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>Want comfort
>But also want power
I don't know what to do.

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Tell me about your followers. Why do they follow you? Do they pay attention to what you say or have they already made up their mind about what you've said.

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Get both anon.


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A perk to make future jumps run on sexy rules, or the 'ride anything doggy style' perk? And yes, there will be a mecha import option.

Interesting setting + nice animation + attractive and recognizable mascot character. Plus pink hair is top tier.


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Real power requires continuous self improvement, which sounds like too much work. I don't want to do things half-way, that's just lazy.

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>A perk to make future jumps run on sexy rules
Not him, but this.

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Phenomenal cosmic power can lead to phenomenal cosmic comfort.

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How edgy is your Chain when it comes to hard moral choices? Do you usually writes around them because the Jumper is just that good at solving problems, or are there a significant part of the story?

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The get all the training perks and make training comfy to do.

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I pay attention to them and one of them follows me mostly because we are fire forged friends at this point and I helped him get his waifu. Zatanna follows me because we are coworkers at this point and can't really separate until the job is done.

Edgy moral choices happen but my jumper usually just defaults to "Will it help me and my allies? No? Then I won't do it."

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>Plus pink hair is top tier.
I didn't realize you were a being of such excellent taste.

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I love writing a jumper who goes for the most edgelord powersets but then acts like a noblebright comic book hero. So somewhere that simultaneously touches CRAWLING IN MY SKIN and A World of Cardboard.

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What is your jumpers fetish?

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Good taste

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Mind control

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It's even better in context, because it's happening due to aspect theft.

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A nameless anon requested this be posted, and now the contract has been fulfilled.

The Commoner perk line for Samurai of Hyuga(?)

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Pee and Lolis.

>> No.72546999 [DELETED] 

Crossdressing (Both male & female versions)

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Body modification/corruption.

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I've got a statue of a forgotten dark god to which I regularly make human sacrifice.

"Object believed to have magic power" is what you meant by fetish, right?

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Can you pick more than one parentage in the Percy Jackson jump, like how that one Roman demigod was a son of Mars but also a legacy of Poseidon?

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Wait 'till we hit bump limit before you start posting this shit.

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No Anon, that *fetich*

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My mistake.

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I think you guys already know the answer to this one.

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Favorite jumps to gain those skills/abilities from?

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Continued life is getting better as the hangover fades.

In other news, Psyren!

200 CP Items done.
Scan Personal Manifestation done.
Job is fucking awful right now.

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Yes, Gene, we know.

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Gee anon, I don’t know. Maybe literally all of his jumps?

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Couldn’t you save this for the end of the thread?

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>A build would be nice too, but no pressure there.
Immense pressure!

Origin: True Outsider (+50)
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Location: Tokyo alleyway

Psyren Drifter (Free)
PSI (Rise, Burst, Trance, Hybrid) (-300)
Almighty (-150)
Nova (-200)
Childlike Innovation (Free)
'Dragon' (Free) (Byakko)
Anything for ¥10,000 (Free)
Natural (Free)
A Good Fight (-100)
Superhuman Training Course (-100)
Dragon Means Strength (-200) A white tiger
Rogue Immortal (-300)

The Crew (Free) My own gang...they call themselves the white fang
Q-T (Free) He shall be my second in command!
Motorbike (Free) And of course my bike styled after Byakko themselves

Personal Manifestation: (+200)
Charles Atlas Superpower (-50)
Punch Ghost (-50)
'Immortal' (-200)
Mythological Learnings (-200) Byakko again.
Punch Ghost+Mythological Learnings (-50)

Where Are Your Parents!? (+100) I shall have my sidekick
Violent Reunions (+100) What's a punch between friends?
It Wants To Kill All Of Us (+200) (Mythological Learnings)
Change the Future (+300) The solution I have is simple. Punch every WISE I meet in the face.

I really liked the idea of being the adopted son of Kagetora and couldn't get it out of my head. And look what he has raised, a being even more monstrous than he himself is. Bah! Who cares if their Burst wants to murder everything. They can just smash through to the future with their bare fists!

Thanks for the jump.

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I like the idea. Punch Ghost and Mythological Leanings is a good combo for sure.

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Overall my companions follow me for one of 3 broad reasons, with a lot of overlap:

1. The ones who follow me because we share a common cause for how the multiverse should be remade. Some are opportunists like Glory or the Unseen Queen, some have an ideal they want to see through like Avacyn and Jeanne.

2. The ones who, having nowhere else to go and nothing worse staying for in their native reality, figuratively showed up on my doorstep and asked for a home. Or got adopted. This covers everything from SMT’s Alice to Alma to Alessa.

3. The ones who’re actually friends and family. Apart from the numerous families I’ve been part of, this includes my pokemon starters and Elodie.

I wasn’t always RADIANT IMPERATOR ULTRA HARDASS all the time. Hell, I tried to set up a democracy in Creation for a while. But I was always more or less the team dad. Ironically I found being a good listener made the others want to listen to me.

Half the moral quandaries in my chain happen because for most of it Jumper is so hellbent on perfection that his idea of fixing things is axiomatic with taking over the world and remaking it in his image.


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How do you guys write action scenes? Especially longer ones? I'm trying to write a race for the Redline jump, and it's kind of hard for me to describe what's happening without writing something that basically boils down to "And then this happened" for several pages.

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Number 2 is absolutely patrician.

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Can somebody in a shorty post explain what and how a Jumpchain TG is? I see the things that are downloadable, but with all games that have gone on for a long time, the bulk needed to be read it huge. I will read the files, but before doing so it would be nice if I got get an explanation.

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Try killing Gods.

>Don't suppose there would be any synergy between using both FoC and World's Maker to create a being?

FoC is biological and soul stuff. WM is everything else. Yes, they do synergy well if you want to become the greatest creator.

>That's a shame, but you could always come back and do it if you are ever bored with time.
I'll consider it, but no promises.

I have a lot of those.

>> No.72547851

It’s like a CYOA but there’s more of them you do with the same character, who is your self-insert by default

>> No.72547863 [DELETED] 

Smooth armpits and exhibitionism/public sex

>> No.72547865

Its like a CYOA, except you do a lot of them and the character keeps their choices.

>> No.72547876 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Forms of affection such as hugs, kisses, and caring for eachother when sick or injured.

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Would Transcendent Arahat help with cultivation in xianxia world's ?

>> No.72547940

I imagine that would depend on the cultivation system desu

>> No.72547967

Like >>72547940 said. Depends on the cultivation system. It will help a lot if its something related to taoism.

>> No.72548050 [DELETED] 


Nah Anon just doesn't know what he's talking about. Both are correct

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>and the ability to create loyal lesser vampires, strong as a Divine Ancestor, by sharing a drop of blood
So does this mean I could just create one of them from nothing, or that I need to give that drop of blood to someone to make such a vampire? Either way having minions with all those abilities would be quite useful.

>I'll consider it, but no promises.
That's all I ask. Best of luck with your schooling.

>> No.72548252

So when does the jump start, at the start of the series or sooner? I'm not seeing when you drop into the setting. And due to the True Outsider Origin things like gender and age don't change from the end of the previous jump, do they?

>and grant you the ability to spread PSI to others through a trick of PSI that no one seems to have ever developed before
So you can teach others PSI?

>Training with the Ogre
Can I punch people and they improve at maths or throw marbles at someone's head so they become better chefs if I could normally teach them those things?

>Jumper Plus, Drifter Card
Do you need a payphone to use it and can you bring people along?
>>allow you to enter the wasteland realm like Psyren
allow you to enter a wasteland realm like Psyren

>> No.72548281

>Authorities work a bit differently for Gods and Campioni. The former are the original users, if you’re going with that option then just ignore the downside, it’s not a thing for you. The overall effects are bit more pronounced as well.
So if I gave a heretic god companion the Light At Night authority, she wouldn't be limited by weather and the moon's phases, yeah? ...That actually makes it from an authority I found a bit off for a moon goddess into one that seems very fitting. Just fuck around with the phases of the moon and do all kinds of moonlight stuff.

Now I just need to figure out if I want to replace Will of Magic for a tweaked Blood For Blood that focuses more on dark magic...

>> No.72548314 [DELETED] 

And yet you get upset when we call you based.

>> No.72548341 [DELETED] 

You should see how hard he simps for Val on QQ.

>> No.72548344

Use that drop of blood to convert someone.

Will of Magic is probably better on the long run if you want magic. BfB is more thematic.

>> No.72548362 [DELETED] 

Because being called based here is just another form of shitposting.

>> No.72548391

>So when does the jump start, at the start of the series or sooner? I'm not seeing when you drop into the setting. And due to the True Outsider Origin things like gender and age don't change from the end of the previous jump, do they?
You start in Psyren, I thought I put that in there. My bad, my bad.

>So you can teach others PSI?
With that perk, guaranteed.

>Can I punch people and they improve at maths or throw marbles at someone's head so they become better chefs if I could normally teach them those things?

