other systems and what to avoid. So if you don't want the diceless experience, feel free to crib for your own goods

It's not mediocre as long as you tried. Post it, can't hurt.

>> No.72633062

All right, I don't have stats for it, but I had thr idea for a "Vow of Silence" paladin for 5e. I hate 5e as it sits, but homebrewing in it is fun and easy.

The idea was that they would be able to use their smites as counterspells, and their spellslots could be dumped to steal other spells out of the air. Basically the warlock from SotDM, but a paladin. I don't got stats for it, but it'd be quick work.

>> No.72633754

is there a Mrs. Queequeg?

>> No.72633796

There's something important in my posts that you seem to be ignoring for some reason. Why are you such a faggot?

>> No.72633912

Only meme I've ever made that got the teeniest bit of traction.

>> No.72634002

There was this gem on display at the museum in the city. The party has to go get it for some dude so that dude will help them. There's a lot of fun little items in the place if they wanna clean out the place, and there are a few little optional puzzles; the funnest involving 4 big statues and the items they are holding. If they fail very badly the statues turn into storm giants and run amuck.

>> No.72635587

Bumping this to keep the glory alive
Praise the Viking

>> No.72635603

Is that John Cleese?

>> No.72636073

Armor of of an ex War Hound Librarian turned blackshield turned Chapter Master and Founder of a chapter, which is passed down and worn by every Chapter Master, the founder is currently entombed in a dreadnaught

>> No.72637347


>> No.72639772





105 creatures from south-american folklores. Enjoy.

>> No.72640358

Still very WIP and every now and then I get inspired by something new.
Some items I tried to make stand out from the norm, some monsters loosely converted from Kingdom Death and some probably broken subclasses.
The items are what I'm most proud of.

>> No.72643901

This is my OC Celita for my last D&D campaign. She and her pet survived the entire campaign.

She is a light cleric and is a devout follower of Ioun. She has a great hatred of undead, dark magic and lying.

She has a wyvern wyrmling as a pet that she is planning to tame it so she can use it as a mount. The wyvern is named Angel after she and the party asked one to guard it before they fought a sealed undead litch. (the angel was guarding the seal) We won and the angel died protecting the wyvern (and us) from a undead horde to save their master.

Well some short info. She is very honest and generous, she likes to spread the good word of Ioun around and will gladly give away books to help spread knowledge. She is also very eager to learn new knowledge, and will take many opportunities to talk to wizards, nobles or priests. She is also very cleanly, she will take any opportunity to take a bath or keep herself looking good. Since looking bed reflects poorly of her noble family.

She comes from from a noble family and is the 3rd child of 5. She comes from a strict and devout home but they cared greatly for every child they had. She is the only girl, but she is very close to all of her brothers.

She started her quest with the goal of reclaiming her honor trough fighting for the church of Ioun to regain the favor of her family and become a worthy fighter for her god. She had a gambling problem and stole her grandmothers ring to pay of her debt. But she was found out and she confessed her sins to her family and as a punishment she was sent away to monastery of Ioun to lean and work to become a cleric to the church. She was also given a chocker with a curse, if she gambled she would temporary lose her mind, and she would regain it all when she stopped playing. It worked as a deterrent and a mark of shame for her crime. She will only return home when her choker is removed and has gained to reputation of a hero.

>> No.72644525

Well here's some.

>> No.72647002


>> No.72647295

I'm happy with how my character art has turned out recently.

>> No.72647332

I'm also working on the Bonkle system as well and I like how that's shaping up.

>> No.72650768

live, live I'm still working on the oc to post.

>> No.72651769

Overcame a huge writer's block and finally finished the class doc for Landshark for my etrian tabletop adaptation.

>> No.72651906

This one made after the part was ambushed by four skeletons that somehow failed every single roll they made.

>> No.72653480

>> No.72653529

>> No.72654643

After about a decade I've hashed out the Republic of Lorell
>A new system of government, Lorell was founded through overthrowing the local monarch
>Established and run by humans, more or less only found in Lorell, who felt as though they should have their own land to cultivate
>very, very small, only one city, a handful of towns, and a harbor
>All races except for the Vox (former ruling class) flock to the area to either support the economy, investigate what democracy is, or spy for the Vox
>The long arm of the throne is slowly marching/sailing toward the harbor city
It's a great setting because it provides stuff to do for anyone, usually never fails. Lots of conspiracy, interplay, ect.

>> No.72656619

I would love something like this where on levelup you have to move to an adjacent triangle, so your character is constantly changing.
And obviously you roll a d100 for first level.

>> No.72656645

Holy shit

>> No.72656694

>fucks up great whites for fun
Oh yeah

>> No.72656736

I don't have any, viking. I'm sorry.
I've made things over the years, sure. Written dozen-page writeups on races, even tried drawing them. But I'm not proud of any of it.
The more work I put into something, the more time I spend on it, the more I can see my own fingerprints all over it. Eventually, I end up hating the end result, even if my players love it.
I just can't stop trying, though.

>> No.72658363

Honor the Viking and do it now.
Don't fail us anon.

>> No.72658432

Me first time DM campaign, 20 or so sessions in, the players got a flute of random polymorph (everytime they played it they would roll d300, and become X for an hour.

PC decides to make his mount play it to cross a river (he was hopping for like a fish or something) mount turned into a large bat, simply flew away. They reached the next town shortly after and as they walk near the town square a random horse falls from the bell tower crashing to the floor killing a pedestrian. oops.

>> No.72658449

Meme I just made.

>> No.72658689

Players are gonna play a French Resistance game soon.

Made a newspaper template I'll fill with info/News for every week of gametime.
Notably I'll have a job offering side from which attentive players can pick better occupations than the one they currently have

>> No.72658751

I know it's my font autism speaking but you really should use Courier for that anon

>> No.72658783

I'll use Courier New for the Actual text, I figured I could use something else for the grand titles that should try and catch the eye of the players.

