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They are showcasing some good conversions for once. These scouts are pretty nice.

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Those are reivers with different heads.

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Here they removed the dumb baby carrier and incorporated the hip heavy bolter into the fist.

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Convert More

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They're well painted, but it's impossible to unfuck scouts. Like the other guys said, those are Reivers without helmets.

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And custom bolt pistols with replaced barrels and skitarii backpacks.

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Not just that. The reviers have one large shoulderpad. The heavy pistol has been replaced with standard bolt pistol. The backpack is from Ad Mech.

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How often do Imperial Guard regiments mix? I would presume never

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Getting nearly done with my first figures ever. I know they're not professional looking but honestly I think these look better than some of the ones I saw people playing with at the store so I'm really happy with them.

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Why is castellan green the color they use for imperial guard again?

Castellan is on the right and it looks so fucking awful compared to a vallejo military green its not even funny.

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Great you've made a Crisis suit with weird lanky arms. Ew.

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those look like shit tho

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As in fight together or have mixed units?

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your first figures look better than most of the shit people post in this thread.....


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>a dead horse wearing a festive shell wielding every knife in the kitchen

I love him like he was my own son.

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I'm about to start an Iron Hands army and there's nothing you can do to stop me! Nothing!

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I honestly think the scouts are the only good looking ones from the set

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Have mixed units

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Any Sons of Malice players here?

I want to make Malice cultists, but so far the only ideas I have are the Unmade and the guy with the skull mask and the hood from the base kit.

Anything that particularly screams "iconoclastic" to anyone?

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>why do different armies use different greens
I dunno, why are you gay?

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It's just a normal olive drab?

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This isn't a good conversion. There are better ones, also the baby carrier is fine since it's a vehicle and not a dumb super-exoskeleton like the GK's.

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They give examples of that happening in the codex.

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Burning everything especially books and people.

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During the course of a war, regiments might get folded together due to losses. Obviously, this will usually be regiments from the same world or of the same type, but you might get cases where one tank regiment is folded into another infantry regiment to form a combined mechanized regiment. Those regiments might also be drawn from different sources, but that's rarer just for the sake of cohesion.

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Thin your paints and trim your mold lines.
And I see that flat gouge on the shoulder of the left figure. Use a fucking file, not a hobby knife.

The only thing that looks good in your picture is your basing.

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Well, yeah, but I mean in terms of kitbashing

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>Nihilistic and a sick sense of humor?
Say no more senpai.

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Lmao imagine having taste this poor. I would love to see what passes for good in your mind.

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empire flagellants if you can find the kit are amazing for all kinds of cultists

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How hard would it to be to mount space marine pauldrons on these shoulders? They're both for 32mm figures and have a similar shape to space marine shoulders.

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I meant for instance, Have krieg and cadia unites get merged. You'd think they'd function too differently to be able to work as a single cohesive regiment.

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Depends on who is in command. No one works well under Krieg officers except Krieg troopers.

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It'd be easier to mount the arm on a normal pauldron

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We live in an imperium

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NGL this looks pretty cool.

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>Normal pauldron
What do you mean normal pauldron?

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It's made that way for color contrasts. Tabletop is better when you can readily see the units.

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I'd like to convert more but I'm poor and not very good at painting. that said I do plan on making my own icon of nurgle to stick on one or two of my existing plague marines because I have exactly 12 PMs and 2 PM champions and I don't want to fuck up the 7 man squad thing I've got going

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Doesn’t quite fall apart

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Your primary complaint is the open cockpit, which can easily be covered up without it looking like a fucking Dreadnought. you nonce.
Pic related is the proper way to do it.

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A normal space marine shoulder with the pauldron on. Cut the arms below the shoulder, swap them around. ezpz

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Yeah, mixing regiments from entirely different worlds is more rare, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. It just means that when it does happen, guardsmen involved die faster than normal

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>put together primaris reavers
>haha dude look at my sick scout conversion!
they just look like primaris reavers, which are the shittiest looking kit gw has done for space marines.

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Lol it holds a heavy bolter

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Gotcha. I'll have to try that, the kit's pretty cheap anyways.

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Torches, braziers, hooked blades for catching people.

Sisters/Ministorum stuff, empire flagellants, ashen circle, raptor chainswords


This came to mind as well

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Looks like shit.

Don't talk to me or my mechs again until it looks like pic.

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Needs Redemptor paudrons

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post minis

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Inverted knees always look so wrong to me.. As if it was designed by a more fowl race

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>MWO designs

Neck yourself.

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Any ideas where to start for centurion conversions? 50mm is a weird size to find parts for.

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The Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh always feels like it will fall apart the moment I pick it up

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>put down your weapon, you have twenty seconds to comply

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If you have 3D files for the MW4 vulture with the chin turret, please provide.

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Absolutely kino, based and clan-pilled

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Warhammer uses more saturated color schemes compared to muted historical colors.

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Models other than centurions

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The Scions of Flame they announced could work for fire, but those are a ways off. You could maybe look at some Genestealer cultist kits for some of their mining gear and repurpose it as demolition tools for taking down temples and altars

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Wouldn't they be too big?

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Ahaha Haha!! Upvoted for sure my good sir!

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Fowl don't have inverted knees.

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Anon this is 40k, "too big" doesn't exist for pauldrons

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Good luck. Centurion conversions invariably look awful.

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You sure about that?

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they still remind me of chicken legs for some reason.

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What should I put in its hand/what hand should I give it?
>Convert less!

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Yes, as that's an ankle.

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I'm not joking. You'll want to base a centurion conversion on a model other than a centurion. Centurions themselves aren't easy to use for it.

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the age of man is over

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Yeah that's pretty atrocious. They're a weird idea, a normal space marine in something between power armor and a warsuit. T'au do it pretty well with Stealth suits but that's all I can think of.

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A veiny, throbbing penis-hand

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Regiment mixing is largely discouraged in the Imperium.

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wait really?

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It just seems like shitpost, generally people who reply that vaguely are just trying to be annoying.

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not him, but my primary complaint is that they took a look the redemptor and decided that they needed to make something to support operations that would restrict the movement of a normal dread, and completely forgot about the fact that Tactical Dreadnought Armour and Centurions already exist and were created to perform that exact function

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Yeah. Their actual knee is typically close to their body.

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yes. that flamingo's knee is flush to his body. the reverse knee effect is the result of them walking on their tippy toes and having long as fuck tarsometatarsals

a lot of mammals have that shit going on as well

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Who's a cute bird? Yes you are.

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Having a long metatarsus and walking on their toes just makes it look like they have inverted knees.

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Learn something new every day.

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Just checked skeletons. Huh...

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Personally it makes me want to start a full-on horde Nid army

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Got any harpoon looking bits? Or a meteor hammer.

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it doesn't help that the artist didn't bother to render its femur

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FUCK! Even weird admech abomination shit can get away with kit bashing on necron parts and have it not be weird but necrons can't kit bash on admech parts and have it not be weird. I want to die bros.

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Z or Aliexpress for recasters?

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Well the Corvus have the bird skull helms I want and I could find some use for the Daughters of Khaine bits as Repentia.
I still want to use power armor for my sisters but maybe mix female sigmarines bodies, painting the abs a fleshtone. I was planning on mashing Sister bits and this model for a Canoness.
This'll be my first time converting so I'll look at third party stores and bit sellers for stuff I can use.

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i saw some for a space sharks army that didn't look terrible. reminded me of the exosuit things from xcom, where instead of another suit of power armour the space marine jumps in while already fully suited up, they were just additional servos and a frame system to hump heavy weapons easily

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I've been looking up painting tutorials, but I'm having trouble figuring out how pic related was painted

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I guess humans are the weird ones

>> No.72050004

I still want a mini with the Death Mask from Dark Crusade

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Never heard of them fellow anon. You a cop?

>> No.72050026

If it makes you feel better anon, I just did it because those are the only model of legs I have laying around. Making weird models out of anything on hand.

