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Can't tell if they're gay or not. I've come too far. Go on without me.

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Left eyepatch has a flat body, he's a dude. Right eyepatch has a bean body so she's a girl.

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thog life

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Mostly mediocre thogging, but
>hee hee
>I miss michael

That's not bad, mildly amusing

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>This Is It. Hee hee!
>I miss Michael.
Amazing. Beautiful Thogging.

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Fuck off, Rich.

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Oh god this dumb jackass will never ever finish the story for this stupid comic. He'll just keep padding it out with inane dialogue forever.

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What better way to milk NEETs and retards for their money?

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Basic potions?

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I can't tell if that's supposed to be a joke or a cliffhanger

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I'm guessing it's a joke about how Roy was falling and didn't have a health potion? I don't get it.

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He did a bunch of Final Fantasy jokes the first time an airship was involved in anything, it might be a callback to all that.

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Seriously? The joke is they had no reason to give a fuck about the potion seller on the ship until just now so he only just popped into existence. Like how V's familiar used to only pop into existence when he suddenly remembered he had it. It's something I instantly related to as a GM from the number of times I've had to go "oh yeah this guy you had no reason to interact with has been here the whole time btw and you should interact with him like right now."

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I think it's Xykon setting up some kind of joke. Reminder that the last time we saw Xykon was December 2nd 2019 (#1189), and the last time before THAT was June 21st 2016 (#1041). So it's been YEARS since he last interacted with the gang, which was on July 17th 2013.

Let me put that into perspective. In the same month we last saw Xykon interact with the Order of the Stick directly the hot new video games that people were talking about were fucking Limbo and DOTA 2. It's been THAT long.

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Guys, it's a callback to this.

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Okay, that's actually pretty funny.

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Ah, so it's just Rich playing the long game yet again. Wasn't there a joke recently that he set up almost a thousand comics ago or something?

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Okay, so I kinda cheated with Elan's bubble.
Orignal actually has a half-decent punchline, though I feel like the potion-seller is a reference to something years old that nobody remembers.

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Very effective Thogging here.

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Thanks! I've always found it more fun to go for "actually summarize the comic" thogs than "benis in bagina :DDDDD gay buttsecks" ones. Those are still neat, but I like the original Thog idea better.

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Cheating aside that's actually some pretty fucking good Thog.
>teen greenhilt

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There's no way he's not setting up for the finale with a joke like that.
We might actually see OotS end before this time next year.

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You're writing in your office in your house with your girl when thog comes in and puts his axe on your script's ass. What do you do?

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That's O'aka from Final Fantasy X. He is always present right before major battles, selling basic shit you have 99x of and asking you for donations to get a discount on his basic shit

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>teen greenhilt
Very good!

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Guys, guys. Only sixteen pages and five months until they get off the fucking boat!

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I think we're FINALLY getting back to a better pace for the story. We left the last book off with a cliffhanger and now the party is setting off for the final adventure, hell, they're even in the correct area. There's gonna be WORDSWORDSWORDS for days but at least shit's going to actually start happening again, and we'll soon be free of this pain.

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Unlikely. Yes it's the finale, but those things have a tendency to explode in scope. I expect it to be no less than double the durkula arc from this point forward.

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Alright, that's solid

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I can't wait to see more of Ice Namek.

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Hey words guy how you been?

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its been alright. tamed a stray cat and nursed it back to health. she is outdoor cat and lives in my greenhouse. very curious, she got into my car when i was getting ready for work.

I named her Cat_2, because she is the second cat.

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cat 1 (William) and Other cat (Cat_2)

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Dungeon crawling fools.
121 comics
421 days/ 1.1 years
Average days between comics: 3.5

No cure for paladin blues
179 comics
501 days/1.3 years
Average days between comics: 2.8

War and XPs
182 comics
506 days./1.3 years
Average days between comics : 2.8

Dont split the party
187 comics
692 days/1.9 years
Average days between comics: 3.7

Blood in the family
273 comics
1523 days (1633 actual)/4.2 years
Average days between comics 5.6 (6)
(110 Days taken off due to hand injury between #863 and #864)

Totally dwarfed
242 comics
2101 days/ 5.75 years
Average days between: 8.6

Current arc
12 comics
85 days
Average days between: 7.1

I'm tempted to make a time list of when certain events happened in the story, I'm pretty sure durkon died in 2013 as well

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Sounds very rewarding and cat_2 looks snuggly. I have been developing a bond with the local squirrel as we have not stray cats. Also began teaching a single mom Chronicles of Darkness, that to is going well

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Cat_2 likes physical interaction. She will come to me and make weird cry noises until I pick her up and pet her, she will sit by the food in her food dish until I pet her and wont eat if I don't, and she likes to follow me around in the yard. She also likes to grab and claw and bite playfully and she's incredibly aggressive. She's already brought me a few dead mice and a dead bird, I've made sure to "accept" the items and take them into the house and dispose of them when she is not looking (because I don't want to be sad that I am not eating the food she brings.)

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