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Space elves exist in stellaris, but that's about it. they might all be repugnant and decadent too

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Stellaris has mechanisms for forced assimilation and hybridization of species IIRC.
>Did you kill the males?
Well, with the wonders of gene tech you can just turn them all into girls. Which they basically already are, being elves.

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(I honestly never had to respond to posts outside of threads. If this doesn't link properly, this is for the guy who asked about elves in Stellaris)

The species and their nations of Stellaris are all randomly generated, aside from the ones you make yourself and the ones created by the devs specifically. E.G. the United Nations of Earth or Tzynn Empire. The Elves themselves are a mod, but I never used it, so I don't know what their traits and such are.

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>The Elves themselves are a mod
the portrait is the base game

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Are space elves worth it?

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>18 Days Jump
>Endless Cycle
It's so brilliant and yet so SIMPLE. Why did I never think of this?

Shit, this one just single-handedly turned Mass Effect from a death gauntlet to a jump to do as early as you want. You can jump right into the story, fight as long and hard as you can, but IT WON"T END YOUR CHAIN ANY LONGER. You might suffer and die, you might even get Indoctrinated and THEN die(*), but you'll be reborn after the Reaper War is over. Even if the Cycle failed and humanity got harvested, you'll be reborn as SOMETHING.

(*) Eventually you'll become a husk, which involves dying first.

And all those other jumps? Same thing!

So our Jumpers can RISK shit now. They can STRUGGLE. They can bleed and fail, but STILL KEEP THEIR JUMPCHAINS.

And yes, that's what the creator was going for with Long-Haul Mode, but the NOT getting a do-over part of The Endless Cycle/Life Beyond Death means there's more of a sense of CONSEQUENCE.

Huh. I suppose the creator needs to add in an option to have it replace the reboot provisos of Creative and Long-Haul Modes.

So hats off to SJ-Chan and blackshadow111, for a simple stroke of genius that changes EVERYTHING.

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>the portrait is the base game
What the fuck. Seriously?

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Are there any perks in jumpchain that would give me the legal authority to murder people like Judge Dredd?

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Fantasy elves are better anyway imo.
For space, I guess Twi'leks would be the equivalent.

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define people like judge dredd

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Please stop. I can only take so much.

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No, I mean I want to be like Judge Dredd, as in having the legal authority to just kill criminals on the spot

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so much what? opinions that are different from yours?

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You know we have a DREDD jump?

Otherwise, Gods Are Bastards makes you legally a natural disaster.

Reaper Hunter offers Spectre status as allows you to carry it forward to other jumps.

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>getting this triggered by the opinions and standards of other communities

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Honestly not really. Eldars are cool because they're specific and weird. But just transposing fantasy elves in space doesn't work. You have to give them tentacles like >>72217118 said, or insanity like in Warhammer.

I guess there's space elves in Spelljammers? Does anyone know if they're cool?

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It's just Red going back to his nerfwhore days. Ignore him and enjoy the new jump.

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>hybridization of species IIRC
>wasting an ascension perk on

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What's a good jump for learning how to make AI?

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It's people like that legitimately holding this portion of JumpChain back.
Spacebattles and Reddit have more freedom, while Red blocks every 4ch attempt.

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How do you go about creating xianxia cultivation techniques? I have this idea where I want to make a method that involves me splitting my own power and giving shards of it to other people, that way they can get their own powees based off of what I give them and grow its power then when they die after a set period of time (usually around the length of their natural life span or when I want it back) I absorb the power back plus however much they added to it.

I want to use my dark souls stuff as a basis so I figure I will split a part of my soul off to use as the base and probably grant others fire based powers along with the respawn and a few other abilities.

Any ideas how to do this? Or what abilities I should package in with it? I assume just being the basis of a cultivation method could work and just like link amd limit everyone who uses this method to a set power cap so they cant get uppity.

Would Love any ideas please.

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If I wanted to read Spacebattles posts I'd go to Spacebattles.

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That's what happens when a space emperor thinks with his space dick.

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Too bad. They're posts relevant to JumpChain.
So they're relevant to this thread.

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IKR? Fucking fag needs to realize he's not wanted here.

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If you could only have one companion slot on your chain, who would you pick for it?

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Good jumps to get a leveling system and perks to remove level caps please?

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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

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How many space fantasy settings do we have jumps for?

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A starter Pokemon. I'm a pleb like that, but what can you do?

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It’s how I run my chain and an OC as it’s hard to choose just one canon character.

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Jumpers, what weird shit have you made via combining tech perks?

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If a single slot then I would min-max and get a group companion for it. Maybe the 100 Haydees
If just a single person then I might just find me one of those soul mate companions and roll with that.

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I made my own digimon before going to digimon. Does that count?

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Twileks are a slave race tho. Which elves almost never are barring hentai and like Dragon Age. More often elves are actually slavers.
Does Star Wars count? They have magic n stuff.

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How'd you do that, anon?

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>Twileks are a slave race tho.
They were designed that way and seem to enjoy it.
>More often elves are actually slavers.
So elves really are scum.

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>booty shorts and detached pant legs
But why
Actually, hol’ up. How the fuck are those legs staying up?

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File: 1.45 MB, 3158x4079, __itami_youji_lelei_la_lalena_rory_mercury_and_tuka_luna_marceau_gate_jieitai_ka_no_chi_nite_kaku_tatakaeri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Have you ever conquered and assimilated a people? Whom and how?

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She's a magician literally casting sentience into an android.
I think she can manage to keep her knee-sock-pants up on her legs.

>> No.72217677

They're magicking life into an android and you're asking how their leg warmers stay up?

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That one girl looks like if you turned Houndoom into an anime girl

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All of them

>> No.72217689

If I were looking for a proper slave race to serve my jumper, where should I look?

>> No.72217690

Loads of good AI maker perks, forerunner tech, and hardlight projectors built into self programming nanobot swarms. The "digimon" were basically just AI that were able to gain strength by absorbing the nanobot swarms of those they beat adding to their own and growing. I only made 4 but also added in growth over time and the ability to assimilate programs to turn them into new species to the first 4 which were my daeva.

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>They were designed that way and seem to enjoy it.
Wait, what? I know the Twi'leks are pretty much only able to find work as slaves, but I've never heard of them being intentionally designed to be like that.

>> No.72217705

House elves. They get off on it.

>> No.72217724

>They were designed that way and seem to enjoy it.
Wut? No, the Twi'leks are not a designer race. They're victims of circumstance. See their race lives on a shitty planet that has such little resources that they submitted to slavery because it was the better option.

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Twileks were made as a slave race by an ancient alien race (iirc the original sith empire) they enjoy slavery, its hardcoded into them. They sell themselves to leave their planet too because is sucks on their planet. Not that anon but yeah, its an entire thing.

>> No.72217743

There is two lore. One is that they evolved and their home planet is so shit there is no food and slavery is a better time then staying there. The other is that they were created by the Infinite Empire.

>> No.72217760

Well that’s not very nice

>> No.72217766

Twileks were created by the rakata when they started to lose their force powers anon. They are a designed race

>> No.72217796

Twi'leks, apparently.

Also, Asari. Can reproduce with anything, designed by the Protheans as weapons against the Reapers, live for hundreds of years, they're all biotic, and were definitely made to be sex slaves on the side

>> No.72217799

And the Wookie homeworld was once a farming colony that had plant growth accelerators on it. But after the empire fell people forgot to turn them off. And now you have a planet covered in massive trees. Star Wars is funny like that.

>> No.72217806

Safety pins and rubber bands, obviously.

>> No.72217812

Nier automata? Build your booty bots.

>> No.72217826

They don't sell themselves to leave the planet. Twi'leks sell their females so that they will not get raided by pirates or mercs, which they still do anyway... so not the brightest move on their part.

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DearS. you can get a colony of 500 in the jump.

>> No.72217847

Grab some genetic engineering perks and design your slave race the old-fashioned way. It's always better when you do it yourself.

>> No.72217848

>Twileks were created by the rakata when they started to lose their force powers anon. They are a designed race
Yes, but their Slave mentality is not a result of the Mother Machine. It is a result of the world they lived on and the culture that they created in response to it.


>> No.72217851

Sword and Sorcery's Devoted Host.

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I would say design it yourself, you can use the Stellaris jump for that. There's also the Puazi if you want to use them for sex only, otherwise they don't seem very productive.

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Is it better to have AI or genetically engineered clones as your troops?

>> No.72217903

According to ToR Twi'leks were artificially created by the Rakatan Infinite Empire and after the fall of that Empire they migrated to Ryloth. The Rakatan created them to be the perfect slave species and as such they are submissive, obedient, easily controlled, and posses an instinctive desire to be dominated and generally be a slave.

>> No.72217917

Ai, they are easier to reproduce. Just copy+paste

>> No.72217924

Depends on how fast your clones can be made battle ready.

Logistically, there is absolutely no reason the Republic should have won the war, other than both sides being played by the same person.

>> No.72217930

You could have genetically engineered clones being controlled by A.I

>> No.72217938

I prefer having both, but droids have ease of construction working for them.

>> No.72217944

And yet, none of our Star Wars jumps have anything for making your own nubile slave race.

>> No.72217955

There isn't enough material for a Rakata jump anon.

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Which jump can net me some Puazi? I want some in my empire. The closest jump would be Generic Alien Invasion: Breeder Edition. Any other jumps?
Have an army of Haydees. The bouncing boobs can distract your enemies.

>> No.72217967

bioware is not canon

>> No.72217971

Be a Judge in the Dredd jump. Their capstone makes it so that there is always a law on the books that says "you are the law" so legally you're covered no matter what. At least I'm pretty sure that's what it did, something about altering the law books so that you could get away with doing basically whatever so long as you were being lawful about it (read : Judge Dredd type of lawful).

>> No.72217981

Darth Bane Jump pretty much provides whole array of Star Wars tech from Sun-fueled factories to Death Stars.

>> No.72217982

What are haydees, they come off as repurposed women who have been chopped up

>> No.72217992

>Is this a joke?
>no, it's hindu mythology
>I wasn't talking about that
>then yes, it is a joke

blade and val dunking on cliff is based.

>> No.72217998

It's pretty crazy how much of a sub Aayla Secura is even in canon. I remember a comic where she forgot she was a jedi and just became a prostitute for a while.
But I guess that's just how Twi'lek are??

>> No.72218003

I run with both. Droids are *really* easy to make, and can be battle ready in no-time. However, they can also be hacked. Gene-engineered troops can be good infiltrators, or just be able to keep a low profile. But their morale *can* be broken, and they usually need rest periods.

>> No.72218007

Either the 9 gynoids from isekai smartphone or Gaia from EVO. Probably Gaia honestly, since the gynoids can still be followers.

>> No.72218009

>I remember a comic where she forgot she was a jedi and just became a prostitute for a while.


>> No.72218011

>Have an army of Haydees.
are they even dexterous enough to man a vehicle. how much more better are they in combat than a regular human being

>> No.72218028

unironically World Seed is what you're looking for. Maybe Arifurita as well, and Kumo Des Ga if you take the right perks.

>> No.72218033

He probably just runs them in a security role, rather than an army.

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Dyson star double a batteries.

Kill and recycle. Namely just (re)killed everything on Grixis aside from vitals and reanimated it into an army. Partly due to needing troops for my planar PMC, and partly because fuck Grixis.

>> No.72218059

The Phyrexians. I stole from their own book and made my own corruption-proof glistening oil that would counter their glistening oil by turning them back into regular people and making them sane again.

>> No.72218061

It'd be more based if Valeria wasn't almost as bad as blackshadow.

>> No.72218070

Stop crosspost-chan, I can only take so much.

>> No.72218078

Val is every bit as bad though. How about you keep sb crossposting in sb please?

>> No.72218082

Someone already did this joke.

>> No.72218085

Fuck off, OAA.

>> No.72218086

When has Val done anything as bad as giving a perk for free to everyone in the jump that stops death being a fail condition in any jump?

>> No.72218093

Uq holder I think?

>> No.72218096

They're just shit posters, don't respond to them.

>> No.72218098

Not him, but the free perk in Dies Irae, Dragonball GT, Dragonball Super, etc. might as well be exactly that for the vast majority of settings.

>> No.72218099

You know, I don't necessarily disagree with this idea. Modifying your jumpchain that way sounds like it could be interesting, I've got no issue with that. What I do have an issue with is the sort of mindset that things you need a special document giving you permission to modify things this way. It's a single-player imagination game, if you want to do things differently just do things differently. Don't go on and on about how meta-CYOAs are such wonderful things because they give you the freedom to do things how you wanted. No, you have no freedom to do things how you want, because your mind is chained. This is the definition of slave mentality, the idea that without someone else to specifically tell you that it's okay you can't break even inconsequential rules.

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Wiki says it's in the comics Star Wars:Republic aka Star Wars (1998) issue 22.
She also apparently fell for a dom sith for a while, she's had quite the life.
Oh also also she might have been passed around by her clone platoon during the Clone Wars according to some video game dialog. Kek.

>> No.72218106

Sure there is: The CIS clearly skimped on droid programming. The clones have clearly superior tactical skills, actually maneuvering, planning, and taking cover. Many of the droids seemed to have a basic fighting style of walking towards the enemy slowly in the open and shooting at them. This is held up as an example of human soldier superiority to droids in universe, but it didn't have to be, some droids seem quite advanced. It's clear the emphasis on quantity over quality by the CIS army, and even when they make an elite unit like the Droideka, it's just got more advanced gear, the tactics are still basic as all hell. Apparently there's also something called the T-series tactical droid? Most of the time in movies and the shows, I don't see any evidence of their influence.

>> No.72218112

Haydee is a maze game. It is a basic game of find the end with puzzles and murderbots inside of it. The maze is also full of the dead Haydees that failed. In the game there are three ending.
1. Solve the maze adn die, because you are not allowed to leave.
2. Find the Master, the Haydee in control of the maze in a room full of dead Haydee and kill her. Thus you become the new Master.
3. Find and kill both the Master and yourself to end the simulation.
I believe they look like that for fan service reasons, but who knows. In the jump you can save 10 Haydees from 10 mazes to gain 100 of them as a group companion slot and the knowledge on how to make more.
TLDR: robots stuck in a maze. you get 100 for saving 10. In game PC is all bouncing boobs and ass.
Speedrun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cni32u1ijnk

>> No.72218118

So she's made some high power jumps? Heavens, Worm, Beast, YJ and more are all as bad as Blackshadow now too.

>> No.72218121

Well. That's saddening.

>> No.72218128

Different anon but I think it was while she was still a padawan and something about how being a slave just came so naturally to her that she kind of 'went native' during a mission. Kind of like all those times where Ahsoka went under cover as a slave except, you know, forgetting the 'undercover' part.

>> No.72218147

>ib4 yes
Don't feed the troll.