No, sadly.

Don't have enough greenstuff for that

>> No.72050027

On aliexpress there's a good chance you just get a Z reseller any way.

>> No.72050029


for a second I thought this was a female custode. I almost fucking screamed in anger.

>> No.72050039

Night haunt horse ghost thingies.AoS.

>> No.72050041


airbrush for the stripes and blotching and tips of the barrels

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>I masturbated to a shoebill
My life is a mess man

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Bottom text

>> No.72050044

Nice work Anon, they look pretty great!

>> No.72050045

looks like one of the spirit things from aos. nighthaunt glaivewraiths looks like

>> No.72050047

Age of Sigmar nighthaunt stabbies

>> No.72050052

Yeah, good thing he's a trap custode instead.

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I mean just look at that. Gorgeous.

>> No.72050060

I agree with this guy.
It's disgusting that GW didn't used Terminator or Centurion armor as a base for their fast scout walker.

>> No.72050066

Are those wings made outta wood?

>> No.72050068

I have one of these I'm making into a Slaanesh Lord.

>> No.72050076

Undead cavalry from sigmar. Can't remembee the name

>> No.72050080

Those wings are making me extremely uncomfortable.

>> No.72050081

Aww yeah time to make some dark mechanicum techpriests

>> No.72050084

Don't talk to me or my kinsmens urbanmech again

>> No.72050086

probably horse head from Nighthaunt Black Coach

>> No.72050090

you dare refuse my batchall

>> No.72050092

The first classy female cron art I've seen

>> No.72050100

Those wings look like something Extreme Designs would make.

>> No.72050103

Atlas is an overrated piece of shit.

>> No.72050104

I don't like Clan Wolf.

Posted from my Panther.

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Yeah, I think the Corvus bits are your best option for birdskull helms and a fair amount of feathers. You might also check out some Dark Angels bits, since some of them include feather iconography, and their other symbols of swords and wings aren't very out of place for sisters.

As far as using sigmarines go, it's not too bad of an idea, given that they're only a head taller than tacticals, and the new SoB kits are the same height as those. Might still be best to reserve them for your more elite units though.

Sisters of Silence might be another potential option, as they have some more tribal trappings in the form of furs for their cloaks, and might fit the look you're going for more easily than standard sisters kits with their more distinctly gothic bits.

>> No.72050122

>implying GW has influence in China
TBF I walked into an LGS in Beijing while backpacking and it was exactly like here. Even had a surly neckbeard behind the counter, just more yellow

Wait, are they just reselling Z stuff for more money? I last ordered directly from him in 2015 but damn, if the alternative is getting gouged by double thieves I'll dig out his info

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Which faction do you find most exciting and why? Why do you find most boring and why?

I personally find necrons the most exciting because I like that they tier of technology of science is so advanced that it seems like magic. Like opening rifts into the heart of stars to shoot beams and shit.

I find Ultramarines to most boring just because they strike me as extremely mary sue? I haven't been in the game for long though so maybe it was a different faction before them that was the mary sue. It just seems like ultramarines are always in the lime light.

Side Question: Hasn't space marines technically gotten multiple releases in the psychic awakening? Is any of the lore presented in the psychic awakening worth reading through? Since I basically only like necrons, I haven't read anything in the PA thus far.

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Never was, never will.

>> No.72050150


probably because it is. looking at the sprues, it doesn't look like they combined the likely points of failure into a single mold

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>be you
>be a necron player
>be ignorant of the wider setting because you want to pretend you're Boston Dynamics

I pity you because you're not even playing the same WARHAMMER 40,000 game as me.

>> No.72050184

WIP miniature, painted the figure on the right a year ago and the left is today and still not done. Gouge will be covered by a transfer so its not a big deal.

Dont worry man I have decent standards

>> No.72050193


No idea, not mine lol. Probably a toy kitbash

>> No.72050199

>be a necron player
>be ignorant of the wider setting
He's just larping. He's a true necron player.

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I don't have a dislike of them like I do space yiffs or orkz but they have nothing that feels that interests me.
Probably Daemons, or Tzeentch stuff as a whole. I really like TSons, both before and after heresy, I like their stuff on the tabletop, and I like the idea of just a very powerful god manipulating as much as he can just for the sake of doing so.

>> No.72050203

>Which faction do you find most exciting and why?
Chaos. I love how I can do almost anything with them. I can make zealous fanatics, cyborg horrors, mutated wretches, fallen heroes... the possibilities for conversion are endless.
>Why do you find most boring and why?
Tyranids. I just can't think of much to do with them outside of "now it has tentacles" or "it has bigger claws now". I like a few of their models, but I'm not satisfied if I'm not converting something. Plus they're a little too overpowered in the fluff.

>> No.72050214

God IG stuff is so damn boring.

>> No.72050216

yup. I'm never sure what's the safest place to touch to pick it up.

>> No.72050230

>drilled heavy bolter barrel but undrilled smoke launchers
I mean the GW smoke launchers do look like shit anyway.

>> No.72050231

Eh, I have fun with them and i like their aesthetic. I love seeing hundreds of troops on the table as well.

>> No.72050234

Pretty nifty dudes ya got there mah man.

>> No.72050240

You know you can just play any boring historical, right?

>> No.72050256


as much as I dread actually painting some of the figures, death guard. they've got so much going on in their models

as for most boring I'm afraid to say it's either necrons or tau. they don't seem to have as much individuality or personality in their modeling. though I must admit that sometimes I wish I'd picked them or tyranids up instead when I'm painting shit

>> No.72050257

I always thought it was a cap that covered the barrel of the launcher that comes off when smoke is launched like pic related

>> No.72050262

>Most exciting
CSM, mainly because I like the idea of nu-Havoc, dude got so obsessed with his weapon so he merge with it. That's sick
>Most boring
They are basically " Om nom nom " the faction.

>> No.72050264

>little overpowered
They're a fleet of psychically potent aliens that exist to kill, can rapidly evolve to match any need, grow stronger as they kill you, and already are in a fleet that is bigger than the known universe. The only things that stand a chance are necrons because they're inorganic.

>> No.72050268

Yeah, but those guys don't bring aliens and terminators to fight against.

>> No.72050269

That's the appeal.
Being the normal people in a setting full of crazy shit has a charm of its own.

>> No.72050277

Honestly we should just squat all the xeno factions

>> No.72050279


you are determined to be as negative as possible, aren't you?

>> No.72050285

>a mash up of the past 100 years of warfare
Not really something I come to 40k for.

>> No.72050306

I just don't like them because they don't match what I come to 40k for which is off the wall sci fi stuff.

>> No.72050310

Thanks anon! appreciate it

I find fighting against aliens to be much more fun. And I enjoy fighting guard when I use my tyranids. Although I haven't tried any historicals to be honest. I'm sure most of them are a better game than 40k.

>> No.72050312

Removing blast templates was a mistake.

>> No.72050314

Only about IG and Nurgle.

Unredeemable factions.

>> No.72050322

Your elbows are just inverted knees.

>> No.72050323

Orks, the simple fact that there technology just works and can do pretty much anything they need it to is really interesting.
probably Harlequins, because there just murder elves that worship a clown.

>> No.72050324


>> No.72050325

fuck templates. Vehicle facings should have stayed

>> No.72050330

Me too, but I don't play horde armies.

>> No.72050337


CSM seems like the ideal faction honestly for creativity. So much you can in compared to everyone else. Mostly because everything a loyalist space marine faction gets, chaos can feasibly use to kit bash with or hell.. USE TO USE I guess. Like you can put a loyalist plasma gun on a chaos space marine and its still a plasma gun with the same stats and such right?

Actually, does CSM weaponry differ all that much from loyalist stuff in terms of stats? Like is a CSM heavy bolter the same as a loyalist heavy bolter?

>> No.72050349

Both should have stayed.

