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If Forgebane came with Armiger's, and GW even advertises Armigers are being Adeptus Mechanicus... Why aren't Armigers in the Codex? I assume that they aren't actually Adeptus Mechanicus units then, and that if you use them you're making a soup army.

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Who's waiting for Saturday's reveal to buy some war bonds?

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what is this sexy beast's name?

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Yes, armiger's are knights. They are aligned with admech, but are a separate faction.

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Knights in the Admech codex don't have the <ADEPTUS MECHANICUS> keyword so they're already soup.

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Armigers were released after the Admech codex. I expect they'll be included if we ever get an Admech 2.0 or 9e codex.

Regular knights actually are in the Admech codex despite having different keywords.

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He was Eisenhorn, just five steps ahead.

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I am reading the new Wrath and Glory RPG. It says that mankind is the most widespread and numerous race in the galaxy. Other races don't come close.

So Orks being the most numerous is not true anymore?

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Bought some easy to build intercessors and Salamanders primaris upgrade kit for a kill team I'm putting together!

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why would you believe anything in a system where the White Scars are depicted as Africans.

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Best Inquisitor.

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>the White Scars are depicted as Africans.
what the fuck?

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see >>72052116

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Looks fan art of Eisenhorne

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Regular Knights are part of the AdMech's codex. The only restriction is the Household keyword, and they don't get stratagems. They are basically the same as Titan Guard; which is absurd (because Titan Guard is fucking Skitarii), but whatever.

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Easy to build kits have the shoulder pads molded onto the mini, so you'll have to do some cutting. Get a good hobby knife, like one from Tamiya.

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>knights are in the admech codex
No shit retard, it's open on my lap.
And they're not getting strategems BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT <ADEPTUS MECHANICUS>

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I am waiting for more information on Engine War. Whether or not the comes with additional supplemental information and rulings about the Mechanicus' 30k units, and shit is going to make me decide how much I wanna blow. Otherwise all that money is going to recasters.

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Knights aren't soup.

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It may be written from a propaganda perspective, be an unreliable narrator, or now that I think about it, actually be true since if you look at the map of the Galaxy in most editions, you see more Human-infested world than Ork-infested ones.

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They are still part of the Adeptus Mechanicus due to loyalty and can be taken without violating any single faction rulings. Literally every system that the listfags use for competitive says that Knights (with the correct HOUSE) in an Adeptus Mechanicus army still counts as single. You are by definition not making a soup army by using Knights.

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It's Boomer Eisenhorn.

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I'm gonna name a minor bad guy Eiser Boomenhorn .

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White Scars have red trim on their pauldrons.

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That's an Absolver marine though.

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>I am waiting for more information on Engine War.

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Not always, and the most up to date color scheme for them doesn't have the trim. He's supposed to be White Scars. The most telling attribute is the red eagle on the chest.

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Election tourist faggot, take your political bullshit elsewhere

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"white scars are mongolian" is not a political statement

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They also have white power packs.

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What's the cheapest way to get my hands on about a dozen Eldar Warwalkers? Snag a bunch of Start Collecting boxes and sell of the wraith units?

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Nothing of any substance!

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Daily reminder that all spess murines except ravenguard has a melanchrome which gives them the ability to say nigger as much as they want without anyone objecting

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>in MY day, we had to walk 50 miles in the snow to interrogate heretics. And we loved it!

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I may have chuckled.

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White Scars don't have black backpacks, its an Absolver

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>He's supposed to be White Scars.
No he isn't. No red trim, no white power plant.

He's an Absolver.

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Good catch, he is Absolvers after I did a little bit more digging. They still fucked up the color scheme though by omitting the black trim on the pauldrons. This guy, I am pretty sure, is Gulkir and the black chick in the picture with him is Yaril Varonius.

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That image isn’t a white scar. The colors are off and there is nothing to indicate what chapter he is but is likely an absolver. You’re a reddit election tourist who doesn’t even know what white scars look like but have worked yourself into an outrage over it

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>Back in MY day we didn't do any of this "interrogation" bullshit, we virus bombed the planet at the first sight of heresy like the Emperor intended!

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>Tarquondus DinduNuffin.
>From the rotting Forge World, Deetroyt.

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Not good catch, he was obviously never a white scar. Literal retard tier to mistake him for that and then speed out about SJW.s

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Have there ever been any cases of the organ failing similar to the Salamanders outside of the Salamanders? Or any other individual organ failure, rather than a chapter trait. I remember a few Marines in different chapters who've grown exceptionally large and SW had one dude who became so fat he needed a custom armour.

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>They still fucked up the color scheme though by omitting the black trim on the pauldrons.

>> No.72053621

>Viral bombs?
>You were lucky.

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i'm not that anon, i didn't say it was a white scar
i simply said that it's not political to say white scars aren't black

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>Literal retard tier to mistake him for that and then speed out about SJW.s

I literally never did that. I said he was a White Scar because of the crest being red, and rest of the armor matching. I didn't take into account the power pack though. Like I could give a shit if some Primaris faggot is Mongolian anyway.

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Amberley Vail, is by far the best.

>> No.72053638

you have to go back

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Iron Hands did some bullshit to make TURBOHUEG guys, and also let the Adeptus Mechanicus literally reanimate dudes. And then there was that one guy in the Ultramarines novels who was fucking like 10 feet tall without his armor on.

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You mean on an individual rather than chapter level?

>> No.72053655

Oh yeah, The Absolvers...

>> No.72053659

Yes. Like individual marine has an organ failure that leads them to having traits separate from the rest of their chapter.

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There is nothing wrong with Imperium soup. Imperium soup is more lore friendly anyways. Stop taking 500 point models into small games and it solves all problems.

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>> No.72053675

A fully kitted out Warglaive is like 170 points.

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Does brain failure leading to terminal retardation count? If so, then I am pretty sure we could easily come up with some good examples.

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legit thought that was postal dude from the postal games for a second as an inquisitor and started chuckling at postal dude in 40K
>piss on heresy
>put out bloodletter's firey sword
>it cries

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>> No.72053724

According to the Wrath and Glory RPG, Aeldari eyes are elongated and often they are without pupils. They are almost marble in texture and usually they are colourless. Though, there are some Aeldari have eyes with a dreamlike tint when they catch the light

Has this always been the canon?

>> No.72053734

I'm fairly certain they used to be pretty much entirely black, like your typical ayyy lmao grey alien

>> No.72053738

Why does Cawl have a model? Isn't he always holed up in a lab?

>> No.72053746

No, Cawl goes all over the place.

>> No.72053753

...how do they see?

>> No.72053764

He's like a snail, he carries his laboratory with him.

>> No.72053776


It literally changes depending on who is drawing them. Their earliest art had them with extremely long, slanted eyes. Sometimes completely black, sometimes with regular pupils and shit. Then people started drawing them with mostly regularly eyes, and that was the prevailing fashion and still is. I've never heard of them being drawn with white eyes though. So this is just another piece of fluff that'll change with the whim of whoever is drawing/writing. I honestly can't fucking understand why GW doesn't have internal model sheets. It's pretty obvious that they don't. Otherwise shit like this wouldn't happen.

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Lay off Boreale
He was a good boy

>> No.72053780

He spends quite a lot of time fighting people for research materials.

>> No.72053800

>The geneseed is stagnant, and I am the ministorum of chlorine
I've seen more posts about Postal last 2-3 weeks than last 2-3 years, what the fuck is going on?

>> No.72053849

Because they don't care. 40k isn't a serious setting with rigorous lore.
It's a kitchen sink sandbox ruled by rule of cool.

>> No.72053866

That sounds like a very Eisenhorn thing to do
>Lose sword
>Take crippled apprentice's dead gf's ancestral family sword and reforge it to suit you
>Create staff of un-Heresy with figurehead based on your own skull
>Poke Daemonhost with it
>Daemonhost cries and explodes

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Raven guard have pretty much exactly the same flaw as salamanders, their melenachrome is just stuck at snow white instead of jet black.

>> No.72053909

Amberley is a cutie and has sexual relationships with commissars so that's 5/5.

>> No.72053912

>Cut the head off a Chosen Emperor's Children CSM in a one on one duel with that same sword
>Kick the book you were looking for into that dude's burning neck hole

>> No.72053925

Fuck, I wanna sign this.

>> No.72053936

The reason why it frustrates me is because, as a DCfag, you can literally get fired for drawing off-model. They are autistic where it concerns the designs of the characters being portrayed.

>> No.72053944

Me too. Hot diddly damn.

>> No.72053946

He was holed up for 10k years, let the man go on a journey.

>> No.72053949

Postal 4?

>> No.72053960

Fair I guess, hope it sells well because they shoved their new IP into a freezer for that.

>> No.72053967

>Whether or not the comes with additional supplemental information and rulings about the Mechanicus' 30k units
it won't, you'll have to wait for the new imperial indexes for that.

>> No.72053968

>"The geneseed is stagnant, and I am the ministorum of chlorine"
>my sides have launched into orbit at the idea of postal dude saying shit like this then shooting a bolter

>> No.72053983

What are you working on, anons?
I’ve just finished painting my first Harlequin

>> No.72053985

Everyone is stuck inside going postal

>> No.72053995

Some more Aeldari lore from the RPG book. It says that the Aeldari Empire technology is far greater and far advanced than anything that the DAoT had

Is this lore rape? I thought the DAoT were top in tech.

>> No.72054000

>Best friend tries to kill you
>Bind the Daemon to his corpse that was the initial reason for him trying to kill you

Eisenhorn is what happens when an Inquisitor goes postal.

>> No.72054007

It's consistent with previous characterization of their empire.

>> No.72054034

>I thought the DAoT were top in tech.
For humans, yes.

>> No.72054038

SJWs really are annoying.

>> No.72054039

>> No.72054040

I've always felt that the tech feats of DAoT were overblown. There is nothing to indicate that they could have even come close to approaching War in Heaven tier.

>> No.72054046

No, dark age is just as advanced as humanity has ever been, the aeldari began their decline during the same period but that wasn't due to humanity having technological superiority, it was due to the eldar falling to hedonism.

>> No.72054048

40k is designed be be vague enough that you can do whatever you want with your army. Paint them however you want, fluff them however you want. Its why theres 2 missing primarchs. If you want to paint your alien elfs with black eyes thats ok, white eyes are ok too.

>> No.72054070

Hey fuckers, is this the based department?
Cause I'm the guy who's going to crack this whole fucking scam right open.

>> No.72054105

The odds that the Blood Ravens are a splinter of the Thousand Sons are actually worse than the odds that the Blood Ravens are from one of those missing Primarch's geneseed.

>> No.72054110

hes a nerd who likes warhammer, whatever, people need to quit riding his dick about it

>> No.72054119

what are the best books to listen to about death guard and nurgle? particularly how the marines exist on a daily basis, act and communicate. and nurgle's paradise

>> No.72054125

>Be an unreliable
All 40k fluff is an unreliable narrator. That's what ADB and friends take paragraphs to say when they babble bout "everything" being true and "one of it" and everyone having their "own version" to "customise" or whatever else. They've got a loose leash on what they can write and contradict because everything is meant to be from an unreliable narrator.

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>> No.72054130


>> No.72054141

I just spraypainted some WargamesTournament terrain and credit card terrain. My plan is to print this out, laminate it, glue it on the card and varnish matt over it in the hopes of creating good-looking posters.

>> No.72054142

total noob here. will this work?

>> No.72054154

Yes, but people still take it as undeniable truth and lose their shit over it instead of making their own version of the truth.

>> No.72054165

Actually, Matt Ward recently made a distinction between lore written from an in-verse unreliable narrator and lore that's not. So what you are saying isn't true.

>> No.72054171

thats because they have autism, let them shriek and ignore their retardation

>> No.72054172

But didn't people argue that DAoT tech was on par with the Necrons and T'au?

>> No.72054173

Matt Ward was also responsible for Our Spiritual Liege and le unique snowflake Gay Knights tho'

>> No.72054176

cringe and unbased

>> No.72054186

The Tau have nothing compared to DAoT. DAoT humans were as Gods.

>> No.72054187

No and it hanged every time so wine describes or draws Eldar.

>> No.72054188

What are you trying to do here?

>> No.72054189

Matt Ward is the very definition of an unreliable narrator. Why would you give anything he says any credence at all?

