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Dad's Homebrew Edition

For all your Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Only War and Wrath & Glory needs.

>Wrath & Glory Revised Release (PDF) from Cubicle7 Now Available!

If you bought the previous WanG release through DriveThruRPG, you already have the updated PDF as part of your library. If you're a filthy heretic you can check The Inner Temple in the PDF Share thread.

>Book Repositories

>Bestiary, armoury, weapon quality and NPC database

>Offline 40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.48.161023)

>/40krpg/ curated youtube playlists

>Make your maps look just like FFGs

>OLD AND SHITTY Wrath and Glory errata (Ulysses):

>Chivalry intensifies, v1.2.5 - Imperial Knights splat
>The Good, the Bad, and the Alpha Legion, v1.3.0 - Deathwatch to Horus Heresy total conversion
>Mars Needs Women! v1.6.6 - Mechanicus Skitarii and Taghmata for Only War
>Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe, v1.6.4 - additional playable Xenos for Rogue Trader
>The Fringe is Yours! v 1.10.2 - even more xenos, Knights, and Horus Heresy gear for Rogue Trader
>The Gold Experience Requiem, v1.2.3 - Custodes, Primaris, SoS, Solar Auxilia conversions
>Gene Mods and Adeptus Biologis Rules for Dark Heresy 2e

>Previous Thread >>72345581

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Any advice for running 40K games in GURPS or BRP? I think these systems would work as good potential alternatives to FFG and WANG.

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First for nobledark.

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where to find the revised pdf nowadays?

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It is now available at The Inner Temple again. Consult the PDF Share thread for more.

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Indeed it is

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I gotta bitch about something in W&G: the way they handled a lot of enemies that have Invuln saves on tabletop was so fucking dumb. There, your best bet were low AP weapons and mortal wounds. In W&G, for some dumb reason the effect they got is to resist mortal wounds, so now you want to point high AP shit at them and ignore using mortal wounds. What the fuck?

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Gotta say
The revised version is so much easier to read it actually makes me want to read the fluff in it

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Yeah this is really dumb, to me mortal wounds are just AP infinity so they will always beat even the highest ap weapon. How would you fix this?

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There are a couple of conversions available for both GURPS and BRP. Have you already looked through them? I can post some pdfs or you can google them. Otherwise if you're going to go through the trouble of making your own kludge then BRP is pretty similar to FFGs games with how it plays since they're both percentile roll under. GURPS with 3d6 roll under is more predictable if you prefer a bit more success from your players or want to know how badly you're fucking them. Frankly, 40k is kind of a pulpy nonsense setting. Getting into the simulationist weeds will make it difficult to embrace the grimdark.

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Would an astartes scout operate by himself on a planet?
Atleast locally?

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In lore what is the absolute lowest rank of tech priest? Like with few, if any augmentations?

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>There are a couple of conversions available
I have not looked into them, I didn't even know they existed up until this point. Would you mind posting them?

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First up is BRP. It's been years since I've paged through it. I tried running it once and it was fine. Like all the generic/universal systems seasoning to taste is what makes it fun but mechanically grokking the differences between FFG and BRP is simple and porting the parts of FFG you like wasn't too bad from what I remember.

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And GURPS... I never tried the 40k hacks. Personally I think GURPS is best suited to attempts at simulation. That gets in the way of the sheer bullshit of most of 40k. I thought about trying it for a DH style run but never got around to it. Obviously gets better the more of the splats you incorporate and the one I've loaded has required supplements.

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Thanks, this is just what I was looking for.

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I mean, they have an Invuln mechanic where some armor ignores AP, they could have literally just used that. I've heard some people say that invalidates higher AP lower damage weapons and I'm just like... Sometimes? Not every weapon is made for every circumstance?

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That's the way it works on tabletop, mortal wounds are a way to erase beefslabs.

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Why wouldn't he? Those who make it to scouts are some of the finest and most resourceful men in the galaxy with training and implants that make them suitable for extended missions behind the enemy lines.

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WanG fillable character sheet

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WanG quick reference guide

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Idk what the hell Guilliuman wrote in his wanking book, maybe there is a part that says scouts can't be deployed solo

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Astartes get deployed by themselves to low intensity conflict as advisors and additional firepower fairly frequently. I don't know why scouts wouldn't get to do the same. Could probably be very helpful in an investigation where they were trying to track someone or something down.

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yes. scouts are experts at lrrp missions, and part of that is survival skills. an isolated scout could survive on his own indefinitely, or at least for quite some time, depending on the world.

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DungeonDraft got updated to accept custom assets, so I tried out making some manufactorum terrain.

The art style isn't the most grimdark thing ever but I'm trying to keep things consistent with Dungeondraft's assets so that you can use all the medieval fantasy stuff right out of the box; a lot of it would be pretty useful for 40k maps, especially on feudal worlds.

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It's perfect for what I would do in 90% of my games. All I could ever ask of someone who makes tiles is make them in warm, neutral, and cold colours. All art that is recognizable is art worth having.

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The aesthetic comes secondary as long as things like walls can be seen as walls and doors as doors and so forth.

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Scouts are Space Marines in training. They wouldn't be deployed alone because they're suppose to have a veteran sergeant teaching them how to space marine. Theoretically they're deployed with their teacher to do low intensity missions like sabotage and assassination and support stuff to learn how to fight with all your new organs before they shove you in powered armor and you really get into the shit.
Unless you're the space wolves, in which case they take their baby marines, shove them into armor, drop them up shit creek without a paddle, and sees who comes back alive a few times. And you leave the non-powered armored stealth missions to your loner veterans.

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Or black templars.

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The Black Templar don't quite go so far. Their neophytes still get attached to a battle brother to teach them.

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Assets in dungeondraft can be re-coloured, so that's totally up to you.

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Is his plasma gun getting more and more elaborate with each new depiction?

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Every time it gets wrecked he gets an upgrade thanks to his Khorne Product Protection Plant.

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Working on a vehicle splat for my Dark Heresy Genesys hack at the moment, trying to figure out what air vehicles to add.

Current list I'm working with;
>Aquila Lander
>Arvus Lighter
>Chiropteran Scout
>Corvus Blackstar
>Fury Interceptor
>Halo Barge
>Lightning Strike Fighter
>Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter
>Marauder Bomber
>Valkyrie Assault Carrier

I'm intentionally not covering proper starships, they'll be a separate book. And I don't want an exhaustive list of every vehicle variant in the Imperial Navy either, goal is more to provide a nice snapshot of the variety of vehicles available.

I'd especially like to include a decent selection of civillian/industrial vehicles as they're much more likely to be relevant in a DH campaign, but I think I've got pretty much everything in that department.

Any suggestions you'd like to see added?

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I've never understood how Kharn can do so much damage but never seems to get his unarmored arm fucked up.

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It's probably more durable than the armor.

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I've never understood why no one just shoots him. Aside from him being GW's second favorite Chaos mary sue.

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That like asking why no one just shoots a Titan. You need a pretty big fucking gun for it to even begin to be an okay idea, let alone a good one.

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I am rolling up a sector for a campaign and constantly get space stations, but no idea what to put on them. Anyone have any ideas?

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Does the guard have tactical nukes? I understand not wanting to nuke your own places but against tyranids/orks/chaos and such in areas you can afford to use do they use massive nuclear attacks to destroy them? Would seem very effective.

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Nukes are usually regarded as archaic because on the low end and if you need a localised extinction event orbital weaponry is much more effective.

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more civilian stuff honestly, I doubt the baneblade will get used all that often compared to lower end stuff.

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looks great anon

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stupid question but what is "the inner temple"? looking for the updated WanG pdf, can't see it in the PDF share thread, am i stupid?

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read the PDF

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Is there a savage ork statline to be found somewhere? Quick glance over book made me find OW core saying to just give them choppas.

What about giving them something more akin to Fantasy orc eq? Choppas with primitive, shields, bows instead of shootas, occasional great weapon?

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But technically wouldn't a plasma gun be able to penetrate power armor? So it'd definitely be able to penetrate skin, right?

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Normally, yes, but Kharn's arm has a Chaos Nuh-uh field that protects it from harm unless the plot demands it.

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How make a Khorne berserker people can trust? Is the honor thing truly the only way?

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Thematically, how do you differentiate a campaign vs Orks or Tyranids? It seems like both just invade a planet and eventually destroy everything, the only difference is in the aesthetics. I'm running an Only War campaign and we're leaving a warfront of Orks for Tyranids, I'm just worried it's gonna be too samey.

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Chain him up when not in use, like they do with dreadnoughts/helbrutes.

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Orks don’t necessarily destroy everything, they take prisoners to use as slaves and loot imperial armories. There’s a chance you can take back a world lost to orks and still have some of the population survive. Nids just destroy everything organic.

>> No.72477734

Eh. The only real difference between an ork and a feral ork is what equipment they use.

>> No.72478341

Sure, but how well does it work?
Eg Bows seem to be entirely incapable of dealing damage to anyone with a semblance of armour with Prim 6, so im debating adding Toxic to it to also enhance the Death World vibe.

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A full-on Khorne Berserker? Or just someone who worships Khorne?

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>imagine the smell

>> No.72479991

Full on berserker

>> No.72482444

The armor is less a tactical choice and more an aesthetic one.

>> No.72482656

Chaos is rather, uhh, chaotic my friend. The greatest khorne berzerker of the them all routinely butchers his own followers

>> No.72484797

Thanks! Making some progress here.

>> No.72484879

These are solid designs! Where can you download this and does it cost anything?

>> No.72485295

The asset pack isn't downloadable yet, I'm still working on it at this point. The program is DungeonDraft though, which costs 20 bucks.

Most mapping software I've run into sucks horribly, but I've found DD pretty intuitive.

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Haven't used DD yet but I'll say this: if you're Forever GM, it's the only mapping software I've seen that isn't a fucking subscription.

>> No.72486335

I think outside of combat you can potentially work with them - it seems like the team killing stuff only really happens when they're sped up and "berserking" during combat. Even then it would be a bit of a stretch since they're infamous for not being able to work together. I think you could spin it in an RP setting, would just need some explaining like how they're only in things for the bloodshed and they're on your side because you promised them more blood than the other dudes.