>> No.72050352

In many ways I wish guardfags would spend more time on their vehicles.

>> No.72050354

>Potatoes gonna potate

>> No.72050356

Its okay, you dont have to play me anon. But just know I'm always down for a game with you

Unless you play space marines

>> No.72050364

CSM use the same gear as SM.
We just get less gear, like we don't have stuff like storm shields, assault cannons, cyclone missile launchers, etc.

>> No.72050366

I agree. Templates encouraged smaller armies.

>> No.72050368

getting rid of vehicles facings lends itself to more cheese. No templates makes less of a difference

>> No.72050369

>Which faction do you find most exciting and why?

Chaos. It's retardely evil just for the sake of being evil, and offers infinte possibility for conversions. Also the aesthetics are 10/10, and the gameplay is fun, basically storm your enemy and fuck them as hard as you can with power-armored, daemon worshipping demigods. Fun.

>most boring
Guard niggers/ vanilla Marines. Former, I mean seriously dude? Just play a historical, why you gotta be armymen in spehss. As for the latter, extremely fucking boring, in WHFB the Imperials had no Warriors of Chaos equivalent, and it was better fluff-wise and army- wise.

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>> No.72050385

hi im new is this game pay 2 win

>> No.72050389

I hope you like 3+/5++/5+++ intercessors in that case. I'll save my Daemons for another day.

>> No.72050394

wish Tzeentch had something like this in hsi army range

>> No.72050398

Not the guy you're replying to, but saving that guide for my own tanks

>> No.72050399


>> No.72050403

Would you just prefer that the imperium of a million worlds is defended by the might of 100,000 space marines? What would you rather have instead of the guard

>> No.72050404


>> No.72050405

>most exciting

Orks because they do stupid shit and can disrupt the status quo by sheer retardation. It reminds me a lot of webm related. Just an SM getting hacked to bits by sub-10 IQ mongoloids with axes.

>most boring

Khorne. I love Khorne for RIP AND TEAR, but stylistically they are the most plain mother fuckers. Further, since the lore has established that Kharne cucked the shit out of Angron, his legion is literally the weakest by far. Additionally, they get none of the interesting reality warping/magickal shit that the others get.

>> No.72050411

Well, you need to pay money to get model to be able to win.

>> No.72050412

>Tyranids. I just can't think of much to do with them outside of "now it has tentacles" or "it has bigger claws now".

>> No.72050414

Yeah, if you start using grids instead of a tape measure for movement and get rid of LoS it's a straight up boardgame.

>> No.72050416


>> No.72050418


>> No.72050421

Maybe for cadians. All the other imperial guard regiments are mental as fuck
>kriegers are WW1 retards who die so much they need cloning vats
>catachans are basically 80's action heros who watched too much rambo, predator, etc

>> No.72050424

Should Hellforged vehicles also be Daemon Forges?

>> No.72050428


>> No.72050430

I mean
If you mean pay lots to compete yeah. Every few months gw makes pretty significant balance changes and there's a new top dog. So if you want to compete at a high level either expect to change armies frequently, or just play T'au, they're generally pretty close to if not top tier.
But it's not really pay to win in that after you have a good army you can't just pay to do better.

>> No.72050440

Daemon Engines*

>> No.72050444

Same. I like his Greater Daemons and Princes and screamers and goat people. But the flamers, and horrors are awful.

>> No.72050449

This guide is cool, but it doesn't list any of the paints or materials used.

>> No.72050450

No, more from a balance view point of being able to use the daemonforged strat on a leviathan or quad las contemptor.

>> No.72050451

Orks are actually quite intelligent.

>> No.72050457

>now it has wings
You are proving my point.

>> No.72050458

those look great

>> No.72050461

Where can I find those models?

>> No.72050465

how does progression work in this game how do i get stronger

>> No.72050466

Those autopsy pictures indicate everything but intelligence.

>> No.72050471

I just wish they'd remove that retarded rule which makes it so you can't repair them with a Warpsmith/Hellwright.

>> No.72050472

Not if you play it on vassal or TTS.

>> No.72050476

What if Lord Discordant got errataed to say Chaos Vehicle and not just Daemon Forge?

>> No.72050481

They're capable of speech and thought. They're all basically downy tier.

>> No.72050483

>Tallarn are Afghans with tanks
>Valhallans are typical Soviet infantry
>Mordians are American Marines recruited from southside Chicago
>Salvar Chem Dogs are literally me

A lot of regiments are perfectly normal.

>> No.72050484

I've always had a soft spot for Tyranids. Their potential for kitbashes and conversions isn't quite as high as some factions, but they've just got such a variety in what sorts of units they can really bring to the table.

Personally, Eldar. More specifically Craftworld Eldar. DEldar players get up to some wacky things, but Eldar? Most Eldar conversions I see are just particularly fancy Autarchs or Farseers, or somebody giving a Wraithguard a particularly fancy paintjob.

On top of that from a lore perspective it's also that much harder to do /yourdudes/ for Eldar compared to other armies. Forgeworld had to write an entire book and introduce a brand new Craftworld that had been lost to the ages just to justify the existence of a brand new Aspect Warrior.

I can't really blame them, but in the end Eldar are working with ancient stuff in rigid ways, both in lore and in models

>> No.72050487

Play Tyranids. Everything else is on a downhill spiral or about to get eaten by Tyranids.

>> No.72050488

By getting better at the game or building stronger lists

>> No.72050489

You still need to pay for TTS

>> No.72050491

>Like is a CSM heavy bolter the same as a loyalist heavy bolter?
Yeah, 90% is the same, we get like 4 new toys and some daemonforge shit, and the loyalists get like 50 different post-heresy weapons.

>> No.72050502


>> No.72050503

Daemon Engine*
Why do I keep misspelling this.

>> No.72050512


I don't miss either. but then my first army was ork while my brother's first army was eldar. I've watched too many orcs melt underneath those massive death spinner templates. my only hope was to spam pulsa rokkits and pray I was able to bury his warp spiders beneath a hail of incompetently aimed bullets. plus all sorts of horrible things can happen to the templates themselves. they're a pain in the ass to store, transport and maintain

I definitely don't miss hit location charts

>> No.72050513

On a scale of 1 to complete autismo, how bad would it be to paint my GSC like the Locust?

>> No.72050523

Space guard, something tiny big more futuristic than real-world military from different periods of 19-21 st century. Just my opinion, though, I know people like them.

>> No.72050538

>monotone uniform that has all it's appeal generated by the surfacing
You don't "paint" an army to look like that.

>> No.72050542

Good idea or 'cringe' ? If so, why is it 'cringe' ? Got anything better to suggest, or is this looking more retarded by the second?

>> No.72050545

Its pay to play, not pay to win.

>> No.72050555

I like it. I'm getting Blanchitsu vibes from it.

>> No.72050558

I think some anon in here made them out of driftwood and some other basic shit. The trick is mostly in their painting

>> No.72050582

Tau head has some tricky parts to it.

I think a GSC head might work better.

>> No.72050585

you can't win if you don't play.

>> No.72050589

I was thinking of going with brown and red would compliment their pale grey skin tone.

>> No.72050594

Searching by the image yeah, some anon made them some time ago. I like the idea though, as I'm planning on making a largely 3rd party / converted daemon army. I also want to pick up some of these as they also seem 'horror' esque, but in a much different fashion.

>> No.72050604

Well the necron legs are really obvious and off-putting, but it's pretty gud otherwise

>> No.72050605

>I personally find necrons the most exciting because I like that they tier of technology of science is so advanced that it seems like magic. Like opening rifts into the heart of stars to shoot beams and shit.

I personally find Necrons a joke since they didn't master FTL shop travel. They steal it from much superior races like the Old Ones and Aeldari.

What's fully is that the T'au figured out ship FTL and they are a fraction of a fraction of afraction of the age of the Necrons.