>> No.72054190

Your headcanon doesn't inform the lore not does it have any relevance to the ongoing storylines. People want to discuss the official stories and their factions lore. Nobody is interested in your pony marines and you creating and spaming your shitty fanfics doesn't make you special

>> No.72054191

How can you call someone who was kidnapped by psychic space pixie fairies and the subjected to bizarre adventures a heretic?

>> No.72054194

and? you might not like it, but ward produced infinitely more memes than the current crop of tards

>> No.72054198

Well I like Abnett more than I like Ward so ha.

>> No.72054200

He's not black. He's clearly meant to be Central Asian which fits White Scars motif

>> No.72054204

Top: You need to kill an ENEMY unit
Bottom: One of your units needs to die
I'm not sure what kind of combo you're thinking of.

>> No.72054205

Everyone is a heretic, if you look hard enough.

>> No.72054209

Because he narrates what anon likes, so anon has made it a part of his hobby.

>> No.72054212

Case in point, utter autistic retardation on every level.

>> No.72054216

I'm still waiting to hear about the necrons or tau building artificial solar systems.
Deldar have some (rare) pre-fall tech that can capture suns IIRC, but I don't think they do that anymore because it's stupid dangerous for everyone involved.

The single most advanced thing in the setting is definitely C'tan "tech" because it can completely ignore physics. The interialess drive is an example of that, which I understand the necrons stole and therefore have a limited understanding of, otherwise they'd have adapted it for other various uses instead of just void ships.

>> No.72054217

Lords of Silence

>> No.72054222

I assume he thinks to give his unit -1AP, and then when a new unit shows up, it will have -1AP still? Which could be rules-as-written, but I wouldn't play it like that if it was up to me.

The only difference between "my shitty fanfic" and Black Library writing is that I don't get paid for it.

The only people who care about the "ongoing storylines" and want them to progress are the same people who we can blame for the fact 40k has turned into capeshit, and Primaris/Marinewank has gone from being an insufferable bore in the lore to actually being also represented on the tabletop, which fucking sucks. Next we're going to have Khorne and Nurgle represented as models on the tabletop too.

>> No.72054227

>That sperg out at the end

>> No.72054238

The fact people didn't like it is why there were so many memes about it.

The fact that there are so many memes was due to /tg/ getting shit done back in the day instead of repeatedly saying "trannies" and shitting on every piece of new OC every thread. Except Astartes, I think.

>> No.72054242

Buffs and debuffs are wiped when you remove a unit from table and set it back up.

>> No.72054248

One Commissar. And the only one she'd need in her life.

>Show in lore that they exist
>Never produce a single model
>Not even a model for Phaerakh Xun'bakyr of the Maynarkh Dynasty
On the other hand I doubt they'd have boobies, but they'd definitively get 11/10 hips.

So you are implying that the Emperor is also a heretic? Because you said that everyone is if you look hard enough.

>> No.72054256

That's not the case anymore, at least for temporary debuffs and buffs.

>> No.72054260

>Deldar have some (rare) pre-fall tech that can capture suns IIRC, but I don't think they do that anymore because it's stupid dangerous for everyone involved.
Literally everything about the history of 40k is more interesting than the horse heresy.

>> No.72054262

Official tech power ranking
Necs=Old ones>Pre fall Eldar>>>Deldar>Eldar>DAoT>>Tau>Imperium
Orks can be inserted at any point depending on the size of the Waaagh

>> No.72054272

He said no religion, that sounds pretty heretical to me.

>> No.72054276

Look at this dude

>> No.72054278

>One Commissar. And the only one she'd need in her life.
But that sets an important precedent in the setting. ANd we're getting a Netflix series right after we get one with a plucky Eldar and a Guardsman.

>> No.72054289

And, no offense, Matt can go eat a dick.

>> No.72054293

>nappy hair
>upward tilt of the nose tip
>wide, wide fucking nostrils
>strong jaw

I agree. Textbook Scythian.

>> No.72054300

Show me the man and I'll show you the crime.

>> No.72054307

Is that Inquisitor wearing a harlequins jacket and using a harlequins kiss? What heresy is this?

>> No.72054310

reverse search the file name, retard.

>> No.72054313

The Emperor is responsible for the raising and upbringing of the Arch-heretic himself, implicating himself to be a heretic as well.

Checkmate Ecclesiarchy.

>> No.72054319

Yeah you're right, just read the faq

>> No.72054321

>radical inquisitor
>not constantly doing sick skateboard tricks

>> No.72054322

Inquisitor Czevak puts the "rad" in radical.

>> No.72054323


in the early days of 40k Eldar were literally just Space Elves (for instance, see this early catalogue image) and in their artwork in the 2nd edition and 3rd edition rulebooks they clearly have conventionally elfin appearances - and eyes with pupils. During the 2000s though GW was feeling something of a cultural cringe and an intellectual inferiority complex that 40k was "just fantasy in space" and they tried to emphasise xenos as having "unknowable inscrutable alien mindset completely divorced from human ways from thinking" to make it seem more sophisticated. For instance, there's the scene in the Eisenhorn books where they attack a Saruthi world and there's a dogged insistence at the weird incomprehensible-to-humans behaviour of the creatures and the strange geometry of their planet.

I remember meeting Warwick Kinrade at the Forge World stand at a Games Day around that time and I asked him when we'd get a xenos-vs-xenos Imperial Armour book which didn't need to include the Imperium. He grimaced at me as if this was a question he got asked far too much and sighed that he couldn't do that because you couldn't given alien minds values that could be comprehensible as a reason to fight an explain it on the page in terms of human logic. I replied to him that if aliens could find a reason to fight a human they'd have the same reason to attack another alien, and he shrugged and moved on.

Anyway, a lot of the art of Eldar that look like >>72053724
stem from that pretentious period, although nowadays I think it's seesawed back to the less self-conscious 'space elves' style, although it still varies significantly according to the artist.

>> No.72054324

I agree.
Heretics are products of their environment, and that means they're a product of their families.
Not only do we need to kill all heretics, but we also need to kill their families.

>> No.72054327

Because in this setting religion is bad, feed the Chaos Gods and he wanted to make everyone into atheists. Not to mention that if he was already a god who held back all his powers, he bloody hated his divinity. Sadly half of his sons getting corrupted (partially his fault), him being stuck on the Golden Throne and couldn't do anything about the cult that sprang around him (not to mention the Lectitio Divinatus being used and saved from Robby G's purge of religious stuff).

NO. I want a series based on based Cain. After that get Gaunt and Yarrick in and then make a wacky crossover where all three go to kick some Chaos Lord's ass.


>> No.72054344

>third party

>> No.72054345

When are the guardians of the black library getting a codex? They're like custodes but for xenos.

>> No.72054347

>FW and non GW parts allowed
>But 3D printed models are the devil

Defend this, GWcucks

>> No.72054358

Just speaking for myself, I thought War Zone: Valedor was a pretty cool book.

>> No.72054365

We already have Harlequins for it. And the other "Guardians" are like, two dudes standing on both sides of a gate.
This is my opinion of it and therefore a fact

>> No.72054369

>extremely niche xenos faction

>> No.72054373

Tau are below Imperium and Ork. Fucking Hrud are way above Tau

>> No.72054375

>splintering the pie even further

>> No.72054376

Is W&G fun. Been looking to make a 40k campaign and Dark Heresy seems a bit to risky for casual play.

>> No.72054381

It depends on the artist/writer.

>> No.72054389

Bro, i'm not gonna lie, i am so used to file names not having the source i didnt even bother looking.

>> No.72054390

Fuck that when are the eldar mounted on dinosaurs getting a codex

>> No.72054394

No Sperging. Everyone headcanons and fanfics. But only the guys who sniff their farts that flaunt it around even in places where it's not appropriate. These guys act like they are special. Doing a thing that no one else does.

>The interialess drive is an example of that

They are near-light drives. The T'au engines are like them.

>The only people who care about the "ongoing storylines" and want them to progress are the same people who we can blame for the fact 40k has turned into capeshit, and Primaris/Marinewank has gone from being an insufferable bore in the lore to actually being also represented on the tabletop, which fucking sucks. Next we're going to have Khorne and Nurgle represented as models on the tabletop too.

Irregardless and regardless, people want to discuss it and express their opinion of them. You have no right to come here and act superior to these anons just because you have headcanon that you are proud of.

>> No.72054395

>casual play

if you want to get your tabletop 40k group into an RPG session, then yes, WanG is your best shot because it supports EVERYTHING you might want to play.
DH/DW/OW/BC/etc. all give a very specific experience. It would be like using the Delta Green RPG system for a generic military RP. Why?

>> No.72054400


True enough, but bear in mind that this encounter was in 2004/5 or thereabouts, a decade before they released Valedor.

>> No.72054404

Inertialess drives turn on a point in space. Tau drives are nothing like this. They still need to steer and brake.

>> No.72054410


>> No.72054413

FW books are written as Imperial documents. Every single one. So it's reasonable that he made a hard pass.

>> No.72054419

>No Sperging.
>Pony marines and shitty fanfic
Pick one.

>Irregardless and regardless, people want to discuss it and express their opinion of them.
Sure, that's more than fine. So if I express my opinion that the Imperium is hiding Creed's disappearance by using body doubles or outright lying about him being around by not actually letting anyone see him, how is that me acting superior to them?

I haven't played, but Dark Heresy works in casual play too, remember that as a GM you can determine how easy the tasks given are or fudge rolls if necessary.

>> No.72054425

Talking about terms of speed. T'au ZFR engines are at near-light speed and then some.

And we don't know how current T'au ships handle. the BFG video game has works with outdated understanding of ships.

>> No.72054426

>He grimaced at me as if this was a question he got asked far too much and sighed that he couldn't do that because you couldn't given alien minds values that could be comprehensible as a reason to fight an explain it on the page in terms of human logic. I replied to him that if aliens could find a reason to fight a human they'd have the same reason to attack another alien, and he shrugged and moved on.

What a load of horse shit lol

>> No.72054442

I pick that you are a pony degenerate.

>So if I express my opinion that the Imperium is hiding Creed's disappearance by using body doubles or outright lying about him being around by not actually letting anyone see him, how is that me acting superior to them?

Do that. Just say that's your little headcanon and ket the big boys discuss Cawl's latest adventure in peace.

>> No.72054452

>I thought the DAoT were top in tech.
No. They had 3d printers and malfunctioning robots. Their warmachines included many things still functioning in the Imperium's armies today.
The Eldar had essentially become gods.

>> No.72054456

If you think speed is the only thing that matters, then you'll never understand.
>we don't know how tau ships handle
Can you explain why you think Tau ships would handle any different than conventionally propelled ships like the Imperium and Eldar?

>> No.72054457

Dude, if your reaction to what I said was to bring out "pony marines" and insult my writing, I don't really know how that makes me a pony degenerate.

>big boys
Dude, the fuck?

>> No.72054458

Do you even own a printer, shitposter kun? If you bring your "3D modeling is my passion" tzaangors along your rubrics to the table it will look cheap and gay. 3D printing is better done for other, more creative purposes.

>> No.72054461

>when someone paints Cawl's eyes blue instead of green

This vexes me.

>> No.72054463

It's not. It's reported that in the Vigilus weekender, the devs said that all releases must have humans in them since the players/readers must have a faction they can relate to.

Having purely Xenos books doesn't work because the player can't relate to non-humans.

>> No.72054469

With correct understanding of ship. They mostly fuck up Necrons with dumb shit like gates for game mechanics

>> No.72054470

>people say they're painting cadians but the eyes aren't purple
Found the Alpha Legion infiltrators.

>> No.72054483

I didn't even read your writing. I just threw that out there as an exaggeration of your type. Stop being a child.

They don't enter a another dimension to do it.

>> No.72054484

>near-light speed and then some.
You're either traveling at or beyond C, or you're traveling below C.
Tau are below C. End of discussion.

>> No.72054486

They had a ton of shit that's not directly appicable in warfare. They could terraform planets with ease, create powerfield generators that could protect entire planets, and whathaveyous. Basically if you can think of it, it existed back then. If the Imperium got a functioning STC device and could replicate it freely, the setting would end in the Imperium of man ascendant.

>> No.72054495

How is WoW popular then? Beside humans everything else is non human.

>> No.72054498

but will the buff apply to the new unit?

>> No.72054502

So... They only cater to people who can't roleplay?

I understand you're upset people called you a sperg, but you really shouldn't keep insulting everyone else in this thread because of it.