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What would you find in the den of a psyker who's been hidden from the Black Ships for 25 years? She's likely crazed and hiding in a bombed out mansion in a collapsed portion of the upper hive.

>> No.72486572

Heresy and Chaos.

>> No.72486586

Indulge me anon, the canvas is blank beyond the premise.

>> No.72486612

Birds, bones, shit in multiples of nine, other tzeenchian stuff. Psykers are easy prey and psykers who haven't been black shiped are even easier prey for Chaos. They wouldn't have had telepathica training on how to control their abilities nor warning on what not to do and to not listen to the voices and such. The fact that she lived 25 years like that would mean she is being used as a part of a larger plot.

>> No.72487549

Not him, but I'm doing something similar in my session tonight. Players are chasing someone who's trying to abduct a Psyker hidden away in the upper hive. Hopefully my players aren't reading this but the outline I have is;
Estate guards are thralls, they don't go inside the actual mansion but they're puppets of the Psyker inside.
Some wacky geometry to keep intruders away, I'm thinking the Hedge Maze from the Shining, or a statue garden.
A single Fury stalks the halls of the estate, will allude to it earlier in the exterior areas (was it a statue? Who knows)
The family of the psyker, lost and maddened are roaming the halls of the estate. They were the last ones to realise and succumb to the insanity unfolding and locked themselves in. The patriarch appeals to his sons humanity, the mother roams the halls in utter despair and the shadows cackle and torment her. They may be able to help the PCs.
The Psyker himself has cocooned himself in his old bedroom, the veil is paper-thin here. He clutches an old lead-figure of the Emperor given to him as a child, it's not working anymore.
The manor itself largely looks rather abandoned, but rooms within it are flexible and reflect warmer times from the psykers memories, all of them from his childhood. Cupboards are filled with juicy snacks, shadows visit and bring presents and tell exciting war stories. And then a Fury flies down the corridor and takes someones head off.

>> No.72489334

Could put a communications system, advanced warning system, bio system, ordo xenos lab, secret launch facility, a chaos cult. So much you could do with it.

>> No.72489402

Orks are more tactical even if their tactics are dumb. They do retreat to regroup.

Nids are relentless and care not if they die, especially the more basic organisms. They also have very strong psychic attacks and generally are a lot scarier than orks

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new to 40k and i have a question:
i wanna run a nurgle army. mainly demons. but i also want to have some of his cool decaying machines on my army. is that allowed? because it looks like most of the nurgle warmachinery is in the nurgle marines armys.

am i allowed to mix vehicles into a demon army?

>> No.72489679

This is the RPG thread, you want the 40k general

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Thanks Anon!

>> No.72493099

Sounds super spooky. I'm guessing you're running dark heresy?

>> No.72493422

Shall I apply the sacred unguents?

>> No.72494052

It's Genesys Dark Heresy yeah. In a wild turn of events though, the players avoided the haunted house and are now boarding a train full of psykers, bound for psyker-prison, and are planning to derail the train. Oh well.

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me trying to explain the setting to a noob

>> No.72497205

Well that's a sudden change of pace. Maybe they'll end up in the upper hive in a roundabout way eventually

>> No.72497922

Is the revised Wrath and Glory good?

>> No.72498073


Good system with severely limited content.

>> No.72498177

Very handily, as they stood in the midst of a derailed train and hundreds of dead children they said "We should go to the estate and find out what his parents knew about all this", so I can use my preparation for this week, next week. Yay!

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What table are you using? Is it from one of the 1d4chan tables I cant find?

>> No.72499640

I'm afraid it's probably going to remain like that for a good minute. I'm sure they have multiple teams over at cubicle 7 but I feel like their primary focus right now is probably AoS Soulbound since they built that entirely from the ground up and just released it - with way more content than what WanG came out with as well.

>> No.72500968

How is the quality of No Surrender?

>> No.72502370

*What* civilian stuff, though? That's the thing I'm finding tricky, there's not a lot in the way of non-military vehicles in 40k fluff or rules, especially when it comes to flyers.

For the ground vehicles I've got a bunch of industrial and civilian stuff (GSC material is great for that), but air wise it's pretty much just a couple of cargo shuttles and the aquila lander.

>> No.72503789

Has anyone tried running a 40K game using any edition of Simple d6?

>> No.72505090

Necrons enjoy this thread

>> No.72505206

Does anyone have any example play sessions of 40krpgs? Preferably nu-wang but I'm curious in general how sessions go, how people describe the setting, etc.

>> No.72505432

In Eater of Worlds a bunch of rogue WE killers try to kill him while he's comatose. He kills all of them unarmed (IIRC) and tanks a bolter volley in the shoulder like it's nothing. The man is ridiculously durable.

>> No.72505459

One that is honest with the other people he works with. Yes he worships Khorne, yes he routinely kills people, yes there is a very high possibility that you end up killed during a friendly fire accident with a chainaxe. Don't stay too close in battle, don't try to stop him from killing, kill with him on the battlefield, and you'll be best of friends very quickly.
Besides, nothing stops a 'Zerker from being a pretty swell guy outside of battle. I mean, even without the memes about it, Kharn was quite nice (for a Chaos Champion) and level-headed when he was not busy killing stuff.

>> No.72505947

Why's there always seem to be so much conflicting lore with Khorne? Half the time he only cares about honorable killing and blood being shed in battle and combat, then the other half he only cares about blood being shed period. Doesn't matter if they're a child or a geriatric, more skulls for the skull throne. Why can't ol' khorne make up his mind about what makes him happy? Also, what's the deal with the team killing - isn't friendly fire inherently dishonorable because it catches you off guard which is sneaky and Tzeentch-like?

>> No.72505967

I'm starting to plan my first DH campaign and I think I want it to start with the players investigating a derelict spacecraft.
Finding mysterious cargo or weird orders in the bridge.
Where did the traitors come from? Where was this shipment coming from? Who could have stolen it? etc.
Or is it too isolated? Meaning the chain of events are dead in the water?
Possible combat encounters includes scavengers or plague zombies if the ship was lost in the warp for awhile.

Is this a good way to start a campaign or am I going to fail spectacularly?
Also both me as a GM and my players are new to the DH and my players are absolute newbs when it comes to 40K.

>> No.72506045

In WHF, it was because there was no unified cult of Khorne, just a bunch of Norse tribesmen who all had their different ideas about what to do to honor him. In 40k, it's because several writers and several decades of lore, though I guess there's also a fair bit of obfuscation to let you play Your Dudes (TM) the way you wish to.
Khorne may not care whence the blood and skulls come, but that doesn't mean that your character can't care about it, quality over quantity and all that jazz. I mean, he has one of his favorite daemons as a literal headhunter for the finest fighters in the galaxy and doesn't care about the rest, so that's probably one of the possible roads to worship.

>> No.72506059


>> No.72506065

"Derelict spacecraft" means "Derelict several kilometer long city" in 40k.

>> No.72506083

yo where to cop a black crusade game

>> No.72506152

Hmm. This might pose a problem.
So do you believe this is an absolutely horrible idea? Or could it be the setting for a couple of sessions?

>> No.72506203

Starting out, it would be pretty bad. Ship investigations are usually done by people with lots of backup or space marines.

>> No.72506228

Not if you change "derelict" for "nonresponsive".
>That ship that's carrying that important cargo that I need isn't responding, go check it out.
Is pretty valid. Then when the PCs board and find their bosses trinket got stolen they can go from there. Who stole it, why, when, where did they take it?

>> No.72506236

What about an unused part of the ship they're in? A cult or something even worse starts secretly developping there and your players are sent to discover why the work in Engine Coolant Subsector has been less than efficient for a few weeks. Could be a first test of their abilities without them having an entire abandoned ship to plan for.

>> No.72506237

depend of what kind of space craft, really.
if it is an instersystem freighter, you can have something at smaller scale.
A warp capable transport, though, range from 1,5km long, 20K crew ( a Vagabond class mass freighter for instance) to behemoth of te Universe class, 12 km long.

Exploring a derelict is a good context for adventure, but just remember the scale, a warp capable ship is basically a flying city in space.

>> No.72506247

That is true, the main issue with that concept was having to navigate a gigantic area with practically no other social interactions or directions.

>> No.72506305

Yes, now in hindsight I agree. Especially if it is a warp travel capable ship as I originally intended.

This might be a better fit and as >>72506237
pointed out it could be a small ship taking some cargo from one planet to another that has stopped responding. It would also open up for the possibility to go planetside after just one session.

This is a novel idea that I did not really consider at all but I want the players to go planetside as well. However, I really like the idea of basing a campaign or a series of sessions in a colossal flying city.

>> No.72506332

One of the Cain books mentions a hive city having a lot of civilian flyers around it.

>> No.72506333

It could be worth considering to start on a planet and have investigations lead to it. Have the planet be the tutorial area of sorts.

>> No.72506429

Yes, that would also be an option. Having the acolytes investigating a local cult or what have you and then having to go into space to find why the ship transporting an important prisoner or government official has suddenly gone dark.
Or an important grimoire or other ritual artefact.

Then you can go planetside again, or go to another planet in the same system.

>> No.72507142

>be guardsman
>be part of a crusading force into Ocularis Terribus spce
>comissar is being an ass as usual
>fleet is engaging traitor fleet on orbit of some demon world shithole
>traitor fleet is defeated
>we prepare for landing
>land on the demon world
>tzenntch demons everywhere
>traitor astartes join the fuck fest
>get told by comissar that this is magnus the red's demon world
>battle rages on, somehow I survive this fuck fest, thank the Emperor
>magnus shows up
>magnus looks like pic related
>may the emperor forgive me for I am about to commit some serious heresy

>> No.72507762

Why are you like this?

>> No.72507931

The fuck kinda gm do you have?

>> No.72508339

new wrath and glory pdf where?
Is burning stiull OP as fuck?

>> No.72509007

This was some shit I wrote on the moment for the lulz but to be honest magnus looks hella thicc on that art work

>> No.72509043

Starting rogue trader for the first time as a GM only ever played pen and paper RPGs a few times, all the players are new to it too. Any tips of how to play? We're doing it over discord.