>Do you need a payphone to use it and can you bring people along?
Yes and no.

>allow you to enter a wasteland realm like Psyren

Thanks for the feedback.

>> No.72548401 [DELETED] 

t. Cuck.

>> No.72548436 [DELETED] 


>> No.72548547

>Will of Magic is probably better on the long run if you want magic. BfB is more thematic.
Hm, fair. Not entirely sure if the blood stuff fits though. I mean, I guess there's the general aztec association with blood, but otherwise it doesn't fit that well?

Dark magic on the other hand would be super-fitting.

Maybe I should mix them together, make an authority that's a more limited Will of Magic focused on dark magic along with BfB's nighttime stuff? I dunno.

>> No.72548577

I end up in the Wormverse and I probably end up killing a lot of people.

>> No.72548612

>aztec association with blood, but otherwise it doesn't fit that well?
Blood sacrifice? It’s probably a plait cliche but it’s probably the most stand out part of their culture.

>> No.72548672

>Why do they follow you?
The promise of adventure, powers, and freedom
And yet you probably still ended up making it a better place overall.

>> No.72548676

Bit, no idea how autocorrect did that.

>> No.72548696

>Use that drop of blood to convert someone.
Ah, oh well. Still good for what I need. Thanks Ricrod.

Will the Fruit of Creation Authority update my knowledge of souls and the biology of other beings when I encounter them in new jumps?

>> No.72548697

Like I just keep making them suffer for the crime of existing. Also forced mind control.

>> No.72548701

I mean, yeah, that's what I meant with the aztec association with it.

...though mostly the blood sacrifices were to her enemies, to /prevent/ her from being able to eat Huitzilopochtli/the world/earth/humanity. Since I'm basing this goddess on Coyolxauhqui (amongst others).

>> No.72548734

Don't worry. It's not really murder to genocide like three fourths of that setting. It's pest control and trash disposal all rolled up into one disgusting and annoying job that needs to be done but nobody is willing to do it.

>> No.72548738

There's a surprising amount of vampire-like monsters in legends, so go wild.

>Will the Fruit of Creation Authority update my knowledge of souls and the biology of other beings when I encounter them in new jumps?

>> No.72548768

Could one kill Thanos with a .50 cal?

>> No.72548773

They're monsters and Pokemon, albeit with human levels of intelligence. They follow her because she's the strongest. The pack alpha. But more than that, it's because she's genuinely caring and affectionate towards them. It goes both ways and it's a mutually beneficial relationship for all.


I replied to both of these posts because it's funny how both answers are related.

>> No.72548775

And if I make some of them my slaves I'm just taking a rightful reward.

>> No.72548780

Depends on how hard you throw it.

>> No.72548802

Because guns are the strongest force in all fiction.

>> No.72548809 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Anthropomorphic + Hermaphrodite + Pregnancy

>> No.72548817

Neato. Thank you.

>> No.72548827 [DELETED] 

>inb4 accusation of being Beast

>> No.72548900

How powerful would an S-Rank Shadow Monarch be in DxD? I only watched the anime years ago.

>> No.72548908

>There's a surprising amount of vampire-like monsters in legends, so go wild.
I mean, I don't think any of the inspirations for this count as vampiric.

But now that I consider it, between the Aztec gods' blood-drinking in general, and hopefully being able to turn into a big huge fuckoff snake with the "creatures associated with nighttime" working in the Apophis inspiration... yeah, I think BfB probably works?

So that's Winds of Fortune, Broken Cycle of Life, Light At Night, Blood For Blood, and Star-Devouring Monster for my lovely moon/serpent/apocalypse waifu. A very goth-y collection of Authorities.

>> No.72548911

Running a god of life theme, which animal should I pick as my symbol?

>> No.72548936

Dove, or phoenix

>> No.72548943


>> No.72548955

Snakes for the whole Oroboros theme

>> No.72548969

divine big tiddy goth gf?

>> No.72548975

Turtle. Those guys live for fucking ever and are often depicted as carrying life (from islands to whole worlds worth) on their backs.

>> No.72548980


>> No.72548981

Imagine fucking those knockers.

>> No.72549067

Pretty much, yeah. Sounds good, right?

Say, can Authorities reinforce eachother or mix a bit? Mainly thinking Blood for Blood making the sunlight-eating part of Star-Devouring Monster better (It's night now, bitches. No one gets sunshine on my watch.) or giving the lesser vampires created with BfB moon-monster powers from Light At Night?

>> No.72549080

Tortoises live longer and look cooler.

>> No.72549086

Sexual Wrestling/Sexfights and hatesex.

>> No.72549093

Ordinary Student - 0
Sportsy Normie - 0
Man With A Mission - 0
Reward the Child - 100
Those Who Would Be Kings - 200
Fate Fell Short - 200
Flower of Chivalry - 200
Natural Born Gigolo - 300
Pandora’s Child - 600
World’s Maker
Will of Magic
Fruit of Creation
Keep In Contact - 0
Simply Divine (Ishtar) - 0
The Story That Was Not + 600
>be jumper
>be reincarnated into world ruled by the whims of gods
>not so bad
>go sightseeing in egypt
>accidentally run over a man who looks like Jesus with a truck
>he turns into motes of light
>wait wat
>get noticed by a goddess
>she descends and introduces herself
>then promptly carries us off
>get kept as a sort of consort and showered with gifts, affection, and her teaching us what she knows
>occasionally whips us out to kill other heretic gods
>she otherwise sticks on us like a bird uses a perch
>something about warding off love rivals
>this is fine

>> No.72549118

>fetish question and replies deleted
>half the thread disappears

>> No.72549126


>> No.72549176


>> No.72549200

fucking cucks are ruining this thread.
Those posts were on-topic.

>> No.72549211

The power of coompchain.

>> No.72549241

Thanks, then. Some more things

>Jumper’s Late Night TV Show
Can this be a radio show instead?

Shouldn't The Window Through the Wall and The Black Tape be swapped? As the Black Tape needs a month to update but the window can be used at any moment. Even if it's tiring, it sounds like the better alternative unless I'm missing something

>Mythological Leanings
>>Nimerian Lion
Nemean Lion

>> No.72549245

It wasn’t even thinly veiled as a “what type of waifu does your jumper like” thing, just what fetish do you like. Wait for page 8 or leave for an nsfw board for that kind of shit.

>> No.72549266

A combination of loyal soldiers and employees. Good pay, unparalleled benefits, and bit of a cult of personality since the T-Doll harem outnumber the rest several times over now.
Larger than Life. People with Rocking Bods, Big Dick Energy, and STRONK Tits.

>> No.72549267

>Sounds good, right?
Great even.

>Say, can Authorities reinforce eachother or mix a bit?
I guess they could play in tandem if you have them. Fanwank for this because I don't remember much of the LN rn.

there's a jump for it, so go ahead.

Nice build, anon.

>> No.72549297

>Can this be a radio show instead?

>Shouldn't The Window Through the Wall and The Black Tape be swapped? As the Black Tape needs a month to update but the window can be used at any moment. Even if it's tiring, it sounds like the better alternative unless I'm missing something
I meant to do that before posting it. Ugh, thanks for pointing that out.

>Nemean Lion
You right.

>> No.72549341

Jumpers, how abstract are you? Can you turn day into night or draw blood from a stone?

>> No.72549363

>Nigerian Lion

>> No.72549391

Based mods bringing the hammer down onto coomer skulls. Thank you for your work.

>> No.72549415


>> No.72549460

Who else here /ligga/?

>> No.72549508

>They follow her because she's the strongest. The pack alpha.

>> No.72549579


>> No.72549682

Sweet. I'll have to complete and revise it later but this will be the base for my build in a few jumps. The jump looks great

Origin: True Outsider +50

-Psyren Drifter
-PSI->Trance Free
-PSI->Zone -150
-Natural Free
-Training with the Ogre -200

-Motorbike Free
-Duffel Free
-Classy Clothes Free
- Q-T -50
-Can of Air Free
-Jumper’s Late Night TV Show -100
-Torture Island -200

>Personal Manifestation[+200/sect]
-Psychometry -50
-Transfer -400

>Drawbacks[still need to choose them]

Current final balance: +100CP as of now

>> No.72549700

>Silver Lois
What’s Lois made out of here?

>> No.72549717

Where do I get the perks necessary to make free will not a myth on Earths and Earth-like settings, so that all men can finally, truly, be created equal?

>> No.72549720

>Great even.
>I guess they could play in tandem if you have them. Fanwank for this because I don't remember much of the LN rn.
Fair enough. Thanks for the help anyway, and also for the jump. I've had way more fun with this one than I should've had with source material like this, but embracing the dumb was a ton of fun.

Now to find some divine power-boosting imports so my ridiculous mockery of mythology divine big tiddy goth gf can keep pace somewhat...

