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Repent Edition

For all your Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Only War and Wrath & Glory needs.

>Wrath & Glory Revised Release (PDF) from Cubicle7 Now Available!

If you bought the previous WanG release through DriveThruRPG, you already have the updated PDF as part of your library. If you're a filthy heretic you can check The Inner Temple in the PDF Share thread.

>Book Repositories

>Bestiary, armoury, weapon quality and NPC database

>Offline 40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.48.161023)

>/40krpg/ curated youtube playlists

>Make your maps look just like FFGs

>OLD AND SHITTY Wrath and Glory errata (Ulysses):

>Chivalry intensifies, v1.2.5 - Imperial Knights splat
>The Good, the Bad, and the Alpha Legion, v1.3.0 - Deathwatch to Horus Heresy total conversion
>Mars Needs Women! v1.6.6 - Mechanicus Skitarii and Taghmata for Only War
>Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe, v1.6.4 - additional playable Xenos for Rogue Trader
>The Fringe is Yours! v 1.10.2 - even more xenos, Knights, and Horus Heresy gear for Rogue Trader
>The Gold Experience Requiem, v1.2.3 - Custodes, Primaris, SoS, Solar Auxilia conversions
>Gene Mods and Adeptus Biologis Rules for Dark Heresy 2e

>Previous Thread >>72454279

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Right now Im working on a redone ship combat system for RT. It is
>d10 based
>highly streamlined
>balanced a bit better
>plays without a map, instead of an X,Y grid the battlemap is just a number line of range
>plays something like BFG and FTL had a baby on paper
>every class has special abilities for the ship
>whole thing could just as easily be used with wang

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Give me your draft ruleset

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I wish to play a very cool chaos marine for the deep lore

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>not making a weshare link for WANG every thread
its not even hard

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I know you're trying to post le ebin bait :^) for attention, but for people struggling with roleplaying space marines, CSMs perhaps offer the biggest variety of choices - anything from Chaos-hating renegades who fight both the Imperium and the servants of Chaos to old veterans striving to achieve daemonhood.

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Nah I genuinely want to

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I just want a generic space marine game that isn't homebrew.

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old RT GM here, color me interested as well.

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Am I a brainlet or does WanG dont tell me how to roll mob damage on a player?
It only explains player damaging the mob.

How many attacks do I roll? just one? sounds a bit retarded so I must be missing something

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Is it just me, or is the 40k Armory in the OP not filled out at all when I open it?

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It's just one attack roll. The roll gets +1 bonus die for each Troop in the mob, up to a maximum of half the number of Troops in the mob total. This ruling seems weird but you can also have mobs split attacks to different targets and with a sufficiently large mob can have the full bonus apply to each attack. This is on pg. 324 of the C7 revised rulebook and pg. 209 of the Ulysses rulebook (where it is also limited by Tier). The base attack is the value for one of the Troops in the mob. This statistically makes it much more likely to hit the player(s) and more likely to shift.

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You mean entirely empty or just missing some stuff?
Because it is in fact incomplete and/or has some errors in it.

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The roll for hitting part I get, the damage is what was not clear to me.
What was not clear is, ie. 10 ork boys hitting with choppas, ok ay they have WS 7 plus 5 so it goes to 12 dices to hit.
But after they hit, regarding rolling for damage, assuming a choppa, which one of these three is the case?
> A single 7 + 3ED
> 10 rolls of 7 + 3ED
> A single 7 + 3ED + 5ED (from half the mob size)

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or is it the case that the mob extra hitting is represented solely by the ED shifts of the attack roll?

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Well that's both stupid and not in line with the lore I'm familiar with, which features both single arms regiments and combined arms regiments. The 8th Edition Astra Militarum Index has this to say:

"When the Imperial Guard go to war, they do so organised into regiments. Each regiment is largely uniform in composition, meaning an infantry regiment will be made up primarily of foot soldiers, with little in the way of heavy artillery or armour. Likewise, an artillery regiment will be made up entirely of serried batteries of big guns and other long-ranged weaponry, and will contain little, if any, infantry. If an Imperial Guard regiment were forced into battle individually it would struggle, for each homogeneous force is vulnerable without support – infantry by themselves can be smashed by armoured foes, while tanks alone are poor at holding ground, finding themselves prone to ambushes, especially in areas of dense terrain where manoeuvrability suffers. Such is the immense size of the forces deployed by the Imperial Guard, however, that the idea of lone regiments is preposterous. Every Imperial Guard army is composed of many regiments, and a wise commander will marshal his myriad divisions to fight as a combined- arms force – drawing men, vehicles, elite squads and even abhumans from different regiments, brigading them together as suits availability and the needs of the battlefront."

Which suggests that combined arms regiments are not the norm, but also not actually forbidden. For that matter, even Only War can't stay consistent on the idea that combined arms regiments don't exist. Hammer of the Emperor clearly describes the Scintillan Fusilliers as being combined arms units. The Scintiallan 17th is specifically stated to be an armoured regiment yet also has infantry and valkyrie drop troops on top of the tank companies, plus a couple of Baneblades.

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Look at the weapons list - does it have anything there? It's completely empty save for the big, bold categories for me. Am I missing something?

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Haha i think i know whats your problem. Due to the giant size of the list it is separeted into chunks. That bolded text has a + sign on the left which will show you the contents of that particular chunk

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They're agreeing with the RPG books then. Even GW's regiment lists separate everything.

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The extra dudes whacking you is indeed represented by ED shifts

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Does somebody have that one WanG quick reference sheet?

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Playing a Thousand Sons sorcerer for the first time in a BC game. My GM is handing out xp very slowly in a slow paced game (no more than 50xp per session unless we're finishing a compact). I've got a force sword that I'm decent with and neural lightning as my primary combat power, along with a suit of terminator armor that I got lucky and managed to snag. So far all I've been buying are a few additional powers while saving up for rating increases. Are there any must-have talents I should be making a priority with my limited xp?

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Question about some rogue trader weaponupgrades and equipments.

Compact (-20 to Find; 1/2 Clip Size; -1 Damage)
Micro (Basic > Pistol; -30 to Find + 2 Steps Rarer for Ammunition)
make the weapon smaller but is is ok to have both on one weapon?

Armour upgrades like Concealed Weapon and Tool Mount mention that weapons need to be Compact or Micro but equopment Concealed Holster mentioned "Compact Pistols".
Did this mean my weapon muss be a compact Pistol?

Is there eny reason why i should take Photo Visor/Contacts, if Preysense Goggles does the same but +20?
The Preysense upgrade for helmed make this question even worse if you get the best quali for free finding enemys.

Telescopic Sight rises some questions. Why is this even a thing if there are Omni-Scope or Rangefinder that do the same but more?

And yes i know its a role play game and solong the group have fun rules dont matter but this stuff bugs me and i want to lern more.