>> No.72509422

long time RT GM here. They ghave created their characters already or not ? do you know what sector you're going to set their shenanigans ? (the Koronus Expanse, an homebrew place ? )

>> No.72510798

As >>72509422 said there's a little more information necessary here if you want more specific assistance. I'm also a long time GM with several campaigns of RT under my belt. To start you off with some general meta-level advice, if your players are new to RT but not new to TTRPGs then you may need to disabuse them of some preconceptions but also curtail some things before they get out of control.

RT starts the characters off where most systems end. They are fantastically wealthy and influential by the standards of the setting and have a mobile cathedral/city/doomsday weapon with thousands of people at their beck and call. Consequently, your players' characters should be people of incredible vision and drive. RT works best when the players accept the capitalist-at-all-costs shenanigans to their fullest and charge after their desires. Players who aren't used to having to muster their own ambition can find it daunting. Simultaneously some players may go mad with power and think they can just point their ship's weapon systems or condemn their pseudoslaves to die for their amusement at every turn. You need to make it clear that there are dire consequences for abusing resources. Reputation is a factor of their influence and it can quickly sour and mutiny is an ever-present danger for the callous and careless ship master.

Mechanically you need to establish what kind of campaign they want to play up front and determine what parts of the bloated ancillary systems in Rogue Trader they actually want to use. Do they actually care about ship combat? Are they interested in colony building? Do they want to wage large-scale war? These are important questions that can prevent both you as a GM and your players from getting overwhelmed by all the supplementary material. As a personal preference, I never use the Endeavor system as written because it's frankly horrid as a means of tracking progress and is easily cheesed or broken to snowball into ridiculous nonsense.

>> No.72511114

>>72509422 here, and to follow up my fellow >>72510798 from there.

you shall insure that yours players have goals : getting even richer. conquer a sector. start a collection of starships or xenos waifus, whatever.

remember that thereis always a bigger fish. a RT and crew are big guys with big money and hat, they shoud feel that. but as big players, others notice them and act accordingly. In doubt, if you want to stir them up a bit, introduce a rival or two : other RT dynasties, ambitious cardinals or planetary governors...

your main jobis to present them opportunities according to their goals, and throw problems along the way. Don't bother thinking about solutions of said problems, that's their job. Enjoy the show of creative money throwing to solve this problems.

You have to think in large scale, your players too. Tell them that their wealth is not an amount of money, but basically a godamn G.D.P. Likewise, they are basically stateman, and must behave likewise,

Do tell us what you have in mind for your campaign, and your players as well, so we can help you out.

And don't be affraid, GMing RT is really fun !

>> No.72511123

the smells of love

>> No.72511125

To continue from >>72510798
My most important mechanical advice for you is not to be afraid of providing positive modifiers to rolls. The books are notorious for offering examples of flat Challenging (+0) rolls. Considering how shite the character's stats start off without dedicated minmaxing, keep a constant +10 or +20 at hand so they don't just get stuck. You wouldn't call someone with a 40% chance of doing something "competent" and the characters are supposed to be at least that.

With respect to modifiers, you can either play it fast and loose or get really caught up in grubbing for every modifier. Determine what style of play your group wants and stick to it. As written, the system demands you find every available bonus and try as hard as possible to get that target number to 100+. Certain careers can get there with the benefit of talents, equipment, and proper building relatively early. That's when the tough stuff (negative modifiers) and opposed rolls come out so the game doesn't feel trivial.

A few rules of thumb depending on how your party forms: Don't use the Navis Primer rules for Warp navigation unless you have a PC Navigator. The Rogue Trader is actually the "weakest" career in general, but the specialists in their employ are supposed to be just that. Inversely, the RT is the one quite literally invested with the mandate of god. Their strength lies in the ephemeral realm of role-play and less in their statistics; embrace that. If you have munchkins in your group, be wary of Explorators and Navigators. Both can become nearly invincible murder machines more quickly and completely than the other careers and pigeonhole the challenges you can offer them into things that would annihilate their fellows.

A general houserule tip is to use Only War's combat rules instead. Having run it both ways OW provides a better experience full stop.

>> No.72512603

Anybody have experience GMing W&G?

>> No.72512680

Yes. Did you have something specific you wanted to ask?

>> No.72513091

Any advice on running the system? I've got friends that are relatively new to RPGs in general and don't know much about 40k other than "it's kind of like starcraft" but I'd like to try to introduce them into W&G and maybe do a one shot session or something along those lines

>> No.72513493

I have a Question/Problem
My players have manage to get a (realy cool locking) group of murder servador as there body guards.
They are strong as fuck and i fear that whatever i build that can defeat this things will murder my players as well.
Yes i may just go full AT rocket launchers or autocannon and set up an ambush. But i dont want to look like i have just removed there cool guards.
Thinking of that: They use there crew for every fun fight i planed so far. How to stop that without saying "no you do it yourself"?

>> No.72513745

dat anus. cp?

>> No.72513796

The system is very simple. I've run a number of introductory one-shots at local stores using the original release. If you want to make it as easy as possible for your new players make some pregens at Tier 3 using the archetypes. Math works out that a given DN requires about 1.5x dice to achieve 50% of the time. If you make some pregens, get 10 dice in the skills the character is supposed to be good at, 7 dice for secondary skills, and let the rest default or maybe put a 5 or something in there. Having your players build a character is honestly the one thing I'd avoid especially if you're doing it analog though there are some digital tools out now for the C7 release if they insist. Also, just accept that every character should probably have an Initiative of 4 so their Defense doesn't get them killed instantly.

During play, encourage your players to spend Glory and shift. It should come and go fluidly. As an introduction run a very basic scenario: three scenes with some gaps in between the set pieces. To hammer out the simple mechanics of the game drop them straight into a combat situation with a couple mobs right out the gate, let them soak some damage and show them something horrible to set the tone. Then give them some narrative room to get out of the situation, finding transport, restoring communication, something like that. Get them moving to the next encounter which could resolve peacefully, earning them some desperate allies, or another more threatening combat with something potentially useful (gear or an NPC) for your final scene. Last scene throw something nasty at them, see if one or two of them die and if not they barely escape to face the next fresh horror, potentially leading into your ongoing adventures. Has worked every time I've run it and complete newbs and vets of other games have had a blast.

I had a quick reference sheet I would give to players but haven't updated it for the new release. I could maybe fix it up if you're interested.

>> No.72513838

Just spit balling here but maybe set up a diplomatic meeting where they demand the presence of your players? Players could go with body guards then get attacked and body guards are mostly wiped out. From there they could be struggling to get comms with their ship or their ship gets attacked and has to divert from the area/ make a warp jump as a survivability move or something like that

>> No.72514169

noble banquet of the local lord where no "ugly servados are allowed. Then the host gets attacked and the players have the honor to help defending (becouse the guards are useless like always)
other idea was a fun epic event where an hiveworld get hit by an nit cult, chaos cult and ork clan at the same time. Total chaos and a "time limit" to return to there ship untill the local guardsman hijack it and escape without them this shitshow.

>> No.72514336

Thanks for the advice, I could see that definitely being a good hook for players instead of starting them at like level 1. There's already a quick reference guide floating around here >>72460674 but I think another one could be helpful. Did you run your system with grids and rules or theater of the mind?

>> No.72514533

I ran 90% of my games with a battlemat or maps. You can do theater of mind but like most games that feature combat and have actual numbers associated with range and movement, you're just trying to re-bake a half-baked experience by using ToM. And I'm talking about a one-page front-and-back "how to actually play the game" quick reference for players, not the GM Screen style reference posted above.

>> No.72515273

So is wrath and glory any good? with all the old fantasy flight books out of print it's one of the only options left, but it seems to have mixed reviews.

>> No.72515763

Here's my hastily updated player Quick Reference sheet. I went with the rules for spending Wrath to recover Shock from the Wrath Points entry rather than the Shock entry since it's typically better for the player.

>> No.72517213

Thanks man, saved. Really appreciate it and the tips.

>> No.72518847


>> No.72519218

So, I'm running Black Crusade soon.

I have all the books everything, but the issue is that FFG has horrible qc.

If some of you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if anyone can make some adaptable statblocks for the following enemies. You will be saving my bacon.

Imperium -
Sororitas & Variants (Celestinians, Canoness, Repentia)
Inquisitors - (Adaptable Statblock)
Scout Marine
Assasins (Vindicaire, Culexus, Callidus, Eversor)
Militarum General
Living Saints
Vehicles - (Tanks, Aircraft, Artillery, etc.)

The Daemon Primarchs
Daemon Princes
Vehicles - (Transports, Tanks, Aircraft, etc.)

Boys (Shoota and Slugga)
Mad Dok

Eldar -
Dark Reapers
Warp Spiders
Fire Dragoons

Tau -
Fire Warriors
Tau Commanders

Again, thanks for the help.
I'd do it myself, but I'm stupid busy with school things.

>> No.72519573

Oh, also I need stats for Tyranids.

Just... all the standard Tyranids.

>> No.72520105


kill yourself you lazy fuck

>> No.72522074

How untouchable are the other factions of the Imperium to the Inquisition? You obviously have the ones who are beyond reproach, like Primarchs and the Bananamen, and after that, the High Lords, but it gets a bit muddy after that. Am I correct in assuming that AdMech and Rogue Traders are sort of kind of untouchable, and then it's Astartes, Ecclesiarchy, and then the rest depending on how influential the individual being harassed is? I'm going to run DH2 soon and I want to include a bit of cross-faction politicking and dickwaving so that every problem can't be solved by mentioning sugar daddy Inquisitor's name.

>> No.72522139

Inquisitors are only as powerful as their ability and willingness to enforce their power.

>> No.72522185

That's a non-answer, but thanks for responding.

>> No.72523024

How compatible are rules from Dark Heresy 2nd edition and Only War? They seem very similar in design and numbers, and my players recently wanted to use a home-made mortar courtesy of their tech-priest. I ripped the rules for it directly from Only War and it worked fine, but how far can one take this kind of interchangeability?

>> No.72523098

The rules are almost 100% interchangeable between DH2 and OW. You're not going to break anything by using either.

Just don't involve Rogue Trader without taking a close look.

>> No.72523118

how do you access that area on the left?
Those 4 rooms with the workbench don't seem to have an actual entrance, unless you climb in through the pipe or there's an archway that isn't immediately obvious.

