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>I have a question, but I'll wait till the next thread
Well you happen to be in luck

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Which 2hus would make the best housewives?

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Do you, at some point, just stop pretending that you're not an ordinary member of the populace? How and when did that happen?

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he really couldnt have timed that better

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How do you supply your legions/empire/companions/self/whatever? Who handles the logistics? How do you finance yourself and your allies?

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So do Stellaris Psionics ever reach similar levels to what higher grade Psykers can do in 40K?

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iirc their problem is they were using super old style tactics and equipmnet at the outset of the war, like actual infantry-block levels of tactics, and basically weren't motorized at all. They got crushed almost immediately because they'd failed to keep up technologically.

basically they take the strain and load of having to actually think about the spells yourself and do it for you, so you can have the orbs maintain the spells while still being able to concentrate on doing something with them. Also they serve as amplifiers I believe? Anyway magic has always been a thing in that world but because doing it required so much concentration even for individual spells it was never really practical or economical in a military sense to pursue it, and basically left as a niche academic subject at best.

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What even is "constructive criticism."
Because I never see it. Not this thread's definition of it at least.

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Let's try this again. Any suggestions for the missing perks?

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someone pointing out an issue with (thing) and offering one or more potential solutions in a reasonably civil manner in an attempt to get (thing) to be less contentious.
several randoms ranting about how (thing) is absolute shit and offering no recourse aside from threats of assisted suicide, followed by a running flame war that quickly forgets it was ever about (thing).

Or something like that around these parts.

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>Sports jump
>Choose a sport or choose all sports, this is now the focus of your life for the next ten years. If the sport is magical then the minimum magic needed for the sport is present in the world. No nobody questions it.

Does Grifball count?

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Don't we already have a jump for this?

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It's when you politely let people know their jump needs further work, example a jump lacks a major human faction inside it.

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Well I have to use all those buisnesses one can buy for something right? But really it depends.
My Companions are usually outfitted personally by whoever has the best crafting perks.
followers tend to be supplied with various large scale item buys. Sisters of battles has a good one for example.
And ofc at some point I set up automated magitech alchemy factories.

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It's open for replacement so I'm improving it.

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You should return to your forum. It's really more your speed.

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Jump number 14 when I couldn't conceal it any longer

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I would define it as criticism that aims to help an author improve his work, as opposed to criticism for the sake of venting or whining about not liking things. I've seen Val get constructive criticism recently for things like balancing Magic Skill vs Combat Skill in the Servant Supplement and I've received some of it for my previous jumps.

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Potentially. The races only discover Psionics for like a century at most in a regular game of Stellaris so they never have the opportunity to really achieve the same level of raw power. The Shroud is pretty much literally just the Warp, complete with four not!Chaos Gods and one ludicrous apocalyptic force that dwells deep inside it and that shits on even its 'Gods' but which dooms the entirety of Realspace if you make a pact with it.

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use it to get professional bending or whatever it was called from legend of korra, that way you can get 3 different bending styles (if you also do lok and atla). Alternatively Keijo!

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>It's open for replacement
Since when.

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Technically Reimu.

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We... don't really know, IIRC. I remember in case of the Contingency attempting to infiltrate you, their agents are quickly found, because your species uses some quasi-telepathic communication if you're psionic. There's a couple of psionic-based technologies, like the psionic barriers, or the precognitive interfaces, or the psi-jump drives, so you could probably run off of that.

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It's that thing we keep giving Beast when we tell him his jumps are broken.
It's his fault we're still doing it years later.

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dont forget the psi troops aka the not!Jedi Order

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That's because certain jumpmakers like Beast will brush off or ignore any and all polite and civil feedback so anons have stopped being polite and civil with him.

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So are you really that guy who wrote Princess Rescue not satisfied that you managed to drive away a jumpmaker and get the shit that drove them away on the drive, so you have to replace their jumps to truly take a hot steaming shit on their memory?

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Like I said, you're really not cut out for posting here.

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With the >Choose a sport or choose all sports, part I figure you can take a few instead of just one. And you missed seven exclamation marks

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Since almost three years ago.

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>Technically Reimu.

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Going to need some proof for that.

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Really couldn't have.

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Short answer: Yes, with an if.
Long answer: No, with a but.

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She counts as a wife and she's likely to spend a lot of time in the house, not working, if you can make money worth shit.

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Timestop knife maid manages to run an entire mansion mostly on her own by abusing her time powers. (Yes, she does have fairy maids, but they're fairies)
She's very smart and runs the Yakumo household when Yukari is asleep, which is most of the time.
If you take the gag manga as canon she's apparently very good at keeping a household in order, probably because she lived on her own for centuries.
She runs her own palace and knows what you want before you even say it! Warning: notorious for using her mind reading to bully people.

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While you may be correct, you are also a shitposting retard.

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Just look up Soanon's final posts on 4plebs. I'm much more interested in actually getting suggestions than rehashing the same argument for the ninth time.

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Which 2hus are your favorites to waifu?

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Would she get mad if I occasionally dicked her cat?

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Is there anything like a Force Weapon for Blanks in 40k? Something that they can channel their anti-souls into to better fuck up daemons, psykers, and whatnot.

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I only offer suggestions to jumpmakers with good taste in porn. What were the last three titles/artists' work you masturbated to? Then we'll talk.

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as a mind reader one assumes she is used to peoples weird desires.

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The Animus Speculum that Culexus assassins wield

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Do you keep a list of who you offer suggestions too?

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Quick question: if your opponent is an unrepentant evil person who is unable to die, is it possible to end their threat by erasing all of their memories and conscious thought, or does that count as memory death and thus make them immune?

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>when Yukari is asleep, which is most of the time.
should put yukari fingers into cold water?

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I'm no loremaster, but isn't that part of what the culexus gear does?

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>four ears

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Nah, as long as it doesn't cause her any problems (eg. running her nuclear reactor) I doubt she'd care. She's also fairly lonely and used to rejection from people so I get the feeling she'd actually like someone coming to visit regularly. Even if it involved fucking her pet.

That depends how much you want to annoy a youkai with arbitrary powers and a habit of doing dangerous silly things.

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That'd depend on the specifics of how it is that they're unable to die, I guess.

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Something that /trash/ has learned.
Along with also realizing that not every CYOA needs to be palatable or targeted towards everybody who could ever conceivably use it.

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Funny story behind that! Zun fucked up the art again, he accidentally drew Rin's ears twice somehow and decided to roll with it when it was pointed out ot him.

>> No.72461681

All the better to hear with. Also four times the ear blowing.

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look in the dictionary and look up death

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Speaking of stellaris how fucked up would it be to import humanity from dark souls as our race? If you follow the line of dark lord you rule them in the time after the flame has dwindled.

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Yes, because sometimes you just want hands with normal fingers to use.
A mix of factory automation and abuse of OCP distribution. Comm network operates on different layers, with more important channels being redirected through fleet command rather than planetary installations.

Depends on how esoteric the concept of death is to them. Are they just immortal as far as their blood and guts are concerned, their soul, or the very causality of their existence? This is important.

Be the change you want to be, anon. If ReplacementAnon can do it, I don't see why you can't.

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No, but you know how there's a meme of waking people up by splashing them with a bucket of cold water? You should wake her up by splashing her with a bucket of cold semen.

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I went to Overlord early to pick up a ton of highly skilled NPCs for all my administrative needs. Being able to customise them I made them all ultra-benevolent angels who truly wanted nothing more than to work to provide the greatest good and happiness for everyone under their charge.

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whose semen?

>> No.72461728

Then fuck off back to /trash/, Beast.
JumpChain is not your normal CYOA. Anonymous criticism of ANY DEGREE must be heeded, and must be used for a jump.

If you can't adapt to a new formula, you have no place.

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Doesn't that just use Emperor Goo from the Golden Throne to destroy souls?

>> No.72461755

>Culexus assassins
Oh look
another jump we're never getting because certain someones are sitting on the claim and not letting competent people finish them

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Give Reimu a large futa cock and milk buckets of her semen to splash all over Yukari. Tell Reimu it's revenge for Yukari screwing with her so much.

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>Valky is a fourears-fag

>> No.72461766

Thanks. I have a feeling that it could work, since an existence sustained by soul eating and mastery of life and death says nothing about mastery of sanity and madness.

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Image search isn't giving me shit; where's this from?

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Hi BLADE, been getting into Touhou?

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How many ears should one's waifu have? 4? 8? 192?

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Guys, I know it's Friday and all, but could you all at least pretend to be on topic until we hit the bump limit? You know, feedback, suggestions, stories, questions, that kind of stuff?

>> No.72461815

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's off-topic.

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but what if she accidentally burning down the house

>> No.72461826

>looking up Charmed stuff so I can know what kinds of creatures/powerlevels I'm dealing with
>there's like six whole races of thing that can turn people (or at least Witches) into more of themselves
Am I just going to spend the whole time containing outbreaks? I mean, I know I jumped this too early to break open the masquerade without getting maybe 90% or so of the species killed, but I wanted to at least work on some other projects while I was at this.

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It really shouldnt be that bad. According the the storyline humans are just fine in the darkness so long as you dont dump it on them all at once. Hell manus didnt even turn into the thing he is until he was tortured into insanity by an order of humans looking to make humans even more powerful using the lord soul of darkness inside manus.

Due to them destroying his amulet created by his "daughter" dusk (he created her from a soulless creature by granting her humanity) he went insane finally and unleashed his dark soul warping and twisting the humans in the kingdom into abyssal entities.