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When is an Exterminatus justified? Like when is it a measured response? Seems like the IoM uses it since they can't be asked to fight for a planet instead of last resort.

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They use it when it's believed a planet is entirely lost(as in not even decades and decades of guard fighting on the ground could take it back), and/or becomes an existential threat able to spread its corrupting influence to other planets and systems.

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>Full scale demon invasion: cannot be retaken, the warp has corrupted it beyond salvation
>Overrun by plague zombies: may change in Nu-canon with Guilliman
>Succesful tyrannid invasion: deny the biomass
>Tomb World: hope it buries them skellies into the ground; do not touch ever again

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The byzantine system of RT was what kept me away, despite my interest in it. You're doing God's work, anon.

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The equipment isnt made to be balanced. Youll go mad trying to answer these questions.

As for the optics, the simplest answer is rarity. The omniscope is basically a relic, while telescopic sights can be found at every sporting goods store.

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OK /tg/, I want to run a Dark Heresy game where my players all play assassins working as an execution force for a Hereticus Inquisitor as he cleans up the nobility of whatever hive world he found a conspiracy on.

My question: How can a group of three to five players all play assassins different enough that I don't have to deal with a fistful of identical edgy retards insisting they're the most deadly and getting nothing done? Should I demand they come from specific Temples like the Vindicare of the Culexus? Pre-construct characters to choose from? Start them off at a higher power-level so they have more room to diversify? How much leeway is too much in this scenario?

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You know your GM loves you when he lets you have two omniscopes, one for your boltgun and one for your boltpistol, in a Dark Heresy game. Though it also helps I'm playing the party face, with the influence and social skills to get all the fancy as fuck equipment, but without combat stats to make the best use of them.

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Tell your players "I want there to be some variety, we can't have 5 snipers or 5 melee characters, think about poisons, sabotage, stuff like that".

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Good, ship combat was a real mess.

>> No.72572718

>You know what this team needs? 5 more snipers

>> No.72572871


Watch any heist or crime film. There's always a variety of team members, they're not all gun toting snipers.

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Based. Can't believe I was too autistic to consider "talk to the players" until someone said it. Thanks, anon.

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Post it fag.

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Since a couple of people who claim to have experience with RT space combat responded:
What is wrong with RT space combat?
Recently started a gmae and only had one space encounter so far so I cant say I have alot to go on myself.

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So in the default WANG setting do the absolvers even have Primaris since it's sounds like the Crusade definitely hasn't gotten to the Gilead system to actually give them Primaris. Or did the Rogue Trader bring some Primaris with him when he showed up?

Not sure that starting at Tier 4 just to include the option for an Intercessor makes much sense anyway.

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Here's a question at my table: if an attacker makes a successful all out attack with furious assault, but then that attack is parried/dodged, does the attacker get the second all out attack?

The foot combat rule set is somewhat exhaustive but fairly straight forward and a fun simulator, even with squad-level fighting. Even if the squad fights multiple individuals and squads, most special weapons are straight forward, reloading is rarely an issue, neither is range, and hp works easy for both. The space rule set is even more cumbersome and can become a not so fun simulator. I still like it a lot, but when you have multiple boss-type enemies with special weapons like torpedoes and hangers with a lot of status effects, mutiny rolls, 2-4 different weapon profiles, rules on boarding, etc, even with the abbreviated rolling guide in Battlefleet Kronus it's a lot to track. I made a some 30-40 page abbreviated guide for everyone at the table and it still can get really slow.

>> No.72574258

My interpretation is that if you roll damage, you get the second attack.

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My GM said (like i did as a GM back in the days) that all players have to obay the rules unless they roleplay themself out of there reach.
So far we said: Omniscopes are the scope but the rangefinder is a seperate Computer helping the aim. So we need to find both weaponparts and someone to build it on the weapon. Still at the end weighs the sum of the parts but gives also all the bonis.

I found by the way the "rule" or more the idea behind compact and micro. Compact just cuts some parts to make it smaller (that why the ammo goes down) but micro is techharasy and scales the gun down without losing much of the power. Oddly its keep the clipsize by downgrading the bullets.

>> No.72574684

Ask them: what were you good at back in assassin school.
If everyone said "Sniping" start asking "and? All assassins are good at sniping but the inquisitor dont need 5 snipers but 5 realy special snipers. So what is your second best skill you learned?

>> No.72574726


"Well, GM, if you're going to railroad me into a specific role, just give me a script so we can act out your novel."

>> No.72574734

>What can possibly justify interrupting me, Wigandus?

>Lord Admiral the light of the astronomican shines once more, reinforcements have been dispatched to the gothic sector. The warp storm... It is gone!
>Tremble before the majesty of the Emperor! For we all walk in his Immortal shadow!

>> No.72574929

Captains, my astropaths have just received this memorandum from Segmentum Command. Examine its doctrine, and then disseminate it to the rest of the fleet.

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Not the op of the topic but I helped him work on it, you should give it a look. We've playtested a few matches and it seems to work pretty smoothly.


>> No.72576464

>It’s the video game version of Battlefleet Gothic than the tabletop version.
Kinda disappointed honestly considering there has been a concerted effort to fix the rule set.

>> No.72576684

What would be the point of anon just telling you "go play the boardgame that already exists"?

>> No.72577234

Sell me on Wrath and Glory. Is there enough of a overhaul from the old FFG rules to justify fully switching over instead of converting the new content back?

>> No.72577277

>plays without a map, instead of an X,Y grid the battlemap is just a number line of range
Any reason you'd go with numbers over range bands?

>> No.72577293

What does a Slaaneshi orgy look like?

>> No.72577347

Like the test to see whether any of the potentials have what it takes to become Slaaneshi cultists. All they have to do is look for more than what's in front of them.

>> No.72577610

It's not even the same system, so yeah it's different enough to warrant it.

>> No.72578391

How does one join the Adeptus Mechanicus, without being born on a Forge World? Do they have branch offices on other Planets? They seemed to me to be too insular and centralized to accept that sort of thing. But in most of 40k RPGs you can acquire Mechanicus Implants or its equivalent without having been born on a Forge World?

>> No.72578847

Is there any tool for WanG?
Specially regarding armoury and psychic abilities

>> No.72579500

My players are boarding a derelict ship, what are some spooky encounters I can throw at them?

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>> No.72579662

What caused the ship to become Derelict?

>> No.72579798

Failure in the gellar field, it’s been spit out of the warp with a bunch of weird warp shit going on inside it. I’m just wondering what freaky shit I can put in it without just throwing daemons at them.

>> No.72580212

One I've used that's a subtle sort of spook is space and time inconsistencies. Take something that should be constant, like the body it's orbiting or NPCs they're exploring the wreck with, and have it change periodically. Doors don't necessarily open up to the same place each time.