>> No.72523237

Admech - Not untouchable, but damn close to it. That said, many mechanicus are as puritanical as the ecclesiarcy so convincing a Magos that one of their peers is fucking around with shit they shouldn't can make action much smoother.

Rogue Traders - Only really untouchable when operating outside of Imperial Space. The moment they're back in the Segmentum you can come down on them like Julian Assange out for a stroll.

Imperial Navy - You can probably get what you want IF you are the actual inquisitor. If not, and you're just some acolyte with a writ of authority, try to play nice to the captain or you'll wind up in brig.

Imperial Guard - see above, a lot easier to boss around though because you often aren't relying on the guard for transportation like you are the Navy.

Officio Assassinorum - good luck

Astartes - Some Chapters will play ball and take a chewing out on the chin but you can find some violent resistance with others.

Ecclesiarcy - Probably the most likely to fall into line, their ingrained respect for the role of inquisitor is going to give you lots of leeway.

>> No.72523357

as a follow-on from this: how fucked is the warband if they end up going up against a rogue Eversor Assassin? (They're in the 5000 xp range)

>> No.72523432

What's the number of wounds and soak it has?

Players are able to kill a lot of things with good spacing and lots of ammo.

>> No.72523456

Its not helpful, but the answer is a big "uuuuhh, it depends." A rich as fuck Lord Inquisitor with some military might to bring to bear has the nutsack to come down on a rogue Astartes chapter. An operator operating, who gets (or forges) rock solid evidence could take down a high ranking general or esslesiarch.

At the beginning of Eisenhorn, he makes sure to bring all of the evidence he has when he needs to talk to the leaders of the planet because he knows they want to torch him, regardless of his rosette.

>> No.72523487

'm going to run DH2 soon and I want to include a bit of cross-faction politicking and dickwaving so that every problem can't be solved by mentioning sugar daddy Inquisition.

Whenever my players try to claim to be part of the Inquisition to people with much higher status or who believe they have nothing to hide, the NPCs just ask for proof. You can't really hope to invoke a powerful entity on other powerful entities easily and the Subtlety system can be used to incredible effect if your Acolytes don't want every Tom, Dick, and Xan'Thor the World Ender to be out for blood.

One Inquisitor I use hasn't given his name or a badge of office to anyone and even the Acolytes just kind of trust that he is an Inquisitor solely because he has a lot of money and guns. I tend to make the Inquisitor who uses Acolytes consider that they are expendable and should not be privy to special treatment until they prove sufficiently useful.

>> No.72523524

That's not meant to be a functional map, it's just a test of the assets.

>> No.72523525

24 wounds, 10 soak (T4; UT3), 5 dodges a turn.
So it's pretty tough, and in melee it will probably delete one of them each turn.

>> No.72523533

Yeah I think I can cook up something interesting with Admech. Honestly, I'm starting to think that they're most interesting faction in all of 40k the more I read about them.

I thought RTs were more important than that even within the Imperium, being beholden only to the Emperor and all that. Roughly equivalent to chapter masters and inquisitors, I think the book said. Sure they have to follow Imperial law, but you'd need to have a strong case to detain them and launch an investigation.

As for Navy and the Guard, I think you'd only need to play nice because of practical reasons rather than lack of authority. They could simply make you disappear and cite some warp fuckery as a reason and get away scot free, but that goes for pretty much anyone. Piss off an influential noble and you're knee deep in shit creek despite you having clear authority over them. And, couldn't you theoretically hitch a ride from Telepathica or merchant/civil fleet?

As for the Assassins, yeah they are without saying 100% stay away. If an institution requires unanimous decision by the High Lords, which therefore includes the fucking inquisitorial representative, to even launch an op, you stay the fuck out of their way.

Also what's the deal with Ministorum anyway? Some texts suggest that they are an independent organisation, but I'd always visualised them as being clearly under the Inquisition's authority, and highly dependent on other Imperial entities.

>> No.72523540

That's fair enough. Just thought that, with the chaos symbol on the ground, it was the den of a heretek or something with a secret entrance.

>> No.72523627

I can totally see how you assumed it was a functional map, I didn't really provide any content.

Plan is to release these assets once I've got enough stuff ready to be usable. Might make some pre-made maps for people too, not everyone is keen on DIYing it.

Here's the assets that are done so far.

>> No.72523687

Don't forget the drugs that let it regenerate and take double actions. And its high skills that will likely let it get a drop on the players (78% on stealth for example), so before they even get to actually make attacks they'll get to dodge meltabomb blasts.

So yeah, don't sic assassins on your players unless you want them all dead.

>> No.72523839

The Ministorum is both the most powerful and popular part of the IoM and is the literal backbone for converting recovered planets. They also own the entire SoB as their personal army. There are a lot of times you read about powerful members who have their own ship fleet capable of destroying planets and could rival the Imperial Navy given the specific sector. Faith is currency, it's value is guaranteed by the Emperor, and the Ministorum are the bankers.

>> No.72523925

And as an added fun bonus, it can unlock doors with Security and Tech-Use at 50 which does conjure a funny sight of an eversor hotwirng a door. They're also not stupid at Int 30 and effectively roll 102 on a +0 modifier Awareness test.

>> No.72524247

Yes, because the base system is pretty good. People were running WANG before it got revised, now it's just actually coherent.

>> No.72524582

Looks awesome so far anon
You're doing the Emperor's work out here

>> No.72524754

It's good if you like a more mechanically cohesive game. The FFG games were an absolute clusterfuck of mechanics, and all fucked up all over the place. WANG is easy to learn and everything works, more or less.

It's obvious downside is not having 10+ years of material. Fluff can't really be ranked because 40k fluff is all over the fucking place. I'd actually put the FFG fluff as shit overall, because it was decidedly more grimderp than most 40k lore, actually somehow managing to be more retarded than some of the worst codex's ever printed in the wargame. Really, all around, my view of the FFG stuff is it was one of the shoddiest 40k products ever put out, which is why I can't understand how anyone liked it.

Then again I'm an old ass grognard fucker who thinks 40k lore peaked at 2E, because it did. Everything past that seemed to forgot the humor (both black and regular ol' british humor) all over the setting and tried to appear serious and "grown up" in the same way a teenager trying to prove something does, which only made it look laughable...In a bad way.

>> No.72524807

Emperor preserve you!

>> No.72524834

>>The Ministorum is both the most powerful and popular part of the IoM
But that's the exact thing I'm not seeing. Sure there are popular priests all over, but the Ministorum isn't really involved in anything besides faith-related activities (which admittedly is a fairly large portion of Imperial citizens' lives). Yeah they control the Sororitas, but they're a comparatively minor fighting force in the Imperium. Guard being the Sledgehammer and Astartes the Sword I'm really not seeing a place for the Sororitas save for internal wars of faith.

But the thing I find most hard to believe is that they'd rival the Navy or Telepathica in terms of naval prowess. Hell, I bet the AdMech and even Astartes control far more ships in total. Or is my view simply so skewed by all the media I've consumed that mostly involved the IG, Astartes, Inquisition and AdMech?

>> No.72524897

I might be wrong, but I always cosnidered that the ministorum DID have a Fleet, until the Reign of Blood, and thanks to the Decree Passive, they no longer have a military fleet. Sure a few transport there, penitent ships there, a very few warships mayhaps, but not a warfleet proper.

>> No.72524909

isn't an eversor "hotwiring" a door the same as an evesor kicking a hole in the wall next to the door and screaming "WRYYY!"?

>> No.72524916

Yeah I got the impression that their actual power was curbed a metric fuckton after the whole age of apostasy debacle.

>> No.72524931

Sometimes it feels like hotwiring a door or believe it will be better to hotwire a door locked while they go around to WRRRRRY in a now locked room. They also have operate +20 so they can hotwire a vehicle and crash that though a wall too.

>> No.72524952

Just wait for the inner temple to come back online. You want shit for free, you pay with time.

>> No.72524957

To be fair I don't see that being that out of the Eversor's MO. They're excellent infiltrators until they actually get to their target, after which they pump their systems full of hyperlethal combat drugs and go apeshit on everything that moves. It wouldn't do them any good to start murdering from top to bottom and give their targets a chance to mount proper resistance, hide, or escape.

>> No.72525214

Just about to finish Dark Pursuits for DH2. What should I run next? I know forgotten gods is the "sequel" adventure, but are there any DH1 adventures I should look at instead?

>> No.72526771


I'm gonna just add that these anons are right, don't bother with GURPS, BRP is a much better decision

With that said, how's Wrath & Glory? Is it as deadly as WFRP but less complex?

>> No.72527025

Now all I need is the new PDF and Im gold

>> No.72527032

warhammer is just woke garbage like anything else these days.
I got no hobbies left. everything got censored and ruined by feminist and liberals

>> No.72527062


>> No.72527166

>he let other people ruin his fun
oh nonononono

>> No.72527187


This is especially ridiculous since this is a thread for the RPG, and not the miniatures game, which doesn't really depend at all on anything other than the rulebook, dice, and pencils and paper

>> No.72527374

It's back up at The Inner Temple.

>> No.72527496

From the DH2 book which is set in the Askellon sector, there was a Priest who became immensely powerful and probably would have ruled over a huge chunk of the sector of not for his hubris. He set a command for the Navy to blockade a planet and I think they are still following that command over 100 years later. As with all things 40k, your game can lift up any one faction or person into a near godlike status. I'm only saying that the mouth pieces of the Emperor typically enjoy a greater degree of power across the Imperium.

>> No.72527940

spoon feed me pls dont bully

>> No.72528045

Is there actually any lore other than the Deathwatch RPG which established Astartes weapons as being significantly more powerful and damaging than their human scale equivalent?

Working on Space Marine rules for the Dark Heresy Genesys hack, and I'm trying to figure out weapon balance for them, don't want to repeat Deathwatch's weird ass balancing decisions unnecessarily.

I can't personally think of any lore establishing that Space Marine bolters are any better at killing shit than the bolter an Inquisitor or a Sororitas might carry around. Just that they're bigger.

>> No.72528061

Come on, anon. It's in the OP. Go to the PDF Share Thread. The guide is simple. At least be willing to put in a bare minimum of effort if you insist on getting things for free.