Basically as long as humans have a chance to grow with the darkness they should be just fine and more or less normal along with having dark souls and possibly enhanced abilities.

>> No.72461857

>That depends how much you want to annoy a youkai with arbitrary powers and a habit of doing dangerous silly things.
>how much
a bunch but not too much

>> No.72461862

Which novel?

>> No.72461863

Oh, you're one of those sickos. Gross.

>> No.72461877

Then you really fucking shouldn't have invited Kaguya over, shouldn't you?

>> No.72461881

Late to the party, but I’d just like to point out this is literally how Batman works.

>> No.72461894

I must DEFEND a jumpmaker's honor
Even tho said jumpmaker left and outright opened everything
and said jumpmaker hated 90% of the posters in thread

>> No.72461904

it's not my fault that the moonbitches won't leave

>> No.72461908

That’s not me. For once.

Still looking for something to make a touhou jump from.

>> No.72461912

>waifu Yukari
>she goes to hibernate through the winter
>tells you to go ahead and use Ran or just fuck her sleeping body if you get horny in the meantime

>> No.72461930

I say this with no sarcasm and I am not shitposting. Almost everything in setting can be handled with proper use of bullets.

The problem is its a bit harder to keep a demon down without some form of magic, the charmed sisters can literally solve all their problems with a short rhyme (even a haiku) and a couple hours of potion making but you know what warlocks usually use to kill other races to steal their powers? A knife they control with telekinesis.

Fireballs are another common used attack but they arent big. Also one of the sisters just makes shit explode with her mind.

>> No.72461934

should you directly pump caffeine into sleeping yukari with an IV?

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For the Fusion option in Metroid, should I go with Galvanic Mechamorph, or Tyranid?

>> No.72461959

Ueno jump when?

>> No.72461970

Say what?

>> No.72461980

the wrestling doujins

>> No.72461981

It would be very difficult for you to get the IV in the first place. Yukari is apparently so durable that Meiling thought she was wearing body armour in their fights.

>> No.72461995

Have you considered Tiramisu Tart's doujins?

>> No.72462008

When there's a reason to do it.

>> No.72462017

Touhou doujin artist. Draws dickgirl touhous dicking boys.

>> No.72462042



Only the norn queens can actually do the genetic nonsense and even they have to work at it and gestate new strains it's not something they can do on-the-fly unlike Mechamorphs

>> No.72462058

>Still looking for something to make a touhou jump from.
This is kind of a huge red flag. Why are you looking to make a jump for something you don't already know of material to make a jump for. This feels like "i want something from the canon Touhou setting but don't want to use the existing Touhou jumps".

>> No.72462066

yeah but the iv is supah sharp

>> No.72462077

Most of it is in novel 1 I believe.
Chapter 2 which deals with her research job for computation orbs. But it pops up in several places in the early novels to establish the setting.
I really recommend reading the novels if you like the anime even a little bit. There are lots of interesting detials that the anime cant portray in the same way.

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>> No.72462091

Pretty sure Blade is talking about hentai not canon Touhou.

>> No.72462126

I'd give you recs but I've been eyeing them for a QQ jump myself so you'll have to fight me for them.

>> No.72462142

I have decided that any qt animal girls in jumper's empire will henceforth have four ears. Now and forever. This act is purely to spite you and all your ilk.

I just want you to know this is your fault. No one else's. Your fault.

>> No.72462148

Blade has a HUGE dickgirl fetish. Him searching for "content" means something very different than what you mean

>> No.72462174

What would the Inner Sphere think of REX? Good, bad, awful?

>> No.72462179

When you make it.
It seems like it'd be kind of hard to make a jump out of it since it's such a contained setting.

>> No.72462211

So, he likes dickgirls of unusual size or he is enthusiastic about his dickgirl fetish?

>> No.72462214

Still getting nothing from image search. Sauce?

>> No.72462232

Not him, but yes

>> No.72462235

Glad to see nobody's refuting this.

>> No.72462238


>> No.72462247

In which case there's little reason to be looking for Touhou in particular, when he doesn't already know of relevant material, unless there's something specific to the setting.

>> No.72462260

...Still nothing.

Please, sauce.

>> No.72462261

Maybe he just likes the aesthetic of cute touhous. There could be any number of reasons.

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>> No.72462274

Go to e621

>> No.72462285

Shut up Wildbow.

>> No.72462292

I never really thought about the Psi-tech being that good. A shame we never got to see them reach their full potential though. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

So since The Shroud and The Warp are so similar does that mean people in Stellaris can explode into not!Daemons, or is it safe?

Huh, what are they like? Still have a stick up their butt?

>> No.72462299

>Huh, what are they like? Still have a stick up their butt?
The fluff is intentionally as vague as possible to let you wank it any which way you like. So, depends.

>> No.72462305

>does that mean people in Stellaris can explode into not!Daemons

>> No.72462315

Alright, THIS one is finally giving me results!


>> No.72462325

Bleach, one piece, technically dragon quest and Skyrim... he’s just going everywhere he can.

The want fairy tail, personally.

>> No.72462326

Pandain has a Taimanin/Touhou series. Obyaa might also be a good start.

Also, not touhou, but have you ever checked if Teterun's work is up your alley?

>> No.72462329


>> No.72462336

Since I'm right into Fate Legends India and I realised I forgot to do this before, does anyone have anything they'd like to see in the jump? Gonna have to limit it to things related to the Fate India though.

Yes! Yes! Just in time! You wonderful anon you

>> No.72462344

The want
>I want

>> No.72462353

Fair warning, I'm pretty sure there's plot and drama later on.

>> No.72462356

If it's really you, is this actually an appearance perk? Since if so, the text makes it feel like an afterthought at best, though it never explicitly contradicts the initial statement.

>100 cp - Photogenic
>I mean, yes, you’re hot, but that’s not where I was going for this. Instead, you now have a level of skill with a camera. It makes you good at acquiring blackmail… or shooting pornos out of the strange things you do to people who ask you for help, or the things you make them do. I can’t imagine they would ask if they knew this beforehand, but what do I know!

So is this actually an appearance perk? Since if so, the text makes it feel like an afterthought at best, though it never explicitly contradicts the initial statement.

And does *A Bunch Of Moans Between Tatsuki And Orihime* provide the stated sounds /in place/ of what they would otherwise receive, or in /addition/ to it? Like, if someone tries to scry you is it just a black screen with moans on top, or is it a clear picture that has distracting moans?

>> No.72462358

Besides writing I dont know how many dickgirls jumps he is as far as I know the only person in our "community" to have written what is essentially scat fetish perk. While it does reflect the "source" ist still a dubious honour.

>> No.72462369

If there isn't a stylish outfit collection/maker that's 50 or a freebie you're banned from planet Earth.

>> No.72462373


>> No.72462380

he wrote a fairy tail douijn jump. Called Chichikko Bitch / Witch Bitch Collection Jumpchain

>> No.72462387

>he is as far as I know the only person in our "community" to have written what is essentially scat fetish perk
Maybe, but he's not alone in having a bathroom fetish. Gene is a known watersports fan and posts that shit in thread.

>> No.72462391

Banana item

>> No.72462398

The ability to have a stone face like those two brothers. I'm hyped for the perks based on Arjuna for archery fun.

>> No.72462417

And don't forget that Valeria wrote Prison School.

>> No.72462438

The power of friendship.

>> No.72462441

>Jinako Carigiri
>Mana Burst (Flames)
>Kavacha and Kundala

>> No.72462447


>> No.72462451

BDSM is patrician, tho.

>> No.72462465

castle item based on Lakshmibai's bond CE

>> No.72462470

Only if it's the f*male in bondage
Prison School is cringe

>> No.72462471 [DELETED] 

>Kavacha and Kundala
>Mana Burst (Flames)
>Jinako Carigiri

>> No.72462480

what do you mean what?

>> No.72462493

So what you're saying is you're a little bitch who can dish it out but can't take it?

>> No.72462503

>Only if it's the f*male in bondage
Also, I cringe the hardest when f*males peg me. This happens regularly.

>> No.72462509

Reverse Darkness.

>> No.72462557

Just gotta say that writing a perk doesn't mean you're into the fetish itself. I've done that before, it triggers my autism to deliberately ignore parts of the original setting no matter how much I dislike the fetish in it.

>> No.72462563

Well, what you got so far? Just so we don't start being redundant.

Also, what's the plan for handling divinity here? Since it's even worse than Greece, with literally everyone and their mother's pet dog being some sort of demigod, avatar, incarnated god, half-stone half-demon half-lion, or some jumper-like hybrid of all of the above.

>> No.72462581

Yes. If anything Psionics in Stellaris are actually STRONGER than psyker abilities in 40k. There was an entire species who were so powerful in psionics that they could warp reality on a galactic scale, having godlike power. Imagine an entire race of Emps at his absolute strongest, if not massively stronger than that. But as they warped reality over and over, ruling as gods over everything, they began to notice that the very fabric of space-time was breaking down as the Shroud leaked into Realspace. This sparked a huge debate about whether they should continue using Psionics at all and eventually a massive war broke out resulting in the total annihilation of that species.