>> No.72054505

Actually, the T'au ZFR engines travel at the speed of light. Then the T'au upgraded them which gave them previously unreachable speeds. Though, it remained near-light.

It's in the codex. Read it.

>> No.72054507

What's the ruling on non-GW parts? II'm putting together a veteran squad with some bits from anvil, will someone throw a shitfit at me if I try to play with them? How does kitbashing work in regard to the rules? I'm a fucking rule-let and I want to be spoodfed.

Also are anvils molds any good? They've got the pieces I want but I've got no idea what they're like quality wise.

>> No.72054509

They're all just humans with a different skin.
Humans are still the most popular race.

>> No.72054510

>He said like a retard

3D printing is dependent on the quality of the model in the CAD file and the quality of the printer. Armed with a mere 300 printer though and a good slc file you can make near perfect copies of shit. See: the Warhound Titan and the Warlord Titan. You'd have to be a turbo autist to be able to tell the difference between the printed resin and the molded resin, especially after it is painted.

>> No.72054512

It's an identical unit, so it should do.

>> No.72054514

>I understand you're upset people called you a sperg, but you really shouldn't keep insulting everyone else in this thread because of it.

I am not. You are the one who is hung up on the word pony.

>> No.72054515

Don't play at a GW and you won't have this problem?

>> No.72054516

Don't forget that using those near-light engines they settled dozens of worlds in the 3rd sphere expansion in a matter of a few years

>> No.72054518

So basically everyone but nids. And Nid are fine in a godzilla role

>> No.72054523

>They don't enter a another dimension to do it.
This is irrelevant in a conversation about advanced technology.

Inertialess drives are the most advanced form of sublight propulsion in the setting. End of discussion.

>> No.72054525

it really only matters to GW outlets, they tend to have a firm only GW bits policy, but depends on store to store. If in doubt just ask your LGS manager what their policy is.

>> No.72054527

>So basically everyone but nids.
Nah, that's why GW won't do books about them, they want to preserve their alieness.

>> No.72054528

>So... They only cater to people who can't roleplay?
If think you can relate with a soulless machine, a war-addicted green monster, various types of hyper emotional space elves, space hive commies, or whatever else then there is something wrong with you.

>> No.72054531

I was more upset about you thinking that writing lore (and therefore /yourdude/ism) is a bad thing, the fact you pulled ponies into the conversation was just a good example of how you were sperging, while claiming that you were, in fact, not sperging.

>> No.72054533

Humour me, Hypothetically, if I was going to play at a GW.

>> No.72054539

What happened to Vostrayans?

>> No.72054540

>Inertialess drives are the most advanced form of sublight propulsion in the setting. End of discussion.

I diasgree since the Necrons are doomed to isolation if they use their ships onl while the T'au are described as expanding rapidly managing to conquer a swathe of the galaxy.

>> No.72054543

the whole point of roleplay is putting yourself in the shoes of someone you aren't, that's what separates actual roleplay from self-inserting.

>> No.72054546

>will someone throw a shitfit at me if I try to play with them?
I'm reporting you to GW. You will be dealt with.

>> No.72054549

>He said on /tg/
I bet you're the kind of person who only roleplays humans and only plays DnD, aren't you?

Oh wait, you probably don't roleplay at all.

I think it'd be quite difficult to write something from a 'Nid perspective, considering that they are utterly alien and only exist to consume. Genestealer cults help fill that void.

>> No.72054550

It's not a bad thing. But what you are doing is trying to represent yourself as superior because you are doing something that everyone does.

The fact that "pony" hurt you so means I am right that you are egoistical.

>> No.72054555

retired alongside the rest of the regiments that weren't cadian and catachan.

>> No.72054556

Depends on the manager, some are chill and some are not. The blackshirt at my local has a stick up his arse about 3rd party anything.

>> No.72054558

>if you can relate to proud dynastic autism there's something wrong with you!
>laughs in Rothschildian
>if you can relate to football hooligans there's something wrong with you!
>laughs in norf
>if you can relate to hyper emotional space elves there's something wrong with you!
>laughs in David Bowie
>if you can relate to space hive commies there's something wrong with you!

Spend more time interacting with people and humanize yourself, bigot.

>> No.72054562

What are you guys using as placeholders for minis in your home games? I've been using rocks with sharpie'd on model names but surely there's more creativity to be had there.

>> No.72054563

It would really depend on the individual place/person. If the conversions look good and most of the parts are done by GW (eg, anvil headswaps or some weapons or extra bits) there shouldn't be a problem, especially if you don't make a whole big deal of it, as in OH BOY THESE NEW GW SISTER HEADS ARE SO SHIT, THANKFULLY I BOUGHT THESE OTHER ONES FROM ELSEWHERE

>> No.72054567

The tau empire is tiny.

>> No.72054568

>posting boogaloo memes while funding a company that the Royal Family has stock in

>> No.72054569

>GW already give nids human emotions and fuck up nids again
Keep digging

>> No.72054570

no plz i promise to buy a whole DKoK regiment with upgrades and more contrast paints

>> No.72054571

I do recasts of models, with molds, that hardly anybody notices for a fraction of the price and I also have a resin printer. If you only use those methods for "le epic savings" and do not produce anything creative with it, you're the fucking retard, pal.

>> No.72054574

Space marines should be as hard to relate to as any of those. The only 'relatable' faction is Imperial Guard, and that's only because the average person has at least a vague frame of reference for what being a grunt in the army is like.

Wasn't the fact that GW went out of their way to add characters to Necrons supposed to be to make them easier to relate to anyway?

>> No.72054575

Real reason is Space Marines and IG are the most popular factions and spending time on a huge project that is already niche and doesn't include at least one of these is a waste of money.

>> No.72054579

It did not *hurt* me, it was just used as an example of why other anons called you out for sperging. Please try to understand this.

And it's not something everyone does. If it was, we wouldn't be capeshit.

>> No.72054580

Not so tiny. You can see them in the galactic map.

>> No.72054584

>The blackshirt at my local has a stick up his arse about 3rd party anything
I think that part may actually be policy for stores, it's understandable since when you play at a store, you're basically part of the advertisement, so they want to be showing off official product and not third party.

>> No.72054589

The entire Tau empire has less world and territory than fucking Ultramar. Random Ork warband might have a bigger empire than Tau

>> No.72054591


If you ctrl + f through these threads, they're popular. About as popular as necrons. That doesn't directly correlate to sales figures, retard.

>> No.72054595

Unironically GMing or playing Paranoia is also really good for helping you get into that whole "thinking about situations from a completely alien perspective" thing.

I once played WHFB with cardboard cut to unit sizes.

>> No.72054596

That's not what I'd call a swathe of the galaxy.

>> No.72054600

Yes, it did. I am explaining my self and not once focused on any single word. You on the other hand got ponied.

Yes, everyone does it. Everyone has his headcanon and preferred version of 40K. But they discuss 40K as it is just fine. So quit acting like you are special.

>> No.72054604

isn't the Q'orl empire even bigger though? And they're not even a faction with models.

>> No.72054609

Look around for polls. IG is literally the third most played army behind SM and CSM.

>> No.72054610

You're tiny.

>> No.72054623

This manager is on a whole other level though, I was kicked out of his store for using non-GW paints. He also won't discuss rumours, homebrew or old editions, it's all 100% current shit and nothing else.
The relief manager who works here on the main manager's day off is far more relaxed and open to broader hobby nonsense.

>> No.72054631

did you learn through pure trial and error or what? I've been thinking about trying to recast my own guns etc recently

>> No.72054636

Q'orl don't appear in any recent official map. In their place is just Imperial territory and Warpstorms.

It is. That's a hyper dense cluster of stars.

Hyper dense cluster of stars. Who knows how many worlds now have? And Ultramar currently is in ruins.

>> No.72054637

post the sauce bitch

>> No.72054640

>using non-GW paints
Okay but... Why? And how? Did you sperg out about how much better they are or what happened?

>> No.72054651

Easiest way to write a Nid book is to just do it through the cultural lens of whoever they're fighting. Have an Ork Warboss who sees an enemy Hive Tyrant as a cunning rival for changing its weaponry all the time, not realizing it's several different ones. Have a group of Eldar fighting Hive Fleet Jormungander and contemplating its relation to the Serpent from their mythology. Have a group of Nurgle cultists in despair and panic as their blessings against disease don't fully abate pain of the living ammo that burrows into their flesh like maggots.

>> No.72054657

The hyperdense cluster is the only reason they have an empire.

>> No.72054661

Not with that attitude, you asshole.

>> No.72054663

Hold up.

Guy Haley already wrote chapters in his novels that feature the POV of the Hivemind and a single Lictor. We get into the minds of both beings.

So it can be done.

>> No.72054668

like using them when painting in store or just having used them on your models? I'd contact corporate over that since that level of pettiness is going to have them lose money.

>> No.72054670

That retard probably pulled out vallejo paints at a GW store.

>> No.72054671

Yeah, of course that'll be the way to do it. I'm just saying that Tyranid protagonists are near-impossible to write.

>> No.72054674 [SPOILER] 


>> No.72054675


All the fucking guy did was post a fucking image of a piece of fluff he wrote, and you have chosen to escalate over this for nearly 25 fucking posts that my eyes have been forced to glaze over in order to parse for better posts. You are a nigger, an African lipped fucking nigger. Someone making something about /theirguys/ does not give you fucking carte blanche to attack them.

Why? Because they're not a lazy niggeroni like you. They actually put in the slightest bit of time and effort into formalizing their dudes' backstory. This is more than you can say for the said schizos dreams that enter and leave your mind as quick as they came about in the first place due to your inability to crystalize any formal ideas.

God, I hope you are FUCKING jumped by a pack of apes. That they beat a TBI into your goldfish sized brain, if only for the moonshot of a small chance that you fucking self-actualize and realize what a pile of fucking no nothing garbage you are.


>> No.72054680

...Do people actually go paint at a GW?

>> No.72054690

>>72054668 is absolutely right, I was painting with a bunch of different paints, GW and non-GW alike. When the blackshirt noticed he demanded I pack them away and get out.
It wouldn't have done any good to argue over it, and left me in a shitty mood so I packed up and left.

>> No.72054696

I know one guy who goes there to paint whilst his friends are playing, but yeah, I can't imagine a less relaxing environment to paint in.

>> No.72054709

I'm the anon who wrote that piece of fluff and I'm sorry I got caught up in sperging about stuff with him and that you had to read through it. And thank you for defending me.

>> No.72054720

...So you were being an idiot. I understand.

>paint whilst his friends are playing
I mean, that sounds comfy as hell to me?

>> No.72054723

I suggest you to skip blue stuff, or any other reusable mold liquid. Any 2 parts mold material is vastly superior and, if you get a translucent one, you can release the master with a knife without doing any two part process. As for casting material, you could go for epoxi resin or green stuff. I did this one with plaster as a joke and is not as awful as I expected. I don't use my recasts for game, I use them for color testing or practicing.

>> No.72054728

Yeah. I'm just saying you don't even need to try and get into the mind of some unknowable alien. You just need to have whoever they're fighting start projecting.

Oh yeah, having them as protagonists is tricky if you want them to still be remotely sympothetic. A good way to do that might be a really niche underdog story that follows a feral hormagaunt, and basically having it be the sort of story you'd tell about an animal living in the wilderness, possibly having it fight off chaos cultists in order to give some pathos.

>> No.72054733

>Sounds comfy

Not at a high traffic GW store. That sounds like hell.

>> No.72054734

Nobody attacked him or her. Her because it appears that you have sand in your vagina.

What's the issue here is that anon is a total egotistical bitch that whenever official lore is discussed comes in here and say WHY DON'T MAKE YOUR OWN LORE. LOOK AT ME I MAKE MY OWN LORE. AM I NOT SPEAACIAL TEHE. Ad infinitum.

Look we know that you have your dudes. I have my dudes. Everyone has his dudes. But people want to discuss the official canon and express opinions on it. You coming over here and telling us this and that and show off your PONY content is not productive. Like who cares?

>> No.72054744

He seems as lost as you. I bet there aren't two braincells between you both.

>> No.72054757

>Like who cares?
You do, clearly. Will you two shut up now?

>> No.72054762

Get a fucking room already.

>> No.72054764

I don't care about his fanfiction. I care about discussing 40K. So he better behave.

>> No.72054769

Do you have a link to any of these polls?

>> No.72054783

They had a rules insert that was in the box. Then they decided to flesh out knights into their own codex.