The ship touched the raw, unfiltered Warp and wasn't able to shake it all free before leaving and now there is something unbound and otherworldly about it.

>> No.72580383

Good stuff, thanks. Sounds like some good mindfucks.

>> No.72580553

There are several different ways. The mechanicus has shrines all over the imperium, not just on forge worlds, so people could be recruited from all over the place. I imagine useless 3rd or 4th sons or particularly skilled and reverent lay-people get called into the inner mysteries all the time
The thing with Imperium shit is that it's big enough that some variation of it happens somewhere.

>> No.72581259

Don't touch the shadows

>> No.72581417

Don't listen to >>72581259 caress the shadows

>> No.72581533

Ah, Excellent. I'll examine this... thorougly.

I'm at work and in an other time zone, but I'll give you my opinions/expereience later at lunch break.

>> No.72581579

The shadows are naughty, but so are the light bulbs

>> No.72582095

Don't neglect characteristic and skill advancements.

>> No.72582657

"Bro i just asking what you good back in sniper school to wave a better backstory for you. But if you have fun beeing just another sniper dude so be it."
meanwhile one of the others comes up with his backstory of beeing intrested in archotech and becomes the teams "hacker".
Do not underestimate your players. Some seek out this moment and run with it.
Others will just be 08-15 snipers
but if in the end everyone have fun everyone wins!

>> No.72582826

People can also be born into the Mechanicus outside Forge Worlds. The outposts and shrines of the tech-priests often have technicians and labourers with little or no augmentation, so they're likely to still want to marry and reproduce and have little future mechanicus subjects running around. And of course, if they wish it the techpriests and magi can always have children with the assistance of technology, see pic related.

>> No.72582840

I was sure I attached the picture, clearly I did not perform the requisite rites correctly, and shall have to burn more scared incense to appease the machine-spirits.

>> No.72583033

RT GM from >>72581533 here.
good job.
My nitpick is I'd replace Km by VU/ 10k km, to represent greater range, But I know the fluff is conflicted on the proper range. I prefer bigger numbers, but that may be my bias.
I don't have the time to do some mock battles to test it further yet, but from what I read, it works well.

>> No.72583979


>> No.72584226

Stupid headcanons for your party?

>Players are fighting off a Dark Eldar raid on a space station
>Take cover in the cathedral
>Party is a psyker, priest, sniper, and mechanicus medic, assisted by two Stormtroopers and a Skitarii Vanguard they've requisitioned
>200 civilians in the cathedral attempting to flee out the one entrance, DE have breached the other end
>Tell players that if they miss a shot they've got a chance of hitting a civvy
>Few stray shots, few people get killed
>Skitarii guns down 4 civilians
>Players joke that he was specifically targeting family members of people already killed by friendly fire
>No_orphans_protocol has now become part of the Skitarii's programming

I love these idiots

>> No.72584360


Because we play mahjong through mahjongsoul, which is full of catgirls, and it's quasi-canon that it's played in character, we've decided that the game is played through an archaeotech video-gaming device that features felinids.

This turned into extensive felinid headcanon and I'm rolling one for our next batch of acolytes.

>> No.72584361

A section of the interiors is exposed to the void but everything is just fine and breathable, the view is fucked up though

But those orphans could become skitarii

>> No.72584412

my wrath and glory need is the new pdf

>> No.72584436

Anyone else make really niche memes for their party to view while they load into the session on roll20 or is that just me?

>> No.72584442

Skitarii are bred to be skitarii and grown in vats with very stupid brains. Orphans wouldn't become them

>> No.72584524

Skitarii is a catch all term for cybernetic soldiers under the Mechanicus. Some are vat grown, others are made from existing humans who go through the cybernetic installation. Some Cadian regiments fleeing the fall of Cadia were 'upgraded' into Skitarii.

>> No.72584525

Chinesium skitarii

>> No.72584591

>>Make your maps look just like FFGs
Is there any interest in having a map-maker similar to what GW is using for their 8th Ed maps?

>> No.72587034

When the fuck did it drop to page 10?

>> No.72587112

What flavour of "You're shit out of luck" would you prefer today? Everyone else got it before it was taken down, or you can't find it because you're dumb?

>> No.72587127

Just got Deathwatch et al. from the Humble Bundle, and I'm gathering some 40kurious friends to play it.
I'll probably DM since I'm the most knowledgeable about 40k in general, but I'm not great at DMing.
We've played some DnD5e in the past, but generally we're inexperienced RPers. Is there anything we should know going into it or beforehand?

>> No.72587556

Knowledge of the lore of the deathwatch, the various SM chapters, and the imperium at large. The books themselves give a good rundown. Use the errata or big things die faster than expected.

>> No.72587964

Curious if that anon who was making Dungeon Draft 40k assets has made any progress? Their posts are what got me interested in the program to start with.

>> No.72588886

Not really.

>> No.72589339

Yep, didnt see that coming did you?
Now make a weshare link and get done with it, before I hit that downvote you fear so much.

>> No.72589410

Yeah, anon will be a pussy and a faggot if he dont post it now.
Good thing people dont know who he is, otherwise his life would be fucking over by now.

>> No.72589483

How about a Chaos Warband who's trying to become part of the Black Legion?

>> No.72589540

The C7 Release is now available at The Inner Temple again.

>> No.72589612

What is the best game to start off with?

>> No.72589740

I've tried most of the systems here, and out of those I can only honestly recommend two.

Dark Heresy if you prefer a mixed game of intrigue and adventure, with a moderate amount of combat and modest player character power.

Rogue Trader if you want either age of exploration, age of colonization, golden age of piracy, and the viking age, but in SPAAACE! The players will be powerful, but the stage will be larger.

>> No.72589887

You want the WanG. You will love the WanG. Just like how we all love the WanG.

>> No.72590228


>> No.72590511

Black Crusade, you're not a loyalist square are you?

>> No.72590547

My Black Crusade would end with me joining the Black Legion.

>> No.72591869

Okay so...in WanG
The turn order is, assuming 4 players against a single entity
or is it

>> No.72591876

WanG is the shiny new object and was released last month. It's supposedly decent but currently there's no adventures and it's got quite a few typos/issues that are being worked out in an errata to be released soon. Cubicle 7 just announced today that they're cranking out a new free adventure soon.

The FFG series have been around a long time and have a ton of content but they're quite specialized in what you're doing. WanG on the other hand allows Space Marines jamming out in the same party as an Ork Nob and an Eldar Warlock allowing your players more liberty in playing/doing what they want to do.