Took inspiration of various Newspapers of the time period.

>> No.72658811

Also, Translation of the headline.
>Paris cheers with Enthousiasme President Daladier and the saved peace.
[Minister of war, President of the assembly also cheered by the crowd]
>This afternoon at 5PM, President Daladier will reignite the flamme of the Arc of Triumph

But the best bit, the square in the middle
>Mothers and childrens of France,
>Say Thanks to the mens who prevented war and saved peace.

>> No.72659139

Pic related

>> No.72659196

I never believed that screencap, it's way too OnePIece meets dragonball to be true.

>> No.72659373

I've only GM'd a handful of times and I've played mostly played D&D, but I was pretty proud of a one-shot I ran involving a passenger ship the PCs were traveling on being attacked by fish people. Not original since it was largely modeled after Return of the Obra Dinn, but it was an 8 hour session that flew by and all the players were completely engaged the entire time. I don't think a single one zoned out to browse the internet or anything for the whole session even though we were playing on Roll20.

There was a bit where most of the party was fighting below deck against some fish people, another party member was driving the ship since the fish pirates murdered the helmsman and the captain was bleeding out. A large sea monster that was basically just a giant goblin shark because I thought they looked creepy was pursuing the ship as it was drawn the sacred icon the ship was transporting. During combat, it would ram the ship every few turns causing all the standing characters to make checks to ensure they weren't knocked prone and if the ship listed (just a roll behind the screen), dead or unconscious characters would slide across the floor and threaten to knock over standing characters if they were in the way and failed a check. Led to a pretty dramatic desperate prone battle between a fish man and a player that felt kind of like that scene from Saving Private Ryan where they're struggling to stab each other.

Then two of the party braved the bowels of the ship while it was sinking, freed a guy who was in the brig, and looted whatever they could find, including the sacred icon.

Then there was a very tense 45 minutes or so of the party helping the remaining passengers and crew make it to the lifeboats, but there weren't enough for everyone. The party ended up bringing the unconscious captain with them because he fought with them against the fish people and chucking the sacred icon into the sea to shake the fish people and sea monster while rowing toward an island.

>> No.72659567

Fuck. So that's the mystery of Return of the Obra dinn?

Well, I spoiled myself.

>> No.72659689

Kind of. The actual mystery is better than that, I'd say.

Also, sorry. Figured the game was old enough at this point.

>> No.72659737

Don't worry lad. it's just a game I hadn't gone around to yet.
On the topic of Lucas Pope games though... How would you run a game in Arstotzka?

>> No.72660463

I made this aeons ago

>> No.72660579

this is not or never will be a thing. fuck off tranny.

>> No.72660585


>> No.72660638

>d10 system
>tall young "woman" drawn showing strength and otherworldly power
>short impotant old man reading some gay manga

>> No.72660680

That's been the meme for like... Ten years. Neck yourself, /pol/ scum.

>> No.72660723

>Saying "Nope" to your GM
Leave this place, never to return.

>> No.72660861


>> No.72661382

It's a WIP now, but I'm getting artwork done of my Pathfinder natural attack Barbarian based on events that happened recently in our campaign, where she was dunked in lava
t w i c e
and survived.
On 16 HP but hey, breathing is breathing.

>> No.72661401

And her without... being dunked in lava twice.

>> No.72662120

hey man, French is my mother tongue, and there are three little grammatical errors on your newspaper
"France" always takes a capital letter, and "Décortiqué" should be spelled "Décortiquées", because you're talking about "les valeurs" which is a plural and feminine name
and "Bureau" shouldn't take a capitale letter since it's a simple name

dunno if that's helpful, but there you go

>> No.72662386

The Anon you responded to was wrong, but knee-jerk blaming /pol/ outs you as a Discord tranny, so kindly stop pitting our boards against each other or fuck off.

>> No.72662634

>Randomly calls OC producer a tranny
>somehow not /pol/
Our boards ARE against one another. You think there's /tg/ diehards out there trying to turn every race war thread into an OSR discussion?

>> No.72662674

Your kind isn't welcome here, election tourist.

>> No.72662770

>kindly stop pitting our boards against each other or fuck off
As opposed to what? Singing kumbaya together?
/pol/ isn't "our" board, its -a- board. At best its a board that has nothing to do with /tg/ and nothing from it should ever appear here and at worst their obsession with "Thing I don't like is Bad and needs to be banned/shunned/mocked" is antithetical to the idea of "My dudes are my dudes and I do with them as I please" that has been core to /tg/ since forever.

>> No.72665239

... I am french too, but Québecois.
I noticed the error in France after typing but this is just a Lorem Ipsum so no big deal.

considering my players are Americans, they likely won't notice.

>> No.72665806

I made a paladin subclass I'll never get to use: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/_0OYi-Maj
The original idea was a subclass dedicated to fuck up casters and permanently kill any smartass creature who thinks a phylactery or plane will save them.

Other than that I made a phantom race for PC's, wildly unbalanced but made because I like ghosts: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/RCDecJo3o

Lastly I have a subclass I never revisited because I couldn't quite work around the mechanics without it being gamebreaking or completely useless: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/_ImP3qygL

It's an artificer who can turn into constructs and basically be a half druid.

(technically I'm making a food based bard but I can't take it seriously enough to finish).

That's basically my homebrew. In the links I shared my english is shit and my grammar is worse. Enjoy.

>> No.72665942

These are for DnD 5e.

>> No.72665969

You're literally obsessed. Clean your fucking brain.

>> No.72666039

Nice try, WotC, but you shall not steal my original human fighter content so easily this day!