>> No.72050613


>> No.72050621

What's funny*

>> No.72050623

A question about movement and oval bases... Can you rotate them during movement? Like say it was oriented as |. Could you move leftwards and reorient as _ giving you increased effective movement that phase?

>> No.72050632

Justify this model.

>> No.72050636

>3rd party / converted daemon army
My nigga, same. Rn doing a research for ideas, cause running 100's of identical miniature for CHAOS gods seems kinda fucken stupid to me. And yeah, those look pretty good mate, remind me of the DoW horrors a bit.

>> No.72050644

A model cannot move further than the movement characteristic allows.

>> No.72050646

It's a good model. It's not a Dread. It's not the retarded GK idea. It's a vehicle.

>> No.72050655

Justify this model.

>> No.72050658

How is it a stealth vehicle with all those pistons and bolters?

>> No.72050659

You could probably make some really cool Necron/Tzneetch shit by making use of resin and wood.

>> No.72050663

Haha, finally. The other one just looked like shit, but this one looks the part. When I put the paint on it won't matter though, since the paint won't be 'blanchitsu', but instead look like a child messily splattered crap around.

now that that's out of my system, thank you anon, that means a lot. Here's hoping I can paint it justice

Funnily enough, I have some brood brothers heads around here. That's not quite what you meant though, is it? I already drilled the hole in the back that hooks onto the claw with an exacto knife, though. ._. I'll take a look and see if I have any better BB heads, though. If I can ask, how are T'au heads 'tricky' ?

Also, for either of you two (or anyone who wants to chip in), what on earth would I even run this thing as? Maybe I should focus on finishing it first though.

Sorry, they were the only spare legs I had laying around. I'll try to cover them up/mask them with greenstuff, would that be any better?

>> No.72050665


probably not. and even if you could, I'd hesitate to do so for fear of people thinking I was a jerk and suddenly not being as available for games as they used to be

>> No.72050669

primaris marines before primaris marines

>> No.72050670

It being stealth is a characteristic of the unit's profile. Not the model. The model is good. Lots of good models have bad rules and characteristics

>> No.72050679

but if I'm suddenly moving left and was facing forward, and want to finish facing leftward, between which to points do you measure the distance? The center has obviously crossed a greater distance then the forward edge.

>> No.72050691

it came up because one orientation would put it in charge range but the other wouldn't.

>> No.72050695

Why is this even important? All that matters is that necrons can get to where they need to go. Who cares about how it’s done?

>> No.72050698

>"Get away from her, you BITCH"

>> No.72050699

Plus GW just hasn't done Daemons well in general. No way in hell this is anything other than a Khorne Daemon Prince, and even then it's a shit one. I wish GW still made tomb king stuff because that's a gold mine for Tzeentch and Tsons.

>> No.72050703

>stealth fields
>noise dampening materials
You're implying that something that big can't possibly be stealthy while forgetting about the Raven Guard and Night lords. I'm not saying it's smart, but it doesn't actively contradict anything in universe.

>> No.72050705

Necrons never needed to master FTL since they already have better than FTL travel.

>> No.72050708

Being fast > being quiet.

>stealth vehicle
from the codex:
Invictor Tactical Warsuits are deployed
in every capacity, from armoured escort
duties to close-range siege-breaking and
urban monster-hunts. Still the most iconic
role for these walkers is as armoured
support for Vanguard Space Marines. Their
reactors and servos are rigged to run with
a minimum of sound, and their weapon
loadout allows them to unleash punishing
firepower from either a twinned ironhail
autocannon or a compact incendium
cannon whose pyrotechnic blasts reduce
swathes of enemies to blazing corpses in
a heartbeat.

>> No.72050712

>CSM have bigger bigger marines so loyalists need them as well

>> No.72050716


prolly best to measure movement distance from the center of the base as it was at its starting point to where it is at its destination

>> No.72050718

It speaks of their master of space and time. It's inferior to Warp sorcery as the Warp and Warp accessories are the only proven methods to break the Light barrier.

>> No.72050728

Yeah, the geometrical aspect of eldritch outworld horror is pretty underaprecciated.

>> No.72050730

>they already have better than FTL travel.

You mean the Dolmens? The things they only stole at the end of the War in Hreaven?

>> No.72050735

It has soul unlike Primaris. They fit the baroque aesthetic. The invictor looks like noblebright weaboo gundam shit.

>> No.72050738

I feel kinda bad about being mean to Matt Ward because he seems like a pretty friendly, humble person. Not an ADB type egomaniac.

Also I vaguely remember a necron tombship flying through space at above lightspeed due to some crazy means of reducing its mass or something in like the third Word Bearers book?

>> No.72050741

>I wish GW still made tomb king stuff
you had to go there

>> No.72050745

Should one also measure charge distances as so in such cases? It feels like oval bases weren't designed for such free range movement in mind.

>> No.72050747

>centurions have soul

>> No.72050757

You mean created.

But also, the Inertialess Drive and Teleportation.

>> No.72050762

bruh you just posted cringe bro

>> No.72050765

Why does a dreadnought exist if this does

Why do you need a superhuman in powered armor to pilot another suit of armor? A chapter serf or guardsman would pilot this.

>> No.72050766

I think the Inertialess Drive is near-lightspeed rather than FTL

>> No.72050771

You measure from all points and no point can end up further than your move stat from where it started.

>> No.72050773


>Inertialess Drive



Can only be done if are beacons between poinrt A and B. Also the Gladius game says that Old One technologies (Webway) powers Necron teleportion.

>> No.72050775

I know.
It's almost like dreadnoughts were a terrible idea.

>> No.72050776


I'd like to run a more nurgly looking DP for my DG army but GW in its infinite wisdom decided that the 40k nurgle DP should include no oob weapon options, no wing option and beyond those shortcomings sport what's arguably the stupidest face they've ever modeled in GW history

>> No.72050780

Only Marines have the Black Carapace that allows proper control of the dreads without a Mind Impulse Unit or Throne Mechanicum. It's a technological restriction.

>> No.72050781

I won't ever defend the invictor but the point of a dreadnought is to preserve a marine, not to be a big killer robot. Dreadnoughts actually have fairly mediocre weaponry for what they are.

>> No.72050783

The Inertialess Drive has no limit. It can allow Necrons to travel at almost any speed, granted it is based on the amount of energy supplied. So the more power, the "faster" they go. They don't actually move.

>> No.72050792

it was made back when you were expected to not be lazy and convert things for yourself

>> No.72050793

>Okay anon, you really impressed us with your ideas for the new Emperors Children codex, we're giving you full control over the project!

What was your pitch?

>> No.72050794

Dreadnoughts don't require functional space marines and have a lot less human to target than a warsuit.

>> No.72050796

Doesn't it have a max speed in Battlefleet Gothic?

>> No.72050801

Delete the army.

>> No.72050804

You shut your whore mouth, they're the only non-cringe model in Marine army

>> No.72050807

That's your headcanon. Matt WArd says there is no lore that says they are FTL. In fact, he says they are slower than Warp Travel.

>> No.72050809

>Why does a dreadnought exist if this does

Dreadnoughts exist to extend the lives of venerated heroes. TT wise, they're cheaper TT wise, but also can be buffed to shit with different loadouts that make the Warsuit suboptimal.

Further, who do you think pilots the Rhinos and Landraiders and shit? It isn't servitors. It's Marines. This has always been the case.

>> No.72050810

Push the music theme.

>> No.72050811

Primaris Noise Marines.

>> No.72050812

Sounds like you don't even play Marines but still think your opinion matters!

>> No.72050813

Squat Tau

>> No.72050815

Space Marines but on crack, and we sell crack alongside them.

>> No.72050816


I expect so. I understand the urge to measure movement from the anterior border of the base of the model's starting point to its posterior border at its destination, and this might well be how it works out in most tt games. but I think doing so violates the spirit of the rules if not the letter

>> No.72050819

It will be once this plague clears up and I can get my hands on the model.