>> No.72591910

WanG will be great...around 3-4 supplements in
It desperately needs a monster book

>> No.72592241

Depends on the enemy, but the first scenario is the correct execution. A basic Troop, Elite, or mob of Troops works as P1 > Enemy > P2-P4.
Adversaries and Champions may use Ruin Actions at the end of a player's turn. The book says this is specifically not another turn but considering the standard Ruin Actions are to Move or Attack, it's pretty close. So you can have P1 > Enemy > P2 >Enemy Ruin Action > P3 > Enemy Ruin Action >P4 > Enemy Ruin Action assuming you have enough Ruin available.

>> No.72592814

Thanks, it should help a lot with planning encounters

>> No.72593767

What are some interesting gimmicks and personalities I can give to Khorne-aligned Heretics and CSM? Working on "friendly" Chaos-aligned NPCs for Black Crusade, and I find Khorne the hardest to concept for.

>> No.72593817

Be big on honor and self-improvement. /fit/, but khornate

>> No.72594171

Read the corebook, especially the GM section. It gives a great and clear overview of what's and how's.

>> No.72594179

What are you favorite weapons in dark heresy?

>> No.72594578

Force Sword

>> No.72594599

Give me your best cults.

>> No.72594655

The "we thought it was an imperial saint" cult. Add some angel like demons mocking imperial iconography

>> No.72594712


>> No.72594971

Lasgun and bayonet

>> No.72595047

The imperial cult. Not to be confused with the empirical cult.

>> No.72595057

The Optimates - A Heretek cult that believes that a pure human can use mutant powers and making them pure through it. By butching mutants and transplanting their bodies, minds and souls into them.
Black Eagle - Ultra-Imperialists that wishes to dismantle all local cultures and wishes to see a galactic sized imperial totalitarian state. Standartization is mandatory and there are must not be any civilians in the Imperium. They see Krieg as an example for the Imperium at large. In secret its a ploy by the Alpha Legion but its sentiment can be found by all unpractical hardliners.

>> No.72595210

Blood Pact is a good start for non berzerkers. You could have a mix of zerk'd out retards in backed up by highly disciplined troops for maximum value. Most people falling to Khorne basically have periods where they become blithering idiots who just start attacking everything near them interspaced with moments of calm and clarity.

You could have a timid individual who is seen butchering innocents then dutifully cleaning it up wondering how anyone could do such a thing. You could also have characters that are instinctually drawn to a future scenario that will lead to combat with no idea why they feel that way (not exactly Tzeentchian but a flavor of it). Seeking perfection blurs into the realm of Slaanesh, so Khorne has to focus more on martial pride and honor. Extremely disciplined individuals who obey your commands without any heed for their own lives and then afterwords bathing in the viscera of the enemy. Assassins and Serial Killers "worship" Khorne through their slaughter as well.

>> No.72595224


my volkite charger

>> No.72595673

I had an idea for Dark Heresy session 0, all the characters will be individually interviewed by an interrogator to help them flesh out their characters. It will basically be a job interview with the obvious questions like what are their greatest strengths and weaknesses, and include a rudimentary psych eval. Hopefully it will make it easier for them to get in character while they fill in the stats.

Question is, how do I make it interesting for the other players? Or should I just schedule a 1 on 1 session 0 for each player to circumvent the problem? The interrogator could also then ask things that the player might not want other players to know the answer to.

>> No.72595699

1 on 1 sounds appropriate.

>> No.72595765

I was leaning towards that myself, but then the problem is that they can't discuss among themselves what each of them wants to play before everything is finalised.

>> No.72596464

Why can't they? Discuss general ideas as a group, then flesh them out 1 on 1.

>> No.72596716

Two session 0s then. I guess that works.

>> No.72596862

What book is that in?

>> No.72596885


one of the ones in the OP

>> No.72596898

Be more specific.

>> No.72597451

Which of the Chaos Gods would the people of Innsmouth align themselves with? Which God can most easily claim position as their deity and obtain their fealty?

>> No.72599598

Why wouldn't it be tzeentch?

>> No.72599758


Fucking love the Black Eagle.

The Temple Tendency is the best baddies in Dark Heresy, and these scratch a super similar itch.

>> No.72599912


Our GM is using the Static Tendency.

>> No.72601271

Initially pitched my players a Rogue Trader game with an Eldarboo dynasty.

Considering a joke Only War game with a regiment consisting entirely of Eldar infiltrators.

>> No.72601548


>> No.72601561

Temple Tendency, aka Temple of the Savior Emperor aka Goge Vandire's wild rise.

I'd like to point out something in the Deathwatch setting.

>Age of Shadow comes and the Jericho Sector is lost, becoming the Jericho reach.
>Over 4000-6000 years (I read some opposing dates) the sector is isolated by warpstorms and devolves into anarchy.
>Every last "Confederation of Light"/Sebastian Thor based Imperial cult falls into heresy, immediately.
>Soon everyone is worshiping either chaos or human leaders as "God-Kings" like on Vanir and Khazant.
>Only ONE planet remains faithful. Only ONE planet remains loyal to the Imperium. Castobel. Millennia in the Dark, their faith holds strong.
>Warpstorms subside enough for the Imperium to finally manage to make it back into the region. Castobel welcomes them with open arms.
>How did Castobel stay faithful when all other Imperial cults failed?
>They were the last bastion of the fucking Temple of The Savior Emperor in the region before the warpstorms hit.

Also, right after the the whole Goge Vandire thing, the 1st thing the Confederation of light does is begin the "time of waning" followed by attempting to worship an ork in the war of the beast. Sebastion Thor also get's his head cut off by a necron.

Lol, Confederation of light get fucked.

>> No.72601723

War of the Beast is M32, the Reign of Blood and Sebastian Thor/goge Vandire is in M37, so your Confederation of Light/ork worship point seems... odd, to say the least. sources ?

>> No.72601772

Oh, maybe I got the War of the Beast part wrong, but still the time of Waning, aka "Tons of pointless Crusades of faith exhaust the Imperium" still happened.

>> No.72602166

I have this from years ago

>> No.72602259

As a GM, I get al lot of opportunity, so I do it all the time.

>> No.72602271


>> No.72602291

Dodging massive explosions is one of the examples of what their temple training lets them avoid.

>> No.72602467


true, but if he was in the mid of a 20 m blast radius, and that his agility bonus is not up to that, no cigar. if thje shell fell not on him dead center, though, depending on his agility bonus, then...

death by targeted artillery strike on your face, I've seen far worse.

