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Tau are first

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Are you ready for the Silent King to be a foot and a half tall and be the most display piece of display pieces?

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I’m curious to see if he’s more Gulliman sized or Magnus-Sized, with a big trailing mecha-cloak or Egyptian headdress/doublecrown.

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>watch ork batreps
>they put their boyz in trukks
>trukks usually don't last past turn 2, sometimes all blown up turn 1
new to the game, still painting my troops since the wu flu has everything closed here and was trying to just glean some info and get an idea of the ork playstyle. are trukks just shit or are batreps a bad litmus test for them? trying to plan out my purchases but i'm not sure about buying vehicles especially if they suck, would rather spend my money on better work horse guys

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I can't use the Titan models from that one Titanicus game as counts-as for 40k, could I

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All transports are shit in this edition

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Melee works in this edition if you play with LoS blocking terrain. Helps if you use the ITC rules of bottom floors of ruins block LoS. You have to learn to wrap and trap too.

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>are trukks just shit
they're not good in the sense of being anything other but a delivery mechanism for your boys. By turn 2 you should have unloaded them into melee anyway.

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Who buys this trash?

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>ITC rules
I hope you don’t do this

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my main issue is deciding between spending points (and cash) while i'm building my army on trukks to get my orks into melee range or if i'd be better off spending the points on more units to fight, like which one would give me the best return for my points investment. and i know its a difficult question to answer since there are a bunch of factors to consider.

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>are trukks just shit
All transports are kinda shit this edition.

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If /aosg/ is to be believed, nobody

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I expect him to be Magnus size

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Not sure if this is the right thread but what do we think of the dawn of war series?

cringe or based

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Well for about 10 years /40kg/ was 40% DoW memes, so why don't you guess?

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Certain games cringe, certain games based, but the reading for those games are cringe.

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I'm going to buy the big mumu when it's out

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Which lychguard of mine do you like more? Reason I ask is because I am probably going to start consolidating the look of my army. A lot of my units look somewhat different from one another. Even though its all my guys, I think I would want people to think they all belong to the same group. Neither of these are quite done yet. but close I would say.

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The /v/ opinion last time i checked is 1 and 2 are pretty good for 40k games and 3 is fucking trash

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Elf players. We dwarf players get respectable heroes on respectable bases.

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What's ITC

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Ironically I've been doing other stuff besides browse here and paint mini's since le corona lockdown bullshit. Has anything happened this past month? Did this kill GW or what?

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I like the red and gold, but I personally think the red can stand to be a darker shade, or if kept that shade then fairly weathered.

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sleeping rattos

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there are good mods for both I still regularly play dow ultimate apocalypse and also dow 2 multiplayer (with elite mod) but have gotten rusty. I also play battlefleet gothic (this game needs to come back to tabletop), ...and well I'm a simp for 40k games in general but dow are the best.
Soulstorm is kinda "cringe" but it ...SOUL

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Right. Left is way to flat and bright red.

Honestly I think the red even on the right one looks kinda shit and flat.

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>What's ITC
Iron based technical crafts

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They sleep eternally now.

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no, they were making hand sanitizer for the NHS during the lockdown and selling vouchers, showed off some new models and rules, teased more rule updates, silent king is returning, etc.

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Poorly balanced easily abused ruleset made by and for WAACfags to play in tournaments

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I'm sitting here listening to Caestus Metalican on loop for what must be 3 hours now. Omnissiah be praised!

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Selling my admech after the travesty that is every new admech model after their initial release

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>DoW 1
Great, one of the best 40k games, the expansions range from amazing to laughable though.
>DoW 2
If you are expecting DoW 1 Starcraft like RTS you will be disappointed but it is a decent game in its own right for what it tries to do.
>DoW 3
Trash. Tried too hard to be MOBA garbage and capture the eSports idea.

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Found this old guy laying around. What could I use him for? Possesed? Make him bigger and turn him into an Obliterator? Throw him in the trash?

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>mfw some fucking flesh queer steps on my tomb world soil


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Everybody gansta until the turret starts bleeding

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>DoW 1
Fun but it shows its age. Better at showing large-scale battles than DoW 2.
>DoW 2
Fun. More tactical than DoW 1, a bit more micro-intensive.
>DoW 3

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That would be awful, he should be bigger than a monolith.

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What you want melee to be completely irrelevant?

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Back to sleep boomer fore we glass ye!
And hand over the green leds

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Can't wait for terra to turn out to be a long dormant tomb world that the silent king personally wants activated

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i think Magnus IS bigger than a monolith

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How big is the silent king though? At least lychguard size? but yeah necron bros rise up.

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>lychguard size

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what do you think the admech was trying to steal? Also, does admech actually use alien tech? I thought that was a no-no?

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Does anyone have a .pdf of the old codex: cityfight?

>> No.72611218

As long as GW remembers to have him cost enough points to make him unviable in anything but fluffy lists and have at least half of his HQ buffs not affect 2/3 of the units in the army for some arbitrary reason.

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Do necrons have a troop transport? I hear about other races transports all the time but I never hear about necron ones. Is it the "croissant" I hear about?

>> No.72611265

Ghost Arks and Monoliths.

>> No.72611273

nightscythe and ghost ark

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The people that unironically do this

>> No.72611285

monoliths and night scythe

>> No.72611298

lol monolith so trash forgot it was even a transport XD

>> No.72611299

Morkanaut > Gorkanaut
Change my mind: pro tip it's up to preference so I would like to hear your opinions my friends!

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Ad Mech does all sorts of shit they won't admit to doing. The line between Heretek and orthodoxy is "Has a fleshbag seen you doing it?"

>> No.72611312

>"Ask not /tg/ a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know."

>> No.72611339

Monolith isn't really a transport. It's more a teleporter.

>> No.72611347

>necron laughing noises

>> No.72611353

You could say the same about the Night Scythe.

>> No.72611401

>Does admech use alien tech?
Only when they're desperate.

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Especially Stygies VIII. It's not heresey if the inquisition can't find the forge world.

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If the main concern is money, then I'd suggest swinging by a 1$ or something like that and picking up a few toycars that are about the right size to be kitbashed into ork transports.
That's the beauty of that army. No two trukks have to look the same.

>> No.72611420

There's only a 1.67% chance of getting that result with a DDA (0.2783% with the explodes result). I love seeing it happen, the DDA usually whiffs.

>> No.72611422

Honestly I think the gorkanaut is better, even though I own and have frequently used a morkanaut. What the gorkanaut has going for it that the morkanaut doesn't is volume shooting. The morkanaut's guns are harder hitting but have too few hits to make them reliable. However, the new +1 to hit kustom job and evil sunz psychic power make it quite formidable, but it's a lot of effort to make it work.

>> No.72611435

Despite what the surface levels will tell you, they do also study enemy tech. They usually don't understand it, but the often get useful info on how to break it, which is helpful

>> No.72611461

Oh shit, it exploded after a CP reroll, so that's actually a 0.046383% chance (1 in 2155.94682). He'll never roll like that again.

>> No.72611466

ITC unironically helps melee a shitton more than base rules.

>> No.72611500

money is a big factor as i want to make sure i'm making good purchases of useful units since i'm still new and building my first army. i really didn't want to buy a trukk and then be like "i could have gotten more mileage out of my dollars with a box of boyz or a couple boxes of grots". i appreciate the advice, hadn't thought about proxying or kitbashing.

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9th should allow for melee overwatch letting melee combatants attacking, hitting on 6s enemies falling back.

>> No.72611532

That would ruin Guard and Tau armies. Try playing one of those armies and tell me that melee is underpowered. Once their melee units hit my castle it's game over.

>> No.72611536

On its own that Sphinx would be pretty cool, but nothing could make that elf’s pose look good

>> No.72611541

That'd slow down the game unnecessarily. If you run away from a 30-man squad of Ork Boyz you'll be waiting for their 200+ attacks to resolve first.

>> No.72611562

What we could use is some units that are shit but survivable in melee that stop enemies from falling back. They would both be useful to screen enemies and intercept/disable some critical enemy units.

>> No.72611567

I expect him to be Magnus sized and have an appropriately huge gauss dong.