>> No.72218148

Offering starting power for a setting isn't the same as removing death as a failure condition Digger. Go back to discord already until you remember you did the exact same thing with dragon ball z.

>> No.72218156

What are the odds she would follow you around if you save her bacon when 66 happens?

>> No.72218163

YJ doesn't deserve to be on that list. The highest power jump is Devilman Crybaby, and it makes you take a mandatory trap drawback to get at the actual high power-levels of the setting. Now, he does tend to let you be the strongest thing in the setting, but he rarely makes jumps for settings where that actually means anything.

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>Are space elves worth it?
Worth a space fuck sure.
There's something about putting an uppity xeno in her place.

>> No.72218179

No, it offers more than enough power to let you not die in the vast majority of settings. It counts by your complaint. Multiple of his jumps do this.

>> No.72218193

as bad as Blackshadow, but for different reasons.

>> No.72218197

I like to upgrade them to be more dexterous. But I just like having a 100 companion slot that all looks the same. Like a massive clone group that fallows me around in various origins. It does bring up some questions from people, but oh well. I like the look of the thing.

>> No.72218206

>your complaint
That wasn't my complaint. I'm just saying YJ isn't as bad as those guys.

>> No.72218209

Trinity Wonder.

>> No.72218218

What jumps is there actually a group of aliens and/or space elves teaming up against humanity?

>> No.72218220

Anyone that makes jumps that make you strong enough to not die in the majority of settings is as bad as blackshadow. That includes YJ.

>> No.72218225

There's a difference between making high-power jumps and offering one of the best things in the setting for free.

>> No.72218234

I mean, pretty good? She's smart enough to know that once that goes down that's pretty much it, the Jedi are toast and her best bet is to go into hiding. If you can provide her with that then she'd likely go with it, though she may want to try and link up with other survivors as well.

>> No.72218236

What is it now? 5 years? Can you fuckers at least get some new material? Im not even upset just tired.

>> No.72218239

Wrong again, fuckboy.

>> No.72218244

Stellaris if the paradox ai has it's way.

>> No.72218252

No, there's degrees of badness. Val and Heavens are as bad as blackshadow. Worm and Beast are as bad as SJ-Chan. YJ is as bad as ericshaofangwang.

>> No.72218258
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Hey guys, how about some builds?


Jump 1: The Elder Scrolls - Morroblivion

Timeline: 3E 433ish

Background: Thief (100, 900)
Race: Bosmer
Region: Cyrodiil (50, 850)
Birth Sign: The Mage

+ Archery Skill (Racial) - Bosmer are naturally agile and fantastic archers.
+ The Mage (Birth Sign) - Natural talent for spellcasting and more magicka than most.
+ Beast Tongue - Animals like you and even normally hostile animals won’t attack unless provoked. Can compel one animal to defend you each day.
+ Disease Resistant - 75% less likely to catch a disease.
+ Acrobat - Lithe, agile, and sneaky. Bonuses to climbing, jumping, and dodging.
+ Leather Armor - Well made, durable, moderate protection.
+ Steel Weapon - Dagger.

+ Poison Immunity (200, 650) - Completely immune to poisons. Alcohol and recreational drugs not included.
+ Resist Magicka (100, 550) - 25% resistance to magical damage.

+ Glass Weapon (300, 250) - Shortbow.
+ Dwemer Crossbow (200, 50) - An extremely powerful, lever action crossbow made by the Dwemer.

+ Katia Managan [Semi-OC] (50, 0)
== Background: Drop-In
== Race: Khajiit
== Birth Sign: The Atronach = Naturally vast reserves of magicka, natural sorcerers, but cannot make their own mana. Must absorb it from spells others cast upon them. (50% Spell Absorption)
== Eye of Fear: Can intimidate and demoralize others with an intimidating look. 3/day. Doesn’t always work. May result in the weak-willed fleeing.
== Acrobat: Lithe, agile, and sneaky. Bonuses to climbing, jumping, and dodging.
== Fortify Magicka: An EVEN LARGER magicka reserve.
== Resist Magicka: 25% resistance to magical damage.
== Skill Books: There’s a chance of learning something from just about everything you read. Especially instructional books. But even short stories will give some kind of minor lesson of a practical nature.


>> No.72218265

Pretty great if you make sure to put a collar on her while you're doing it.

>> No.72218269

But Val hasn't ever done that. She actually makes most of the highest priced options in jumpchain. The things you're complaining about are all common in the settings she's making jumps for.

>> No.72218273

Nobody cares, dogfucker.

>> No.72218279

>implying anyone can stand up to me after my diplomatic sanctions

>> No.72218280
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> Stop me if you’ve heard this one.
> Two idiots meet on a pier.
> One is a thief. The other is practically naked.
> They decide they like the look of each other.
> They wander around town since neither have any money.
> They get tasked with clearing rats out of a basement.
> They proceed to blow their first paycheck getting drunk at a bar.
> The result is them severely inconveniencing an Argonian woman. An author, of all things.
> They decide to deliver a book for the lady to make up for absolutely wrecking her kitchen and bedroom.
> Robbery attempt by Orsimer (Orc).
> The first idiot grabs the dagger from the belt of the second idiot.
> The second idiot gets stabbed when the first idiot turns too fast with the dagger in hand.
> The Orc is laughing.
> The second idiot discovers UNLIMITED_POWER.gif
> The Orc is dead due to lightning toxicity.
> The second idiot faints.
> The second idiot awakens to discover the first idiot very excited about his lack of a stab wound.
> The first idiot has healing magic she didn’t even know she had. Or could do. Or even understands the basics of.
> The two idiots decide to deliver the book and become “Badass Treasure Hunting Mages™”.
> For a decade.
> What do you mean this sounds like every playthrough of Oblivion ever?

>> No.72218293

All of them.
Even if they appear friendly, you can't trust xenos. Not seeing the conspiracy just means it's a very well hidden conspiracy.

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Stop taking this bitch on every chain.

>> No.72218301

I kinda get it though.

if I personally decide that I can do X even though the rules say Y, then things start to fall apart. if I'm going to cherry pick what rules I'm going to follow, then why even follow rules at all? Why even bother with any of the framework?

but if someone else comes up with an alternate ruleset, or a system for building a ruleset, then I've got a structure. If I can justify something within that structure, then I'm not just giving myself everything I want. Even if someone ELSE is giving me everything I want.

>> No.72218310

Furries are obsessive cucks, anon.

>> No.72218312
File: 211 KB, 326x326, thonkspin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So if I'm bringing my Pokemon into another jump, do I have to spend my points on making them a companion or can I just summon them like tools at the "cost" of not being able to give them perks and a background?
I don't wanna have to blow half my budget on every jump just bringing my main mans in with me.

>> No.72218321

Hey Yoro, how's it going? Been a while since I last saw you on here.

>> No.72218323
File: 231 KB, 400x575, bluJ8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Twi'leks sell their females so that they will not get raided by pirates or mercs, which they still do anyway...
Wait how are there any pure Twi'lek left? I just found out they are breedable by humans. All their females are attractive, a huge number of them are sex slaves/dancers/concubines for other species... Shouldn't they have been bred out by now?

Really good I'd say. With the Jedi gone she'll need a protector.

>> No.72218325

>Even if they appear friendly, you can't trust xenos. Not seeing the conspiracy just means it's a very well hidden conspiracy.
You know, you could swap out 'Xenos' for 'Humans' and it's still 100% correct.

>> No.72218338

the usual interpretation is that you can bring companions into a jump without importing them, Importing just gives them a local history and possibly opens up enhancing them with Perks.

Now, whether you can bring in 8, 15, or Unlimited is less agreed upon. Best just to fanwank your own interpretation there.

>> No.72218347

Presumably back on that shithole planet they breed like rabbits just to stand a chance of surviving.

>> No.72218351

I mean, technically correct, as shown by (You) the species traitor who can't stop licking xeno anus.

>> No.72218354

just say that as long as you don't import them they're followers and you can use them as you want. Downside is they don't get perks that way, upside is you're not spending CP on importing them. If you do import them, then they get perks and companion benefits... and nothing really changes? I suggest you just ignore "companion limits", it's an old rule and for me at least doesn't make much sense to begin with.

>> No.72218357

Well, you're not wrong. My issue is with the idea that you need someone else to give you that framework. That you can't just make up some rule son your own, and hold yourself to them the same way that you'd hold yourself to any other rules. I guess that means I have more respect for the people who make meta-CYOAs than the people who use them, then.

>> No.72218364

Does that mean I can keep cross posting from qq?

>> No.72218368

Because the children are fugly little goblins with second brains in their lekku tails which do nothing but make them retarded if pulled or damaged. Plus not all twileks are hot, some look disgusting.

>> No.72218373

Pure breds are kept around because no one wants to watch/fuck/marry one of those uggo Twi'lek half-breeds.

>> No.72218384

Strong genes is my guess. They could produce mostly twilek offspring, and the color variation could be the result of other humanoids' genes.

>> No.72218388

>I mean, technically correct, as shown by (You) the race traitor who can't stop licking Italian/Jewish/Irish/African anus.

Still works.
Almost like sapience is a problem.

>> No.72218394

>second brains in their lekku tails
God, that's so fucking stupid. It'd be better if they were just prehensile head tentacles or some shit.

>> No.72218396
File: 32 KB, 800x600, Katia and Hopps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been kinda laying low and not paying a lot of attention to the thread. I got burned out with all the chaos surrounding the last few weeks of school suddenly being shunted to online, so I focused on that. Thankfully, I'm done for the summer. So I can relax, work, and get back into being creative. Thanks for asking!

Fuck you, she's awesome. I'll jump how I want.

>> No.72218411

Is anyone working on a Muv-Luv jump by chance? I've got the sudden urge to fight giant penis monsters in mecha piloted by hot ladies wearing fetish outfits.

>> No.72218432


To be fair, they WERE designed to be a slave race

>> No.72218439

Good jumps to become a tactical genius that aren't 40k?

>> No.72218441

You sound like xeno scum.

>> No.72218445
File: 27 KB, 500x500, 1456687378324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice. In that case, lemme ask another question to the jumpers in here:
In the Ragnarok Online jump, there's a quest that almost explicitly tells you that if you don't have a sage in your party then you're fucked and you'll have to fight demon fags for the rest of your ten years instead of adventuring, which is gay. It also says you could walk into the demon fag king's lair and beat the shit out of him but that would require god level abilities and whatnot.

Would it be cheating to bring the entirety of Ains Ooal Gown (the guild) in with me just to beat the shit out of the demon fag king just because it's gay having to spend the rest of my ten years fighting minions because I didn't bring a sage along for the ride? I gathered them up in the Overlord jump.

On the one hand, I'm basically calling in a goon squad of god-level fucksticks to come beat the shit out of an enemy I've got basically no chance of beating on my own, with or without the companions I brought in with me.
On the other hand, I'm only bringing them in for one major event because I've been backed into a corner and the only alternative is a fate worse than death: being bored, and probably boring Jump-chan by extension.

>> No.72218448

I know that the Twi'lek are literally a genetically engineered slave race, but still not sure how they haven't entirely died out with such a crippling disadvantage. Like at least armor those things, yeah?

>> No.72218452

>giant penis monsters fighting mecha piloted by hot ladies wearing fetish outfits.
Is there a better description of Muv-Luv than this? Because I'm not sure there is.

>> No.72218458

It really is fucking dumb. Your brain is in these floppy defensless head tails. Like why dont they at least have helmets?

>> No.72218471

I thought there weren't compatible with humans until the Clone Wars showed one. Might have been retconned when Disney took over.
Ahsoka Tano is sort of the same way. She has three lekku.

>> No.72218486

I kind of doubt some rando demon lord from ragnarok online has the powerlevels needed to stand up to the entirety of AoG going at it. I'd be impressed if they had the power levels to stand up to even a single *member* of AoG for that matter, there's a pretty staggering difference in comparative strength in the series as far as I'm aware, and I'm pretty sure it's vastly in Overlord's favor.

>> No.72218501

>Ahsoka Tano is sort of the same way. She has three lekku.
she's a togruta anon, an entirely different race.

>> No.72218511

Nah, the Togruta are different. They don't have lekku, they have montrals that are weird natural echolocation things.

>> No.72218512

Yes, "giant genital monsters" is more accurate. Some of them are vaginas, some of them are gonads. Only about a fourth of them are penises.

>> No.72218529

>Yeah no I'm never going to use this. If you want death to not end your chain then that's what house rules or "creative" mode (big fucking scare quotes there) are for, not giving permanent immunity to death for 100 fucking CP. This is not a legitimate jump until that nonsense gets torn out of it.

Holy fucking BASED.

>> No.72218533

>Ahsoka Tano is sort of the same way. She has three lekku.
Those are a bit different, those subsidiary brains are there to support echolocation and enhanced special awareness and Togrunta have better musculature than Twileks being substantially stronger than a normal human on average. It is part of why you see Ashoka in the Clone Wars being up Mandalorians in hand to hand it is a mix of her jedi training and Togruntan physiology.

Basically they are actually evolved to be skilled hunters (very successful ones at that considering the amount of nutrients one needs to have that much enhanced power and evolutionary features)

>> No.72218537

Well I mean that AoG hasn't been present for the jump up until this point and I'd basically only be bringing them in for a single mission because I don't want to deal with the bad ending I'd get if I just did things on my own.

Basically, without paying any sort of companion fee or really anything other than the shame of calling in some extradimensional backup, I'm skipping the optional superboss just because I don't want to deal with the bad end I got stuck on. To me that feels like cheating but at the same time, being able to call in the hounds for one single encounter just as a giant "fuck you" button means that at least I'm not getting complacent with it.

>> No.72218544
File: 113 KB, 1118x715, mistresses_of_orion_by_sirtiefling-d8qvhvz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

W40K, Marvel/MCU (Dark Elves), arguably Stargate with the Nox, DC with the Zamerons, Master of Orion, I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

>> No.72218550

>Almost like sapience is a problem.
you sound the final boss in a shitty sci fi story

>> No.72218551
File: 587 KB, 1024x1024, 6f0639ba3ea1c02329438d1f6a0a65c7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jump 2: Shaman King

Origin: Shaman Lineage (100, 900) [Age: 20]
Power Levels: Furyoku Level - 10,000 (200, 700)

Location: Iceland

+ Shamanism - The ability to connect to the world of spirits and gods. Allows channel spirits to use their skills, ask spirits for advice, and generally contact the ghosts of the dead.
+ Shikigami - Ability to infuse small nature spirits into leaves or talismans to create simple servants. Can grow if trained into binding stronger spirits as guards or similar uses.
+ 100% Gattai - The ability to channel spirits to generate an Oversoul. Enables the full use of a spirit’s power as if they were alive.
+ Shamanic School - Necromancer - Channels the souls of the dead into physical corpses to create extremely efficient Oversouls. The only downside is their relative weakness. More powerful shamans can control more corpses at once. No preparation necessary, but can help create more powerful Oversouls.