>> No.72054786

my local GW always has people painting/playing there, its pretty much an creche for teenage autists though

>> No.72054799

Do you think GW does training for how to deal with autists? Multiple times in the past I've been in a GW and it has a different guy nearly shouting at the manager in a strange monotone voice about random warhammer trivia and datasheets.

>> No.72054813

No, but I have seen a few on Bolter and Chainsword. They always split up the major Marine chapters in them though (and then one for homebrew). So you just take the individual percentages and add them up. All the SM chapters combined usually comes out to 40%. After that it's always CSM and then IG and then Tau and Eldar switching spots, with everyone else falling into place after that.

>> No.72054857

I imagine most game stores have at least some method of dealing with them, since sperg-outs can't be that uncommon among the customer base.

>> No.72054880

fuck off back to /pol/ you transparent little shitstain. we all know what you're up to and it's fucking pathetic.

>> No.72054890

DAoT was just the human peak.

It being better than everything is just misunderstood fan want.

>> No.72054906

>ORK models have shotguns on their back or side
>Shotguns are not a weapon that’s mechanically represented
Why? I think shotgun toting orkz would be ripe good time

>> No.72054908

Not at all, it's just laughable attempt to further distance them from less copyrightable space elves they always were.

>> No.72054917

The only other shops I see similar sperg outs are in shops with huge magazine collections, in the wargaming and miniature section.
There is always these two guys in the morning talking to each other at max volume about historical facts and the value of their collections. They never make eye contact with each other so other customers get really confused that some guy is shouting at them about renaissance weapons.
One time I heard them talking shit about warhammer when the conquest magazine was out and how it was for weirdos. That really got me.

>> No.72054919

more codexes, more flavour of the month armies, more cash.

>> No.72054937

He's right though. Tau can produced better tech.
The imperium just still has some irreplaceable DAoT relics laying around.

>> No.72054957

Recommended loadout for Ghostkeel? Running it in a Vior'la detachment.

>> No.72054975

The lore says that the T'au are technologically superior to the Imperium. The only human faction that can match the T'au and surpass them in some aspects is the Admech

>> No.72054981

>One time I heard them talking shit about warhammer when the conquest magazine was out and how it was for weirdos
they werent wrong

>> No.72054988

>T'au are technologically superior to the Imperium
Okay fag.
Where are Tau Space Marines?

Bile learned all he knows about biology from the Haemonculi Covens. Why don't the Tau know anything about biology?

>> No.72054997

Space Marines are inferior to battlesuits.

>> No.72055003

Battlesuits are inferior to titans.

>> No.72055009

Not biologically.
Even a Space Marine Scout would murder an XV-8 pilot in chess simply because he thinks faster.

>> No.72055024

Games Workshop's concept for Dark Elves was/ is shit.

>> No.72055025

Ghostkeels tend to be better as a bulky distraction unit. Vior'la will help with mobility a little, but only really means it'll be able to fire it's secondary guns when it's booking it.

I would base it somewhat on what else your list has, but unless you're really hurting for anti-tank, go for the Ion, and then use the ability to advance without penalty in case you need to reposition. Burst Cannons and Fusion will be the obvious choices in that regard, though burst cannons are generally better on a Ghostkeel both due to cost and due to fusion range being very dangerous for a suit whose defenses often vanish in closer ranges

>> No.72055032

The basic lasgun power cell is more advanced than anything the Tau can field.

>> No.72055035

>that pic
Can Love Bloom?

>> No.72055038

Does this... THING look like it belongs in 40K to you?

>> No.72055043

speaking of scouts, are scouts still a thing for primaris? In a theoretical world where marinelets are all squatted, would the scout models still be used?

>> No.72055053

Scouts are still used. They just don’t count for chapter population limit.

>> No.72055064

I'm doing a veteran guard squad. There's a couple of female members will probably have the least GW parts. The men are just heads and some addons. We'll see how they go I've never played but I would like the option to be open to me.

>> No.72055076

>Bile learned all he knows about biology from the Haemonculi Covens.
Back during the Great Crusade he was on the shortlist of the best living biologists in all the Imperium. He was always good at this stuff.

>> No.72055082


>> No.72055086

Scouts get their implants over a period of 6 years IIRC. The black carapace comes last, and until they get that implant there's no reason to stuff them into a suit of power armor.

>> No.72055093

Even orks can teleport better than you! ORKS! Better than no teleport~ Imagine being a pfff teleportlet lmao www

>> No.72055096

based 2hu poster

>> No.72055105

I don't understand. Are you talking about WFB? The cold ones were dope.

>> No.72055121

Orks have always been weirdly good at teleporter tech, that and force fields

>> No.72055139

No. It's not.

Space Marine gear is inferior and the T'au see their biology as crude.

>> No.72055141

>Best Inquisitor.
Bro-est Inquisitor.

>> No.72055153

>spitting acid and eating brains to absorb memories is crude
Where are the Tau Space Marines?

>> No.72055154

Nah. The Ork technological standard is pretty low excepting some unique innovations.

>> No.72055156

So does anyone know why Deathwatch didn't receive the Impulsor? I mean a real reason, not just bitching about GW and how bad they are or simething, but like do they have a reason to not give it to them, are they waiting for some sort of Deathwatch book reprint coming soon so they don't want to give them stuff in supplements, or what?

>> No.72055164

They don't need marines. Their basic weapons makes quick work of marines.

>> No.72055171

Same reason Admech doesn't have armigers: the model released after the codex was published.
If that's not a flaw of physical codices I don't know what is.

>> No.72055179

Not in table top nor in lore.
Fully trained and gear up firewarrior is the equivalent of a conscript or at best rookie guardsman

>> No.72055181

>they don't need marines
>laughs_in_the_unparalleled_slaughter_caused by_the_Death_Guard.jpg

>> No.72055185

Some Bile autism.

>The old man [a low-caste serf of Fabius' family] had taught him much, about the arts of meat and blade. How to stretch muscle and reshape bone, for the sheer joy of creation. How to dull pain, and increase pleasure, so that his creations did not writhe unnecessarily beneath the knife. The memories flowed strongly now. Vivid and sharp. Just like the old man’s knives.

>Using these lessons, Fabius had trained a selection of white mice to dance and to duel, for the amusement of his parents. Dressed in minuscule finery, they mimicked the blood-feuds of the great houses of Europa. Tiny blades clicked in a skilful rhythm as he practised his latest routine. One mouse drew blood on another, and the wounded rodent squealed and launched itself at its attacker, teeth bared. Even then, he felt the flash of frustration and anguish as his creations tore each other apart in a bestial frenzy. No matter how much he screamed, or activated the tiny control nodes he’d implanted in them, they would not heed him.

>And so, they’d died. Again and again. Though he’d shed few tears, and only in private, he had been inconsolable. Only the old man had thought to even attempt it. Then, what else could one expect of such a lowborn creature?

>> No.72055187

Don't @ at me until you can properly warp travel ~ kyaa hahaha

>> No.72055199

Lore fire warriors are closer to storm troopers.

Comparable skill to a guardsmen but better equipped.

>> No.72055213

>primaris with a boltgun next to a rhino
What did GW mean by this.

>> No.72055221

GW did release PDFs with updates though, retroactively adding various newly released Primaris unit to older codexes. I'm wondering if they just straight up forgot to add Deathatch to the list or if they have an actual plan like "we don't add them until we have deathwatch conversion kit" or "a new codex will be released in a few months so there's no hurry, we'll announce it soon".

>> No.72055222

They've been infiltrated. It's over!

>> No.72055233

There's too many snowflake marines and so they all need arbitrary omissions to "justify" them being "different".

>> No.72055239

Armigers are not in the Admech codex despite literally every Knight being in the book. And the Forgebane box bundles Armigers and Admech together.

>> No.72055254

Most managers don't mind if it doesn't get out of hand, and you don't shill the model company. I have two custom heads on my 1000pts guard list, and the manager is cool with it.

>> No.72055258

Why would the deathwatch want that shit? They have better fliers and can use land transports that let them carry their actual units.

>> No.72055283

The Death Guard got heavily mauled by the T'au defences. And they weren't even prepared.

Nope. T'au Pulse Rifles hit harder than bolters and can crumble power armour. Other weapns one shot marines easy.

>> No.72055312

But they did. They develop the AL-38 Slipsteam which is a Warp Drive.

>> No.72055318

A core tactic of the death guard is just walking into the enemies fire and walking to them.

>> No.72055323


>> No.72055347

Mauling poxwalkers isn't shit.
Call me when you kill some Biologus Putrifiers.

>> No.72055356

And they got mauled. The Death Guard are known for their endurance and the T'au tested that.

>> No.72055361

>beating a dead space marine
Isn't there a joke about this?

>> No.72055365

Shadowsun and her team are said to have killed plenty of them.

>> No.72055374

Shitty paint of a primaris, how is it?

>> No.72055377


I am unreasonably annoyed that they remembered the fan intakes on this but not on any of the other hover craft they've released recently (admech boat and repulsors).

>> No.72055385

The deldar had their own shit going on after the fall where they conquered webway realms for commorragh and vect smashed the entire social hierarchy of solar cults to pieces. It's like an entire great crusade and horus heresy contained almost entirely within the webway that we've barely been told anything about.

>> No.72055386

cite your sources, as under the
context you present your
arugments in, it makes them seem
we can resume the discussion once
you cite said reputable sources.
not to discredit the argument you
presented, but you are making
some dubious claims and not
backing them up with substantial
citations, in this light, your
argument is missing a merit

>> No.72055389

If orks were the most numerous they would have killed everything else millenia ago.

>> No.72055396

The lasgun power cell is literally the best piece of technology available in all of 40k. It can be manufactured in the trillions for fuck all resource costs, carries enough power to provide thirty shots with more energy than a modern day assault rifle bullet, can be charged, used and recharged almost indefinitely with no loss of storage capacity, and can be recharged by ambient heat sources. You can leave it out in the sun for a day and get enough power to kill thirty men.

>> No.72055404


>> No.72055405

>fan intakes on a grav vehicle
The fans on the impulsor are to support the large volume of transported troops.
the hovercraft doesn't need it because it's open top (and skitarii have internal airsupplies....) and the executioner barely caries shit.

>> No.72055409

Why is every new army priced like primaris marines despite the fact that they need twice as many models as primaris marines?

This question brought to you by the fact Genestealer cults look great but goddamn are they expensive.

>> No.72055414

Their flyer can't carry primaris and the primaris transporting options they have are expensive. They need a smaller and cheaper for their intercessor teams.

>> No.72055418

For the Imperiun. Not the whole 40K. The lasguns stopping power are laughable. The weapon design and its technology is primitive to the T'au.

>> No.72055423

Where does it say they kill even a single Biologus Putrifier?
You're full of shit.

>> No.72055430

Welcome to GW. Be sure to laugh at orkfags when they ask for new boyz and inevitably get them at $60 a box for 10 with less options and poses.

>> No.72055437

It's a /mydude/ FSE-Vior'la soup list mainly for fun and fluff.
Commanders and CIB Crises will handle tanks and heavy infantries, and there is a devilfish full of breachers because Banzai.

So I think it's gonna be Ion, BC, Target Lock, and Shield Generator, and keep it Vior'la?

>> No.72055460

Are you saying that of all the literal boatloads of Deathguard that swarmed the t'au defences and died, not one included one of these guys?

Or the armada ships that the T'au expolded too?

>> No.72055465

I'm not talking about the weapon itself, I'm talking about the power cell. Nothing the Tau have ever constructed comes close to how advanced that battery is.

>> No.72055467


>the hovercraft doesn't need it because it's open top (and skitarii have internal airsupplies....)

>> No.72055478

It was full of cultists and stuff only shhhh.

>> No.72055479

How do space marines feel about blatant animal cruelty exhibited by children? Like if it's a prominent character trait, does it disqualify them from recruitment? Or is it considered a merit? Does the hypno-indoctrination smooth it over or leave it as is?

>> No.72055491

Where does it say there are Biologus Putrifiers who are killed by weak tau guns? You are no source and are talking out of your ass.

>> No.72055493

If you're tossing a Target lock on it, Vior'la doesn't do anything for it. You could run it as Farsight Enclaves just for the bit of extra firepower in close quarters. Based on the rest of your units though, having it set up to take out lighter infantry is probably the call, though Ghostkeels in general boast more survivability than firepower no matter what you do.

