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Paint your army, god damn it.

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I would, if I bought garbage.

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theyre gray knights

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At least it's not Tau.

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Why? I can play without them and I gain no mechanical benefit from painting them.

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If you play in tournaments around here we got rule of paint, where you get one victory point for painted army, two if it is painted half decently

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Why not just use paper if you're not going to paint them?

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I don't play tournaments I just play casual games.

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Spirit of the game tourneyfag, fuck you

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I'm not familiar with 40K lore, why do the giant robots (dreadnought ?) have an hammer and shield ? that seems a bit silly.

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My mommy takes fun of me when she sees my little toy soldiers so I can't paint while she's home úwù

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Then it's even worse, casual games love all those silly conversions and paint jobs. Also those are space marines not orks there aren't many models to paint, and I say this as an ork and nids player

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Still 40k trash

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is it because of your raging boner

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Well I'm not interested in painting, all I'm interested in is playing the game and I can't be assed to paint twenty identical tacs just to play with them.

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Because space wolves are silly marines

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Well you see sometimes you need a couple extra inches on top of your foot thick armour plating.

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Dreadnoughts are replacement bodies for mortally wounded marines, if the dude was better at melee combat he may as well continue to fight that way.
Also those are space wolves, known for their primitive culture and lack of consistency with real world logic

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What are you, 12? I honestly don't get why you'd want to play a trash game like 40k when there're better systems out there. Fielding my 40k models is literally the only reason I play. At any rate it's your loss, playing with painted armies is much more enjoyable.

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Nobody actually plays your "better systems".

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You seem a bit silly.

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I know, they're all playing 40k with their unpainted models :^)

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40k is a bit silly.

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Oh they do, there are some more enjoyable then others, but they are all played.

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Why would you play a game like Warhammer 40k for the fucking competitive rules?

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I play casual and I like to win.

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I'm sorry you don't have friends to play all kind of games with and have to rely on pickup games against randos in local GW shop *shudders*
Long ago, I was like you...

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>I play casual, but with unpainted models and waac

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I need a glossy reflective black and a metallic rose gold first senpai.

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He's obviously that dude who shows up to friendly fluffy games with a waac army to stomp everyone.

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Gold with the pink contrast paint over it does this fairly well.

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make me.

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why not suck my dik lmao

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nah eat shit fag

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>black and rose gold
Later homo

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seriously tho why not just play board games if the setting and hobby side of the game don't interest you? or is your entire gaming group just full of people playing with unpainted armies?

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Gray hunters, you blind idiot.

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*dips them in a single paint color*

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>stupid fucking yiffy furry fucks
>unpainted forgeworld
wow what a fucking surprise

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where's the forgeworld?

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File: 123 KB, 875x877, __shiranui_mai_and_leona_heidern_the_king_of_fighters_and_2_more_drawn_by_idohj12__e0a4903441a40b39ff75b9c4095de2e5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are, they are painted by your tears.
Don't be a bitch about what others do with their own shit, you little faggot

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Primaris are just as bad.

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people play systems above skirmish level? lmao just roll dice from a bucket at that point

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Hi Guys. Three colors is all you need right? Whose ready to play?

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>implying that's any lower than the malifuax community standard

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I like the competitive rules

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Paint is too thin, remember to take it out of the pot and let it half dry before applying it. And also remember that six layers us barely enough.

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t. greytide faggot

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greytide station wide!

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If you're going to shell out for the Mercedes-Benz of miniatures, why not at least try for a contrast job or a base/wash/highlight?

I mean, if the figures don't matter why not just use army men or one of the imitation brands?

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>I gain no mechanical benefit from painting them.

This is false. Everyone knows that painted minis fight harder on the table top. (Exception: during the first battle a newly painted model or unit will always perform badly.) It's also a known fact that if you finish painting all of your minis you'll die.

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Why did this post make me laugh?

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You should at least spray paint them, takes very little time and makes it all look better (also has the benefit of allowing you to more easily identify your guys)

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So that's why my ghorgon did fuckall but get stabbed to death

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Almost there. I've got 30 WoC getting finished today, 20 chosen and 2 stonework slaughterbrutes left and this army is done. 115 minis done since quarantine measures began.

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Good point

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Nice. Thusfar I've painted
>one necromunda gang
>two monsters
>27 infantry

And I'm about to de-greytide my tau, and repaint what I had painted already.

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Just finished converting and painting 40 marauders for my Slaves to Darkness, getting very close to having 2000 points painted for the first time.

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They're not primaris either

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I finished painting my orks mostly now, need to finish one more grot, one more ork nob and five lizardmen.

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I did and you complain anyway

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This one hurts me. I love that model normally.
Little update, 30 more WOC done today, 40 in the last 24 hours. Pic related
I want to see these. I have a bunch of khorne mauraders i eventually have to do.