The upper potental of Psionics in Stellaris is fucking insane. But it comes with the problem that if you start pushing things too far, warping reality on a colossal scale over and over again willy-nilly, then reality itself starts to break down and meld with the Shroud. Which is... not good. Because only those with vast Psionic power can exist there, meaning all other life will cease to exist. So the Psionic people would rule as immortal, everlasting, all-powerful Gods but all of the other species in potentially the galaxy if not eventually the whole universe would be consumed and torn apart. And it also puts them into the clutches of the not!Chaos Gods (the Composer of Strands, the Eater of Worlds, the Instrument of Desire, and the Whispers in the Void) who are probably much stronger than even that species was. So you have to regulate your godlike reality warping or a whole lot of shit is going to hit a very big industrial fan.

>> No.72462586

>So since The Shroud and The Warp are so similar does that mean people in Stellaris can explode into not!Daemons, or is it safe?
There can be problems if you have failures when communicating with the Shroud Entities, but it's overall safer because the Shroud Entities aren't malevolent like the Chaos Gods are. When they curse you it's because you screwed up psychic diplomacy and insulted them, not because they want to blight the Materium and twist it to their dark whims. For the most part, they're straight shooters, and provided you're prepared for the consequences any deal with them can be a positive experience. The exception is bargaining with the End of the Cycle. As the card for making a deal with them actually says, DO NOT DO THIS.

>> No.72462591

Warhammer and Stellaris are both street level so yes, the psionics are equal.

>> No.72462594

That has no futa Ezra and is therefor shit.

>> No.72462614

So the upper end is basically the Old Ones from 40k? Neat. Note to self: Avoid a War in Heaven.

>> No.72462627

having read almost every doujin he has made a jump for, its really not hard to guess his interests. though I will admit that specific one hasnt cropped up often.Which one did you make?

>> No.72462637


Quite a few things that relate to remaining controlled, with what a theme it is

Yeah, the Hero combat skill perk has a few different ways it can pan out that I;'m pretty excited for, Arjuna's bows are so cool

Maybe. I can't remember the specifics of Karna Friendship and he's competing with some cool stuff.

oh yes
Present, though as part of something more comprehensive
Very present

I can put that in, sure

Eh, I'm happy with any suggestions really. Don't like to show off before I fluff.

Divinity is pretty much just going to be free and part of each origin. Heroes are all demigods of some kind, Gods are all low level (maybe higher level if it costs?) Divine Spirits and Sages all get that sort of non-heritage based Divinity. You can turn it down if you like but the origins will detail what you get out of it initially.

>> No.72462639

Not true, but the vast majority of Warhammer forces are much more humble than you'd think.

>> No.72462647

I don't know Fate well. Does Arjuna still have a magic chariot in this version? I know that the whole thing with Lord Krishna being Arjuna's charioteer is just Arjuna being crazy in Fate, so he might not have the magic chariot. But that thing is pretty cool.

>> No.72462648

So you are saying that me making my race militariatic, individualist, xenophobic psionics was not a good idea?

>> No.72462658

Learn to avoid b8 Anon

>> No.72462666

Wrong and wrong.

Street level settings. Deal with it.

>> No.72462668

Chariots are measured and I'll try to add them in, though I'll need to look to the actual stories for what they can do for both boy's chariots.

>> No.72462685

I replied because there is a tiny nugget of truth in regards to Warhammer - I love it but Astartes and even Custodes don't stand a chance against 90% of characters in anime.

>> No.72462695

>characters in anime
Cringe, pay attention to real media.

>> No.72462708

Karna's origin needs to provide some way to shoot lasers from his eyes.

Definitely don't shy away from the lewd stuff when you're doing material for Kiara and Kama.

On that note, I'd like it if divine power could be made separate from the perks for being a god, so you can have some of Kiara's powers without needing to be on the raw firepower level of a Beast.

>> No.72462710

Okay, also virtually any setting with magic in it.

>> No.72462716

Look what you did, he's going to be at it for hours now.

>> No.72462722

You should be fine as long as you don't massively overuse it. The species in question were using it for everything, warping reality and altering physics for even trivial bullshit. They did this over and over for who knows how many thousands or even millions of years. Their continuous warping of reality started to wear away at the fabric of Realspace and that sparked the civil war that led to their destruction; one side wanted to stop using Psionics entirely to let the galaxy heal itself while the other didn't give a damn and wanted to deliberately destroy Realspace (and all non-awakened species within) to become immortal gods. Their entire species was wiped out in the fighting which (if I recall correctly) largely occurred within the Shroud.

>> No.72462728

Oh well. He's not really my problem.

>> No.72462732

Kali and his wife, half done and with a side dish of olives. Just kidding

Are your going to cover Sun Wukong? I'm collecting Ruyi Jingu Bang but I don't know if there's enough info on him to be covered by the jump

And Vimana, I almost forgot

>> No.72462748

Where can I find a perk for just having a really pleasant voice? Maybe some singing perks if possible, but I'm looking for more of 'just nice to listen to speak'

>> No.72462750

>Implying Sanguinius isn't an anime protagonist.

>> No.72462779

Anti-thot enlightenment. Our own Chakravartin. Kalaripayattu. OC Waifu companion who is the Sita to our Rama. A demon king who somehow reflects our nature (either in general or just what you got in the jump) and is basically the Mara to our Kama. A drawback that separates Jumper from their true love for the duration of the jump. A drawback that gives Jumper issues with their biggest thing due to something that happens in backstory or soon after the jump begins, similar to Kama hating acting as an actual god of love and messing with romantics due to Shiva blasting him.

>> No.72462787

Something to make f*males burn alive the minute the man dies would be great, just like based pajeets did historically.

>> No.72462792

I may have made a rather large mistake then. I am making my build but I am planing on importing skyrim dragons. This may be ill advised all around.

>> No.72462794

Perks for aesthetics. I’m sure you already have that on the list, but Kama’s style is good enough to deserve being brought up again.

>> No.72462795

>Soon the phenomenon was studied and the Zroni discovered how to psionically project themselves into the Shroud, where they found that they could manipulate the very fabric of reality with their psionic powers. It wasn't long before the Zroni discovered they could physically enter the Shroud and live like Gods, transforming the dimension to suit their whims...
Sounds to me like they could control the Shroud like gods, not physical reality.

>> No.72462818

Calcium deficiency drawback

>> No.72462827

Karna went Super Sayan with the power of friendship in order to beat Arjuna Blanco in the Fourth Lostbelt. Said Arjuna Blanco had eaten almost all of the Indian Pantheon for power but was defeated by a friendship powerup

They made the whole LB4 a rehash of the Karna vs Arjuna rivalry for the sake of fujobucks. Poor Arjuna can't get a character outside of his obsession to scream Karna's name

>> No.72462832

Welcome to most posters in thread, anon.
They act like bitches and assholes to whoever is their newest target, and have the audacity to cry and whine when they get hit back.

>> No.72462850

Ah, excellent idea, I think you made em think of something you'll like for that.

I won't, I promise.

The current plan is that Kiara's stuff as a Bodhisattva will be in the Sage perks, so it won't be tied into raw power levels.

Sun Wukong, if I did much for him, was gonna be for China I think.

Vimana will appear

Some wonderful suggestions, thank you

Yeah, can't not have it.

>> No.72462870

Why are you ignoring my suggestions Val?

>> No.72462875

>Divine GATTAI powers
>The ability to always be completely assblasted fuckmad ANGERY, but still in control and not going berserk
>Strong-as-fuck unbreakable curses
>Awarded Hero bullshit

>> No.72462893

The real one and not the Ganesh possessed one?

>> No.72462899

>>The ability to always be completely assblasted fuckmad ANGERY, but still in control and not going berserk

Asura's Wrath is thataway anon.

>> No.72462915

so, in fgo and apocrypha, vasavi shakti shoots out a super fire explosion but in fate/ extella it's a big lightning thing, so maybe something related to that?

>> No.72462916

Doesn't the Shroud mirror reality though? I recall them being really powerful outside of it and that a lot of their culture and tech was based on psionic warping of reality. If I remember right that was what caused Realspace to start breaking down, not them living as gods in the not!Warp.

I might be wrong though. It's been a while since I played psionics.

>> No.72462935

>Sun Wukong, if I did much for him, was gonna be for China I think
Yeah, I just noticed that. Kinda mixed him up with Hanuman for some reason

>> No.72462936

Unlimited Indian food item.

>> No.72462940

how strong is karna to be able to do that

>> No.72462951

As strong as an entire moose.

>> No.72462955

Comes with free unlimited toilet paper!

>> No.72462956

Astras. All of them. However many Astras you can fit in there. Just pull the entire list from wikipedia.

Funny story: neither Asura's Wrath, nor either of the Doom jumps offer perks to make you angry.

The only jump I can think of that does is Green Lantern.

>> No.72462983

Mhm, can't miss it out.

Ganesh would be way too good for your free companion.

I'll see about different uses.


I'll do what I can with Fate.

>> No.72462998

>Asura's Wrath

Shitty jumpmakers. What else are you expecting?

>> No.72463016

>perks to make you angry
You're on 4chan.
You shouldn't need perks to be angry.

>> No.72463023

>the End of the Cycle
Formerly known as Chuck. You know, because it’s endgame is literally generating more ghosts.

>> No.72463030

FUCK you faggot I am a perfectly balanced individual.

>> No.72463034

Didn't he once compare Jinako falling on top of someone to be as damaging as an A-Rank NP or something similar?

>> No.72463060

Karna’s normal spear attacks are rated as A-rank NPs in strength.

As >>72463034 said Jinako falling on top of someone is as damaging as an A-Rank NP.