>> No.72667061

I like to write occasionally, and this is something I've been working on inspired by a pathfinder campaign I'm in right now. supposed to take place a good couple decades after what will eventually be the end of the campaign if we ever get there, long after our characters should be have retired from directly participating in normal adventurer stuff. Obviously it can use some work, and I'm far from finished with it, but I'm still proud of it mostly because it's the most i've written for a single project in years, overall quality be damned


>> No.72667128

This is my guide on quick and easy faction generation. It's my most popular blog post.

Pic related is something I drew for a play report (also on the blog). I like the gesture and considering I did it with a mouse I'm pretty proud of it.

>> No.72667172

I just wanna say that I'm glad this thread has lasted this long. It's good to see we still have those willing to create, and it's rather inspiring.

>> No.72667860

Gay reddit meme

>> No.72668932

Gay ifunny post

>> No.72669644

how about you clean your digestive system with bleach

>> No.72671600

plz dont let this thread die

>> No.72672156

All good things must come to an end eventually. Until the next one that is.

>no ca/tg/irls
>in my /tg/
Cursed timeline I say, cursed timeline.

Glad you're still working on this one Odyssey Anon.

That's a graceful yoink from me mate. Good stuff.

>> No.72672244

>Post OC that you're proud of having made RIGHT NOW or be forever judged by the viking.
I used to do some of the quests on /tg/.
I'd link them but 1d4chan is fucked and everyone on /tg/ is newfags anyway.

>> No.72672298

I wrote an RPG where it's a mix of Blade, Underworld, Gargoyles, the Crow, and bunch of other random shit.
Game is high octane combat where you're able to slaughter through humans like butter and deal with life as an immortal asshole. No morality or anything, so you can sell people, murder orphans, and do generally any other monstrous things you feel like doing.

Other one is a Halo RPG.

Not sure anyone cares about reading them.

>> No.72672305

I took this picture. It's a few blocks from my house.
I've seen other people use it from time to time.

>> No.72672328

>4 ears

>> No.72672450

neon sign for my detective agency in cyberpunk

>> No.72672555

What's that?

>> No.72672604

1d4chan got unfucked actually

>> No.72672673

Semi-OC: This is a pixel-art rendition...

>> No.72672705

...of this dungeon floorplan that I saw posted here recently.

>> No.72672721

I also made this quick overview of the tiles that are necessary for isometric pixel grids, both square and hexagonal.

>> No.72672904

It was a set of magic items for a potential setting I'm working on (my first one) that I've since scrapped. Since then all I've done is brainstorm the number/types of areas in the setting that would actually be used in it. So far I have
>Forest/swamp that the beast races/monstrous playable races are often found in. Has both civilized arboreal towns and savage black magic practicing tribes. Highly dangerous but harbors many beasts that are considered delicacies
>Main steampunky city. Standard city affair with market zone, king's palace, urchin/poor district and a couple of others
>Rural area mostly populated by dwarves and halflings. Holds practitioners of supposedly long dead martial forms
>Mountains that house bandits, adventurers, archaeologists, researchers and Underdark races alike due to housing ruins of a magical empire

>> No.72673059

It's still a WIP, but here's the current political map for a homebrew setting of mine.

>> No.72673064


>> No.72673573

Wait, do the other variable elements depend on the elevator's position? If so, that could make for a devious puzzle.

>> No.72673606

See this dude? He’s a Quarian. He fixes stuff. Yeah, that’s it.

>> No.72676633

how could one group of individuals be so brave and stunning

>> No.72676658

looks like battletech, but mostly just because its in space

>> No.72676669

Made a board game. Going though alpha playtesting now

>> No.72676698

I've got the damage types for my system worked out (because for whatever insane reason I decided not to have a typical HP stat), but hey, it's progress!

>> No.72676736

Forgot pic

>> No.72676764

That's neat as shit, how do you do iso stuff? I've been thinking about it, though idk a VTT that supports it natively.

>> No.72676784

I'm sorry that you're seeing a spook in my doodle but the legitimate reason behind those character is "I want to bang a muscle jotunn" and the duergar was just fun thing to draw

>>d10 system
>muh platonic solids

>> No.72676871

I was hoping for random tables, kinda disappointed.

>> No.72676876

Dirthart manor, a quest about a zoning dispute and a house that keeps sinking into the house, generation after generation due to poor foundation construction.
I thought it'd be easier than top down maps but I'll admit it's the first time I've done something like this. And I learned a lot of things. Namely that I need a brush for the boarder hatching. Donno if I'll do it again, but it was a lot of fun doing doing a more vertical map.

>> No.72676947

/pol/ is a containment board for disruptive assholes. If woke shitlords routinely shat up /tg/ et al then they'd also get a containment board just like /pol/lacks do. It's for partizan cunts who can't shut the fuck up about partizan bullshit.

>> No.72676998

I'm working on a 70x70 tileset to make dungeon maps with.

It's pretty garbage, but except for maybe one or two of my floor samples, it's all made 100% by me. It's basically just programmer art, but it's my favorite.

>> No.72677013

Go away tranny

>> No.72677067

Why do the woke shitlords not have a containnment board when they unendingly shit up threads

>> No.72677068

This picture of a Githanki Monk I played once.

>> No.72677104

It's /pol/ in theory. But most of them can't stand it.

>> No.72677113

I wrote something to vent some anger and somehow it made it to 1d4chan.


>> No.72677164


Why the hell would honestly woke people be on 4chan of all places?

Anytime that someone triggered your sensitive ass with "wokeness" here you were being successfully baited.

>> No.72677251

The literal modding staff of 4chan have been woke SJWs since as long ago as 2014.

>> No.72677253

Does it generate maps or is it just your own stuff for painting?

>> No.72677292

I’m writing a magic system that uses GLOG magic dice with magic words to make spells. Basically you spend x dice on a spell and the sum and total dice matter for the effect.