>> No.72549738

Do something to encourage people to understand why they are the way that they are and how to modify their behaviors so their life isn't a predictable comedy of errors. Nine out of ten times, most will not take any kind of initiative even if you spell out how to improve themselves or act against their personal status quo.

>> No.72549748

>Kino no Tabi has been going for 20 years old now
>Remember when it had it's 10th anniversary
I feel old

>> No.72549775

Of course they're not going to act against their personal status quo, that means facing Chaos and Death and their instincts do not accept this. Animals are creatures of habit, that's the way it's always been. What I want to know is where I can get enough falling angels to stick inside these rising apes to give them any actual ability to CHOOSE.

>> No.72549776

I'll rape every female in the Wormverse.

>> No.72549799

Get the secret fire from the Simarillion and use it to give humans souls.

>> No.72549827

>Rey can just heal people no problem and bring them back from the dead with no training at all
Well that didn't age well, did it?

>> No.72549915

Aside from Ian McDiarmid, nothing form the prequels aged well. Specially the CG

>> No.72549926

But anon, free will is already real, and is a fundamental component of your immortal soul.

>> No.72550085

Any particular Kamen Rider jump or gimmick you like to take first or do you just take them in normal order?

>> No.72550127

I like to take the Decade gauntlet before Zi-O for the bonus and then just doppelgänger all the other riders

>> No.72550136

Shit I didn't even think of that. One more problem to add to that tire fire I guess.

>> No.72550141

What bonus?

>> No.72550151

I tried to take them in chronological order.
Unfortunately, the timeline got screwy and I ended up being stuck on the Den-Liner.

>> No.72550171

You get all the other cards that the original didn't come with as well as your driver belt upgraded.

>> No.72550179

Turtle is often considered a symbol of longevity.

>> No.72550195

Does anyone in the MCU ever tank a hit from a bullet?

>> No.72550228

I have a funny relation with the prequels.

A lot of older star wars fans will stand by the original trilogy both by its merits(of which there are many, it's quite good) and the impact it had on them in their formative years. An impact i myself experienced in childhood with the prequels.

This has placed the rose tinted glasses firmly on and in spite of how poorly they have aged i still enjoy the prequel trilogy more than either the old or new one.

>> No.72550248


>> No.72550266

Humans are animals, anon, just like any other. The bulk of humanity's inability to accept that is probably an inborn trait itself. I'm not even sure what survival advantage this mass delusion grants.

>> No.72550268

Gaim first

>> No.72550287

Crustaceans, coelacanth, jellyfish or nautilus

>> No.72550292

The more power you have the safer you are the more comfy you can be and make others, there is no conflict between them.

>> No.72550311

The conflict is that his idea of comfort includes freedom from responsibility, and that his idea of great power carries with it great responsibility.

>> No.72550341

Well say what you will about Lucas but at the very least he never made people hate starwars and he didn't just wallow in nostalgia

>> No.72550360

Gave some more thought towards trying to make my Overlord build fit the world a bit more properly and this is what I'm sitting on now.

>Race levels
Dragonoid (Fire) 15/15 - Starting race.
Ascended (Fire) 10/10 - Advanced race.
Wyrm Lord (Fire) 5/5 - Master race.
Royal Dragon 5/5 - Won from a developer tournament. Racial skills can be augmented with other draconic elements, but this race does not grant any additional abilities.

>Class levels
Defender 10/15 - Taken mostly for self-preservation abilities, rather than pulling aggro.
Crusader 10/15 - Taken for its CC reducing abilities.
Fighter 15/15 - Main class.
Sword Master 10/10 - Advanced class.
Sword Saint 10/10 - Advanced class.
Asura 5/5 - Master class.
Dragon Champion 5/5 - Won from a developer tournament. Weaker than the World Champion class, with the gimmick of powering up the player's racial abilities instead of granting class abilities.

HP 100
MP 50
Atk 120
Def 80
Agi 100
Matk 25
Mdef 80
Res 100
Special 50
Built to charge in and blow things up with explosive power while shrugging off the damage and CC that comes in. A somewhat simple build with little in the way of gimmicks, but still flexible enough to take on challenging situations with the right maneuvering.

Immunity to Fire
Greater resistance to Frost, Acid, Sonic, and Lightning.
Resistance to slows, roots, stuns, blinds, silences, charms, fears, knockbacks, knockups, pulls, disarms, polymorphs, and other low-tier CC effects.
Can shapeshift into a True Royal Dragon, greatly enhancing attributes.
Racial skills scale off of Atk instead of Matk.

Weakness to anti-dragon weapons, spells, skills, items, and enchantments.
Goes into heat during the last week of each season, greatly reducing attributes and willpower.
Meant for direct combat. Little to no utility outside of taking damage and dealing damage.
Very little CC, very few ranged options.

I dwell on this stuff way longer than I should, but that's the fun of it.

>> No.72550379

>at the very least he never made people hate starwars

>> No.72550403

>I dwell on this stuff way longer than I should, but that's the fun of it.
Until you've made yourself a card using that one site /and/ have made your in-game gear list you're not.

>> No.72550405

First jump:
Campione! jump
Cp:1000 Age: 15 Sex: Male Location: Itally
Origin: Ordinary Student
Perks: Those Who Would Be Kings [200] Pandora’s Child [800] Sporty Normie [Free] Man With A Mission [Free] Around the Corner [900] Family Traditions [1000]. Fate Fell Short [1200] Natural Born Gigolo [1500] Princes of the Universe [2100]
Authorities: Will of Magic World’s Maker Transcendent Arahat
Items: Keep In Contact [Free]
Companion: Simply Divine [Shoulder loli] [Medusa] [Free]
Drawbacks: The Undefeated Jumper of the East [1900] Living Magnet [1600] That Escalated Quickly [1400] Fuck That Place [1300] Hidden Desires [1100] Was That Supposed To Happen? [1000]

With shit that will be happening around me, because drawbacks I took, I should be able to kill some Gods. Authorities that I grained through the 10 years are: The Broken Cycle of Life(Hades), Hunter of Immortals(Ares), Star-Devouring Monster (Charybdis) and Sunlight Burst(Hyperion). After Hyperion gods started to send minions/monsters against me to not let me grow in power.

>> No.72550422

Read some Plato you fucking pomo.

>> No.72550424

Use some ideology spreading perk to spread some introspection and inner peace, so people aren't constantly pulled from place to place because they feel they must be like this and have to do that. Since free will is already a thing, that should help with all the cultural momentum that keeps people from acting out on it.

If you feel you are going to a setting where fate rules, then I'm not sure I know of any perks to help with that. On a personal level yes, but not one that would affect anything not touched by you. Maybe it would be best to get anti fate perks to yourself and then become a global force in people's lives, like a god king, a trillionare that has monopoly on housing industry world wide or something else that touches everyone. Since you are unbound by fate, those touched by your actions enough should be too, since you push them off the rails, so to speak.

>> No.72550429

>Until you've made yourself a card using that one site
Tell me what that site is and I'll get right on it.

>> No.72550434

Are those classes canon, you took them from the CYOA that came out a while ago or is it OC? I don't remember anything in the jump about class level or stats, just a brief explanation of the capabilities of whatever general class you chose

>> No.72550475

>Are those classes canon, you took them from the CYOA that came out a while ago or is it OC?
A mix of the three. If I've made it so people have to ask then I think I've done a pretty good job.
>I don't remember anything in the jump about class level or stats
I wasn't happy with the jump leaving things vague. I just figured I'd go into the full details of my character for funsies.

>> No.72550492 [DELETED] 

Body modification, creating genetically enhanced sex cults, and vore.

>> No.72550512

>Goes into heat during the last week of each season
I would.

>> No.72550523

As they say in Reddit-Land
Those custom character sheets are actually made using a fan-made program; the “Overlord Character Sheet Generator”, as I like to call it.

Link: https://mega.nz/#!CxdSyJgS

Decryption Key: !iYswiQcp7D6olXoPk4Sv_91ncvkgCysOXED1YlMc-zc

>> No.72550576

>Royal Dragon 5/5 - Won from a developer tournament.
That seems unlikely since dragons were explicitly NOT a race that players or their custom NPCs could get.

>> No.72550582

Let's be honest the original trilogy is just as guilty of of stupid goofy nonsense as the prequels i mean the wholes series is just a mashup of old sci-fi pulp fiction and samurai movies.

>> No.72550614

It was actually made by /a/

>> No.72550640

I've always preferred the prequels to the other movies. I also liked Jar Jar and never understood the hate.

>> No.72550643

Eh, Reddit is where I found it. Congrats /a/ though for making it.
I use it all the time for my Overlord Build which never seems finished... editing to perfection is a shitty writer trait.

>> No.72550648

Water bears, because those things can't fucking die
>Also known as water bears, tardigrades are tiny water-dwelling creatures famed for their resiliency. The eight-legged invertebrates can survive for up to 30 years without food or water and can endure wild temperature extremes, radiation exposure, and even the vacuum of space

>> No.72550656

The jumpchain said I could pick Dragon as a race with the highest tier heteromorphic option. I'm not one to turn down a god-tier choice put in front of me.