+ Two Part Oversoul (100, 600) - By adding a second medium object while channeling a spirit, one can significantly alter the Oversoul. To the point it could be called an entirely new Oversoul. Requires a powerful artifact to work.
+ Multiple Oversouls (200, 400) - The ability to channel two Oversouls at once. Given time and training one could expand the number of Oversouls controlled at any one time. The Shaman in question still needs to have the Furyoku levels to maintain the Oversouls, so most who use this technique choose to channel a bunch of weaker spirits to create a greater whole.

+ Paperwork (100, 300) - Legal papers that include an ID, passport, visa, and some miscellaneous identifying paperwork. Comes with a (fake) paper trail for this jump and future ones that give you a (fake) identity in case you need it.


>> No.72218571
File: 5.40 MB, 3218x4096, 84a722e1c854bc29c4bc0e4a24d6bcb6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guardian Ghost (Free) [700 CP]
+ Upgrade - Above Average Ghostly Ally - Legendary Beast (300, 0)
+ Reiryoku Level: 20,000
+ Hitodama Mode [Free] - A compact mode for spirits that reduces their energy to just about undetectable and generally takes the shape of a compact orb that fits in the palm of a hand. Identifiable by a few distinguishing characteristics. (In this case, wolf ears, a tail, and small ghostly chains wrapped around the orb.)
+ Old Fashioned Fighting Spirit [Free] - Lausatok, a Norse martial art specializing in throws, kicks, locks
+ Memory-Dependent Image [100, 600] - Aesthetic shape shifting abilities. Essentially Fenrir can change into any shape Fenrir has been depicted over the ages.
+ Elemental Aspect [200, 400] - Wind control and manipulation. Not just blasts of winds too. Can become things like Haste, Leaping, and even Deflecting Shields with appropriate imagination.
+ Conceptual Authority [300, 100] - God Killer. Fenrir has a natural affinity for killing Gods and God-like creatures of all stripes. It operates as a power boost when fighting such foes as well as a strong resistance to the divine abilities. Can also alter Oversouls in appropriate situations.
+ Mortuary Tablet [100, 0] - In this case, an iron collar. Functions as a place for Fenrir’s spirit to rest as well as his medium (Mid-Tier).

Companion (Free)
+ Katia [700 CP]
== Drop-In [Free]
== Guardian Ghost [Free] - Fire Elemental [200, 500]
=== Reiryoku Level: 40,000
=== Elemental Aspect: Fire
=== Hitodama Mode: Tiny Fireball with extra fireballs floating nearby
=== Furyoku Level: 10,000 [400, 100]
== Strong Sense of Self [100, 0]


>> No.72218589

I'd have said he sounds like God in one of those jrpgs where he's evil and wants to eliminate free will.

>> No.72218592
File: 4.01 MB, 1812x2549, 52b94acf3f7918817e69332d771b3881.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Jumper and Katia end up in Iceland because the whims of the dice said so.
> Coordinator isn’t handing out a whole ton of information, but at least they’re not openly hostile or psychotic.
> If anything, they seem kinda friendly. In an alien way.
> Like if Lime Jell-O appreciated you not putting grapes and pineapple in it.
> Iceland isn’t warm, but it’s summer, so it’s not freezing either.
> It’s really, really pretty.
> Jumper decides some nature walking is a better idea than exploring his newfound necromantic powers.
> Katia’s flame spirit isn’t much of a talker. It’s content to just stay out of the way unless it’s needed.
> So the two hike off to see the permanent glaciers.
> Jumper promptly slips and slides on his butt deep down into a set of caverns below the glacier.
> Because he’s awesome like that.
> Katia thinks that he did it on purpose and slides down after him.
> They get seperated because of course they do.
> Jumper ends up at the edge of a stone platform, dizzy and disoriented but unhurt.
> The stone platform also has a massive stone attached to it.
> The spirit of a large wolf is chained to it.
> It claims to be Hrodvitnir, a victim of his master’s rage at his inability to handle the spirit.
> It sounds really sympathetic.
> Hrodvitnir really wants to get out, but says only a Shaman can remove his bindings.
> Jumper needs a spirit anyways and says that he’ll let the spirit out if he serves as his.
> Hrodvitnir swears to act as Jumper’s spirit as long as the flame of his life burns.
> Kind of a strange wording, but the two shake on it.
> Jumper unshackles the wolf easily enough.
> Keeps the collar to act as a medium for channeling the beast.
> Keeps the chains too, though he can’t really explain why.
> Katia shows up having melted a hole straight through the wall.
> They get along like, well, cats and dogs.


>> No.72218593
File: 134 KB, 1080x1080, e7a1da7ac14e2604fd516ac669d9037c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are Togruta breedable by humans?
Or is that just Twi'leks cause of the design race thing?

>> No.72218597

But it makes no sense is what I'm getting at. if you can call them in at all that implies you're also a lvl 100 from Overlord, which means you should be able to 1v1 everything in Ragnarok Online, super bosses included.

>> No.72218603
File: 350 KB, 566x800, 5e337c2dbc582ea84d5553e865719fd3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Cut to several months of lazy exploring and enjoying modern comforts later.
> The Shaman Fight kicks off.
> Jumper and Katia are mostly confused by the whole affair.
> Who wants to be the next Jesus? Honestly?
> Still, it would be nice to test themselves against the local competition.
> Katia gets the first fight.
> Against a kid with an ice nature spirit.
> Jumper hasn’t even stopped laughing at the absurdity before the fight is over.
> Jumper’s first fight isn’t anymore evenly matched.
> Opponent after loss: “How the fuck am I supposed to compete with a legend like Fenrir?!”
> Jumper is confused.
> Opponent: “Did you seriously never google Hrodvirnir you idiot?”
> Jumper does so and is pretty shocked.
> Fenrir laughs and boasts that all he has to do is wait out one measly little human’s life and then he’ll be able to kick off Ragnarok.
> Jumper starts laughing.
> Fenrir is confused.
> “You idiot. I’m a dimensional travelling being who gets reincarnated every decade. I’m /never/ going to die of old age.”
> Fenrir.exe has crashed.

> Jumper and Katia make it to the Groups of Three stage of the Shaman Fight, but end up disqualified because they can’t find a third.
> So they decide, fuck it, we’re going back on vacation.
> They basically ignore everything else that happens with the plot.
> By a pool. With drinks in their hands.
> Fenrir grumbles that they could have won.
> Jumper stuffs his spirit into an ice-based drink and tells him to chill.
> Thus begins the prank war.
> Katia firmly remains Switzerland throughout the shenanigans.

>> No.72218612

>Are Togruta breedable by humans?
Yes also that pic is just no, there is a massive age difference between Anakin and Ahsoka

>> No.72218616

It's based because he's cucking a f*male.

>> No.72218631

Did the nox ever even do anything?

>> No.72218635
File: 93 KB, 160x160, konata_display.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prolly Vee, my PMDPartner. He's a cute.

As everyone has said, droids are WAY easier to make. They're also only really limited in the quality of material and coding you can bring to the table. After a certain level of jumper fuckery the decision of robotics versus fleshies is really more about personal preference than anything.

There's really nothing stopping you from plugging robot brains in a gene body, though.
That's basically what they're doing in GUNNM.

> Katia
Keep taking this bitch on every chain.

She needs more love.

Fire Emblem.

Especially that one from the GBA game that actually makes your player avatar a tactician? I forget which one that is.
But I remember it's explicitly got a captsone perk that's just like "you are crazy good at tactics and it's crazy".

>> No.72218636

Anakin's, what, 25ish? And Ahsoka is 16 or so? That's only problematic if your favorite website is Tumblr.

>> No.72218651

I mean there was a massive age gap between himand padme too

>> No.72218652

I don't think it's ever come up? So, fanwank responsibly I guess.

>> No.72218656

>massive age difference
>Anakin and Ahsoka
You're hilarious.

>> No.72218657

I'm not quite sure why, but I suddenly have the question of what kind of spirit I would need to get a liger zero oversoul. Given SK's tendency to have the late series OS's be mecha or robotic and shit, it doesn't even seem like much of a stretch.

Also, nice. You just tricked a trickster.

>> No.72218666

> Fenrir laughs and boasts that all he has to do is wait out one measly little human’s life and then he’ll be able to kick off Ragnarok.
> Jumper starts laughing.
> Fenrir is confused.
> “You idiot. I’m a dimensional travelling being who gets reincarnated every decade. I’m /never/ going to die of old age.”
> Fenrir.exe has crashed.
Aww, poor Fenrir. Accidentally bound himself even more thoroughly than Gleipnir.

>> No.72218670

Supreme Commander

>> No.72218681

Anon that pic there is clearly with Ahsoka in like her late twenties early thirties, togruta head things don't grow in like that until they've fully become adults.

>> No.72218686

Really, the objectionable part about it is the weird authority dynamic that would be going on.

>> No.72218705

>implying that's not the best part

>> No.72218707

nah, she left the jedi remember? She's not his subordinate anymore.

>> No.72218712

Eh, not him, but they clearly have two children that are at least one year old.

>> No.72218731

You could just have the spirit of a liger. Animal spirits are supposed to get to Oversoul-ready levels of spiritual development faster than human spirits, and ligers have been bred since the early 19th century. So a liger ghost should be available if you want one.

>> No.72218735

Fair points I guess.

>> No.72218749
File: 160 KB, 911x416, smacks lips.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess, but that's not as entertaining.
It's more fun if I've gotta call in the clean-up crew to fix things after I shit the bed. Being able to just casually clean things up on my own is boring.

>> No.72218758
File: 44 KB, 736x400, e82d192fdd85201376c815f144a9fc23--my-heart-hurts-ahsoka-tano.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

According to the latest Clone Wars episode, Anakin doesn't have authority over Ahsoka anymore. They pretty much interact as equals.

>> No.72218779
File: 48 KB, 917x244, And She Was A Good Friend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72218784
File: 1.34 MB, 750x1228, 1587602958485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Supreme Commander

Any other jumps offer options to build infinite matter generators en masse?

>> No.72218798
File: 58 KB, 600x867, 0531c834acb798e867405776c55352ed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Keep taking this bitch on every chain.
That's the plan.
>She needs more love.
That's also in the plan!
Good to see you again Konata.

>Liger Zero Oversoul
I'm not really sure. You could always install AI into a Liger Zero and then import it as a Companion into Shaman King to turn it into a spirit. Then channel that for your Liger Zero Oversoul. Which sounds absolutely cool.

>Also, nice.
I thought it was a really nice touch. The whole situation just kinda evolved as I wrote the idea down. It's great when that happens.

>Aww, poor Fenrir.
That's what you get for trying to trick someone into starting the apocalypse.

I didn't think anyone else knew about that manga. I hope they get to the point soon though. It really has felt like the comic is dragging its feet hard these last few chapters.

>> No.72218802

Hey Val, do you know when the India legends jump is going to be set on the timeline? Aren't those legends meant to take place thousands and thousands of years before even gilly's time?

>> No.72218805

What's going on there? What's she looking at?

>> No.72218809

>== Birth Sign: The Atronach = Naturally vast reserves of magicka, natural sorcerers, but cannot make their own mana. Must absorb it from spells others cast upon them. (50% Spell Absorption)
Why this tho?

>> No.72218819

Because that's literally her Birth Sign?

>> No.72218828

>Because that's literally her Birth Sign?
Ah, that sucks.

>> No.72218831


>> No.72218832

Heh. Canonically, we don't know. But since Fate is my setting, whatever I say goes. No, this isn't OC. I'm just... The Fate queen.

>> No.72218835

>I didn't think anyone else knew about that manga.
I was not aware of a manga by that name until just now when I searched for it. I was referring to the chain that the Norse gods bound him with, Gleipnir is its name.

>> No.72218847

occasionally flying cabbage comes around in a big swarm and people get paid to go collect it. It likes to fight back though and Darkness is a super masochist that likes getting hit, so she's standing there basically creaming herself while the flying cabbage slams itself into her. Since she's a crusader with a stupidly high defense though it does basically no damage.

>> No.72218855

I don't let it stop me exactly. But it feels more like cheating when I change the rules myself.

For example, I'm in the midst of a chain where each companion slot is any number of people, all from a given jump. So all my pokemon are slot one, and so forth.

But, especially when I talk about a build or something, it feels a little... off.

It's hard for me to give myself changes like that, because I'm unrealistically generous to myself when I do.

>> No.72218863

The cabbages that will rip her clothing and armor apart so her pale naked body is exposed for every filthy lowlife in town can see her perfect noble tits.

>> No.72218877

IMO that's up to your interpretation.

my standard interpretation of companions is that I can bring in any number I have, but I can only enhance them with CP if I import them. so, if I had all of AoG, I could bring all of AoG.

>> No.72218899

Have you considered taking them to Girls' Frontline for Dummy Links? May as well go for as many spare bodies as possible with a unit like that. Even if you take the limitwank route for some reason, it still wouldn't hurt to get another 4 bodies for that companion slot.

>> No.72218903

It's sort of an interesting situation. To my knowledge, the Nasuverse basically has certain hard timeline differences that have to be in place for all the various mythologies to fit together.

One of the big ones is that Gilgamesh is the first heroic spirit, the oldest hero. Not necessarily the strongest, definitely not over the past few years of media, but canonically he remains the first and oldest. Which means that Rama, Karna and Arjuna have to have had their stories after Gilgamesh, otherwise they'd be older. It's not the only thing but it is one of the biggest.

So when it comes to this sort of conflict, I try to work with Nasu canon over myth canon as much as I can, and when the myth dates don't work, I usually fall back on the likely time that the myths were either first written in story or the events they were based on happened. I believe i did that for the Ireland legends jump, since the time periods were pretty vague but appeared to be where I wrote from a few sources.

So for India, since I can't use the original myth dates since they don't fit the nasu timeline, I'll probably default to the nearest next form of canon, which would probably be that 9th century BCE to 4th Century BCE that a quick search seems to indicate the Ramayana/Mahabharata were written/based in.

>> No.72218911

This makes me want one, maybe two.

>> No.72218920

I mean, sort of. 75% magic resistance passively isn't anything to sneeze at. It just means she's always well stocked with mana potions.

Oh. Sheesh. You'd think I would know that considering I was just double checking Fenrir's lore. Well, you learn something new everyday. At least now I have a name for his modified Oversoul that occurs when I channel him through both his collar and the chains. Thanks.

>> No.72218938

Nope. Unless you count the WIP reddit took and...finished.

>> No.72218947

Question for HeavensAnon how are Evilities handled with the Feature system?

>> No.72218949

Gotta love uncle Ben.