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>Melee is kinda shit lol

>> No.72611584

There is also the other stratagem to spend CP and get to shoot again, saw an ork player at my LGS just before the quarantine finish off a russ and a dreadnaught in the same shooting phase.

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Working on some beach themed daemonettes, the idea being that they're charging out of the surf onto shore.

Idk how the fuck I'm gonna dam the seeker chariot to pour the resin tho, as it pokes over the base some.

>> No.72611590

Yeah but if you charge my Tau it's game over for me. Melee gives you loads of movement options and, with the right positioning, complete immunity to shooting attacks.

>> No.72611594

I do. LoS blocking is required in the game. ITC battles app is great too. It's an easy way to keep track of your matches and score.

>> No.72611595

>Ruin Guard Armies
Bring Crusaders and Bullgryns you parking lot shitter
>Ruin Tau armies
Good, maybe bring something more than 30 fucking shield drones faggot

>> No.72611605

>armies that revolve around stopping the enemy at range would be disadvantaged by melee overwatch

you don't say!

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>charge my Tau
Literally do not care about what TauaNIGGERS think

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First to die.

>> No.72611623

>That would ruin two of the worst armies to play against
Good. I hate fags who sit behind their gunlines.

>> No.72611629

Tau have already been shat on enough this edition, why the fuck would you make them even worse. Kicking an army while they're down

>> No.72611632

Necrons don't have a transport that works outside of a deepstrike relic. It's one of the major reasons that the army is awful.

>> No.72611636

I had the same thought.

Just make it a single attack hitting on a six.

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Cry behind your dildrones more bitch nigger

>> No.72611657

Oh so castle armies with 600 gorillion shots and rerolls are okay?

>> No.72611664

>and Bullgryns
Just out of curiosity, what is the right amount of counter charge Bullgryns for a guard army?

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Like dark eldar wyches?

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>Angron has entered /40kg/

>> No.72611672

Check your fucking shooting army privlage

>> No.72611682

6-12 is a good amount. They generate MWs, hit like trucks with S7 attacks in melee and are very hard to kill plus they make it harder to hit your infantry

>> No.72611683

Tau have one of the most competitive builds. FSE is a serious list. If tournaments were runinng I think they would be the list to beat.

>> No.72611688

Not sure.
Last time i fought someone with bullgryns my venomcrawler chewed them up in a single fight and started chewing on their russ' right after

>> No.72611689

It's not our fault you can't position things properly you cruddace-loved shitter.

>> No.72611697

In exchange those armies are useless in melee (Tau), or those shots do nothing (Guard). It takes 18 lasgun shots (72 points) to kill a Tactical Marine (12 points).

>> No.72611702

yes actually. 40k could use more... control type gameplay, where you win by being given a lot of tools to disable your opponent.

>> No.72611703
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Anytime Angron wants to return to the tabletop he's welcome. I'll buy that model as soon as it goes in pre order

>> No.72611713

>roll d6 for each unit in melee range of the unit that is falling back
>for each 6 that units is "in range" of the unit falling back and uses their melee attacks normally

>> No.72611714

>Muh lasguns
Autocannons you stupid nigger, bring them

>> No.72611719

>Starcraft like RTS
I wouldn't describe DoW like this. It has extremely different and more aggressive gameplay in comparison to Starcraft and AoE.

>> No.72611730

tau players don't want to play the game they want to roll dice until they win

>> No.72611732
File: 2.04 MB, 3264x2448, 20200516_163159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72611736

That's not enough. It takes 6 autocannon shots to kill 1 marine.

>> No.72611745

>18 lasgun shots
>72 points
Lmfao nigger

>> No.72611751

Same. I'd drop everything and build a fluffy 1000pt WE list just to use him same thing with Fulgrim.

>> No.72611761

Do you even fucking play the game or do you just run excel spreadsheets all day?

>> No.72611766

>troops aren't more than just fodder for CP/objectives for tau and guard

>> No.72611773

>Tactical Marine
If you aren't comparing it to an intercessor no one cares

>> No.72611775

Independent Tournament Circuit. A 40k tournament scene with its own scoring format and some homebrews/rulings meant to make the core ruleset more competitive, establish a common ground for tournament scores and whatnot. Some anons really really hate it.

>> No.72611776

I already did that with Mortarion and Magnus. Can't wait for the other two.

>> No.72611792

I still don't understand why everyone assumes that Guard are always in rapid fire range and benefitting from FRFSRF? This point (>>72611761) applies to you too here.

That's eve worse. In that case it takes 36 lasgun shots (144 points) to kill 1 intercessor (17 points). Terrible. Anyway, the Tac Marine statline applies to death company too.

>> No.72611793

>Next chaos primarch gets released
>It's Lorgar
what would you do?

>> No.72611804

You mean 36 points, mr FRFSRF?

>> No.72611805

Seriously. All the buffs you can layer on a cheap 40 point squad add up.
I want to bring him and 3 bloodthirsters.

>> No.72611810

>AP -1

>> No.72611814

See >>72611792

>> No.72611819

I don't know why you're so braindead you're talking about maximum range and worst case scenario for your CP banks when if you're a true WAACfag you're running tank commanders with BRRRRT

>> No.72611824

Build 1k points of fucking Word bearers

>> No.72611832

whats the best melee vehicle that guard have?
Specifically for the Crush Them! Stratagem

>> No.72611851

Like with most models, see if I can find a way to convert him into a Slaaneshi model

>> No.72611860

>and benefitting from FRFSRF?
This one is a correct assumption because a bog standard guard brigade will be six infantry squads and three company commanders. You should always have FRFSRF if you want it.

>> No.72611861

Tank Commander Punishers are shit vs. Intercessors. On average they kill just under 3 models, assuming no cover. That's 51 points, done by an expensive 160 point model.

>> No.72611869

144 pts of guardsman is enough to make a screen that other armies would have to spend out the ass for. If you can't properly screen with that many bodies then you deserve to lose to melee.

>> No.72611872

You should take a worse picture, i can still see some colors and details

>> No.72611879
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ITT retards pretend they can handwave maths because muh acshual game is nothing like a spreadsheet

>> No.72611880

Seriously, what shoot army don't build castles?

>> No.72611890

Laugh because I'm a Word Chad.

>> No.72611896

>40 BS3+ S5 shots kill only 3
Good one

>> No.72611904

>Anyway, the Tac Marine statline applies to death company too.
No it doesn't. Death company have 6+ FNP, or 5+ with a stratagem everyone that runs DC uses.

>> No.72611907

We need more mobile armies. Ones that aren't necessarily melee. Alpha Legion is quite close with all the strategems right now.

>> No.72611920

It is actually nothing like a spreadsheet you fucking secondary. Your numbers mean fuckall in practice with all sorts of random variables. What if your enemy rolls all 6s and blows up that unit you thought was going to guarantee you 10 dead infantry a turn? Do you just pack it up and leave like a faggot?

>> No.72611921

What would his main gimmick be? He has a ton of attacks and gets a free 6 on charges, but he has to use all of his attacks in the fight phase or he takes mortal wounds?

>> No.72611934

ITT guardfags use try to pan off their worst weapon options as why their army isn't cancer.

>> No.72611936
File: 41 KB, 913x772, ss+(2020-05-16+at+05.10.14).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're braindead

>> No.72611942

Plasma? Relic battle cannon? Regular battle cannon? Demolisher? Demolisher firing max number of shots that came in from an out flank? Why pick the worst weapon against them? Guard got a real buff with PA.

>> No.72611943

>Muh spreadsheet
play the game for once secondary.

>> No.72611949

You can't build around Crush Them! because the best option is a Hellhound which makes a mediocre three attacks and the profile is a laughable S6 AP 0 D1.

A bullgryn hits harder.

>> No.72611951

If I put my guardsmen up ahead then I'm just giving my opponent something to charge at, which puts them 12" (charge) + 3" (pile in) + 3" (consolidate) closer to my gunline. Why do I want things 18" closer to me? They'll tri-point one of my models which really needs to be FAQed as it's not RAI, but that's not what we're discussing here and now I can't shoot their best melee unit.

40 shots, 3+ to hit so 26.67 hit, 3+ to wound so 17.78 wounds. 3+ save, so 5.926 wounds. Intercessors have two wounds, so 2.963 die.

So their output vs. them are even worse.