>> No.72550687

The originals where goofy because they adventure movies meant for the masses. The prequels are goofy because Lucas is a hack and he decided that he could do the script on his own even when that wasn't what originally happened. Plus he also insisted on too much CGI.

>> No.72550692

Nah, that doesn't make sense. In JumpChain, the ability to acquire power is just as easy as the ability to use it. If you have a responsibility to use power that you have, then you should also have the responsibility to take an effortless opportunity to acquire said power (when not at the expense of others). In this context, there's not a great deal of difference between not using power and deliberately avoiding power that you should supposedly be using and can easily acquire. Merely having the opportunity to do something is in itself power, which carries responsibility if you're the type to associate the two.

>> No.72550699

part of the controversy was that people thought he was a racist caricature of Jamaicans.

>> No.72550756

>I just figured I'd go into the full details of my character for funsies
Well, if you are having fun then that's good

>> No.72550760

Hey Val, would eating the Nemean Hide I’ve purchased while using Metamorphosis do anything?

>> No.72550794

>Sexual Wrestling/Sexfights

>> No.72550934

You'll never be able to convince me Attack of the Clones isn't easily the worst SW movie

>> No.72550974

That seems odd to me as I never made that connection, and I still don't see one.

>> No.72551005

Probably because you're an American cis-straight white male.

>> No.72551021

You think it's better than episode 8 or 9?

>> No.72551026

Are you this guy?

>Now to find some divine power-boosting imports so my ridiculous mockery of mythology divine big tiddy goth gf can keep pace somewhat
Can't help you there but check some of these jumps and maybe you'll find something helpful

>> No.72551034

Then you aren't involved in politics enough and need to fix yourself.

>> No.72551043

What perks will help me win the oppression Olympics?

>> No.72551067

>fix yourself
Is he a problem? Or is he just part of one?

>> No.72551120

Let me introduce you to the wonders of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

>> No.72551142

Victim Boys. Oh wait boys are incapable of emotion and suffering. whoops.

>> No.72551155

>Are you this guy?
I am, yes. Someone actually remembered that silliness?

Just updated the Authorities for it now, with these new ones (two out of five were vague and my own OC back then, the moon and Star-Devouring ones are perfect fits to fill those slots now).

>Can't help you there but check some of these jumps and maybe you'll find something helpful
Ah, thank you. That should be helpful, mostly to pick out just what would be good import options.

>> No.72551160

Who ever wrote that post is a fucking moron and should be ridiculed for fucking life? Does she seriously forgot that men can get PTSD or is she that fucking brain dead?

>> No.72551163

1, 8, 9, and possibly 7 are all worse.

>> No.72551179

>t. can't feel generosity

>> No.72551201

Aren't there 11 with Solo and Rogue One?

>> No.72551229

>Someone actually remembered that silliness?
I remember approving that silliness.

>> No.72551233

There is a Clone Wars movie which aired in theatres as well. Solo and CW I rate below 2, but Rogue One is better than 2.

>> No.72551266

Can you post your build for Victim Boys?

>> No.72551314

>Someone actually remembered that silliness?
Yeah, I have the description in a .txt called Magical Girl Apophis-chan for some reason. Maybe at the time I was thinking of saving it as an inspiration for when I went to Campione in a chain. But since I never go to Campione in any chain the thing is just catching dust

>> No.72551406

How hard would it be to get Will of Magic to work on top level magic without using the chant? It seems like a really cool passive authority but chanting obvious incantations make the fact that jumper is stealing their enemy's magic a bit too obvious.

>> No.72551415

I even managed to give her title a double meaning. Coming up with armor pieces is probably a waste since I didn't actually have enough points to afford anything but the freebie armor in the jump. My excuse was that she just wore the generic gear you got as rewards during the main questline of the last expansion pack.

>> No.72551453

Who ever wrote this post is a fucking moron and should be ridiculed for life. Can he seriously not recognize the most blatant irony imaginable or is he that fucking brain dead?

>> No.72551471

I would love to have jump out of this manga.

>> No.72551477

Neat, didn't think it'd be remembered months later. But yes, Apophis-chan is fun and figuring out how to bullshit 6 goddesses into being the same being was too.

>Yeah, I have the description in a .txt called Magical Girl Apophis-chan for some reason.
I guess we just have the same txt file then.

>> No.72551479


Embodiment of Star Wars.
>Rogue One

This was great but I didn't like it as much as the above.

Underrated. could've been better if it was about different characters and/or didn't condense the protagonist's backstory into a single day.

Ok if you accept they're mainly meant to be enjoyed by children.

Actually had some good parts on retrospection and would've worked way better as it's own thing that didn't fuck up the new trilogy.

Same as the above 1000x worse.

Didn't even remember this shit existed.
>Holiday Special
>The Clone Wars (Film)

>> No.72551492

Is it the one with the Tanuki in it too?

>> No.72551499


>> No.72551529

So I'm looking for a power limiter perk, something that would give a permanent boost proportional to howhard you limited your power. It can be a powerup, training booster for the duration or some such, do you happen to remember any?

>> No.72551548

There's a perk like that in Disgaea, where you set yourself back to level 1 to increase how fast you grow.

>> No.72551554

TLJ would be "decent" if they had cut half of the film and stopped when Kylo gave his offer to Rey.

>> No.72551560

Why does she need swords if she's a dragon anyways?

>> No.72551566

>Reduced Forms in Dragon Ball As Fuck
>These reduced forms grant benefits twofold: the first is enhanced energy
>regulation, essentially granting you enhanced stamina, while the second benefit is an increased
>growth from training. The more your power is sealed by this reduced state, the greater your gains
>will be, and when the time comes to unleash your full power your opponents will wait until your
>transformation is complete.

>> No.72551567

one of the dragonball jumps(I think AF) has a perk based on Frieza's forms that lets you limited your power drasticly for later benefits.

>> No.72551569

There's the No Cheating perk from Traveller's Gate.

Deprive yourself of an ability, then rapidly learn to compensate for the absence somehow.

>> No.72551581

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has a perk for that

>> No.72551595

>Dragon Ball As Fuck
I'm pretty sure that isn't what AF stands for.

>> No.72551611

>This was great but I didn't like it as much as the above.
Empire is the best Star Wars movie you heathen!

>> No.72551652

Good afternoon, thread.
Do your jumpers ever make advanced technology available to the worlds they visit?
Like, say, robot waifus?

>> No.72551694

Butterfly. Peak aesthetic and the life cycle is good for the god of life theme too.

>> No.72551715

Not the big guns, but Jumper often releases plenty of quality of life or helpful technologies. It helps that it usually gets Jumper a ton of money. AI Waifu's are pretty easy to produce. Then once they are distributed and people are used to them... bam! Synthetic body shells, complete with tactile feedback and fake skin.

>> No.72551719

True, or even have Rey accept it in order to save everyone.

Empire is probably objectively the best movie of the OT, but I personally like RotJ more because it's such a satisfying conclusion to everything and the battle of Endor was cooler than Hoth.

Also the one change that would've made episode 6 perfect is if the Death Star had been built above Kashyyyk and the Ewoks were replaced with Wookies.

>> No.72551725

Your local Umbrella branch is always happy to supply you and you family with the latest in medical advances. Pay no attention to the fine print on your liability waiver

>> No.72551731

Yes of course!

however all my tech is possessed by demons. [/spoilers]

>> No.72551732

Cool. Too bad the catgirl didn't stick around.

>> No.72551776

What you don't? If Jumper has the technology ability to end things like illness ,hunger, homelessness etc. he is morally obligated to do so!

>> No.72551787

Jumper brand modification shops, for all your biomod and cybernetics needs. The piece here and there is even capable of being reverse engineered by the local tech base, eventually.

>> No.72551817

>All this Star Wars talk
So did you have fun during your time there? Maybe unite the galaxy under your rule, or beat the Sith and Jedi up to seed it with your own psychic abilities?

>> No.72551843

go away bancho

>> No.72551863

I'd say this is more of a demihuman than a heteromorph but I'm also assuming this is more like a form in between the human illusion form and the proper dragon form.

>> No.72551870

>morally obligated
Can anyone explain this meme?

>> No.72551877

Is he morally obligated to kill all the Republicans too?

>> No.72551897

Magic weapons/materials count as advanced monster-hunting technology, right? Because if we ever get a Hunter: the Vigil jump I'm giving all the actually decent Compacts/Conspiracies better weapons.

>> No.72551900 [DELETED] 

Only the young pretty one.

>> No.72551906

Is he morally obligated to chemically castrate young girls, bancho?

>> No.72551912

Other than Deadman Wonderland are there any jumps with perks that let you get your blood outside of your body without cutting yourself. For a jumper with blood related powers and way too many durability perks?