I’ll be sorting the words into different groups soon but made this to tinker what words worked. I’m really happy with it.


>> No.72677307

(Going into full detail will exceed character limit, so I'll be happy to provide clarification)
An injury type increases by 1 when an attack is successful; some will cause multiple injury types. When an injury type exceeds the respective threshold, they fall unconscious & begin dying. Each injury type has a threshold based on how dangerous it is & on character development choices.
>Bleeding (2)
Wounds that bleed excessively, usually from cutting/stabbing attacks. Progresses each turn.
>Cardio (1)
Inhibition of breathing, whether from impacted ribs, foul air, suffocation, etc.
Represents injuries on individual body parts, usually caused by crushing, blunt forces.
Head crippling reduces all hit rolls. Torso crippling adds cardio injury. Arm crippling reduces physical hit rolls. Leg crippling reduces mobility.
Incurring 4 points of crippling on a single part causes that part to be severed; if head/torso, this means instant death.
>Hex (3)
Purely magical injury representing corruption of one's life force, from dark magic/miscasting. If the threshold is exceeded, the character dies immediately, without entering the critical state. Can either progress/fade out each turn.
>Poisoning (3)
The character's internal system is compromised by poison/venom. This has a chance to progress on its own each turn, but the real danger is the fact that it stacks with existing bleeding injuries; the sum of bleeding+poisoning values are compared against the lower threshold of the two.
>Shock (1)
Caused by lightning/electrical effects; this kind of injury may leave the character unable to act on their turn.
>Temperature (2/-2)
A scale of extreme heat & cold; fire effects will add injury, cold will subtract. Injury level can go into the negatives, representing unbearable cold.
>Wounds (3)
Common, run of the mill, physical wounds.

>> No.72677501

It's just my own stuff for painting. I have to manually do it all. But this way it's prettier than just lines on grid paper.

>> No.72677528

>no context for player skill levels
Garbage NPC, buddy.

>> No.72677566

>I dev games
lmao faggot kill urself

>> No.72677585

I also "dev" games, but I am not a massive cuck faggot and actually provide a world for my players to explore. /tg/ is filled with massive retards who think actually provide genuine storylines, but really, it's just generic filler trash copied from some such or another. Try again, cuckboi.

>> No.72677587

did a portrait for roll20 I'm pretty happy with.
He washed up on shore after a shipwreck like a day before the campaign starts, hence why he looks like that.

>> No.72677603

>newfag doesn't know the extent of Notepad's work

>> No.72677620

lmao get a life

>> No.72677632

Don't bother. Anything that might be OC will be stolen while everyone laughs at you.

>> No.72677658

Running a pirate game, so need flags for lots of factions.

This is for the Elves; which are basically Imperial Britain.

Ship captains are typically Bladesingers and a lot of their religion is built around "The Song"

Their 8 gods are dualistic (Love&Hate, Hope&Despair, etc) and represent the 7 musical notes and a silent beat.

>> No.72677664

Let's be honest, this image is pretty fucking generic as fuck. I'm sure you worked really hard on it buddy, but's fucking boring.

>> No.72677701

Imagine samefagging shade on someone then unironically saying "get a life".
>inb4 edited screenshot with one (You) on this post to "prove" there's no samefagging going on

>> No.72677707

>muh Empire
>muh Nomad cities described by two adjectives
>muh Hegemony
If your players are idiots and don't know wtf you're referencing it's fine. Anyone with half a brain would laugh at this. But maybe your faggot players are retards right, ;^)

>> No.72677721

breddy good. definitely looks like a bit of waterlogged flotsam

>> No.72677732

I love this map. There's so much style oozing from it, evoking a feeling of anticipation for adventure. The names imply a true sense of immersion, like each and every location has a story to tell. Magnificent work, Anon.

>> No.72677742

I drew Alex Jones as a goblin.

>> No.72677745

>Nomad cities boxed in by Hollow Empire, Hegemony, and Empire
real fuckin' nomadic bruh, just like anarchist's laws

>> No.72677760

lmao, you're a fucktard who can't intuit anything from that map. If they were decent nomads they would not have been boxed in by three fucking organizations, nor would they have named their cities after
>adjective 1 and adjective 2

>> No.72677774

>players are idiots
See this twat and why modern RPGs are filled with dumb cunts who should be playing Skyrim>>72677732

>> No.72677782

You only say that because you saw the titties.

>> No.72677804

>I'm an internet tough guy! Hear me REEEEE
Yes, yes, you are fearsome keyboard warrior, everyone cowers at your mere presence.

>> No.72677821

Cry harder at someone giving earnest praise to something you don't like.

>> No.72677828

Ah yes, the useless twats that suck each other's cock despite their OC being complete derivative. Using the term "Dev" means you actually provided something useful and meaningful to the TTRPG community. Guess what? Anyone who self-describes as a "dev" for TTPRGs is like some idiot who describes themselves as a "dev" when using RPGMaker for PC games.
It's a ridiculous, self-imposed moniker that few take seriously. I am a also a "dev", because I wrote a story once, but I'm not enough of a nonce to post it here and think anyone would give two shits, because my story was terrible.
Please, just stop, and stop saying you're a "dev". You're not James Jacobs, Keith Baker, Crystal Frasier, or Amber Scott. You're a no name twat who should stop trying to advertise their god-awful writing when attention shouldn't be warranted.

>> No.72677842


>> No.72677854

I forgot to mention that I adore the traditional style cities, each one with their own stylization, and even the creatures in the ocean, suggesting danger lurking near the surface.

>> No.72677878

Feel free to continue advertising the fact that you need to get a life, despite telling others to get a life.

>> No.72677884

>I have no actual response to a legitimate criticism
Reddit really needs to go back.