>> No.72611952 [DELETED] 

I wish I was smart enough to check if a new thread was up before deadposting.

Can I get some input on >>72611913?

>> No.72611959

not him, but when you are rolling a thousand d6s per game, averages are basically guaranteed. dices converge to the mean quite quick.

>> No.72611961

Dude, I know it hurts that people called you out on not actually playing the game, but at least have the dignity to go away in silence instead of embarrassing yourself further.

>> No.72611967

Tell me more about how the game is just a laboratory vacuum.

>> No.72611984

>Muh mathhammer
Lmfao play the fucking game for once. You'll realize averages mean dick in 1-3 turns of intense shooting as there aren't enough samples to achieve a proper average. Your numbers assume like a 100 turns of shooting.

>> No.72611986

And what if I roll a 1 for every single dice roll over the game (apart from morale) and my opponent rolls a 6 for everything they do (apart from morale)?

See how stupid you sound when you take it to extremes? Cretin.

>> No.72611993

No one will ever see him in CC as he will be a giant fire magnet. I'm just hoping he has enough survivability to live 2 rounds. He'll be a monster in CC

>> No.72611995
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Where are my fellow mathhammerchads at

>> No.72611997
File: 2.17 MB, 1823x6451, 1565777955539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That face
The cycle continues...

>> No.72612004

math is real dude. there are points when luck becomes basically nonexistent.

>> No.72612011

What are you even on about?

>> No.72612013

It can happen like that too faggot because its random dice, your averages aren't happening in a 5 turn game you dumb mathnigger secondary.

>> No.72612015

Use terrain and spacing to mitigate tripointing and consolidation. The guardfags in my area can do that, why can't you?

>> No.72612016

> averages change if you don't roll at least 100 times
I can see you never did stats

>> No.72612018
File: 543 KB, 560x960, 20258194_300081303728677_1978095555657938488_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ctrl + f "standard deviation"
>no results

Fuck you guys.

>> No.72612026

>not playing the swingiest units that will either blow up in your face or nuke a whole enemy

>> No.72612028

Tell that to the dice faggot and play the fucking game for once.

>> No.72612033

Because the guy he responded to mention the punisher cannon.

>> No.72612034

because its disingenuous argument to try and convince themselves they aren't a cancerous WAACfag

>> No.72612036

Probably some shit that gives free attacls to other WEs in 6" of him
Buff charges by 4" for WEs
WE reroll wounds
All hit rolls of 1 done by Angron deal D3 MWs to a friendly unit within 1" of him.

>> No.72612046

>mathlets who failed elementary school
Keep going i'm keking really hard.

>> No.72612048
File: 1.22 MB, 1000x656, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What dumbfuck terrain rules are you using? You're probably playing on super-dense cities of death boards, which isn't how the game is meant to be played.

>> No.72612050

You have a 75% over 100 rolls of getting 5. You roll 4 times and don't get a 4. Are you telling me that's impossible?

>> No.72612054

Why would anybody ever choose to put a punisher cannon on a tank commander knowing they were going to play against space marines.

>> No.72612055

Jes Goodwin is designing the new khorne stuff, so I imagine he will look great. At least the berzerkers will be his designs from what he said.

>> No.72612056

Holy shit, how do you function in society?

>> No.72612058

I swear another layer gets added every time I see this image

>> No.72612063
File: 958 KB, 2718x1568, IMG_20200516_180658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I drybrush my kroot unit like the guy on the left, will my dice roll averages go up?

>> No.72612066

I can't believe there cretins in this thread who think maths doesn't matter because "lol a game is 5 turns long so averages aren't a thing".

According to them there's a serious chance that a 10 man gretchin squad can down a knight in a few rounds of combat without suffering casualties.

>> No.72612071

>I don't need to play a game of chance with dice I can just math it out!
Here's how you find the nomodel secondaries who've never played a game against a human player before.

>> No.72612081

Because the guy he responded to said that the punisher was the top WAAC-thing to bring.

>> No.72612082
File: 1.34 MB, 2560x1440, 1585580645079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So the old Sweeping Advance rule then.

>> No.72612083


>> No.72612084

But it’s Fulgrim, so this is kinda awkward.

>> No.72612086

ask the guy that was so intent on the fact that the punisher was busted

>> No.72612092

Are you that guy who has bad lists and always loses because he can't into math, and keeps blaming it on luck?

>> No.72612096

If that's too dense for you then you should just go play warmahordes.

>> No.72612097

post models

>> No.72612100

Sorry, I only have a shitty phone to take pics with until I get a chance to go grab my camera from my dorm

>> No.72612103

Are you the fag who doesn't play and thinks he's an expert?

>> No.72612106

Did he say this in a voxcast or something?

>> No.72612109

You're really not helping yourself

>> No.72612114

I usually add dark elf or dark eldar bits. The evil elves just look like they are supposed to be Slaanesh but just are not for story reasons.

>> No.72612118

You really don't play this game.

>> No.72612119

then how did my tech priest dominus survive 4 full rounds of melee against 90 hormagaunts and come out of it with no damage taken

>> No.72612122

Was this from the warhammer TV podcast? I just want them to give them enough chain axes and swords in the box to give them a double melee weapon build. Shit just give me enough chain axes I've got chainswords.

>> No.72612130
File: 285 KB, 644x1122, 1567711898489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because you cheated, cheater

>> No.72612137

Worst part is, with just a single squad of skitarii vanguards shooting in a single phase, that's already 30 dice. It's basically impossible for averages not to matter in a single phase, let alone a whole game.

>> No.72612143

That was broken as fuck. I had a Stormsurge die because it got Tank Shocked by an Ork Truck, and the Stormsurge had its ground-locks down (so it couldn't move, so RAW it died instantly). I quit the game as soon as I realised my opponent wanted to abuse the rules like that to create utter bullshit.

Sweeping Advance let a grot unit kill a riptide in combat. How the fuck are they even piercing the armour? Why would a riptide run?

>> No.72612147
File: 900 KB, 690x968, 1384289703835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cheap chinese dice act like an excel spreadsheet
>Terrain and strategems don't exist
>The field is always blank
>The opponents models are always known
>Their positions are always known
>Everything is always the same

>> No.72612151

I'm reminded of the guy who came in here saying he played without rolling dice, instead taking the averages of what would be rolled and assuming a certain number of successes.
I.e. if he had to roll twenty 4+s he'd tell his opponent there were ten successes. He had some dumb term for it, like prerolling or dice tricks or something. We spent a good day giving him shit for it.

>> No.72612157

Wait are we getting new Berzerkers?
Don't do this to me

>> No.72612162

I did a few days ago, no one said anything, so I presume they're quite average. Just like the statistics in this game.
I bet you don't even play during the quarantine now.

>> No.72612163

Yeah, it is the second or third one with him. He straight up says it.

>> No.72612173

Mathhammer is gay, but not for your faulty reasoning. You can never
guarantee anything in a statistic, and trying to predict entire matches will only leave you disappointed. I have an ultra-waacfag friend who always gets depressed when his statistical averages don't line up with reality.

>> No.72612174

can someone expalin to me why gw still has so many resin kits? Is the manufacturing cheaper compared to regular plastic or somthing?

>> No.72612178

I play TTS while painting my models since I can't play with my buds. I've seen whiffs and miracles that you wouldn't ever see in your spreadsheets of 1000000 shooting phases averaged happen in crucial moments.

>> No.72612181

>tau player gets btfo in melee
>cries like a bitch and quits right after

>> No.72612185

Eventually. There's no time frame I'm aware of. It could be over a year from now.

>> No.72612190

At some point yes, and he’s designing them. Y’all gotta listen to those podcasts they give clues about releases.

>> No.72612194

If I wanted to upgrade my metal SoB, what should I get? The only plastics I have are the ones in the collector box. I don't really know the meta because I stopped caring about the game, but I still like my murder nuns.

>> No.72612198

They're adapted from old metal kits.

>> No.72612200

Question about Deff Dreds. If I'm running them with 3x KMB and 1x Kill-saw, does that mean when they fight they can throw out 3 attacks each with a Kill Saw profile?