>> No.72055507

Nope. The weapon in all its pieces is primitive. You have the T'au reverse engineering Old One technology and you think that they don't know how a lasgun works and how its inferior tech?

Holy shit. The lasgun highlights how primitive the Imperium is since it relays on recycle weaponry while other factions managed their resources to the extent that they can produce far better weapons.

Seriously, what you said is retarded.

>> No.72055517

What does /40kg/ think? Sorry for the long post:

Regiment: Mordian
1 additional Heirloom of Conquest
Operative Requisition Sanctioned [-2CP, 95pts]
Specialist Detachment [-1CP]: Emperor's Conclave Infantry Company
Inquisitor Coteaz [4 PL, -1CP, 90pts]
Aradia Madellan [2 PL, 40pts]
Commissar Yarrick [7 PL, 100pts]
Company Commander [2 PL, 35pts]: Boltgun, Power sword, Relic: Kurov's Aquila
Lord Commissar [4 PL, 39pts]: Boltgun, Power fist, WT: Draconian Disiplinarian
Conscripts x2 [4 PL, 120pts]
Infantry Squad x5 [3 PL, 52pts]
. Plasma gun
. Sergeant: Plasma pistol
Astropath x3[1 PL, 15pts]
Command Squad [2 PL, 38pts]
. Regimental Standard
. Grenade Launcher x3
Ministorum Priest [2 PL, -1CP, 35pts]: Field Commander, Relic (Emperor's Conclave): Litanies of The Holy Synod, WT (Emperor's Conclave): Fiery Denouncer
Officer of the Fleet [2 PL, 20pts]
Platoon Commander [2 PL, 21pts]: Boltgun
Wyrdvane Psykers [3 PL, 63pts]
Armoured Sentinels [9 PL, 138pts]
. Armoured Sentinel: Hunter-killer missile, Plasma Cannon x3
Scout Sentinels x2 [3 PL, 42pts]
. Missile Launcher, Sentinel Chainsaw
Heavy Weapons Squad x2 [3 PL, 48pts]
. Missile launcher x3
Sabre Weapons Battery [2 PL, 40pts]
. Defense Searchlight

Detachment CP [5CP]
Regimental Doctrine: 133rd Lambdan Lions
Specialist Detachment [-1CP]: Tempestus Drop Force
Tempestor Prime [3 PL, 35pts]:
Tempestor Prime [3 PL, -2CP, 40pts]: Chainsword, Field Commander, Progeny of Conflict, Tempestus Command Rod, Tempestus Drop Force, WT (133rd Lambdan Lions): Keys to the Armoury, WT (Tempestus Drop Force): Grave-Chute Commando
Militarum Tempestus Scions x3[3 PL, 62pts]:
. Scion w/ Plasma gun x2
. Tempestor: Plasma pistol
Militarum Tempestus Scions [3 PL, 67pts]:
. Scion w/ Plasma gun x2
. Scion w/ Vox-caster: Vox-caster
. Tempestor: Plasma pistol
Valkyries [8 PL, -1CP, 137pts]:
. Valkyrie: 2x Multiple Rocket Pods, Advanced Counter-measures, Multi-laser
. . 2x Heavy Bolters: 2x Heavy bolter
++ Total: [108 PL, 10CP, 1,999pts] ++

>> No.72055527

All my miniatures are cardboard cut outs because there is no such thing as a GW store in my country

>> No.72055530

It lore says that Death Guard marines were dying by the score in their landing parties. The T'au guns blasted hod knows how many ships and boarding vessels.

Can you explain to me why in the massive armada of hundreds maybe thousands of Death Guard there isn't any goddamn tech marine equivalent? You can't.

>> No.72055531

Anyone else putting music to the background of their battles? Lately I've specifically been rather fond of playing 1812 Overture while my Basiliks are in the shooting phase.

> Lord Commissar Yarrick, Earthshakers are not instruments
>'Yes they are and I'm going to use 21 of them'
>Yarrick no

>> No.72055538

why do you have so many plasma guns
If you picked Mordians because you want to plasma sniper characters, you want dedicated Veteran squads for this. Just giving plasma to typical BS 4+ infantry squads won't cut it.

>> No.72055545

The condom broke before the Guard did!

>> No.72055546

Plague Marines aren't vehicles retard.

>> No.72055560

Their gear and ships need tending. Dismantling defences facilitates requires technical skill. You think tech marines just stick around with tanks?

>> No.72055570

Just wait until the Tau get the gifts of grandfather nurgle.

>> No.72055578

You do realise that Lasgun power cells are dark age tech that violates thermodynamics right? I feel like this is key information you might be missing. Again, destructive capability is not what the test is here, we are talking about how advanced it is. After all, a nuke is more destructive than a plasma rifle, doesn't mean it's more advanced.

>> No.72055579

tech marines don't have satchel charges to breach defenses. why would they join a siege except to repair siege engines???

>> No.72055586

You're wrong. T'au are more advanced because they can travel faster than the speed of light. Your lasgun cells prove nothing because they're infantry weapons.

>> No.72055595

How the fuck are primaris supposed to get kids into the hobby if they're expensive as fuck mate, legos are cheaper than that shit

>> No.72055602

Nah, I picked Mordian because that's what my models are, also overwatch on 5 and leadership+1 is cool. I'm not a big fan of vets though, I took those scions over them. Plasma is good for dealing against Primaris, I guess.

>> No.72055607

The early EC recruited from noble houses of Terra. That means the families of absurdly evil warlords. Kids were usually taken after the warlords had bent the knee or otherwise been killed. And then the Emperor names the legion the "Emperor's Children". It's a legion that existed to cuck blueblooded asshats out of their kids. There never was a moral bar of entry for the kids themselves. That would be extremely silly.

>> No.72055610

Primaris are unironically the cheapest Wargaming army on the market. Don't believe me? Ask Duncan how much it costs to start a Waffen SS army in Bolt Action.....

>> No.72055611

Nah. It's just junk tech. The T'au reviewed Imperial technology and found most of it primitive and not worth reverse engineering.

Dude, have you not read any Space Marine fiction ever? Who do you think reloads the plasma guns of the marines?

>> No.72055615

I'm just going to let this comment stand as a memorial to the average Tau player's intelligence and analysis capabilities.

>> No.72055622

I thought you said this thing should keep its distance?
I picked Target Lock so its main gun can fire normally while on the move, what is my other options here?
Tbh I put it in the list solely because I like its looks and it's the biggest piece of Tau I have now, I don't quite know how it works.

>> No.72055624

>entire Tau empire is less than what the most unknown of Space Marine successor chapters rule over

Even fucking Lamenters own more of the galaxy than the entirety of Tau and there's like fucking 12 of them

>> No.72055627

are you retarded? brown skin does not mean african.

>> No.72055634

Say a Magos Explorator were to send out underlings into nearby / uncharted sectors for the purpose of gathering information. What would they be likely to send out, and what kind of distance of communication could they hope to achieve through personal lines? Through Mechanicum lines?

>> No.72055635

I just have ameno on loop when I play my sisters of battle

>> No.72055636

Not him but you a claim and didn't prove it. You just said that you feel that lasguns are MEGA advanced but the lore shows that they aren't. Saying that they are more advanved than anything the T'au have is a retarded statement.

>> No.72055642

Dude. The T'au Empire is over 150+ worlds. Show me a chapter other than the Ultramarines under their primarch that rules this number of worlds.

>> No.72055646

Lamenters are not Excommunicate Traitoris so they got Primaris reinforcements. Rejoice! For you have been given a gift by The Emperor Himself.

>> No.72055656

Are master of ordinances worth taking if you're running 2-3 basilisks or wyverns and some heavy weapons squads with mortars?

>> No.72055670

>t. autist

>> No.72055671

Ideally it should, since the stealth penalties it has don't work as well in close ranges, and the stealth fields don't help at all in close combat. But the Vior'la and Target Lock rules overlap in how they apply to Assault weapons. The Target Lock is still probably your best option for it.

>> No.72055679

>You do realise that Lasgun power cells are dark age tech that violates thermodynamics right?
What the fuck am I reading.

>> No.72055687

You are either retarded or falseflagging.
Tau were stuck with near-light travel for several editions before 8th gives them a proper warp drive and Startide Nexus. If you actually followed their lore you should already known this.

>> No.72055688

>are rerolls worth 30 points
Of course not. No. Never. Are you playing Cadians? Don't do that. It's not worthwhile.

>> No.72055692

Do you think it's difficult to navigate around all the giant floating names?

>> No.72055705

see >>72054505

Don't accuse me of not reading my own fucking lore ever again, retard.

>> No.72055717

You shouldn't be using primaris in the deathwatch.

>> No.72055732

Are there any third-party Repentia I can buy that are barefoot? Not accepting those plimsoll-wearing monstrosities.

>> No.72055734

Not sure what makes you think I actually play the game.

>> No.72055735

Ever since legend of the galactic heroes, Dvorak's new world symphony is my go to large scale battle music.

>> No.72055738

the problem is you don't have the capacity to understand that "sub C" + x does not mean "faster than c"

>> No.72055743

>plays SoB
>doesn't want barefoot models

Go play space marines, faggot.

>> No.72055745

Not him, but if you can charge a las cell from sunlight it's absorbing at least an order of magnitude more power than it should be. It's been argued before that it's just writers not being able to do maths, but it's been referenced so many times that it's almost certainly Canon.

>> No.72055759

Guardsmen change their power cells all the time.

>> No.72055763

I'm starting to think the Tau have found a way for their retardation field to break the fourth wall.

>> No.72055769

I asked this question last night but nobody answered. Are there any supplements that make 40k better on a small scale? I only have a small table to play on with the lockdown and all.

Something like Cities of Death maybe? I don't want to go as small scale as skirmish, but something that makes the game more interesting, because 8th kinda just turns into a boring rock/paper/scissors when you're playing at >1000 points on a small board.

>> No.72055771

Yes? What do you think they do with the old ones?

>> No.72055779

Is there any explanation as to why current-year-GW have such a raging hateboner for giving units any kind of options? When Ork vehicles don't get any upgrades you know somethings wrong.

>> No.72055781

>if you can charge a las cell from sunlight it's absorbing at least an order of magnitude more power than it should be.
Depends how long you leave it in the sunlight. The writers made a calc mistake; energy cells don't canonically break thermodynamics.

>> No.72055786

Throw it in the mud so another guardsman can pick it up fully-charged after a full 4 hours of sitting in the mud and sun?

>> No.72055791

Say a Magos Explorator were to send out underlings into nearby / uncharted sectors for the purpose of gathering information. What would they be likely to send out, and what kind of distance of communication could they hope to achieve through personal lines? Through Mechanicum lines?

>> No.72055792

>Are there any supplements that make 40k better on a small scale?
Alcohol. That's about it.

>> No.72055803

Throw them away.

>> No.72055804

>Ask a question about the value of in game strategies on the general thread for the tabletop game
>"I don't know why you would think I actually play the game"
Kill yourself

>> No.72055805

I think you need to reread that anons post.

>> No.72055817

>other people reposting my question
For what purpose?

>> No.72055818

It's all done by astropath. If you get really far out you have to drop beacons to relay recorded messages, they probably arrange where their drops will be beforehand.

>> No.72055834

Here you go (>>72055818)

>> No.72055846


Lawsuits and third party bitz makers. So now units only get the options their models come with.

The only reason it was ever any different is because they sold seperate stuff in blister packs, which is why you could customise your own loadout for stuff like HQ units.

Marines in particular had tons of wargear to choose from, which is why their current lineup is so bloated with variations of the same unit, but wearing Terminator armour, or with a jump pack, etc. You used to just pick that as wargear for the same datasheet. Hence why Primaris is all mono-loadout.

>> No.72055847

>>Orks do not research or develop technology, and appear to innately know how to cobble together weapons, armour, and vehicles from whatever they find. These ramshackle devices work to terrifying effect in the hands of an Ork, but those that have been examined after a battle disintegrate into the nonfunctional piles of scrap they appear to be. This has led to the radical, often disputed, xenobiologist viewpoint that Orks possess gestalt psychic abilities — their impossibly constructed guns fire simply because Orks think they should, and their crumbling vehicles rocket forward because they believe they ought to go faster after a fresh coat of red paint.

-Wrath and Glory (Orks section)

Orks cannot into tech. It's all magic

>> No.72055853

You could try and check out Zone Mortalis. I'm not sure if it ever got an 8e update, but works well for smaller armies in cramped confines that might help put a twist on things

>> No.72055872

The new doctrine of requiring that things have models in order to get rules. There are still a few holdovers, mostly for marines, but other armies that had very few options to begin with got the shaft.