>> No.72551917

Question for Valeria can you add + or - to combat skill and magical skill in the servant supplement?

Also can you add both a + and a - to an attribute (That assassin martial artist who excelled against humans but did awful vs non-humans comes to mind)

>> No.72551929

Only the young pretty ones.

Only if they are Republicans.

>> No.72551934

I don't kill them anymore I just make a separate instance of the world where they can live in peace and not hurt anyone

Never happened

>> No.72551935

>With greater luxuries for those who wish to work providing the above
Doesn't this create the same problem it's trying to solve

>> No.72551956

>I don't kill them anymore
x to doubt

>Never happened
very x to doubt

>> No.72551959

>only choosing to see carefully curated timelines
Feigned ignorance is feigned bliss, eh?

>> No.72551961


>> No.72551979

Doesn't that depend on if they're ready for that sort of thing or not? If you don't ease these people into paradigm shifts, most of them will die horribly because people are not designed to adapt that quickly. Animals are not designed to adapt that quickly. Some people might call that a feature instead of a bug, but you seem like a real "adapt or die" scenario would bother you when it comes to humanity.

>> No.72551993

How does he seem like that? He has already said he would kill half of the US if was able to do so.

>> No.72551995

They don't follow me. Each of them follows the other selves I created for each individual jump, who all broke away from me and continue their adventures in their own universes. I am left with nothing.

>> No.72552000

Thanks anons, these really helped. Self imposed limits get important when the power levels rise, and I figured that it would be good to get some benefit from it as well. This was more than I hoped for!

>> No.72552006


>> No.72552007

Retroactive continuity is a thing go read the GEN 13 jump
That's why I usually automate that part so everyone can get everything they want
I have perks for that

>> No.72552022

Because I took the statement and picture at face value. Do you know this person?

>> No.72552053

Yes its bancho, he has used the image multiple times, and put his trip on when people started calling him out.

>> No.72552077

I tried that once. It ended badly for everyone.
If I ever seem too cocky with my jumping antics, you can bring me back to reality by whispering "Silly String" in my ear.

>> No.72552090

how do you fuck up silly string anon

thats like the least harmful thing

>> No.72552102

Easy. You don't need the chant for anything lesser than an authority, and even then its just for instant understanding.

I remember all the cool people on the thread, like NaziAnon, who is dearly missed.

>> No.72552120

It does, but he's a hypocrite who thinks "I'll do it right!" when countless examples prove him wrong

>> No.72552130

Why is HK with Carth?

Also to answer your question, I had a ton of fun. I made a ton of Sith artifacts, set up my own darkside powered kingdom on a planet out in the middle of nowhere where all the citizens were force sensitive cultists, fought Darth Bane, made my own faction during Clone Wars that fought everyone, convinced both Anakin and Ahsoka to become my apprentices then set them up with each other, killed palpatine, killed him again in OT when he came back from the dead, then just chilled out and helped train Jedi and protect the galaxy during Legacy.

>> No.72552137

Can't you just get some shapeshifting ability and let it dribble out of you?

Anyway, the best I can think of is Dragon Age blood magic or Noblesse Lord of the Blood. The latter simply allows you to create more blood outside of your body to control by using up some Aura.

>> No.72552147

Humanity should never have moved beyond subsistence farming and barter.

Prove me wrong.

>> No.72552167

Silly string is all that's left of that world.

>> No.72552205

Is there an Imperator: Rome anywhere, or in the works?

>> No.72552239

If one were to set up pic related instead of Anakin and Padme, how much does that change the timeline? Does Sheev still form the empire somehow?

>> No.72552241

>That assassin martial artist who excelled against humans but did awful vs non-humans comes to mind
Who? Assassin martial artist sounds like Li Shuwen but the excelled against humans sounds like Sanson instead. Or are you talking about Yan Qing?

>> No.72552243

The comic writer failed his economics class didn't he?

>> No.72552248

I don't think so. How is I:R, anyway? Has Paradox gotten better about keeping their projects in eternal beta yet?

>> No.72552278

Its not so much "eternal beta" as continuously updating the game. Then again, I only really play Stellaris.

>> No.72552285

>Self imposed limits get important when the power levels rise
Then ask for a toggle perk, not a training booster with extra steps

>> No.72552319

Never actually played it, though I've got a few other Paradox games. But I need an I:R jump to complete the set of mucking about with alternate history.

>> No.72552345

Anon, that implies that humanity should ever have stopped being seminomadic hunter-gatherers.

>> No.72552409

This might sound weird, but how does one make their blood stronger? There are perks for making the rest of you grow more powerful from training, but I don't believe blood benefits from such a thing.

>> No.72552434

It might help if you tell us what the hell you mean by making blood stronger.

>> No.72552474

Homestuck has a perk that gives you stupidly high blood pressure iirc? Maybe try that bone bloodline from early naruto?

Bit out there, but maybe pick up one of those metal body type perks and you could have liquid metal blood?

>> No.72552484

Compiled in various threads and done put together by some anon way back.

>Uberhaimanen (Street Sharks)
>Einherjar (German Hollow Quest)
>Gourmet Cells (Toriko)
>Personified Cells (The Mighty Boosh)
>Redblood (Masters of Red)
>Omega-1 Nanite Recipient (Generator Rex)
>Nanomaster (Iji)
>Codec (Metal Gear)
>Black Blood (Soul Eater)
>Miracle Root Blood, -Muhahaha Belief, Heart String, Nice Gems, & Dark Will (New Dark Tamers & Georama Hunters My Cuphead Don’t Strike, NOT!)
>Chaos in the Blood (Webmage)
>[CELS] (/co/co/’s Bizarre Adventures)
>Open Genetics (Reaper Hunter)
>Good Blood, Blood Saint, Vile Blood, Bloodied Combat (Bloodborne)
>Lost Logia Researcher, Ancient Blood, & The Crow

So, Eldritch-Angel Spirit-Shark white blood cells composed of Red Mercury that are constantly improving over time due to taking in your Spirit/Appetite Energy and refining it to a razors edge.

These beings are able to crystallize admiration for you into Persona-like Heart Objects and access your fans dreams, are a perfect radio as well as a Soul Weapon. They can form new superpowers for you on the fly and scoff at physics and did I mention your blood also can form a mist-shield that can tank continent busting lasers.

On top of that your blood is basically Reality Acid to anything not-you, understandable the sharks are likely killing them, and have [STAR] energy fueled ability to manipulate [FRAMES] which is awesome in a lot of ways and has complete and utter customization on the fly. Your blood also allows you to regenerate and gain stamina during battle as well as grants you the ability to form mystical stones of enchantment which can take hand axes to the point where they're cleaving through Eldritch beings like the Moon Presence. With that in mind you even have a fighting style based on using the nano-machine blood to form force-fields and shoot the whoop as well.

Also your blood cells are all psychic.


>> No.72552508

>Prevent Qui-gon from getting killed by Maul and ensure he becomes Anakin's teacher/father figure. (This also prevents Dooku from joining Palpatine.)
>Buy Anakin's mom from Watto and set up someplace nice on Coruscant. Or keep her yourself, she's kinda cool.
>Convince the council to have Padme guarded by someone else.
>Play matchmaker for Anakin & Ahsoka during the Clone Wars.
>Ensure Ahsoka doesn't get framed for the temple bombing. Or even better than help Barris work out her issues and just prevent that from happening at all.
>With support from Qui-Gon and his mom plus no trauma from having massacred all those sand people, Anakin shouldn't be tempted to join Palpatine after he gets visions of Ahsoka dying.
That's about the minimum you'd have to do to butterfly away the empire and turn Luke and Leia into hybrids.

>> No.72552513


also add

>Gatorade Blood (Shut Up and Jam Gaiden)
>Demon Race & Eleventh Commandment (Seven Deadly Sins)
>Honey Blooded (Fallen London)
>Nature of the Fire Sage (Dark Souls 1)
>RC Cells (Tokyo Ghoul)
>Blood of the White Dragon (Escaflowne)


>> No.72552522


>> No.72552558

A Will Eternal has the Undying Codex which has a stage involving improving your Blood to the point that any single drop has as much 'vital energy' as an entire lake of normal blood.

>> No.72552636


>> No.72552657

What to do in Desolate Era? Who should I watch out for?

>> No.72552661

There's going to be a Fate Legends/Ćhina jump at some point, right, even if it isn't soon? Or is there too little material?

>> No.72552680

Said it once.
Saying it again.

This shit is fucking cringe, fám

>> No.72552693

Yeah Val’s already said that’s going to be a thing.

>> No.72552709


>> No.72552735

Think really hard about a Dao of your choice?

>> No.72552736

You know with the Destruction Flag Otome Jump on the way and the Generic Otome Isekai Jump in the works, is there actual otome games worth playing? I read the manga/manhwa/korean webcomics about being transmitigated into otome games, but I've never hear anything about actual real life games.

Is there any good enough to looking into? Or so bad that it would be a fun setting to fuck up?