My plan is running them as Evil Sunz, advancing up the board with shoota-boyz and meks targeting vehicles or heavy infantry with the KMB, and then getting into melee with the boys and mek later in the game. Since I got Evil Sunz they will be hitting on 4+s shooting despite advancing and I'll give them the kustom job that makes their 5+ a 4+.

>> No.72612206

No, I quit because my opponent pulled some rules bullshit on me. That's not what the designers intended, it just happened to be a stupid rules interaction he was outright abusing. He's not a fun person to play against if he does that. It's not in the spirit of the game.

>> No.72612210
File: 135 KB, 425x341, 1354384863.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Castlefags get triggered by a comment about melee overwatch
>Mathhammer faggotry argument ensues

>> No.72612216

Game over if you woff the greater good Overwatch rolls

OMG my army folds if you survive the Overwatch of three for charging one unit.

>> No.72612226

Meant 3x KMB and 1x Dread-Klaw

>> No.72612234




>> No.72612239

I know, I was mostly talking about the model to begin with being a good base for a Slaanesh conversion
For example, I could probably take a stompa and add or change enough shit to make it look more or less Slaaneshi, but that would really be a waste of time and resources while I could work on something that starts more “excessive” to begin with

>> No.72612240

it's because the 5+ to wound and 2+ save is extremely powerful he did take four damage that he regenerated away but he still had five wounds meaning he would have lived either way

>> No.72612241

Dude, just because there are many variables in a game that, yes, doesn't make mathhammer perfect, your retarded rejection of math as a useful tool due to averages is a mindblowingly low iq move. Go ahead and REEE "u don't play games" for the 10th time, but your still dumb as a rock.

>> No.72612255

You don't play this game and your outrage over being called out for relying on sterile math arguements just proves it.

>> No.72612259

Hey nerds I came across a small collection of thousand sons the other week and my autism has allowed me to understand the rules and army building of 40k. However, I don't know how to paint or do art.

I built a list based on what I currently own and could reasonably buy, only excluding a leftover Chaos Rhino @ https://pastebin.com/C31MbAz5. What should I know about the hobby in order to enjoy it? Do I need a good list or can I just roll with what I have and have fun?

>> No.72612271

I think if I was the ork player I'd breach the subject by laying out the idea before doing it. If the other player thought it was bullshit I'd let it go.

If I was in your position I'd say it was kinda bullshit, but if the other player was insistent I'd offer to roll off on it. Which is actually what the book says to do in weird moments like that iirc.

>> No.72612272

Ah right. The spirit of the game is you forming a gunline on one side of the board and ignoring any and all objectives while you play tower defense against your opponents.

>> No.72612276

You really don't into statistics do you? Outliers do not only exist but are guaranteed with so many dice rolls. Most of your rolls are quite forgettable I'd say.
If you really think there is no difference between a unit that has a 3+ BS and a 5+ BS, I can't help you.

>> No.72612294

Money as always, would be an upfront investment to make new molds for plastic models and to adjust their manufacturing for it. Meanwhile people are still buying the resin kits so why spend the money?

>> No.72612298
File: 53 KB, 826x550, ork laff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Based Ork player puts T""""""""au in their place
>T"""""""""""""au player expects sympathy
Fucking kek

>> No.72612303

Tau are built to do that you dumb fuck. Next you'll say Orks are playing against the spirit of the game by charging at the enemy. If I ignored the objectives I'd just lose. You're a cretin, grasping at straws.

>> No.72612309
File: 184 KB, 630x630, I+think+sunbro+is+a+pretty+cool+guy+eh+_7489deac38d6321bebc29d652f22115e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but nothing could make that elf’s pose look good
Fuck you say?

>> No.72612312

Power of the paint my nigga
If your paint job is lacking or mine looks better in gonna easily crush you.
The gods will it.

>> No.72612326

statistics say that I should fail every 1/6 2+ saves and yet due to the nature of dice rolling me and everyone I play with only fail ~3/100 saves

>> No.72612327

You are literally complaining that your opponent playing by the rules ruins the spirit of the game.
Go and actually get fucked

>> No.72612335

Statistics matter but only braindead retards would rely on 5 sample sizes as a good statistical measure. I run tests on medical devices and we test like 200 runs before we are satisfied with an average because everything from the drug to atmospheric conditions can fuck things up, just like a random terrain setup made by people!

>> No.72612339

Not him, but you come out as the one who's outraged. You'd have to be a brainlet not to think about who best to shoot or gauge whether it's better to move into cover and get a minus to shooting, or risk being more easily shot for a more likely hit.
Do you really just sit at your side of the table like a drooling retard and just roll dice without doing anything and hope you win at somepoint?

>> No.72612357

>If I was in your position I'd say it was kinda bullshit, but if the other player was insistent I'd offer to roll off on it. Which is actually what the book says to do in weird moments like that iirc.

wait, you mean he should have had a discussion with the other player and rolled to settle their differing opinions? like an adult?

who has time for that when he needs to roll 187 dice in his shooting phase!

>> No.72612362

Ok, try playing the game then. Stop going the "lol u mad?" route when getting called out for sterile statistics in a game with objectives.

>> No.72612366

dude, a single unit shooting is at least 50 dice rolls. stop playing kill team and play 40k.

>> No.72612377
File: 3.55 MB, 1823x6451, TES_Iceberg_Chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Posting an older version

>> No.72612384

Got any new arguments up your sleeve? I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if a person that doesn't get the basics of math would continue to spew the same non-argument ad infinitum.

>> No.72612386

Yeah yeah okay, tell me more when worst case happens or when objectives are more important than shooting off a CP battery squad.

>> No.72612392

187 dice rerolling 1s

>> No.72612399

Did YOU try playing the game? You roll dice in this game.

>> No.72612401

>people talking about math and averages like they don't have that forrest gump fucking friend who is consistently blessed by Tzeentch in critical moments

It's crazy, I know.

Though honestly if my opponent found a way to kill my stormsurge with grots, even if it was through rulejank shittery, I'd probably let it happen just cause it'd be funny.

>> No.72612404

Play the game for once please instead of relying on statistics that happen in a vacuum.

>> No.72612418

Dice made by chinks that aren't RNGs and with models that aren't always in ideal positions against a human opponent who can think, yes, I've played the game unlike you.

>> No.72612419

I'm fine with my opponent playing by the rules, as long as it's not obviously a RAW oversight. To put a modern example:

> Me: I move my Riptide within 3" of your Patriarch to make sure it can't get past me so easily.
> Them: Oh my GSC Patriarch is within 3" anon! I can heroically intervene!
> Them: No overwatch either since it's heroic intervention!
> Them: I attack you in combat and kill you!

This breaks the spirit of the game. Heroic Intervention is meant to be when a character jumps into combat WHEN ANOTHER FRIENDLY UNIT NEARBY WAS CHARGED. Hence "intervention". It's not meant to give you a free overwatchless charge. In older editions you could only heroically intervene when a unit near you got charged. In this case I HAD NOT CHARGED ANYTHING.

I quit that game too because he got mad I wouldn't allow it to happen.

>> No.72612432

Wow, I never knew the game was all running up to objectives and sitting there, without units interacting with each other. You're right, I clearly don't play the same game as you.

>> No.72612434

I roll dice in lots of games. I roll lots of different dice, and what I've generally found is that my soul is incontrovertibly linked with the number 2.

>> No.72612438

What does that have to do with comparing weapons and units? Building your army is part of the game you know? Why do you you choose units for your army and not just blind add things until you hit 2k? It's all so random after all.

>> No.72612449

See, I read this and what I see is "the other player didn't agree that I was correct so I refused to keep playing them".

>> No.72612451

Use your brain for once please instead of relying on non-arguments.

>> No.72612452

If your riptide was that close why not just shoot the patriarch as he was the closest target? Why are you trying to move block a melee blender with an important unit?

>> No.72612467

My first weirdboy I painted is forever tainted by the warp, he has peril'd in every game I've run him in.

>> No.72612470

Still not an argument against the usefulness of statistics in 40k you absolute brainlet.

>> No.72612477

No, if you can't guess whether a combibolter is better then a bolter, you clearly haven't.

>> No.72612478
File: 1.08 MB, 1085x1212, 1561079528029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tau player cries like a bitch and quits

>> No.72612499

>Muh spreadsheets
Have sex and play the game nerds.