>> No.72055878

>Orks do not research or develop technology
tellyportaz were a development of technology and their use, as well as the use of roks in contemporary (3rd edition armageddon war) times was an innovation

you're a slave to the whims of shit writers if you disagree

>> No.72055888

They are just greedy fucks when it comes to raw plastic. They could put an extra sprue in every box that is only wargear options for pennies extra. The single plasma cavalier in the skitarii box still haunts me.

>> No.72055890

Yo /ourguy/ just uploaded

>> No.72055895

AdMech might be getting a non-gay unit with Engine War if this piece from the story is anything to go by.

>And there it was, visible on Belafont’s vidscreen: the evidence that Kroll had lied to them all. Cargo Bay Ceti-78 was not empty. But what exactly did Belafont see? His optic sensors hummed softly as they switched through various filters, while his augmented digits simultaneously scurried over the controls of the vidscreen. No matter how he tried to adjust what he saw though, he couldn’t make any sense of it. All that the screen showed was a cavernous hall with nothing in it but the huge shape underneath the canvas.

I bet it's a robot or a vehicle.

>> No.72055910

Want to do a penitent themed SoB army

I don't know shit about rules so rate my list of potential purchases:


3 x repentia boxes

3 x arco flagellants boxes

3 x penitent engine boxes

>> No.72055930

The fact that the first new infantry weapon they gave chaos marines in years was a 1-of in the havoc kit where every other one was 2-of was hilariously obvious in its moneygrubbing.

I really don't understand how GW wants to simultaneously kill recasters by getting rid of unit options but simultaneously try and goad people into buying 4 of the same kit just to load out a squad properly.

>> No.72055945

Because deathwatch are being squatted. They're getting rules in WD they're only good for a year then its back to codex rules only because that WD will become unavailable.

>> No.72055948

I think the boomstikks that Deffkilla wartrikes introduced should be included into a new troop unit. Maybe some kind of light speed freek biker unit called Waaagh! riders.

>> No.72055963

Cannoness because I don't like how the rest of them look.

>> No.72055969

Same reason they don't have tech marines or lieutenants

>> No.72055986


>> No.72056001

It doesn't even make sense. Even if GW were greedy enough to sell faction weapons on their website I would buy them.
But they don't, so I ended up looking into blue stuff casting, third party bits and 3d printing. All things that push me away from giving GW money in the future.

>> No.72056002

He's right!

>> No.72056023


Yeah that's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for, but it seems like they just straight up replaced it with Kill Team for 8th.

I might just try get my head around Kill Team instead, but it just seems kinda dull to me when every guy is just your basic infantryman (I know they get upgrades and stuff but like... Ehhh.)

>> No.72056031

It's the varlian device thing that's at the centre of engine war. Might be a unit, quite likely it's just a story footnote.

>> No.72056033

Look up Operation Konor and combine it with cities of death

>> No.72056036

I see you're trying to max out on squads, although you should know that Penitent Engines can also be made up as Mortifiers which are a separate unit.

That said, you probably want to ensure all your melee chaff has at least a little support. Rules-wise a Missionary or Preacher can help a lot due to giving out bonus attacks to nearby units, which is good for Repentia and Flagellant blobs.

Another note is that Repentia can travel in Rhinos, which can help deliver them to durable targets which they excel at chopping. Some long-range firepower wouldn't be amiss, but Mortifiers can take Heavy Bolters and still fit in theme.

You probably want to run them as the Order of the Bloody Rose. It only really applies to the Repentia, but it gives them even more attacks, so that's a plus.

>> No.72056044


Gamza isn't /ourguy/, the real /ourguy/ is that whining Aussie cunt who does nothing but post half hour long video rants about how shit every new release or decision GW makes is.

What's that guy called? I can't find him.

>> No.72056047

Repentias, arco flagellants, and penitent engines look awful, so don't take them.

>> No.72056053

fuck off, youtubers are cancer

>> No.72056065

Blood Angels are in charge of half the fucking galaxy bitch nigga

>> No.72056068

I just wanted to post this somewhere. It's from Macho Women With Guns D20

>> No.72056075

Oh okay, my bad, lemme fix

Eh hem... There's only fucking 28 of them and they rule over more territory than the entire Tau empire!

>> No.72056078

I think goonhammer did a homebrew version of ZM for 8th, but I can understand not springing for that.

What might be a good source is checking out some of the new missions in the psychic awakening books. Some of them aren't too different, but might help to give you some ideas or at least put a slight spin on things

>> No.72056087

I don't buy the whole Chapterhouse argument when Newcromunda is even more sprawling than ever before - like half the wargear options and hirelings in that game have no official model.

This is how it's being done, for sure, but what the motivation is (beyond "sell more models/I guess discourage conversions?") is beyond me.

>> No.72056101

>hit harder than bolters and can crumble power armour
You act like bolters are anti-power armor weapons. During the horus heresy they specifically had to manufacture anti-power armor bolter ammunition and it was still very limited in effectiveness. Tau pulse weapons do not 'crumble' power armor, retard.

>> No.72056108


>> No.72056126

The Outer Circle?

>> No.72056141

I think GW is testing the legal waters. They learned the hard way not to be presumptuous about this stuff, so they responded severely. They might be trying a laxer approach with the smaller specialist games to see where things are at since the stakes are smaller.

>> No.72056143

Thankyou for your detailed and thoughtful response

I will buy more penitent engines and convert myself a missionary and/or a preacher

Not sure if I want to get the rhinos tho coz i mean they're massively overcharging for what amounts to an upgrade sprue

I like the penitents and I reckon the mortifiers are rad

I like the flagellants but kinda prefer the older style of repentia, but don't mind em.

>> No.72056144

It might just be a matter of one hand of corporate not knowing what the other is doing. Somebody writing rules might have gotten a hastily written memo from some guy in legal telling them to avoid giving rules to anything without a model, and then somebody took that to mean that they had to scrap any codex unit that wasn't 100% WYSWYG, but then that same memo didn't get passed along to anyone making specialist games.

GW could probably kill off a lot of the 3rd party market if they sold weapon options for dirt cheap themselves. Nobody is going to be digging around random websites for Meltorz Gunz if GW actually had a way to get a squad's worth for a few bucks.

>> No.72056147

Hey guys, I've been working on a fun, 1000pts non-primaris Black Templar list. I'd appreciate it if you could give it a look at, and give me some tips. I'm just starting out with Space Marines. Sorry for reddit spacing, I just want to make it easier to read with all the text.

HQ [10 PL, 173pts]

Captain in Terminator Armor [6 PL, 101pts]
Selections: Frontline Commander, Power sword [4pts], Storm bolter [2pts], The Honor Vehement, Warlord

Chaplain [4 PL, 72pts]
Selections: 6. Canticle of Hate, Bolt pistol, Litany of Hate

Troops [27 PL, 414pts]

Crusader Squad [9 PL, 113pts]
5x Initiate [65pts]
Selections: 5x Bolt pistol, 5x Boltgun, 5x Frag & Krak grenades
Initiate w/Special Weapon [24pts]
Selections: Plasma gun [11pts]
Sword Brother [24pts]
Selections: Chainsword, Combi-plasma [11pts]

Crusader Squad [9 PL, 148pts]
7x Initiate w/Chainsword [91pts]
Selections: 7x Bolt pistol, 7x Chainsword, 7x Frag & Krak grenades
Initiate w/Special Weapon [27pts]
Selections: Meltagun [14pts]
Sword Brother [30pts]
Selections: Combi-grav [13pts], Power sword [4pts]

Crusader Squad [9 PL, 153pts]
7x Initiate w/Chainsword [91pts]
Selections: 7x Bolt pistol, 7x Chainsword, 7x Frag & Krak grenades
Initiate w/Heavy or Melee Weapon [18pts]
Selections: Power axe [5pts]
Initiate w/Special Weapon [19pts]
Selections: Flamer [6pts]
Sword Brother [25pts]
Selections: Combi-flamer [8pts], Power sword [4pts]

Elites [15 PL, 347pts]

Terminator Assault Squad [9 PL, 205pts]
Terminator Sergeant [41pts]
Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield [18pts]
Selections: Storm shield [2pts], Thunder hammer [16pts]
4x Terminator w/THSS [164pts]
Selections: 4x Storm shield [8pts], 4x Thunder hammer [64pts]

Venerable Dreadnought [6 PL, 142pts]
Selections: Twin lascannon [40pts]
Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter [22pts]
Selections: Storm bolter [2pts]

Dedicated Transport [3 PL, 67pts]

Rhino [3 PL, 67pts]
Selections: Storm bolter [2pts]

>> No.72056148

>Orks cannot into tech. It's all magic
The various AdMech adepts that dedicatedly study Ork technology to reverse engineer it, like within the story of the Beast Arises, say otherwise.

Ork tech works on a fundamental leve, it's just the orky beliefs lubricate it.

>> No.72056151

Any good hooded female heads for SoB? Not really a fan of Anvil's hooded female heads and Puppetwars doesn't have any appropriate heads.

>> No.72056152

>some of you simps are defending it

Yep, that's 40kg!

>> No.72056170

>black templars
>crusader squads
It's bad. I applaud you for wanting to build Black Templars but they have nothing going for them this edition.

>> No.72056191

The best thing way to play black templars right now is to build Blood Angels instead and say you're a company that joined their crusade.

>> No.72056194

Black Templars will be half of the 9th edition starterbox I BELIEVE

>> No.72056202

I know, But I've been putting off Black Templars since 2005, and want to get my models together before manlet marines get squatted. It's now or never.

>> No.72056208

I would buy a normal Marine/Chaos rhino depending on how much you like spikes, and then using any extra bits from your engines or repentia to help give them the proper look. Get some practice at free-handing a Fleur-de-lis and you're 90& of the way there.

>> No.72056228


>> No.72056245

What about 1st Company?
I was thinking about building a pure Terminator list with some Crusader squads to hold objectives.

>> No.72056256


>> No.72056264

Nah. Effectively, they don't rule more than their system where they are isolated.

>> No.72056269

Very cool, thank you.

>> No.72056279

Yes, it does. The latest Awakening story features T'au said that pulse fire cores through powere armour.

>> No.72056321

Only 1 of them has no mask though. Maybe you could ask them for specific heads.

>> No.72056339

If you shout in the ass of Fulgrim, will there be an echo?

>> No.72056349

They traverse the Imperium Nihilus more quickly and safely than anyone thanks to Mephiston. They are not isolated in their system.

>> No.72056354

No but there will be a reply.

>> No.72056357

Where can I find the artist's that drew the female cron you posted?

>> No.72056370


>> No.72056373

Actually, the Tyranids are isolating them in their system. Blood of Baal has the Hivemind directing the Tyranids to encircle and contain the Blood Angels in Baal.

>> No.72056376

Get it together billy, you gotta look at the file name.

>> No.72056378

Lemmiwinks journeyed
a distance far and fast

>> No.72056381

Starting a death guard army and want a second opinion on the paint job. I am thinking of using some of the chameleon paint from gsw (specifically the far right one named martian green) and was wondering if anyone has used these paints and how it would look mixed with the fleshy bits on plague marines.

>> No.72056386

Who will reply?

>> No.72056436

And in Blood of Baal the chapter still travels great distances to fight in battlefields many light years apart in a region of space that is said to contain thousands of stars. So the idea that they are presently isolated in the one system is plain wrong in any case.

>> No.72056443

This one specifically. I have read that it doesnt show much change on flat surfaces but I was hoping the bulging pieces of plague marine armor would be perfect for it.

>> No.72056449

Ferrus Anus

>> No.72056456

That is some cool-ass shit.
How the fuck do they do that?

>> No.72056471

what's he doing inside Fulgrim?

>> No.72056542

I don't have a dog in this fight but I own DE and their female heads are great. I honestly think it's current low skill level and nothing political .

>> No.72056580

dunno something about microparticles that reflect a different color based on angle of view. I love that look and I am far too shit to achieve it by hand. That is why I am wondering if anyone has tried it.

>> No.72056588

I cant be the only one who thinks Gamza is obnoxious and annoying.

>> No.72056593

A solid amount of the problems with the new sisters heads are that the GW painters have been using the same techniques they use for marines, which gives them a very mannish look. The rest of the problems come from the fact that 90% of the heads are screaming or have gritted teeth.

