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what are some systems where the character race takes the place of "class" in an otherwise classless system? I mean less "race x is all rogues" but more "race x can produce its own poison and posesses natural camouflage"

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gamma world?

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Not a system, but a setting: the World of Twelve from Dofus/Wakfu works kinda along those lines (even tho all «races», despite looking radically diff from one another, are all technically humans worshipping different gods, there’s a whole lore around it)

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Das Schwarze Auge does this partially

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Ironclaw has that to some degree. There are some things (flight, low light vision, echolocation, natural weapons, etc) that you either get from your race or you don't get at all.

Some of those are prerequisites for other abilities. Which means that some builds are limited to races with those prerequisites. For example, the best options for a natural weapon fighter require you to have claws.

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Tails of Equestria has its three main pony races fulfill the roles within a party. Earth pony is a fighter, Unicorn is a wizard, and Pegasus is like a flying rogue.

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Not wholly classless, but I believe it's Arianhrod or Alshard, at least one of the two, where as part of designing your multi-class structure, you could take a particular race as one of those class slots.

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cute cat
can i pet that cat

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Only when the cat is a good cat. If you pet the cat when the cat is a bad cat, the cat will get all spoiled and misbehave.

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so what should you do when cat is a bad cat? besides not petting, that is

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Make your displeasure known.

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That cat is a boy btw. The artist confirmed it on their twitter

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Just clarifying

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Just ignore them. Cats don't respond to negative reinforcement very well and learn to do the "bad" behavior while you are not around if you spray water at them.

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Yeah, I can see that when they put it that way.

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Some what related to the OP- how does /tg/ feel about banning certain races from playing certain classes totally wholesale? Not necessarily the same as race-as-class but the idea of certain races just not being allowed to be certain classes.

For example; I wanted to include folkloric animal people in my setting. They're all very short (like 2-4 ft tall) and are literally just bipdeal animals, not even furries. Any animal can become one if they're taught how to walk on two legs and be a "polite" animal as opposed to a dirty, regular animal.

However, I don't think they should be fighters or warriors in the system. They're too small, would look silly in armor, and I don't like them fighting in the front lines very much unless it's more puss in boots style; more of a Rogue thing then a fighter-y thing.

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If the gnome wants to grab a sword and cleave with the best of them, why stop them?

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Golden Sky Stories?
Teenagers from Outer Space?
World Tree (the furry one?)

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Well there is some historical evidence of animal armor so a knight might still work, just gonna have to limit it to the non plate/heavy stuff. though limiting it so they couldn't cast magic might make sense

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Because gnome are in the same boot. I don't think something that small should be capable of being a bit fighter guy, even if you say they use "dexterity or swiftness" to fight instead, I dunno. Just don't like the idea of them being really good at fighting beyond like sneak attacks.

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I mean, this picture is nearly a decade old, so I don't know what you're talking about.

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So, what? By the same token, orcs can never be wizards because it doesn't make sense and you don't see it happening?

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stills looks abit silly in armor

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>Not a system, but
You break my heart, man.

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And you've already let your guard down. Palicoes are dangerous mother fuckers.

I get what you're trying to say, but as long as there are two people on earth, someone is going to want somebody dead. The animals probably wouldn't be able to fight well against larger creatures, but they would certainly want smallfolk who know how to take down smallfolk. An outsider who was hired to take care of those issues would just make people uncomfortable.

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Plus an outsider might have trouble fitting in smallfolk buildings/tunnels.

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Felynes are a thing in the Monster Hunter world. A Palico is a felyne who has bonded with a Hunter and goes out with them in the field, becoming effectively a felyne Monster Hunter. Palicoes, like their hunter companions, are stupidly strong for what they are.

Palicoes are known to parley with the local catfolk for help.

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Right, sorry, I've only played Monster Hunter World, unfortunately. But my point still stands. In a world where two can get in a fight, you'd want somebody you can trust be there to break it up. In >>72108619 you certainly don't want just a human police officer to look over your idyllic forest village, that'd be something that breaches the authority of the villagers.

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Wash your mouth out with buckshot.

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Hilarious that cruz was officially rule 63'd by the power of literal jesus

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>When it's 2020 and you are STILL being triggered by pone

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Hes not wrong ponyfag. The setting is trash and unless you are a 10 year old girl/soiiboii you have no reason to even look at it let alone play in it.

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GURPS, but this answer is cliche at this point. There's an entire supplement about designing races and you take them as packages of traits (and sometimes skills) which can either have a net positive or negative cost (the latter refunding points and counting towards the disadvantage limit set by the GM, if any).

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>Stop liking things I don't like

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>are stupidly strong for what they are.
That also constantly screech like they're in heat to where they make me want to not use them at all.

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>I am a man who is at least thirty years old who is threatened by a little girl's cartoon

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