>> No.72602589

Storytiming last weeks DH-Genesys session if anyone is interested. Only 3 posts.
>PCs are chasing Interrogator Crissinger
>She's abducted one Astropath and is heading to abduct the Hive Governors son, who's been kept in hiding by his father, who is also a Psyker
>PCs are in a car following her Valkyrie, it stops outside the Governors mansion
>PCs see a Tech Priest get thrown out of the Valkyrie before the Interrogator and her men enter the mansion
>PCs pick the Tech Priest up and start quizzing him
>His name is Nestor
>He wouldn't go along with her heretical plans and said she'd "become what she swore to destroy", usual malarkey
>It earned him a one way trip to the pavement
>He tells the PCs that Crissinger is taking her captives to the Gravebound Train, a secure railway that transports Psykers to a storage/prison facility
>Nestor was to sabotage the train and bring it to a temporary halt, he wasn't sure why
>PCs tell him they'll need him to stick to that plan, but the stop may not be temporary
>The PCs begin to outline their plan
>Bartholomew is a Psyker, Mordecai can fashion him some papers that mark him as a passenger on the train
>Yan knows enough of the Imperial Creed to pass as a preacher on the train
>Mordecai will hide in a car
>They consider contacting the PDF and having them shell the train with artillery
>Eventually they settle for telling Nestor to derail the train
>Mordecai gets 2 threat on his forgery check for Bartholemew but succeeds
>Gets a triumph on his own stealth check, allowing him to get the teams ground-car hidden on a flatbed carriage on the train
>Bartholomew and Yan enter the station and are quickly separated
>Bartholomew papers get checked and realise he's been tagged for maximum security, he gets a stamp on his forehead and is penned in a metal box
>Yan sees the dozens of passengers are mainly children who've shown psychic potential

>> No.72602600

>I made a some 30-40 page abbreviated guide for everyone at the table and it still can get really slow.

Would you like to share this? Sounds quite useful

>> No.72602605

>He's sat with 4 other Priests who look very dejected and world-weary after a lifetime of ferrying children to psychic prison
>He makes a leadership check to try and inspire them, but the spring back into their step and the fire in their bellies
>They remember being that proud to serve, now they just drink
>Bartholomew has realised he's not alone in his carriage meanwhile
>He's stuck in a box with Interrogator Crissinger and her two captives
>They're drugged and unconscious, she's sat with a gun trained on them
>"Oh, another one? Truly, the Emperor favours me", she says as the train starts to move
>For a few hours she sits and handles a small stone cube, the size of her fist
>She passes it to Bartholomew and tells him not to worry, a better fate awaits him than most on this train
>Bartholomew is worried
>Meanwhile, Yan is a carriage down, trying to soothe a pen of a a dozen crying children
>Mordecai is in the next carriage down, hidden in the footwell of his car
>Crissinger tells Bartholomew that it's time
>She takes the cube back from him and produces another identical one, connecting them
>A flash of green light blinds Bartholomew as power goes out across the train
>Mordecai gets a call from Nestor, "Plan changed, brace", as the lights go out
>The children are panicking and crying for help in the dark, Yan fumbles about and realises that he's not alone
>A pair of blazing green eyes stand a head above him in the darkness
>Heavy metal footfalls
>Yan runs and tries to hide
>A blast of green lightning blasts a hole in the side of the train and renders Yan unconscious
>As Mordecai straps his seatbelt in, the train derails
>All the players except Yan make a coordination check to avoid taking short-fall damage
>Succeed with varying levels of success
>The players come to
>They're in the blasted desert
>Burning, twisted wreckage surrounds them as further train-cars derail around them

>> No.72602616

I have only this on my laptop, its obscure and in our native languange.

My players allways called arbitrators enforcers and enforcers as arbitrators, i got mad.

>> No.72602643

>The PCs quickly find Yan and drag him to the car, which miraculously survived
>Bartholomew is able to find the governors son, he's injured but alive
>Crissinger stumbles around a corner, badly wounded
>A pile of sand nearby begins to shift
>A skeletal figure emerges, eyes of sinister emerald, its hands clutching a cylinder of lightning, its bones are made of metal
>Crissinger panics and implores it, pointing at Bartholomew
>"I offer him in my stead!"
>It doesn't work, and in a flash of blinding light the Interrogator is gone, in her place a skeleton that collapses to the ground
>Her Aquila necklace burns up
>The skeleton turns about and heads towards the governors son
>Mordecai revs the car engine to try and run it over, but it's too badly damaged
>He uses a silenced pistol instead and fires, triggering a Triumph on a critical hit
>Miraculously, the skeleton stops in its stead, its eyes dimming to empty sockets as black as the void
>The PCs reconvene and apply their rudimentary medical skills to Yan
>Behind them something impacts on the sand
>The skeleton is gone, all that remains is its severed head
>Nestor enters the scene, apologising profusely and saying that he'd had some trouble with a bit of local fauna and had to derail the train early, no hard feelings?
>They all pile into the ground car and start the long drive back to the Hive, taking the skull with them as well as the governors son.
>Session end

The next session was intended to be a conclusion on this arc, finding out some backstory etc. But really, I don't think it's worth waiting two weeks for. So I'll sum it up, give the PCs some downtime and then next week they'll be off on their next mission.

>> No.72602691


>> No.72602697

Is this finnish?

>> No.72602717


>> No.72602740

yeah, translation is somewhat in the lines:
>Britthish-study reveals:
>Arbitrators are enforcers

>> No.72602940


>> No.72603042

THis one is from ten years ago, a true vintage

>> No.72603206


>> No.72603925

here's ours

>> No.72604032

I like storytimes, but not anything shorter than a single post isn't probably worth it.

>> No.72604119

are there any rules for an eldar striking scorpion in DH 2.0? i was thinking of making a session act out like the Predator Movie

>> No.72604237

Players chased an Inquisitor on a train full of psykers going to jail. PCs derail the train, everyone onboard dies and the PCs fight a Necron Warrior before going home.

>> No.72605546

Did someone bother to make more Black Crusade human archetypes? The basic ones are okay and most of the advanced ones from gods splatbooks are op or dont really fit.

>> No.72606361

Repeated critical failures at using an Auspex

>> No.72606655

Since I posted in the wrong general.
Can someone explain how the fuck salvo and reloading works in WanG?

>> No.72607526

Which ones would you want? It's a little sparse compared to the rest of the FFG stuff, but the Core DoC Archetypes pretty broadly cover Social, Combat, Tech, and Psychic characters.

>> No.72608117


No, the vindicare literally gets a talent of "Even if you can't dodge this normally, you can still roll dodge to avoid it." A vindicare can dodge a blast 20 shell this way.

>> No.72608897

I didn't have in mind the exact wording for the Vindicare.
You're right,
Though, there is a also a "the GM can say no if he judge so" to said ability. it seems like that in the meme pic I reacted to, said GM ruled that out.

>> No.72609183

We're not even 5 sessions in and we got this

>> No.72609257

For the C7 release:
Salvo is the trait on certain weapons. If the weapon has a Salvo Rating of " - " then it uses a point of Ammo and needs to be reloaded every time it's fired (grenade launchers and missile launchers are the most common instances). If the weapons has a Salvo Rating of 1 or more, then you can do one of two things: Full Auto or Spray Shot.