>> No.72056627

The sculptors also are used to years of marine and ugly man face sculpting.

>> No.72056632

Are Sisters of silence daughters of Abaddon, who actually did not betray (and then is the Black Legion commanded by Alpharius )? Why do they look similar to him?

>> No.72056711

Top dw lists use nothing BUT primarines

>> No.72056713

>ignore AP-1/AP-2
>on plain Sisters of Battle
Why can sisters of battle out Iron Hands Iron Hands?

>> No.72056723

anyone have any tips for painting/modelling Sisters? What about for listbuilding? Are they a 'beginner friendly' army?

>> No.72056732

Veterans are still good, they're just not worth it when there's so much 1d fire.

>> No.72056737

>broad noses
>wide square jaws
>hollow cheeks
>shaven heads everywhere
>manly body builds on those not in power armor
Yeah the paint jobs are shit and make the non-shit models look like shit but the sculpts are at bad from the ground up

>> No.72056756

Are there Chaos cults on the craftworlds or in Commorragh in the modern era, or is everyone too responsible and sensible for that?

>> No.72056787

They ignore AP because it's not like they'll be in cover anyway.

>> No.72056788

>half the heads are orks
>the other half are trannys
yeah nah it was intentional

>> No.72056796


>> No.72056856

>tips for painting/modelling Sisters
Go for the helmets. Faces can be hard enough if you're just starting out. Other than that, you'll probably want to try and find some basic painting tutorials if you're super new, and some more advanced ones if you plan on going for black or white as one of your major colors. Their models are fairly detailed in some spots, which can be a hurdle.

Listbuilding-wise they are more limited in options compared to some armies. They tend to lack long-ranged firepower, and rely on short-ranged melta or melee units for a lot of their baseline anti-tank. If you're playing more casually, they'll fair well enough to keep up, especially in smaller games, but in more competitive scenes they become more reliant on specific lists or allies to patch up weaknesses.

>> No.72056866

Being useless.

>> No.72056875

Stack buffs like most armies in the game. Basically you either build Order of the Bloody Rose, or Valorous Heart. The former lets you do stuff like get Repentias making 3 s8 -4ap 2d each attacks each hitting on 3's rerolling all hits, with +1 to wound and reroll wounds of 1, which will kill nearly anything. Valorous Hearts is defensive, allowing you to do stuff like 3+/4++/6+++ ignoring ap-1 and -2 on all your infantry.

>> No.72056881

Speaking of Ferrus, where are his necrodermis hands nowadays?

>> No.72056894

Hopes/fears/expectations for tomorrow's reveals?

>> No.72056897

>Being useless.
But he is not Perturabo.

>> No.72056903

Getting ready to come back as the necron primarch for the next PA.

>> No.72056907

The traitors hack his body to pieces so it can be anywhere. Poor IH still in denial he still alive somehwere because technically they never found his body.

>> No.72056915

Wherever the Plot needs them to be, just incase gw ever goes full retard with the return of the primarchs.

>> No.72056919

I just hope every faction gets a cool new mode. Really hoping for Harlequins reveals and an expansion for kroot.

>> No.72056934

True, but even Pert outlived that dumbass, whichbhas to count for something.

>> No.72056937

>Harlequins reveals
You guys got it worse than necrons last reveal. I'm so sorry.

>> No.72056938

> Bitch ass Dorn still salty about iron cage

>> No.72056940

More 40k shit. They saved the best for last.
Underworlds and Aeronautica shit. Just trash I don't care about.
I couldn't say.

>> No.72056943


Yeah that guy. Moaning cunt never has a single positive thing to say.

I think he mentioned something about being disabled or something once, so I guess it's just bitterness at not being able to enjoy the one thing he had any more, but still.

He's definitely the spirit of /tg/.

>> No.72056960

But actually how the fuck do you kill them if they are? If they just place objectives in ruins, now they're 2+/6+++ against nearly all infantry fire in the game.

>> No.72056968

box of neat plastic units for any 40k faction that replaces really old models
more primaris that look awful and we have to deal with for 10 years minimum
some dumb character in a dynamic pose on a rock

>> No.72056974

mortal wounds and hope

>> No.72056979

Melee them

>> No.72056991

Throw these at them.

>> No.72057001

What with? They also have some of the best melee units in the game.

>> No.72057005

Deathwatch don't get anything. When it came time to reinvent them for 8e, instead of giving them cool mixed formations of primaris and manlets, like happened a lot in early 8e lore, they just kept everything as is and tacked on a primaris unit following the blueprint of the regular kill team. So you're telling me the Deathwatch picks the best of the best to mix into unique kill teams that make use of every squad members unique experience and skills, unless you're too tall then you go in the retard squad?
Remember when Deathwatch got their own codex it was literally just a way to put another power armored army out, changing them just enough so that you couldn't outright convert them from the existing models without missing out on the small handful of unique shit they actually had. Their only schtick then was rerolls against everything, now that EVERYONE gets rerolls they're perhaps the blandest army in the game. GW never considered Deathwatch to be one of their main lineup from the very start, the were just a quick low effort cash injection like Ynnari or any of the AoS mini factions that have been released with zero support.

>> No.72057012

>Angry Iron Frog still think that having 400 pairs of Fist's balls with losing 10000 Iron Warriors is victory

>> No.72057022

I know the Warlord trait Indomitable Belief betters the 6++ by 1, but there aren't any other ways of changing it, is there? I can't find any, or maybe I'm overlooking them.

eg. Seraphim have Angelic Visage, essentially giving them a 5++. If they're inside the Indomitable Faith, that turns it into a 4++. Is it possible to give a Celestian Squad a 4++?

>> No.72057043

Congratulations, you don't make back your points in one turn of melee, even with 10 attacks a piece.

>> No.72057048

What is it? Nothing at all? Im kind of used to that level of disappointment by now

>> No.72057062

The most up to date color scheme reserves red for vets and the like

>> No.72057069

The first and only harlequins character is a sisters unit. He and his gf are also fuck ugly.
Necrons just got ignored.

>> No.72057072

Celestine gives +1, so does Junith Eruita.

>> No.72057086

IIRC they've got his skull enshrined on Medusa. Recovered from the Vengeful Spirit during the siege of Terra. Dunno about the rest of his body, but at least Fulgrim didn't seem to have the metal hands available for Fabius's cloning experiments.

>> No.72057089

>sisters unit
Are you saying they made a harlequin model for a different army?

>> No.72057093

Hm. Aren't named/special characters frowned upon in casual games?

>> No.72057099

Dorn will return with necrodermis hands.

>> No.72057111

They manage to recover 1 of the hand as well.

>> No.72057113

Where were you two weeks ago? GW managed to have a 40k reveal that was so legendarily bad that everyone hated it.

>> No.72057116

No, only in low point games because of how named characters have a statline that can ruin a small game.

>> No.72057122

Real cuck shit, especially since SoB got a real codex before Harlequins got one.
I mean I don't care about named characters, but stacking 4++ onto sisters is kinda gross for casual.

>> No.72057134

Anything? Only infantry can stay in ruins. In melee you knock their saves back up to 3+. They're T3 with 1W each, just smack them with a lot of attacks.

>> No.72057142

Anything else

I just want datasheets on new units, or just the smallest acknowledgment that Engine War wasn't completely forgotten.

>> No.72057155

How low is low points?

Oh, well never mind then. Sorry.

>> No.72057156

Twi weeks ago was the family's farm prep, so i was basically offline with excessive work at the time.
My disappointment is immense.

>> No.72057159

Nothing and I'll still be disappointed.

>> No.72057160

>Real cuck shit, especially since SoB got a real codex before Harlequins got one.
I don't get why Clown, Deathwatch, or daemon players don't realize their armies are meant to be soupshit for other factions.

>> No.72057171

Fuck. Hack writers are shaping the lore around reddit memes.

>> No.72057172

Usually under 800 points. Most the only time i see people use them is at 1k+

>> No.72057185

Even Khorne berserkers kill average 1.2 a turn. Not very good for fighting 9 point models with a melee only unit that moves 6 inches and puts out 10 s4 attacks each.

>> No.72057191

down trayzn's pants

>> No.72057206

I get it for Harlequins/DW, but it'd be rare to see any of the Chaos Gods being anything but pissed at each other.

>> No.72057208

He has positive things to say, they just get drowned out by a torrent of (justified?) negativity.
He comes across as bitchy for the sake of it at times but when I look up GW's Australian prizes I can see why kek
His shit is also pretty entertaining because I like to hear people rage over trivial stuff, so he's cool in my book

>> No.72057213

What are the rules for bases? As in can I use a different base for a unit then the official one? (For instance, can I put a base on a tank which normally has no base, or use magnus as a chaos lord, etc)?

>> No.72057223

As you speak I'm building an army of nothing but Commander Farsight and a metric ton of drones.

>> No.72057226

The rule is there are no rules. Rule of thumb is use the bases you bought them with.

>> No.72057229

Nah, daemons are for supporting csm lists

>> No.72057239

Sometimes you have to face unfavorable odds to fight for objectives/board control. If you achieve the result in the end without losing much, does it even matter?

>> No.72057244

So do you think anybody would complain if I used Magnus as a generic Tzeentch DP?

>> No.72057256

No, there's no advantage to doing so.

>> No.72057259

base size dictates the unit, although disadvantage is fine. So for instance if you're putting a tank on a base, it would have to be smaller or the same size as the tank. Using something like a 25mm based unit for a 32mm is fine because you're modelling to a disadvantage, but the other way round is modelling for advantage so is not encouraged.

>> No.72057267

I mean some new tau model would be nice, I know there are others who need it way more but it's what I like.
More gsc/admech only. I don't care for either that much

>> No.72057270


There are no rules for bases, same as how there are no rules for paint. Tryhards will try and argue with you that you can't use models with the wrong size base, or that you can't pretend your army is running a different chapter tactic than whatever it's painted as, but there are no official rules about it, and it's as simple as that.

If you're going to a tournament it might be part of the tournament rules, and if you model for advantage with bases (i.e smaller bases to get more guys in combat, or larger bases to increase aura radius/distance rolls) then you ARE being a dick. But otherwise, yeah, there are literally no rules.

>> No.72057273


There are also examples of feral orks who cannot build tanks and guns because they have been cut off from their clan and resources.

>> No.72057286

If the unit comes with a base, base it. If not, you /could/ base it but all measurements would need to be taken from its hull, not the base you put it on.

>> No.72057295

His base size is much bigger so yes, people will take offense.

>> No.72057304

If a unit has a "friendly <whatever> units within X inches <effect>", that unit is considered to be within its own effect, right?

>> No.72057305

So gluing a generic SM base on each lag of a defiler for stability during transportation would also be fine?

>> No.72057316

as long as you put it onto the correct base size when you're playing with it, yes.

>> No.72057318


Casual games nobody in their right mind should really care. Just make sure you tell them it's counts-as.

Tournaments or events people will take issue.

>> No.72057323

Unless stated otherwise yes

>> No.72057326

the problem is defilers don't have a base normally.

>> No.72057329

Yes, hence units like Yarrick and Dominus can reroll hits of 1.

>> No.72057331

>More gsc
Yes please.

>> No.72057338

Then measure it from points of the model, like tanks or other vehicles not on bases.

>> No.72057345


Yeah. This is why there are also some abilities that specifically state "choose one unit within X inches" so you know it only affects the chosen unit, not an aura including the character giving it.

>> No.72057346

As long as it has the appropriate keywords to be affected by it, yes

>> No.72057358

>More admech

>Fearing the faction who was cucked out of its PA and long overdue models by kungflu


>> No.72057360

If its just more fucking gsc Im gonna shit in my socks and beat my cat with it

>> No.72057369

k, thanks everyone.

>> No.72057379

At least an announcement of updating guard sculpts, I wouldn't mind if they did a slow burn thing like they did for sisters of battle, new noise marines and emperor's children codex.
it being 90% HH and AoS shit
sons of behemat and a few more lumineth cucklords for AoS. New KFF big mek model. rules for engine war, maybe a peek at datasheets for stern and her boytoy.

>> No.72057395

I just want a crumb of new DG stuff from war of the spider

>> No.72057404

You already got a new model with the FTGG PA and a shitton of great rules.
Go paint your shit.