>> No.72218959

With the scenario you can make more. So it might be that the more you make the more you add to the group.
>Girls' Frontline for Dummy Links
What is this perk? Is it something to link them with telepathy so they can work closer together?

>> No.72218961
File: 33 KB, 736x768, 553810138ea0ba3a5ade5a8b49ead35c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

besides Ahsoka they look kinda wack desu

>> No.72218962

doesn't sherlock's trial quest say that heroic spirit oldness is based on the timeline of the legends themselves, not the when the events of the legends took place?

>> No.72218968

>Oh. Sheesh. You'd think I would know that considering I was just double checking Fenrir's lore. Well, you learn something new everyday. At least now I have a name for his modified Oversoul that occurs when I channel him through both his collar and the chains. Thanks.
No worries. Does that Oversoul make like a Chain Chomp sort of thing, but with a a half-corporeal amorphous vaguely-lupine wind spirit instead of a ball?

>> No.72218975

What Arcana do you lot think the following figures would fall under as Personas? I have some ideas, but I would like some other input or suggestions.

The Pied Piper of Hamlin
Elliot Ness

>> No.72218983
File: 73 KB, 680x387, image0-29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I go to lord of the rings with a talking necromancy staff and loads of necromancy magic will the local wizards try to off me?

>> No.72219002

emperor for caligula seems the obvious answer.

>> No.72219003

Because Ahsoka's headcrest thing is continuous, while this one has a gap.

>> No.72219006

I wouldn't know, I can't remember every quest, sadly.

I'm not really sure what that changes though, unless I misunderstand something. That still seems to violate the idea that Gilgamesh was the oldest hero. The Indian myth timeline would be much longer than Gil's.

>> No.72219007

That depends. Are you an evil necromancer?

>> No.72219018
File: 164 KB, 945x1050, li-didkovsky-sith-sahanna-rakiah-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As companions?

A lot of them look fine your pic included. She actually looks like a hunter I like it.

>> No.72219023

And when has that stopped humanity were the galaxy's bicycle everyone get's a turn.

>> No.72219025

probably depends on what you're doing with it honestly. Most of the people that would be willing to start beef with you over it would also probably be willing to at least hear you out first if you tried to engage them in dialogue.

>> No.72219034

Dummy Links (600 CP): You know one of the nice things about being an AI-operated
robot? Not being bound to a single body! You have a quintet of identical bodies,
including any Perks a mindless and soulless copy of your body could retain, entirely
under your simultaneous control. In addition, you receive the software-supported
processing power (hint: multitasking ability and thought speed) required to use five
separate selves in concert. Only one of these actually contains your mind, but don’t
worry - you’ll never lose track of which one’s in charge, and if necessary, you can
transfer it across bodies with a moment’s concentration. Each body comes with its own
copies of your gear for this jump. In future jumps, your additional bodies can become a
single Companion which must be imported separately, four individual Companion
clones of yourself as you are after this jump, join the Harem if you take that option
from the Companion section, or you can maintain control of all of them; this option,
once selected, isn’t reversible. They’re more than happy to continue to be under your
control, and you can resume the hive-mind at any time, but they can also become
independent personalities.

>> No.72219035

>I didn't think anyone else knew about that manga.
Its made of the root of mountains, a cats footfall, and other imaginary things all just to be a piece of chain (sometimes a ribbon) that can grow or shrink as required but always will bind fenris. Not him but I never knew there was a manga caled gleipnir

>> No.72219055

No, I dont think so. I just use a lot of necromancy, its the basis of my war magic.

Making dead soldiers into semi living soldiers mainly.

>> No.72219066
File: 122 KB, 1024x1487, jedi_by_annahelme_ddkf95t-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oops meant to reply to

Actually I'm curious, did any Jumper here companion someone in Star Wars?

>> No.72219075

>For example, though Siegfried's tale is said to have occurred with the 5th century as the backdrop by its origin, the Elder Edda, those collection of poems only came to be after the 8th century.
>Similarly, Karna and Arjuna are from legends of the 4th century BC that place their story as being in 5000 BC.
epic of gilgamesh was 18th century bc, which makes the story older but not the events. i think.

>> No.72219092

Reminder you can find a cave in Skyrim full of female draugr and a necrophiliac and his ghost slave

>> No.72219096

Thanks. I thought you were joking but google confirms that's the actual context. KonoSuba is a weird show uh?

>> No.72219115

You can also find a sexy vampire slut pre packaged with an elder scroll just waiting in a can for you to pick her up. Skyrim is great.

>> No.72219118
File: 845 KB, 2894x4093, d0006fe2cf24f8e878afa9ee502b4d82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's exactly what I was thinking! Just an absolutely massive front half of a wolf wrapped up in chains that can attack away from the Shaman like a Chain Chomp. Which plays really well into the Multi Oversoul perk. Fenrir can be roaming around attacking like a whirlwind of claws while I can continue to use my other Oversoul with impunity. I figured it was a pretty potent upgrade considering Fenrir's Oversoul normally is basically going to be a "Werewolf" mode for Jumper. Lots of power and speed, but strictly melee beside some pretty basic wind blasts.

>other imaginary things
Hen's teeth are a popular ingredient for such things too.

>never knew there was a manga called Gleipnir.
Ah well. Maybe once they explain things more I'll make it into a Jump Document and introduce everyone to it.

>> No.72219122
File: 1.35 MB, 1600x1600, Gentle-Giant-2018-San-Diego-Display-First-Look-008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anon should just get Ahsoka tbqhf

>> No.72219132

>used goods

>> No.72219134

Do you just raise the bodies or do you fuck with souls?

>> No.72219147

Beastars jump when?

>> No.72219159

Ask Yorokonde.

>> No.72219162
File: 251 KB, 900x1350, 1539748067370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it possible for a jumper to know peace?

>> No.72219174

Jumpers keep bringing war.

>> No.72219175

Peace does not add more skulls to the skull throne.

>> No.72219183
File: 215 KB, 1024x1453, 1587009173926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Oh also also she might have been passed around by her clone platoon during the Clone Wars according to some video game dialog.
Technically sex is only against the Jedi Code if you care about the person you're fucking. Mass gangbangs are 100% kosher as long as it's meaningless sex with no emotional component.

>> No.72219186

Peace is stagnation.

>> No.72219197

Stagnation is freedom.

>> No.72219203

They aren't, at least not really. Fanwank how they come into play but anything running on Disgaea logic should have them.

>> No.72219206

I think you've taken that story the wrong way. While those two lines do come up at the start, he also later on uses it less as "This is how things are" and more "How can we prove one version over the other, how to prove that these servants aren't fictional and weren't just created by the stories, like how I may or may not be just a creation of my supposed author?".

Especially with the last bit of the quest, where AoS and Sherlock both pretty much say that they were bullshitting because they were only bringing up half the conversation and that plenty of evidence exists if you take into account the magical side of the world.

To me it seems less like Sherlock is giving canon dates at the start there and more like he's saying "This is what the legends that people can read say the stories took place in", since the whole point of his argument is not being able to tell what is real or not. There's no clear announcement that servants are created from their stories because he's arguing that it's impossible to tell if he's from a story or was real himself.

But I might just be confusing some stuff too.

>> No.72219223

yes. but not forever

>> No.72219228

Of course, peace is time to progress and prepare for war

>> No.72219230

Rule Zero

>> No.72219239
File: 71 KB, 736x637, 7d116d4aab9d103dad5c7b98fac3e6bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget her friend. She kind of falls hard in the Clone Wars and then dies in canon.

>> No.72219249

Don't look at me. I haven't even watched it. Doesn't look at all interesting.

You will find that which you seek.

>> No.72219260

Would... would that turn my 100 Haydee into 400?

>> No.72219266

>That's exactly what I was thinking! Just an absolutely massive front half of a wolf wrapped up in chains that can attack away from the Shaman like a Chain Chomp. Which plays really well into the Multi Oversoul perk. Fenrir can be roaming around attacking like a whirlwind of claws while I can continue to use my other Oversoul with impunity. I figured it was a pretty potent upgrade considering Fenrir's Oversoul normally is basically going to be a "Werewolf" mode for Jumper. Lots of power and speed, but strictly melee beside some pretty basic wind blasts.
Nice. You know what you should look to for some inspiration? Astral Chain, a Platinum game where you fight alongside spirit partners called "Legions" connected to your character by a chain. One of them is even a big wolf. Well, a cyber-wolf, all the Legions have a mechanical motif. There's also a boss fight where you fuse your Legion and you wind up looking somewhat like a werewolf.



>> No.72219271

>Fanwank how they come into play but anything running on Disgaea logic should have them.
So basically what you are saying is we learn Evilitys based on what areas we train it and how much mana we invest?

>> No.72219284

Is she the one that turns against the Jedi?
Also doesnt Asoka die horribly too?

>> No.72219288

I didn't get peace when people kept trying to backstab me for my (admittedly, very ornate and powerful) spaceship. Now I mind-control everyone who gets too close.

>> No.72219296

No, I said fanwank it. That does sound like a pretty solid way to do it, though. Go for it Anon!

>> No.72219304

Poor Barriss. She wasn't even wrong about the Jedi, she was just a shitty terrorist.

>> No.72219313

Depends, I let people volunteer to become undead which gradually heal back into being fully alive so long as they keep out of being dead but otherwise I stick to just raising bodies without souls as flaming skeletons made of magic napalm and bone.

I also have a great package where you can hgive up the whole "alive" part to become a metal skeleton with all your skills and abilities, you just gotta sign up first. Its best if people know what they are getting in too.

>> No.72219324
File: 113 KB, 900x579, xbwc0vrv5icy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh, so turns out that during Episode 3 Anakin was only 22 and Ahsoka was 17. Also they're the same age apart as Anakin and Padme.

I'm thinking about taking Anakin and Ahsoka as companions since my plan for Clone Wars is to rebuild my dark side empire from TOR/Bane Trilogy by recruiting powerful Force sensitives, conquering Hutt space, convincing everyone that the Jedi are stupid, and killing Palpatine so that he doesn't interfere with my plans.

>> No.72219335

>Also doesnt Asoka die horribly too?
No because wolves teach ezra to time travel so he goes back in time amd saves her with dimenaional time walking.

>> No.72219342

>But I might just be confusing some stuff too.
well, same here really.
>that it's impossible to tell if he's from a story or was real himself.
Speaking of that, there is a short story that's been recently translated which is about sherlock and helena
will mathama stuff be in india or is there still not enough about them?

>> No.72219347

But she intentionally threw her best friend under the bus, so she's also a shitty person.

>> No.72219348
File: 106 KB, 728x1096, be7210a303000dca2ee6ffe6fb20ed82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a bunch of twi'leks that moved into my realm after they found out I had food and I forgot to close the portal.
But I plant to get companion while there. I want to jump all of them in order and see what happens. Maybe pick up barris due to her falling to the dark side and all.
It does parody in all the right ways. Kazuma gets everything he wanted, but is repulsed by all of the women.
Kazumi Effect from Ranma gives you a peace aura. People just stop fighting around you. And being a demigod of Hestia might do the same thing.
yes and she was right, but wrong in her methods.
And jumper can help her. Redemption or help killing better. Her choice.

>> No.72219353

500, actually

>> No.72219355

>and killing Palpatine so that he doesn't interfere with my plans.
I read that as killing padme and got confused.

>> No.72219357

> Also doesnt Asoka die horribly too?
She did, but then Disney retconned it.

>> No.72219372

This peace is what all true warriors strive for.

>> No.72219392
File: 450 KB, 1300x837, 6810fb9c919ac0392f2ec81f35be863c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Astral Chain
>Those videos
I'm going to shamelessly steal from both of those. I think I'm going to have to get the game too. That's a /great/ aesthetic. Magical and technological mixed so fluidly you can't really tell where one ends and the other begins. Thank you so much for introducing me to this.

>> No.72219396

Peace cannot last and it is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

>> No.72219408

Then I doubt people would give too much of a fuck. They probably wouldn't like it, but you're not gonna be Sauron 2: Necromancer Boogaloo.

>> No.72219412

>but is repulsed by all of the women

i just don't get him.

>> No.72219414
File: 92 KB, 600x995, 70be370534f506f2085980f315e1cea6_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I replaced War in the Darksiders jump, so no.

>doesnt Asoka die horribly too?
She SHOULD have, but Dave Filoni literally invented time travel just to save her.

>> No.72219424

>is that a volunteer to make the jump

>> No.72219453
File: 58 KB, 400x600, decisions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you show up to take him down but he notices none of your Companions have a heartbeat either
>now he just sees you as a rival trying to butt in on his harem

>> No.72219474

To my knowledge, we haven't really gotten anymore stuff about Helena's Mahatma thing. I probably won't be including it in India Legends, since it seems more likely that it's a thing Helena came up with.

>> No.72219494
File: 324 KB, 1920x1080, thumb-1920-681998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This might be too specific, but do we have any jumps with holy flames that also heal others?

>> No.72219502

Whos a good Star Wars waifu?
I vaguely remember a twilek NPC in SWTOR who had stockholm syndrome and was a pretty good character, maybe i could take that one

>> No.72219515

So... how many succubi did you take in Disgaea? (also are you basically Laharl due to DxD)

>> No.72219533

You shouldn't take succubi from any jump those sluts will try to drain your precious bodily fluids.

>> No.72219537

I'm not volunteering for nothing.

>> No.72219539

At least ask when the arc finishes

>> No.72219541

Iirc there is a sacred flame in btth that heals people.

>> No.72219552
File: 277 KB, 650x552, 1585747435539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't done Disgaea. I am currently dealing with the fallout of the fact future me came back to the past to undo the future that is themselves by preventing the thing I was supposed to prevent before I could prevent it and told me to blow up a computer containing all of the stuff I did after preventing it because he's frozen in there and we're in there and I just remembered we're out here.

My chains are odd.

>> No.72219569

It has to do with their personalities.
Aqua may be hot in setting, but is a slob, gold digging whore that just wants to be praised.
Darkness is also a hot blond. But she is a total pain slut that turns men off. Event he ones that are into that are weirded out by her. You can take a baseball bat to her face and she would just ask for more. She is weird and I honestly don't have it in me to give her what she wants.
Megameme is just a Crimson Demon. Her antics are weird and a turn off to him.

>> No.72219581
File: 61 KB, 706x1000, sample-6e241a7ebfc154dc796779a4a0331174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72219600

>Her antics are weird and a turn off to him.
If you read the LN he actually has feelings for Megumin, and the story is looking like it's gonna end with Kazuma/Megumin

>> No.72219621

Reminds me of that one fanart where Bullet from Blazblue is wearing the haydee outfit.

>> No.72219647
File: 248 KB, 850x1385, kikimora_monster_girl_encyclopedia_drawn_by_kenkou_cross__sample-f994d4e4594316294026b9359705d08d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Either wait until I find someone in a jump I really click with, or go with like a monstergirl from MGE.