Full Auto grants you a number of bonus dice on your Ballistic Skill roll equal to the Salvo Rating when firing at a single target.

Spray Shot works in combination with a Multi-Attack action to fire at multiple targets and reduces the DN Penalty for the Multi-Attack by the Salvo Rating (only the Penalty, it cannot reduce the base DN of the attack even if the Salvo Rating is high). As a special case for Spray Shot, if you're shooting at Mobs you reduce the DN Penalty by 2 for each point of Ammo you spend instead (you can spend as much Ammo as you have when attacking Mobs specifically).

Regardless of what you do with your Salvo, you have to spend a point of Ammo and Reload (a simple action) afterward to be able to use your weapon again. If you're out of Ammo when you go to Reload you need to acquire more Ammo before you can use the weapon again.

Ammo and Reloading are abstract. You only lose Ammo/need to reload when you Salvo or suffer a Complication that forces you to Reload.

>> No.72609716

This seems like a lot to remember to fire. I kind of like that semi or full auto in FFG is based on the degrees of success to add more bullets. Is there a simpler way to express Salvo?

>> No.72609832

It's not all that difficult in practice from my experience. If you're using C7's pretty dire Ammo rules (you carry either 3 or half your Strength points of Ammo total, points are typed so if you have a plasma- and boltpistol you need to delineate how much of each you have) Salvo options should really be used sparingly. Basic shooting attacks don't use Ammo or Salvo.

If you want a brief on Salvo it's just
> Shooting one thing? Add dice equal to Salvo.
> Shooting multiple things? Reduce the DN penalty by Salvo or by 2 if it's mobs.
> Salvo uses 1 Ammo and you have to reload.

>> No.72610474

DoC? Explain

>> No.72610497

if you have a gm that allows that it means you are bunch of spergs. Same with throwing around chimeras as a space marine in normal armor in deathwatch.

>> No.72610556

Enemies Without

>> No.72611144

Sorry, meant the Human Archetypes. I remember the book referring to Human characters consistently as "Disciples of Chaos", but after looking over the Char. Creation chapter again, they don't use that name as much as I remember.

>> No.72611203

Oh I see. Well, send me anything homebrew you have and I'll figure something out

>> No.72611465


There's nothing wrong with letting a vindicare dodge an artillery shell. The problem is when you let them dodge orbital strikes with kilometer ranges.

>> No.72611653


Static tendency are the group of high lords who opposed guilliman's reforms. They rose in rebellion, and Guilliman purged them.

>> No.72611990

Character Idea:
Stumpy the Veteran Guardsman

Sheer good (or bad) luck has seen this veteran of the Imperium’s wars across many battlefields, fighting as well as his gore ending up everywhere. Fortune has left this guardsman with only augmentic limbs and Many parts of his body being replaced with mechanical organs. His left leg was chewed off by nids, his left arm was crushed by a Necron Warrior, his right leg was blown to bits by a spare land mine, and rumor has it that his right arm just hopped off and ran away. One day, a rebel stabbed out his eye. After getting a replacement, the next day, another rebel stabbed the other. He really seems to get along with the regiment’s Enginseer.

>> No.72612415

>A guardsmen getting cybernetic replacement while still being a grunt

>> No.72612539

I didn't think they'd rotate the same regiment so much that it'd see combat against multiple world-ending threats. Nids and crons? Might as well include orks, chaos and dark eldar at that point.

>> No.72613084

Ehhh depends on the location. Shit hits the fan sometimes and everyone's going at it together all at once.

>> No.72613191

Said he was a veteran. Could very well be a sergeant. Besides, nobody said the augmetics were the highest quality.

>> No.72613197

If everything is going at once during a single campaign and there are nids, crons and other intelligent forms that lay mines that means it is a mary sue type of character if it got through. If someone would write a backstory like that for one of my games online I would never pass it and you would be a player that I'd be aware of the red flag you have.

>> No.72613217

I said a spare mine. I figured that implied friendly incompetence.

>> No.72613516

Sounds like a grunt-version of Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken. I wonder how much human the frontline generals of the Imperium really are, I always imagine officers that worked their way up, are more machine than man.
We got my own Straken NPC, who is a bit different. Lord-General Moerven, leader of the Kohuegian Campaign is a head in a jar. He was victim of a Night Lord attack but they were able to save his head. The only time our Guardsmen have seen him was during a parade and man, that was scary. He is basically the Imperial version of Hermann von Klempt, with scarified eagle on his forehead.

>> No.72615031

yes how dare they share an idea, they truly are a subhuman.

>> No.72615644

I'm GMing a game of Only War, first time playing a 40k rpg. We've made a regiment, (drop troopers from a frontier world, neat) rolled up some characters. What am I in for? Anything to look out for, to remember?
One of my players has expressed concern over the encumbrance rules, and looking at some old forum posts there seem to be a lot of different thoughts about increasing your carry weight, leaving it alone, ignoring it altogether... I dunno.

>> No.72615845

Twink bois belong in vehicles. Strong soldiers can carry their equipment.

>> No.72615944

Ah, yes. Because all the Mary Sues are cripples

>> No.72616036

Has anybody played a deathwatch campaign set within a single chapter? plz share stories and lessons learned.

>> No.72616130

Encumbrance rules in any RPG are best ignored as long as none of your players try to do anything ridiculous.

>> No.72617549

So I'm just surfing the late night Lexicanum, and I come across this page on "Cackling Abomination", from Black Crusade core rulebook.
>A Cackling Abomination is a type of Daemonhost that is created, when a Dark Eldar Haemonculi binds a Slaanesh Daemon within an Eldar's body.
This is just awesome, I have recently been rereading the Path of the Dark Eldar Books, also from the same years (2011^), yet somehow never knew of this Haemonculus creation.
Are there any more cool Haemonculus creations or information on this "Crackling Abomination", and if so what books should I read to find out about such things?

>> No.72618292

>haemonculus summoning daemons
Why does ffg do this shit?

>> No.72618302

How about people playing Deathwatch?

>> No.72618777

I have A LOT

>> No.72618798


>> No.72618814


>> No.72618820


>> No.72618828

For context, Sham's a Metallican Scum.

>> No.72618844


>> No.72618849


>> No.72618851

Every session we would gain a fate point Briggs would inevitably have to burn it.

>> No.72618858


>> No.72618867


>> No.72618887


>> No.72618896


>> No.72618934


>> No.72618948


>> No.72618962


>> No.72618983

When the Cleric casts Soul Storm.