>> No.72677898

See >>72677884
There are have not been any actual responses to legitimate criticism of that map.
Basically, some dude posted his map hoping to get his dick sucked, but when someone legitimately criticized it, you guys stepped forward to say "BAD NO CRITICIZE".
This is the wrong website. Reddit is that way, you dumb fuckers.

>> No.72677919

Yeah that's fair. I've used some programs for it but I've never sat down and made a tileset, which desu seems like a worthwhile pursuit,

>> No.72677929

>ad hominem
>ever legitimate
I hope that keyboard is as tough as you are, beefcake.

>> No.72677951

>provide legitimate criticisms
The absolute state of you. Try harder.

>> No.72677978

>If they were decent nomads they would not have been boxed in by three fucking organizations
I revel in the fact that idiots on /tg/ have no reading comprehension. Along with 5E you idiots have destroyed any semblance of verisimilitude in TTRPGs.
Well done.

>> No.72677982

Is that why three people who may or may not be the same person jumped on a post almost dead center in a ~100 post thread at nearly the same time?

>> No.72677996

>my response is maybe you guys are all the same
>but I still can't refute the core criticism
Whatever makes you fee like a big boi ;^)

>> No.72678046

What is your standard for "decent"? How do you know the conditions surrounding how they were boxed in, when the maker didn't post any story? How do you know they weren't already short on supplies in a god damn desert, and trapped? How do you know how any specific trade interactions went down that might get the nomads to agree to these conditions, in absence of no alternative? How do you know there aren't nomads within both or either empire territory, doing research and/or undermining it from within? Where are your legitimate arguments in absence of any fucking context besides the map you're sperging over, just because the artist dared to put scantily clad women on it?

>> No.72678059

>assumptions are valid criticism
Keep dreaming, tranny.

>> No.72678098

>nomads have 5+ cities
K, consider your post.

>> No.72678121

No, I clearly stated the problems with that map. But hey, if you want to ignore rational criticism and tell me I'm "assuming" that's fine. If that makes you feel better about yourself, good on you!

>> No.72678148

So, where's that Anon's story that provides context for your criticisms?

>> No.72678172

>Where is the story that provides context for your criticisms
You realize you sound like an idiot, right? If anon didn't post story or background my criticisms are legit regardless because there's no context provided.
Try again. If anon posts a backstory then I can reassess my criticisms. Still, you sound like a retard, because you're saying "shit, your criticisms aren't legit because someone didn't give a story... but until the story is given I have no recourse but to refer to the story that hasn't been posted." Moron.

>> No.72678196

The absolute state of /tg/, when 5E became a thing and everyone decided to stop using their brainpower.

>> No.72678215


Can't blame this on 5e mate, I mean you aren't wrong that it's schlock, but frankly I don't think earlier editions of dnd and those who played them were much better.

>> No.72678222

A person actually comments on my work? Is this real life?
I kid, thank's for even acknowledging some of the games I've worked on. I have to give it to these folks for waiting this long to give me sweet, sweet (you)'s though.

Eh, cest la vie.

Crikety Christ Anon, I'll give you props for detail. What's the game about if you don't mind answering? Something this detailed has to be interesting.

Looks interesting, what's the pitch?

>I wrote an RPG where it's a mix of Blade, Underworld, Gargoyles, the Crow, and bunch of other random shit.
Nani the fuck, I mean, it sounds interesting, but nani the fuck.
How did you make all of that work together? I'll read your work anon. If only to gaze into your madness or genius.

>> No.72678227

But anon you can easily make your own random tables. I'll start you off (FACTION is just a roll on the wandering monster table):
>opposing faction

With that alone you can generate many factions.
Thanks! Glad you like it

>> No.72678261

The story would provide the progression of events that led to how the map came to be. Any statement made is a hypothesis at best, which is simply an assumption based on a minimal amount of available information. There's no legitimacy to your assumptions, all you can do is die on your hill thinking you're right when you could very well be completely off the mark of the actual progression of events.
A true fool is one who deems their word as infallible in the absence of evidence, but "guilty until proven innocent" has always been the way you trannies think, so that's no surprise.

>> No.72678289

>you have no information, so all you can do is make decisions based on no information
Well, ok. Thanks anon, I had no idea!
Like I said, I'd be completely willing to reassess if I had more info. But, since I don't, the map is the only thing I have to go on. Which means, my assholian criticisms stand, and you have no leg to stand on, because I have not been provided further information. You telling me "if you knew more" doesn't help, because I haven't been provided that info, so I can't change my assessment. Sounds like you're dying on a hill without the appropriate backup, so just stop.

>> No.72678307


>> No.72678355

Now that you admit all you have to go on are assumptions, I would like to remind you of the original point.
>thinking assumptions are a valid criticism
Fuck no.

>> No.72678363

thanks dood

>> No.72678405

Not sure if OC, but an original dungeon approach.

Players were heading up to final treasure room of a dungeon in 5e after blazing through the rest. I wanted to add a twist in a dungeon of arcane trickery.

Created 8 identical treasure rooms (party of 8) on Roll20 with dynamic lighting walls up. Sent them google docs for the chat and had them turn off their microphones. Had tabs up for all 8 as the DM and created fake Google accounts (8 more tabs on another computer) for the only other "party member" that appeared with each of them in the room after entering the gate.

Had rounds of back and forth under my GM and fake PC accounts as the each real player explored the treasure. Their "friends" posted with more and more bizarre language about how they should leave the dungeon and the treasure.

Long story short, my players realized at various points that they were separated from most of their friends, that the one friend they were with was murderous, and that the only way to help each other out was to murder their doppelganger friend and consolidate dimensions back to the actual.

>> No.72678433

>you have x info to go on
>make a decision based on x info
Don't be a retard.