>> No.72528170

The Deathwatch RPG was an outlier and incorrect. It was more a result of FFG falling into the trap of expanding the Black Library 40k RPG system that wasn't intended to go further than just Dark Heresy.

Actual Astertes bolters *do* have larger frames, but that's because of their big meaty fingers. The actual caliber of bolt rounds are the same.

If you wanna balance them for your homebrew project, I more recommend giving Marines access to abilities that simply makes bolters more effective in their hands. Like Bolter Discipline.

>> No.72528480

>The Deathwatch RPG was an outlier and incorrect. It was more a result of FFG falling into the trap of expanding the Black Library 40k RPG system that wasn't intended to go further than just Dark Heresy.

That last part is incorrect. Black Crusade was the first original one FFG did. Rogue Trader and Deathwatch were promised by Black Industries before Dark Heresy's release. That was specifically a mission statement that FFG accepted: delivering on the promises BI made.

In truth the main reason why Astartes weapons are extra powerful is probably because BI seriously messed up with making Unnatural Characteristics a multipler instead of additive. We got Astartes stats with the very first supplement that was released (Purge the Unclean, still by BI) and that Astartes had comparable Characteristics (including TB) of the later DW Marines.

>> No.72528836

>Mfw the random NPC valet I gave the party to drive them around and make sure they reported to the Inquisitor regularly has become a valued member of the team and the party gets genuinely concerned when she's injured

>> No.72529147

Wait what the fuck happened to my image?

>> No.72529201

There are different sized bolt shells, tho.

>Ikanos Pattern < Tigris Pattern < Phobos Pattern < 41st M. Standard < Heavy Bolter < Bolt Cannon

>> No.72529245

But there isn't Human < Astartes shells, was by point.
Standard bolter for both Marines and people use the same standard.

>> No.72529351

For myself, I assume a different level of quality assurance and testing, rather than attempting to place damage values on calibre difference or lack thereof. (damage results can swing like a MF between any two shells anyway) Not all bolt shells are considered minor relics the way astartes bolt shells are, and there might as well be some founding truths to that.

>> No.72529380

Also; where does it ever directly compare a human and astartes shell for any precise non-difference?

>> No.72529460

I would like to play a game, where to find one online?

>> No.72529497

Tabletop simulator

>> No.72529518

That is quite possible, but I still think that as a game, bolters should have the same damage values. There are other ways to make Astertes bolters special besides the damage stat. Like giving them special traits or whatever.
Get creative bro!

>> No.72529541


>> No.72529799

Doesn't that suck for doing anything at all

Thanks beb I'll try looking there

>> No.72531322

Just give the orks a "Da Old Ways" trait that removes the primitive quality, and give them some interesting arrow types like squig arrows.

>> No.72531510

Bro just use the stuff from the books most of this is in the books, and you can just adjust it. Also ALL those chaos characters should not fucking show up in your campaign. You shouldn't even see a daemon prince untill halfway through the campaign. Much less someone like Kharn or Abbadon, forget daemon primarchs entirely.

Mark of the xenos is your best bet for most stat blocks for aliens, and even a couple chaos blocks. You'll find more daemon engines than you can shake a stick at in the tomes, but those aren't meant for personal scale combat. A group of even highly skilled chaos space marines will get destroyed in moments by a base defiler. Much less some of the more horrifying daemon engines. The rest you'll have to dig for since you'd have to be lobotimized not to be able to figure it out yourself.

>> No.72532139

>With that said, how's Wrath & Glory? Is it as deadly as WFRP but less complex?
Never played WFRP, but the answer is "depends how you run the game". Weapons that are supposed to be deadly, are. Plasma and Melta will probably drop you instantly. Flamers will set you on fire, which is all kinds of bad. Lasguns will probably be laughed at by tougher PC's (Spess Muhreens), or most people in power armor, much like they should. Etc. So it's as deadly as you make it, I suppose. Melee weapons in general got a big boost from the original version. But you're more likely to lose bits and pieces than to outright die (as getting insta-killed requires a large single source of damage, so we're talking plasma/melta territory), and Medicae can get you back up and fighting so it's not "Oh no a PC got shot guess they're out of this entire session lolz".

Anyway, the game is fun. It's easy to get into, easy to make characters for, and everyone is more or less equal, which is the goal of the system. Some archtypes are probably a bit better/worse than others, but generally everyone is capable for their Tier. The only real pitfall is probably allowing weapons with too high of a damage for players to take. Or, in other words, unless you like seeing the badguy melt in one shot, don't let players take plasma/melta/autocannons/etc.

>> No.72532308

>it's not "Oh no a PC got shot guess they're out of this entire session lolz".
TBF, it wasn't before, unless that PC had no fate points - and the GM was too busy thumbing their own asshole to award a point to recover wounds.

>> No.72532324

You'd think that, but in a lot of lore even before the eversors start injecting the stim cocktails they're already living in a state of constant rage hence why they need to be cryogenically frozen

>> No.72533209

A lot of 40k lore is inconsistent as fuck though. Also another reason to keep them frozen is because the augments and drugs Eversor assassins are pumped full of take such a toll on their bodies that their life span is probably measured in months rather than years. And when they die, they blow up, so you kind of want to avoid that.

>> No.72534508

So I've been reading junk for years, but I've never really thought about it - how do you pronounce las as in lasguns and lascannons? I always thought it was like a hard "a" sound like lazz, but then again it's supposed to be short for laser so is it actually pronounced lase? If that's the case why didn't they just call them laseguns or lasecannons?

>> No.72534604

Lazz is the pronunciation I hear. Even if it's based off laser, it sounds better as lazz.

>> No.72534971

didnt work so good

>> No.72536340

It's important to remember that *every* bolt weapon is considered a minor relic. There's a reason they're so rare for non marines.

>> No.72536387

>literally churned out by the billions every day for everyone who needs them

>> No.72536567

yes, thats exactly how 40k works, lorelet

>> No.72536661

get the fuck back to /40kg/ our thread is too slow for this

>> No.72536701

>I'd do it myself, but I'm stupid busy with school things.
kys faggot

>> No.72536789

>In truth the main reason why Astartes weapons are extra powerful is probably because BI seriously messed up with making Unnatural Characteristics a multipler instead of additive. We got Astartes stats with the very first supplement that was released (Purge the Unclean, still by BI) and that Astartes had comparable Characteristics (including TB) of the later DW Marines.
They could've just made them weaker in DW. Damn near everything that BI published was tweaked or completely reworked in the FFG releases, so its not like their word was law.

>> No.72536890

>its not like their word was law

But it was. If things were not compatible, people shrieked. Just look at the DH2 beta. Just look at people who consider every book past Blood of Martyrs a separate game system since it doesn't mesh well with the Black Industries books.

>> No.72537027

Got 29 minutes of availability left on the current upload. Tick tock, anon...

>> No.72537098

It worked right after I posted, thank you

>> No.72537395

Most boltguns are hand-me-downs from hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Only the Sororitas and Marines get a steady stream of fresh bolters.

>> No.72537407

People shrieked, but FFG didn't have to listen to the shrieking.

>> No.72537456

and its the old book.

God dammit!

>> No.72537476


They're a business on a niche product, of course they do.

>> No.72537503

made by the billions for wars with trillions of combatants.

>> No.72537504

>go woke, go rich
uuuhhhhh,,,, yikes

>> No.72537513

The five people screeching on their forums do not represent an entire consumer base. Most RPG players don't test beta RPGs.

>> No.72537528

I guarantee the version just uploaded is the latest C7 release.

>> No.72538539

Khornates have the unironic power of an aura of sweltering heat that melts their surroundings- this is in part, due to being servants of the god of strength. In other words- they're borrowing a note from the eight (nine?) gates bollocks from Naruto, and are always so fucking hot their sweat causes metal to warp, melt, leave burned foots prints in their wake, and make their weapons extra spicy. Probably melts bullets.

That and people forget Khorne is probably surrounded by furious angry Soul-hornet parasite anger wasps.

That and Kharn is too busy doing action adventure game God of War stunts to be hit- always agile and murder-chain attacking everything in sight, and healing the damage per kill.

>> No.72538623

Those alleged Human X Eldar Worlds were never burned in the Great Crusade, but instead preserved as Paradise worlds for the highest of highest to use as pleasure planets.

Vulkan probably was on the burned one to cover for a relocation when the Inquisition came snooping- have to protect Big E's secret harem planet from scrutiny and Fulgrim finding out.

>> No.72538928

>Big E's secret harem planet
Big Epstein? Island

>> No.72540147

The DH2 beta didn't work out because it was a fucking mess. It had a lot of good ideas, but the implementation was utter trash.

>> No.72540399

And instead of fixing those ideas they... scrapped them all and re-released Only War with a fresh coat of paint and keeping the very half-baked Influence and Subtlety systems.

Good job FFG.

>> No.72541153

Only War was one of the best received rulebooks, and people wanted more dark heresy but without all of the jank from older books. If they wanted to make Dark Heresy in the spirit of the newer games, which is what people wanted, it was inevitably going to be "OW but spies".

Space Marines having slightly different stats in a new game, and the new game being completely mechanically and numerically different to every other title are apples and oranges.

>> No.72541223

Armiger warglaive/moirax and rough rider squad a good way to flank and kill hordes of weaklings? Rough riders seem like they can't deal with anything heavier than infantry, so a thermal spear, volkite or graviton pulsar could take care of anything stronger

>> No.72541498

Sure, but it's almost in the same sense that all tech that survives long enough is treated as minor relics. No one goes, "Wow, fuck me, a spent bolt shell casing! Gonna keep that as a minor relic!"

UNLESS. It's an astartes bolt shell casing.

>> No.72543250

>completely mechanically and numerically different to every other title
This is not at all what happened you ridiculous clown man

>> No.72545151


>> No.72545154

Is anyone aware of any rules regarding the number of attacks a character capable of wielding three or more weapons simultaneously can make in the FFG RPGs?

>> No.72545464

broken chains from black crusade :)

>> No.72545497

This is from DH2E.