>> No.72552740

There was a perk in PTU that allowed you to train everything iirc. Given that it allowed you to train magic, even through things such as screaming really loudly if you didn't have any magic yet, it should work for training your blood.

>> No.72552752

Pump magic into it. Or just be really strong magically, as blood being heavy in magic energy compared to the rest of your body is pretty common. Or just get a Back Blood weapon in Soul Eater and keep on importing it into stronger item options.

>> No.72552768

Please leave your name and trip on in future, as I have you filtered Banchó

>> No.72552785

Dungeon siege 2, blood artist.

>> No.72552799

The Blue Blood perk from Final Fantasy XI might help.

Also, Training From Hell from the UQ Holder jump may work if you already have some power to manipulate your blood:
>You’ve become able to train anything about yourself. By repeatedly using and abusing some part, power or aspect of your being, you can slowly start to make it better overall. Want your regeneration speed to work faster? Subject yourself to horrific injuries over and over and over again for a few months and watch yourself regenerate in just a fraction of the time it normally takes you.

>> No.72552820

Whatever you want? The even just part 1 is set in is HUGE.You like crafting? Learn how to craft incredible golems.
You want to slay evil? I can assure you that will keep you busy for quite some time.
Just wanna chill and sightsee? also possible though the wilds are dangerous so be careful (depending on your jumper ofc)

>> No.72552827

Good to know. Thank you, anon.

>> No.72552867

No problem. She’s working on India right now and said Japan will probably be the next Legends, on top of other jumps she’s got planned so it won’t be any time soon though.

>> No.72552868

Be an asshole and get sick gains from doing so.

No, I'm serious. Desolate Era is your typical xianxia with That Guy as the protagonist. Being an asshole gets you absolute gains.

>> No.72552869

The shit I took this morning is better than episodes 8 and 9.

>> No.72552889

>Retroactive continuity is a thing
It is a thing that creates alternative versions of reality. you cannot objectively undo what has been done, you only create or discover an instance of reality where you failed to commit that particular atrocity.

>> No.72552975

How would the DC and Marvel Earth's react to a hero who focused on getting rid of corrupt politicians, destroying greedy/abusive corporations, ending world hunger, curing all disease, distributing limitless free resources, and upgrading people with superpowers?

>> No.72553021

Pretty sure the same question, with the same picture, has been asked before.

>> No.72553030

kinda depends on how you go about doing it.

>> No.72553058

Hey guys.
Stellaris is free on Steam until Monday.

Go create your own race of hippy space moths, if that sounds interesting. Or purge the galaxy! Or both! You know, whatever works for you.

>> No.72553063

as with most questions in that vein it HIGHLY depends on how you go about it.

yes it has. interestingly it was with a diferent file nme I am pretty sure.

>> No.72553065

Man I really wish our Authority jump wasn’t such a mess.

>> No.72553082

Given that all of that except giving people superpowers is what Superman does? Positively.

>> No.72553093

75% off ain't free anon.

>> No.72553100

You gonna get stomped, anon.

>> No.72553120

>getting rid of corrupt politicians, destroying greedy/abusive corporations, ending world hunger, curing all disease,distributing limitless free resources,
In Marvel for this alone angry mobs may try to lynch you to death anywhere but in Latveria and you become one of the most wanted criminals and supervillains in the planet

>upgrading people with superpowers?
You go down in history as the Antichrist

>> No.72553133

In any way that I can while still having it be blood. You know how we have perks that let you train by breaking your bones and tearing muscles to allow them to become stronger, right? I want that for my blood. Making it thicker, more filled with life, etc. I'm probably not doing too good of a job explaining what I want, but it is the best I can do.

Although now that I think about it getting better bones would probably produce better blood.

Both options sound good, although I'm not too tempted to go Homestuck just for that.

Huh, never thought about that. Not sure how it would work.

I think I remember this combo. It is quite amazing, but I still wonder how such a being would function in day-to-day life.

That's something to snag. Too bad it would take a long while to benefit from that unless it is an early stage.

Huh, neat. That perk is pretty useful.

Resilience to soul damage, eh? Weird effect to get from blood, but I won't complain.

Yet another good training perk.

>as blood being heavy in magic energy compared to the rest of your body is pretty common.
...Bugger. I honestly and completely forgot that was a thing. This entire time I had thought my blood was holding me back from letting off even stronger blood magic.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

>> No.72553160

Did Roman have his memories as Solomon in Fate Grand Order?

>> No.72553168

Just get rid of the MC before he goes full bandit lord, or heck go get rid of that girl who almost ruined it all for his original side.

>> No.72553191

It's free if you just hit "Play". There's two buttons.

I guess they want to give you the option to also give them money. I don't really understand why they would do it like that, but okay.

>> No.72553195

You can play it for free as like a trial thing

>> No.72553198

Fucking kek

>> No.72553201

Ah yeah, that's more a long term thing. The blood stage is basically the last stage of the Body Cultivation codex.

>> No.72553217

>ends in four days
Looks like a trial to me, Anon

>> No.72553229

It’s because the play for free option is temporary, not permanently giving you the game. They’re not gonna remove the option to also let you buy it for keeps.

>> No.72553259

Assuming you're doing this overtly and by force:
You'd be a different flavor of apocalypse of the week. Most of the Justice League would try to stop you, as well as most villains. They'd probably have a good chance of winning too.
I mean this literally when I say you would have an easier time remaking the universe than making Marvel humanity less of a shithole.

Sounds like too much effort on both fronts, but you do you anon.

>> No.72553293

Otome manga are full of shit anon. The boys are like 99% of the danger in them because Otomefags love sociopaths.

>> No.72553300

Well, shit.
I guess I sure made a boner.

>> No.72553308

Speaking of Steam, I just went on and it looks like In Other Waters has been out for a month now? Fucking awesome, even if it makes me feel dumb for not having kept track of its development. Just gonna buy this real quick, go off to be an AI guiding an exobiologist through an alien ocean.

>> No.72553359

Have fun

>> No.72553412

Yeah, the demo was so cool. The idea is that you're an AI that's been boxed so as to prevent you from rebelling against humanity. The result is that you've got a very limited and abstract interface, because the humans don't even trust you to communicate normally. They do trust you to give map coordinates, though. Which, just saying, I could still do a lot of damage that way. Come on, humans.

>> No.72553444

>Cheacks out game on Steam
So... it's a spreadsheet simulator?

>> No.72553451

For a moment, I forgot I was on /v/ instead of /tg/.

>> No.72553474

If they didn't trust you with SOMETHING, they'd have to contend with the fact that all the time, money, and effort they spent creating you in the first place was completely wasted.

>> No.72553488

Epic shill, dood.

>> No.72553494

Are you sure of that?

>> No.72553495

Not quite that finnicky. But sort of, yeah!

>> No.72553516

Nah, I could shill so much harder. This is me expressing genuine interest, I'd be so much less subtle if I was being paid.

>> No.72553517

>he says, ignoring how often this thread becomes /a/

>> No.72553524

no but anime good
vidya bad

anime hab waifuz

>> No.72553555

When do people randomly pitch anime that we don't have a jump for?

>> No.72553565

Nah, people here play games sometimes

>> No.72553566

I need a good place to do a crossroads killing to test out my new abilities.

Any weak worlds that would worth destroying just for fun?

>> No.72553584


>> No.72553608

The last anime I watched was Megamind.

>> No.72553616


>> No.72553620

Speaking of games can someone please repost the guide for Fallen London eggs?

>> No.72553623

Anon, all of jumpchain is basically a giant commercial for every movie, anime, cartoon, and game that's ever existed. There's a good amount of shit I would've never looked into if it hadn't been for these threads.

>> No.72553632


How has this thread not introduced JumpChain to Chris-Chan yet.
How has CWC not found JumpChain yet.

How have the streams not been crossed.

>> No.72553642

OFF has an entire mode built around destroying the world, so I'd suggest that. Destroying random worlds for fun seems like something that'd get your spark revoked.

>> No.72553670

Exactly. If you want to shill something, you make a jump for it. You don't get to skip the process and shill first.

>> No.72553674

Let's not do this anon.
Most jumps are based on combat and destruction of some kind.
Jump-Chan would not have made a Jumper if she didn't want to see worlds die. End of discussion.

>> No.72553695

>something that'd get your spark revoked
Begone moralfag.

>> No.72553707

Duh, Hatred. Genocide being the explicit goal of that jump

>> No.72553717

>Jump-Chan would not have made a Jumper if she didn't want to see worlds die.
She wants to see Jumper play by the rules of the worlds he's sent into. Getting bored and blowing up the universe like it's a glorified reroll doesn't strike me as very viable.

>> No.72553724

>having morals
>in this thread

Fuck off.

>> No.72553741

are you just going to ignore the big ass gap between imperator rome's enddate (27 BC) and ck2's earliest startdate (769 AD)?

>> No.72553744

Try the hatred Gauntlet.