>> No.72219665

Does anyone happen to have a list of vampire-centric jumps?

>> No.72219678
File: 1.53 MB, 1366x768, Pleiades_006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Either wait until I find someone in a jump I really click with,
I'll most likely get an OC maid of some kind.
>monstergirl from MGE
That setting just doesn't appeal to me.

>> No.72219685

Friendly reminder that if your facility is producing them at its initial peak efficiency, you will gain an average of an extra 520 Haydee units per standard-duration Jump.

>> No.72219740


So, to reiterate.

I have the following:
1 Cosmic Warehouse Doorplate
1 Perk valued 050 CP or less. (Shield Specialist [FTL])
1 Perk valued 100 CP or less. (Engineer [Halo])
1 Perk valued 200 CP or less. (The Future Finds Us [Azur Lane])
1 Perk valued 300 CP or less. (Quantum Understanding [Ender's Game])
1 Perk valued 400 CP or less. (We Have the Technology [Medabots])
1 Perk valued 600 CP or less. (Something to Live For [Farethere City])

1 Item valued 050 CP or less. (Mysterious Chip [GUNNM])
1 Item valued 100 CP or less. (Separatist Droid Blueprints [Star Wars: The Clone Wars])
1 Item valued 200 CP or less. (Imperial Vehicle Blueprints [Star Wars: The Original Trilogy])
1 Item valued 300 CP or less. (Hercules Method Texts [Luther Strode])
1 Item valued 400 CP or less. (The Imperious [Star Wars: Legacy])
1 Item valued 600 CP or less. (Element 115 [Call of Duty Zombies])

1 Drawback valued 000 CP or more. (A Fragile Life [Generic Isekai])
1 Drawback valued 050 CP or more. (How Do You Know If Someone’s The President? [Metal Wolf Chaos])
1 Drawback valued 100 CP or more. (Donut [Project Freelancer])
1 Drawback valued 150 CP or more. (The Laws of Narrative Drama [Protectors of the Plot Continuum])
1 Drawback valued 200 CP or more. (Rogue's Gallery [Batman: TAS])
1 Drawback valued 300 CP or more. (GI Joe Extreme! [G.I. Joe])

Total Drawback CP: 1,300

Finally, finished this part of this build! While I didn't get much help, thanks for those of you who did reply with some aid!

>> No.72219748

Oh damn. At that rate I might not ever need another companion. Just thousands of Haydees to zerg rush my enemies. Although importing them into Harry Potter and other school jumps might get weird when the school is flooding with identical copies of the same girl.

>> No.72219763

How would one go about making technology in Disgaea? Are there any perks to help make spaceships or battlesuits (I know Battlesuits were introduced as a class in Disgaea 4 but they clearly have the technology for battlesuits in base Disgaea) or other such things.

>> No.72219792

A few of them aren't quite vampires, but I did note them down for my own list anyway.

Adventure Time
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter
Angel Notes (Aristotles)
Ankle Biters
Avengers Vs X-Men
Bastard Bonds
BlazBlue Phase Zero (Illusionary Being)
Bleach (Bounts?)
Broforce (Honorary Human)
Buso Renkin (Victors are life energy vampires sorta)
Castlevania (Netflix)
Castlevania Chronicles of Sorrow
D&D: Forgotten Realms
D&D: Ravenloft
Double Cross (Bram Stoker Syndrome causes vampire-like abilities)
Dresden Files
Durarara!! (Hollywood) (Only 1/4 a dhampir)
GUNNM (Type-V Mutant)
Generic Universal Monsters
GURPS Monster Hunter
Highschool DxD
I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse
Justice League Dark
Kekkai Sensen
Kindred Of The East
Lazy Dungeon Master
Macross (kinda, giant space energy-vampires, or something?)
Metal Slug (Occupation: Vampire)
MtG: Innistrad
MtG: Zendikar
My Immortal (Fangs (lol geddit) 4 da Mammariez)
Overlord (series)
Penny Dreadful
Sesame Street
Seven Deadly Sins
Soul Eater
Star Wars (Energy vampire, Anzat) https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Energy_vampire
The Death Mage Who Doesn't Want A Fourth Time
The Hunter
The Record Of A Fallen Vampire
The Sims
Twilight (assuming they count)
UQ Holder
Ultimate Spider-Man
Valkyrie Profile
Vampire Diaries
Vampire the Masquerade-Bloodlines
Vampire the Requiem
Van Helsing
Warhammer Fantasy: Dogs of War
Weakness of Beatrice
What We Do In The Shadows

>> No.72219805

Those are good places to sneak into bedrooms to drink soma in

>> No.72219824

Says the cop that had the mob interrogate someone for her. (Seriously, is it just me, am I completely forgetting the movie or did Judy Hopps go dirty-cop pretty much from the start? Or should I assume she was only dirty once upon a time? (see what I did there?))

>> No.72219831

No, I mean, I'm aware that those factors are a no-go for him. I'm cognizant of it.

But I do not understand it. I cannot say "ah, yeah, that's terrible, I feel ya buddy" cause it all sounds pretty great to me.

>> No.72219833
File: 198 KB, 546x500, twilightkamen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There's a QQ perk that kinda does that and at least one xianxia jump that allows you to make a customized cultivation method, but I don't think either of those would quite work.

I think you should find some way to make a kind of magical symbiote, almost exactly like a celestial exaltation. Lodge it within someone, let them do all the cultivation work, but keep it distinct from their soul so that it can detach on death and fly back to you. You could probably design it to copy memories, combat experience and any techniques they learned as well.

>> No.72219864

World of Cultivation has customized Cultivation Methods and has Battle General Cultivation, where armies are empowered and guided by your own power.

>> No.72219875
File: 375 KB, 1000x1000, a6917fb2dfb1a84fd81a760e9143a304[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Reimu goes out of her way to kill any human who turns into a Yokai because of something to do with the balance of gensokyo, right?

How mad would she be if I turned her into a Kami, accidentally or otherwise?

>> No.72219880
File: 440 KB, 550x712, zambi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very nice, I thank you.

>> No.72219914
File: 31 KB, 250x353, jc1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used the Dawn Machine plans and space train technology from Sunless Skies, the transformium from Bayformers, neural architecture from HALO, paracausal light from Destiny and the shipgirl cores from Azure Lane to build a large traingirl that poops smaller traingirls with lots of spinny glowey parts.

They are constantly angry and prone to subverting natural law, and they can also combine into a huge traingirl.

Hmm. At the moment I guess Lilith, since I could just claim the others as Treasures.

I prefer to have a large group of AI-controlled hardlight and femtotech gestalts and also some Flood/RPIP-style meatblobs on the roster. When my soon-to-be vassal states think they have made countermeasures for or at least comprehended one or the other, I just command them to team up and fuse Braniac-Luthor style.

It's the meat/metal version of Punk'd.

Of course, peace is the continuation of conquest and absolute dominion by other means.

I forgot if the dragons in Divnity Dragon Commander are holy, but I do remember one of the powers is healing fire.

After the Olympians turned out to be rogue spacecraft which broke off from a dyson sphere from another universe, I wouldn't be surprised if Helena is in contact with actual aliens at this point

>> No.72219922

It occurs to me there actually is a difference: Other humans still share a common evolutionary history. There will be commonalities "hard coded" into them, basic psychological features will be in common. Even slight variations in the "low level" stuff can be really disturbing. Don't think "person who comes from different culture", think "genuine sociopath" or whatever.

An alien species with an entirely separate evolutionary history from us? The commonalities that we can typically expect our fellow human beings to have with us (even given the wide variety among humans) will not necessarily be there.

May turn out that specific other species are psychologically similar enough to us, but it's reasonable to consider that other sapient species would not necessarily be the equivalent of "funny shaped humans", and may instead have genuinely alien mindsets.

>> No.72219945

Doesn't that mean that you are volunteering for something?

>> No.72219958

Probably because you're an incel virgin who has never actually courted anyone, and your standards are so low you'd settle for anything.

>> No.72219963

With 1300 starting CP you'll be able to get a good set up. I'd suggest Officer for that one, since you're going to need some tactical genius and grand strategy. Also, I'd suggest you just own a planet with one of your Item purchases.

>> No.72219968
File: 42 KB, 872x960, FB_IMG_1567517787031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unrelated, but I think it's funny people keep using that Dark Eldar pic after I posted it a few threads ago. I didn't think people would dig it as much as they have.

I can tell it's mine cause of the forehead symbol; the original artist didn't blend the symbol with the layer underneath, so it looked like it was a ketchup smear on the actual art, so I blended and faded it a bit to look more like blood or ink.

>> No.72219998
File: 56 KB, 565x301, 16candlesnerds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>an incel virgin who has never actually courted anyone
I'm hijacking this to ask the thread what a a cliche name for the quintessential eternal virgin?

>> No.72220010


>> No.72220013
File: 452 KB, 600x600, 265.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She'll kill youkai so I'll turn her into a kami
>That'll definitely piss her off

>> No.72220014


>> No.72220021


>> No.72220033

Chad Jumper

>> No.72220044

Tienshinhan, the only thing one step down from Gohan.

>> No.72220052

I mean, I assume that screwing with the balance at all - ie turning humans into not humans - is likely to piss her off no matter the details of what I'm doing. But would turning them into a kami make that rage more or less, and would doing it to her make it a whole lot more or DIE IMMEDIATELY more?

>> No.72220057
File: 131 KB, 919x1314, 1587011074897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saved several Deldars that were posted in the last few threads

>> No.72220071

>Female: Gertrude
>Male: Poindexter

>> No.72220072

>Mlekk back (sort of)
>Majors (formerly Major Malfunctions) a hit with the public
>Harbinger clone has fangirls

I think Wildbow is trying to ameliorate his shitpile of an ending by throwing the characters he thinks are more popular than Breakthrough multiple bones, even though most of them have had less than a 10th of the spotlight in the story.

>Also Kenzie can talk to people in the Shard network Silent Hill hell afterlife thingamabob and the Wardens may be on the cusp of figuring out how to bring people back from it because that's an option now I guess

>> No.72220085

Oh I'm >>72219963 and I suggest Reborn Homeworld from Dragon Ball GT for the planet, since it has full customization. Then, just sit on the world and tinker with your stuff for a few years. Once someone comes to your location just say you brought the planet under the Imperium and hadn't gotten the messages, Astropath Messages getting lost in transmission is a thing.

>> No.72220088

I thought Ward ended
why is it still going

>> No.72220094
File: 830 KB, 500x324, .......gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also Kenzie can talk to people in the Shard network Silent Hill hell afterlife thingamabob and the Wardens may be on the cusp of figuring out how to bring people back from it because that's an option now I guess
...please no. This sounds like a really stupid way for Taylor to be potentially drug back and ran through the wringer.

>> No.72220096
File: 10 KB, 360x450, images (98).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of a splash would abridged Alucard make if I dropped him in one of the World of Darkness vampire jumps and told him to start killing bloodsuckers?

>> No.72220110

If jumper were to make a reality marble that was a Gensokyo knockoff in that people/things could actually live in there, what kind of effect would you give it for combat purposes?

>> No.72220114

Will do, thanks anon.

>> No.72220115

In the short-term, he might fuck up a city. In the long-term, he's less than an insect, relatively speaking.

>> No.72220126

Why do you flaming assfaggots continue to wank Hellsing like it actually means fucking anything?
Alucard is fucking retard weeksauce.

>> No.72220139

On the same vein would it be good idea to introduce Uber or Lyft with Caine?

>> No.72220141

Wow, did I have a stroke writing that?

>> No.72220142

Depends if you mean NWoD or CWoD.

>> No.72220154

>caring about powerlevels

>> No.72220157

I read somewhere that Penance Stare is fiat-backed to ignore defenses of any and all stripes, meaning that it'll ignore shit like possessions and only getting the avatar, but all those things you'd really want to use it on aren't going to survive it, given that they ain't good people to put it mildly. Is this true?

>> No.72220192


IIRC, in diablo 1 one of the fire spells specifically hurt undead and healed living creatures. It was designed that way so mages could spam it in chaotic mass battles without worry.

>> No.72220194

>caring about what people who care about power levels care about

>> No.72220214

>caring about what people who care about people who care about power levels care about

>> No.72220225

You thought wrong.
It’s in the process of ending.

Well Taylor hasn’t been brought up at all and the chapter is mostly about Victoria in full panic mode (which I assumed people assumed is her default by now) because for some insane reason they’ve decided to give Kenzie a ward to look after. All because of an explanation that amounts to, and I quote,

>One incident in November. It’s late April now. I’ve looked at her record, and I do believe she is getting better. The process is slow and when the events or relapses do happen, they’re so big and dramatic that it can be hard to look past them or keep everything in perspective. But she’s on her way. She has a support structure

So I guess we’re blindly putting our trust in people again not to flip out too badly but unlike how it worked out literally every other time in this story, this time you’re supposed to take it on face value it’ll all work out for the best for some reason.

>> No.72220239
File: 201 KB, 1024x858, 030DE8B8-0120-4C37-8BF1-D46335ED72B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*laughs in Space Karen*

>> No.72220255

> Punisher regrets nothing.

>> No.72220258

...if anybody bought that bullshit Wildbow would point to everything else he wrote and point it as evidence of readers not paying attention. If they don't buy it then it's the readers not paying attention. Ugh, I'm just going to go back to reading crappy fanfiction.

>> No.72220260
File: 814 KB, 1000x1414, __original_drawn_by_hoshino_ruru__b50040287083253a3013d93415dfaa8e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're welcome. I hope you will have a bloody good time.

>> No.72220263

>“You idiot. I’m a dimensional travelling being who gets reincarnated every decade. I’m /never/ going to die of old age.”
>Fenrir.exe has crashed.
Ahahaha. I guess at least Fenrir is going to be getting a whole lot more change of scenery than otherwise would have.

Also, tell more of the prank war?

>I mean, sort of. 75% magic resistance passively isn't anything to sneeze at. It just means she's always well stocked with mana potions.
It's also the reason that she's not just resistant but able to absorb magic, right? (In one case basically tearing apart/absorbing an enchantment?)

>> No.72220265

isn't ghost rider supposed to be the angle of vengeance? As in one of gods most powerful capable of taking on the strongest hell can throw at him?

>> No.72220278

>Carol has a god complex
Yeah, seems about right.

>> No.72220279

If you don't have even a shred of regret or remorse, then the Penance Stare doesn't work apparently. You heard that right, Captain Marvel is more amoral than thousands of actual villains and monsters.

>> No.72220281
File: 887 KB, 1677x1920, 844F18A4-399E-4695-8CB4-74CB4BE8B364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One, no in the comics he’s just a variably powerful demon lord that Mephisto bitched out and turned into an attack dog spirit.