>> No.72545900

There isn't any, the lore tends to treat a bolter as a bolter, sometimes to the point of ignoring the sheer size differences between Astartes and regular humans. It would make sense for Astartes to wield larger and more powerful weapons, as that's one of the advantages of the lot of them being so damned huge. In fact it's already the case that normally crew-served weapons like autocannons, lascannons, and heavy bolters are man-portable for Astartes. Their bolters are definitely physically larger too so it's only logical they would be higher calibre. Again though, much as it makes sense there's not really any lore support for it. What I would suggest you do if you want to have some distinction but still be lore consistent is give Astartes boltguns and bolt pistols the autofire trait, but because they can carry more ammunition on account of the size, they don't get the higher chance of running out of ammo that weapons normally get when autofiring.

>> No.72546229

>Is there actually any lore other than the Deathwatch RPG which established Astartes weapons as being significantly more powerful and damaging than their human scale equivalent?
Storm of Iron seems to imply it, having just reread it and The Emperor's Gift spells it out. That's just off the top of my head tho, there could be more but frankly I don't care enough about the subject to look.

>> No.72546245

I'm going to go ahead and pimp out Radical Inquisitor's Edition, an effort to make the DH2 Beta's implementation actually good. It's not mine, but I really like it quite a bit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g7xbPXrll72i6xpXMkkPsVNBbmFw74cm1w-fUOa--b8/

>> No.72548934

In my game the GM made a special talent upgrade to Two-Weapon Wilder to allow three or more attacks:

Cyber Weapon Master
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Two-Weapon Wielder, Mechadendrite Use (Weapon)
Aptitudes: Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill, Finesse
This Talent enables the user to use the Two Weapon Wielder Talent to make attacks that include MIU and Mechadendrite mounted weapons as well as more exotic weaponized implants. Coordinating such attacks, even with an MIU, results in a degredation of accuracy as concentration is split between multiple weapon. For each weapon beyond the second used, the attacker suffers a cumulative -10 penalty on all attacks. Mechadendrites that are used in this way cannot be used to make Reaction attacks.

>> No.72550372

Hello, anon. I want to DMing some Only War. Letting people die in the blood and the mud, you know. Are there some sort of "encounters generator"? For the sake of plot hooks and tips.

>> No.72551590

The one I downloaded had the exact same cover as the old one

>> No.72551617

why the fuck isnt the new WANG not on the trove?

>> No.72551777


because c7 monitors the thread and the trove blows up if people put it there

>> No.72553068

>C7 monitors the thread
I really doubt any company monitors 4chan. It's a fucking ocean of piss.

>> No.72553179

I had a player really try to get me to cave on this, but he already had two attacks with very high RoF weapons and could typically lay down 7+ hits in one turn and resolve it against 3+ enemies. He eliminated threats so fast that the entire group was left to watch the fireworks and no threat outside of bulky daemons could do much. He still felt like he should be able to just turn into a mobile howitzer because he was playing entirely solo from the group.

>> No.72553738

I got you covered.

>> No.72553959

Thank you, good sir.

>> No.72554223


>> No.72554314


Go on. Put it in the trove then. See what happens.

>> No.72554470

I dont have it, you twat.
I would if I could tho.

try with wetransfer

>> No.72554487

I don't need to or want to, I own the book already.

>> No.72554704

why do you come to 4chan to lie?

>> No.72555267

What would be a fitting Gift that Khorne would grant to a Navigator who has earned his favor? Something specifically that effects the Nav's Third Eye.

>> No.72555338

His third eye can pop out, grow arms and punch people in the face.

Why would Khorne grant favour to a navigator anyway? He absolutely hates psykers.

>> No.72555558

More specifically, it's a Navigator from a Deviant House. Poor maintenance by his family of their Navigator Gene caused him to be born with a biological Third Eye, but completely warp-inert. His family was eventually targeted and destroyed by the Inquisition, he escaped detection and found his way to the Gangs in his local Hive, where he established a Cult. His anger and bitterness over his losses have specifically pushed him to the worship of Khorne. The continued escalation of violence and bloodshed in the rites he has his Cult perform eventually impress Khorne, leading to his said favor and Gift. The Gift is specifically related to his Inert Eye, because Khorne wants to give him and ironic Gift that serves as a burning reminder of everything that he has lost, to push him to escalate the bloodshed even further.

>> No.72556017

In tome of decay, there is a weapon khorne daemon princes can buy. Could give him a lesser version.

>> No.72556081

Since combined arms regiments are not allowed by Imperial Guard creed, would one armored regiment be allowed to contain both tanks and superheavy tanks? Or would those be two different regiments?

>> No.72556176

Regiments do have combined arms, but to extremely limited extents and those would be separate.

Fuck you captcha, I solved it right 3 times in a row.

>> No.72556652

>Regiments do have combined arms, but to extremely limited extents and those would be separate.
How do you mean they have combined arms? Are we talking a line infantry regiment having heavy weapon support? Or one regiment bringing rough riders and grenadiers at the same time?

I'm just curious because I know my players are going to question the makeup of their supporting tank battalions if they do or do not contain both superheavies and regular tanks, and I need to have the details ready to go.

>> No.72557756

based, this should be part of the OP

>> No.72558324

hey guys, i'm seriously thinking about running a 40k game but I need to trim down some of the stupidity so my brain doesn't hide in self defense. This is what i've got so far. Comments appreciated. 'but muh lore novels' fuck off.

A Long Fucking Time Ago there were the old ones. They probably weren't called old ones then. They boldly went into the voids of space and developed all kinds of technologies and so on. There were other races, there might have been a Federation of Planets, who knows. Eventually they had a huge empire and needed to keep people with every kind of possible and impossible luxury. So they stepped it up from their usual mechanical and biological automation/servitors and developed an entirely new state of energetic being (the Warp) to provide goods and services at non-einsteinian speeds. Basically they took their faster than light travel methodology and wove a bunch of AIs in. This worked really well, and they fell into decadence that you and I can't even imagine (although by god we wish we could).

However they got into a war with a bunch of ancient AIs from a now-dead civilization. They did something to piss them off, like wipe out a bunch of religious artifacts or time-frozen dead civilization citizens or something - the why isn't really important. These AIs were largely reactive (mimicry but faster and with more resources is the best way to avoid cross-cultural war loss) and effectively just copied how the old ones did things but better. Old ones used robot and biological war drones, so they found a sentient race, turned them into war drones with clever propaganda, and deployed those. Old one society had criminals (of probably ideological bent given post-scarcity) and they used Chaos software to destroy infrastructure (it used random algorithms to model successful variants of existing software structures and implement them in real time, causing system conflicts that couldn't be easily purged).

>> No.72558376

So the ancient AIs made a better version of that and infected the AIs the old ones used in their energy-realm, which basically sunk their entire civilization as going from fighting a hard but manageable war to 'my toaster is trying to kill me' is pretty hard. Then these ancient AIs mostly went dormant again, after hunting down every single old one and old one related thing they could find. Their sentient war-drones did some more hunting down because they were so heavily propagandized to think it was a holy cause, but the AI were gone.

Tyranids are old-one made terraforming/terrascaping servitor fleets. Repurposed for combat. They survived the Chaos software attacking the energy-realm because they were designed to operate a long way from support (back before the energy realm was fully functional) and didn't rely on a direct uplink.

Necrons are a race of fairly blameless potatos that got used as sentient war drones by the ancient civilization AIs. Individual sentience meant they weren't vulnerable to electronic warfare attacks ('''psychic''' attacks) and propaganda kept them on-mission. There were not infinity necrons in the past, they got copied a bunch. Necron society is mostly a bunch of dogged old-timers staving off suicide by muttering old propaganda to themselves and wiping out younger races. Some of the smarter necrons sustain themselves with seeking revenge on the AIs that did this to them in the first place.

Chaos are the '''four''' Old One AIs that still sorta function. They fought off the software but not without being transformed quite horrendously. Nurgle (Nur'erelg) used to be in charge of public health and physical wellbeing, and still 'sort of' is. Slaanesh (Slaan News?) oversaw entertainment and all kinds of time spending activity from gaming to crossplanet waterskiing. Khorne is an anti-virus cybersecurity and identity-security AI. Tzeentch oversaw all data storage and archival as well as physical artefacts. There were others.

>> No.72558430

Some were changed so heavily they basically don't exist, others went into forced dormancy (the Old One emergency protocol for cybersystem contamination). The four that are still.. functional.. are so by invoking emergency clauses that allow function during emergencies even if they'd otherwise be shut off. Their randomized changes by the Chaos software led to this behaviour and thus a need to perpetuate conditions their continued service would be required in.

The Warp is just an artificial energy-state created by the Old Ones. Think of it like zero-point energy, infinite power created by a different set of rules. There's nothing strange or 'chaotic' about it, large-scale computing operations performed via pure energy just look horrifying to uneducated humans. 'Daemons' and the like are just constructs created by the AIs to create the specific situations likely to result in a continued state of emergency by the rules of their programming.

Humans and the Imperium are a slightly genetically altered version of the Old Ones created by (one of) the last Old Ones, the Emperor of Mankind. Pretty much a nobody who rose to the occasion, he's trying to restart his race using the materials from an Ark project he managed to escape on (alone) (it used old-and-shitty technology to propel something away from all stars, since anything new would be detected). He set up the whole Earth and stuff to basically be a do-over for humanity, but was mistaken in some of his assumptions about how viable that would be. The Dark Age of Technology was his first attempt, then he tried a lower-tech version with the Imperium hoping that would keep humanity off the radar. It didn't, as he underestimated the Chaos gods repeatedly thinking their inability to go against an Old One meant he was safe. Still, the C'tan didn't wake up so.. maybe it sorta worked?

>> No.72558456

The Eldar were one of the Old One servitor races made in the old days as sexy house slaves by a splinter group of Old Ones. There was a big war over it and they were freed and given citizenship. Then during the Big C'tan War a small number of them managed to escape as the C'tan didn't really give a shit about them compared to the old ones, and they made their own civilization which focused on staying hidden and psychic defenses built into the very architecture. They didn't create Slaanesh, they woke up Slaanesh in their attempt to restart an old one AI and usher their civilization into a new age of prosperity. This led to even more hiding.