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My god we had someone like that once, his "ork" consisted of: one knight crusader, one ork seer consul on jetbikes, one ork wraithnight, and three ork riptides. This was in 7th edition.

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I've painted 50+ armies

It's easy. Just paint them to a low table top quality / economy style.

I'm not trying to win awards, just boots on the ground and drones in the air

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Thanks friends

Great looking chaos warriors anon. Haven’t had a chance to take a good group pic with all 40 of them yet but they mostly all look like this with the exception of a few mutated freaks.

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if youre just interested in playing why not just play with tokens the saem size as the bases? whats the point of getting models for visuals without completing the visual?

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Almost done OP, all I got left is three skinks, a stegodon and crew and a kroxigor.

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Play epic instead, those models are easy as balls to paint nice with new contrast stuff.

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looks coo'

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slick colour schemes!

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Found the primaris-player

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If this has to be explained to you go play vidya with the other /v/ermin faggot.

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>Just play a game where it is easier to paint
Why don’t paintfags understand the concept of “I don’t want to paint?” The issue isn’t difficult, the issue is that painting is a terrible chore.

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Just for you I will.

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Can confirm. First go at kill team, got tabled. Painted my deathwatch and then played again and actually won.

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All it took was a worldwide pandemic and a month long quarantine but fuck I actually did it.

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You think I can afford an army nigga? You think I can afford PAINT?

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Jamal, paint is very easy to shoplift. Craft stores and GW stores just keep it out in the open.

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Is this trolling or is this what 40kids actually believe? Just play a video game if you're not into models, sheesh.

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dip in paint, dip in nuln, call it a day, still look a lot better than some painting attempts, if a tournament has a 3 color rule add a dry brush

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You're going to die of Ligma.

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>Not silly
Pick one

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But he is in to models just not painted ones, stop criticizing other people's life style choices.

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that one's nice. if you went that detailed on all 40 i salute you.

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>I'm into sculpting
>nah I don't actually finish any sculptures, I just buy blocks of clay and leave them around my house

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When people say they “dip” a model in paint, what’s that about? It’s obviously not dunking the primed model into a pot, but it’s supposed to be an easy way to get color on, right?

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Imagine letting a bloated britbong company fuck you in the ass by extorting you for tiny gray figures and fucks you over by making you buy a dozen rulebooks that you then repeat your own facefucking whenever they shit out a new load of papery horseshit that just ruined your army and made it the bottom bitch because they decided they want to sell a different group of plastic bits

Crunchfags are in fucking shambles. Fluffchads rise up

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>You can’t enjoy any part of the hobby unless you enjoy the part I value the most
What if they just like assembling and/or converting models but hate painting?

>> No.72597661

Dipping refers to dipping basecoated minis in quickshade or some other wash, I dont think dipping in paint would work 2bh.

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Then they'd be a chef who buys and prepares all the ingredients but never cooks anything.

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>Fluffchads rise up
Painting your miniatures doesn’t make you a flufffag, and painting the overpriced plastic you buy doesn’t validate your purchase. If you want to argue some sort of “true hobbyist” thing than you need a lot more than just painting your space marines a different colour. I would probably say at minimum you need
>Every single model should be converted, and not just kitbashes
>Significant lore, at least the equivalent of a few Lexicanum pages
>Custom for special characters and custom units or vehicles
>Custom terrain to go with your army, which matches your basing
>Painting your army
Anything less than this and you are a pleb who wastes his money on toy soldiers.

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That’s a retarded comparison since unpainted miniatures are entirely useable in every way. Unpainted space marines are able to be played just as well as fully painted space marines. Your sense of elitism is retarded, arbitrary, and unjustified.

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I never brought up painting, I brought up actually buying minis and giving a shit about the actual game that once again revolves around letting stupid british people finger your asshole and your wallet

If you're gonna be creative and go wild with the little guys have fun, but willingly getting buttfucked by GW's schizophrenic rule making means you need to be culled for being a gay homo

Guys that just like to paint the armies get fucked by the prices, guys that make lore are pretty okay because they're having fun.
I feel bad for crunchfags though. It's like they're

Wrong. You're a gay slave who plays a game dedicated to milking every dime out of you, pretending you're any better for not wasting your time painting and instead just pushing around gay wads of gray plastic makes you even more retarded

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What are you saying faggot. Your skull is so full of GW jizz you're talking nonsense

>> No.72597871

>Bitching about other people spending their money a certain way
Why the fuck do you care faggot?

>> No.72597872

Iron Hands player here.
I refuse to play with unpainted models.
One day i'll finish my leviathan dread.
One day..