Two, even if he was allow me to remind you just how little the true God of Marvel is worth.

>> No.72220285
File: 116 KB, 901x1188, 5faa81d5162f9fd0b3b651643991edd8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know of a jump to get good at genetic enhancement? I want to make my own homegrown super soldiers.

>> No.72220287

Val, an SBer is presenting their anus for you to rape. You know what to do.

>> No.72220305 [DELETED] 

>Cliff: Do you have this perk if you take a powerloss drawback?


>> No.72220382


>> No.72220391


>> No.72220418

>Magic resistance
I did simplify things a bit when I said 75% magic resistance. It's actually 50% magic absorption and 25% magic resist. And yeah, essentially. The Atronach is a bit of a weird birth sign, but it can be /really/ useful when fighting mages.

>Prank war
Well, see, Fenrir is still a child of Loki. So when he gets bored he gets mischievous. Sometimes he pulls silly little things like slipping ice down the back of his shirt or licking doorknobs. But other times Fenrir gets elaborate. Like the time he stole all the clothes out of Jumper's closet and rigged his dresser to explode in a cloud of baby powder as soon as he opened one of the drawers. Or the time he hid small chunks of dog biscuits in the cookies Jumper was making.

Jumper gives as good as he gets though. Usually by stuffing Fenrir's soul into something small, childish, or adorable. Like teddy bears or Dachshunds. Admittedly it's a little hard to prank a spirit. He did manage to infuse a marker with enough magic to draw on spirits though. THAT was a masterstroke that lasted a full three days.

>> No.72220429
File: 1.77 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally some good fucking SB assrape.

>> No.72220434


>> No.72220436

>Reading though jump
>Found an item that increases your magic power when you eat it
>it's a hat
>you have to eat your hat
...Should I buy this?

>> No.72220438

Why is Ravenloft listed twice? are there two jumps?

>> No.72220450

Promise that you won't buy it, and that you'll eat your hat if you do?

>> No.72220452

A hidden effect of that perk is that all your bets have to be "If X doesn't Y, I'll eat my hat!" from then on.

>> No.72220457

>But other times Fenrir gets elaborate. Like the time he stole all the clothes out of Jumper's closet and rigged his dresser to explode in a cloud of baby powder as soon as he opened one of the drawers.
On the one hand, wolf's got style. On the other... am disappointed that he went with baby powder and not glitter.

>> No.72220466

I solemnly swear that I will only wear this hat when in a mentor position and that I will do everything I can to trick people into eating it.

And if I fail, I'll eat my hat!

>> No.72220510

At the time, he didn't know glitter existed. A small miracle thanks to Fenrir's binding below a glacier. Unfortunately, he has since discovered the dreaded material. Jumper left bits of glitter wherever he walked for a week after the wolf filled his shoes with the stuff.

>> No.72220520

Still laughing about how the Actor that played Captain Marvel in the movie ACTUALLY thought that Captain Marvel could beat Thor but then again she seems to be drunk on her own hype...

>> No.72220523

Oh God. Oh GOD.


>> No.72220524

>Taming Space Elves Edition
What does taming mean in this context? I thought it was for animals.

>> No.72220529

You are *so* close, it's almost funny

>> No.72220530

>This user is underage.

>> No.72220531

>ACTUALLY thought that Captain Marvel could beat Thor
Yeah, joke interviews are totally indicative of what a person actually thinks.

>> No.72220539

>That pic
That little dude just summed up the current state of Marvel in one word

>> No.72220548

haha le ebin anti-sjw jokes haha

>> No.72220552

I guess next thing is finding a way to invent glitter that can get tangled up in spirit fur?

>> No.72220567

>Brie Larson
>the bitch who can make Don Cheadle, the chillest nigger on that cast, recoil at any physical contact
>not drunk on her own hype

>> No.72220576

I don't speak autism.Could you try again in english?

>> No.72220578

Someone post the screencap of this. You know the one.

>> No.72220580
File: 69 KB, 680x737, thor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72220585

I probably did it when the update for the jump hit, and just never noticed I already had it added to the list.

>> No.72220593

God Didney doesn't like strong male figures right now.
My boy got twatted.

>> No.72220594

Oh, believe you me, the magical R&D prank department (Jumper) is absolutely on the case.

>> No.72220634


Lmao at the incels right now.

>> No.72220636
File: 113 KB, 700x700, who would win.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that they don't have to make the characters they're pushing stronger or at all likeable to put them in the spotlight. They just have to make every other character worse.

Captain Marvel can totally beat Thor not for any justifiable reason but because Marvel Comics and Disney are trash.

>> No.72220639

Do your Jumpers ever shitpost and just leave people totally confused because they're always using extradimensional memes that make zero sense for the general setting?

>> No.72220649

Nah, more that I'm a hopeless pervert who thinks that indulging or exploiting girls like that would be awesome if they actually existed. But they really don't.

>> No.72220651

>40k: Space Marines (Apothecary)
>40k: AdMech (The Mechanicus does bio-engineering, it's just not incredibly popular.)
>Ben 10

>> No.72220655

Sometimes slang from our world slips into my speech. People think I talk weird.

>> No.72220658

is stan lee wrong though

>> No.72220664

>Jack Saint
>the actual, unironic simp
>using him as a talking point.

>> No.72220668
File: 164 KB, 1200x848, Who are you I'm you but stronger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I waifu my companion's milf future/alternate self, or should I branch out into other waifus?

>> No.72220675

Yes, because he misses the point.

>> No.72220686

what is "the point"

>> No.72220687

In terms of people asking vs questions, yes it's autistic as shit and people should stop asking authors those things. But in terms of writing, he's absolutely wrong. That kind of mindset is why DC, Marvel, and Dragonball are some of the worst pieces of popular fiction.

>> No.72220692

I'd say he is to a certain degree. As odd as it is to say, the level of strength that a character has is pretty damn important to their character and how they interact with the world around them. If you just say fuck it and throw that out a window because you want them to interact in a specific way with a certain set of circumstances then you're going to have to create a reason for it to happen and not just have it happen.

>> No.72220711

Is it insulting or sexual? Or both?

>> No.72220721

Is it a good idea to waifu that interdimensional monster?

>> No.72220746
File: 984 KB, 1574x4531, Cleanerman Begins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should become Cleanerman

>> No.72220750

Depends on your perspective. I'm pretty sure that response is due to all the vsbattles autism that hangs around marvel, so I'd say he' justified with that statement if that's the angle you see it from.

>> No.72220759

Yes. Though be warned that you may be subject to random portal sex on her whim no matter what you were doing

>> No.72220764
File: 92 KB, 640x640, Elsa solos the Buu Saga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you just say fuck it and throw that out a window

>> No.72220770

Why is Marvel so bad at making Captain Marvel a hero? Or likeable?

>> No.72220779

what the fuck

>> No.72220783
File: 859 KB, 3200x1800, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Writers: Hey, we have a pretty good line up of female characters who are more or less accepted and well liked by both our male and female fans, who should we have as our new female lead now that SJ want's to leave?
>Disney: Captain Marvel.
>Writers: But... she's never even been mentioned in-universe before and we don't have enough time to properly build up her character.
>Disney: Don't care, do it. Also giver her with as little personality as possible in case we need to rewrite her later on, and so she can be a self-insert character for young girls.
>Writers: Aren't all the characters self-i... Nevermind, fine. What should we do with Black Widow?
>Disney: Don't cares, chuck her off a cliff. Her actual final movie is coming out next year. We can do a real send off in that if the fans start bitching.

>> No.72220784

They've always had a troubled history with Captain Marvel. Like that time that they had her raped by her future son and the Avengers were all super cool with it and let him take her away to be a raped sex pet. That was a thing.

>> No.72220785

what the fuck happened there

>> No.72220788

Turning alcoholics into respectable heroes requires decades of work, look at Robert Downey Jr.

>> No.72220800

I didn't waifu an interdimensional monster, I waifu'd a young woman who wanted to go out an explore the world and had just the superpower to make it happen.

Now I want to know if I should try to waifu the woman who is either her future self, her mother, or both.

>> No.72220806

I mean... if you'd met her, you'd find this reasonable.

>> No.72220826

MCU Tony is a case where the actor just going "fuck it, I'm just going to play myself in the live action adaption of the comic" made a much more memorable and engaging character than the source material. Seriously, who remembers what comics Tony Stark was like before Marvel decided to go full synergy turning him into a quipster for synergy reasons?

>> No.72220827

I wouldn't say that it was at the time. I mean by the time of Avengers 200 she certainly wasn't that bad.

>> No.72220835

Because sjws somehow managed to breach the entirety of the writing industry and constantly pander to a phantom audience created by a vocal minority. They didn't get their jobs for being good, experienced writers. They got it because they knew somebody who got them in.

Seriously, anime is like the only safe haven left that's not tainted by sjw nonsense. Praise Japan and their isolationism.

>> No.72220836

Dude, the Avengers are only good guys because they oppose the villains.

And because Spiderman joined them for a bit

>> No.72220854
File: 454 KB, 1280x719, tumblr_os8l0uR1FR1v4nud4o4_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I say a lot of one-liners that make absolutely no sense to anyone in-setting, sure.
I'm like the Genie from Aladdin.

Depends on the environment, really.
"People can actually live there" is both extremely vague and kindof weird by reality marble standards, because they're inherently temporary. Unless you count Gaia's reality marble, which is literally just the world.
Like, if you're able to hold one in effect for long enough that people could actually just live there indefinitely, and the environment supports that, then an attack structure really depends on HOW it supports that.
Like, do people just stop aging and getting hungry? Is it like a town with shops and bars you can get food from? Is it just a forest that provides food and shelter?
A bigass Star Trek holodeck with tea replicators and concubines?

Work with us, anon. Be more decisive.

I gotta agree with Goji. There's like degrees.
At the end of the day it is the writer's decision, but the writer can and should still fall back on the character's established power and function to make that more believable.
DC and Marvel usually don't do that, though. As a result those stories tend to be more spectacle than substance.

>> No.72220867

Author got a meltdown due to getting axed

>> No.72220877

Hello, based department?

>> No.72220882

No I mean real life Robert Downey Jr. Guy had a pretty bad reputation before becoming Hollywood poster child after going through rehab.

>> No.72220885
File: 98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Set them up together.

>> No.72220889
File: 68 KB, 540x675, 1572743455698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He is, but I make the addendum that maintaining suspension of disbelief is important. Whoever wins or loses a fight should contribute to the story in a way the readers find entertaining or satisfying, instead of just flipping a coin and going with the result because why not. It helps if it actually makes a degree of sense, too.

>> No.72220898

>He isn't.
I meant to say he isn't wrong. Isn't. I think that's a sign I need to sleep.

>> No.72220917

>somehow managed
It's because conservative and normie types are more-inclined to pursue work in more lucrative fields. Writing is generally a shit-paying job, and as a result, the only people that pursue writing are people that care more about their emotions and feelings then money. Writing and creative works have always been the province of sensitive and marginalized folks. "they knew somebody who got them in" doesn't really work as an excuse, because how would they manage to garner sympathy in the people they were connected with, if those people weren't willing to sympathize with the SJW?

>> No.72220939

>is stan lee wrong though
Not exactly, there are ways to 'scale' things but Vs Battle has taught me that such a path madness lies, so nah he's not wrong.

>> No.72220953

In one sense, if you have some badass normal dude just knock out the Hulk out of the blue, that'll probably be retarded. On the other, the writer has complete control over fate and perception, so they're literally just limited by their imagination in setting up scenarios to achieve a given outcome, many of which have the potential to be reasonable.

>> No.72220960

...I mean, I guess?

Now, should I waifu more of her from the other four touhou jumps we have?

>> No.72220978

Is that a reference to that time that dude took down the hulk with a thrown grape?

>> No.72220980

Just because he's correct doesn't mean he's right.

>> No.72220985

VS battle's problem is that it highballs everything it can while ignoring any showings that would contradict the absolute highest showings, along with having every character in scale to another character in the cast, instead of analyzing their feats separately

>> No.72220995
File: 13 KB, 480x360, jc6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I keep giving Bane size powers when nobody's looking. Stuff like Brandish's ones. He's just ambling along committing crimes when ZAP, he can suddenly be bigger than anyone else in the room. There is no greater scheme behind this. It's just a thing to put on Companion Bingo along with lines from heroic upstarts.

>Batman: "Bane's loose in Gotham. Again. He's approaching the bridge, he's...growing big enough to step over it?"
>"We have to head him off in the narrows! Otherwise, IT WOULD BE EXTREMELY PAINFUL for the city's recovery budget!"
>Batman: "...Bane just stepped on the narrows. He's just flailing around now. I think even he doesn't know where his size powers came from"

>Writers: WAIT, what about Wanda?! People love Wanda! And you love money right?!? She has a cool gimmick and a versatile power you can do basically ANYTHING with, an ethereal gentleman robot love interest and-
>Disney: That's a legitimate point but...look, we NEED Wanda to suffer to give Infinity War maximum drama, and we have this whole thing we want to do that will eventually lead into the next Dr. Strange movie. Goddamn even we admit this was a huge missed opportunity, though

I'm with >>72220687. In principle yeah, whoever the writer decides to win, wins by definition. In practice when you decide someone should win you should ALSO write a GOOD story that makes that win feel deserved, earned or at least justifiable. It's like how Mr. Teatime shows up at the end of Hogfather as a serious threat to Susan and maybe Death...because it's been established his glass eye has Discworld magic fizzling through it that gives him slash horror movie physics. Or how the guy who caught Dream in a summoning circle, caught Dream after Dream was very exhausted rebooting the multiverse from a mistake he made and even then it ultimately didn't do much for the guy who caught him.

>> No.72220996

Sweaty girl feats?

>> No.72221005
File: 615 KB, 843x475, Jutsu_Harem_HD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72221015

VSbattle's other problem is it has certain biases in favor of certain settings that make it autistically dissect those, but when it comes to others they just trot out a few sentences, eyeball a random tier and that's it.

>> No.72221037

>but when it comes to others they just trot out a few sentences, eyeball a random tier and that's it
Kind of like /jc/. If you don't care about the setting, just skim the jump and if it's not bancho-tier it'll get on the drive.

>> No.72221144

Not unlike how the commie's and marxists invaded hollywood and we just kind of let it happen, because the people that would normally stand up to those types and tell them to fuck off are also the type of people that get jobs in other industries.

>> No.72221147

What all ways are there in Jumpchain to purchase entire planets?

>> No.72221156

I too hated the moment when the Avengers all stood for the Internationale and Thanos was defeated by a crowd of worker-peasant militias instead of some billionaire.