>> No.72612513
File: 171 KB, 608x195, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No it's more "I don't like playing against people who bend the rules into points where it's obviously stupid RAW bullshit. His interpretation of Heroic Intervention was bullshit. See pic fucking related. It clearly says "after the enemy has COMPLETED ALL OF THEIR CHARGE MOVES". I didn't charge, so he can't activate heroic intervention, as I never completed my charge moves.

GSC have a bullshit rule which allows them to have their weak troops to jump in the way of burst cannons.

>> No.72612516
File: 76 KB, 320x632, 1580798439116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still mad that Cadia actually fell just because Chaos cucks were falling into irrelevancy, they still remain irrelevant to the story and Cadia broke.

>> No.72612518

>be dumb ass
>move riptide 3" away from a character knowing heroic intervention exists.
>refusing to delete the character with said riptide
>cry when charge phase ends and other heroic interventions
Apply yourself.

>> No.72612521

Stop being poor and you'd be able to do both. Knowing maths helps in not being poor.

>> No.72612531

If I'd like a bit of metallic flake in a color with none, how is best to achieve this?

>> No.72612534 [DELETED] 

Fuck the Janitors

>> No.72612543

Are you a FUCKING cretin?

Heroic Intervention is ONLY allowed when your opponent has FINISHED ALL OF THEIR CHARGE MOVES.


Thus it doesn't trigger.

Fucking hell, have you ever read the rulebook?

>> No.72612550

you sound like a fun person to play against

>> No.72612558

You've completed all 0 charges though.

>> No.72612559

this is fine
this is heresy

>> No.72612562

>complains about GSC passing wounds to weak units
>plays tau with savior protocols

>> No.72612573

If something says "after finishing all your shooting attacks" do you think it doesn't trigger if you opt not to shoot? Learn English.

>> No.72612575
File: 219 KB, 1273x1024, 1477546179637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes we know about outliers and your friend dave who flipped tails 10 times in a row.
Statistics are so you know objectively what is better over many hundreds of games for predictable things like your own loadout vs MEQ.
Ignore it or Use it. Don't deny its usefulness.

Look up results oriented thinking and play a game of poker once in your life.

>> No.72612582

So you did have a new argument after all!

>> No.72612593

Poker isn't about the cards it's about playing the opponents.

How does math factor into this?

>> No.72612594

a-anyone? :(

>> No.72612598

The absolute state of tau faggotry.
You don't just skip phases you fucking idiot

>> No.72612601

based baiting retard

>> No.72612608

Unfortunately for you, Zero rounds to None.

>> No.72612609

bro chill

>playing necromunda
>shooty gsc vs punchy gsc
>we saw a shiny new ork rokkit on launcher terrain piece in the shop so we throw together a mission
>objective: access one of three terminals to launch rocket so we can crashland it and retrieve a relic from the wreckage
>terminals require intelligence check, then a d6 roll
>1: rocket is a dud, 2-5, rocket launches and crashlands the next turn, 6 it explodes and kills everyone
>match goes horribly for me, my grenadier gets splattered turn one, others get taken down by potshots, etc etc woe is me
>manage to get a guy to one terminal, he's a mook and too dumb to activate it, gets charged and killed
>get a guy to another terminal as he's getting chased by an aberrant
>int check goes through
>roll the d6
>get my only 6 of the game
>everybody dies
It was a pretty good game all around desu

>> No.72612612

You think it isn't easier to play your opponent if can correctly guess what cards are in his hand?

>> No.72612613
File: 46 KB, 319x319, 1582925049994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Embarrassing, learn to read.

>> No.72612614

>0.0001=0 is fine

>> No.72612621

Honestly just go over the basic rules then watch some battle reports on youtube with thousands sons in them to see the army in action. Should give you a pretty good idea of playstyles if you watch a few batreps with different army compositions.

>> No.72612623

>How does math factor into this?
Oh jesus christ

>> No.72612630

statistic don't take into account the fact that all rolls are independent of each other

>> No.72612633

I play the game though unlike you retards who rely on excel files to explain why they haven't bought a single kit yet.

>> No.72612642

I am, which is why I don't play against WAAC RAW rules bending that allows for bullshit.

That's just not how it works. Would you say you've "completed all of your Tau models" if you have no Tau? Would you say "I've eaten all of my cake" if you have no cake? If you don't have any cake, how the fuck do you eat it?

Yeah, but with shield drones I have to pay for a dedicated unit that costs more than 5 fucking points. I'd be fine with it if he had to spend like 2CP to do it and it was a more expensive unit, but when it's EVERY SINGLE MODEL IN THEIR ARMY it's just bullshit.

Yes! If I haven't made any shooting attacks, I haven't completed any. Complete, by the dictionary, means "having all the necessary or appropriate parts", and I've not had all the appropriate parts.

>> No.72612650
File: 77 KB, 535x527, fight7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72612652

How does math factor into a game of bluffing and blind chance?

>> No.72612654

but your opponent was following the rules unlike the strawman you posted

>> No.72612668

>The mathlets
>The Taulets
>The rulelets
This thread, I swear.

>> No.72612669

>That's just not how it works.
you're wrong

that said if you're fine with me skipping the overwatch phase I'd be fine with you skipping the charge phase

>> No.72612672

Thank you, finally someone sane. Because the Patriarch didn't charge that turn it can't fight. This is what I tried to tell the GSC rules lawyer but he didn't listen.

>> No.72612673

You chose not to charge with any of your units, so you have completed all of your charge moves. Since you have completed all of your charge moves they can now use heroic intervention. This has been addressed by GW multiple times.

>> No.72612677

We're a lore thread. This is to be expected.

>> No.72612684


>> No.72612688

Excel files earn money. Try it sometime, you'd actually be able to buy your self some minis and play the game.

>> No.72612696

>This has been addressed by GW multiple times.
Do you remember which FAQ had this? Digging through all of them is a mess and I'd like to have this screencapped for future use.

>> No.72612706

Excel is for work, not for a dice game with minis you don't even own virgin.

>> No.72612708

No you don't. Your IQ is clearly too low to understand the simple math it requires to play the game. Please learn math, have sex and play 40k, in that order.

>> No.72612711

Technically he was, yes, but he was being a rules lawyering WAAC shit about it. It clearly wasn't intended in the rules (just look how heroic intervention used to work), and he just wanted to pull some bullshit.


>> No.72612726

heh, I know people like that guy in real life, and having to explain to them why X is better then Y in their case is a nightmare, they never listen, keep losing, and then keep complaining about luck.

>> No.72612729

Nor do you, so what are you on about?

>> No.72612735

Are you the McJob having retard who just tell his opponent his averages instead of rolling dice against the actual circumstances you absolute fucking brainlet?

>> No.72612737
File: 34 KB, 320x216, 64D44435-41C9-4813-8E77-FD1B71271DF9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread needs a cleansing.

>> No.72612745

Gimmie kiss boo

>> No.72612751
File: 15 KB, 459x81, d77c94f5666f01834eb8f3ab61e03c44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the main rulebook faq

taufag BTFO forever

>> No.72612754

Working can help you earn money to be able to play the game, and also get a wife. I suggest you give it a try, since you are obsessed with your virginity.

>> No.72612758

I can't wait to play actually games.
I get too excited building list so i need an catastrophe of a match to bring me and my wallet back down to earth

>> No.72612759

I actually use excel at work and know the difference between a reliable average and a sample under different variables.

>> No.72612763


>> No.72612771

It's fucking great, I hope it becomes a sticky.

>> No.72612772

>Incel mad as fuck he got called out for relying on statistics that don't matter
Tell me more about the percentage of women that are whores or whatever to explain why you don't have a wife virgin.

>> No.72612777
File: 279 KB, 660x981, Kanlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are all threadlets

>> No.72612789
File: 36 KB, 640x313, Kreia do not mate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do not have sex.

>> No.72612793

You work out the pot odds and expected value to see whether or not you should call or raise depending on your hand and the flop.
If you fold and then see that you would have won, it doesn't matter because the odds tell you that over 100 games, it was better to fold. So you can expect to win more the more you play over time if you play the odds versus purely playing it by feel or judging how you played by what actually happened versus the odds over many games.
and of course a lot of the game is bluffing and observing tells.