>> No.72057419

I thought it was a good idea to airbrush my shadowsword with the blue/purple one.
I liked the effect but they are not good for big and boxy stuff and really really hard to fix mistakes with when brushing it on.
Dunno how it is with freshly brushing it on though definitly do it on smoother surfaces and try it out first

>> No.72057428


>> No.72057431

>updating guard sculpts
bruh why you guardfags gotta be delusional

>> No.72057446

>hopes and not expectations

>> No.72057463

There's something special about seeing a new army come together. All i need now is 2 more sporocysts (and to finish my moon men gsc patrol) and im at 2k.

can't wait to turn heads and lose games

>> No.72057469

for tomorrows reveal? yeah

>> No.72057482

Okay so thanks for demonstrating you literally don't know the difference between the two words.

>> No.72057492

Those are gorgeous, but sporocysts can be pretty effective IIRC. People have run into a decent bit of success competitively just spamming spore mine sources.

>> No.72057509

Please tell me how you made these anon. They look so fucking cool. I wanna make something like you.

>> No.72057512

Tg, help me. The fact is that there is one guy, and he is a big fan of the Fists. When I introduced him to warhammer, I could not even think that he would be so obsessed with them. In general, he wants to make a tattoo on his right buttock in the form of an IF symbol. I am categorically against, but he doesn’t want to listen to me, he says that I’m a filthy chaos player (I stand for the NL) and therefore I can’t understand how significant this “mark” will be for him.
And here the problem is not so much that I don’t like tattooed buttocks, just my boyfriend's ass really doesn’t look like a muscular rump of the canonical Fist. At his cute butt a squeezed hand in a circle will look like ... unaesthetically, or something like this.
Tg, tell me how to convince him? I beg you very, very much!

>> No.72057526


What's wrong with shaven heads? The face sculpts are pretty awful but the shaven heads sort of fit the look.

>> No.72057529

Fist him violently and ask him if he still likes it.

>> No.72057530

Fuck off retard, that'd look cool as hell. Tell him to get it so the fist is pointed to his waiting anus.

>> No.72057535

>playing warhammer
>having a relationship
Choose one

>> No.72057539

>Even in Guard get updated they'd be Cadian

>> No.72057553

I mean I have a GF but I don't really play the game much. Mostly paint/brew ideas.

>> No.72057555

The hairstyle is pretty iconic and even if you make perfect feminine face sculpt it will look like a manface with a shaven head at 28mm.

>> No.72057559

When will guardfags accept their update is years ahead? They are delusional but everything has a limit

>> No.72057567

Honestly I've never really been a fan of your colour scheme, but I respect your work on a technical level and it is truly some of the best stuff that's posted here in my opinion. I remember you said a while ago about how you did your bases, do you know a good place to get cork board? I've tried finding thicker stuff quite difficult, as usually it comes up with either very thin sheets or stuff like coasters.

>> No.72057571

Its a tattoo on his ass. Let him get it. Its not like anyone will ever see it but the coroner when he dissects his rotting 500lb corpse.

>> No.72057587


>> No.72057595

How well does primer adhere to wood? Thinking about using some for some sculpts for geometric shapes.

>> No.72057624

Primer sticks to everything, especially hardware store primer

>> No.72057627

tell him to wait at least a year before he gets it, as if he can't stay committed to the plan for that long, then he's going to regret it after. Also subtly suggest he bulks up so he will look like a true son of Dorn, befitting his mark, he needs to earn it through victories like a true astartes would.

>> No.72057640

Extremely well but depending on the wood it might take a couple of coats. Some woods need multiple coats to cover the grain.

>> No.72057641


If you say so. I think it works for the warrior nun aesthetic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The only real complaint I have are the repentia are dressed in pyjamas for some reason, it looks dumb and not fitting at all.

>> No.72057642

1. Stop being a literal faggot.
2. Tell him that 40k is a fictional universe made for the sole purpose of selling models. Have a IF insignia on your ass shows no amount of loyalty to anything. It just will ensure he never gets laid.
3. Tell him that space marines in general are normie as fuck and IF are a normie's normie faction. Refuse to look at him until he acquires better taste.

>> No.72057646

But how can I, chaos player, have a BF with Iron Fist on the butt? And very unIF butt, it's butt of Emperor Children!

>> No.72057666

By having better taste that to associate with Emporer's Children.

>> No.72057671

Hey, he is not 500lb.

>> No.72057673

Ther weird thing is that the bald genestealer cult female magos looks good but the bald sisters don't.

>> No.72057687

No, they are yukky, especially after Istvaan-V.

>> No.72057696

IF are the best SM faction.

>> No.72057707

>Emporer's Children.
Lucius, is it you?

>> No.72057716

>page 10

>> No.72057718

Put him in a penis cage and call it the iron cage.

>> No.72057722

GW half assed sisters because they didn't think people actually cared about them. It's why they rushed to pump out a stern model to try and catch the 'hype'.

>> No.72057725

We've already tried fisting, he loved it but to be honest to prepare for it is no end of trouble
Perturabo is an asshole. No.

>> No.72057731

I hate Emperor's Children after they turned traitor. Even pre-heresy they were annoying at best.

>> No.72057732

oh really? there's hope! i picked spores cause i really liked sporocysts, and hydracast made unique sculpts i fell in love with.

Wow, that's quite the compliment. thank you, sincerely. Whats funny is i use almost all cheap craft paints (folkart), and my method is pretty simple.

i honestly buy my cork board from Michael's, but you could get it at any craft store. look for the cork tiles!

you're not talking to me are you?

>> No.72057733

>The only real complaint I have are the repentia are dressed in pyjamas for some reason, it looks dumb and not fitting at all.
I think both look fine, the original go further with the concept of self flagellation, having them in what is basically fetish gear, whereas the newer sculpts has them in prisoner's rags, and goes further with the idea of them going through punishment to earn back what they lost. I have to say I regret not picking up an old repentia squad and penitent engine (female) when they went on last chance to buy.t.

>> No.72057755

I don't want to spoil his buttocks. Also it would be ridiculous in a bad manner if a tattoo fist was aimed at his boipussy.

>> No.72057773

Fuck off Valrak

>> No.72057778

>>72057755 to >>72057666

>> No.72057782

>You're not talking to me are you?
Yeah, I am.

>> No.72057784

Well anyone who is as much of a faggot as him to get a "FIST ME!" symbol on his ass is doomed to die alone by 40 and have his bloated corpse pulled from the remains of his residence by a crane...or he will die horribly from his many std's

Either way it will be for the glory of Nurgle and/or Slaanesh

>> No.72057790

I think they just tried too hard to diversify the heads and as a result lost track of what they were meant to be. I think as well they wanted them to stand out from the old models and it just entered territory of this is different for the sake of being different, not because it actually looks good.

>> No.72057815

is the newest Psychic Awakening in any of the megas?
I can't find it

>> No.72057841

Tell him his ass belongs to you. But just in general don't push it too hard unless he seriously starts committing, he'll probably come around to seeing it as a stupid idea, but sometimes if you push people hard on not doing something it makes them feel like they need to do it more.

>> No.72057852

Ig I deleted your post number, sorry. Yes, I was talking to you.

>> No.72057898

Err, maybe you're right, but still i reckon it's not OK to have IF on that ass. Maybe, I should ask him to go to the gym?

>> No.72057903

The Iron Hands got one of his arms and (typical of the entire autistic lot of them) hooked the hand up to a mannequin and claimed Ferrus was still alive. When Vulkan found out, he smashed the hand to smithereens after feeling vaguely insulted that they could honestly act so retarded.

>> No.72057909


People always go on about the female penitent engine pilot but the male one was posed the best imo. Don't like the stockades in the new ones, and the female pilot is in such baggy clothes you can't tell which is a shame.

>whereas the newer sculpts has them in prisoner's rags, and goes further with the idea of them going through punishment to earn back what they lost

I like the concept of that but the execution is a bit lacking. I'd imagine them in more medieval or religious looking clothing, with tons more scrolls and things covering them, sort of like Empire flagellants.

>> No.72057936

>It just will ensure he never gets laid.
That's an arguable question. But thanks, it's a nice reason
But IF are normie only with playing them, it's really pretty boring. They have some pieces of cool background and, although it's not obvious, strong masochist overtones

>> No.72057948

So the core of a Valorous Hearts SoB list is something like:
>2 Canoness
>2-3 Imagifiers
>30 Battle Sister Squads
>2-3 Exorcists
What else should I pick up? I still have around 1000 points to play with at least. Figure I could use some more anti-tank, but it doesn't feel like there's anything that's a must have outside of Exorcists.

>> No.72057956


>> No.72057961

oh shit yeah I'll teach you.
for the color, this works with more than just yellow. the trick is priming black. you then have to put thin coats of a duller/ darker version of the color you want over the skin. almost brush it over. you don't want to get in every crack and crevice, as the black undercoat will do the job for you. let the coat dry before putting another layer on (use a desk fan!) then drybrush with the actual color you want, then add details/ highlight. let dry. after, add a wash. i used nuln oil.

for the shell, use a bone color over black. let dry, add another layer. then i drybrushed folkart white pearl over it. i then washed it with nuln oil. want me to explain how i did the bases?

hope this helps!

>> No.72057966

New thread >>72057960

>> No.72057973

Iron Hands are simultaneously the most retarded and clearly depressed people in the imperium.

>> No.72057975

At that point, you'll probably want to start dabbling in other Orders or in non-Sisters ministorum units. Some Repentia or Arco-Flagellants would give you serious melee punch.

I generally run a battalion of Valorous Heart and a Vanguard of Bloody Rose

>> No.72057986

Impressive if thats cheap craft paint

>> No.72058018

8th is a shitty edition because it’s just quantity over quality and the game boils down to units blasting units off the table with minimal or no reaction. from direct firing lanes or 9” deepstrike charges. Dense terrain and smaller points definitely go a long way to make it work better. I play 500 pts cities of death and have a lot of fun. Necromunda is a true small scale skirmish game and is fuckin great to play. Kill team is garbage. Heralds of Ruin is fanmade and poorly balanced but it is the proper skirmish scale 40k that can be played as long as it’s without cheesemongers

>> No.72058024

>People always go on about the female penitent engine pilot but the male one was posed the best imo.
yeah the male one was better, but I think the plastic update is much better than that one anyway. I liked the female one because the hood is cool and also has the weaponised t-posing for memes.
>I'd imagine them in more medieval or religious looking clothing, with tons more scrolls and things covering them, sort of like Empire flagellants.
have you looked at them recently? They do have more shackles and paper than you're remembering. I think any more than they already have would be overdesigned, but that's only my opinion.

>> No.72058157

>be child on Medusa
>want to fight for humanity
>undertake grueling trials and prevail though sheer force of will
>become space marine
>suddenly the flesh that got you this far is "weak"
>willingly cut off superhuman arm so that you can get a downgraded arm
>keep cutting off limbs for no reason
>keep incorrectly quoting a different primarch
>constantly kill civvies and claim it's just collateral damage
>constantly fuck over allies
>claim everyone else is weak

There are some instances of cool Iron Hands but when you're so retarded that you make the Iron Warriors seem well adjusted you know you have a problem.

>> No.72058381

>They have some pieces of cool background and , although it's not obvious, strong masochistic tendencies.

You could argue the same thing for all spacemarines. Becoming a space marine alone is downright painful, most have some eagerness for pain as it pertains to battle which gets their willies hard and lore is a dime a dozen that changes every year or so.

But what are you playing at the end of the day? GW's most boring faction, there is nothing more basic bitch than space marines. GET BETTER TASTE.

>> No.72058598

>The Iron Hands got one of his arms and (typical of the entire autistic lot of them) hooked the hand up to a mannequin and claimed Ferrus was still alive
I mean it was because they dont like Meduson that much, but shit still kind a hillarious. Vulkan went ape shit on the mannequin just make things extra hillarious.

>> No.72058698

I genuinely hope we don't get new guard sculpts.
I don't want my old guardsmen to look like midgets compared to new ones.

>> No.72058719

Any of you guys use Tabletop Sim to play? I'm forced to due to the bat soup and since I cant get new models right now because of it (I dont have a full army yet).

>> No.72058777

Yeah, it's pretty cool too.

>> No.72058852

Honestly I'm not sure why the Iron Hands bother recruiting marines if they've got a mountain of marine-tier cyberlimbs lying around. You'd think they could have quite a lot of 'combat servitors' that are effectively S4 T4 Stormtroopers by just rotating their cyberarms through a series of Goliath Gangers

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