>> No.72221167

Learn to read between the lines, cuck

>> No.72221169

Something I never understood, how the fuck is Erza Knightwalker a thing? I mean the real Erza was concieved something like 400 years prior to canon starting, even if she was only properly born like 16 or 17 years prior to canon starting. So where the hell did her Edolas counterpart come from? Shouldn't her counterpart have been concieved at the same time Erza herself originally was, meaning she'd have lived and died something like 400 years in the past? Because there's no way Edolas Irene Belserion has the same "I'm actually a dragon" backstory as the the Earthland one to justify having remained pregnant with Erza Knightwalker for 400 years.

>> No.72221173

The best is Mortal Kombat's Mortal Kombat perk. Just start a Mortal Kombat tournament and bribe your opponents to throw the fight.

>> No.72221177

Adeptas Astartes
Imperial Guard
Godzilla (Anime Trilogy)
Those are the ones off the top of my head, but I know that there's more.

>> No.72221178

You are a dishonourabru stain upon the code of combat.

>> No.72221179

Wait, but can't best girl Brandish also make other things big/small as well because she has control over Mass/Volume? Wouldn't give Bane powers like that suddenly make him a really powerful A-lister villain pretty much by default?

>> No.72221187

'cause Mashima didn't think of it at that point.

>> No.72221190

That's nice, thank you anon for being so kind.

>Godzilla (Anime Trilogy)
Thank you Goji-anon. You're a blessing on the Thread.

>> No.72221193

Well I dunno about that example (I'm aware it's sarcasm), but I do remember a recent major hollywood awards show having people literally quoting from the communist manifesto in their acceptance speech.

>> No.72221199

probably wouldn't even need to bribe them if you can show them how fucking awesome your super-duper post scarcity society is and tell them that they can have that too if they just throw the fight.

>> No.72221202
File: 245 KB, 1480x1280, 1577445878718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sometimes say "You DARE refuse my batchall?!" when someone ignores or questions my request for an honor duel. Or just going to a party I'm hosting. Or an internet argument. My companions just roll with it but the locals get confused whenever I start slipping into Clanner speak. Sleep is for the weak.

>> No.72221204

You're thinking that Mashima keeps his own setting's details straight.
It's all an excuse for tits and fight scenes. There is literally no consistency or worthwhile world-building to Fairy Tail outside of that.

>> No.72221208

Honestly, forgot I put one in Godzilla (Showa) too.

>> No.72221212
File: 324 KB, 1024x1229, Irene Belserion and Erza Scarlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fair enough. Speaking about Erza though now makes me want to waifu/companion both versions of her. But then I start thinking that I want to waifu Irene as well, and it would get weird having a mom, her daughter, and her daughter's alternate dimensional counterpart all as waifu's at the same time. GD it fairy tail, why must your waifu bait be so good!

>> No.72221219

>If you don't have even a shred of regret or remorse, then the Penance Stare doesn't work apparently.
Doesn't that make it functionally useless against most people Ghost Rider would use it on?

>> No.72221220

Could just be some sort of time magic tool happened in Edolas too. Or just a coincidence. Like how Natsu and other dragonslayers are there or how Grandeeny is just an old lady.

We never really get any reason on why the whole mirror thing is going on in the first place, just that it was a parallel universe. Perhaps events just happened so that general things were similar.

>> No.72221224

The waifu bait is very solid. Erza, Juvia, Minerva, a few of the demon girls from Tartaros, Irene, and Flare are all pretty top tier.

>> No.72221225

you can purchase all sorts of planets and planet sized megasctructres in Halo Forerunners. I'm a personal fan of getting a copy of the Greater Ark, because thing looked pretty baller, though getting a copy of Onyx II is also a pretty great option as it's a 2AU diameter dyson sphere hidden in a pocket dimension.

>> No.72221232

I once created a race of alien monsters to invade Earth, instilling within them knowledge of the language and culture of France just so I could inform the very confused inhabitants that they're not just aliens: they're FRENCH aliens!

>> No.72221233

Yes. It's wankers/retards interpreting criminal "guilty" as being emotionally "guilty". That said, anyone telling you it's some "absolute" nonsense is also retarded.

>> No.72221234

How long would it take for life to make a monster with the tech from Anno 2070? If you can ballpark it, or even know about that series. If you don't know that's fine.

>> No.72221236

What's the best way to kill a couple dead gods without having to fight them?

The Wandering Inn has a couple old dead but still active gods, and with the foreshadowing that's happened they're probably gonna wake up/break into the living world eventually during the jump, so I'd like to have a way of stopping that

Oyakoden is the best thing. Go for the Mother/Daughter/Daughter's Evil Twin trifecta

>> No.72221246

I appreciate your attempts to assrape the SBers, but they won't get really riled up unless you post a whole paragraph destroying them. A couple sentences about how it's stupid and fucks with other jumps is something more easily ignored.

>> No.72221253

Get a kill anything perk and go put them down? Or a seal anything perk/item? Being a Solar Exalt might also do the trick if you pick up the canon ghost eating technique charm, though that might result in neverborn style problems if the local metaphysics are wonky like they are in creation.

>> No.72221270

Did they ever explain what made elves so great?

>> No.72221277

Please respond >>72219763

>> No.72221278

Well, it took until about 2030 for a regular modern Earth to start producing monsters. The major issue is that we don't really know what makes the worlds produce monsters? Like it could be general population, technological, or industrial development. I'm assuming that Anno 2070 is a futuristic colony sim like the old Anno games were? I guess it would depend on how fast the pop grows in a colony.

>> No.72221316

As far as I know they didn't? The story tends to not talk about the extinct races like Elves, Djinns, or Harpies

Some half elves tend to be arrogant about their own race, but every race in the setting tends to be arrogant about their own race

>> No.72221319

Just put them all in the Yuri Pit.

>> No.72221323

>Well, it took until about 2030 for a regular modern Earth to start producing monsters. The major issue is that we don't really know what makes the worlds produce monsters? Like it could be general population, technological, or industrial development.
Ah, I thought the text
>It is believed that monsters arise on whatever planet that has their dominant species grow too advanced or become abusive towards the planet itself.
Meant that we had to harm the world we were upon. Like the pollution gets out of hand and suddenly monsters to 'correct' things before the situation gets so bad the world dies from it.

>I'm assuming that Anno 2070 is a futuristic colony sim like the old Anno games were? I guess it would depend on how fast the pop grows in a colony.
Yeah, its damn good for a game and it's, well at least one factions, tech sounds fantastically good because it's basically carbon negative.

>> No.72221327

the pit of lilies?

>> No.72221334

Just refreshed myself the first monsters to appear were actually in 1999. So I would say that it probably wouldn't take long to develop to that point with 2070 tech.

>> No.72221338

How is the fairy tail jump going?

>> No.72221343

I was asking for a way to deal with them without fighting them.

Actually going to go put them down would involve cutting my way through the entire kingdom living in/on/of the ancient Beholder/Elder God's flesh, finding some way to get into the afterlife so I could get at the one that just straight up ate every soul that's ever died, and possibly finding my why to another continent in the middle of a stereotypical humans Vs Demons eternal war to kill the god that's waking up there.

... Kinda not sure if the god that's eaten the afterlife and the one that drove the Atinium from Rhir are the same one or not

>> No.72221350

There are a few different theories thrown out about how monsters form, but it's never really answered. Like, Ghidorah just kinda showed up to the Exif. The only implications given are that they appear when a dominant species has reached a certain level of development, but some monsters are also formed through weird pollution shit.

>> No.72221357

Maybe? It's a hole in the ground filled with yuri.

>> No.72221359

First two that come to mind are Dragonball Super and Primarchs. Well, DBS will let you get a whole galaxy.

>> No.72221386

Val, in the near future, if you have the option to assrape 18 Days or assrape Taimanin, keep in mind that the dude who made Taimanin is an actual fucking retard and basically a nobody as far as his influence on QQ goes. Only other lost causes will care about his opinions or what he does with the jump. 18 Days on the other hand, was made by jumpmakers well-respected by most people on SB. SJ chan is known to be harsh with drawbacks and scenarios, so semi-reasonable people unfamiliar with how hard she's wanked here consider her a decent jumpmaker. Blackshadow is adored by all powerwankers. Their union could have far greater consequences in the long run than someone who is basically the bancho of QQ. Also, it's sad how much cliff has been asslicking Endless Cycle.

>> No.72221412

Keep in mind that the guy that found the jumpable Taimanin wip, halved all the prices, and claimed that they edited it to make it jumpable, isn't the guy that made the Taimanin wip

He's literally just some cunt that came and fucked up someone elses wip and expected people to like it

>> No.72221447
File: 191 KB, 451x800, jc31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Gotham Girl and the Perpetua shenanigans have taught me anything, it's that everyone on Earth-0 is a few injections and flexes away from dealing with an A-lister villain if they really have to.

Besides, Bane is actually really unambitious for an iconic Batman villain. The writers don't seem to know what to do to up the ante for the character after he broke Batman's back, and it kind of reflects on the character's motivations. Oh he goes back and forth from joining the League of Shadows or flirting with being an anti-villain, but at the end of the day-well, his most recent arc is literally called City of Bane. It's like he's having a supervillain mid-life crisis, and nothing quite matches the sense of accomplishment he had back then.

Song of Death from Soul Hackers is based on a character with the innate power to govern death, who is an aspect of the Algonquin great spirit of the land. You could also probably conduct a ritual with the Winter Court's magic from Dresden Files that quells them with the chill of winter or something, or do something tricky with a Fate Authority related to death like tracing a ritual sigil over their burial ground, or open the Gate of Sky to increase their chances of dying by exposing them to the irish underworld.

...or you could set the dead gods on fire. The First Flame from Dark Souls burned all the way to the end of the world after all, and the Flame of Olympus from God of War is hazardous even to the Olympians.

>> No.72221515

I liked Young Justice!Bane. Or maybe the fanfic With This Ring version Im not sure. At any rate he was smart, charismatic, sort of reasonable, had his own little island nation and of course a code of honor.

>> No.72221538

That first one requires either willingness or me beating the thing to death. Definitely worth keeping in mind for later, but not really useful for my current jumper, since they have no combat skills of any kind

That First Flame suggestion though, my jumper actually has a good chunk of that bitch in them, so that's a pretty good idea.

Hell, I could probably kill that dead/sleeping Beholder/Elder God pretty easily with that, since the First Flame outright annihilates anything that enters my body, the people living in that dude's body sell chinks of his flesh for cheap, and eating the dude's flesh links you to him.

Might be a bit more difficult to kill the guy in the afterlife, but he does outright eat every soul that comes along, so baiting a trap wouldn't be that hard


>> No.72221587

Slowly. Making good progress on lots of things now that the supplement is out of my sights. Finished the perk section for it and started on items, but split the guild table into it's own thing for later so I can finish the jump sometime ever since it was just expanding so big.

It's still a minor focus though, I'm focusing on putting in the fluff for Kara no Kyokai and will start posting pastebins for it tomorrow.

>> No.72221650
File: 247 KB, 1920x1080, jc5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think this is my least favourite Bane, mainly because the background material kept hyping up how he's raring and ready to kick the Venom habit and get strong again. And then in the actual game it turns out Bane just wants Batman to help him steal more venom, and when he stands around bragging about his master plan can't think of any better way to deal with the fallout than charging at him, when Batman's whole THING is letting big heavy books charge at the wrong thing, and that's how we end up with Bane tricked into locking himself up.

>"F-free me!!"

It gets even worse in Origins, because there Bane IS a fairly competant merc...who's utterly obsessed with Batman for poorly explained reasons and ends up canonically making himself retarded in the rest of the Arkham games from a Venom overdose.

>> No.72221676

dun do drugs kids, especially not opium

>> No.72221762

So how strong is Saitama from one punch man in your chain?
Has he a max power that just can't be reached by anyone in setting, or is he truly all powerful?
How did you interact with him depending on the previous fact?

>> No.72221784

Well he seemed pretty unfamiliar withe the moon jump so, I guess kind of like an end of Buu saga Goku who can't fly, teleport or launch energy?

The former. I think he got a cold once in the manga.

We hung out, I schooled him at vidya.

>> No.72221842

>I'm focusing on putting in the fluff for Kara no Kyokai and will start posting pastebins for it tomorrow.
Nice. Had the start of a chain planned for its Hunter origin + Ackerman Clan from AoT and the Nanaya stuff from Tsukihime. Which origins stuff will you be posting first?

>> No.72221873

>dun do drugs kids, especially not opium
I'm pretty sure that Venom is super!Meth not super!Painkillers, though I may very well be wrong.

>> No.72221880
File: 46 KB, 596x785, 0a46cfbbb1844a4f4636d54a5ea3fc2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, I pay for these future gifts with the coin of the realm.

>> No.72221909

It'll be going Student, Hunter, Magus, Murderer for order. Will try to post every 1-2 days but no promises. Jump is close to being done though.

>> No.72221933

If Nasu gods are just big spaceships early humans mistook as gods and turned into gods by worshipping them enough, does that mean Optimus Prime and Megatron have equally valid claims to godhood if you hypothetically sent them to the distant past?

>> No.72221955

Will it be possible to be a murderer that has never technically murdered, like Majima?

>> No.72221994
File: 99 KB, 1280x720, overlay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will it have a strange chair item?

>> No.72222000
File: 56 KB, 448x640, Konata.Izumi.311208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> So how strong is Saitama from one punch man in your chain?
His power level is "unlimited", so basically all powerful, but it's also extremely focused and specific.

The thing about OPM is, I noticed very quickly that everyone and everything is focused around raw damage. This is a bit unusual for shonen series with large casts of super powers, but it works for this because it's a joke. There's no real conceptual play or really anything that doesn't ultimately amount to "hit the thing"; sometimes with lasers, sometimes with psychic powers, but it all ultimately comes down to punching with extra steps.
And Saitama always wins that fight.
Just straight up. He wins. Go home.
But he has basically no defense against trickery or concepts or anything of the sort. You can make him get sick. You can teleport him out into space. You can turn him into a pickle.
It'd probably be very easy to kill him, using such methods.

I didn't, because he's a nice guy and that wouldn't be fun for either of us.

> How did you interact with him depending on the previous fact?
I built shit to try to challenge him in a way he might find fun. Monsters and robots, mostly. Created a whole new Machine Empire faction from offplanet that would periodically send down monsters basically just so he'd have a recurring foe to battle.

Also I hung out with him as a fellow hero undercover, kindof along the same lines as the rest of his ̶h̶a̶r̶e̶m̶ friend circle. Nobody was aware that I was also a double agent in charge of an entire enemy faction.

>> No.72222014

Only some gods are spaceships. Some are meteors. Some are fairies. Some are spirits.

I don't think anyone but Kiryu approaches that level of not being a murderer.

That's Tsukihime. It will have ice cream though.