>> No.72612810

anon even if you were not in direct combat you could argue that a leader stepping between his troops and a large monster about to shoot them to shit and fighting it down would count as a heroic intervention thematically and fluffwise

>> No.72612811

I once had a one-armed half dead dreadnought kill off a land raider loaded with Abaddon and 3 Bringers of Despair in 7e. Sometimes the dice gods are just on your side.

>> No.72612814

See this you seething cretin:
Clearly he can't because the Patriarch didn't charge. (>>72612745) agrees with me.

>> No.72612815

Stop projecting and play the game. At least your job as a McDonald's burger flipper doesn't require any math skills, so you might be able to actually keep the job and buy some models in the future. Just try not to drink the glue.

>> No.72612818

Projection really isn't healthy for you. I seriously suggest you get a job before this obsession with your virginity cripples you too much.

>> No.72612830

trust me
you dont want to

>> No.72612837

Fluff and lore doesn't matter, are you a cretin?

>> No.72612844

shut up you retarded nigger, the FAQ explicitly says you're a dumb faggot

>> No.72612849

anon the fucking guys who wrote the rules disagree with you just take the L

>> No.72612856

Hey guys, I really like this warhammer setting and can't wait to start-
What the fuck.

>> No.72612860

so can we nuke the game and just paint and collect these models already?

>> No.72612872

My favorite weird dice story is the time I was playing kill team and opened a door separating my voidsmen from a flamer cultist forgetting that opening doors counts as an activation.
The cultist lit me up, made three wounds. I rolled all three sixes needed to not die.
Next turn, I open up on him with the voidsman and roll all ones.

>> No.72612881

I can't afford not to
I need a bad game to clear my head too much optimism means too many new models to paint

>> No.72612888

you were bitching about how his actions didn't make sense from a narrative perspective and the FAQ shows you were in the wrong either way

>> No.72612890
File: 207 KB, 800x1067, sofarsogoodsowhat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a model without rules?

>> No.72612891

And this flowchart, which is made using the actual rules (>>72612650) says otherwise. Plus the people who wrote the FAQ probably didn't think of the stupid interaction where you can have something charge someone else.

Likely that FAQ was intended for a character joining a combat that was started the turn before. Not to create a new one.

>> No.72612892

Sure, we can do it like we did with Fantasy.

>> No.72612894

Its one dedicated autist that can't admit they were wrong, so they will crash the thread into the ground instead of admitting their mistake.

>> No.72612904

Patriarch can certainly fight. He just isn't limited to fighting only units be declared a charge on, cause he didn't charge...

Big news, but even if you consolidate into close combat with an enemy (which you can do BTW) they get to hit you that turn.

At the end of the fight phase, there should only be models within 1" who didn't fight if the unit(s) they charged were wiped out already.

>> No.72612914

oh so you want to lose? bless your heart
if you can take it

>> No.72612930

Which edition is that flow chart from? If it isn't in the 8th FAQ then the 8th FAQ here >>72612751
is that appropriate rule.

>> No.72612932

Your mom rules require 2 codexes , a white dwarf update and a errata on the webpage nigguh

>> No.72612938

That was always an option. Go hang out in /wip/ if you just want to hobby and not be concerned with the ruleset.

>> No.72612945

If only the people that don't play this game actually played a game instead of relying on statistics and getting assmad when called out over their nonsense

>> No.72612954

On a 4+ your riptide should kill it regardless.

>> No.72612962

Yeah but it's just bullshit that that's allowed, and it's just not in the spirit of the game. It's clearly a RAW interaction. Anyone pulling that shit in a game needs to reevaluate their approach to the game. They probably stay up late each night reading the rulebook to find such bullshit interactions.

>> No.72612979

Not if the Broodlord hits first.

>> No.72612998

anon you are arguing in favor of a flowchart not from the rulebook made by a random on the internet over a rules clarification made by the people who wrote the rules
and now you are arguing narrative again despite saying narrative doesn't matter

>> No.72613000

Just play a war game that no one else does, like the Fallout war game.

>> No.72613008

He also had two fucking familiars and an invulnerable save on the Patriarch. Having familiars absorb wounds is also bullshit. He only took them to absorb wounds, which is also not really honourable play (they're meant to buff psychic from what I remember).

>> No.72613010
File: 20 KB, 300x246, sad-ork-300x246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dony be mean to ork players anon. It takes a long time to paint all those grots and boyz.

>> No.72613019

The big difference between you and the guy pulling that shit is at least they read rule books and FAQs

>> No.72613020

>rules are bullshit when they don't favor me

>> No.72613033

I have nothing but contempt for you taufag after fighting through 40 drone armies

>> No.72613046

>T'au player
>Complaining about passing wounds and invul saves

>> No.72613048

The guys intercept hits on a 4+ unless you take pauper princes for your cult which most people do not as they are weak. I'm not talking about who went first in combat.

>> No.72613051
File: 12 KB, 190x265, sdfsdfsd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spirit of the game
I didnt know this was the EDH general.

>> No.72613055

That's like saying taking drones to absorb wounds is bullshit because they have guns on them. If they have the option to be damage sponges they're gonna take them.

>> No.72613071

>tau player continues to bitch about other models soaking up wounds.
>muh honourable play.
Don't you have a katana to go unsheathe somewhere

>> No.72613083
File: 2.13 MB, 3143x1404, 20200516_180616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus christ lol, never realized exactly how much size difference there is between old manlet sculpts and primarines. The CSM barely comes up to the Gravis Cap's nipples. I've got the marine half of assault on black reach coming, and I wonder if the dread is even going to be taller than gravis models.

>> No.72613087

No, the big difference is because he's a rules lawyer who looks to pull RAW bullshittery.

That's meant to be Tau's thing, and is intended. He's just doing it because it's convenient bullshittery.

He was pauper princes

>> No.72613102
File: 1.95 MB, 4032x1997, IMG_20200516_190725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting a taste of this now. God bless your kind.

>> No.72613111

Boy do I know that feel. But really, tank shocking is weird but if you can't move your model then thems the rules. Watch these mad lads ram their trukk right into a Stormsurge leg and knock it over.

>> No.72613113


>> No.72613120

>lands are indestructible
I'll fucking smash lands however i god damn please.
Fuck your spirit.

>> No.72613122

You'd complain if other armies got bolter drill, or mob rule, or cult ambush, you absolute cretin.

>> No.72613128

and gsc being fanatical cultist who take hits for their leaders is also their thing

>> No.72613136

Oh please, I take that shit all the time with my Big Meks even if they don't plan on fixing anything. It's a 4 point extra wound.

>> No.72613138

>still have 40 boyz and 30 grots to paint
that airbrush is looking like a more sensible purchase every day

>> No.72613141

The boxnaut is really tiny, reaching maybe to the banner pole's top.

>> No.72613147

Are you saying passing wounds off to lesser cultists in the subfaction specifically intended to help that rule is not intended?

I'm reminded of how they had to FAQ Kauyon because RAW if you took a sunshark it'd auto-die when you popped kauyon due to supersonic.

>> No.72613155

I can't find a FAQ on this, but it makes total sense to me that he can Heroic Intervention you. A better wording of the rule would be "at the end of your enemy's charge phase". Other games have a more solid concept of player priority where the player whose turn it is must pass priority to their opponent in case the opponent wants to do anything at the end of their turn phases.

>> No.72613165

but they don't so its a non issue, stop with the pointless obfuscation and admit you're a salty little fag that tries to tell others how to play when you don't understand the very rules you try to enforce.

>> No.72613168
File: 291 KB, 600x600, 1575477293427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Crazed Fanatics throwing themselves in front of their sire.
>Lol drone goes whoosh.
Literally suits GSC better

>> No.72613170

>rolls in with a 3+ invul ahriman
nothing personel kid.

>> No.72613175

Don't forget Skarbrand's hate aura that requires you to assault him. So people used it to tug planes out of the air and instant kill them because they couldn't go the minimum distance.

>> No.72613177

How hard would it be to make copies of complete havoc figures with blue stuff and milliput?

>> No.72613179
File: 169 KB, 1100x1400, 8ef3e881cc123398276685be211c8831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Measure how much of the bladed axle goes over the base, carefully clip it off, make the 'water' and then glue it back on?