>> No.72553745

>testing your abilities in a gauntlet
You are remarkable.

>> No.72553765

I said.
End. Of. Discussion.

>> No.72553781

Chris-chan already believes that all forms of media exist in reality separated from us by another dimension which will soon be broken causing a convergence of all dimensions and granting him godlike powers as he is the chosen one. No part of that sentence is made up. Jumpchain is just an inferior version of what Chris-chan already believes to be true.

>> No.72553786

>She wants to see Jumper play by the rules
Then why is DYN Freaks an option.
Why is "become Yog-Sothoth" an option.

Get cucked.

>> No.72553799

I accept your concession.

>> No.72553801

If she cared about the rules of the setting, she wouldn't send someone with huge amounts of OCP into it. If she cared about adhering to the rules of the setting, she'd watch the actual setting or one of its countless variations in the multiverse, but apparently that's not enough for her.

>> No.72553804

It has an option to give back your abilities, anon.

>> No.72553820

>Then why is DYN Freaks an option.
The fuck is that?

>> No.72553823

Why does she love fighting so much?

>> No.72553825

Read it, there's a perk to get your powers back

>> No.72553842

My best jump ever made, you fucking coon.

>> No.72553870

How would the world of Mount and Blade react to a wizard?

>> No.72553876

Post it.

>> No.72553891

If Jump-chan didn't wanted you to OCP, JumpChain wouldn't be a thing. If Jump-chan hated high power, there wouldn't be high power jumps. If Jump-chan didn't care about boring things, 9 to 5 wouldn't be a thing.
>tl;dr the 'entertain me' rule is basically void right now

>> No.72553907

Violently. You might be the one to unite all the kings, but they'd be united with the goal of ending you.

>> No.72553918

>pretending to know what an effectively omnipotent being wants to know
Which is worse, christfags or jumpchainfags?

>> No.72553922

The Benefactor's motives are inscrutable as a result of being written explicitly and implicitly in different ways by different authors over the course of nearly seven years.

>> No.72553932


>> No.72553942

Actually, the "Entertain me" is you getting bored with the chain.

Turns out, you were Jump-chan all along!

>> No.72553988

Jumpchainfags, any fucking day of the week. Christfags are at least growing aware how they've fucked up the timeline. Some of them aren't wanting to accept it, some are.
Jumpchainfags insist they're doing everyone a favor by being little shitty knob-goblins. When even fucking /trash/ has better rapport between their CYOA-makers and Anons, you know something is wrong.

>> No.72553993

Thanks. I'll check it out.

>> No.72553996

Hey Dark Heretic, are you still stuck in hospital? I hope you're recovering and don't get an order of the sweet'n'sour sicken

>> No.72554025

If you can make crops grow, celebrate the harvesting season

>> No.72554037

The fuck happened to him?

>> No.72554066

Born again Christfags when they decide to nuke their old stuff for no good reason. Persona gamefaqs didn't deserve this

>> No.72554091

he apparently got sick or something

>> No.72554103

He's ill and already in one of the at risk demographics for the WuFlu

>> No.72554119

nigga got the rona

>> No.72554121

>pretending to know what an effectively omnipotent being wants to know
That's atheists tho. Believers know God works in mysterious ways and sometimes cannot be understood. Meanwhile atheists have been coming up with retarded shit like "the problem of evil" for centuries.

>> No.72554134

>out of all of the persona games it was Persona 2
Old persona fans were truly made to experience eternal suffering

>> No.72554137

Don't make excuses for your husband when he beats you.

>> No.72554169

I liked Second Reproduction. Yo-Jin-Bo was okay too I suppose. I can't think of any really awful otome games at the moment.

>> No.72554174

I'm taking MtG: Iconics as a first jump in a new chain. Exactly how suicidal is taking the drawback where I have to fight this noodleboi?

>> No.72554179

Was that QS' plan all along?

>> No.72554183

If God didn't want me to be beaten he would have put me with a loving man.

>> No.72554188

What does that even mean?

>> No.72554212

Doesn't most of his power come from the fact that he has more than two brain cells to rub together?

>> No.72554214

Enjoy serving the Demiurge, somatic.

>> No.72554224

What happened there?

>> No.72554235


>> No.72554242

i wanna rape y*hweh, all*h, *lloh*m and j*sus. where are jumps where i can do this

>> No.72554246

I already bought it, and all my saves are out of date.
Maybe I'll give another attempt with my robo-kudzu species or make up another species of robros.

>> No.72554250

I mean, even Bakarina is surrounded by psychos. Female authors surely love that stuff, huh.

>> No.72554260

Actually now that I'm loving my dragon form, what are some jumps to power up my dragon powers?

>> No.72554261

He's a rather powerful dragon, and a competent long term planner.

I really don't think you'd be able to survive him as a first jump

>> No.72554279

Saint Young Men, although I would hate you for it.

>> No.72554291

Worth to candle (still WIP) has blood mages, who can draw power from blood. True grandmasters, however, can also increase the power they get, and use it to store more blood in themselves. So technically more blood, not better, but should work well with all those blood enhancements. Do keep in mind that while you can keep gazillion liters of blood in your human sized body, if someone manages to cut you through your resistances you draw from it, say with an infinitely sharp sword, you'll blood will explode out of you like a nuke. I'm about 98% sure you can prevent this if you know its coming however.

>> No.72554303

Why should anyone care if you hate them?

>> No.72554307

Original maker of the guide became a “born again Christian/Lawfag” and decided to insert pic related into the guide. Sometime later the entire guide was deleted from GameFAQS.

>> No.72554330

RIP jumper. Not quite "eats 1d4 investigators per turn" bad, but depending on how quickly or thoroughly you manage to fuck with him the first few encounters, you might wish for something less bullshit than he's likely to do to you for shits and giggles.

He's kind of still a fuckhuge super-dragon whose been alive longer than almost every other named planeswalker short of his brother, possibly even combined.

>> No.72554331

God wasn't the one who made your husband beat you, it was me, jumper. The only god in this world is me, and I actively set things up to cause you this suffering for no greater purpose than because it makes me nut.

>> No.72554334


Was talking about Li Shuwen, great against humans bad against monsters

>> No.72554357

Highschool DxD (if you go back far enough in time), SMT, His Dark Materials. Sadly, most Abrahamic fantasy we have goes with the omnipotent portrayal of the character

>> No.72554365

I hope he killed himself.

>> No.72554372

I'll make a jump for Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash just so I can include a 1000cp red eye orb that allows jumpers to invade other jumpers' jumps.
Then I will create a taskforce of moralfag jumpers in here to go and rape him.

>> No.72554378


>> No.72554384

Dot Kareshi was interesting if only because you get sucked into the game world you used to play and never finished it.

>> No.72554390

Lawfags. Not even once

>> No.72554391

Egyptian myth,Chick tract,unsong,SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI 1&2,dc Mystic

>> No.72554400

Any kind of perk that makes you grow stronger through combat or repetitive action should work. White Blood Cells do fight constantly, and Red Blood Cells do spend all their time carrying stuff from place to place

>> No.72554418

>Chick tract
Yes, please rape that version.

>> No.72554471

It's not an absolute 0% chance of failure, but you're still fucked. Bolas has a several thousand years' head start on magic, a bunch of connections across the multiverse, and is one of the strongest species of dragons in MtG.

>> No.72554500

I know you're still mad about the plagues, Horus, but come on. It's not like they killed your dad, you already got your uncle Set back for that.

>> No.72554508

I'm not>>72554242 And I don't rape.

>> No.72554527

i can confirm that i'm not bancho

>> No.72554538


Would the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception work as an A rank Skill in the Servant Supplement on tier 1?

>> No.72554553

It's only one (1) rape. Then we'll celebrate that every year.

>> No.72554596


>> No.72554599

Why do you say that?

>> No.72554612

You torture kids tho

>> No.72554635

No I don't

>> No.72554642

last time i checked g*d isn't a kid

>> No.72554655

That's not her.

>> No.72554686

Remember guys...

>> No.72554721

You can't call a kid a pedo to give yourself an excuse to mutilate them, psycho

>> No.72554748

Such deep christian autism.

>> No.72554756

Hang on. You're telling me I can get demonbane as a faithful servant?

>> No.72554766

Forgive me for doing the best I could at the time to keep a child molester from reoffending

>> No.72554781


>> No.72554792

>mutilating them
>not detaining them
>not placing potential victims away from them

>> No.72554809

>child molester
As in, she's a child who molests.

>> No.72554822

Joke's on you. I used to browse /jp/ and I know all about demonbane's complete nonsense of a powerlevel. That's a trap scenario.

>> No.72554851

No, you can get Al Azif as a faithful servant. Demonbane just comes along for the ride.

>> No.72554860

Bancho please take your meds

>> No.72554912

I'm not due for like another hour

>> No.72554920


How would the Marvel world react if I used a world-wide spell or device to make everyone just a little bit different? Green hair, striped skin, tiny horns, just cosmetic stuff. I expect 'badly' but it seems like a fun thing to inflict on them.