>> No.72678461

That sounds impressive but I'm just impressed you could keep track of that all, seems like that's a fair amount of plates to be spinning at once.

>> No.72678472

You sound like an idiot. You can only make decisions based on the information you have, especially in this case. Telling someone that their criticisms aren't valid because they don't have all the information, when that information isn't forthcoming, is asinine.

>> No.72678520

>Something this detailed has to be interesting.
Heh; I think this is the part where I disappoint you.
For now, I've simply decided it's going to be a framework for combat-intensive exploration, or outright sieging. It could be the machinations of a mastermind, cackling by a crystal ball as he watches a handful of kidnapped warriors fight through his tricks, traps, and monsters. I hate to give a cop-out answer like "fantasy setting #9001" but it kinda seems like that so far.
I do intend magic to be unconventional in ways, however. Magic points will be shared amongst party members, and in limited quantity, so the decision of what spell to cast will be (hopefully) much more important.
I plan to have a majority of healing magic transfer the type of injury they heal to have a chance to be transferred to them. A "normal" fire spell will have a chance to immolate all enemies within an immediate circle around the caster, before they fling a ball of flame at their desired target.
I want to make this a bit more "high flying" than typical fantasy, and I also want to work in mechanics for momentum, which will enhance melee attacks, but will require a well-planned path.
These ideas all sound good in my head, but the execution is what will make or break this.

>> No.72678535

>I only reply to positive words
You're on the wrong board. Reddit should be where you post this garbage if you want your dick sucked. It's shit mate, and reading this thread should tell you why.

>> No.72678563

Condemning something without all the information is how innocent people get framed and thrown in jail while the true perps walk free.

>> No.72678587


Appreciate that! Not going to lie, I wrote a lot of scripts to copy/paste. Four or five rounds of attack/defense/miss based on "friendly" PCs' interactions. Since the PCs couldn't see each others' rooms and dialogue with me I could reuse a lot.

>> No.72678648

I made a B-Baller class for 5e does that count?

>> No.72678653

You're still a fucking retard. When I get all the info I'll be happy to reassess, until then you're basically saying
"you make decision without all info, lacking info your decision is wrong, despite only having X info and we refuse to give you more info"
Again, stop being a massive fucking retard.

>> No.72678661

Podracing track map I made for my EotE game tonight, over 1000 hours in MS Paint. Player pilot came in second, many credits were lost, Hutt patron is big mad now. Should be fun.

>> No.72678674

Fuck, forgot map.

>> No.72678676

You first, "shoot first, ask questions never" transman.

>> No.72678690

I'm DMing a Metroid themed campaign for my group of friends (4 of them are experienced players and the other 2 are new) and part of me is disappointed that they haven't reach the planet yet but they are having lots of fun on the setting.

Without giving too much details to not make a wall of text:

The humans made a pact with various alien races to develop pic related, a massive space colony to consolidate the union of various races. This masive colony is divided into sectors from 1 to 4 with various domes serving them (Biodomes for food and plants, Aquadomes for water and aquatic lifeforms, Dynamos for energy generation and gravity controlers, etc). After some time 5 persons were chosen to rule as equals the space colony each chosen from a sector and one chosen from outside the colony.
On the other hand Chozos are still alive in a far off system hidden in an uncharted area of the universe, it's last remnants are in a prison planet called Chozodia, filled with rouge Chozo and their wardens they wait for the end of their life in the howling darkness of the planet or so the wardens thought. The rouge Chozo filled with resentment and a thirst for glory made a plan to not only break free from the prison but find a way around their mental block that makes them unable to hurt other species and so they lured various bounty hunter to fill their needs.
The day the campaign starts the colony disappeared from Norion's orbit (the main human settlement in Metroid universe) and in it's place a barren planet appeared, the party needs to travel to it and find out what happened to the colony and if they can find a way to bring it back.

The players found some Chozo wardens on the planet and everyone got teleported to the prison planet by accident (luckily a spaceship got teleported with them). They managed to escape to the colony floating in orbit and now they, they advanced the colony plot and got new equipment and now are trying to go back to the planet.

>> No.72678709

Give me the "correct info" so I can make my "correct answer", Mr. Ad Hominem.

>> No.72678714

Oh that makes a lot more sense. Still, it's hella ambitious.

>> No.72678736

>"you don't have all the info, you're assuming"
<"you're a transman"
Actually, that answer is indicative of lefties. Your insult doesn't match your style of "arguing", buddy. You're the tranny here, clearly.

>> No.72678758

That sounds tight. Good luck with the rest.

>> No.72678795

>These ideas all sound good in my head, but the execution is what will make or break this.
Welcome to dev work anon, it doesn't get any easier from here.

Looks like you have quite a bit of "stuff" already planned out, which is better than most people have.Build it in chunks and see what works and doesn't slowly. Once you get a single part to click together, everything else falls into place.

On a scale of 1 to "Shut Up and Jam" how dunktastic are we talking here.

Alright, I'll bite, because I'm a fool for these kinds of things. I reply to the above posts because I was "interested" in them. I enjoyed what I saw and I wanted more, I want people to post things they work on because it's something that they, a human being, has put time and effort into.

What else was I going to comment on?
Being called a faggot? A cuckboi? That I should "Get a life" because I enjoy doing something?

I post on /tg/ to encourage others to have fun and enjoy themselves. Do I talk about my games endlessly in this thread? No, I bring out one because someone requested it. Do I want my dick sucked to tell me I'm a good-good boy? No, I want to encourage people to post their Original Content (OC) in the "Post Your OC Thread."

The obsession with calling everything remotely positive "Reddit" is disgusting, Reddit is the last place for positivity let alone actual conversation. You have to get into the groupthink mindset to work in that den. Here, on /tg/ though? Ah, it's good, people care about things and I like to encourage people who care about things.