>> No.72050821

bigger titties

>> No.72050822

>The Inertialess Drive is a non-Newtonian, reactionless form of voidcraft propulsion that allows a vessel equipped with it to move through space without any form of inertia. This allows the voidcraft to actually travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum in realspace without increasing its mass to an infinite size or requiring an infinite amount of power. How this is accomplished without violating the known laws of physics is completely unknown to Imperial Tech-adepts. The Inertialess propulsion system is utilised exclusively by the Necrons, who are capable of interstellar travel without the need to enter the Warp when using this technology. Like much about Necron technology, its inner workings are completely arcane to Imperial science.

>> No.72050823

Lmao they're the same you goofball. Fuel to feed the marine customer furnace. Soulless cash grabs adding a thousand unnecessary toys to a bloated range.

The equivalent of the Brand New Super Bat-Submarine With Karate Missile Action.

>> No.72050824

Make them look like that.

>> No.72050825

Fabius bile makes primaris csm

>> No.72050827

Squat Warhammer 40,000

>> No.72050831

I mean daemon princes can look like literally anything right? It would be kinda impossible to have a model for that.

>> No.72050833

All female models with the world first premier of GW female faces that aren't ugly.

>> No.72050836

I have no idea why people suddenly like centurions. They used to be the most hated models in the range.

>> No.72050839

I play the bestmarines

>> No.72050842

Like what? How about a pic of what you're talking about

>> No.72050844

Did you just greentext a fucking wiki? This is the level of degeneracy we have here.

Hey, fuckgead, there is no canon source that says they are FTL. The lore says they are near-light meaning STL. Which means that the Necrons are inferior to T'au.

>> No.72050845

Ad Mechs should have Skitarii controlled Invictor equivalents since Cawl made them.

>> No.72050847

Playing "primaris space marines" doesn't make you a marine player you secondary zoomie chode

>> No.72050848

They're meta.

>> No.72050866

We've been over this argument in previous threads. It doesn't matter if Necron drives go faster than FTL or not, because there are enough random Dolmen gates lying around in space that it will never matter.

Saying Necrons lack FTL is like saying Eldar lack FTL.
>But what if there are no Dolmens
And what if there's a Warpstorm? FTL capability of a race isn't measured by the point in time where all of their FTL tech isn't working

>> No.72050867

FW seems to do the task fine for nurgle.

>> No.72050868

Is that why people are pretending to like the obliterator remakes?

>> No.72050876

AdMech is getting a Vitruvian Man instead as a Ctan equivalent

>> No.72050878

I think they're also good so probably.

>> No.72050885

Transgender Space Marines

>> No.72050886

>invictors are designed to support deployments
>'but pay no attention to the suits of armour that have been doing that for decades'

it's trash and i hate it so much

>> No.72050887

I have literally never seen Chaos on the tabletop. This is across two states and three cities.

>> No.72050896

i like their art, but the model itself is so stupid. also completely unnecessary for space marines

>> No.72050899

You know that Ward didn't disprove that Necrons can go FTL, "fuckhead"?

>> No.72050900

Oh I forgot about SoS and Dangels. I know the RG primaris upgrade kit has some feather bits, with all those bits and some blue stuff I can make enough to kit out my Sisters.
This will really only be for the Bloody Rose analogue for my order, Repentia and the like, the others will be closer to regular SoB but this is great nonetheless.

>> No.72050904

We are taking about SHIPS here. At some point in time which is the majority of thew Necrontyr history and the War in Heaven, Necrontyr did not have Dolmens.

Necrons have access to FTL but they don't have access to FTL ships. Which is a complete joke.

Dolmens are rare and sometimes the Aeldari sealed the Webway portions they lead to. Not to mention using them causes the Webway to spax out.

Also this is needed to be said since people still think that Necron drives are FTL because Necronwankers won't quit.

>> No.72050908

No we're not.

>> No.72050909

Space Marines are already Transhuman

>> No.72050915

Yeah but none of that matters.

>> No.72050916

Does the little cloak-pants help clear up the 'off-putting' necron legs, or just ruin it?

>> No.72050938

post warp

>> No.72050944

Actually, he said that ONLY Warp and Webway are empirically proven to be FTL and they are superior to whatever the Necrons have. There is nothing in the old lore that proves Necron ships are FTL and the new codex says that they would be DOOMED to isolation without the Dolmens.

FURTHERMORE, In "Hammer and Anvil" which a novel that Matt helped with writing it's said that Necron drives are Near-Light.

So eat it!

>> No.72050950

>We are taking about SHIPS here.
Yeah, and an exiled Necron lord flew his ship several thousand lightyears in less than 200 years.

So either he did that with Inertialess drives, or this random Necron lord was able to find a Dolmen in the ass-end of the galaxy easily enough to make it such a non-issue that it didn't even warrant a mention.

>> No.72050953

> the baby carrier is fine

>> No.72050954

It matters for the same of integrity. The wikis are spreading misinformation. The Youtubers are spreading misinformation so and on and so forth. Somebody needs to make a stand.

>> No.72050959

You say that like 40k lore has integrity.

>> No.72050961

I preferred the bare necron legs

>> No.72050966

He got lucky by finding a Dolmen or found a teleportation Node.

And by the way, where did you get the distance? Don't tell me its from wiki too?

>> No.72050992

Is Shadowsun the only female character worth a damn? The other characters don't seem to be as developed or as accomplished as her.

>> No.72051000

Z is cheap as fuck but hit or miss.
Aliexpress you'll probably get Alph resellers.
I just get my shit from Miranda.

>> No.72051003

I estimated based on the fact that he traveled across a third of one segmentum and two thirds of another, leaving Athonos on 824.M41 and arriving at the home of the Sarnekh dynasty prior to 999.M41.

I suppose you could argue that the distance is around 170 lightyears with him going near lightspeed, but all that means is that the galaxy is only several hundred lightyears across and the lack of Necron FTL is even more meaningless.

>He got lucky
Maybe, but you'd think if he got that lucky it would have warranted a mention about how lucky he was to find a way to teleport his ship and make sure his journey didn't take several millennia. Other than that, it simply proves my point that the lack of FTL capability on Necron ships means nothing, because if it's important that a Necron arrives somewhere within centuries rather than eons, they'll get there.

>> No.72051007

Believe me, GW knows EXACTLY what the core tau audience wants.

>> No.72051011

>daemonforged strat on a leviathan
>reroll all hits and wounds for 1 CP
oh baby

>> No.72051014

It looks cool

>> No.72051015

damn I forgot the pic

>> No.72051019

I just run the AoS DP, just painted green.
The Nurgle DP is ugly as sin.

>> No.72051028

>those colors

>> No.72051031

I don't know but she is a cute muscle waifu wish they went more in depth with her, seems like everyone only cares about farsight

>> No.72051033

>I estimated based on the fact that he traveled across a third of one segmentum and two thirds of another, leaving Athonos on 824.M41 and arriving at the home of the Sarnekh dynasty prior to 999.M41.

Using a bloody wiki map on the right. Where in the 5th ED codex does it give his starting position location in the galactic map?

>t simply proves my point that the lack of FTL capability on Necron ships means nothing, because if it's important that a Necron arrives somewhere within centuries rather than eons, they'll get there.

It does matter. Imotekh got royally screwed when one Dolmen Gate proved to be nonfunctional stranding a massive treasure trove of armies beyond his reach.

>> No.72051035


>> No.72051041

fucking based kek

>> No.72051043

Those look disgusting, but not really in the way I think you want.

>> No.72051044

Nice table you got there, you fucking faggot.

>> No.72051045

Just give Torchstar some time.

Also some female inquisitors are decently developed. Amberley Vail for one.

>> No.72051047

She has a novella.

The Damocles Anthology features plenty of her PoV chapters.

She is the main character of Warzone Damocles, Kauyon, and Mont'ka

The Farsight novels feature plenty of flashbacks showing the tender relationship she had with Farsight.