>> No.72618998


>> No.72619009


>> No.72619015


>> No.72619024

>> No.72619041

>> No.72619050


>> No.72619067

>> No.72619072


>> No.72619076


>> No.72619091

>> No.72619100


>> No.72619108

>> No.72619118

>> No.72619126

>> No.72619139

>> No.72619149

>> No.72619162


>> No.72619278


>> No.72619291

>> No.72619300

>> No.72619313

>> No.72619322

>> No.72619333


>> No.72619377

>> No.72619395

>> No.72619410

You must be doing this intentionally, there's no way you're this goddam stupid

>> No.72619411

>> No.72619417

posted in the wrong thread, ignore me

>> No.72619434

Now I want to know the context.

>> No.72619439

>> No.72619468

>> No.72619475

>> No.72619487

>> No.72619504

>> No.72619518

>> No.72619531

>> No.72619566

>> No.72619626

>> No.72619636

>> No.72619637

>> No.72619647

>> No.72619654

>> No.72619659

>> No.72619678

>> No.72619690

>> No.72619696

>> No.72619715

>> No.72619750

>> No.72619850

>> No.72619888

>> No.72619979

Why wouldn't they be capable of sorcery?

>> No.72619991

Hey guy, it's super cute that you make memes for your party and the first... five or so were really neat. Now it's ridiculous spam. Stop that shit.

>> No.72620003

I actually think it would work, if the "host" was a Mandrake, especially a qt femdrake.

>> No.72620008

>> No.72620066


>> No.72620445

>qt femdrake
Do they even have orifices?

>> No.72620904

With the Deldar around?

>> No.72621069

Well in the lore they "sank their teeth into their victims flesh". In their own realm of Aelindrach they live like their Commorragh brethren, with housing, and furnishings, but when outside it, they either don't want to keep their form whole, or can't. little fun fact, their realm is basically a fantasy realm of the fae, if you can't come to grasp with it existing and yourself inside it, you will just keep falling into oblivion. Mandrakes are really fucking cool creatures, I wish GW would expand on them.

>> No.72621109

>no 2d combat, only 1d

>> No.72622975

With full body of cybernetics? Yes, they are.

>> No.72623220

>Muh tacticool spaceship combat
Just go play BFG and masturbate in the corner.

>> No.72623236

Why do you guys have to be such cunts to any sign of original content?

>> No.72623283

We like stuff like Lodge Blackman and Shas'o's content. Because those are good.

Also your second link wasn't even being a cunt dude. He was just giving his personal opinion on what he saw.

>> No.72623359

>Because those are good.

>> No.72623852

Bull, a guardsmen, for whom the regiment has made the trouble of getting to medical care, can expect of getting cybernetic replacements. The higher-up, the more likely he will be found worthy. A cybernetic guardsmen does go against the spirit of ordinary soldiers facing the horrors of the 40k universe, but it is no impossibility. I don`t think such character would be a good starting character as he kinda has to endured decades of war and shown exemplatory bravery to be granted Straken-level cybernetics, but for high-level Only War games? Sure, a having a Skitarri-guardsmen hybrid would fit in.

>> No.72624247

No, It clearly says that combined arms regiments are forbidden, but different regiments will work together under more or less ad-hoc battle-groups. Or a regiment might be given some special gear for a specific mission or battle.
Over the course of a campaign, that can last years if not decades, the distinction between the regiments within the battle group would probably have been washed out due to casualties and increased unit cohesion, so seeing a battle where infantry, tanks and artillery all work in unison, wouldn't be a rare sight.

>> No.72624423

How would I run this guy in a 40k RPG? What would be the best system?

>> No.72624598

I think you are confusing replacement organs and mechanical prosethetics with uber-science RoboCop Iron Hand Straken. I myself did not bring up Iron Hands Straken with his bullshit living metal body or whatever it is.
Follow here. To say that a person could survive many horrific injuries across many battlefields. Is that Mary Sue? Is it Mary Sue to say that this person would receive medical prosthetics?
I ask now, are real historically known figures Mary Sues? Because they survive a lot of horrific injuries? Assuming a historical figure, like Adrian Carton de Wiart, for example, had access to medical technology that could replace missing organs/limbs, would be be a Mary Sue to you for taking or having these devices given to him?
I’m not looking at a particular Superman of a Cyborg character. At most, just a man that may be only a bit more durable and stronger than the average man, with greater amounts of experience.

>> No.72625447

The new W&G.

>> No.72625523

Even random Imperial citizens get rough bionics in order to continue their everyday duties. WANG makes this very explicit in the stats for an Imperial Citizen (p. 327). Those are often worse than their original organic counterparts, but they do the job.

>> No.72625613

>273 replies and 75 posters
Wew lad

>> No.72625757

would an Eldar exarch agree to be left stranded alone on a human-populated planet for hundreds if not thousands of years just to guard a temple or artefact hidden somewhere on the planet from humans?

>> No.72625801

It’s the meme retard’s fault, mostly

>> No.72625854

lore question when it comes to commissars in krieg regiments would they be used to steer commanders and squad leaders away from overly costly tactics and maneuvers? Or are they just going to act how they do normally and try and instill discipline, but to little need.

>> No.72625869

If he was somehow able to get supplies, and it's a low tech/colonial world, sure.

>> No.72625899

The former. Best case scenarios for Commissars are when they are directly working with stormtroopers. They don’t give the commissars trouble at all, so instead of having to be morale officers, they can actually be infantry officers and advisors.

>> No.72626165

FFG Rogue Trader.

>> No.72626373

>actually believing every imperial wagecuck in hives gets a bionic replacement
Whatever buddy, keep divulging into that nucanon piece of shit that strays away from the dystopian feeling of the setting.

>> No.72626596

Bionics were in common use since Rogue Trader, Necromunda and Third edition. Only House-less drags would have no access to bionics. Most bionic are shit-quailities and its usage is limited to its work and may be the first step into servitorhood.

>> No.72626785

The word "forbidden" nor any words or phrases with similar meaning appear anyway in that description, so I don't know whence you get that it clearly says so. What it does say is that each regiment is largely uniform in composition, such that they are primarily a single arm, but they may still have elements of other arms. Moreover the description still allows for exceptions existing, as it's speaking in general terms rather than exclusive ones. On top of that combined arms regiments are also extant in the lore: Jouran Dragoons in Storm of Iron, Jantine Patricians in First and Only, the Cadians in Forges of Mars. They exist, they're just not common.

>> No.72627153

The 17th Tallarn, which showed up in the Taros Campaign supplement, is also an combined arms regiment. We get an OOB for it, and it has basically everything: infantry, tanks, artillery, anti-air, stormtroopers, even cavalry.

>> No.72627784

Sorry for your shit taste, it might be terminal

>> No.72629130

If the Seers will it, then probably, depending on the personality of the Exarch in question.

>> No.72629397

Which books can I find rules for genestealers in?

>> No.72629608

Is Ordo Imperious a good, mocking name for a Chaos Warband led by a Renegade Inquisitor?