So if you want me to respond to someone saying nothing, congrats, you did it. You don't win an award, and I hope the karma you receive when you post how much of a "cuckboi" is worth it.

If you have something to post, post it. If you have nothing original, or creative, to post, then make something your proud of.
Post good
Be good.
Simple as.

>> No.72678838

Is ad hominem bad now? I thought you liked it, considering you opened your argument with it and have been using it the whole time. It's hard to tell what applies to you, with all the goalpost moving.
Oh wait, I'm supposed to just nod my head and say "yes dear", aren't I? Nah, fuck that, like I'll bow to some self-righteous fagbait who treats xer own word as law.
Have a nice night.
>assuming again
Try not to choke on dog semen when you're sucking off the stray in an alleyway.

>> No.72678854

Still waiting for the info to make my assessment, buddy.

>> No.72678909

>get criticized
>respond to criticism with "you aren't posting anything good"
>reddit is bad
Ok. Re-read this thread and realize there are valid criticisms that were just side-tracked by people defending someone only for posting their original content, not for the actual content or validity behind said content.
You wanted actual criticism, you got it, even if it was couched in shitposting. If you don't like it don't post here. You know where to go.

>> No.72678929

>fallacy fallacy
Doesn't invalidate the original points, just makes that poster a bit of a douche.

>> No.72678953

>Build it in chunks and see what works and doesn't slowly. Once you get a single part to click together, everything else falls into place.
I appreciate the input, and here's hoping I can keep locomotion on it!

>> No.72679071

Get criticized? With what? Read the thread friend, the only criticisms I got were that I forgot to post an image, I referenced a 10-year-old meme regarding women, and calling myself a "dev" (which is short for developer, as I develop games).
I asked people to elaborate on their settings, ideas, and systems. If they didn't get any bites and looked interesting, I responded. It makes people feel better when they post something on a public setting to at least have someone acknowledge it.

Unless you think i'm someone else, then okay I guess, that's fine. Just CTRL-F "Notepad" and you'll see all my posts.

If someone asked for criticism, I'm not the arbiter who is judging whether or not their feelings are hurt, I'm just a dude who likes to dev games and watch other people dev games.

Don't hesitate to also give yourself some breathing room as well, nothing's worse than burning out part-way through a project. If you're ever stuck on something, go for a walk, play a game, read a book, something other than dev.
You'd be amazed by the bolts of inspiration you'll get from it. Hell, some of my best ideas are when I'm walking in the middle of nowhere, forcing me to record myself on my phone to get my thoughts down.

Get some funny looks on the street when you're talking to yourself about how you "found the secret to Panzers" on the sidewalk.

>> No.72679133

I've been trying to illustrate parts of setting. I've drawn a few cities and a few NPCs. I'm hoping to make more of these soon.

>> No.72679135

>ignores legit criticisms about nomads having multiple cities and being boxed in by three organizations
I am also a dev because I wrote a thing.

>> No.72679250

Garbage thread, move to plebbit

>> No.72679252

Skinwalker magus last of his tribe boy who's on a quest for revenge, and got caught up in preventing the world from ending. Acts like an edgy fuck because he doesn't want to make any relationships he'll regret leaving behind when he inevitably has to return to his island to avenge his tribe. Except he ended up making a lot of relationships with a lotta swell folks. Shitty run of the mill story, but maaaaan he was fun as fuck to play.

>> No.72679393

Anon, I didn't post that map, I didn't even know about it until I scrolled up.

You're barking up the wrong tree about something I don't know about.

>> No.72679445


>> No.72679487

>ooga booga u no allow create only fling poo booga ooga

>> No.72679499 [DELETED] 

How does it feel that the laziest youtuber imaginable is making money off your hard work?

>> No.72679546

>u not allowed to criticize content when OP asks for criticisms
>ooga booga

>> No.72679626

how do I join?

>> No.72679746

1. be casual
2. bend over
3. spread cheeks
4. await insertion

>> No.72679822

Remember the Legend of Zelda tabletop system some anons made years ago? No?
Well I made an interactive character sheet with heart containers and MP/SP bars that fill and empty as you take damage or use resources. My players flaked before the first session, but I'm still proud of what I made. I put a lot of work into it.


>> No.72679962

I literally just drew it in GIMP.

>> No.72680082

>Anon you responded to was wrong
no i wasn't. it's spineless faggots like you that allowed that cancer to root and spread to the fucked up board with have now.

>> No.72680169

>muh conan
>muh ladyboys
kill yourself

>> No.72680227

>he's an npc
>no context for player skill
u wot m8

>> No.72680237

So your party were the bad guys?

>> No.72680349

I'm not even that guy, but you are the king of retards.

>> No.72680411

The party was a SWAT team sent to deal with them and...
actually you're right.
Party Composition
>A "two weeks from retirement" SWAT captain, doesn't give a shit anymore about the job
>A loose cannon rookie who got the job because his dad's a Senator, cares about himself more than anything
>A Breacher with 'Fragomania' (obsession with explosives) and a drinking problem.
>A pacifist "Medic", the Team's only genuinely good person. He was gunned down after diving on Greg to stop him.
and the guy that replaced the Pacifist
>Bob the butcher, a 6ft 5 hulking man wearing a EOD suit and carrying two shotguns and a shield. With low empathy, bloodlust tendency and intolerance against non americans.

>> No.72680484

I don't know if I've posted it before, but I've been working on bestiary entries for my homebrew RPG. I'm not really planning on releasing it or anything, I'm just doing it to learn more about game design and have an excuse to draw some monsters.

>> No.72681720

>I used to draw Warhammer pics and short comics over at /twg/ before the rampant shitposting and whining made me qui
I wish I could go back, bros.