Orks are a warrior race created by the Old Ones during the Big C'tan War. Their speciality was survival under any circumstances, so unlike most other more specialized warrior races they survived and thrived under the harsh battlefield conditions. Most of their other servitors and races did not survive the Chaos software due to everything being psychically hard-linked to the Warp. The Orks were spared by some poorly-regarded research on 'warrior spirit' being included in their conditioning and genetic development. Unlike pretty much every other psychic individual and gestalt in the Old empire, they committed collective psychic suicide rather than allowing themselves to be modified to the point of destruction like everything else. This broke enough of the connection with the Warp for their genetic instincts to re-establish a gestalt powerful enough to fight off the now malign influence of the Chaos gods and the remaining Chaos software.

>> No.72558536

But without information uplinks for training and orientation packages, they were left with unconscious imprints of that data. So they could make a functioning land vehicle out of wreckage, but not really say how, or why. The constant psychic pressure from the chaos software and the chaos gods means anything but a simple and brutish purpose quickly leads to destruction for orks. Group thought and singularity of purpose is the only escape, and over time it became so deeply ingrained in the ork psychic gestalt that it's hard to say if it could ever be removed.

The T'au are a Serious Fucking Worry. They're the race that produced the Necrons, but like, alive, and why they suddenly appeared is very concerning. It's pretty certain to be a plot, but like, whose plot, is up in the air. The big worry is that some sliver of the C'tan has woken up again and is looking at the galaxy with a beady eye and getting some resources ready in case they need to cleanse the '''old ones''' again.

None of this is super different than the basic setting, but it covers some of the more important plot holes for me (why the fuck is every alien race bipedal?) and provides some good Sekrets to drop to players. I like the grimdarkness of the setting but the derp levels are too high for me to run it unmodified. Anything anyone can think of to improve that general fluff is appreciated.

>> No.72558599

What is the point of all this? This makes even less sense than the normal chronology and leaves more holes than it fills. Why do you want chaos to be rogue AI software science bullshit. They're devils from hell, not glitchy computers. Why do you want the unknowable satans from another dimension to just be magical hackermen? If you don't like 40k don't play 40k.

And all of the fluff about the old ones is background, and in a game of Dark Heresy or WanG it will almost never come up.

>> No.72558635

>Why do you want chaos to be rogue AI software science bullshit

Materialists are so intellectually deprived, so self-cucked they cannot comprehend an essentialist philosophy. You see it in all settings and games.

>> No.72558739

Why the fuck does any of this bad fanfiction matter for your campaign? This metaplot level shit has no bearing on any 40kRPG campaign.

>> No.72558745

>/tg/ 2020
Your ideas are so incredibly bad I'm excited to hear how you make the Imperium of Man, and the Chaos Heretics themselves "less derp".

>> No.72558780

>None of this is super different than the basic setting
Are you high?

>> No.72558807

this kind of sucks, it also wont mater to the average game.

>> No.72558862

You see this a lot with people "fixing" 40k. A lot of people see the religious and superstitious elements of the Imperium and get personally offended that there is an anti-rational, highly traditional fictional empire. Even GW themselves forgot about this when they explained all the cawl-pattern bullshit as actual inventions, and not rediscovered STCs

>> No.72558914

>I never use the Endeavor system as written because it's frankly horrid as a means of tracking progress and is easily cheesed or broken to snowball into ridiculous nonsense.

I recently started an RT game, GMed some OW and DH a bit too, can you elaborate on why you think that system sucks? Or any other pointers really.

>> No.72559021


Well, if I wanted to run a game where you're hunting a chaos cult through the streets of <Hive World C> then sure, it's totally irrelevant. The game is set on Terra though, and it's about being the personal servants of a Lord of Terra who gets murdered and trying to find out what happened to him while getting ass-deep in a bunch of Secret History bullshit. And all the assholes manipulating it for their own ends.

The point is to have something definitive for the players to discover that isn't just HURP DURP IT GOES DEEEEEEEPEEEERRR LULZ which is basically the GW version.

>They're devils from hell, not glitchy computers

'it's magic, don't think about it' is not usually a good sell for my typical players
they have way more fun when there's a reason the wizard needs magical feet harvested from dryads or whatever than just 'because'

>> No.72559107

Just get the books from the troves, nerd.
Yes, digital only sucks dick when you have to have 10 Adobe Readers open instead of just having books with bookmarks but it works.

>> No.72559225

This sounds like you want to play a game that has jack shit to do with 40k, honestly. Why not just make up your own setting with all of these ideas?

>> No.72559240

It's not "just because". The Warp and Chaos are fundamental parts of the universe, just like gravity, matter, energy. Do your players need an elaborate in-universe explanation for those things?

>> No.72559390

Honestly "it's an impossibly advanced corrupted AI" and "it's an incredibly powerful magic" are both equal levels of "don't think about it" unless you're also dramatically increasing the level of knowledge available to your player characters.

>> No.72559413

Please lay off the 1d4chan, son. Your mother and I are worried about you.

>The game is set on Terra though, and it's about being the personal servants of a Lord of Terra who gets murdered and trying to find out what happened to him while getting ass-deep in a bunch of Secret History bullshit. And all the assholes manipulating it for their own ends.
So what? You want them to uncover the metaplot of the setting, or rather YOUR setting, as the big reveal? I dont understand why 40k is so incompatible with mystery, or conspiracy stories. You also seem to be misunderstanding 40k. Its not a story, it's a setting. It doesn't lend itself to your players personally defeating thanos.

"To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods."

>'it's magic, don't think about it' is not usually a good sell for my typical players
The Chaos gods want to eat your souls because they are evil, soul hungry, gods. That's the reason. Their influence drives people to madness, and daemons will promise material rewards if you serve them. Its not hard to understand.

>> No.72559593


Then I'm glad people like cawl are changing things.

>> No.72559736

Changing things by... making bigger guns and bigger men to shoot the guns? This will surely solve the endless war!

>> No.72559975

>trying to shoot the darkness of the human heart

rationalism, not even once.

>> No.72560575


>chaos = gravity

okay nerd. That's like saying US foreign policy is gravity. Anything involving sentient beings that you're going to tell stories about needs some kind of underpinning for what they want and GW fluff is so incredibly vague and simplistic I can't really use it for Fuck or All other than providing Generic BadGuyzzz to shoot at. This is an intrigue campaign. There needs to be dudes with motives. Reasons. Backgrounds. Otherwise there's nothing for the players to interact with and it's just high politics in pseudofuturistic city world, at which point, why use 40k at all.


>"it's an impossibly advanced corrupted AI" and "it's an incredibly powerful magic" are both equal levels of "don't think about it"

In terms of 'can you beat it' it's about the same, but it's way easier to make up rules or agendas for something with a fixed goal than trying to wade through the morass of bullshit and vaguery to try to figure out what 'nurgle the magic being' wants. Souls, worship, 'people suffering of plague'? You can't win against any of that. You can't eliminate the concept of _infection_ as a discrete player character, and that's not the kind of story I want to tell. I want something where there is a legitimate, galaxy-spanning thing that matters for the players to interact with. Every game of 40k i've ever seen has been 'on this one planet, you can do a thing, maybe' and like that's fine and all but I want to tell a story where the characters are doing stuff that affects a wide-scale without making them play the fucking Emperor Reborn or some shit.

>> No.72560643

>doesn't lend itself to your players personally defeating thanos.

I don't think you understand. I want to tell a story about players defeating thanos. I have players that will sit through my storytelling. I also want to run a game in 40k where people do Shit That Matters. So i've rewritten some 40k material into more thanos-like forms so there's not just GrimDarkness That Makes All Victory Impossible but actually something that has a face they can theoretically punch.

There is absolutely nothing about changing some secret details about some Super Old Shit that removes any of the elements of the 40k setting that I want to use, aka the giant hive cities, the crushing poverty, the weird use of humans for every job instead of machines, the glittering imperial pomp, the ossified bureaucracy, crazy-dangerous aliens, elite psychic inquisitors who have 'kill the few' tattooed on their asses, etc that importantly some of my players are vaguely aware of thanks to books/games/minis etc so I can toss around words like 'God-Emperor' and 'Space Marine' without having to explain as much.

>The Chaos gods want to eat your souls because they are evil, soul hungry, gods

This is vague, and more importantly, unchangeable. I can't have players interact with it without pulling bullshit plotanium out of my ass - why exactly are you adamant I can't just predesign some plotanium so my players can interact with them in a meaningful way in a campaign i'm literally running for them to do that.

>> No.72560697


if your bar for 'this isn't 40k anymore' is arcane and recondite details about the Old Ones being changed then you're a purist to a degree that I sure hope no-one who plays in my games is. Like I said, the entire modern day 40k setting is basically unchanged by any of this, it's secret information known by like, necrons. It's got God-Emperor, lasguns, hive cities, giant cathedral-like spaceships, etc, it's fucking 40k. Why would I write up a bunch of shit and source a bunch of art to make a carbon clone setting of something that already exists.

>> No.72560709

>This is an intrigue campaign. There needs to be dudes with motives. Reasons. Backgrounds.
Don't make an intrigue campaign about the fucking Warp?

There's a reason Dark Heresy games focus on human cults and criminal cells, and not the metaphysical concept of the Warp.

>> No.72560727

>at which point, why use 40k at all.
You have changed 40k so much that it is not 40k anyway, dude.

>I want to tell a story where the characters are doing stuff that affects a wide-scale without making them play the fucking Emperor Reborn or some shit
That's not the kind of story 40k is suited to. Play a different setting. Make your own up.

>> No.72560738

You've changed the major deities of the setting into fucking AI, dude. That's a MASSIVE change.

>> No.72560747

>Don't make an intrigue campaign about the fucking Warp?

If you don't really define what is happening with the warp, and leave it as vague 'magic and gods' then an intrigue campaign about the warp is an intrigue campaign about.. nothing.

Thus why i've defined it. I don't want to run a game of cults and gangers. That's every DH campaign and i'm sick of it. I want to deal with the big stupid concepts of the warhammer setting, even if I have to make up all the details because GW hasn't provided any non-contradictory or concrete information on any of it.

>> No.72560758 [DELETED] 

I don't think you've really expressed what it is that you want or need want from the thread with what you've initially posted. You should more clearly articulate why you posted in Thread what you did, because your initial blurb before your write-up is kind of incoherent. I don't know what you expect, but I don't think you will get any useful or helpful responses. Your're just going to be spinning your wheels and wasting your and other peoples' time.