She is pretty developed.

>> No.72051053


>> No.72051054

Meh, it's Plaguebearer Flesh, I like the green.

>> No.72051059

Pink horrors should shoot at default s4, or shoot at ap-1.

>> No.72051066

Well shit nevermind, got some reading to do now

>> No.72051080


>Laboratory of Dr Weird
>South Jersey Shore
>sheeyah swell! a lot of people have been waiting a long time for this!
>pan to helmetless astartes standing in motionless stoicism
>manly box jawed mein staring masculinely into space
>crew cut betraying not a trace of anything save severity and blondeness
>the space marine slowly inspires and expires breath
>dyaah I was kind of expecting her to have wider hips or at least a mackelmore hairsty-
>space marine charges
>assistant disappears off screen
>his fate betrayed only by a staccato scream followed by sounds of tearing, errant limbs and blood spatters flying into the view of the camera where once he stood
>cut to Kevin basking in the afterglow of a zillion 'the grim darkness of the far future is finally female. and it's amazing' articles
>without ever having to make a single new model

>> No.72051090

A lot of ali sellers are reselling other recasters stuff. The mark up isn't major, pretty sure they're just local to the other recasters so buy from them instead of bothering with making their own mold. They might have some sharing program or something. The prices on ali aren't astronomically higher than the recaster themselves.

>> No.72051094

Wait is that girl, what's going on in that picture?

>> No.72051097

Core rulebook actually, though also 5th edition.

>Imotekh got royally screwed
And plenty of people in the Imperium get screwed over every day by warpstorms that also isolate things beyond their reach. Like I said before, situations where your FTL is broken is not the same as a lack of FTL altogether.

>> No.72051100

cum but also cum

>> No.72051105

I enjoyed your fanfic crossover

>> No.72051108

Idk about you, but I started in 8th edition, maybe newer people like me like them while older people dont like change.

>> No.72051111

the guy is the bottom getting fucked by the girl on account of his love for tau

>> No.72051118

>games workshops chaos cultists looks like shite, other than the specific model with the hoodie and gas mask
Is there any cheap alternatives for chaos cultists that don't look like shit?

>> No.72051120

Yeah, her and farsight are as well developed as anyone can be outside horus heresy trilogy.

>> No.72051122

I also started in 8th and I loathe centurions.

>> No.72051132

dude use any of the necromunda cultists, they are amazing. Sprinkle with some god specific stuff from AoS

>> No.72051166

None that cheap usually, aside from some older AoS kits which are similarly dubious in quality. The Blackstone Fortress cultists might be an option.

Outside of that things start to get more expensive. Necromunda gangs and various AoS warbands are good options. If you're looking for 3rd party I'd suggest Anvilindustry which can get you something custom for something more in the middle price wise

>> No.72051167

Alright, yeah, I wanna fuck her.

>> No.72051172

Nice digits, also, that's pretty gay

>> No.72051176

Ok, I was a bit skeptical at first, but the wings and the color scheme makes them actually look like a swarm of bugs and it's fucking unsettling.

>> No.72051182

hey it's Gambargina's art

>> No.72051183

Everything on a tank can close, the gun closes from the inside. If you get hit with chem/bio there is positive pressure air to protect the crew. Hence why you have the protecting caps on the smoke launchers

>> No.72051228

I doubt it.

>> No.72051230

>I just get my shit from Miranda.
This one I'm not even familiar with. Well, and never heard of Alph, but I'll do some digging. Someone must have left contact info in SOME thread

>> No.72051243

MirandaIrene is just a website.

>> No.72051262


>> No.72051276

I think the 30k space marine flyers look really cool. stormeagle, fireraptor, etc. something about them works for me, and i'm thinking about getting one or two to transport my veterans with in style. are they at all any good, or are forgeworld units still fucked on points costs?

>> No.72051297

Fucking kek

>> No.72051334

Ok anons, sell me on Chaos.
First thing's first: if I turn into this thing, where exactly am I? Am I at the top, or am I the upside-down pelvis man?

>> No.72051337


>> No.72051374

A Storm Eagle can carry 20 dudes, so I worry how many veterans you have where you'd need two of them. Either way, it does its job of getting units into the enemy's face well, and it also brings a good source of mobile firepower with it. Compare it to a Stormraven if you want to go over the pros and cons for the pointcost with a similar GW unit

>> No.72051379

Doomrider and EC bikers.

Also an actual multikit box in the same style as that one-off noise marine with a guitar.

>> No.72051387

>give Adeptus Mechanicus two useful Fast Attack units for 30k that are flyers
>both of which fit the aesthetic of AdMech
>instead of giving them 40k rules and integrating them into the codex, give them these fucking things


>> No.72051390

> It's a good model

>> No.72051398

You're nowhere. Chaos spawn have no sentience.

>> No.72051399

just convert the shit out of them

>> No.72051410

It’s essentially flanking and ambush stealth when used in a stealth capacity. So—keeping it back for when you need to bring heavy firepower or retreating back to it to give the enemy a nasty surprise.

>> No.72051421

>spend a ton of time, money, and effort converting a fuckload of 4 point models.


>> No.72051427

Do you have any more of these? I want to kitbash some WWII and modern Vehicles for 40k.

>> No.72051428

Modeling first, playing second.

>> No.72051433

painstakingly crafted by jes goodwin

>> No.72051445

I think you look really cool, something about you works for me, and I'm thinking of hiring you for an hour or two

>> No.72051472

Not the same anon, but Lee or Ivan?

>> No.72051492

>"Man, AdMech really sucks cocks at melee because we made Ruststalkers shit. Maybe we could make these giganiggas with the lightning claws a thing?"
>"Nah, let's just introduce two different ranged flyers that aren't designed for CC."

I as in Indigo.

>> No.72051501

Ivan is always more reliable, though Ivan usually has Lee working for him regardless while Lee tends to be abit faster.

>> No.72051510

Poo in the loo? Or smoke signals?

>> No.72051513


>> No.72051515

> disliking Orkz

>> No.72051532

Oh, sorry. Yeah, I don't know who runs MirandaIrene. It's not Russian though because they ship out of China.

>> No.72051536

If you stop converting, I will stop playing Space Marines

>> No.72051550

What's stopping any enemy from blasting the marine pilot apart? 40K has a lot of sharpshooters and this pilot has no real protection.

>> No.72051554

Heck, you’re fine. I thought you might have met Indians

>> No.72051563

Land Speeder logic. Same 3+ save, just a different toughness

>> No.72051576

The power armor is stronger than the hull of the walker.

>> No.72051589

This looks terrible. Worse than default.

>> No.72051596

Gauss Flayers, Pulse Rifles, Railguns, Ranger Rifles, etc can make qiock work of marine power armour.

>> No.72051615

They have a really good reputation all the same. There's a newer Russian site I stumbled across like four or five days ago that has a wider selection, but I haven't taken the time to order anything from them yet. They have a lot of limited run FW stuff that I want.

>> No.72051616

You mean cadians are boring.

>> No.72051631

None of them are particularly good. The Fire Raptor wasvery strong for a while but they nerfed it. GW doesn't like the huge FW models being particularly competitive. That said they're cool models and make great army centerpieces so go for it if you like. The Xiphon isn't too bad for the points if you wanted something a bit more modest.

>> No.72051657

I'm thinking about expanding my CSM army to encompass possible a small faction of each legion.
Is there a good youtube channel that has decent parade ready paint jobs for each legion that i can learn from?

>> No.72051677

One common route is lengthening the legs.

>> No.72051705

yet, make them even fucking taller

so boss

>> No.72051716

How dare you sir

>> No.72051733

They look good, wrong base size for terminators though.

>> No.72051735

Go for it anon. Just stick with more muted tones and don't be afraid to get crafty with modeling tools

>> No.72051893

While I do like the new models, I want rules for 30k admech stuff in the worst fucking way.