>> No.72597892

I'm not you, I'm not a faggot. I don't bitch I laugh
Seeing how you're retarded I'll cut you a break, something your corporate slave masters will never do

Sorry retard but you can't keep running from those that mock you, not even on vietnamese translate requesting websites.


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Once again why do you care how other people spend their money faggot?

>> No.72597961

>he thinks I care
I want to you keep doing it so I stay entertained. You're a dumb nigger though so once again I will cut you some slack for being dough brained and retarded

>> No.72597991

>I don’t care
>I will keep following this thread and posting in it
I don’t think you know what caring means. But do go on raving about “muh evil games workshop” I am sure you are laughing and not at all angry.

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I mean that's okay but you got to understand you're the weirdo here, won't judge either I think an unpainted model is better than a thick smear of shit and I can at least appreciate the sculpt. But you are forcing yourself into ruining the experience for many others just because your mutant tastes.

>> No.72598006

They're not evil, just very jewish
You're a dumb cumslut that loves what they do to you. I'm not sorry that me laughing at you has made you so angry, queer. It's just the truth, one you don't like to hear but one I will cram down your throat like they do with their cocks. Faggot

>> No.72598021 [DELETED] 

>You’re the weirdo
>Says the guy who went into a thread about painting miniatures to rail against even owning miniatures

>> No.72598039

He's not me, even though I am the one keeping the thread alive. You're welcome deletefag

>> No.72598086

>You are forcing yourself
No, forcing yourself would be going out of your way. Not painting is a passive action, purposely painting your miniatures like shit to be a contrarian would be forcibg yourself to ruin the hobby for others.

Back to the main point however people have different skill levels at different tasks. If someone is great at converting but shit at painting why ruin a perfectly good conversion by painting it like shit? It would be like someone who is great at painting but shit at sculpting making shitty conversions for the sake of doing conversions.

>> No.72598142

>Y-your angry
Onve again though, what is your beef with GW specifically? They are Jewy? Like literally every company?

>> No.72598236

All is fair game until they want to play with others. If both parties agree to play with unpainted models that's fine. But official media always feature painted models, is to assume that's the way the designers intended the game and miniatues to be painted and other ways are at least deviant.

>> No.72598299

If your gonna be lazy at least be a rich lazy fuck and get them commissioned.

>> No.72598331

I did a commission once.

I’d rather paint myself, oh they didn’t do a bad job but there would be weeks they never messaged back and I was at the verge of charge backing their ass. It took like 6 months for 15 models painted at like the second level.

>> No.72598460

Ok, thanks!

>> No.72598487

>But you are forcing yourself into ruining the experience for many others just because your mutant tastes.
GW really got you on the leash, huh?

>> No.72598524

I recast my own miniatures you stupid dog go bark to /40kg/

>> No.72598547

Did that with one command model, but it looked so different from the rest of my mediocre-painted, but uniform army, that it drove me nuts. Commissioning an entire army is way out of my pocketbook, because I could just spend that money on more models. There’s also the satisfaction at looking at an entire army and going: “Yeah, I painted that.” Even if it’s not a Golden Demon.

>> No.72598552

Hey dummy hey buddy hey bitch you can't even type right, don't be calling anyone else mad
I made it clear how I feel and why I feel it, you feel the urge to suck cock because you're a fag, I feel the urge to laugh at people getting fucked up the ass. Sorry being a fag makes you be at the receiving end of that, but I'm sure you've been on the receiving end of a lot of things

>> No.72598754

Is 40k just some models that can be used for a wargame?

No its a fucking wargame first and foremost you cunt

>> No.72598783

Not the same person, il Ike building models and conversions ,painting is not fun and kills what enjoyment I get.

>> No.72598839

Post your armies lore anon.
I'm sure you do all that

>> No.72598850

There's nothing wrong with that, at most looks a bit incomplete when you play against painted armies. at least you should prime them to hide the gap filler or greenstuff.

>> No.72601369

Damn straight
Every time you bitch, I poorly strip paint from a fully painted model

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>he doesn't paint his sculptures, what a pleb
Brute plastic is the superior aesthetic.

>> No.72602393

>painting this much trash

>> No.72602421

Unbearably based and redpilled.

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File: 2.35 MB, 3264x2448, 16.04.2020AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reporting for duty battle buddy

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>I'm into sculpting
>I don't even buy clay, I leave it at the store

>> No.72602525

>Barrel still not drilled.
>Flash visible on both models
>Bleeding on the shoulderpads.
>No shading
All of this is just bad.

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So do you grey tide guys play with books and bits of tat instead of terrain too?

>> No.72602672

Oh, so you're lazy and a bit of an asshole. You don't want to play a challenging game you just want to exploit bad mechanics at other peoples expense.