>> No.72681800

i drew this two weeks ago and i still like it

>> No.72681825

we do too

>> No.72682112

>handprints on the tits

>> No.72682167

>didin't even redraw them in the according poses

>> No.72682243

>good thread about proving that /tg/ can still get shit done starts out well
>hijacked by tourists who bought into le internet hate machine and treat creations from fellow fa/tg/uys with /b/-tier teenage cynicism

I don't get it. Are you angry because you can't create things yourself? I see no other reason to shit the bed this hard against people creating stuff for fun.

>> No.72682293

I mainly make memes for my groups, don't have much of an eye for art though. Here's a combination of odd rolls on everyone's part in Eclipse Phase 1e.

>> No.72682459

>you too

it's a meme you dip

>> No.72682521

And context for this one:

>Me=DM, Players = [Blood Hunter/Cleric/Warlock/Gunslinger (yeah i know)], Bard, and Lizardfolk Druid.
>Horde of the Dragon Queen [never again]
>Party gets to the first castle fight, loses horribly. Common theme thus far is BH/C/W/G spends two turns buffing and then the fight ends without his help.
>Druid's previous character, an Arcane Archer, pissed off Rezmir so bad that AA's max hp hit zero.
>Party wants to break the rails, can't blame them, the module sucks and so do I.
>Teleporter malfunctions, bring in elements from random encounters to have it make *some* sense.
>Party comes to realize that they've gone back in time by a month.
>Intended to let them fight alongside their past selves maybe, after they get stronger.
>"nah we'll go the other way". Aight.
>Already had a sideplot brewing. Dragons eat goats, and goats kill trolls. therefore, lots of dragons will cause a goat shortage, and thus trolls overpopulate. Cult had been taking all the goats to feed dragons. Boom, new plot. Goat economics.
>They fight a troll on a bridge. Goes poorly, party runs ahead.
>Bard can't make it to next session. Cool, time to do something that doesn't matter.
>BH/C/W/G and Druid get accosted by a goblin tribe
>Turns out their chief was a troll, but was away.
>Druid pours poison into their ears, that there are over fifty goblins, and that's more than one troll. Why are they following him? We'll help you kill him!
>They get taken to the war chest that chief keeps.
>Some siege gear, and a rack of six potions I rolled beforehand.
>BH/etc drinks two. De-ages like five years, and wastes a Greater Healing
>Fight happens. Many goblin die, but win.

>> No.72682622

>It's at this point I mention they diplomanced their way into a boat crewed by kobolds from chapter 3 by pretending they were cultists, which is where they're going
>Druid decides now is the time to recruit them to work for the PCs
>Right after he just taught them to be their own chiefs
>Goblins: 'yeah, nah. we're just gonna fuck off into the swamp. thanks for the help and the wisdom, but we don't need another Big One telling us what to do.
>Druid: 'join me or i kill you'
>rewind ten minutes ago
>'that there are over fifty goblins, and that's more than one troll. Why are they following him?'
>replace troll with druid
>Level 4
>not enough Flaming Spheres to deal with sixty densely-packed goblins
>8 stabs a turn, and druid kills that many per round
>AC 14 and low hp, druid lasted three rounds
But what about the BH/etc? I hear nobody ask. Well...
>Tries to stay out of it, but still gets half-mobbed
>Drinks another potion, out of desperation.
>Potion of Poison.
>They never identified them.
>BH/etc wakes up in an empty clearing, having passed his death saving throws and constitution saves just barely.
>Druid strewn about the battlefield.
>Next session, rolls up a kooky wizard doing an Old Man Henderson bit, but with goats instead of gnomes.

>> No.72683097

What's Project Tactics?

>> No.72683392

>The 'I don't play games' anon returns
How you doing, buddy?

>> No.72683444


>> No.72683610

There's something about the faces and posing in all of these that feels amateurish, but I love the character designs.

>> No.72683742

Girls, girls, you're both ugly, now shut the fuck up, get a room, and fuck each other all ready so we dont have to deal with you sperging up the thread and wasting everyone's space. If you need somewhere else to go that's more your speed I hear /r9k/ is nice this time of year. At this point you're just a couple of tards screaming at each other no one else in the room can have a conversation, and whenever someone else tries to talk you drag them into your little shit fit. Fuck off and learn to human. This is bad even for a basket weaving forum.

>> No.72684287

I made this like forever ago.

>> No.72684308


>> No.72684353


>> No.72684589

this character is fuckin rad.

>> No.72684892

simple enough that a child could do a decent representation, distinct, creative and recognizable with no more than three colours.

This is a fuckin solid flag and I'm surprised no one pointed that our sooner.

>> No.72685074

Thanks anon, here's another guys from the same place

>> No.72685136

>those stats
>that art
D&D fags, I swear...

>> No.72686391

I've been working on some custom archetypes for wrath and glory, but I have no idea what I'm doing so I honestly can't say if it's any kind of decent or not and am neither finished nor proud of it yet

>> No.72686425


Project Tactics was a game inspired by FFT, Tactics Ogre (mostly March of the Black Queen), and M&B in an attempt to address why more of these "Warband" sized games don't exist outside the wargaming sphere.

Each player is a Captain leading a small Squad of fighters in pitched battle against other Captains and Squads, fighting, slaying, and getting mulched in the name of glory, coin, and destiny.

It was an interesting affair to write, one I wish I could've done more on, but I was burnt out near the end. I may return to it later though.

Comments and suggestions are open as always

>> No.72686457

Where's your contribution?

>> No.72686742

>Bumplimit reached
>Page 8
Well, it was a great ride while it lasted.
I'll see you boys on the other side.

>> No.72687430

This was a good thread, all things considered. Hope we can have this again, sometime.

>> No.72687658

We could just make another one when this dies.

>> No.72688261

What's wrong with my art? Pyw

>> No.72689878

wow that is avery cool and real story, nice oc!

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