>> No.72051904

I like these transfers but where can I get something that takes the gloss effect away?

>> No.72051912

Matte finish coat perhaps? Maybe test it somewhere?

>> No.72051943

4 PPKs, 4 RW, is that a steppenwulf>?

very nice model by the way.

>> No.72051958

Thinning medium should do it.

>> No.72052048

crazy to think about humans ability to walk and run upright.

>> No.72052056

So how would you update Bill's rules and how will GW inevitably fuck it up?

>> No.72052064

Any good places online for an army swap? I'm trying to turn Nighthaunt into 40k so I can start playing what actually gets played locally.

>> No.72052070

Doesn't have to be.

>> No.72052080

I'd just give him a Warlord trait that lets you do Enhanced Warriors rolls before the game starts. Maybe let you pick one or roll twice. Then have a Stratagem that lets you apply it to more units.

Odds are GW is going to just give him an extra attack and wound, introduce a new special unit that's just Chaos Hellblasters that you can take one squad of if you take Bile, and then make it so Bile's ability only works on them.

>> No.72052082


GW is probably going to give him +1W.

>> No.72052107

So what have you bought with your government bucks anon? I got me another box of
Bullgryns to rounds out mr count to 9 Bullgryns.

>> No.72052116

Pick your names, teegee.

>> No.72052120

Probably gonna buy a chaos knight when the LGS reopens

>> No.72052126

Buying stocks in Trumps hotels

>> No.72052140

is machine spirit really a necron?

>> No.72052141

Is that from the new Wrath and Glory?
I kept hearing they were releasing a new book after the first was a colossal clusterfuck of poor editing.

>> No.72052147


>> No.72052171

is void dragon really a tech-priest?

>> No.72052191


>> No.72052212

So this fucking thing. What arrangement are you supposed to do when you take it as a fortification?

>Anything goes? Like, can you change it from game to game in a tournament situation?
>Choose an arrangement and it has to be that way as part of the list?
>Can take just part of it, or have to take the whole thing?
>Can I model it with blocked windows?

I know the value of getting a chunk of terrain you can slap down and use for cover or LoS blocking, but just for travel I'd like to be able to just take the statue in certain situations.

>> No.72052213

I wish my goverment gave anything to people. they just closed off all the stores that are "non essential" for normal people, because all politicians are special goverment stores are of course open.

>> No.72052218

I'd do the same, but make the first pre-game Enhancement baseline for one guy and the Warlord Trait lets him do it for 3 and makes the 6's a normal wound instead of a mortal one. And to let GW get it's Aura fetish in, let every Enhanced unit get a keyword that lets them reroll wounds within 6" of Bile or something like that

>> No.72052234

>So how would you update Bill's rules
Make Enhanced also increase BS, WS and move. But only once (or twice) per battle. You either pick one or roll twice.
Give the Needler a multi-profile that you can choose, have fun and interesting debuffs.

>and how will GW inevitably fuck it up
They'll just give him +1 Wound +1 Attack and call it a day, just like Sanguinus.

>> No.72052242

Been waiting for it, where can I get the pdf?
Didn't see it in any of the mega links in the OP

>> No.72052255

They don't mention anything about how you have to set it up.

>> No.72052258

It's kind of insulting that SM get reroll all hits for relatively cheap and also reroll wounds of 1, while other factions have to jump through multiple hoops just to get a wound or hit reroll of 1, let alone reroll all hits.

>> No.72052262

Exactly. So the rule is that there are no rules?

>> No.72052276

Pretty much. You do have to take the whole thing though, as it's all one model.

>> No.72052284

You can arrange it any way you'd like. Personally my take would be that it can include anything from just the statue up to the entire kit, but it has to be one continuous building since the rule's say it's A(singular) terrain feature.

But you can build it in various combinations, leaving some parts out.

>> No.72052298

>but it has to be one continuous building since the rule's say it's A(singular) terrain feature.
But one of GW's showcased arrangements is the statue just chilling near the building, not attached.

>> No.72052302


Bases look shit anyways, I may as well start over.

>> No.72052305

Welp. Guess you can do whatever.

>> No.72052312

It's just got released. It's in the drivethrurpg site.

>> No.72052327

>last batch of reveals tomorrow
I don't expect anything and I'll still be disappointed

>> No.72052338

hope you just superglued the bases otherwise you'll have to clip them off

>> No.72052344

I'm only interested in seeing new Warcry Warbands now that all the originals have been revealed

>> No.72052354

how about just giving the bile marines a normal statline, which could be buffed by activating special drugs, but they would also start taking d3 mortal per each players turn. just like in the lore for horus heresy.

>> No.72052359

Yeah, it won't be the biggest deal in the world. Not like I'm close to having a playable army either, mostly wanna enjoy how neat grey knights are and slowly add to the roster.

>> No.72052368

Yeah, I like their models and with the PA update they're actually playable now.
Now I just need to wait for the DG one...

>> No.72052386

I feel like it's a bit late for ideas since the book is already written and printed.

>> No.72052392

The buffs better be powerful to make up for eating 2d3 mortals every round. 1 mortal would be fair.
But it will be probably something lame like "models 6" around this unit take -1 Leadership if (insert wacky and obscure restriction here)".

>> No.72052397

Oh I think they should be really powerful +2 to Str/T/M/AttK and +1 to sv.

>> No.72052479

Looks pretty good anon, keep it up.

Don't forget to really clean the mold lines the next time though!

>> No.72052485

Am I understanding 8th edition rules correctly, that if I have a tank behind a building, I can move it so that a quarter of an inch of the front of the vehicle can poke out from cover, and that allows me to fire every weapon the vehicle has at enemies I can see from that point of the vehicle?

>> No.72052486

Has anybody tried the desktop beta of the updated BattleScribe interface yet? Like it?

>> No.72052487

yes. it's fucking dumb

>> No.72052514

No, is it just in the download tab on the website? Want to give it a try.

>> No.72052526

But if I have an infantry squad of ten dudes with one model standing out from behind the wall, that one dude is the only one that can shoot?

Can my opponent shoot at my entire squad, or just that one model?

>> No.72052532

I saw on their reddit account don’t even know how I came across it, they are doing a totally updated UI too. You can get it from reddit from the reddit button at the top.

>> No.72052539

From the BattleScribe webpage*

>> No.72052586

Oh this is cool

>> No.72052598

Definitely looks more professional.

>> No.72052602

Doesn’t look too bad actually, how’s it feel??

>> No.72052603

Why the hell did we French go with blue? Oh well, we looked fly as fuck.

>> No.72052612

Blue is a good camouflage colour during the night.

>> No.72052623

Only the ones with LoS can shoot.

I *think* only the ones an enemy has LoS at can be shot but I just went through a few months of playing other wargames and older editions of WHFB and 40k and this one is shaky for me.

>> No.72052627

Feels pretty good actually, still runs the usual +- to add special weapon models into the Ranger units there instead of just adding weapons into it. The drop down of your units showing wargear costs is a nice touch. The only thing I can't find is the alerts where it says I have too many in a unit/not enough units for the detachment.

>> No.72052636

Looks nice, but I'll reserve judgement until I see the list output, as fuckers dropping lists 2 pages long has always had me shy away.