>> No.72602704

I'm okay with this.

This guy gets it.

>> No.72602756

People bitch about 7th and Unbound but all it did was make That Guy easier to spot and avoid.

>> No.72602850

Why do you have a stuffed pig?

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File: 1.31 MB, 1536x2048, current wip 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I havent had a game yet since they're not fully painted... and Corona

>> No.72602968

Never claimed I fell into that criteria, the point was that everyone values different parts of the hobby and if you want to argue about “true hobbyists” or something than you should fulfill every part of the hobby instead of saying “true hobbyists paint, no I don’t write lore for my army, no I don’t have custom rules, no I don’t convert.”

>> No.72605177

mad as fuk lmao

>> No.72606297
File: 2.31 MB, 4032x3024, 6C1B3A42-B5F4-4693-8AEC-DCBA207C6B89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Game and models?

>> No.72607618

>Chad artist of colour

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>I gain no mechanical benefit from painting them.
ok snake

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>> No.72608561

I have a friend that slavishly buys the current iteration of the rules of any game he plays then refuses to ever plat the older edition ever. Its utterly baffling to me. Buying a new edition of rules is like torture to me. Total waste of money I'd rather spend on a new model

>> No.72608603

And here I am cleaning my last batch with simple green for the third time.

>> No.72608674

I bully people who bring unpainted armies. You could table me in two turns and I'll still talk shit about "I had more painted models so technically I won"

>> No.72608707


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Make me.

>> No.72608761

Power of the paint is the only Ouiji I believe in.

>> No.72608814

I painted a repulsor, Calgar, honour guard, kit bashed and painted two chaplain dread, painted nine seargents with swords and thunder mallets, did camo and guillie suit patterns on my old eliminators, currently painting through my Vanguard units.

>> No.72608932

Fuck off you gay fucking faggot

>> No.72609005

Your mom's a dyke.

>> No.72610230

no chad dont take my lunch money!

>> No.72612111


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>Finished painting 2k Tau, moved to CSM
>Finished painting 2k CSM, decided to remake my Thousand Sons
>Convert, custom base and scratchbuild a ton of shit for them
>Paint 2k then immediately stop playing main 40k
>Convert/paint 2 Kill Team Rosters
>Only have 1 person to play against, now 0
>Fuckall backlog, resorted to doing a commission of a full KT roster just to have shit to paint

I have been TOO productive. I actually have some packages on the way just to rebuild a small but varied backlog. Samurai from Bushido, a vampire counts starter and some Pathfinder druids.

It's a legitimately weird feeling. Until 3 years ago I'd paint 2 models a YEAR and hate it. Then I started hating the game and loving the brush, almost overnight.

>> No.72612921

>Is 40k just some models that can be used for a wargame?

>> No.72612967

Sounds like you need a 3d printer. You'll never run out of models to print again.

>> No.72613044

I have been thinking about an elegoo mars desu, considering all the good coverage from channels like goobertown, and it's not that expensive. I'm just worried as I don't have much space and I'm a bit of a luddite. I heard you need to fuck around aligning struts and stuff. I just want a 100% retard-proof process where I pour resin, press a button and after a few hours I'll have a perfect mini to paint.

It's real tempting for all the unique models you can think of, and there's a lot of cool designs you just can't buy due to IP laws. You can't officially buy like... Vagrant Story minis f.ex but if you have the ZBrush skill and a good printer, world's your oyster.

>> No.72615026

why don't YOU have a stuffed pig?

>> No.72615057

you're right. and in order to fix this issue i believe that some type of Style Points system should become integral to the game

>> No.72615289

ITC was a mistake.

>> No.72615649

I don't like painting but I enjoy playing.

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scotch tape > bits of tat

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I need more paint stripper first and some conversion parts I ordered.

>> No.72616156

>Wargaming is a game for the imagination
Unironically, I think this is a good idea.

>> No.72616213

you tell yourself that while i rape you to death and burn your house down :)

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You know what I don't get about greytide-fags? Why would they pay money for unpainted models when you can get tabletop simulator for $20?
>The virtual models are painted
>It's far cheaper
>They still play the game that they exclusively care about.

If greytiders only care about the game why do they not only pay for just the game? Why blow money on personalized stuff you aren't going to personalize? It's almost like they want to exclusively go to somewhere to ruin their opponent's gaming time. It's not enough to be lazy, you have to make others suffer for your laziness.

>> No.72617091

i never understood why people spurg out when barrels aren't drilled

>> No.72617247

because it looks bad

>> No.72617259

I will after I buy an air brush, the spray paint method looks too time consuming

>> No.72617562

You know what would really piss them off? Hire a competitor. Because a sample size of one is not even a pattern , much less the average.

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