The moral is, if even this buxom Konata lookalike is this dangerous don’t let Kanna trip and fall on things in Fate.

>> No.72463091

so, ASA should deal with Chuck by spamming strike craft at him?

>> No.72463097

>Funny story: neither Asura's Wrath, nor either of the Doom jumps offer perks to make you angry.
Yeah, it does make me sad.

I remember Tsukihime has both The Beast and The End of a Thousand Years. There's also Sadistic Constitution in Empires of Antiquity that degrades your reason as you go on, but makes it so you don't attack any allies. The same jump has Moon Mad Love to increase any berserking abilities.

>> No.72463103

I don't know whether it mirrors reality or not. The Zroni had basically total control over the shroud, though they were unknowingly starting to create shroud entities with their emotions, which were manipulating them into civil war to grow stronger. Then they discovered that each time they made a change to the shroud, the energy for that change was taken from the black hole in the center of the galaxy, which got it by growing to absorb more matter to convert into energy. Eventually, the black hole would have consumed the entire galaxy. Since their psionic technology was good enough to live comfortable lives outside the shroud (the first planet you find has factories, so they weren't just warping reality directly), most of the Zroni ground themselves up into psionics enhancing dust, and left one guy behind to absorb all that dust and use it to kill the faction that wanted to sacrifice the entire material universe and just live in the shroud forever. So their best feat was a galaxy wide murder, but to achieve it they had to sacrifice their entire species for the energy to do that. Also, they could teleport. Other than that, they seem to be no better than a spiritual fallen empire species.

>> No.72463117

Because typically only basement dwelling incels who subsist solely on a diet of tendies believe being constantly angry is a perk.

>> No.72463129

One of the Zelda oracle jumps has a Disney Princess singing perk.

>> No.72463188

there needs to be a drawback for how everyone has Astra's and sees no particular need or reason to hold back on using them. Or how like in the maharabatua or whatever the fuck it's called (the war that lasted 18 days?) there were fewer survivors than there were days, and you've got to survive in that shit.

>> No.72463234

Maybe include a vimana for purchase? Like what gilgamesh had, because they're from india.

>> No.72463277

>Vasavi Shakti: O Sun, Abide to Death
> A spear of light that can only strike once. A spear of mortality made of lightning.
>When it was time for the fight between Karna and Arjuna to reach its final stages, Indra, Arjuna's father and king of the gods, in order to help Arjuna, took away Karna's greatest armor, the "golden armor" through trickery.
>However, Karna's behavior on that occasion was so noble that Indra came to adore Karna, the enemy of his son, and gave to Karna, as compensation for taking his armor, the power of the god of thunder that he had never allowed anyone but himself wield.
>That was this "thunder spear." It holds the power to defeat the gods themselves, but there is not record of Karna using this in his myth.
I'm pretty sure it was always meant to be and is just a giant beam of red lightning that also happens to flash fry and melt the ground it hits.

>> No.72463308

If Karna is saying it then it has to be actually true, probably, maybe.

>> No.72463347

Sounds like a job for an ultra-high level Godhand.

>> No.72463367

Curry and bollywood dance

>> No.72463394

Saver's Kalaripayattu

>> No.72463399

A designated shitting street.

>> No.72463408

Fate-tier copy of the Kama Sutra.

>> No.72463475

It's not meant to be an appearance perk, but given that it's based on Yoruichi I don't feel too bad saying that it has a minor effect towards that end. The main part is supposed to be the camera skills.

In place of. Or maybe the image of you making the moans. They won't get much useful out of it if that's what you're worried about.

>> No.72463498

Why is it that everything Yoruichi does is inexplicably sexy?

Is this the true meaning of "a cat is fine too"?

>> No.72463501

Yeah, I just finished reading up on it again. You're right. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I'm not sure how I got the lore so mixed up. I think I got them confused with another series.

>> No.72463830

I tried those actually, but they have a disclaimer that there is absolutely no plot to be found anywhere in their pages. And plot is something I do need at least a little bit of, so that one simply doesn't work.

Pic related.

>> No.72463848

>1st spoiler
Is it good?

>> No.72463868

If you do mumumu's stuff please have a perk so that man-eating monsters can replace their needs by regularly raping people. That's a plotline in some of his stuff.

>> No.72463966

Lone Valkyrie, got some questions on the Kampfer jump.
For Trapped Animal, do you get to keep the Messenger form and fledgling Kampfer from that, and would it be possible to add a price break for companion imports?

>> No.72464292

I do not think this word means what you think it means.

>> No.72464301

Regalus here?
I wanna ask him about this "Last Evolution Kizuna" shit and whatever its plot was.

>> No.72464323

Fuck off and die.

>> No.72464380

Good jumps to be little hermit mountain man/hidden master tired with the bullshit and politics of the world?

>> No.72464383

What word would you suggest, then?
What do you find objectionable in particular? Or are you just shitposting?

>> No.72464392

Reminder that the best way to use the malfunctioning bracelet option is to be a girl who gets turned into a boy.

>> No.72464394

Warhammer. Any of them really.

>> No.72464423

See the problem with that is most of them have the army builders and as such I'd be hesitant to use those jumps for this purpose. Being the scary mage lord/hidden clan support pillar just isn't what I'd be looking for, and when you have an army and want to be a hermit you mostly need to delegate and stay in touch with the army in order to actually be a hermit.

>> No.72464446

You can just ignore the army builder. It's what I do.

>> No.72464447 [DELETED] 

One that tells the f2m0ids to die in a fire.

>> No.72464449

What about racing?

Or a Final-Fantasy like world?

>> No.72464451

Did you ever find anything worthwhile in Shaman King Flowers?

>> No.72464460

Land of Shadows, this drawback has me confused so a couple questions

>Scatty2Hatty- +100
>There’s something to be said for attracting the eyes of the powerful to mentor you. But maybe just not someone quite this powerful. Scathach, the lady of the Land of Shadows, has seen you and decided you would be perfectly suited for what she’s been searching for in a man for so long. Just not yet. She’s decided you’re going to be one of her students, like it or not, and emerged from her shadow fortress to train you by force. Learning from one of the greatest heroes of all time might be appealing but even for her brutal reputation, she really does seem to be trying to kill you. Throwing you against grand monsters with little preparation, spars with way too much force and way too sharp ‘sparring weapons’, magical lessons that feel a bit too close to magical duels. Has she just lost her patience waiting for you to get to your potential? At least she’s teaching you. Survive and doubtless you’d be a great warrior yourself but...surviving might be the main issue here. Still, she might not be opposed to coming along with you if you can manage to survive her many lessons and satisfy whatever goal she had in mind for you. This cannot be taken with the Queen of Darkness Challenge
>magical lessons
>she might not be opposed to coming along with you if you can manage to survive her many lessons and satisfy whatever goal she had in mind for you

Cu was thought Norse runes during his training, would this cover the basics of Norse runes to practice later to achieve mastery of the field?
Still need to pay for her, right? This just convinces her to come along if you pass her training
Am I missing a joke with that drawback's name?

>> No.72464476

>Martial Artist 200 CP
How about some actual martial art skills?
>Half-Esper 200 CP
I'd like to see the willpower perk carry over in some capacity.
>Third Generation Magitek Knight 200 CP
Probably combat skills of some kind. Celes was a highly trained soldier after all.
>Magi 100 CP
Something something age not slowing you down?

Also, why no Independent faction perk?

>> No.72464537


Some of those backgrounds should be races instead.

Combine the sketch and artistic ability perks into one.

half-esper needs a perk for being able to handle the energy inside them safely without going bonkers. 3rd gen knight maybe a perk for using magic in combat? Tech or sword guy needs either a charisma or leadership perk.

Magi and artist are arguably the same thing. Same for 1st and 3rd gen knight. Just have a drawback to represent being a crazy 1st gen instead of attaching it to a perk.

>> No.72464549

That's pretty neat. Although I think I will not spread it around as I first thought about doing. It might not be an immediate problem, but I know I would end up having to deal with it later.

Awesome. Non-dickish space knights are a go.

Not so awesome.

Wow, they seem pretty chill. Especially when compared to who they are copied from.

>> No.72464565

Choose any word you like. Preferably it will be one that fits your goals without being too broad or having unfortunate connotations.
Now choose:
A) fashion your bulleted list of guidance and wisdom to suit the word and the vision you have chosen.
B) Use this word to continue to shitstir, but keep it out of the OP, eh? Use it hard. Do not replace important vowels with no-alphabetical characters. Ever.
C) This choice represents the ever popular "Lurk Moar" option.

I'm hoping you go with C, but whatever route you choose, I'll always remember that you tried.

>> No.72464607

What do you think would be good Authorities for a primordial god that defended the world from Outsiders/Foreigners/Outer Gods long ago when it was easier for them to break in?

I'm thinking maybe some kind of Sky or Cosmos Authority symbolizing how the planets and stars were believed to be on celestial spheres surrounding the planet, which could be explained as some kind of defensive barrier. Maybe a Moon Authority for madness/anti-madness powers? What do you think?

>> No.72464626

>et·i·quette /ˈedəkət,ˈedəˌket/ (noun) "the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group."
I think I chose my word correctly; the rules I tried to codify in the paste are general codes of conduct for polite behavior in /jc/, not absolute, and apply mostly specifically to this group/commmunity i.e. /jc/. I genuinely don't see how this has any unfortunate connotations; could you elaborate if it did? And again, as I have no idea of what other sort of word I would choose, what would you suggest?

