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/tg/ am I a bad GM if I pull out some spontaneous BS to preserve the game's flow in the event of players doing something unexpected like managing to dunk one of the BBEG's lieutenants waaaay before it would make sense?

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Rule #2 if DMing is anticipate that your players can kill every single NPC that they meet. So you should have a contingency plan for what happens if that lieutenant dies.

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Roll with the punches. It's much more fun and interesting when you let the dice tell a story. If they achieve something that shouldve been impossible then you should be celebrating that. Just put something else difficult in its place. Lieutenant got killed? Maybe a group of highly trained assassins are sent to try and take them down around the same time you planned for the party to fight the lieutenant. Don't take their victories from them in the moment, let them shape the narrative with you. It just means you gotta change a little bit up later on.

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anon, that is what we call "railroading". if your players realize you're railroading them, they'll hate it and resent you for it

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Fact: it's not railroading if they never find out

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You’re a dirty weeb, so yeah.

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No, I don't think it makes you a bad GM to pull out some bullshit if it means salvaging a session that would have otherwise stalled and you had no other ideas. HOWEVER, the fact that the PCs defeating a bad guy "too early" is a problem for you tells me that you are probably planning too far ahead.
I would strongly advise you to try and only make firm plans if they're very likely to come up in the next session. That doesn't mean your NPCs can't have long-term goals for what they want to do. It just means you need to be willing to let those plans be foiled.

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Depends on what kind of BS you're pulling. Honestly I'd just explain it as the lieutenant underestimating them and make the next one not make the same mistake.

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Play it for half comedy/half serious
>yeah that mook needed to go, he was not taking his job seriously
>now this mook, this guy saves young girls from the red light district, raises them lovingly, and then sacrifices them at the height of their happiness to summon evil demons

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It's still railroading you dumb faggot.

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ONLY if they realize it. If you can railroad in a way that makes the players feel they made it to the destination on their own wills and merits, you did nothing wrong.

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How did they manage to kill him if it didn't make sense for them to kill him?

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If you didn't want them to kill the NPC, why did you put them in combat against the NPC? Doing that and then saying it didn't make sense is just retarded.

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You almost sound like you have some foolproof way to stop your players from acting like idiots and suicide gambling their characters on dumb ideas.

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You should have your bulshit prepped
And foreshadow it slightly

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No, it's railroading whether they know it or not. Just like murder is murder even if you never get caught.

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That picture is honestly a great depiction of a DM who's certain the players won't win, and is soon shown just how wrong he is thanks to luck, pluck and maybe a little bit of strategy. RIP Flandre.

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>HOWEVER, the fact that the PCs defeating a bad guy "too early" is a problem for you tells me that you are probably planning too far ahead.

THIS. This is important. NEVER plan any further than one session ahead. Doing so just causes situations like this.

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Perspective matters, anon.

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>RPG systems have never provided avenues where a party is capable of taking down an enemy that outclasses them

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player characters usually don't get infinite free revives at virtually no cost

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No, I know my players are idiots and will suicide gamble their characters on dumb luck. That's why I don't put them in situations like that and then get surprised when they do.

But my point is that there's no way it "doesn't make sense." They were in the room with the BBEG's lieutenant, or whatever, and they took some kind of risky, dumb move. It paid off. If it didn't make sense to the novel the GM was writing, then they shouldn't have put the person they really didn't want to be dead in front of the players.

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