>> No.72632424

>>Chivalry intensifies, v1.2.5 - Imperial Knights splat
>>The Good, the Bad, and the Alpha Legion, v1.3.0 - Deathwatch to Horus Heresy total conversion
>>Mars Needs Women! v1.6.6 - Mechanicus Skitarii and Taghmata for Only War
>>Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe, v1.6.4 - additional playable Xenos for Rogue Trader
>>The Fringe is Yours! v 1.10.2 - even more xenos, Knights, and Horus Heresy gear for Rogue Trader
>>The Gold Experience Requiem, v1.2.3 - Custodes, Primaris, SoS, Solar Auxilia conversions
>>Gene Mods and Adeptus Biologis Rules for Dark Heresy 2e

>still shilling this shit

>> No.72632444


cry more bitch nigga

>> No.72632469

Does anyone have a full copy of "Look Not Upon The Witch" for DH2? I've only got chapter 1 and it seemed interesting but I never saw anything after that.

>> No.72632558

Lets say you lose an arm, it gets replaced with a drill arm or some other tool, if you lose a ear or eye you still have the other one. You get replacements to keep you useful, replacements which you still have to pay for. That keeping the grimderp thick enough for you?

>> No.72633442

Make a thread without that shit the next time and stop complaining. Include some lolis in the OP and I'll be all for it.

>> No.72634573

Are there any Men of Iron rules for any of these games, official or homebrew?

>> No.72634779

How many ranks should Culexus assassins have of the various talents that the books say that they have? Enemies Beyond merely states that they have "all of them", but some of the talents, namely Warp Anathema, has no written cap on how many times it can be purchased.

I appreciate that they should be extremely effective at killing psykers, but surely not to the degree that they suppress a PR10 character's psychic abilities altogether.

I'm not planning on have one attack the party or anything, just asking out of interest.

>> No.72634884

I'd say at least 6 or 7 for that one. The are meant to take on powerful psychic targets.

>> No.72634918

>I appreciate that they should be extremely effective at killing psykers, but surely not to the degree that they suppress a PR10 character's psychic abilities altogether.
It sounds like you already have an answer, anon. What is it?

>> No.72635123

I suppose that sounds about right.
That they eat weak to mid tier psykers for breakfast but would have problems with top players like Magnus or Eldrad I guess?

>> No.72635138


No. Closest you have is battle automata.

>> No.72635880

We don't really know what Men of Iron look like or what they're capable of, any stats are fanfic at best.

>> No.72635891

>but surely not to the degree that they suppress a PR10 character's psychic abilities altogether.
What do you not understand about blanks?

>> No.72636059


the pic is a man of iron.

>> No.72636105

In an Imperial Robot's shell.

>> No.72636213

You ok there champ

>> No.72636310

That isn't what a Man of Iron looks like. It's what an Imperial Robot looks like. He's disguised himself. We still have no damn clue what Men of Iron really are, so it's hard to put mechanics to them.

>> No.72636521

You read "disguised" literally?

>> No.72636608


this made me cackle

>> No.72636644


Oh, please tell me about some good Haarlock shit.

>> No.72636665

Is WanG any good?

>> No.72636698

Glad you asked, I understand quite a lot! I understand for example the fact that you can actually play one, and that your player character doesn't automatically suppress any and all psychic powers.

Oh, you asked what I don't understand. Well, I guess I don't understand why your character couldn't suppress the damn astronomican by pissing on it if they're a null.

>> No.72636709

Do any of you slack-jawed faggots suppose that the preheresy scheme for WE would look good on the new CSM models? Or is there too much trim/they look too different?

>> No.72636728


....who the fuck translated 두유 as bone hurting juice? Like seriously what the fuck?

>> No.72636741


Anon, could you do a storytime? I’d love to hear about your group.

>> No.72636962

RT, group has 90 PF. Give me whacky, useful, or genuinely "why doesn't that get used more?" ideas for shit to buy

Playing a 5'0 80lbs navigator so please no melee weapons.

>> No.72637046

Please, no "#PF, what do?"

Reasonable gear question, but the format has been abused.

>> No.72637092

Anyone have a non crusty Koronus Beastiary?

>> No.72637098

oh okay

>> No.72637120

>I understand for example the fact that you can actually play one, and that your player character doesn't automatically suppress any and all psychic powers.
Yep and this was FFG breaking the lore completely to make them a balanced PC option. All prior established lore has them being able to stop any and all psychic powers. The only example I can think of where a blank's blankness was overcome is Bequin getting BTFOed by a Daemon possessed Titan.

>Well, I guess I don't understand why your character couldn't suppress the damn astronomican by pissing on it if they're a null.
If you had enough nulls to cover the astonomican chamber you would shut it down. Pretty sure it'd be tough to get in there.

>> No.72637128

No one, it's a meme. The image is edited.

>> No.72637137

A leman russ battle tank

>> No.72637149


>> No.72637159

thx bro you saved my skin on that one

>> No.72637162


>> No.72638107

What do you mean "enough"? If a null is intrinsically capable of shutting down all phenomena, it would work regardless of powers involved. A single null would, by your logic, shut down Big E in the height of his power.

Which begs the question why Horus didn't just tape a couple of blanks on his armour when he went to rip his papa a new one. Would have probably been a lot simpler to beat him down.

Nah anon, it's a scale. In the same way that psykers have some extra soul that lets them control powers of the warp, the lack of soul nulls have also varies. Not all blanks are created equal.

>> No.72638275

>What do you mean "enough"? If a null is intrinsically capable of shutting down all phenomena, it would work regardless of powers involved. A single null would, by your logic, shut down Big E in the height of his power.
The Atronomican is a fucking giant chamber, fuelled by multiple Psykers. The null field of an untouchable isn't gonna knock em all out.

>> No.72638287

>Which begs the question why Horus didn't just tape a couple of blanks on his armour when he went to rip his papa a new one.
40k is not exactly an internally consistent setting.

Also Nulls have a disruptive effect on Chaos so it's not clear what Horus bringing nulls along would do to his Chaotic blessings.

>> No.72640310

Any ideas about how to spice up Rak'Gol encounter?

>> No.72640412

the thing is that the GW are retards when it comes down to consistency. Obviously the whole shtick about "regiments" when in fact a bigger company term should be used because of the sheer amount of people in those "Regiments", and the fact that in Only War and so on you could make a combined arms regiment proves it to happen, not often but sometimes.

>> No.72640761

>that list of talents and traits and gear that you have to memorize or just outright ignore when in combat
Ah yes
I remembered now why I never played FFG games

>> No.72640836

you don't need to "spice up" anything, you need to learn how to use them right. They're "spicy" as they are, if you can't implement them without invoking a feeling of dread, no amount of cliches will help you.

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