>> No.72464627


>> No.72464637


>> No.72464654

Walls, Borders, Migration

>> No.72464682

Hero BBS, there's an entire origin based around the idea (retired hero).

>> No.72464692

Earth/Planet Authority. You are the defender and steward of the earth, therefore you would have an authority over it
Mind Authority, for you are the one who shelters the minds and souls from the influence of those malignant to them
Sky, for the reasons you mentioned
Passage/Travel Authority
Home/Hearth Authority
Borders/Liminality Authority
At least, those are the ones that come to my mind.

>> No.72464694

Look up Arjuna Alter's Anti-Evil Skill, it apparently represents the Authority of bringing about the end of the world. So you could have an Authority for saving the world or something, I dunno. Stars is probably good too considering the animusphere magecraft indicates under very specific conditions Stars is a broken Authority.

>inb4 Nyarlathotep is the reason why Crimson Moon's vaguely alluded kingdom on the moon was destroyed

>> No.72464705

Those are all good suggestions.

>why no Independent faction perk?
Mostly a lack of inspiration to draw on one. Do you have one to suggest?

>Backgrounds should be races instead.
That can be arranged. Half-Esper is going to be awkward to work around.

>Combine the sketch and artistic ability perks into one.
>Magi and artist are arguably the same thing. Same for 1st and 3rd gen knight.
So are you suggesting I should attempt double perk-lines for a more compacted list of backgrounds instead? I was afraid some backgrounds would suffer if I chose that path. Notably Wild Thing, Gamlber, Swordsman, and Martial Artist.

That was bothering you too, huh? Your edit looks much better.

>> No.72464722

Or Altera torched it on her way to the Earth.

>> No.72464771

>Stalwart Defender
>Denier of the Abyss
>The movement of the stars in the firmament

I'm just throwing random words

>> No.72464840

Having the two Magicite Infusion perks like that isn't fully convincing me. That might just be due to not having the best knowledge of the source material and the lack of fluff, though.
>600 CP Madness IS Power
What's the plan for this capstone?

>> No.72464866

>Can’t think of a good NP for Grettir the Strong as a servant other than a “I’m taking you with me by cursing you with the same fate that ended me” NP
>Still have to do his personal skills + 2 more servants to make
I wish my mind would stop overthinking things. Anyway what kind of servants are you planning to have in your fate jumps? You don’t have to post a build if you don’t want to.

>> No.72464885

So would Focused Strength be the new "suplex a train" perk?

>> No.72464888

So when is Valeria getting the Prisma Illya and Tsukihime jump claims?

>> No.72464891

Futa companions!

>> No.72464910

>Wow, they seem pretty chill. Especially when compared to who they are copied from.
Yep. The four Shroud Entities are

>The Whispers In The Void
Tzeentch analogue. Offers to teach your scientists eldritch knowledge, giving research bonuses. Downside is that they sometimes go mad in the process, but that's not the Whispers intentionally driving them insane, the knowledge is just too much for them

>The Composer of Strands
Nurgle analogue. Offers to give huge bonuses of fertility and adaptation to your people, mutating them in the process. Downside is that they mutate, which can cause unexpected problems from species traits changing. But, you know, you did ask to be mutated. That's on you.

>The Instrument of Desire
Slaanesh analogue. Offers to fulfill material desires, giving huge economic bonuses and inspiring craftsmanship and art. Downside isn't even on the Instrument, it's just that so much wealth naturally leads to weird cultural developments. Of course the hedonic paradise led to jaded hedonists.

>The Eater of Worlds
Khorne analogue. Only one of them aside from the End of the Cycle to be really nasty. Offers its blessing in war, in exchange for it occasionally...well, eating worlds. It's in the name. Still, if you made that deal, you kind of deserve what you get.

>The End of the Cycle
No direct analogue in Warhammer, but sort of a Fall of the Eldar situation. Gives huge bonuses across the board. Fifty years after the bargain is made, after your empire has expanded and gotten good and fat, it kills all but one of your worlds. The souls of your murdered citizens are reshaped into an army of hungering ghosts, that the End of the Cycle uses to destroy every other civilization in the galaxy, saving you for last. In theory it can be defeated and the galaxy saved, but you take huge reputation penalties to every other civilization, because you caused the apocalypse, dumbass. The card literally had "DO NOT DO THIS" written on it.

>> No.72464950

They're nothing more than a cost-cutting measure pursued by frugal, by which I mean cheap, bisexual Jumpers.

>> No.72464957

>>The End of the Cycle
is malal throwing an autistic fit

>> No.72464980

Are the Spy perks distinct and important enough to warrant an entire origin? I don't know all that much about FF6 so if you think it's worth it you're likely to be right, just pointing out that Banon/spy stuff may also fit as a Returner perk instead. And making distinct perks and items for 14 different origins sounds rough.

>> No.72464981


>> No.72465028

I hate my EVO build
>Jump 1: EVO The Search For Eden (+1000CP)
Era: The World Before Land
Origin: Gaia
>Perks (-1800)
Evolutionary Potential (Free)
Mysterious Time Stream Evolves You (Free)
Record of Evolution (Free)
Instinct (Free)
Strongest of All (Free)
Exotic Materials (100)
Consumable Chaos (400)
Evolutionary Divergence (600)
Blessing of Gaia (300)
Light of Eden (400)
>Items (0)
Crystal, Green (Free)
>Drawbacks (+800)
Skin Condition (+200)
The Dark Planet (+300)
I'll Show You All (+300)
>Total CP Used: 1800/1800

Its so ugly. I'm thinking of ignoring the CP drawback and stacking them up, what do you guys think

>> No.72465036

No Malal throwing an autistic fit is creating Krieg who will just fuck off and look for his Fred waifu.

>> No.72465049 [SPOILER] 

What kind of futa companions?

>> No.72465080

The two sharks are better

>> No.72465089

Fate-> Simo Häyhä Archer
Fate/Zero-> Voyager Foreigner
Fate/Extra-> Alan Turing Caster
FSN-> Probably go Demi-Servant or pick El Cid, unsure of Rider or Saber

>> No.72465090

I'm toying with the idea of making Taiga a Jaguar demiservant in Zero. Trying to figure out how that would change the plot.

>> No.72465094

As I'm working with the idea of combining some of these perk trees I'm beginning to see that it might work better. At least for some backgrounds. I am still not sure what to do with some backgrounds that don't have enough for double perk lines.

>Madness IS Power
The basic idea was to draw on the whole "Kefka gets more powerful as the game goes on because he's slowly losing his sanity" idea. Basically a massive magical power booster that comes at the cost of losing your mind while indulging.

Sort of. It'll be similar but not worded quite the same as Suplex a Train. I never liked the wording of that perk in the original jump.

I think they are. The spy network the Returners had before the world fell apart was pretty impressive. It's really six of one, half-dozen of another. I either make a bunch of single perk-lines or half as many double perk-lines.

>> No.72465145

It's not bisexual. It's hetero because she's a girl even if she has a penis.

>> No.72465175

>Can’t think of a good NP for Grettir the Strong as a servant other than a “I’m taking you with me by cursing you with the same fate that ended me” NP
>Still have to do his personal skills
I'm guessing he'd have Mana Burst (Flame). Probably Independent Action and/or Battle Continuation as well. As for NP, maybe the family heirloom sword he gets from his mother is actually and old and powerful magical weapon, one of Gil's old treasures that ended up there through the ages perhaps? Other than that, maybe something to do with his exile or how it'd have ended after 20 years? Given how Fate NP aren't precisely accurate you could probably make something up like that he has 20 fire elementals, each one representing a year of punishment for the fire? Or maybe he needs to suffer 20 lethal wounds before dying due to how he survived 19 years of being an outlaw and only died after a last ditch attempt by his enemies on year 20 using magic. Or maybe he just has a magical sword that raises his strength by two ranks and is strong against undead.
It depends entirely on your imagination and how broken you want to make him.

>> No.72465198

>I'm toying with the idea of making Taiga a Jaguar demiservant in Zero. Trying to figure out how that would change the plot.
Everyone in Fuyuki dies or the place gets Counter Guardian'd, because Jaguarman uniting with Taiga downgrades Taiga's EX rank luck to just B

>Taiga has the equivalent of EX rank luck. Through sheer coincidence, she caused a butterfly effect during the Fourth Holy Grail War that saved mankind three times over in the course of a night. Her actions stopped a mastermind causing chaos at the bottom of the sea near Fuyuki, caused an unprecedented giant earthquake that was about to happen under Fuyuki City to be avoided, and caused a giant asteroid heading for Fuyuki City to change its course

>> No.72465241

Flowers was canceled in 2014 and revived as 'Super Star' in 2018. Six years later, Hana is still dead. At least he's not in hell anymore. Pretty sure he's spent more time there than literally everyone in the original series. Combined.

Also team capitalism is made of traitors and assholes, but they haven't actually done anything yet because the plot is moving at the pace of of paraplegic snail.

>> No.72465243

Is luck literally the only stat that matters?

>> No.72465255

What? Is this for real?

>> No.72465262

She'd die as part of Kiri's plan and the grieving Fugimaru patriarch ends up being the one to take care of him instead of Taiga. Atleast if Shirou even becomes a thing then.

>> No.72465264

No, otherwise Francis Drake would have won a grail war by now.