Either way, it's a cool idea. I look forward to seeing your progress fellow degenerate.

>> No.72613186

Wow. You are probably the worst nigger to play against

>> No.72613201

I mean if you can make a normal space marine, it's easy. All you add is 3 toes in the feet.

>> No.72613207

Is there any point in taking a heavy bolter over an autocannon, especially when they're the same price? 1 extra shot doesn't seem worth losing the extra strength, AP, and damage.

>> No.72613210

It's literally in his rules for them to intercept hits. Same as Tau. You're the guy that gives Tau players a bad name.

>> No.72613211

Tau had the rule first. It's even more bullshit that a bumfuck cultist with T3 5+ 1W can block any shot in the game, no matter how strong. Shield drones at least are T4, 4+, are made of solid metal and have an invulnerable save.

And that makes you one of the cretins who uses rules bullshit to be a rules lawyer.

No you cretin, it's fine from like lasgun fire, but not against a FUCKING riptide. How is a bumfuck cultist blocking that?

Yeah, but are we playing a different game? NO! We're both playing 40k, unless you're trying to pull further bullshit.

Exactly. They don't so GSC shouldn't have an identical rule. It makes them too strong when they only have to pay 5 points per invincible wound.


>> No.72613216

That's kind of great though. I'd fluff it as the pilot getting so enraged they just kamikaze the giant red demon.

>> No.72613222

And Range, but the AP's the same, I'm just a dumbass

>> No.72613223

Some sort of aura of hate. He makes hit rolls of 1 target the unit that made the attack against him. Suddenly powerfists and thunderhammers are scary.

>> No.72613232


holy shit dude threads dead just let it die

>> No.72613239

There's a point where you stop being a partner in a debate and start being the monkey in the room that everyone is throwing peanuts at. You passed that point about three 'cretins' ago.

>> No.72613246

Lore is shit

>> No.72613257
File: 16 KB, 255x255, 1489372757455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72613261

whether it's bullshit or not cultist save are an innate part of his faction that fits thematically equally if not even better than yours

>> No.72613271

his autism won't allow him to back down, he NEEDS to be right in the worst possible way.

>> No.72613275

We're on page 3.

I don't know why everyone seems so fucking abusive towards me whenever I try to argue a point on here. It's literally the same as the dreadnaught air vent debate.

God, do you even fucking read?
See (>>72613211)
> Tau had the rule first. It's even more bullshit that a bumfuck cultist with T3 5+ 1W can block any shot in the game, no matter how strong. Shield drones at least are T4, 4+, are made of solid metal and have an invulnerable save.

>> No.72613288

I've been playing a ton of resident evil. Mad scientists and depraved mercs throwing infectious living corpses and mutated horrors in to battle.

What 40k faction should I play for this?

>> No.72613315
File: 110 KB, 700x769, 1557670713271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dark Eldar Covens

>> No.72613316

literally gsc

>> No.72613322

Death Guard

>> No.72613326

It's definitely not because you melt down and start insulting everyone in all caps. Also are you saying you're the dreadnought air vent guy too?

Death guard for zombies, GSC or Dark Eldar Haemonculus Covens for mad scientists.

>> No.72613328

Dark Eldar.

>> No.72613330

frankly it's fucking bullshit that your drones can stop titan grade weaponry and not even die in the process so don't start looking for pity here

>> No.72613332

Your options are Dark Eldar, GSC, and Death Guard. Possibly CSM in a few months when Fabulous Bill gets his faction drop.

>> No.72613341

Unquestioning Loyalty.Last thing I'll say. GSC used to pass look out sir AUTOMATICALLY. It's been a part of their faction since they came back out in 7th. Know your shit Tau fag.

>> No.72613345
File: 143 KB, 1000x1000, SMHeroes3-May8-Mini1yjce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wu flu will continue until they are released in Christendom, GW.

>> No.72613358

The mad scientis it you and the infectious mutated living corpses are your models when you're done painting them.

>> No.72613362
File: 1.76 MB, 332x332, HERES TENCHY.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who has better bio-weapons?

>> No.72613372

I like this because I can just build lists and paint shit. Means I don't have to suffer playing my garbage army

>> No.72613378

DG for bio weapons

>> No.72613387

Shits opening back up. You nurglefags need to step it the fuck up. I wanna be locked down till at least November.
Start licking doorknobs or something

>> No.72613394

we talking anthrax bombs and shit? deathguard

for mutated gribbly "bio weapons", GSC abberants and acolytes are largely uncontested

>> No.72613399

>I don't know why everyone seems so fucking abusive towards me whenever I try to argue a point on here. It's literally the same as the dreadnaught air vent debate.
because you sound like a massive fucking prick

>> No.72613400

> It's definitely not because you melt down and start insulting everyone in all caps. Also are you saying you're the dreadnought air vent guy too?
If you actually had fucking reading comprehension you'd maybe be able to crawl from that drudging cesspit that is your brain. Yes that was me, and much like before everyone just ganged up on me and didn't listen to facts. Maybe it is you, not I, who is "menting down". Also, I don't use all caps unless I'm stressing a point, you absolute cretin. It's needed for dumbfucks like you.

They've got a forceshield and are made of solid metal. GSC are literally humans wearing a t-shirt. Which one sounds better at blocking a Pulse blastcannon?

Yeah but look out sir was only in combat. You can jump in the way of a sword. Human reflexes can't let you jump in front of a bullet moving faster than the speed of sound (or in the case of tau lasers, at the speed of light). Mythbusters did a video on reacting to bullets, but you're an uncultured cretin.

>> No.72613403

Tyranids. DE and Death Guard don't really do organic weapons. The DG have zombies and daemon engines, the DE strap existing weapons and blades and shit to frankenstein monsters, but Nids are the only ones who have organic weapons, though GSC barely use them.

>> No.72613410

Define bioweapons.

Deldar covens are an army of Dr. Frankenstein HQs leading hordes of their tanky monstrosities.

GSC can be run any number of ways, and one of them is with a biomagus leading hordes of less tanky, but incredibly smashy mutants.

DG is spraying T-Virus out of a tank as you send zombies and plague soldiers shambling towards your enemy.

>> No.72613411

Death Guard

>> No.72613436

I'm actually having a hard time telling if you're a legitimate autist or just larping as one for (You)s. Either way you're pretty entertaining for a cretin.

>> No.72613452

>Yeah but look out sir was only in combat. You can jump in the way of a sword. Human reflexes can't let you jump in front of a bullet moving faster than the speed of sound (or in the case of tau lasers, at the speed of light). Mythbusters did a video on reacting to bullets, but you're an uncultured cretin.
how does a drone jump in the way of a bullet

>> No.72613453


shut the fuck up chang

>> No.72613469

Space marines, Iron hands.

>> No.72613470

what does his honey taste like?

>> No.72613477

Is there any precedent in Necron lore for someone with a warrior body retaining their personality or even thought processes? I know there's one dynasty that generally has more sentient necrons, but I'm not sure if that includes their warriors.

>> No.72613485

The way shield drones should work is you have to shoot them if they are the closes enemy unit.

>> No.72613487

> can't think of an insult so uses mine
It's the same as when GSC basically stole saviour protocols. It was bullshit then, and it's bullshit now. It is you, not I, who is the quote-unquote "cretin".

Okay, this may be hard for your fucking cretin cesspit of a brain to understand, but I said HUMAN REFLEXES can't let you jump front of a bullet. Sheild Drones are ROBOTIC COMPUTER BRAINS at the PEAK of technology 38 THOUSAND years in the future. Computers are fast now, and can do calculations in milliseconds.

I honestly can't comprehend how dumb you cretins are.

>> No.72613488

Can i still use my old obliterator models?

>> No.72613494

Yeah, the Thokt Dynasty.

>> No.72613500


>> No.72613514


>> No.72613518

dumpster juice

look man, in the case that you are actually autistic, let me break this down for you: You're behaving in a way that the vast majority of the thread considers childish and obnoxious. What you do with that information is your decision, but I'd recommend letting this argument go.

>> No.72613536

they can calculate as fast as they want but they have to actually physically move themselves between the bullet and the thing they are protecting which takes much more than miliseconds

>> No.72613544

They should do more insect themed dudes like this one.