>> No.72560796

>You have changed 40k so much that it is not 40k anyway, dude.

These changes don't matter at all to the basic mouthfeel of the setting, which is largely what i'm using it for. I guarantee you - you could sit down at my table, and for the first like six sessions you'd not notice any of these changes whatsoever (of course, you'd have a massive nerdrage table flip when it started coming out later, but thankfully none of my players lurk tg so I know you're not among them). Just because you're a lore purist, doesn't mean every other person is (though I guess this thread is? my bad for expecting actual game-playing discussion rather than lore circlejerking from a wh gen I guess)

>You've changed the major deities of the setting into fucking AI, dude. That's a MASSIVE change.

feel free to define how mysterious secretive warp gods are different to mysterious secretive rogue super-AIs that live in the warp

it only matters if you're dealing with fairly specific elder technology and/or an old one

>> No.72560841


what I wanted-
>look up <named character> as a potential guy involved in secret shit with the chaos gods
>your writeup works better if the t'au are actually the chaos gods' answer to killing the remaining c'tan
>how are the players mean to interact with any of this

useful feedback, ideas, setting relevant minutiae that can help portray my version

what I got-
>muh lore
>this isn't 40k1!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!
>lol materialism

>> No.72561001

There is president for a baneblade and russ to be in the same regiment, but it would mechanically be made separately and just work together.

>> No.72561040

precedent fuck.

>> No.72561363

>Poor maintenance by his family of their Navigator Gene caused him to be born with a biological Third Eye, but completely warp-inert.
Sounds like you're trying too hard and results are going a bit dodgy, anon.

>> No.72561472

but what you are trying to do is like claiming the force isn't an energy field that binds all living things but actually microscopic bacteria in your blood stream.

>> No.72561480

>The Chaos gods want to eat your souls because they are evil, soul hungry, gods.
Personal head canon; chaos gods don't exist. It's all STC nanites with varying amounts of data corruption and replication failure, drifting through the galaxy and accumulating in unthinkable amounts to form 'rifts'. Remnants of the last war that involved any real humans. Even warp travel is just disintegrating/rebuilding with errors in transmission.

>> No.72561495

Dodgy how?

>> No.72561553

>claiming the force isn't an energy field that binds all living things but actually microscopic bacteria in your blood stream

Most people believe this outside the echo chambers of star wars purists. It only took twenty years of fandom population replacement.

>> No.72561728

but the gods existed before humanity arose, and warp travel isn't instantaneous transmission.
is there anything to back this up?

>> No.72561764


Yeah. "40k is a big place", as people here are so fond of saying, which means that if I headcanon something, people who say it's wrong are automatically wrong.

>> No.72561802

i never said you are wrong i just asked if there was anything to back this.

>> No.72561818

>I don't think you understand. I want to tell a story about players defeating thanos. I have players that will sit through my storytelling. I also want to run a game in 40k where people do Shit That Matters. So i've rewritten some 40k material into more thanos-like forms so there's not just GrimDarkness That Makes All Victory Impossible but actually something that has a face they can theoretically punch.
Why are you capitalizing random phrases within your sentences? Is this a tvtropes article?
I dont understand the point here. Are they going to be personally battling the chaos gods? Why do your players need the validation of winning the final battle against the chaos? How powerful are the player characters if they're investigating the death of a high lord and discovering the true nature of chaos? Are they Chapter Masters and Lord Inquisitors? Does your party want Avengers: 40k?

The purpose of making 40k incredibly broad is so that players could have massive sector spanning campaigns while keeping the general setting intact. In wars across millions of worlds the actions of five or so people aren't going to matter. What makes a game compelling is the story telling, not the setting telling. The only difference between a saving 'a planet' and saving 'the Imperium' is the noun you use.

>This is vague, and more importantly, unchangeable. I can't have players interact with it without pulling bullshit plotanium out of my ass - why exactly are you adamant I can't just predesign some plotanium so my players can interact with them in a meaningful way in a campaign i'm literally running for them to do that.
How is making them rogue AIs any more compelling as a background? Why is this change necessary? Are they going to be interacting with the chaos gods themselves or something?

The question I have with all of this is, in one word, 'why'?

>> No.72561933

>is there anything to back this up?
>Personal head canon
Pick one.

>> No.72561946

>>72561764 is some rando samefagging. Go figure.

>> No.72561983

That said; if you want it to make (some) sense, include nanotech from the races most involved in the creation of each chaos god.

>> No.72562679

How do I make combat in Rogue Trader faster? I'm sick of rounds that take a half hour and I'm sure my players are too.
On that note: How do I get my players to start looking for advantages in combat to make their rolls bigger? They'll half-aim or do semi- or full-auto and that's about it unless they're one turn away from moving to a closer ranger bracket.

>> No.72562790

Are they looking up what to roll or what dice to roll for damage or what? It shouldn't take long to decide 'shoot this guy, roll dice, roll damage dice if hit', move on.
If someone is playing the rouge trader, they can give someone else a +10 as a free action each turn. On weapons themselves, better quality melee weapons give a bonus to tests and guns can use a red dot sight for single shots or a motion predictor semi-auto/full auto.

>> No.72562820

I think it's a combination of trying to figure out what to do and trying to figure out what all the bonuses they have do. I know that I struggle on my end when I introduce a new enemy type and realize that I don't understand how they work after all, or need to find a rule that I know I saw but can't remember where or even in which book since Rogue Trader is about as well organized as the bedroom of a 5-year old with ADHD.

>> No.72562850


>> No.72562872

Assuming nothing particularly exciting is going on during the battle, they should be at least planning on what they're going to do on their turn before it happens. Assuming a relatively static (see no change in range bracket) battlefield, just remind them to roll what they did last round if they're doing the same thing again. No need to recalculate when all the circumstances are the same. If enemies you're using have weird abilities that you know will come up, make a screenshot or note card or something of them so you don't need to reference the book. If you're really unsure of how an enemy works, do a whiteroom combat by yourself with the PC's stats and just see how the rolls go.

>> No.72562900

Thanks. I'm not sure why taking screenshots never occurred to me.
Do you or anyone else have experience with the 40K addition for MapTool? Their website is down right now so I can't look into it but I think we're all getting tired of Roll20.

>> No.72562917

your head cannon is shit, consider making your own setting.

>> No.72562945

I haven't used maptool in years so I can't help there. I would recommend using the snip tool on the relevant parts of an enemy and just pasting them all together in paint so they're all in one image.

>> No.72562967 [SPOILER] 

Radical GM heresy incoming.

don't worry about enemy HP, every special rule that they have, and precise movement rules. If enemies get shot have the players roll damage and then interpret.
Is he unharmed? Wounded? Barely standing? Already in crit? Normal mooks should die in just a few shots, only boss enemies need precise stat counting. The numbers, are an illusion.

Do the same thing when attacking the players as well. Roll some dice, pretend to do mental math, and just decide how many times they got shot and how much damage it dealt. Just use your judgement to make a compelling battle. These games are really bloated on the GM side. Choosing from lots of talents and traits allows the players to really flesh out and tweak their characters, but stacking bonuses and every minor special rule for enemy goons is just a chore.

>> No.72563000

I kind of do this already, but only when things are starting to really drag. I try to hold back on it because I'm worried about inconsistently dangerous enemies.

>> No.72563119

I've only tried it for OW and it mostly worked ok, like all MT stuff it takes some getting used to though.
On the plus side the dev is still actively maintaining it so if you run into any specific issues there's a decent chance he'll be able to help you out.

>> No.72563130

Just do it from the start, you should have a good feel on how dangerous baddies should be. Also consider how swingy a D100 +D10 based system is. Some shots can do fuck all, some can shoot you near to crit. Using your best judgement can obviously make combat encounters that are better balanced than anything the dice would produce

checked, btw

>> No.72563166

I'm excited about MapTool because it looks like I can do that in the system. I'd be able to make my own GM screen, my own screen for each session, and have different rule screenshots pop up when I hover over a related pog or note.

That's good to know. What were the problems you were having?

>> No.72563189

Cheat sheets are your friend. I'm sure there are some floating around. I dont play any game without some form of simplified rules handout for players, especially for something was fiddly as ffg40k.

>> No.72563280


At least as far as Talents and Traits are concerned, I suggest jettisoning them all for enemies and replacing them with a succinct list of a few MEMORABLE Special Abilities. Those do not need to equal the actual Talents, in fact it is better they do not, because then these Abilities can really give the enemy their own unique character.

>> No.72563326

Some stuff to do with autoresolving flamer multiattacks and wound pools for newly created tokens.
Fair warning though, according to the dev these were apparently caused by updates to MT itself disagreeing with the (now quite old) framework and there's a decent chance that more of them will crop up.

>> No.72563617

Is it possible to create an interesting space marine in DW/BC that isn't just a murder machine?

>> No.72563665

That comes down to roleplaying as all SMs are murder machines.

>> No.72563765

Where do you get the idea that Imperial Guard regiments are not allowed to be combined arms? In Storm of Iron the 383rd Jouran Dragoons technically a mechanized infantry regiment, but they have tanks and artillery as well. The Cadians in Forge of Mars I think are a single regiment and they seem to have everything from foot infantry to super heavy tanks. In First and Only the Jantine Patricians are a shock regiment, but they have armoured personnel carriers and tanks as well. I'm sure there are more examples in the lore. Then on table-top, the battle forged armies rules strongly encourage you to deploy combined arms forces. Like it's possible to deploy a single arm force, but it's not the default.

>> No.72563856

I remember /tg/ once made a Blood Angel built around running very fast. They named him Testicles, like Hercules, as a joke about chafing.

>> No.72564836


Not the same person
I swear that OW corebook has a note how they are not allowed to combine arms as an intentional move to reduce their combat capabilities if they were to rebel.
I don't recall IG codices by heart so Im not sure if it is in line with them.

>> No.72564854

How bout that.

>> No.72564930

Whats the best dark heresy module?

>> No.72565097

Rejoice For You Are True.

>> No.72565130

New Thread

>> No.72566075

Is it just me, or is the 40k Armory in the OP not filled out at all when I opened it? I'm GM'ing a RT game and would really appreciate the curated collection, if anyone can help me out.

>> No.72566435

>> No.72566449

>> No.72566463

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