>> No.72465270

I keep doubting between multiple Servants: multiple Assassins, Mordred, Mysterious Heroine X Alter...
There are many interesting Servants, or that would have interesting or useful interactions with a particular War, and only so many opportunities to recruit them.
I wonder where those properties to make people companions or followers were? Perhaps I should go on a Rule Breaker spree at some point...

>> No.72465296

Taiga stronk. I think Nasu also said once that she and Shiki were around equals levels of skill in using a sword.

>> No.72465298

Guda's won things dwarfing Grail Wars tho

>> No.72465332

While I haven't decided on my Servant yet, I was planning on having a sane Kiyohime Demi-Servant as support.
Mostly E rank stats, but Agility EX (with ability to phase through obstacles), turn into a dragon NP EX, and a C rank NP that traps the enemy into a giant bell and makes them more vulnerable to fire (sure, a Servant wouldn't be trapped for that long but in the middle of combat you don't want to be immobilized for any length of time at all).
Now, imagine a giant dragon rushing at you at Mach 60, ignoring everything that should get in the way of something that big.

>> No.72465367

Didn't Torashinai also have an actual demon sealed inside or is that just a running joke?

>> No.72465427

>Taiga has rank EX Luck

Oh so THAT'S why she hasn't gotten a route yet.

>> No.72465430

So I see questions about good jumps for starting mages, but what about psychics? Aside from Chronicle, as that setting is kinda boring other than having to deal with three angsty teenagers.

>> No.72465445

I need a bigger companion option for that jump.

>> No.72465451

>That pic

I see Accelerator has started shopping at Hot Topic.

>> No.72465466

Psyren when Gaunlet finishes it. I'm liking it so far and the WIP has a lot of options to choose from

>> No.72465467

I thought Hot Topic just has meme clothes.

>> No.72465479


>> No.72465502

Haruhi Suzumiya
Psychonauts (Most recommended)

>> No.72465505

DId Hayate have good magical potential even before she activated the Book of Darkness in MGLN? Would it be possible for her to become a mage without it?

>> No.72465512


No double lines, I just think there's enough crossover that there doesn't need to be two different kinds of knights and magi backgrounds.

It seems silly to offer an art-based power without including art skills as part of the perk, and the Sketch ability itself feels like a kind of lesser form of Lore/blue magic. So they could go in the same perkline. The girl (rem?) is also a magi so the magic-blooded perk would also apply to her perkline anyways.

As for knights, the kefka-based perkline seems redundant just because it seems to be identical to the 3rd-gen mageknight but with the perks being dipped in crazy-sauce. Right now you've got a major demerit attached to a background's main shtick and a very similar perkline with no such problem. Just use drawbacks to represent madness or improper magitek infusion, otherwise kefka-lite perks come off as redundant.

>> No.72465529

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

>> No.72465543

X-COM, I guess? The psionic powers are pretty stable IIRC.

I honestly just don't remember anything "starter" for psychics. Do Mass Effect biotics count?

>> No.72465555

Dark Sun

>> No.72465571

Mother and Mother CogDis are pretty good if you avoid Giygas and the plot of 3.

>> No.72465634

that is not a high bar to clear

>> No.72465674

Oh. I see where you're going now. Refining the perk-lines instead of doubling them. That's much easier to do. Thank you for pointing out where I was over-complicating things. I should have a more complete WIP ready in a few days.

>> No.72465687

>Sky High
>Scott Pilgrim

Would Personas count?

>> No.72465713

What are good perks for snapping someone out of a blind berserker fury?

>> No.72465717

>>Scott Pilgrim
Even if the drawback goes away after the jump, having to be a vegan for ten years isn't worth it

>> No.72465739

A couple of appearance perks and a willingness to strip.

>> No.72465792

Do we have a One Punch Man jump?

>> No.72465811

We should.

>> No.72465813

Not a great one, but yes.

>> No.72465814

Yeah, but it's not the best and being an esper is ridiculously expensive.

>> No.72465835

Yeah, but it kinda sucks. Using Mob Psycho 100 to tie into OPM via a 0CP drawback is actually somewhat better.

>> No.72465842

One Punch Man is definitely NOT a good starting jump. The setting is normally a deathworld, which our jump does little to counter, and the reddit jump offers far too much power for early chain.

>> No.72465852

Most 40k jumps trust me bro

>> No.72465887

What are some perks that fit the theme or power level of a Victorian Era setting. I bought the one perk from A Brother’s Price that I want, so I'm thinking to Mail order a couple of things.

>> No.72465898

Go CREATIVE and MAIL ORDER one of everything and just be done with it.

>> No.72465903

I feel like I'm just going along with harem shenanigans and waifu collecting out of habit at this point.

The magic is gone. What should I do about it?

>> No.72465913

Come back in six months.

>> No.72465949

Write out a jumpdoc set in the Victorian Era.

>> No.72466044

/tg/ is based, no other jump communities offer perks for a barbed dick.

>> No.72466054

>good jumps for starting mages
Hiro the Dense

>> No.72466059

>perks for a barbed dick.
Isn't that just "picking Khajiit as your race in TES?"

>> No.72466076

drop the story and start a new one. Then place restrictions on the number of waifus.
Personally, my usual limit is around 7, and no more than 11

>> No.72466077

Try monogamy for a while, then only add girls if you could honestly be 100% monogamous with them.

>> No.72466107

Find yourself a waifu, and settle down.

>> No.72466109

I feel like I'm having a perpetual stroke when I work on Strike Legion. I think I just imagined the existence of specialties/classes because it's all just straight-up point buy. This probably means the Star Republic jump is going to be a freeform 'pick a discount' like Blackest Night...and a lot of those are 'you are insanely good at x'.

I know I tend to run on the escalation train but this might be the most straightforward power-up jump I've made in a while.

>> No.72466140

Should I go with the Blood Angels, Black Templars, Lamenters or my own OC Chapter for a first jump?

>> No.72466144

World of Darkness - Mummy has that and vagina dentata as a perk
>this might be the most straightforward power-up jump I've made in a while.
Thats fine and you deserve a headpat for being a cutie

>> No.72466185

OC or Lamenters

>> No.72466209

Visit Sekirei. As in, put this chain on a pause, start a new chain, choose a girl somewhere and try to pass through a harem jump without getting extra girls or harem perks

>> No.72466231



>> No.72466255

Black Templars are the ultimate chads.

>> No.72466263

It's been ages, but because the mutations system is so modular and due to precedence examples from Lunars I believe either actual barbed dicks or venom/disease that induce sexual addiction can be gained from Exalted.

>> No.72466293

What Fate Servants do you consider to be the best servants for after the Grail War in terms of usefullness and loyalty to a jumper?

>> No.72466296

>In Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, the daughters of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha set out on a journey transcending time. Set in feudal Japan, half-demon twins Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other during a forest fire. While desperately searching for her younger sister, Towa wanders into a mysterious tunnel that sends her into present-day Japan, where she is found and raised by Kagome Higurashi’s brother, Sota, and his family.
>Ten years later, the tunnel that connects the two eras has reopened, allowing Towa to be reunited with Setsuna, who is now a demon slayer working for Kohaku. But to Towa’s shock, Setsuna appears to have lost all memories of her older sister. Joined by Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, the three young women travel between the two eras on an adventure to regain their missing past.
We're getting an Inuyasha spin-off/sequel, if anyone cares.

>> No.72466307


>> No.72466353

>try to pass through a harem jump without getting extra girls or harem perks
This is the true test

>> No.72466400

How do I waifu arceus?

>> No.72466417

Hey Val, do you still replace a canon Servant if you summon an alternate version of them? For example, if we summon Red (BLUMU) Lily Lancer Artoria in Fate Stay Night, representing the version from an alternate Garden of Avalon timeline, would that result in confusing Kirei and Gilgamesh with her changes since Fate Zero or in confusing and embarrassing an also present Saber Artoria?

>> No.72466443

sounds extremely convoluted

>> No.72466459

It's just Inuyasha but with more girls and maybe more daddy issues

>> No.72466505

Vlad (Apo not Extra)
Medea Lily

>> No.72466521

Don't suppose anyone has heard how the Code : Vein jump is coming along?

>> No.72466543

I'm thinking of picking Spartacus as a Demi-servant, I admire the core belief of his Saint graph as a berserker, "always make the most difficult choice", even if this is just Mad enhancement EX talking, that kind of mentality would be useful when dealing with all the nightmare worlds I will end up visiting in later jumps.
But being a Demi-servant is a last resort trump card that I want to keep hidden, to be used only if shit hits the fan and my own servant is about to be killed, for everyone else, I will just be another master, not sure if berseker spartacus would be okay with me just watching my servant fight when there are oppressors to destroy.

Saber Spartacus would be fun too, but I have no idea how his NP would work for a saber version, there is no mystical weapon or divine treasure tied to his legend.

You know, what exactly decides the power level of servants in fate? There is such a huge gap between Spartacus and Nero, and well, its not like Nero was know to be a powerful warrior/gladiator, is Nero this powerful because she runs on pure waifu power?

>> No.72466554

I get the other three, but isn't Apo Vlad kinda a bad companion.

Like he literally expects his master to become his subject.

his power is also quite limited outside his homeland unless he turns into a vampire, which he refuses to do.

>> No.72466591

Anybody jump Rome recently? What did you do there?