>> No.72052641

Oh wait it's the orange bit next to the roster name you click on

>> No.72052684

Still the same for the output

+++ Test (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [72 PL, 994pts] +++

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus) [72 PL, 994pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Forge World Choice
Forge World: Agripinaa

Gametype: Matched

+ HQ +

Tech-Priest Dominus [7 PL, 80pts]: Macrostubber, Volkite Blaster

Tech-Priest Enginseer [3 PL, 30pts]

+ Troops +

Kataphron Destroyers [20 PL, 180pts]
Kataphron Destroyer: Heavy Grav-Cannon, Phosphor Blaster
Kataphron Destroyer: Heavy Grav-Cannon, Phosphor Blaster
Kataphron Destroyer: Heavy Grav-Cannon, Phosphor Blaster
Kataphron Destroyer: Heavy Grav-Cannon, Phosphor Blaster

Skitarii Rangers [4 PL, 65pts]
Ranger Alpha: Arc Maul, Arc Pistol
2x Skitarii Ranger: 2x Galvanic Rifle
2x Skitarii Ranger (Transuranic Arquebus): 2x Transuranic Arquebus

Skitarii Rangers [4 PL, 65pts]
Ranger Alpha: Arc Maul, Arc Pistol
2x Skitarii Ranger: 2x Galvanic Rifle
2x Skitarii Ranger (Transuranic Arquebus): 2x Transuranic Arquebus

Skitarii Rangers [4 PL, 65pts]
Ranger Alpha: Arc Maul, Arc Pistol
2x Skitarii Ranger: 2x Galvanic Rifle
2x Skitarii Ranger (Transuranic Arquebus): 2x Transuranic Arquebus

Skitarii Rangers [4 PL, 65pts]
Ranger Alpha: Arc Maul, Arc Pistol
2x Skitarii Ranger: 2x Galvanic Rifle
2x Skitarii Ranger (Transuranic Arquebus): 2x Transuranic Arquebus

+ Elites +

Fulgurite Electro-Priests [8 PL, 140pts]
10x Fulgurite Electro-Priest: 10x Electroleech Stave

Secutarii Hoplites [4 PL, 90pts]
Hoplite Alpha: Arc Lance, Mag-inverter Shield
9x Secutarii Hoplite: 9x Arc Lance, 9x Mag-inverter Shield

+ Heavy Support +

Onager Dunecrawler [7 PL, 107pts]: Broad Spectrum Data-tether
Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber: Cognis Heavy Stubber, Neutron Laser

Onager Dunecrawler [7 PL, 107pts]: Broad Spectrum Data-tether
Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber: Cognis Heavy Stubber, Neutron Laser

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

>> No.72052706

Yeah, that's a no for me then. There's just so much empty space and bloat on there, I much prefer just typing out my own list.

>> No.72052717

Assuming the Imperium would find a fully functional STC and replicate it, how saved would it be?

>> No.72052763

Yea the only other thing you could take out of the output is the root costs I left in.
Gotta say though the UI is a lot smoother than the current build so that's nice, and writing out your lists when posting isn't such a bad thing to do when you can shorthand it

>> No.72052805

It usually happens when a regiment has been decimated to a point where it can't be properly used as a fighting force. Then it would be merged with another decimated regiment or absorbed by a bigger one that also need reinforcements.
They wouldn't merge regiments that operate too differently but that not a problem since you are always going to have regiments that work the same way in the same campaign

>> No.72052823

depends on what the STC is for.

>> No.72052828

A fully functional STC device, not a single construct, I meant.

>> No.72052830

Any ideas on blocking the windows on this shit? Preferably something that fits the aesthetic.

The fact that GW made an edition where LoS blocking terrain is the only kind that matters, and then made terrain that doesn't block LoS is baffling to me.

>> No.72052835

John Deere S240

>> No.72052850

We finally get to see why a Baneblade was considered a light tank by DOAT humans.

>> No.72052854

Guessing negotiating with opponent about window rules failed?

>> No.72052855

Banners hanging

>> No.72052857

you could try and make a print to go on behind it.
image related

>> No.72052864

>The fact that GW made an edition where LoS blocking terrain is the only kind that matters
Play cityfight or use houserules.

>Any ideas on blocking the windows
Plasticard cut to strips or sheets to make it look like the windows are boarded up from the inside or covered with steel.

>> No.72052868

It's not a light tank, you moron. The Predator tank is considered a HEAVY tank in STC DAOT records. Some speculate that the the Predator tank was the main rank of the DAOT.

Holy shit. This is why memers should be shot.

>> No.72052870

Space marine inside of a space marine. It's the natural progression

>> No.72052886

I'm honestly more curious about the actual cool shit than "yay bigger tanks". Force-field generators that could protect planets. Terraforming devices. The coolest of shit Admech has but turned up to 11.

>> No.72052889

Not that anon, but what book is cityfight rules in?

>> No.72052900

Urban Conquest.

>> No.72052910

I tend to use the ITC rule of all first floors counting as LOS blocking terrain as a house rule always. If you cut up some plasticard you can make some really nice stained glass inserts for it. Or just board it up like there's going to be hurricane

>> No.72052918

Vast majority of people I play with it's no problem. But there are a few "that guy" type fuckers that gets annoying.

Like I learned that you can't just say "first floor blocks LoS" because the fucker had models in a ruin like in the pic. He said that things shooting from the back couldn't see his dudes because they're on the first floor.

This dude is also one of those that ran triple-riptides + dual stormsurge in 7th. Come 8th release he sold off his Tau to get a full ultramarine army because gulliman + gunline was all the rage. Now he just rattlecanned all his smurfs some color that doesn't match any established chapter and runs them as an "iron hands successor".

>> No.72052919

Thanks anon. Will check that out.

>> No.72052922

Cut up some popsicle sticks as boards, attach magnets to one side of them, then you can just pop them on and off whatever window you want.

>> No.72052941

I read an account from a French soldier early in the First World War complaining about the colour of his uniform. He said they stood out like sore thumbs, that German grey was better but really he wanted the khaki the British were wearing because it blended in with the mud best.

I think it was just a hold-over from earlier years that hadn't been updated because of old-school staff officers wanting things done the same way they were when they were 2nd Lts. Same reason British rifle regiments were only deployed with a single machine gun per company because the generals just saw them as this newfangled thing of little real use on a battlefield.

>> No.72052945

That is a good idea.

>> No.72052963

You could also make your own LoS blocking terrain.

>> No.72052965

Thanks, I got it from Reddit.

>> No.72052981

Is there anywhere to get just a shitload of Kroot and other bits? I wanna start kitbashing for a donut steel Kroot Kinship but nobody's giving any up easy right now, and since I'm new to the hobby I've got no idea where to begin

>> No.72053041

Adding to what has been said:
We all know the bit about European armies still attempting to use cavalry at the start of WWI.
But the French were dumb enough to not officially retire the cuirassier breast plate from regimental attire until 1915.

That nation has always had a problem with the elite holding undue influence and not responding to changing times until many people have died.

>> No.72053075

He's really slipping.

>> No.72053076

Probably the same reason that soldiers in every country were ordered not to use the magazines on their magazine-fed rifles and instead treat them like breach-loaders.

>> No.72053144

That was so they don't just mag-dump at the first sign of the enemy and then waste time reloading while the actual threat pushes their shit in. Same reasoning for modern service rifles having burst-fire.

>> No.72053181

except these were bolt action rifles

>> No.72053193

Everyone was using bolt-action rifles so they couldn't mag-dump if they wanted to. Their officers were just old men who fought in the era of line battles and refused to adapt to modern technology; they FEARED that their men would be more wasteful with ammunition, so they ignored the obvious advantages of magazines.

>Same reasoning for modern service rifles having burst-fire.
That's for accuracy, anon. Automatic fire is ludicrously inaccurate.

>> No.72053228

No, while everything is shut down you should rob your lgs

>> No.72053290

>That's for accuracy, anon. Automatic fire is ludicrously inaccurate.
No. Burst-fire was to stop soldiers from magdumping as a panic reaction. Same reason why the AK has it's fire-selection for full-auto on the middle. So when you're taking the safety off in a stressful situation you're more likely to push it all the way down, thus making it so you don't magdump in two seconds.

>> No.72053294


>> No.72053307

Recaster for the Kroot, then kill someone for their bits or something

>> No.72053316


>> No.72053339

Regardless, you still can't mag-dump with a bolt-action.
You can, however, fuck up reloading it while panicked, so logically you'd want as many shots between reloads as possible.

>> No.72053588

The entire unit can be hit if you have LoS to at least one model from it.

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