>> No.72222019

>But he has basically no defense against trickery or concepts or anything of the sort. You can make him get sick. You can teleport him out into space. You can turn him into a pickle.
so, tl:dr just use hax

>> No.72222045
File: 614 KB, 1000x1412, f49ec984be4be5e730789288285c7b9c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So by being a gay pedophile that gets btfo by nords?

>> No.72222057

>It will have ice cream though.

>> No.72222058

>not making the nords your personal guard
do you even Varangian?

>> No.72222079

Not familiar with the setting, does he really have a harem?

>> No.72222084
File: 79 KB, 595x841, jc11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...I actually forgot, did you ever play videogames with him? Even undercover or something, like.

Well there's Akuma, he's so not a muderer I'm pretty sure he's saved more lives on-screen than he's ended. And he doesn't have the excuse of always leaving the Yakuza after becoming the head of the Yakuza offscreen.

Honestly, Akuma's a pretty standup guy because he takes equating physical strength with moral strength dead seriously. So he thinks fighting bystanders is dishonourable, and believes in constant self-improvement to avoid hubris, and the reason he hates Ryu's dark side being sealed off is because he think it's cutting off his full potential. It's like he's such a social darwinist that it bends all the way around back into being an upstanding man with traditional family values.

>> No.72222110

Actually there's nothing wrong with fucking a catamite boy slave it's being the catamite slave that's wrong.

>> No.72222124

So based on this thread, I should go Darkside and get dark side Ashoka and have her help me enslave some Twi'leks...am I doing this right?

>> No.72222132

Well, we don't ever really see anyone no-sell the Penance Stare (aside from people who don't have souls presumably) but I never said it was fiat-backed to ignore all defenses.

>> No.72222146

Congratulations. You passed the first test.

>> No.72222153

The Joker did.

>> No.72222164

Why stop at Twileks? Theres loads of attractive species out there. Its a big galaxy.

>> No.72222170

The thing is, eyeballing random tiers is probably MORE accurate 90% of the time. Because there's none of that stupid calc. nonsense or dimensional tiering or insane troll logic a lot of VS posters get up to that leads them to stating Link is solar system level.

>> No.72222171
File: 334 KB, 240x320, tumblr_mqb13m6vze1s9xn17o1_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> tl:dr just use hax
Yeah, exactly.

Like, how do you kill Goku?
It's really easy! Just give him a heart virus.

That's pretty boring, though.

I'm suddenly reminded of Live a Live, of all things. It's an old SNES RPG with a chapter based system, where each chapter stars a different protagonist in a different time period.
And, anyway, there's a Wrestling chapter, where the main character goes around in an almost Street Fighter-esque game mode, fighting warriors from around the world so that he can learn their techniques and defeat them in honourable combat and prove that he is the strongest.
And at the end, after you've defeated them all, this new guy comes up and declares that he just straight up murdered those guys while they were sleeping or on the toilet or whatever and that proves HE'S the strongest! And now he's gonna kill you!

And it's like, "Man, you complete and total asshole, you missed the point entirely."
And anyway you kill that guy.

Anyway, I think the only point of doing something like that is if you really just want to remove them from the setting so you can be the star of the show or whatever.
Which seems kindof petty, but whatever, it's jumpchain, I won't judge.
Out loud.

I really wish we had a Live a Live jump.
Somehow. Not sure how that'd work with the Chapter system, though.

Nah. He just has a bunch of friends who are impressed by his power and they hang out with him. A couple of them are cute girls, though. Everyone is way too focused on killing monsters to do harem antics, though. But sometimes they play videogames together!

It's also kindof a joke about him and Genos, Genos basically having the junkless cyborg equivalent of a boycrush on him and all. It's really just a case of hero worship, though.

I did! But I don't think that came across in my writeups. They were always more about the inevitable tragic failure, y'know.

>> No.72222176

I mean in the movies.

>> No.72222200

What jumps should I go into if I want to obtain means of protecting myself from murderous robots, either by reprogramming them to not attack me or by hiding my presence from their sensors?

>> No.72222201

>And at the end, after you've defeated them all, this new guy comes up and declares that he just straight up murdered those guys while they were sleeping or on the toilet or whatever and that proves HE'S the strongest! And now he's gonna kill you!
actually Odie just killed them, probably in a fight

>> No.72222210

>Well there's Akuma, he's so not a muderer I'm pretty sure he's saved more lives on-screen than he's ended. And he doesn't have the excuse of always leaving the Yakuza after becoming the head of the Yakuza offscreen.
he needs da yakuza money for the orphanage and Haruka's YUME

>> No.72222262

Ah, I see someone else remembers Live A Live.
>And it's like, "Man, you complete and total asshole, you missed the point entirely."
The way I remember, it was more that Masaru (the main character of that chapter) called out Odie Olbright (the final boss of that chapter) on dishonoring the fighting spirit of the opponents he killed, and vowed to use their techniques to honorably dethrone him as the strongest fighter in the world. You know, typical 90's teen boy cartoon hero stuff.
>I really wish we had a Live a Live jump.
>Somehow. Not sure how that'd work with the Chapter system, though.
I vaguely remember seeing one in the archive, but I might be mistaken. If it's not there, you can make one yourself. As for how the chapter system works, you could have each era as a starting location picked by the random roll or bought with CP, with race selections available based on the location you're in.

>> No.72222265
File: 155 KB, 500x281, jc12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good. Gooooooood, now found a magitech cult so secretive it will be completely unnoticed by the wider galactic community and so resourceful it can build a fleet of star destroyers each with a Death Star-level laser mounted on them. You'll also have to become literally All of the Sith, an entire Senate of Sith if you will, at some point but you'll have to figure that part out yourself.

>Live a Live sounds familiar but I dunno what that is
>look it up
You're right, it WOULD be an amazing jump.


Seriously. Those subplots HAVE to be non-canon otherwise Kiryu would've made enough to retire a long time ago.

...unless Majima accidentally teaching a civil servant to run austerity taxes like an extortion racket totaled his finances

>> No.72222309

>literally All of the Sith, an entire Senate of Sith if you will



I will never be able to watch Sheev go full autist again without thinking that he somehow secretly intended this all along and foreshadowed it by saying he was the Senate.

God damn it.

Anakin was right though, spinning was a good trick.

>> No.72222312

>...unless Majima accidentally teaching a civil servant to run austerity taxes like an extortion racket totaled his finances
I mean, it's implied he caused the lost decade of the 90s...

>> No.72222344


>> No.72222393

What else is there? Don’t say togrutas.

>> No.72222464
File: 34 KB, 435x473, konata_kitsune_sketch_by_workshop_d10rgnl-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahh, that's right.
I wonder why I remembered it that other way.
Maybe I was confusing it with No More Heroes. Which we have a jump of!

Yeah, I definitely remembered it as Odie having zero honour and basically not caring about any of Masa's ideals. I just misremembered his execution of how he rose to prominence.

> you can make one yourself.
I don't want it that bad.

> you could have each era as a starting location picked by the random roll or bought with CP,
I really think that we've moved past the practice of locking off large sections of the setting based on dice rolls.

I suppose you could do something similar to EVO, and maybe have an opt in to go to all the eras in sequence, but I don't think there'd be a way to really do it smoothly. There's like seven different eras. You'd either be locking yourself into a fraction of the setting or, if you were following the story, you might spend as much as a couple days in each era, since they all take place over a relatively short amount of time. Barring whatever the fuck Masa's doing. Presumably he has to fly around the world to fight everyone and that probably takes longer than just a week.

Maybe you could spend like a year in each era? I don't know. I'm not the one who's going to figure it out.

The Kung Fu and Medieval chapters are my favorites, I think. I sometimes dream of jumper shenanigans in those.

It'd be pretty fun to become the Demon King, I think.

>> No.72222498

I believe I may have had a brain fart. For the purposes of discounts to the relevant Servant Classes in the updated Servant Supplement are Magical Power, Magical Skill and Combat Skill considered Skills or Statistics?

>> No.72222505

maek it a gauntlet

>> No.72222511

I can almost feel Oersted's vehement and furious disagreement.

>> No.72222513

>Those subplots HAVE to be non-canon otherwise Kiryu would've made enough to retire a long time ago.
They are canon, at least to each other, given how Amon works.

>> No.72222521

Sheev never intends anything, he just rolls with the punches and has as much fun as he possibly can at any given moment. At this point I'm 90% convinced the man has found some way of channeling pure ham as an emotion through the Force and that's where all his power comes from.

>> No.72222527

being cucked makes you evil

>> No.72222534

Technically there's nothing about the Dark Side inherently that stops you from fuelling it with positive emotions, is there?

>> No.72222535

My god, it's so clear now. The Jedi are stoic, stuffy monks.

The Dark Side isn't about hate and anger. It's about drama and hamming it up.

It's so clear now.

>> No.72222548

>Sheev secret was that he was channeling joy all along
Deep stuff.

>> No.72222563

>And it's free too
Welp, another jump to take only after escalating to yog jumper, since it effectively removes the possibility of a failure. Except if the world ends, then your stuck in limbo forever, since there's no babies to be reborn into.

>> No.72222566

No. He chose to be evil after his entire world collapsed around him, with the final pillar breaking with the princess' suicide.

>> No.72222582

Doesn't Saitama also have hax immunity, since he can't be affected at all by weird psychic users?

>> No.72222587

Cyan Bloodbane did nothing wrong. Fuck elves.

>> No.72222593

yeah, but the entire chain of sequences started when he beat his friend and cucked him out of the princess, so real;y it's cucking that makes you evil

>> No.72222600

Just means the japanese cold is more hax than a midget. More seriously OPM psykers just throw shit around, it's not that exotic an attack.

>> No.72222602

The secret of the sequel trilogy's plot holes: everything that happened was actually all Sheev trolling the entire galaxy and the whole cast for fucking decades for literally no other reason than because he could.

>> No.72222608

That doesn't mean he can't get a heart attack, or an aneurysm, or drown or be disintegrated, or having a false vacuum collapsed on him, etc.

>> No.72222641

>Engage your best friend in a duel for the hand of the woman you both love
>Get pissy because he didn't throw said fight for your sake and decide to not only sell your soul but dedicate all your efforts to ruining his life out of spite
Straybow is a pretty shitty friend.

>> No.72222655

Not really. And "hax immunity" is a retarded concept, anyway, especially when people try to apply it to canon characters based on a few feats of resisting specific hax. Hax is just shit that's hard to defend against through raw stats. Saying something is immune to it is basically the same as saying someone is immune to every supernatural power that isn't fireball and similar shit, regardless of its source, nature, or target.

>> No.72222659

In some Star Wars Jump (like the Darth Bane Trilogy), Record of a Fallen Vampire Jump, maybe Halo - Forerunner Jump, Dune Jump.

>> No.72222677

>Straybow is a pretty shitty friend.
>Is it my fault...
>My fault that he's become this way...?

You don't say.

>> No.72222714
File: 644 KB, 500x699, konata-and-gang-for-caturday.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For some reason psychics in OPM exclusively attack by increasing gravity to crush people or throwing things or otherwise trying to mash things into other things, all of which fall under the purview of "punching with extra steps". Saitama is immune because he just tanks that shit like he does everything else. It's just straight physical damage and he ignores it.

There's also a couple characters with precognition who can see into the future, but they never use that in a combat situation. I don't even know if they can; it seems to be more of a nebulous "bad things are coming down the pipe but we're not gonna give you specifics oooo spooky" kindof deal.

I looked for characters that didn't operate just on "cause physical damage" and came up prettymuch empty. Even for characters who you'd think could do other things; it seems people in OPM just don't THINK to DO that.
It's kindof like how Saitama laments that he's too strong and nothing's challenging, and then King (rightly) points out that he could do lots of things that don't involve physical strength, like learning skills or hobbies or reading or playing video games (which King routinely trounces him in), to which Saitama replies "but I don't want to do that"
Except that this extends to EVERYONE across the setting.
It's honestly kindof weird.

I was thinking as a hero my gimmick would be healing people or maybe putting up barriers and I would just blow peoples' minds or get ridiculed as useless. One of the two.

>> No.72222718

>That doesn't mean he can't get a heart attack, or an aneurysm, or drown or be disintegrated, or having a false vacuum collapsed on him, etc.
The first two don't work since his blood pumps so strongly it forces his blood vessels open and his heart can't be affected either (Tatsumaki tries). He seems mostly unaffected by vacuum but I guess hypothetically it would work

>> No.72222754

>Cyan Bloodbane did nothing wrong.
what did he do?

>> No.72222757

>The first two don't work since his blood pumps so strongly it forces his blood vessels open
that is not going to help with an aneurysm. it'd probably rupture even faster.
>He seems mostly unaffected by vacuum but I guess hypothetically it would work
that's not what a false vacuum collapse is

>> No.72222762

Nothing wrong.

>> No.72222776

>Fuck elves.
Yes exactly. That has been the theme of this thread. Elves are made for human cocks.

>> No.72222780

Anyone know an easy way to grant perks to an entire race? Either so that I can grant them all to the current ones and have them pass on their perks to their children, or an easy way to constantly grant them to any newborns.

>> No.72222818

how can blood be cyan

>> No.72222819

World Seed.

>> No.72222843

Innistrad blessings, civilization jump perks
Best way to get specific with it is get generic xianxias newgenics and seed your people with your bloodline early and often

>> No.72222845

>that's not what a false vacuum collapse is
I meant more the drowning part

>> No.72222860

>Halo UNSC
>Halo Forerunners
>Eclipse Phase
>Revelation Space
>The Culture Minds
>Traitor Astartes
>Authority (one or two perks are dedicated to it iirc, you just have to spend some time trying to decipher that mess of a jump)

>> No.72222878

>I meant more the drowning part
6 litres of water is still lethally toxic.

>> No.72222888

Oh, and

>> No.72222891

And what a horrible way to die it is.

>> No.72222895

this is basically just RL race fetish stuff transposed to medieval fantasy uh. reminds me a lot of the shit expats in Japan say

>> No.72222907

Some elves colonized one of his people's holy sites and tried to enslave him so he retaliated by turning their kingdom into a horror realm where their kings' nightmares were given flesh and blood.

>> No.72222914

>raceplay is like raceplay
In other news, water is wet.

>> No.72222923

Resident Evil virus.
Like what?

>> No.72222939

Can’t really grant perks with a Resi virus.

>> No.72222942

oh it has a name? the more you know
like Japanese girls belong to white men etc

>> No.72222944

Resident evil virus customization, fallout has FEV and implants, scp has their own supersolider program, project Olympia, if you're crazy enough to go there, starcraft zerg has really good gene manipulation perks and worm has biosculptor. That's all that comes to mind at the moment.

>> No.72222967

>worm has biosculptor
>not Medical & Biological Sciences Tinker
You can get biokinesis elsewhere, going Bonesaw 2.0 would is the better option long term. Also means you don’t personally have to oversee everything.

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