>> No.72466611

>You know, what exactly decides the power level of servants in fate? There is such a huge gap between Spartacus and Nero, and well, its not like Nero was know to be a powerful warrior/gladiator, is Nero this powerful because she runs on pure waifu power?
I mean Nero was the emperor, and a rather famous one at that. Spartacus is famous for being a failure.

>> No.72466616

>Saber Spartacus would be fun too, but I have no idea how his NP would work for a saber version, there is no mystical weapon or divine treasure tied to his legend.

thats actually mentioned in the Fate Apocrypha side material.

>However, during the Great Holy Grail War, >perhaps due to his connection to the present >world—his line being complex, the Noble >Phantasm’s conversion rate went out of >control and turned him into something >unbelievable.
>Incidentally, if he was summoned as a Saber, >it would have stabilized into the more >respectable ability of “restoring his vitality and >prana when he successfully endures the >enemy’s attacks and also invalidating or >reflecting back any more of the same attacks >thereafter”. Though this would have been >threatening enough on its own.
>Either way, the longer a battle is prolonged, >the more advantageous it is for Spartacus. >The only way to beat him is in a short decisive >battle.

>> No.72466642

>"Vile Blood" (Bloodborne)
>God’s Favor (Death Mage)
>Dance With Me (High School DxD)
>Impossibly Lucky (In Another World…/Isekai Smartphone)
>Far Too Much Love (Saint Young Men)
>Captivating, Truly (Sunless Skies)
>Watched Closely (Drakengard 1)
>Peer of Hell (Exalted The Infernals)
Give YHVH a high five while your at it.

>> No.72466667

Why do Greco-Romans have all these innate damage nullification based abilities anyway, while in Camelot people just have buster swords and skill buffs?

>> No.72466690

What jumps are good for specialising my build around being a glass cannon that relies on dealing lots of damage really quickly but doesn't have the health to take much damage in return?

>> No.72466694

>What jumps are good for specialising my build around being a glass cannon that relies on dealing lots of damage really quickly but doesn't have the health to take much damage in return?


>> No.72466733

>I mean Nero was the emperor, and a rather famous one at that
Caesar was also a famous one, but he still got reduced to a fat man who gets mocked by other servants.

>> No.72466817

Where can I get some multitasking perks?

>> No.72466832

>Caesar is a fat man mocked by the other servants
Wasn't he the guy that conquered Gaul?

>> No.72466834

>Incidentally, if he was summoned as a Saber, it would have stabilized into the more respectable ability of “restoring his vitality and prana when he successfully endures the enemy’s attacks and also invalidating or reflecting back any more of the same attacks thereafter”. Though this would have been threatening enough on its own.

I guess it works somewhat like Scion Stilling from worm, once the NP is active, if someone hits Spartacus with a fire spell and he survives, all fire magic from now on are useless on him, I guess to keep it balanced, he should be able to become immune to only one thing at once, if someone hits him with ice magic and he survives, he gains immunity to ice but loses his fire immunity.
That works, thanks for the help.

>> No.72466838

overlord the series and legacy of aldenata (I think that's the name? the posleen war series) has some decent ones. Primachs jump also has a good one for only 100cp iirc but it's a pretty high power jump for obvious reasons. There's also JLU and All-Star Superman which both offer super-smarts perks which include the ability to have multiple trains of thought at once (which presumably would include increased multitasking by default). There's also the skitter power in the Worm jump, though quite frankly I have no idea why anyone would want to waste their power selection on it.

>> No.72466848

Age: XXV
Location: Rome, The City of
Faction: Rome
Class: Slave

Soles of the Empire
Fortune’s Pet (CM)
Empires and Legacies (DCC)
Stoic Sufferance
Simple and Clean (DL)
Ear to Power (CCL)
Rousing Rhetoric (CC)
Masterful Mentoring (-C)
Darling of Divinity (-DC)


PBS Edit (+C)
Person Property (+CC)
The Cat Barks at the Dog (+CCC)

So I've got this planned out for my build in an upcoming chain, but I'm not really sure what to do from here. My knowledge of Roman politics is barebones, so I guess I glue myself to the dude who I'm stuck with for a decade and try to keep him alive.

I'm open to recommendations if you have any.

>> No.72466859

Yep Nero know for being a fat evil bastard and massive spoiled brat is a powerful warrior
meanwhile Caesar a skilled warrior and general who conquered the Gauls is just a fat dude
Fate is a weird series.

>> No.72466861

Thinking of a getting a starter waifu for a new chain. Should I go with Tharja from fire emblem or big hitbox Zelda from BotW?

>> No.72466869

>Haruhi Suzumiya jump has a fanfiction toggle
Recommend me some interesting Haruhi Suzumiya fanfics!

>> No.72466880

Tharja. Let Link have his big-booty bookworm gf. Tharja meanwhile NEEDS a good husband, preferably one that will not only take care of her, but can also put their foot down to help her from going full crazy

>> No.72466885

I though skyward sword had the biggest 'hitbox'?

>> No.72466888

Tharja is shit - get Tiki.

>> No.72466894

That doujin where Kyon's sister catches both of them in the middle of them fucking.

>> No.72466895

Yes, he also made huge political reforms and many times outplayed his rivals who were always plotting for his death, until his luck ran out and he got softly poked 23 times in the senate.

>> No.72466896

The roman numerals always make me laugh.

>> No.72466922

Do any of the 40k jumps let me get my own Knight?

>> No.72466926

only as saber

>> No.72466929

Supposedly, an anon was making Knight Houses.
That never was a thing.

Beast probably drove them off too.

>> No.72466939

Not yet.

>> No.72466944

And was the one who's actions resulted in the exposure of the corruption of the Senate, revitalized the failing republic, and payed the way for the reformation of Rome into a Relublic by his nephew Octavian.
In short, Caesar was the reason why Rome became an Empire in the first place. In essence, Caesar WAS Rome

>> No.72466951

Theoretically speaking, how hard would it be to make a Knights jump?

>> No.72466954

Probably not very hard. There's plenty of lore around them, both loyal and traitors as well as freeblades and other questionable houses.

>> No.72466956

no but muh Nero seibaface

>> No.72466972

>tfw DW will never give use a buff Ruler Caesar

>> No.72466977

So I may have missed something earlier, but did Val say she was going to be finishing up her fairy tail jump?

>> No.72466986

Historia Civilis on youtube is really good for a deep dive on the absolute batshit stuff that went down during the late Republic if that's something you're interested in.
For the jump/show itself I don't really have any grand political plans. I figure I'd set myself up as a wealthy pleb in Rome and just play tourist and enjoy the high life in the ancient Mediterranean. Maybe help out some of the people that get totally fucked by the show, help out Vorenus and his family, all that.

>> No.72466991

Which is better to have, an army of Jenny or an army of Joy's?

>> No.72466995

40k Titans is in the works, but not Knights.

>> No.72467012


>> No.72467036

My headcanon is that Jennies and Joys are some kind of throwback branch of humanity thats closer to their Pokémon origins than modern human, hence why they all look the same and keep the same name

>> No.72467038

you mean rider, right

>> No.72467052

This is certainly the best resource for roman history, first episodes are somewhat hit and miss and no one would blame you for skipping to episode 8 about caesar. Get the true history.


>> No.72467071

No, Ruler.
His NP will be him throwing his enemies down the Gemonian Stairs

>> No.72467083


>> No.72467166

Why is she so good?

>> No.72467190

I'm kinda tempted to do a whole chain with them now.
I've seen HC's stuff a while back, but it's been too long to remember much. I'll set aside some time for a rewatch.
>wealthy pleb
Sounds cozy, with all the benefits with none of the responsibilities. If I wasn't trying harder for a narrative that'd probably be my preferred build too.
Dova's Caesar episode is work of goddamn art, and he's improved exponentially since he first started.

>> No.72467192

If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, the item in question gives you both.

>> No.72467266

A spinning top (read: Capture Styler) and a heart of gold. Seriously, that's all you need. At least according to the extra boss in Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs.*
Alternatively, use the romhack toggle in PTTU to go to Moemon or something.

*Warning: results may vary.
It's not explained what exactly something like love/lust would translate as, but more negative emotional states can and will convince the pokemon you are attacking it with your Styler use, so care must be taken not to let your sexual frustration get the better of you.

Bigger hitbox Zelda is from A Link Between Worlds, but BoTW is also a great choice.

Because evil sort of past sort of future (you) was working on recruiting her into their eugenics cult, for as far as game lore goes?

Depends on your plans, but probably the Joys since their more emotionally pliant base personality would make them the better of the combat medic corps if you were to cross-train both in the others' proficiency.

>> No.72467329

what item are you talking about?

>> No.72467374

Qq jump. Neither futa nor furry, oddly enough.

>> No.72467470

Where can I find good biokinesis perks?

>> No.72467493

Do we have any learning boosters that focus on the quality, rather than the speed, of learning?

>> No.72467496


Urge to make a Rising Storm 2 jump rising.

>> No.72467513

Dragon type trainer or eevee type trainer?

>> No.72467520

That is a hard and near impossible decision to make, especially since there is no Dragon Eeveelution

>> No.72467526

dragon if you want to fuck clair and eevee if you want to make gary feel inadequate

>> No.72467633

What jump can I go to to BE a sun?
I don't mean just a Sun God, but I mean mean the ability to just be a living sun.
I wan a freak people out by turning into a sun, floating into the air, and shouting "NOUS SOMMES DU SOLEIL!"

>> No.72467642

I think there's a race option in Narnia that grows up to be a Sun.