>> No.72554952

Immediate lynch mob from literally everyone on Earth, no matter how powerful you are.

>> No.72554980

Wasn't the character in question younger than the other girl anyway? In what fucking universe can a person who's younger than the person they're molesting be considered a child molester?

>> No.72554990

Men like obsessive yandere girls, so maybe humans in general are just idiots with no taste.

>> No.72555008

was he the guy doing the Chaos space marine jump or the dark heresy jump?

>> No.72555019

because they are a molester who is a child. and also, being younger than someone doesn't stop them from being a child

>> No.72555023

Huh, that's pretty interesting. I don't think we have anything else that allows you to keep storing blood internally like that.

>you'll blood will explode out of you like a nuke.
My blood can already carve up stone just from me getting a small paper cut. I don't want to even imagine how bad it would be if I stored much blood in it.

>I'm about 98% sure you can prevent this if you know its coming however.
...Why only 98%? This just causes me more worries!

I suppose that makes sense.

Thanks for the help you two.

>> No.72555033

>Humans in general are just idiots

>> No.72555047

>Implying people have taste
I guess you must be human.

>> No.72555048

CSM was FUAnon.

>> No.72555090

Taste is entirely subjective.
Humans are just fucking idiots.

And yes, and my flavor of transhumanism is decidedly tasteless.

>> No.72555097

Ahh thanks.

>> No.72555128

idk, how bad could it be

>> No.72555134

Molestor is 12-13, molestee is 14. They are also best friends, and the molestee is only ever mildly annoyed by the molestor's antics.

>> No.72555157

Is it actual molestation or anime-tier touching

>> No.72555163

Don't blame the animals for acting like animals, anon. You'll be there all day.

>> No.72555175

Anime-tier touching, and IIRC she also does some peeping, but I haven't watch Toaru in ages.

>> No.72555202

It's your classic ecchi anime grabby grabby stuff, usually before she gets smacked.

>> No.72555299


Well it's not like I'm going to stand up and say 'I did it!'

...At least not right away.

>> No.72555393

Trying to figure out the Egyptian naming system is weird.

>> No.72555452

How do you mean?

>> No.72555458

I agree with you in general, while I do prefer the Original Trilogy to the Prequels. I do enjoy the prequels on their own merits. Beyond that however the Prequel Trilogy is so much better than the Sequel Trilogy. I wish the latest trilogy we got given had been better.

>> No.72555459

Not much if there wasn’t any lasting harm. There’d be some initial freakout, but either Reed (if you used science) or Strange (if magic) would reverse the effects in a few days and then try to find out if you were a threat or not. If not, they’d give you a slap on the wrist and go stop whatever other stupid bullshit was threatening the earth that day.

>> No.72555486

Does it really make a difference. As long as they're underage they can get away with anything.

>> No.72555510

Do the slight changes render someone immune to infection by Sublime? Because most mutant hate is unconsciously predicated on that.

>> No.72555569

So I'm trying to figure out the process for last names / family names, right?
Most examples I find seem to be more rooted in the Muslim or Arabic system of naming, which would decidedly NOT fit into Egyptian Mythology. And at the same time, most dynasties seem to be less rooted in their specific bloodline, and more in the relation to their specific god. Like the various nomarchs being named things like Khnumhotep ('Khnum is Pleased'), or Djehutynakht (clearly referencing Thoth, but nakht is a word I am NOT finding a translation on).

Trying to figure out what my kids would be called is decidedly difficult.

>> No.72555630

So from what I'm gleaning, your own name would be used as the root from which your children's names would be built off of?

>> No.72555647

Holy shit the archived posts desu

>> No.72555655

You're looking at a lot of mononyms, and probably referring to them mostly by nickname so as not to expose their Ren to those who might use this power over them to do evil.

>> No.72555662

>Do the slight changes render someone immune to infection by Sublime?
How should I know, anon? I don't practice Santería.

>> No.72555704


>> No.72555722


>> No.72555751

Oh, are you guys just now discovering the rabbit hole of bancho "teratophilia" anon?

>> No.72555760

That's a rabbit hole no one should ever go down. Not as bad as when he was Tera, holy fuck was he a shitshow, but why would you ever willingly go through and look at that?

>> No.72555939

>You're looking at a lot of mononyms
Makes sense. Like how history prefers to list people by titles like Alexander the Great instead o-
>and probably referring to them mostly by nickname so as not to expose their Ren to those who might use this power over them to do evil
Ah son of a bitch.
God I keep hitting that block. Religion and superstition have a bigger factor than I'm considering.

That's actually the most consistent scheme I'm finding, right? <First Name> <Father's Name> <Grandfather's Name / Family Name>. It's just that every time I find that scheme, I'm also finding too many references to general Middle-Eastern culture for it to seem legitimate.
But honestly, maybe I've just horribly failed my geography and history classes, and it's failing me now.
In fact it's probably the case.

>> No.72556090

That scheme is just generally used for that region of the world, but Egyptians did use it.
You're finding Ahmeds, Ackbars, and Muhammads because right now that's the most prevalent. But in the actual Nile region, your examples would be more along the lines of Ramy Adel Ghaly, or Odion Pilis.

>> No.72556117

Is being an anime girl in an anime high school enough to get away with anime touching?

>> No.72556148

Would being a dungeon core that is also an adventurer in Danmachi cause problems?

>> No.72556152

Wouldn't that be ground zero for getting touched though?

>> No.72556170

Not if Bancho is around.

>> No.72556174

How does Cleopatra stack up against other servants? She's pretty much the only waifu in Oasis whose story jumps out at me as something I might want to work with.

>> No.72556178 [SPOILER] 

According to my japanese animes, yes

>> No.72556250

>Not learning Hokuto Shinken so you come out the winner in any touch-based encounter

>> No.72556335

Decent stats for an Assassin
Presence Concealment B
Imperial Privilege A
Unique skill of Divine Protection
The NP looks strong

Surprisingly decent, stronger than the average Assassin in terms on direct combat and PC B for actual Assassin toolset. Her problem is her NP isn't fit for assassinations and she can't control it without a Riding skill. So if you her Cleo a Riding Skill in the Supplement she could control her NP without an issue

>> No.72556349

How does the incredibly trippy bullshit in the Sinjoh ruins come into play in your pokemon jumps?
Or were you even aware of it in the first place?
I think the daycare workers might've actually been serious when they said they didn't know how the fuck the eggs appeared.

>> No.72556359


>> No.72556379


>> No.72556409

I am extremely tempted to go to the anime jump, take the demiurge drawback, then try to find it despite being explicitly told not to.

>> No.72556483

Have you considered the Queen of Sheba? Her story is pretty great and she'd make for a solid companion, though I'm not certain what kind of Servant she'd be.

>> No.72556499

I'm not sure Arceus literally recreates the universe EVERY time an Egg is laid, just when he needs to make a copy of one of the Creation Trio. Which isn't often.

>> No.72556524

>though I'm not certain what kind of Servant she'd be.
one with great fecundity

>> No.72556531

>though I'm not certain what kind of Servant she'd be.

>> No.72556541

A massive jew.

>> No.72556545

>Arceus literally gives all the Pokemon that "like each other a bunch" a baby
>Gender needs to be right
>Incest isn't allowed
>Egg Groups are a thing
Either Arceus is a hardline traditionalist or it's more or less guessing how babies are supposed to work after looking at humans and just popping the end result into the world.
>"Well there's a boy pokemon and a girl Pokemon."
>"They kinda look the same???"
>"I guess these two could be parents."
>"I'll make it look exactly like the mother and call it a day."
This finally makes the Wailord/Skitty thing make sense.

>> No.72556548


Big tiddy jew caster who is also powerful enough to slam the door on Yog-Sothoth with some help from Circe

>> No.72556590

Anon, down that rabbit hole lies Everstone Ditto, IVs, and Egg Move nonsense.

>> No.72556598

>conceptual KHAZAR MILKERS
b a s e d

>> No.72556600

>God missed sex-ed and is trying really hard to keep anyone from finding out

>> No.72556612

>actually looking somewhat Greek for once
And to think it's in fucking Fate of all things.

>> No.72556621

Triple dubs confirm

>> No.72556649

Egg moves are easy
>"Well, the baby will be just like the mother, as is common practice."
>"But the dad knows some pretty cool tricks."
>"I know the mom type isn't supposed to know those moves. . ."
>"But those moves are pretty cool."
>"I'm sure no one will notice."

>> No.72556714

I'll have to look her up in Salem I guess, since I'm not familiar with her. Part of the reason I considered Cleo over, say, Nitocris, is because I'm familiar with her life story and the historical context surrounding it so I have lots of ideas to work with if I drop in during that particular time period, whereas with Nito or Sheba I'd mostly have to make shit up since their lives aren't as well-documented.

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