>> No.72613553


go eat a bat you subhuman

>> No.72613591
File: 1018 KB, 849x598, Screenshot_2020-05-13 JPEG_20200510_175446 jpg (JPEG Image, 1080 × 1920 pixels).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would Savior Protocols be less egregious if it was on a 3+?

It'd probably curtail entire lists being built around it.

>> No.72613605

moreover humans can calculate things near instantly too and react immediately due to our instincts

>> No.72613610

that nurgling a cute
I like when models have little sidekicks on their bases. That's why I gave my overlord a scarab buddy. Hell, maybe I'll put a small overlord on a 40mm base and decorate it with sidekicks from every faction: a servitor, a scarab, a nurgling... Are there other pet models?

>> No.72613613
File: 2.10 MB, 3264x2448, 20200514_230136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the suggestion. That said I don't think it'll work with the water level I'm gonna have on that part.

>> No.72613627

tyranid rippers, yvraine's gyrinx, the rogue trader canid

>> No.72613632

Psychic familiars, chaotic and jeanstealing.

Those little robed dudes that follow dark angels around

Sororitas cherubs

>> No.72613651

Hell yeah, thanks.
I guess I'm going to have to use a recaster to get individual bits like that. Still, it'll be a fun little project.

>> No.72613652

Either 3+ or there needs to be a chance for the shield drone taking the wound to be destroyed when savior protocol fails. One or the other since both would be too much a swing in the opposite direction.

>> No.72613670

A grot!

>> No.72613679

they should be made to word on a 5/6+ and 4+ for shield drones (but they lose the fnp in the process)

>> No.72613680

You do realise that electricity moves at the speed of light, right? So the circuitboard calculates things at the speed of light. Because the distance between parts on the circuitboard are lower than the distance to whatever is shooting at it, it can calculate the way to dodge the shot before the shot can get there.

You're still in the mindset of 20th century primitve computers. Tau are the most technologically advanced race in the galaxy 38,000 THOUSAND years on.

>> No.72613703
File: 713 KB, 765x803, 1585407638434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tau are the most technologically advanced race in the galaxy

>> No.72613710

That'd be all but useless, unless they made em cheaper.

Then again I built all my drones as guns because I like dakka, so it wouldn't affect me much.

>> No.72613762
File: 2.33 MB, 2000x1236, necrondestoyer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In your HONEST and educated guess.. what kind of stuff will be revealed for necrons on the 23rd? I just can't imagine it will be a lot because no other armies got a lot during this whole PA thing right? like during gaz thrakas release, what else did orkz get besides thraka?

>> No.72613791

new destoyers
new warriors
bring back old crypteks
weapon options

>> No.72613798

tau are not even in the top three for tech
tau have only actually advanced for 5k years because they were cavemen when they were first found during the great crusade and their tech became the current level ~5k years afterwords
that still doesn't answer the question of how the drone stops a bullet who's arc is several meters away from it's position when it fires because it can calculate as fast as it wants it still has to actually move into the trajectory to stop the bullet

>> No.72613813

>Silent King diorama model
>Pariah unit
>spider guy whose name I don't remember
>build-ur-own tombworld and some nifty stratagems
>spiderguy and pariahs locked in a box with whoever the other event thing is, I forget

>> No.72613820

It also calculates when the opponent is likely to shoot and fire, and where the opponent is aiming. It knows where the shot will go before it fires.

>> No.72613845

In terms of advancement, they managed to get technology to stand up to the Imperium in a smaller time frame than it took for the Mankind to be destroyed by the Men of Iron.

>> No.72613857

Nothing honestly except for the Silent King. The hype machine would be in full overdrive by now if there was something big on the horizon.

>> No.72613880

for a lore friendly reasoning i can get behind shield drones being three parts, void shield generator, thruster for flying, and a computer to monitor incoming ballistics/scan for enemies in firing positions so it can get in the way of the incoming fire. essentially i'm just hand waving it away because space magic ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.72613885

No he doesnt

>> No.72613903

and the human brain thinks just as fast in effect when it comes to an instinctual reaction and a GSC would be indoctrinated down to his very instincts to jump between the bullet and his master
also the drone can take the hit even if it is starting from several meters away when the shot happens you still haven't explained that

>> No.72613949

The reason they were able to advance so rapidly was due to the ethereals making themselves known and uniting the castes together towards their goal of the greater good. They also were in a corner of space away from a lot of the real nasty stuff while they began to spread out and conquer worlds/enlist the aid of alien species like the kroot. While they may have impressive technology they are now know to all of the big factions and their empire is dwarfed by others, went from being the big swinging dicks to just another fish in the pond.

>> No.72613978

im not the guy arguing with you, i agree. i'm just saying that it works because the rules say it works.

>> No.72613991

What are the rumors about a necron v someone boxset

>> No.72614002

you both said very similar things so I decided to respond to both just in case I replied to the wrong one

>> No.72614009

Let me apologize on behalf of tau enthusiasts for this thread. Were not all like this. Every faction has its share of assholes. No bully pls

>> No.72614019

I forget if it was an unverified rumor (most likely), but it was speculated that the box set for the drop of 9th edition will be a space marine vs. necrons set to capitalize on the silent king being a mover and shaker to events in 9th.

>> No.72614042

I buy and paint T'au because I love mecha and some models are really nice. I don't play T'au because I hated the firing line play style. With the new rules for FSE I might be tempted to start a mobile medium range army and make it work.

>> No.72614043

Necrons vs new primaris marines

>> No.72614060

Specifically it's gonna be the Bike Primaris.

>> No.72614063

honestly I just want that because the fucking pricks who use 30/40 drone lists deserve it

>> No.72614066

I mean let's think about this.
The event is called Pariah, which was an old necron unit that came about due to cron experimentation.
They just unveiled the kooky mad scientist necron, then made big noise about Top Shit necron.
If necrons are getting not just the usual HQ update, but three kits, then they're probably getting a box, because the only other multi-update faction was elves, who got a box.

At least that's my line of thinking. Though I doubt Szeras and SK are in the same box.

>> No.72614077

New Thread

>> No.72614080
File: 1.28 MB, 1278x634, absoluteunit_SKING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you be happy if they released buff necrons? That trailer was so strange in how it showed the fucking giga chrons holding hyper phase swords or whatever.

>> No.72614085

With a handful of primaris with terminator rules

>> No.72614091

>You do realise that electricity moves at the speed of light, right? So the circuitboard calculates things at the speed of light.
Electricity through circuitry moves at only a fraction of the speed of light through air.

>> No.72614095

Rumor says they'll have a primaris equivalent for Necrons

>> No.72614133

Last game against a tau player I brought 150 grots. He kept trying to rush me through my shooting phase, he didn't appreciate having to wait.

>> No.72614158

That's how they saw themselves, leaving their old frail diseased bodies behind for badass new terminator bodies covered in buff muscles and flesh.

>> No.72614216

Well if they're a singly micrometer taller than necron warriors you can bet your ass people will call them that.

>> No.72614249

I meant as in 2W 2A sorta stats, but yeah people have already started calling this hypothetical unit that

>> No.72614260

>You do realise that electricity moves at the speed of light, right?
It moves at a speed dependent on the conductivity of the substance it's traveling through.

>> No.72614304

I'm betting on buffed up Lych Guard, basically silver and green custodes, but hopefully even more badass to represent the technological difference between the necrons and humanity. Beatstick character statline each, really powerful gun, absurdly tough, but rather expensive. Kinda like Nagash's Arachai in Fantasy.

>> No.72614779

I will dub this “cretin posting”

>> No.72615766

Can’t remember the name, but I think Forgeword Xana repeatedly uses xenos tech. As result, there have been several Deathwatch missions and arguments with the inquisition that have happened on the planet. Still, they don’t stop.

>> No.72615806

anyone ever order from cheap n fast? what were the models and delivery time like

>> No.72615821

Think about if I wanted to try painting his face or use a helmet. I don’t think I have the skill to paint those tiny golden tattoos.

>> No.72616026

I tried to do a Deff Dread army, still ended up painting 60 orks.

You have my respect.

>> No.72616076

The stormsurge thing was fully intended, it was part of an FAQ. Tau players just had their usual meltdown over it because they couldn't possibly not anchor their stormsurge while in tank shock range.

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