>> No.72467667

What if I feel no special attachment to either of those things? I’ve moved past Stinky Oaks, and Clair I only remember being a bitch.

>> No.72467686

What are some good perks for "you merchant good", or "you get great returns on investments"? I'm looking at doing a merchant chain and am looking for some recommendations.

>> No.72467695


>> No.72467719

hot, big tiddies, dark/bad girl vibes but actually surprisingly sweet and empathetic if you go by her supports with various characters. Also desperately in need of someone to keep her grounded and give her a moral compass

>> No.72467747

Hey, I think heard someone was going to update Youjo Senki? Is that correct?

>> No.72467751

Question. With the combination of Medaka Sue and Legendary hero, would a jumper be able to crush coal into perfect and expensive clear diamonds, kind Superman did in the comics?

>> No.72467756

Beast chased the anon behind it away again though.

>> No.72467760

The author is going to watch the movie and maybe update it.

Did you want something added?

>> No.72467765

Nah; I was going to add Youjo Senki to my chain just now, but figured if they're going to update it I should put that off for a bit until they do so.

>> No.72467826

animal crossing and catastrophe are some comfy places to learn merchant skills and have perklines for them

>> No.72467853

What are some underrated super powers?

>> No.72467871

Air manipulation. Not underrated in the sense that it isn't widespread - underrated in the sense that people lack creativity.

>> No.72467875

Which fire emblem series have the best waifus?

>> No.72467880

>underrated in the sense that people lack creativity
Literally every single power ever. Prove me wrong.

>> No.72467971

>underrated in the sense that people lack creativity
Usually when someone says a power "isn't used creatively" they assume the power has properties, applications, or precision never implied to be possible in the source material. Or they just blatantly ignore known limitations.

>> No.72467977

no you don't understand
everyone is stupid except me

>> No.72467992

>be me
>be flipping through 57 seperate sourcebooks to write a jump
>get really tired
>go to sleep
>next day
>see stuff half finished and don't remember which books I got them from

>> No.72467993

The non-brick classics like invisibility, animal forms, and flight.

>> No.72467996

In slave harem isekay you can buy Roxanne days before the mc can reach her city, thanks to jumpchan giving you the necessary gold in exchange for CP, but its kinda of a weird situation, the mc is still doing his own thing, and it would be no trouble helping him since he is also from earth, but I feel like I would never be able to bring Roxanne along, somehow that would be like rubbing salt on his wounds, even if him and Roxanne have never met before in this reality.

How do you guys deal with this? Do you prefer parading your conquest in front of the mc for that jump, or do you keep your companions away to avoid starting drama? Depending on your actions, you can even stop canon characters from being born in your ten years stay, purely by accident, I guess that's just the reality of being a jumper.

Trying to account for the butterfly effect of every action definitely does not look like the road for a healthy and sane mind.

>> No.72467999

Okay then which dragons are in the same region as you? Stones and times of day are a lot more reliable than pity eggs or cruise liners.

If you're in Hoenn, I'd say jump on the Salamence/Tyranitar/Flygon train and never look back. But if you're starting in Kanto, you're going to have to be real invested in the idea to run dratini and horsea for months or years before you get your hands on the good 'mons.

I don't know Unova or Sinnoh very well, and anything past those seem to imply a much more inter-connected world in general. So the question becomes more personal.
>Are you into contests or similar?
>Do you prefer to fly in style or rough it?
>How much daycare can you stomach?
>Is there any specific move or tactic you find appealing?
>Do you enjoy gambling? How about girls in kimonos?

>> No.72468023

Protagonists exist to get cucked by Chad Jumper Dick.
End of discussion.

>> No.72468053

I know the feeling. Alternate realities and quantum shit just doesn't remove the obvious fact I know better and am totally only interested because I know what I'm stealing from someone else.

I would say you should try to find a means of making him your companion as well and letting them develop a healthy relationship of some sort. Not forming a cult of personality is difficult for most jumpers, but it sounds like you have enough moral fiber to fit the shoes.

Trying is half the battle. Doing the right thing costs so much because it puts things in rather than just rearrange the pieces. You don't have to succeed every time, just keep pushing. Every spared heart or saved soul is a win.

>> No.72468056

The problem is that what is considered "creative" today will be commonsense tomorrow, that's how battlefield technology evolves, each side pushing the other and outright stealing tech and tactics from the enemy.
But there are too many fanfics and even mangas praised by creative use of powers where the opposite side never learns, they keep falling for the same "creative" tricks over and over again.
Any power can be creative if your opponents are stuck as drooling retards.

>> No.72468058

I usually don't bother. Unless there's some destiny bullshit at work then most protagonists aren't going to care because they aren't emotionally invested in the person in question. So if I swoop in and grab a girl before the MC meets her then I'm not going to try and keep her away from him because both he and she have no emotional connection to one another and thus aren't any different from strangers. At the same time it's not "cucking" the MC because it's not like he won't get with somebody else. If you grab up his main love interest then odds are pretty good that he's just going to find another one.

>> No.72468062

>infosec is the one true military technology
>everyone is awful at it

>> No.72468063

Make sure to leave out a saucer of milk for the brownie. It's the polite thing to do, even if they made citations harder.

>> No.72468065

>not dicking the protagonists as well to assert dominance

>> No.72468073

>not building an entire harem of the most bullshit protagonists in fiction
>not having them build harems of lesser protagonists of their own
>not having those lesser protagonists build their own harems
>not turning the entire setting into a waifu food chain with you at the top

>> No.72468075

Try doing it with a female form sometime. All the butt stuff in the world just can't compete with hen-pecking a traditional protagonist into submission and then banging the cutie who would've saved him until she can't even see him as a man anymore.

>> No.72468076

Do not bring any girls next to guy. The mc spends most of his internal dialogue when he is with the elf noble fantazasing about raping his wife.

>> No.72468098

>50+ sourcebooks for info
>so productive even you can't keep up
You a beast anon.
Hopefully also better than BeastAnon.

>> No.72468116

Definitely feels like someone new is trying to get in on the Beast shitposting.

>> No.72468117

Does the item creation skill in fate actually do anything, or is it just a representation of the Servants natural capabilities?

I am trying to decide on the ranking in the servant supplement.

>> No.72468122

>When even complete retard newfags try to get in on shitting on you

Why the fuck does Beast stick around at this point

>> No.72468123

Fate Legends: Middle Eastern Myths jump
Cp:1000 Age: 23 Sex: Female Location: Israel - 10CE
Perks:An Age of Gods - Free AUO - Free The Seat of the Pharaoh - Free Sovereign - 200 Born For It- 300 Can’t Wait To Be King - 400 Collector- 800 Two Thirds Divine - 1100 Magician of the Early Ages - 1200
Items:Eternal Flower - Free Nameless ‘Sword’ - 1500
Drawbacks:Heavenly Judgement - 1300 So-Called Chosen One - 1000

Can I survive this jump as fem!Gil ? I have gate as way to deal with things that gods throw at me and I should be not so easy to manipulate by the God thanks to having will similar to Gilgamesh

>> No.72468152

No, you cannot survive any jump due to your inherent biological inferiority to men.

>> No.72468153

Three minutes and 47 seconds.
Just checking to see if you were paying attention.
It was just for the pun.

>> No.72468161

isn't the MC of slave harem in another world scummy as hell? Why would you give a shit about his feelings, or think he'd even care about Roxanne considering he doesn't even know her yet?

>> No.72468164

>Why the fuck does Beast stick around at this point
A question I ask myself daily.

>> No.72468166

Yeah this threads had a handful of newfags buy into Timmy’s shit, looks like.

>> No.72468173

Who is BeastAnon and why do people hate him?

>> No.72468178

Not really? Just kinda paranoid and defensive due to trauma from his original world.

>> No.72468179

easily, Gilgamesh was a super chad in a much earlier time period when the gods and divine beasts and stuff were both much more common and more powerful. You're basically Gilgamesh 2.0 except in an even easier time period. Given the degradation of mystery over the years and your current time period it's entirely possible you might just be able to beat up the local divine spirits by yourself.

>> No.72468181

What's to say that they don't intertwine? Don't you think that if you're learning things fast, you understand them extremely clearly? That in itself makes whatever you learn have high quality.

>> No.72468191

Asshole jumpmaker.
Really all there is to it. He's given lots of constructive criticism, doesn't use any of it.

>> No.72468195

No one does, just the shitposters. He made the Beastmen and Skaven jumps, and when the former was first released someone made a joke about it not having human options. The shitposter clung to this and has been going on about it for literal years at this point, along with saying how Beast has driven of posters he’s never interacted with and shit like that. He’s even gone and pestered other generals over it.

>> No.72468200

The only person who hates him is one mentally ill anon who does nothing except shitpost all day every day.

>> No.72468204

Anon the only reason the protag even gave roxanne a glance is because she had big tits and he wanted someone to fuck. That she happens to be fine with the overall outcome is basically ignoring the fact that the dude effectively bought her only because he wanted to get his dick wet and she fit his criteria. The protag of slave harem isn't really likable at all, and being a fellow person from Earth (assuming you told him that) is likely to make him like you even less.

>> No.72468206

That's based though.

>> No.72468233

The last two people are all Beast samefagging, by the way.
That's one of his most frequent tactics as a shitposter in this place, especially when his name gets insulted.

He's like Bancho-Anon. A leech whose presence really just drags the entire thread down to shit every time he shows up.

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